Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Anna rested her head on Robert's shoulder as they sat in a jail cell. Robert grumbled about the mess they were in as Anna slowly sat up and stretched. Anna thought it was absurd that the police had detained her and Robert without telling them why. She was also frustrated that Carlos had slipped through their fingers because she was certain she could persuade Carlos to testify and send Julian to jail for Duke's murder. Moments later, Mac and Felicia arrived to announce that Robert and Anna were free to leave. Anna was curious why the police had arrested Robert and Anna.

Felicia explained that the police had mistaken Robert and Anna for a couple who were wanted for armed robbery. Anna's eyes narrowed with suspicion when Felicia added that the pictures of the couple hadn't looked anything like Robert and Anna. Anna was certain that the arrest hadn't been a coincidence. Robert and Mac agreed, but Felicia had no idea who would do such a thing. Anna explained that Paul had been responsible. As if on cue, Paul called Anna.

Anna put the call on speaker as Paul asked about her trip to Berkeley. Anna cryptically told him that she'd had an interesting night. Paul reminded her that he still wanted to talk to her when she returned to town and added that he hoped to see pictures of Emma. After Anna ended the call, Felicia admitted that Paul hadn't made any attempt to hide how "smarmy" he was. Robert looked forward to Anna wiping the smirk off Paul's face. Mac smiled in agreement as he followed Felicia, Anna, and Robert out of the police station.

At Ava's apartment, Ava grabbed a tissue and answered a knock at the door. Kiki was surprised when her mother greeted her with a watery smile and began to cough. Kiki realized that Ava truly was sick. Kiki entered the apartment. Ava was grateful that Kiki had agreed to take Avery for the day because both Ava and the nanny were sick, and Ava didn't want Avery to catch the illness. However, Ava made it clear that she didn't want Kiki to take Avery to visit Sonny. Kiki changed the subject by announcing that she had picked up tea, juice, ginger ale, aspirin, soup, and crackers for Ava.

Ava chuckled as she recalled Kiki referring to crackers as "crix" when Kiki had been a child. Kiki smiled because she remembered Ava putting peanut butter and jelly on the crackers. Ava thought it was proof that Ava hadn't been the worst mother in the world. Kiki admitted that she had thought of Ava as the best mother until Kiki had grown up and discovered parts of Ava that hadn't been very nice. Ava's smile dimmed, but Kiki was unapologetic as she went to the bedroom to fetch her baby sister. Moments later, Ava's phone chimed.

Ava checked her phone and saw a text message from Paul letting her know that he was on his way over, but Ava advised him to wait a few minutes because Kiki was there. Shortly after Kiki left and Ava had changed clothes, Paul rang the doorbell. Ava's welcoming smile faded when Paul brushed past her, asking why she wasn't at the gallery, overseeing the arrival of the latest shipment. Ava assured him that she had been in contact with "Dixon," but Paul wasn't satisfied because Dixon was Raj's boss and someone they needed to impress. Ava explained that she wanted to distance herself from people like Dixon and Raj because she was afraid for Avery's safety. Ava revealed that she had even gone as far as faking an illness to get Kiki to take Avery for the day because Ava was worried about Dixon and Raj.

Ava resented the position that Paul had put her in, but Paul reminded her that she had been the one to ask for a "place at the table." Ava explained that things had changed because of Avery. She wondered what it would take for Paul to destroy the incriminating recording. Paul reminded her that destroying the recording of her confession wouldn't absolve her of murdering Connie. Ava argued that she didn't want to remain bound to their agreement and added that she couldn't risk someone finding the recording. Paul insisted on holding on to the evidence as insurance, but he assured her that no one would find it.

Angry, Ava made it clear that she would not continue to sleep with Paul because she didn't like the idea of being intimate with someone who was blackmailing her. Paul was disappointed by Ava's decision but admitted that he'd always known that she had slept with him in part to persuade him to destroy the tape. Ava didn't disagree, but she insisted that she intended to keep their relationship strictly professional and ordered him to leave. Paul left as Ava advised him not to hold his breath, hoping for her to change her mind.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny stood by his desk as he spoke to Max on the phone. Sonny wanted Max to keep him updated about the shipment at Ava's gallery because Sonny hoped to use it to his advantage to regain custody of Avery. Sonny returned to the wheelchair and ended the call as Michael entered the living room. Michael handed Sonny a bag of biscotti from Sonny's favorite bakery. Sonny smiled as he accepted the gift. Michael noticed that Sonny seemed upbeat, but Sonny reminded Michael that a positive attitude would help with Sonny's recovery.

Michael admitted that he had heard the tail end of Sonny's conversation on the phone and wondered if Sonny had returned to running the organization. Sonny made it clear that he would not discuss business with Michael. Michael backed down, but admitted that he was grateful for the past few months because it had given Michael and Sonny a chance to grow closer. Michael confessed that talking to Sonny about Sabrina had helped, prompting Sonny to ask if there had been any news. Michael revealed that he hadn't heard from Sabrina, but Anna was on the hunt for Sabrina because Anna suspected that Carlos had been working with an accomplice, and Sabrina might have information to help find the person.

Moments later, Michael received a text message from Felix. Michael decided to go to the hospital because Felix had news about Sabrina. Shortly after Michael left, Kiki stopped by with Avery. Sonny was delighted when he saw his daughter in Kiki's arms. Kiki explained that both Ava and the nanny were sick, so Ava had asked Kiki to watch Avery. Kiki insisted that it was important for Avery to spend time with Sonny because a girl needed her father's love.

At the nurses' station, Felix greeted Carly. He decided that Carly's fifth marriage to Sonny agreed with her because she looked wonderful. Carly smiled and suggested that they get together soon because it had been too long since they had spent time together. Felix agreed, but he added that he needed to get back to work. After Felix left, Morgan walked up and demanded to know why Carly was at the hospital. Carly explained that she had hoped to get some medical referrals from Liesl because Sonny still hadn't picked a new doctor to replace Patrick.

Morgan didn't believe Carly. He suspected that she was there to check up on him because she knew that he had an appointment with Dr. Maddox. Carly assured Morgan that he was wrong because she had heard him at the warehouse when he had told her and Sonny that they needed to give Morgan space to make his own choices. Morgan was skeptical, but Carly promised that it was true. Morgan began to relax when he saw that she meant it. Carly changed the subject and asked about Morgan and Kiki because she had seen them together at the restaurant.

Morgan revealed that he had tried to rekindle things with Kiki, but she had turned him down. Carly smiled when Morgan added that he had managed to persuade Kiki to go out on one date with him. Carly was happy for Morgan, but she cautioned Morgan to go slowly because Morgan and Kiki drew out both the best and worst in each other. She added that it was important for Morgan to listen to Kiki because Kiki had been deeply hurt.

Later, Morgan arrived home and saw Kiki. Kiki explained that she had dropped by to give Sonny an unsupervised visit with Avery. Morgan thanked Kiki, but Kiki admitted that she'd had an ulterior motive because she had hoped that she and Morgan could take their baby sister to the zoo and then to Kelly's for something to eat. Sonny entered the living room with Avery on his lap to announce that lunch would be ready soon. Morgan told Sonny about their plans, but Sonny suggested that they leave Avery with him and go out on their date.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava approached the bar and ordered Champagne because she wanted to celebrate her small victory over Paul. Meanwhile, Morgan and Kiki arrived to pick up Kiki's paycheck before going to Kelly's. Morgan felt bad that Kiki had to pay, but Kiki assured him that she didn't mind because she understood that he hadn't been paid yet. Moments later, Ava spotted her daughter and immediately approached Kiki to ask where Avery was.

At the nurses' station, Felix showed Michael the postcard from Sabrina. Michael read the message to Felix that explained that Sabrina had made the right decision to leave Port Charles and build a new life in San Juan. Michael decided to fly to San Juan to talk to Sabrina because he wanted her to know that he didn't care if Carlos was the baby's father. Felix reluctantly admitted that he had told Sabrina about Michael's change of heart, but Sabrina had decided to move forward without Michael.

In Jake's hospital room, Jake was bruised and battered but resting as his parents watched over him with concern. The doctor explained that Jake had been seriously injured, but Jake should make a full recovery. After the doctor left the room, Elizabeth moved closer to Jake's bed and admitted that she felt as if history had repeated itself. She talked about the time Jake had been struck by Luke's car and the awful moment when she had realized that Jake had been critically injured. Jason promised Elizabeth that things would be different because they wouldn't lose their son.

Jason reminded Elizabeth that Jake was in good hands, but Elizabeth couldn't stop thinking about how frightened their son had to have been to run away. Jason regretted leaving Jake with the sitter when Jason had realized that Jake might have been responsible for the alarming incidents at the house. Elizabeth felt equally guilty and noted that their son had been through "so much" in his short life. Elizabeth insisted that Jake deserved to have a fun and safe childhood. Moments later, Monica entered the room.

Monica thanked Jason for calling her to let her know about Jake's accident. Monica quickly hugged Elizabeth because she realized that Elizabeth was reliving Elizabeth's worst nightmare. Elizabeth appreciated Monica's support. Monica shifted gears to talk about Jake's injuries. According to Monica, Jake had suffered multiple fractures and would require surgery to stop internal bleeding. Jason was alarmed about Jake's injuries, but Monica assured him that it would be okay because she wouldn't let anything happen to her grandson.

Jason suddenly recalled that Sam had mentioned that Danny had spent the night at Monica's house. Monica nodded and explained that she had dropped Danny off at preschool. Monica added that Danny had plans to attend a birthday party after school, so she imagined that her grandson would be eager to see Sam by the end of the day.

Later, Jason bumped into Carly in the hallway. She was stunned when he told her about Jake's accident and the extent of Jake's injuries.

In Jake's hospital room, Elizabeth remained close to her son's bedside as she admitted that the accident was her fault. Monica reminded Elizabeth that it had been a tragic accident, but Elizabeth believed it was a punishment for what Elizabeth had done to Jason. Elizabeth acknowledged that she had ignored Monica and Sam's pain to keep Jason close. Monica refused to allow Elizabeth to blame herself. Elizabeth cried that it was unfair for Jake to suffer, but Monica admitted that life was unfair. Monica explained that all they could do was stay strong for Jake.

A short time later, Monica stepped out to fetch Jason before Jake was taken to surgery. Jake slowly woke up as Elizabeth offered her son words of encouragement. Jason entered the room and immediately assured Jake that everything would be fine. Jake weakly asked if his parents were mad at him. Jason and Elizabeth assured Jake that they loved him and weren't angry. Jake admitted that he hadn't run away because of the incidents at the house, but he was too weak to elaborate. Elizabeth urged Jake to rest because he had to have surgery.

Jason added that he and Elizabeth would be waiting for Jake when Jake woke up. "But Sam," Jake quietly said. Elizabeth and Jason exchanged a worried glance, but they continued to reassure their son until Jake was taken to the operating room. Elizabeth was shaken as she watched Jake being wheeled away.

In the hallway, Michael filled Carly in about Sabrina's decision to stay in San Juan. Carly felt bad for Michael, but she admitted that she hadn't wanted him to rush into marriage with Sabrina.

At Elizabeth's house, Sam slowly woke up in the basement. She whimpered in pain as she tried to move and called out to Jake for help. Sam realized she was alone when Jake didn't reply. She tried to move but quickly realized that she had a concussion because she was dizzy and sensitive to light. Sam slowly looked around until she spotted her cell phone. She gathered her strength and crawled to the phone, but her hopes were quickly dashed when she realized the phone was broken.

Sam began to shiver from the cold. She glanced around until she spotted a laundry basket on the dryer. Sam crawled to the dryer and weakly reached for the basket. She managed to tip it over and pull out a sweat jacket, which she tugged on and zipped up. Sam remained cold and looked around until she saw an electric heater near the furnace. She slowly dragged herself to the heater and plugged it in, unaware that the frayed cord stretched over a pan of oil peeking out from under the furnace. Sam collapsed in exhaustion against the furnace as electricity sparked from the cord and rained down on the oil pan.

. . .

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