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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

At Nathan and Maxie's apartment, Maxie hacked into Nathan's laptop with the intention of finding out what he'd ordered her from Paris, but Nathan emerged from the bathroom and caught her in the act. Disappointed, Nathan reminded her that it wouldn't be a wedding surprise if she found out what it was. Maxie denied that she'd been snooping, but he didn't believe her. Maxie insisted that she'd merely been looking for a dance lesson because she didn't want them to look like amateurs when they danced at their wedding. Nathan reminded her that they had a dance lesson the following day, but Maxie thought they should practice.

Nathan agreed and put on some music. Maxie objected to the selection, but he playfully suggested that they dive off the deep end as he reached for her hand. Nathan and Maxie's dance ended abruptly when Maxie's phone beeped. She ran to the desk to check her phone unaware that she'd thrown Nathan off balance. Nathan fell to the ground in pain and groaned loudly. Maxie glanced back and was horrified when she realized that he was injured.

A short time later, Maxie helped Nathan to the sofa. Maxie worried that he wouldn't be able to dance at their wedding, but he assured her that nothing would stop him from marrying her. After Nathan hobbled out of the room to get ready for work, Maxie picked up his laptop. However, she quickly put it back down when he called out to tell her to keep her hands off of it.

At Kelly's, Jason and Curtis filled Sam in about their discovery and their suspicions that Julian had arranged for his driver Pete to be lured away so a bomb could be planted in Julian‘s car. Curtis was certain that Julian had intended to send Pete on an errand later that evening and blame the explosion and Pete's death on Sonny. Jason added that no one could have foreseen Morgan stealing the car and dying in the blast intended for Pete. Curtis conceded there was no proof, but Sam was curious why her father had been careful about everything except the van that could easily be traced to him. Curtis didn't have an answer, but he was confident if they pooled their resources together they could tie everything to Julian.

Jason assured Curtis that he and Sam had shared all the information they had, so Curtis suggested they go to the police because the police had access to various avenues they didn't. Jason objected because if they were right about Julian then the police had played right into Julian's hands and wouldn't be eager to admit that they'd been wrong about Sonny. Sam agreed with Jason that they couldn't trust the police. Curtis understood Jason and Sam's reservations, but he assured them that the people he knew could be trusted. Jason remained adamant that they not involve the police then left with Sam for an appointment.

At the police station, Jordan was on the phone with Mayor Lomax when her phone beeped to indicate an incoming call. Jordan saw it was Andre and tried to cut the call short, but Andre ended the call before Jordan could get off the phone with the mayor.

A short time later, Curtis caught up with Jordan in the hallway. She was not pleased to see him and told him to leave, but he followed her to the squad room because he wanted to talk to her about an investigation. He explained that he had some information about a case, but he needed information in return. Annoyed, Jordan stopped a passing police officer to retrieve a set of handcuffs, which she promptly slapped on Curtis' wrist before securing the other end of the handcuffs to a desk. Curtis informed her that she hadn't had any grounds to arrest him, but she disagreed.

Jordan explained that she could hold Curtis for twenty-four hours because he person of interest and withholding information about an investigation. Jordan urged him to cooperate and reveal what he knew. Resigned, Curtis told her about the van he'd tracked down. Jordan wanted to know who Curtis had been working with, but he refused to tell her. Jordan decided to unlock the handcuffs, but she quickly let Curtis know that she had something to show him. Curtis followed Jordan to the interrogation room as she explained that she had security footage of the van from another angle.

After Jordan closed the door, she fetched her laptop and pulled up the security footage. Curtis sat down to review the footage as Jordan admitted that she wanted something in return. Jordan wanted to be the first to know if he found evidence to clear Sonny's name because she didn't want Sonny taking matters into his own hands. Curtis denied having any connection to Sonny, but Jordan assured him that she could read between the lines and knew he'd been working with Jason. She asked Curtis to at least think about her request and left. Moments later, Curtis saw something on the footage that made him sit up straight.

At the hospital, Jason and Sam entered an examination room and discussed Curtis' theory, while they waited for Dr. Lee to arrive. Jason appreciated that Curtis trusted the police, but Jason didn't because the police had been trying to put Sonny behind bars for years and wouldn't be interested in finding anything that might exonerate Sonny. Sam wondered if Jason thought the police might try to bury evidence if didn't fit their theory, but Jason shook his head because he sensed that Jordan was an honest person. However, he doubted that Jordan would be eager to help Sonny.

Sam was curious if Jason still wanted to leave town after he cleared Sonny's name, but he admitted that he'd had a change of heart because of what had happened with Sonny and Morgan, and because Elizabeth had decided against moving away with the boys. Jason explained that he wanted to remain in Port Charles to be close to Jake. Sam assured Jason that she was fine with staying and suggested that they figure out what was next for them later.

A short time later, Jason and Sam smiled as they watched the monitor, while Dr. Lee finished up the ultrasound. Kelly asked if Jason and Sam wanted to know the gender of their baby. Jason and Sam looked at each other and discussed whether or not to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. Eventually, Kelly handed Sam an envelope and explained that she'd written the baby's gender on a piece of paper and had put it in the envelope. After Kelly left, Jason and Sam discussed what they should do about the envelope, but Curtis called to report that he'd made a big discovery.

At the hospital, Andre ended his call to Jordan when Anna entered his office and told him that she needed his help. Andre reminded Anna of their personal history and offered to refer her to a colleague, but she quickly clarified that she needed him as a consultant for a case. Anna handed him a file as she explained that she'd been investigating Valentin Cassadine. She was certain that Valentin had an agenda and was determined to find out what it was. Andre sat down and opened the file.

Andre was surprised by Valentin's alias because he'd heard the name Theo Hart in the past. Andre explained that he'd done a stint in the Ukraine where he'd conducted surveillance on an international diamond-theft ring that Theo Hart had been a part of. Anna was curious what had happened. Andre revealed that the organization had been smart and connected because they'd closed up shop and vanished just as the authorities had been about to make an arrest. Anna confirmed that it sounded like something that Valentin would do.

Andre questioned Anna about Valentin, so she revealed that Valentin had been born out of wedlock to an unknown local woman and had been sent to boarding school in Bedlington, England when he was a young boy where he remained until attending Oxford to study linguistics. Andre was eager to look at Valentin's school records, but Anna warned him that it would be impossible because the boarding school had burned to the ground a few years after Valentin had left. Both Andre and Anna agreed that Valentin had been behind the arson, but Andre disagreed with Anna's theory that Valentin had tried to destroy his records. Andre explained that destroying the school had been about closure.

According to Andre, Valentin had likely felt abandoned by his parents. Anna conceded that he had a point because she recalled Valentin mentioning that he'd been a lonely child. Andre suggested that Valentin had been trying to mask a deep-seeded inferiority complex. Anna perked up because she remembered how Valentin had stammered when she'd called him out about his father-issues. Andre suspected the school had represented how powerless Valentin had felt as a child -- making it the last remnant of what Valentin had hated about himself.

Anna was certain there had been more behind Valentin's decision to destroy the school and opened up to Andre about Valentin using the World Security Bureau's motto when he told her to open her eyes. Andre suggested that perhaps Valentin enjoyed quoting Latin, but Anna admitted that Valentin seemed familiar to her -- it was in his eyes. Anna explained that she had a feeling that Valentin knew her and she couldn't shake the feeling that she could find the truth in the burned ruins of the school. Andre suggested that Anna already knew what she had to do next.

At Wyndemere, Valentin looked the photo of Anna during her early days at the WSB, but he quickly returned it to the box on his desk when he heard a noise at the front door. It was Nina holding a large decorated box, which she revealed was a present for Charlotte to get the little girl into the holiday spirit. Valentin smiled and invited Nina inside and showed her the Christmas tree that he and the staff had put up while Charlotte was at the movies with her nanny. Valentin admitted that he didn't want his daughter to have sad memories of Christmas like he'd had. Nina confessed that she hadn't had fond memories of the holiday either.

Nina revealed that her mother would pick a theme for Christmas every year and decorate accordingly, but it had all been for show because there had never been presents under the tree. Nina explained that the presents she had received had been bought by assistants and personal shoppers rather than her parents. Nina shifted gears to ask about Valentin's Christmases. He admitted that one year Mrs. Thaxton -- the cook at the boarding school -- had knitted him a scarf, which he'd kept for years until it had been lost during his travels. Sexual tension suddenly flared to life between Nina and Valentin until Nina decided to leave. Valentin tried to persuade her to join him for dinner, but she refused and asked him to give Charlotte the gift because it was an advent calendar. Moments later, a man entered the living room to report that a storm had moved in and no one could leave Spoon Island.

A short time later, Valentin wrapped up a call with Charlotte by promising to pick her up in the morning. After he ended the call, Nina asked if Charlotte was okay. He assured her that his daughter was as snug as a bug at Metro Court with the nanny, Mrs. Evans. Satisfied, Nina's smile vanished as she accused Valentin of trying to manipulate her into staying. Valentin was taken aback by her anger and reminded her that he couldn't control the weather. Nina stormed out of the house, but Valentin patiently waited for her to return.

Seconds later, Nina burst through the door drenched from the rain. Valentin fetched her something dry to wear then disappeared into the kitchen to find them something to eat. After Nina changed into dry clothes, she wandered around the room until she saw the box on his desk. She was about to open it, but Valentin returned with a tray of food. Nina joined him on the sofa as he handed her glass of wine and asked why she seemed nervous. He feared that people had been filling her head with stories about him, but she assured him that she didn‘t listen to others. However, she was nervous because she felt as if something was starting between them and she had no idea what to do because she‘d only been involved with two other men.

Nina explained that her first relationship had been with a man who'd been cold and distant. She confessed that she'd put her all into her second relationship, but it had ended because he hadn't seen a future with her. Valentin admitted that something similar had happened to him once -- the woman he cared about hadn't seen a future with him. He assured Nina that the men she'd been involved with had been idiots. Nina smiled and admitted that she had needed to find out what had made her happy and who she was. Valentin praised her for learning that she needed to take what she wanted.

Nina smiled because Valentin was the only person who didn't think she was fragile or a victim. She appreciated having someone in her life that saw that. Valentin returned her smile then kissed her passionately.

At the hospital, Lulu acknowledged that it might sound crazy, but she'd felt an instant connection when she'd first looked at Charlotte. Dante frowned as she added that she'd had a physical reaction to the child and had felt an immediate need to protect her. Dante pointed out that Charlotte was Nikolas' cousin and Charlotte's father was a lunatic so it made sense for Lulu to be concerned about the little girl. Lulu explained that it was more than that because she'd felt a pull toward Charlotte similar to how she felt about Rocco. Dante asked what Lulu was trying to say.

Lulu wondered if it was possible that Charlotte was her daughter. Dante was stunned, but she rushed to explain that the embryo created with her egg and Stavros sperm had never been recovered from Crichton-Clark. Dante argued that it had likely been destroyed in the explosion, but Lulu pointed out that Charlotte was the right age and she had blonde hair. Dante reminded Lulu that Claudette had also had blonde hair, but Lulu was curious how they could be certain that Claudette had been Charlotte's mother. Lulu suggested that perhaps Helena had picked Claudette rather than Daphne to carry the embryo. Lulu added that no one verified that Claudette was Charlotte's mother because they'd been focused on determining who Charlotte's father was.

Dante reminded Lulu that the DNA tests had confirmed that Valentin was Charlotte's father, which meant that Lulu couldn't be Charlotte's mother. Lulu argued that perhaps the DNA test had been misleading since Valentin and Stavros were brothers. Dante pointed out that if Lulu was correct then Charlotte would be in line for the Cassadine estate, but Lulu revealed that Mikkos had left everything to Valentin. Dante argued that Valentin had killed Nikolas and had targeted Spencer to ensure that no one stood between him and the Cassadine estate, so it was unlikely that Valentin would let Charlotte live if she were truly Stavros' daughter.

Lulu conceded that Dante had a point and apologized. She was embarrassed because she'd wanted to believe that Charlotte was her daughter. Dante hugged his wife and assured her that it was fine. He suggested that they pick up Rocco and take a short trip, but Lulu declined. She appreciated the offer, but insisted they both had to work. Dante reluctantly agreed and gave his wife a quick kiss before heading to work. Lulu went to pick up her purse and noticed a hair band on the floor that had a distinctive flower on it that she'd seen Charlotte wearing earlier.

At the police station, Dante greeted his partner and opened up to Nathan about Lulu's theory regarding Charlotte.

Meanwhile, Lulu paid Maxie a visit to ask for Maxie's opinion about something important. Maxie was stunned when Lulu explained that she needed help proving that Valentin had Lulu's daughter.

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