Wednesday, February 10, 2016

At Wyndemere, Nikolas carried Hayden across the living room threshold as they arrived home from Las Vegas. Laura smiled and quietly greeted the newlyweds. Nikolas set Hayden on her feet as Laura handed him a card from Spencer congratulating Nikolas and bragging that Spencer had been right about Hayden. Laura announced that she had to run errands, but Nikolas asked his mother to stay and celebrate the nuptials with Champagne. Laura reluctantly agreed and accepted a flute of bubbly from Hayden.

Laura graciously offered a toast to the happy couple by wishing Nikolas and Hayden a long and happy life together. Hayden was touched by the gesture and hugged Laura. Moments later, Hayden received a text message from Tracy instructing Hayden to meet Tracy at Metro Court Restaurant. Nikolas was disappointed when Hayden announced that she had to leave to attend to some business at ELQ. Nikolas reminded Hayden that she was married to the boss, but she was eager to show off her extravagant engagement ring.

After Hayden left, Nikolas thanked his mother for being kind to Hayden but he sensed that she'd been holding back. Laura was reluctant to discuss it, but Nikolas pushed for an answer until Laura admitted that she was concerned because he had made a commitment to a stranger. Laura worried that Nikolas had no idea what kind of secrets Hayden had been keeping from him. Nikolas recalled his encounter in Las Vegas with a stranger who had referred to Hayden as Rachel and conceded that he didn't know everything about Hayden. Nikolas reminded Laura that Spencer adored Hayden, but Laura argued that Spencer was a young boy who had adored Britt and was desperate for a mother.

Laura insisted that there were too many unknowns about Hayden. She realized that Nikolas felt guilty about trying to have Hayden killed and was eager to make amends but Laura feared that Nikolas would get hurt. Nikolas assured his mother that he had taken precautions by having Hayden sign a prenuptial agreement, but Laura doubted it would be enough to protect Nikolas. Laura explained that real love developed over time through shared life experiences and implored Nikolas not to assume anything where Hayden was concerned. Nikolas promised that he wouldn't.

Appeased, Laura assured her son that she hoped that she was wrong about Hayden because she wanted Nikolas to be loved the way he deserved. After Laura left, Nikolas went to the laptop and typed "Baxter Corbin" into the search engine.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Michael and Tracy ate breakfast as they discussed ELQ. Michael was frustrated by the lack of progress with their lawsuit. Tracy's mood soured when Michael mentioned the ELQ shares she had used to pay for Luke's ransom.

Michael pointed out that Tracy hadn't had a legal right to the shares, which meant that Nikolas couldn't legally own them. Tracy sarcastically suggested that Michael mention it to their attorney and grumbled about Michael's decision to hire Alexis.

Moments later, Alexis arrived and immediately apologized for being late. Michael assured her that it was fine and asked how Sam was. Alexis explained that Sam was well but Alexis had bad news about the lawsuit. According to Alexis, it could be three years before they were given a court date, so she encouraged Michael to work on a settlement with Nikolas. Michael flatly refused and wondered if perhaps Alexis had a conflict of interest since she was Nikolas' aunt. Alexis conceded that she loved her nephew, but she hadn't approved of Nikolas' actions.

Alexis added that Danny was also a Quartermaine, which meant that Alexis had a stake in securing what rightfully belonged to her grandson. Tracy was satisfied with Alexis' answer. Alexis promised to keep Michael updated and left. Michael continued to have doubts about Alexis' ability to secure ELQ, but Tracy admitted that there was more than one means to regain control of the family empire. Michael wanted details, but Tracy refused to share.

Michael pushed for an answer until Tracy cryptically explained that she didn't need shares of ELQ to engineer a corporate takeover. Tracy vowed that she would not rest until ELQ was back in the family's control. Michael wanted to know what Tracy was up to, but she refused to elaborate. Moments later, Tracy saw Hayden arrive. Hayden carefully avoided Tracy's table when she noticed Tracy and Michael together. Tracy quickly dismissed Michael on the pretext of revisiting their conversation at a later time.

After Michael left, Hayden approached Tracy's table and sat down. Hayden proudly showed off her engagement ring as she shared the news about her elopement. Tracy was delighted until Hayden confessed that their plans had hit a snag when Nikolas had asked Hayden to sign a prenuptial agreement. Tracy was furious, but Hayden promised that the situation was still salvageable. Hayden insisted that she needed more time, but Tracy was tired of waiting because Hayden had already failed to meet the thirty-day deadline.

Hayden explained that Nikolas couldn't enforce the prenuptial agreement because Hayden had something big to use as leverage against Nikolas. Tracy questioned if Hayden was willing to use it, but Hayden promised that it wouldn't be a problem. Tracy smiled and warned "Rachel" that Tracy wouldn't hesitate to use the information to her advantage and make Hayden's life miserable. Hayden became concerned when Tracy suddenly stopped midsentence and stared off into space with a vacant expression. Hayden repeated Tracy's names several times before Tracy snapped out of it.

Nearby, Sonny and Carly ate breakfast. Carly was thrilled that Sonny was getting out more often. Sonny explained that he was determined to face life head on, but Carly clarified that they were partners and would face things together. Sonny nodded, but Carly sensed that something was troubling him. Sonny was spared from having to answer when Max walked up to have a private word with Sonny. After Carly walked away, Max told Sonny that Ava expected another shipment to arrive on February 19. Sonny was pleased because he intended to not only intercept the shipment but also shut down Ava and Julian.

Sonny explained that he was getting stronger everyday but he wanted everyone to get comfortable with him being confined to a wheelchair. Sonny hoped to catch his enemies off balance and blow them away when he finally rose to his feet. Sonny added that it was imperative to keep everyone, including his family, from finding out that he had regained use of his legs. Moments later, Carly returned to announce that it was time for Sonny to go to the hospital and meet the new doctor.

A short time later, Sonny and Carly arrived at the hospital. Epiphany was confident that the new doctor would be able to help Sonny. As if on cue, Griffin Munro walked up and asked Epiphany about his next appointment. Epiphany introduced Sonny to Griffin. Sonny and Griffin smiled as they recognized each other and formally introduced themselves. After Griffin greeted Carly, Carly asked what had drawn Griffin to Port Charles. Griffin mentioned his friendship with Lucas, who had told Griffin about the job opening.

Carly grinned as she revealed that Lucas was her brother. Sonny was impressed that Lucas had endorsed Griffin but Sonny was curious how Griffin could help Sonny. Griffin led Sonny and Carly to an examination room to review Sonny's patient file and to talk about Sonny's physical therapy. Sonny claimed that he had strong upper body strength but he had only experienced a little sensation in his legs. Griffin admitted that it was a positive sign but excused himself to check on something.

Moments later, Griffin approached Epiphany to discuss Sonny's physical therapy. Meanwhile, Sonny wondered what Griffin could possibly be checking. Carly was impressed with Griffin because the doctor seemed thorough. She decided to distract Sonny by offering to fetch him something to drink, but Griffin returned and informed Sonny that he wanted to do additional scans. Moments later, Carly was called away to deal with a problem at work. After Carly left, Griffin asked Sonny why Sonny had lied to Carly about Sonny's progress.

Across town, Nina stopped by Maxie's apartment to discuss a photo shoot. Nina was pleasantly surprised when Nathan answered the door. Nathan greeted his sister, but told her that Maxie was at the photo shoot. Nina assumed that Nathan had spent the night at the apartment, but he quickly clarified that he and Maxie had decided to move in together. Nina was happy for her brother and admitted that she had never understood Maxie's desire for Nathan and Maxie to live apart since they both were perfect for each other.

Nathan explained that Maxie had wanted to take things slow and have a chance to date as they got to know each other. Nathan admitted that it had been the right time for him and Maxie to take the next step in their relationship. Nina knew how Nathan felt because she and Franco had decided to have a baby. Nathan couldn't hide his surprise but he carefully reminded her that a child was a big step.

Nina admitted that Nathan sounded a lot like Franco. Nina confided to her brother about Franco's reservations of having a biological child and fear that he and Nina might not be approved for adoption because of their checkered past. Nathan conceded that Franco had a point, but Nina insisted that Franco would be a wonderful father. Nathan realized that it was important to Nina and offered her words of encouragement. Nina expressed concern because she had been raised by Madeline, but Nathan pointed out that Madeline had raised him too.

Nathan insisted that Nina was a good person who would make a loving and wonderful mother. Nina smiled with relief. Nathan shifted gears to admit that Maxie was the best thing to happen to him and that he trusted her completely.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie and Dillon reviewed pictures from the photo shoot with Olivia. Olivia joined them as she tied her robe and announced that Leo had fallen asleep. Olivia was impressed when she saw the pictured Dillon had taken. Maxie liked the one of Leo looking directly at the camera the best, but the conversation was cut short when Julian walked in and asked about the photo shoot. Maxie bragged that Dillon had captured the special bond between Olivia and Leo, but Olivia nervously thanked Dillon for keeping things "tasteful."

Dillon credited Nina's vision and determination to keep the photo shoot natural and beautiful. Julian glanced at the laptop to review the pictures of Olivia and Leo as he asked if the photographs would appear in Crimson. Maxie clarified that only one picture would be featured, but Nina would decide which one. Maxie reminded Dillon that they had to meet Nina at the office, so Dillon quickly downloaded the pictures on a jump drive. Julian offered to drop the jump drive off at Crimson, but Dillon and Maxie declined. Julian insisted, prompting Olivia to accompany Julian since she didn't trust him not to destroy the jump drive.

After Julian and Olivia left, Dillon revealed that it didn't matter if Julian destroyed the pictures on the jump drive because Dillon had a backup file. Maxie smiled and began to help Dillon pack up the photography equipment. Dillon and Maxie talked about Nina's vision for the latest edition of Crimson. Maxie was impressed with Nina's insight, but Dillon admitted that Nina needed to find someone to represent women Maxie's age. Maxie was shocked when Dillon suggested that Maxie would be the perfect model.

Maxie disagreed, but Dillon persuaded her to try a test shoot because he was confident that Nina would approve. Maxie reluctantly agreed and posed for several photographs. Afterwards, Dillon and Maxie reviewed the images. Dillon admitted that Maxie was a natural because the camera captured her beautiful soul. Dillon and Maxie were unaware that Nathan had walked in and had heard Dillon's praise.

At Crimson, Julian and Olivia looked at the pictures Dillon had taken of her. Julian found fault with almost every picture and admitted that he didn't want the "risqué" pictures of Olivia to appear in his magazine. Olivia resented Julian's attitude and demanded to know when he became the boss of her. Olivia informed Julian that he didn't have a right to tell her what to do because they weren't a couple. She accused him of acting like her jealous boyfriend despite his engagement to another woman. "Excuse me?" Alexis asked from the doorway.

Julian retreated to the reception area with Alexis to assure her that there was nothing going on between him and Olivia. Alexis argued that Olivia had been right -- Julian had been behaving like a jealous boyfriend over Olivia. Julian confessed that as Leo's father he didn't think Olivia should expose herself for the world to see. Alexis was disappointed because it was that kind of attitude that Alexis and Olivia were trying to change. Alexis reminded Julian that she and Olivia didn't want people to view breastfeeding as something sexual.

Jason promised that he was onboard with the message and reiterated that Alexis was the only woman in his life. Pleased, Alexis kissed him. Afterwards, Julian admitted that he couldn't wait until the 19th when he could marry her because he loved her. Alexis felt the same about Julian.

Meanwhile, Nina entered her office. Olivia sat behind the desk looking at the pictures Dillon had snapped. Nina was eager to see them, so Olivia vacated her seat to give Nina an opportunity to look at the photographs. Nina was amazed and admitted that Olivia was gorgeous and had made it difficult to choose just one favorite.

Nina thanked Olivia for inspiring the issue and added that the office would soon be swarming with other women who would be featured in the issue. Nina checked the reception area and smiled when one of her models arrived. Moments later, Epiphany entered Nina's office.

. . .

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