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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

At Wyndemere, Nikolas read the newspaper as he and Hayden ate breakfast. Nikolas mentioned Madeline's arrest for Silas' murder, and Hayden confessed that she was surprised that the murder had been quickly solved because the doctor had been killed on the same night that she had emerged from the coma. Nikolas credited the police department's competent detectives, including Nikolas' brother-in-law Dante, with finding the murderer. However, he admitted that he didn't approve of the current police commissioner.

Moments later, Spencer marched into the living room, sporting a dress shirt, tie, jacket, shorts, and a pair of sunglasses. Nikolas wondered what the special occasion was. Spencer reminded his father that it was the first day of school. Hayden assured Spencer that he looked good, but Nikolas feared that his son's outfit was too formal for school. Spencer realized why Nikolas was concerned, and he promised that he had seen the error of his ways and wouldn't revert to his old schemes. Spencer insisted that he needed to make a good impression to win back the girl of his dreams by showing Emma that he had changed and truly deserved her.

Nikolas admitted that it didn't appear that Spencer had changed all that much, but Spencer patiently explained that an improved soul didn't require a person to give up the finer things in life, such as a well-made suit. Hayden thought it was sweet that Spencer wanted to fight for Emma. Spencer suggested that if he and Emma worked things out, then perhaps Nikolas and Hayden might get back together. Nikolas and Hayden exchanged an awkward glance before Nikolas quietly clarified that he and Hayden had never been a couple. Spencer disagreed because he recalled the time that he had walked in on Nikolas and Hayden during a passionate kiss. Nikolas tried to downplay the incident by claiming that sometimes a kiss was simply a kiss then adding that Spencer had had the wrong impression, but Spencer merely smiled.

Nikolas decided to let the matter drop by hustling his son off to school. After Spencer left, Hayden let out a sigh because she was bored spending her days alone at the pool. Nikolas unexpectedly offered to take the day off to keep her company. Hayden smiled with delight then disappeared to her bedroom to change into swimwear. A short time later, Nikolas returned to the living room, ready to spend some fun in the sun with Hayden. They started to leave, but Hayden suddenly turned back to grab the beach bag just as Nikolas reached for the bag.

Hayden ended up tangled in Nikolas arms, which sparked a memory of a time when a discussion between her and Nikolas about Jake had led to a passionate kiss. Nikolas sensed the change in Hayden, and he asked if something was wrong.

At the Drake-Morgan residence, Patrick and Sam were having breakfast when Emma ran to the table to announce that she didn't have anything to wear for the first day of school. Patrick knew it wasn't true because he had bought Emma a whole new wardrobe for school. Emma pouted because she didn't think it was fair for school to start before Labor Day, but Patrick reminded his daughter that it was out of his hands. Emma tried to find ways to stay home, but Patrick stood firm as he told her to get ready for school.

Emma reluctantly walked toward her bedroom, but the doorbell waylaid her. Emma's spirits quickly lifted when Anna happily greeted her granddaughter with a big hug. Patrick smiled as Emma invited Anna inside. Anna apologized if she had interrupted breakfast, but Patrick assured Anna that it was fine. Sam offered to fetch Anna some coffee, but Anna politely declined. Emma grumbled that Danny had spent the night at his grandmother's house, but Emma had been forced to stay home because it was the first day of school. Anna decided to cheer up her granddaughter by handing Emma a gift bag.

Emma smiled with delight when she looked inside the bag and saw a small bear dressed in Scottish garb and holding a bagpipe. Anna revealed that she had bought the present in Scotland, where Anna had scattered Duke's ashes. Emma confided that she was still sad when she thought about Duke. Anna admitted that she was too. However, Anna tried to focus on the things that made her happy, like spending time with Emma. Emma suggesting that she and Anna spend time catching up in the park, but the adults easily saw through Emma's ploy to wiggle out of going to school.

Sam offered to help Emma pick out an outfit, so Emma scampered off with Sam. Anna was amazed by how tall Emma had gotten and pleased that Emma appeared to care about Sam. Patrick admitted that it had been good for Emma to have a woman's influence in the house. Anna quietly confided that she had stopped in Paris to visit Robin. According to the housekeeper, Robin had flown to China for a research conference. Patrick wasn't surprised because Robin's work had always been Robin's top priority.

Anna agreed, and she was happy that Patrick had found Sam. Patrick grinned as he admitted that he was the happiest he had been in a long time. A short time later, Emma and Sam returned to the living room. Emma remained reluctant to go to school. Patrick decided to drive her instead of waiting for the bus. After Patrick and Emma left, Sam asked if it had been strange to see Sam in Robin's home.

Anna pointed out that it hadn't been Robin's home for a long time and assured Sam that she was glad that Sam was a part of Patrick and Emma's lives because it was obvious that everyone was happy. Sam was relieved. Anna changed the subject by mentioning that she had no idea what to do with her days, since Anna no longer had a job. Surprised, Sam wondered if Anna would be interested in helping Sam with an investigation.

Anna was intrigued when Sam explained that Sam had been looking for dirt on Nikolas to force Nikolas to relinquish control of ELQ to Michael. Anna revealed that she and Kyle had grown close before Anna had left, and he had confided to her that Nikolas had rigged the mayoral election in Lomax's favor. Stunned, Sam listened as Anna filled her in on the details. Sam asked if Anna could enlist Kyle's help to compile enough information to force Nikolas' hand. Anna agreed to call Kyle because she recalled how eager he had been to blow Lomax and Nikolas out of the water. Anna promised to keep Sam updated, and she left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael dreamed of the night he had stopped Sonny from killing A.J. by warning Sonny that if Sonny killed A.J., then it would forever destroy Sonny and Michael's father and son bond. Sabrina stirred when she heard Michael bolt awake and try to catch his breath. Concerned, she asked if he was okay. He told her about the dream and the events following Connie's murder when Sonny had gone looking for A.J. Sabrina imagined that it had been a horrible situation. Michael nodded. Michael knew that Sonny and Carly wanted him to attend their wedding, but he wasn't certain that he could do it.

Michael conceded that things had gotten better between him and Sonny, but nothing changed the fact that Sonny had murdered Michael's father. Michael explained that he couldn't show up at the wedding and pretend that everything was okay when it wasn't. Sabrina reminded Michael that the wedding wasn't just about Sonny; Michael could be there to support his mother. Michael assured Sabrina that he was happy for Sonny and Carly, but the only thing that could make him attend the wedding was his concern for Morgan.

Michael told Sabrina about Morgan and Kiki's bitter breakup and Morgan's infidelity with Ava. Stunned, Sabrina was curious if Morgan had known that Denise was Ava, but Michael shook his head as he revealed that Morgan had learned the truth in court along with everyone else. Sabrina wondered if Michael had talked to Morgan about Carly's concerns. Michael explained that his brother wasn't ready to discuss the possibility that Morgan had bipolar disorder.

Michael mentioned Morgan's request for Michael to attend the wedding and wondered if he should be there for his brother, who was floundering. Sabrina assured Michael that she would support whatever he decided. Michael relaxed then made love to her.

At Carly's house, Carly called Sonny to wish him a "happy wedding day." Sonny complained that he hadn't slept well, but Carly grinned. She reminded him that they would get to spend every night together for the rest of their lives. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Carly continued to chat with Sonny until she saw Jake standing on her doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. She reminded Sonny to finish writing his vows then quickly wrapped up the call. Carly happily greeted Jake as she accepted the flowers, which he had dropped off as a gift for her wedding day.

Carly thanked Jake then invited him to have coffee with her, but Jake was curious why Carly had lied to Sonny. Carly explained that Sonny had accepted her friendship with Jake, but the lie by omission had been necessary because she wanted Sonny to have good day. Carly urged Jake to sit and visit before everyone descended on her. Jake wondered if Carly had been having second thoughts about getting married. Carly assured Jake that she was eager to marry Sonny, but she was also concerned about Morgan.

Carly opened up to Jake about Morgan's self-destructive behavior and her fear that her youngest son might have bipolar disorder like Sonny. Carly told Jake about the years that she and Jason had covered for Sonny when Sonny had suffered bouts of deep depression and manic behavior. She admitted that Jason's sister Emily had been the one to recognize the signs of bipolar disorder, but Jason had persuaded Sonny to get help. Carly assured Jake that the disorder was treatable, but she needed someone to get through to Morgan. Carly admitted that she hoped Michael would succeed.

Carly confided that she also held out hope that Michael would decide to attend her wedding to Sonny. Jake realized that he had taken up enough of Carly's time, so he wished her luck and told her that she would be a beautiful bride. Carly promised to tell him all about the wedding the next time she saw him.

Outside, Jake's phone rang. It was Sam asking to see him as soon as possible.

A short time later, Carly answered the doorbell. It was Michael.

Meanwhile, Sam thanked Jake for getting to her place so quickly. She explained that they'd had a major breakthrough in their investigation, thanks to Anna.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny had just finished writing his vows when he heard the front door close. Moments later, Morgan staggered in. Sonny asked if Morgan had been drinking. Morgan admitted that he had kicked off the night on the Haunted Star with Michael then had run into a friend who had invited Morgan to poker night. Alarmed, Sonny asked if Morgan had gambled. Morgan laughed as he picked up a bottle of whiskey and explained that he had gambled away a fortune, including someone's car.

Morgan remained upbeat because there was still reason to celebrate, since his parents were getting married. Morgan hugged his father but pulled away to tearfully confess that Kiki had set Morgan free. Sonny tried to take the bottle of booze away from Morgan, but Morgan objected and kept the bottle out of Sonny's reach. Sonny immediately backed down to avoid triggering Morgan's temper, but he invited Morgan to tell him about the breakup. Morgan's tone filled with anger as he claimed there wasn't much to say except that Kiki had ended things with Morgan when Franco had told her about Morgan's affair with Ava.

Morgan expected Sonny to gloat because everything had happened just as Sonny had warned, but Sonny refused. Morgan began to cry as he drunkenly admitted that Kiki had broken his heart into a million pieces, but the heartache instantly turned to fury as he blamed his father for everything. Sonny was confused until Morgan ranted about being as crazy as Sonny. Morgan insisted it was the reason that Morgan was a liar, cheater, gambler, and loser. Sonny calmly explained that Morgan was not a loser because he might have bipolar disorder.

Morgan wondered why things were so easy for Michael but not for Morgan. Morgan pointed out that Michael was smart enough to run a company, while Morgan couldn't even keep a job as a bartender. Morgan wailed that everything Michael did was right, but Morgan was always wrong. Sonny disagreed, but Morgan admitted that he hated himself. Sonny's eyes filled with tears because he knew the pain that Morgan felt.

Sonny became choked up as he described how he had been filled with the same horrible agony that Morgan felt, but Sonny's family had gotten Sonny through the dark times. Sonny vowed to stand by Morgan's side, just as Carly and Jason had stood by Sonny. Sonny also promised that he would love Morgan regardless. Morgan hugged his father tightly and wept. Morgan feared that he had ruined his father's wedding day, but Sonny assured Morgan that everything would be fine. Sonny conceded that Morgan might have lost Kiki, but Morgan was with his family, where he belonged.

Sonny advised Morgan to head to the bedroom to shower and get ready for the wedding. Sonny promised to have a strong pot of coffee waiting to help sober Morgan up, but he was curious if Morgan would consent to see a doctor in the morning. Morgan appeared undecided, so Sonny assured Morgan that it was completely up to Morgan. Morgan quietly agreed. Relieved, Sonny fought back tears as he pasted on a smile then reiterated that they needed to get ready for the wedding.

At Kelly's, T.J. left Molly a voicemail message begging her to meet him at the diner because he was stuck in a jam. A short time later, Molly arrived, but she warned T.J. that she couldn't stay long because she had to get to freshman orientation at Port Charles University. T.J. took Molly to the kitchen to show her the wedding cake disaster.

T.J. explained that he had wanted to make a wedding cake for Sonny and Carly to express his appreciation for all they had done for him, and he had assured Maxie that he had the wedding cake covered when Maxie had asked him to place an order with the bakery. Molly conceded that the icing looked awful, but she decided to check the Internet for tips on how to fix it. A short time later, Molly admitted defeat with the bottom tier of the three-tiered wedding cake, so she pitched it in the garbage.

T.J. offered to call the bakery and throw himself on their mercy, but Molly reminded T.J. that they still had two other tiers to work with. Molly decided to use another icing recipe and went to work. Later, T.J. was pleased with the results because the wedding cake looked perfect. Molly smiled with satisfaction then announced that she had to leave. T.J. asked her to stop by the reception if she had time after the orientation. Molly agreed.

After Molly left, T.J. cleaned up then left the diner with the cake nestled safely in a box. Seconds later, two masked men approached T.J. from behind and grabbed him. The wedding cake fell to the ground as T.J. was dragged away.

. . .

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