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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

At the cabin, Michael and Nelle remained stranded in the blizzard as he draped an extra towel over her shoulders to keep her from getting chilled after her warm bath. Nelle looked up to thank him, but passion flared to life as they gazed into each other's eyes. Michael started to kiss her, but she pulled back at the last moment. "I can't," Nelle insisted.

Later, Michael and Nelle had changed into dry clothing as he entered the living room and assured her that he would not try to kiss her again. Nelle wasn't worried, but she made it clear that it could not happen again. Michael knew that Nelle and her boyfriend had had an arrangement, but he worried that it had been something Nelle's boyfriend had convinced her to go along with because she didn't seem happy. Nelle pulled her gaze away from the window and reminded him that her relationship was none of his concern. She assured him that she was happy, but he didn't believe her. However, Michael conceded that he might be wrong, since she tended to play things close to her vest.

Nelle explained that it was a defense mechanism. She admitted that she kept her intimate information to herself because she feared that someone might use it against her. She also didn't share her secrets because it was the only way to make certain that no one betrayed her. Michael warned her that she'd closed herself off not just to the people who might hurt her but also to the people who might care about her. Nelle argued that Michael didn't know her and informed him that not everyone was as lucky as he'd been.

Michael acknowledged that he'd grown up with financial security, but he assured Nelle that he knew what it was like to be betrayed. Nelle was surprised and tried to question him about it, but Michael wanted to focus on Nelle. He assured her that his life was not a fantasy, but Nelle argued that he had a family who loved him. She pointedly reminded him that not everyone was as lucky and added that she would never be truly happy. Stunned, Michael told her that she couldn't possibly know that, but Nelle disagreed. She told him how she had dreamed of one day leaving home until she'd grown up and realized that the cards had been stacked against her.

Nelle told Michael that she might not find happiness, but she wouldn't let anything stop her from getting satisfaction. Michael admitted that it sounded as if Nelle intended to fight "like hell" to settle for less than she deserved, but Nelle disagreed because she didn't think she deserved to be happy. Michael hugged her and assured her that she was wrong. Nelle warned him that she'd done some terrible things, but Michael didn't care. He promised that he wouldn't go anywhere, regardless of what she told him. Nelle was skeptical, but she intended to hold him to that because she was ready for a new path. Michael wondered if he was part of that new path.

At Greystone Manor, Carly left Nelle a voicemail message asking if everything had been set up at the cabin. Carly knew that cell phone reception was spotty in the mountains, but she asked her assistant to return the call as soon as Nelle received the message. Sonny walked in as Carly ended the call and asked who she'd been talking to. Carly explained that she'd planned a surprise for him, but she refused to share the details and left to run a few errands. After Carly left, Sonny called Jason to let Jason know that they needed to talk.

In Carly's office, Bobbie was on the phone with Felicia. She was delighted to learn that Felicia was in Atlanta and eagerly asked what Felicia had uncovered about Nelle. Bobbie was forced to cut the call short when Carly arrived. Carly was surprised and asked why her mother was in the office. Bobbie claimed that she'd had dinner in the restaurant and had decided to drop by to pay her daughter a visit. Carly smiled and admitted that Bobbie had almost missed her because Carly and Sonny had plans for a romantic getaway. Carly noticed the mess on her desk and looked to Bobbie for an explanation.

According to Bobbie, she'd noticed that Carly's inbox had been full, so Bobbie had decided to help out by sorting the mail. Bobbie suggested that Carly could finish the task while they chatted. Carly noticed an envelope addressed to her, but she decided that it could wait until after her trip with Sonny. Bobbie confessed that she was pleased that Carly and Sonny had worked things out. Bobbie acknowledged that she had issues with some of Sonny's choices, but Bobbie could see that Sonny made Carly happy. Bobbie was surprised when Carly mentioned going to a cabin in the mountains and told her daughter that the snowstorm had made the roads up the mountain impassable.

Worried, Carly called the cabin's caretaker. After a brief conversation, Carly confirmed that the roads had been closed. Bobbie wondered about Nelle. Carly revealed that the caretaker had seen Nelle at the cabin, but Carly wasn't worried about her assistant because the cabin had plenty of supplies and food. Bobbie was relieved, which surprised Carly. Bobbie promised that she didn't wish Nelle any ill then added that Carly had been right -- it had been unfair to be suspicious of Nelle without any proof of wrongdoing.

After Carly left, Bobbie called Felicia and apologized for cutting the call short when Carly had arrived. Bobbie was curious what Felicia had uncovered about Nelle. "Oh, God, no," Bobbie said as she listened to Felicia. Bobbie admitted that it was exactly what she'd been afraid of.

At the hospital, Jason caught up with his mother on the staircase. She was surprised to see him because she'd only sent the text message to him five minutes earlier. Jason explained that he'd been in the hospital and told her about Sam's visit with Dr. Lee and the miscommunication. Monica thought it was odd that someone in Kelly's office had gotten their wires crossed like that, but Jason changed the subject by asking if they had raised enough money to buy the hospital. Monica explained that they wouldn't know for certain until they met with the board the following day. Jason hoped that the board could be persuaded to do the right thing.

Monica agreed and shifted gears to give Jason a special gift. Jason unwrapped the present and saw a familiar baby blanket. Monica confirmed it had been his and that his grandmother Lila had knitted it. Monica acknowledged that there'd been "a little consternation" around Jason's birth, but Lila had always known that Jason would be a blessing to the family. Monica smiled because her mother-in-law had been right. Jason was touched by the gift and hugged his mother.

Meanwhile, Tracy paced the boardroom as Hayden crunched numbers on a laptop. Tracy was anxious to know if the Quartermaines would be able to save the hospital. Hayden continued to work on the laptop as Monica entered the room and asked if Hayden had an answer yet. Hayden finished up and smiled. "Well, ladies, I think we did it," Hayden said. Tracy and Monica were delighted that they'd raised enough money to buy the hospital, but Tracy warned Monica that it was too soon to celebrate because they still had to meet with the board members. Monica was disappointed because she'd hoped raising enough capital to keep the hospital's door open would be sufficient.

Tracy explained that the board members might still vote to sell to the developer because there was a group of members, led by Fred Gray, who were more interested in profit rather than doing what was right. Tracy added that she suspected Fred had side deals with the developer, but they didn't have time to launch an investigation because the decision to sell would be made by the board the next day. Tracy insisted that it would be up to Hayden to convince the board members to let the Quartermaines purchase the hospital rather than to sell it to a developer. Hayden was concerned, but Monica reminded Hayden that both Michael and Laura were on the board, and they were in the Quartermaines' corner.

Tracy perked up because she was confident that the board would ultimately vote to keep the hospital open. She decided to take Monica up on the offer of sparkling cider to celebrate, but Monica was reluctant to jump the gun. Tracy promised that it would all work out and insisted that Monica fetch the sparkling cider. Later, Tracy, Monica, and Hayden toasted to the future of the hospital, the Quartermaines, and their associates. Hayden beamed when Monica grudgingly gave Hayden credit for helping to pull the deal together.

Moments later, Hayden received a text alert about Finn's flight. Both Tracy and Monica chuckled because Hayden kept close tabs on Finn. Tracy thought it was a bit creepy, and Monica admitted that Alan would have never stood for it. Tracy and Monica traded barbs while Hayden stepped out to call Finn and let him know about the Quartermines' decision to buy the hospital. However, Hayden returned a few minutes later with a worried expression. Hayden explained that Finn hadn't answered his phone, and she'd learned that he'd canceled the hotel reservations.

At Greystone Manor, Jason arrived to talk to Sonny. Sonny told Jason about his conversation with Robin at Metro Court Restaurant and the discovery that Julian had had another sister named Olivia. Jason admitted that he and Sam had already done some digging and knew about Olivia Jerome, who had been older than Julian and had also used the name Olivia St. John. Jason explained that Olivia had died in 1990 when Julian had shot her in the back. Sonny wasn't surprised by Julian's actions because he hadn't expected anything less. Sonny pointed out that being shot in the back might mean that Julian's sister had survived. Jason agreed that it was possible and added that perhaps Olivia had planted the bomb.

Sonny seemed reluctant to scratch Ava off the top of the list of suspects, but Jason reminded Sonny that whoever had killed Morgan deserved to pay -- even if it was Olivia Jerome. Jason called Spinelli to enlist help in finding out if Olivia had survived the shooting. After Jason ended the call, Carly entered. She immediately asked what was going on, but Sonny was evasive and told her that Jason was still working on the investigation. Carly asked Jason about Ava's guilt and was disappointed that Jason still had doubts that Ava had been responsible for the car bomb.

After Jason left, Sonny asked Carly about the surprise she had planned for him. Carly revealed that the plans had fallen through because she'd intended to take him to a cabin in the mountains, but the blizzard had made it impossible to make it up the mountain. Sonny assured her that they could still have their romantic weekend at home. Carly smiled and kissed her husband.

In the city jail, Ava called out for the guard and demanded to see Jordan. Ava insisted that there had been a miscarriage of justice and threatened to file lawsuits if the police commissioner refused to make an appearance. Ava's demands were met with silence. Dejected, Ava sat on her cot, but she perked up when she heard approaching footsteps. "Well, it's about time," she said as she turned to face her visitor. Her smile vanished when she saw it was Julian.

Julian asked Ava not to look so disappointed, but she wanted to know when he would straighten things out and get her released from jail. Julian assured his sister that he didn't enjoy seeing her behind bars, but she didn't care because she had expected him to tell both Jordan and the district attorney that she hadn't had anything to do with the bomb in Julian's car. Julian sighed. Furious, Ava ordered him to leave because she realized that he would not help, and she couldn't stand the sight of him.

Julian promised that he would get Ava out of the situation she was in, but he needed time. Ava snidely asked if he was talking about a day or years. She pointed out that all he had to do was confirm that he hadn't been talking to her on the recording that the police had in their possession. Ava reminded Julian of everything she'd done to help him when he'd recently been on trial, but Julian promised that Ava wouldn't have to stay in jail long. He explained that he'd given Alexis instructions that would help Ava, but Ava laughed because she couldn't imagine Alexis doing anything for Ava. Ava wanted to know what was going on, but Julian cryptically told her that all would be clear soon.

Ava demanded answers, but Julian insisted that it was too dangerous. Ava saw the terror in her brother's eyes and assured him that he could trust her to have his back. She conceded that they'd betrayed each other and had even threatened to kill each other, but in the end, they were family and would always stand together. Julian relented and agreed to tell Ava everything, but his cell phone chimed. Julian looked down and saw a message from his sister Olivia.

Julian opened the text message, which was a photograph of Olivia and Sam in the car. Alarmed, Julian quickly closed the message and informed Ava that he'd changed his mind. Ava wanted to know what the text message had been about, but Julian refused to tell her. Ava was tired of Julian playing games with her life and coldly informed him that he was dead to her. "You have no idea," Julian said. Stunned, Ava watched Julian leave.

In Olivia Jerome's car, Sam listened as her mother's A.A. sponsor talked about family. "Liv" explained that she'd split from her family years before and had reinvented herself. Sam was curious what Liv had done, so Liv pointed out that she'd gotten sober. Sam noticed an ornamental tassel hanging from the rearview mirror and recognized the Chinese lettering. "Reincarnation," Sam whispered, but Liv didn't appear to hear her.

Liv noticed Sam looking at the ornament and asked if Sam recognized the lettering. Sam admitted that the ornament was beautiful and revealed that she knew a bit about the Chinese culture because she and Jason had taken an interest in it after their marriage at a Chinese restaurant. Sam carefully asked Liv about the ornament, prompting Liv to explain that the letters essentially meant reincarnation. Sam was careful not to react as she began to put the pieces together. Sam recalled talking to Jason and him showing her a picture of Julian talking to a blonde woman and wondering if it could be Ava.

Sam pushed the memory away and continued to chat with Liv in the hopes of gleaning more information that might confirm her suspicions that Liv was Olivia Jerome. The conversation took a sinister turn when Liv asked if Sam had ever been at a turning point in life when Sam had thought all was lost. Sam suddenly asked Liv to pull over because Sam needed to relieve herself. Liv was surprised by the request but pulled over. However, Liv refused to let Sam out of the car in the middle of a snowstorm. Sam assured Liv that it would be fine because Sam's friend "Sofia" lived on the other side of the footbridge.

Sam added that Sofia's husband was a police officer, and Sofia worked for the district attorney's office. Sam suddenly jumped out of the car and quickly made her way to the footbridge. She started to call Jason but dropped the phone. Seconds later, Liv appeared and picked up the phone. Liv realized that Sam had figured out the truth about Liv's identity, but Sam played dumb and told Liv to drop the phone off with Alexis. Sam started to walk away until she heard the familiar sound of a gun being cocked. Sam turned to face her aunt. Olivia suggested that they drop the pretense.

On the next General Hospital...

• Valentin learns about Anna’s arrest

• Lucy says that it breaks her heart that “GH dies today”

• Jason and Curtis look for a body

• Someone with deadly intentions enters Anna’s hospital’s room

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