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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Kiki entered Nelle's hospital room to drop off a pitcher of water. Nelle groaned in her sleep, prompting Kiki to ask if Nelle needed anything. "Michael," Nelle whispered.

At Metro Court, Sam entered a dressing room to give Kristina a bouquet of flowers and wish her sister luck. Nearby, Valerie and Amy flipped through a rack, looking for their costumes. Lucy entered with Emma in tow to let the ladies know they were up next. Emma was excited when she saw Sam and ran to give her a hug, but Lucy decided Sam was a distraction and shooed her out of the dressing room.

Elsewhere backstage, Charlotte asked Jake about the canister in his magic case. Jake held the canister in a tight grip as he told her that it contained powerful magic. "It comes at the very end," Jake cryptically added. Charlotte looked at the canister with awe as she asked how it worked, but Jake told her it was a surprise. Disappointed, Charlotte wondered how she and Emma were supposed to assist him if they didn't know how the tricks worked. Charlotte reached for the canister, but Jake warned her not to touch it.

In the ballroom, Lulu greeted her mother. Laura looked elegant in a flared deep-blue satin gown with a jeweled neckline and three-quarter length sleeves. Lulu was elated because Charlotte had worn the dress Lulu had bought for her. Delighted, Laura promised to get a picture, but Lulu warned her mother that it would have to wait because Charlotte was backstage, practicing with Jake and Emma for the magic show. "Oh, that's adorable," Laura replied.

At Scott and Ava's table, Ava's eyes rounded when she saw Sonny standing in the doorway. She decided it was her cue to leave, but Scott objected because he wanted to enjoy the evening -- and Lucy's wardrobe changes. Annoyed, Ava stood up and walked away, but Sonny cut her off. He asked her where she was going because the party had just started. Sonny grabbed Ava's hand then dragged her into the hallway.

Nearby, Carly sat at her own table as she watched Sonny and Ava leave the ballroom. Dante, Michael, and Josslyn noticed the unusual exit as well. Josslyn wondered why Sonny was there, but Carly pointed out that he had obviously changed his mind about attending the ball.

At the bar, Jason was stunned when he found a necklace on the ground with a chimera pendant. He looked around as he wondered who had dropped it. Sam walked up to let him know that they should take their seats because Kristina was about to perform. She noticed his scowl and asked him what was wrong. Jason showed her the necklace. Alarmed, Sam asked if he thought Jake had dropped it. "Who else?" Jason asked.

Nearby, Valentin saw Nina standing in the doorway. He started to approach her, but Anna stepped into his path to talk to him about the Chimera. Valentin was frustrated when he saw Nina make her way to Curtis and Jordan's table. Anna was oblivious to Valentin's mood as she revealed that her sister had warned her the Chimera was lethal. Valentin informed Anna that the buyer was dead. He assured her that the Chimera had been locked up in a basement and couldn't hurt anyone -- unlike Anna. He accused Anna of wreaking havoc on his life and his marriage.

Meanwhile, Lucy appeared on stage in a sheer mermaid gown strewn with glittering black beads. Lucy reminded everyone that they were there to raise money to help find a cure for HIV/AIDS then introduced Kristina, Emma, Valerie, and Amy, who entertained the audience with their rendition of Sara Bareilles' "Brave."

During the first intermission, Bobbie arrived and joined her family. Carly warned Bobbie that Sonny had decided to attend the ball then made a point of reminding her family that Sonny had a right to be there because the charity was close to Sonny's heart. Michael excused himself to make a phone call. In the hallway, Michael spoke to Kiki, who explained that she had sent him a text message because she'd been looking for Bobbie to give Bobbie an update on Nelle. Kiki assured Michael that Nelle was fine, but Kiki thought Nelle could use a friend.

Later, Carly noticed that Michael hadn't returned to the table. Josslyn realized that she'd neglected to tell her mother that Michael had left. Carly was skeptical because she doubted Michael would leave before Josslyn's performance. Josslyn shrugged because she didn't think her performance was a big deal.

Nearby, Anna called Robert. She let him know that Emma's performance had been wonderful, but she admitted that she'd called for another reason. Anna wanted to know why the Chimera was dangerous. Anna was shocked by what he told her. After she ended the call, Andre passed by. Anna stopped him to say hello, but Andre had been having a good night and didn't want any trouble from her. Anna realized her sister had offended Andre, so she explained that her twin had been posing as her.

At Curtis and Jordan's table, Valentin took a seat next to Nina and asked if she intended to ignore him all night. Nina pointedly turned her back on him, prompting Curtis to suggest that Valentin might be more comfortable at his own table. "Not without my wife," Valentin told him. Valentin turned his attention back to Nina and implored her not to shut him out, but Nina reminded him that she'd given him numerous chances. Nina made it clear that she had nothing to say to Valentin, so he walked away.


In the dressing room, Valerie changed into an exquisite dark plum jeweled choker gown with daring lace seams running down her sides. Valerie admitted that she wanted to look her best because her ex-boyfriend was there with her boss. Kristina helped Valerie finish getting ready then wished her luck. Moments later, Valerie braced herself as she rounded the corner and stopped at Curtis and Jordan's table. Valerie complimented Jordan's stunning beaded onyx gown and exchanged pleasantries with Curtis before walking away with her head held high.

Curtis was impressed and suggested Nina take notes from Valerie on how to show someone that she had moved forward. Nina muttered under her breath that she might not want to.

In the hallway, Ava jerked her arm out of Sonny's grip. Sonny revealed that he knew about the donation she'd made in honor of Morgan. Ava wondered if he had a problem with that, but Sonny was not amused. He warned her that he had a problem with the donation -- and with what she had done to Morgan. Ava tensed, but Dante walked up to find out what was going on. Seconds later, Scott approached to fetch Ava because they had martinis waiting for them at the bar.

After Scott and Ava left, Sonny told Dante about Ava's donation. Sonny admitted that it had hit him that Morgan had been alive with a bright future ahead of him at the previous Nurses Ball, but it had been ripped away. Sonny resented Ava trying to use Morgan's name to make herself look good. Sonny intended to stop Ava and to find out why Morgan had died. Dante reminded his father that they knew why -- Olivia Jerome had planted a bomb in Julian's car, which Morgan had stolen. Sonny filled Dante in about the dosage discrepancy between the tablets Andre had prescribed Morgan and the ones found in Morgan's prescription bottle.

Sonny assured Dante that Andre had contacted the pharmacy, and everything had checked out. Dante admitted that he had questions, too, because he wanted to know how the pills had ended up in the Floating Rib on the night of the robbery. Sonny perked up when Dante mentioned that Ava and Lucy had been in the bar on the night of the robbery. Dante confessed that he hadn't said anything because it might have been a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he knew how reckless Sonny got whenever Ava's name was mentioned. Dante thought it was best for both Sonny and Ava to avoid each other entirely. Sonny nodded then suggested Dante get back to Lulu.

Dante wanted Sonny to join him, but Sonny assured Dante that he was fine. After Dante left, Andre emerged from the ballroom. Andre announced that the lab results were in on the powder residue Sonny had noticed in Morgan's prescription bottle. Andre revealed that the substance had been a placebo, which would explain Morgan's erratic behavior in the days leading up to his death. Sonny was outraged when he realized that someone had set his son up by tampering with Morgan's medication.

Sonny returned to the ballroom. His gaze went straight to Ava. At the table, Ava noticed Sonny's presence. Scott assured Ava that everything would be fine because he had covered her tracks.

In Lucy's dressing room, Lucy spoke to an assistant on her headset. She instructed Harry to get everything ready because Liesl Obrecht's musical number was next. Moments later, Valentin entered the dressing room to talk to Lucy about increasing his donation to seven figures. Lucy made it clear that she didn't like Valentin because he had shot Kevin, but she agreed to hear Valentin out for the sake of charity.

A short time later, Lucy's voice was heard over the speaker system as she announced that Liesl's number had been pulled for a special last-minute entry. Moments later, Valentin approached the piano. He dedicated the song to his wife -- because he loved her. Moments later, Valentin sang Billy Joel's "And So It Goes." Nina's eyes filled with tears as she listened to the haunting lyrics. After the performance, Nina watched as Anna followed Valentin backstage. Nina started to follow them, but Curtis stopped her and reminded Nina that it had just been a song.

Backstage, Anna caught up with Valentin. She praised his performance, but he coldly informed her that he hadn't tried to impress her. Anna suggested he could impress Nina by being the man that both Nina and Charlotte deserved. Anna implored Valentin to tell her who he'd sold the Chimera to, but Valentin remained tight-lipped. Anna dragged him into a dressing room for privacy, but Valentin was furious that she and her twin had jeopardized everything that mattered to him. Anna appreciated Valentin's desire to break with the past and leave it buried, but she reminded him that the people they cared about were in danger.

Valentin insisted that the person he'd sold the Chimera to was dead and buried, but Anna demanded a name. Reluctantly, he admitted that he'd sold the chimera to Helena Cassadine.

Elsewhere backstage, Emma joined Charlotte and Jake. Charlotte complained that Jake wouldn't let her touch the canister, but Jake explained that he was the only one who understood how the magic worked.

A short time later, Lulu and Laura stopped Charlotte as she made her way to Valentin's table. Laura complimented Charlotte's dress, and Lulu asked about the magic show. Charlotte admitted that there might not be one.

At Franco and Elizabeth's table, Jason asked where Jake was. Elizabeth explained that their son was rehearsing backstage. Jason showed Elizabeth the necklace he'd found at the bar and asked if it belonged to Jake. Elizabeth realized the pendant was a chimera. She assured Jason that it didn't belong to Jake, but Sam was curious if Jake might have bought it. Elizabeth shook her head because Jake didn't have money.

"What's going on?" Jake asked as he walked up. Jason showed Jake the necklace and asked if Jake recognized it. Jake stared at it nervously, but he remained silent. Jason assured Jake that Jake wasn't in trouble, but Jake refused to answer his father's questions. Elizabeth stepped in to gently ask what was troubling her son. Jake claimed that he was not feeling well. Elizabeth was curious if he was nervous about performing.

Elizabeth reminded Jake that he'd been nervous the previous year, but everything had worked out when Franco had performed with Jake. Elizabeth was certain Franco would assist Jake again if Jake needed the support. Franco liked the idea of doing magic with Jake, but Jake remained uneasy. Elizabeth assured Jake that he didn't have to perform if he didn't want to. Jason admitted that he wouldn't mind going home. Relieved, Jake admitted that he'd rather skip the performance and leave.

Nearby, Charlotte overheard the exchange. She fetched Emma then led her backstage to where Jake's magic kit had been left. Charlotte explained that Jake didn't want to do the magic act, so she suggested that she and Emma do it instead. Charlotte and Emma opened the case. Charlotte picked up the canister and studied it as she tried to figure out how to unlock it. Emma suggested Charlotte look for a button to press. Charlotte's eyes lit up when she found a button. Moments later, the canister beeped and illuminated blue.

At the hospital, Michael thanked Kiki for calling him. Kiki smiled and told him that she thought Bobbie would want to know that Nelle had been asking for him. After Kiki walked way, Michael entered Nelle's hospital room. Nelle was asleep, so he sat down in a chair and watched her. A short time later, Josslyn called. She was curious why she'd agreed to go along with his plan, but Michael insisted that he wanted everyone to know that his sister was a rock star.

Michael promised that he -- and Nelle -- were with her. Michael wished Josslyn luck then put the phone on speaker to listen to her performance.

Onstage, Lucy walked out in a turquoise gown with silver accents and introduced Josslyn. Josslyn sang, "It's Not Over Yet." The audience was moved by the touching melody. After Josslyn left the stage, Bobbie noticed Carly looking around for Sonny.

Nearby, Scott handed Ava a glass of Champagne, but Ava remained uneasy. She assured Scott that she'd never meant for anything to happen to Morgan, but he'd been volatile and erratic, so she'd taken steps to protect Kiki. Scott admitted that it didn't matter because Morgan was dead, and the case had been closed.

At the bar, Carly approached Sonny. She was curious why he was at the ball. Sonny revealed that he finally had answers about Morgan.

At the hospital, Nelle woke up during Josslyn's performance. Nelle smiled when she saw Michael. "You're here," Nelle whispered. "Surprise," Michael replied as he returned her smile. Nelle realized that he had missed his sister's performance, but Michael reminded her that he'd listened to it on his phone. Michael assured Nelle that Josslyn had given her blessing for him to skip the performance to visit Nelle.

Meanwhile, Jason walked Sam out of the ballroom. She assured him that he could stay with Jake. Jason admitted that he'd been concerned about Jake's reaction when he'd asked Jake about the necklace. Sam thought it was more reason for Jason to stay. After Sam left, Griffin called out to Jason to ask if Jason had seen Anna. Griffin frowned when he saw Jason holding Anna's necklace.

In the ballroom, Jake was eager to go home. Franco looked forward to Jake doing a magic trick at home, but Elizabeth noticed that Jake's magic kit was missing. Jake panicked when he realized that he'd left it backstage.

On the next General Hospital...

• Amy offers to help Nathan save his marriage.

• "Do what you were born to do," Helena says.

• Valentin tried to stop Jake from opening the Chimera.

• Ava stops Carly and Sonny from leaving.

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