Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In Silas' apartment, Sam walked in on Silas and Nina during a heated kiss on the sofa, unaware that Nina had drugged Silas. "Oh, my God," Sam cried out as she stood frozen in the doorway. Silas and Nina looked up, but Silas was a little slower to comprehend what had happened than Nina, so Nina asked why Sam was there. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she turned to leave, but Silas asked her to wait. Sam confessed that it had been painful for her to tell him to go back to his wife, but she hadn't expected that it would be so easy for him to do it.

Silas tried to shrug off the grogginess, but Sam was too upset to notice as she assured him that Silas being back with his wife was for the best. Silas started to disagree, but Nina cut him off by asking why Sam had barged into the apartment since Silas and Sam had ended things. Sam explained that she had wanted to tell Silas something about Nina, but it no longer mattered. Sam started to leave, but Silas begged her to wait. Hurt, Sam asked why she should bother when he had made his feelings clear.

Silas watched with frustration as Sam walked out of the apartment. He tried to follow her, but he collapsed with exhaustion in the doorway. Silas questioned why he felt groggy, so Nina attributed it to too much alcohol. Silas' brow furrowed with confusion because he only recalled consuming a single drink, but Nina assured him that he'd had more. Eventually, Silas managed to stumble to the sofa, so Nina tried to pick up where they had left off by kissing him but Silas rebuffed her advances.

Nina reminded Silas that she was his wife and confessed that she wanted him, but Silas argued that it wasn't right. Nina disagreed because he had admitted to having feelings for her, but Silas pushed her away when she tried to initiate another kiss. He admitted that he didn't feel like himself, so offered to help her to bed before he turned in for the night. Nina hid her frustration as she assured him that it wasn't necessary. Silas didn't argue, so he bid her goodnight then staggered to his bedroom.

At the Jerome residence, Julian received an unsettling text message from Mickey Diamond that read, "Have a good night. Hope your family sleeps tight." Ava confessed that it sounded like a threat, prompting Julian to recall his phone call with Alexis when she had told him that Molly had returned home and that Danny would be spending the night. Alarmed, Julian called Mickey, but the call went unanswered. Julian's frustration mounted when he called Alexis and her voicemail picked up, so he left her a message instructing her to get everyone out of the house. Ava tried to assure her brother that everything would be fine, but Julian ran out of the apartment, fearing the worst.

Later, Ava left Julian a voicemail message urging him to be careful because he was the only thing that stood between her and a bullet from Sonny. After she ended the call, two thugs arrived dragging Franco between them. They shoved him into a chair and removed the hood covering his head. Pleased, Ava dismissed the goons, so they promised to wait in the hallway.

Annoyed, Franco demanded to know what was going on. Ava explained that she had wanted to have a chat with him, so Franco asked why she wasn't with Sonny. Ava revealed that she had finally gotten out from under Sonny's thumb then added that she would like to keep things that way. Franco was surprised when Ava confessed that she needed his help to get her hands on the incriminating recording that A.J. had made the night Sonny had killed A.J. Franco reminded Ava that the recording also contained Ava's confession about murdering Connie.

Ava insisted that she needed the recording to use as leverage against Sonny to keep him from killing her. She was certain that Carly had been wise enough to retain a copy of the recording for herself, but Franco was curious why he should help Ava get her hands on it. She pointed out that they each wanted Sonny out of their lives, but Franco argued that he didn't have a quarrel with Sonny. Ava didn't believe Franco because she knew that he had a jealous streak.

Franco claimed that he was a new man, but Ava didn't believe him. She decided to switch tactics by reminding him that Carly would always put Sonny first. Ava warned Franco that Sonny would remain an obstacle to Franco and Carly's happiness unless Franco gave Ava what she needed to eliminate Sonny once and for all. Franco argued that he had too much to lose, so Ava called out to her two thugs. Franco assumed that Ava intended to use her goons to intimidate him, but Ava surprised Franco by revealing that her men would simply escort him out. She explained that she was confident that he would have a change of heart.

At the lake house, the bomb planted in the Davis mailbox detonated. As the fire engulfed the porch and house, the propane tanks by the outdoor grill exploded. Moments later, Julian arrived. He called out to Alexis and Danny as he ran to the front door, but another blast knocked him backwards as it ripped through the house. Julian was knocked out then remained unconscious until fire and rescue personnel arrived on the scene.

Julian struggled to his feet, desperate to rescue his family, but a firefighter held him back because it was too dangerous to enter the burning house. The firefighter warned Julian that no one could have survived the explosion. Julian was distraught until he suddenly heard Alexis cry out with surprise. Relieved, Julian ran to Alexis to wrap her in a tight hug. Alexis stared in disbelief at her home as she asked what had happened, but Julian was anxious to know where their grandson and Molly were. Alexis explained that she had packed up the children to go to Sam's penthouse to pick up Danny's toy truck, so Molly and Danny were safe at Sam's place.

Moments later, Sam ran up crying out for Danny, so Julian and Alexis rushed to assure Sam that Danny was safe at home with Molly and T.J. Sam immediately sagged with relief then asked what had happened to Alexis' home. Alexis confessed that she had no idea, but it was lucky that no one had been home when the fire had erupted. Julian quietly asked Sam to take care of her mother then he left.

Later, Alexis became upset when she saw remnants of special mementos that had been destroyed in the explosion. Sam decided to get some answers for her mother, so she stopped a passing firefighter to ask what had caused the fire. The firefighter was reluctant to discuss it while the investigation was ongoing, but Sam persuaded to him to tell her off the record. Alexis and Sam were shocked when the firefighter revealed that the fire appeared to be a result of an explosion caused by suspicious circumstances. Alexis couldn't believe that someone had destroyed her home intentionally, but Sam pointed out that it would explain why Julian had abruptly left.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia drunkenly accepted a drink from the bartender as she instructed him to put it on Carly's tab. Olivia took a drink then grumbled about Carly and how Carly hadn't fooled anyone by dropping the Corinthos name. Ned carefully suggested that perhaps it was time for Olivia to have an intermission because he didn't want her to wake up the following morning with a raging headache. Olivia insisted that she was just having fun, but Ned appeared skeptical. Olivia assured him she had a reputation for being a lot of fun despite always seeming like a "little dark cloud" when she was around Ned. "Just ask Lois," Olivia added, referring to Ned's ex-wife.

Olivia's attention was diverted when her eyes landed on Carly at a nearby table. Olivia managed to slide off the bar stool before Ned realized that she was headed to Carly's table. Ned tried to get Olivia to return to the bar with him, but Olivia ignored him. Moments later, Olivia informed Carly that Sonny would eventually be evicted from the hotel, but Carly refused to allow Olivia to toss the father of Carly's sons out of the hotel simply because Sonny had broken Olivia's heart. Olivia resented Carly trying to make it about the children when it was really about Sonny having Carly twisted around his finger.

Ned wisely intervened by dragging Olivia away before the argument escalated. Back at the bar, Olivia wondered why women always fawned over Sonny. She rambled about keeping her pregnancy a secret from Sonny because Sonny had been in the mob and then confessed that all it had taken for her to end up back in Sonny's arms was for Steven Lars to walk out on their wedding. Olivia realized that she had turned into a "Brenda-bot," which Olivia described as a legion of "little brunettes with big boobies" who were blindly devoted to Sonny. Ned revealed that he had been close to the original Brenda.

According to Ned, Brenda had been a different and much happier person before she had met Sonny. Ned explained that Sonny had broken Brenda more than once, so Olivia admitted that Sonny hadn't been worth it. Olivia insisted that she was through with Sonny and that she intended to reclaim herself. Her eyes suddenly filled with tears, which she claimed were her allergies acting up, so Ned assured Olivia that it was okay because he had been where she was. Olivia suddenly announced that it was time for her to go home, but Ned was concerned about her taking a cab, so he invited her to stay with him.

A short time later, Ned and Olivia entered his hotel room. He offered to fetch her some water to drink before they watched television, but Olivia warned him that the hotel's pay-per-view "sucked." Ned chuckled, but Olivia assured him that it was true because the guests always complained about it. Ned picked up the remote then surfed the channels until he settled on a comedy. Olivia began to cry because he had picked It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Later, Olivia smiled as she and Ned watched television. Ned was pleased that he had been right about watching a comedy because it had lifted Olivia's spirits. He excused himself to fetch a pillow and blanket for Olivia just as a commercial for an animal shelter appeared on television. Olivia immediately became teary-eyed. Ned returned to the living room to discover Olivia on the phone, tearfully explaining to someone that she wanted to adopt the animals in the shelter. Olivia was put on hold, so Ned warned Olivia that it was a mistake to drunk-dial. "Especially an animal shelter," Ned added.

Olivia cried that she needed to save the neglected animals because it hadn't been right for someone to dump them after promising to love them. Ned gently suggested that perhaps Olivia was projecting, but Olivia continued to cry as she watched the heartbreaking commercial. Ned shifted gears to ask where Olivia intended to put her newly adopted animals, so Olivia reminded him that she owned a "whole half of a hotel." She explained that she would simply replace the beds in several of the guest rooms with doggy beds. "So, your new life plan is based on a kid's movie?" Ned asked.

Olivia's tears briefly stopped as she asked if there had really been a movie about a dog hotel. Ned quickly snatched the phone out of Olivia's hand when she suddenly returned to her phone call to provide the shelter with her personal information. He disconnected the call as he explained that she would be free to adopt all the dogs she wanted when she was sober. However, until then, he intended to revoke all of her phone privileges. Later, Olivia curled up on the sofa with a pillow and blanket as she thanked Ned for stopping her from turning the hotel into a dog hotel. As Olivia drifted off to sleep, she confessed that Lois had been crazy to let Ned get away.

At Corinthos Coffee, Shawn told Sonny that Jordan was in Mickey's hotel room, determined to sleep with the man. Shawn had reservations about Jordan's choices, but he realized that there was nothing he could do to stop her. Sonny appreciated that Jordan was important to Shawn, so he invited Shawn to have a drink with him to get Shawn's mind off Jordan. Shawn declined because he wanted to return to Mickey's room to drag Jordan away from Mickey. Sonny agreed to back whatever Shawn decided, but Sonny warned his friend that they might need Mickey to get to Julian and Ava if the Jeromes intended to pick up where Ric had left off.

Shortly after Shawn left, Carly entered Sonny's office. She swiped a drink out of Sonny's hand then downed it before she explained that they had a problem. Carly quickly filled Sonny in about Olivia's outburst in the restaurant and Carly's refusal to let Olivia evict Sonny. Sonny appreciated Carly's support, but Carly confessed that she couldn't blame Olivia for wanting Sonny gone. However, Carly also realized that Olivia didn't know that Ava had used Sonny's guilt and fear over losing Michael to manipulate Sonny. Sonny bristled at the suggestion that Ava had taken advantage of him, but Carly assured him that she knew that he felt bad for hurting both Morgan and Olivia.

Sonny appreciated Carly's support and efforts to keep Olivia from following through on the eviction. Carly admitted that it had cost her because Franco hadn't been happy when Olivia had accused Carly of being loyal to Sonny above all others. Sonny insisted that Franco didn't have a right to complain because Sonny was the father of her children. Carly's temper flared because Sonny refused to at least pretend to feel bad for her situation after she had gone to bat for him. She reminded Sonny how Franco had reacted the last time that Franco had felt threatened by Sonny but it quickly backfired on Carly when Sonny demanded to know if she was trying to tell him that Franco intended to tell Michael the truth about how A.J. had died.

Carly assured Sonny that he didn't have to worry about Franco because Franco was in a good place. She was confident that Michael would never find out about A.J.'s death because Sonny had Ava locked up tight. "Not anymore," Sonny quietly admitted. Sonny quickly filled Carly in on Ava's escape from the hospital, so Carly feared that Ava might reach out to Morgan for help. Sonny assured Carly that their son's bond with Ava had been broken, but Carly remained concerned about Ava's next move against Sonny. Sonny promised Carly that Ava was powerless because Ava was essentially a prisoner in the apartment.

In Mickey Diamond's hotel suite, Mickey passionately kissed Jordan as they fell to the bed. Moments later, Mickey pulled away from Jordan to suggest that they talk. Jordan tensed when Mickey pulled out the recorder that she had tucked into the bed's headboard and then played it. Mickey listened to the recording of Jordan giving her name, badge number, and mission in Mickey's hotel room, so Jordan tried to bluff her way through the damaging statements by explaining that she had intended to use the recording as a cover in case the police picked her up, but Mickey easily saw through the lie. Jordan became alarmed when Mickey picked up a gun then aimed it at her.

In the hallway, Shawn stopped outside of Mickey's room. He debated entering the room, but ultimately decided against it because Shawn realized that Jordan was perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

Inside the hotel room, Mickey admitted that he had never trusted Jordan because of her constant questions about the boss. He revealed that he had talked to T.J. and had learned that T.J. hadn't been around while Jordan had been in jail. In hindsight, Mickey realized that her stint in jail had been the time that she had needed to hone her skills and build a cover. However, he was determined that it would end.

Jordan managed to catch Mickey by surprise by kicking the gun out of his hand as he closed in on her. The two began to scuffle until Jordan gained the upper hand by grabbing the gun that she had kicked out of Mickey's hand. Mickey mocked Jordan by reminding her that she couldn't kill him in cold blood, but Jordan pointed out that she could put him in jail. He immediately threatened to use his one phone call to contact his boss to let him know that Jordan was an undercover Drug Enforcement Agent, but Jordan suggested that Mickey might be able to help himself by cooperating.

Meanwhile, Shawn returned to Sonny's office to let Sonny know that he had decided to leave Mickey alone.

In Mickey's hotel room, Mickey informed Jordan that he was not a rat. He gloated that her cover had been blown just as his phone rang. Mickey saw that it was his boss, so he threatened to pick up the phone to warn the boss. Jordan advised Mickey not to try it just as Julian burst through the door and shot Mickey at point-blank range.

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