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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

At Olivia Jerome's secret hideout, Olivia shared an old Chinese proverb about being prepared, but Julian wanted to know what she'd done. Olivia flashed a smug smile as she shared that she'd had Rudge reach out to a man named Buzz. Olivia's tone lacked sincerity as she talked about Buzz's unfortunate circumstances that had left him living on the streets, but she assured Julian that Buzz was more than a "random indigent."

Later, Olivia ended a call, asking to be notified when "it" was done. Julian desperately wanted to know what his sister was up to, so she admitted that she'd arranged for Buzz to plant a tracking device in Julian's car, but things had gotten complicated when Buzz had realized that it had been the bomb that had killed Morgan. Olivia explained that Buzz had fled town, but he'd had a change of heart and had returned to help her -- but not Ava. Stunned, Julian reminded Olivia that Ava was their sister, but Olivia didn't care because she wanted Julian to know how serious she was about protecting herself and getting her hands on the hospital.

Julian pointed out that he couldn't get the job done overnight, but Olivia wasn't satisfied. Julian warned her not to pin her hopes on the word of a homeless man, either, because the police would quickly see through Buzz's lies and make their way straight to Olivia's door. Olivia revealed that she had put something in place that would "boost" the case against Ava. Worried, Julian once again reminded Olivia that Ava was their sister, but Olivia recalled how close she and Julian had once been -- until he'd decided to murder her and the man she loved. Olivia insisted that it was Julian's fault that his family was in shambles, but she admitted that she wished that she didn't have to use them to force him to do her bidding.

Julian changed tactics and reminded Olivia that it wasn't too late to have the family and life that she'd always dreamed of; she just had to drop her vendetta. Olivia smiled wistfully as she admitted that she'd always dreamed of being an "eccentric" aunt to her nieces and nephews, but her smile faded as she reminded Julian that his family despised him and would never accept her. Julian blamed Olivia for ruining his relationship with his loved ones, but she insisted that he'd deserved it. Julian wondered if Olivia truly believed that Ava deserved to pay for Olivia's crimes, but Olivia reminded him that their sister had gotten away with crimes in the past. She made it clear that she would not let him ruin her plans.

Julian tried to get Olivia to open up about her master plan, but she remained tightlipped. He wondered what else she could possibly do to ruin his life, but Olivia merely smiled and dismissed him by handing him his coat. Julian wanted an answer, but Olivia smiled and told him to sleep well.

In the interrogation room, Ava objected to Dante's request that she participate in a voice "lineup." Dante pushed until Ava reluctantly complied. "Kill the homeless loser who planted the bomb," Ava repeated into a microphone. She stood up with the intention of leaving, but Dante ordered her to wait because they needed to know if the witness could identify her voice. Ava assured Dante that she was innocent.

In the squad room, Jordan handed Buzz a set of headphones then donned a set of her own. Buzz listened to Ava and immediately tensed. He assured Jordan that it was the voice of the woman who'd ordered him to plant the bomb that had killed Morgan. Jordan acknowledged that he'd asked to hear the voice for a second time, but she wanted to be sure that he was certain. Buzz was adamant that the woman he'd identified had been responsible for the bomb and became upset at the idea that she might discover that he'd turned against her. Jordan promised to keep Buzz safe and had several police officers escort him away.

Moments later, Jordan entered the interrogation room and informed Ava that the witness had identified Ava as the person responsible for planning a hit against Julian that had killed Morgan. Stunned, Ava argued that the witness had been wrong, but Jordan assured Ava that the witness had been fully vetted and was reliable. Ava insisted that the man had lied and demanded to know what was going on. Jordan took delight when she told Ava that teams were scouring Ava's apartment, the herbal shop where Ava and Julian had secretly met, and Ava's art gallery for evidence.

Later, Ava warned Jordan that the search had been a waste of time and taxpayer money because Ava had never tried to kill Julian. Ava accused Jordan of police harassment because they had let Sonny get away with trying to kill Ava earlier that evening. Jordan rolled her eyes and asked if anyone had witnessed the incident. Ava reluctantly admitted that Jason had been present, but Ava realized it was unlikely that he'd turn against Sonny. Jordan suggested they focus on one investigation at a time and decided the case against Ava was more important. Ava reiterated that she was innocent and suggested that perhaps Julian had meant something else when he'd referred to his "sister."

A short time later, Dante returned to announce that evidence had been recovered and sent to the lab for testing. However, Dante found a copy of the lease agreement for the Chinese herbal shop and slapped it down on the table to show Ava that her signature was on the lease. Ava was shocked and more certain than ever that she'd been framed. Ava reminded both Jordan and Dante that there hadn't been any reason for her and Julian to have a clandestine meeting, since they lived together, but Jordan was certain it had been an elaborate ruse to cast doubt in case Ava and Julian were caught.

Later, Ava urged Jordan to track down Julian because Ava was certain that her brother would clear everything up. Ava admitted that Julian had recently been worried about a mystery woman, but Ava knew nothing about her. However, Ava was certain that Ava had been set up by the police because Jordan's ex-brother-in-law Curtis had been at the studio earlier in the day, pretending to be interested in a piece of art. Ava suspected that Jordan had asked Curtis to plant incriminating evidence against Ava. Moments later, Dante entered to reveal that Ava's DNA had been found on a martini glass recovered from the Chinese herbal shop. Stunned, Ava begged Jordan to find Julian.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth tried to snuggle with Franco on the sofa, but she quickly grew restless and picked up the remote to turn off the movie. She explained that she couldn't relax, knowing that her patients needed her. Franco was confident that the board would realize how important Elizabeth and the nurses were to the hospital and change their minds about laying the nurses off. Franco smiled as he reminded her that she had another patient to focus on and playfully grabbed her around the waist to pull her back into his lap. Elizabeth smiled and admitted that he seemed stronger. She kissed him until the doorbell rang.

Franco and Elizabeth were surprised she had a late-night visitor, but she decided to answer the door. Franco objected, but Elizabeth ignored him and opened the door. Griffin greeted Elizabeth and entered as he explained that he'd heard about the conflict between the board and the nurses. Franco coldly greeted Griffin and cut to the chase by asking why the priest was there. Griffin pulled out a bottle of pain medicine and handed it to Franco as Griffin explained that he'd intended to give it to Elizabeth at work until he'd heard about the "sick-out." Griffin knew that Franco had suffered considerable pain during the ordeal with Tom's brother and thanked Franco for saving Elizabeth because she was the best surgical nurse Griffin had ever worked with.

Elizabeth smiled with embarrassment as she thanked Griffin for the praise, but Franco grew increasingly hostile and did his best to remind Griffin that Elizabeth was with Franco. Griffin politely ignored Franco's tone and wished Elizabeth luck because he hoped the nurses prevailed. After Griffin left, Elizabeth made her ire known. "Are we really doing this again?" she asked as Franco returned to the sofa. Elizabeth's phone rang, but she ignored it because she wanted to settle things with Franco and find out why he continued to be insecure even though she'd made it clear that she was with him. Elizabeth admitted that Franco's behavior had been embarrassing.

Franco acknowledged that he'd been jealous, but he explained that it was clear that Griffin was romantically interested in Elizabeth. Elizabeth promised that Griffin was not any competition. Franco admitted that he didn't want to be jealous, but Elizabeth feared that she'd given Franco reason to feel insecure. Franco insisted that he was the happiest he'd ever been and promised that she hadn't done anything wrong. Elizabeth's phone continued to ring despite her efforts to ignore it, so Franco urged her to answer it. Elizabeth refused because she wanted to work things out, but Franco preferred to discuss it later.

After Elizabeth ended the call, she explained that the hospital was in chaos. Franco wasn't thrilled at the idea of her returning to work, but he shifted gears and apologized for the way he'd acted when "Father Griffin" had stopped by. Elizabeth warned Franco that he'd eventually have to tell her why he felt so threatened by other men. Franco agreed then distracted her with a passionate kiss.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny stood in his bedroom and looked at the bra that Nelle had planted in his bed. "Nelle, you bitch," he growled as he heard Carly call out to him. Sonny managed to hide the bra before Carly appeared in the doorway. She admitted that learning about Ava's arrest had been a lot to process, but she conceded that they'd have to wait to find out if Ava had indeed been the mastermind behind the hit, since Jason had doubts about Ava's involvement. Sonny promised Carly that he'd get to the bottom of things for her.

Satisfied, Carly decided to head home to spend time with Michael and Josslyn. Sonny asked her to let him know how things went, prompting Carly to ask if he intended to step out, since his house arrest had been lifted. Sonny admitted that he wanted to get out, but he was evasive about his destination other than to tell her that he intended to start with a visit to Morgan's grave. Carly asked Sonny to wait until she could accompany him the following day because she didn't think it would be a good idea for Sonny to be at Morgan's graveside alone at night. Sonny agreed and kissed his wife goodbye. He waited until he'd heard the door open then close before he pulled out Nelle's bra. "Nelle, Nelle, Nelle," Sonny slowly said.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nelle read the card she'd enclosed with the flowers she'd bought for herself. "Thinking of you. S." Nelle read as a soft smile spread across her lips. She was certain that it would be enough to intrigue her intended victim. Michael walked up and greeted her. Nelle pasted on a smile as she admitted that his mother wasn't around and pointed out that the restaurant was closed. Michael explained that his meeting had been canceled and asked if it was possible to get something to drink that would help clear his conscience because he'd agreed to support the layoffs.

Nelle reminded Michael that he hadn't had a choice in the matter, but Michael argued that he'd be laying off good people. He questioned if the ends truly justified the means, but he realized that Nelle had likely never grappled with that question. Nelle conceded that she'd made some questionable choices in the past that she'd regretted, but Michael wondered if she'd ever made excuses for her actions. Nelle thought it was human nature to convince oneself that they were doing the right thing -- even knowing it would hurt a lot of people. Michael agreed, but he added that it didn't make things right. Moments later Michael received a text message and revealed that he had to leave.

Michael thanked Nelle for "commiserating," but he doubted that the things that kept her up at night were as bad as she'd feared. Michael was confident that she'd had her reasons for her "misdeeds." After Michael left, Nelle glanced at the flowers.

Later, Nelle was about to leave when Sonny entered. She greeted him with a smile, but it soon became clear that he was not in a pleasant mood. Nelle was startled when he held up her bra, but she quickly recovered and feigned surprise as she nervously asked if Carly had seen it. Sonny shook his head, but he wasn't fooled by Nelle's act and accused her of planting the bra in his bed when she'd retrieved Morgan's tax forms for the foundation. Sonny was furious that Nelle had used his dead son as an excuse to set up Carly. Nelle tried to deny it, but Sonny knew better and accused her of being a problem. "And you know how I solve problems?" Sonny asked in a menacing tone as he gently stroked her face.

Nelle went on the defensive and tearfully asked why Sonny was "attacking" her. She assured him that she'd hated that they'd slept together, but he'd been in the wrong because he'd cheated on his wife. Sonny clarified that it had been a drunken mistake until Nelle had stepped things up by planting the bra in his bed. Sonny knew Nelle wasn't as innocent as she wanted people to believe, but he warned her not to become his enemy. Nelle turned up the tears, but Sonny ignored them as he warned her to stay away from his home and family. Sonny promised that if Nelle showed her face at the house, then she'd have to deal with the consequences -- which wouldn't be as simple as taking a job in Atlanta.

Nelle nodded and tearfully apologized for the misunderstanding. Sonny scoffed and vowed to make certain that it wouldn't happen again. After Sonny left, Nelle wiped away the tears and angrily tossed the bra onto the bar's counter. She pulled out her phone and listened to the incriminating remarks she'd recorded when Sonny had first asked her to keep quiet about their one-night stand. Nelle was determined to keep it together -- so she could tell Carly everything.

At the nurses' station, Hayden was busy on the phone when Finn walked up to let her know that he had a patient who needed a new I.V. Hayden explained that they were understaffed, prompting Finn to jokingly ask if she had fired all of the nurses. Hayden explained that the nurses had gotten wind of the plans and had decided to stage a "sick-out," which was a step down from a strike and had paralyzed the hospital. Hayden informed Finn that he would have to attend to his patients and take care of their needs until she could find a solution. Annoyed, Finn walked away.

Moments later, Finn opened his medicine bottle and realized that he only had one pain pill left. He decided to cut it in half, but half the pill slid off the cart and fell on the floor. Finn desperately searched for the missing half of the pill but failed. He stood up, popped the other half of the pain pill into his mouth then used his wet fingers to gather the powder residue from the cart and licked his fingers clean. Finn resumed his search until Griffin walked up and asked what Finn had been doing. Finn claimed that he'd spilled the last of his pain medications then grumbled about his back pain and having a long night ahead of him because of the situation with the nurses. Griffin suggested that Finn contact his regular doctor, but Finn insisted that things were far too hectic.

Finn and Griffin rounded a corner as Carly exited the elevator. She immediately stopped the doctors to ask if they'd seen her son because she'd heard that there had been trouble with the hospital. Finn and Griffin filled her in about the layoffs and pointed to the nurses' station where Michael and Hayden were talking. After Carly walked away, Finn became agitated because he had no idea where the nurses kept the new I.V. lines. Griffin retrieved a package from a nearby cart and handed it to Finn, but Finn was too agitated and didn't seem to have the patience to properly unravel it. Griffin decided to help Finn out and asked to be taken to the patient.

At the nurses' station, Michael was curious why Hayden had sent him an urgent text message. She told him that all of the nurses had been calling in sick -- and would continue to -- until the board promised not to lay anyone off. Michael advised her to take a deep breath and promised to call his grandmother, Bobbie, but Hayden told him that Bobbie had called in sick too. Hayden decided to see if she could get the orderlies to work double shifts and walked away.

Moments later, Carly greeted Michael. They talked about the situation at the hospital until Carly shifted gears and revealed that she'd stopped by to tell him about Ava's arrest. Michael was stunned, but Carly admitted that Jason had doubts about Ava's guilt. Michael's mood improved when Carly added that all the charges against Sonny had been dropped because a witness had stepped forward to clear Sonny. They talked about Sonny's confrontation with Ava and about Dante covering for Sonny before Carly admitted that she was glad that Sonny finally had his life back.

Michael was certain that Morgan would be happy that Sonny and Carly had decided to work on their marriage. Carly agreed. She realized that there would be both good and bad days, but she hoped that one day she and Sonny would be able to look up at the stars and believe that Morgan was a part of the universe.

In the locker room, Hayden was surprised when Amy appeared and offered to help. Hayden was suspicious, but Amy claimed that the patients were more important than the fight between the nurses and the hospital's board. Hayden smiled knowingly because she knew Amy had only shown up to get her old job back. Amy acknowledged that Hayden was right, so Hayden warned Amy that she would be hated by the nurses more than Hayden would. Amy didn't care as long as she had a contract that would guarantee her a job despite the layoffs. Hayden agreed to Amy's terms.

On the next General Hospital...

• "Things just always work out for you," Nelle tells Carly.

• Anna desperately needs a doctor and Robin is there to fill that need.

• Ned plans on proposing to Olivia.

• Julian promises Liv that she'll have General Hospital.

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