Tuesday, October 6, 2015

In Silas' apartment, Kiki revealed that she usually spent her days sleeping because she had nowhere to go and felt alone. Franco promised Kiki that she was not alone, and he suggested that perhaps Nina could buy the apartment and the three of them could live there together. Nina heard Franco as she entered the room and immediately objected. Kiki wasn't surprised by Nina's reaction, but Franco was certain that he could easily change Nina's mind. Nina explained that she refused to purchase a "death apartment" and had no intention of inviting Kiki to live in whatever "humble abode" Nina and Franco picked.

Relieved, Kiki thanked Nina for saving her from the awkwardness of having to turn down Franco's offer. Franco wondered why they couldn't all get along. "Because she hates me," Nina and Kiki answered in unison. Nina was surprised by Kiki's response, so Nina quickly clarified that she didn't hate Kiki. Kiki didn't believe Nina because Kiki was the product of an affair between Nina's husband and Ava. Kiki hadn't had a choice in the matter, but she was sorry for the pain it had caused Nina.

Nina admitted that it had been wrong of her to blame Kiki for the affair, but Nina explained that it had been a confusing time when Nina had emerged from the twenty-year coma. Encouraged, Franco suggested they continue to work things out through art therapy. Kiki grabbed her purse, advised Franco to help by finding a buyer for the apartment, and then left. Franco immediately went down on bended knee to plead with Nina to invest in the apartment, but Nina refused because it would be a constant reminder that her mother had murdered Silas.

Franco conceded that the apartment had some "unpleasant" memories, but he argued that, as horrible as Silas' death had been, it had been the catalyst for Franco to prove his unwavering faith and trust in Nina. Franco gently suggested that Nina owed it to Silas to help Kiki, so Nina agreed to buy the apartment. However, she refused to budge on the issue of Kiki living with them, since it might interfere with Franco and Nina's intimate life. Franco smiled confidently as he assured Nina that it wouldn't be a problem.

Franco pointed out that inviting Kiki to live with him and Nina would give both Franco and Nina an opportunity to have the family they had both been denied and drive Ava crazy as an added bonus.

At the Floating Rib, Julian and Ava were seated at a table for dinner as they smiled and cooed to Avery, who was perched in a highchair. Julian welcomed his niece to the family. Ava beamed with pride as she added that she was the only real mother that both Kiki and Avery would ever have. Julian expressed his concern about Ava heading the Jerome organization, but Ava assured him that she could take care of business and keep her daughter safe.

Julian hoped that Ava was right, but Ava became distracted when she saw Kiki approach the bar. Julian offered to talk to his niece on Ava's behalf, but Ava decided to personally reach out to Kiki. Julian remained with Avery as Ava walked up to Kiki. Kiki knocked back a shot of vodka then ordered another as she pointedly ignored Ava. Ava begged Kiki to talk to her, but Kiki continued to block out her mother and swill vodka. Desperate, Ava invited Kiki to the table to visit with Avery, but Ava's offer fell on deaf ears.

Eventually, Kiki ordered one more drink then settled the tab. Ava implored Kiki to say hello to both Julian and Avery because they were Kiki's family, but Kiki's temper flared. Kiki informed Ava that no one -- not Ava nor Julian -- had called to check on her when Silas had died. Ava claimed that she had tried to give Kiki space because of the affair with Morgan, which Ava assured Kiki was over. Ava insisted that Kiki needed her family. Kiki agreed but said the Jeromes were not it.

After Kiki stormed out, Ava returned to the table and picked up Avery. She held the baby close as she promised Avery that Kiki would have a change of heart. Ava looked forward to when she could finally have both her daughters with her where they belonged.

Meanwhile, Kiki stopped short when she saw Franco and Nina waiting for her when she returned home. Franco happily announced that Nina had decided to buy the apartment. Kiki promised to be out by morning, but Franco explained that it wasn't necessary because they wanted Kiki to stay. Kiki was skeptical. Nina pointed out that she and Kiki had a lot in common, since they had both been betrayed by people they had loved, especially their mothers. Nina urged Kiki to allow herself to believe that wonderful things would happen, since it had worked for Nina.

Kiki wondered if Franco and Nina thought that her problems would vanish by simply trusting them. "No," Franco admitted. However, he pointed out that Kiki would not be alone because she would have Franco and Nina. Franco realized that they weren't a family, but they could be if Kiki wanted it. Kiki's eyes filled with tears as she threw herself into Franco's arms and wept. Franco held her tightly as he and Nina exchanged soft smiles.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy stood on the patio as she eavesdropped on Paul's end of a phone call. Paul warned the person on the other end of the call that he couldn't have anything tied to him and stressed the importance that his reputation remain intact. After Paul ended the call, Tracy sauntered into the living room and admitted that she had overheard what Paul had said. Paul remained calm as Tracy asked what the "newly minted D.A." was trying to cover up. Paul made a show of expressing his frustration at having to clean up both Scott and Ric's messes.

Tracy agreed that it was ridiculous that Ric had managed to lose the recording of Ava's confession, but she questioned why Paul had readily believed Ava's claims about Carlos shooting Sonny. Paul explained that he had received the information from a reliable third party. Tracy realized that he was referring to Michael, which concerned her because it meant that Michael had attended a mob sit-down. Paul pointed out that being raised by Sonny had put Michael in a good position to handle the situation, but Tracy was concerned about her great-nephew.

Tracy admitted that she had never thought there would be a day when she prayed that Sonny lived a long life because she feared that Sonny's demise would suck Michael into Sonny's world. Paul assured her that she need not be worried, since Paul intended to shut down the mob activity in Port Charles. Tracy was not comforted by the idea because it would be a dangerous undertaking. Paul promised that he would be fine, but Tracy warned him that Ava was not to be underestimated. However, Tracy wanted Paul to succeed for Michael's sake.

Paul offered to have a chat with Michael, but Tracy doubted it would help because Michael had quickly shut her down when she had raised the topic. Paul reminded Tracy that he'd faced an equally difficult task with Dillon, but he had finally gotten through to their son. Tracy conceded that he had a point, but she insisted that Paul be careful around Ava because Ava was a viper who easily lied to a person's face then stabbed them in the heart for believing her.

At Kelly's, Jake checked Elizabeth's call log as she returned to the table. He quickly put the phone down, but she had noticed. She was curious why he had been looking at it, so he confessed that he had wanted to see who had called and upset her. Elizabeth recalled her earlier conversation with Hayden when Hayden had asked if Elizabeth knew why Hayden had smashed an expensive vase during an argument with Nikolas at Wyndemere. Elizabeth pushed the memory of the phone call away as she reminded Jake that she had told him that the call had been from someone at the hospital.

Jake continued to have doubts, but Patrick and Sam walked in. The couples greeted each other before Patrick and Sam announced that they were engaged to be married. Elizabeth jumped up to hug Patrick, while Jake congratulated the couple. Patrick admitted that they had wanted to wait until after Jake and Elizabeth's wedding to share their news, but Elizabeth assured the happy couple that it was fine. Jake seemed a little surprised when Elizabeth commented that the sooner they were all married, the better.

Moments later, Patrick and Elizabeth each received a call from the hospital. Patrick and Elizabeth excused themselves to take the calls, leaving Sam alone with Jake. Sam thanked Jake for playing along at the Noodle Buddha during the vow renewal service because it had helped her to move forward and let Jason go. Jake was happy for Sam. Patrick and Elizabeth returned to announce that they were both needed at the hospital, so Sam assured Patrick that she would meet him back at home. Patrick gave Sam a quick kiss then offered Elizabeth a ride to the hospital.

After Patrick and Elizabeth left, Jake revealed that he needed Sam's help tracing a phone number. Sam arranged for Kelly's to deliver dinner to the house then called to let Anna know that Sam would be a little late. After the call, Jake apologized for inconveniencing Sam, but she brushed it off as she keyed the phone number that Jake had memorized into her tablet. She was surprised to discover that it traced back to a landline at Wyndemere. Jake admitted that it made sense for Nikolas to call Elizabeth, but Sam was skeptical, since Nikolas usually called from his cell phone.

Jake and Sam agreed that it was unlikely to have been Spencer because they couldn't imagine what Spencer would say to upset Elizabeth. Sam deduced that Hayden had been the caller, but Jake argued that Elizabeth hadn't talked to Hayden since Hayden had emerged from the coma. Sam thought it was odd, but she was certain that Hayden had called. Sam wondered what Hayden could have possibly said to rattle Elizabeth. Jake didn't know, but he intended to find out.

At Wyndemere, Hayden acknowledged that she had "blank spots" in her memory, but she was certain that she was not the type to let anyone control her. Nikolas caught Hayden off guard by kissing her, but she quickly shoved him away when she spotted Laura out of the corner of her eye. Startled by what she had walked in on, Laura turned to leave, but Nikolas called out to his mother. Laura smiled awkwardly as she apologized for intruding, but Nikolas seemed embarrassed to have been caught kissing Hayden. Laura waited for Nikolas to introduce her to the woman he had been kissing, so Nikolas simply referred to Hayden as a friend.

Hayden stepped forward to formally introduce herself. Laura was shocked because she hadn't realized that Hayden had emerged from the coma. Hayden explained that it had been recent, but she suffered from extensive amnesia. Laura thought it was convenient that Hayden no longer remembered who Jake was, but Hayden bristled because forgetting Jake's identity was nothing compared to forgetting everything else about Hayden's life. Laura immediately apologized for the insensitive remark.

Nikolas became uncomfortable when Hayden mentioned that Nikolas had suggested that Helena had confided the truth about Jake's identity to Hayden but not to Nikolas. Nikolas changed the subject by offering to get his mother settled in, but Elizabeth called. Nikolas claimed that it was important ELQ business and excused himself.

In the hallway, Nikolas warned Elizabeth that it wasn't a good time, but Elizabeth wasn't happy about Hayden's earlier phone call because Elizabeth had been with Jake at the time. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that everything was fine, but she didn't believe him because Hayden had been asking questions about the argument when Hayden had threatened to reveal that Jake was Jason. Elizabeth's concerns mounted when Nikolas mentioned that Laura was back in town. Elizabeth recalled telling Laura that Hayden had blackmailed Nikolas and that Elizabeth suspected that Nikolas had arranged for Hayden to be shot. Elizabeth turned her attention back to the phone call by begging Nikolas to keep Laura distracted and Hayden from digging any further.

In the living room, Hayden admitted that she had picked up on the tension between Nikolas and Laura, but Laura attributed it to walking in on Nikolas and Hayden. Hayden apologized for the awkward moment then changed the subject by mentioning that Spencer would be excited by Laura's arrival. As Hayden chatted, Laura realized that Hayden lived at Wyndemere. Hayden worried that Laura objected, so she said that she had been considering leaving.

Laura assured Hayden that it wasn't necessary. Moments later, Nikolas returned. Hayden quickly excused herself to ask the chef to prepare a special dinner to celebrate Laura's arrival. After Hayden left, Laura demanded to know what was going on between Nikolas and Hayden. Nikolas explained that he had to keep a close eye on Hayden, but the old spark of passion had flared back to life.

Laura was curious if Nikolas had feelings for Hayden, and he confessed that he did. Laura wondered how he intended to have a relationship with a woman that he had once tried to have killed.

At the hospital, Carly sat at Sonny's beside and tearfully told him that she refused to believe that he might not wake up. She reminded him that he had too much left to do and too many people who needed him, including Carly. Carly begged Sonny to return to her. Sonny moved his hand. Filled with hope, Carly asked him to open his eyes. Sonny's eyes slowly fluttered open. "You're so bossy," Sonny whispered as he turned to look at Carly.

Overjoyed, Carly told Sonny about their wedding ceremony, the embolism, and the emergency surgery. She promised that he was doing well and vowed not to leave his side. Carly warned Sonny that Patrick wasn't certain how the embolism had affected Sonny. Sonny was eager to see Avery, but Carly carefully explained that he needed to take it easy. Sonny didn't care, but Patrick arrived before Carly was forced to tell Sonny about Ava securing temporary custody of Avery.

Patrick immediately picked up on Sonny's anxiety, so he calmly explained that it was a common side effect of anesthesia then shifted gears by asking Carly to step out of the room while he examined Sonny. Things went well until Patrick tested the bottom of Sonny's feet and Sonny didn't respond.

In the hallway, Elizabeth spotted Carly. Carly told her that Patrick was with Sonny. Moments later, Patrick stepped out and instructed Elizabeth to give Sonny a tranquilizer. Alarmed, Carly wondered what was going on. Patrick revealed that he needed to speak privately to both Carly and Sonny. After Elizabeth exited the room, Patrick closed the door and gently explained that the embolism had caused partial paralysis in Sonny's legs. Sonny demanded to know if it was permanent. Patrick admitted that it was too soon to tell without further testing.

After Patrick left to order the necessary tests, Carly assured Sonny that everything would be fine. Sonny was upset, but Carly insisted that she wanted to marry Sonny. Sonny refused to marry her until he knew for certain that he would be able to walk again.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth bumped into Jake. Jake explained that he wanted to know why Hayden had called her.

. . .

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