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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

At Wyndemere, Valentin was on the phone with Nina as he finished getting ready for the evening. Nina was eager for her husband to join her in the hotel suite and advised him to make it quick before the smoke from the candles triggered the smoke alarms. Valentin chuckled because he was certain that whatever Nina was wearing -- or not wearing -- would more likely set off the smoke alarms. Nina smiled as she sprinkled rose petals on the floor, but Valentin noticed Charlotte enter the room and quickly ended the call. Charlotte informed her father that she had no intention of spending the night at her nanny‘s. Concerned, Valentin asked why his daughter was upset, but she gave him a heart-shaped card and wished him a happy Valentine's Day.

Valentin smiled at the handmade card and admitted that he recognized himself, Nina, and Charlotte, but he was curious who the blonde woman was in the upper corner of the card. He assumed it was Lulu, but Charlotte scowled and told him that it was "my mommy." Charlotte asked if he thought Claudette watched over them from heaven. Valentin assured Charlotte that he was certain of it then shifted gears to ask her to help fix his tie because he wanted to look good for Nina.

After Charlotte straightened the tie, Valentin showed her the Valentine's Day gift he'd bought for Nina. Charlotte was impressed with the sparkling diamond and asked if it was an engagement ring. Valentin confirmed that it was and added that he and Nina were an unconventional couple, so they tended to do things differently than others. Valentin surprised Charlotte with another gift that he‘d hoped to give Charlotte when Nina was with them. Charlotte's eyes rounded with delight as she opened a small box and Valentin lifted out a gold bracelet with emeralds because they were Charlotte's birthstone. Moments later, Valentin and Charlotte left, but Valentin was unaware that he'd forgotten Nina's ring on the table.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Andre joined Anna at the bar and expressed curiosity about why she'd asked to see him. Anna explained that she'd just had a "troubling meeting" with World Security Agent, Karl Browning. Anna rubbed her forehead and winced, prompting Andre to ask if she was okay. Anna admitted that she had a migraine, but she assured him that she'd taken medicine and decided to give the tablets a boost with a sip of alcohol. Anna promised not to keep Andre too long because she imagined that he had plans with Jordan, but he‘d managed to hide his reaction at the mention of Jordan's name and asked about Anna's meeting with Karl.

Anna revealed that Karl had told her that she'd sanctioned Valentin's death, but she quickly added that she had no memory of the event. She was horrified that she'd put a friend on the WSB hit list and couldn't imagine why she'd done it. Andre and Anna discussed putting her back under hypnosis to dig for answers, but Anna had concerns because the discovery about ordering Valentin's death had felt different than when she'd first met Valentin. Anna explained that she'd felt a familiarity when she‘d met Valentin, but nothing about Karl's revelation had triggered any sense of remembrance. Andre suggested that perhaps her psyche had repressed the memory to protect her. He conceded that hypnosis was a gamble, but he thought Anna should consider it.

Moments later, Anna overheard Nina ask a waiter for a new brand of Champagne because she preferred something more "sophisticated" than the hotel's package had offered. Nina gave the waiter her room number and added that her husband would be arriving soon so she needed the Champagne quickly. After Nina walked away, Anna turned her attention back to Andre and assured him that she would think about trying hypnosis again. Anna picked up the bill and paid it as she asked about Andre and Jordan's plans for the evening.

Anna was surprised when Andre revealed that he and Jordan had ended things. Anna suddenly recalled his mood the other day and asked if that was why he'd seemed troubled. Andre nodded, but he added that he hadn't been ready to discuss what had happened. Anna offered to lend him an ear, but he declined because he wanted to find a place that wasn't dedicated to couples. Anna promised that she would be available anytime he wanted to talk and left.

Later, Nina began to worry because Valentin was late. She was curious what had kept him.

At Wyndemere, Anna broke into the castle and quickly disarmed the alarm system. She rubbed her forehead in an attempt to ease the pain in her head then donned a set of gloves. Anna made it to the living room doors, but ran out of energy as she slid to the ground in exhaustion and retrieved a flashlight and a listening device. She debated where to plant device and went to work, but Valentin caught her in the act when he returned to fetch Nina's Valentine's Day gift. Valentin was outraged that Anna had been trying to plant a listening device in his home.

According to Valentin, he'd been an open book with Anna and claimed that he had nothing to hide, but Anna was desperate for answers and asked why he‘d left the WSB. Valentin resented Anna's attitude because it implied that he'd been so insignificant to her that she'd forgotten. Anna insisted that she didn't know and implored him to tell her why she had wanted him dead. "Because I trusted you," Valentin shouted in frustration. Stunned, Anna rubbed her head and asked him to tell her everything, but Valentin refused to cooperate. Seconds later, Anna suddenly collapsed at his feet.

"Anna," Valentin called out with concern. Anna remained unresponsive, so Valentin picked her up and carried her out the door to get her help.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu offered to cancel their plans with Maxie and Nathan because she knew that Dante had a lot on his mind. Dante assured her that it wasn't necessary. He and Lulu talked about Ava's arrest until their conversation turned to Charlotte because Lulu was certain Valentin had been laying in wait for Lulu to make another mistake. Dante joked about what a happy couple they were which made Lulu smile.

Nearby, Maxie and Nathan arrived to meet Dante and Lulu, but Maxie made it clear that she didn't want Lulu to know that Nina had fired Maxie. Nathan warned Maxie that Lulu would eventually learn the truth, but Maxie didn't want the news to ruin their evening. Moments later, Nathan and Maxie approached their friends and exchanged greetings. After the couples were seated, they each made toasts and talked about some of their antics in the name of love. Moments later, Dante received a call and excused himself. Lulu seized the opportunity to apologize to Maxie for visiting Charlotte at Crimson. Lulu knew that she should have gotten back into the elevator instead of going to her daughter, but Maxie assured Lulu that Lulu had nothing to be sorry for because Lulu had a right to spend time with Charlotte.

Maxie promised that Lulu had her full support and promised to be there to welcome Charlotte home when Lulu prevailed in court. Moments later, Dante returned to ask to speak privately to Lulu. After they stepped away, Nathan and Maxie agreed that Dante and Lulu's conversation looked serious, but Nathan's attention strayed when he saw his sister. Maxie was shocked when Nathan called Nina over, but he explained that they were family and needed to find a way to work things out. Nathan was confident that he could persuade Nina to hire Maxie, so Maxie wouldn't have to continue to lie to Lulu.

Nina walked up and greeted both Nathan and Maxie by wishing them each a happy Valentine's Day. Nathan decided to cut to the chase and talked to Nina about hiring Maxie back. Nina accused Maxie of allowing Lulu to traumatize Charlotte for a second time and insisted that Maxie's actions had been thoughtless and negligent, which was why Nina had fired Maxie. Nina smiled pleasantly and walked away.

Meanwhile, Dante told Lulu that Diane had called to let him know that the custody hearing had been scheduled and to warn them that Valentin had hired a shark that had never lost in family court. Lulu was disappointed by the development, but she agreed that it was time to call it a night. Dante and Lulu returned to the table to let Nathan and Maxie know about Diane's phone call and explained that they needed to prepare for the case. After Dante and Lulu left, Maxie warned Nathan that it wouldn't be easy for her to find a job because Crimson was the pinnacle of fashion in Port Charles. Maxie added that she might have to expand her search. Nathan surprised Maxie by readily assuring her that he'd move to New York City if it was necessary.

Later, Dante and Lulu snuggled in bed as each admitted that they were worried about the custody hearing.

On another floor of the hotel, Curtis knocked on a door. A beautiful mystery woman opened the door and warmly greeted him with a hug. The two old friends exchanged pleasantries as the woman invited Curtis into her room. The visit took a turn when the woman reached for a small case on a side table. Curtis's eyes rounded with surprise when he noticed the cocaine, but he quickly explained that he'd been clean for six years. The woman was impressed and asked if he was seeing anyone. Curtis changed the subject by offering to take the woman out for dinner and drinks.

At Kiki's apartment, Kiki put on some lipstick and answered a knock at the door. It was Dillon. He had red roses, a heart-shaped box of chocolates, and a teddy bear, but Kiki was put off by the gifts and tried to downplay the importance of Valentine's Day. Offended, Dillon started to leave, but she called out to him and quickly apologized for overreacting. Dillon smiled and admitted that he'd been teasing Kiki and that he hadn't been serious about the gifts since they were attending an "anti-Valentine's Day" party. Kiki relaxed and playfully scolded him. The couple kissed, but Kiki's phone kept ringing, so Dillon pulled away and urged her to check her voicemail since it was clear that the caller would not give up. Kiki checked her voicemail, but her smile faded when she learned that her mother had been arrested for Morgan's murder.

In the interrogation room, Ava was relieved when Scott entered the room, but she was furious that it had taken him forever to get there. She complained about not being given a toothbrush, a shower, or a decent cup of coffee and demanded to know where he'd been. Scott admitted that he'd been on a "diving expedition," but changed the subject to find out what Ava had been arrested for. Ava admitted that she had no idea because the evidence against her had either been planted or fabricated. Ava denied that she'd had anything to do with Morgan's death.

"But Ava, we both know that you did," Scott whispered. Ava insisted that she'd been set up and clarified that she'd been charged with planting the bomb in Julian's car rather than switching Morgan's medications. Scott was shocked that anyone would believe that Ava had tried to kill Julian and vowed to take a close look at the lease to the Chinese herbal shop. Ava was relieved, but she implored Scott to track down Julian because Julian had agreed to help her and could easily clear everything up.

Scott stepped into the squad room to call Julian, but Julian was uncooperative and told Scott that it was up to Scott to clear Ava's name. Scott was furious when Julian abruptly ended the call, so Scott returned to the interrogation room to update Ava. Ava couldn't believe that her brother had left her out to hang. Scott complained that Julian had been rude by hanging up since Scott had gotten Julian acquitted. Astounded, Ava reminded Scott that it had been her -- not Scott -- who had forced Paul to help them. Scott shrugged it off and fetched Ava a cup of water, which he quickly spiked with alcohol from a flask that he'd had hidden in his jacket.

Ava was determined to find out what was going on because she thought it was ironic that she might go down for a crime she hadn't committed. She wondered if she should confess to replacing Morgan's psychiatric drugs with placebos to get a reduced sentence, but Scott strenuously objected.

In the squad room, Jordan greeted Kiki and Dillon and offered to take Kiki to talk to Ava in the interrogation room. Kiki entered the room as Scott walked out. Ava immediately declared her innocence and promised that she hadn't been responsible for the bomb that had killed Morgan. Ava insisted that she would never hurt her brother and couldn't have known that Morgan would steal Julian's car. Kiki admitted that during the ride to the police station she'd recalled all the times that Ava had tried to breakup Morgan and Kiki. Ava reiterated that she'd had no part in planting the bomb and begged Kiki to believe her. Kiki warned Ava that if she found out that Ava had had any part in Morgan's death then it would be the end of their relationship.

"That is how you will lose me -- forever," Kiki clarified. After Kiki left, Scott returned to assure Ava that he would get her out of the mess she was in, but she wondered if she might be safer in jail since Sonny would be on the hunt for her.

Across town, Andre saw Jordan enter the Floating Rib and take a seat at the bar. He acknowledged her, but quickly collected his things and assured her that he'd leave. Jordan assured him that it wasn't necessary, but Andre disagreed. He admitted that he'd been thinking about their Valentine's Day date the previous year and how different things had been. Andre knew that Jordan had always believed that he hadn't had a good time that evening, but he assured her that he‘d had fun. "Much better than tonight," he added under his breath as Curtis entered the bar.

Andre was hurt that Jordan had let him talk abut their relationship knowing that Curtis would be arriving, but Jordan promised that things were not as they seemed. Andre paid his tab and stormed out. Curtis sat at a table and watched as Jordan remained at the bar. Eventually, she decided to approach him, but Curtis' friend had arrived. Frustrated, Jordan left.

At Kiki's apartment, Dillon offered to leave if Kiki wanted to be alone, but she doubted that it would help. Kiki admitted that she felt as if they would never get past Morgan's death no matter how hard they tried. She added that it would destroy her if Ava had been responsible for Morgan's death. Kiki decided that perhaps she should be alone because her life was a mess, but Dillon reminded her that his father was a serial killer so he could deal with the twists and turns. He promised to stay with her every step of the way.

On the next General Hospital...

• "Things just always work out for you," Nelle tells Carly.

• Anna desperately needs a doctor and Robin is there to fill that need.

• Ned plans on proposing to Olivia.

• Julian promises Liv that she'll have General Hospital.

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