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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

At Perks Coffee, Morgan assured Sonny that he'd been attending counseling regularly and taking his medications, but Morgan had been furious when he'd seen the guy grab Kiki. Morgan quickly added that he'd felt overwhelmed with anger -- even with the medications -- but he'd also felt a shift within himself that had allowed him to step outside of himself and rein in his temper. Sonny assured Morgan that it was proof that Morgan had gained control of his illness. Sonny was proud that Morgan had turned his life around. Morgan thanked his father and confessed that there had been other changes.

Morgan pulled out a computer tablet and showed his father the web page that Morgan had designed for Perks Coffee. Sonny was impressed and admitted that he'd never seen Morgan as focused as he was about growing the business. Morgan credited the medications, but Sonny insisted it was more -- Morgan had found his passion. Sonny thought it was a beautiful thing to see. Morgan admitted that for a long time, he'd worried that the medications wouldn't work and he'd been spinning his wheels. Sonny understood the feeling but reminded Morgan that both Sonny and Morgan were lucky because they had found their way out of the darkness.

Morgan conceded that all the work and time he'd put into his recovery had been worth it because he felt like he had a future. Sonny smiled and admitted that he couldn't wait to see what Morgan accomplished. Sonny asked if Morgan was through for the day. Morgan nodded and left with his father.

In Morgan's bedroom, Ava switched out Morgan's lithium with similar-looking pills and slipped out of the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Carly and Nelle were in the living room. Carly implored Nelle to babysit Avery the following day, but Nelle reminded Carly that it was impossible because Nelle had a bus ticket to return to Atlanta. Carly suggested that Nelle cash it in and promised to book a flight home for Nelle at a later date. Nelle remained hesitant, but Carly explained that Ava would have a fit if Carly asked Max or Milo to babysit. Carly continued to plead with Nelle until Nelle reluctantly agreed. Pleased, Carly asked Nelle for a reference as a formality. Nelle gave Carly the phone number of Nelle's supervisor, Mrs. O'Brien.

After Carly stepped away to make the call, Ava entered the living room and asked for Carly. Nelle explained that Carly was on the phone but promised that Carly would return shortly. Ava asked Nelle to let Carly know that Ava had looked in on Avery, but Avery had been fast asleep. Ava had decided to forgo the visit because she didn't want to wake her daughter. According to Ava, she always did what was best for her girls. Ava left. Moments later, Carly returned to announce that Mrs. O'Brien had assured Carly that Nelle was a special young lady.

Carly officially offered Nelle the babysitting job, so Nelle formally accepted. Delighted, Carly explained that she would need Nelle to return at 8:00 am, but she promised to pay Nelle $15 an hour and throw in a $200 bonus because Nelle had saved Carly from having to deal with Ava's tantrum about Max or Milo. Nelle assured Carly that the bonus wasn't necessary, but Carly was adamant. Nelle realized that it was pointless to argue, and she let the matter drop.

A short time later, Sonny and Morgan arrived home. Carly introduced Morgan to Nelle and announced that Nelle had agreed to babysit Avery the following day. Morgan agreed that Ava would have raised a fuss if Max or Milo had watched Avery, even though both men were perfectly capable. Moments later, Avery's cries carried over the baby monitor, so Nelle offered to check on the baby and take the opportunity to get to know the little girl. Morgan decided to show Nelle to the nursery. After Morgan and Nelle left, Sonny questioned Carly about the previous nanny.

Carly explained that it was a long story, but she'd had to let the young woman go. Carly insisted that Nelle was a perfect solution because she'd been available and was great with children. Sonny appeared to have reservations, so Carly offered to call Max or Milo, but Sonny assured his wife that he trusted her. Carly smiled and kissed Sonny as Nelle watched the exchange from the top of the stairs with a closed expression. Moments later, Nelle made her presence known as she assured Sonny and Carly that Avery had fallen back to sleep.

Carly offered to have Aldo drive Nelle to the hotel and left to take care of the arrangements. Nelle seized the opportunity to talk to Sonny about what a wonderful child Avery was. She imagined that Sonny loved his daughter very much, and she promised to take good care of her. "Yeah, see that you do," Sonny replied. Carly returned to let Nelle know that Aldo was waiting.

After Nelle left, Sonny questioned Carly about her fondness for Nelle. Carly conceded that she was biased because Nelle had saved Josslyn's life and was great with Avery. She deftly changed the subject by asking about Morgan. Sonny admitted that he'd been called away to attend to a problem, but Morgan had had things well in hand by the time Sonny had arrived.

In Morgan's bedroom, Morgan took one of the pills that Ava had emptied into his medicine bottle.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kevin was shocked when Laura confessed that she'd never seen Raiders of the Lost Ark since its release in 1981. Laura reminded him that she'd been quite busy in the 80s, but Kevin wondered how she'd managed to avoid watching it when her children had been young. Laura chuckled and admitted that the family had been on the run for several years, which hadn't left a lot of time for watching movies. Kevin worried that dinner with him might seem boring in comparison, but Laura assured him that she would take good food and good company over jumping out of planes and traipsing through the jungle any day. Relieved, Kevin invited her back to his hotel room for a nightcap.

Laura was surprised that Kevin had a room at the hotel, but he explained that his apartment was being renovated. Kevin promised that he didn't have any expectations beyond having a glass of wine. Laura awkwardly assured him that she hadn't thought otherwise and accepted the invitation. A short time later, they sipped red wine in his hotel room and chatted nervously. Laura thought the hotel room looked rather sparse for someone who lived there, but Kevin admitted that he hadn't thought to take any personal items during his short time there.

Laura was curious what Kevin did with his spare time and smiled knowingly when she glanced at his nightstand. A short time later, Kevin and Laura sat on his bed as they played a video game. Laura was surprisingly adept, prompting Kevin to playfully try to block her view to give him an opportunity to catch up with her. Laura laughed and brushed away his hand, but the light banter quickly flared to passion as Kevin kissed her. Things heated up until Kevin suddenly pulled away and jumped off the bed because he worried that he'd taken advantage of Laura during a vulnerable time when she was mourning the loss of her son.

Laura assured Kevin that she didn't regret kissing him and that she enjoyed his company. Kevin assured Laura that he hadn't invited her to his room to sleep with her. Laura believed him and let him know that she wanted them to pick up where they had left off. Kevin asked if she was sure, so she smiled and kissed him as she tugged off his necktie.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth looked at the large box that had been left on Nikolas' doorstep. She carried the box to the living room and debated what to do with it. She decided that it was Laura's call to make. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth was startled when she saw Ava on the doorstep. Ava explained that she'd stopped by to thank Laura for inviting Ava to Nikolas' funeral. Elizabeth didn't recall seeing Ava at the funeral, so Ava admitted that she'd stayed away out of respect for some mourners who might have objected.

Elizabeth thought it was considerate of Ava and invited Ava into the living room. Elizabeth admitted that she hadn't realized that Nikolas and Ava had known each other. Ava smiled with remembrance as she explained that she and Nikolas had recently bonded over their adventures when Nikolas had left Port Charles. Ava knew that Nikolas and Elizabeth had been close since they'd been teens, and she couldn't imagine the enormity of Elizabeth's loss.

Elizabeth admitted that everything reminded her of Nikolas, but Ava became distracted when she saw the large package on the coffee table. Elizabeth explained that it had just arrived from Greece. Ava was curious what was in the box, but Elizabeth reminded Ava that it wasn't their place to open it. Ava disagreed because Elizabeth had been close to Nikolas, and it had been Ava's experience that if whatever was inside the box was dangerous, then it wouldn't help to delay opening it.

Eventually, Ava persuaded Elizabeth to open the box. Elizabeth became choked up with emotion when she pulled out a jacket and realized that it had been the one that Nikolas had worn at the time of his death. Ava's eyes lit up when Elizabeth pulled out a familiar boot and pondered why someone had sent the items. Ava advised Elizabeth not to show the grisly possessions to Laura because it would upset Nikolas' mother. Elizabeth was surprised when Ava asked if she could have the boot as a keepsake because it reminded Ava of the adventures she'd shared with Nikolas.

Elizabeth questioned Ava's odd request and immediately searched the boot until she found a small velvet pouch. Elizabeth smiled victoriously as she pulled it out and asked if Ava had been looking for it. Ava feigned surprise, but Elizabeth saw through the lie and opened the pouch. Ava's shoulders sagged with disappointment as dozens of diamonds spilled into Elizabeth's hand. Ava's disappointment turned to shock when Elizabeth announced that she intended to take the diamonds to the police because they were evidence of Hayden's crimes.

Ava urged Elizabeth to think of Spencer because the diamonds were Nikolas' legacy to his son. Ava added that Hayden would likely end up pleading down the charges and getting probation, leaving the diamonds to gather dust in an evidence locker. Elizabeth realized that Ava had a point, but she reminded Ava that it was not Ava's call to make. Ava was confident that Elizabeth would honor what Nikolas would have wanted, and she left.

In Franco's apartment, Franco sat down with a peanut butter sandwich and glass of milk for dinner. He took a bite of the sandwich, and someone knocked on the door. It was Nina. Nina apologized for dropping by without warning, but he reminded her that it was her apartment. Franco wondered why she had bothered knocking instead of using her key, but Nina admitted that it felt awkward because she didn't live there. Nina explained that she had stopped by to pick up a box of her things that Kiki had packed up.

Nina was curious why Franco was home, so he told her about his suspension and the appeal. Nina was surprised that he hadn't been reinstated when the charges had been dropped and offered to use Crimson to force the hospital to lift the suspension. Franco appreciated the offer but declined and assured Nina that he had things well in hand. Nina admitted that she wished Franco well despite their breakup. Touched, Franco offered to make her dinner.

Later, Nina smiled as she took a bite of her sandwich, which she confessed was surprisingly good. Franco was happy that he was good at something, but Nina refused to let him indulge in self-pity because it was unattractive. Nina reminded Franco that he had a gift for reaching people through his art. Franco smiled and shifted gears by asking about Nina's life. Nina revealed that she'd met a "tall, dark, and handsome" stranger that she'd invited back to her room and spent the night with.

Franco suspected Nina had made the story up, but she told him that the man's name was Valentin Cassadine. Nina confided to Franco about her talk with Valentin when she had visited him at the police station before his extradition to Greece. She admitted that she'd been surprised when Valentin had blamed himself for the arrest because he'd been careless and dazzled by her beauty. Franco worried that Valentin had played Nina, but she insisted that it wasn't possible because she hadn't been part of the plan. Nina realized that she wouldn't see Valentin again, but she had no regrets about having met him.

Nina changed the subject by asking about Franco and Elizabeth. Franco explained that he and Elizabeth were in limbo because they were continually trying to fight their way back from setbacks like his arrest, which were constant reminders of his past. Nina told Franco that if things were meant to be, then they would work out, and if not, then something better would be waiting for him down the road. She thanked Franco for the dinner and picked up her box. Franco walked her to the door as she admitted that she had enjoyed their conversation. Nina promised that better things were ahead for both of them, and she left.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth rounded the corner but stopped in her tracks when she saw Nina leave Franco's apartment. Elizabeth decided to turn around and leave, too, but Franco caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye and called out to her. Embarrassed, Elizabeth popped her head back around the corner and approached his door. She explained that she'd been wandering around and thinking about things when she had realized that she'd needed someone to talk to. Franco smiled when Elizabeth admitted that she'd thought of him.

. . .

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