Tuesday, May 19, 2015

At the hospital, Julian left a voicemail message asking for Kyle to call with an update on Jake because Julian wanted to be certain that the police had arrived in time to save Jake from Shawn's assassin's bullet. Epiphany barked at Julian to get off the cell phone then grumbled about how people couldn't stay off their cell phones. Julian ended the call as he glanced into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nursery to check on his son, but Julian didn't see the newborn. Annoyed, Julian demanded to know where his son was, but Epiphany claimed that she had no idea what he was talking about.

Julian clarified that he had been referring to his son with Olivia, but Epiphany insisted that she was only at liberty to give patient information to family. Julian reminded Epiphany that he was the baby's father, but Epiphany argued that Ned Ashton had been listed as the baby's father. Julian's temper flared until Ned and Olivia suddenly appeared. Julian immediately demanded to know where his son was, so Ned quietly revealed that the baby had died. Olivia wept as Ned explained that the baby had developed sepsis and had quickly passed away earlier that morning, but Julian accused Ned of lying.

Olivia invited Julian to go to the morgue to see for himself if it would help Julian have closure. She tearfully admitted that it had been wrong of her to assume that Julian had been the only danger to their son, but Julian remained in denial. Moments later, Liesl walked up, so Julian asked her to take him to see his son. Liesl gently explained that it was impossible because the baby had been cremated because of a mix-up in the lab. Olivia was horrified, while Julian seemed at a loss for words. Outraged, Ned berated Liesl for the negligence and threatened to sue, but Julian remained skeptical and demanded to see his son's ashes.

Liesl advised Julian to wait, but Julian ignored Liesl. After Julian marched away, Liesl accused Ned of laying it on a bit thick. Ned insisted that it had been necessary to keep Julian away from the baby, but Olivia feared that Julian would learn the truth about their deception from someone in the morgue. Liesl assured the couple there was nothing to worry about then shifted gears to reveal that the baby had been safely transferred to the location they had discussed. Relieved, Ned and Olivia thanked Liesl for her help, but Liesl assured Ned that his donation to the hospital had been a sufficient expression of his gratitude.

After Liesl left, Olivia appeared to have second thoughts about lying to Julian because she had seen how completely devastated he been when they told Julian that the baby had died. Ned promised Olivia that she had made the right decision to protect her son.

At the police station, Shawn was handcuffed to a desk when Dante walked up to ask a police officer why Shawn was still in the squad room. The police officer explained that they were backed up in booking, so Dante asked who had arrested Shawn. "That would be me," Jordan answered as she walked up. Dante quickly led Shawn to the interrogation room as Jordan followed. Shawn growled for Dante to get Jordan out of his sight, but Dante ignored Shawn as Dante handcuffed Shawn to the table, and asked Jordan about Shawn's arrest.

Jordan revealed that Kyle had received a tip that Shawn had intended to carry out a hit on Jake Doe, but Kyle had been busy with another matter, so Jordan had been sent to stop Shawn. "Well played, cop," Shawn snidely said. Shawn was furious that he had taken a fall because he had foolishly fallen in love with Jordan, but she assured Shawn that her feelings for him had been real. Unconvinced, Shawn accused her of being a snake, so Dante warned Shawn to back off. After a police officer dropped off a file on Shawn, Dante decided to give Shawn the option of talking to Dante or Jordan.

Shawn glared at Jordan as he admitted that he had sensed something was off with her from the first moment she had entered Kelly's. Shawn realized that he should have known something was wrong because Jordan had always had a ready explanation for running into Anna, but instead, he had believed Jordan's lies because he had loved her. Jordan promised Shawn that she hadn't lied about her feelings for him and that he had never been her intended target, but Shawn didn't believe her. Jordan explained that she had been assigned to take down the Jeromes, but Shawn argued that she had turned to him for help when she had needed out of the Jerome organization. Jordan was disgusted that Shawn was more concerned about how he had been hurt rather than the innocent woman he had shot when he had tried to kill Jake.

Shawn's angry expression clouded with guilt. Jordan's tone softened as she admitted that she didn't blame Shawn for being angry, but she reminded him that he had made the choice to work for Sonny, so Shawn should have been prepared for the consequences. Shawn assured Jordan that he was, but he was curious if she was. Confused, Jordan asked what Shawn was talking about, so he reminded her of T.J. Jordan was certain that T.J. would be relieved to learn that his mother had been working for the right side of the law, but Shawn warned her that T.J. might have a different view of loyalty than Jordan.

Shawn doubted that T.J. would be pleased that Jordan had betrayed both Shawn and Duke, but Jordan informed Shawn that Duke had been the one who had sent a hit man after her. Shawn was surprised when Jordan explained that Bruce had tried to kill her in the apartment after Shawn had left her bed. Shawn showed little reaction as Jordan added that Duke had intended to frame the Jerome organization for Jordan's death, so the money to cover T.J.'s tuition had been nothing more than blood money to ease Duke's conscience. Shawn decided he was through talking to Jordan, so she left.

Dante seized the opportunity to persuade Shawn to save himself by cutting a deal with Scott, but Shawn refused. Dante warned Shawn that Sonny wouldn't hesitate to throw Shawn under the bus to avoid jail, so it would be in Shawn's best interest to cooperate with the police, but Shawn decided to wait until his attorney arrived.

Meanwhile, T.J. arrived at Jordan's apartment. He was curious why his mother had called him, so she revealed that she had something to tell him. T.J. was stunned when she informed him that Shawn had been arrested. Concerned, T.J. asked if Jordan had notified Sonny because T.J. was certain that Sonny would secure Shawn's release. Jordan explained that she couldn't approach Sonny because she had been working undercover for the police. Shocked, T.J. assumed that she was joking, but Jordan promised her son that it was true.

T.J. pointed out that ex-convicts couldn't work as federal agents, so Jordan explained that her stint in jail had been a cover to lay the groundwork to infiltrate the Jerome organization. According to Jordan, she had been training while she had supposedly been in jail, but T.J. was furious because Jordan had only arrested Shawn, not anyone in the Jerome organization. T.J. also felt betrayed because his mother had never told him about her work. Jordan admitted that she hadn't been able to because it had been too risky and T.J. had been acting out at the time.

Jordan assured her son that she had sincerely thought it had been in T.J.'s best interest for T.J. to live with Shawn, but she had regretted it as soon as T.J. had left. T.J. was unmoved by his mother's explanations, so she assured T.J. that she loved Shawn. She confided that she had hoped to shield Shawn from everything, but T.J. wasn't interested in hearing her excuses and stormed out.

At Metro Court Hotel, Ric kissed his new bride, Nina, as Franco looked on in disgust. After the kiss, the justice of the peace congratulated Ric and Nina on their nuptials, so Ric escorted the justice of the peace to the door, gave the man some cash for performing the wedding ceremony, and sent him on his way. Afterwards, Ric returned to his bride's side to kiss her again. Nina thanked Franco for being their witness but asked him to "beat it" because she had a wedding night to enjoy with her new husband. Ric stepped away to take a call when his phone rang, so Franco warned Nina that she had made a huge mistake by marrying Ric.

Moments later, Ric returned to explain that he had to leave to attend to some business. Nina assured Ric that it was fine, so her husband thanked her for being understanding. After Ric gave her a quick kiss and left, Franco grabbed Nina's hand, intending to hunt down Scott to have her marriage to Ric annulled, but Nina refused to end her marriage to Ric. Franco pleaded with Nina to reconsider, but his anger mounted when she flatly refused. He reminded her that she barely knew Ric, but Nina didn't care.

Furious, Franco accused Nina of being a "sick puppy," but Nina resented Franco accusing her of being sick. She picked up his "Egg Salad Sandwich" painting and tried to shove Franco out the door with the painting. Franco wanted Nina to keep the painting because it was a "fraud" like her. In a fit of temper, Nina pushed Franco into the hallway then slammed the door shut.

At Greystone Manor, Carly warned Sonny that he had ordered the death of an innocent man, but Sonny disagreed because Jake had killed Duke. Carly argued that Jake was not who Sonny thought he was, so Sonny invited Carly to tell him who Jake was. Carly pointed out that Jake had been facing 53 counts of attempted murder, which Sonny thought illustrated how dangerous Jake really was. Sonny and Carly continued to go back and forth about Jake until Carly decided to explain the real reason that Jake had gone to work for Julian.

Carly was on the verge of admitting that Jake worked undercover for Kyle when Sonny's phone rang. It was Ric. Ric revealed that Shawn had been arrested, so Ric was on his way to the police station. After the call, Carly anxiously waited for Sonny to tell her if Shawn had succeeded in killing Jake. Sonny assured Carly that her "boy" was fine, but Hayden had been shot. Shocked, Carly asked if Hayden was okay, but Sonny didn't know. However, Sonny remained determined to kill Jake in retaliation for murdering Duke.

Carly continued to defend Jake, but Sonny refused to listen, so Carly changed tactics by reminding Sonny that he couldn't make a move against Jake because Sonny would be the prime suspect if Jake died. Carly warned Sonny that he would not get another governor's pardon, so she strongly urged him to back down. She also reminded Sonny that Michael would be more apt to eventually allow Sonny to have a relationship with Avery if Sonny didn't prove Michael right by gunning for Jake. Sonny reluctantly agreed to give Jake a temporary reprieve, but Sonny was determined to avenge Duke's death.

At the police station, Ric arrived to talk to Shawn. After Dante left the interrogation room, Ric warned Shawn not to listen to Dante's claims that Sonny would turn his back on Shawn. Shawn assured Ric that it wasn't a problem, but Shawn warned Ric that Jordan was an undercover agent. Shocked, Ric was curious how much information Jordan had against Sonny, so Shawn admitted that it was more than enough to cause trouble. Shawn wanted Ric to warn Sonny to be prepared, so Ric agreed. As Ric started to leave, Shawn asked Ric to let Sonny know that Shawn was sorry.

Moments later, Dante returned to take Shawn to booking because the police intended to charge Shawn with attempted murder.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny caught Carly off guard by asking what she had intended to tell him about Jake before Ric had called. Carly was spared from having to answer when Ric suddenly entered the living room. Ric admitted that things did not look good because Jordan was an undercover agent.

At the hospital, Jake and Sam told Elizabeth about Hayden's attempt to tell Jake who he really was when Hayden had been shot. Jake couldn't understand why Hayden hadn't left town when Hayden's scam had been exposed, but Sam suspected that Hayden had wanted to make amends by telling Jake the truth about his past. Jake was curious how Hayden could have known who he really was, so Sam turned to Elizabeth for answers. Elizabeth immediately became defensive as she asked why Sam would look at her, so Sam reminded Elizabeth that Elizabeth had dated Ric.

Elizabeth doubted that Ric had known Jake's real identity, since Ric wouldn't have gone through the trouble of hiring Hayden if Ric had known. Sam conceded that Elizabeth had a point, but Jake reminded Sam that Hayden had mentioned that someone had told Hayden who Jake really was. Elizabeth was curious why Jake and Sam had believed anything that Hayden had said, since Hayden had been proven to be a liar. Sam didn't have an answer, but she was curious why Hayden had suggested that Jake's real identity would impact Sam.

Uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, Elizabeth decided to check on Hayden, but Patrick walked out to give Jake, Sam, and Elizabeth an update. He revealed that Hayden was critical but stable, so Patrick intended to operate to remove the bullet from Hayden's brain. Jake thanked Patrick, but Patrick bristled because Hayden wouldn't have been shot if she hadn't been standing near Jake. Patrick advised Jake to stay away from the people Patrick cared about, especially Sam, but Sam quickly stepped forward to assure Patrick that Jake was not to blame and had tried to shield Sam.

Patrick wasn't appeased because he was certain that Jake had gone to work for Julian with the intention of joining the organization. Patrick acknowledged that both Elizabeth and Sam spoke highly of Jake, so Patrick suggested Jake prove that Jake was a nice guy by staying away from innocent bystanders. Rather than agree, Jake asked if he could see Hayden. Patrick wanted to object, but Patrick admitted that Hayden was awake and had asked for Jake.

Patrick started to walk away to check Hayden's test results and prepare for surgery, but Sam stopped him to ask if everything was okay between them. Patrick assured Sam that he was relieved she hadn't been hurt, so Sam assured him that she truly was fine. Sam realized that he had to focus on the surgery, but she made it clear that she wanted to finish their conversation later.

Nearby, Elizabeth tried to persuade Jake to wait until after the surgery to talk to Hayden because Hayden needed to rest. Sam walked up as Jake reminded Elizabeth that Hayden had asked to see him. Sam agreed that Jake should hear Hayden out before the surgery, but Elizabeth argued that Hayden couldn't be trusted. Jake explained that he owed it to Hayden because she had taken a bullet meant for him. After Jake left, Sam asked why Elizabeth seemed troubled about Jake talking to Hayden.

Sam reminded Elizabeth that Hayden might be able to reunite Jake with a family that both loved and missed him.

At Wyndemere, the gunman assured Nikolas that no one would know that Nikolas had ordered a hit on Hayden. Nikolas wanted to know if Hayden was dead, so the hit man admitted that she had been alive when she had been loaded into an ambulance. However, the gunman was confident that Hayden wouldn't survive for long, since he had shot her in the head. Nikolas was not satisfied because he had only agreed to let Hayden leave knowing that she would not get a chance to talk to Jake. The assassin promised Nikolas that Hayden was out of the picture, but both men suddenly realized they were not alone.

Valerie stood in the doorway, so Nikolas was curious why she wasn't at the Spencer family dinner. Valerie admitted that the dinner had been cut short when Josslyn had had a meltdown over "corn futures." Valerie apologized for interrupting the men, so she promised to grab her book then turn in for the evening. Nikolas assured Valerie that it wasn't necessary to rush out, since the meeting was over. The gunman cryptically promised to get Nikolas the information Nikolas wanted, and he left.

Valerie confessed that she had overheard the man mention that Hayden was out of the picture, so Nikolas easily lied by explaining that the man had been the head of his security team. Nikolas claimed that he had ended things with Hayden and tossed her out, but Valerie was surprised because she had thought that Nikolas and Hayden had been old friends. Nikolas explained that he and Hayden had been mere acquaintances who'd had a brief fling. He had offered Hayden a place to stay but had changed his mind when he had learned about her scam to deceive Elizabeth.

Nikolas admitted that Elizabeth was his friend, so he would always pick her over Hayden. Moments later, Elizabeth arrived to ask to speak privately to Nikolas. After Valerie left, Elizabeth told Nikolas about Hayden's shooting. Nikolas feigned surprise as he asked how Hayden was. Elizabeth explained that Hayden had been awake and eager to talk to Jake, but Hayden had suffered a seizure before she had been able to tell Jake anything. Nikolas wondered if Hayden had died, but Elizabeth shook her head. Elizabeth explained that Hayden had been rushed into surgery and that Patrick would operate, which was Hayden's best chance at survival.

At the hospital, Jake was concerned about Hayden. Sam assured Jake that Patrick was the best, but Jake blamed himself for Hayden's situation. Sam hoped that Hayden would make a full recovery and provide Jake with the answers he needed. Sam grabbed his hand as Jake admitted that Hayden's life and Jake's future were in Patrick's hands.

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