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Liesl appears to be the prime suspect
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

At the hospital, Finn received a text message from Anna. She was sorry to have missed his call and was looking forward to hearing his news about her son. Finn picked up a chart, rolled his eyes, and entered an exam room. He found Valentin waiting for him. Valentin wanted to be tested for West Nile virus because Spoon Island had been quarantined. Finn remarked that he hadn't heard of any problem, and he wondered what Valentin really wanted.

Valentin insisted that was the real reason for his visit and suggested that Finn ask the government employee who had told him about it. Finn agreed to test him even though Valentin had no symptoms. "Is this where you kill me?" Valentin asked as Finn readied the needle. Finn assured him that death would be painless and quick if Valentin distracted him from his job. Finn asked if Valentin had any word on Peter, and Valentin told him he had not heard from Peter but would be sure to tell Anna if he did.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jason was on the phone, trying to arrange to have someone check on Carly. He finished up and saw Elizabeth and Jake. The little boy was ready to go to a baseball game with Jason and Franco to make up for the Memorial Day game that had been rained out. Franco revealed that he had to work, and he pulled Jake aside. He thought that Jake should go and enjoy the special day with his father. Franco saw Jake often, and Jake could tell him about the game when he got home.

Jake and Jason got onto the elevator. Elizabeth was shocked that Franco had convinced the boy to go with Jason alone. As the couple walked through the hospital corridor, Elizabeth asked Franco what was bothering him. She wanted him to tell her when he was ready. She left. Finn walked by and revealed that he'd shown Wyatt a photo of Peter, but the little boy had been unable to recognize him. Finn assumed it had been because Peter had been held captive for weeks.

Shortly after, Franco and Elizabeth found an empty room. Franco disclosed that Liesl had been upset and had done something illegal, which he probably shouldn't have helped to cover up.

Curtis and Drew sat at a table in Metro Court. Curtis told Drew about how well he worked with Sam, and Drew disclosed that he and Sam had been officially divorced, but they still had ties because of Scout. The men talked about the wedding that hadn't happened, and Drew stated that he and Sam were adults and had been able to talk to each other. Curtis thought it important that Drew find another woman.

Drew insisted that he didn't want anyone else at that time, and the guys made small talk until Curtis went back to the subject and warned Drew not to let an opportunity pass him by.

Nearby, Nina was on the phone and arguing with someone about Valentin's ads until Maxie saw her and grabbed the phone. She told Stan that everything was okay as it was, and she reminded Nina that Valentin's ads had saved them. Nina was upset and exclaimed that she wanted to be able to control at least part of her life. Maxie asked what was wrong. She noted that she hadn't seen Nina at all.

Nina appreciated all that Maxie had done for her lately but didn't want any other help. She didn't want Maxie to do anything while on maternity leave. Maxie urged Nina to talk, and Nina finally revealed that Valentin had been working hard to win her back. He even had a room near hers at the hotel, and he had been driving her crazy.

Nina stated that she had no plans to forgive Valentin. Her takeout order arrived, and Maxie couldn't help but notice how large it was. Nina stated that it was comfort food, but Maxie looked suspicious.

Liesl woke up with a start in the stable at Wyndemere. Peter, still restrained on the ground, suggested that she had woken out of instincts for her self-preservation, as her improvised plan for him was falling apart. Liesl assured Peter that no one would show up to rescue him, and she accused him of manipulating her by having her tell her life story. Peter declared that he had wanted to get to know her, but he tried a different tact. He wondered about James and about Liesl's lack of spending any time with him.

Liesl replied that James had other family members, and only one person in her life liked her. That person was Franco, who understood her. She was angry, and she didn't care what happened to herself. Peter suggested it was because she really blamed herself for Nathan's death. Liesl screamed that she was not to blame; Peter was. Peter disagreed and argued that Liesl could have trusted him with information in the past, and he could have been prepared. Nathan would still be alive.

Liesl whimpered that she was guilty, but she blamed Peter for showing up in Port Charles. Peter shouted back that he hadn't known about Nathan, but she had -- and she could kill him but would never escape her guilt. Liesl ran out crying, and Peter tried unsuccessfully to break free.

Nina arrived with her bag full of food, and Peter told her that Liesl had been upset. He remarked that Liesl's notebook had been missing, and he was certain that someone would find him. "Things are looking up," he said. He thought that Valentin might find him. Nina related that Valentin thought the island was quarantined, but Peter thought that Valentin would figure it out. Nina stated that Valentin had been distracted, but Peter promised her that things would not end well.

Peter declared that Liesl was "unhinged" and would try to kill him. Nina revealed that Curtis and Sam had questioned her, but she hadn't said anything. Peter suggested that they had to have suspected something to question her in the first place. Peter wondered what he was supposed to do, and Nina revealed that she had a plan for both of them.

District Attorney Margaux Dawson stomped into the police station and encountered Sam and Jordan. She demanded to know why she hadn't been told of Carly's escape. Jordan stated that she'd recently gotten word to the D.A., but everything had been under control. Margaux wanted to know if Sonny or Jason had been involved in the escape. Sam took exception and replied that Jason had been as shocked as anyone to see Carly show up at the wedding. Margaux announced that she would be out of the office but would have her phone with her in case of another escape attempt.

Curtis, Sam, and Jordan gathered to discuss the search for the subject who had pushed the laundry cart and probably Peter out of the hotel. Sam disclosed that only one shop in Port Charles sold the shoes their suspect had been wearing, and Curtis admitted that they believed that suspect to be Liesl. Sam noted that both Liesl and Nina had been acting more strangely than usual, and Jordan admitted that she'd noticed that too.

Just then, Finn walked in and exclaimed that he thought he had information on Peter. He showed them the notebook that Wyatt had found at the cabin, and he told them what had transpired there. The notebook seemed to be filled with a story involving the same characters as in Sinclair's first book. Finn explained that he and Franco had gone to the cabin after Wyatt had drawn a map, but the cabin had been empty, though they'd seen Liesl. Jordan immediately rushed to have a detail sent to the cabin.

At the hospital, Franco told Elizabeth about Wyatt and the cabin and shared that the boy had recognized Liesl's voice and shoes when he'd encountered her at the hospital. The notebook had appeared to be a sequel to The Severed Branch. The Boy Scout had not been able to identify Peter from a photo. Elizabeth thought that Franco should go to the police.

Jason and Jake reluctantly left the Woodchucks' ballpark after the game had to be canceled for lack of electricity. A disappointed Jake wasn't sure he believed in fate, but Jason thought that sometimes when he looked back, he did. He believed in opportunity and choices instead. He asked if Jake had called his friend and told him the game had been canceled, and as Jake stammered, Drew walked up. Jake was happy to see him and thanked him for joining them. He hoped the men were "cool" with it.

Jason noted that they were Jake's tickets, and it was okay. Jake asked Jason if it had been difficult to return to town after all he'd been through. Jason said it was sometimes. Jake then turned to Drew and asked if he remembered how weird Jake had been after Jake's own return. Drew replied that it hadn't been Jake's fault. Jake recalled how bad he'd been with his brothers but how they'd grown into a team and looked after each other. He was happy to be with his two dads, even if Drew was really his uncle. They were family. Jason stated that they both loved him.

Jake and the men talked baseball, and Drew and Jake talked about how much they'd practiced with the baseball. Drew looked at Jason's face and announced that he would go back to work, since there would not be a game. After Drew left, Jason suggested that he and Jake practice with the ball. Afterwards, the pair sat on a bench. Jake asked if Sam was worth going after. Jason replied that she was great, but it wasn't up to him. Jake clarified that he had been talking about a baseball player. Jason suggested another catch.

Drew stopped to pick up a bottle of water from a food cart and was suddenly hit from behind with a squirt of mustard. He turned and saw Margaux holding a hot dog and the mustard container. She was apologetic and attempted to clean off his shirt. She insisted he bill her for the cleaning, and she handed him a business card. She would also buy him a new shirt if needed. Drew laughed when he looked at the card and saw that she was the new district attorney. He wondered if she was a baseball fan. Margaux stated that she was, and she hoped she'd run into him at another game. She told him he looked good in yellow, and she left.

Back at Metro Court, Maxie ran into Hugo, who was looking for the manager's office. She thought he looked familiar, and he disclosed that he was a local actor who she'd probably seen on stage. She directed him to the office just as Valentin stepped off the elevator. Maxie told him she'd heard from Nina, and he was not being romantic, just selfish. She wanted Valentin to leave Nina alone.

Maxie continued that Nina hadn't been focused and hadn't seen James, and Valentin had caused her a great deal of pain. His ads wouldn't make up for what he'd done to Peter, and her heart was broken for Peter. Maxie asked how Nina could forgive Valentin. She wanted him to stay away from Nina. Valentin didn't believe that Nina wanted to be left alone, and he'd regretted what he'd done for his entire "miserable life." He couldn't change things, and he wouldn't give up. "She's already gone," Maxie replied.

Valentin sat down at the bar and saw the new bartender. "I know you," he said to Hugo.

Franco got to the police station but stopped short of the interrogation room when he heard Curtis, Jordan, Sam, and Finn talking. Jordan announced that she wanted to talk to Wyatt; she had sent a detail to the cabin, and she thanked Finn for helping out. Franco hid as the group dispersed. Curtis asked Sam what had happened with Drew at the wedding. She said it was okay, and Curtis declared it was time to move on.

Jordan revealed that the cabin had been abandoned, but it had seemed as though someone had been held captive. She would learn more after her department went over the site. Their evidence was only circumstantial, but she would want to question Liesl.

Finn returned to the hospital and stepped off the elevator. Elizabeth saw him and told him she knew all about the cabin. She revealed that Franco had gone to the police. Finn was thoughtful and said that Franco had to have arrived after he'd gone.

Franco found himself at the dock and saw the posted sign announcing the quarantine. "That's not suspicious at all," he muttered. He turned around and saw Liesl standing there.

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• Gabi's plan for revenge begins to take shape.

• Will receives a disturbing message from someone.

• Lani and Eli continue to cope with the loss of their child.

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