Wednesday, October 15, 2014

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny stared out the window as he and Shawn discussed assembling a list of people who would have a motive for killing Franco. Shawn wondered if Sonny had had any second thoughts about the plan, but Sonny assured Shawn that nothing had changed. Sonny wanted Franco to be killed before Franco and Carly exchanged wedding vows, in part because Sonny needed to save Carly from herself. Sonny was also certain that Carly was not in love with Franco.

Moments later, Carly appeared in the doorway. Sonny and Shawn relaxed when it quickly became clear that Carly hadn't overheard their conversation. She was upset because Michael had called to let her know that he and Kiki were on their way back from Sonny's island. Carly insisted that it was too dangerous, but Sonny revealed that he had already known about their son's plans. Shawn assured Carly that everything had calmed down after the botched hit against Michael, but she wasn't satisfied because Michael shouldn't have been targeted in the first place.

Carly wanted Michael to stay away as long as possible, but Sonny promised that everything was under control because Julian had been warned not to mess with Michael, and Sonny had doubled Michael's security. Carly remained concerned, so Sonny reminded her that it was Michael's decision and that Michael was determined to return home to safeguard ELQ from Tracy. Carly argued that Ned could run the company, but Sonny was curious why Carly wasn't eager to have all of her children present at her wedding to Franco.

Shawn quietly excused himself when Carly demanded to know why Sonny kept giving her a hard time about the wedding. Sonny admitted that he wanted what was best for Carly, but he suspected that she was marrying Franco to keep Franco quiet about how A.J. had really died. Carly insisted that she truly loved Franco, but she conceded that the wedding would ease a lot of Franco's insecurities.

Sonny was frustrated, but Carly was curious what the alternative was because she refused to risk Michael never forgiving them. Suddenly, Sonny and Carly heard someone clear their throat from the doorway. Michael and Kiki entered the office as Carly ran to welcome her son. Kiki stood back as Carly explained that Michael should have stayed on the island, but Michael explained that it was impossible because he needed to get back to ELQ for A.J.'s sake.

Kiki closely watched Sonny as Michael announced plans to open a free health clinic on the waterfront in A.J.'s name. Sonny remained quiet, but Carly confessed that it was a wonderful way to honor A.J. Michael quietly conceded that he understood Sonny's reluctance to support the idea because Sonny believed that A.J. had killed Connie. However, Michael was certain of his father's innocence and knew that A.J. had died trying to clear his name of the murder. Michael believed that A.J. had deserved better than to end up on the wrong side of an attempted robbery, so Michael was determined to make A.J.'s death mean something by building the free health clinic.

Later, Shawn returned to Sonny's office. Carly asked Shawn for assurance that Michael would be okay, so Sonny and Shawn readily gave it to Carly. After Carly left, Shawn and Sonny resumed discussing their plan to frame someone for Franco's murder.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina left Jordan a voicemail message begging Jordan to return the call because it was an urgent matter. After she ended the call, Silas walked up. Sabrina was surprised he was there because she knew that his shift didn't start until later, so Silas admitted that he had spent the night in the on-call room. Sabrina hoped that everything was okay, but Silas confessed that he needed to contact his attorney about starting divorce proceedings. He quickly changed the subject by asking if the conference room was available.

Sabrina checked the computer then announced that Franco had already reserved it for the morning. Silas wanted to talk to Franco about Nina, so he decided to go to the conference room to ask for its use and to question Franco about Nina.

In the conference room, Franco pulled out his phone to watch the video recording he had made of Carly confessing to Sonny that she felt guilty for sleeping with Sonny in their son's apartment. Franco paused the recording, closed the blinds, and shut the door before he turned his attention to the big screen television in the room. Moments later, Franco took a seat as the video began to play again.

On the recording, Sonny explained to Carly that what was done was done, so he urged her to stop torturing herself. Franco quietly vowed to personally take care of the torturing as Sonny proclaimed that Sonny and Carly shared a deep love. Franco was so completely focused on the recording that he hadn't heard Silas knock or enter the room until Silas groaned with disgust. Silas quickly looked away when he heard the moans, unaware that it was Sonny and Carly.

Silas assumed that Franco had been watching a pornographic movie. Franco quickly turned the video off, certain that Silas would run to Liesl to report Franco, but Silas agreed to keep quiet in exchange for information about how long Franco had been helping Nina. Franco tried to cover for Nina, but Silas revealed that he knew that Nina had been walking for quite some. Franco conceded that he had given Nina a place to hang out while she had skipped the physical therapy sessions, but Silas wanted to know if Nina had been keeping other secrets. Franco suggested that Silas get off Silas' high horse, since Silas had cheated on Nina with Ava.

Franco pointed out that Nina had woken up from a coma after twenty years, desperate to reconnect with Silas; however, her brain had been so scrambled by what she had endured that she had been forced to carry around a list of people's names. Intrigued, Silas questioned Franco about the list. Franco revealed that the list had contained names of people that Nina had needed help remembering like Silas, Sam, Ava, and Kiki. Franco added that Madeline's name had been at the top of the list, but it had been crossed off.

Silas was curious why Nina would have to keep track of people like her mother, him, and Ava, whom Nina had known before the coma. Franco had no idea, but he thought that Silas had put Nina through enough, so he told Silas to drop it. Instead, Silas decided to get some answers from Nina. After Silas left, Franco resumed watching the recording.

Later, Franco turned off the video recording as he quietly gloated that his wedding present to Carly had been progressing nicely. He couldn't wait to see her face on the big day. Franco's smile faltered when he looked up and saw Michael standing in the doorway.

In Silas' apartment, Nina clutched a picture of her and Silas on their wedding day in one hand while leaving Silas a voicemail message assuring him that she didn't blame him for being angry at her, but she added that they needed to talk. She begged him to call her back so she knew he was okay because she had been awake all night, worrying about him. She quickly ended the call when she heard keys rattle in the door.

Moments later, Rosalie entered the apartment. Nina didn't bother to hide her disappointment, so Rosalie promised to grab a few things that Rosalie had left behind then get out of Nina's hair. Nina was curious what had given Rosalie the impression that Nina no longer needed Rosalie. Rosalie reminded Nina that Silas knew the truth and had fired Rosalie, but Nina insisted that she still needed Rosalie.

Nina explained that Silas was on the verge of divorcing Nina because he had discovered the truth about everything. However, Nina was confident that she could salvage her marriage by blaming all the lies and deceptions on Rosalie. Nina intended to claim that she had opened up to Rosalie about everything when Nina had emerged from the coma and that Rosalie had taken advantage of Nina's vulnerability. Rosalie doubted that Silas would believe the "crazy" story but made it clear that she was through lying for Nina.

Rosalie also added that she had no intention of seducing Michael. Rosalie conceded that Michael deserved better than Kiki, but Rosalie insisted that Michael was a nice guy who didn't deserve to get hurt because Kiki was on Nina's hit list. Nina didn't understand Rosalie's reluctance to get involved with Michael, since it was clear that Rosalie cared about Michael, but Rosalie refused to debate things with Nina. Nina warned Rosalie to be careful because Nina wouldn't hesitate to expose Rosalie's "dirty little secret."

"What about if I give you Ava Jerome?" Rosalie quietly asked. Nina was surprised when Rosalie claimed to know where Ava was hiding. However, Nina was confident that she could find Ava if Rosalie had been able to. Rosalie reminded Nina that Ava's due date was fast approaching. "I know you want into that woman's uterus like an otter wants into a clam," Rosalie added.

Nina was offended by the crude remark, so Rosalie apologized. However, Rosalie had been certain that Nina had plans for Ava's baby ever since Nina had seen Ava's pregnant belly. Nina demanded to know where Ava was, but Rosalie refused to share the information until she was certain that Nina would not continue to hold Rosalie's secret over Rosalie's head. Rosalie announced that it was time to play by Rosalie's rules then decided to give Nina time to think things over. Nina tensed when Rosalie opened the door to leave as Silas arrived home.

At Wyndemere, Britt woke up in bed as Nikolas entered the bedroom with a breakfast tray. However, he angrily threw the tray and its contents against the wall as he accused Britt of being "the same lying bitch" that she had always been. Britt was stunned when Nikolas revealed that he had overheard Spencer talking to Josslyn about Britt and Spencer's plan to manipulate Nikolas into leaning on Britt during Spencer's disappearance. Britt desperately tried to explain that things had gotten out of hand and that she hadn't known where Spencer had gone after leaving the hotel, but that only infuriated Nikolas further because that had put Spencer in further danger.

Britt tearfully tried to explain that she had been desperate to win Nikolas back because he had been the only man who had seen something good in her. Nikolas vowed that he would never forgive Britt for what she had done to Spencer and that he regretted that he had thought Britt had been capable of changing because it had cost him the woman he had truly been meant to be with -- Elizabeth. Nikolas decided to call the police as Britt begged Nikolas to hear her out.

A short time later, the police arrived to arrest Britt. Britt cried that she loved Nikolas, but Nikolas continued to rail at her about what she had put him through. After Britt was handcuffed, the police officers dragged her away. Nikolas informed her that he didn't love her then slammed his bedroom door shut.

Britt awoke with a start then looked around as she realized that it had been a dream. Nikolas sat up when he realized that Britt had had a nightmare. He gently rubbed her back as he asked her what she had dreamed about. Britt confessed that she had thought that she had lost him, but Nikolas assured Britt that he wouldn't go anywhere.

At the brownstone, Ava was on the phone with Jordan. Ava was curious who had called Jordan, so Jordan admitted that Sabrina refused to leave Jordan alone, despite Jordan's assurances that Jordan had given Ava the medication for the cramps. Ava grumbled that the pills hadn't helped because Ava continued to experience painful abdominal spasms. Ava then shifted gears to ask about the pedestrian that Ava had struck.

Ava assured Jordan that it had been a terrible accident because the man had appeared out of nowhere, but Ava was grateful for everything that Jordan had done to help Ava. Ava had no doubt that Sonny would have found Ava and imprisoned her until the baby was born if Ava had made the call to 9-1-1. Jordan assured Ava that with any luck, the man would never remember who the driver had been. "God help us if he did," Ava said.

Moments later, Morgan entered the room, so Ava quickly wrapped up the call. Morgan wanted to know who Ava had been talking to because he had heard Ava's parting comments. Ava admitted that she had been on the phone with Jordan but rushed to assure Morgan that Jordan had no idea where Ava was. Morgan handed Ava another pill, which she promptly took. Morgan assured Ava that he wanted to protect both her and the baby because the baby was a part of his family regardless of whether Morgan was the father or not.

Ava suddenly doubled over in pain as she was seized by an agonizing cramp. Concerned, Morgan wanted to take Ava to the hospital but she refused to go because she didn't want Sonny to track her down. Morgan reminded Ava that she or the baby might be in trouble, but Ava stubbornly refused to consider it. However, she quickly realized that something was wrong when the pain didn't abate, so Morgan decided to call Britt. Britt ordered Morgan to take Ava to the hospital when Morgan revealed that he suspected that the pills Ava had been prescribed were making things worse.

In the Intensive Care Unit, Jason slept as Elizabeth checked his monitors. Brad entered to drop off "John Doe's" latest test results, so Elizabeth explained that the patient preferred to be called Jake. Brad took a close look at "Jake" then admitted that the man was good-looking. Elizabeth smiled politely until Brad changed the subject by asking if Elizabeth had heard that Britt was back in Nikolas' bed. Brad took pleasure in gloating that Elizabeth had once again lost out to Britt until Jason suddenly warned Brad, "That's enough."

Brad and Elizabeth were startled that "Jake" had heard them, but Elizabeth quickly tried to cover the awkward moment by suggesting that Jake ignore Brad. "Everyone else does," Elizabeth added with a pointed look at Brad. Jason wasn't satisfied, so he demanded that Brad apologize to Elizabeth. Brad reluctantly complied then marched to the door, muttering under his breath that Elizabeth always seemed to manage to get the cute guys.

Elizabeth quickly closed the door then assured "Jake" that it hadn't been necessary to defend her honor because she was a big girl, but Jason argued that Brad was a "jackass." Jason carefully asked if Elizabeth was okay because it had sounded like there had been history between her and Nikolas. Elizabeth stressed that she and Nikolas were in the past, but she suspected that Britt would find a way to mess things up with Nikolas anyway. Jason appeared concerned about Elizabeth, but she promised him that she was fine and ready to move forward.

Jason decided to change the subject by asking if there had been any news about his fingerprints, so Elizabeth shook her head. Jason was frustrated because he couldn't remember anything before the accident, but Elizabeth suggested that perhaps it might help if he focused on what he could remember of the accident. As if on cue, Jordan popped her head into Jason's ICU room. Elizabeth warned Jordan that it wasn't a good time, but Jordan explained that she had wanted to check on the patient because she had been responsible for the accident.

Jason seemed surprised as Jordan apologized then claimed that she had tried to stop, but it had been too late. Jason suddenly recalled hearing another woman's voice asking if he was okay, prompting Jason to question if Jordan had truly been responsible for the accident.

At the nurses' station, Brad overheard Sabrina leave Jordan an urgent voicemail message. She was surprised when he revealed that he had seen Jordan minutes earlier in ICU at Jake Doe's room.

Moments later, Sabrina entered Jason's ICU room to ask to speak to Jordan privately about an important matter. Jordan reluctantly agreed but promised to return later to check on "Jake." After Jordan left, Jason confided to Elizabeth that he recalled hearing another woman's voice at the scene of the accident. Elizabeth suggested that perhaps he was confused because Jordan had made the call to 9-1-1 and had taken full responsibility for the accident. Jason remained uneasy, so Elizabeth admitted that head injuries like his could cause confusion.

In the hallway, Sabrina claimed that she had made a clerical error with Ava's prescriptions, and the pills that Ava had been given induced labor.

At the brownstone, Kiki was stunned when she arrived home and saw her mother rocking in pain on the sofa. Morgan implored Kiki to help him talk sense into Ava because Ava needed to go to the hospital. Moments later, Jordan called to let Ava know about the mix-up with the medications. Ava ended the call and informed Morgan and Kiki that she might be in labor.

At the hospital, Nikolas dropped Britt off then kissed her goodbye. Brad was happy for Britt, but she confessed that she was haunted by nightmares about her lies.

. . .

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