Tuesday, July 22, 2014

At the police station, Scott asked to meet with Anna because he wanted to discuss Rafe's situation. Anna assured Scott that everything had been done by the book, so Scott assured her that he believed her. However, he wanted to discuss how the drugs had ended up in Rafe's system when the police department was supposed to be cracking down on the drug trade in Port Charles. Anna snidely suggested that Scott ask Julian, since Scott had proven to be in Julian's back pocket by arranging for Julian to be released from jail after the shooting at the gallery. Scott insisted that it had been the right thing to do because he knew firsthand what it was like for a father to see his child in pain.

Anna didn't believe Scott because Scott had spent very little time with his son, Franco. Scott assured her that she was wrong but added that he had been referring to his daughter with Lucy, Serena. Anna suspected that Scott had been motivated to help Julian not out of compassion but rather to repay Julian for Julian's help forcing Scott's opponent, Benjamin Lazaro, to bow out of the race for district attorney at the last minute. Scott denied any wrongdoing during the election but added that Julian had been on the up and up since Ric had died, unless Anna knew something that Scott didn't. Anna was spared from having to respond when a police officer let her know that Nikolas was waiting on the phone to speak to her.

At Metro Court, Lucy knocked on Scott's door, but it was a smiling Bobbie, dressed in Scott's robe, who greeted her. Stunned, Lucy pushed her way past Bobbie, demanding to know why Bobbie was in Scott's suite without Scott's permission. Bobbie's expression turned smug as she revealed that Scott had invited Bobbie. Lucy sputtered with outrage as she tried to dismiss Scott and Bobbie's dalliance as insignificant. Bobbie bristled as she reminded Lucy that Lucy had repeatedly rejected Scott, but Lucy defended her actions by explaining that she had been confused and hurt over her crumbling marriage.

Bobbie was unmoved by Lucy's excuses, so Lucy accused Bobbie of using Bobbie's friendship with Scott to "slither" her way back into Scott's bed. Bobbie pushed Lucy's buttons by vowing to use all the tricks that Bobbie had learned from her days as a prostitute to hold on to Scott. Lucy conceded that it had been wrong to publicly humiliate Bobbie by throwing Bobbie's past as a prostitute in Bobbie's face. Bobbie agreed, especially since Lucy hadn't been in a position to judge Bobbie because of Lucy's own adulterous history of cheating on each of Lucy's husbands.

Annoyed, Lucy shot back that Bobbie had been dumped by more men than Lucy could count, including one man who had left Bobbie for Bobbie's own daughter. Bobbie warned Lucy not to talk about Carly, but Lucy ignored the warning and continued to goad Bobbie until Bobbie retaliated by slapping Lucy. Startled, Lucy struck back, prompting Bobbie to propel herself at Lucy. The fight escalated as the two women tumbled onto the bed and then rolled to the floor.

Moments later, Scott entered the suite. He took in the scene with shocked disbelief then loudly demanded to know what was going on. Bobbie was the first to pull away and speak up by accusing Lucy of starting it. Furious, Lucy launched herself at Bobbie, so Scott was forced to step in to pull the women apart. Lucy tearfully explained that she had stopped by to talk to Scott about something important, but it no longer mattered. Bobbie smiled with satisfaction as Lucy fled in tears.

At Metro Court, Olivia slid the keycard into the door of the suite where Spencer had been hiding. Nikolas was furious that Spencer had been given a room, despite not being accompanied by an adult. Olivia apologized and promised that heads would roll once she got to the bottom of things, but Nikolas was too worried about Spencer to care. He and Britt followed Olivia into the suite but stopped at the foot of the bed as Olivia searched the rooms. The bed was littered with candy wrappers and crumbs, but Spencer was nowhere to be seen.

Olivia immediately called the front desk to ask if anyone had seen Spencer. Nikolas was frantic with worry, so Britt suggested that perhaps Spencer had merely slipped down the hall for ice. Olivia promised to alert security and to have everyone on staff search for Spencer, but Nikolas feared the worst. Britt reminded Nikolas that he could use the application on his phone to track Spencer again so Nikolas pulled out his cell phone. Britt seized the opportunity to quickly send Spencer a text message to find out where he was.

Britt tucked the phone away when Nikolas growled with frustration because the application hadn't picked up a signal on Spencer. Britt assured Nikolas that it wasn't cause for concern because Spencer might have disabled the GPS on the phone. Nikolas decided to do another sweep of the suite to look for a clue that might lead him to Spencer. Britt covertly sent Spencer another text message asking where he was. Spencer replied by advising her to check under the chair by the mini bar. Britt glanced at the chair in question and saw a folded piece of paper, so she called out to Nikolas.

Nikolas picked up the note that Spencer had written. According to the note, Spencer had left because it had been too difficult for him to watch Emma "cavort" with Cameron. Spencer claimed to be heartbroken and disillusioned by love in part because of Nikolas and Britt's broken engagement. The letter ended with Spencer explaining that he had hoped that a day of watching movies and ordering room service would lift his spirits, but it hadn't worked, so Spencer had left.

Britt quickly pointed out that the note was proof that Spencer was unharmed, but Nikolas argued that his nine-year-old could easily land in a dangerous situation, running around the city alone. Nikolas decided that it was time to call the police.

A short time later, Anna arrived. Nikolas showed Anna the note that Spencer had written as he filled her in about Spencer's disappearance. Olivia returned to report that the security cameras had picked up Spencer leaving the hotel and that a doorman had seen Spencer getting into a taxi. Nikolas was shocked that the doorman hadn't stopped a child not accompanied by an adult from leaving the hotel. Olivia apologized and promised to deal with the doorman, but Nikolas wasn't satisfied because it wouldn't help them find his son.

Britt sent Spencer a text message asking where he was, so he replied with a promise to let her know when he reached his destination. After Anna and Olivia left to have a talk with the doorman, Britt assured Nikolas that she would stay with him until Spencer was found.

In the park, Jordan stopped to stretch her limbs during a morning run. Julian had also been out for a morning run, so he stopped when he spotted Jordan. Moments later, he tapped Jordan on the shoulder. Jordan turned, prepared to defend herself until she realized that it had been Julian. She immediately relaxed, but warned him that it wasn't a good idea to startle her because she had been prepared to reach for her pepper spray. Julian cut to the chase by questioning her about her relationship with Mickey Diamond and when they had started moving heroin through Port Charles.

Shocked, Jordan assured Julian that she hadn't known anything about heroin trafficking. She confessed that she'd had dinner with Mickey and that Mickey had hoped to start an intimate relationship with her, but she had insisted on keeping things professional. Julian warned Jordan not to underestimate him because he made a point of keeping tabs on everyone, even though he was no longer the one in charge. Jordan assured Julian that she wasn't interested in aligning herself with Mickey, but she wanted Julian to trust her because their only hope to stay a step ahead of their boss was to work together.

Jordan pointed out that the boss didn't trust her or Julian if neither of them had known about the heroin moving through town. Julian admitted that she had given him food for thought, but he was reluctant to trust her because he sensed that she was holding something back. Jordan assured Julian that she appreciated his desire to protect his family, but she warned him that he might soon discover that she was the only person he could trust.

At the hospital, Liesl held a press conference with Patrick at her side. She assured the reporters that the hospital and Patrick had done everything possible to save Rafe's life, but a reporter challenged her claim by asking if it was true that Patrick had contemplated killing Rafe and had even considered how easy it would be to slice a blood vessel during surgery without raising suspicion. Patrick was shocked speechless as Liesl demanded to know who had made the allegations. The reporter explained that he was not at liberty to say, but his source had been reliable.

Liesl confessed that it had been her impression that Americans were afforded the right to face their accuser, but the reporter countered that freedom of the press guaranteed the right not to divulge news sources. Liesl argued that wanting something and even being tempted to do something was not the same as committing a crime. Patrick listened with growing horror as the reporter repeated everything from the damaging statements that Patrick had made. Sam looked to Silas for an explanation, but he assured her that he hadn't shared their conversation on the rooftop with anyone. The reporter began to hammer Patrick with questions, so Liesl called a halt to the press conference and ordered everyone to leave.

Nearby, Nina watched everything unfold with barely contained delight as the reporters swarmed around Silas, requesting a statement. Sam approached Patrick to assure him that she hadn't told the reporter about what Patrick had confided to her. However, she admitted that she had told Silas. Meanwhile, Silas made it clear that he didn't have anything to say by pushing away from the reporters.

After the reporters drifted away, Patrick and Sam confronted Silas about their suspicion that Silas had told the reporter about Patrick's admission. Silas insisted that he hadn't told anyone, but Sam appeared uncertain because she knew that neither she nor Patrick had shared Patrick's secret with anyone. Sam also reminded Silas that Silas had threatened to go to the press, but Silas argued that he had merely thought about it. Sam remained unconvinced, so Silas was curious why Sam had been quick to believe Patrick but not Silas.

Sam explained that she had seen Silas talking to the reporter, but Silas maintained his innocence. Sam was curious if Silas had said anything to Nina, prompting Nina to innocently ask why Sam had dragged her name into it. Silas reminded Sam that he hadn't been the one to call a press conference then swore on his life that he hadn't told anyone, including Nina, what Patrick had said. Hurt by Sam's lack of faith in him, Silas offered to take Nina home.

After Silas and Nina left, Sam apologized to Patrick for trusting Silas with Patrick's confession. Patrick didn't have a chance to reply because Liesl returned after conferring with the hospital's legal department. She demanded to know if Patrick had made the statements that the reporter had attributed to him, so Patrick admitted that he had. Liesl was disappointed because she had no alternative except to fire Patrick.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie and Levi entered holding hands and sporting happy smiles until Maxie's eyes landed on Nathan. She demanded to know what Nathan was doing there, so Felicia revealed that Nathan had filled Mac and Felicia in on Levi's visa troubles. Maxie assured Mac and Felicia that there wasn't anything to worry about because Maxie and Levi had decided to get married. Mac demanded to know why, so Maxie assured him that she and Levi loved each other.

Felicia tried to be supportive, but Nathan accused Maxie of marrying Levi to keep Levi from being deported. Nathan was curious how Levi had manipulated Maxie into the green card marriage, but Maxie insisted that it had been her idea. Nathan didn't believe her because he suspected that Levi had told Maxie a story about being shot on the tarmac if Levi should set foot in Sydney. Maxie tensed, but she coldly informed Nathan that what she and Levi had discussed had been beautiful but private.

Levi smiled with approval as Maxie insisted that she was marrying Levi because she loved him. However, she conceded that it would be a bonus if their marriage saved Levi from being deported. Felicia urged her daughter to think things through carefully before rushing into marriage. Mac agreed because Maxie's last trip down the aisle had been a mistake. Both Nathan and Levi were surprised that Maxie had been married before, so she explained that it had been a marriage of convenience to protect Patrick's brother, Matt Hunter, from murder charges. However, she assured Levi that she was divorced and free to marry him.

Nathan pulled Maxie aside to try to get through to her. Maxie was curious why her marriage to Levi mattered to Nathan, so Nathan explained that the government frowned on people trying to circumvent the law with green card marriages. Maxie was stunned when Nathan warned her that she could face time in jail and a $250,000 fine if the government determined that she had married Levi to keep him from being deported. Maxie assured Nathan that she would welcome an investigation because she didn't have anything to hide.

Meanwhile, Levi apologized to Mac and Felicia for springing the wedding news on them at the last minute. He assured Mac and Felicia that under different circumstances, he would have asked them for their blessing before proposing to Maxie. However, he suddenly realized that it wasn't too late, so he formally asked Mac and Felicia for their blessing. Before Mac or Felicia could reply, Maxie returned and asked what Levi had been talking to Mac and Felicia about. Levi revealed that he had asked for Mac and Felicia's blessings, so Maxie turned to Mac and Felicia expectantly.

Felicia opted for a diplomatic approach by carefully assuring Maxie that she would respect Maxie's wishes if marriage to Levi was what Maxie wanted. Mac decided to be brutally honest by answering, "No way in hell." Mac resented that Levi had tried to manipulate Mac and Felicia by putting them on the spot in front of Maxie. Maxie was hurt by Mac and Felicia's lack of support, but defiantly informed them that it wasn't necessary because she intended to go through with the wedding regardless. Nathan watched helplessly as Maxie and Levi marched out of the bar.

. . .

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