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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy sipped on coffee until Finn stormed in demanding to know where Hayden was. He explained that Hayden's bed hadn't been slept in, and she might have left town. Seconds later, Hayden strolled in from the kitchen, nibbling on an egg sandwich. Finn was surprised that Hayden was dressed for the day and seemed fully recovered from her bout of sepsis, but Hayden wanted to know why he'd been looking for her. Instead, Finn angrily asked if Tracy had known that Hayden had been in the kitchen.

Tracy reminded Finn that it wasn't her responsibility to watch Hayden, but Finn turned back to Hayden to ask where she'd spent the night, since her bed hadn't been slept in. Hayden calmly informed him that she'd made the bed earlier that morning then announced that she was headed to work. Hayden started to leave, but Finn told her that she couldn't leave because he had her test results. "I'm sorry," Finn quietly said, but Hayden wanted him to say the words for it to be real. Reluctantly, Finn confirmed that she had tested positive for the same disease that he had.

Finn admitted that he had hoped that the antibiotics he'd given Hayden for the sepsis would have wiped out any underlying infections, but it hadn't. Hayden pointed out that she felt fine and suggested that he run the tests again, but Finn explained that it wouldn't matter. Surprisingly, Hayden decided to head to work, but Finn objected. He wanted her to stay because they needed to figure out the next step. Tracy agreed and assured Hayden that the hospital could do without her for a day. Hayden insisted that she couldn't afford to take a day off and suggested that Finn focus on finding a cure.

After Hayden left, Finn told Tracy that Hayden was clearly in denial, but Tracy wanted to know about his research. Finn reminded Tracy that he would need a lab, since he no longer had access to the one at the hospital. Tracy pointed out that he only had himself to blame for the fiasco in the lab, but she was curious how much Zekenestrol he still had. Finn admitted that it wasn't enough to treat both him and Hayden. Tracy decided to put all her resources to work to find the life-saving drug, but Finn argued that it would be too dangerous because she would put ELQ at risk if she were caught. Finn knew that Tracy cared about Hayden and vowed not to rest until he had the cure.

At the hospital, Julian called out Alexis' name in a drugged haze as Jordan approached his bed. She softly identified herself as Julian rocked back and forth in bed. He didn't open his eyes, but he revealed that he'd been told that he needed an operation. Jordan confirmed that he'd already had the surgery to stop the internal bleeding and to repair his broken bones. She was curious if he recalled anything about the previous evening. Julian asked what had happened to him. Jordan explained that he'd been involved in a hit-and-run accident and asked if he knew who had been driving the car, but Julian shook his head and told her that he didn't recall anything beyond going to a bar for a drink.

Jordan admitted that she suspected the person who'd run Julian down had also planted the bomb in his car. She pointed out that the sooner he remembered the details of the accident, the sooner she could tie it to the bombing.

At the nurses' station, Bobbie greeted Elizabeth and asked about the flowers on the counter. Elizabeth revealed that they were for Bobbie. Surprised, Bobbie wondered who had sent them as Carly appeared. Bobbie grinned as Carly admitted that she'd wanted to celebrate Bobbie's first day back at work and to give her mother a peace offering because of what had happened with Nelle at the restaurant. Bobbie assured Carly that it hadn't been necessary, but she confessed that something about Nelle had rubbed her the wrong way. Carly implored her mother to give Nelle a chance because Nelle was invaluable to Carly.

Bobbie agreed to try to give Nelle the benefit of the doubt. Pleased, Carly thanked Bobbie and acknowledged that she understood Bobbie's distrust to a degree because both Bobbie and Carly had been lying schemers at one time. However, Carly had been worried that the disagreement might get between them. Bobbie chuckled and admitted that she pitied anything or anyone who dared to try to get between Bobbie and her daughter. Carly smiled and hugged her mother.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth entered Julian's hospital room to check his vitals. Julian wondered if she was one of the people who hated him. Elizabeth explained that her job was to heal the sick, but she offered to get him another nurse if he preferred it. Julian apologized and admitted that he was in a bad mood as she checked his monitors and jotted down notes on his chart. She admitted that she empathized with his situation because she'd felt the same way when she'd been hospitalized a few months earlier. Julian recalled hearing about her attack and expressed sympathy for what she'd endured.

Elizabeth appreciated Julian's kind words, but she pointed out that Paul had done far worse to a lot of people. Elizabeth shifted gears and credited her family and friends with getting her through the ordeal. Julian confessed that he didn't have the same luxury and asked when he could go home. Elizabeth warned him that he had a long recovery ahead of him and would need someone to take care of him when he went home.

At Alexis' house, Alexis walked through the living room on her way to the kitchen to fetch a cup of coffee. However, Molly arrived and immediately questioned her mother about the previous evening. Alexis tried to avoid the questions by grumbling that she needed coffee, but Molly wanted answers because she'd been worried about Alexis when her mother had failed to reply to any of the five text messages that Molly had sent the previous evening. Alexis claimed that she'd decided to take a drive to clear her head after she'd left Diane's place, prompting Molly to back off.

A short time later, Molly and Alexis sat in the living room. Molly watched her mother sip coffee and admitted that she sensed that Alexis was still troubled. Alexis explained that Thanksgiving had been difficult because of what had happened with Julian. Molly reminded her mother that things were looking up because Alexis' law license might be reinstated after the first of the year. Moments later, Jordan arrived to have a chat with Alexis about Julian.

Alexis carefully hid her nervousness as she feigned nonchalance and asked why Julian's activities should interest her. Jordan revealed that Julian had been struck by a car and was in the hospital. Alexis asked if Julian was okay, while Molly admitted that she hoped Julian was dead or that he'd been badly injured and was dying a slow death. Alexis reminded her daughter that Julian was a human being, but Molly didn't care. Alexis turned her attention back to Jordan and seized the opportunity to find out what Jordan knew about the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Jordan admitted that they didn't have any witnesses or security footage of the hit-and-run nor were there any leads on the driver. Jordan also revealed that Julian didn't recall anything beyond stopping off at the bar for a drink. Molly offered to pay for the driver's defense when the person responsible for running Julian over was found. Alexis ignored Molly as she continued to probe Jordan about Julian's recollection of the night. Jordan explained that she was more concerned that the hit-and-run had been perpetrated by the person who'd planted a bomb in Julian's car. Molly quickly stepped forward to warn Jordan that Alexis would not spy on Kristina's father, but Jordan clarified that she'd stopped by because she was concerned about Alexis' safety and wanted her to be careful.

Alexis assured Jordan that she would do her best to take appropriate precautions. After Jordan left, Molly asked if Alexis was okay. Alexis admitted that she was shaky, but she was confident that it would pass. Molly offered to take Alexis shopping for retail therapy, but Alexis declined and sent her daughter on her way. After Molly left, Alexis looked up and thanked God for looking out for her. Moments later, Alexis' phone rang.

Alexis tensed when she heard Julian's voice as he greeted her from his hospital bed. Alexis carefully acknowledged that she'd heard about his accident, but Julian cut to the chase and told her that he wanted her to visit him. Alexis argued that it wasn't a good idea, but Julian disagreed. "After all, I think you owe me that much," Julian added.

At Kelly's, Liesl was annoyed that Franco was more interested in his phone than in having breakfast with her. She admitted that she'd hoped to spend time catching up with her friend. Franco put the phone down, but Liesl wanted to know what had snagged his attention. "Tom Baker," Franco answered. Liesl rolled her eyes because she considered the man inconsequential, but Franco disagreed because Tom had once raped Elizabeth. Franco was furious that Tom was free to roam the streets, but Liesl advised Franco to let it go -- unless he'd decided to kill the man.

"Not yet," Franco told Liesl. Satisfied, Liesl was curious how Franco had been monitoring Tom's activities, so he confided that he had an IT friend at work. "Milton Faber?" Liesl asked with disgust. She insisted the man was an irresponsible slacker who was chronically late. However, she conceded that Milton was skilled in cyber technology.

Franco revealed that Milton had arranged for Franco to track the GPS on Tom's cell phone. Intrigued, Liesl was curious where Tom was at the moment. Franco checked his phone and confirmed that Tom was in his brother's house. Liesl shifted gears to make another appeal for Franco to change course by reminding him that he'd promised Elizabeth that he'd leave Tom alone. Franco insisted that he had to protect Elizabeth because he was certain that Tom would eventually target her. Liesl was curious why Franco was certain that Tom hadn't been reformed.

Franco talked about the feeling of invincibility he'd felt when he'd been on the wrong side of the law. Liesl knew it well and nodded with understanding when Franco told her that Tom had practically vibrated with it. Liesl wondered if Franco had considered telling the police about Tom rather than taking matters into his own hands, but Franco doubted that the police would care, since they considered Franco to be as bad as Tom. Liesl conceded that he had a point, but she advised him to sit back and wait until Tom made a move to avoid being accused of goading Tom into stepping out of line. Franco refused to take chances with Elizabeth's safety, but Liesl warned him that ignoring Elizabeth's request would be a violation of her trust.

Liesl pointed out that Franco was an honorable man, which meant that he couldn't make a move until Tom did. Frustrated, Franco glanced at his phone. Franco became agitated when he realized that Tom was on the move. Liesl begged Franco to calm down, but Franco argued that Tom was a predator. Franco worried for Elizabeth's safety, but Liesl suggested that he simply check the phone to find out where Tom was. Franco's worst fears were realized when he saw that Tom was at the hospital.

At the hospital, Elizabeth stopped in the hallway when she saw Hayden pounding on a vending machine and yelling because it had taken her money but not given her a snack. Elizabeth approached her sister and asked if everything was okay. Hayden froze, so Elizabeth filled up the awkward silence by mentioning that Hayden appeared to be recovered from the sepsis. Hayden's expression fell as her eyes filled with tears. Elizabeth was startled when her sister suddenly threw herself into Elizabeth's arms and wept inconsolably. Moments later, Hayden pulled herself together, told Elizabeth that Elizabeth was the last person she wanted to be around, and then walked away.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny stirred in bed. He was surprised when he stretched and his hand touched someone in bed next to him. Sonny's expression clouded with horror when he looked and realized who it was. "Oh, no," Sonny quietly said as Nelle woke up and rolled over. "Good morning," Nelle said with a soft smile. Sonny immediately jumped out of bed and got dressed as Nelle sat up in bed and pulled the covers around her.

Sonny demanded to know how he and Nelle had ended up in bed together. Nelle pretended to get upset as the reality of their situation dawned on her. A tear slid down her cheek as Sonny tried to make sense of what had happened and why he'd blacked out. Sonny admitted that he'd been drinking since Morgan had died, but he'd never blacked out before. Sonny asked how much he'd had to drink the previous evening, but Nelle claimed that she had no idea.

Sonny ran through the events of the night, including how Nelle had told him that she'd seen Carly and Jax kiss. Nelle admitted that Sonny had been furious, but Sonny brushed it off and recalled telling Nelle how Carly would get self-destructive. Sonny rubbed his head and complained of a headache, but he remained determined to find out everything about the previous evening. He questioned Nelle until she told him that he'd had too much to drink and that she'd been forced to help him to bed. Sonny wanted to know how they'd gone from her giving him a scotch to them sleeping together.

Nelle mustered up more tears as she told Sonny that they'd both been lonely, and one thing had led to another. Nelle cried as she expressed remorse and shame over what they'd done. Sonny rushed to assure her that she hadn't done anything wrong, but Nelle insisted that Carly was her boss and had been nothing but kind to her. Nelle knew that Carly would be angry and disappointed if she were to find out what they had done and begged Sonny not to say anything. Sonny assured Nelle that he would take full responsibility for what had happened, but Nelle implored Sonny to keep quiet because she didn't want Carly to look at her differently.

Sonny relented and promised Nelle that Carly would not find out that they had slept together. Seconds later, Sonny's resolve was tested when Carly arrived and called out to him. Nelle panicked, but Sonny told her to stay put and left to intercept Carly.

In the living room, Carly greeted Sonny as he appeared at the top of the stairs. Carly explained that she'd stopped by to check on him because she knew that he'd been alone on Thanksgiving. Sonny assured her that he was fine, so Carly shifted gears and admitted that she was curious if Jason had uncovered anything new about the person who had planted the bomb that had killed their son. Carly explained that she needed to know who had been responsible for their son's death in part because she hoped it would give Sonny peace. Sonny admitted that Carly had been right -- regardless of who had killed their son, Morgan was dead.

Meanwhile, Nelle slipped into the shadows at the top of the stairs to eavesdrop on Sonny and Carly's conversation. Carly warned Sonny that it didn't honor Morgan to punish Sonny, so she intended to stop. Carly regretted that she'd lashed out at Sonny and apologized for all the ugly things she'd said to him. Sonny insisted that she'd had every right to be angry because she'd believed that he'd been responsible for Morgan's death. Carly argued that Morgan would have wanted them to do better and to be kind to each other.

Carly confided that she'd had an endless loop playing in her head the previous day of all the Thanksgiving holidays she'd had with Morgan. Sonny reached for Carly's hand as they reminisced about their son and how Morgan had always produced a Christmas list after each Thanksgiving dinner. Sonny chuckled as he suggested that it had been Morgan's way of getting out of cleaning up the dishes. Carly agreed, but her smile quickly faded as she warned Sonny that Christmas would be rough for both of them and suggested that they lean on each other to get through it. Surprised, Sonny readily agreed.

Carly smiled until her eyes landed on the two empty glasses on the coffee table. Carly was curious who Sonny had spent the evening with. On the staircase, Nelle tensed.

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