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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

At the hospital, Jake approached Franco to ask if Franco had been reinstated. "Not yet," Franco answered then asked if Jake had an appointment with Dr. Maddox. Jake confirmed that he did, so Franco decided to ask Jake about the timeline Jake had left in the studio. Jake's eyes rounded as he looked at the photo of the timeline on Franco's phone, while Franco asked about the image of the young boy hiding behind a tree next to the scarecrow. Jake denied drawing it and suggested that perhaps one his brothers had been responsible for the image. Franco switched tactics and admitted that he often found comfort in art when something troubled him, but Jake begged Franco not to say anything about the drawing -- especially to Jake's parents.

Seconds later, Elizabeth walked up and scolded Jake for charging off. She reminded her son that she'd told him several times not to run too fast because she couldn't keep up. Jake apologized and asked if he was in trouble. Elizabeth quickly assured her son that she wasn't mad then sent him to join Andre, who'd been waiting nearby. Elizabeth admitted that she felt useless as a mother because Jake always shut down when she tried to talk to him about Cassadine Island. Franco decided to show her the photo of the timeline Jake had left at the studio and filled her in about Jake's reaction when he'd tried to talk to him about it.

"Oh, my God," Elizabeth said as she looked at the drawing. She hoped Jake opened up to Andre because she was certain something had happened to her son on the island. Elizabeth thanked Franco for telling her just as Jake returned. Jake became upset when he realized that Franco had shown Elizabeth the drawing. Hurt, Jake ran off.

A short time later, Elizabeth returned to let Franco know that she hadn't found Jake. Franco assured her that the hospital was swarming with security and suggested she check in with Andre. After Elizabeth left, Franco glanced at a set of sneakers peeking from behind a metal bookrack filled with binders. Franco approached Jake and knelt down to talk to him, but Jake told Franco to go away. Franco apologized, but he explained that it had been necessary to tell Elizabeth because she'd been worried. Jake insisted that his parents couldn't know anything about the scarecrow.

On the waterfront, Sam spotted her mother's scarf on the pier and picked it up. Jason wondered how it had ended up there. Sam suspected Alexis had had Julian on her mind and had gone to the docks to think. However, Sam was certain that her mother had run into Julian. Sam called her mother while Jason stepped away. Sam's anxiety mounted when Alexis' voicemail picked up, so she left her mother a message asking Alexis to return her call.

After Sam ended the call, Jason returned with Hooper. Jason explained that he and Sam were good friends with Sonny then questioned him about Julian. Hooper readily cooperated because he didn't want any trouble with Sonny. Hooper denied knowing anything about Alexis, but he revealed that Julian had reached out to him for help to flee the country. However, Julian had missed the rendezvous. Jason instructed Hooper to contact him if Julian called -- or Sonny would be notified. Hooper agreed then left.

Sam remained uneasy because she feared that her mother had gone with Julian willingly because she saw him as a victim. Jason reminded Sam that they couldn't be certain, but Sam insisted that it was imperative to find her father because the only way to safeguard Alexis was to send Julian to jail. Jason pointed out that Julian didn't have money or friends to help him. Sam suddenly smiled because she recalled that she, her sisters, and their mother had downloaded an app on their phones that allowed them to track each other's movements. Jason found the idea unsettling, but Sam opened the app on her phone. Moments later, she told Jason to call the police because she'd found her mother.

Meanwhile, Julian and Alexis were locked in a passionate kiss as they stumbled into Julian's hotel room. After Julian slammed the door closed, he and Alexis tore each other's clothes off then fell on the bed and made love. Afterwards, Julian and Alexis sat in bed and talked. Alexis admitted that she'd always sensed he was alive. Julian apologized for scaring her, but Alexis moved on because she wanted to discuss the letter. Julian regretted not confiding to her about everything sooner.

Alexis' eyes filled with tears as she told him how difficult it had been to read the letter after being told that he'd died. Julian reminded her that he was alive and promised to never leave her again. Alexis slid out of bed, taking the blanket with her, as she asked him about his meeting with Hooper. Julian acknowledged that he needed to leave the country because he faced a slew of charges if the police discovered he was alive, but he'd missed his rendezvous with Hooper because Julian didn't want to leave without her. Alexis realized that Julian hadn't seen their night together for what it had been. "This is not a fresh start -- it's goodbye," Alexis quietly explained.

Alexis reminded Julian that he'd held a knife to her throat, and she could never forget how it had felt thinking that she would die the same way her mother had. Julian promised that he'd never meant to hurt her, but Alexis insisted there were two sides to him -- one side loved her and would do anything for her while the other side would do whatever was necessary to protect himself. Julian assured her that both men would stand by her side, but she argued that the price was too steep because she would have to accept his violent lifestyle. Alexis refused to put her family and herself in danger again. Stunned, Julian argued that it hadn't all been bad.

Alexis conceded that falling in love and marrying Julian had been the happiest she'd ever been, but it had been built on the hope that he would change. "And what about tonight?" Julian wondered. Alexis' voice quivered with emotion as she confessed that she had wanted to remember. Julian assured her that it could last forever, but she didn't believe him and begged him to give her closure. Julian admitted that the only life worth living was one with Alexis in it, but she couldn't say the same about him because her feelings for him were too powerful and had caused her nothing but heartache.

Alexis reminded Julian that she'd been left so profoundly unhappy that she'd ended up drinking -- "and drinking." Resigned, Julian promised that he loved her and had never wanted that for her, but he agreed to leave town and never see her again. Alexis thanked him, but he reminded her that they still had the rest of the night. Alexis didn't hesitate to fling herself into his arms and kiss him.

After Alexis and Julian made love and got dressed, Alexis told him that she had to leave because Sam had called. Julian asked Alexis to take care of Sam and Lucas, and to make certain that Ned did right by both Olivia and Leo. Alexis promised that she would. Satisfied, Julian reminded Alexis to also take care of herself, and he urged her to reach out for help if she ever felt the urge to drink. Alexis agreed and told him to take care of himself too. They shared a passionate kiss goodbye until the police pounded on the door then kicked it in. Julian was disappointed when he saw Sam and Jason standing in the hallway.

Sam rushed to her mother's side as Julian informed the police officers that Alexis had been a hostage, not an accomplice. Alexis and Sam watched as Julian was handcuffed and placed under arrest.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dillon, Kiki, Ned, Olivia, Laura, and Monica were gathered in the living room as Tracy warned everyone that the painting's subject bore a striking resemblance to her. Tracy unveiled the painting and watched everyone's reaction. She frowned when they began to laugh. Confused, she looked at the painting and saw that it had been switched out for a portrait of a clown. Furious, Tracy immediately concluded that Larry Ashton had been behind the theft.

Laura agreed with Tracy and informed Ned that the painting was worth millions. Ned immediately instructed everyone to split up and look for Larry because he doubted his father had gotten far.

Meanwhile, Larry opened a closet in the foyer where he'd hidden Tracy's painting. Larry kissed the portrait and spoke to it as if it was Tracy. He explained that by trying to screw him over, Tracy had screwed herself over. Larry covered the portrait then silently slipped out of the house. Once the coast was clear, he called someone to meet him at the gate. However, Larry's escape was thwarted when a mystery woman suddenly appeared and bumped into him, knocking the portrait out of his hand.

Furious, Larry blasted the dark-haired woman with startling light-blue eyes. The young woman spoke with a heavy accent as she apologized, but Ned, Dillon, and Laura entered the small clearing and took over. Larry tried to accuse the young woman of absconding with the painting, but no one believed him. Ned picked up the painting as Dillon led Larry back to the mansion to talk to Tracy.

Laura lingered behind to talk to the young woman, who introduced herself as Samira Adin. Laura was curious why Samira had been on the property, prompting Samira to recall watching Tracy leave the Turkish monastery with the painting. Samira pushed the memory away and explained that she was there to talk to Tracy.

In the living room, Dillon made Larry face Tracy. Tracy was disgusted that Larry had tried to steal from her again, but Larry was unrepentant as he insisted that he'd been entitled to a finder's fee. Tracy told Larry that he was lucky that she hadn't called the police. After Ned set the painting on the easel, Tracy officially unveiled it. Ned, Olivia, Dillon, Kiki, and Monica were stunned. Olivia admitted that the portrait was gorgeous.

Tracy beamed with pride as she told everyone that the portrait had been painted by a Renaissance artist named Jacopo di Cosimo. Monica apologized to Tracy and conceded that the painting was beautiful. Ned added that the resemblance to his mother was quite striking. Tracy smiled because she instinctively knew that her father had purchased the painting for that very reason. Ned agreed that the painting was proof of Edward's love and applauded his grandfather for the gesture. Larry decided to ask about his finder's fee again, but Tracy scoffed and asked Ned to remove his father.

Ned didn't hesitate to escort his father out. Olivia followed the two men as Tracy turned to Monica to discuss hanging the painting in the den. Monica thought Tracy should hang it in the foyer, where everyone could enjoy it. Moments later, Laura and Samira appeared in the doorway. Laura quickly introduced the young Turkish woman to Tracy. Dillon added that Samira had caught Larry as he'd tried to flee with the painting. Tracy was grateful for Samira's timely intervention, but she explained that she'd been in the middle of a family celebration.

Samira explained that she'd traveled quite a distance to talk to Tracy. Intrigued, Laura asked where Samira was from. "Turkey," Samira answered. Samira revealed that the monks had given her Tracy's address because the painting needed to be returned to the monastery. Tracy refused to part with the painting, but Samira insisted it was necessary because her daughter's life depended on it.

Outside, Larry jerked his arm out of Ned's grip and reminded his son that all was right with the world because the painting was with Tracy. Ned wasn't satisfied and accused his father of going too far. He reminded Larry that the painting had been a final gift from Edward to Tracy, which Larry had tried to swipe like a piece of jewelry to pawn. Larry agreed that his son had a right to be upset, but he didn't want to have the conversation in "mixed company." Larry pointedly looked at Olivia as she hovered nearby, but Ned made it clear that Olivia was family -- not Larry. Olivia warned Ned to be careful not to say anything he might regret, but Ned informed Larry that he was no longer welcome at the engagement party -- or the wedding.

Larry appealed to Olivia for help, but she sided with Ned. Larry was confident that Ned would have a change of heart, but Ned warned his father not to count on it and ordered Larry to leave. After Larry left, Ned admitted that he was ashamed of his father. Olivia assured Ned that he was nothing like his father, so he seized the opportunity to talk to her about Leo. Olivia's eyes filled with tears of joy when he told her that he'd be honored to adopt Leo. Olivia threw her arms around Ned and kissed him.

In the living room, Tracy asked Samira for proof that she was who she claimed to be. Samira handed Tracy a document, which Tracy acknowledged looked legitimate. However, Tracy also knew that good forgeries could look authentic. Samira gave the document to Laura as she implored Laura to help. Laura looked over the 72-hour emergency visa and noticed that the destination had been Virginia. Samira explained that a charity in Virginia that helped refugees had assisted her in getting the visa.

Samira revealed that her husband had died, leaving her to raise their daughter. According to Samira, her daughter had vanished one day because two men had snatched her off the street. Dillon realized that the Samira's daughter had been caught up in human trafficking because he had a friend who'd done a documentary about it and the powerful men who could buy anything on the dark web. Laura suddenly realized that Samira had been the woman she'd heard weeping in the monastery. Samira admitted she'd been distraught because her daughter had been missing for weeks.

Samira revealed that the monks had taken her in and had promised to rescue her daughter, but Tracy was curious why she hadn't gone to the police. Samira explained that the police were limited in what they could do, and the monks had offered to make an online bid. Dillon was curious how the monks could afford it, but Laura already knew -- the sale of the painting. Dillon urged his mother to give the painting to Samira, but Tracy wanted time to think about it. Samira insisted that time was of the essence, but Tracy refused to change her mind. Dillon doubted that someone would make up a story like Samira's, but Tracy reminded him that 20 million dollars was a lot of money.

Monica suggested they give the monks the money needed to make the online bid, but Tracy rejected the idea because they could end up in jail. Samira reminded Tracy that no one would know if Tracy gave her the painting, but Tracy disagreed because the painting had been cleared through customs, and the authorities would ask questions if it suddenly popped up on the black market for sale. Tracy asked Laura if Robert was still based outside of Turkey because she wondered if he could look into Samira's situation and find out what had happened to Samira's daughter. Laura agreed to call Robert, so Monica offered to have their cook whip up something for Samira to eat and settle her in one of the guest rooms for the night.

After Laura left to call Robert, and Monica went to the kitchen, Samira tried to persuade Tracy to change her mind, but Tracy stood firm because the painting was special to her. Samira revealed that she had two things that might change Tracy's mind. Samira took off a necklace with a signet ring dangling from it then pulled out a leather journal from her bag. She handed both items to Tracy, who recognized the signet ring because her father had had one like it. Tracy opened the journal and gasped when she saw Edward's handwriting. Tracy flipped to the next page and saw a picture of her mother, Lila. Samira explained that Edward had given the items to Samira's mother because they'd been good friends.

Monica returned to fetch Samira because dinner was ready. After Monica and Samira left, Tracy glanced at a picture of her parents. Her eyes filled with tears because she'd noticed Samira's blue eyes. "Don't you do this to me!" Tracy cried to her father in a voice filled with emotion.

On the next General Hospital...

• Tracy swears Laura to secrecy.

• Jax wants Carly to say yes.

• Olivia tells Julian of her decision.

• "Do you remember when I used to look like this?" Jason asks Jake.

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