Wednesday, February 3, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava demanded to know where Avery was. Kiki noticed that Ava had made a remarkable recovery from the flu, but Ava refused to be distracted and repeated her question. Kiki was unapologetic as she told Ava that Avery was with Sonny because a daughter needed her father. Kiki had learned that lesson the hard way when she had lost her own father shortly after learning the truth about Silas. Furious, Ava stormed off. Morgan immediately sent Sonny a text message warning Sonny that Ava was on her way.

Kiki was impressed with how calm Morgan seemed, which he attributed to his medications. Morgan quickly changed the subject by suggesting that they get started on their first date. Kiki smiled and left with Morgan. A short time later, Morgan handed Kiki a cup of hot chocolate as she sat outside the Waterfront. Morgan asked if she was okay. Kiki explained that it bothered her when she thought about all the things wrong between her and her mother.

However, Kiki was determined to focus on her date with Morgan. Morgan noticed she was shivering and grabbed a scarf to wrap around her. Kiki looked into Morgan's eyes for a long moment as he sat close then slowly kissed him.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was pleasantly surprised when she arrived home and saw Sonny playing with Avery. She eagerly took the baby from his arms to say hello and asked about the visit. Carly became alarmed when Sonny revealed that Kiki had dropped Avery off because Ava had been sick. Carly feared that Ava would try to find a way to use the visit against Sonny, but Sonny wasn't concerned.

Later, Sonny received a text message from Morgan. Carly set Avery in the playpen as Sonny warned Carly that Ava was on the way. Carly worried that things would not end well for Sonny, and just then, the doorbell rang. Carly opened the door and saw Ava on the doorstep, being physically detained by one of Sonny's bodyguards. Ava demanded that she be released, so Carly assured the bodyguard that it was fine. Ava marched into the living room, vowing that Sonny would never see Avery again except in photographs.

Ava reached into the playpen to pick Avery up, but Sonny warned Ava to get her hands off his daughter. Ava glared at Sonny, but he reminded her that she was sick with the flu. Ava claimed that she was better, but Sonny assured her that he knew the real reason she had wanted Avery safe with Kiki. Ava refused to confirm his suspicion and made it clear that she intended to take Sonny back to court to request that the judge reduce Sonny's already limited visitation. Sonny invited Ava to try her best, but Ava was confident that she would prevail in court because Sonny still wasn't physically fit to care for Avery.

Sonny cryptically told Ava that "fitness" was in the eye of the beholder, but she picked up Avery and left. Carly feared that Ava would call an attorney, but Sonny assured Carly that it was fine. Carly realized that Sonny had something on Ava. Sonny revealed that Ava had pretended to be sick for a reason and explained that Ava was embroiled in a dangerous business deal.

Carly was disgusted by Ava's hypocrisy, but Sonny hoped to prove that Ava was playing with fire and that she was a danger to Avery. Sonny added that he would find another way to deal with Ava if the courts failed to return Avery to him.

Meanwhile, Scott dropped by Franco and Nina's apartment with cheesesteak sandwiches. Franco was surprised by the unexpected visit, but Scott reminded his son that he hadn't seen Franco in awhile because Franco hadn't gotten into legal trouble lately. Scott thought it was reason to celebrate, but Franco didn't have much of an appetite because Franco was worried about a young patient. Without naming Jake Webber, Franco opened up about a troubled child who had been hit by a car the previous evening. Scott noticed that Franco seemed to genuinely care about the child, but Franco quickly changed the subject.

Franco filled his father in about Kiki's new job and her decision to go out with Morgan again. Scott asked about Nina as Nina suddenly threw open the front door and announced that she and Franco had fifty-seven minutes to have sex. Nina's smile vanished when she saw Scott. Scott decided that it was his cue to leave and excused himself. After Scott left, Nina approached Franco and began to kiss and undress him.

Franco tensed when Nina admitted that she wished they could make a baby. Franco pulled away from the kiss and quickly pulled up his pants because he wanted to talk about Nina's desire to have a baby. Nina smiled brightly as she told him that there were a lot of ways for them to have a child, but Franco admitted that he didn't want to have a baby. Nina was crushed, but Franco explained that he didn't want to risk bringing a "sweet, innocent soul" into the world with his DNA because the baby would be a ticking time bomb.

Nina insisted that Franco would be a wonderful father because he was great with Kiki, but he told her about the child he'd been working with. According to Franco, the young boy was deeply troubled, and everyone around the boy had been waiting for the child to go off the rails. Franco admitted that he recognized something in the angry and confused child, so he couldn't imagine bringing a child into the world and seeing himself staring back. Nina promised that she was not afraid of Franco's DNA because both she and Franco were in a better place, but he wasn't swayed. Nina suggested that they adopt, but Franco decided to table the discussion since they only had ten minutes left, which gave them enough time to have sex.

At Wyndemere, Tracy eavesdropped as Laura left Nikolas a voicemail message asking him to return her call because she was concerned. Laura added that she hoped Nikolas and Hayden weren't doing what she feared they were, and she ended the call. In the hallway, Tracy smiled. Moments later, Tracy entered the living room, asking for Hayden. Laura admitted that she had no idea where Hayden was, but Tracy could keep Hayden if Tracy found her.

Tracy explained that Hayden had been handling administrative work at ELQ, which Tracy needed to talk to Hayden about. Laura was surprised that Hayden had a real job at ELQ rather than one for show. Tracy admitted that Hayden was "chock-full of surprises and hidden talents," but Laura didn't care. Laura revealed that Nikolas and Hayden had left town unexpectedly. Tracy pumped Laura for information until Laura admitted that Nikolas and Hayden might have eloped.

Tracy pretended to be shocked as Laura expressed her reservations about Nikolas decision to marry Hayden. Tracy was curious why Laura disliked Hayden. Laura insisted that Hayden was a "lying, backstabbing little con artist" who would take advantage of Nikolas. Tracy admitted that it seemed like karma, since Nikolas had stolen ELQ. Laura admitted that she didn't always approve of Nikolas' choices, but she loved her son.

Laura questioned why she was confiding in Tracy, but Tracy pointed out that they had a lot more in common than Luke. However, Tracy decided to head home because she was still tired from travelling. Tracy asked Laura to let Hayden know that Tracy had stopped by, and she left.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava thanked Scott for meeting her. Ava explained that Kiki had dropped Avery off for an unscheduled visit with Sonny. Ava wanted to take legal action against Sonny, but Scott asked if Sonny had coerced Kiki. "No," Ava admitted. Scott explained that Sonny hadn't done anything wrong and advised Ava not to pursue it in court because it would backfire on her.

Scott wondered why Ava had lied about being sick, but Ava claimed that she had improved after a nap. Scott easily saw through the lie. Ava asked if their conversation was protected by attorney/client privilege. Scott nodded, prompting Ava to reveal that she had lied to protect both Kiki and Avery because Ava had been forced into a risky business move. Ava added that the person had used the incriminating recording of Ava's confession to pressure Ava to comply, but Ava was desperate to find a way out because Ava wanted to make better choices for Avery's sake.

Scott advised Ava to give Avery to Sonny until the danger had passed, but Ava refused. After Scott left, Ava promised to keep Avery safe and to make certain that Sonny never hurt Avery.

At Wyndemere, Laura was surprised when Scott entered the living room to announce that he had an invitation for Laura from Helena. He handed Laura an envelope as he explained that Helena had requested Laura attend the reading of Helena's last will and testament.

In Las Vegas, Hayden smiled brightly as a golden crown was perched on her head. Nikolas pointed out that he had found the "cheesiest" wedding chapel as requested. Hayden playfully argued that the Camelot of Love wedding chapel was not cheesy and added that they had offered Nikolas and Hayden a wedding special because they would be the 45,678 couple to get married in the chapel. Moments later, a man dressed as a court jester approached Nikolas and Hayden to inform the couple that they had a few minutes to get ready for the wedding ceremony.

Nikolas decided to pull Hayden aside and explain that he needed her to sign a prenuptial agreement before they got married. Nikolas revealed that she would get $5,000,000 if they divorced for any reason. Hayden assured him that she didn't mind signing the legal document and asked for a pen. After Hayden signed the prenuptial agreement, the jester returned to fetch Hayden.

A short time later, Hayden returned to Nikolas' side. She had changed into a white dress with a black design, while Nikolas sported a dark suit and tie. Hayden smiled and thanked Nikolas for providing her with a dress for the special occasion. Nikolas opened a small black box to show her an extravagant diamond engagement ring, which he quickly slid onto her finger. The jester and the justice of the peace soon joined the couple.

Hayden was surprised when Nikolas announced that he had written his own vows. It was an old Irish blessing that he thought would be fitting. "When we steal, may we only steal moments together; when we cheat, may we cheat all misfortunes; when we lie, may it only be in each other's arms," Nikolas said as Hayden softly smiled. Nikolas and Hayden exchanged rings and were pronounced husband and wife.

Later, Nikolas asked Hayden to wait for him in the lobby of the hotel while he returned to the chapel to pay the bill. Hayden smiled as Nikolas walked away. "Rachel?" a man suddenly asked as he approached Hayden.

. . .

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