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Friday, June 23, 2017

At the police station, Stella continued to berate Jordan in front of other members of the police force. She refused Jordan's suggestion that they move to Jordan's office and continued to air the family's dirty laundry. Jordan accused Stella of needing an audience, and Jordan insisted that she had never intentionally hurt anyone. Stella was happy to let everyone present know what kind of woman Jordan really was, not the one she pretended to be. "Aunt Stella, that's enough!" Curtis shouted as he walked into the station.

Curtis led the women to the interrogation room. Stella denounced the situation that Jordan had put the family in, and she yelled that it would kill Curtis' mother if she weren't already dead. She was most concerned about T.J. Curtis insisted that Jordan's lies had been those of compassion, and Jordan added that she had been trying to protect Thomas, who had been a good father. Stella countered that Jordan had only wanted to protect herself, and it was Jordan's fault that Thomas was dead.

Curtis pointed out that T.J. was family, regardless of blood. He recounted some memories and reminded Stella that nothing had changed. Stella was beside herself. She had promised to take care of the family, but Jordan had destroyed it. She thought that Curtis was "too blind or stupid to see it." She stormed out.

Jordan was sorry that the entire squad room had heard everything, and Curtis apologized for not telling Stella the truth about T.J.'s father sooner. Jordan stated that Stella hated her, and if Curtis stayed with Jordan, Stella would hate Curtis too. Curtis was adamant that they were not going to break up and refused to listen to Jordan's pleas.

Michael and Nelle said goodbye at Nelle's door after spending the evening together at the ELQ event. Nelle thought that she and Josslyn were lucky to have Michael in their lives. She impulsively leaned over and kissed Michael, and they awkwardly said goodbye. Both Michael and Nelle were embarrassed with their respective responses, and Nelle ran after Michael and invited him inside.

Michael talked about his childhood. Nelle was worried about the reactions of Carly and Sonny when they learned that Nelle and Michael were seeing each other. "I'll handle it," Michael assured her. The couple settled down for some tea and cookies, and they each shared some embarrassing facts about their pasts. Michael was glad that Nelle was in his life too. They discussed their evening, and both admitted to hating the concert they'd seen. Michael leaned over, and the pair shared a kiss. He pulled away and suggested they stop, but both agreed that they didn't want to.

Josslyn finished her phone call with her grandmother and welcomed her friend Trina inside. Trina was used to having parties without parents and proceeded to organize everything. Josslyn refused to use Carly's vodka, and Trina quickly made a phone call to make sure that alcohol would be available. Josslyn was upset to learn that Trina had invited boys and couldn't believe the large group that showed up at the door. She was quickly pacified when she learned that the boy she liked, Oscar, was also joining the party.

The crowd ran outside when they learned of the hot tub, leaving Oscar and Josslyn alone. The pair shared horror stories about parents. Josslyn declared that Sonny was only her stepfather, and she was hopeful that it wouldn't be for too much longer. Oscar was impressed that Josslyn's life was comparable to his own, and he was happy that he had decided to attend the party. He thought that Josslyn was full of surprises. Josslyn reluctantly picked up a bottle of alcohol as she and Oscar shared a drink.

Stella paid T.J. a visit at Kelly's and apologized for her earlier behavior. T.J. revealed that he'd learned the truth about his father the previous year and had tried to process it. Stella admitted that she'd gone to the station, where "we had an exchange." T.J. joked that he was fully aware that Stella had been the one to do all the talking.

Stella was impressed with the young man's work ethic and pointed out that he was responsible, just like his father. She meant Thomas, the man who'd raised him, she clarified. She added that she still saw Thomas when she looked at T.J. She wondered how T.J. was doing. He confided that he'd been angry at first, but Curtis had helped him to accept things. Stella agreed that she could understand why Curtis had remained quiet, and if T.J had forgiven him, then she should too. T.J. suggested that Stella forgive Jordan as well.

In Puerto Rico, Carly advised Sonny that she wanted to take a walk. As she opened the front door, she encountered a man with a gun. It was Garvey, and he motioned her back inside. "No sudden moves, or someone's gonna die," he said. He announced that Sonny's people had killed his brother, and he was there for payback. Sonny suggested that Garvey didn't have to involve Carly, but the armed man disagreed.

Suddenly, Carly shoved the mobster, and Sonny and Garvey struggled over the gun. It fell to the floor, and Carly grabbed it and shot. Carly missed her mark, but a second shot rang out. Jason walked in. He had been the one to shoot Garvey. There was blood running down Jason's arm, and Carly asked what had happened. "You shot me," Jason gently told her. Carly was horrified.

Later, as Carly helped Jason, Sonny hung up the phone and announced that Garvey would be okay. He would face charges after his hospital stay. Everyone had a drink, and Sonny made a toast to Carly for her "rare bravery and horrible marksmanship." Carly felt awful, but Jason assured her that it was just a scratch. Sonny toasted Jason next for his timing. Jason revealed that he had learned of the possible assault from Julian, who had probably just wanted to impress Sam. He realized that his wife would be upset that she hadn't heard from him.

Sam arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and asked Monica to watch the kids for another night, as she had to head to Puerto Rico. Jason was saving Sonny, and she had to save Jason, Sam declared. Monica was aware of Jason's trip because he had borrowed the company jet, and she felt that Jason could take care of everything without Sam's interference. Sam was worried because she hadn't heard from Jason since he'd left. She was also concerned because she and Jason had started a new life, but they were trapped. They couldn't get away from Sonny.

Sam began to hallucinate. She was sure she saw Sonny, and he told her to watch her step. Monica suggested she go upstairs and rest. Sonny continued to taunt Sam, and he told her that her kids would be taken after she was sent away. In the nick of time, Sam received a phone call from Jason. He was okay, and so were matters with Sonny.

Once the phone call was over, Sam thought the vision of Sonny was gone. He appeared again, though, and told her to get used to it because he and Jason were back in business. Sonny grinned and said, "He's already mine." Sam vowed to stop Sonny. "Big words for a little woman," he replied. Sam promised Sonny she would get the last word.

Jason was ready to leave the island, but Carly elected to stay behind, citing unfinished business. She admitted that she had been worried that something would happen to her earlier. Sonny advised her that he would have died first before he let anything happen to her. They shared a kiss, but Carly pushed Sonny away abruptly.

On the next General Hospital...

• Hayden has a job offer for Curtis.

• Kiki clarifies that Ava doesn't want her to return.

• Obrecht confirms that Finn thinks that someone is sabotaging his career.

• "Oh my God," Josslyn shouts.

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