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Friday, March 24, 2017

Sam tenderly watched as Jason held Scout in his arms and talked quietly to his sleeping daughter. She gently took the baby as a knock sounded on the door. Curtis was standing there with a gift for the baby. He looked at the baby admiringly and nervously held her in his arms until she spit up on him. He announced that there was a possibility that Jordan would invite him to join the police department. Jason responded that he wouldn't work with a cop, and Curtis looked torn. Both of the men were sad, and they agreed that they had made a good team. They shook hands as Curtis departed, and Jason forlornly told Sam that he would miss Curtis.

Sam was sad to hear that Curtis might join the police force. She was okay with Olivia's sentence, though, and also the fact that her father was dead. She wouldn't miss Julian, and her mother would heal. Sam was happy that Scout had a great dad who would never lie to or manipulate her. She believed that Alexis had wanted to believe in Julian but had been lying to herself. She had been forced to face reality because Julian would have never been the man that Alexis had wanted him to be. He'd had "potential," but Sam was glad that Julian wouldn't be around to disappoint her mother.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco and Elizabeth talked about their decision to live together and the artwork that Franco was using for Jake's therapy. Elizabeth looked at her son's drawings and realized that something had been added to the paper that she hadn't seen before. It was a scarecrow. Jake bounded down the stairs and announced that he felt well enough to go to school. Franco praised the new drawing, but Jake stated that the work wasn't his. After Jake headed back upstairs, the couple decided that the boy had either been sleepwalking or it had been a repressed memory. Either way, Elizabeth thought it was time to tell Jason.

Franco and Elizabeth saw the boys off to school, and Elizabeth prepared to call Jason. Franco felt sure that Jason would yell at him for interfering with Jake. Elizabeth suddenly had a thought about the scarecrow. She recalled it being in the book that had belonged to Helena. Perhaps Helena had planted the story of it in Jake's mind. She felt that she and Franco needed to read the book again.

When the doorbell rang, Franco joked that maybe it was Helena. It was Jason, who was returning one of Jake's toys. Elizabeth invited him in, and he scowled upon seeing Franco. He saw Helena's book and demanded to know what was going on.

"We made it," Finn declared to Hayden, who snoozed on the sofa in Finn's room. She jumped up hurriedly as Finn explained that he'd made it through withdrawal, and the worst was over. Taped to the chair, Finn added that it was time for Hayden to free him. He was ready for a shower and some fresh air, Finn continued. Hayden reminded him that the process would be much longer, and he had advised her not to free him when he requested it. She had only been asleep for two hours, and she was positive that Finn could not be cured yet.

Hayden suggested that they wait longer, eyeing the shaking and sweating Finn suspiciously. "Let me go," Finn began to yell, getting louder by the moment. He didn't want to do it anymore, he screamed. Hayden began to text someone that she needed help, and Finn grew even louder. He accused her of using him while intending to toss him away. He wouldn't allow her to do that, he shouted. Hayden tried to get him to calm down. Finn began to cry then accused her of wanting his money. His paranoia out of control, Finn uttered all kinds of nonsense.

Hayden yelled at Finn to stop, and suddenly he apologized. He was sorry and stated that he didn't know what he was saying. He was crazed because of the drugs. Hayden walked over to him tenderly, but he suddenly grabbed her wrist and wouldn't let go. Crying out in pain, Hayden was saved when Curtis arrived and broke down the door. Curtis was taken aback at what he saw. When the phone rang, Hayden answered and told security that everything was okay.

Finn fell asleep. "Do-it-yourself detox?" Curtis asked. Hayden swore him to secrecy. "Have you lost your mind?" Curtis wanted to know. Hayden explained that Finn couldn't do rehab and take the chance of his name getting out after the deal he'd made with the drug company. Curtis thought that Hayden was crazy to attempt to help Finn on her own, but Hayden stated that she loved Finn. Curtis informed her that it was only the beginning of the battle.

Alexis received a visit from Molly and Kristina because they were worried about their mother. They expressed their hatred of Olivia Jerome and learned about the letter from Julian. Kristina read the letter first and announced that she didn't believe anything that Julian had written. She firmly believed that Julian had had multiple chances to warn Alexis about Olivia and hadn't. They were all better off without him, she said. Molly slowly took her turn to read but had a different opinion when she was through. "Maybe it's true," Molly declared. Alexis admitted that she loved Julian, but he had died, and it was too late to tell him.

Kristina snapped that Julian had been a narcissist, so he would have known and believed that Alexis had still loved him. Alexis replied that she had seen another side to Julian, and she just wanted to believe that he had really loved her. She was unhappy and tired of it. She was also sad, and they had to let her be. Molly asked her mother if she'd attended any A.A. meetings, and Alexis admitted that she hadn't. Her sponsor had turned out to be a "homicidal maniac," and she wasn't on her daughters' timetable.

Alexis felt lucky to have the daughters that she did, and she agreed to go to a meeting. She hoped to find a new sponsor. She thanked the girls for caring. The girls headed for Sam's place and fawned over their new niece. Sam asked for Alexis, and they informed her that their mother had gone to an A.A. meeting. They told her about Julian's letter.

Carly and Sonny accidentally ran into each other at Perks. Sonny's meeting with Kristina had fallen through, and he asked Carly to stay and talk. Carly refused, but Sonny told her that he believed there was hope that their marriage would survive. They both agreed that they were looking forward to a better future. Carly noted that they'd been through a lot, and they should have been able to get past it. "You lied to me," she snapped. She wouldn't be able to trust him and needed time. She believed that he would never have told her anything on his own.

Sonny asked for forgiveness and advised Carly that she needed to ask for forgiveness, also, because she had walked out on him after she'd thought he'd been responsible for Morgan's death. He'd had dealt with a heavy burden, thinking he'd murdered his own son. "Nobody's perfect," Sonny added. They both needed forgiveness. Carly wasn't prepared to work with Sonny's idea of a timetable. She believed that they had been growing closer, and then he had ruined it with his secret.

Sonny confirmed that he would not pursue Carly any longer if she couldn't forgive him. "So you're done," Carly said. Sonny thought she should feel relieved. Carly asked if it was the end of their marriage.

Alexis returned home, locked the door, and drew all the blinds. She grabbed a brown bag from her purse and pulled out a bottle of wine. She stared at it intently.

On the next General Hospital...

• "Nelle is working for Valentin Cassadine?" Sonny asks Laura.

• "I think my marriage is over," announces Carly.

• Scott suggests that Lucy reconsider.

• Jason doesn't want Jake to be around Franco.

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