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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Julian approached the nurses' station and asked a nurse to direct him to Ava's hospital room. He explained that a nurse had called to let him know that his sister had been moved out of the burn unit. Julian was shocked when the nurse checked the computer and revealed that Ava had been discharged from the hospital.

At the cemetery, Sonny and Carly finished their visit at Morgan's grave then turned to leave, but they froze when they saw Ava at the entrance. Ava's head, and most of her face, were wrapped in a bandage as she pulled her sweater around her and apologized for intruding. "Too late," Carly coldly replied. Carly wanted to know why Ava was there, so Ava admitted that Morgan had been on her mind, especially since the fire. Ava moved gingerly as she approached Morgan's grave. Sonny realized it was Ava's first time seeing his son's gave and snidely welcomed her.

Sonny was curious why Ava hadn't visited sooner. He was certain it was because of her guilt. Ava explained that she hadn't wanted to face a world without Morgan in it, but Carly angrily told Ava that Morgan wasn't in their world because Ava had killed him. Disgusted, Carly admitted that she would drag Ava out of the cemetery if Ava weren't feeble and barely able to stand. "Fair enough," Ava replied, but she hoped that Carly had also been thinking about Avery and how much it would traumatize her to have her mother mistreated. Ava knew Sonny and Carly were eager to tell Avery about what had happened to Morgan, but she wondered if Sonny truly wanted to hurt Avery to punish Ava.

Sonny explained that Avery deserved to know the truth about who Ava was. Carly added that she would assure Avery that Ava's selfishness and cruelty were not genetic and that it wasn't Avery's job to be Ava's lifeline. Ava denied that Avery was her lifeline, but Sonny reminded Ava that Ava had killed two people he loved: Morgan and Connie. Sonny warned Ava that if she thought she would find a plastic surgeon to give her a miracle, then she'd better think again because Sonny refused to allow Ava to walk away from Morgan's death. Ava knew she was a terrible person who had done awful things, especially to Morgan.

However, Ava promised that she'd paid a thousand times over. Furious, Carly informed Ava that Ava didn't get a free pass because she had set herself on fire. Frustrated, Ava wondered how much more she could pay. Sonny suggested that Ava confess to tampering with Morgan's medication. Carly wasn't surprised when Ava remained silent because she'd always known that Ava was a coward.

Carly believed the burns were the ultimate punishment for someone as vain as Ava because Ava had seduced Morgan to show the world that she could attract a younger man and keep him at her side. "Look in the mirror," Ava suggested because the story hadn't ended there. Carly accused Ava of being a gutless and cruel monster, but Carly took comfort in knowing that Ava's face was as ugly as her soul. Ava held her tongue as Sonny and Carly left. Moments later, Felix approached Ava to let her know it was time to leave, but she wanted a minute alone.

Felix reluctantly agreed to wait in the car. Ava slowly approached Morgan's grave and assured him that his mother had been wrong -- their affair hadn't been about her vanity. Ava had loved Morgan, and she was deeply sorry for what she had done to him. She had no idea how things had ended up as they had, but she swore she'd been trying to make amends because she'd been wracked with guilt long before the fire.

A short time later, Ava and Felix returned to her apartment. Felix was unpacking medical supplies when Julian arrived home and expressed his relief that Ava was safe and sound. Felix happily announced that Ava was an outpatient and free to go about her life, so Ava decided it was a good time for Julian to see how her bandages were changed. She offered to let Julian run for the hills, but he declined. Ava shrugged then asked him to cover all the mirrors in the apartment. Julian quickly completed his task then returned to the living room, but he was curious what Ava was afraid of, since she'd already seen her face in the mirror.

Ava explained that she'd still been a work in progress at the time then deftly changed the subject by asking about Julian's trial. He told her that his trial date had been set then turned the conversation back to Ava by assuring her that she'd always be beautiful to him. Ava sat down and braced herself for Felix to peel away the bandages. Julian watched, but it quickly became too difficult for him, and he looked away. Ava noticed that her brother was quiet and asked him about it.

Julian claimed that he'd just been listening to Felix's instructions, but Ava knew Julian was horrified by her appearance. Julian denied it and suggested they have a drink. Felix gave his stamp of approval by saying Ava deserved a drink after what she'd been through. Ava thanked Felix, but she let him know that he could leave because she could apply the burn ointment and put on the mask herself. Felix objected, but Ava argued that she could read instructions. Felix relented, but he invited Ava to call him if she needed anything.

Ava watched Felix leave then told Julian that it was his turn, but Julian balked. Ava explained that she needed some time alone. Julian capitulated, but he warned her that he would return soon. Ava chuckled because he lived there. Ava waited until Julian closed the door then walked over to a credenza and picked up a photograph of herself, taken before the fire. Ava studied the photograph then approached a mirror and pulled off the sheet covering it.

Ava stared with horror at her reflection. Her skin was an angry red, shadowed with dark bruising and peppered with burn scars that were still healing. She whimpered as she examined her injuries in the mirror. Ava decided that Carly had been right; Ava only had herself to blame for the scars. She acknowledged that her burns were the very definition of karma. "This is who you are. This is your face. This is your life," Ava told her reflection as tears shimmered in her eyes.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny and Carly sat down at the bar as they talked about Ava. They weren't happy that Ava was free to walk around, but Carly confessed that it had been hard to look at Ava. Worried, Sonny asked if Carly had felt sorry for Ava. "Absolutely not," Cary told him, but she had realized that Ava was not free, and they wouldn't be, either, until they let Ava go. Sonny began to rant about "that bitch," but Carly cut him off.

Carly reminded Sonny that he had put the fear of God into Ava about having plastic surgery, but Sonny refused to apologize because he wouldn't be able to handle seeing Ava walking around looking the way she used to. Carly assured Sonny that they had options, but she thought it would be best for them, and their family, if they moved on and made Ava irrelevant. She thought the best revenge would be for them to live well and suggested they make it their family mantra. Sonny worried that Ava might do the same, but Carly promised him that Ava was suffering.

Carly explained that it had been a difficult road for her and Sonny, but they were finally free to mourn their son. Carly wanted to stop giving Ava power, so Carly and Sonny could focus on being parents to their children and best friends to each other. Sonny smiled because he and Carly were the best of friends. Carly realized Sonny was through talking about Ava when he turned his attention to the menu. Moments later, Max called to discuss business, but Sonny warned Max that it wasn't a good time and ended the call.

Carly wanted to know about the phone call, but Sonny warned her that it was about business. Carly was not pleased because she worried that Sonny might not be able to get out of the mob.

Nearby, Jordan thanked Curtis for meeting her. She admitted that she had missed him. Curtis smiled and assured her that he had missed her, too, but it was clear that something was troubling him. Concerned, Jordan asked about his aunt. Curtis explained that Stella was recovering nicely and seemed to be back to her old self. Jordan was pleased, but she asked why he seemed worried.

Curtis filled Jordan in about his visit with Stella. He admitted that it had felt like old times. Jordan recalled that Stella had always been Curtis and his brother's biggest champion, and she reminded Curtis that relationships like the one he shared with his aunt were rare. Curtis agreed, but Jordan was curious why Curtis seemed upset when he'd had a great morning with his aunt. Curtis explained that he had never thought about his aunt's life before she'd given up everything to help raise him and Thomas. Jordan was certain that Stella would say she had gained more than she had lost, but Curtis argued that it hadn't made the loss any less difficult.

Curtis told Jordan about Stella's fiancé who had proposed to Stella during their senior year in college. He explained that the relationship hadn't lasted because Marcus had taken a great job in San Francisco while Stella had moved in to take care of her ailing sister and her young nephews. Curtis admitted that his aunt had promised him that she didn't have any regrets, but Curtis felt guilty because Stella had sacrificed so much. Jordan knew Curtis was shaken up by the revelation about his aunt, but Curtis insisted that it was a game-changer. Jordan wondered if he meant for their relationship or for his relationship with his aunt. "Both," Curtis answered.

Curtis acknowledged that he'd put his aunt through a lot over the years, which had likely contributed to her first stroke. He knew he'd been cruel during his drug benders, and he recalled accusing Stella of focusing on him because she didn't have a life of her own. Jordan assured Curtis that Stella loved him, and she reminded him that he couldn't have known about Stella's ex-fiancé, but Curtis felt compelled to step up for his aunt. Jordan was hurt that Curtis had decided to end things with her, but she understood his reasons.

Curtis confessed that his feelings for Jordan had been so strong that he could never have imagined giving her up. However, Curtis also loved Stella, and he couldn't risk losing her. Curtis thought it was ironic that Stella would be furious if she knew Curtis and Jordan had broken up because of her health. Jordan agreed because Stella would have preferred that Curtis realize what an awful person Jordan was. Curtis promised Jordan that he would never think that of her. Touched, Jordan assured Curtis that he'd done the right thing, but Curtis wondered why it felt so wrong.

Curtis wished that things were different and suggested that things might change once Stella was better, but Jordan refused to live for maybes. She assured him that she didn't have any regrets then tried to lighten the mood by crediting him with improving her bowling game. She told him that she would miss him a lot. "You have no idea," Curtis replied.

At the hospital, Laura answered her phone. It was Josslyn calling to let Laura know that there had been "an incident" at Lila's Kids.

A short time later, Laura approached Josslyn in the park. Nearby, Charlotte sat on a bench, looking downcast. Josslyn assured Laura that Charlotte hadn't been physically hurt, but she'd been upset after a talk with Spencer. Josslyn explained that she had called Laura because Charlotte had asked for Valentin, but he hadn't been on the approved list. Josslyn had tried to call Lulu, but Lulu hadn't been available, which had left Laura as the emergency contact. Laura thanked Josslyn then went to check on Charlotte.

"Where's papa?" Charlotte asked. Laura wrapped her arms around Charlotte as she explained that Josslyn hadn't been able to reach him. Charlotte confided that she was afraid that her father had left because he thought she was mad at him, but Laura assured Charlotte that Valentin would never think that. Laura knew everything was confusing to Charlotte, but Charlotte wanted to know if it was true that her father had killed Laura's son Nikolas. "Yes," Laura gently confirmed. Charlotte felt bad for her grandmother because Charlotte knew what it was like to miss someone she had lost.

Laura hugged Charlotte again, but Charlotte perked up when she saw Valentin walk up. Charlotte ran to her father and hugged him. Stunned, Laura demanded to know what Valentin was doing there. Valentin instructed Charlotte to tell the counselors that she was leaving with him then waited until she had scampered off to hand Laura court documents granting him temporary visitation with his daughter. Laura looked over the documents then handed them back to Valentin as she noted that he had worked fast. Valentin explained that he would do anything for his daughter -- Laura's granddaughter.

Laura resented Valentin acting as if she needed a reminder that Charlotte was her granddaughter, but Valentin asked how she could sic "that petulant brat" on his daughter. Valentin accused Spencer of being a bully who had picked on a child half his age. "What kind of kid does that?" Valentin asked. Laura was furious and defended Spencer. She reminded Valentin that Spencer had been traumatized by the death of his father, and she denied siccing her grandson on anyone. Laura regretted what Spencer had said to Charlotte because Charlotte shouldn't have learned the truth about Valentin like that.

Valentin reminded Laura that she hadn't been in the room, so she had no idea what had transpired in the moments leading up to Nikolas getting shot. Laura admitted that she would like to ask her son, but he was dead. Valentin argued that Nikolas had faked his death and framed an innocent person for the crime. Valentin suspected Laura liked to vilify him because she couldn't face the truth about who Nikolas had been. Livid, Laura slapped Valentin, but his tone turned menacing as he warned Laura to never take her anger at him out on Charlotte again. Seconds later, Josslyn and Charlotte returned.

After Valentin and Charlotte left to get ice cream, Laura asked Josslyn to fetch Spencer. Laura decided to call Lulu to let Lulu know about Valentin's temporary visitation order. Lulu was upset, but Laura assured her daughter that Charlotte would be dropped off soon. Laura wrapped up the call as Josslyn returned and reported that Spencer was missing. Laura feared the worst.

Meanwhile, Spencer was shoved down a flight of stairs. The basement door slammed shut and was locked as Spencer pulled off the dark hood covering his head. He looked around then loudly demanded that his abductor release him, but his order was met with silence. Spencer assumed that Valentin had kidnapped him, so he decided to escape before Valentin returned. Spencer noticed a window high up on the wall, which could lead to freedom.

Spencer found a long rope and made a small loop on one end. He hoped to hook it onto a nail above the window so he could shimmy up the rope to the window and make good on his escape. However, he couldn't toss the rope high enough to catch the nail. Spencer dragged a chair under the window to give him additional height. After several attempts, he managed to hook the rope on the nail.

Elated, Spencer began to hoist himself up the rope, but the nail slid out of the wall before he reached the window. Spencer tumbled to the ground. Frustrated, Spencer picked himself up then brushed himself off, but his luck ran out when he realized that he had stepped on his glasses. Spencer's spirits sagged when he realized that he wouldn't be able escape because he couldn't see without his glasses.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Charlotte asked her father why Spencer was mean to her. Valentin assured his daughter that Spencer wasn't mad at her. He explained that Nikolas had made some poor choices, and in the end, he had "disappeared." According to Valentin, Spencer was upset and looking for someone to blame. "And he decided to blame you?" Charlotte asked. Valentin nodded, but he promised that he was a "big kid" and could take it.

However, Valentin objected to the way Spencer had treated Charlotte, so he didn't want his daughter to return to camp. Charlotte admitted that she enjoyed camp except for Spencer. Valentin assured Charlotte that she could return to camp if she wanted to, but he promised that she would never have to see Spencer again. Valentin would make certain of it. Satisfied, Charlotte enjoyed a big bowl of ice cream with her father. She told him about a craft project at camp and revealed that she'd made something for Nina.

Charlotte missed Nina, and she wondered if Nina was still mad at Valentin. Valentin conceded that he'd made mistakes, but he vowed that he, Charlotte, and Nina would be a family again. "And no one will keep that from happening. Least of all Spencer," Valentin vowed.

On the next General Hospital...

• Jason interrogates Valentin.

• Oscar arrives at the police station with information about Spencer.

• Mac confides in Nathan.

• Sonny goes out to look for Spencer.


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