Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lulu smiled in postcoital bliss after she and Dante had finished "christening" their new home. Dante snuggled with his wife as he asked what she'd been thinking about. Lulu's expression turned somber as she admitted that losing Nikolas had completely crushed her, but being with Rocco reminded that life went on. Dante asked how long until Dr. Lee could implant their frozen embryo in Lulu. She explained that her estrogen levels had to be monitored for a month, followed by a replacement hormone that would help once the embryo had been implanted. Dante smiled when he realized that Lulu could be pregnant by October with their daughter.

Lulu teased Dante about believing his mother's premonition as she jumped off the mattress to answer the phone. It was Dr. Lee calling to reveal that she had bad news. A short time later, Dante wrapped up the call with the doctor as Lulu silently cried. Dante approached his wife and held her as she asked for answers. Dante explained that it didn't matter how it had happened because their embryo was no longer viable. Lulu was certain there had been a mistake because Dr. Obrecht had tested the embryo and had assured Lulu that it had been fine.

Dante explained that Dr. Lee had run the tests three times before calling them, but Lulu was heartbroken and sobbed as Dante held her. Lulu tearfully admitted that having the baby had been the final step of their healing, but Dante assured her that their marriage was on solid ground even without another child. Lulu reminded Dante that they still might have a baby because Stavros had created an embryo with the eggs he'd harvested from her. Dante argued that it was unlikely that the embryo had survived the blast at Crichton-Clark because the facility had been obliterated. He encouraged her to focus on the beautiful son they had and added that both Spencer and Leo would need their love because each had lost their fathers.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Molly apologized to Kristina for throwing Kristina's phone into the bushes. She felt bad the phone had been lost, but Kristina assured Molly that it was fine and thanked her sister for the apology. Kristina noticed a third place setting and asked if T.J. would be joining them. Seconds later, Alexis walked up. Kristina immediately became hostile and accused Alexis of manipulating Molly to arrange the meeting. Molly quickly clarified that Alexis was not to blame because Molly had decided that it was time for Kristina and Alexis to make peace.

Alexis offered to leave but admitted that she'd love to have dinner with her daughters. Before Kristina could reply, a reporter from TMI walked up, introduced himself as Roger, and questioned Alexis about Julian and her suspension from the New York Bar Association. Molly and Kristina were stunned. "No comment," Alexis calmly told Roger, but he kept clamoring for a statement until Alexis reminded him that they were in a private establishment, and she was there to have dinner with her daughters. Roger slinked to the bar when Alexis threatened to call security.

Molly asked why Alexis hadn't said anything about the suspension. Alexis admitted that she'd hoped to spare her daughters the news until Alexis had had time to process things. Alexis explained the terms of her suspension and the possibility that she might lose her license at the end of the year. Molly felt terrible for her mother because she knew how important Alexis' career was to Alexis. Alexis wanted Molly and Kristina to learn from Alexis' mistakes and not allow a career to define who they were.

Molly was furious that Julian had cost Alexis everything, but Kristina felt responsible for the suspension because she had wished it on Alexis. Alexis insisted that Kristina was not to blame because Alexis had invited Julian into their lives and had put her family and career in jeopardy. Alexis was moved to tears when both Molly and Kristina promised that they loved her. Alexis seized the opportunity to apologize to Kristina for everything that had happened with Parker, but Kristina conceded that both Alexis and Molly had been right because Parker wouldn't have walked away if Parker had truly cared about Kristina.

Alexis hated that Kristina was hurting, but Kristina promised that it hurt less each day. Alexis changed the subject by letting Kristina know that Aaron had stopped by to drop off Kristina's phone, which he had found in the bushes. Alexis slid the phone toward Kristina and added that Aaron seemed to genuinely care about Kristina. Kristina explained that she'd told Aaron the truth about Parker and that they had agreed to work on being friends. Kristina checked her phone as she admitted that she was grateful to Molly for saving her from making a fool of herself with Parker.

Moments later, Kristina squealed with delight when she saw that Parker had returned her call. Kristina conceded that Parker hadn't left a message, but Kristina was certain that it was a positive sign. Molly and Alexis tried to discourage Kristina from calling Parker back, but Kristina grew increasingly defensive. Alexis reminded Kristina that it had only taken a nudge from Alexis for Parker to walk away. Kristina lashed out and snidely asked if Alexis had expected Parker to try to murder Kristina the way that Julian had tried to kill Alexis. Things quickly escalated between Alexis and Kristina as Molly desperately tried to play mediator.

Meanwhile, Roger used his phone to record the heated confrontation between Alexis and Kristina as Kristina stood up and tried to leave. Alexis grabbed Kristina's arm to scold Kristina for the disrespectful way Kristina had talked to her mother. Alexis reminded Kristina that Kristina wasn't the only person who had problems and suggested that Kristina stop being self-involved and grow up. Kristina shouted at Alexis to let go. Horrified, Alexis released Kristina and apologized, but Kristina didn't believe her and marched away. Roger slid his phone into his jacket and left the restaurant.

Alexis sat down as Molly accused Alexis of behaving "over the top," but Alexis suggested that Molly talk to her when Molly was a mother. Molly insisted that Kristina was an adult and needed to make her own mistakes. Molly added that Alexis could no more control Kristina than Alexis had been able to control Julian and wondered if Alexis was prepared to lose more than she already had.

At Wyndemere, Hayden and Naomi entered the living room as Naomi urged Hayden to leave Port Charles to get away from "toxic" people like Elizabeth. Naomi poured a drink as Hayden wandered to the coffee table and looked at the large box. Hayden noticed that it had been sent from Greece and immediately recognized Nikolas' jacket and boot. Naomi advised Hayden to search Nikolas' things for the missing diamonds before Laura returned and took the items away.

After Hayden and Naomi rooted through the pockets and inside the boot without locating the missing diamonds, Hayden warned her mother that the diamonds were likely lost forever. Disappointed, Naomi renewed her efforts to persuade Hayden to leave town because there was nothing keeping Hayden there. Hayden disagreed, but Naomi feared her daughter had been referring to Hayden's "drug addict" friend. Hayden resented her mother talking about Finn like that and reminded Naomi that he had a deadly disease.

Naomi scoffed and insisted that Hayden had a history of picking the wrong men. Naomi blamed Raymond because he'd been a snake who could charm birds out of trees to raid their nests. Hayden argued that she hadn't been able to pick her father and added that Naomi had married him. After Hayden stormed out, Naomi's cell phone rang. It was Heather demanding to see Naomi the following day.

In Finn's lab, Finn spoke to "Reiko" about being on the cusp of saving a lot of lives. He regretted that he hadn't been able to save her and acknowledged that she would still be alive if not for him. The recorder on his desk beeped as he turned it off. After Finn stepped out of the lab, Liesl slipped in and began to snoop around. She read some of his research and smiled victoriously until Finn returned and demanded to know what she was doing there. Finn immediately began to slam down his laptop and close his files, but Liesl warned him that she knew he'd been working with highly restricted substances that were illegal and unavailable in the United States.

Liesl realized why Finn had taken Sonny's private jet out of the country, but he informed her that he didn't owe her any explanations. Liesl warned Finn that she intended to report him to the authorities because she was certain he'd been formulating a "party drug" for Sonny to sell on the black market. Finn called her bluff and told her that he'd been working with the Federal Drug Administration on a treatment for a rare infectious disease and added that his contacts at the FDA wouldn't appreciate her efforts to hinder the research. Liesl was certain that Valerie would want answers, especially after being attacked in Finn's lab shortly after stumbling on him working on his "FDA-sanctioned" treatment.

Finn was surprised by the news about Valerie, but Liesl didn't believe him because she was certain that he'd knocked Valerie out. Frustrated, Finn admitted that it was exhausting to talk to Liesl, and he ordered her to leave. Liesl warned him that it wasn't over. In the hallway, she pulled Finn's recorder from her pocket and smiled.

A short time later, Hayden entered Finn's lab. He was agitated as he asked why she was there. She explained that Naomi wanted her to leave town because there was nothing to keep Hayden there. She wondered if her mother had been right. Finn surprised Hayden when he told her that she shouldn't pin her future on a man. Hurt, Hayden asked what was going on with Finn, but he ignored the question and accused her of hoping that he'd beg her to stay.

Hayden insisted that she'd simply wanted to know that Finn would miss her if she left, but he insisted that she didn't need justification from a man. Finn warned her that he was not a prince who would save her because he couldn't even save himself. Finn also had no interest in being the next man that she used to find herself. Hayden was disappointed by Finn's low opinion of her, but he was unapologetic. He assured her that she was a beautiful, smart, and funny woman, but he coldly told her that she needed to make a decision that was best for her.

"Go to hell," Hayden said as she turned on her heel and marched out. Finn closed the door behind Hayden and admitted to "Reiko" that he'd been cruel to Hayden for her own good, but he felt terrible about it. Finn returned to his desk and noticed that his recorder was missing. "Son of a bitch, Obrecht," Finn shouted with frustration.

In Liesl's office, Liesl listened to Finn's recorded notes until he appeared in the doorway. "You miserable bitch," Finn growled and demanded to know how much she'd heard. Liesl smiled smugly as she assured him that she'd heard more than enough. Finn took the recorder and vowed to kill her if she made another move against him.

Meanwhile, Hayden returned to Wyndemere and asked for a drink. Naomi handed her daughter a glass of alcohol as Hayden announced that she was ready to prove to all the doubters that she was better than they thought. Hayden and Naomi toasted to the future.

At Franco's apartment, Franco admitted that he was surprised that Elizabeth had turned to him when he was usually the one to seek her out. She explained that she had to talk to someone and showed him the diamonds that she had found. Franco jokingly asked if she was a secret billionaire, but she revealed how she'd found the diamonds. Franco wasn't surprised that Ava had tried to get her hands on the gems and warned Elizabeth that Ava was trouble. Elizabeth explained that she was more concerned about what to do with the diamonds.

Franco pointed out that the valuable gems belonged to Laura and Spencer, but Elizabeth revealed that Nikolas had stolen the diamonds from Hayden. Elizabeth explained that the diamonds had been a gift from Raymond Berlin to his wife Naomi, but the Feds had intended to auction off the diamonds to compensate the victims of Raymond's Ponzi scheme. Franco pointed out that just one diamond could put all three of Elizabeth's sons through a good college. Elizabeth made it clear that she'd made enough mistakes and refused to add to the list.

Pleased, Franco told Elizabeth that they were two peas in a pod. Elizabeth pointed out that turning the diamonds over to the authorities would land Hayden in hot water, but she was hesitant because she didn't want to make another big decision based on bad motivation like she had when she'd lied to Jason about his identity. Franco reminded Elizabeth that she didn't owe Hayden anything and added that it had been Hayden's decision to steal the diamonds and lie to the authorities. Elizabeth agreed and decided to take the diamonds to the police.

Elizabeth started to leave, but Franco asked why she had turned to him with a moral dilemma. Elizabeth claimed that she'd wanted to talk to someone who wouldn't judge her, but Franco wasn't satisfied. He explained that he needed her to make a decision about their relationship because they couldn't keep going back and forth. Elizabeth acknowledged that Franco was right, but she admitted that it wasn't easy for her to trust because she'd been raped when she'd been a teenager. Franco was shocked, but she rushed to assure him that she'd recovered from the trauma. However, she admitted that the rape had changed her forever.

Franco realized that Elizabeth had endured too much, and no matter how much he had changed, she feared that he was capable of hurting her. Franco went to the door and opened it as he asked her to leave because it was too painful for him to continue the dance they'd been engaged in. Elizabeth revealed that Jake had recently said something that had stuck with her -- Franco made her happy. Franco smiled and admitted that Jake was a smart kid and the only person who wanted them to be together, but Franco insisted that the decision had to be Elizabeth's. Franco once again asked why Elizabeth had stopped by, prompting Elizabeth to admit that she'd known that he'd listen, understand, and likely make inappropriate jokes. However, she assured him that she had never worried that he'd hurt her.

Franco knew he was flawed and would likely say and do stupid things in the future, but he promised that he would never hurt Elizabeth. Franco started to reach for Elizabeth but stopped himself. Elizabeth saw the sincerity in Franco's eyes and assured him that she believed him. Relieved, Franco slowly leaned forward and kissed her. Moments later, he pulled away and asked if she was certain that it was what she wanted. Elizabeth smiled and kissed him.

Seconds later, Franco heard the "Charge" melody. He chuckled as Elizabeth apologized and explained that it was her phone reminding her that it was time to pick up the boys. Elizabeth thought it was a perfect opportunity for Franco to think about what it would mean to get involved with a single mother with three children because her life was very hectic. Franco smiled and suggested that she hire a babysitter so they could spend more time together. Elizabeth teasingly told him that she'd think about it. Franco was disappointed because he feared that she was pulling back, but she explained that she reserved the right to take things slowly.

Franco cheered up when Elizabeth promised that she would see him again and kissed him passionately before she left.

. . .

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