Wednesday, August 13, 2014

At Kelly's, Olivia left a voicemail message for Lulu, explaining that she had received Lulu's message about Lulu's decision to begin hormone treatments the following day. Olivia was overjoyed at the prospect of a new grandchild, so she reminded Lulu to let her know if Lulu needed anything. Olivia smiled as she ended the call, but it quickly faded when Sonny walked up. Sonny turned on the charm as greeted Olivia then asked if they could talk. Olivia reluctantly agreed, so Sonny confessed that he was happy that Olivia and Ned were dating.

Sonny conceded that he and Ned had rarely seen eye-to-eye on things, but Sonny acknowledged that Ned was a better man than some. Olivia quickly interjected that she had lied. She revealed that she had kissed Ned at the hospital to make Sonny jealous because she had hoped that it would make her feel better. Sonny was curious if it had, but Olivia shook her head as she admitted that she still cared about him. Surprised, Sonny wondered if that meant that there was still hope for him and Olivia.

Olivia explained that she and Sonny would never have worked as a couple because they each wanted different things out of life. Olivia confessed that their relationship had been doomed from the start because she wouldn't have been able to continue to turn a blind eye to the things that Sonny did. She admitted that she was glad that they had ended before they had grown to hate each other, so Sonny promised Olivia that he had never meant to hurt her. Olivia's expression clouded with sadness as she suggested that it was time for both her and Sonny to move on. However, she asked that Sonny not do it with Ava

Sonny assured Olivia that she need not worry about that, so Olivia suggested that he find someone who understood him and could be a part of his world. Sonny regretted that he hadn't done right by Olivia in the beginning because his family had always been his first priority. Olivia confessed that she loved that about Sonny, but she couldn't deal with the violence that had always surrounded him. However, she was hopeful that she and Sonny could be friends again one day because he would always hold a special place in her heart. After a brief hug, Olivia wished Sonny well then added that he needed to find someone who could take the good with the bad and appreciate Sonny for who he was.

At Carly's house, Carly was asleep on the sofa, dreaming about her encounter with Sonny when he had kissed her in front of the hospital. She woke up with a start as Lucas entered the living room. Lucas assumed he had startled his sister, so he quickly apologized for giving her a fright. Carly assured him that she was fine prompting Lucas to smile knowingly as he accused her of having a naughty dream. Carly immediately denied it, but Lucas didn't believe her because he recognized the signs of a steamy dream.

Carly tensed when Lucas assured her that she need not be ashamed unless she hadn't been dreaming about Franco, so she quickly changed the subject by asking Lucas about Felix and Brad. She admitted that she was concerned because Felix was her friend whom she didn't want to see get hurt. Carly was relieved when Lucas assured her that he didn't have any plans to break Felix's heart because she assumed that it meant that Lucas would not be getting back with Brad. Lucas pointed out that he hadn't said that, so Carly argued that he couldn't be with both men.

"What if I could?" Lucas asked. Shocked, Carly wondered if he were suggesting having a "ménage a trois" with Felix and Brad. Lucas grinned as he reminded her that it was okay to say "three-way," but Carly flatly refused. Lucas was surprised by Carly's embarrassment because she'd had a reputation of being wild in her younger days. Carly conceded that she had once slept with a stranger she had picked up in a bar while she had been dating a married man but she was adamant that she had never been intimate with two men at the same time.

Lucas explained that the idea of dating two men was appealing because he had recently been hurt and wasn't ready to jump into another relationship. He added that both Felix and Brad were consenting adults and had seemed fine with the idea, so Carly relaxed because she was a firm believer that people should do what they wanted. However, she asked Lucas to promise her three things: she didn't want to hear the details, she expected Lucas to be safe, and under no circumstances was he to do anything under her roof. Lucas grinned as he readily agreed.

Later, Carly stared at her book, Don't Die Wondering, as her thoughts drifted back to her encounter with Sonny at the hospital when he had told her that their kiss had felt wrong, which had always meant right for them. She glanced down when her phone chimed as a text message was received. It was from Franco confessing that he was glad that they only had eyes for each other because he was not interested in sharing her with anyone.

At the hospital, Franco burst into the locker room, asking where the towels were. Felix was surprised when he saw Franco covered in a rainbow of paint colors, so Franco explained that the psychiatric ward had sent some patients to him for art therapy. According to Franco, one of the patients hadn't reacted well to painting still life, so Liesl had sent Franco to the locker room to rinse off. Felix cringed because Franco was on a first name basis with "Dr. O." Franco defended Liesl because she had given him a job, but Felix warned Franco to be careful because Liesl might try to steal a kidney.

Franco changed the subject by unbuttoning his shirt as he playfully asked if Felix would be interested in giving him a sponge bath, but Felix was not amused. He pointed Franco to the towels, so Franco pretended to be disappointed because he had appreciated how Felix had handled a loofah during Franco's recovery in the hospital. After Franco ducked behind a corner to grab a towel, a freshly showered Brad walked up.

Felix and Brad exchanged awkward greetings before Brad quickly excused himself to finish getting ready for his shift. Franco had watched the exchange, so he waited until Brad had left before asking Felix about the encounter. Felix assured Franco that it hadn't been a big deal. Felix conceded that he and Brad had dated briefly, but it hadn't ended well.

Franco admitted that he was concerned because Felix had been spending time with Carly's brother, Lucas. Felix claimed that he and Lucas were just friends, but Franco knew it wasn't true because he had seen Felix and Lucas cuddling on the couch, watching back-to-back episodes of The Golden Girls. Felix insisted that he had slept on the sofa that night, but Franco warned Felix not to sneak around on Lucas.

Resigned, Felix filled Franco in about Lucas and Brad's history then told him about Lucas' proposition. Felix confessed that there had been a moment after the shock had worn off that it hadn't seemed out of the realm of possibility. "Oh, a three-way," Franco realized with a wide grin. "Up top," Franco invited as he held his hand up for Felix to slap. Felix ignored the invitation as he clarified that nothing had happened.

Franco promised he had an open mind, but Felix doubted that Franco had ever been involved in a ménage a trois. Franco admitted that he had never slept with two men, but in the city at a loft, he had met a girl named Ally who'd had a redheaded friend. Franco explained that it had been the mid 90s, so he couldn't remember the redhead's name, but he had convinced both women to help him wind down. Felix lifted his chin as he informed Franco that he was old-fashioned, so Franco wondered how that had been working for Felix.

Felix wondered if Franco would be okay sharing Carly with another man, so Franco conceded that it would destroy them if the other ever touched another person. However, Franco thought that it might do Felix some good to step outside of his comfort zone. Felix admitted that it no longer mattered because the moment had passed.

At the nurses' station, Britt noticed that a nurse had set down a file with Lulu's name on it. She waited until the nurse had left before carefully picking up the file to read it. However, she was forced to quickly put it back when Nikolas called out to her as he approached the desk. Britt smiled then asked how Spencer was doing. Nikolas assured her that Spencer was still grounded and being closely watched by both Alfred and the chauffer, Ross. After they chatted about Spencer for a few minutes, Britt invited Nikolas to grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria.

Nikolas declined because he had plans for lunch. As if on cue, Elizabeth walked up to ask if Nikolas was ready. Nikolas surprised both ladies by inviting Britt to join him and Elizabeth for lunch at Kelly's. Elizabeth pretended that it was fine, but Britt declined. However, Britt eagerly accepted when Nikolas offered to take her for coffee the following week to thank her for everything she had done during Spencer's disappearance.

Later, Britt left her mother a voicemail message demanding to know why Liesl hadn't kept Elizabeth loaded down with shifts as promised. After Britt ended the call, Brad asked why she was in a bad mood. Britt quickly filled him in about Nikolas and Elizabeth's date. Brad conceded that it had been a tough break that Britt hadn't been the one to find Spencer, but he thought it had to count for something that she had been by Nikolas' side throughout the ordeal.

Britt admitted that Nikolas had initiated a conversation with her, which hadn't happened in months. She also revealed that Nikolas had invited her to join him and Elizabeth for lunch, but Britt had declined because three was a crowd. Brad disagreed then opened up about Lucas' proposition to Brad and Felix. Britt was impressed that Brad had gone from not having any men to having two, so Brad revealed that despite being attracted to Felix, he shared a deeper connection with Lucas.

Brad admitted that the ménage a trois had been a means to ensure that Lucas and Felix did not end up together and leave him out in the cold. Brad pointed out that his options had been limited because Lucas didn't have a son that Brad could kidnap, but Britt argued that it hadn't done her any good either. Britt assured Brad that she supported whatever he decided, in part because she realized that she was to blame for Brad losing Lucas.

Brad insisted on owning his role in things because he had helped Britt steal Lulu's embryos and had helped Britt cover up the truth about the pregnancy. He suggested that if he wasn't ready to give up on Lucas then she shouldn't give up on Nikolas, but Britt made it clear that she refused to have a threesome with Nikolas and Elizabeth. Brad smiled as she assured her that it wouldn't be necessary, but she should keep fighting for Nikolas.

Later, Felix and Brad bumped into each other at the elevator. Felix tried to cut the tension by jokingly suggesting that they stop meeting like that. Moments later, the tension returned when the elevator doors opened. Lucas greeted both men then asked if they were both free for the evening.

At Kelly's, Nikolas and Elizabeth talked about Spencer. Nikolas admitted that if there was any justice in the world then Spencer would wind up with a child as spirited as Spencer. He couldn't believe that Spencer had been relaxing and having a good time at Carly's house while Nikolas had been alone at home, worried sick about his son. Elizabeth gently reminded Nikolas that he hadn't been alone because Britt had been at his side the entire tie.

Elizabeth questioned Nikolas about his feelings for Britt, so he confessed that things had been easier lately because Britt appeared to have made an effort to be a better person by getting Elizabeth's job back, organizing a search party to look for Spencer, and volunteering at Lila's Kids day camp. Elizabeth was curious if Nikolas wanted to work things out with Britt, so Nikolas admitted that Britt's past would always be between them regardless of how much Britt changed.

Nikolas confessed that a part of him would always question if Britt was scheming behind his back, but Elizabeth wasn't satisfied because she wanted to know if Nikolas would feel different if Britt had really changed. Nikolas warned Elizabeth that what if was a dangerous game to play because he could just as easily ask what might have happened if he and Elizabeth had ended up together when she had told him how she felt. Elizabeth admitted that it hadn't been her proudest moment when she had poured her heart out to Nikolas right before his engagement party.

Nikolas realized that it had been a symptom of his and Elizabeth's age-old issue of poor timing, so he understood why Elizabeth had decided to break the cycle by choosing Ric. He immediately apologized for mentioning Ric because he knew that Elizabeth was still mourning Ric's passing. However, Nikolas was grateful that she had set him straight because it had allowed them to preserve their friendship. Elizabeth agreed that she and Nikolas were good friends, but she insisted that things were not that simple for them.

Elizabeth revealed that she had told Nikolas that she had wanted off "the ride" because she had been afraid. Elizabeth started to explain why she had chosen Ric but stopped when she saw Britt enter the diner. Britt smiled brightly as she grabbed a chair to join them at the table. "Let's make this a threesome," Britt said as Elizabeth and Nikolas exchanged glances.

On the Haunted Star, Dante entered Levi's cabin. He was stunned when he saw Nathan beaten and bound on the floor, so he immediately tried to help his friend and partner. Nathan quickly filled Dante in on what he had discovered about Levi and the altercation then staggered to his feet to ask for a gun. Dante handed one to Nathan but insisted on calling the police station. Nathan argued that they had to stop the wedding before it was too late then left.

In the main room of the ship, Lucy officiated Maxie and Levi's wedding, while Mac, Felicia, Lulu, and Agent Scribner looked on. Everything went smoothly until Lucy asked if Maxie would take Levi as her husband. Maxie began to fidget as she recalled the special moments that she had shared with Nathan. Swamped by doubts, Maxie hesitated to say, "I do," which delighted Mac because he was hopeful that Maxie would make his day by not marrying Levi.

Lucy tried to salvage the situation by assuring Maxie that it was normal for a bride to be nervous, so she offered to repeat the question. However, repeating the question made things worse because Maxie confessed that she wasn't certain that she could go through with the wedding. Levi quickly pulled Maxie aside to remind her that he could be deported and sent to jail if they didn't get married. Maxie remained uncertain, so Levi switched tactics by promising to make Maxie the happiest woman in the world once they were married.

Maxie nodded then resumed her place in front of Lucy. Lucy quickly continued the wedding ceremony until Nathan suddenly barged in with his gun drawn. Maxie's annoyance turned to concern when she saw Nathan's bloody face, so Nathan revealed that Levi had attacked him because Nathan had discovered that Levi was a con man who was after Felicia's Aztec jewels. Nathan informed Levi that Levi was under arrest, but Levi pulled out his own gun then grabbed Maxie.

Maxie's shock turned to disbelief then anger when Levi threatened to shoot her if Nathan didn't drop the gun. Nathan refused, so Levi ordered Felicia to hand over the earrings. Felicia quickly complied, but Maxie was furious because Maxie realized that Nathan had been right about Levi. Maxie begged Nathan to shoot Levi, but Levi explained that Nathan wouldn't risk hurting her. Meanwhile, Dante hid out of sight as he looked for an opening to get a jump on Levi.

Moments later, Dante made his move, but things took an unexpected turn when Agent Scribner suddenly drew a weapon then grabbed Lulu as a hostage. Dante and Nathan immediately realized that Levi and Scribner were in cahoots.

. . .

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  • Kiki admits to Ava that she's been living with Morgan.
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