Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Maxie was pleasantly surprised when Nathan stopped by to visit. He admitted that he needed a warm place to stay because a pipe had burst at his place and had knocked out the power and heat. Maxie happily offered to let Nathan stay and kissed him, but they pulled apart when Lulu walked in. Maxie slipped into the kitchen to fetch a bottle of wine as Lulu asked about Dante, and Nathan assured her that Dante was fine. Lulu heard Rocco wake up crying and went to check on her son.

Moments later, Maxie returned with the wine. Nathan broached the subject of Maxie and Nathan living together and was delighted when Maxie agreed that it was time for them to take the next step. She suggested that they find a new place where they could start fresh and make their own memories, but she wanted to wait until Lulu was ready to find her own place. Nathan appreciated Maxie's concern for Lulu and agreed to wait. Moments later, Lulu returned.

Maxie offered Lulu a glass of wine and shared the news about Nathan and Maxie's decision to live together. Shocked, Lulu dropped her wine glass. Maxie was surprised by Lulu's reaction, but Lulu quickly apologized and promised that she was truly happy for Nathan and Maxie. Lulu explained that the news had reminded her of what she had lost with Dante, but she quickly changed the subject and congratulated Nathan and Maxie. Lulu was curious if Nathan and Maxie intended to move out, but Maxie clarified that Nathan would be moving in. Relieved, Lulu suggested they watch a movie and went to the kitchen to fix popcorn.

After Lulu left, Maxie acknowledged that it would be an adjustment for Nathan to live in the crowded apartment, but Nathan didn't mind as long as he woke up next to Maxie every morning. Lulu returned with the popcorn and handed the bowl to Nathan as she sat down. Nathan listened as Maxie and Lulu talked about the movie and then began to playfully toss popcorn at each other as he sat between them on the sofa.

In Paul's office, Anna told Paul that she didn't want to be alone. Paul invited Anna into his office and admitted that he had a lot of questions for her. He asked about her visit to Berkeley, but Anna admitted that she'd actually been in a Halifax jail. She told him about her search for Carlos and how she had enlisted Robert's help. Paul feigned surprise and asked what had led her to Halifax. She told him how she had deduced where Carlos had gone, but omitted Robert and Andre's names.

Anna's eyes filled with unshed tears as she explained that it had been easier to convince herself that there had been a cover-up than to accept that Carlos was dead. Paul offered her words of sympathy and encouragement. He gently wiped away a tear from the corner of Anna's eye as she admitted that she was still trying to adjust to life without Duke and to find a purpose. She carefully put some distance between herself and Paul as he showered her with praise as an investigator, mother, and grandmother. Anna disagreed because her daughter had been kidnapped twice in four years without Anna realizing it.

Anna talked about the pain of having a child suffer and not being able to help. Paul surprised her by admitting his own faults as a father and being estranged from his daughter Susan. Anna noticed the time and decided that she had overstayed her welcome, but Paul invited her to stay for a drink. Anna asked for a rain check and left. In the hallway, Anna took a calming breath and asked herself what she was doing.

Later, Anna entered the Floating Rib as she spoke to Mac on the phone. She told him that they needed to take a closer look at Paul's personal life and focus on his relationship with Susan to figure out why Paul and Susan were estranged. Anna admitted that she had never seen Paul as vulnerable as when Paul had talked about Susan. Anna assured Mac that she was fully aware that Paul was treacherous and promised to be careful. Moments later, Anna left but she was unaware that someone had been watching her.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Alexis entered the living room and celebrated successfully getting Leo to sleep. Julian smiled as she joined him on the sofa. Alexis suspected that Olivia didn't trust Alexis' ability to care for the baby, but Julian easily distracted Alexis with a passionate kiss. Alexis reluctantly pulled away when the doorbell rang. Julian went to the door and greeted his sister, who had arrived with a wedding gift for Alexis and Julian. It was a metal sculpture. Alexis' smile vanished when Ava revealed that it was merely a replica of the original -- a twelve-by-six foot sculpture that Ava thought would be perfect for the terrace overlooking the lawn.

Alexis appeared on the verge of saying something when her phone rang. It was Monica calling to let Alexis know that Sam was in the hospital. Alexis quickly wrapped up the call, told Julian about their daughter's brush with death, and gathered her things to leave. Julian was upset that Sam had been hurt and immediately blamed Jason, but Alexis assured him that Jason had saved their daughter. Julian pointed out that Jason's mother would naturally paint Jason in the best light, but Alexis promised to call with an update and rushed out the door.

Ava felt bad for Julian because she knew there was nothing worse than worrying about one's child. Julian insisted that Sam had been better off when Jason had been dead. Ava decided to change the subject by reminding Julian of all the blessings in his life because he had successfully left the mob. Concerned, Julian asked if Ava had trouble with Raj. Ava reminded her brother that Julian didn't want to know the details of her business. Julian conceded that she was, right but he was curious if she'd had second thoughts about running the Jerome organization.

Ava carefully admitted that she wanted the best for Avery, but Julian easily read between the lines. He asked how much trouble Ava was in, but she reminded him that her line of work was always dangerous. However, she confessed that she wanted a normal life. Julian assured her that she could have what he had, but Ava explained that it wasn't easy because things were complicated and increasingly growing out of her control.

At the hospital, Sam rested in a trauma bay as Jason sat next to her. She told him about her dream and how she had held on because of him. Sam was curious how Jason had found her in the basement, but he wanted to know how Sam had ended up in the basement. Elizabeth, who had been silently lurking at the entrance, stepped forward to make her presence known and to ask how Sam was feeling. Jason revealed that Sam had suffered a concussion and the doctors were monitoring her, but Sam was expected to make a full recovery.

Sam expressed her gratitude to Jason for saving her, but she wondered how he had found her. Jason told her about the phone call when she had failed to pick up Danny from the birthday party and his encounter with Molly and Kristina when Kristina had mentioned that Sam had been on her way to Elizabeth's house. Sam was startled when Jason went on to tell her about Jake's accident and Jake's cryptic confession to hurting someone. Jason quickly assured Sam that Jake was fine, but Elizabeth cut him off to beg Sam not to tell the police about what Jake had done. Elizabeth promised that she and Jason had gotten Jake help, but Sam explained that Jake hadn't been responsible for the fall.

Sam insisted that she had lost her balance on the stairs and that Jake hadn't been near her at the time. Elizabeth noticed Jason's concern when Sam suddenly coughed. Elizabeth thanked Sam for not blaming Jake and quickly left. Sam shook her head, but Jason urged Sam to get some rest. Sam tearfully confessed that she didn't want to close her eyes because he had always disappeared whenever she had closed her eyes in the basement. Jason promised Sam that he would stay with her.

Sam insisted that she would have died if it hadn't been for Jason. Jason admitted that he didn't want to waste a chance to get to know her again. Seconds later, Alexis arrived and rushed to her daughter's bedside. Alexis wanted to know what had happened, but Sam explained that it was a long story. However, Sam credited Jason with saving her. Alexis thanked Jason and admitted that she no longer disapproved of him. Jason smiled and gave Alexis and Sam privacy to talk.

In the hallway, Elizabeth was shaken as she ran to an unoccupied hospital room and wept.

Meanwhile, Monica approached Jason to let him know that Jake was asleep. Monica promised to check on her grandson throughout the night if Jason wanted to go home, but Jason explained that he intended to stay with Sam. After Monica left, Elizabeth walked up. Elizabeth felt terrible because she realized that Sam could have been killed. Jason didn't reply, so Elizabeth changed the subject and admitted that she had seen the connection between Jason and Sam.

Elizabeth acknowledged that what Jason and Sam shared would not go away. Elizabeth thanked Jason for being good to Jake, as well as her other boys. Jason reminded her that Jake was his son, but Monica returned to give Elizabeth an update and to offer Elizabeth and the boys a place to stay indefinitely. Elizabeth thanked Monica for the generous offer but explained that she had to meet with the fire marshal and then intended to go to Audrey's house.

Moments later, Alexis approached to explain that Sam wanted to talk to Elizabeth. Elizabeth immediately entered the trauma bay to see Sam. Sam admitted that it had seemed as if Elizabeth had been worried that Sam had covered for Jake. Sam assured Elizabeth that Jake hadn't been responsible for Sam's fall in any way. Elizabeth thanked Sam as Jason popped his head in to see if everything was okay. Elizabeth announced that she had to leave, but she would return when Jake woke up.

After Elizabeth left, Sam told Jason that she had wanted Elizabeth to know that Jake hadn't been responsible for the fall. Sam shifted gears to warn Jason that Julian would likely blame Jason for what had happened, but she begged Jason not to listen to anything her father said. Jason agreed, but he asked Sam to put the oxygen mask back on and rest. Sam did as instructed but assured Jason that he didn't have to stay with her. Jason admitted that he wanted to, but he was curious what the significance of "run to me" was.

Sam revealed that Jason had once tried to push her away for her own safety. However, they had belonged together, so he had told her to run to him. Sam admitted that no matter what had happened after that, she had always known that she would always run to him whenever he said those words to her. Sam insisted that his love had saved her many times, but he wondered if she had ever been hurt because of him. Sam promised that Jason's love had never hurt her -- it had kept her alive.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Julian asked if Ava needed his help, but Alexis returned home before Ava could reply. Alexis assured Julian that their daughter would make a full recovery. Julian was relieved and suggested they celebrate with a glass of wine. Ava decided it was her cue to leave and said goodbye.

On the porch, Ava's phone rang. It was Paul. Ava immediately realized that Paul wanted to meet her for personal reasons and reminded him that she refused to sleep with someone who was blackmailing her.

In Paul's office, Paul set his phone down after Ava disconnected the call. He drank a glass of scotch in one gulp and threw the glass across the room. Afterwards, he looked at a picture of Susan when she had been a young girl.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth appeared in a state of shock as she looked at the burned-out shell of her home. The fire marshal warned her that it was too dangerous to enter the house. Elizabeth looked around on the ground at the scattered remains of her possessions until her eyes landed on a picture of her and Jason. She picked it up as tears welled up in her eyes.

. . .

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