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Monday, February 20, 2017

At the hospital, Finn took a pill as he looked at the newspaper; the headline of the Port Charles Herald read, "Alleged Crime Lord Not Guilty of Killing His Son." Finn took out his phone in order to call Sonny, but he abruptly put it away when Griffin approached. Griffin was surprised that Finn had been at the hospital all night, and Finn reminded him that there were no nurses. Griffin was happy to see Finn looking better as well. Finn informed Griffin that he'd put a rush on Anna's bone marrow biopsy test results. He was hoping for a better diagnosis than what he was expecting.

Alone in the elevator at the Metro Court, Nelle listened to the recording of Sonny admitting to sleeping with Nelle. She copied it to a flash drive and put the flash drive into an envelope addressed to Carly. She put the envelope back into her purse, where there was also a passport. "Game on, Sonny. I'm ready," she said. She got off the elevator and placed the envelope into a cart labeled "outgoing mail."

Carly approached Sonny and Jason's table at the Metro Court restaurant. Sonny was eager to get back to work with Jason, since he was no longer on house arrest. Carly instructed him not to make plans the next day, because she had a surprise for him. He reluctantly agreed, and she walked away happily. A short while later, Jason sat alone, and Carly took the opportunity to thank him for "talking Sonny down." Jason still wasn't convinced that Ava was behind the bomb, and he wanted to be sure before someone did something that they couldn't take back.

Sonny was on the phone with Finn, who needed a favor from Sonny. Sonny offered to set up a meeting for the next week, but Finn believed that "I don't have until next week." He told Sonny that the medication would be helpful to a lot of patients. Sonny informed Finn that he "had eyes" on him, but he promised to call around for a favor in the next few days. Finn politely told Sonny that he would figure something out himself. Sonny wished Finn luck and hung up.

Nelle approached Carly, who had a "special project" for Nelle. She explained that she'd booked a night at a cabin in the mountains for her and Sonny. She wanted Nelle to "spruce it up" and make it special. She handed Nelle the key and the address. Nelle observed that things always worked out for Carly. She claimed to admire Carly's persistence.

When Sonny returned to the table, Jason expressed his thought that, with Ava in custody, whoever was actually behind the bombing might believe that they were "home free" and make a mistake. Sonny caught sight of Nelle and confided in Jason that it seemed that Nelle wanted Carly to find out about their transgression. He told Jason about finding the bra in his bed, but Jason wondered why Nelle would want to break the couple up. Jason suggested that Sonny take away Nelle's power and tell Carly what had happened.

Sonny walked up to Carly and told her that they needed to talk. She promised that they could talk the next day. She thought that they needed to get away together for a break. He agreed and walked away. As he walked by, a man pushed away the outgoing mail cart.

Julian entered his sister Olivia's room, and she hoped that he hadn't been followed "this time." He assured a gleeful Olivia that, "this time tomorrow, GH will be yours." He took out a bottle of Champagne, which she called "presumptuous." "My freedom from you is worth celebrating," he said dryly. She wondered what would happen if she had him killed. He thought that it would still be worth celebrating, because he would be through with her. He poured the Champagne and poured something extra from a small vial into her glass.

Julian handed Olivia a glass of Champagne and toasted to the demolition of General Hospital. Olivia bumped into Julian, making him drop his glass. She handed her glass to him and said that she shouldn't drink it, anyway, just in case Alexis needed to see her. When he hesitated in drinking from the glass, she knocked it out of his hand and accused him of trying to poison her. Crying, she demanded that he empty his pockets. He gave her the vial, which she took a whiff of and instantly recognized. "It's nothing you wouldn't do to me," Julian reminded her.

Olivia pointed a gun straight at Julian's chest, and he dared her to "finish the job." She promised to kill him after the hospital deal went through. She demanded that he leave before she changed her mind, and he left the room. "He needs another reprimand. I know exactly how to deliver it," she said to herself.

Alexis was looking at Julian's safe deposit box key when the doorbell rang. She put the key down and let Sam into the house. Sam mentioned that she was still helping to investigate Morgan's death. She wasn't convinced that Ava was behind it. Just then, she caught sight of a bouquet of flowers that looked a lot like Alexis' wedding bouquet. Alexis assumed that had been Julian's intention when he'd sent them to her on Valentine's Day. Sam warned her mother about Julian's manipulations. Alexis swore that she would never be vulnerable to him again. She confided in Sam that, the previous night, it had seemed like Julian was saying goodbye.

Alexis updated Sam about the safe deposit box with the alleged explanation letter. Alexis suggested that she just throw the key to the box away, but Sam didn't think that was a good idea. While Alexis couldn't get into the box until something happened to Julian, Sam thought that she and Jason could do something. Alexis instructed Sam to stop working and rest. Sam pleaded with Alexis to hold on to the key, and she left. When Sam was out the door, her phone rang. "This is Dr. Lee's office. The doctor needs to see you right away," Olivia Jerome said on the phone, disguising her voice.

Hayden was on the computer at the Quartermaine mansion, helping Tracy and Michael to make an LLC for the family so that they could buy the hospital. Hayden didn't think they had enough money to beat out the other offer on the table. Ned happened to have a letter from his ex and L&B Records partner, Lois, saying that she would buy out his part of the business. Ned told his mother that they needed to do all they could to save the hospital and continue helping people in the community.

Michael bumped into Olivia Falconeri at the Metro Court and wondered if a certain hospital board member was there, but it turned out that he'd just missed the man. He thanked her for speaking up at the Quartermaine family meeting. He commented that the family might be able to buy the hospital once Ned sold L&B Records. That shocked Olivia, and she ran off.

Nelle called out a greeting to Michael and asked what was going on with him. He answered that he'd just pledged three-quarters of his personal assets to a "questionable investment." He offered to tell her the long story over brunch, but she had to go set up the cabin. He remarked that it was like a maze up in the mountains, so he offered to take her.

A short while later, Michael and Nelle arrived at the cabin. The caretaker let them into the cabin through the heavy snow. "I'll let you two lovebirds settle in," he said, and he left. After an awkward moment, the two got to work on organizing the cabin. When they were done, Nelle assured Michael that, "no matter what happens, your friendship has meant the world to me." He joked that it sounded like she was about to skip town, but she claimed that she was just usually not great at expressing her feelings. As they got their coats on, the caretaker returned. He informed the two that the storm was in "high gear," and the roads had been closed. "You're not going anywhere," he said.

Only Tracy and Ned remained in the Quartermaine home, and she wondered why he was suddenly all about the community of Port Charles. Ned wanted to put down roots in the town again. He wondered if Tracy still had Lila's engagement ring, because he wanted to ask Olivia to marry him that night. "Absolutely not!" a shocked Tracy exclaimed. She refused to allow Ned to give the ring to a woman who couldn't tell between a ring worth more than a house and a "prize in a Cracker Jack box."

Ned didn't need Tracy's blessing, but he informed his mother that he loved Olivia, she made him happy, and he refused to lose her again. Tracy softened and agreed to let Ned give the ring to Olivia. She apologized to Ned for her comments about Olivia and explained that she selfishly wanted to keep Ned and Dillon close to her. Ned reminded her that they lived in a big house with plenty of room for more family. He wondered if he had her blessing. "Of course," she said and hugged her son.

A short while later, Ned was looking at the ring in its box when Olivia burst into the room. She was breathlessly telling him that he couldn't sell L&B Records when she caught sight of the ring. He answered that he had planned to "do this" at dinner that night, but "why wait?" He got down on one knee and said, "Olivia Falconeri, will you marry me?" "I'm sorry, I can't," she said, and she ran out of the house.

Hayden was standing at the nurses' station at the hospital when Finn appeared. She remarked on how much better he looked and wondered why he wasn't at his meeting with the pharmaceutical company. He remarked that, even if he wanted to sell his patent for the cure, the hospital was short-staffed, so he couldn't leave. He apologized for how he'd treated her the day before and explained that he'd been tired. "Are you sure that's all?" she wondered.

An orderly asked Griffin where Finn was, because he had Anna's biopsy results. Griffin promised to make sure that Finn got the results. "No," he muttered when he looked at the results. Griffin found Finn and showed him the disappointing results.

Anna called out to an orderly walking outside her room and asked about her test results. The orderly promised to find out about the results, and as he walked away, she added that she needed to see a doctor. "Will I do?" Robin said as she appeared in the doorway.

Anna was happy to see Robin, but she believed that Robin's presence meant that something was very wrong with Anna. Robin replied that a bone marrow biopsy wasn't an "everyday procedure," and that it was all right to be scared. There was a knock on the door, and Finn and Griffin entered the room. Finn informed Anna that she had a disease called polycythemia vera, or PV, which was a rare form of blood cancer. The cancer caused excess red blood cells to be produced, which resulted in possible migraines, blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes.

In order to treat Anna's cancer, Finn was going to put her on a blood thinner, and regular phlebotomy. She wondered how to beat the cancer, but Griffin revealed that there was no cure. Anna feared that she was dying, but the doctors assured her that while the condition could worsen, it was considered a chronic condition that was manageable. Robin asked for privacy with her mother, so the doctors left.

Robin assured Anna that it was possible to live a normal life with a chronic condition. She added that, if Anna didn't feel strong, Robin could be strong enough for both of them. Anna didn't think Robin could stay in Port Charles forever because her life was in Berkley. Robin thought that Anna needed someone to help with everyday life for a little while and promised that "I'm your girl." She thought that Patrick and Emma would understand that "right now, my place is here." The two women tearfully embraced.

Finn mentioned to Griffin that he'd forgotten to talk about that "possible complication" of PV with Anna, but Griffin thought that Anna needed a little time before getting more information. Griffin's phone went off so he had to go, but he thanked Finn for letting him be there when Finn had broken the news to Anna.

Finn happened upon Hayden and Tracy at the nurses' station, and Tracy remarked on how much better Finn looked. She wondered if he was going to talk to the pharmaceutical company, but he explained that he didn't have the time. Tracy offered up the ELQ jet so that he could get there and back as fast as possible. He agreed to utilize the jet. Hayden was excited to hear all about the meeting when he returned. She added that they could finish their conversation from earlier, and she walked away.

On the next General Hospital...

• Michael and Nelle are stuck at the cabin.

• Sam asks Lucas if he's been in touch with Julian.

• "Who's after you now?" Olivia asks Julian.

• Ned informs Dante that he asked Olivia to marry him.

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