Tuesday, September 20, 2016

At Metro Court, Nathan stopped by Claudette's hotel room. Claudette opened the door and thanked him for agreeing to see her. She offered to fetch him a dink and started to reminisce, but he remained standing in the hallway and informed her that he hadn't stopped by to take a stroll down memory lane. Claudette apologized and reminded Nathan that she had a tendency to get chatty when she was nervous, but he threatened to leave if she didn't get to the point. Claudette panicked and blurted out that she was in trouble.

Claudette assured Nathan that it wasn't her fault and explained that after their divorce, she'd gotten involved with a dangerous man. Claudette revealed that she'd been forced to go into hiding and live off the grid for years because things had ended badly. Nathan believed her because Maxie hadn't found any trace of Claudette on the Internet for the time after the divorce. Claudette was surprised that Maxie had hired a private investigator to look into her past, but Nathan refused to talk about Maxie. He questioned Claudette about her ex, but she would only tell him that the man was in prison.

"A cop, a priest, and a crook?" Nathan asked. Nathan admitted that Claudette had hit "quite the trifecta" with relationships, but she was not amused because her ex had been tracking her from jail. Claudette claimed that she had remained in hiding until she'd seen Nathan's engagement picture online and had realized that he might be able to help. Nathan pointed out that she had arrived in Port Charles under false pretenses, but she explained that she had thought he'd be more apt to help if they were romantically involved. Claudette rushed to add that she had genuinely been drawn to Nathan because she'd been reminded of all his wonderful qualities that she had admired.

Nathan warned Claudette to stop spinning the same lies because he hadn't forgotten about her affair with Griffin. Claudette promised that she hadn't known that Griffin lived in Port Charles, but she conceded that some of her old feelings for her ex-lover had resurfaced. Nathan reminded Claudette that she had said the same thing about him, but she admitted that it was different because she'd never processed her feelings for Griffin or the guilt she felt for what she had done. However, Claudette insisted that Griffin wasn't the issue -- she needed Nathan's help.

Nathan refused to help Claudette because all she had ever done was lie and cheat on him. He started to leave, but she pleaded with him to hear her out. Nathan made it clear that he would not let her ruin his life again. Desperate, Claudette begged him to do it "for us." Stunned, Nathan accused her of being crazy because there was no "us." Claudette clarified that she'd been referring to her and her daughter.

In the park, Griffin wrapped up a phone call as Scott walked up and sat on a bench. Scott was on the phone with a reporter, promising that Julian would be acquitted. Griffin listened in stunned disbelief until Scott ended the call. After Scott put his phone away, Griffin questioned Scott about the trial, but Scott was curious why it mattered to him. Griffin introduced himself and revealed that he was Duke Lavery's son.

Scott admitted that he hadn't realized that Duke had had a son, but Griffin wanted an answer. Scott explained that he worked for Julian and urged Griffin talk to Sonny, Alexis, or Paul. Moments later, Scott received a text message.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis tried to calm her nerves with a hot cup of coffee, but Olivia marched up and angrily demanded to know what had happened in court. Embarrassed, Alexis asked Olivia to keep her voice down and sit, but Olivia was furious because she'd seen the footage of Alexis online. Olivia was certain that Alexis had been drunk, but Alexis insisted that she'd only had one glass of wine at lunch. Olivia argued that Alexis' speech had been slurred, she hadn't been able to speak in complete sentences, and she'd failed to answer Paul's questions even when he'd practically testified for Alexis.

Alexis assured Olivia that she was perfectly aware of how it had looked, but she reminded Olivia that Julian's confession had also been tossed out on a technicality. The anger leeched out of Olivia as she sat down and asked about the unexpected development. Alexis admitted that she had no idea what had happened to her during the testimony because she had felt as if she had been watching the proceedings from above. Alexis explained that she hadn't been able to comprehend Paul's words or form her own, and everything had seemed in slow motion. Alexis added that it had been a nightmare, and she had no idea what had caused it. Olivia reminded Alexis that an acquittal meant that Julian could never be tried for the crimes again because double jeopardy would apply.

Olivia feared that Julian would fight for visitation with Leo and show up on Alexis' doorstep to try to win her back. Alexis doubted Julian would, but Olivia insisted that Julian was a man without boundaries, limits, or anything resembling character and ethics. Olivia warned Alexis that Julian didn't care about the lives he ruined because he was only interested in what he wanted. The conversation was cut short when Alexis received a text message.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Carly was relieved when she saw Sonny approach because she was eager for an update on Michael. Sonny told her that Michael would continue to stay with the Quartermaines. Carly thought it was for the best because she knew that Michael would want to be close to Teddy. Carly also conceded that she didn't blame Michael for being mad at her, but Sonny knew that she had never wished harm on Sabrina. Sonny couldn't imagine who could have been heartless enough to kill a gentle soul like Sabrina. He admitted that he'd initially suspected Julian of the deed because Julian had arranged for Hale Garrett's overdose when Hale had agreed to testify against Julian.

However, Sonny revealed that the police were certain that Sabrina had been the latest victim of the hospital killer. Sonny vowed to make Sabrina's murderer pay, but Carly begged him to let the police deal with it because she wanted the violence to stop. Sonny admitted that he didn't have any faith in the police, but Carly refused to budge on the issue and implored Sonny to promise not to take action if Julian was acquitted. Sonny carefully told her that he'd deal with Julian in an appropriate manner, but she wasn't satisfied because too much was at stake, and she didn't want to live in constant fear that Ava would retaliate. Seconds later, Sonny received a text message.

Meanwhile, Ava paid her brother a visit in jail. Julian paced nervously, but she assured him that he would soon be set free because the jury had never heard his confession, and Alexis had been a disaster on the witness stand. Julian noticed that Ava didn't appear surprised, so she admitted that she'd always known that Alexis had been a mess underneath the cool exterior. Julian wondered if his sister had had a hand in Alexis' odd behavior in court, but Ava evaded the question by reminding him that he would owe her if the jury acquitted him. Julian was curious what exactly Ava had done on his behalf, but she would only tell him that she had worked a miracle.

Julian was curious if Ava had performed one too many miracles by killing Sabrina. Ava quickly denied any role in Sabrina's sad and tragic death, but she acknowledged that it had helped him. Julian disagreed because Sabrina's murder might reinforce to the jury that he was a mobster and persuade them to vote guilty to take him off the streets because they believed that he had killed a witness. Ava scolded Julian for being pessimistic and reminded him that Paul had failed to prove his case. Moments later, a guard approached Julian's jail cell.

At the courthouse, Dillon asked why Paul was seated in the empty courtroom. Paul explained that he'd had a lot to think about and admitted that he'd done a very bad thing. Dillon asked Paul to be specific, prompting Paul to admit that he'd let a murderer go free. Paul talked about the error on the arrest warrant and losing another witness. Dillon seized the opportunity to tell his father that the police suspected that the hospital killer had murdered Sabrina.

Dillon asked Paul to assure Tracy that everything possible would be done to catch the killer. Paul promised to do what he could. Satisfied, Dillon thanked Paul. Paul admitted that he was touched that Dillon had turned to him. Dillon acknowledged that things hadn't been easy between them, but he was proud of the work Paul had done as district attorney. Paul thanked his son and assured Dillon that he was equally proud of Dillon, but he'd always regret not being a part of Dillon's life during Dillon's childhood. Moments later, a clerk approached Paul to ask for a private word.

Later, Scott and Griffin entered the courtroom. Griffin sat down while Scott went to the defense table. Scott taunted Paul that a quick verdict usually meant an acquittal, but Paul reminded Scott that the jury might not have had a problem convicting Julian. Moments later, Julian arrived.

In the hallway, Alexis and Olivia saw Ava. Ava smiled at the two women, but Olivia advised Alexis to ignore Ava. Ava assured Alexis and Olivia that justice would be served, and she entered the courtroom with Alexis and Olivia trailing behind. Moments later, Sonny and Carly arrived. After Judge Lasser entered the courtroom, the jury was seated. The jury foreman announced that the jury had reached a verdict and handed a folded piece of paper to the bailiff.

Everyone braced themselves as Judge Lasser read the paper, asked Julian to stand, and announced the verdict. Julian was found not guilty on all charges. Alexis wept as Olivia stood in outrage and blasted Julian. Judge Lasser banged her gavel and threatened Olivia with contempt. Reluctantly, Olivia sat down. After Judge Lasser quickly concluded the proceedings, Ava happily congratulated Julian, while Alexis fled in tears.

Olivia followed Alexis to the hallway and tried to offer words of support. Alexis was distraught and decided to go to the bathroom to splash cold water on her face. Olivia offered to go with Alexis, but Alexis asked to be alone. Nearby, Dillon assured Paul that Paul had done everything possible to secure a conviction. Paul appreciated Dillon's support, but he admitted that he needed to be alone to process everything that had happened.

After Paul left, Dillon saw Olivia and asked if she was okay. Olivia admitted that she was furious and grumbled about Paul not checking the warrant. Dillon promised that his father was equally upset. Olivia conceded that no one had been hurt more than Alexis. She frowned as she glanced around and asked if he'd seen Alexis. Dillon shook his head.

In the courtroom, Ava whispered to Julian that he owed her. Scott decided to process Julian's paperwork because Scott was eager to receive his well-deserved fee. After Scott and Ava left, Julian glanced at Sonny. Sonny glared at Julian.

A short time later, Scott returned to let Julian know that Julian was free to leave. Julian brushed past Sonny and told Sonny that justice had been served. Sonny warned Julian that justice would only be served when Sonny saw Julian in hell.

In the hospital's chapel, Griffin prayed for strength and healing. He also asked God to grant mercy to those who had harmed Duke. Griffin was confident that justice would be served because God would pass final judgment.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis had a cocktail as she muttered to herself about her inability to properly testify. She couldn't understand why she'd fallen apart on the witness stand and walked through how she should have answered Paul's questions. Frustrated, Alexis wiped away her tears and ordered another cocktail.

In the park, Ava caught up to Paul to thank him for a job well done and to warn him that an associate had a letter that would be delivered to the police if she should meet with an accident. Ava assured Paul that she would honor their agreement, but she was curious how he could kill complete strangers. Paul doubted that she would understand. "Try me," Ava replied. Paul was tempted, but he decided against it.

Paul admitted that he appreciated Ava's desire to protect her brother because family always had to take care of family. Ava was surprised that Paul had respect for the concept of family because she'd always considered him a lone wolf. Paul started to leave, but Ava urged him to stop murdering people while he was ahead and to get out of town before anyone else figured out what he'd done.

. . .

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