Wednesday, February 25, 2015

At Kelly's, Duke put money on the counter to cover his bill, but the waitress noticed he had overpaid by a considerable amount. Duke smiled as he explained the extra money was for a tip, and he walked toward the door. However, he stopped short when he saw Anna enter the diner. After Duke and Anna exchanged greetings, they talked about Julian's release from jail. Duke was not happy because he was certain Julian would eventually resume running the Jerome crime organization, but Anna pointed out it was out of her hands because she was no longer the police commissioner.

Anna suggested Duke take his concerns to the police station, but she warned Duke that Sloane wouldn't be foolish enough to arrest a man for crimes he might or might not commit. She reminded Duke the charges against Julian had been dropped, so Duke decided it was up to him to deal with Julian. Anna advised Duke not to say anything else to her, since she was a federal agent and was obligated to take action if Duke made threats against Julian. Duke wondered if Anna intended to turn him over to the police again, but Anna clarified she simply didn't want to know his plans because it could be used as potential evidence against him.

Annoyed, Duke told Anna to have a nice evening, and he left. Moments later, Anna's phone rang. It was Patrick. Patrick explained he needed Anna to pick up Emma at the hospital because Spencer had been injured in a fire.

In Julian's apartment, Alexis explained she needed to get some work done because she had a full work schedule the following day, starting with representing Nina Clay at a competency hearing. Julian scowled because he was not pleased that Alexis intended to help Nina -- the woman who had kidnapped his niece Avery. Alexis explained that Nina was mentally ill, but Julian wondered if someone else could represent Nina. Alexis shook her head because everyone else had refused.

Julian was disappointed but accepted Alexis' decision because he respected her and her work. Pleased, Alexis decided he was entitled to full disclosure, so she told him about Michael's bid for custody of Avery. Julian was shocked that Michael would try to take Avery away from Sonny, but Alexis explained that the judge had ordered a preliminary hearing for the following day. Moments later, Alexis was startled when her phone rang because of the late hour. It was an emotional Nikolas asking his aunt to meet him at the hospital because he needed her.

Shortly after Alexis raced to the hospital, Julian left Alexis a voicemail message asking her to call him with an update on Spencer. He told her he was pulling for her great-nephew. He ended the call when someone knocked on the door. Julian was startled when he saw Duke standing on his doorstep because he couldn't understand how Duke had gotten past the guard. Duke smiled as he explained that the guard had let Duke pass once the guard had made certain Duke was not armed. Julian realized Duke had bribed the guard, so he made a note to fire the guard after Duke left.

Julian invited Duke inside because he was curious why Duke had stopped by. Duke explained that he was there to help Julian, since Julian had a clean slate and a fresh start. Duke reminded Julian that Carlos was in jail, Johnny Zacchara was on the run, and Julian's sister had sadly died. Duke offered his condolences to Julian, but Julian warned Duke to "shut up" because he doubted Duke was sorry Ava had died. Duke nodded then pointed out that Julian's criminal empire was in shambles, and Julian didn't have the resources to rebuild it, so Duke offered Julian an opportunity to walk away peacefully by handing over the Jerome territory to Duke.

Julian suspected Sonny had put Duke up to it, but Duke explained that Duke was still in charge of the Corinthos organization. Julian warned Duke that, despite recent events, Julian was not a kinder and gentler person, so Julian intended to hold on to his territory because Julian had worked too hard to secure it. Duke warned Julian that Alexis might object, but Julian argued that it didn't concern Duke. Duke vowed to bury Julian then he left. Later, Alexis called Julian with an update on Spencer.

In Maxie's apartment, Maxie stared at a photograph of her and Nathan that was perched on the mantel as she wondered how to make things right. She glanced over her shoulder when Spinelli entered the living room to announce their daughter was finally in bed, so he suggested Georgie's parents follow suit. Maxie's eyes narrowed in anger as she ordered Spinelli to "cease and desist" because she didn't have any intention of sleeping with Spinelli. Spinelli quickly clarified he had meant he would sleep on the sofa, but Maxie informed him he would have to find another place to spend the night.

Maxie explained that she had agreed to let Spinelli to sleep on her sofa the previous evening because it had been Valentine's Day, and she hadn't wanted him to intrude on Sam, since Sam had likely had special plans with Patrick. Spinelli was surprised Sam and Patrick were dating, but Maxie recognized Spinelli's attempt to change the subject. She admitted she had taken pity on him the previous evening, but he'd had his say, so she wanted him to leave because she didn't want Nathan to get the wrong idea, especially since Spinelli had told Nathan his intentions. Spinelli claimed that he had simply wanted to be transparent about his feelings, but Maxie didn't believe Spinelli.

Maxie conceded there had been a time when Spinelli had been sweet and honest, while she had been the sneaky one, but things had changed. Maxie refused to upset Nathan any further by having Spinelli spend another night in her apartment -- even if it was on the sofa. Spinelli wondered if Maxie was afraid Nathan would fear something was going on between Maxie and Spinelli or if she was afraid something would happen between them. Maxie's temper flared, but Spinelli suspected Maxie reciprocated his feelings.

Spinelli claimed Maxie hadn't convinced him or Nathan when she had denied having feelings for Spinelli earlier at Kelly's, so Spinelli believed she returned his feelings but wasn't ready to admit it. Maxie glared at Spinelli as she informed him that he didn't speak for her. She accused him of deliberately trying to ramp up the tension between her and Nathan, but Spinelli denied it. Maxie conceded she would always have feelings for Spinelli because they shared a lot of history and a child.

However, Maxie insisted Spinelli's behavior had been both unfair and unacceptable since his arrival. She ordered him to leave, so he asked where he should go. Maxie opened the door as she suggested he visit Sam or go to Metro Court. After Spinelli reluctantly stepped into the hallway, Maxie shut the door, but Spinelli warned her that he refused to give up on her because he was certain she wanted them to be a family. Inside, Maxie sat down to look at a picture of Spinelli and Georgie on her cell phone then glanced at the photograph on the mantel of her and Nathan.

In the squad room, Nathan wrapped up a phone call about Nina's competency hearing then looked at a picture on his desk of him and Maxie. Dante walked up to invite Nathan to grab a bite to eat but noticed Nathan seemed distracted. Dante asked if anything was wrong, so Nathan claimed he had been thinking about Nina's upcoming hearing, but Dante and Nathan were both startled when they saw Luke escorted from the holding cell. Outraged, Dante demanded to know what was going on, so Luke smiled evilly as he asked if that was any way for Dante to greet his father-in-law.

Nathan stepped between Dante and Luke to advise his partner to calm down. Luke grinned snidely as he suggested Dante listen to Nathan then feigned innocence as he wondered why Dante was so angry. Luke reminded Dante that he and his son-in-law had once gotten along like gangbusters, but Dante pointed out that had been before Luke had left Dante for dead in a basement with a rotting corpse and a bomb. "Was that a problem for you?" Luke asked with a diabolical grin.

Luke continued to taunt Dante by expressing disappointment at failing to kill Dante and Lulu. However, Luke looked forward to having another shot at his son-in-law, daughter, and their "ugly brat" when Luke was released from jail. Dante started to launch himself at Luke, but Nathan held Dante back. Dante warned Luke that Luke wouldn't get away with threatening Dante's family, regardless of how sick and twisted Luke's mind was. Luke accused Dante of having double standards, since Luke had heard Dante and Nathan talking about Nina not being responsible for her actions because she was mentally ill.

Nathan warned Luke to be careful because Nathan was the only one keeping Dante from giving Luke a richly deserved beating, but Luke ignored Nathan as he taunted Dante by promising to kill Dante's family. Dante vowed to strangle Luke with his bare hands if Luke harmed Lulu or Rocco, but Diane suddenly appeared to ask if she could get Dante's threat in writing. Luke grinned with malice as he bragged that he had hired Diane to represent him, so Dante accused Diane of doing anything for money. Diane was unapologetic as she reminded Dante that everyone, including Luke, had constitutional rights.

Diane was furious Luke had been detained for days without an arraignment and had been subjected to a medical examination without consent or legal counsel. Nathan was curious if Diane realized what Luke had been charged with, so she admitted that she did, but she wanted Luke released immediately. Dante warned Diane it would not happen. Nathan added that Luke had tried to kill fifty people, assaulted and attempted to kill a police officer, ordered a hit on Lucas, and faced conspiracy and extortion charges.

Dante revealed that Luke had also just threatened to kill Dante, Lulu, and their son, so Diane conceded her client faced serious charges. However, she insisted Luke deserved a bail hearing. She threatened to go to Kyle Sloane if someone didn't arrange it, but Dante pointed out that the courthouse was closed because it was midnight. Diane made it clear she expected Luke to have a hearing first thing in the morning, so Nathan reluctantly agreed to take care of it. Luke smiled with smug satisfaction as Nathan walked away then bragged Diane had been worth every penny.

Later, Nathan returned to assure Diane everything had been taken care of. Satisfied, Diane decided to have a private word with her client in the interrogation room. After Diane and Luke disappeared into the room, Nathan warned Dante to tread carefully because Sloane already had it out for Dante. Dante confided there had always been an edge of darkness to Luke that had led Luke to take off for periods of time to give in to it without hurting his family. However, the new version of Luke was vicious and dangerous.

In the interrogation room, Luke made a veiled threat if Diane failed to get him released from jail. Diane was rattled as Dante and Nathan entered the room to announce it was time for Luke to return to the holding cell. Diane asked Nathan take Luke away, so Dante waited until they were alone to berate Diane for representing Luke. Diane warned Dante there was something seriously wrong with Luke, so Dante's anger wouldn't help anyone heal.

In the squad room, Luke confessed he knew Nathan was a Cassadine, even though they hadn't been formally introduced. Luke admitted he and Helena were friends, but Luke didn't have any use for the rest of the Cassadines. Luke promised he wouldn't forget that Nathan had been the one to throw a wrench into Luke's plans at Wyndemere, so he advised Nathan and Nathan's loved ones to sleep with one eye open.

At the loft, Lulu beamed with joy as she watched her son sleep in his crib. She confessed that Rocco looked like an angel as Tracy busied herself by picking up. Lulu assured Tracy it wasn't necessary but Tracy was restless because she was anxious to hear what Bobbie had found out about Bobbie and Luke's older sister, Patricia. Tracy was frustrated because it was nearly midnight, and they hadn't gotten any word from Bobbie.

Moments later, Bobbie knocked on the door. Bobbie apologized for being late, but Tracy cut to the chase by asking what Bobbie had discovered. Bobbie explained that her sister, Patricia, had been close to a neighbor on Elm Street, so Bobbie had hoped to talk to the woman to ask if she knew where Patricia was. However, the woman had passed away a few years earlier. Tracy was curious if anyone else in the Spencer family knew where Patricia lived, but Bobbie shook her head because no one had heard from Patricia in years.

Tracy suspected Bobbie was holding back because siblings didn't just walk away and lose touch with their family, so Tracy wanted to know what had driven Patricia away. Bobbie confessed she had no idea because her memories of her early childhood were hazy. Bobbie recalled her father, Tim, had been a heavy drinker with a mean streak, so her mother had protected the children from Tim's violent temper while Patricia had often taken care of Luke and Bobbie. Lulu assumed Patricia had moved with Luke and Bobbie to Florida when their mother had died, but Bobbie clarified that only Luke and Bobbie had moved in with their father's sister, Aunt Ruby.

Bobbie recalled asking Aunt Ruby about Patricia, but Aunt Ruby had always changed the subject, while Luke had told her to forget that Patricia had ever existed. Disappointed by the lack of information, Tracy wondered how they could find Patricia, since Luke wouldn't provide them with any answers. Lulu revealed that she had tried searching for her aunt on the Internet, without success. However, Lulu suggested they hire a private investigator to find Patricia.

Tracy agreed it was their best option, so Lulu offered to contact Sam in the morning. Tracy objected because Sam had been useless in Amsterdam. Bobbie suggested Felicia, but Tracy nixed that idea too. Bobbie wondered who else they could turn to just as someone knocked on the door. Lulu opened the door, and Spinelli greeted her.

At the hospital, Lucas rushed to the nurses' station as he apologized for being late. Lucas explained he had been busy with his niece and her new boyfriend. The nurse was surprised because she thought Lucas' niece was only eight years old. "Ten," Lucas corrected before he told her about Josslyn's breakup with Spencer and new relationship with Cameron.

Moments later, paramedics arrived with Spencer. Nikolas called out to Lucas for help as Lucas and the nurse raced to check on Spencer. The paramedic explained Spencer had been in a fire and had suffered burns to the right side of his body. Lucas immediately determined Spencer needed to be put on a ventilator to clear Spencer's airways and stabilize his lungs, so Nikolas followed the medical team to the trauma bay. However, the nurse asked Nikolas to return to the waiting room so they could do their job.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Emma arrived and asked for an update, but Nikolas didn't have any news. Patrick assured Nikolas that Lucas was an excellent physician, and he explained that Anna was on her way to pick up Emma. After Patrick went to check on Spencer, Emma gently put her hand on Nikolas' shoulder to comfort him when she saw him cry. Nikolas looked up at Emma as she wiped away her own tears, so he hugged her tightly as he continued to quietly weep.

A short time later, Anna arrived, so Nikolas stepped away to get an update. Emma tearfully revealed that Spencer had saved her, but she feared she had failed Spencer by not getting help fast enough. Anna assured Emma that Emma had helped Spencer and added that Lucas wouldn't let anything happen to Spencer.

In the trauma bay, Patrick watched as Lucas carefully treated Spencer's burns, while Spencer remained unconscious and breathed with the help of a ventilator.

In the waiting area, Alexis approached her nephew and hugged Nikolas tightly as he wept in her arms. Nikolas regretted that he had left the kids alone in a room with lit candles, but Alexis assured Nikolas that he was not to blame because Spencer had been old enough to be alone in the next room, even with lit candles. Nikolas was haunted by the fear he imagined Spencer had felt trapped in burning room, waiting for his father to rescue him, but Alexis reminded Nikolas he had saved Spencer. Nikolas worried that it might not have been in time. Nikolas became increasingly upset as he explained he couldn't lose Spencer because Spencer was everything to him.

Moments later, Patrick approached Nikolas and Alexis. Patrick explained Spencer had been stabilized and sedated to keep Spencer calm while on a ventilator. Nikolas was curious what Spencer's prognosis was, so Patrick explained the possible life-threatening complications that could arise from the burns Spencer had suffered. Patrick took Nikolas to see Spencer then returned to check on Emma.

Emma was afraid for Spencer, but Patrick reminded his daughter that Spencer was a strong boy. Patrick promised to stay with Spencer for a while, so Emma asked if they could go to the chapel to pray before Anna took Emma home. After Patrick and Emma slipped into the chapel, Duke approached Anna to ask about Spencer and Emma. Anna was surprised and touched as Duke reminded her that he would always care for Anna's family, despite their breakup.

In the trauma bay, Nikolas pulled a chair next to Spencer's bed then reached for his son's hand. He told his son that he loved Spencer and explained that Spencer would likely be in pain and confused when he woke up. However, Nikolas insisted Spencer need not be afraid because Nikolas would remain at Spencer's side.

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