Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sonny pleaded guilty to spare Carly and Duke jail time. Silas agreed to hide out Ava who claimed to be in fear of Sonny's wrath. Anna arrested Julian. Patrick and Sam got their hands on Larry's safety deposit key. Shawn and Jordan confessed to T.J.

At Kelly's, Shawn and Jordan sat down with T.J. to explain that they had to tell T.J. something about his father, Thomas. Jordan explained that there were some things about Thomas that T.J. didn't know. "Like what?" T.J. wondered. "Like how he died," Jordan replied.

T.J. assured Jordan that he knew about the accidental shooting, but Shawn shocked T.J. by revealing that the shooting had been intentional. Stunned, T.J. became upset, but Jordan begged her son to hear them out then gently explained that T.J.'s father had learned about her past affair with Shawn on the night of the shooting.

Shawn revealed that the affair had ended almost as soon as it had begun, but Thomas had been in a rage when he had confronted Shawn one night while they had both been assigned as lookouts. Shawn admitted that Thomas had pulled a gun, intending to shoot Shawn, so Shawn had implored Thomas to put the gun down, but Thomas had refused because Thomas had been determined to kill Shawn. T.J. argued that Shawn couldn't have known that, but Shawn disagreed because Shawn had seen it in Thomas' eyes.

T.J. was furious that Shawn had betrayed Thomas by sleeping with his best friend's wife, but Jordan insisted that it had been a difficult time for her because Thomas had been deployed overseas for nearly a year. She confessed that she had needed a friend to lean on, so she had turned to Shawn. T.J. became increasingly upset as he suddenly wondered if there might be a chance that Shawn was his father. Shawn and Jordan conceded that they had wondered the same thing, so Jordan had decided to have a DNA test done.

According to Shawn, Thomas had found the letter from Jordan informing Shawn that Thomas was T.J.'s father just before the confrontation. Moments after the shooting, Thomas and Shawn's regiment had been attacked, so everyone had assumed that Thomas had been killed by friendly fire during the skirmish. Shawn had decided to keep quiet about the truth because Shawn hadn't wanted one terrible moment to overshadow all the great things that Thomas had done.

T.J. broke down in tears as Shawn and Jordan held him. Shawn insisted that Thomas had been a hero and that nothing would change that, but T.J. wasn't appeased because he wished that Shawn and Jordan had kept their secret. T.J. grabbed his things then left because he needed some time alone. After T.J. left, Shawn assured Jordan that it had been for the best to tell T.J. the truth then added that at least Thomas had died with the comfort of knowing that T.J. was Thomas' son. Jordan slowly closed her eyes as a wave of guilt appeared to briefly cloud her expression.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Patrick and Sam stood on the patio as they eavesdropped on Larry's phone call in the living room, alerting Jerry that there was a problem. Patrick realized that he and Sam had been right to suspect that Larry was in league with Jerry, but Sam was focused on Larry's conversation as Larry explained to Jerry that Michael had moved into the mansion and had put Tracy on notice about ELQ. Larry warned Jerry that it would be "nigh" impossible for Larry and Jerry to proceed with their plan to procure ELQ, which meant that it might be time to do something about the "Luke Spencer problem" since their "friend" had become more of a liability than an asset.

On the patio, Patrick wondered if it was possible that he and Sam had been wrong about Luke working with Jerry, but Sam said little as she continued to listen to Larry's end of the phone call. Larry conceded that the situation was not ideal but added that a contingency plan had been put into place. Patrick and Sam perked up when Larry mentioned that a key to a secret safe deposit box had been safely stashed in Larry's bedroom, so Larry advised Jerry put what Larry would need to proceed with the next phase of their plan in the safe deposit box.

After Larry ended the phone call, he poured himself a drink. On the patio, Patrick and Sam quietly discussed their options. Sam instructed Patrick to keep Larry busy while she slipped into Larry's bedroom to search for the safe deposit key, but Patrick panicked because he had no idea what to do. Sam was confident that Patrick would think of something.

Moments later, Patrick entered the living room from the patio. Startled, Larry demanded to know what Patrick was doing in the mansion. Patrick surprised Larry by claiming that he had stopped by to apologize to Larry for suggesting that Larry had played a role in the tragedy that had killed Patrick's son. Patrick extended his hand to Larry as a show of sincerity, so Larry grudgingly shook Patrick's hand. However, Larry announced that it was time to turn in for the evening, but Patrick insisted on having a drink with Larry first.

Larry reluctantly agreed, but Patrick quickly had a change of heart when he saw Sam reappear on the patio. Patrick excused himself then left without Larry realizing that Patrick had had an ulterior motive for the brief visit.

On the patio, Sam explained that she had found the safe deposit key, but she had decided to use Danny's silly putty that she had found in her pocket to make an impression of the key to avoid tipping Larry off. Sam was confident that they could get a key made in the morning, so Patrick hoped that the safe deposit box would yield some much-needed answers.

At the hospital, Anna, Michael, and Kiki entered Ava's hospital room to inform Ava that Ava would be charged with Connie's murder, but Ava had already fled. Anna immediately called security to alert them not to allow Ava to leave the hospital, but Michael wasn't satisfied because he suspected that Kiki had aided Ava by keeping Anna distracted until Ava could escape. Kiki argued that Michael's theory was ridiculous because Kiki had been talking to Anna when Michael had arrived to give Anna the incriminating evidence against Ava.

Moments later, Anna wrapped up the call with the hospital's security team. According to Anna, security footage confirmed that Ava had left the hospital minutes earlier. Michael remained certain that Kiki had helped Ava because Kiki had kept Ava's secret. Surprised, Anna asked if it was true that Kiki had known that Ava had killed Connie. Kiki confessed that she had, but Kiki had warned Ava that Michael also knew the truth about Connie's murder when Kiki had confronted her mother earlier.

"So, not only are you a liar, you're an idiot too," Michael said with disgust because Kiki had inadvertently tipped off her mother that the recording would be turned over to the police. Kiki was offended by Michael's remark, but he was unrepentant because Ava had used Kiki to keep Anna distracted while Ava had escaped. Anna doubted that Ava had gotten far, so she decided to issue an APB on Ava.

After Anna left, Kiki apologized and assured Michael that she hadn't had any inkling that Ava had intended to run. Unmoved, Michael ranted at Kiki until Morgan entered the room. Shocked, Morgan immediately ordered Michael to leave Kiki alone because Kiki didn't deserve to be "verbally abused." Michael resented Morgan's defense of Kiki because Kiki had given Ava an opportunity to vanish. Stunned, Morgan looked around the hospital room as he realized that Ava was indeed gone. "Wow, you two are a regular brain trust, aren't you?" Michael snidely asked.

Kiki's patience snapped because she was tried of Michael's hateful comments. Michael sarcastically apologized for not being nice about someone who had murdered an innocent woman, framed his father, and then had used her daughter to escape justice. Morgan warned Michael to ease up on Kiki, but Michael turned on his brother by suggesting that perhaps Morgan had helped Ava. The argument quickly escalated then turned violent as Michael shoved Morgan against the door, threatening to beat the truth out of his brother, but Morgan pushed back as he explained he had been busy searching for the missing baby.

Morgan revealed that he had no desire to help Ava since he had learned the truth about Connie's murder, which was why Morgan had told Sonny that Ava had been hiding out at the brownstone. Michael wasn't impressed because Morgan had failed Michael just as much as Sonny had.

After Michael stormed out, Morgan realized that Michael truly disowned his family. However, Morgan urged Kiki to keep fighting for Michael because Morgan was certain that Michael still loved her under all the anger. Kiki confessed that Silas had offered her the same advice so she had paid Michael a visit earlier that day only to find him in bed with Rosalie.

In Anna's office, Anna sat behind her desk as two police officers escorted Julian to a chair. Julian demanded to know why his apartment had been searched and why he had been taken into custody, so Anna explained that she had reason to believe that Julian had helped Ava escape. Julian denied that he would help his sister leave the hospital because Ava was in need of medical care after recently giving birth. He was outraged that Anna was more interested in finding Ava than in searching for his missing niece who was in the hands of a "sociopath and a madwoman."

Anna assured Julian that she had every available police officer looking for the missing newborn then returned to the topic of Ava because Anna had a recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder. Julian feigned shock and disbelief, but Anna easily saw through the deception because she knew that Ava had killed Connie to stop Connie from revealing that Derek Wells had been Julian's alias. Julian assured Anna that he had been in the dark about Ava's crime, but Anna didn't believe him so she decided to send him to lockup. Julian accused Anna of abusing her power, but she reminded him that she had forty-eight hours to hold him before charging him with a crime.

At Silas' apartment, Silas was stunned when he saw Ava standing on his doorstep. She pleaded with him to help her then stumbled into his apartment as she explained that no one could find her. Silas shut the door as Ava claimed that she needed a safe place to hide from Sonny, but Silas insisted that Ava needed to be in the hospital. Ava argued that she couldn't risk it because Sonny had sent hit men after her, so Silas pointed out that he wasn't in any position to safeguard Ava against armed gunmen.

Silas urged Ava to turn to the police for help, but Ava explained that it was too dangerous because Sonny had police officers on his payroll. Silas remained apprehensive about not going to the police, so Ava claimed that she had seen two suspicious men loitering near her hospital room, which had forced her to flee. Ava insisted that she just needed time to figure out her next step then preyed on his compassion by reminding him that her infant daughter needed her. Silas capitulated, so Ava hugged him as she thanked him for saving her life.

In the courtroom, a reporter asked Scott if it was true that Duke had been denied bail. Scott refused to answer the question, so the reporter was curious if it was a conflict of interest that he was prosecuting Carly, since he was dating her mother, Bobbie. Annoyed, Scott asked the bailiff to remove the reporter. Before the bailiff could follow through, Bobbie marched up then slapped Scott across the face as a newspaper cameraman snapped pictures.

After the bailiff hustled the press out of the courtroom, Scott assured Bobbie that he genuinely cared about her, but she didn't believe him because she was certain that Scott would have given his daughter a free pass or a slap on the wrist if Serena had been in Carly's shoes. Scott denied it, but Bobbie glared at him as she informed him that they were over.

Meanwhile, reporters swarmed Carly as she and Diane arrived for Carly's arraignment. The reporters fired questions at Carly, but Diane pulled Carly aside to remind Carly not to say a single word to the reporters because it could be used against her in court. Carly promised to behave, so Diane switched gears to explain that she wanted Carly to be "polite, contrite, and silent" during the arraignment. Diane explained that it was the only hope they had of persuading the judge to grant Carly bail. According to Diane, Carly was merely an on-ramp to the true target, Sonny.

Carly looked up as Sonny arrived. The two exchanged a long glance before Sonny approached Diane and Carly. Carly was concerned as she asked how Sonny had been holding up. He assured her that he was fine but he hated that he had dragged her into his mess. Carly refused to allow Sonny to blame himself because she had made her own choices to protect their family. Diane warned both Sonny and Carly not to utter a single word in court except "Not Guilty" when the judge asked for their plea because they couldn't afford for anyone to make a scene.

Later, Carly stood before Judge Chua as Diane requested bail. Diane assured the judge that Carly was not a flight risk because Carly had children and business ties to the community. Scott didn't object, but Judge Chua decided to deny Carly bail because two of Carly's children were grown, Carly was a wealthy woman, and she had international business ties. Carly appeared shell-shocked as Judge Chua called for a fifteen-minute recess before proceeding with Sonny's arraignment.

Carly's eyes welled up with tears as she turned to Bobbie. Carly cried that Josslyn needed Carly, so Bobbie promised to take care of Josslyn until everything could be straightened out. After Carly was escorted away, Scott approached Bobbie to assure her that he would try to work something out for Carly, but Bobbie told him that it was too little, too late.

Meanwhile, Sonny demanded to know how Carly could have been denied bail. Diane realized that things looked bleak, but she assured Sonny that she shined at trial, so she was confident that she could get Sonny acquitted. Sonny refused to allow Carly to spend months in jail until Sonny's trial and acquittal, so he marched up to Scott to work out a deal.

A short time later, Judge Chua returned to the courtroom then asked for Sonny's plea.

In the hallway, Bobbie tried to offer Carly words of encouragement, but Carly was filled with regret that she had ignored everyone's warnings about Franco. Moments later, Sonny left the courtroom with Scott and Diane trailing behind him. Sonny smiled as he assured Carly that she would not be going to Pentonville. Scott confirmed that all the charges against Carly had been dropped. Stunned, Bobbie thanked Scott, but Diane clarified that Sonny deserved the credit because Sonny had agreed to plead guilty in exchange for Carly's freedom.

Diane hoped that Sonny's cooperation would earn Scott's leniency during sentencing, but Scott warned Diane not to count on it. Carly tearfully begged Sonny to change his plea, but Sonny refused because he didn't want Carly to go to jail. Carly assured Sonny that she wouldn't change a thing if she had it to do over again, so Sonny smiled as he told her that he loved her and wanted her to be safe.

Nearby, Michael watched the exchange between Sonny and Carly. Michael ducked around the corner then waited until Sonny was escorted back to jail. As Sonny passed Michael, they exchanged a long glance, but neither man said a word.

. . .

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