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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

At the Jerome apartment, Ava made certain everything was in place for her breakfast meeting with Nina, but Ava's thoughts were on Franco's warning that he would not secure the recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder if Ava failed to help him win back Nina. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. "Showtime," Ava said as she pasted on a welcoming smile then opened the door to warmly greet Nina.

"Denise" invited Nina to join her for breakfast, but Nina preferred to cut to the chase by asking what Denise had wanted to tell Nina about Franco. Nina suddenly realized that it had been a mistake to stop by because Franco was out of Nina's life. Desperate, Denise persuaded Nina to stay because Denise was certain that Nina was as unhappy as Franco was. Despite Nina's insistence that Nina was a married woman and over Franco, Nina's interest was piqued, so Denise assured Nina that Franco was not over Nina.

Nina was skeptical because Franco had appeared to have moved on when she'd seen him kissing Denise at Metro Court Restaurant, but Denise insisted that she had simply been a "placeholder" for Nina. Denise claimed that Franco couldn't stop talking about Nina, so Denise was certain that Franco was head over heels in love with Nina. Denise suspected that Nina felt the same way about Franco and had only married Ric to stick it to Franco. Denise assured Nina that the plan had worked because Franco had been tearing his hair out for failing to keep the faith in Nina as he should have.

Denise promised Nina that Franco had realized what a colossal mistake he had made by suspecting Nina of taking Avery, so Denise urged Nina to stop torturing herself by remaining in a loveless marriage. Denise confessed that she had personal experience trying to keep a man that Denise cared about at arm's length, so she implored Nina to work things out with Franco because he truly believed in Nina. Nina quietly confessed that perhaps Franco had been right to question Nina's guilt because Nina might have taken Avery.

Shocked, Ava managed to stay in character as she asked what Nina was talking about. Nina explained that it was possible that Nina had taken the baby without realizing it, but Denise assured Nina that Nina would have remembered if Nina had snatched Avery out of the hospital. Denise conceded there had been a time when Nina had terrorized Denise's "twin" sister, but it was in the past. Nina was startled when Denise claimed that Denise and Nina were friends, so Nina questioned the remark.

Denise claimed that Franco had talked about Nina so much that Denise felt as if she knew Nina well. Denise promised Franco's belief in Nina's innocence was absolute, which was good enough for Denise. Denise suggested Nina tell whoever or whatever had made Nina believe that Nina had abducted Avery to "go to hell." Denise then urged Nina to listen to her heart, not her head, by clearing up the mess with Franco and telling him that Nina was ready to try again.

Nina explained that it wasn't quite that simple because Ric was not just Nina's husband but also Nina's attorney. Nina revealed that Ric had been working to help Nina reclaim Nina's sizable inheritance, but Denise suggested that Nina hire a new attorney. Nina didn't want to break Ric's heart because he had recently been hurt, but Denise was curious if Nina was ready to stick it out in a loveless marriage while watching Franco move on with someone else. Denise promised that Ric would get past the failed marriage because he was resilient and unlikely to get in the way of true love if he cared about Nina.

Nina's expression brightened as she decided to take Denise's advice by ending her marriage to Ric and working things out with Franco. Nina was grateful for Denise's support then admitted that she didn't deserve a friend like Denise. Ava hid her annoyance when Nina added that despite wanting to stab Ava's eyes out, Nina liked Denise, so she hoped that Denise found love too. After Nina left, Ava's smile faded. "Way ahead of you," Ava said.

At Silas' apartment, Morgan offered to accompany Kiki to the Hamptons for the weekend, but she doubted the bride would appreciate Morgan attending a bachelorette party. Morgan suggested that he could be the stripper, but Kiki didn't want to share him with anyone. She started to help him clean up their breakfast dishes, but Morgan assured her that he would take care of it because he knew she had to get going. Kiki thanked him then grabbed her bags and left.

Moments later, Morgan answered a knock at the door. It was Franco. Morgan started to close the door, but Franco's arm shot out to keep the door from slamming shut. Morgan made it clear that Franco was not welcome, so Franco offered to talk about Morgan's "extracurricular activity" loud enough for Silas and Kiki's neighbors to hear every salacious detail. Reluctantly, Morgan invited Franco into the apartment. Franco didn't mince words as he revealed that he knew about Morgan and Denise's affair.

Morgan tried to deny it, but Franco warned Morgan not to bother because Franco had caught Denise in a lie when Franco had stopped by the apartment while Morgan had been in Denise's bed. Franco was not pleased that Morgan and Denise might hurt Kiki, but Franco was conflicted about what to do about the situation. Franco slid a knife from a knife block as Morgan defiantly asked what Franco's options were. Franco's tone filled with menace and promise as he contemplated doing something "creative and final."

Morgan refused to be intimidated. Morgan advised Franco to back off because Sonny had been looking for an excuse to kill Franco. Instead, Franco held the deadly knife threatening close to Morgan's neck then smiled with false sincerity because Franco hadn't realized that Morgan had it in him to fight back. However, Franco decided not to follow through on the threat because Franco didn't want to ruin his best -- and only -- good pair of shoes. Franco set the knife down as Morgan belligerently asked if the doctors had removed Franco's spine along with the brain tumor. Franco ignored the attempt to taunt him, but warned Morgan to do right by Kiki, or Franco would kill Morgan.

Later, Franco slipped into Scott's office as Franco's cell phone rang. It was Ava calling to inform him that she had fulfilled her end of the bargain, so Franco should expect Nina to seek him out to reconcile. However, Ava expected Franco to hold up his end the bargain. Franco promised he was working on it then ended the call.

In Silas' office at the hospital, a nurse handed him a message as she explained that his ex-wife had called. Silas was curious if Nina had left a message, but the nurse explained that Nina had ended the call when the nurse had revealed that Silas had been busy with a patient. After the nurse left, Silas looked at the message then decided he couldn't allow Nina to suffer for something he had done. Silas started to leave until Kiki entered the office. He was surprised to see his daughter because he had assumed she left for the Hamptons.

Kiki explained that she had stopped by to say goodbye and to let him know that she had left him several dinners in the refrigerator. She admitted there was plenty of food, so he could invite both Morgan and Denise to dinner. Silas scowled, but Kiki confessed that it would mean a lot to her if her three favorite people made an effort to get to know each other. Silas agreed to remain open to the possibility for Kiki's sake. Kiki smiled with delight, but Silas warned her not to get her hopes up.

Kiki was confident that Silas could find a way to get along with Morgan and Denise, since Silas had been able to spend the Fourth of July with Nina after everything Nina had put Silas through. Silas reminded Kiki that he and Nina had history then added that he had put Nina through plenty of heartache. Silas changed the subject by telling his daughter to have fun during her short getaway. Kiki grinned and suggested he call Denise to invite her over for dinner. Kiki explained that Silas could get Denise's number from Morgan.

After Kiki left, Silas muttered that Morgan definitely had the number, but his thoughts turned to Nina and Silas' recent conversation when Nina had expressed concern about her sanity because she feared she might have kidnapped Avery. "I'm sorry, Ava, I can't do this anymore," Silas quietly said.

A short time later, Silas entered Scott's office as Franco sat behind Scott's desk, ready to break into a drawer.

Meanwhile, Morgan stopped by the Jerome apartment to have a talk with Denise.

At Metro Court, Ric invited Madeline into the suite he shared with Nina. Madeline looked around as she asked where her daughter was, so Ric explained that Nina had left early. He suspected his wife had hoped to escape any additional incidents of hearing the baby's cries then played the recording of a wailing baby he had been using to torture Nina. Madeline grimaced, but she was more concerned about Nathan's visit. Madeline's temper flared when Ric admitted that Nathan had found the baby blanket Ric had used to make Nina believe that Nina had snatched Avery from the hospital.

Madeline worried that Nathan might be able to use the blanket to prove it was a replica of the one Avery had disappeared with, but Ric assured Nina that he was a step ahead of the game because he intended to burn the blanket and make it appear that Nina had done the deed. Ric bragged that he could easily convince Nina to believe she had done it, but Madeline was not thrilled with the idea of adding to Nina's distress. Ric laughed at Madeline's reservations, but she realized it was necessary because it was too late to turn back.

Later, Ric was about to burn the blanket in a trash can when Nina burst through the door. Ric abandoned his plan then greeted his wife, but Nina announced that she wanted a divorce.

At the police station, Nathan entered Jordan's office. She handed him a file as she explained that she wanted to take Sonny down because the mob violence had been escalating, and Sonny was at the center of it. Jordan was confident that she could cripple organized crime in Port Charles by locking Sonny behind bars.

Nathan shifted gears to reveal that new evidence had surfaced in a cold case, which might close it. Interested, Jordan asked for details, so Nathan explained that he had found what appeared to be Avery's baby blanket that had been with Avery at the time of the abduction. Jordan was surprised when Nathan added that the blanket had been in Nina's hotel suite, but she was curious if there had been anything else to link Nina to the kidnapping. Nathan admitted that he wasn't even certain the blanket had belonged to Avery, even though it had been monogrammed with Avery's initials.

Jordan suggested Nathan ask Michael to identify the blanket then take it for testing, but Nathan admitted that Ric had refused to turn it over. Jordan instructed Nathan to get a warrant, but Nathan was reluctant because he suspected Ric was setting up his sister. Nathan quickly added that he didn't have any proof, but Franco had accused Ric of marrying Nina to get his hands on Nina's fortune, so Nathan feared the attempt to frame Nina was a scheme for Ric to secure Nina's fortune. Jordan didn't want to think ill of Ric because Ric had helped T.J., but she ordered Nathan to get to the bottom of things.

At the Haunted Star, Dillon greeted Lulu as she worked behind the bar. He noticed the beautiful bouquet of flowers, so she admitted they were a gift from Dante. Dillon became concerned when he noticed that Lulu seemed upset. Her eyes filled with tears as she explained that Luke had decided to pull up stakes and leave Port Charles. Dillon wrapped his arms around Lulu then hugged her tightly as she wept because she had no idea if she would ever see her father again.

After Lulu stepped back and wiped away the tears, she apologized for her crying jag. Dillon assured her that she was allowed to cry about her father, so she offered Dillon a watery smile as she admitted that he was a good friend. However, she realized it had been a mistake for her to lean on him, since Dante might have walked in on them and gotten the wrong idea. Dillon promised Lulu that she didn't have anything to worry about because they had convinced Dante that nothing had happened between Dillon and Lulu.

Lulu wished that she could say the same about Dante and Valerie. Dillon was shocked when Lulu told him about the kiss because he felt partly responsible for the situation, but Lulu argued that she had been the one to lie to her husband, which had made Dante question her love for her husband. Dillon realized the flowers had been Dante's attempt to put Dante and Lulu's marriage back on track, so Lulu confessed that she had been doing her best to try to forget about the kiss. Dillon wished he had known about the kiss before he had asked Valerie out on a date. Lulu was surprised by the news, but quickly clarified that Dante had initiated the kiss with Valerie.

Dillon wanted Lulu to be honest about whether or not she approved of Dillon going out with Valerie. Lulu admitted that Dillon would be doing her a favor because Dillon would be the perfect distraction for her cousin if Valerie had any feelings for Dante. Satisfied, Dillon changed the subject by revealing that he had stopped by to ask Lulu to look over his edited screenplay. Dillon was confident that it was a vast improvement because he had taken her recommendations to heart, so he was eager to know what she thought about the revisions. Lulu assured him that she would be happy to look it over.

Dillon sobered as he assured Lulu that he would always be available if she needed someone to talk to. Lulu appreciated the offer, but she thought it would be best if she leaned on her husband. She teasingly added that Dillon would be too busy falling in love with Valerie.

On the piers, Dante questioned a dockworker about the recent hijacking of Sonny's shipment, but the man didn't have any information. Dante handed the man some cash but made it clear that he expected the man to report back with information. After the man left, Dante spotted Valerie. She claimed that she had stopped by to drop off sustenance in the form of coffee and Dante's favorite jelly doughnuts for the police officers working on the piers. Dante thanked Valerie but assured her that it hadn't been necessary.

Valerie admitted that she had wanted to talk to Dante to let him know that Jordan knew about their night together. Dante revealed that Jordan had already discussed it with him. Valerie felt bad for putting Dante in an awkward situation, but Dante promised Valerie that it was fine. Valerie admitted that she had talked to Jordan when they had believed that Lulu and Dillon had been having an affair and Valerie had hoped something could happen between her and Dante.

Dante apologized for misleading Valerie, but she explained that it wasn't necessary because she had moved on. Valerie told Dante about running into Dillon at the Floating Rib and agreeing to go out on a date with him. She wondered if it would be a problem for Dante, but Dante assured her that she didn't need his permission. Valerie explained that her friendship with Dante meant more to her than a date with Dillon. Dante appreciated her concern, but her dating life had nothing to do with their friendship.

Dante conceded that Dillon seemed like a decent guy, so he gave Valerie his blessing to go out with Dillon. Moments later, Dillon walked up. Dante greeted Dillon then quickly excused himself. Valerie explained that she had dropped off coffee and doughnuts for the police officers working the docks, but she had to get back to work. Dillon offered to walk her to her car so they could make plans for their date.

A short time later, Dante stopped by the Haunted Star to check on Lulu. Lulu put the screenplay aside as she greeted her husband. Dante mentioned that he had bumped into Dillon, and Lulu admitted that Dillon had paid her a visit earlier. Dante was curious if Lulu knew about Dillon and Valerie's date. Lulu nodded as she confessed that she thought it would be good for both her cousin and her friend. Dante added that he hoped things worked out between the couple, but his expression briefly clouded with concern.

. . .

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