Wednesday, September 21, 2016

At the nurses' station, a reporter filmed a segment for the local news about General Hospital's shutdown. He turned to Epiphany to ask her thoughts about the decision and Mayor Lomax's comments that lives might have been saved if it had happened sooner. Offended, Epiphany informed him that the closing would be a huge blow to the community. The reporter was curious if Epiphany had felt threatened working in a serial killer's hunting ground, but she snidely replied that she was more afraid of vultures like the reporter and wouldn't hesitate to call security to have him removed. Epiphany walked away but stopped when she passed the memoriam wall. She looked at the portrait of Dr. Steve Hardy and apologized for failing him.

Nearby, Finn bumped into Tracy and asked if she was okay. Tracy acknowledged that closing the hospital had been necessary, but she admitted that it had been a difficult decision personally because she knew her father wouldn't have approved. Tracy shifted gears and asked about the box that Finn held. She was shocked when he revealed it was the contents of his lab because the majority of his research had to remain stored in a large refrigerator. Tracy worried about his illness and insisted that he continue his research. Finn assured her that he had enough medication to get him through a few weeks, but Tracy wasn't satisfied and vowed to find a way to get him back into a lab quickly.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael sat on the staircase and looked at Sabrina's phone, which had a picture of her and Teddy on the screen. He started to type in the code to unlock the phone, but he realized that he didn't know it. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Dante and Lulu offering their condolences. Michael admitted that it felt surreal, and Teddy seemed unaware that his mother was gone. Dante and Lulu offered to help with the funeral arrangements, but Michael wasn't ready to think about it.

Lulu decided to take the casserole she had made to the kitchen. Dante followed Michael to the living room and asked how Michael was really holding up. Morgan entered and wondered how Dante expected their brother to feel when the police hadn't caught the killer. Morgan suggested that they enlist Sonny's help to find the murderer, but Dante warned Morgan it was not what Michael needed to hear. Michael admitted that Morgan was right about the killer needing to be caught but not about starting a mob war.

Moments later, Teddy's cry sounded over the baby monitor, so Michael left to check on him. Dante turned to Morgan and demanded to know what was wrong with Morgan because Michael needed someone to listen to him instead of Morgan's ranting and raving. Morgan argued that Michael needed to know that the killer would pay. Dante conceded that Morgan had a point, but he warned his brother not to turn Michael's grief into a need for revenge.

Michael returned to the living room with Teddy and worried that Teddy missed his mother. Dante assured Michael that Teddy seemed happy and went to answer the doorbell. It was Joe. Joe announced that he was there for his nephew. Morgan was confused when he saw Joe, prompting Michael to explain that Joe was Carlos' brother. Joe quickly pointed out that it made him Teddy's closest relative, so he intended to take his nephew home. Morgan was outraged by Joe's lack of respect, but Joe was unapologetic. Furious, Morgan punched Joe as Tracy arrived home.

Dante quickly stepped forward to physically restrain Morgan as Tracy demanded to know what was going on. Morgan told her about Joe's plans, but she warned Joe that it would not happen because she would take him to family court. Joe insisted that the Quartermaines were not Teddy's family and vowed to fight her. Tracy promised to drag out the custody battle indefinitely -- or until Joe accepted whatever visitation she granted him.

Michael informed both Tracy and Joe that there wouldn't be a fight. Joe warned Michael that he wouldn't allow Michael to pay him off, but Michael explained that he knew what it was like to grow up in the middle of a custody battle and refused to put Teddy through one. Michael insisted that Teddy deserved more than to be a prize in a war that no one would win, and he was certain that Sabrina wouldn't want it. Tracy reluctantly agreed. Dante and Morgan left to give Michael time to say goodbye to Teddy.

Michael promised to always look out for Teddy and be there if Teddy ever needed him. After Joe finished packing the car, Michael tearfully kissed Teddy and handed him to Joe. Joe assured Michael that it had been the right decision.

At Metro Court, Finn entered his suite and told Roxy that he was once again unemployed. He set his box down on the table as he warned his bearded dragon that he wouldn't be around much longer. Finn assured Roxy that he would make arrangements for her care and wondered if Josslyn would be interested. Finn decided to make a list of the things he needed to do to prepare for his demise, but when he reached into the box for a piece of paper, he found the letter from his wife, Reiko, instead. Finn sat down and read the letter asking him to find a cure for the disease that had claimed her life. Finn began to cry because he had failed her.

In a burst of anger, Finn upended the coffee table and a chair then fell to the floor in a heap and sobbed. He glanced at his phone when it rang, but he let Hayden's call go to voicemail.

In jail, Hayden rested on a cot as she muttered to herself about being locked up. Moments later, Naomi arrived and admitted that she had feared Hayden would end up in jail if she remained in Port Charles rather than returning home with Naomi. However, Naomi promised that she had lawyers working on Hayden's case. Hayden glared at her mother and informed her that she didn't want anything from a liar who had continued to ruin Hayden's life. Naomi was stunned when she realized that Franco had told Hayden about her affair with Jeff Webber.

Hayden was furious that Naomi had deceived her because Elizabeth might not have turned Hayden in to the Feds if she'd known the truth. Hayden was livid that she'd endured public humiliation and had been forced to change her name because of her association with Raymond Berlin, but Naomi insisted that Raymond had loved Hayden. Hayden scoffed because she knew that Naomi had kept quiet about the truth for her own selfish reasons. Naomi denied it, but Hayden argued that Naomi had been afraid of losing everything because Raymond would have cut her off if he'd known the truth.

Hayden suddenly realized that Raymond denied Hayden's visits because he knew the truth. Rattled, Naomi wiped away a tear and went to check on the lawyers. A short time later, a federal agent unlocked Hayden's jail cell and told her that she was free to leave. Hayden was impressed with Naomi's lawyers, but the agent explained that Naomi had made a full confession. Hayden was shocked when she saw Naomi step forward wearing handcuffs. Naomi pointedly told Hayden that she had told the truth about stealing Raymond's diamonds and hiding them among Hayden's things.

Naomi promised that she would be fine as long as she knew that Hayden was living her life free of all the lies that had plagued their family for years. Naomi asked Hayden to avoid making the same mistakes that Naomi had by allowing her heart to be held prisoner by lies. Naomi encouraged Hayden to remain in Port Charles and follow her heart, but Hayden claimed that she had no idea what her mother was talking about. Naomi smiled knowingly and promised that Hayden was not as alone as she thought. After Naomi was taken away, Hayden called Finn to let him know that she was a free woman. She admitted that she could use a friend and asked him to return her call.

At Metro Court, Claudette stood in her doorway as she told Nathan that she needed him to protect her daughter. Nathan stopped in his tracks and returned to her hotel room as he recalled that she had never wanted children. Claudette conceded that he was right and admitted that it had been an unplanned pregnancy. She added that she had sent her daughter to live with someone she trusted because she knew that she hadn't been cut out to be a mother. Nathan questioned her claim because she had a tendency to lie.

Claudette claimed that she'd been forced to keep her child's existence a secret because Claudette had been involved with a powerful man. Nathan wanted to know the man's name, but she insisted that it didn't matter because he was in prison. Nathan thought that Claudette had hit quite the trifecta by being involved with "a cop, a priest, and a crook." Claudette was not amused, but she forged ahead as she explained that her ex-lover had taken care of things for important people and had roped her into some of his shadier operations. Claudette admitted that she'd been drawn to the money, which she had used to support her daughter.

Claudette revealed that she'd grown to regret her decision and had tried to walk away, but her ex had found out about her daughter. Claudette tearfully told Nathan that her ex had threatened her child, so she had taken steps to vanish. Claudette claimed that she had remained in hiding until she'd seen Nathan and Maxie's engagement picture and realized that he might be able to help protect her because he had integrity and would die to protect his family. Nathan tensed and asked if her little girl was his daughter. Claudette confirmed that she was and added that she'd found out that she was pregnant after he'd filed for divorce.

Nathan demanded to know why Claudette hadn't told him about his daughter sooner, but she reminded him that she'd witnessed him shoot her lover. Nathan pointed out that Griffin might be the child's father, but Claudette insisted that Nathan was the father because she and Griffin had always been careful -- unlike her and Nathan. Claudette fetched a wallet-sized picture of her daughter and gave it to Nathan. Nathan looked at the smiling blonde girl and asked what her name was. "Charlotte," Claudette answered.

Nathan told Claudette that he needed time to think and to talk to Maxie. Claudette begged him not to tell Maxie about Charlotte, but Nathan explained that it wasn't a secret that he could keep from his fiancée. Resigned, Claudette told Nathan to keep the picture to remind him who he was fighting for. After Nathan left, Claudette looked at a picture of her daughter and promised Charlotte that Nathan would protect them.

At the hospital, Maxie caught up to Griffin. She was shocked that the board had voted to close the hospital, but she was curious if Griffin could spare a moment because she was eager to find out about his talk with Claudette. Frustrated, Griffin told her that Claudette had remained tightlipped and added that he had more important things on his mind because Julian had been acquitted. Griffin explained that the case had fallen apart because of technicalities. Maxie was confused when he mentioned that Sabrina hadn't testified. Griffin realized that Maxie hadn't heard about Sabrina's murder and broke the news to her.

A short time later, Maxie joined Nathan at Metro Court. He revealed that he had something to tell her.

At the nurses' station, Franco called out to Epiphany. She assured him that she would take care of Elizabeth's transfer to Mercy Hospital after she finished with the critical care patients, but Franco explained that he wanted to offer his condolences because he knew that Epiphany and Sabrina had been close. Epiphany became emotional as she told him that she didn't have time for grief, but he argued that grief could be all-consuming. He admitted that he was concerned that it might also hinder Elizabeth's recovery, which was why he wanted to keep Elizabeth from finding out about Sabrina's passing until she was stronger. Epiphany warned him that it was a mistake.

In Elizabeth's hospital room, Elizabeth debated calling her father to ask how long he'd been cheating on her mother and if there were any other siblings running around. She decided that she was not ready to hear his answers, so she called Sabrina and left a voicemail message asking her friend to call her back because she wanted tot know what Sabrina had said to Nathan. After she ended the call, Franco entered and asked if she had talked to Jeff. Elizabeth admitted that she was afraid of losing the fairytale image of her parents' perfect marriage because she couldn't handle losing anything else. Epiphany walked in to check on Elizabeth and assure her that she'd be transferred to Mercy soon. Franco quickly explained that the board had voted to close the hospital because of the recent string of murders.

Elizabeth was upset at the prospect of going to another hospital, so Franco asked if Elizabeth was well enough to finish recuperating at home under the care of a health aide. Epiphany conceded that she was but asked to speak to him privately. Franco followed Epiphany to the nurses' station where she advised him to tell Elizabeth the truth about Sabrina before Elizabeth heard the news from someone else. Franco insisted that he would tell Elizabeth when she was strong enough to handle the news.

Later, Epiphany appeared shaken as she dropped a box. Griffin rushed over to pick up the scattered content and asked if she was okay. Tears swam in her eyes as she told him about the first time she'd met Sabrina and had yelled at the young student nurse for knocking over files. Epiphany began to cry as she told him that Sabrina had been a great nurse, but she couldn't recall if she had ever told Sabrina. Elizabeth slowly made her way to the nurses' station and overheard Epiphany tearfully talk about how a maniac had taken Sabrina from them. "What did you say?" Elizabeth asked.

Startled, Epiphany apologized to Elizabeth and admitted that Sabrina was gone. Elizabeth refused to believe it, but Griffin gently told Elizabeth that it was true. Franco walked up as Elizabeth absorbed the news and began to cry. He pulled her into his arms and held her as she wept. Later, Elizabeth rested in bed as she recalled how happy Sabrina had been earlier that day. Elizabeth tearfully told Franco that she was eager to see her boys. He assured her that he'd made arrangements for her to go home.

Later, Griffin entered the chapel and saw Epiphany. She explained that she had wanted to say a prayer for Sabrina and asked Griffin to join her. He took her hand and began, "Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name."

Meanwhile, Franco pushed Elizabeth's wheelchair through the deserted floor to the elevator. Elizabeth was sad as she looked around and asked to be taken to the memoriam wall. After Franco stepped away, Elizabeth stood up and touched her grandfather's portrait. Moments later, Franco returned to fetch her. After the elevator doors closed behind Franco and Elizabeth, the lights on the floor went out.

. . .

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