Tuesday, April 21, 2015

At the loft, Valerie was in tears as she apologized to Dante. He assured her that she had nothing to be sorry for, but Valerie confessed that she missed her mother because it had just been her and her mother for all of Valerie's life. Dante empathized, so he hugged Valerie as she continued to cry. Moments later, Lulu entered with Rocco on her hip. Lulu cleared her throat then asked if she had missed something.

Valerie pulled away from Dante as Dante greeted his family. Lulu explained that she had returned home to give Dante some time with their son before Dante had to return to work, so Dante took his son from Lulu's arms. Lulu noticed the food in the dining room, prompting Valerie to admit that she had cooked one of Patricia's specialty meals for Dante. However, the meal had reminded Valerie of her mother, which had led to the tears and the realization of how deep Valerie's loss was. Lulu insisted Valerie would need time and space, since it had only been a few days since Patricia had passed away.

Lulu was curious when Valerie intended to return home, but Valerie revealed that Dante had persuaded Valerie to stay in Port Charles. Lulu hid her annoyance behind a brittle smile as she pulled her husband to a quiet corner to ask why Dante had stopped Valerie from leaving. Dante claimed that he had done it for Lulu's sake because Lulu needed to get to know her cousin. Lulu admitted that she wanted to develop a relationship with her cousin, but not while Valerie lived in the loft.

Lulu turned to Valerie to let her cousin know that she wanted Valerie to remain in Port Charles. However, Lulu insisted the loft was too small for Dante, Lulu, and Rocco, so Valerie should stay somewhere else. Valerie assured Lulu and Dante that she didn't have a problem leaving, but she feared she might not be able to scrape together enough money to rent a place. Lulu had a perfect solution because Lulu's brother owned a huge castle on a private island and could use some company. Dante objected, but Lulu assured Dante that Nikolas wouldn't mind.

Dante remained uneasy about Valerie staying with Nikolas, so he suggested perhaps Carly could put Valerie up. Lulu argued that Carly had a full house with Bobbie, Morgan, and Josslyn living at home. Lulu insisted Nikolas was the perfect choice, so she called her brother. However, the call went to voicemail. After Lulu left Nikolas a voicemail message, Valerie seemed almost cheerful as she pointed out that she would have to spend one more night at the loft.

At Kelly's, Ellie blamed herself for losing Spinelli, so Nathan admitted it had been his fault that he had lost Maxie. Ellie smiled sympathetically then decided to leave because she knew Nathan was eager to get back to the search for the missing baby. Ellie could easily imagine the pain the baby's loved ones were going through because she recalled waking up several times and experiencing a moment of blind panic when she had noticed Georgie's empty crib. Ellie suddenly realized that she wouldn't get to be a part of Georgie's life, but Lucy breezed in and distracted Ellie from the gloomy thoughts.

Lucy warmly greeted Ellie, but scolded Ellie for not contacting Lucy sooner. Lucy was eager to sign Ellie and Spinelli up for number at the Nurses Ball, since the couple's last performance had been a huge success. Ellie quickly explained that it was impossible because Ellie and Spinelli were over. Lucy was disappointed because Ellie and Spinelli, as well as Nathan and Maxie, were supposed to be an inspiration to those -- like Lucy -- who were "romantically challenged."

Lucy cursed the fates for driving both couples apart, but Nathan and Ellie explained that there was a bright side because Spinelli and Maxie had decided to get back together. Lucy insisted it was all wrong because Maxie and Spinelli were better as friends. According to Lucy, Maxie belonged with Nathan, while Spinelli and Ellie were destined to be together. Ellie wished that Lucy was in charge of the universe, so Lucy advised both Nathan and Ellie to move on and meet other people. Nathan argued that it was too soon, so Lucy conceded he had a point because she had gotten involved with Duke while on the rebound from Kevin.

Lucy quickly added that she treasured her friendship with Duke and had been grateful for their time together, but they had not been meant to be more than friends. Lucy suggested that Nathan and Ellie could take a cue from Lucy and Duke by being friends. Lucy joined the couple's hands together to illustrate her point, but Nathan and Ellie smiled awkwardly as they quickly unclasped hands. However, Ellie and Nathan agreed to be friends. Pleased, Lucy suggested the friends "inaugurate" their new relationship by walking the red carpet at the Nurses Ball together.

Ellie feared it wasn't a good idea, but Nathan readily agreed. Delighted, Lucy jotted Nathan and Ellie's names down as attendees then she left. Ellie wondered why Nathan had told Lucy that he would escort Ellie, since Ellie wasn't interested in going to the Nurses Ball. Nathan pointed out that Spinelli and Maxie would attend the ball together, so perhaps they might realize what they were missing out on if they saw Nathan and Ellie together and moving on. Ellie liked the way Nathan thought, so she shook his hand and agreed to be his date.

At the apartment, Maxie finished setting the table as she called out to Spinelli that dinner was ready. Spinelli's phone rang, so Maxie ran over to fetch it, but her smile faded when she saw a framed photograph of her and Nathan. She quickly pasted on a smile when Spinelli entered the room to fetch his phone and update her about their daughter's new career path in science. Maxie insisted that Georgie wanted to embark on a career in fashion, but Spinelli became distracted when he noticed his phone had stopped ringing.

Spinelli saw a voicemail message from Lucy, so he listened to it on speaker. Spinelli and Maxie tensed when they heard Lucy ask if Spinelli and his "true love," Ellie, would perform at the Nurses Ball. Spinelli realized that Lucy hadn't heard about his breakup with Ellie, so Maxie admitted that she hadn't updated Lucy on everything when Maxie had told Lucy about Nathan and Maxie's split. Maxie suggested that she and Spinelli simply update their "Facebook relationship status" instead of dealing with uncomfortable explanations. Spinelli liked the idea, but he added that they could unveil their relationship by performing at the Nurses Ball.

Maxie reminded Spinelli that the ball was a week away, so Spinelli admitted it wouldn't be easy to put together a number on short notice, especially since he was working on an investigation. Spinelli quickly filled Maxie in about Carly's suspicion that Hayden had lied about being Jake's wife, but Maxie wondered why Hayden would lie. Spinelli confessed that he had uncovered a lead that appeared to support Carly's theory that someone had hired Hayden to pose as Jake's wife. Maxie was intrigued as Spinelli told her about the encounter he had witnessed between Hayden and a mystery man, so she suggested he call Sam to help him out.

Spinelli was reluctant, but Maxie explained that it would free up time for Spinelli to work on their performance number at the ball. After Spinelli made a call asking to meet Sam, Maxie expressed concern that Spinelli would leave Maxie stranded at the ball. Spinelli assured Maxie that she didn't have anything to worry and promised they would be the hottest couple on the red carpet.

At the Drake residence, Patrick and Sam explained to Jake that Nikolas was Helena's grandson. Jake revealed that he had never met Nikolas, but Nikolas had been kind enough to pay all of Jake's medical expenses. Sam decided to pay Nikolas a visit to question her cousin about Jason's ring, which Spencer had tried to give to Emma. She offered to drop Jake off, so Jake followed her to the door. However, Sam froze when she opened the door and saw Nikolas on the porch.

Sam invited Nikolas inside as she explained that she had intended to pay him a visit to ask what he knew about Jason's wedding ring. Sam wondered how Nikolas had been in possession of a ring that Jason had been wearing when Cesar Faison had shot her husband. Nikolas recalled Helena confessing that Jake was Jason and giving him the ring as proof, but Nikolas claimed he had found the ring after he had banished his grandmother to Cassadine Island. Nikolas had questioned his grandmother about it, but Helena had been vague with the details beyond revealing that it had been found among the ruins of the Crichton-Clark Clinic.

Sam couldn't understand why Nikolas had held onto the ring without telling her about it, so Nikolas assured her that he'd had every intention of giving his cousin the wedding ring. However, the ring had been forgotten in the safe because later that evening, Spencer had been injured in the fire at Wyndemere. Sam immediately apologized for assuming the worst then recalled Nikolas trying to tell her something the first time she had visited him at Shriners Hospital for Children. Nikolas apologized but allowed Sam to believe her misconception that he had intended to tell her about the ring.

Sam assured Nikolas that apologies weren't necessary, so Nikolas thanked Sam for understanding. Nikolas started to leave, so Jake seized the opportunity to thank Nikolas for Nikolas' generosity. Nikolas admitted he felt partly responsible for Jake's troubles because of everything his grandmother had done. Jake made it clear that Nikolas was not to blame, so Nikolas thanked Jake then left. Afterwards, Patrick offered to give Jake a ride home in exchange for Sam getting the children to bed.

Later, Spinelli called Sam to ask for her help with a case. Sam agreed to meet Spinelli the following day and wrapped up the call when Patrick returned. She told him that both children were asleep in bed then asked about Jake. Patrick assured her that he had dropped Jake off, but Patrick was concerned about Sam because of Jason's wedding ring. Sam confessed that she was relieved because the ring was physical proof that Jason had died at the clinic. Sam added that Jason's wedding ring was the closest thing she would have to closure.

Patrick watched as Sam pulled the canister she had kept at her beside from a box and dropped Jason's wedding ring inside it alongside her own wedding band. Afterwards, she returned the canister to the box. Patrick remained concerned, but Sam joined him on the sofa as she assured him that she was at peace. Patrick playfully wondered if it had anything to do with her boyfriend, the doctor, so Sam smiled as she admitted he made her happy, and she looked forward to their new life together. Patrick returned her smile then kissed her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly checked on Ric and Elizabeth. Elizabeth decided to question Carly about Carly's earlier suggestion that Ric had done something wrong, but Carly brushed it off as simply wanting to let Elizabeth know that Elizabeth could do better than Ric. Carly suddenly smiled when she noticed Hayden enter the restaurant, so Carly quickly excused herself to greet Hayden and drag Hayden to Ric and Elizabeth's table on the pretext of introducing Hayden to Ric. Carly was curious if Hayden had met Ric before, but Hayden shook her head.

However, Hayden confessed that Jake had mentioned Ric, but Jake hadn't been a fan. Hayden shifted gears when she pretended to realize that Elizabeth and Ric had worked things out. Hayden claimed that she was happy for Elizabeth because she hadn't wanted Elizabeth to be the "odd man out," since Hayden and Jake had reconnected. Carly's interest was piqued when Elizabeth assured Hayden that Elizabeth fully understood that Hayden and Jake had reconnected -- "over and over again."

Carly asked Hayden about Elizabeth's remark, so Hayden feigned embarrassment as she confessed that Hayden and Jake had resumed their "marital relations." Carly smiled knowingly because Carly remembered Jake admitting that he hadn't been able to have sex with Hayden because Hayden had felt like a stranger to him. Hayden's smile vanished and Elizabeth perked up when Carly called Hayden out on the lie. Hayden went on the defensive by demanding to know why Carly had been talking to Jake about his relationship with Hayden, but Carly wasn't intimidated.

Ric looked distinctly uncomfortable as the conversation continued, so he asked Carly and Hayden to take their argument elsewhere. Hayden warned Carly to stay away from Jake, and she marched out of the restaurant. Carly smiled smugly and made a snide remark about Jake's wife being a "joy." Elizabeth decided to return to her earlier question by asking why Carly had implied that Ric had done something wrong. Carly recalled her conversation with Spinelli about Ric possibly hiring Hayden but Spinelli's insistence that Hayden appeared to be in league with someone other than Ric.

"Turned out to be nothing," Carly said. Elizabeth appeared skeptical, but Ric managed to distract Elizabeth by suggesting that Carly always believed the worst of him ever since he had locked Carly in the panic room. Carly assured Ric that she was done. "For now," Carly added before she left. Moments later, Ric suggested that he and Elizabeth leave, but Elizabeth remained troubled because she couldn't understand why Hayden had lied about being intimate with Jake. Ric suggested that perhaps Hayden had felt intimidated by Jake's feelings for Elizabeth and had hoped to eliminate the competition.

Meanwhile, Jake arrived at the restaurant. Carly was happy to see him, but Jake tensed when he saw Elizabeth and Ric at a nearby table. Carly apologized for not warning him, but Jake assured her it wasn't necessary because he had known that Elizabeth had been thinking of working things out with Ric. Carly fetched Jake a beer as Jake continued to watch Ric and Elizabeth.

At the table, Ric reminded Elizabeth that Jake and Hayden's relationship didn't matter, since Ric and Elizabeth were happily in love. Ric kissed Elizabeth as Jake watched from the bar. Carly handed Jake a beer as she urged him to stop torturing himself. Jake realized Carly was right, but Carly cryptically assured Jake that he might have another chance with Elizabeth. Jake reminded Carly that he was married, but Carly admitted she still had doubts about Hayden.

Jake's mood soured because he wanted Carly to stay out of Hayden's business. Carly agreed to back off, but she admitted that Hayden was rude. Jake decided to head to his room because he was tired, so Carly watched him leave. She muttered that there was so much more he needed to know about "that weasel," so Carly intended to get some answers about Hayden and share them with Jake.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas angrily threw a glass into the fireplace as Hayden appeared in the doorway. Hayden closed the door as she slowly approached him, while he wondered why she was there. Hayden seductively approached Nikolas as she confessed that she'd had a frustrating encounter with Carly, Ric, and Elizabeth, but she changed the subject to ask if she and Nikolas were alone. Nikolas confirmed that Spencer was asleep, and the staff had left for the day.

Hayden purred with delight until Nikolas' cell phone rang. He started to reach for the phone, but Hayden dropped her coat to show him the skimpy lingerie she'd worn for him. Nikolas ignored the call from his sister as he reached for Hayden and kissed her. Passion flared between the couple as they began to make love. Later, Hayden confessed that their lovemaking had been "refreshingly unrestrained."

However, Hayden was curious why Nikolas had been mad when she had arrived. Nikolas turned things around by asking who was bankrolling Hayden. Hayden refused to tell him, so she kissed him instead.

. . .

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