Tuesday, March 24, 2015

At Elizabeth's house, Hayden decided to give Jake some time to think about what she had told him, so she left with a promise to be in touch with him soon.

On the porch, Hayden checked in with her accomplice to report, "It's done." However, she decided to meet her cohort in person to explain everything in detail because Hayden didn't want to risk Elizabeth walking out and discovering Hayden on the porch.

Inside the house, Jake confessed that he had no idea what to say about Hayden's claims that he was her husband because he didn't have any recollection of the woman. According to Jake, Hayden had been a complete stranger to him, but he conceded Patrick had warned Jake that Jake's amnesia might be permanent. Jake realized he had suffered extensive head injuries between the car accident and Helena's mind controlling implant, so he was lucky to be alive, but he was frustrated that he couldn't remember his life before arriving in Port Charles.

Elizabeth quietly suggested that perhaps Hayden had lied about being married to Jake. Jake seemed surprised when Elizabeth confessed she questioned Hayden's timing, since months had passed without a single clue as to who Jake might be, yet Hayden had suddenly shown up with a story that had been a little too "neat." Jake agreed that it had seemed like Hayden had gone down a check list to weave a convincing story, but he noticed Hayden had failed to explain how she had managed to find him at Elizabeth's house. However, Jake wondered why Hayden would lie about being married to him when he had nothing to offer anyone.

Elizabeth suggested that Hayden might have been a lonely woman who had read about Jake's situation and seen an opportunity to claim him as her own. "Stranger things have happened," Elizabeth quietly explained. Jake reminded Elizabeth that Hayden had to provide him with proof of his alleged identity and marriage to Hayden, so Elizabeth confessed that she didn't want Jake to be married. Jake confided he hoped Hayden had lied, too, because the only person he had feelings for was Elizabeth. Elizabeth smiled sadly, so Jake kissed her.

After the kiss ended, Elizabeth warned Jake that it might have been their last kiss because Elizabeth knew Jake was not the type of person to turn his back on his wife. Jake argued what he felt for Elizabeth was both right and familiar, but Elizabeth insisted it wouldn't matter if Jake was married to Hayden. Jake's expression turned troubled because he realized he and Elizabeth couldn't be together until he had solid answers.

At Metro Court, Hayden entered her accomplice's suite. She hoped he had plenty of alcohol in the bar caddy because she needed a drink after pretending to be a stranger's wife. Ric smiled with satisfaction as Hayden assured him that Jake and Elizabeth had believed the lie. After Hayden poured herself a glass of wine, Ric handed her an envelope filled with cash. Hayden noticed the envelope seemed light, so Ric explained she would get the rest of the money after he was certain their ruse had worked.

Hayden was not pleased, but Ric insisted it was imperative Elizabeth had given up on Jake and let him go. Hayden warned Ric that Elizabeth was a woman in love, but Ric argued that Elizabeth was meant to be with him, not Jake. Ric insisted Hayden keep up her end of the bargain, but Hayden was curious why Ric trusted her, since they had only recently met after connecting with each other on a dating website. Ric acknowledged there hadn't been any romantic sparks between them when he and Hayden had met for coffee, but he had sensed that they could help each other.

Hayden confessed it would be nice not to have collection agencies chasing her down, but she wondered what she would do with Jake if Ric's plan worked. Ric didn't care as long as Elizabeth turned to Ric. Ric promised to pay Hayden double what he had offered if she got the job done in a timely fashion, but Hayden explained she would need proof, since both Jake and Elizabeth had asked for it. Ric handed Hayden a Social Security card for "Jake Barnes" as well as an insurance card and marriage license to support Hayden's story. Hayden was impressed, but she revealed she would need a driver's license and pictures to prove that Jake and Hayden had had a life together.

Ric promised to get everything Hayden needed, so Hayden confessed that Jake had struck her as the type to honor his responsibilities. She was confident Ric would get what he wanted if the proof held up under scrutiny. Ric was certain neither Jake nor Elizabeth would question the documents.

At Sam's penthouse, Alexis was surprised when Julian entered. She confessed that she hadn't expected him until later that evening then explained she was up to her eyeballs in work because she needed to be prepared for Nina Clay's hearing the following day. Julian offered to keep himself busy until she was done with work, but Alexis pushed her paperwork aside to kiss Julian. She immediately noticed that he seemed troubled, so Julian revealed he had literally bumped into a very pregnant Olivia. Julian confessed the baby had kicked while he had talked to Olivia, but Olivia had objected to him feeling the baby's movement.

Alexis sided with Olivia by explaining that it had been wrong of Julian to act like "Scrooge McDuck" lusting after a bag of gold. "Who do you think you are?" Alexis asked. Julian quietly admitted he might be the baby's father, despite Olivia's insistence to the contrary. Alexis wondered if Julian thought Olivia had lied, but Julian refused to stress about it, since he had Alexis to focus on. Things quickly heated up when Julian kissed Alexis. The couple tore off each other's clothes as they stumbled to the sofa to make love.

Moments later, Patrick and Sam arrived home. Sam squealed with horror then hid her face in Patrick's shoulder as Alexis grabbed a pillow from the sofa to cover herself. Patrick grinned as Alexis and Julian quickly pulled on their clothes. Once Alexis was decent, she assured Sam it was safe to look. Alexis apologized profusely but explained she hadn't expected Sam. Sam revealed Spencer had had an "episode" because he was angry and wanting to blame someone for his injuries, so Sam and Patrick had decided to return from Boston early.

Sam changed the subject by thanking her father for hiring Jake. Stunned, Alexis wondered why Julian had given Jake a job, so Julian admitted he had done it for Sam. Alexis was shocked because Jake was a violent man who had nearly blown up the Haunted Star during a party and had held Sam hostage. Sam insisted Helena had controlled Jake's mind, but Alexis appeared skeptical. Sam was disappointed because she thought that Alexis, more than anyone, could appreciate what Helena was capable of.

Alexis argued that Jake had nearly killed Sam and Patrick, but Sam countered that Jake had actually saved their lives by fighting Helena's order. Sam felt obligated to help Jake because she knew what it was like to have to hustle for a job. Sam insisted Jake didn't have any friends, but Alexis countered that both Elizabeth and Carly had been taking care of Jake's every need. Alexis explained that she didn't want Sam to get hurt, but Sam was confident Jake was a good guy who wouldn't let them down.

After Patrick and Sam went to her bedroom, Alexis remained upset that Patrick and Sam had walked in on Alexis and Julian. Julian insisted it hadn't been that bad, but Alexis was certain Patrick had seen her nipple. Julian was unable to hide his grin as he assured Alexis that it was fine because Patrick was a doctor, and she had "unparalleled nipples." Alexis was not amused, so Julian reminded her that they couldn't change the past.

Alexis decided she needed to see Patrick naked to make things even, but Julian quickly nixed the plan. Instead, Julian suggested they could avoid being caught again if Alexis moved in with him. Stunned, Alexis pointed out that Molly would never agree, so Julian proposed sending Molly to live with Ric for a few months until Molly left for college. Alexis adamantly refused because she didn't trust Ric. Julian appreciated Alexis' concern, so he suggested she look for her own place, but Alexis didn't relish the idea. However, she reminded him that they could still have sex in the bedroom then bolted for the stairs as she challenged him to a race.

In Sam's bedroom, Sam couldn't believe she and Patrick had walked in on Alexis and Julian having sex in the living room. Patrick teased Sam but admitted it had only been a matter of time, since a lot people lived under Sam's roof. Sam feared she might have to kick her mother out, but Patrick had a solution to keep Sam from seeing a "parent pretzel" again. Sam was surprised when Patrick asked Sam to move in with him.

Sam carefully asked if Patrick had discussed it with Emma, but Patrick was certain Emma wouldn't have any objections to Sam and Danny moving in. Sam had reservations about living in the home Patrick had once shared with his wife, so she admitted she would need time to think things over. Patrick assured her that he understood, and he kissed her as they fell on the bed and made love.

At Kelly's, Ned left his mother a voicemail message asking her to return his call. Afterwards, he joined Olivia at the table. Ned explained that he was concerned about Tracy because Luke was still on the loose, but he shifted gears when he noticed Olivia seemed troubled. Olivia quickly apologized and admitted that she had been in her own world, where Julian Jerome didn't exist. Olivia couldn't understand why people thought they could just touch a pregnant woman's stomach, so Ned confessed that Julian had appeared to have lingering suspicions about the paternity of Olivia's baby.

Olivia admitted that Julian had said as much during their encounter but Olivia had assured Julian that Ned was the father. Ned feared Julian didn't believe Olivia, but Olivia was confident Ned's timely arrival had settled any doubts Julian might have had. Ned was glad he had been able to do his part, but Olivia disclosed that she had been unsettled by Julian's attitude. She explained that she hadn't seen the condescension and coldness she had grown to expect from Julian. Instead, Julian had seemed almost kind and paternal.

Olivia had felt almost bad for Julian, so Ned wondered if Olivia had second thoughts about keeping the baby away from Julian. Olivia assured Ned that she hadn't changed her mind, but lying was difficult for her. Ned reminded her that she was protecting her child rather than acting out of malice. Olivia agreed it was imperative to keep her unborn child away from Julian's violent lifestyle, but she warned Ned that Ned would be committing himself to the baby for life by claiming to be the baby's father. Ned insisted he didn't have any regrets and added that the Quartermaines and the staff looked forward to welcoming Olivia's baby into the family.

Olivia was touched that Ned was determined to be by her side and take responsibility for a child that wasn't his. However, she feared he had bitten off more than he could chew.

At Valerie Spencer's apartment in Pennsylvania, Valerie walked Lulu and Tracy to the door. Lulu wanted to stay in touch with Valerie because Valerie had family members in Port Charles who would be eager to meet their new cousin. Valerie promised to keep it in mind but admitted her life was a bit complicated at that moment. Tracy and Lulu were about to leave when they heard a loud thump inside Valerie's apartment. Alarmed, Tracy asked if Valerie had someone in the apartment, but Valerie claimed it had been her cat, Gunnar.

Lulu smiled as she asked if she could see Valerie's pet, since Lulu couldn't have one because of Dante's allergies. Valerie claimed Gunnar tended to shed a lot and was not friendly. Valerie tried to shut the door, but Lulu asked for another moment of her cousin's time. Lulu was curious where Patricia was buried, so Valerie claimed Patricia had been interred at Oak Hills Cemetery. Lulu wondered what the plot number was, but Valerie claimed she couldn't remember then quickly shut the door before Lulu or Tracy could stop her.

Inside the apartment, Luke stepped out of the closet. "Well, alone at last," he said with a grin as he kept a firm grip on his gun. Luke had been impressed with Valerie's deceptive qualities, which he assured her had done the Spencers proud. He was pleased that she had managed to get rid of the "two smug bitches," but Valerie shifted gears to remind Luke that he was free to leave as well. She tensed when Luke sat down in a chair as he explained that he intended to stay. Frustrated, Valerie insisted she had done everything he had asked, but Luke disagreed because she had failed to reveal where his sister Patricia was.

Valerie claimed her mother had passed away, but Luke didn't believe her. He warned her it would be a fatal mistake to lie to him, so he decided to give her time to mull things over. Meanwhile, he intended to get to know his niece.

At a diner, Tracy regretted ordering a BLT instead of a tuna melt like Lulu had. Lulu was shocked that Patricia had failed to tell Valerie about the Spencer family, but Tracy suspected Valerie hadn't been very truthful with them. Lulu was surprised Tracy suspected Valerie of lying, but Tracy explained that something had been off at the apartment. Tracy pointed out that there hadn't been any evidence of a cat despite Valerie's claim of having one. Lulu wondered if Tracy were suggesting that Valerie had been hiding someone, so Tracy conceded it was possible.

Tracy reminded Lulu there wasn't any reason to trust Valerie, since they didn't know Lulu's cousin. Lulu assumed Tracy suspected Valerie of hiding Patricia, so she was curious why Valerie would hide Lulu's aunt.

. . .

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