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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Curtis stopped by Jordan's apartment to ask if she would be free that evening. She was surprised when he held up a bowling ball bag and announced that he had something "amazing" in mind for them to do. Jordan chuckled because she hadn't realized that Curtis enjoyed bowling. Curtis grinned and offered to give her a quick lesson. Jordan took him up on the offer, since she hadn't gone bowling in ages.

Minutes later, Curtis guided Jordan through a proper swing, but she jumped when she accidentally released the bowling ball. Jordan bit back laughter as she yelled an apology through the floorboards to her downstairs neighbor. Curtis chuckled and warned her that her neighbors would have to get used to loud noises from her apartment. Curtis kissed her, but they pulled apart when T.J. knocked on the door. T.J. was surprised when he saw Curtis in Jordan's apartment, but they exchanged warm greetings before T.J. returned the laptop he'd borrowed from Jordan. T.J.'s eyes narrowed as he asked if Jordan and "Uncle Curtis" were a couple.

Jordan and Curtis exchanged nervous glances, but T.J. smiled and assured them that he'd been there. T.J. started to leave, but Jordan asked her son to wait. Jordan revealed that she and Curtis had been planning their first date, so they weren't certain if things would get serious or not. However, Jordan was curious how T.J. would feel if she and Curtis were to date. T.J. admitted that it would be a bit strange to think of his mother dating his uncle, but he loved Jordan and Curtis and wanted them both to be happy. Jordan was relieved.

T.J. wished Jordan and Curtis luck because he worried that things might become awkward if it didn't work out. After T.J. left, Curtis and Jordan agreed that the conversation with T.J. had been uncomfortable but necessary. Curtis suspected that T.J. hadn't been the only one concerned about what might happen if their romance hit the rocks. Jordan confessed that she worried about their friendship if dating blew up in their faces. Curtis assured her that he also had concerns, but there was a way to find out if what they had was real or a mistake. "Bowling," he said with a twinkle in his eye.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy sat in the living room as she recalled Samira revealing that Edward and Samira's mother had been good friends. Tracy glanced at the photograph of Edward and Lila as she decided that it would have to be up to her to find the answers she needed because her father's journal hadn't yielded any useful information or an explanation about why he'd left his journal and ring with Samira's mother. She opened a cardboard box she'd set on the table. It was filled with Edward's personal possessions, including a small leather case bearing his initials. Tracy started to unzip the case, but Monica appeared in the doorway and called out Tracy's name.

Startled, Tracy chastised Monica for nearly giving her a heart attack, but Monica ignored the remark because she knew what Tracy was up to and urged her sister-in-law to be honest about it for everyone's sake. Tracy tensed, but Monica was certain that Tracy had been thinking about Edward because she'd caught Tracy going through Edward's things. Tracy appreciated Monica's concern, but Tracy insisted that she needed to process recent events her own way. Monica started to speak, but Samira entered the living room and thanked Monica for her hospitality. Monica assured Samira that Samira was welcome to stay as long as she liked, prompting Tracy to add that she wanted to help in any way possible.

Samira hoped Tracy would give her the Portrait of an Unknown Lady, but Tracy reminded Samira that the authorities knew Tracy had the painting, so it couldn't be used to fund illegal activity. Samira tried to persuade Tracy to change her mind, but Tracy refused to part with her father's legacy. "Not even for you," Tracy told Samira. Monica asked Samira to give her a moment alone with Tracy. After Samira left, Monica suggested they give Dillon's plan a try and report the painting as stolen, but Tracy pointed out that Samira might end up in jail. Monica conceded Tracy was right, but she doubted that Tracy was concerned about Samira's safety.

Tracy admitted that the whole situation troubled her because Samira had shown up on their doorstep out of the blue -- with Larry. Tracy wondered if Samira and Larry were in cahoots, but Monica scoffed at the suggestion. Tracy agreed that it was unlikely because Larry was too selfish to have a partner. Monica decided that she and Tracy should ask Samira a few more questions before they made a decision. Tracy agreed and called out to Samira.

Moments later, Samira returned to the living room and joined Monica on the sofa as Monica asked about Samira's family. Tracy admitted that she wasn't interested in Samira's family, so Samira expressed an interest in Edward because she thought he'd had kind eyes. Tracy made it clear the subject of her father was off-limits, but her tone softened as she promised to keep working on finding a way to help Samira. Tracy shifted gears and invited Samira to join her for breakfast, but Samira declined because she was too worried about her daughter to eat. However, she asked for a glass of water.

Tracy poured a glass of water then handed it to Samira. After Samira emptied the glass, Tracy announced that she'd sent the housekeeper out to buy clothes for Samira, since Samira had arrived with just the clothes on her back. Monica decided to make some calls and excused herself. Samira admitted that she was disappointed that the items she'd given Tracy the previous evening hadn't convinced Tracy of Samira's sincerity. Tracy offered to compensate Samira for the journal and ring, but Samira declined because she was certain Edward would want Tracy to have the journal and ring.

Tracy reminded Samira that Edward had also wanted Tracy to have the painting. Samira was certain there had to be a solution. "Perhaps," Tracy cryptically replied. After Samira went to change clothes, Tracy stuffed her father's leather case into a bag, carefully collected Samira's glass with a plastic baggie, then left.

At the hospital, Brad saw Finn checking a patient file and questioned why Finn was working. Finn claimed that he'd been researching the effect that distance had on a human's voice and asked Brad to help by staying where he was while Finn walked away. Brad was not amused and followed Finn to let Finn know that Brad believed Finn should have been fired. Finn suggested that Brad take it up with Monica, but Brad claimed that Monica had kept Finn around because Finn had donated a lot of money to the hospital.

Brad resented not being paid for his contribution to the cure for Blackwood's syndrome because it had cost Brad a condominium. Disgusted, Finn walked away. Moments later, Finn saw Hayden exit the elevator, but she was focused on her phone as she walked to her office. Finn's mood didn't improve when Griffin walked up and announced that he was Finn's new supervisor until Finn completed the outpatient drug treatment program. Griffin explained that one of his responsibilities was to give Finn random drug tests. Finn resented Griffin giving him a specimen cup without respecting his privacy.

Griffin apologized, but he assured Finn that he was on Finn's side. Finn made it clear that he didn't need a priest to pour his heart out to and took the specimen cup. Nearby, Brad eavesdropped on the conversation.

A short time later, Finn returned to the nurses' station to give Griffin the specimen cup. After Finn left, Brad approached Griffin to talk to him about Finn. Griffin reminded Brad that hospital policy, standard medical ethics, and the Privacy Act of 1974 prohibited him from discussing Finn's case. Griffin added that it had been inappropriate for Brad to ask. Griffin excused himself to take the specimen cup to the lab, but Brad offered to take it because he was headed that way. Brad picked up the specimen cup then left before Griffin could stop him. Brad smiled with satisfaction as he rounded the corner.

In Hayden's office, Hayden stared at her phone at a picture of her and Finn. She put the phone down when someone knocked on the door. It was Finn. He explained that he wanted to talk about their last conversation, but she told him that she wanted to keep things strictly professional so he could focus on rehab and fighting his addiction. Finn closed the door as he muttered that getting off drugs would be easy compared to not talking to her. Finn revealed that he had wanted to know if she would give him a chance to make things right after he completed rehab.

Hayden reminded Finn that Passover had recently ended then revealed that her father had always insisted on making the end of Passover a huge celebration. According to Hayden, Raymond would host dinner parties and make longwinded speeches that always boiled down to two things: family love and unity, as well as hard work and how it paid off. "Top-flight values," Finn conceded. Hayden agreed, but she pointed out that Raymond Berlin had been ripping people off left and right, including family and friends. She explained that all the talk about what truly mattered had been nothing more than a big lie.

Hayden admitted that she'd ended up just like Raymond because she'd been a liar, a user, and only out for herself. However, things had changed when she'd met Finn because he'd drawn out the best in her. Hayden explained that was the reason she couldn't make promises that she wasn't certain she could keep. Finn felt like an idiot and assured her that he would let her get back to work. Hayden insisted that she simply wanted to be honest because they both knew that he would end up crossing boundaries and testing limits. Hayden reminded Finn that the only way for him to remain clean was to follow the rules, but he assured her that he knew that.

Hayden wasn't satisfied and asked if Finn could stick with the program -- with or without her. Finn promised that he would be fine. Shortly after Finn left, Griffin stopped by to talk to Hayden about a budget, but he immediately noticed that she was upset. Griffin suspected she was concerned about Finn and invited her to talk about it. "Not right now," Hayden told him. Griffin backed off, but he assured her that things could work out between her and Finn -- provided Finn remained on the straight and narrow.

Meanwhile, Tracy ran into Finn as she entered the elevator. She admitted that she'd been looking for him because she desperately needed his help. Finn realized that she hadn't listened to his voicemail messages and carefully explained that he was in the middle of something. Tracy cut Finn off and told him that she wanted to hear about it, but first she needed him to run a DNA test.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny wrapped up a business call as Michael entered the living room. Michael wondered if Sonny intended to travel to South America to meet with Sonny's partners. Sonny was curious why Michael wanted to know, so Michael admitted that he thought Sonny should leave right away before the mess Sonny had created with Carly got any worse. Michael explained that Jax had spent the night in lockup, but Sonny wasn't surprised. Undeterred, Michael added that he'd found an excellent attorney in the city to represent Jax, since Diane hadn't been an option because she was on retainer to Sonny.

Sonny was curious why Michael was talking to him about Jax's legal troubles, so Michael reminded his father that Sonny had put "the whole thing" into motion. Sonny disagreed and blamed all his troubles on Jax sleeping with Carly and paying Frank Benson for Nelle's kidney. Michael reminded Sonny that Jax had been desperate to save Josslyn's life. "And he did, but now he's got to pay," Sonny shouted. Michael was certain Sonny would have done the same thing if he'd been in Jax's shoes. Sonny agreed, so Michael asked why Sonny had had Jax arrested.

Sonny explained that he'd merely intended to record Jax's confession and use it as leverage. Michael realized that Sonny had planned to force Jax to leave town. Sonny was unapologetic because Jax had made a bad situation worse between Sonny and Carly. "And she let him," Sonny angrily complained. Michael insisted that Jax hadn't been the reason for Sonny and Carly's split, but Sonny argued that the reason Carly had walked out on him no longer existed because he hadn't slept with Nelle.

"This is about Morgan," Michael told his father. Sonny resented Michael dragging Morgan into the discussion, but Michael insisted that grief was at the root of Sonny and Carly's troubles because his mother had forgiven Sonny for far worse than what had happened with Nelle. Michael suspected that his mother couldn't get past the lies because she mourned Morgan. Michael added that Sonny had been equally self-destructive, because when his ultimatum hadn't worked, he'd done something more unforgivable by having Jax arrested.

Michael explained that it seemed as if Sonny wanted Carly to be mad and push him away. However, Michael warned his father that it wouldn't lessen the pain of losing Morgan -- it only made things worse for everyone including Sonny and Carly. Michael admitted that Josslyn had been heartbroken, so he doubted Sonny wanted to compound her grief over losing Morgan by sending her father to prison. Michael urged his father to find another way to deal with his loss, but Sonny didn't know what Michael wanted from him. Michael decided to make a call because they needed to know what criminal charges Jax faced before they could help him.

At the police station, Jax and Carly stood in the interrogation room as Carly assured Jax that she'd contacted a lawyer. Seconds later, her phone chimed. She glanced at the text message and told Jax that his lawyer was running late. Carly decided to let Nathan know and entered the squad room just as Nelle arrived to give a victim impact statement. Nathan asked Nelle to wait while he had Jax transferred to lockup, but Nelle insisted on both Jax and Carly being present when she talked to Nathan. Nathan agreed and ushered Nelle and Carly into the interrogation room.

After everyone sat down, Nathan turned on a recorder. Jax and Carly were shocked when Nelle announced that she didn't intend to pursue legal action against Jax because she was happy that Josslyn was alive and well. Nathan asked if Nelle had made the decision of her own free will. After she confirmed that she had, Nathan turned off the recorder and let everyone know that he would pass the recording along to the district attorney. Carly wanted to know if Jax was free to leave. "Not yet," Nathan answered.

After Nathan left, Carly announced that she had to check on something. Jax waited until he and Nelle were alone to ask why she'd decided to not pursue legal action. Nelle admitted that she didn't want to hurt Josslyn more than she had. Jax reminded Nelle that he'd offered her father money, but Nelle didn't blame Jax because he'd been desperate to save his daughter. Nelle pointed out that her father had been different because he'd seen Nelle as a way to make money. Nelle couldn't punish Jax for loving his daughter the way she'd wished her own father had loved her. Jax regretted that Nelle had been hurt, but Nelle was grateful that her sacrifice had saved Josslyn.

Nelle asked Jax to make certain Josslyn knew that. Jax promised that he would. Nelle acknowledged that she had made mistakes by choosing to feed her anger rather than being honest from the start. She revealed that an "old friend" had once told her that a person could choose to carry around all the wrongs done to them or they could focus on the good and move on. Nelle admitted that she was trying to follow the sage advice.

Meanwhile, Carly wondered if Nelle's statement would be enough to set Jax free because Sonny had a recording of Jax's "alleged" confession. Nathan reminded Carly that he wasn't a lawyer, but he doubted the case would move forward without the victim's cooperation. Carly was relieved and ran into Jax's arms when he and Nelle emerged from the interrogation room. Carly assured Jax that everything would be fine. Moments later, Nathan informed Jax that Jax's attorney was with the district attorney and wanted to see Jax.

After Nathan and Jax left, Carly thanked Nelle because Carly was grateful that Jax would not be prosecuted. Nelle assured Carly that she just wanted everything to be over because there had been too much pain. Annoyed, Carly told Nelle that she couldn't stand the "Saint Nelle crap" because, regardless if it was real or not, it didn't change anything between them. Carly warned Nelle that she was onto Nelle because Nelle was exactly like Carly, which meant that Carly knew the real reason Nelle had decided not to testify against Jax. "You want to look good for Michael," Carly accused.

Carly knew that Nelle wanted Michael to think he'd gotten through to Nelle and that Nelle had changed. Carly acknowledged that Nelle might even want to believe it was possible and that she was good enough to be with Michael, but it was a lie because Michael would always be too good for someone like Nelle. Carly was certain that -- like Carly -- Nelle would trash what she loved most. Carly told Nelle not to even think about loving Michael because Carly would do everything possible to stop her.

On the next General Hospital...

• Tracy swears Laura to secrecy.

• Jax wants Carly to say yes.

• Olivia tells Julian of her decision.

• "Do you remember when I used to look like this?" Jason asks Jake.

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