Wednesday, June 29, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian refused to believe that Alexis was pregnant because he was certain that his wife would have told him. Sonny regretted dropping the bombshell, but Julian was determined to get some answers and stormed off.

At Alexis' house, Alexis thought about the recent times she and Julian had made love, but she pushed the memories away and gently rubbed her stomach. Moments later, Alexis picked up a photo album from her desk and carried it to the living room. She flipped through the pages of snapshots of her with her daughters through the years. "I can do this," Alexis assured herself, but her attention flew to the door when Julian suddenly banged on it. Alexis slowly crossed the room and opened the door. Julian immediately cut to the chase and asked her about the pregnancy.

Alexis confirmed that she was pregnant, but she hadn't seen the point of telling Julian because he'd set her up to take the fall for his crime. Julian was confident that Diane would get Alexis acquitted, but Alexis' temper flared because she'd already spent 24 hours in jail. She ordered him to leave, but he refused because he wanted to talk about the baby. Alexis warned Julian that it wasn't in her plans to have a baby in prison, but he was hurt that she'd have an abortion to spite him. Alexis clarified that she didn't intend to terminate her pregnancy, but she resented how Julian acted like all he'd done was forget to take out the trash.

Alexis was furious because Julian had married her under false pretenses and had betrayed her in the worst way possible, so she was determined to find a way to keep him away from their baby if she was sent to prison. Julian assured her that he'd never hurt her, but she scoffed because he already had. Julian insisted that he loved Alexis, but she was unmoved and told him that their marriage was over. Julian argued that Alexis' pregnancy had changed everything, but Alexis wasn't interested in hearing what he had to say unless he planned to confess the truth to the police. Julian explained that he needed something from Alexis first and pulled out a home pregnancy test from his back pocket for Alexis to take.

At Greystone Manor, Carly worked online and chuckled because she'd booked another wedding at the hotel. She was delighted that Mayor Lomax's refusal to use the hotel as a venue for public functions hadn't impacted the hotel's business. Moments later, Morgan walked up and handed his mother a bouquet of pink tulips to thank her for everything she'd done for him. Carly appreciated the gift, but she suspected there was more to her son's good mood. Morgan admitted that he was happy because Kiki had given him another chance. Morgan told Carly about his decision to break up with Kiki -- careful not to mention Ava's name -- and seeing Kiki and Dillon kissing backstage at the Nurses Ball.

Morgan rushed to assure Carly that everything had worked out despite a few awkward moments when Dillon had stopped by Kiki's apartment. Carly questioned if Kiki and Dillon had been dating, but Morgan explained that Kiki had sought him out at the hospital to tell him that she wanted Morgan, not Dillon. Morgan added that he intended to talk to Dillon about staying away from Kiki because Dillon had trouble respecting boundaries, but Carly worried that things might not truly be settled between Morgan and Kiki if Morgan felt compelled to have a chat with Dillon.

In the park, Dillon thanked Kiki for agreeing to meet him. He admitted that it had been a mistake to step aside for Morgan because Dillon hadn't been ready to give up on Kiki without a fight. Kiki tried to tell Dillon about her decision to work things out with Morgan, but Dillon cut her off by acknowledging that Kiki and Morgan had been through a lot. However, Dillon didn't think it meant that Kiki and Morgan belonged together because the relationship had been filled with a lot of drama that had harmed both of them. Kiki became defensive, but Dillon pointed out that she'd been shot, and Morgan had ended up in a psychiatric facility.

Dillon confessed that he admired Kiki because she had many wonderful qualities. Dillon insisted that she deserved to be with someone who made her happy. Kiki suggested that Morgan might be that person, but Dillon disagreed because Kiki and Morgan wouldn't have been starting over for the "two hundredth time." Dillon thought Kiki and Morgan should go their separate ways and suggested that she give Dillon a chance. Kiki assured him that he was a great guy and promised that the right girl was out there for him.

Dillon refused to believe there wasn't a small part of Kiki that was drawn to him and tempted by the possibilities of a relationship with him. Kiki insisted that she couldn't do it, but Dillon warned her that she'd be doing everyone a disservice if she reconnected with Morgan out of a sense of obligation. Kiki explained that she cared deeply for Morgan, but Dillon suspected that she was drawn to the chaos that surrounded Morgan. Dillon asked Kiki to consider an alternative and kissed her.

Carly walked down the path in time to witness the passionate kiss between Dillon and Kiki, but Carly quickly ducked out of sight before she was spotted. Moments later, Kiki pulled away from the kiss and told Dillon that it was wrong for them to kiss. Dillon didn't want to pressure Kiki, but he asked her to think about what he'd said. After Dillon left, Kiki stood up and started up the path until she saw Carly approach. Carly demanded an explanation about the kiss.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Morgan warmly greeted his father at the bar. Morgan admitted that he was there to see Kiki, but he was glad that he'd run into Sonny because Morgan needed a job. Sonny offered Morgan a job at Sonny's new coffee shop, which would open in a few weeks on the promenade. Morgan thanked his father for the opportunity because Morgan was eager to get his life back on track, especially since Kiki had agreed to take Morgan back. Sonny appeared concerned, but Morgan admitted that he needed Kiki.

Sonny advised Morgan to take things slowly. Morgan assured his father that Kiki loved Morgan as much as Carly loved Sonny. Shortly after Sonny left, Dillon entered the restaurant. Dillon was surprised when he saw Morgan, but Morgan explained that he was there for Kiki. However, Morgan wanted a chance to talk to Dillon because Morgan thought it would be best for everyone if Dillon stayed away from Kiki.

At the apartment, Maxie held a wedding dress in front of her as she admired it in the mirror. Maxie was startled when Nathan suddenly arrived home. She quickly tried to hide the dress behind her and ordered him to close his eyes. Maxie instructed Nathan to keep his eyes closed as she disappeared down the hall with the dress. A short time later, Maxie returned to the living room and asked how much of the wedding dress he'd seen. Nathan sheepishly confessed that he'd seen enough to know that it was a beautiful dress. Maxie was upset because she'd loved the designer dress, which had been sent to her from a little shop in Lisbon.

Nathan assured Maxie that she could keep the dress, but Maxie insisted that it was bad luck, and she didn't want anything else to jeopardize their special day. Nathan felt bad for ruining the dress for Maxie, but Maxie vowed to find a new dress that would be just as perfect. Relieved, Nathan kissed Maxie. After the kiss, Maxie revealed that she'd been upset about him seeing the dress because they'd already faced a lot of obstacles, and she didn't want to tempt fate. Nathan regretted that he hadn't told Maxie about Claudette sooner, but Maxie admitted that she was tired of hearing his ex-wife's name.

Maxie changed the subject by informing Nathan that their wedding announcement had been posted online. Nathan smiled but pointed out that they still had to pick a wedding date. Nathan and Maxie sat down to look at the month of July. They settled on a date that had sentimental meaning to both of them.

At the hospital, Anna entered an examination room, looking for Griffin because she wanted a word with him. She asked if it was a bad time, but he assured her that it was fine. Anna appeared skeptical because he seemed troubled. She offered to listen if he needed someone to talk to, but he wondered if they were still friends. Anna was disappointed that he'd ask, but he reminded her that she had strenuously objected to him granting Carlos last rites. Anna conceded that she hadn't been happy about Griffin's decision, but she'd realized that she didn't have to understand why Griffin had forgiven Carlos, since Griffin had had his own reasons.

Griffin thanked Anna and smiled when she added that she wanted to remain friends in part because he was Duke's son but also because Griffin had been supportive. Griffin was relieved, so Anna seized the opportunity to ask why he hadn't mentioned that he was a priest when they'd first met. Griffin was curious how well Anna knew Nathan. She admitted that she'd hired Nathan and that she and Nathan had worked together. Anna also recalled that Nathan had had an impressive record with the New York Police Department and that Nathan had quickly risen through the ranks to become a decorated detective.

Anna added that Nathan had also been kind to her when she'd hit a rough patch and reminded Griffin that Nathan was engaged to Felicia and Mac's daughter. Griffin confided that he'd been pulled into a situation with Maxie and Nathan, which Griffin feared he'd mishandled. Anna was curious if Griffin had romantic feelings for Maxie, but he shook his head and assured her that he hadn't forsaken his vows, despite taking a break from the church. Anna broached the subject of why Griffin had stepped away from the church and was stunned when he revealed that it had involved a woman who had turned to him for guidance because of an uncaring and distant husband.

Griffin confessed that he'd allowed himself to be seduced. Griffin took full responsibility for breaking his vows, but he admitted that things had ended "horribly" with the woman because, in the end, she had lied about her husband. Anna worried that Griffin might have gotten into trouble, but he cryptically explained that the rest of the story was between God, him, and his confessor. Anna assured Griffin that she'd be there for him if he wanted to talk, but Griffin shifted gears by asking about Alexis' arrest. Anna admitted that she was frustrated because she knew that Julian had killed Carlos.

Griffin advised Anna to have faith. She assured him that she had faith -- in the legal system. She conceded that it was flawed, but it was the finest in the world. Anna also had confidence in her investigative abilities and promised to make Julian pay for his crimes. Griffin hoped she was right because he wanted justice for his father, and he wanted Anna to finally move forward. Anna explained that she had to build a case against Julian first.

After Anna left, Griffin recalled the night he and Claudette had made love.

Meanwhile, Claudette read Nathan and Maxie's wedding announcement online then zoomed in on Nathan's face.

Across town, Anna stopped by Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny. Sonny picked up on Anna's hostility and reminded her that they were on the same side. Anna worried that Sonny would take matters into his own hands, but Sonny assured her that it wasn't necessary because Julian had taken the bait.

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