Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Jason's hospital room, Elizabeth greeted "Jake" then asked if he liked his new accommodations. Elizabeth opened the blinds to give him a view of the skyline as Jason confided that he recalled hearing two voices following the car accident, so Elizabeth was curious if Jason recalled what the voices had said. Frustrated, Jason shook his head, but he insisted that there had been someone else besides Jordan at the scene of the accident. Elizabeth suspected that Jason had heard Jordan talking to one of the first responders called to the accident, so she advised Jason not to dwell on it because she was confident that he would remember if it was important.

The conversation then shifted to Jason's unappetizing breakfast. Elizabeth conceded that the hospital had never had the best food, but the new chief of staff had made some budget cuts that had resulted in the food being even more unappealing. However, Elizabeth assured Jason that the breakfast was nutritional. Jason sensed that Elizabeth didn't like her boss, so Elizabeth explained that saying she despised Liesl Obrecht with every fiber of her being would be the gross understatement of the century.

"Did someone mention my name?" Liesl asked from the doorway with a pleasant smile. Elizabeth was startled, so Liesl seized the opportunity to reprimand Elizabeth in front of Jason. Elizabeth said little until Liesl introduced herself to "John Doe." Elizabeth quickly explained that they suspected that the patient's name was Jake, but Liesl was not impressed with the choice of names because it reminded her of a mongrel found in an alley.

Jason pointed out that a car had struck him on an isolated road, so the description was a close fit. Liesl ignored the remark to cut to the chase by asking if Jason had health insurance. Elizabeth was stunned as she pointed out that their patient didn't even know his name, let alone whether or not he had health insurance. Elizabeth reminded Liesl that the hospital had a policy of helping patients regardless of their financial status, but Liesl argued that the hospital had already invested a lot of money into saving "Jake's" life.

Liesl urged Jason to hasten his recovery because she didn't want him getting "soft and flabby" by lying around. Liesl warned Elizabeth to watch the insolent tone because Liesl wouldn't hesitate to fire Elizabeth again. Elizabeth turned the tables on Liesl by asking who Elizabeth could turn to in her time of need. Elizabeth suggested that perhaps she could find someone who owned a castle on an island who would lend Elizabeth a sympathetic shoulder. Liesl's smile tightened as she conceded that Elizabeth was lucky that they had a three-strike policy at the hospital.

"This was merely your first," Liesl added, and she left. Jason was curious if Liesl had always been that hard on Elizabeth. She conceded that it had been a particularly difficult encounter but not as bad as the time that Liesl had shot Elizabeth. Jason was shocked when Elizabeth told him about Liesl kidnapping Lulu's son, holding Elizabeth hostage, and then shooting Elizabeth when the police had arrived. Jason was curious why Liesl wasn't in jail, but Elizabeth didn't have an answer.

Jason wondered how someone like Liesl could be the chief of staff of a hospital, so Elizabeth reminded him that money talked. However, she added that the kidnapping had only been the tip of the iceberg because Liesl had once been Cesar Faison's right-hand person. Jason was curious who Cesar was, so Elizabeth revealed that Cesar had killed Jake's father. Elizabeth confessed that Jason's death had been made even more difficult because they had never recovered his body from the harbor.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Michael approached Anna as she read a newspaper over a morning coffee. Michael was curious if she had received his voicemail messages about A.J., so she conceded that she had but quickly reminded Michael that A.J.'s murder case had been closed when Carlos had confessed. Michael explained that Carlos had recanted his confession by claiming to Sabrina that Ava had coerced Carlos into taking responsibility for A.J.'s murder. Michael revealed that it was possible that Ava had been responsible for A.J.'s shooting, but Anna argued that Ava had had an alibi for the time of the shooting because Ava had been in New York City.

Michael begged Anna to talk to Sabrina and Carlos because Michael refused to rest until he was certain that A.J.'s killer had been caught. Michael vowed to get answers with or without Anna's help, so she agreed to look into it. Grateful, Michael thanked Anna then walked away. Anna recorded a reminder to herself to talk to Sabrina then returned to the newspaper, but Anna's quiet breakfast was short-lived because Liesl marched up and plunged a fork into Anna's muffin.

Anna and Liesl immediately began to trade heated words as both women tried to push each other's buttons. Anna accused Liesl of murdering Victor, but Liesl insisted that it had been self-defense because Victor had been holding a detonator, threatening too blow up the clinic, when Liesl had shot him. Anna easily saw through the lie, so Liesl conceded that she had also been protecting Nathan. Liesl feared that it would have only been a matter of time before Victor had gone after Nathan. Liesl snidely reminded Anna that Anna wasn't in any position to judge Liesl after what Anna had done to Cesar.

At the brownstone, Kiki arrived home as Morgan passed through the living room with a breakfast tray. She was eager to know how her mother was, so he revealed that Ava had slept through the night and eaten breakfast. According to Morgan, Silas was with Ava, ready to give Ava a second shot to keep Ava's labor at bay awhile longer. Kiki was delighted by the news but confided that they had another problem because Carlos had revealed that Ava had forced Carlos to falsely confess to A.J.'s murder. Morgan was surprised when Kiki revealed that Sabrina had told Michael, so Michael had decided to talk to Anna about reopening the investigation.

Kiki was frustrated because she couldn't clear her mother's name without revealing that Sonny had shot A.J. Morgan surprised Kiki by pointing out that they only had Ava's word that Sonny had shot A.J. He reminded Kiki that Ava was not a pillar of honesty, but Kiki argued that Sonny wouldn't want Ava dead if Ava, not Sonny, had killed A.J. Morgan conceded that Kiki had a valid point, but he worried that Kiki might have confided everything to Michael. Kiki admitted that she hadn't told Michael anything because the truth about Sonny would destroy him.

However, Kiki feared that Michael would not rest until he had answers because Michael was "hell-bent" on getting justice for A.J. Morgan agreed that it would be devastating to Michael if Michael were to learn the truth about what Sonny had done.

A short time later, Michael arrived to talk to Kiki. He told Kiki and Morgan about his chat with Anna and Anna's agreement to look into Sabrina's claims that Carlos had falsely confessed to A.J.'s murder. Michael warned Kiki that he intended to track down Ava if Anna failed to do so because Michael wanted answers.

At Kelly's, Olivia and Sonny watched with smiles of joy as Dante and Lulu tried to feed a fussy Rocco some cereal. Olivia thought it was nice that they could all spend time together as a family. Sonny grinned then offered to try to get Rocco to take a bite of cereal. Dante warily wondered what Sonny intended to do. "I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse," Sonny replied with a straight face. Dante chuckled then warned his father no "mafia" jokes.

Olivia picked up the newspaper, but her smile quickly vanished when she saw an article featuring a picture of Ned and Monica at the restaurant with a headline suggesting that Ned had rekindled things with Monica. Olivia's temper flared, so she stepped away from the table as Sonny managed to get Rocco to take a bite of cereal. Dante and Lulu seized the opportunity to discuss the situation with Luke, but Sonny made it clear that he would not rush to judgment about Luke's possible involvement with the Jeromes until Tracy had returned.

"I am back," Tracy suddenly announced as she entered the diner. Lulu warmly greeted Tracy then asked about Luke. Tracy assured Lulu that Tracy had been able to unequivocally vindicate Luke because Jerry Jacks had been revealed to be in league with the Jeromes. Tracy quickly filled Lulu, Dante, Sonny, and Olivia in on what had transpired in Amsterdam then explained that Jerry had kidnapped Luke.

Everyone was surprised when Tracy explained that Jerry wanted ELQ in exchange for Luke's freedom, but Tracy only had nine percent of ELQ's shares to give Jerry. Sonny realized that it wouldn't be enough to satisfy Jerry, so Tracy asked Lulu and Dante to talk to Michael because Michael had become the majority shareholder when A.J. had been killed. Olivia had an uneasy feeling because not only was Jerry Jacks back in the picture, but Heather was on the loose.

Dante and Lulu were startled by the news about Heather, so Olivia admitted that she had seen Heather in a vision. However, Olivia would not be able to rest easy until Dante promised to check on Heather to make certain that Heather remained safely locked up. Dante assured his mother that he would take care of it.

In Sam's penthouse, Alexis played with Danny on the floor until Sam arrived home with Patrick in tow. Sam happily greeted her son then gave Danny a present that she had picked up for him in Amsterdam. After Danny scampered off to play with the new toy, Alexis asked Sam and Patrick about the trip and if they had confirmed that Luke and Julian had been in cahoots. Alexis was shocked when Sam and Patrick revealed that Jerry Jacks had resurfaced claiming to have kidnapped and framed Luke.

Alexis wondered how Jerry had managed to survive polonium poisoning, so Sam and Patrick explained that Jerry had used Luke's antibodies to create a vaccine. Patrick confessed that he had doubts about Jerry's claims, so Sam agreed that there were too many unanswered questions including Spencer's certainty that Luke had met with someone in the stables on the night of Nikolas' engagement party.

Alexis recalled confronting Julian about Tracy finding Luke and Julian meeting in the stables and Julian's emphatic denial that Julian worked for Luke. Alexis admitted to Sam and Patrick that she was tempted to question Julian again, but Alexis didn't see the point, since Julian was untrustworthy. Instead, Alexis decided to pay Ned a visit to warn him that Tracy was looking for controlling shares of ELQ to give to Jerry in exchange for Luke's freedom.

After Alexis left, Patrick sat down to play with Danny on the floor as Patrick and Sam discussed the investigation into Patrick's accident. Sam realized that they couldn't do much without talking to Luke. Patrick was disappointed, but Sam explained that it wasn't unusual for a case to go cold for a while until a new lead turned things around. Patrick smiled then announced that he had to get going. Sam started to walk Patrick to the door, but he stopped to say goodbye to Danny.

"Daddy! No, wait," Danny shouted as he ran to Patrick and hugged Patrick's leg. Sam and Patrick exchanged an awkward glance as Sam gently pulled Danny away from Patrick. Sam apologized for Danny's reaction then started to talk about Jason. She admitted that even though she had taken off her wedding rings, she had never really had closure because she had never been able to say goodbye to Jason.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned was furious as he read the Port Charles Press, which featured an article about him and Monica. Ned was livid at the implication that he and Monica were having an affair. "Where the hell do they get this?" he muttered in frustration.

"From me," Julian answered as he sauntered in. Outraged, Ned denied having an affair with Monica, so Julian pointed out that nowhere in the article had it been stated that Ned and Monica were sleeping together. However, Julian conceded that he did not know the official definition of "canoodling." Ned explained that he'd had an innocent chat with Monica when he had bumped into her at the restaurant the previous evening, but Julian didn't care because he had two sources to dispute Ned's claims.

Ned was certain that the two "sources" were on Julian's payroll, but Julian merely smiled without denying or confirming Ned's suspicions. Julian cut to the chase by making it clear that Ned would become the subject of a series of unflattering articles unless Ned not only stopped seeing Alexis but left town altogether. Ned flatly refused because his family had lived in Port Charles for generations, but Julian was unapologetic because he knew that Ned had a "pop star" daughter whom Ned could spend time with. Ned warned Julian that the Ashtons were a "tough lot" then threatened to sue Julian for libel.

Julian reminded Ned that the case could be tied up in court for years, while Julian continued to print articles about Ned being a drug addict and pedophile. Julian offered to settle things with their bare hands, so Ned asked if Julian wanted to step outside. Julian readily agreed.

A short time later, Alexis was shocked when she entered the library and saw Ned and Julian brawling with each other. She shouted until she finally gained their attention. "What the hell is wrong with the two of you?" Alexis demanded. Ned and Julian sheepishly greeted Alexis as each man tried to catch his breath.

Furious, Alexis dragged Julian outside as Tracy entered the library. Ned reminded his mother that she was not welcome at the mansion, but Tracy explained that she needed Ned's help.

Outside, Alexis blasted Julian for going after Ned. She couldn't understand why Julian couldn't take no for an answer, so Julian admitted that he simply couldn't. "Not when it comes to you," he added.

. . .

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