Wednesday, October 7, 2015

At the Drake-Morgan residence, Anna helped Emma make a beaded necklace as they talked about Robin's upcoming birthday. Anna smiled wistfully as she told Emma that a mother never forgot her child's birth because it was an incredible feeling to become a mother, but Emma wondered if Robin felt the same way about Emma. Anna quickly assured her granddaughter that Robin loved Emma and would be delighted by the special necklace Emma was working on for Robin's birthday. Anna and Emma looked up when Sam arrived home. "No, don't come in," Emma cried as she quickly hid the necklace.

Sam and Anna were alarmed by Emma's reaction, but Emma explained that she didn't want to hurt Sam's feelings because Emma had been making a necklace for Robin. Sam promised Emma that it was fine and assured the little girl that Emma was free to think and talk about Robin whenever Emma liked. Sam acknowledged that she could never take the place of Emma's real mother, but Sam loved Emma and hoped to be a different kind of mother to her stepdaughter. Emma was relieved because she adored Sam and thought Danny would make an "awesome" little brother.

Emma continued to work on the necklace then proudly showed it to Sam. Sam was impressed, so Emma offered to make one for Sam to wear on Sam's wedding day. Emma's smile suddenly faded when it occurred to her that something terrible might happen as it had when Patrick and Sabrina had exchanged vows. Anna quickly explained that Robin's return had been an extraordinary miracle because Robin hadn't really died. She reminded Emma that Robin and Patrick were divorced. Emma remained worried because she feared that Patrick might be the one who would end up getting hurt.

Sam and Anna gently explained that Jason was in heaven just like Duke, so nothing could stop Sam from marrying Patrick. Emma hoped that Sam was right because Emma didn't want to lose Sam the way she had lost both Robin and Sabrina. Anna's eyes filled with tears at her granddaughter's heartbreaking admission, but she managed to paste on a smile as she instructed Emma to get ready for bed. After Emma gave both Sam and Anna a hug, she scampered off. Anna commented that her granddaughter was a sensitive soul then changed the subject by asking if Sam had learned anything new about Sonny's shooting.

Sam was curious why Anna was determined to clear Carlos' name in Sonny's shooting when Carlos had murdered Duke. Anna remained evasive until Emma returned to announce that she had brushed and flossed her teeth and was ready for bed. Anna stood up, eager to tuck Emma in bed. Emma admitted that she couldn't wait for Patrick and Sam to marry because they would all be family. Emma hugged Sam and then disappeared into the bedroom with Anna.

At the hospital, Elizabeth called out to Jake as she raced to catch up with him, but Jake was frustrated because she had tried to cover up the phone call from Hayden. Elizabeth insisted that it had been a misunderstanding, but Jake informed her that he had asked Sam to trace the phone number. Elizabeth was hurt that Jake had enlisted Sam's help. Jake was unapologetic as Elizabeth walked to the nurses' station. She explained that Hayden had called to ask about an argument that Hayden had had with Nikolas prior to the shooting, but it had been the sound of Hayden's voice that had set Elizabeth off because it reminded Elizabeth of everything Hayden had done to Jake.

Jake appeared to believe Elizabeth, but she had to rush off when Ava arrived with Avery, calling out for help. Elizabeth led Ava to an examination room where Elizabeth examined the baby. Ava was frantic with worry because she didn't have Avery's medical records and feared that Avery's rash was a sign of a serious illness. Elizabeth calmly explained that Avery's pediatrician was on staff, so Avery's medical records were in the system. Elizabeth decided to fetch a dermatologist because she suspected that Avery had a simple case of eczema.

Ava relaxed as she revealed that being without her baby had been like a piece of her had been missing. Ava admitted that she lived in constant fear that everything would be ripped away at a moment's notice. Elizabeth's expression turned pensive as Ava's words struck a chord.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was stunned that Laura would think he was capable of murder. Laura admitted that she didn't want to believe it, but Elizabeth had made a very convincing argument. Nikolas seemed startled that Elizabeth had spoken to his mother about Hayden, but he wanted to know if his mother thought it was possible. Laura conceded that Elizabeth's theory was plausible, but Laura hoped Elizabeth's concerns were unfounded because Laura wanted to clear her conscience and allow Jason to live the life that Jason was meant to live.

Meanwhile, Hayden lurked in the hallway, eavesdropping as Nikolas strongly objected to Laura saying anything to Jason. Nikolas' outburst confirmed Laura's worst fear, but she demanded that her son admit that he had tried to have Hayden killed to keep Hayden from telling Jake that Jake was Jason. Nikolas reminded Laura that she had been known to resort to desperate measures when she had been pushed into a corner because when he had been a baby, she had left him with the Cassadines so she could escape the island. Nikolas promised that he had forgiven his mother, but she wondered if he expected her to accept what he had done.

Nikolas argued that Luke had caused Laura endless pain, but she had found a way to accept it and then let it go because she had loved Luke. Nikolas was certain that Laura loved him, so he asked for her to do the same for her son. Nikolas begged Laura to allow Elizabeth to be happy with the man she loved, but Laura argued that Jason had a family to consider. Nikolas insisted that Jason had new family with Elizabeth.

In the hallway, Hayden jumped when Jake suddenly approached her. To warn Nikolas of the arrival, she loudly asked what Jake was doing there. Nikolas tensed as Jake and Hayden entered the living room. Jake explained that he had stopped by to discuss Hayden's phone call with Elizabeth. Nikolas feigned confusion, so Hayden decided to play along by carefully explaining that she had hoped Elizabeth could shed some light on an argument with Nikolas that Hayden had suddenly recalled. Hayden claimed that she'd had the impression the argument had been about Elizabeth.

Jake warned Hayden to leave his future wife alone. Laura was startled by the news that Jake and Elizabeth were engaged. She questioned the wisdom of Jake getting married when he had no memory of his past. Nikolas tensed but remained silent as Laura warned Jake that history had a way to catching up with a person, so he owed it to Elizabeth to search for answers before he made her his wife. Jake appreciated the advice but ordered Hayden to leave Elizabeth alone because he refused to allow anyone or anything to jeopardize the love he had in his life.

After Jake stormed out, Nikolas asked for a moment alone with his mother, but Laura explained that it wasn't necessary because it was all in Jake's hands. Laura decided to check on her grandson and turn in for the night. After Laura left, Hayden revealed that she had overheard Nikolas' conversation with Laura. Nikolas was curious what Hayden had heard, but she carefully told him that she knew the argument had been about her. Nikolas claimed that he had told Laura that he cared enough about Hayden that Laura's opinion didn't matter. Hayden smiled sweetly as she told him that he was good to her then promised to pay him back for everything.

Outside Sonny's hospital room, Morgan, Michael, and Sabrina approached Felix. Michael thanked Felix for the phone call to let them know that Sonny was awake, but he was eager to know if there had been any repercussions from the embolism. Felix revealed that Sonny was paralyzed. Sabrina assured Michael and Morgan that people had recovered from similar circumstances with time and physical therapy. Michael and Morgan agreed that their father would be one of the success stories.

In Sonny's hospital room, Carly told Sonny that she wanted to marry him right away, but Sonny refused to consider it until he knew for certain that he would be able to walk again. Carly tearfully insisted that it didn't matter to her, but Sonny stubbornly refused to change his mind because he didn't want to be a burden. Carly was determined to remain by Sonny's side throughout his recovery because she was confident that he would eventually regain the use of his legs.

Sonny assured Carly that he loved her and acknowledged that they had agreed to get married to keep Ava from taking custody of Avery. Sonny suddenly wondered if Ric had made any progress in blocking Ava's attempt to secure custody of Avery, but Carly urged him to focus on his recovery. She assured him there was nothing to worry about. Michael and Morgan entered the room to greet their father. Sonny smiled but apologized for not having the strength to give each of his sons a hug. Sonny told Michael and Morgan about Carly's attempt to persuade him to marry her, and Michael and Morgan agreed that it was a good idea.

Carly quickly cut her sons off before they could mention that Ava had custody of Avery. Moments later, a nurse entered the room to fetch Sonny for an MRI. Sonny looked at the wheelchair with trepidation, but the nurse insisted that it was necessary.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth offered to take Avery's prescription for cream to the pharmacy. Ava thanked Elizabeth for being kind because Ava hadn't seen much kindness lately. Elizabeth confided that she knew what it was like to finally get what she wanted yet still be afraid that everything would crash down on her at any time. After Elizabeth went to the pharmacy, Ava sat down with Avery to wait for Elizabeth's return. Seconds later, Sonny rounded the corner.

Ava smirked when she saw Sonny's shocked expression. Sonny immediately ordered the nurse to step away then demanded to know what Ava was doing with Avery. Ava gloated that the courts had given her temporary custody until Sonny had recovered enough for a real custody battle in court. Ava pointedly looked at the wheelchair as she noted that it appeared Sonny would not be ready for quite some time. Livid, Sonny warned Ava to tread carefully. Ava feigned fear as she asked if he was threatening her, but Sonny glared at her as he advised her to research the people who had crossed him.

Sonny quietly informed Ava that his enemies all disappeared. In a menacing tone, he added that Ava was gone too; she simply didn't realize it. Ava's smile faded as Sonny called out to the nurse and asked to be taken back to his family. Sonny called over his shoulder that he would see Ava soon as she held her daughter closer.

In Sonny's hospital room, Michael and Morgan asked if Sonny knew that Ava had custody of Avery. Carly explained that she had avoided telling Sonny because he hadn't been strong enough. Michael and Morgan advised their mother to tell Sonny before he found out another way, but Carly confessed that she hadn't even told Sonny that Carlos was the prime suspect in the shooting. Michael warned Carly that Sonny needed to know because Ava had declared herself the head of the Jerome organization, which meant that Ava had likely put the hit on Sonny.

Carly decided that Sonny should discuss mob business with Max because Sonny wouldn't be pleased to learn that Michael had attended a meeting with the five families. Michael explained that it had been necessary because they had needed answers, but Carly insisted that Sonny had never wanted his sons to be involved with the mob. Carly tensed when Sonny unexpectedly returned to the hospital room and asked to be left alone with his family.

After the nurse and bodyguard left, Sonny told Carly, Michael, and Morgan about his encounter with Ava and Avery. Carly was worried about Avery's well-being, but Sonny assured Carly that their daughter appeared fine. However, he realized that he and Carly needed to get married. Sonny hated not being able to stand on his feet as he proposed, but he asked Carly to marry him. Carly's eyes filled with tears of joy as Michael and Morgan congratulated their parents then left to start making plans for the wedding.

Carly asked Sonny to tell her what she had wanted to hear. "You're right," Sonny answered with a smile. Sonny admitted that he had always needed her and always would, but he wanted full disclosure between them from that point forward. Carly agreed then officially accepted his proposal of marriage.

At the elevators, Michael and Morgan spotted Ava. Morgan decided to handle her. Michael left as Morgan approached Ava. Ava smiled, but Morgan quickly informed her that Sonny and Carly were getting married. Ava warned him that it wouldn't help, but she was curious why they couldn't find a way to get along for Avery's sake. Morgan resented Ava using Avery to manipulate everyone. He assured his sister that "Mommy and Daddy" would soon fetch Avery.

Michael returned to Sonny's hospital room with three cans of soda. After he handed both Sonny and Carly a can, he offered a toast to the happy couple. Michael admitted that Sonny and Carly were the strongest people he knew, and he hoped they never gave up on each other. Sonny grinned when Michael promised to always be there for Sonny.

Elsewhere, Jake caught up to Elizabeth to tell her about his talk with Hayden. Elizabeth became concerned when he mentioned that he had also spoken to Laura. She asked if Laura had said anything. Jake admitted that Laura had been surprised about the engagement. Elizabeth started to question Jake further, but Ava approached to ask for Avery's cream. Elizabeth offered to take Ava to the pharmacy to speed things along. Jake waited until Elizabeth had left then called Sam to ask for her help because he wanted to know who he was before he married Elizabeth.

At the Floating Rib, Sabrina and Felix sat down to have dinner and catch up. Felix was curious why Sabrina was drinking club soda. She reminded him that she was the designated driver. Felix smiled then gushed about his relationship with Donny. Sabrina was happy for her friend, but she suddenly felt sick when the food arrived. Sabrina ran to the bathroom, pressing her hand to her mouth.

A short time later, Sabrina returned and apologized. She blamed her nausea on a stomach flu, but Felix smiled knowingly as he asked if perhaps the condom had broken or Sabrina had forgotten to take a pill. Sabrina was shocked at the implication that she might be pregnant, but Felix reminded her that she'd had similar symptoms during her last pregnancy. Sabrina denied that she was pregnant, but Felix pushed for her to take a pregnancy test until she agreed to take one in the morning. Felix was certain that Michael would be "over the moon" if Sabrina was pregnant.

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