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The mystery patient has a familiar gaze
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

At the Falconeri residence, Dante and Lulu relaxed on the sofa. Lulu smiled because the house was quiet and they were alone, but Dante reminded her that Charlotte was home. Lulu countered that Charlotte was asleep, and Rocco was with Olivia and Ned, which meant that she and Dante had time to themselves. Dante smiled and kissed her. Seconds later, Charlotte appeared at the end of the sofa and asked if she could call Valentin. Charlotte was upset because one of her friends might have scoliosis. Charlotte recalled that her papa had had it, too, and he'd gotten better, so she had hoped that he could help Bailey too.

In Betsy's hotel room, Franco started to leave, but Scott was curious where his son was headed. Franco reminded Scott that Betsy had promised him answers, but Scott thought that Franco should quit while he was ahead and let Betsy go. Franco refused because it was one thing to have an imaginary friend and another to have proof that the friend had existed. Franco showed his father the photograph of Franco and Jason as children and pointed out that he and Jason were dressed exactly alike, but Scott thought it was just a coincidence.

Franco was certain there was a reason that he and Jason had been dressed alike, but Scott insisted that the boy in the picture was not Jason. Franco disagreed because he'd seen plenty of pictures of Jason as a child, and Jason looked identical to the boy in the photograph. Scott reminded Franco that Scott had been Jason's guardian for a "hot second," so he'd known Jason from infancy. Scott conceded that the boy in the photograph looked a lot like Jason, but Scott was adamant that Jason had spent his entire childhood in Port Charles, which meant that the boy in the photograph couldn't be Jason. Franco remained skeptical because he was certain that Betsy had been hiding something.

Scott couldn't understand why it was so important for Franco to know about the boy in the photograph. Franco explained that he needed answers because he feared that his entire childhood had been a lie. Franco revealed that he had spent most of his childhood being afraid, but this "imaginary" friend had helped him through the worst of it because he'd not only been Franco's companion but also his champion. Franco admitted that he had always feared that he'd done something very bad to make his friend suddenly vanish from his life, and it was that feeling that had been the stirrings of what had led Franco down a dark road. Scott argued that the brain tumor had been to blame for the terrible things that Franco had done, so he demanded that Franco hand over the photograph because Scott intended to burn it. Franco objected, but he did agree to put the photograph away for the rest of the evening.

At the Jerome Gallery, Elizabeth tried to find out who had purchased the painting of the two boys that Franco had hoped to keep. She was disappointed when she was informed that the buyer had asked to remain anonymous. Elizabeth was frustrated, but she brightened when Felix and Andre walked up and greeted her. Elizabeth was thrilled that Felix had been able to attend the opening, but Felix admitted that he wouldn't have missed it for the world. Andre noticed that a lot of the paintings had red dots on them, indicating that they had been sold. Elizabeth was surprised when Felix asked where Franco was because she had assumed that Franco had been at the entrance. She scanned the crowd for Franco, but Felix suggested that perhaps Franco had taken a bathroom break.

Andre noticed the painting of the two young boys. He was moved by the painting, which had been very different from the others because it had seemed "hopeful." Elizabeth was pleased by Andre's reaction to the painting, but a young woman had overheard the exchange. The woman blasted Elizabeth for celebrating the work of a monster who had killed the young woman's sister. Elizabeth immediately apologized, but the woman turned away. Elizabeth reached for the woman but yelped with fright when the woman pulled something out of her purse.

A short time later, Franco and Scott returned to the gallery. Scott had noticed police cars out front, but Franco had no idea why the police had been called. Franco decided to look for Elizabeth and was alarmed when he saw her covered in red splatter. He rushed over to check on her, but Elizabeth assured him that she was fine. Felix and Andre revealed that a young woman had tried to deface one of Franco's paintings, but Elizabeth had blocked the woman's efforts and had saved the painting from destruction. Franco glanced to the corner, where Dante was placing the woman under arrest. Franco was dismayed because he recognized the sister of one of his victims.

Franco approached the woman, whose name was Cara. Cara was furious when she saw Franco and yelled at him for murdering her sister Lorraine. Franco apologized, but the woman was not satisfied because the million dollars he'd been ordered to pay her wouldn't ease the pain of losing her sister. Cara insisted that Franco was sick, and nothing could change that. "Ever," she angrily added. Franco made it clear that he didn't want to press charges against Cara, but Cara refused to thank him.

After Cara stormed out. Franco apologized to Elizabeth because he felt bad that she had been caught up in the drama. Elizabeth assured Franco that she was fine, but she had to return to work. Franco decided to accompany her to the hospital.

Outside Jason's hospital room, Sonny revealed that Jason would soon be moved to a long-term care facility. Carly was saddened by the news, but she was curious where Sam was, so he explained that Sam and Alexis had gone to check out the facility. Carly hoped it would help Sam but thought the entire situation was unfair. Carly and Sonny entered Jason's hospital room as Carly expressed her frustration that she couldn't make their friend wake up. Sonny tried to comfort his wife, but she admitted that she'd been struggling because she was constantly reminded of when Michael had been in a coma. Sonny recalled how much Jason had helped them during that difficult time.

Sonny and Carly talked about how they'd nearly lost Jason. Carly admitted that she no longer knew Jason the way she once had. Sonny conceded that there had been a time when he wouldn't have wondered if Jason would show up at the warehouse; he would have depended on Jason to. Carly added that nothing would have kept Jason away. Sonny realized that things were different because Jason had a choice.

Sonny and Carly believed that Jason's willingness to leave Sonny's organization indicated just how much Jason had changed since his return. Carly wanted to honor their best friend, but she had no idea how to do it. Sonny reminded her that it was not their decision to make -- they could only hope that Jason woke up and told them what his wishes were for the next time. Carly glanced at Jason and warned him that there'd better not be a next time because she didn't want Jason to leave them again.

After Sonny and Carly stepped away to get a cup of coffee, Elizabeth checked in on Jason while Franco waited in the hallway. He was eager for an update, but Elizabeth's expression was filled with sadness as she reported that there hadn't been a change in Jason's condition. Elizabeth had to get back to work, but she asked Franco not to let the encounter with Cara get to him. Elizabeth assured Franco that he was the man who had made her the happiest she'd ever been and who made her boys smile. Elizabeth asked him to hold onto that, so Franco assured her that he would. Satisfied, Elizabeth suggested that he go home to get some rest because it had been a long day.

After Elizabeth kissed Franco goodbye then left, Franco entered Jason's hospital room. Franco asked Jason to wake up if they were truly connected by blood because Franco needed to know who Jason was, so Franco could figure out who he was and why he'd done the terrible things he had.

A short time later, Sonny and Carly returned to Jason's hospital room. Carly confessed that she'd been grieving for Sam, Scout, and Danny but not for herself because she'd never really gotten back the connection that she'd once shared with Jason.

At Wyndemere, Valentin chilled a bottle of Champagne because he was eager to celebrate Nina and their relationship. Nina beamed with delight as he handed her a flute of Champagne, but she admitted that she missed Charlotte. Valentin was confident that Charlotte wouldn't be gone for long. Nina assured Valentin that she would have returned to him even if Lulu and Dante had been awarded full custody of Charlotte. Valentin smiled as he promised her that he believed her. They shared a passionate kiss.

Later, Nina asked if Valentin had an update on Ava. Valentin shrugged then told his wife that he'd only checked to make certain that Ava had arrived. Nina questioned why he would help Ava, so he admitted that he had wanted to make certain that Charlotte returned home to him. Nina pointed out that it had been Ava's word against Valentin's about how Nikolas had died, but Valentin believed the cards had been stacked against him in the wrongful death lawsuit because Spencer was a sympathetic plaintiff, and the jury might have been moved by emotion not the facts. Valentin feared that if he had lost the lawsuit, then Lulu's attorney would have seized the opportunity to persuade the judge to rule against him in the custody hearing.

Valentin reminded Nina that he'd been fighting for his daughter from the first day when he'd been forced to steal the embryo from Helena, but Nina argued that it wasn't stealing, since the embryo had been his child. Valentin assured Nina that he would do whatever he had to for Charlotte. He added that if there was the slightest risk to his daughter, then he would eliminate it. "Sounds cold," Nina quietly admitted. Valentin regretted that he'd frightened his wife, but he believed if there was a small problem, then he shouldn't wait for it to become a big one. Nina confessed that the only problem was how ominous he sounded.

Valentin apologized then tried to lighten the mood, but the doorbell rang. He went to the door to answer it. Moments later, Charlotte ran into the living room and greeted Nina. Nina was thrilled to see Charlotte, but she was curious why Charlotte was there. Lulu explained that Charlotte had wanted to talk to Valentin about a friend from ballet class, so Lulu had decided a visit would be better. Surprised, Valentin sat his daughter down to find out what was troubling her. Charlotte revealed that her friend Bailey had made a pirouette in class, but her shoulders hadn't been perfectly aligned because Bailey might have scoliosis.

Charlotte confided that she was afraid that she might have scoliosis too. Valentin tensed, but he gently assured his daughter that she didn't because he'd taken her to the doctor for regular tests. He reminded her of the times when her doctor asked her to touch her toes then explained that it had been part of the scoliosis test. Charlotte was relieved, but she remained concerned about Bailey and asked her father to help. Valentin assured Charlotte that he would call Bailey's mother and talk to Ms. Caldwell.

After Lulu provided Valentin with the contact information, Valentin called Ms. Caldwell and advised her to start by visiting Shriners Hospital for Children online because there was an app that she could download to help her determine if Bailey needed further testing. Valentin promised to guide Ms. Caldwell through the process if the app indicated that Bailey needed to see a doctor. After the call, Charlotte thanked her father. Nina noticed the time and offered to walk Charlotte to the launch.

After Nina and Charlotte left, Lulu thanked Valentin. Valentin was grateful for the visit and expressed his hope that he and Lulu could continue to get along. Lulu admitted that she preferred to take it one day at a time.

Later, Nina knew it had been difficult for Valentin to talk to Charlotte about the scoliosis. He nodded in agreement because he had felt ashamed. Valentin wanted his daughter to see him as her hero and a man who could move mountains rather than someone who was "less than" and sickly. He hoped his daughter never saw the pictures of how he had looked before surgery, but Nina warned him that Charlotte would eventually see them because she would want to know what he had looked like. Nina promised that Charlotte wouldn't be revolted because Nina hadn't been. She was confident that after the initial surprise wore off, Charlotte would see Valentin's eyes and realize that he was the same man she loved -- just like Nina had.

Valentin called to check in with Ms. Caldwell. Bailey's mother revealed that the app had confirmed that Bailey might have scoliosis, so Valentin offered to take Ms. Caldwell and Bailey to Shriners Hospital for Children. He added that he would take Charlotte, as well, to keep Bailey company. Valentin assured Ms. Caldwell that Bailey would be fine because of the early diagnosis.

After the call, Nina asked if Valentin was okay. He assured her that he was, but he felt bad for Ms. Caldwell and Bailey. He admitted that he had always worried that it might happen to Charlotte. Nina wished she'd known Valentin before his corrective surgery because she was certain that she would have seen past his deformities and kissed him instead of rejecting him the way that Anna had. Valentin appreciated Nina's sincerity, but he thought it was easy for her to say because it was no longer an issue. Nina conceded that he was right, but she promised that she was in awe of him because he was an incredible man who had survived hardships.

At the Falconeri residence, Dante arrived home as Lulu and Charlotte were making friendship bracelets. After Lulu sent Charlotte to get ready for bed, Dante asked about Charlotte's visit with Valentin. Lulu admitted that Valentin had been great with Charlotte. Dante assured Lulu that she'd been great, too, because she had put Charlotte first, but Lulu credited Dante with giving her a push in the right direction. Dante grinned then offered to give her a push anytime she needed it. Dante knew that things were messy and complicated, but he was confident that they were doing okay. Lulu agreed and kissed him.

At the Boronsky Clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ava slipped into the sunroom, where the mystery patient was seated in a wheelchair. His face remained hidden behind a black mask and dark sunglasses. Ava admitted that the silent man didn't seem dangerous, since he didn't even move. She acknowledged that she'd been warned to stay out of his reach, including by Dr. Boronsky, who didn't seem the type to scare easily. Ava talked about her consultation, which she believed had gone well. She wasn't certain because everyone seemed tightlipped, especially about the mystery patient.

Ava had no idea why she'd believed the story she'd been told about the mystery patient because he could just as easily have been there for the same reason that she was, but something had gone wrong with the patient. Ava was horrified at the thought of being left in the same vegetative state as the mystery patient, but she quickly apologized because she realized that it had been insensitive. Ava confided that something about the clinic gave her the "creeps" because, despite the luxurious accommodations and smiling staff, it felt like a prison. The man's hand curled into a fist.

Ava decided that she was overreacting because she and the patient were in an oasis where they had been promised their "million-to-one shot." She realized that her doubts were a result of nerves because she didn't think she deserved to have her scars fixed. She wondered why she should be made beautiful again if her outside didn't match the inside. Ava looked at the mystery patient and wondered who he'd been before he'd become a "dangerous psychotic" who stared out the window. She was also curious if he had people who loved him, waiting for him to return.

Ava admitted that she had two children, but she barely saw her younger daughter because the child's father had kept her away from Ava. Ava acknowledged that she had a dark past filled with terrible transgressions and crimes, which was why only three people in the world loved her -- Ava's brother and two daughters. Ava began to talk about her friendship with Nikolas, but the mystery patient suddenly grabbed her wrist when he heard Nikolas' name. Startled, Ava asked the patient to release her then added that he was hurting her. The man let go just as a nurse entered the sunroom.

The nurse was startled when she saw Ava with the patient and quickly dragged Ava away as she explained that the man was dangerous. Ava was curious if the woman knew Nikolas Cassadine because the patient had had a strong reaction when he had heard the name, but the nurse shook her head and claimed that she only knew of Valentin Cassadine. Ava was shocked when the nurse revealed that the mystery patient had been kept in restraints until recently, but he'd likely be restrained again as well as heavily medicated when the nurse reported the incident. Ava begged the nurse to reconsider because the man was not to blame for Ava ignoring the warnings.

The nurse agreed, but she warned Ava not to let it happen again. After Ava and the nurse left, the patient removed his sunglasses. He had Jason Morgan's familiar piercing blue gaze.

On the next General Hospital...

• Ava assures the mystery patient that if he’s at the clinic then it means that he has a family waiting for him

• Carly reveals that Milo told her all about Josslyn’s evening with Oscar

• Franco tells Elizabeth that his imaginary friend was rea

• Jake and Danny visit Jason

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