Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Morgan stopped by Silas' apartment to talk to Kiki. Kiki invited Morgan in as he questioned why she hadn't returned any of his phone calls or text messages. Kiki seemed distant as she claimed that she'd had a lot on her mind with the arrival of her newborn cousin. Morgan had no idea what Kiki was talking about, so she clarified that she had been referring to Olivia's infant son. Morgan acknowledged that there had been "a lot of overlapping" in town, but he had no idea how Kiki was related to Olivia's baby, so Kiki revealed that her uncle, not Ned Ashton, was the baby's father.

Kiki explained that Sam had called Kiki earlier to share the news of Julian's new son. Satisfied, Morgan shifted his attention back to Kiki's attitude because he didn't think a new cousin was an excuse for Kiki to act "shady" toward Morgan. Kiki admitted that she was furious with him because she blamed Morgan for Avery being returned to Michael. Kiki insisted that she had never approved of drugging Michael, but Morgan reminded her that Avery had not been hurt. Kiki was outraged that Morgan failed to understand how dangerous the scheme had been and that it had ultimately failed to secure them custody of their sister.

Morgan claimed that he was not to blame, but Kiki insisted that it had been a stupid plan. Morgan argued that no one had held a gun to her head and accused her of initiating the kiss in Metro Court Restaurant to make Michael jealous. Frustrated, Kiki reminded Morgan that they could have gone to jail if Sonny hadn't bargained for their freedom by giving Michael full custody of Avery. The two continued to argue until suddenly the anger turned to passion, and they ended up in each other's arms during a heated kiss.

At the hospital, Dante was startled when he exited the elevator then saw his mother standing near the nurses' station. Olivia was agitated as she greeted her son, so he asked why she was out of bed. She quickly assured him that she was fine and would be discharged from the hospital shortly, so Dante asked how his newborn brother was. Olivia's eyes filled with tears as she struggled to tell Dante that the baby had died. Dante was stunned and heartbroken by the news, but he quickly assured his mother that he and Lulu would help her get through the tragic loss, but Olivia couldn't continue to watch her son suffer over a lie.

Olivia confided that the baby hadn't died, but she and Ned had enlisted Liesl's help -- at a hefty price -- to convince Julian that the infant had died from a sudden onset of sepsis. Dante was shocked when Olivia explained that the baby had been moved to an out-of-town hospital and that Ned had followed on the pretext of leaving town on a business trip to attend to L&B business. Dante was curious how long Olivia intended to stay away from her own son, but Olivia admitted that she and Ned hadn't worked out all the details.

Dante appreciated his mother's desire to protect his brother from Julian's violent lifestyle, but Olivia confessed that it hadn't been easy because Julian had been shattered by the news. She told Dante about Julian's request to see the baby and the story Liesl had concocted about a mix-up in the morgue, leading to the baby's cremation. Olivia regretted causing Julian pain because she had never meant to hurt him, but Dante assured his mother that she had done what was necessary. Olivia realized that she had put Dante in a terrible position because she and Ned had broken the law, but she begged Dante not to tell Julian the truth about the baby.

Meanwhile, Julian arrived home but was instantly alert when he heard a noise in his bedroom. He quickly pulled out his gun just as Alexis entered the living room. Alexis stopped short when she saw Julian then carefully apologized for startling him. Julian tucked away the gun as he admitted that he was surprised that Alexis had stopped by because he hadn't expected it after she had walked out on him. Alexis quietly explained that she had checked with the doorman to make certain Julian wasn't home, so she could collect her things.

Julian snidely apologized for ruining her plans, but Alexis asked for an update on Julian's son. She was stunned when he revealed that the baby had died earlier that morning, but she wondered if it might be possible that Ned and Olivia had lied, since they had gone to great lengths to keep Julian from his son. Julian revealed that he had seen his son's ashes then told her about the clerical error that had led to the baby's cremation. Horrified, Alexis offered to sue the hospital, but Julian didn't see the point, since it wouldn't give him what he wanted most -- his son.

Alexis reached out to squeeze Julian's hand until Julian looked up at her with hope shining in his eyes. Alexis decided it was time to leave, but Julian asked her to stay.

At Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina watched a newscast on television, which had a report about Hayden's shooting. "Poor woman," Sabrina murmured when the news anchor informed the viewers that Hayden was in critical condition. Next, the newscast switched to a story about a tiger escaping from the Port Charles Zoo. Sabrina was shocked that there hadn't been any mention of Carlos' arrest because it had been several hours since Anna had left, but a knock at the door momentarily distracted her from her concern.

Sabrina was surprised when she saw Michael standing on her doorstep, so Michael explained that baby A.J. was at home with Monica and Alice -- who were fighting over who would watch the sleeping baby. Michael smiled as he invited Sabrina to pick where they should go to dinner, but Sabrina was embarrassed because she had forgotten about their dinner date. At Sabrina's beckoning, Michael followed her into the apartment as she sheepishly confessed that she had been wrapped up watching the news. Michael assumed that Sabrina had been following the story about the escaped tiger, but Sabrina admitted she had been hoping to hear news about Carlos.

Sabrina and Michael sat down on the sofa as Michael reminded Sabrina that Carlos had left her tied to a chair, but she was adamant that Carlos would never have hurt her. Michael assured her that he was familiar with "the code," but innocent people always ended up hurt despite it. Sabrina sadly conceded that Carlos was a dangerous man, but she was concerned because Anna had stopped by the apartment earlier to enlist Sabrina's help to find Carlos. She filled Michael in about the phone call with Carlos and about Anna's intention to intercept Carlos at the pier before Carlos could flee town, so Michael suggested Carlos might have escaped.

Michael quickly realized his mistake because Anna hadn't launched a manhunt, which would have made the news. Sabrina noticed that Michael appeared to speak from experience, but he assured her that he had no intention of following in Sonny's footsteps. Sabrina was glad, so Michael smiled then offered go give her a rain check for dinner. Sabrina admitted that she didn't want to cancel their plans, even though she would be worried about Carlos, so Michael suggested they order out and wait for an update.

Sabrina was touched by Michael's offer, which she readily accepted. However, she confessed that she had one question first. Michael playfully grinned as he assured her that he had been working on her recommendation, which would have the hospitals lining up to hire her. Sabrina's smile brightened when Michael added that he wanted her in his and his baby sister's lives for a long time.

On the piers, Kyle and Anna returned from dumping Carlos' body in the water. Kyle was confident that Carlos' body wouldn't be found, but he was determined to cover up the murder by erasing all evidence of the shooting. Anna seemed dazed as she stared at a pool of Carlos' blood on the dock, but Kyle grabbed a bucket and proceeded to wash away as much blood as possible. Kyle was certain the impending rain would rinse away the last traces of Carlos' blood, but Kyle wasn't finished as he asked Anna to hand over her gun.

Confused, Anna asked why Kyle wanted her gun, so he pointed out that they didn't want to risk Carlos' body washing ashore and ballistics matching the bullets to Anna's gun. Anna realized that Kyle was right, so she handed over her gun. Kyle was pleased that the docks had been deserted, but he and Anna tensed when Elizabeth suddenly walked up after returning from Spoon Island. Elizabeth greeted Anna then offered her condolences to Anna. Elizabeth explained that she would have attended Duke's funeral earlier that morning, but Elizabeth had feared it might be inappropriate because of Elizabeth's relationship with Jake.

Elizabeth realized that Jake was a prime suspect in Duke's shooting, but Kyle quickly clarified that he and Anna were not at liberty to discuss an ongoing investigation. Elizabeth assured both Kyle and Anna that she understood their position, but she didn't think it had given Sonny the right to send Shawn to kill Jake. Kyle and Anna had no idea what Elizabeth was talking about, so Elizabeth told them about the shooting at the garage when Hayden had been critically injured. Elizabeth admitted that she had been on her way to the hospital get an update on Hayden, so Kyle thanked Elizabeth for telling them about the shooting.

After Elizabeth left, Anna was upset that Kyle had sent Jordan to follow up on Julian's tip, but Kyle insisted it had been necessary because he had received a lead on Carlos. Anna wasn't satisfied because an innocent woman had been shot and Jordan's cover had been blown. She was also bothered that Jake had a target on his back for a crime that Carlos had committed, so she informed Kyle that they needed to fix things. Kyle pointed out that he couldn't exactly arrest Carlos, since Carlos was dead. "Say it," Anna snapped.

Anna knew that Kyle blamed her for Jake's predicament because she had killed Carlos, but Kyle urged Anna to relax. He assured her that they would deal with one problem at a time, so he suggested that they leave. Anna thanked Kyle for helping her, but he simply grabbed her hand and led her away.

At the hospital, Sam handed Jake a cup of coffee then sat down on the step next to him to sip from her own cup. She warned him that he was in for a long wait, so Jake noticed that she appeared to speak from experience. Sam admitted that she had spent a lot of time in the hospital because of both Jason and Danny. Jake felt responsible for Hayden's battle for life because Hayden had been standing next to him, but Sam argued that Jake was not to blame. Jake insisted that Hayden hadn't deserved to be shot, but he was also aware that he might lose his only chance to learn the truth about his identity if Hayden died.

Sam was surprised when Jake suggested that perhaps it was for the best that Hayden hadn't told him who he really was. Jake explained that if he couldn't remember who he was on his own, then it might mean he was no longer the person he had once been. Sam agreed that was possible, but she was certain that he had always been a good man. Sam appreciated that Jake had his doubts about his past, but she firmly believed he would want to know what Hayden had to say. Jake agreed that he couldn't hide from the truth if it was offered to him, so he would hear Hayden out.

Later, Sam suggested she and Jake change the subject to distract him from thinking about Hayden in the operating room. As they chatted, Sam revealed that she had once been a con woman, who had married rich men under false names to steal their fortunes and then vanished. Jake was shocked but smiled as Sam explained that she had been forced to support herself and her disabled brother, Danny. However, Sam quickly added that Jason had been the first person to show her what a home and stability were like, so Jason had changed her life. Jake shifted gears by asking if Sam thought Hayden had tried to pull another scam on him by claiming to know who he really was, but Sam doubted it, since Hayden hadn't asked for any compensation in exchange for the information.

Jake thought it was ironic that the woman who had lied to him might be the only person who could tell him who he really was. Sam tried to distract Jake from the unsettling thought by reminding him that he had intended to explain why he had been willing to take responsibility for Duke's death until Hayden had interrupted them. Jake didn't want to discuss it, but Sam couldn't understand why Jake would refuse to clear his name if he hadn't killed Duke. The argument was cut short when Patrick approached them.

Moments later, Elizabeth walked up as Patrick explained that Hayden's surgery hadn't been a success because there had been a complication during the operation that had left Hayden in a coma. Patrick didn't know when or if Hayden would wake up.

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