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Carly urges Sam to make a choice
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

At Wyndemere, Valentin entered the living room then closed the door behind him because he didn't want Nina to leave. She warned him that she had to get to work, but he insisted on telling her how he'd gotten involved with Cassandra. Nina wasn't interested because infidelity was a "deal breaker" as far as she was concerned, but he denied that he'd been unfaithful. Nina reminded him that he'd kissed Cassandra, but he clarified that Cassandra had kissed him. Valentin assured his wife that he and Cassandra were just business associates, but Nina pointed out that he and Cassandra had been lovers at one time.

Valentin explained that Cassandra had called him out of the blue and had expressed an interest in doing business. He conceded that he'd met with Cassandra, but he'd intended to make it clear that he wasn't interested in working with her because his life had changed. He'd been surprised by the kiss, but Nina insisted that he should have pushed Cassandra away. Valentin admitted that it wasn't that simple because he couldn't afford to alienate Cassandra. According to Valentin, Cassandra was a "very complicated part of a difficult past," so he had explained his situation and had hoped that Cassandra would accept it, but he'd failed.

Nina was stunned when Valentin revealed that he had agreed to work for Cassandra and that Cassandra had moved on to trafficking opioids. Nina refused to believe that he would peddle drugs with Cassandra, so he told Nina about his plan to take Cassandra down from the inside as Anna's mole. Nina's temper flared because she was certain it was a ruse for Valentin to be close to Anna, but he assured his wife that she was wrong. Valentin explained that he'd agreed to work with Anna because Cassandra had arranged to bump into Nina and Charlotte in the restaurant as a warning to Valentin that his family wasn't safe. Nina realized that he'd done it out of necessity.

Valentin apologized because he didn't want Nina and Charlotte to pay the price for his past. Nina assured Valentin that she didn't hold it against him, but she wanted to help because Nina was in a perfect position to manipulate his ex-lover. Valentin refused to consider it and warned her that he would rather kill Cassandra than let Nina get near her. Nina agreed to back off, but she asked Valentin to be careful and to limit his contact with Anna because Nina feared that Anna would take advantage of the situation.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Diane explained that she couldn't do anything until Jason gave her authorization. Carly promised to talk to Jason right away. She asked Diane to wait then dashed off to track down Jason. Moments later, Alexis arrived, approached Diane's table, and asked if Diane had a minute. Diane admitted that she was about to embark on a frantic search for a "legal needle in a bureaucratic haystack." Alexis cut to the chase; she was curious if Diane knew how Nora Buchanan had ended up representing Olivia Jerome. Diane's eyes narrowed as she asked why Alexis wanted to know, but Alexis claimed that it was complicated.

"Oh, come on. Seriously?" Diane asked. Diane suspected that Alexis' curiosity had something to do with Julian and with Scott's recent visit. Alexis reluctantly admitted that she'd visited Julian at Pentonville and had seen his injuries firsthand. Alexis worried that Julian would end up dead if someone didn't help him, but Diane suspected that Alexis wanted to be the one to help Julian. Alexis assured Diane that Julian had refused to discuss the attack, but Diane was certain that it was only because he had wanted to talk about his love for Alexis instead. Alexis conceded that they had talked about where they stood with each other and that he had made it clear that he wanted Alexis to move on.

Diane suggested that Alexis could look at Julian's request two ways: Julian was trying to manipulate Alexis, or he was sincerely trying to let her go. Alexis was certain she knew which theory Diane subscribed to, but Diane explained that Alexis had missed the point. If Julian was a good man, then Alexis could honor his sacrifice, and if he was a bad man, then Alexis could refuse to fall into his trap. Either way, Alexis should take Julian at his word and forget about him. Alexis admitted that she couldn't live with herself if Julian died and she hadn't made an effort to stop it.

Alexis told Diane about the trip to Llanview and Nora's refusal to answer Alexis' questions. Alexis wanted to know who would pay a "heavy-hitter" like Nora Buchanan to represent Olivia Jerome -- and why. Diane looked up the court records and saw that Charlotte Cassadine's custody hearing had wrapped up on the same day as Olivia Jerome's hearing. Alexis was certain there was a connection.

At the tenth-floor nurses' station, Monica informed Jordan that Andre had cleared out his office. Anna exited the elevator and overheard the tail end of what Monica had said, so she asked what was going on. Monica explained that Andre had abandoned his position at the hospital without the courtesy of a resignation letter. After Monica excused herself, Jordan revealed that an APB had been issued for Andre because he was connected to the situation with Jason. Anna was shocked when Jordan told her about Franco's claims that Andre had produced Jason's twin's falsified death certificate.

A short time later, Anna and Jordan sat down in a quiet corner of the hospital as Anna filled Jordan in about Andre's work at the WSB. Jordan found it disturbing that Andre had been working on transplanting memories from one person to another. Anna agreed that it was unethical, which was why the WSB had abandoned the work, but Anna acknowledged that it would have been useful for intelligence work. Jordan wondered if it was possible that Andre had continued the work, prompting Anna to point out that it would explain why there were two men running around claiming to be Jason Morgan.

Meanwhile, a mystery person picked up a passport that had been issued to Arthur Matthews. Andre's photograph was used for the passport.

On Spoon Island, Alexis paid her brother a visit. Valentin greeted "Natasha" as he invited her into his home. Alexis asked him what his association to Olivia Jerome was.

At Crimson, Nina called "Cassie" and arranged to meet at Metro Court Restaurant.

At Sam and Jason's penthouse, Patient 6 stood on the balcony. He turned when he heard Sam arrive home, but his smile vanished when Jason followed his wife. Patient 6 ducked out of sight, but his temper flared as Jason nuzzled Sam's neck. In a fit of rage, Patient 6 charged into the penthouse with his gun blazing. Jason collapsed as several bullets struck him in the chest. Horrified, Sam rushed to her husband's side. "Jason! What have you done?" Sam asked at she looked at Patient 6 with tears in her eyes. "I love him," she explained. Patient 6 woke up screaming from the nightmare.

A short time later, Carly impatiently knocked on a hotel room door. Patient 6 opened it as he assured Carly, "I'm here." Carly sagged with relief, and she threw herself into Jason's arms. She apologized for the way she had behaved, but she warned him that it would take a while for her to get used to having him back. Jason closed the door then confessed that he liked that she was glad to see him. Carly's voice filled with emotion as she told Jason how much she had missed him. He was sorry that he hadn't been there, but Carly insisted that they focus on getting his life back.

Carly felt responsible for the mess that Jason was in because she had handed his life to his brother, Drew. Carly's eyes filled with fresh tears as she assured Jason that she had never seen Jason looking back at her when she had looked into Drew's eyes -- no matter how hard she had tried. She regretted that she hadn't had the courage to face the truth sooner because Jason wouldn't be sitting on the outside of his life, watching Sam go home with Drew. Jason quietly reminded Carly that Sam loved her husband, so he couldn't move against his brother without hurting Sam. Carly explained that he needed to talk to Diane, who was waiting in the restaurant.

Carly acknowledged that Jason's fingerprints had been wiped clean from the Port Charles police department's system, but he'd been arrested over fifty times prior to his disappearance in 2012. She was confident that they could persuade the department's cold case unit to help sift through the files, but Jason asked Carly to stop because he didn't care if he got his name back as long as he was home. He invited Carly to pick another name for him, but she argued that he was Jason Morgan. She wanted him to fight for himself -- and for Sam. Jason frowned then told Carly about his nightmare. Carly agreed that it had been terrible, but she reminded him that it had just been a dream.

Jason explained that he didn't want Sam caught in the middle, but Carly argued that it was unavoidable because the only way out for Sam was for Sam to make a real choice. Carly insisted that Drew would have to accept who he was, and Sam had to decide if she wanted to be with Drew or with Jason. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Monica. Carly reminded Jason to talk to Diane then left. Monica's eyes welled up with tears as she looked at Jason. He smiled at his mother then invited her to sit, but she admitted that she just wanted to look at him.

"I'm so happy to see you," Monica told Jason as her voice quivered with emotion. She admitted that he looked well, but she had expected him to stay with Sonny. Jason confessed that he had wanted to be on his own. Monica smiled because Jason had always been independent. Monica suddenly apologized because she realized that she wasn't being fair to his twin by acknowledging that his twin wasn't Jason. But she also knew that it wasn't fair to Jason to not recognize him as her son. Jason assured Monica that whatever she decided was okay.

Monica revealed that she kept reminding herself that Jason and his twin were both Alan's sons. She didn't want to dwell on how angry she was at both Susan and Heather, but Jason reminded his mother that Susan was dead and that Heather was evil. Monica explained that she was furious that Heather had allowed Alan's son to grow up away from his family because things might have been different for everyone. Jason assured Monica that he liked his life, but he admitted that he'd been unfair to the Quartermaines, especially Monica. Monica disagreed because Jason had been confused after the accident, and they had mishandled everything. Monica feared that she was mishandling things again, but she assured him that she loved him.

"I love you, too," Jason told his mother. Overjoyed, Monica hugged her son. A short time later, Jason walked his mother to the door. She admitted that she loved his twin, too, and she hoped that Jason and his twin could find a way to be brothers. Jason didn't think it was possible, but Monica reminded him that he had a gift for making the impossible possible.

At Jason and Sam's penthouse, Sam entered the living room as she called out to Jason. Jason pulled on his jacket as his wife approached. She was curious where he'd been all night, so he admitted that he'd spent the night in the living room because he'd had a lot on his mind and hadn't wanted to wake her. Sam was curious if he had reached a conclusion. He acknowledged that he had a brother, but he refused to let his twin take his life. Sam assured her husband that she supported him. Jason was grateful because he feared that they were in for a fight, since Sonny and Carly intended to back his twin with everything they had.

Sam assured Jason that his brother wouldn't cause trouble for them, but Jason became defensive because he was certain that "Drew" was in Port Charles to take everything that Jason and Sam had built. Sam promised Jason that she had his back. Jason thanked Sam, but he assured her that he was the real Jason, and there was nothing his brother could do to prove otherwise. Sam doubted that Jason's twin would be interested in Aurora Media, but Jason refused to take any chances because he feared that Sonny would push "Drew" to stake a claim. Jason wanted to make certain that he and Sam established clear ownership of the media empire before it went to court. Sam agreed that it was a good idea, but she gently reminded Jason that he and his twin shared the same DNA and the same family.

Jason bristled because he didn't intend to share his wife and children with his twin. Sam promised that Jason wouldn't have to, but Jason wondered how she could be certain of that. Sam reminded Jason that they were fighting Sonny, not Jason's brother, and she was confident that Sonny would never put the children in the middle of the fight. Jason hoped she was right. Their conversation returned to Aurora Media because Jason had an appointment to interview a man named Peter August for the CEO position.

Jason handed Peter's résumé to Sam then offered to let her have the final interview if things went well. Sam was interested because she recalled that Peter had run a publishing firm in New York City. After Sam walked Jason to the door then kissed him goodbye, she wandered over to the stairs and sat down as she recalled a night long before when she had been drunk and had persuaded Jason to dance with her.

A short time later, Carly arrived to talk to Sam about Jason. She asked if Sam's husband was there, so Sam assured Carly that they were alone. Relieved, Carly admitted that she wouldn't be much of a friend if she stood by and watched Sam make a mistake. Sam denied that she was, but Carly apologized to Sam for pressuring Sam to be with someone. Sam cut Carly off because she'd chosen to be with Jason, but Carly argued that Sam's husband wasn't Jason -- and Sam knew it. Carly appreciated that Sam couldn't say the words, but Carly could.

Carly recognized that "Andrew" was a good man because he was kind and he loved Sam. However, he wasn't Jason, and deep down inside, Sam had always known it and had made excuses for why Jason had seemed different. Carly had felt the same way, but she'd hadn't been able to deny the truth when she'd seen Jason appear at Sonny's house with Sam in his arms. Carly insisted that she could recognize Jason anywhere, and she was certain that the same was true for Sam. Carly knew the only reason that Sam wouldn't say it was because of her loyalty to the man Sam had slept with the previous night.

"I didn't sleep with anyone last night," Sam confessed. She explained that her husband had been up all night, trying to figure out what to do about his twin, who had shown up out of nowhere, and what to do about Sonny and Carly, the two people he'd thought were his best friends, who were trying to take everything from him, including Sam and the children. Carly was unapologetic, but she pointed out that it was ultimately up to Sam because Sam had to make the choice. Carly was sorry for that because she knew that Andrew would fight for Sam with everything he had, but Jason wouldn't. Carly explained that it wasn't in Jason's nature, so he'd back off until Sam needed him because all that mattered to him was Sam's happiness.

A tear slid down Sam's face as Carly warned that it wouldn't make Sam happy. Carly conceded that Andrew was a good man, and he loved Sam, but Jason owned Sam's heart and soul -- and Sam owned Jason's. Carly realized that admitting it would be the hardest thing that Sam had ever done, but it would be best for everyone, especially Andrew. After Carly left, Sam recalled how she and Jason had tumbled to the floor during their dance then shared a passionate kiss.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jason arrived for his meeting with Peter August. After Jason shook the young man's hand, they sat down at the bar and talked about Peter's work history. Jason was curious how Peter had become available just when Jason and Sam had been looking for someone with Peter's impressive background. Peter admitted that he'd been ready to return from Europe, so he'd decided to act when he'd heard about the sale of Derek Wells Media. Peter knew that Derek Wells Media had been horribly mismanaged, with the exception of Crimson, but Peter was confident that they could turn things around. Jason agreed and revealed that it was the reason he and his wife had changed the name to Aurora Media. Peter seized the opportunity to ask if Jason was really Jason Morgan.

Peter explained that he'd heard that Jason had acquired Derek Wells Media under the name Jason Morgan, but there were rumors that it might not be his true identity. Jason revealed that he'd recently had a twin surface, and there were rumblings that his twin wanted what belonged to Jason, but there wasn't any proof to back up his brother's claims. Satisfied, Peter asked if Jason needed anything else. Jason thanked Peter for his time then promised to be in touch to schedule a final interview with Sam.

After Peter left, Jason stopped off at Diane's table. He apologized for not returning her call earlier, but he'd been busy. He assumed that Diane had heard about his twin, but Diane cut Jason off and explained that she could no longer represent him because she no longer believed that he was the real Jason Morgan. Jason was disappointed that Diane had fallen for his brother's lies, but he warned her not to share any of his files with his brother, or she would be disbarred. Diane assured him that his files had already been sealed and were ready to be forwarded. Jason instructed her to send them to his office at Aurora Media then advised her to warn her client to stay away from Sam and the children.

Diane quietly explained that her client was the real Jason Morgan, and she looked forward to proving it. "Go to hell," Jason growled then stormed away. His mood didn't improve when he saw his twin exit the elevator. Jason told his brother that Diane was waiting then left.

Diane warmly greeted Patient 6, who she believed was Jason, then explained that his twin wasn't happy that she intended to prove that her client was the real Jason Morgan. Jason told her that it was just a name, and he didn't want to get into a fight over it, but Diane asked Jason to heed her advice. She explained that he had to proceed from a position of strength because his assets and name were under a cloud -- they didn't belong to Jason or his twin. She revealed that he would have to stake a claim on his name, assets, and property, but once he established that, then he could do whatever he wanted with it, including signing it all over to Sam. Jason agreed to do whatever was necessary, so Diane told him that they would have to subpoena the case files of his very first arrest in 1996.

On the next General Hospital...

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• Finn gives Chet advice.

• Patient 6 wants to say goodbye.

• Cassandra is happy to see Sonny.


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