Wednesday, July 27, 2016

At Crimson, Nina was frustrated when she read an online news article about Julian's arraignment because she worried that the publicity nightmare would never end.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Claudette opened her purse to pay a bill but pulled out a 5x7 inch framed picture of her and Nathan on their wedding day. She lovingly stroked the picture until her cell phone rang. It was Nina. Nina ordered Claudette to return to the office because Nina needed to review Claudette's graphics for the upcoming edition of Crimson. Claudette explained that she had to drop something off first but promised to get to the office quickly.

At Maxie and Nathan's apartment, Maxie was snuggled under the covers as she and Nathan lounged on the floor after making love. He apologized for getting them off-track from their wedding plans, but she didn't mind. Maxie admitted that all she needed to make their wedding perfect was to get Claudette out of their lives for good. Later, Maxie finished getting dressed as she ranted about Claudette waltzing into town and expecting to woo Nathan back despite having hurt him in the past. Nathan assured Maxie that Claudette wouldn't succeed because he loved Maxie.

Maxie regretted that she hadn't listened to Nathan and Nina when they'd urged her to fire Claudette. Nathan pointed out that Maxie had been afraid that Claudette would try to hurt him by revealing the details of Claudette's lover's shooting. Maxie grudgingly admitted that she might have been wrong about Claudette's intentions because Claudette seemed determined to avoid the topic. Maxie suspected that Claudette had realized what a great guy Nathan was and intended to stop the wedding because Claudette wanted him for herself. Maxie decided the only way to stop Claudette was to get her fired from Crimson.

Maxie held up a flash drive from Spinelli as she cryptically revealed that it could be of use. Nathan was curious what was on the flash drive, but she promised to tell him later. After Maxie left, Nathan pulled on a shirt. Moments later, Claudette knocked on the door. She noticed his open shirt as she admitted that she'd been expecting Maxie to be home. Nathan explained that Maxie had left for work and added that his fiancée had been running late because they'd been going over plans for their wedding, which was fast approaching.

Claudette pushed past Nathan as she entered the apartment and expressed her disappointment because she had hoped to have more time for closure before he married Maxie. Nathan thought they'd covered a lot of ground during their lunch, but Claudette disagreed. She admitted that she had stopped by to talk to Maxie about a private matter because Claudette hadn't been completely honest. She pulled out the wedding picture from her purse, which she claimed had been left forgotten in a hidden compartment of her suitcase for years. Nathan was curious why she hadn't thrown it out.

Claudette explained that she had asked herself the same question and had wondered if perhaps she had wanted to punish herself for ruining their marriage. She admitted that it had forced her to think hard and look deep until she'd realized that she was over Nathan and ready to move forward. Claudette walked over to the trash can and dropped the photograph in it as she told Nathan that she had wanted Maxie to witness the gesture. Nathan told Claudette that he would discuss it with Maxie, so Claudette promised not to tell Maxie that she'd been there.

After Claudette left, Nathan called Maxie and left her a voicemail message to let her know that Claudette had stopped by. Nathan admitted that they might have been wrong about Claudette because he didn't think his ex-wife wanted him back.

At Crimson, Maxie stood in the doorway of Nina's office as Nina spoke to the printer about Julian. Nina reminded the printer that a person was innocent until proven guilty, but she promised to cut all ties with Julian if he was convicted. Maxie quietly closed the door and went to her computer and inserted the flash drive. "Goodbye, Claudette," Maxie said as she went to work.

A short time later, Maxie hacked into Claudette's computer and opened an email. Maxie smiled with delight as a malware program infected Claudette's computer and corrupted countless files at Crimson. She was certain that Nina would fire Claudette. When Claudette arrived, Nina immediately marched out of the office to question Claudette about the graphics. Nina insisted that they were horrible and that a ten-year-old could have done better. Confused, Claudette looked at the graphics and acknowledged that the work was hers, but the graphics had been altered. Furious, Nina asked Maxie to join Nina in the office.

Claudette worked on the computer to try to figure out what had gone wrong as Maxie followed Nina into the office. Nina explained that she had to fire Claudette because Claudette's work was shoddy. Nina wondered if perhaps Claudette had used someone else's materials to get the job, but Maxie tactfully explained that it was unlikely, since Claudette would have been easily exposed as a fraud. Nina insisted that Claudette was untrustworthy because she had cheated on Nathan. Nina decided to terminate Claudette. Nina returned to the reception area with Maxie in tow to talk to Claudette, but a man named Rex from technical support was working on Claudette's computer.

Claudette explained that Rex had found the malware and had fixed the problem because Claudette had had the foresight to install malware protection when she had started working at Crimson. After Rex left, Claudette showed Nina that the computer had been infected by an email that had been sent and opened while Claudette had been out of the office. Nina pointed out that the email had been sent by an unknown sender, but Claudette revealed that her program could trace the email by hitting reply. Nina hit enter to reply and was surprised when Maxie's computer suddenly chimed. Nina's eyes narrowed as she walked over to Maxie's computer and checked the email. "Maxie?" Nina asked.

At Perks Coffee, Alexis set down the morning edition of the Port Charles Press that featured a story about Julian. Diane walked up and handed Alexis a cup of nonfat latte to calm Alexis' nerves. Diane wondered what was keeping Jordan and decided to call the police commissioner to let Jordan know that Diane and Alexis would meet Jordan at the courthouse. Alexis confessed that she didn't know if she could attend Julian's arraignment, but Diane insisted that, because Alexis' law license was at stake, it was necessary to show the courts that Alexis had distanced herself from Julian. Alexis remained uneasy, which worried Diane because she feared that Alexis had had a change of heart about Julian.

Alexis pulled out her copy of the divorce papers and showed them to Diane as she told Diane about the visit to the hospital and hearing Julian talk in a delirious state about how much he loved Alexis. Diane urged her friend to remain strong and promised to be at Alexis' side during Julian's arraignment.

In the courtroom, Scott warned Julian that Julian likely wouldn't be granted bail. Julian asked if Scott would request it. Scott confirmed that he would, but he didn't want Julian to get his hopes up. Scott noticed Julian glance at the door several times and asked who Julian was looking for. Julian acknowledged that his children had written him off, but Julian had hoped that Ava would make an appearance. Moments later, Sonny strolled in. Julian resented Sonny's smirk and asked what Sonny wanted.

"Just payback," Sonny answered. Scott objected to Sonny's presence, but Sonny insisted that he was merely a concerned citizen who wanted to see justice served. Julian was certain that Sonny intended to send someone to kill Julian in jail. Sonny admitted that it was a tempting thought, but Anna had convinced Sonny that it would be better to let Julian rot in jail. However, Sonny pointed out that Julian had made a lot of enemies and advised him to watch his back.

Paul walked up and asked if everything was okay. Scott wanted Paul to bar Sonny from the proceedings, but Paul refused because he'd already blocked the press from being in the courtroom. Paul warned Sonny to remain quiet and pulled Scott aside. Sonny taunted Julian by reminding him that he had "screwed" himself. Moments later, Judge Roth entered the courtroom.

Judge Roth listed the numerous charges Julian faced and asked for a plea. "Not guilty," Scott answered for Julian. Alexis and Diane entered the courtroom as the judge asked if Julian understood the proceedings. Julian saw Alexis, so she made a point to sit on the prosecution's side as Paul argued against releasing Julian on bail because Julian was dangerous and desperate, and he had access to off-shore accounts and ties to organized crime. Julian whispered something to Scott, but Scott warned Julian that it wouldn't work.

Julian insisted that Scott try. Reluctantly, Scott asked the judge to release Julian into Alexis' custody. Outraged, Diane immediately objected and explained that Alexis had filed for divorce because Julian had terrorized and attempted to murder Alexis. Julian insisted that Julian and Alexis loved each other, but the judge instructed Scott to get control of his client and warned Julian that any additional outbursts would result in Julian being held in contempt and restrained for the remainder of the proceedings.

After the judge denied Julian bail and left the courtroom, Julian admitted that he hadn't expected to be released. Annoyed, Scott wondered why Julian had made the request and angered the judge. Julian remained silent as Alexis approached and demanded to know why Julian had made the outlandish request to be released into her custody. Julian explained that he had wanted Alexis to know the truth -- that he loved her -- because he was certain that she returned his feelings. Alexis vehemently denied it and revealed that she had attended his hearing to make certain that he paid for his crimes.

Julian insisted that he and Alexis would never be over, but she told him that she only felt contempt for him. Alexis stormed out, but Julian was pleased because she had approached him, which meant that she still cared. Julian claimed that he'd seen it in Alexis' eyes, but Scott reminded him that it didn't matter because the police had a recording of Julian confessing to ordering a hit on Duke and murdering Carlos. "We'll see about that," Julian replied with a secret smile.

In the hallway, Diane told Alexis that she was proud of Alexis. After Diane stepped away, Sonny approached Alexis and asked why she had lied to him.

On Cassadine Island, Ava entered a small area cluttered with fishing equipment that was surrounded by a rock wall. She quietly called out to let the others know that it appeared safe. Dante, Lulu, and Laura entered the area with Kevin and gently set him down to rest. Ava thought they should keep moving before Valentin found them. Kevin agreed and told Laura to leave him behind, but Laura refused and asked if Dante had any medical training. Dante revealed that he had been taught the basics, but Kevin insisted that he was qualified to evaluate his own injury.

Kevin asked for a mirror to take a closer look at the gunshot wound. Lulu dug one out of her purse and held it up for Kevin. Kevin examined the wound and announced that the bullet had to be removed immediately. Dante had a knife that he'd taken from one of the guards, and Lulu found a lighter to sterilize it with. Lulu also located a tackle box with fishing line and a needle that could be used to stitch up the wound once the bullet was extracted. Ava discovered an old bottle of vodka they could use to clean the wound, so Dante instructed the ladies to hold Kevin down. Kevin cried out and thrashed violently when Dante poured the alcohol on the gunshot wound.

Kevin suggested that Dante hold him down while Laura removed the bullet. Laura was reluctant, but Kevin assured her that he trusted her. Resigned, Laura took the knife as Dante wrapped his arms around Kevin to hold Kevin still. Kevin explained what Laura needed to do to remove the bullet and braced himself as she sliced the skin below the gunshot wound. Kevin groaned and remained conscious as Laura successfully removed the bullet. After the deed was done, Laura gave Kevin a moment to rest as she and Lulu prepared the needle.

Meanwhile, Ava quietly asked Dante how long before Kevin could be moved. Dante explained that they had to wait for Jason and Sam to return, but Ava worried that Valentin's men might have captured Jason and Sam again. Ava wished that she'd had the foresight to grab a cell phone from one of the guards because she was certain that her brother would have sent help. Dante realized that Ava hadn't heard about Julian's arrest and filled her in. Shocked, Ava refused to believe that Julian would attempt to kill Alexis.

Moments later, Lulu walked up to let Dante and Ava know that Kevin had been stitched up and was resting. Ava decided to tell Lulu how Ava and Nikolas had ended up traveling together. Ava admitted that Nikolas was a wonderful man who had felt terrible for lying to both Laura and Lulu. Lulu tearfully acknowledged that she hadn't understood her brother's choices, but she had never stopped loving him.

Nearby, Laura urged Kevin to rest then joined the others to let them know that they needed to get off the island because she feared the unsanitary conditions had exposed Kevin to an infection. Ava told Laura about her talk with Lulu and how Ava had met Nikolas. Ava admitted that Nikolas had been a complicated man, but he'd also been good. Laura's eyes welled up with tears as she thanked Ava and said she was glad that Ava had had a chance to know Nikolas. Laura was certain that her son would be alive if he hadn't sought shelter on the cursed island, which only caused pain and loss for anyone who visited it.

Lulu recalled finding the skeleton in the access tunnels, but she kept quiet about the grisly discovery. Seconds later, Dante and Ava heard a noise, prompting everyone to duck out of sight. A woman walked into the small area but froze when Dante stepped out of hiding and aimed a gun at her. The woman identified herself as Daphne and claimed to live on the island. Ava was certain that Daphne worked for Valentin, but Laura conceded there were several locals who lived on the island and had nothing to do with the Cassadines. Laura heard Kevin groan and checked on him.

Laura became alarmed when she realized that Kevin had a fever. Daphne offered to fetch a first aid kit that had some antibiotics in it, but Ava didn't trust Daphne. Daphne denied any involvement with Valentin and revealed that she lived up the road. Daphne invited someone to accompany her to her home, but Ava feared that it was a trap. Daphne explained that her home was the only house on Amiklon Street. Lulu recognized the name and demanded to know what the exact address was. "13 Amiklon," Daphne answered.

Lulu was shaken because Helena had bequeathed Lulu an empty envelope that had had 13 Amiklon, Cassadine Island, as the return address.

. . .

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• Kevin warns Laura that his chances aren't good
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