Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Robin was on the phone with Patrick assuring him that she understood that he couldn't make it to the ball because he was lecturing at a medical conference, but she admitted that she'd miss him. Robin wrapped up the call as Emma ran in from outside to announce that it was time. Robin and Emma sat on the sofa, turned on the television, and watched as Donny Sheldon welcomed viewers to the 2016 Nurses Ball and red carpet arrivals.

At the nurses' station, Maxie approached Griffin and advised him to have a long talk with Amy because Amy had been spreading gossip about Griffin being a priest. Maxie was stunned when he admitted that it was true. Griffin explained that he was on a leave of absence, but he remained a priest. "What a waste," Maxie muttered under her breath before shifting gears to announce that she was there to fetch Nathan for the Nurses Ball.

Griffin informed Maxie that Nathan wasn't in any condition to attend the event, but Maxie insisted that she needed someone to escort her on the red carpet. Griffin was caught off guard when Maxie suggested that he take her because he would be the perfect stand-in, since he was a priest. Griffin argued that he didn't have a tuxedo, but Maxie assured him that she could take care of that with one phone call. Griffin was about to object until he received a text message that made him smile.

At Ava's apartment, Scott sported a dark blue tuxedo with satin lapels as he complimented Ava's flattering red gown. She appreciated the praise but decided to broach the subject of Scott moving out when Avery returned home. Scott cut her off by ducking into his bedroom to fetch the tickets for the ball as Kiki entered the living room. Scott was impressed with Kiki's shimmering, form-fitting, soft blue dress. Ava smiled at her daughter as Scott disappeared down the hall. Ava agreed that Kiki looked beautiful, but Kiki was disappointed that Kiki couldn't attend the ball with Morgan.

Ava feigned concern as she asked if anything had happened between Kiki and Morgan. "You could say that," Kiki replied then quickly filled Ava in about Morgan's decision to end things with her. Ava claimed to be sorry but added that it might be for the best. Kiki appeared skeptical, but Ava changed the subject by reminding Kiki that Jerome women didn't sit at home and adding that they would be the belles of the ball. Scott heartily agreed as he returned and admitted that he felt honored to squire two beautiful women to the ball.

At Metro Court, Carly put the finishing touches on the reception area and instructed the bartender to keep an eye on the gift bags to make certain that no one walked off with more than one bag. Carly's good mood soured when she saw Liesl. Liesl, dressed in a beaded burgundy gown with long sleeves, smiled innocently as she greeted Carly. Carly wasn't fooled because she recalled that Liesl had hijacked the opening number of the Nurses Ball for two years running, so she warned Liesl that security would intercede if Liesl tried again. Liesl scoffed and informed Carly that Liesl would never do anything as predictable as taking over the opening number. "I have something much better in mind," Liesl said under her breath with a cunning smile as Carly left.

Backstage, Lucy sent everyone scurrying to get ready for the opening number. Lucy's eyes narrowed when she saw Amy chatting away on the phone about finally performing onstage and bragging that Amy's number would be amazing. Lucy sternly ordered Amy to get changed for the opening number. Amy quickly ended the call and started backing away as she apologized to Lucy. At the same time, Elizabeth entered the area and tripped as Amy bumped into her.

Franco suddenly appeared and caught Elizabeth before she hit the ground. Franco held Elizabeth in his arms as he told Amy to watch where Amy was going. Amy apologized but added that some people didn't have any natural grace or talent. Amy shot Elizabeth a nasty look and walked away as Lucy stared at Amy with disbelief. Elizabeth ordered Franco to put her down but winced when her feet touched the ground because Elizabeth realized that she had twisted her ankle and would not be able to perform. Disappointed, Lucy decided that Elizabeth could help by changing into a gown and promoting the gala on the red carpet. Elizabeth pointed out that she couldn't walk, but Franco offered to escort Elizabeth and be her "crutch."

On the red carpet, Donny introduced his co-hosts -- Abbie Boudreau from Good Morning America and Nina. Abbie was glamorous in a stunning gold and silver dress, while Nina looked vibrant in a yellow summer gown with a delicate lace design. Nina nervously glanced at the camera while Donny and Abbie chatted about the red carpet fashions. The first couple to step onto the red carpet was Lucas and Bobbie. Bobbie garnered praise from all three hosts for her dazzling blue gown with cutout shoulders.

Next, Epiphany arrived wearing an elegant black gown and shimmering gold jacket. Donny was curious where Epiphany's date was, but Epiphany smiled as she cryptically explained that Milo would be at the ball. Abbie was curious who Milo was, so Donny explained that Milo was part of Milo and the Magic Wands -- a popular act that had been added in recent years. Nina revealed that Milo was a "stripper," but Donny quickly clarified that the act was very classy. Nina conceded that it was tastefully done.

Moments later, Anna arrived wearing a dark blue velvet gown with silver sequin accents along the sides of the halter-top style dress. Donny and Abbie praised Anna's fashion taste, while Nina mentioned that Anna had recently been arrested and asked what it felt like to go from enforcing the law to breaking it. Donny tactfully changed the subject and allowed Anna to escape before Nina had an opportunity to ask more awkward questions. Next, Brad and Felix arrived. Donny reminded viewers that Brad had proposed to Lucas during the previous Nurses Ball, so Brad promised that the 2016 Nurses Ball would be just as memorable.

Donny and Felix exchanged a flirtatious glance before Brad and Felix moved on. Next, Jordan arrived with Andre. Donny and Abbie loved Jordan's creamy satin gown with a pink and blue jeweled neckline, but Nina advised Jordan to up her fashion game if Jordan hoped to hold onto a man as "hot" as Andre. Everyone's attention moved to the new arrivals as Nikolas and Hayden made an appearance. Hayden wore a sparkling dark purple gown with flattering cutout accents. Nina quickly informed viewers that Hayden's real name was Rachel Berlin and suggested that perhaps Hayden had a fortune hidden away.

Donny and Abbie recognized the name and Hayden's connection to the infamous Raymond Berlin, but Hayden assured everyone that she'd had nothing to do with her father's crimes and denied having a hidden fortune. Nikolas questioned Hayden's claim by pointing out that if she'd been cunning enough to hide her true identity, then anything was possible. Nikolas smiled and added that Hayden kept things interesting, but she was furious as she followed Nikolas into the hotel.

Hayden blasted Nikolas for suggesting to Donny that she might have money hidden away, but Nikolas was unapologetic. Hayden assured Nikolas that she'd been prepared to put up a front as a happily married couple, but he'd better not push her too hard because she wouldn't hesitate to push back. Nikolas watched as Hayden stormed away.

Nearby, Carly saw Lucy checking on the gift bags. Carly assured Lucy that everything was in order and sent Lucy to get ready. Moments later, Carly's phone chimed with a calendar reminder that Ava intended to fetch Avery in the morning. Carly vowed to stop it from happening.

At the bar, Anna ordered a vodka martini as Andre walked up. Andre made a joke about spies preferring their martinis shaken, not stirred, as Anna chuckled and thanked Andre for saving her life. Jordan walked up and greeted Anna before revealing that she intended to drop all charges against Anna the following day. Anna appreciated Jordan's support. Jordan thanked Anna for keeping Jordan's date entertained while Jordan checked in with the police station. Jordan led Andre away.

Anna watched as Andre showered Jordan with compliments and confessed that he wished they could be alone. Anna decided to slip into the ballroom and looked around as she softly whispered to Duke that she missed him. Moments later, Emma appeared onstage to announce that she had a surprise for her grandmother. Anna was thrilled when Robin stepped out from behind the curtain, wearing a dark blue knee-length dress with a long train flowing down the back. Anna happily greeted her daughter and granddaughter with a warm hug as Emma revealed that Robin had sworn Emma to secrecy until Robin and Emma had arrived for the Nurses Ball. Emma confessed that she'd sent Griffin a text message asking him to attend the ball.

Backstage, Bobbie thanked Lucas for spending time with her before the wedding and her performance. Lucas confessed that he was nervous about the wedding. Nearby, Brad explained to Felix that Lucas had insisted on spending the night apart because Lucas feared that it would be bad luck for Brad and Lucas to see each other before the wedding. Felix wondered if Brad was superstitious, too, but Brad shook his head because he figured nothing could go wrong after everything Brad and Lucas had been through to get to where they were.

Brad was startled when he suddenly saw Lucas and Bobbie standing backstage. Lucas was upset until Bobbie confessed that it had been her doing because she had wanted a moment alone with Lucas and Brad. After Bobbie, Felix, Lucas, and Brad picked up a glass of Champagne, Bobbie acknowledged that Lucas and Brad's road to happiness hadn't always been easy, but she wished them a lifetime of joy.

On the red carpet, ABC reporter Georgie Pennacchio interviewed Carly about the 2016 Nurses Ball, but Carly explained that she'd been sworn to secrecy. However, she promised that it would be one of the best. Nearby, Lucy made an appearance in a black beaded mermaid dress as she gushed to Donny and Abbie about the talented staff at General Hospital and the charity the Nurses Ball raised money for.

Meanwhile, Scott, Ava, and Kiki arrived on the red carpet. Nina didn't hesitate to introduce Ava to viewers as a "home wrecker" and Scott as Ava's "sleazy lawyer." Lucy quickly intervened -- with Carly's help -- by dragging Ava away from Nina to pose for photographs. Ava glared at Carly and waited until the cameras stopped snapping pictures to remind Carly that Ava intended to take Avery home in the morning.

Nearby, Dillon greeted Kiki and offered to get a drink with her, but she declined because she knew he was busy with work. Dillon's expression clouded with concern as he watched Kiki walk away. Inside, Scott noticed Lucy walk past him and called out to her. Lucy tensed but pasted on a smile as she stopped and greeted Scott. Scott complimented Lucy, but she was more curious about Scott and Ava's relationship. Ava made it clear that it was a date of convenience only, but Lucy appeared skeptical and told them to enjoy their evening and to donate.

After Lucy left, Ava realized that she'd forgotten her checkbook at home and asked if Scott would fetch it, but he refused. Annoyed, Ava decided to return home to get the checkbook.

On the red carpet, Maxie and Griffin talked to Donny, Abbie, and Nina. Donny was impressed with Maxie's black form-hugging designer gown, but Nina told Donny, Abbie, and the viewers that Maxie was engaged to Nina's brother. Nina was curious who the man with Maxie was, so Maxie explained that Griffin was Nathan's doctor and the man who had saved Nathan's life. Embarrassed, Nina thanked Griffin as Maxie quickly moved things along by turning to Dillon and asking him to photograph the back of her dress, which featured a stunning jeweled design from top to bottom in an array of colors.

Hayden returned to the red carpet as Franco and Elizabeth arrived. Hayden groaned with frustration when she noticed that Elizabeth was wearing the same dress as Hayden. Meanwhile, Nina was not happy because of Franco's appearance and tried to embarrass Elizabeth by pointing out that both Elizabeth and Hayden had worn the same dress to the gala. Horrified, Maxie quickly stepped forward to assure Elizabeth that the problem could easily be rectified, and she hustled Elizabeth to Crimson to change into a designer dress.

Next, Curtis and Valerie arrived. Donny, Abbie, and Nina agreed that Valerie looked divine in a short peach dress with a floral lace overlay that flowed to the ground. After Curtis and Valerie entered the hotel, Sam and Jason arrived. Sam wore a ball gown with a fitted black top, wide black belt, and black-and-white striped skirt to match Jason's black-tie tuxedo. After a brief talk with Donny, Abbie, and Nina, Sam and Jason posed for pictures. Jason's smile vanished when he saw Franco and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth had changed into a red strapless dress with a bell-shaped skirt splashed with a colorful floral print on a white backdrop. Franco helped Elizabeth as she limped forward. Donny approved of the new dress and told Elizabeth that she looked beautiful. Nina scowled when Franco insisted that a dress was only as beautiful as the woman who wore it. Jason was seething mad when Franco and Elizabeth joined him and Sam for pictures. Franco made a sarcastic remark as he greeted Jason, but Jason cut to the chase and informed Elizabeth that the more Jason remembered the past, the more he disapproved of her relationship with Franco.

Jason conceded that it wasn't the time or place to argue, but he warned Elizabeth that he did not want their son around Franco and assured her that he intended to talk to her at length about it in the near future. After Jason and Sam entered the hotel, Jason apologized to Sam for losing his temper, but she assured him that he'd handled himself perfectly. Jason was surprised when Robin suddenly walked up and greeted him. Sam excused herself to say hello to Emma while Jason and Robin chatted. Jason filled her in about his memories and admitted that he knew why the night was important to her. Robin was happy for Jason and thought it was remarkable that they were both in attendance for the ball.

After Robin left, Nikolas marched up to let Jason know that he was onto Jason's tricks. Jason assured Nikolas that he had no idea what Nikolas was talking about, but Nikolas didn't believe Jason and promised to give Jason a war if that was what Jason wanted. Jason insisted that he didn't want to fight Nikolas, for Emily's sake, but Nikolas was furious that Jason had mentioned Emily's name. Sam defended Jason by informing Nikolas that Jason's memories had returned. Nikolas wasn't impressed because it meant that Jason recalled being a criminal.

Nearby, Maxie and Robin enjoyed a happy reunion as they talked about Maxie's engagement. Emma greeted Griffin and asked if it was true that Griffin was a priest. Griffin admitted that it was, but Emma was confused because she couldn't understand why Griffin didn't want to fall in love and get married. Maxie admitted that she was as baffled as Emma. Emma smiled and twirled to show Maxie the raspberry gown Emma had picked out. Griffin smiled as he confessed to Robin that he might be in love with Robin's daughter.

Meanwhile, Carly used Morgan's key to slip into Ava's apartment. Carly couldn't believe the key still worked but set to work trying to figure out where Ava had hidden the jump drive with the recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder. Carly stumbled onto the hiding place by accident when she picked up a martini shaker and heard something rattling around inside. Moments later, Carly froze when she heard a key slide into the front door. In the hallway, Ava unlocked her door but glanced in her purse and noticed her checkbook. Annoyed that she hadn't noticed it sooner, Ava locked the door and left.

A short time later, Carly entered a dressing room at the hotel and quickly checked the jump drive to find out what was on it.

Meanwhile, everyone sat down as Lucy kicked off the 2016 Nurses Ball. Techno music filled the ballroom as Epiphany, followed by an array of nurses and doctors, stepped onstage and danced as several people including Felix, Andre, Amy, and Bobbie, rapped about the history of General Hospital, starting with Steve Hardy in 1963. The opening number ended with a loud round of applause.

Backstage, Liesl smiled with anticipation. She had changed into a dirndl and held two hand puppets as she prepared to go onstage and perform a medley from The Sound of Music. However, four male nurses wearing black ski masks appeared and quickly picked her up and carried her away.

Elsewhere, Bobbie felt short of breath and suddenly collapsed.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...

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• Liesl orders Finn to step away from Lucas
• Brad calls Julian
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