Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In the parking garage, Dillon waited for the American Automobile Association to answer his call as Kiki asked if he intended to tell them that he had intentionally deflated his tire to lure her out. Dillon smiled because he was confident that AAA would understand and teasingly added that the incident might inspire his next script. Dillon switched gears to ask how Kiki had been handling being out of the apartment. Kiki grinned because she was doing surprisingly well.

Later, Dillon rolled a tire toward Kiki after giving up on AAA. Kiki noticed that Dillon knew what he was doing, so he admitted that he had learned to change a tire while living in Los Angeles. Kiki was curious why he had left Los Angeles, since he wanted a career in the movie industry. Dillon explained that his brother had asked him to visit Tracy, but he had decided to stay when Paul had returned to Port Charles. Dillon admitted that he was glad he had been on hand when Tracy had fallen ill.

Dillon turned the conversation to a different topic by opening up about his first girlfriend's tragic murder and how he had hidden from the world after Georgie had died. He warned Kiki that hiding out wouldn't do her any good and revealed that he had discovered that being occasionally scared had been better than feeling numb, because it had made him feel alive again. However, he made it clear that he had relied on the support of his friends and family. Dillon took a break from changing the tire to talk about his depression after Georgie's death, prompting Kiki to confide that she always felt nervous and jumped when she heard loud noises.

Dillon thought it made sense for Kiki to be afraid because she had been through "hell." He advised her to give herself a break because sometimes the mind and spirit took longer to heal than the body. Kiki told Dillon that Morgan had been through a lot, too, but Morgan had been getting better every day. She admitted that she wanted the same thing for herself. After Dillon finished changing the tire and putting everything away, he pointed out that she had managed to stay with him without having a meltdown.

Kiki realized that Dillon was right and smiled. Dillon suggested they take the next step by leaving the garage and offered to buy her ice cream. Kiki smiled and climbed into the passenger seat of his car.

At the Freedman Clinic, Morgan sent Kiki an instant message, but she didn't reply. In the hallway, Kristina bumped into a young man. She assumed he was a patient, since he didn't have a visitor's tag, and asked if he knew her brother Morgan. The young man explained that he'd only been at the clinic a short while, but he was forced to admit that he was a visitor when Morgan stepped out of the visitor room and saw Kristina. The young man apologized for the deception and admitted that he had wanted to keep their conversation going.

After the young man left, Kristina and Morgan entered the visitor room where Kristina handed Morgan a music player as she revealed that she had downloaded her favorite "happy music," which helped her get out of bed whenever she wanted to hide under the covers. Morgan thanked her for the gift and made a remark about the guy who had been hitting on her. Kristina assured Morgan that he was wrong, but he was surprised that she had missed it. Morgan admitted that he expected more from someone who attended college. Kristina suddenly realized that Morgan hadn't heard about her suspension from school or about Parker.

Kristina opened up to Morgan about her offer to trade sex for a good grade and confided that Parker was a woman. Morgan was stunned that Kristina had been suspended, but Kristina was shocked that he wasn't more surprised that she'd been interested in a woman. Morgan explained that it hadn't been a big deal to him because he had always assumed that college was a time for girls to experiment. Morgan suddenly held up his hand, and he waited for his sister to give him a high-five. "Way to go," Morgan added because he was happy that her suspension meant he wasn't the only "screw-up" in the family.

Relieved by Morgan's reaction, Kristina hugged her brother. However, she warned him that she didn't want Sonny to know Parker was a woman because she was afraid that Sonny's head would "explode." Morgan assured Kristina that their father was pretty open-minded, but she didn't want to put Sonny to the test. Morgan thanked Kristina for trusting him with her secret because he resented how the rest of the family acted like he was fragile. Kristina hugged Morgan again and left.

In the hallway, Kristina bumped into the young man she had met earlier. The young man apologized for the misunderstanding and asked if she would be interested in hanging out with him. Kristina smiled and agreed. Meanwhile, Morgan sent Kiki another message, but she didn't respond.

Outside of town, Jason and Sam ran through the rain to seek shelter in a barn, unaware that someone had followed them. The person watched Jason and Sam through a window in the barn as Jason apologized to Sam for suggesting a motorcycle ride without checking the weather forecast. Sam assured him that it was fine and admitted that she had enjoyed the adventure. Jason and Sam found some lanterns to light and a tarp to put down while they waited for the rain to stop.

Later, Sam watched through the window as Jason returned to the barn. She asked if he'd managed to flag down the person who had pulled away in a car, but Jason shook his head. Sam was concerned because Jason had had an altercation with Franco earlier in the day, and she couldn't imagine why someone would drive to the barn but leave without entering. Jason assured Sam there was nothing to worry about and kissed her, but Sam explained that she was afraid for Jason because she didn't want Franco to do anything to take Jason away from her and Danny. Jason promised that he wasn't going anywhere and suggested that they focus on staying warm and entertaining each other. Sam relaxed and kissed him.

After Jason and Sam made love, Sam snuggled under a blanket next to Jason as she asked him what he had been thinking about. He assured her that he was happy, but he was troubled by his violent reaction to both Franco and Nikolas. Sam admitted that she was worried about what Franco would do to Jason, but he assured her it was fine because Franco should be more concerned about Jason. Meanwhile, a hooded person stood in the rain and spied on Jason and Sam through a window.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Julian spoke to his associate on the phone and instructed Hammer to find the witness against Carlos and make certain the guy didn't talk. "Julian?" Alexis asked as she stood at the bottom of the stairs with Leo perched on her hip. Julian quickly ended the call and took Leo from Alexis as she asked who Julian had been talking to. Julian claimed it had been about work, but Alexis didn't believe him. Resigned, Julian lied and told her that he had hired a security firm to guard her because he refused to take any chances with her life while she worked a high-profile case.

Alexis braced herself then asked if Julian had done anything to compromise himself for the case. Julian didn't hesitate to tell her no, but he quickly changed the subject by announcing that he would put Leo back to bed. After Julian left the room, Alexis pulled out the witness statement and read the information about Hale Garrett, including his long history of drug use. She folded the document when Julian returned to the living room and asked what she had been reading. Alexis explained that it was the witness statement, but she refused to share any of the details as she tucked it away in her briefcase.

Alexis reminded Julian that some secrets were necessary because of her job. Julian apologized but insisted that he'd been concerned about Alexis' welfare because he was worried that Sonny might have been responsible for the eyewitness stepping forward. Alexis assured Julian that she would flush out the truth if the witness wasn't legitimate and added that the witness might not be all that credible. Julian wondered why, but Alexis feared that she had said too much. Moments later, Leo cried, so Alexis decided to check on the baby.

Alexis reminded Julian that she loved their life together and asked his assurance that they both would do everything possible to protect it. Julian promised Alexis that he was committed to her and their family. He waited until she left the room before he quickly retrieved the witness statement. After he returned the document to her briefcase, he called Hammer to give Hammer the new information and added that Hale had been a junkie.

At the Floating Rib, Hayden approached Curtis' table as she loudly demanded service. Curtis warned Hayden to be careful because people in the food industry, as well as bartenders, had ways of getting back at rude or self-entitled customers. "Like spitting in their drink," Curtis added for clarification. Hayden snidely wondered if those were "pearls of wisdom" from a former cocaine addict, but instantly regretted the harsh words and apologized. Hayden explained that she had been in a very bad place because everything had gone wrong. Curtis was stunned when Hayden told him about Nikolas' decision to sell the ELQ shares to Jason.

Hayden revealed that all she would get was the five million promised to her in the ironclad prenuptial agreement, but she had wanted more. Curtis advised Hayden to take the money and run, but Hayden insisted that she had hoped to repay some of the investors her father had bilked out of money. Curtis was surprised that she was sincere, but he reminded her that it wasn't her responsibility to clean up her father's mess and urged her to find someone who would genuinely make her happy. Hayden appeared dejected as she admitted that she had to leave for a meeting that would likely result in more bad news.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany slammed down a phone in frustration. Finn was reading a chart on the computer and asked if everything was okay. Epiphany explained that there had been a pill count issue on the tenth floor dispensary, which she was in charge of. Epiphany was furious that she was being audited because someone had fallen down on the job and couldn't do basic math. After Epiphany stormed off, Finn strode across the hall and entered Tracy's hospital room.

Tracy was in a chipper mood as she packed her clothes in preparation to go home in the morning. Finn teased her about being eager to get away from him, but she warned him that she wasn't through with him by a long shot. Finn wondered if that was an invitation to the Quartermaine mansion for a backgammon rematch. "Perhaps," Tracy said with a smile, but she clarified that she had been referring to something far more serious.

Tracy revealed that she planned to attend an emergency board meeting the following day to defend Finn. Finn hadn't realized that he'd been wronged, but Tracy insisted that the hospital needed an infectious disease specialist and internist like Finn. Tracy claimed that Liesl's refusal to hire him was proof that Liesl had not been acting in the hospital's best interest. Tracy intended to rectify the problem by making certain that Finn was hired.

Moments later, Hayden arrived for her meeting with Tracy. Tracy introduced Finn to Hayden and added that Hayden was also known as Rachel Berlin. Finn tensed when he recognized the name, but he quickly excused himself and left. Hayden cut to the chase to ask why Tracy had wanted to see Hayden in person. "You're fired," Tracy answered with a smirk. Hayden wondered if it had been necessary to tell Hayden in person.

"Yes," Tracy replied without hesitation. Hayden acknowledged that Hayden had only herself to blame for losing everything, but Tracy refused to feel sorry for Hayden. Tracy imagined that Hayden had been a bright star before Raymond's scandal, but Tracy also knew that Hayden was a "self-serving bitch."

Near the nurses' station, Epiphany approached Finn and somberly told him that she had something difficult to ask. Finn worried that it might have to do with Roxy, but Epiphany handed him a piece of paper and explained that she expected him to participate in the annual Nurses Ball. Finn balked because he couldn't sing, dance, or do magic, but Epiphany refused to take no for an answer. After Epiphany left to count pills on the tenth floor, Finn returned to Tracy's hospital room as Hayden left. Hayden brushed passed him and apologized for bumping into him.

Finn wondered if Hayden was truly sorry about the lives her father had destroyed. Hayden assured Finn that she hadn't known about her father's illegal business dealings until it had been too late. Finn wasn't satisfied because Hayden's father had bled Finn's medical foundation dry. Hayden promised that she would repay all the investors if she could, but Finn scoffed because it always boiled down to money for people like her. He wondered if she had looked the other way because she had enjoyed her father's riches.

At a loss for words, Hayden walked away. Tracy had overheard the conversation, but Finn didn't notice as he returned to the nurses' station. Tracy followed Finn and told him what she had eavesdropped. She was curious who he'd been referring to when he'd told Hayden that her father had destroyed lives. Finn quietly admitted that the best doctor he'd ever known had been hurt by Raymond Berlin.

At the Floating Rib, Hayden sat down at Curtis' table and told him about her encounter with Tracy and run-in with Finn. Curtis suggested that Hayden lay low for a while until the storm blew over, but she explained that it never would. Curtis pointed out that she had hit rock bottom, so things couldn't get worse. Hayden agreed and accepted his offer to buy her a drink. After Curtis went to the bar, two men in dark suits approached Hayden, identified themselves as agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and informed her that she had to leave with them.

. . .

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