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Anna and Finn arrive in Monaco
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

In Monaco, Finn and Anna approached a restaurant as Finn reminded Anna that he was only helping her because she had blackmailed him. Anna assured him that she understood, but she asked him to stop whining for a moment and remember that what he was doing was for the greater good. Finn appeared skeptical, but Anna looked through the restaurant's window and saw the woman who had once helped Valentin fence stolen jewels. Anna pointed out Cassandra Pierce, but Finn was curious what the plan was. Anna explained that she would enter the restaurant first then Finn would follow three minutes later. Finn was curious what he should do once he was inside, but Anna was confident that he would figure it out.

Finn watched as Anna entered the restaurant then approached a waiter to ask where the restroom was. The man pointed to the restroom, while Anna took the opportunity to pour a small vial of clear liquid into one of the two coffee cups on his tray. After Anna walked away, the waiter delivered the coffee to Cassandra's table. Finn realized that it was his cue and rushed into the restaurant just as Cassandra gasped for air then collapsed. Finn identified himself as a doctor then pulled a syringe out of his medical bag and injected Cassandra with epinephrine.

Anna sat at a nearby table and watched everything unfold as Cassandra slowly began to breathe again. Grateful for Finn's timely intervention, Cassandra thanked him. Finn helped her to her feet as he explained that he was a doctor. Cassandra's interest was immediately piqued when Finn clarified that he was an infectious-disease specialist. She was curious what he was doing in Monaco, so he glanced at Anna's table then carefully explained that he'd been traveling with a friend. Cassandra was certain that fate had put him in her path at a very opportune time.

Cassandra told Finn that her health was delicate, prompting Finn to suggest that she go to the hospital to be checked out. Cassandra realized that Finn was eager to join his companion. She hoped that he enjoyed his stay in Monaco then watched him walk away. At the table, Anna was eager to hear what Finn had learned about Cassandra, but he pointed out that he'd been too busy saving the woman's life. Anna assured him that the chemical she'd slipped into Cassandra's coffee had only mimicked the effects of anaphylactic shock, but the symptoms would have abated quickly without medical intervention. Finn decided that it didn't matter because Anna's plan had been a bust.

Moments later, Cassandra's bodyguard approached the table to give Finn a note from Cassandra. After Cassandra and the bodyguard left, Anna asked Finn to read the note. Reluctantly, Finn unfolded the piece of paper. Cassandra thanked him for saving her life and invited him to her place the following day. Anna smiled with satisfaction.

At the nurses' station, Kiki handed Kristina the jacket that Sam had left behind when Jason had been transferred to a long-term care facility. Kristina was curious how Kiki's studies were going. Kiki smiled because she doubted that anyone could have imagined that she'd be taking the fast track through medical school. Kiki conceded that it was a lot of work, but it had been important for her to follow her heart. After Kiki was called away, Kristina went to the elevator as she looked up Molly's class schedule. She smiled when she saw that Molly had a class with Parker.

At Port Charles University, Parker discussed Jane Austen with her class. Molly listened as Parker explained that they could relive the world that Jane Austen had lived in by reading her works. Parker added that they could also see how class and gender distinctions had mattered back then, which led to several questions from the students, including Molly. Molly pointedly broached the subject of love and how Mr. Willoughby had hurt Marianne so deeply in Sense and Sensibility that Marianne had almost died. Parker carefully acknowledged that much of Jane Austen's work had been about heartbreak, but much of it had been caused by misunderstandings between the characters and themselves. However, love had always prevailed, even with Marianne, who had recovered from her broken heart and had found love with Colonel Brandon.

Parker thought it would be wonderful if they knew themselves as well as Jane Austen had known her characters and if they could give themselves second, third, and fourth chances the way that Jane Austen had given them to her characters. After the class ended, Kristina slipped into the classroom on the pretext of returning Molly's keys. Molly played along until a student approached Parker to ask a question then Molly quietly demanded to know what Kristina was up to. Kristina promised to explain later, but Molly remained concerned. Kristina admitted that she needed to tell Parker the truth about something.

Molly asked Kristina to be careful then followed the last student out of the classroom. Kristina revealed that she needed to talk to Parker about something, but Parker didn't think there was much left to say because Kristina was dating someone. Kristina admitted that she and Valerie were not dating. Parker was surprised when Kristina confessed that Valerie was just a friend who had tried to send Parker the message that Kristina had moved on. Parker smiled, but Kristina revealed that there was more.

Kristina admitted that she'd been dating a guy named Aaron when she and Parker had slept together. However, she rushed to assure Parker that she and Aaron were long over, and she was single. Kristina turned to leave, but Parker had a confession to make. Parker hadn't been honest when she and Kristina had made love, and she regretted ending things with Kristina in a letter. Kristina thought it had been for the best because Kristina wasn't known for being gracious. Parker smiled, so Kristina decided they were "cool." Parker disagreed and suggested that she and Kristina find a more private setting to talk.

At the hospital, Dante tracked down Kiki to question her about Ava's whereabouts. Kiki carefully told him that she had no idea where Ava was, so Dante asked if Kiki had been aware that Ava had sold Valentin a tapestry. Kiki shook her head, but Dante thought it was odd that Ava would do business with the man she'd seen shoot Nikolas. He couldn't understand why Ava would do it, so Kiki suggested that he ask Ava. Dante assured her that he had tried, but Ava had vanished. Dante realized why Kiki was reluctant to talk, and he assured her that he was looking for Ava for personal reasons.

Dante explained that Ava was a pivotal witness in Spencer's lawsuit against Valentin. Dante was eager to find Ava because her testimony might help persuade the family court judge to rule in Lulu's favor and award full custody of Charlotte to Lulu. Kiki capitulated and told him that she suspected that Valentin had arranged for her mother to fly to St. Petersburg, Russia, to visit a clinic that had promised to restore Ava's beauty. Dante wondered why Valentin would help Ava until he realized that both Valentin and Ava each had something the other wanted.

At Shriners Hospital for Children, Valentin and Charlotte waited for Bailey and her mother to join them. Valentin assured his daughter that the doctors could help her friend if Bailey was diagnosed with scoliosis. Charlotte was happy that they could offer Bailey moral support, but she was also proud that Valentin had been able to help Ms. Caldwell find the right doctors. Moments later, Lulu arrived. Charlotte was excited to see Lulu, but Lulu pointed out that she was Charlotte's mother and wanted to be there to support both Bailey and Charlotte. Valentin tensed, but he smiled for his daughter's sake.

Later, Bailey greeted Charlotte as Ms. Caldwell joined the small gathering and thanked Valentin for advising her to use the SpineScreen app provided by Shriners Hospitals. Valentin explained that he supported the hospital's work because he had suffered from scoliosis as a child. Lulu added that Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston had helped her nephew when he had suffered a terrible burn. Valentin was careful not to react at the mention of Spencer.

Moments later, Dr. Brown walked up and greeted Valentin then introduced himself to Ms. Caldwell and Bailey. Dr. Brown quickly put Ms. Caldwell at ease by assuring her that the hospital catered to all the medical needs of a child. Relieved, Ms. Caldwell referred to Valentin and Lulu as Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine as she thanked them for everything. After Dr. Brown led Ms. Caldwell and Bailey to an examination room, Charlotte asked why Valentin hadn't told Bailey's mother that he was married to Nina and that Lulu was married to Dante. Valentin explained that it hadn't been important because Ms. Caldwell had had other things on her mind.

Lulu decided to take Charlotte to the play area while they waited for Bailey. A short time later, Lulu returned and told Valentin that Charlotte had made some friends in the play area. Valentin was surprised when Lulu shifted gears and complimented him on how he had handled Charlotte's concerns about Bailey then admitted that she felt bad that Valentin had suffered as a child. Valentin didn't trust her sincerity, but Lulu assured him that it was true. Lulu conceded that she had thought he was a monster, but she'd seen him with their daughter and knew how much he loved Charlotte. Lulu admitted that she no longer saw him as a monster -- just a bad man.

Valentin thought it was proof that Lulu's views hadn't really changed, but she disagreed then asked him about his struggle with scoliosis because it was part of Charlotte's family's medical history. Resigned, Valentin sat down then told her that his father had sent him to a remote boarding school when he was five years old because he had hoped to hide Valentin from Helena. Valentin explained that Helena wouldn't have hesitated to kill him, even as a child, because he'd been a rival to Stavros' place in the family. Valentin revealed that Mikkos had set up a trust fund to finance Valentin's education, but nothing for Valentin's medical expenses. As a result, Valentin's scoliosis had gone untreated for a long time.

Lulu assured Valentin that he would always have a place in Charlotte's life, but Valentin was curious what role Dante would play. Lulu explained that Dante would be Charlotte's stepfather and a father figure, but she promised that Valentin would always be Charlotte's "Papa." Valentin smiled because he appreciated that Lulu had acknowledged his role in their daughter's life. Lulu thought it was important for them to get to know each other, so she asked about his surgeries because she wanted to understand how he'd become the man he was. Valentin looked off into the distance as he revealed that he'd undergone a series of expensive surgeries that "had not been without discomfort." However, the results had been worth it because he could stand straight.

Moments later, Charlotte returned. She asked if her father had had his corrective surgery in a hospital like Shriners Hospital for Children. Valentin chuckled without mirth as he admitted that he wished he had then quickly changed the subject by suggesting that he and Charlotte buy Bailey a present. Nearby, Lulu was elated when she saw Dante arrive. She ran over to greet her husband and gave him an update on Bailey. Dante warned Lulu that he had news -- he suspected that Valentin had persuaded Ava to retract her statement.

In Kelly's courtyard, Nelle was upset as she showed Michael the letter of eviction that she had received earlier. Michael looked over the notice, but he assured her there was nothing to worry about because she could move in with him. Nelle objected because it was too soon for them to live together. Michael was confident that things would work out for Nelle, but she accused him of not understanding her plight because of his wealth. Frustrated, Nelle assured him that she would figure things out then left because she had to pick up a prescription.

Nearby, Carly had seen the exchange. She approached Michael to find out what had happened. Michael realized that his mother hoped that he had broken things off with Nelle, but he assured Carly that he and Nelle were stronger than ever. Michael and Carly entered the diner and found a table as Carly expressed her surprise that Michael didn't seem to have any concerns about how Nelle's fiancé had died. Michael explained that he and Nelle had discussed it, but Carly was certain that Nelle had painted herself as an innocent girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

Michael defended Nelle and pointed out that there hadn't been any charges filed against her. Carly scoffed because they both knew that a lack of evidence didn't mean a person was innocent. Michael insisted that he believed Nelle. Carly thought it was a mistake for Michael to take Nelle's word for it, so she encouraged him to search for his own answers. Michael balked, but Carly was curious why he didn't want proof of Nelle's innocence if she'd been wrongly accused.

Michael knew that Carly wasn't interested in exonerating Nelle -- she wanted Nelle out of his life. Carly believed that she had good reason to be concerned about Nelle, especially since Michael was young, healthy, and wealthy like Zachary Grant had been. She feared that it might be part of a pattern because Michael loved a woman with everything that he had and would never ask the woman he loved to sign a prenuptial agreement. Carly pleaded with Michael to give her peace of mind by talking to the Grants and to the police. Michael thought his mother was being ridiculous, but Carly would rather be ridiculous than lose her only surviving son to a mysterious "accident."

Carly promised that nothing would make her happier than if she were wrong because it would mean that Michael was happy and safe. It frightened Carly that Michael was willing to take Nelle's word on something as serious as an accusation of murder. Michael knew Carly was worried because Morgan had died, Jason was in a coma, and Sonny had had a brush with death, but he admitted that he didn't need to know more about how Zachary had died because he believed Nelle, and there was nothing his mother could say that would change his mind. Carly was disappointed, but she realized that it was his decision. She just hoped that he knew what he was doing.

After Carly left, Michael called someone to ask for a favor. Outside, Carly received a text message from a woman named Sharon Grant who claimed to be Zachary's sister. Sharon wanted to talk to Carly about Janelle Benson.

At the hospital, Kiki saw Nelle rush past the nurses' station. Concerned, Kiki called out to Nelle and asked if there was a problem. "Yup, Carly," Nelle replied without hesitation. Nelle started to apologize, but Kiki assured Nelle that it was fine. Kiki had seen the pictures of Nelle and Michael in Morocco, so she knew that they were close. Kiki was curious why Carly was upset, but Nelle admitted that Carly hated her for several reasons.

Kiki advised Nelle to be careful because Carly went all in when she disliked someone. However, Kiki assured Nelle that Carly would eventually calm down and accept the relationship. Kiki talked about the friction between her and Carly when Kiki had dated Michael then Morgan, but Nelle explained that her situation was different because Nelle had tried to destroy Carly's marriage and her family. Kiki was certain that Carly would have a change of heart when she saw how much Michael and Nelle cared about each other.

Nelle confessed that she had a past and had made mistakes, but Kiki argued that the same was true for her. Nelle revealed that Carly had been digging up dirt on her from when Nelle had been young, stupid, and broke. It made Nelle sick, but Kiki urged Nelle to be honest with Michael because Carly would do anything for Michael, including getting along with his girlfriend. Nelle hoped that Kiki was right.

On the next General Hospital...

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• Sonny wonders who is calling him from St. Petersburg.

• Scott asks about the other Jason.

• "Who are you to Sonny?" Dr. Klein asks Patient 6.

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