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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly flipped through a bridal magazine until Sonny joined her at the bar. She quickly tossed the magazine aside, but not before Sonny had noticed it. He teased her about the magazine, and she agreed that she had been jumping ahead of things because they hadn't shared the news with Morgan yet. Carly confessed that she was concerned about their son because she hadn't seen him in a few days, and he hadn't returned any of her phone calls. She conceded that Morgan had sent a short text message, but it hadn't eased her worries.

Carly suspected Morgan might be trying to avoid her, but Sonny reminded her that Morgan had a lot going on. Carly couldn't imagine what could be so important that he couldn't take a moment to return his mother's phone call. Sonny avoided eye contact with Carly as he tried to make excuses for Morgan, but it backfired because Carly realized Sonny was hiding something. She quickly deduced that it had to do with Denise, but Sonny argued that he hadn't said anything about Denise. Carly explained that it wasn't necessary because she could tell by Sonny's reaction that she was right.

Caught, Sonny assured Carly that he had talked to Morgan and warned their son that Kiki's aunt was trouble. However, he reminded Carly that their son was stubborn like her. Carly argued that Sonny was far more stubborn, so he distracted her with a kiss. Moments later, Laura walked up. After Laura, Sonny, and Carly exchanged warm greetings, they sat together at a nearby table to visit.

Laura mentioned having breakfast with Elton and reminiscing about their days at Deception. Carly was touched that Elton had sent his best to her. Sonny shifted gears by apologizing for not catching up with Laura sooner, but Laura assured him that she didn't blame him because a lot had been going on. Sonny admitted that he'd talked to Luke before Luke had left town, and Carly confessed that she had been disappointed that she hadn't had an opportunity to say goodbye to her uncle. Laura recalled the letter from Luke with "Angel" written on the envelope but quietly said that she hadn't said goodbye to Luke either.

Carly tried to lighten the mood by reminding Laura that at least Luke had left them with the gift of returning little Jake to Elizabeth. Laura agreed, even though there remained many unanswered questions about Jake's abduction. Carly agreed, but she was more saddened by the realization that Jason hadn't lived to see little Jake reunited with his family. Sonny noticed Laura seemed to become distracted, so he asked if she was okay. He realized things had been overwhelming for Laura with Luke and Lucky leaving town, so Laura smiled softly as she thought about her youngest son.

Laura admitted that Lucky had always been a restless soul who had pondered the big questions like faith and the meaning of life, so she had long before accepted that he would never stop searching. Carly was surprised that Lucky hadn't stuck around longer for little Jake's sake, since Lucky had plucked the boy from the only life little Jake had known then dropped him amongst strangers. Laura tensed as she asked if Carly thought Jason would have done things differently.

"Yes," Carly answered without hesitation. Laura carefully explained that Lucky had done what had been in the best interest of both Elizabeth and the boys, but Carly wasn't satisfied. Carly conceded that both Cameron and Aiden were used to Lucky leaving, but little Jake wasn't. Carly felt bad for Elizabeth because she could use Lucky's support, but Laura promised Carly that Lucky had left knowing little Jake would be surrounded by a loving and supportive family. Sonny agreed, so Carly admitted that little Jake at least had his namesake.

Laura's expression clouded with confusion, so Carly clarified that she had meant the remark figuratively not literally. Laura realized Carly meant Jake Doe as Carly sang his praises and revealed that he was Carly's good friend. Carly was confident that Jake would help little Jake transition to his new life because Jake had been great with the young boy when Carly had seen the two together at the hospital. Laura decided it was time to leave, so Sonny asked if Laura intended to stay in town because he wanted to invite her to his and Carly's fifth wedding. Laura was delighted for the couple as she congratulated them.

After Laura left, Sonny confessed that he liked Laura because she had a good soul, but Carly admitted that Laura had seemed deeply troubled about something. Carly wasn't certain what was on Laura's mind, but she sensed that it was big. Moments later, one of Sonny's henchmen walked up to quietly whisper in Sonny's ear that Sonny's organization had been hit again.

At the Drake residence, Patrick and Sam were in bed as he started to make love to her, but he quickly realized that her mind was elsewhere. Sam confessed that she had been thinking about Jake. Patrick tensed as he rolled off Sam then asked what was going on. Sam explained that seeing little Jake at the hospital had hit her hard because the boy looked and acted so much like Jason. Sam admitted that Carly had been as deeply affected at her first glimpse of Jason's eldest son, so Sam and Carly had agreed that it hadn't been fair that Jason would never get to know little Jake was alive.

Sam added that all Danny and little Jake would have of their father was each other, so she wanted the brothers to have a relationship. Patrick was confident that Elizabeth wanted the same, but Sam disagreed. Sam admitted that Elizabeth had seemed reluctant when Sam had raised the issue. Patrick suggested Elizabeth might have been overwhelmed with everything that had happened, so Sam agreed that it was possible because it was a lot for anyone to take in. However, Sam wondered if Patrick would talk to Elizabeth because Sam didn't want to create tension by pushing the issue with Elizabeth.

Sam confided that Elizabeth had once schemed to keep Jason and Sam apart by tampering with Danny's DNA tests to make it appear that Danny was not Sam's son. Patrick was stunned by the news, but Sam quickly added that Elizabeth had had an attack of conscience within 24 hours and had confessed the truth. Patrick wasn't surprised because it wasn't like Elizabeth to keep a secret like that for long, but he was still shocked by what his friend had done. Sam confessed that she hadn't been in any position to judge Elizabeth because Sam had done plenty of regrettable things when Sam had feared losing Jason to Elizabeth. However, Sam had made peace with the past, so she wanted Danny and little Jake to have a relationship because they were Jason's only children.

Patrick agreed to have a talk with Elizabeth. Relieved, Sam smiled then seduced Patrick. He warned her that it might delay his talk with Elizabeth, but Sam assured him it could wait awhile longer.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth was looking through a file as Jake descended the stairs. He was curious what she had been looking at, so she admitted she had been looking over the results of little Jake's blood work because she was still trying to make sense of her son's lack of trauma or scars from the accident or surgery. Elizabeth confessed she still had difficulty accepting that her son hadn't donated a kidney to Josslyn, so she couldn't imagine what Carly had been going through. Jake admitted Carly was focused on the Josslyn's continued good health and Carly's upcoming wedding to Sonny.

Jake joined Elizabeth at the dining room table as Elizabeth admitted that she was happy for Sonny and Carly because she had always thought Sonny and Carly had been better together than apart. She advised Jake to invest in a suit because she was certain he would be invited to both Carly and Lucas' wedding. Elizabeth tensed when Jake suggested he might want marriage some day, but she was spared from having to respond when the doorbell rang. Elizabeth was surprised when she saw Michael and Monica standing on her doorstep. Monica explained that she was eager to meet her grandson, so Elizabeth invited them in.

Jake warmly greeted Monica and Michael as Elizabeth hovered in the background, watching the three interact before fetching little Jake. Meanwhile, Monica told Michael about her recent visit with Jake when she had regaled him with stories about Jason. Monica feared that she might have bored Jake with the stories, but Jake promised he had enjoyed the visit and would love to get together again. Moments later, Elizabeth returned with little Jake. Monica smiled with delight when she saw her grandson, and Elizabeth explained to little Jake that Monica was one of his grandmothers.

Michael stepped forward to greet his young cousin. Monica smiled because Jason's son was a "man of few words like his father." Elizabeth smiled awkwardly as she exchanged a nervous glance with Jake, but Monica didn't appear to notice. Monica and Elizabeth took little Jake to the dining room to open a present while Michael and Jake lingered in the living room. Michael was amazed by how much little Jake looked like Jason, and Jake told Michael about Carly's reaction when she had seen the little boy at the hospital. Michael wasn't surprised because Carly thought about Jason every day, as Michael did.

However, Michael refused to dwell on Jason's death because it was a time to celebrate. Jake conceded that little Jake was lucky because he had the Quartermaines, Webbers, Spencers, and Danny Morgan to call family. Michael insisted little Jake deserved it, but Michael noticed the similarity between little Jake and Jake's situations, since Helena had snatched both from their loved ones. Michael was curious if Jake had made any headway in investigating Nikolas, so Jake quietly explained that Elizabeth didn't know about it because she and Nikolas were close friends. Jake made certain Elizabeth couldn't hear then confided that Nikolas had apparently had a brief fling with Hayden Barnes in Paris years earlier.

Michael thought it was odd that Ric had hired a woman who had once slept with Nikolas to pose as Jake's wife, but Jake doubted Ric had known about the connection. Jake revealed that Hayden had been about to tell Jake who he really was when she had been shot, so Michael was curious if Jake had ever considered that Nikolas might know Jake's real identity. Jake explained that Sam doubted Nikolas would keep quiet if he knew who Jake really was. Meanwhile, Elizabeth noticed the two men in a deep discussion, so she approached them to ask what they had been talking about.

Michael claimed that he had been telling Jake how happy he was that Monica had gotten to spend time with little Jake. Monica announced that little Jake was eager to show his presents to his brothers, so Elizabeth took her son back upstairs. Monica returned to the living room to explain that she and Michael were headed to the site of the new clinic because Michael wanted to give her a tour. As Monica talked about the clinic being built in honor of her eldest son, Jake asked if A.J. and Jake had been alike. Monica chuckled because her sons had been polar opposites, but she had loved both dearly.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Jake opened the door and saw Laura standing on the porch. Laura explained that she had wanted to spend some time with her grandsons. Monica and Michael greeted Laura. The four chatted for a few minutes before Michael and Monica left. Elizabeth returned to the living room as Laura introduced herself to Jake.

At the police station, Silas was startled when he entered Scott's office and saw Franco seated behind Scott's desk as Franco was about to break into a drawer. Silas was curious what Franco was doing there, but Franco reminded Silas that Scott was Franco's father. Franco wondered if Silas had finally decided to confess to framing Nina, but Silas had no idea what Franco was referring to. Franco snidely informed Silas that Ava had told him everything.

Franco was furious that Silas had snatched Avery from the hospital to give Ava a bone marrow transplant because he didn't know if it was worse to manipulate DNA to create an alias for someone or allow Nina to take the blame for the baby's kidnapping. Silas denied framing Nina, but Franco wasn't satisfied because he was certain that Silas had only been concerned about keeping both Silas and Ava out of jail. Silas insisted Ava had been dying, but he had realized his wrongs and had decided to confess everything to Scott.

Franco was furious Silas had allowed Nina to "twist in the wind" for months, but Silas promised that he regretted his actions because Silas couldn't let Nina continue to believe that she had been losing her grip on reality. Concerned, Franco demanded to know what Silas was talking about. Silas admitted that Nina had been hearing the cries of a baby, which she suspected was her guilty conscience trying to tell her that she had kidnapped Avery. Franco was livid because Nina had fought hard to get healthy, but Silas and Ava had compromised Nina's fragile state of mind for no other reason than for Ava to "screw Morgan" behind Kiki's back.

Stunned, Silas asked Franco explain the comment. Franco realized he had said too much, so he tried to backtrack by claiming that Ava continued to have "the hots" for Morgan. Silas easily saw through the lie because he knew Morgan was an "immature twit" and "chronically unfaithful," while Ava was a narcissist who didn't care about anyone including her own children. Franco refused to answer Silas' questions, so Silas stormed out, determined to get to the bottom of things. Franco tried to call Silas back because he wanted Silas to clear Nina's name, but Silas ignored him. Moments later, Franco called Nina but reached her voicemail, so he assured her that she was not crazy.

In Ric and Nina's suite at Metro Court, Ric was about to burn the baby blanket in the trash can when Nina entered the room. He quickly abandoned the plan so he could greet his wife, but Nina caught him by surprise by announcing that she wanted a divorce. Nina appreciated Ric's support over the past few weeks because he had been her rock, but she acknowledged they had both married for the wrong reasons. Nina reminded Ric that he had been on the rebound then confessed that she was still in love with Franco and always would be. Ric assured her that he wanted her to be happy, but he couldn't allow her to leave him.

Nina wondered if Ric was threatening her, but he explained that he had been about to destroy the blanket because it was evidence that might be used against her if Nathan obtained a search warrant. Ric added that he couldn't be compelled to testify against Nina if they remained married, but Nina was determined to cut ties with Ric. Ric continued to pressure Nina to stay married to him until she became agitated. He deftly turned on the recording of the crying baby to push her over the edge then reached out to comfort her as she wept in his arms. Ric promised that she could trust him because he would remain at her side.

Later, Franco knocked on the door, demanding to speak to Nina. He resorted to kicking in the door when no one replied. Franco entered the suite then called out to Nina, but no one was there.

At the Jerome apartment, Morgan insisted that he needed to talk to Denise because Franco had paid him a visit to accuse Morgan of sleeping with Denise. Shocked, Denise asked Morgan to tell her exactly what Franco had said, so Morgan told her about Franco's accusations and the menacing threat with the knife if Morgan hurt Kiki. Denise tried to downplay the incident, but Morgan assured her that Franco had been serious. Morgan admitted that he hadn't seen Franco that destructive since Franco and Carly's disastrous wedding.

Denise assured Morgan that Franco wouldn't tell Kiki anything because Franco cared too much about Kiki to hurt her. Morgan was skeptical, but Denise promised that she could handle Franco. She pointed out that Franco didn't have any reason to be concerned about something that had been a one-time mistake. Morgan sat down next to Denise on the sofa then rested his hand on her knee as he quietly admitted that they both knew she was wrong. Denise insisted that she didn't want to hurt Kiki, so Morgan assured Denise that he didn't either.

However, Morgan couldn't stop thinking about Denise or stay away from her. Passion quickly flared between the couple when Morgan kissed Denise. They began to tear off each other's clothes as they made their way to the bedroom between heated kisses. In the bedroom, Morgan and Denise made love, unaware that the front door had been left ajar.

Later, Morgan and Denise were breathless as Morgan asked what happened next. Denise wasn't certain, except they couldn't keep their affair going forever. "I have to agree with you on that one," Silas said as he appeared in Ava's bedroom doorway.

. . .

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