Wednesday, July 20, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki looked at Darby's Twitter account and made fun of the tweets. Frustrated, she wondered why Dillon couldn't see Darby for the "shallow slut" that Darby was.

At Perks Coffee, Morgan worked behind the coffee bar as Carly walked up on the promenade. Morgan warmly greeted his mother and told her about his first day on the job. He admitted that he enjoyed having responsibility and thought he was better suited for Perks Coffee than lugging sacks of coffee around the warehouse. Carly was proud of Morgan and eager to chat, but Morgan explained that he didn't have time because he hoped to meet Kiki after work. Morgan admitted that Kiki might not be in the mood to go out because of an earlier encounter with Dillon and Darby.

Morgan told Carly about Kiki's dislike for Darby and added that he hoped Dillon and Darby didn't become a long-term item because their names reminded him of two leprechauns. Carly laughed, but Morgan shifted gears to ask if there had been any news about Josslyn's kidney donor. Carly told him about the posts on Crimson's website and a promising lead from a young woman. Morgan encouraged his mother not to give up and assured her that she had his full support. After Morgan hugged his mother, he disappeared into the back of the coffee shop to restock.

Carly started to leave, but she bumped into Kiki as Kiki arrived to pick up Morgan. Carly decided to talk to Kiki about the incident with Dillon because Carly was concerned that Kiki might still have feelings for Dillon. Kiki denied it, but Carly explained that Morgan counted on Kiki, and if Kiki hurt him, then it might undo all the progress he had made. Carly acknowledged that Kiki had been through a lot with Morgan and promised that she would understand if Kiki wanted to move on with Dillon, but Carly implored Kiki to be honest with Morgan and not lead him on. Kiki insisted that she cared about Morgan and knew how important the next few months of his recovery were.

After Carly left, Morgan approached Kiki. Kiki admitted that she wasn't in the mood to go out, but Morgan revealed that he'd gotten them a room at Metro Court. Kiki quietly confessed that she might not be ready to be intimate with him, but he was hurt because he feared that she wanted to end things. Kiki explained that she simply wanted to take things slowly. She reminded Morgan that things had gone badly the last time they had tried to make love, but he assured her that things would be different because he would talk to his doctor if there were any physical side effects of the medications.

Kiki revealed that she was also worried about the past and how incredibly good things had been until they'd gone very bad. Morgan worried that she couldn't love him the way she once had and became upset. He insisted that he was a selfish screw-up and that Kiki deserved better, but she told him to stop and kissed him. Kiki assured Morgan that she loved him and didn't consider him a screw-up. Morgan relaxed and apologized for trying to rush her into something she wasn't ready for.

Kiki argued that she had been the one in the wrong. After Morgan kissed her passionately, they went to the hotel. In the hallway, Kiki asked if Morgan was ready. He assured her that he was and unlocked the door. Passion flared back to life as they kissed, tore each other's clothes off, and stumbled to the bed. Morgan put on the brakes when he saw her scar. Kiki insisted that Morgan was not to blame and admitted that she recalled him holding her and hearing his voice in the minutes after the shooting, but she'd never felt any pain.

According to Kiki, the scar was a reminder that she and Morgan were still alive and had gotten through things together. Morgan smiled and kissed her. After they made love, Kiki curled up next to him and snuggled with her back to his front. Morgan sighed with contentment as Kiki's expression turned pensive.

At Darby's apartment, Dillon and Darby tried to catch their breath after making love in bed. Dillon and Darby agreed that it had been incredible. Darby assured him that he'd sufficiently proven that he was over Kiki. Darby was glad that he'd asked her out, but she could have done without running into Kiki. Dillon reminded her that they had agreed not to talk about Kiki, so Darby changed the subject and asked about Dillon's work. Dillon talked about his love for photography and how he used pictures to weave a story.

Darby started to make love to Dillon again, but he reluctantly stopped her because he had to get to work. Dillon checked his phone and was relieved when he saw that the hotel's restaurant was open. Darby offered to join him for a bite to eat, but Dillon explained that he intended to eat while he worked. Dillon admitted that he wouldn't be able to focus if she went with him.

Later, Carly entered her restaurant and saw Dillon seated at a table. She decided to have a chat with him about Kiki. Carly greeted Dillon as she sat down. She told him that she knew about his encounter with Kiki earlier. Dillon assured Carly that his friendship with Kiki had cooled because of Kiki's relationship with Morgan. Carly admitted that she was troubled that Dillon would continue to pursue Kiki despite her relationship with Morgan. Dillon was surprised when she revealed that she knew about Dillon and Kiki's kiss in the park.

Carly explained that she had talked to Kiki about it, but Carly needed to hear from Dillon that nothing was going on between Dillon and Kiki. Before Dillon could reply, Darby walked up to return Dillon's shirt that he had left behind in her apartment. After Darby and Dillon shared a steamy but brief kiss, Darby noticed Carly. Darby and Carly exchanged greetings and talked about the new coffee shop on the promenade. Darby showed Carly a picture that Darby had taken of Dillon and Darby at Perks Coffee and gushed about what a cute couple Dillon and Darby were. Satisfied, Carly excused herself and told the couple to enjoy themselves.

Darby sat in Carly's vacated seat and asked what Dillon and Carly had been talking about. Dillon brushed it off, so Darby shrugged and invited Dillon to her place when he was through with work. Dillon warned her that it might be late, but Darby didn't care. Dillon smiled and promised to send her a text message when he was done. After Darby left, Dillon opened a miscellaneous file on his laptop, looking for a Cartullo picture. He smiled when a photograph of Kiki popped up.

At Alexis' house, Alexis called the hospital to get an update on Julian, but Kristina entered the living room and questioned why her mother was checking on Julian. Kristina waited until Alexis ended the call before asking about the pregnancy test. Alexis assured her daughter that the test had been negative and turned the conversation to Parker because Alexis was curious what Kristina intended to do. Kristina confided that a part of her wished that Molly hadn't told Kristina about Parker's speaking engagement, but Kristina didn't see the point of visiting Parker, since Parker was married, and Kristina needed to move on.

Kristina announced that she had plans with Aaron, but she offered to stay if Alexis needed her. Alexis admitted that she could use some time alone. After Kristina left, Alexis retrieved an envelope from the cabinet and noticed a picture facedown on the shelf. Alexis picked it up and looked at the photograph of Alexis and Julian on their wedding day. Alexis recalled exchanging vows with Julian but shook off the memory and returned the photograph to the cabinet.

At the nurses' station, Sonny asked to see Julian, but Felix explained that only family could visit Julian. Sonny asked about Julian's health, so Felix confided that Julian had suffered a cardiac arrhythmia. After Felix walked away, Sonny called Finn and left a voicemail message explaining that he was looking for the doctor. Sonny promised to make a decision about Finn's request and get back to Finn by the end of the day. After Sonny ended the call, Felix walked by.

Sonny stopped Felix to warn him that Julian had staged the health scare to avoid going to Pentonville. Seconds later, alarms sounded from Julian's hospital room.

In Julian's hospital room, Julian panted as he assured himself that everything would be okay. Carlos chuckled as he stepped out from behind the curtains. Carlos had little sympathy for Julian because Julian had failed to heed Carlos' advice to kill Alexis. Carlos taunted Julian about spending life behind bars, but he conceded that he was impressed with Julian's trick to stage a setback by drugging himself. Carlos touched Julian's forehead as he suggested that Julian might soon join him because Julian had taken too much of the drug. Julian began to cough as the alarms on the monitors sounded.

Moments later, Felix entered the hospital room to check on Julian. Julian breathed heavily and appeared shaky as Felix checked Julian's vitals. Sonny stood in the doorway, but Felix objected and told Sonny to leave because Sonny's presence agitated Julian. Sonny accused Julian of being a coward and walked away. After Sonny left, Julian began to relax and assured Felix that he was fine.

At the elevators, Sonny was surprised when he saw Alexis. Sonny was curious why Alexis was at the hospital, but she wondered the same thing about Sonny. Sonny admitted that he'd been curious when Julian had failed to show for the arraignment. Alexis asked if Sonny had talked to Julian, but Sonny shook his head. Sonny admitted that he had seen Julian, and it appeared that Julian was sick, but Sonny was certain that Julian had taken something. Sonny reminded Alexis that she hadn't answered his question, so Alexis showed him the divorce papers that she intended to serve Julian.

In Julian's hospital room, Julian panicked when his bed suddenly rattled. Seconds later, Carlos slid out from under the bed. Julian reminded himself that Carlos was a hallucination, but Carlos laughed and taunted Julian about going to jail. Julian explained that he couldn't because Sonny would arrange to have Julian killed. Carlos advised Julian to sleep with one eye open because Julian was guilty, and the police had all the proof they needed, since Alexis had gotten Julian to confess. Carlos insisted that the world knew who Julian really was.

Julian growled at Carlos to go away, but Carlos told Julian that the only way out was for Julian to kill Alexis. Julian regretted that he couldn't go back and undo it all because he loved Alexis. "I love Alexis so much," Julian tearfully said. Alexis stood in the doorway and heard Julian's confession. After Julian fell asleep, Alexis entered the room and watched him. Moments later, she dropped the divorce papers on the bed and left, closing the door firmly behind her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly was delighted when she saw Sonny and offered to buy him a drink because she was in the mood to celebrate. She explained that they had dodged a bullet. She filled Sonny in about her concerns regarding Kiki and Dillon. Sonny warned Carly to stay out of Morgan's personal affairs because Morgan would be humiliated if he knew that Carly had been meddling. Carly reminded Sonny that Morgan didn't have to know because Dillon was dating Darby. Carly smiled as she took a celebratory sip of her drink.

Moments later, Carly's phone chimed. It was a text message from the young woman who had contacted Carly about Josslyn's donor kidney. Carly explained that the woman wanted to meet the following day, but Sonny was uneasy because he preferred to vet people first. Carly insisted that she had to do things her way.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sabrina arrived home and saw Michael's overnight bag in the living room. She smiled as she approached him to welcome him home, but he was standoffish. Alarmed, Sabrina asked if something was wrong. Michael showed her the contract for an apartment lease and asked when she had intended to tell him that she planned to move out. Michael wondered if she had hoped to sneak away in the middle of the night like she had with Carlos.

Sabrina conceded that things might look that way, but she promised that Michael had the wrong idea. Sabrina explained that she couldn't keep taking advantage of his kindness. She knew that he loved Teddy, but she refused to tie Michael down because he deserved his freedom and space. Sabrina feared that it might be a mistake to live together if they dated, but Michael disagreed. Michael insisted that he didn't want space from Sabrina and Teddy because all he needed was right in front of him. "Sabrina, it's you," Michael clarified.

Michael promised that he wouldn't rush Sabrina, but he was certain that they had a future together. Sabrina smiled and relented. Relieved, Michael kissed her, but his phone beeped. Michael didn't want to check it, but Sabrina worried that it might be the hospital. Michael pointed out that the hospital would call her phone, but he checked it anyway. Michael immediately regretted it because it was a text message alerting him to a problem at ELQ that needed his attention. Sabrina told him to go, but Michael wanted to be certain she would be there when he returned and asked if he could take the lease to the office and shred it. Sabrina smiled happily as she nodded.

Later, Sabrina looked at a picture of her son as she told him that they finally had their happy ending. She put her phone away when she heard a knock at the door. Sabrina tensed when she opened the door and saw a man who looked exactly like Carlos. "No," Sabrina whispered. "Hello, Sabrina," the man said.

At Metro Court, Kristina knocked on Parker's door. Parker was surprised when she saw Kristina but invited her in. Parker didn't think it was a good idea for Kristina to be there, but Kristina explained that she wanted Parker to know that she had moved on and was dating a wonderful guy. "I see," Parker quietly replied and asked why Kristina was with the guy. Kristina insisted that the young man was a great guy, but Parker wondered if he knew about Parker. "Yes and no," Kristina admitted.

Parker realized that Kristina had told her boyfriend about everything except Parker's gender. Kristina assured Parker that Aaron was a nice guy and would understand, but Parker conceded that Kristina didn't owe Parker any explanations. Parker insisted that it was Kristina's journey to figure out who the right person was. Parker added that not every journey was easy. "My journey isn't," Parker confessed.

Parker wished Kristina well and promised that she wanted Kristina to have a wonderful life. Kristina glanced down and suddenly realized that Parker's wedding ring was missing. Parker reluctantly admitted that her marriage was over because it had been floundering for quite some time. Parker sat down on the bed and cried because she felt like a complete failure. Kristina wrapped her arm around Parker and commiserated. Kristina acknowledged that Aaron was a great guy, handsome, kind, and funny, and he treated Kristina well, but Kristina continued to think about Parker.

Parker and Kristina looked into each other's eyes for a long moment then kissed. Things quickly heated up as they began to undress each other and fell onto the bed in a passionate embrace.

. . .

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