Wednesday, April 16, 2014

At the hospital, Patrick entered the examination room as Sabrina waited for Dr. Chu to arrive. He apologized for missing the previous appointments, but promised that he would be there for both Sabrina and the baby, despite what some people might suggest. Sabrina advised Patrick not to pay attention to what Carlos had said because Carlos simply wanted to be protective. Patrick admitted that he didn't mind as long as Carlos stayed away from Patrick's child.

Moments later, Dr. Chu entered the room and apologized because she had been assisting in surgery with Dr. Pacabra and then confided that she and Dr. Pacabra had been considering opening a practice together. Patrick and Sabrina smiled as Dr. Chu reviewed Sabrina's medical records and confirmed that Sabrina was 24 weeks pregnant, so the ultrasound would be able to give them a good look at the baby to determine if there were any health issues that they needed to be concerned about.

Dr. Chu asked if the parents wanted to know the sex of the baby. Patrick left it up to Sabrina, so she admitted that she wanted to know. Dr. Chu started the ultrasound and then revealed that the baby appeared healthy. Afterwards, she congratulated Patrick and Sabrina because the baby was a boy.

At ELQ, Luke bristled when Ned suggested that Luke sign a prenuptial agreement. Luke claimed that he might consider it if Luke had been engaged to Ned, but Luke intended to marry Tracy. Ned pointed out that Luke had married Tracy twice for her money, even though the first wedding hadn't been legitimate, so Ned wanted Luke to prove to everyone that Luke wanted to marry Tracy for love by signing a prenuptial agreement. Luke recalled his conversation with Julian about why it was important for Luke to infiltrate ELQ.

Meanwhile, Ned accused Luke of being greedier than ever by trying to get Luke's foot into ELQ's door. Ned insisted that ELQ was the Quartermaine family legacy, so Ned was determined to do whatever was necessary to protect his grandfather's empire. Luke pointed out that Luke was about to become a part of the Quartermaine family, which meant that Luke had a stake in the family's company, but Ned remained skeptical because Ned was curious when Luke had taken an interest in business and working in an office.

Luke explained that he wanted his marriage to Tracy to be an equal partnership, which meant that Luke and Tracy should work together. Ned pointed out that if money wasn't an issue to Luke, then Luke wouldn't mind signing the prenuptial agreement, but Luke continued to balk. "What's the problem? Why the pushback?" Ned asked as Tracy studied Luke carefully.

Luke began to berate Ned for not being around when Tracy had needed her son, but Ned refused to allow Luke to deflect. Ned explained that he'd always had complete confidence in his mother's ability to take care of business and had helped the few times that it had been necessary. Luke continued to fling insults at Ned, but Ned refused to back down and accused Luke of being more dangerous than ever because Tracy was blind to Luke's true nature. Annoyed, Luke suggested that the only reason that Ned had arrived in town early was to find out if Ned had been cut out of the will. Ned smiled knowingly as Luke insisted that even Tracy knew that Ned was a "moneygrubber."

"Don't you, sweetheart?" Luke asked. Tracy surprised Ned by asking to speak to Luke alone. Luke smiled with satisfaction and offered a parting insult as Ned left. Afterwards, Luke suggested that they hang the painting that Luke had picked up for Tracy's birthday, but she revealed that she preferred to revisit the issue of the prenuptial agreement. Luke insisted that Ned had just been paranoid, but Tracy made it clear that she would have a prenuptial agreement drawn up and that she expected Luke to sign it.

Luke objected, but Tracy explained that she would sign one if their roles had been reversed because she would understand Luke's desire to protect his family's assets. Luke assured Tracy that nothing would go wrong, but she countered that history begged to differ. Luke changed tactics by suggesting that Tracy wasn't as committed to their relationship was he was, but Tracy saw through Luke's attempt to manipulate her. Luke suggested that perhaps he and Tracy shouldn't get married because it was clear that Tracy didn't trust Luke.

At Greystone Manor, A.J., sporting a blood-spattered shirt from a gunshot wound, was surprised that Sonny hadn't had a drink waiting for A.J. Sonny seemed startled when he saw A.J., so A.J. asked if Sonny had truly believed that A.J. wouldn't return. Sonny tried to ignore A.J., prompting A.J. to propose a toast to Sonny for being "two-faced" for breaking Sonny's cardinal rule of betrayal by lying to Michael. "Get out of my head, A.J.," Sonny growled as the remark struck home.

A.J. was curious how Sonny felt knowing that Michael had been drowning in grief, trying to find the "bastard" who had killed A.J., not realizing that the true killer was right in front of Michael's eyes. A.J. accused Sonny of being a cowardly snake and then asked how long Sonny believed that Sonny could hold the secret in. Sonny paced the room as he tried to ignore A.J., but A.J. was relentless until Sonny snapped and threw a glass against the wall.

Olivia was shocked as she appeared in the doorway as the shattered glass exploded around her. She immediately demanded to know if Sonny was okay. Sonny tried to pass it off as an accident, but Olivia saw through the lie. A.J. continued to taunt Sonny as Olivia desperately tried to find out what was tormenting Sonny. Sonny refused to discuss it, but she remained concerned because she recalled that Sonny had spiraled out of control in a similar fashion when Connie had died. Olivia suggested that it might help if Sonny talked things out, so A.J. "double-dog dared" Sonny to tell Olivia the truth.

A.J. pointed out that it was Sonny's chance to get rid of A.J. but conceded that Sonny would also lose Michael. Sonny blocked A.J. out and revealed that Michael had stopped by to update Sonny about the investigation. Olivia admitted that A.J. could rot in hell, but she hoped that Michael found some peace. A.J. reminded Sonny that Sonny could give Michael peace, but Sonny ignored A.J.

Olivia continued to worry about Sonny, but Sonny assured her that he was still on his medications. Olivia sensed that something much deeper was troubling Sonny, so she urged him to find someone to talk to. Sonny snapped at Olivia but then quickly apologized, but Olivia was hurt that he refused to open up to her. Sonny promised Olivia that he loved her, but Olivia insisted that love didn't mean looking away when the person you loved fell apart. She begged Sonny to find help, kissed him, and then left. A.J. admitted that he was glad that Olivia had finally left.

At Kelly's, Duke was surprised that Shawn had guessed that the Jeromes had gotten into the drug trade. Duke was curious how Shawn had known, so Shawn thought about Shawn's recent conversation with Jordan about Jordan's past and then cryptically claimed that it had been a hunch.

Duke and Shawn entered the kitchen to continue their discussion in private. Duke revealed that the Jeromes had received a large shipment of cocaine and that the cargo had been transported to a warehouse where it had been cut and readied for distribution. "Damn it, Jordan," Shawn muttered as Duke talked about the arrival of drugs in Port Charles. Duke was curious who Jordan was, so Shawn explained that Jordan Ashford was T.J.'s mother.

Shawn confided that Jordan had been a drug dealer and that she had landed in jail for two years. Shawn admitted that he and Jordan had never told T.J. the truth about why T.J. had been sent to stay with Shawn, but Jordan had recently moved to Port Charles and had promptly taken a job at the Jerome Gallery. Duke wondered if Shawn believed Jordan's claims that she intended to stay out of trouble. Shawn admitted that he couldn't afford to, given Jordan's history.

Shawn switched gears to find out if Duke had discussed the situation with Sonny. Duke confessed that he had intended to, but Sonny had been haunted by what had happened to A.J. Shawn tensed as he asked what Duke was talking about. Duke carefully reminded Shawn that Sonny had been with Duke at the time of A.J.'s shooting, so Shawn relaxed and suggested that they wait to make a move until Shawn discussed the drug situation with Sonny.

Duke nodded and agreed to keep digging for information and report back to Shawn. After Duke left, Shawn called Jordan, but the call went to voicemail.

At the police station, Michael approached Anna and Dante in the hallway to demand to know if progress had been made on A.J.'s murder investigation. Dante revealed that they had talked to a gun dealer who had sold the gun that had been used during the break-in at the Quartermaine mansion when an intruder had attempted to kill A.J. Michael wanted to know who the gun dealer had named, so Anna showed Michael a picture of Carlos and added that Carlos was a Jerome associate.

Michael was outraged when he recognized the picture of the man that he had met in the elevator at the hospital. Intrigued, Anna was curious when the incident had occurred, so Michael told her that it had happened thirty minutes earlier. Anna left to issue an APB on Carlos, while Dante stayed behind to question Michael about Michael's encounter with Carlos. Michael explained that Carlos had asked Michael about the investigation but hadn't given a clue about where Carlos had been headed. Dante cautioned Michael not to jump to conclusions because there wasn't any proof that Carlos had killed A.J.

Michael suggested that Carlos had acted on Ava and Julian's orders, but Dante reminded Michael that A.J. had cleared Julian of the shooting. Michael argued that A.J. hadn't cleared Ava, but Dante countered that Ava had been in New York City at the time of the shooting. Moments later, Anna returned to inform Dante that Carlos' car had been spotted in front of the Jerome Gallery. Michael started to follow Anna and Dante out the door, but Dante ordered Michael to stay put.

At the Jerome Gallery, Carlos assured Ava that the gun that he had left behind at the Quartermaine mansion couldn't be traced back to him because he hadn't registered the gun, and he had worn gloves. He also pointed out that he'd had on a mask, so he couldn't be identified. Ava hoped that Carlos was right because the last thing that she needed was for the police to find out that Carlos had tried to kill A.J. However, Ava was curious what Carlos would do if the police should arrest him.

Ava gently stroked Carlos' hair as Carlos reminded her that he hadn't killed A.J., but she tensed when he questioned if she had. Ava recalled Sonny firing the deadly shot as she assured Carlos that she hadn't killed A.J. Carlos appeared skeptical and pointed out that she couldn't blame him for wondering because A.J. had started to remember that Ava had killed Connie. Ava was curious if she had been wrong to trust Carlos with her secret about Connie. She wondered if he would give her up if the cops tracked him down.

Meanwhile, Jordan quietly confessed that she knew about Julian's drug operation. Julian pretended that he had no idea what Jordan was talking about, so Jordan suggested that she broach the subject with his sister, Ava. Julian didn't react, prompting Jordan to reveal that she knew that Julian had received a shipment on the Atlantic Light. Julian suggested that she stay away from drugs, but Jordan assured him that she had never touched drugs, but she knew how to traffic them, so she wanted in on Julian's lucrative business.

Jordan bragged that her expertise was in the area of distribution and that Julian could use her because she had easily gotten the information about the shipment. Jordan warned him that his people were sloppy, but she assured Julian that she would make certain that the venture ran smoothly and didn't become vulnerable. Julian continued to play it cool by acting surprised that his sister had hired a drug dealer, but Jordan wasn't fooled and confided that she had once run a profitable business in the "D.C. corridor."

Jordan warned Julian not to wait too long to take her up on her offer because she knew that Sonny had a stronghold in Port Charles and had successfully kept drugs out of the territory for many years. Jordan promised that she could keep the cops and Sonny out of Julian's hair because she had experience. "The best you'll ever have," Jordan added with confidence. Julian thought that Jordan had a high opinion of herself, but he didn't trust her because he suspected that she was in cahoots with Anna and wore a wire. As if to confirm his fears, Anna and Dante entered the gallery but called out for Carlos.

Julian and Ava were startled when Anna explained that they had some questions for Carlos about A.J.'s murder. Carlos became defensive and made a move for Dante, so Anna promptly arrested Carlos for assaulting a police officer. Julian and Ava objected, but Anna and Dante ignored them as they marched Carlos out the door. Ava tried to follow Carlos to the police station, but Julian blocked her exit. Ava warned her brother to get out of her way, but he wanted to know what was really going on between Ava and Carlos.

Julian pointed out that Ava and Carlos had been conspiring in a corner out of Julian's hearing, so Julian was certain that Ava and Carlos were hiding something. Ava denied it, but Julian vowed to get to the truth with or without Ava's participation. Ava suggested that Julian get his priorities straight because one of their own needed their help.

However, Ava suddenly noticed Jordan standing in the corner, so she apologized to her new employee and assured Jordan that it wasn't normal for the police to show up at the gallery. Julian doubted that it would faze Jordan if the police showed up on a regular basis because he had noticed that Jordan had conducted herself with poise as if she had been around police raids her entire life. Ava gave Julian an odd look and then left.

Afterwards, Julian admitted that there had been a moment when he had thought that Anna had arrived to rescue Jordan. However, he still demanded proof that Jordan wasn't wearing a wire. Jordan's cell phone rang, but Julian snatched it out of her hand because their business was more important than her phone call. He once again asked her to prove that she wasn't wearing a wire, so Jordan slowly unbuttoned her shirt and opened it. She asked if he was satisfied or if he would like a more thorough look. Julian declined, so Jordan invited him to call her when he was serious about making his business a success and then left.

In the squad room, Michael jumped up when he saw Anna and Dante arrive with Carlos. Michael immediately began to accuse Carlos of murdering A.J., so Anna instructed Dante to take Carlos to the interrogation room while she talked to Michael. Anna advised Michael to gain control of his temper because it was not helping. She appreciated that Michael was grieving, but if Michael wanted justice for his father then Michael had to keep a cool head and allow the police to do their job.

In the interrogation room, Carlos denied any knowledge of A.J.'s murder. Dante showed Carlos the gun that had been recovered from the Quartermaine mansion during the first attempt on A.J.'s life, but Carlos claimed that he had never seen it. Dante revealed that a gun dealer had identified the gun and Carlos as the man that the gun dealer had sold the gun to. Stunned, Carlos decided to ask for a lawyer.

Dante agreed to show Carlos leniency for the attempted murder at the Quartermaine mansion, provided that Carlos cooperated. Dante was certain that there was more to the story, so Dante was confident that he could save Carlos a world of grief -- but only if Carlos cooperated before Dante left the room.

Outside, Ava arrived at the police station as she left a voicemail message for Diane to meet her. Ava ended the call and was about to enter the police station when her phone rang. Ava answered the call and was stunned when she realized that it was Sonny. She could tell that Sonny was shaken from the tone in his voice, so he admitted that he was losing it and needed her help because she was the only person that he could talk to.

At Greystone Manor, A.J. grinned with satisfaction as Sonny ended the call with Ava.

. . .

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