Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At Perks Coffee on the promenade, Nina and Nathan sipped on coffee and talked about Maxie. He confessed that he hadn't been able to talk to his fiancée because Maxie had been staying at Mac and Felicia's house and ignoring his calls and text messages. Nina had little sympathy for Nathan because she knew what it was like to have someone cheat on her, but he denied that he'd been unfaithful. Nina challenged him to look her in the eye and assure her that he didn't have feelings for Claudette. He evaded the question by accusing Nina of not going to bat for him, but she explained that she needed to know what was in his heart.

Nathan assured Nina that he loved Maxie and wouldn't have proposed if he hadn't wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He was frustrated because Maxie believed that he loved Claudette, but Nina wanted to know how he felt about his ex-wife. "Angry, regretful, ashamed," Nathan admitted. He realized that Claudette had played him because he'd only been a means for a green card. Nathan hated how he'd behaved when his marriage had fallen apart because he'd lost sight of who he was.

Nathan promised Nina that he was not in love with Claudette, so Nina urged him to make that clear to Maxie. Nathan admitted that he had no idea how because Maxie believed that he'd attacked Griffin out of jealousy because Griffin had kissed Claudette. However, Nathan had been angry because knowing Griffin had been Claudette's lover had made him relive the months of questions and doubts that had led to the night he'd caught his wife in bed with another man. Nina reminded Nathan that Maxie was insecure about Claudette. Nina knew what it was like to be in love with someone who was fixated on someone else, but Nathan assured Nina that Maxie meant everything to him.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie and Felicia sat in a booth as Maxie took apart a board that had been filled with pictures and fabric samples that she'd picked for her wedding. Maxie was certain it would have been the most beautiful wedding ever, but Felicia implored Maxie not to give up on Nathan. Felicia promised that Maxie could still have everything that Maxie had wanted -- and more -- but Maxie argued that Nathan was in love with Claudette. Felicia tried to take the board away from Maxie, but Maxie insisted that it was necessary to destroy it to help Maxie move on. Felicia argued that the whole thing was ridiculous because Nathan and Claudette weren't the issue.

Maxie disagreed because Nathan was her fiancé. Felicia smiled with satisfaction because Maxie still viewed him as her fiancé. Maxie reminded Felicia that Felicia hadn't seen Nathan's reaction to Griffin kissing Claudette or how Nathan had nearly ripped Griffin apart. Felicia pointed out that Nathan hadn't gone through with it because Maxie had gotten through to him. Felicia was confident that Maxie had a hold on Nathan, but Maxie believed that Claudette had one as well. Felicia advised her daughter to find a way to break that hold, but Maxie scoffed and sarcastically promised to get right on it.

Felicia encouraged Maxie to fight for Nathan and not take the easy way out by giving up. Felicia was curious how many times Nathan had called Maxie and sent her text messages, but Maxie sullenly admitted that she hadn't been ready to talk to Nathan. Felicia advised Maxie to sort through her feelings and figure out what Maxie wanted. Maxie confessed that she wished she'd never found Claudette's glove in Nathan's pocket because it had set everything in motion. Maxie decided that the glove had been a cursed object that had summoned Claudette into their lives. Felicia wanted to know what it would take for Maxie to believe in Nathan.

Felicia wondered if it would be enough for him to say that he loved only Maxie and wanted to marry her. Nathan walked in before Maxie could reply. Felicia smiled as she quickly excused herself to give Maxie and Nathan some privacy. After Felicia left, Nathan sat down and revealed that Mac had told him where to find Maxie. "Traitor," Maxie muttered under her breath. Nathan ignored the remark as he confessed that he'd been worried about Maxie, but she was skeptical because she was certain that he'd been too preoccupied with thoughts of Claudette.

Nathan conceded that Maxie had been right to question him about his feelings for his ex-wife because he'd realized that he still had unresolved feelings. Maxie became upset, but Nathan quickly added that he'd been carrying around the guilt of how his marriage had ended. Nathan explained that his ego had wanted revenge, which had prompted the attack. However, Nathan insisted that he loved and wanted Maxie. He pulled out his wedding ring that he'd held onto as a reminder of how stupid he'd been to marry Claudette, but he was finally ready to get rid of it without regrets or second thoughts. Maxie watched as he stood up, walked to the door, and tossed it outside.

Nathan returned and told Maxie that there was no going back for him because his heart was hers and no one else's. Maxie smiled as she reached for his hands and admitted that the white gold ring hadn't been right for him because he was more a platinum with a palladium coating type. Nathan smiled when Maxie added that she intended to give him the right wedding ring. Nathan promised that Claudette was out of the picture and kissed Maxie.

At the police station, Ava recalled seeing the Roman coin cufflinks on Paul during one of their trysts when he'd left her bed. Ava realized that Paul might be the serial killer and called Holt to ask him to get a passkey for Metro Court because she had to access one of the hotel rooms and search for something that might be extremely valuable. Ava arranged to meet Holt at the hotel and ended the call. "All right, Paul, let's see if I'm right about you," Ava said.

A short time later, Ava entered Paul's hotel room. She wore gloves as she closed the door and looked around. She recalled a time when she had talked to Paul about their secret assignations and Paul's insistence that no one find out. Ava had assured him that she knew him well enough to remain quiet, but Paul had warned her that she hadn't known the first thing about him. Ava shook the memory away and realized that Paul had been right. She quickly went to work searching the room.

Later, Ava realized that Paul wouldn't have been foolish enough to hold onto the incriminating cufflinks and slammed a nightstand drawer shut. She froze when she heard a thump. Ava checked behind the nightstand and found a pouch, which she quickly opened. She was shocked when she saw syringes and vials of derisifol neatly nestled inside.

At the hospital, Andre grumbled about having been a suspect in a patient's death. Monica admitted that she was relieved that the patient hadn't been murdered because it had cleared Andre of wrongdoing, and it was the last thing the hospital needed. Andre, Finn, and Monica were startled when the power suddenly went out. After the emergency power kicked in, Andre and Finn decided to check the floor to make certain that the patients were okay and the monitors and machines were running. Monica called the hospital's chief engineer to let Charlie know that the power had gone out on the tenth floor and to initiate an emergency protocol to determine the extent of the power outage.

Later, Monica wrapped up a call redirecting all ambulances to Mercy Hospital until the power was restored. Finn and Andre returned to the nurses' station to report that the patients were accounted for and safe. Finn and Monica worked together to manage the crisis as Andre went to check in with Charlie about the power outage. A short time later, Andre returned to report that the power junction on the floor had malfunctioned because someone had ripped out the wires. Monica was stunned and wondered who would do such a thing.

In the stairwell, Elizabeth turned on her phone's light when the power suddenly went out. Someone silently crept up on her from behind and shoved her down the stairs. Elizabeth landed at the bottom of the stairs, and blood trickled down her face. She moaned and rolled over onto her side as her eyes drifted closed. Moments later, she stirred when she heard a door close and the sound of approaching footsteps. Elizabeth looked up and saw Hayden. Hayden froze until she heard Franco enter the stairwell and call out Elizabeth's name.

Hayden called to Franco as he rounded the corner and saw Elizabeth at the bottom of the stairs. Alarmed, Franco rushed past Hayden to check on Elizabeth. Elizabeth tried to get up, but Franco urged her not to move. He gently asked her what had happened. Elizabeth looked at Hayden. "I-I think," Elizabeth weakly began before her eyes drifted closed. Franco ordered Hayden to get help, so Hayden ran up the stairs.

At the door, Hayden bumped into Paul. Paul was surprised when he saw her and questioned what she'd been doing in the stairwell. Hayden explained that Elizabeth had been injured and needed help, but Paul tried to block her from leaving as he began to pepper her with questions. Annoyed, Hayden pushed past him and ran to the nurses' station to grab Finn. Hayden quickly told Finn, Andre, and Monica about Elizabeth's fall and dragged Finn to the stairwell. Andre went to look for Griffin, while Monica called for an emergency response team.

In the locker room, Griffin stepped out of the shower and dug through his bag. "Looking for these?" Claudette flirtatiously asked as she held out his boxers. Griffin and Claudette were startled when the lights suddenly went out. Claudette fished out her cell phone and turned on the light as Griffin asked if Claudette had been responsible for the power outage. Claudette denied it but suggested that perhaps it was a sign from God that Griffin had been stumbling around in the dark since he'd walked away from her. Griffin believed it was a sign that darkness followed Claudette wherever she went.

"Ouch," Claudette replied. She conceded that she wasn't an angel, but she was hurt that Griffin thought she was a force of darkness. Griffin changed the subject by asking for his boxers. Claudette handed them to him. Griffin told her to leave, but she refused because she insisted that they had unfinished business to discuss. Claudette wanted to talk about their kiss, but he denied kissing her. She argued that it had been a mutual kiss and proof that he still had feelings for her, but he made it clear that he regretted the kiss.

Claudette was tired of Griffin's self-inflicted misery because she doubted that God would want him to continue punishing himself. She urged him to allow himself to have some relief, but he assured her that he'd been fine until she had barged back into his life. Claudette wondered if she had ever truly been out of his life because his kiss had suggested otherwise. She noticed how hard he'd been trying to avoid looking at her, which she believed was a sign that he still loved her. Griffin took her hand and put it on his scar as he told her that the only thing he felt when he looked at her was the pain of being shot and the scar that had been left behind.

Claudette confessed that she'd expected the scar to be bigger, but Griffin was disgusted because he'd sensed disappointment in her tone. Claudette ignored the accusation and acknowledged that it was clear that he hadn't fully healed. Griffin assured Claudette that he still had a calling, but she didn't believe him and asked if he'd ever questioned why the priesthood had let him take a leave of absence without putting up a fight. She was certain that his superiors had seen that he'd had strong feelings for her. Griffin told her that she was wrong because she was a selfish person who lied and only cared about what made her happy.

Claudette promised that she could be a better person with Griffin at her side, but he wanted to know why she'd sought out Nathan. Claudette became evasive, but Griffin wanted an answer. She admitted that she'd gotten into trouble but quickly added that she could get through it with Griffin's support. Griffin challenged her to prove that she was a better person by being honest, but Andre entered the locker room to fetch Griffin before she could reply.

At Perks Coffee, Felicia bumped into Nina. The two women recognized each other and talked about Nathan and Maxie's troubles. Nina assured Felicia that Nathan loved Maxie, but Felicia admitted that he'd been wrong to parcel out the truth about Claudette to Maxie a bit at a time. Nina couldn't disagree, but she reminded Felicia that Maxie had also made mistakes. Nina admitted that she thought Nathan and Maxie were good for each other -- and for Nina. Nina realized that it might sound selfish, but she'd been rooting for Nathan and Maxie because she wanted to believe that two people who loved each other could make it work.

Felicia promised Nina that Nathan and Maxie would be fine. Moments later, both Felicia and Nina received text messages informing them that Nathan and Maxie's wedding was back on. Felicia and Nina hugged as Claudette walked up and saw them.

In the hospital's stairwell, Franco quietly offered Elizabeth words of encouragement and reminded her of her sons. Franco prayed to God for help and promised to be the man that Elizabeth deserved. Moments later, Paul approached Franco and feigned concern for Elizabeth as he asked what had happened. Franco mentioned that Hayden had been with Elizabeth when Franco had arrived. Seconds later, Finn arrived to check on Elizabeth.

Finn asked Hayden to get a neck brace and backboard, so Paul followed her to the nurses' station to question her about what she'd seen. Hayden explained that she'd gone to the stairwell when the power had gone out and that she'd found Elizabeth at the bottom of the stairs.

In the stairwell, Griffin and Andre arrived as Finn finished an initial examination. Finn told Griffin that Elizabeth had suffered head trauma, multiple broken bones, and decreased breath on the left side, and that her pulse was weak. Franco quickly added that Elizabeth had been conscious, and he asked if she would be okay. Andre assured Franco that they would do everything possible to save her.

Later, Finn approached the nurses' station as Paul questioned Hayden. Hayden was eager for news about Elizabeth, so Finn revealed that a team of doctors was working on her. Monica asked Finn to supervise Elizabeth's care while Monica dealt with the power outage. Paul questioned Monica about it and promised to call the police when she told him it had been an act of sabotage. Paul ordered Hayden to stay put because he had more questions, and he left to make a call. After Monica left, Finn questioned Hayden about Elizabeth's fall.

Hayden became defensive when she realized that Finn suspected her of foul play. Finn reminded her that he'd seen her slap Elizabeth and that Hayden had gone after Elizabeth, vowing to make certain that Elizabeth kept her mouth shut because Elizabeth had damaging information on Hayden. Finn promised that he was Hayden's friend and wanted to help, but Hayden saw doctors rush past her with Elizabeth on a stretcher. Hayden stopped Franco to ask for an update. Franco wasn't fooled because he knew that Hayden would be better off if Elizabeth were dead.

In the locker room, Monica looked for a doctor, unaware that Paul silently approached her from behind with a syringe in his hand.

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