Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In Duke and Anna's suite at Metro Court, Robin insisted that she had done everything that Victor had asked of her, so she wanted Helena to allow Robin and Jason to return home to their families. Helena explained that it wasn't possible because Helena had "grand plans" for both Robin and Jason. However, Helena was not pleased that Robin's "insipid" mother had talked to Patrick because it meant that all of the clinic's secrets would be exposed. Helena expected Robin to rectify the problem.

Helena warned Robin that Robin's loved ones would pay the price if Robin made one false move. Helena also reminded Robin that Helena's men had captured Jason, which should provide Robin with sufficient incentive to cooperate. Resigned, Robin asked what exactly Helena wanted Robin to do.

Later, a knock at the door heralded the arrival of two of Helena's henchmen. She was disappointed that it hadn't been Duke. "I've always had a weakness for that kilt of his," Helena confessed. She then shifted gears to ask about Jason, but her mood quickly soured when the men reported that Jason had managed to escape by overpowering the guard in the back seat, taking his gun away, and then jumping out of the moving car. Furious, Helena asked for the driver's gun. The driver of the car reluctantly handed it to Helena, so she shot him dead.

The henchman who had been in the back seat with Jason begged Helena not to kill him, so she admitted that the only reason she had spared the man's life was because she needed him to dispose of the driver's body. Helena couldn't risk the police commissioner finding a dead body in the suite. Helena tossed the gun onto a chair, confident that she wouldn't be forced to clean up any additional messes -- provided Robin followed orders.

At the Drake residence, Anna was stunned when Patrick revealed that Robin had been living and working at the Crichton-Clark Clinic for months. Anna argued that Robin had told everyone that Robin had gone to Africa, but Patrick explained that it had been a cover story. Patrick feared that Robin had been in the clinic at the time of the explosion, so he begged Anna to call someone to find out if Robin had been among the casualties.

Patrick dashed into Emma's bedroom to confirm that his daughter remained asleep then returned to the living room to assure Anna that it was safe to talk. Anna immediately demanded to know why Robin had been at the clinic, but Patrick argued that it didn't matter because they needed to find out if Robin had been trapped in the building at the time of the explosion. Anna was curious when Patrick had last talked to Robin, so he revealed that it had been a couple of weeks. Anna was hopeful that it was a good sign, but Patrick was adamant that Anna call someone at the World Security Bureau to search for survivors.

Anna refused to make a call until she knew everything starting with why her daughter had been working at the clinic. Patrick quickly filled her in about Victor's threats and diabolical plot to revive both Helena and Stavros, using the possibility of saving Jason to force Robin to cooperate. Patrick explained that he hadn't been able to tell anyone the truth because Victor had threatened both Patrick and Emma if anyone got wind of Victor's plot to resurrect Helena and Stavros. Anna realized that it was the truth because it made more sense that Robin had left to save Jason rather than to work in Africa so soon after returning from Robin's abduction.

Patrick revealed that Robin had decided to stay at the clinic to continue her work even though Jason had died after receiving one of Robin's experimental drug protocols. Anna believed Patrick because Stavros had been revived, but Stavros had later been killed during the rescue of the hostages. Anna suddenly recalled that Emma had stayed in contact with Robin through Skype, so she suggested that they try calling Robin. Patrick ran to the laptop to quickly call Robin.

Patrick and Anna were relieved when Robin answered the call. Robin claimed that she had left the clinic weeks earlier after realizing that there hadn't been any reason to stay with Jason dead. According to Robin, she had fled to Paris to hide from Victor, so Anna assured her daughter that it was safe to return home because Victor was dead, and the clinic had been destroyed. Patrick and Anna were shocked when Robin refused because Robin needed time to figure things out. Desperate, Anna assured Robin that Robin's family and friends would help Robin sort things out, but Robin refused to consider it.

Patrick reminded Robin that their daughter missed her, but Robin argued that it was better for Emma that Robin stayed away because Emma needed stability and routine, which Robin couldn't provide. Patrick and Anna were shocked when Robin explained that she needed distance to figure things out, so she intended to build a new life in Paris. Patrick insisted that Emma needed Robin, but Robin disagreed because Emma didn't need a mother who was broken and continually made poor choices.

Patrick argued that it was a mistake for Robin not to return home to her family, but Robin tearfully begged Patrick and Anna to understand her decision and to give her time. Robin added that she had signed the divorce papers, so she would be returning them to Patrick within a few days. Moments later, Robin ended the call by closing her laptop.

Anna immediately made a call to the WSB for an update about the clinic and to gather information about Robin. After the call, Anna reported that it appeared that Helena's body had been recovered in the rubble. Patrick was visibly shaken because of the call with Robin, so Anna tried to offer him comfort, but Patrick confessed that Robin seemed like a different person.

Meanwhile, in a limousine, Helena commended Robin for the convincing performance with Patrick and Anna then suggested that Robin look on the bright side because they were headed to Paris to mail the signed divorce papers. Robin refused to look at Helena until Helena admitted that it was a shame that Jason couldn't join them. Robin immediately demanded to know what Helena had done to Jason, so Helena conceded that Jason had lived up to his reputation by managing to throw himself out of a speeding car. Robin was filled with hope because she was certain that Jason had survived and was on the hunt for Helena as they spoke. Helena didn't appear concerned because Helena intended to deal with Jason when the time was appropriate.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly closed the doors after the last of the party guests had left. She announced that she and Franco were alone then slid onto his lap to nuzzle his neck. Franco observed that his father had been the only person who had seemed genuinely happy about their engagement, but Carly wasn't surprised because not a lot of people had been supportive of their relationship. Franco agreed then surprised Carly by asking if she was excited about their engagement. Carly assured him that she wouldn't have accepted his proposal if she hadn't wanted to marry him.

Franco appeared skeptical, so Carly conceded that she had been caught off guard because they had been celebrating his birthday, but she promised him that she was happy. Pleased, Franco shifted gears to confess that he knew all about Sonny and Carly. Carly's smile faltered as she guilty asked what Franco was talking about. Franco continued to play mind games by revealing that he had seen Carly with Sonny earlier in the restaurant. Carly quickly explained that Sonny had stopped by to let her know that Dante and Lulu had been rescued and to talk about Jason because it was also Jason's birthday.

Carly claimed that she hadn't mentioned it sooner because she had been reluctant to spoil Franco's mood before the party. Franco smiled as if he was relieved then confessed that he didn't want there to be any secrets between them. Carly agreed, so Franco carefully asked if she had any other secrets to share. Carly quickly assured him that she didn't, prompting Franco to suggest that they move ahead by setting a wedding date. Startled, Carly reminded Franco that they had just gotten engaged, but Franco insisted that he was eager to marry her. Carly smiled as she admitted that she had always wanted to be a June bride, but the humidity tended to wreak havoc with her hair, so she suggested a May wedding.

Franco revealed that he didn't want to wait that long, so he proposed that they get married on Halloween. Carly was stunned, but Franco reminded her that the date was significant to them because the previous Halloween, they had finally stopped pretending and given in to their feelings for each other. Carly smiled in remembrance, so she happily agreed to marry Franco on Halloween. Franco returned her smile as he cryptically promised that it would be a day to remember.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny heard the front door slam, so he called out to ask if it was Shawn. Moments later, Michael entered the room. Sonny was delighted by his son's unexpected visit until Michael revealed that he had news for Sonny. Michael explained that he had attended Franco's birthday party for Carly's sake, but Franco had surprised everyone by proposing to Carly. Sonny chuckled because he wished that he could have seen the look on "the freak's" face when Carly had turned Franco down. Sonny's grin instantly vanished when Michael admitted that Carly had agreed to marry Franco.

"Son of a bitch," Sonny shouted. Michael appreciated that Sonny was upset because Michael knew about Sonny and Carly's kiss. Michael conceded that Sonny and Carly were like a lit match and gasoline at times but a part of Michael had hoped that his parents would get back together instead of Carly agreeing to marry Franco. Sonny started to tell Michael the truth about Sonny and Carly's relationship, but Shawn arrived to speak to Sonny about an urgent matter. Michael explained that he had to leave anyway, so he excused himself then left.

Sonny was curious how things had gone with Ava, so Shawn revealed that Ava had gotten away when Jordan had shown up. Shawn admitted that he had allowed his personal feelings to get in the way because he hadn't been able to shoot Jordan or hurt T.J. like by killing T.J.'s mother. Sonny was frustrated because a mob enforcer was not supposed to let his personal feelings get in the way of doing a job. Shawn agreed that he had screwed up but he vowed to make things right. Shawn hated that he had added to Sonny's troubles because Shawn sensed that Michael had delivered bad news before Shawn had arrived.

Shawn offered to help, but Sonny admitted that there was nothing to be done because Carly had agreed to marry Franco.

At the brownstone, Morgan looked up from the sofa when Kiki arrived home. He was curious where she had been, so she admitted that she had attended Franco's birthday party, which had been a crazy affair. Curious, Morgan wondered why, but Kiki had no idea where to begin. Morgan suggested that she start with the craziest part, so she revealed that Franco knew that Sonny and Carly had slept together, thanks to Morgan's friend, Rosalie. Kiki explained that Rosalie had overheard Morgan and Kiki talking at Kelly's about the affair, the details of which Rosalie had shared with Nina, who had then told Franco.

Kiki added that Rosalie had also told Michael that Morgan and Kiki had been keeping a secret from Michael, so Kiki had been forced to claim that Morgan and Kiki had been planning a surprise party to celebrate Michael and Kiki's one-year anniversary. Morgan was shocked by Rosalie's behavior, but Kiki moved on by revealing that Franco had cornered Kiki before the party to question her about Sonny and Carly's tryst. Morgan was curious why Kiki hadn't lied to Franco, but Kiki insisted that it had been impossible for her to do so while looking Franco in the eyes.

Kiki explained that Franco had proposed to Carly in part to test if Carly truly was over Sonny. Morgan admitted that it made sense in a "messed up Franco kind of way." However, Kiki had reservations about the proposal because Carly had agreed to marry Franco even though Carly had no idea that Franco knew that Carly had cheated with Sonny. Morgan feared that Franco had something up his sleeve, but Kiki assured Morgan that Franco loved Carly enough to forgive her and move forward. Morgan was tempted to tell his mother because he believed that Carly deserved to know the truth, but Kiki begged Morgan to let it go.

Morgan agreed but only because Kiki had asked. Kiki was relieved, but she hated having to keep the truth from Michael about Sonny and Carly's fling. Morgan didn't see the point in keeping the truth from Michael anymore since Franco knew the truth about the tryst, but Kiki feared that Michael would be upset that Kiki had first confided to Morgan, not Michael. As if on cue, Michael entered the brownstone. Michael sensed that he had interrupted something, but Kiki assured Michael that she and Morgan had merely been patting themselves on the back for a job well done on the renovation.

Kiki changed the subject by asking why Michael was there, so Michael admitted that he had hoped to persuade Kiki to go home with him. Michael and Morgan briefly talked about their mother's engagement, both agreeing that it was a mistake, while Kiki quickly grabbed her things. Moments later, Michael and Kiki left.

On an unknown road, Ava sped away from her apartment as she tearfully left her brother a desperate voicemail explaining about the attempted abduction. Ava confessed that she didn't have any money or even a passport, so she needed Julian's help. Ava glanced down to look at her purse, unaware that Jason had managed to climb up the embankment.

Ava looked up in time to see a man stumble onto the road mere feet in front of her car. "Oh, God, no," Ava screamed as she slammed on the brakes. It was too late; her car struck Jason and then ran over him before screeching to a stop. Horrified, Ava jumped out of the SUV then cautiously approached the unmoving man in the middle of the road. She was distraught as she apologized and explained that she hadn't meant to hit him. Ava was startled when she drew close enough to the man to realize that he was still alive, so she promised to call for help as she ran back to her car.

Ava started to call 9-1-1 but realized that Sonny would be able to track her if she did, so she called Jordan. A short time later, Jordan pulled up in an SUV. Ava quickly explained what had happened, but Jordan was concerned about Ava's pregnancy. Ava assured Jordan that the baby was fine, but Ava feared that the man had died. Jordan quickly checked the man for a pulse then confirmed that he was still alive. The two women debated turning him over, but Jordan decided against moving him because he might have suffered a neck or spinal injury.

Jordan called 9-1-1 to report the accident then surprised Ava by suggesting that Ava leave the scene before the police and ambulance arrived. Jordan pointed out that Ava had struck the man in Jordan's SUV and that Jordan had arrived in Ava's SUV, so Ava could leave without anyone being the wiser about who had been driving Jordan's car. Ava was moved by the offer and acknowledged that Jordan had saved Ava twice that day. Ava promised not to forget what Jordan had done for her and then reluctantly left when they heard sirens in the distance.

A short time later, Morgan answered an urgent knock at the door. It was Ava begging for Morgan's help.

Meanwhile, paramedics loaded a critically injured Jason into the ambulance as Jordan insisted that it had been a tragic accident.

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