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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

At Alexis' house, Alexis glanced out the window when she heard the doorbell and saw Julian on the porch. She took a fortifying breath then went to the door. Alexis warned Julian that she'd been working on an important case, but he entered the house and asked if she had time for another court case. Alexis refused to him, but he clarified that he wanted her to be a witness for the defense. Alexis declined because her suspension had only recently been lifted and she had no intention of jeopardizing her career again by perjuring herself on the stand. Julian assured her that she would only be expected to tell the truth, but she argued that he'd go to jail if she did.

Julian disagreed because Alexis had heard his sister, Olivia, threatening him on the bridge the night Olivia had kidnapped Alexis. Instead of following Olivia's orders to kill Alexis, he had shot off Alexis' handcuffs and taken a bullet for her, so she could escape. Alexis explained that any lawyer could easily tear apart a conversation between Julian and a homicidal maniac, but Julian was confident that a judge and jury would see things differently because Alexis had nothing to gain -- and everything to lose -- by lying. Alexis thought it was a stretch, but Julian asked her to think about it.

Alexis agreed, but only if Julian agreed to testify. She grabbed a bible then swore him in. Julian sat down and answered Alexis as she cross-examined him about his sister, Olivia. Alexis wanted to know how Olivia had forced him to hold a knife to Alexis' throat. Julian reminded Alexis of the phone call she had overheard between him and Olivia when he had expressed his frustration over doing Olivia's bidding.

Julian insisted that he'd followed Olivia's orders to protect his family, but Alexis didn't believe him because he'd never warned her that the woman posing as her sponsor was a fraud and dangerous. Julian explained that he couldn't risk Alexis giving herself away, and Olivia retaliating for his disobedience by slitting Alexis' throat. Alexis wanted tangible proof, so he gave her the letter he'd written in the event of his death. Alexis had read it after Olivia had shot him, but Julian asked Alexis to read it again. Reluctantly, Alexis opened the letter and read the passage about Olivia's threat to kill Sam, Lucas, and Leo, and to make him watch as his sister murdered Alexis.

Alexis' voice cracked with emotion as she read Julian's heartfelt words of love for his wife, but her voice faded as Julian recited from memory what he'd written. "The defense rests," Julian added when he was done. Alexis wanted to believe what he'd written in the letter, but it wasn't proof that he'd been coerced by his sister. Alexis wanted to know why he'd left her. Julian claimed that it had been necessary to protect Alexis because he knew he would be charged as Olivia's accomplice. Frustrated, Alexis asked why he had returned to drag her back into his dysfunction.

Julian admitted that he had intended to leave the country the night he had encountered Alexis on the pier, but seeing her had changed things because he hadn't been able to leave without spending one more night with her. He knew that Alexis had felt the same way, but she reminded him that it didn't matter because it wouldn't help his current situation. Alexis believed that she was a liability, not an asset, but Julian was willing to take his chances. Seconds later, the doorbell rang. It was a process server with a summons for Alexis to appear as a witness for the prosecution at Julian's trial.

Nathan knocked on Nina's office door as she sat in her office reading documents detailing the non-profit horse rescue that Valentin had established in her name. She put the packet down and smiled as she greeted her brother. Nina updated him on the Ask Man Landers article, but Nathan was tired of hearing about the column. Nina chuckled and playfully accused Nathan of being disgruntled, but he complained that it was supposed to have been a simple favor to help Amy out with her brother's medical expenses. Nathan changed the subject because he had stopped by to find out if Nina had kept her promise to stay away from Valentin.

Nina assured Nathan that she had tried, but Valentin had vowed to pull out all the stops and woo her back. She gave Nathan the packet detailing the horse rescue. Nathan flipped through the pages then tossed it on her desk as he conceded that Valentin knew how to get to Nina, but he wondered if it had worked. Nina explained that she might be able to consider giving Valentin a second change if Valentin could prove to her that he had put his past behind him, and he was committed to building a future with her and Charlotte. Nathan asked if Nina had told Valentin that, but Nina shook her head. She admitted that she had confided to Nelle.

Nathan was disappointed because it was clear that Nina wanted to convince herself to take Valentin back. He reminded his sister that Valentin had broken her heart, but Nina argued that Valentin had returned to her, which had never happened to her. Nathan insisted that Valentin had done terrible things. Liesl entered in time to hear what her son had said, and told him that they were all capable of terrible things. Liesl acknowledged that even she had committed "a transgression or two," but she assured both Nathan and Nina that everyone was capable of redemption.

Liesl gave Nathan an affectionate kiss on the cheek then asked to speak to Nina. Nathan was taken aback by the request, but he left. Nina confessed that she had heard about her aunt's recent troubles at the hospital, but Liesl claimed that she was glad to be rid of the place because she hadn't seen the point of troubling herself with "Philistines" who envied true genius. Nina smiled then shifted gears because she assumed Liesl was there for a job. Nina explained that Crimson already had a monthly medical column, but Liesl hoped to write a column about the latest cutting-edge developments in medical research.

Nina smiled politely and assured her aunt that it sounded fascinating, but it might be better suited for a medical journal. Liesl was disappointed by the rejection, but Nina took pity on her and offered to make some phone calls. Liesl immediately cheered up then announced her intention to pick up her last paycheck from the hospital. After Liesl left, Nathan called to ask Nina to meet him at the police station.

At the hospital, Hayden congratulated Finn on being sober for ninety days. Finn didn't want to make a big deal of it, but Hayden was proud of him and eager to celebrate. Finn thought they should celebrate the news that the townhouse he'd put a bid on hadn't passed the inspection, but Hayden wondered why that was good news. Finn smiled as he explained that he'd found a much better place for Hayden and their baby. He pulled out his phone to show her pictures of the house with a big backyard, a room for the nursery, and space for him to set up his lab.

Griffin walked up and warned Finn to slow down because they still had to deal with Finn's drug test. Finn was confident that he would pass, especially since they'd proven that Liesl had tampered with Finn's previous drug tests. Monica joined the group and let Finn know that she needed to have a talk with him in private. Finn tensed because Monica seemed somber. He followed her to a quiet corner where she informed him that his latest drug test had been clean. Finn smiled, but he admitted that she'd given him a fright.

Monica chuckled then explained that she had to remain professional in front of others to avoid any hint of impropriety. Finn smiled, but he became distracted when he received a text message asking him to go to the tenth-floor conference room for a meeting. Finn excused himself then went to the conference room where Hayden, Elizabeth, and Griffin had set up an impromptu party to welcome Finn back. Monica joined the small group as they sipped juice and dined on vending machine food. Monica raised her glass of juice to toast to Finn. Afterwards, Finn thanked everyone for their support, and Hayden for her love and kindness.

Hayden pulled her sister aside to ask Elizabeth to pinch her. Hayden admitted that her life was good, and everything seemed to be going right. Elizabeth smiled as she pinched her sister. Hayden cried out in pain then scolded Elizabeth, but Elizabeth reminded Hayden that Hayden had asked for it. Hayden chuckled, but Elizabeth confessed that she was jealous. Hayden was surprised because she thought things had been good between Elizabeth and Franco. Elizabeth promised they were, but they would never be normal even if Franco's art catalog and fortune were returned.

Hayden didn't think not being normal was a bad thing. Elizabeth agreed, but she added that Hayden deserved a little normalcy after everything Hayden and Finn had endured. Moments later, Griffin raised his glass to toast to Finn.

In the hallway, Liesl arrived, but she stopped outside the door when she heard Griffin talk about someone being misunderstood and breaking rules, but that the hospital couldn't do without. Liesl smiled because she assumed that Griffin had been talking about her. She entered the room, but froze when she saw Finn. Liesl's smile faded as she realized that the party was for Finn. Humiliated, Liesl fled.

Hayden followed Liesl and asked if Liesl had thought the party had been for Liesl. Liesl glared at Hayden, but Hayden reminded Liesl that Liesl was lucky not to be in jail. Hayden handed Liesl a severance check, but Liesl was offended and asked if Hayden had any idea what Liesl had achieved. Hayden admitted that she had read Liesl's file and knew about Liesl's impressive accomplishments. However, there were two sides to Liesl, and the good didn't outweigh the bad.

Finn walked out to check on Hayden. Liesl bristled and asked where his concern had been when he'd been shooting up. Liesl insisted that Finn deserved to lose everything, but he resented Liesl judging him. Finn finally had a chance to get his career back on track and build a life with the woman he loved, so he refused to let Liesl destroy that. Liesl thought Finn was almost as sanctimonious as Griffin, except Griffin was better looking. Finn conceded that Griffin was handsome.

After Hayden dragged Finn back to the party, Liesl went to her office to collect her things. She was upset when she saw the boxes stacked in her office filled with her possessions. Liesl went to her desk then sat down and typed Finn's name into her laptop's search engine, but she realized she wouldn't discover anything new. Liesl smiled because there was a more effective way to make Finn pay. Liesl typed Hayden's name into the search engine.

In the conference room, Monica returned to work as Griffin and Elizabeth cleaned up. Finn pulled Hayden aside to let her know that they had an appointment after work to look at the house he'd found for them.

At the police station, Dante talked to Laura on the phone. She told him about Spencer's disappearance, but Dante reminded her that Spencer had taken off before. Laura explained that things were different because Spencer's driver, Chandler, had no idea where Spencer was. Dante became alarmed when Laura revealed that Spencer had asked Alexis to file a civil lawsuit against Valentin.

After the call, Laura raced to the police station where she met up with Kevin. She told Dante and Kevin about what had transpired in the park and her desire to take Spencer home when Valentin had shown up with a court order for visitation with Charlotte. Dante wondered if it was possible that Spencer had simply left, but Kevin and Laura explained that Spencer had been lectured about taking off, and he understood the consequences, which was why Spencer had sent Kevin a text message the last time Spencer had gone somewhere without clearing it with Laura first. Kevin insisted that Spencer hadn't wanted his grandmother to worry. Laura was certain that Valentin had done something to Spencer because Spencer had told Charlotte that Valentin had killed Nikolas.

Concerned, Dante wondered if Valentin knew about Spencer's accusation. Laura nodded and revealed that Valentin had been livid. Dante feared that it might not be enough to question Valentin, so Laura told him about the wrongful death civil lawsuit against Valentin. Kevin explained that if the case went to trial then Valentin could lose a substantial fortune, or at the very least be publicly humiliated. Laura added that Valentin had made it clear to her that he wanted the lawsuit to go away.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Charlotte asked if she could have another bowl of ice cream because she wasn't ready to return to Lulu's. Valentin apologized for leaving town, but he promised that it wouldn't happen again. Valentin assured her that she could return to Wyndemere once they talked to a judge, but Charlotte wanted to know if she would still be allowed to see Lulu, Rocco, and Dante. Valentin hid his surprise as he carefully told her that she could see them if she wanted to. "Even if Lulu hates you?" Charlotte asked. Valentin wondered who had told Charlotte that Lulu hated him.

"Spencer," Charlotte answered. Valentin told her that Spencer was a troubled young man who said things that weren't true. Valentin was willing to give Spencer a break because he was a child who missed his father, but Valentin objected to the way Spencer took his unhappiness out on Charlotte. Valentin assured his daughter that she wouldn't have to see Spencer again. He glanced down when his phone chimed with an Amber Alert about a child who'd been abducted from Rice Park. Charlotte asked Valentin if something was wrong.

Valentin pasted on a smile then suggested that he and Charlotte go to Wyndemere to check on the horses. Charlotte was excited, but Laura and Kevin entered the restaurant before Valentin could whisk Charlotte away. Laura greeted her granddaughter, but Valentin pointedly told Laura that he and Charlotte were in a rush. He reminded Laura of the court order for visitation, but the issue was moot when Dante arrived. Dante greeted his stepdaughter then asked for a private word with Valentin. Valentin was forced to comply because he didn't want to make a scene in front of Charlotte.

After Valentin left with Dante. Charlotte sensed that her grandmother was sad because of Spencer. Alarmed, Kevin asked why Charlotte thought that. Charlotte explained that Valentin had told her that Spencer was sad about losing his father and that Spencer had blamed her father for what had happened. Kevin was curious if Valentin had said anything else. Charlotte revealed that her father had promised that she wouldn't have to see Spencer again.

Laura and Kevin exchanged a worried glance, but Charlotte didn't notice. Laura suggested they drop Charlotte off at Lulu's, but Charlotte wanted to wait for her father. Laura promised that they would let Valentin know where Charlotte was.

At the police station, Nathan questioned Nina about the night she had found Spencer at Wyndemere. Nina revealed that she had gone to Wyndemere to fetch her jewelry and that Spencer had been there on a quest to prove that Valentin had not been the rightful heir to the Cassadine fortune. Nathan was curious if Spencer had found what he'd been looking for, but Nina shook her head. Nathan continued to question her, but Nina wanted to know what was going on. She was shocked when Nathan told her that Spencer had disappeared. Her worry mounted when Dante and Valentin entered the squad room.

Nina asked why Valentin was there, but Valentin claimed that he had no idea. Dante explained that Spencer had disappeared from the park after a confrontation with Charlotte when Spencer had accused Valentin of killing Nikolas. Nina was outraged, but Dante asked if Valentin had been unhappy with Spencer. Valentin conceded that he had been, but he'd been more frustrated with the adults who had indulged Spencer.

Valentin reminded everyone that Charlotte was far younger than Spencer, whom Valentin accused of being a bully and a "precocious little jerk." Nina was troubled by the rancor in Valentin's tone. Dante advised Valentin to call an attorney, but Valentin insisted that he had nothing to hide because he would never harm a child. Dante was skeptical and asked if Valentin had decided to get rid of Spencer to avoid getting embroiled in an ugly trial. Valentin was furious when Dante asked for Nina's input, but Dante pointed out that Nina knew Valentin better than anyone, and if Valentin would hurt Spencer to protect Charlotte. Nina advised Dante not to rush to judgement.

Moments later, Nathan announced that a witness had stepped forward to report that they'd seen a boy fitting Spencer's description being dragged out of the park by Valentin. Valentin decided that he'd had enough and stood to leave. As he pulled on his jacket, a piece of paper slipped out of his pocket. Dante picked up the paper, which turned out to be part of a script for Hamlet.

Nina was filled with dread because she recalled that Spencer had been rehearsing for the play. Dante noticed that someone had written notes on the edge of the script. The notes indicated that Valentin was Claudius and Spencer was Hamlet. Nina realized it was Spencer's script because she recalled that Spencer had seen parallels between his life and Hamlet's. Nathan asked why Valentin had had Spencer's script. Valentin claimed there was an explanation, but Dante decided to place Valentin under arrest before Valentin made a statement.

On the next General Hospital...

• Hayden wonders why Liesl is still in the hospital

• Valentin wants to know if Nina still believes in him

• Lucy has the keys to Finn’s dream house

• Laura turns to Sonny for help

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