Wednesday, October 19, 2016

At the Metro Court restaurant, Finn hacked into a napkin, so Tracy made him drink some water. Hayden noticed the incident and booked it back to Evan's table. She told him that she wanted to discuss what he wanted from her in exchange for an "immediate cash grant for medical research, no questions asked." He wondered why he should help her after she'd thrown her drink on him. She suggested that he take her somewhere private so she could explain. He agreed to take her to his room and asked the waitress for the check.

Tracy remarked that she hadn't seen Finn's sickness that bad in a while. He looked over and saw Hayden get into the elevator with Evan and wondered where she was going with the man. Tracy reminded him that the two were "consenting adults. Is that a problem for you?" He claimed that he just didn't want his "friend" to mess up her life. Tracy urged him to "play hero" if it would make him happy, but she thought that Hayden was a "big girl" who could take care of herself. She again advised Finn to do what would make him happy, and she left. Finn crept over to the table Hayden and Evan had sat at and looked at their check to find Evan's room number.

In Evan's room, Hayden wanted a drink, so Evan got out all the shots from the minibar. He didn't want any, but she didn't want to drink alone, so he downed shot after shot with her. "Let's do this," he said, grabbing her. She stopped him and reminded him that he still owed her a check. He wrote the check and handed it to her. She wanted to go deposit it, but he told her that their "transaction's not finished." He demanded that she "pay up."

Finn arrived in front of Evan's door and heard noise from inside. He slammed his shoulder into the door, and it crashed open. He was shocked to find an unconscious Evan half-naked on the floor, and Hayden trying to lift him. He demanded to know what was going on. She explained that she needed Evan to think that they'd had sex so that he wouldn't cancel the check he'd written. She handed Finn the "donation" from Evan.

Hayden scoffed at all the "overgrown prep school boys" who thought they could outdrink her. She attempted to lift Evan onto the bed, but he was too heavy. "There's not enough hand sanitizer in the world!" Finn exclaimed when Hayden asked for his help. He finally agreed but made disgusted noises while he was lifting Evan. They tossed him onto the bed as she planted a condom near him. She instructed Finn to cash the check immediately.

Finn chided Hayden for her "terrible judgment," and he wondered what would have happened if Evan had drugged her or forced himself on her. She reminded him that her plan had worked. She asked how he'd ended up at Evan's room. He admitted to looking at their bar bill. She questioned his motives for going after her.

Not letting Finn talk, Hayden went on about how Finn had thought that she was going to "have sex with a jerk," so he'd tried to stop it. Clearly starting to feel the alcohol, she continued that, if Hayden was to have sex with anyone, Finn wanted it to be him. That was because, although he said he had no time left, "you're not dead yet." Hayden suddenly wondered why the room was spinning, and the two sat on the floor.

At the Metro Court bar, Liesl hung up her phone after a clearly disappointing conversation about a job. Two seats away, Ava wondered about Liesl's trouble. Liesl explained that she had three PhDs, she'd headed the best clinic in Switzerland, and she'd saved General Hospital from bankruptcy, so she was "too good for Mercy" anyway. She thought that she should move on with her life. Ava warned that it was easier said than done.

Liesl expressed sympathy for Ava's loss of Morgan. The women discussed how Morgan's family would never move on from the loss. Ava wished he'd gotten into any other car, but Liesl believed that, had his medication been working correctly, Morgan never would have stolen a car to begin with. She figured that Carly would be getting Morgan's medication tested to make sure there was no malpractice involved. Remembering how she'd switched out Morgan's medication, Ava suddenly became alarmed and excused herself.

As Ava walked to the elevator, she left Scott a message. She told him where she kept her will. She explained that she had an urgent matter to attend to, and her death was quite possible.

Sonny sat on the floor and heard the giggles of a child. He saw a little boy run by saying, "Come find me, Daddy!" Sonny called out to Morgan and looked around for him. He found a child's shoe on the floor. Just then, the little boy wondered, "Why can't you find me?" Sonny woke up on the couch.

Nelle got Sonny some aspirin and told him about having dreams of her best friend after she'd died. Nelle offered to keep Sonny company, but he replied that if he couldn't be with Carly, he just wanted to be alone. She understood, so she left.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang, and Sonny unhappily answered it to Ava. She wanted to see Avery, as she was concerned about Sonny's ability to care for the little girl. She expressed sympathy about Morgan, and Sonny only responded that she had been the worst thing to happen to Morgan. Ava offered to take Avery temporarily, but Sonny refused.

Ava noticed that Carly wasn't there and wondered if she'd left Sonny. As much as Ava hated to admit it, Avery needed both of her parents, and Sonny needed Carly. She advised him to do whatever he could to hold onto Carly. Sonny allowed Ava to go upstairs for five minutes, so Ava went upstairs. She eased into Morgan's room and got his pill bottles out of his nightstand. She dropped one of the bottles, and it rolled under the bed. She crawled under the bed to get the bottle but was shocked to see Nelle when she backed out.

Maxie revealed that the test she'd had run had concluded that Nathan was not Charlotte's father. In order to distract Charlotte, Maxie set the little girl up on her computer with headphones. Maxie admitted that she'd taken Charlotte's juice box and had it tested against Nathan's DNA. She'd figured that Claudette hadn't really used Charlotte's DNA in her test. Nathan asked Maxie to watch Charlotte so that he could talk to Griffin. He left. Minutes later, Maxie called Liesl and asked her to visit.

Liesl arrived, and Maxie asked her to watch Charlotte while Maxie ran an errand. She advised Liesl not to get attached to Charlotte, since Claudette had lied about the girl being Nathan's daughter. Angry, Liesl replied that Claudette had "tangled with the wrong woman," and she vowed to make Claudette regret the decision. "Sounds great," Maxie replied, and she left the apartment.

Griffin and Claudette shared a passionate kiss and began to undress until Griffin stopped it. Claudette urged him to run away with her. As much as she hated to leave Charlotte, Claudette believed that the little girl was safe with Nathan. "But I'm not her father. Griffin is, isn't he, Claudette?" Nathan called out.

Nathan explained that Maxie had gotten another DNA test done, and he'd figured out that Claudette had used a sample of Liesl's hair for the original DNA test. Claudette thought back to when Liesl had visited her, and Claudette had gotten hair off a brush in Liesl's bag while Liesl had been in the bathroom. Claudette finally admitted that Griffin was Charlotte's father and apologized for the pain she'd caused. She insisted that she'd been trying to protect both Charlotte and Griffin. Claudette wondered if Griffin wanted to meet his daughter.

Claudette, Griffin, and Nathan arrived at Nathan and Maxie's apartment. Liesl was all over Claudette as soon as she entered, but Claudette went right over to Charlotte. Nathan wondered where Maxie was, and Liesl replied that Maxie had explained everything about Charlotte then had gone to run an errand. Claudette introduced her "old friend Griffin" to Charlotte.

At Metro Court, Maxie knocked on Claudette's door. She tried to call out over the loud music, but instead, she used a key card that Spinelli had made for her. She entered the messy room and heard clattering of glasses in the bathroom. Just then, a man walked out of the bathroom. Maxie claimed that she had the wrong room and tried to run away, but the man grabbed her.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...

• Nathan demands for Claudette to tell him where Maxie is.
• Maxie tries to find a way out of her situation.
• Hayden wakes up in Finn's room.
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