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Griffin is suspended; Ava needs vengeance
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Carly found Sonny sitting on the sofa, looking at the pamphlets from the various residences that they might consider for Mike. She handed him a mug of coffee, and he admitted that it still wasn't the proper time to consider a new place because Mike wasn't ready. Sonny thought that Mike thought of Port Charles as his home, and he had a lot of history there. Mike stood at the top of the stairs and listened in. Sonny added that he had enjoyed afternoons with his father, as he hadn't been able to when he'd been a kid. He had been able to get his work done at night after Mike had gone to bed.

Just then, Mike bounded down the stairs cheerfully and announced that he was feeling great and was ready to go out. Carly suggested that she spend some time with Mike after being gone from the house for so long. Mike was agreeable, and he knew where he wanted to go.

After Mike and Carly were gone, Sonny received a phone call. "Send her up," he told the caller. "Dad?" Kristina said as Sonny opened the door. They hugged, and Sonny revealed how happy he was to see her. Kristina told him it was a quick trip, but she had wanted to "be there" for her family. Sonny advised her that her family needed her.

Father and daughter made small talk, and Kristina related that she'd been happy in Oregon, Parker was fine, and she had decided not to go back to school. Kristina wasn't sure what she wanted to do instead, but she had been bartending. She would figure out her next move.

Franco and Elizabeth sat at a table and enjoyed their breakfast at Charlie's Pub. They discussed a sulking Cameron, and Elizabeth admitted that she wanted to be able to trust her son. Kim walked in, and the trio briefly talked about the trial results, and Franco confessed that he had nearly messed things up with a wrong text message.

Before Kim could ask about the text message, Julian wandered over and revealed that he had been unable to reach Ava. He didn't know how Scott had learned about Griffin and Kiki. Kim was certain that Bensch would not feel any real consequences at the hospital.

Carly and Mike walked in. Carly couldn't believe that Mike had chosen Charlie's over anywhere else they might have gone, but Mike insisted the place was like home. Carly wasn't thrilled to see Julian, but Mike was. Julian mentioned the old photo of Mike and Charlie and the fact that he had turned down Sonny's offer to buy the place. Kim walked over to meet Mike, and when she mentioned that she was an OB/GYN at the hospital, Mike announced that his grandson's wife was expecting.

Carly quickly changed the subject and mentioned that Julian was a new grandfather. Julian asked Mike for pointers, and Carly wandered over to Elizabeth and Franco's table. She thanked Franco for helping Jason even though he hadn't had a choice. Franco suggested that he be shown more appreciation, but Carly reminded him that Jason hadn't revealed Franco's involvement.

Elizabeth declared that Franco had taken a risk, but Carly suggested they not "push it." She added that Franco had a truce with Jason. Franco was ready to get to work, and Elizabeth suggested he go without her. She'd catch up.

Elizabeth noted that Carly had been gone awhile, and she suggested that Josslyn needed her mother more than usual. She didn't want a repeat of what had happened in the store. Carly was confused, and Elizabeth informed her of Cameron's shoplifting charge and the fact that Josslyn had been with him at the time. Carly laughed and asked if Elizabeth might be implying that Josslyn had had something to do with it.

Elizabeth replied that it had only been natural for Josslyn to "act out" with so much going on in her life, but Carly took offense and asked who had been caught. Elizabeth reiterated that Cameron had stolen earbuds, but Josslyn had been present. Carly declared that she felt sorry for Cameron because his mother couldn't see him except as a "reflection of herself."

Nearby, Julian asked Mike about the old days with Charlie, and the old man cited a favor that Charlie had done for him right there in the building. Julian pressed for more information, but Kim interrupted to ask about the song that Mike had sung at the Nurses Ball. Carly returned and grabbed Mike's arm. She announced that they had to leave. "So, why'd you do that?" Julian asked Kim about her interruption. Kim explained that he had been trying to get information from a man with Alzheimer's, and she had been trying to keep Julian from breaking a promise.

Kim accused Julian of "pumping" Mike for information, and she wondered if he had been trying to get something on Sonny. Julian insisted that Charlie's was important to him and his new life, and he was interested in learning about it before Mike's memory was gone. Kim accepted Julian's excuse and suggested he not make her regret it.

Kiki knocked at Ava's door, and she finally opened it. Ava thought her daughter had to be "on top of the world" after winning her case, and she advised Kiki that Griffin had taken the blame for him and Kiki sleeping together. Kiki thought they were both to blame, but Ava insisted that Griffin could never resist a "damsel in distress." Kiki thought of Griffin as a good person and friend, but Ava taunted Kiki about how she felt the scene had to have gone when Kiki had been distressed.

Kiki tried to tell her mother that it hadn't gone the way that she had thought, and the women argued. Kiki reminded Ava of the song that she had chosen to sing at the Nurses Ball when she had broken up with Griffin, so they hadn't cheated on Ava. "You sure as hell did," Ava snapped.

Ava thought that Kiki should at least have the decency to apologize, but Kiki was only sorry that she had felt guilty at first. She accused Ava of pressing Scott to ask Griffin the questions about his sleeping with Kiki, and she said Ava could have ruined her case. Ava snarled that Kiki could have told her earlier that day, but Kiki didn't think it had been the right time. Ava had trapped Griffin and made it all public, Kiki continued. Her mother had turned into Bensch's best friend because she'd had to "slut-shame" her own daughter.

Ava insisted that she hadn't been thinking of the case, and Kiki agreed that she had been thinking of herself. Her mother had sent the wrong message to all predators. Ava accused Kiki of having to sleep with Griffin because Ava had slept with Morgan, and it might have been a mistake for Griffin -- but not Kiki.

Kiki stressed that she had not needed to get back at Ava because that would have made it even, and they weren't. Kiki shouted that she'd made a mistake, but Ava was a "vicious, vengeful bitch" who had seduced Morgan twice and had tampered with his medicine. Kiki insisted Morgan was dead because he had wanted Kiki, and Griffin had wanted her, too. She called Ava spiteful and insecure. Ava ordered Kiki out of the penthouse and yelled that she was not to have contact with Avery. Kiki felt bad for Avery and told her mother to continue drinking. She would only be a day older and still pathetic the next day.

After Kiki had gone, Ava gulped down the last of her martini and stared at herself in the mirror. She saw herself as she always had been and would always be, she muttered. She was cold and unfeeling, and she had a need for vengeance. "I will have it," she screamed before breaking down in sobs.

Monica asked Griffin to step into her office at the hospital, and he proceeded to tell her that his relationship with Kiki had been nothing like what Bensch's had been. He was sorry and took the responsibility for what had happened. Monica advised him that he'd violated the law and core values of the hospital. She showed him a copy of the DNA test and asked if the signature on it was his.

Griffin admitted that it was, and Monica asked if he'd ordered the test without the patient's permission. Griffin tried to explain why he'd run the test, but Monica advised him that he was a doctor and not a police detective. She suggested that he could have consulted with someone at the hospital, but Griffin felt that there hadn't been time, especially since Jason had threatened to kill Henrik. He admitted that he'd told Peter about it, and they had resolved their differences.

Griffin asked how Monica had learned about the test. Monica informed him that she couldn't tell him, but there had been an "invasion of privacy." Griffin was certain that Peter would never sue, but Monica thought it possible that he might. She told Griffin that he was suspended, effective immediately. She added that the board would decide on the action, and she had to leave for a meeting. She urged him to feel free to stay in the office.

As Griffin reflected, Franco spotted him sitting there. He thought that Griffin was getting off easy, and he really wanted to punch Griffin. He thought that Griffin had cared about Kiki. "What the hell, man?" Franco asked. Kiki walked in and set Franco straight. She told him that Griffin hadn't taken her anywhere she hadn't wanted to go, and they all made mistakes -- except for her mother. Kiki asked to speak to Griffin alone, and Franco assured them he'd be eavesdropping.

Griffin admitted that he would have felt better if Franco had hit him, but Kiki said she wouldn't. Monica returned and told Kiki she was sorry about Bensch. Kiki asked why he hadn't been fired, and Monica explained that he still had his medical license and hadn't been sued for medical malpractice. Kiki was concerned about harassment. Monica asked her to leave the office then informed Griffin that he was to turn in his I.D. She received an alert and had to leave again, and Kiki reentered. She wondered if Griffin had been suspended because of her.

Kiki and Griffin stepped off the elevator. Griffin assured her it was about a mistake he'd made and had nothing to do with her. Kiki stated that Bensch was still there, and Griffin wouldn't be. He assured her that she could stand up for herself, and he would still be a friend and ally.

Over the phone, Julian congratulated Alexis and advised her that he had been unable to reach Ava. Alexis made mention of the fact that Ava had almost cost her the case. Just then, Sam and Molly arrived with a "victory breakfast," and Alexis told them that the victory had "come at a price." The girls were proud of their mother, and they discussed the ramifications of the case for all concerned.

The doorbell rang, and Molly went to answer it. "Oh, my God," she shouted. It was Kristina, and there were hugs all around. Kristina admitted that she'd visited with Sonny first, and she had been hoping to stay with Sam.

After breakfast, Molly suggested that Sam help her clean up so that Kristina and Alexis could talk. Alexis and Kristina spoke of the way they'd left things the last time they'd seen each other, and Alexis only wanted to know if Kristina had been happy. She was glad to hear Kristina say that she was.

Alexis had to leave to see a client with an emergency, and Molly had to preregister for classes. Sam offered to stay to do the dishes with Kristina, and Alexis made sure to put in her request for private time with Kristina. Once they were alone, Sam questioned her sister. "Okay, what's really going on?" Sam asked.

Carly and Mike returned home, and Mike mentioned that Julian had been a sweetheart. Sonny had other names for him. Mike announced that he would try to find his room upstairs. Carly revealed that Julian had been chatting with Mike about Charlie, and she asked about Sonny's offer to buy the pub. Sonny told her that Julian had refused to sell, but they stopped talking when Mike returned with a handful of clothing he'd found in the back of his closet.

Carly noted that the clothes probably belonged to Josslyn, and Mike wondered if he'd been in the right room. They joked, and Carly thought they had been put into Mike's closet by mistake. Sonny declared that he had an idea.

Alone later, Carly went through the articles of clothing that still had tags and security tags on them. "Josslyn, what the hell have you been up to?" Carly asked. Outside on the patio, Sonny held up a hand-written sign that read, "Mike's Room." Mike was happy that he wouldn't get lost again. Father and son shared a hug.

On the next General Hospital...

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• Nina promotes Maxie.

• Carly is worried, but Sonny assures her that there is no evidence.

• "I'm poaching you," Peter tells Lulu.

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