Wednesday, April 22, 2015

At the Drake residence, Sam returned home and saw Patrick on the sofa. Patrick was curious where Sam had been, so she admitted that both Alexis and Molly had demanded some quality time with Danny. She apologized if she had woken Patrick up early on his day off, but Patrick assured Sam that it was fine because he'd had to take Emma to rehearsal for the Nurses Ball. Sam joined Patrick on the sofa, and he began to rub her feet and tell her about the plans for Anna to stop by to visit with Emma after rehearsal. Patrick invited Sam to join them, but Sam declined because she had a "hot date" with Spinelli to discuss a case.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Anna left a voicemail message for Sloane, asking him to return her call because she wanted to know if he had learned anything new about the hit Julian had ordered on a high-ranking member of the Corinthos organization. Moments later, Duke entered the restaurant with his bodyguard in tow. Duke saw Anna as she prepared to leave, so they briefly exchanged pleasantries until Anna revealed that she had a date with her granddaughter. Duke smiled and asked Anna to pass along his love to Emma. Anna agreed then glanced at Bruce before quietly asking if she could have a moment of Duke's time.

Duke assumed it had something to do with the Girl Scouts cookies he had failed to pick up from Patrick's, but Anna clarified that it had nothing to do with Patrick or Emma. Anna was about to elaborate on what she wanted to discuss with Duke when her phone rang. Duke tensed when he noticed the call was from Sloane because it reminded Duke of Sloane answering Anna's door in a robe. Duke curtly advised Anna to take the call then walked away. Anna quickly answered her phone because she was eager to know if Sloane had an update.

Sloane confessed that he didn't have anything new to report, but he intended to meet with his informant later that morning. Anna wasn't satisfied, but Sloane abruptly ended the call.

Later, Anna arrived at Patrick's house, but she was disappointed when Patrick revealed that Lucy had called to explain the rehearsal would be running late. Patrick immediately apologized for mentioning Lucy's name because he knew Duke and Lucy were dating, but Anna assured Patrick it was okay. Patrick tried to shift gears by asking if Anna was seeing anyone, since he recalled Anna dancing with the new police commissioner on New Year's Eve. Anna quickly clarified that there was nothing romantic going on between her and Sloane, prompting Patrick to wonder if Anna and Duke might work things out.

Anna explained that she would always love Duke, but she could not live with his lifestyle choices. Patrick pointed out that Anna hadn't had a problem in the past with Duke working for the mob, but Anna insisted things had changed. She admitted there had been a time when Duke had been willing to compromise so they could be together, but no longer. Anna understood why Duke continued to work for Sonny, since Duke felt indebted to Sonny and wanted vengeance against Julian for everything Julian had done to Anna and Duke, but she couldn't live with Duke's decision.

Anna changed the subject by asking about Patrick and Sam living together. Patrick regretted that he hadn't had a chance to tell Anna about Sam moving in before Emma had, but Anna wondered why Patrick was worried. "Because of Robin?" Anna asked. Anna insisted that Patrick had every right to move on with his life. She hated what had happened to Robin and Patrick's marriage and couldn't understand why Robin continued to stay away from Emma, but Anna wanted both Patrick and Emma to be happy.

Anna confessed that Sam seemed to be good for Patrick, so he admitted that he suspected Emma saw Danny as a "pseudo" replacement for Gabriel because he had caught Emma checking on Danny several times while Danny was sleeping. Anna pointed out that both Patrick and Sam were in a unique position to appreciate what the other had lost because Sam had known Robin, and Patrick had known Jason. Anna was pleased that things had worked out for Patrick and Sam, but Patrick confessed there had been a few "hiccups." Anna was stunned when Patrick told her about Jason's ring.

Moments later, Anna's phone rang. It was Jordan asking to meet with Anna. Anna agreed then quickly ended the call to explain to Patrick that she had to leave. However, Anna urged Patrick not to let the incident with Jason's wedding ring get between him and Sam because he deserved to be happy. Patrick smiled and assured Anna that she did too.

In Jordan's apartment, Jordan smiled after making love with Shawn. She breathlessly confessed that she had never experienced anything like what she and Shawn had just shared because she had felt completely connected to him. Shawn smiled with satisfaction as he advised her to get used to it, since he could finally give himself fully to her. Jordan's smile wavered as Shawn pointed out that he was assured that she was not in league with Anna. Shawn acknowledged that he didn't know the details, but he suspected Duke had asked her to kill someone to prove herself.

Jordan confirmed that Duke had ordered her to kill Julian, but Duke had backed off once she had agreed to carry out the hit. Shawn was curious if Jordan would have killed Julian if Duke hadn't rescinded the order, so Jordan assured Shawn that she would have. Later, Shawn served Jordan her favorite breakfast in bed. Jordan was touched that Shawn had remembered how she liked her breakfast. Shawn returned to the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee as Jordan talked about how well T.J. had done in school, so Shawn credited Jordan for T.J.'s success.

Jordan argued that Shawn deserved the credit because she had missed several years of her son's life, but Shawn insisted Jordan was a wonderful mother. Uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation, Jordan asked him to change the subject. "I love you," Shawn suddenly blurted out. Jordan was momentarily speechless as Shawn confessed that he had loved her for as long as he could remember. Shawn and Jordan talked about their turbulent relationship, which had begun as an affair. They both regretted betraying T.J.'s father, Thomas, but Shawn confided that he had hoped Jordan's arrival in Port Charles had been a new beginning for the star-crossed lovers.

Jordan assured Shawn that she loved him, too, so Shawn kissed her. "What now?" Shawn asked as he got dressed. Jordan suggested that they attend the Nurses Ball together and walk the red carpet as a couple to let the world know that they were together. Shawn liked the idea and promised it was just the beginning for them.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Duke sat on the terrace as he checked in with Lucy to give her an update about what had transpired when he had gone to Anna's hotel room. They spoke for several minutes about Duke's encounter with Sloane until Duke told Lucy to get back to work on the Nurses Ball. After the call, Duke invited his bodyguard, Bruce, to join him at the table instead of hovering behind Duke. Bruce sat down and asked if Duke had made a decision about Jordan. Duke realized he was in a tough spot because he couldn't risk Jordan testifying against him in court, but he was reluctant to kill a woman who had a child.

Bruce pointed out that Shawn might have a problem with Jordan being killed, too, so Duke acknowledged that Shawn would be devastated. However, Duke knew that Jordan had to be eliminated. Bruce agreed with Duke's decision, but he was curious when Duke wanted the hit carried out. "Today," Duke answered. However, Duke wanted Bruce to make it appear that the Jerome organization had carried out the murder in retaliation for Jordan flipping to the Corinthos organization. Bruce promised to take care of it and left.

"What was that about?" Shawn asked as he took Bruce's vacated seat. Shawn was concerned that Bruce had left Duke unprotected.

Outside Jordan's apartment, Bruce skulked in the hallway and checked his gun. He ducked out of sight when he saw Jordan exit her apartment, and he followed her.

Outside Kelly's, Spinelli stopped short when he spotted Jake. Spinelli called out to Jake, so Jake warily asked if Spinelli still understood that Jake was not Jason. Spinelli apologized for what had happened at the hospital when they had first met, so Jake assured Spinelli that it was fine. However, Jake was glad he had bumped into Spinelli because Jake knew about Carly's request for Spinelli to dig up information about Jake's wife. Jake made it clear that he wanted both Spinelli and Carly to back off, but Spinelli suggested that Jake take it up with Carly. Spinelli warned Jake it might not be easy because Carly was formidable and had great instincts, which tended to be "spot-on."

Jake wondered if Carly was ever wrong, so Spinelli conceded that there had been a few rare occasions when Carly had made the wrong call. Jake was certain that Carly was wrong about Hayden because Jake and Hayden were fine.

A short time later, Sam joined Spinelli at a table inside the diner. The two friends happily chatted about the changes in their lives before Sam asked about the case Spinelli had asked her to consult on. Spinelli quickly filled Sam in about Carly's suspicions that Jake's wife, Hayden, was not who she claimed to be. Sam wondered if Spinelli had any proof that Hayden had lied about being Jake's wife, so he told her that Hayden had opened a new back account after receiving a windfall of cash, and he detailed the exchange he had overheard between Hayden and a mystery man at the hotel.

Spinelli showed Sam the picture he had taken of the mystery man shaking Hayden's hand, but he admitted it had been a bad angle, since he hadn't captured the man's face. However, Spinelli could identify the man if he saw him again. Sam studied the photograph until she noticed the man had been wearing a class ring. Spinelli quickly zoomed in on the ring, which revealed the name of the college the man had attended and the year the man had graduated. Spinelli immediately went to work hacking into the school's computer system to look for class yearbooks.

Sam worried that it would take a long time, but Spinelli discovered there had only been an average of 500 students a year. Moments later, he accessed pictures of the yearbooks. Spinelli scrolled through the pictures of the graduating class the ring had shown until he saw a picture of a man named Pete Ross. Spinelli instantly recognized Hayden's accomplice.

Meanwhile, Jake returned to his hotel room, but he was not pleased when he saw Sloane waiting for him. Sloane assured him that Hayden was not there, but Jake wasn't happy that Sloane had entered the room uninvited. Sloane explained that he needed Jake to find out who Julian Jerome intended to target in the Corinthos organization, but Jake argued that it wasn't something he could simply ask Julian. Sloane insisted that it was imperative to find out because lives were at stake, but Jake was unmoved.

Jake explained that he was uncomfortable betraying Sam, since she had gotten him the job, but Sloane didn't care. Sloane insisted that Julian was a "heinous" criminal, but Jake doubted that Sloane wanted to take Julian down for altruistic reasons. Jake suspected Sloane simply wanted to secure his position as police commissioner and make a name for himself by taking down a local kingpin. Sloane argued that Anna wanted answers, too, but Jake was curious why Anna was involved.

Sloane explained that Anna was a federal agent and had a personal connection to Duke, so she wanted to know if Duke's life was in danger. Jake insisted that he would need time, but Sloane pointed out that time wasn't a luxury that Jake had. Sloane warned Jake that Jake would go to jail if Jake didn't get Sloane the information Sloane needed. Jake resented being blackmailed, so he threatened to tell Julian everything.

At the car shop, Julian was looking over some paperwork when Carlos strolled in. Carlos was curious why Julian had asked to see him, so Julian asked why Duke was still alive. Julian was concerned that Carlos had gone soft or switched sides, but Carlos was offended by the suggestion, since he had always had Julian's back. "Except for the time you tried to kill me," Julian countered.

Carlos argued that Luke Spencer had been behind the hit on Julian but pointed out that Carlos hadn't carried out the assassination. Carlos explained that he hadn't been able to get close enough to Duke because Duke's bodyguard, Bruce, was always around. Julian decided to take a different approach by killing Duke from a distance. Julian reminded Carlos that Duke collected money drops every day at Metro Court Restaurant and had started to take his tea on the terrace because of the warmer weather.

Carlos smiled when he realized that Julian wanted Carlos to find a sniper's nest to wait for an opportunity to kill Duke. Julian revealed that the hotel's top floor rooms on the east side would be ideal, but Carlos doubted that Olivia or Carly would rent him a room, since both women were staunch supporters of Sonny. Julian smiled because he already had a man staying in one of the rooms. Julian revealed that Jake's hotel room would be perfect, since Jake's wife liked to spend her days in the gym. Julian promised to keep Jake occupied while Carlos slipped into the room to carry out the hit.

A short time later, Jake arrived at the shop. He confessed to Julian that he had something to tell Julian.

At the same time, Carlos entered Jake and Hayden's hotel room. He glanced out the window then unpacked a sniper's rifle.

. . .

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