Wednesday, July 1, 2015

At the Quartermaine mansion, Jake entered the living room to apologize to Michael for failing to stop Nikolas from seizing control of ELQ. Michael took full responsibility for what had happened, but Jake objected, so they decided to blame Nikolas, whom they agreed was a "treacherous son of a bitch." Jake offered to help Michael wrest control of ELQ away from Nikolas, but Michael assured Jake that it wasn't necessary. Jake disagreed because he still worked for Michael as far as Jake was concerned. Michael smiled with relief as he welcomed Jake back on board then offered to fetch Sabrina and Tracy to join their conversation.

Jake advised Michael against it because the fewer people who knew about Jake and Michael's plans, the less likely Nikolas would find out. Michael assured Jake that Sabrina could be trusted, but he conceded his great-aunt had been through a lot of emotional turmoil in recent years, including a broken engagement. Jake felt bad for Tracy, but he was eager to make Nikolas pay for taking ELQ from Michael. Jake told Michael about Nikolas' job offer and Jake's refusal to accept it because Jake refused to work for someone who lacked any honor.

Jake despised liar and cheats because, at the end of the day, all people had was their word, which meant something to Jake. Michael confessed that Jake reminded him of Jason, which surprised Jake because Spinelli had said the same thing. Michael assured Jake that it had been a compliment then opened up about how Jason had taught Michael about the importance of honor, keeping one's word, and using whatever means necessary to protect what belonged to Michael. Jake wondered if Jason had had any words of wisdom when facing an adversary who had them out-funded, out-maneuvered, and out-gunned.

Michael revealed that the only way to stop Nikolas was to get back the shares of ELQ. Jake asked if the shares were like bearer bonds in that whoever possessed the shares owned them. Michael nodded, so Michael suspected that Nikolas guarded the shares with his life. Jake was confident that he could get his hands on the shares, but Michael made it clear that he didn't want any violence. Michael wasn't interested in ruining Nikolas or hurting the Cassadines because revenge never worked the way it was intended. Jake explained that he was certain Nikolas had been hiding something, so Jake intended to find out what it was to gain leverage over Nikolas.

Outside Kelly's, Nikolas called to check in with Rosalie. She reminded him that it was the Fourth of July, but Nikolas didn't care because he had a lot of work to do to get ELQ back into shape. Nikolas instructed Rosalie to set up a television interview because he needed to work on improving his image, but he quickly ended the call when Sam walked up. Sam didn't hesitate to let Nikolas know that she was unhappy with her cousin because he had betrayed Michael.

Nikolas insisted it had just been business and unavoidable because Helena and Victor had siphoned off a large chunk of the family fortune, but Sam was not satisfied because she saw shades of Helena and Victor in Nikolas. She noted that her cousin wasn't the same man he had once been, and she wasn't pleased with the changes. Sam wanted to know what was going on with Nikolas, but he didn't think it was necessary to explain, since she knew what it was like to lose someone. Sam resented Nikolas trying to blame his unethical business practices on financial losses and his breakup with Britt.

Nikolas went on the offensive by questioning why Sam would defend the Quartermaines when they had never embraced her. Sam argued that her son was both a Quartermaine and Cassadine equally, but Nikolas scoffed at the notion that Sam cared about the Quartermaines because she had readily let go of her and Danny's shares of ELQ. Sam explained that she had hoped to avoid getting between Michael and Tracy, but she wanted what was best for Jason's family. Sam accused Nikolas of behaving like a "dismissive jerk" then informed him that Jason would kick his "ass" if Jason were alive.

"Then I guess I'm lucky he's not alive," Nikolas snidely replied. Hurt, Sam asked how Nikolas could say something like that to her. He immediately regretted his harsh remark and apologized, but Sam sensed a lack of sincerity in his tone. Nikolas assured Sam that he loved her, so she reluctantly admitted that she loved him too. However, Sam was furious that Nikolas had hurt Michael. Nikolas realized he and Sam were at an impasse, but he hoped they would eventually get past it.

After Nikolas left, Sam called Patrick, who had been busy at the hospital, operating on two patients. She quietly confessed that she had needed to hear his voice because she'd had a heated argument with Nikolas about Michael and ELQ. Sam explained that she was frustrated because she wished there was a way for her to help the Quartermaines. "Maybe there is," Jake said as he walked up.

At the nurses' station, Liesl grumbled about the staff not following instructions when filling out hospital paperwork. She ranted about people scribbling an x rather than using more legible checkmarks as Franco walked up. Liesl was happy to see him but explained that she didn't have time for a visit. Franco insisted that he needed to talk to her about Denise, so he offered to buy Liesl's favorite candy bar from the vending machine if she gave him five minutes. Liesl agreed then accompanied Franco to the vending machine area as he filled her in about his encounter with Denise at Metro Court Restaurant.

Liesl was surprised that Franco would want to date someone like Denise because Denise was a "low-rent" version of Franco's ex, Ava. She urged Franco to take things slowly with Denise, but Franco assured Liesl that it wasn't necessary because he was only dating Denise as a ruse to make Nina jealous. However, Franco was concerned about Denise's willingness to go along with the lie. Liesl wondered if Franco had a theory, so he admitted that Denise had kissed him just as Morgan had entered the restaurant.

Liesl pointed out that Morgan was significantly younger than Denise, but Franco reminded Liesl that the age gap hadn't stopped Morgan and Ava. Liesl was curious why Denise's motives mattered if Denise was helping Franco's cause. Franco explained that he was concerned for Kiki's sake because Kiki and Morgan were dating. Moments later, Liesl received a text message reminding her of a meeting, so she promised to catch up with Franco later to finish their conversation.

At Silas' apartment, Morgan read the Port Charles Press, which featured a story about Denise. Kiki entered the living room to model a patriotic string bikini top and cut-off jean shorts, but Morgan was distracted as he told her that she looked great. Kiki was disappointed by his lack of enthusiasm, so he confessed that he was concerned about Denise and Franco. Hurt, Kiki reminded Morgan that her aunt was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but Morgan reminded Kiki that Franco had hurt Carly.

Kiki agreed that Franco had been wrong to lash out at Carly as he had, but Kiki understood the pain Franco had felt because she would have felt equally betrayed if Morgan had cheated on her. Morgan worriedly asked if Kiki had been taking bomb-building tips from Franco, so Kiki assured him that she would never go to the extremes that Franco had. However, she would be upset if Morgan cheated on her. Morgan's expression briefly clouded with guilt, but he quickly forced a smile as he hugged Kiki.

Morgan insisted that he didn't have any reason to stray when he had a sexy girlfriend like Kiki waiting for him. He kissed her to prove his point then untied the back of her bikini. After Kiki and Morgan made love on the sofa, Kiki suggested they enjoy the holiday. She jumped up to take a shower, so Morgan offered to join her. Kiki declined because she doubted they would leave the apartment if he took a shower with her. Later, Kiki returned to the living room to announce that she intended to fetch something for them to eat at Kelly's while he showered, and she would meet him in the park for the fireworks show.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny glared at "Denise" as she stood on his doorstep. He coldly asked what she wanted, so Ava pasted on a polite smile then nervously explained that she had stopped by to visit her "baby niece." Sonny explained it wasn't a good idea, but Ava refused to give up. She acknowledged that they had gotten off on the wrong foot, but a DNA test had confirmed that she was Ava's twin sister. Sonny remained skeptical, but he decided to invite "Denise" inside.

Ava was eager to see her daughter, but Sonny quickly informed "Denise" that he had wanted to discuss Denise's relationship with Morgan. Ava feigned ignorance, but Sonny revealed that Morgan had told Sonny about Morgan and Denise's sexually charged encounters. Sonny suspected Morgan was drawn to Denise because she looked like Ava, but he didn't trust Denise because he was certain Denise had taken advantage of his son.

Ava tried to ease Sonny's fears by explaining that she had moved on with Franco, but Sonny rolled his eyes in disgust. Ava repeated the story she had told everyone about running into Franco and feeling an instant connection with him, but Sonny didn't care as long as Denise stayed away from Morgan. Ava assured Sonny that it wouldn't be a problem then changed the subject by asking to see Avery. Sonny refused because he didn't want anyone involved with Franco near his daughter.

Ava's temper flared when Sonny ordered her to leave. She vowed that it was not over and stormed out. A short time later, Michael called to let Sonny know that Denise might stop by to visit Avery. Sonny admitted that Denise had already been there, but he had sent her packing.

At Silas' apartment, Morgan emerged from the bathroom, wearing a towel, and he heard a knock at the door. He was startled when he saw Denise standing on the doorstep.

Meanwhile, Kiki bumped into Franco at Kelly's. After they exchanged greetings, Franco asked if Kiki had any plans. She told him that she intended to meet Morgan in the park for the fireworks show, but Franco admitted that he didn't think it was a good idea.

In British Columbia, Laura and Holly showed Luke, Lulu, and Dillon the picture the kidnappers had sent of Ethan and Lucky bound to chairs and their mouths covered in duct tape. Luke promised to find and rescue both Ethan and Lucky before Luke killed the person behind the abductions. "Not you. Us," Holly corrected. Lulu was curious how they would find the person or persons responsible for her brothers' kidnappings, but no one had an answer. Luke studied the picture until he noticed a clue.

Luke pointed out that two fingers on Ethan's right hand were crossed, which had been a signal that Ethan and Luke had used in card games when someone had been holding jacks. Lulu wondered if it was possible that Ethan was trying to tell them that Jerry Jacks had kidnapped Ethan and Lucky. Laura agreed it was a good theory, but she noticed that Ethan had also been holding out three fingers on his left hand. "Three jacks," Luke muttered, but he had no idea what it meant.

Laura, Holly, Luke, Dillon, and Lulu continued to study the picture until Lulu realized that Lucky had also tried to send a message by pointing a finger at himself. Luke had no idea what Ethan and Lucky were attempting to tell him because Luke had never taught Lucky the card signals. Dillon suggested that perhaps Lucky was trying to indicate what Lucky meant to people. Luke's face lit up as he listed all the things Lucky was including a father, a cop, and a son. "Three Jackson," Laura said. Lulu quickly looked up the address on the Internet and discovered there was a lumberyard nearby at the address.

A short time later, Luke, Laura, Holly, Dillon, and Lulu arrived at the lumberyard. They carefully hid out of sight when they spotted two guards with guns patrolling the area. Holly pointed out that they outnumbered the guards, so she was confident they could quickly neutralize the men, but Luke pointed out that there might be more guards inside the building. They quickly realized they would need a distraction so someone could sneak past the guards to check the building.

Laura objected when Lulu volunteered for the job, but Lulu explained it was the only way because the guards had no idea who Lulu and Dillon were, so they wouldn't be expecting them. Luke and Holly reluctantly agreed. Lulu and Dillon quickly devised a plan then put it into motion.

Moments later, Lulu and Dillon approached the guards. Lulu had shoved something under her shirt to make it appear that she was very pregnant. She cried out in pain, pretending to be in labor, as Dillon begged the guards to help his wife. The guards gruffly ordered the couple to leave, claiming they couldn't help, but Dillon continued to implore the guards for assistance by asking for a ride to the hospital. Eventually, one of the guards agreed to drive Dillon and Lulu to the hospital. Lulu made a show of being afraid of the gun the man held, so the guard handed it to his companion before leading Dillon and Lulu to the car.

After Dillon and Lulu left, Luke and Laura moved in. They pretended to be concerned parents looking for their pregnant daughter, while Holly slipped up behind the guard and quickly disarmed him. After Holly knocked the man unconscious, Luke suggested they split up in case it was a trap. Holly and Laura reluctantly agreed to find other points of entry, while Luke used the main door. He stopped short when he saw someone.

"I'll be damned," Luke said in a surprised tone.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...
  • Ava shares her secret with Franco
  • Nina asks why Silas seems upset
  • Valerie explains that she wants to help Dante, but she's not sure how
  • Dillon stops Lulu from rushing into the lumber mill when they hear gunshots

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