Wednesday, March 25, 2015

At the courthouse, Alexis gave Nina last-minute instructions for the upcoming hearing, but Nina became distracted when she spotted Nathan. Nina ran up to greet her brother and give him a hug because she was delighted he was there to support her. However, her smile faded when she noticed Nathan seemed troubled. Nathan was reluctant to discuss it, but Nina wanted to know why Nathan was upset.

Eventually, Nathan confessed that he had bowed out of his relationship with Maxie. Shocked, Nina reminded him that he loved Maxie, but Nathan explained there was a third party vying for Maxie's love. Nathan filled his sister in about Spinelli's desire to rekindle things with Maxie, but Nina urged Nathan to fight for Maxie. Nathan explained that the decision was Maxie's, so Nina reluctantly accepted his decision. Nathan smiled then suggested Nina focus on the hearing because he was eager to see her released from Shadybrook.

Alexis overheard Nathan's remark as she walked up, so she suggested Nina heed Nathan's advice. Nina wondered if she could have a little more time to visit with Nathan, so Alexis carefully reminded Nina that Nina would have plenty of time to spend with Nathan if Nina followed Alexis' instructions. After Alexis walked away, Nathan implored Nina to listen to Alexis because he didn't want Nina to spend the rest of her life in Shadybrook.

Moments later, Franco arrived in court with a police guard. Nina beamed with joy when she saw Franco, but he appeared concerned. Nathan decided to excuse himself to talk to Alexis so Nina and Franco could have a few minutes alone.

After Nathan walked away, Franco quietly wondered how Nina was feeling. She admitted that she was nervous then quietly confessed that she had told Alexis the truth about pretending to have a breakdown a few weeks earlier. Franco was shocked, but Nina insisted it had been necessary because Nina had needed Alexis' advice about how to proceed during the rescheduled hearing. Nina feared that Franco was angry, but he admitted that he had told Scott the truth about recovering from the LSD overdose. Nina was stunned because she feared Franco's father might use the information to send Franco to Pentonville, but Franco assured Nina that he trusted Scott.

Meanwhile, Nathan asked Alexis if Nina had any chance of prevailing in court. Alexis carefully explained that she was cautiously optimistic, so Nathan wondered what Alexis had up her sleeve. Alexis refused to tell him, despite his insistence that he had a right to know, since he was Nina's brother.

Moments later, Alexis approached Nina to announce that it was time for the hearing to begin. Nina worried that she might not see Franco again, but he promised to see Nina soon. After Franco walked away, Nathan revealed that he had to leave because his boss had ordered him to report to the police station. Nina smiled bravely and assured her brother that she would be fine.

Moments later, Alexis and Nina entered the courtroom as the judge approached the bench. After the bailiff called court to order, Alexis began her appeal to the judge by thanking the judge for agreeing to reschedule Nina's hearing. The judge explained that she was aware of the reasons for the postponement but admitted that nothing in Nina's file indicated that Nina's condition had improved. Nina was shocked when Alexis announced that Nina had faked the breakdown.

At the penthouse, Patrick woke up in Sam's bed while she read the Port Charles Press online. He was curious what she was reading, so she told him that both Franco and Nina were trying to get out of Shadybrook. Patrick took the tablet from Sam to read the news article about the court hearings as Sam mentioned that both Franco and Nina had terrorized her. Sam conceded that Nina's transgressions had been less serious because Nina had simply tried to get between Sam and Silas, but Franco had been a different matter.

According to Sam, she could almost feel sorry for Franco because he was completely delusional, but ultimately, she believed he belonged in jail for several consecutive life sentences. Meanwhile, Sam would like to see Nina confined to a straitjacket for the rest of Nina's life. Patrick grinned as he conceded Sam was quite intimidating. Patrick agreed that he hoped to never have to lay eyes on Franco and Nina again, but Patrick would rather discuss his relationship with Sam.

Patrick reminded Sam that he had asked her to move in with him, but Sam became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. She admitted that she needed more time to think things over, so Patrick promised she could have all the time she needed. Sam feared that she had upset Patrick, but Patrick promised that he was fine. Sam was disappointed because she had hoped to cheer him up, so Patrick smiled playfully as he pretended to be deeply hurt by her rejection. Sam made amends by making love to him.

Afterwards, Patrick and Sam smiled with satisfaction as they tried to catch their breath. Patrick feared they had destroyed everything on her nightstand, but Sam assured him that everything was fine as she leaned over him to set everything on the nightstand to rights. Her smile faded when she picked up her wedding band, which had spilled out of the canister she kept it in. Patrick asked what she had in her hand, so Sam explained that she had put her wedding band in the canister for safekeeping after Jason's death.

Sam revealed that she and Jason had kept their wedding rings in the canister during their separation, but they had retrieved them to put them on each other's fingers the night Jason had been shot. Sam frowned as she suddenly recalled Jake mentioning there only being one ring prior to Jake's operation to have Helena's implant removed from his brain. Sam told Patrick about Jake's cryptic words then confessed that a part of her wondered if Jake had been referring to her wedding band.

At Kelly's, Maxie was distracted as T.J. filled her cup with coffee then asked if she needed anything else. Maxie assured T.J. that she was fine, so he smiled and walked away. Moments later, Molly entered the diner and greeted T.J. with a kiss. Molly explained that she was there to meet her father because she was eager to find out if Ric had had any success with online dating. T.J. was confused because he thought Ric and Elizabeth had been seeing each other, so Molly revealed that Elizabeth had ended things with Ric.

Outside, Maxie bumped into Spinelli as she was leaving the diner with Georgie. Spinelli was curious if Georgie's health continued to improve since her bout with the flu, so Maxie assured him that their daughter was fine. Spinelli shifted gears to ask how Maxie had been holding up since her breakup with Nathan, but Maxie wondered why Spinelli assumed that Maxie and Nathan had broken up. Spinelli confessed that he had heard what Nathan had said at Volonino's gym about ending the relationship because Maxie loved Spinelli. Maxie was impressed that Spinelli had managed to hear so much while flat on the ground as "imaginary birds" circled his head.

Spinelli ignored Maxie's remark as he reiterated that it had seemed as if Nathan had broken up with Maxie. Maxie tried to leave, but Spinelli wanted to know if Maxie and Nathan had reconciled since Nathan had stormed out of Volonino's gym. Maxie reluctantly conceded that her relationship with Nathan was likely over, so Spinelli admitted he was sorry. However, he wasn't sorry that he and Maxie could finally be a family with Georgie.

"The hell we are," Maxie replied with indignation. Spinelli was confused because he knew Maxie loved him, but Maxie resented Spinelli challenging Nathan to a fight in the boxing ring with Maxie as the prize. Spinelli agreed that the fight had been ill-advised, but he insisted that he had wanted an opportunity to show her that he was as much of a man as Nathan was and therefore equally deserving of a relationship with Maxie. Maxie argued that Spinelli had gone about it the wrong way, so Spinelli agreed, but he insisted he had done what he had for the right reasons.

Maxie thought the fight had been "idiotic," but Spinelli explained that he had merely wanted to prove to Maxie that he loved her. Maxie argued that it hadn't been necessary, since he had made his feelings abundantly clear to her from the onset. Spinelli changed tactics by begging Maxie to tell him he hadn't blown things with her. Spinelli realized he had made a mistake, but he sincerely believed he and Maxie were meant to be together. Maxie refused to discuss it with Spinelli, so she left with Georgie.

At Metro Court, Hayden greeted Ric as he arrived with the proof she had requested to convince Jake that he was married to Hayden. Ric assured Hayden that he had photographs, documentation, and sentimental keepsakes to support Hayden's story, but Hayden and Ric tensed when Jake suddenly knocked on the door, asking to talk to Hayden. Hayden had no idea how to explain Ric's presence in her suite, so Ric quickly ducked out of sight as Hayden answered the door.

Hayden carefully led Jake to the balcony to show him the view of city, while Ric silently slipped out the front door. After she saw Ric leave, Hayden returned to the suite with Jake to show him the evidence that Ric had manufactured.

At Kelly's, Ric apologized to Molly for being late. He explained that he had been unavoidably detained, but Molly didn't mind. She wondered if Ric objected to T.J. joining them, so Ric assured her that it was fine as he sat down at the table with Molly and T.J. Molly confessed she had told T.J. about signing Ric up on a dating website then began to pepper Ric with questions because she wanted to know if Ric had met anyone on the site. Ric conceded he had found someone who had piqued his interest, so he had met the woman for coffee. However, Ric revealed the woman had been married.

Molly was disappointed, but Ric smiled politely as he recalled meeting Hayden in her hotel room and introducing her to a man named Pete who had agreed to pose for pictures to document Hayden and Jake's courtship and marriage. Ric had snapped pictures with various backgrounds to make it appear that Hayden and Jake had travelled together. After the pictures had been taken, Ric handed Hayden the wedding ring Pete had worn in the wedding pictures.

Ric returned to the present when T.J. wondered how Ric had reacted to the married woman meeting Ric for coffee. "I got the hell out of there," Ric replied. T.J. wondered if the woman's husband knew about his wife's activities, so Ric admitted that he doubted it. Molly was confident the right woman for Ric was still out there. She offered her father some words of encouragement then announced that she had to leave.

After Molly left and T.J. returned to work, Ric sipped on his coffee. He was shocked when Pete suddenly sauntered into the diner and sat down at Ric's table. Ric growled that Pete couldn't be there.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth recalled confessing to Ric that she had feelings for Jake -- and Ric's refusal to accept that Ric and Elizabeth were over. Her thoughts then drifted to Jake and Jake's admission that he saw a future with her. Finally, Elizabeth recalled Hayden's unexpected appearance and claim that Hayden was Jake's wife.

Elizabeth pushed the unsettling memories away when her doorbell rang. It was Carly. Carly breezed into Elizabeth's home, eager to hear Elizabeth thank her. Elizabeth was curious why she should thank Carly, so Carly explained that she had been the one to tell Jake about Elizabeth and Ric's breakup. Carly wanted to know if Jake and Elizabeth were finally a couple, since Carly was certain Jake hadn't wasted any time declaring his feelings for Elizabeth. Elizabeth conceded that everything had gone great until Jake's wife had turned up on Elizabeth's doorstep.

Stunned, Carly demanded to know what Elizabeth was talking about. Elizabeth fetched Carly a cup of coffee and filled Carly in about Hayden's visit. Elizabeth explained Jake's name had seemed familiar to him because his real name was Jacob Barnes, but Carly didn't believe it. Carly insisted something wasn't right about it, especially since it had taken the woman six months to track Jake down. Carly was curious where the woman had been, so Elizabeth revealed Hayden was from Beecher's Corners.

Carly's was even more skeptical of Hayden's story, since Beecher's Corners was close to Port Charles. Elizabeth explained that Hayden had assumed Jake had walked out on her after a bitter argument, so Hayden hadn't put the pieces together until Hayden had heard about the incident at the Haunted Star. Carly continued to question Hayden's story and wanted to know where Jake was. Elizabeth admitted that Jake had gone to Metro Court to review the proof Hayden claimed to have. Carly was surprised that Elizabeth hadn't accompanied Jake, but Elizabeth insisted it was Jake's private business.

Carly wasn't satisfied because she feared Hayden might try to pull something, but Elizabeth argued that it wasn't as if Elizabeth could administer a polygraph test to determine if Hayden had told the truth. Carly was determined to protect Jake because Carly didn't believe Hayden's story, but Elizabeth insisted they needed to stay out of it unless Jake asked for their help. Carly refused to stand by while her friend was manipulated, so she demanded that Elizabeth accompany her to Metro Court to confront Hayden.

In Hayden's hotel suite, Hayden showed Jake his Social Security card, their marriage license, and an insurance card with his name on it, but Jake was curious if she had any pictures. Hayden produced the pictures Ric had taken to document Jake and Hayden's "life" together, including a wedding picture. Jake tensed when he noticed the man in the photographs looked similar to him in build and coloring, but he confessed the face in the pictures wasn't familiar.

Jake suddenly wondered why he hadn't been wearing a wedding ring when he had been struck by a car, so Hayden explained he had taken it off and thrown it at her during their last argument. Hayden fished the ring out of the box with the other mementos and suggested Jake try it on to see if it fit. Jake agreed, but the wedding ring didn't trigger any memories. Jake was taken aback when Hayden decided to spark his memory by kissing him.

Meanwhile, Carly used her key to let herself into Hayden's suite. Elizabeth and Carly stopped short in the doorway when they saw Hayden and Jake kissing.

. . .

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