Tuesday, December 16, 2014

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ned asked Olivia if he had done something wrong because he sensed that he had somehow upset her. Olivia assured Ned that she was fine, but he easily saw through the lie, so he promised that she could trust him because they were friends. Olivia realized that it was time for her to be honest, so she confessed that she had romantic feelings for him.

Ned was shocked by the confession, so Olivia explained that she had pushed Ned away romantically because she hadn't thought that she was ready to move on after everything that had happened with Sonny. Ned was curious what had changed. "Time," Olivia confessed. Olivia realized that she had started to fall for Ned when it had become painful for her to see him with Alexis. Olivia took a deep breath then asked him if there was any hope that he might return Olivia's feelings.

Ned gently explained that he and Alexis had history together, so he felt that he owed it to himself to explore a relationship with Alexis to see if they had a future together. Olivia was disappointed when Ned admitted that all he could offer Olivia was friendship. He wondered if she could accept that, but Olivia revealed that she couldn't.

According to Olivia, continuing to spend time with Ned would only make her feelings for him stronger and her resentment toward Alexis grow. Olivia didn't like the person she had turned into when she was around Alexis, so Olivia decided that it would be best for Olivia and Ned to stop seeing each other completely. Ned appeared disappointed but accepted Olivia's decision. Olivia kept her back to Ned as he walked away so he wouldn't see her tears. He stopped to look back at her but left after a brief hesitation.

Outside of the police station, Sam received a call from Patrick but she sent it to her voicemail.

Inside the police station, Lulu walked up as Dante studied the security footage of the gunman who had taken Sam hostage. Lulu was curious what Dante had been looking at, so he explained that he had been going over the surveillance video, hoping that it would yield a clue as to the identity of the gunman who had helped Faison escape. Frustrated, Dante admitted footage was too grainy, but the police department couldn't afford the resolution enhancement program needed to properly clean up the video until the new mayor had been named. Lulu hoped that the vote recount went in Felicia's favor then shifted gears to announce that she was headed to the courthouse to support Maxie during the custody hearing. Lulu asked Dante to keep his fingers crossed that the judge ruled in Maxie's favor and would stop keeping Maxie's social life hostage.

After Lulu left, Sam entered the squad room. She greeted Dante then asked him if there had been any new leads on Faison's whereabouts or the gunman's identity. Dante confessed that he didn't have anything new to report because the security footage hadn't helped. He offered to show Sam the video in the hopes that it would spark something that would lead to a clue, but she confessed that she had already reviewed the footage. Dante quickly realized that Spinelli had hacked into the police department's computer system, but Sam defended Spinelli by explaining that she had asked for Spinelli's help because she had been desperate to find Jason's killer.

Dante made a mental note to have a chat with Spinelli about illegally hacking into the police department's computer system, but Sam revealed that she might know who had helped Faison. Sam explained her theory about Jake being the gunman because of a phrase that both Jake and the gunman had used, but Dante warned Sam that it wasn't sufficient evidence to warrant an arrest. Dante also reminded Sam that Jake had been recovering from a serious car accident not too long before, but Sam remained certain that Jake had helped Faison.

Later, Dante and Sam reviewed the copy of the surveillance video that Spinelli had cleaned up. The video showed a closeup of the gunman looking directly into the camera. Sam looked at the gunman's eyes then turned to Dante to assure him that she was certain that Jake had been the gunman.

At the courthouse, Maxie sat in the courtroom as she recalled the stern words that Judge Walters had had for her the last time he had denied her visitation with Georgie. Moments later, Maxie received a video call from Nathan. She smiled as she greeted him, so he asked where she was. She admitted that she had arrived early for court, but she feared that the hearing would not go in her favor. Nathan was certain that Maxie would be granted visitation with Georgie, so he offered her words of encouragement then wished her luck. Maxie pulled out a Christmas ornament from her purse to show Nathan as she explained that it had once belonged to her sister, Georgie.

Maxie considered the ornament a good luck charm because it had been for her sister's first Christmas. Maxie revealed that she had given hers to her daughter when Maxie had said goodbye to Georgie the previous Christmas. Maxie smiled when Nathan assured her that he was certain that she would get to spend her daughter's second Christmas with Georgie.

Moments later, Lulu entered the courtroom, so Maxie ended the video call with Nathan. After Maxie warmly greeted her friend, Maxie began to ramble about the outfit that Maxie had selected for the hearing. Lulu calmly advised her friend to take a deep breath then promised that everything would be fine. Lulu was curious where Diane was, so Maxie checked her messages. Maxie was horrified when she saw a text message from Diane explaining that Diane would be unable to attend the custody hearing because Diane had been tied up at court with another case.

Maxie's despair turned to surprise when Alexis suddenly rushed into the courtroom, explaining that Diane had asked Alexis to step in. Maxie appreciated Alexis' offer but Maxie questioned the wisdom of being represented by someone who had successfully argued that Maxie had been an unfit mother during Dante and Lulu's bid for custody of Georgie. Alexis assured Maxie that everything would be fine, but Maxie didn't have an opportunity to respond because Judge Walters entered the courtroom.

Judge Walters immediately demanded to know where Diane was, so Alexis explained that Diane hadn't been stuck in court on another case. Judge Walters was curious why Alexis would represent a woman that Alexis had established had been an unfit mother, so Alexis explained that Maxie had made great strides in the past year to establish that she was fit to be a parent to Georgie. Judge Walters conceded that Maxie had met all the court's requirements except for one. Alexis was stunned when the judge informed Alexis that Maxie had been ordered to stay away from Nathan two months earlier when the judge had seen Maxie out with Nathan.

Alexis objected to the judge making a ruling that hadn't been part of a court record, but Judge Walters ignored her as he confronted Maxie about ignoring his warning. He revealed that he had seen Maxie leaving Nathan's hospital room the previous day, so Maxie pointed out that she had been volunteering at the hospital, which she had done for the past decade. Maxie agreed that she had entered Nathan's hospital room to deliver flowers but she insisted she had left as soon as she had realized that Nathan was the patient. The judge wondered if Maxie's encounter with Nathan at Volonino's gym weeks earlier had also been a coincidence.

Maxie was startled when the court officer stepped up to confirm that she had seen Maxie and Nathan together at the gym. Maxie's surprise turned to dread when the judge admitted that he also knew that Maxie had spent time with Nathan on Beggars' Night, which was the third strike. Alexis sputtered with outrage when Judge Walters denied Maxie's petition for visitation with Georgie then agreed to revisit the issue in another six months. Alexis warned the judge that she intended to file an appeal because the judge had acted inappropriately, but Judge Walters banged the gavel to call an end to the proceedings.

At the hospital, Jake bumped into Liesl, who greeted him with a smile as she confessed that she owed him a debt of gratitude. Surprised, Jake wondered what he had done, so Liesl explained that she had heard about his volunteer work finger painting with the children on the pediatric ward. She explained that it was good exercise for the children's minds to express themselves through art. However, her smile quickly vanished as she reminded Jake that he his volunteer work hadn't absolved him of the responsibility for paying his hospital bill.

"Oh, there's the Dr. O I know," Jake replied with a teasing grin. Liesl advised Jake to stay out of trouble because she expected him to pay in full then left. Moments later, Jason ran into Elizabeth at the nurses' station. She assumed that he wanted more art supplies, but he surprised her by holding up a paper bag then inviting her to lunch. Elizabeth agreed, so they climbed the stairs to the second landing.

Jake and Elizabeth recalled his first attempt up the stairs as Elizabeth took the paper bag from him to peek inside. She saw the sandwich, so she decided to find a quiet corner to sit and eat to avoid raining crumbs down on unsuspecting heads. Jake joked that it was a perfect location for a sneak attack, prompting Elizabeth to chuckle because he sounded like her son, Cameron. Jason wandered over to sit by Elizabeth then confessed that he liked hanging out with her.

Elizabeth smiled awkwardly as she admitted that she felt the same, but Jake feared he might have said too much. Elizabeth quickly assured him that it was fine but confessed that she was concerned because Sam had accused Jake of being the gunman who had helped Faison escape. Stunned, Jake reminded Elizabeth that it was impossible because he had been out job hunting. He offered to provide her with a list of every place he had gone, but Elizabeth insisted that it wasn't necessary because she knew Sam's suspicions were absurd.

Jake offered to leave if Elizabeth had any doubts about him or didn't want him interacting with her children, but she promised that she believed him so she didn't need or want him to move out. Touched, Jake thanked Elizabeth for believing in him.

Meanwhile, Liesl entered Nathan's hospital room as he ended a video call with Maxie. She smiled knowingly because she knew that he had been talking to Maxie. Liesl wasn't surprised because she had seen the sparks between Nathan and Maxie at the Crichton-Clark Clinic. However, Liesl scowled with disapproval as she demanded to know why Maxie wasn't at Nathan's bedside. Nathan filled his mother in about the custody hearing and the judge's order for Maxie to stay away from Nathan. Liesl was offended on her son's behalf, so she offered to have a word with the judge, but Nathan assured Liesl that it wasn't necessary.

Liesl promised that the offer would remain open because she knew what it was like to be separated from her loved ones. Nathan realized that she had been referring to Faison, so he warned her that Faison would be arrested when he was found. Liesl confided that she hoped Nathan was wrong, for Britt's sake. Nathan wanted to know what his mother was talking about, but she refused to say anything unless it was off the record. Nathan quickly agreed.

Liesl filled Nathan in about Nikolas' threat to press criminal charges against Britt and Britt's decision to leave town with Faison. Nathan was shocked but also surprised that Liesl had remained behind. Liesl explained that it had been necessary because she loved Nathan as much as she did Faison and Britt. Nathan seemed moved by his mother's confession, but he wondered if she knew where Faison and Britt had fled to. Liesl assured him that she didn't, but she knew he had a job to do, so she would understand if he decided to question her further. Nathan admitted that the only thing he was concerned about was Maxie's court hearing.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas looked at the Christmas tree he had put up then turned to Spencer to ask for his son's opinion of the tree. Spencer played with a camera as he informed his father that he was not speaking to Nikolas. Nikolas realized that Spencer was upset about Britt, so he explained that it was never acceptable for an adult to encourage a child to deceive their parent and to put that child at risk. Nikolas knew that Spencer was hurt, but Nikolas insisted that Britt had used and taken advantage of Spencer. Nikolas was determined that Britt would pay for her crime, but Spencer warned Nikolas that Britt would never go to jail because Britt had left town.

Shocked, Nikolas wondered how Spencer knew that Britt had left town, so Spencer told his father about the plan for Spencer to run away. Spencer revealed that he had been tempted to leave with Britt, but Spencer's great-grandmother had stopped him. Nikolas was confused how Lesley had gotten involved in what had transpired on the piers but Spencer quickly clarified that he had meant his great-grandmother, Helena.

Nikolas jumped up to alert security that Helena had been spotted on the piers when Helena casually sauntered into the living room through a secret passage from tunnels. She assured Nikolas that it wasn't necessary for anyone to keep an eye out for her since she was right there. Nikolas coldly greeted his grandmother, but she was confident that he was actually happy to see her. Nikolas assured Helena that she was wrong, but she didn't believe him because she was certain that he only pretended to dislike her out of misguided loyalty to his uncle, Stefan.

Helena accused her youngest son, Stefan, of poisoning Nikolas against her, but she pointed out that Stefan was gone. Nikolas reminded Helena that she had been nearly gone, as well, but she smiled as she assured her grandson that it had merely been a minor inconvenience. She pointed out that she had emerged from her brush with death without a scratch. "Sad but apparently true," Nikolas conceded.

Helena asked Spencer to give her a moment alone with Nikolas, but Nikolas warned Helena not to speak to Spencer. Nikolas sent Spencer to Nikolas' bedroom to wait, but Spencer was reluctant to leave Nikolas alone with Helena. Nikolas promised Spencer that there was nothing to worry about, so Spencer left. Helena grinned as she observed that Spencer had inherited the Cassadine wit then warned Nikolas that his son had been determined to run away until Helena had interceded by having Spencer escorted home from the piers, which were dangerous for a child.

Nikolas agreed, but he warned his grandmother never to approach Spencer again. Helena chuckled then confessed that she had missed Nikolas. She was certain that he felt the same about her, whether he wanted to admit it or not. Nikolas disagreed, but Helena didn't believe him. She scolded him for not properly greeting her then held out her arms for a hug. Nikolas smiled as he affectionately hugged Helena. However, his goodwill vanished in the next instant when he threatened to call security.

Helena reminded Nikolas that they were family, which meant that family always stuck together. Nikolas argued that most families didn't try to shoot, stab, or push each other off cliffs, but Helena waved away his suggestion that she was psychotic. She conceded that -- sadly -- Mikkos and Stavros had had psychotic tendencies, but Nikolas insisted that both his grandfather and father had been "barking mad." Helena admitted that madness had its attractions but agreed that for the good of the family, the Cassadine heir had to be sane, which Nikolas was.

Nikolas refused to have anything to do with Helena's schemes, but Helena insisted that all she had ever done was to protect the Cassadine legacy and preserve its future. Helena reminded Nikolas that he was the Cassadine future, so she expected him to embrace his birthright and accept who he truly was. According to Helena, it was time for Nikolas to act like Prince Nikolas Mikhail Stavrosovich Cassadine.

Helena urged Nikolas to stop playing the victim and ascend to the role of Cassadine patriarch because Mikkos, Stavros, and Stefan were all gone. Nikolas refused to allow Helena to force her expectations on him, but she warned him that she had taken steps to safeguard her position. Helena explained that she wanted Nikolas to be the prince he had been born to be, or everything -- the island, the money, the mansion -- would all disappear in an instant.

. . .

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