Tuesday, February 24, 2015

At Julian's apartment, Alexis appeared deep in thought as she stood in the living room, wearing Julian's shirt. Julian approached her from behind and nuzzled her neck as he asked what she was thinking about. "Ned," Alexis admitted. Julian tensed as he half-jokingly confessed he was hurt she would think about Ned after spending the night in Julian's arms. Alexis smiled as she assured Julian that he didn't have anything to worry about because she had chosen him and adored him.

However, Alexis remained troubled about Ned and Olivia's claim that Ned was the father of Olivia's baby. Julian admitted he had been surprised to learn about Olivia's pregnancy, but he imagined Alexis had been hurt that Ned had cheated. Alexis confessed she hadn't been hurt in part because she hadn't been in any position to judge, since she had slept with Julian. Alexis explained that she questioned Ned and Olivia's version of events of the night Alexis had supposedly caught the couple "in flagrante delicto" because it hadn't matched up with what Alexis recalled of the movie night at the Quartermaine mansion.

Julian chuckled as he pointed out that it was not unheard of for teenagers to use the excuse of watching a movie to cover up having sex, but Alexis was certain she had not walked in on Ned and Olivia right after they'd had sex. Alexis added that Ned's announcement about Olivia's baby was too similar to what he had done when Alexis had been pregnant with Kristina. She conceded Ned's heart had been in the right place because Alexis had been determined to keep Sonny away from Kristina, but she was certain Ned was lying about Olivia's baby. Julian doubted Ned would be stupid enough to pull the same stunt twice, so Alexis was curious if Julian believed Olivia.

Julian confessed that Olivia had always struck him as a "straight shooter," but he added he would want to know if she was having his baby. Alexis was curious if Julian would want to be a part of the baby's life, so Julian explained he regretted not being able to watch Lucas and Sam grow up because he had missed out on all the important milestones during their childhoods. Julian realized Lucas had been lucky to be raised by a supportive family, but Sam had had a rough childhood. He cherished the relationships he had with his children but he wished he could have been a father to both of them from the beginning. Alexis also had regrets, but she was determined to focus on the present and their grandson, Danny.

Alexis pointed out that at least she and Julian could watch Danny grow up and enjoy all the special moments with Danny that they had missed with Sam. Julian agreed, so Alexis kissed him. Afterwards, she teased him about being a "hot grandpa." Julian feigned horror, so he proposed a deal; he would not call her grandma if she didn't call him grandpa. Alexis happily agreed. Pleased, Julian confessed it was best Olivia's baby was Ned's because he was happy with the wonderful family he had.

At Kelly's, Ned was about to take a bite of apple pie when Olivia suddenly appeared and helped herself to the slice. Ned stared at Olivia with disbelief, but she was unapologetic as she reminded him that she was eating for two. After Olivia devoured the pie, Ned asked how it had been. Olivia grinned as she confessed it had been perfect, but her smile quickly vanished as she changed the subject to ask what Ned had been thinking by claiming her baby was his. Ned pointed out Olivia had been determined to keep Julian from learning the truth, so Ned had done what had been necessary to help Olivia and safeguard the baby.

Olivia feared Ned might have made things worse because Alexis hadn't believed the lie, but Ned was confident that Julian had. After Olivia ordered another piece of pie, Ned assured Olivia that Alexis wouldn't push it because Alexis was in love with Julian. Olivia appreciated Ned's help, but she was curious if he was prepared to live with the consequences. Ned conceded he had made a rash decision, but he didn't regret it because he intended to stand by Olivia in whatever way she needed. Olivia was touched, so she slid the plate with the remainder of her pie between them to share. She advised him that he would need to keep his strength up if they were going through with the ruse.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth arrived home and called out to Lucas to ask if he was there. "No, I am," Ric said as he rounded the corner. He revealed he had let himself in with his key then explained that Lucas had taken Cameron and Josslyn to the mall to burn off some energy. Elizabeth was grateful because she imagined the kids had been bouncing off the walls after all the sugar they had consumed at the party. Ric appreciated having some time to talk to Elizabeth about Jake because he had wanted to apologize for allowing his personal feelings to get in the way of properly representing a client. Elizabeth insisted Ric should have told her he had issues before agreeing to take Jake's case.

Ric insisted no jury would have believed that Helena had controlled Jake's mind, and if they had, then Jake would have remained a danger to everyone. Elizabeth disagreed because the microchip had been removed from Jake's brain, but Ric argued the device hadn't been proof of anything, since Jake could have had the microchip implanted to give himself plausible deniability. Elizabeth insisted it was an absurd argument because Jake had risked his life to be free of Helena's hold by undergoing the life-threatening brain surgery. Elizabeth's temper flared as she accused Ric of trying to send a man to jail for life simply to get Jake out of the way.

Ric conceded he had crossed a line by trying to play God with Jake's life, but he insisted he had been desperate after spending months in the Witness Protection Program, missing Molly and thinking about how much he loved Elizabeth. Elizabeth realized Ric had gone through hell, but she was concerned because his behavior had been reminiscent of the way he had been in the past. She reminded him that he had promised he was a changed man. Ric acknowledged he had let her down, but he wondered if he'd had reason to feel threatened by Jake.

Ric insisted he needed to know how Elizabeth felt about Jake if Ric and Elizabeth had any hope of moving forward. Cameron suddenly walked in before Elizabeth could answer, so Elizabeth asked her son where Lucas was. Cameron explained that Lucas had walked him to the door but had rushed back to the car because Brad had made the mistake of telling Josslyn that a remake of Children of the Corn would be "cool," which had infuriated Josslyn because the movie was a classic. Ric smiled then shifted gears to admit he had been surprised Cameron had gone to Spencer's birthday party.

Cameron admitted Spencer wasn't his favorite person, but Spencer knew how to throw a good party. Elizabeth confessed she had heard about Cameron and Emma's spat, so Cameron revealed that he and Emma had broken up because he had found someone who cared more about him than Emma did. Cameron proceeded to tell Ric and Elizabeth about the party until Elizabeth sent her son upstairs to brush his teeth and get ready for bed. Elizabeth looked pointedly at Ric as she explained that she needed to get to bed too. Ric realized it was his cue to leave, but he assured her he desperately wanted to make their relationship work.

Ric opened the door but stopped to let Elizabeth know it hadn't escaped his notice that she hadn't answered his earlier question about Jake. Elizabeth remained quiet as she watched him leave.

Later, Elizabeth watched as Cameron sifted through his gift bag from the birthday party. He found a piece of candy he wanted to eat, so Elizabeth warned him that he would have to brush his teeth again. Cameron agreed, but his smile faded as he sat next to his mother on the sofa. Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Cameron then invited him to talk to her about the breakup. Cameron confessed that relationships were hard. "You said a mouthful," Elizabeth agreed as she hugged her son tightly.

In Jake's hospital room, Jake woke up and saw Sam standing at his bedside. Sam offered to return later, but Jake was curious why she was there. Sam explained that she had a question about something he had said to her before the surgery then reminded him of the comment he had made about there only being one ring. She wondered if he had been referring to a wedding ring. Jake's brow furrowed because he recalled talking to her about a ring, but he had no idea if it had been a wedding ring. He was curious why Sam suspected he had been referring to a wedding ring, so Sam confessed it had just been a feeling.

According to Sam, she had hoped the ring might help lead to Jake's identity, but he couldn't recall. Sam assured him not to worry because brain surgery was a lot to endure, but Jake feared the operation had permanently erased his memories. Sam surprised Jake by offering to talk to Nikolas, since Helena loved Nikolas and might reveal information about Jake if Nikolas asked. Sam confessed Nikolas was her cousin but quickly assured him that Nikolas was a good person despite being raised by a "nest of vipers."

Jake appreciated Sam's offer, but he was curious why she would help him. Sam explained she had been in denial about Jason's death for a long time until she finally realized that Jason would have found a way home to her if he had survived the shooting. Sam didn't want another woman to go through what she had. She had no idea if Nikolas could help, but she intended to ask. Jake thanked her, so she told him to get some rest then left.

At Wyndemere, Patrick entered the parlor as Nikolas sipped on a drink. Patrick explained that Alfred had let him in on the way out, so Nikolas revealed he had given the staff the rest of the week off to show his appreciation to everyone for putting up with Spencer's demands while preparing for the party. Patrick smiled then revealed he was there to pick up Emma. Nikolas told Patrick about Cameron and Emma's breakup but assured Patrick that Spencer had cheered Emma up. Patrick chuckled then admitted it was hard to keep up with their children's love lives.

Nikolas confessed that Spencer and Emma had been waltzing, so Emma had made Spencer the happiest ten-year-old boy in the world. Nikolas assured Patrick that Patrick had nothing to worry about because Spencer had been raised to be a gentleman. Patrick accepted a drink Nikolas poured as Patrick promised he wasn't concerned, since Elizabeth had often sung Nikolas' praises. Nikolas seized the opportunity to mention Elizabeth's visit and the revelation that Jake had remembered his identity. Patrick explained the microchip had been successfully removed from Jake's brain, but whatever Jake had recalled was gone.

Nikolas hid his smile of relief by taking a sip of his drink then continued to question Patrick about Jake's recovery and the chances of Jake remembering his past. Patrick admitted he had no idea if Jake would ever regain his memories, but Patrick was curious why Nikolas was so interested in Jake's case. Nikolas confessed he knew what it was like to be in Jake's situation because Nikolas had once suffered amnesia following a car accident. Nikolas explained Emily had spent months thinking he was dead.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Emma danced in the living room, unaware a fire smoldered behind the gift bag table. Emma was impressed Spencer knew how to waltz, so he credited his great-grandmother with teaching him. Spencer beamed with joy as he confessed that Emma had made his birthday party perfect, but he realized Emma might upset about what had happened with Cameron. Emma admitted that she hadn't expected things to fall apart so quickly. Spencer gently told her that some things weren't meant to be but added that perhaps other things were.

Emma's smile faded as she suddenly smelled smoke. Spencer turned around to look for the source of the smell until he saw the flames behind the table. He quickly rushed Emma to safety but realized he had left the boxing robe his uncle Sonny had sent to him near the table. Despite Emma's objections, Spencer ran to grab it, but the fire had reached the ceiling's beams. The smoke alarm blared as a beam suddenly collapsed, trapping Spencer in the room. Panicked, Emma ran to fetch Nikolas.

In the parlor, Nikolas handed Patrick a "swag bag" for Emma. Both men became alarmed when Emma ran into the room, begging for help. She quickly told them about the fire, so Nikolas raced to the living room to save his son while Patrick called 9-1-1 and carried Emma outside to safety. Emma was distraught as she worried about Spencer, but Patrick ordered Emma to stay put until the fire department arrived. Emma agreed, so Patrick ran back inside to help Nikolas.

Nikolas stood in the doorway of the living room calling out to Spencer, but Spencer didn't respond. Patrick handed Nikolas a jacket and instructed Nikolas to use it to keep the flames at bay while Nikolas rushed through the fire to search for Spencer. Nikolas took the jacket then told Patrick there was a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Patrick dashed off to fetch the fire extinguisher as Nikolas ran through the flames to get to Spencer. As soon as Patrick returned with the fire extinguisher, Nikolas wrapped Spencer up in the jacket and ran out of the living room through a path Patrick had cleared for them.

Outside, Nikolas set Spencer down as Patrick examined the unconscious boy. Nikolas desperately asked Patrick to tell him that Spencer was alive.

. . .

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