Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In Metro Court's ballroom, Ned played the piano as he and Emma entertained the crowd with their rendition of Don't Go Breaking My Heart. The crowd went wild with applause as the song and dance number ended. Ned and Emma took a bow as Lucy joined them onstage to explain that both Ned and Emma were members of two very important families in Port Charles. Lucy revealed that the Quartermaine family had donated considerable money, time, and effort over the decades to help the hospital and the Nurses Ball.

Lucy added that the "adventure-seeking, crazy, wacky, wonderful" Scorpio-Drake-Devane clan had managed to combine medicine with crime fighting. According to Lucy, both the Quartermaine and the Scorpio-Drake-Devane families were a good example for everyone to follow, and she encouraged the guests to open their pockets and donate. Lucy also assured the guests that there wouldn't be any stage crashing like the previous two years because the problem had been solved.

During a short intermission, everyone began to mingle. Emma ran up to Robin and Anna. Robin and Anna congratulated Emma on a wonderful performance and assured Emma that they were both proud of her.

Meanwhile, Epiphany entered a dressing room and heard muffled noises from the closet. Concerned, Epiphany opened the door and saw Liesl gagged and bound to a chair. Epiphany removed the gag to ask why Liesl was locked in the closet, but Liesl sputtered with outrage as she vowed to find the four masked nurses who had abducted her. Liesl demanded to be untied, but Epiphany resented Liesl's tone. Liesl reined in her anger and managed to make a polite request.

After Epiphany untied Liesl, Epiphany asked why Liesl was dressed in a dirndl. Liesl explained that it was for her performance, but Epiphany reminded Liesl that Liesl had not been scheduled to perform and warned Liesl to stay away from the stage. After Epiphany left, Liesl grumbled that everyone enjoyed the songs from The Sound of Music.

In another dressing room, Carly smiled as she removed the jump drive from the laptop. "Ava, you twisted bitch -- your ass is mine," Carly said as she left. A short time later, Carly entered the bathroom and saw Ava applying lipstick. "I thought I saw you slither in here," Carly said as she approached Ava. Ava advised Carly to give it a rest because she wanted Carly "bright-eyed and bushytailed" when Ava collected Avery the following morning.

Carly smiled as she informed Ava that Avery would be staying at Sonny's house because Ava would be relinquishing custody of Avery. Ava laughed and accused Carly of being drunk or delusional. Carly smiled with satisfaction as she held up her phone and showed Ava a bondage sex video of Ava and Paul. Stunned, Ava realized that Carly had broken into Ava's apartment and stolen the jump drive. Carly didn't deny it, but she threatened to post the video online if Ava refused to give in to Carly's demands.

Ava laughed because she wasn't intimidated by the threat. Ava pointed out that she'd done far worse than make a sex tape and invited Carly to do her worst as Ava sailed out the door. Carly wasn't fazed as she pulled out her phone and sent the video to Paul with a threat to post it if Ava failed to cooperate. In the ballroom, Paul looked at the text message from Carly and immediately sought out Ava. Paul dragged Ava to a private corner to question her about the video.

Paul was astounded that Ava had secretly recorded them in the bedroom, but Ava was unapologetic because the tape had been an insurance policy. Paul made it clear that the video could destroy his career, and he ordered Ava to do whatever was necessary to fix things. Ava insisted that it wasn't a big deal, but Paul disagreed and reminded her that he still had the recording of her confessing to Connie's murder. Paul pointed out that he wouldn't have any reason to hold onto Ava's confession if he lost his job.

Furious, Ava returned to the bathroom where Carly was waiting. Carly smiled smugly as Ava demanded that Carly return the jump drive. The argument quickly escalated and turned violent as Ava launched herself at Carly to grab the jump drive. During the tussle, Carly accused Ava of using Avery. Ava's temper flared and provided her with the opportunity to snatch the jump drive out of Carly's tight grip. Ava ran to the toilet, dropped the jump drive in it, and flushed. Carly pointed out that it had been useless because Carly had made a copy.

"It's in the Cloud," Carly added with a grin. Carly advised Ava to accept that Ava had lost custody of Avery and sauntered out the door.

On the red carpet, Kevin smiled when he saw Laura. Laura wore a flattering black gown with a beaded long-sleeved top and plunging neckline. Kevin admitted that he'd hoped Laura could make it to the ball, but she admitted that she had made the decision at the last minute and worried that she might not be admitted, since she hadn't purchased a ticket. Kevin revealed that he had two tickets and invited Laura to be his guest. Laura happily accepted and asked if she had missed any interesting acts. Kevin didn't think it mattered because more crazy things were likely to happen.

In the ballroom, Hayden asked to have a private word with Jordan because Hayden had new information about the shooting that had put Hayden in a coma. Jordan explained that it wasn't the time or place to discuss it, but Hayden remained determined to talk to Jordan until Nikolas appeared and quickly ushered Hayden away.

Nearby, Felix was curious if Brad had misplaced Brad's fiancé, but Brad suspected Lucas was backstage, preparing for the wedding. Backstage, Lucas went over his wedding vows, but he was alarmed when he saw his mother's motionless body on the floor. Lucas rushed over to check on Bobbie as she slowly regained consciousness. Lucas questioned Bobbie about what had happened as he helped her sit up. Bobbie explained that she had gotten lightheaded, but she assured her son that she was fine.

Lucas decided to take Bobbie to the hospital, but Bobbie objected because she wanted to see Lucas and Brad exchange wedding vows. Lucas insisted that she be checked out and helped his mother stand up. Moments later, Lucas guided Bobbie to a chair and ordered her to rest while he fetched the car. Lucas spotted Amy taking selfies in a royal blue gown adorned with silver and crystals along the deep neckline. Lucas asked Amy to let Brad know that Lucas had taken Bobbie to the hospital, but Lucas expected to return shortly.

Meanwhile, Franco approached Elizabeth's table to check on her ankle and say hello to Jake. Elizabeth assured Franco she was better, and Jake smiled at Franco. Franco asked how Jake felt about Jake's big debut at the Nurses Ball, but Jake frowned and confessed that he was nervous. Franco confided that it had always helped Franco to think of the audience as a bunch of quacking ducks. Elizabeth smiled -- unaware that Jason and Sam were watching from a nearby table.

Jason told Sam he was certain that Franco had been "working" Elizabeth. Sam agreed, but she feared that the more Jason remembered, the more Jason would hate Franco. Jason admitted that it was too late because he despised Franco. However, Jason was determined to enjoy the evening and not let Franco get to him.

Backstage, Lucy stopped Griffin to implore him to perform in one of the acts. She explained that it was an emergency, and he was desperately needed. After Griffin reluctantly agreed, Lucy tracked down Milo and Epiphany at the bar to ask if they had seen Lucas. Milo and Epiphany shook their heads, so Lucy dashed over to Elizabeth's table to reveal that she needed to move up Jake's act. Jake was nervous, but Lucy and Elizabeth assured him that he would be fine.

Nearby, Franco noticed the expression on Jake's face and realized that Jake was scared. Kiki thought it sounded as if Franco were preparing for disaster. He admitted that he was because it would crush Jake if Jake failed. Kiki realized that Franco genuinely cared about Jake.

Meanwhile, Maxie tried to persuade Dante to perform with Milo onstage, but Dante refused. Lulu admitted that she wasn't in the mood to share her husband with the other ladies. Moments later, Lucy returned to the stage to introduce Jake. Jake sat on a stool and stared with fright at the audience. Elizabeth offered her son words of encouragement, but Jake didn't appear to hear her as the musician standing behind Jake stopped strumming the guitar. Franco immediately stood up and walked up on stage.

"Quack," Franco said as he looked down at Jake. "Quack," Jake replied with a big smile. Eventually, the musician began to strum the guitar as Jake began to sing, while Franco remained by Jake's side and became part of the act. Nina was moved to tears as Elizabeth smiled with gratitude and filmed the number. Laura's expression clouded with concern when she noticed Elizabeth watching Franco with Jake. After Jake and Franco finished the song and left the stage, Elizabeth rushed backstage to praise and hug her son. Jason and Sam also slipped backstage to congratulate Jake.

Jason was proud of Jake's bravery, but Jake gave Franco all the credit. Jason smiled, but it was strained.

During intermission, Robin announced that it was time for Emma to leave because Emma had a sleepover date with Mac and Felicia. Anna was disappointed, but Emma promised to watch the rest of the ball on television.

A short time later, Lucy introduced "Magic Milo and the Magic Wands." The women cheered loudly as Curtis, Griffin, Milo, Felix, and Dillon appeared onstage in fitted black tuxedos. The music started slow as women in short black dresses danced around the men to the beat of a slow sexy song. After the song ended, Maxie admitted to Lulu that it had been a disappointing performance. Suddenly, an upbeat song filled the ballroom as the men danced and slowly stripped. The women cheered loudly as the men ended the performance by turning to flash the crowd their behinds, which had Nurses Ball spelled across their boxer-briefs.

After the performance, Epiphany went backstage to congratulate Milo and make it clear that she was done sharing him with other women for the evening. Maxie also appeared backstage to congratulate Griffin and ask how Lucy had talked him into performing. Griffin admitted that Lucy could be quite persuasive, but he felt bad that he had given in too quickly. Griffin appeared uncomfortable when Maxie assured him that he had nothing to feel guilty about.

Meanwhile, Hayden once again tried to talk to Jordan about the shooting, but Jordan informed Hayden that unless someone's life was in immediate danger, then it could wait until the following day. Nikolas saw Hayden with Jordan and hustled Hayden away. Curtis saw Nikolas' drag Hayden out of the ballroom and excused himself. Valerie assured Curtis that she understood and watched him leave. On the red carpet, Nikolas warned Hayden that she could have a fit at home, but Curtis walked up and ordered Nikolas to release Hayden.

In the ballroom, Sam pointed out that at least Elizabeth had taken Jake home. Jason was relieved that he'd been spared from watching Franco further manipulate Jake, but Sam admitted that she didn't want to get involved because it was between Jason and Elizabeth. Jason explained that he had no idea how to make Elizabeth see that Franco was a threat to Jake. Moments later, Diane approached Jason to deliver bad news. Diane handed Jason a document as she explained that Nikolas was suing him because Nikolas claimed that Jason had purchased ELQ shares with illegal money.

Jason reminded Diane that she had assured him that the money had been clean. Diane promised Jason that Spinelli was the best money launderer in the business and insisted that everything would check out. However, the courts had frozen all of ELQ's assets until the matter was resolved.

At the nurses' station, Finn saw a nurse in scrubs with her back to him and asked her to process paperwork for a patient's discharge. He jumped when Liesl turned to him and asked if she looked like a nurse. Finn was confused because he'd thought Liesl had decided to attend the Nurses Ball. "So did I," Liesl quietly replied.

Later, Lucas arrived at the hospital with Bobbie. Finn rushed over to help Lucas and Bobbie. Finn settled Bobbie in a hospital room and promised to get to the bottom of things. Lucas decided to call Brad and postpone their wedding, but Bobbie insisted that Lucas marry Brad. Lucas was reluctant, but Bobbie stood firm until Lucas left. Meanwhile, Finn was surprised when he saw Liesl still working. She told him that a doctor's job was never done, but she steered the conversation to Finn's previous job.

Liesl was curious why Finn had been fired, but Finn clarified that he'd quit. Liesl asked why, but Finn refused to tell her. Liesl warned him that she would uncover his secrets, and she left.

At the Nurses Ball, Lucy appeared on stage in a white lace gown and talked about love before announcing that two special people had decided to get married at the ball. Lucy introduced Brad, who joined Felix onstage. Next, Lucy introduced Lucas, but Lucas didn't walk out. Sam looked concerned as she stood onstage, waiting for her brother.

At the hospital, Bobbie was asleep as someone in a lab coat approached her bed with a syringe. Lucas suddenly entered the room because he had forgotten something, but he stopped short when he saw the person standing next to his mother. "What the hell are you doing?" Lucas demanded.

A short time later, someone closed Bobbie's hospital room door as Lucas was left behind unconscious on the floor.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...

• Sonny demands that Ava leave his home
• Liesl orders Finn to step away from Lucas
• Brad calls Julian
• Hayden insists that Nikolas was pushed out of the window