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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis approached Julian's table to tell him that she'd had a productive conversation with Olivia, who had agreed to keep the custody arrangement as it was, with Olivia maintaining physical custody of Leo, and Julian having visitation. Julian was pleased, but Alexis sensed his lack of enthusiasm. Julian assured her that he was satisfied with things, but he became distracted when he noticed a man enter the restaurant and walk to the bar. Julian cut his visit with Alexis short by claiming that he had to get back to work. After Alexis left, Julian walked over to the bar to greet the man. Garvey shook Julian's hand, but he was curious why Julian hadn't returned his calls.

Julian explained that he was out on bail and awaiting trial then he turned to leave, but Garvey grabbed Julian's arm. "Not so fast, old friend," Garvey growled with menace. Julian reluctantly sat down, prompting Garvey to thank Julian for the meeting. Julian pointed out that he hadn't had a choice, since Garvey knew where all the bodies were buried. Garvey reminded Julian that Garvey had just finished doing five years in prison, but Julian argued that Garvey had landed behind bars because of Garvey's "West Coast tactics" of ramping up the violence. Julian added that Garvey's crew had been nowhere around when Julian's men had needed backup the previous year.

Nearby, Alexis peeked from around a corner as she eavesdropped on Julian and Garvey. Julian cut to the chase by asking what Garvey wanted. Garvey revealed that he hoped to join forces with Julian to take out Sonny Corinthos and avenge Garvey's brother, but Julian refused to get involved. Garvey was surprised by Julian's reaction because he knew that Julian and Sonny had crossed paths, but Julian made it clear that it was in the past. Garvey argued that Julian couldn't walk away from their lifestyle, but Julian disagreed and pointed out that it would be foolish to be near Julian because his trial was pending, and he was watched closely. Garvey backed off, but he vowed to follow through on his plans to kill Sonny.

Garvey leaned close to Julian's ear and whispered that he wouldn't forget Julian's "lack of solidarity." After Garvey left, Alexis stepped forward to let Julian know that she'd overheard his exchange with Garvey. She admitted that she had returned to the restaurant because she'd been suspicious of Julian's odd behavior. Julian admitted that he had history with Garvey, but Alexis wanted to know what Julian intended to do about Garvey's plans to kill Sonny.

At Jason and Sam's penthouse, Jason arrived home with a bag of food. He smiled sheepishly when he saw Sam seated on the bottom of the stairs because he had hoped to pass off the breakfast he had picked up as homemade. Sam grinned, but she was curious how long she had slept. She was surprised when he told her that she'd slept for ten hours. Jason admitted that he had wanted her to have as much sleep as possible because she'd been operating on no sleep. Sam thanked him because she felt better.

After Jason disappeared into the kitchen, Sam's smile faded. She stood up to retrieve the knife she'd been hiding on the stairs, out of Jason's view then, looked around to figure out where to put it. Moments later, Jason returned to ask if Sam wanted a croissant or a bagel, but he noticed the knife. She claimed that she'd found it on the coffee table. Jason assumed that he'd carried it to the living room when he'd set the table earlier. He shifted gears to apologize to Sam for what had transpired with Costa at the hospital.

Jason promised Sam that he would make a point of keeping her in the loop next time because he didn't want there to be any more surprises. Grateful, Sam kissed her husband. After they sat down for breakfast, Jason expressed his relief that Sam was feeling better. She assured him that she would not let her exhaustion get out of control again because they had plenty of babysitters between their mothers and her sisters.

Moments later, Jason answered a knock at the door. It was Julian. Jason warned Julian that it wasn't a good time, but Julian asked Jason and Sam to hear him out because it was important. Jason relented and invited Julian inside. Julian told Jason and Sam about his encounter with Garvey and Garvey's desire to eliminate Sonny. Sam was skeptical and questioned why her father hadn't gone directly to Sonny with the information, but Julian pointed out that Max likely had orders to shoot Julian on sight.

Jason suspected it might be a trap, but Julian assured Jason that Alexis had heard the conversation and could corroborate everything. Julian left it up to Jason to tell Sonny -- or not. After Julian left, Jason called Sonny.

On Sonny's private island in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carly entered Sonny's bungalow as she asked why they weren't meeting the liquor distributor in the casino as planned. Sonny explained that the man was on island time and running late, but Carly was not amused. She thought it was unprofessional to run late, but she conceded that the ocean breeze was relaxing as she stood on the veranda and let it wash over her. Sonny gestured to the table laden with breakfast dishes as he invited Carly to join him.

Carly sat down to eat breakfast and sip on coffee while she and Sonny reminisced about their trips to the island over the years. Sonny assured Carly that she would always be welcome to visit the island, regardless of whether they were married or not. Carly glanced at the ocean as she confessed that she could feel her blood pressure dropping. Moments later, Sonny received a text message from the liquor distributor postponing the meeting until the following morning, which meant that Sonny and Carly would have to spend the night. Carly immediately grew suspicious because she was certain that Sonny had set the whole thing up.

Carly reminded Sonny that she knew every single move in his book, but he denied orchestrating events to keep her on the island. Moments later, his phone chimed with a text message from the liquor distributor. Sonny informed Carly that the man had agreed to meet later that evening at 5:30 pm. He set his phone on a tray and walked out.

A short time later, Sonny returned as Carly wrapped up a phone call with Bobbie. Carly explained that she could stay for the night because Josslyn intended to spend the night at a friend's house. She apologized for her earlier outburst and admitted that being on the island had caused a lot of memories to return. Sonny assured Carly that the divorce would never change how important she was to him. Carly smiled but changed the subject by announcing that she intended to take advantage of her free time by going to the pool.

Sonny invited Carly to join him for a walk on the beach instead. Carly agreed and left to change into something more comfortable. Sonny decided to shed his suit and went to the bedroom, leaving his phone forgotten on a tray. Sonny's phone lit up and quietly buzzed when Jason called.

In Kelly's courtyard, Nathan and Amy sipped coffee as they discussed their upcoming meeting with an editor of a publishing house. Amy was nervous, but Nathan assured her that everything would be fine. He told her to take a deep breath, but Amy reminded him that she had a lot on the line because she needed the money to help her brother. However, she was grateful to Nathan for agreeing to help her. Amy hugged Nathan as Nina rounded the corner. Nina was surprised when she saw her brother and Amy, but she remained silent as Amy pulled away then reminded Nathan not to give the publisher his name because she had arranged for them to pay Ask Man Landers through an LLC that she had set up.

Nathan nodded, but Amy became distracted because his suit was missing something. She grabbed her purse and pulled out a royal blue silk handkerchief, which she put in his jacket's breast pocket. Amy explained that "Man Landers" loved pops of color. Nearby, Nina decided to step forward and approach her brother. She smiled at Amy then told Nathan that she had hoped to grab a cup of coffee with him. Amy started to explain that she and Nathan had an appointment, but Nathan cut Amy off by letting her know that he would catch up with her.

After Amy left, Nina asked her brother what was going on between him and Amy. Nathan assured Nina there was nothing to worry about because he and Amy were just friends. Nathan added that he loved Maxie -- and only Maxie -- but he was doing Amy a favor. Nathan admitted that he couldn't go into detail about how he was helping Amy, but he asked Nina to trust him. After Nathan left, Nina's expression clouded with concern.

Later, Nathan and Amy stood outside a hotel room. Nathan urged Amy to take deep, calming breaths, but she worried that Nathan hadn't had enough time to prepare for the meeting. Nathan promised that everything would be fine, so Amy braced herself then knocked on the door. A beautiful silver-haired woman answered the door. "Quinn Danvers?" Amy asked. Quinn warmly greeted Nathan and Amy then invited them inside.

Quinn thanked the pair for agreeing to meet in her hotel room because Port Charles had been a quick stop on her way to Toronto. Amy started to talk, but Quinn cut her off because Quinn preferred to hear from "Man Landers." After everyone sat down in the seating area, Quinn raved about Nathan's fresh perspective as a man dispensing advice and his impressive skill as a writer. Quinn admitted that she had high hopes that his book would net big sales because he spoke to the elusive "everyman" demographic. Nathan and Amy smiled until Quinn began talking about specific columns and some of Man Landers' more noteworthy pieces of advice.

Amy panicked when Quinn asked Nathan to refresh her memory about one of the columns, but Nathan easily answered the question by reciting what Man Landers had written. Moments later, Quinn excused herself to take a call from her boss. After Quinn stepped into the bedroom, Amy asked how Nathan had known about the column. He admitted that he'd done his homework once he'd decided to pose as the author of the columns, but it made him uncomfortable to take credit for her work because she was a talented writer who deserved to be recognized. Amy assured Nathan that the charade would not last much longer, but she winced when she heard Quinn ask what charade Amy had been referring to.

Quinn entered the seating area as Amy rambled about how she'd been trying to remind Nathan that nothing would be real until the contract was signed. Quinn brightened because her boss had called to give her the green light to offer "Man Landers" a contract. Amy was delighted until Quinn added that they would need to get started on taking pictures of Nathan for the book cover.

Inside Kelly's, Nelle sat at the counter as she finished filling out a job application. She asked the waitress wiping down the counter if she was sure they were hiring because Nelle hadn't seen a sign out front. The waitress explained that it had been a last-minute thing because her summer help had decided to study abroad. Nelle admitted that she needed the job and asked how long it would take to hear back from someone. Bobbie suddenly appeared behind Nelle and made it clear that Nelle would never be hired.

Bobbie sat down next to Nelle and informed Nelle that Bobbie co-owned Kelly's with her brother, Luke. Frustrated, Nelle decided to look for a job elsewhere, but she was curious why Bobbie had made it her mission to destroy Nelle's life when Nelle had made a point of staying out of Bobbie's way. Bobbie promised to wish Nelle well if Nelle returned to Atlanta, Florida, or wherever Nelle was from, but Bobbie refused to be silent if Nelle remained in Port Charles because she suspected Nelle had stayed for Michael. Bobbie thought it was sad that Nelle couldn't tell the difference between affection and pity.

Nelle recalled talking to Michael at the hospital when he had assured her that he didn't pity her. She pushed the memory away and tried to leave, but Bobbie grabbed Nelle's arm to stop her. Nina entered the diner as Bobbie demanded to know what Nelle was up to. Nelle angrily shook off Bobbie's hand as she warned Michael's grandmother to back off. Nina asked if there was a problem, but Bobbie's phone rang. It was the hospital. Bobbie advised Nelle to be gone when Bobbie returned.

After Bobbie left, Nelle thanked Nina for stepping up. Nina admitted that she hated seeing someone kicked when they were down, but Nelle acknowledged that Bobbie had been justified because Nelle had taken a wrecking ball to Bobbie's family. Nina wondered why Nelle would stay in Port Charles under the circumstances, but Nelle claimed that she couldn't afford to leave and likely wouldn't get a reference from Carly. Nina offered to give Nelle a glowing reference, but Nelle continued to make excuses to justify remaining in Port Charles. Nina smiled knowingly because she recalled Michael sitting vigil at the hospital when Nelle had been injured.

"Maybe," Nelle conceded, but she insisted that she needed to find a job. Nina caught Nelle off guard by offering Nelle a job as Nina's executive assistant/office manager. Nelle was confident that she was up to the challenge and happily agreed to work for Nina.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Josslyn greeted her brother then asked if their mother intended to reconcile with Sonny. Michael was surprised by the question, but Josslyn wondered if he knew where Sonny and Carly were. He admitted that he did, but he rushed to assure his sister that Sonny and Carly had gone to the island on business. Josslyn scoffed because she knew what the island meant to Sonny and Carly, which was why Josslyn had confronted Carly about the trip. Michael was curious how Carly had reacted, but Josslyn grumbled that Carly had chastised Josslyn for disrespecting Carly then had taken Josslyn's phone and sent her to her room.

Josslyn implored Michael to talk sense into Carly, but Michael explained that their mother would never listen because Carly had to decide for herself. Josslyn was curious if Michael had any idea how many nights Josslyn had lain awake listening to Carly cry because of Sonny. She talked about how angry Sonny had made their mother over the years and how many times he had hurt Carly. Josslyn also reminded Michael that Sonny had had Jax arrested and deported for saving Josslyn's life. Josslyn thought it was unfair to expect her to accept Sonny after the things he'd done, and she couldn't understand why Carly didn't hate him. Josslyn begged Michael to talk to their mother, but Michael argued that it wasn't up to them.

Annoyed, Josslyn warned Michael that she would never forgive Sonny, even if Carly did. Michael assured Josslyn that he had been angry at Sonny over the years, but the older Michael got, the more he realized that things weren't always black and white. Michael explained that he forgave Sonny for the same reasons that he forgave his siblings when they argued -- they were family. Josslyn let the anger go and hugged her brother.

A short time later, Bobbie stopped by to let Michael know that Nelle had applied for a job at Kelly's, but Bobbie had no intention of hiring her. Josslyn listened as Bobbie suggested that Nelle might have misconstrued his visit at the hospital. Michael pointedly asked if Bobbie thought he only felt pity for Nelle. Bobbie realized that Nelle had told Michael about her conversation with Nelle, but she refused to apologize because she loved her grandson and worried that Nelle had an agenda. Michael appreciated Bobbie's concern, but he reminded her that it was his decision to make. Bobbie realized that Michael was like his mother -- a million people could warn him to stay away from something that wasn't good for him, but he would always insist on doing things his way.

After Bobbie left, Josslyn realized that Michael was okay with Carly forgiving Sonny because he'd done the same with Nelle. Michael tactfully changed the subject by offering Josslyn and her friend the use the pool, but Josslyn declined because she was confident that she and Trina could find something to do at Trina's house. After Josslyn left, she stopped on the patio to call Trina to let her friend know there had been a change of plans. Josslyn had the house to herself for the night and wanted to throw a party.

On the next General Hospital...

• Laura and Kevin frantically search for Spencer

• Spencer demands his birthright

• Jordan tells Curtis that they need to slow things down

• Sam refuses to let Jason out of her sight

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