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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

At Greystone Manor, Shawn revealed to Sonny that they had a big problem because Heather had made remarks suggesting that Franco had intended to break Heather out of Ferncliff. Shawn had tried to get Heather to share the details of what Franco had planned, but Heather had been tight-lipped out of loyalty to Franco. Sonny wondered why Franco would want to break Franco's "psychotic" mother out of the asylum the day before Franco's wedding to Carly, especially since Heather had a history of targeting Carly. Shawn had no idea, but he was grateful that they, not Franco, had gotten to Heather first. Sonny informed Shawn that Sonny intended to move forward with the plan to frame Heather for Franco's murder, so Shawn nodded then left.

At the hospital, Jason struggled to move his wheelchair, so Michael called out to ask if he needed help. Jason thanked Michael for the assistance then asked if he knew Michael. Jason explained that he'd recently undergone reconstructive surgery following an accident, so his appearance had changed, but Jason was curious if perhaps someone that Michael knew had recently disappeared. Disappointed, Jason introduced himself as "Jake" then explained that he had amnesia. Michael confided that he had once languished in a coma for a year as a result of a head injury, so he assured "Jake" that things would get better.

"Jake" perked up when Michael introduced himself because he realized that Michael was Carly's son. Michael was surprised when "Jake" revealed that he had recently met Carly and that Carly had talked to "Jake" about the upcoming wedding. Jason quickly picked up on Michael's uneasy tone at the mention of Franco's name, so Michael confessed that he did not approve of Franco. However, Michael was determined to be supportive of his mother's decision despite her many marriages. "Jake" was confident that Carly appreciated it because she had spoken highly of Michael.

Michael admitted that he was very close to both his mother and father, but things had been different with his biological father, which was why Michael suspected that he was determined to find A.J.'s killer. He opened up to "Jake" about A.J.'s death and recent developments including Ava's disappearance. Jason suggested that Michael let the police handle things because Michael was too close to the situation to be objective. However, "Jake" was curious if Michael had stopped by to talk to the nurse who had told Michael about the false confession.

Michael explained that he had stopped by to drop off some paperwork for a clinic that Michael intended to open, so Jason decided to let Michael get back to business. Michael wished "Jake" well then added that he hoped that "Jake" would soon find his people. "Jake" smiled then told Michael that he hoped that Michael found the answers Michael was looking for.

At Metro Court, Scott stood in the center of his room, wearing a bathrobe as he sipped on a glass of champagne. He grumbled about losing a case in court, but he anticipated the evening improving when Bobbie arrived for the champagne and strawberries that he had set out. Moments later, Scott answered a knock at the door. "Oh. You're not Bobbie," Scott said as his smile disappeared. Franco entered the room as he explained that he needed a place to spend the night because Carly had tossed Franco out for the evening.

Scott insisted that Franco couldn't stay because Scott was expecting Bobbie, but Franco broke the news that Carly had decided to have a sleepover with Bobbie and Josslyn. Frustrated, Scott watched helplessly as Franco bit into a ripe strawberry.

Later, both Scott and Franco reclined on the bed, sporting matching robes, sipping champagne, and nibbling on strawberries. Franco confessed that he was enjoying his bonding experience with Scott, so Scott confessed that he had never imagined that he would have another opportunity to bond with a son. Franco was surprised to realize that he had a brother, but Scott clarified that Logan had been Franco's half-brother. Scott revealed that Lulu had stabbed Logan to death but quickly added that it had been in self-defense because Logan had been a troubled young man.

Franco suggested that perhaps "crazy" ran in the family, but Scott disagreed. Scott insisted that Franco had inherited his offbeat personality, charm, and good looks from Scott, but Franco's recklessness was pure Heather. Scott was grateful that Heather was safely locked up at Ferncliff, where she couldn't hurt anyone. Franco agreed but quickly looked away to hide his expression of annoyance mixed with guilt.

Later, Scott decided to order steak and vodka so he and Franco could have a real bachelor party. After Scott disappeared into the next room to call room service, Franco called Mr. Beach to find out why the man hadn't returned any of Franco's phone calls. Franco left a voicemail message demanding that Mr. Beach return his call because Franco wanted to know where Heather was. Scott returned to the room in time to hear the tail end of Franco's remark, so he immediately questioned Franco about it.

Franco easily lied by explaining that Scott's talk of Heather had worried Franco enough to call to make certain that Heather was safely locked up behind bars at Ferncliff. A short time later, Scott and Franco enjoyed a steak dinner. Scott urged Franco to eat up because "tomorrow is a big day." Franco took a hearty bite of steak as he confessed that his father had just said a mouthful.

At Carly's residence, Bobbie's eyes brightened with hope when Carly explained that Carly had thrown Franco out. Bobbie hoped that it was a sign that Carly had called off the wedding, but Carly had only wanted to honor tradition by not sleeping with the groom the night before the wedding. Bobbie was curious when Carly had started following traditions, so Carly claimed that she had wanted to honor at least one tradition, since the rest of the wedding was unconventional. Carly shifted gears by confessing that she looked forward to having a fun evening with Bobbie and Josslyn, but Bobbie informed Carly that Josslyn had gone out.

Startled, Carly demanded to know where Josslyn was, so Bobbie reminded Carly that it was "Beggars Night," which Lucas and Maxie had used as a bargaining chip to persuade Josslyn to attend the wedding. Carly confessed that she still didn't understand the concept of Beggars Night, since it hadn't been celebrated where Carly had grown up in Florida. Bobbie reminded Carly that Beggars Night was the night before Halloween when children dressed in costumes, going door-to-door, begging for candy. Carly was certain that Port Charles was the only place that still celebrated two nights of trick-or-treating.

However, Carly was relieved that Lucas and Maxie had found a way to get Josslyn more excited about the wedding. Bobbie noticed that Carly didn't appear too enthusiastic about the wedding, but Carly became defensive by insisting that she loved Franco and wanted to marry him. Bobbie wisely let the matter drop by offering to stop off at the Haunted Star early to help Lulu finish getting the place ready because of the last-minute change in venue. Carly doubted that Lulu would be there because of everything that had been going on with Luke, but Bobbie had no idea what Carly was talking about.

Carly was horrified when she realized that Bobbie hadn't heard the latest news about Luke so she quickly filled Bobbie in about Jerry Jacks claiming to have abducted Luke. Upset, Bobbie felt partly responsible for her brother's predicament because Bobbie had been the one who had released Jerry the previous year, which had allowed Jerry to escape. Carly insisted that her mother wasn't to blame because Jerry had manipulated Bobbie, but Bobbie decided to call Lulu for an update.

After Bobbie left the room to fetch her cell phone, Sonny called Carly. Carly tensed as she answered the phone to ask what Sonny wanted. Sonny explained that he had called to let her know that he loved her. He softly told her goodnight then wished her luck the following day. Carly's eyes clouded with tears as she ended the call.

At Sam's penthouse, Sam wrapped up a call with Tracy by thanking Tracy for the update. Moments later, Sam answered a knock at the door. It was Patrick, dressed as a lumberjack, who was accompanied by Cameron and Emma, each wearing cute puppy costumes. Sam giggled as she invited Patrick and the children inside.

Cameron quickly filled Sam in about the history of Beggars Night, so Sam invited the children to help themselves to some candy in the kitchen. As the children scampered off, Patrick yelled out a warning for them to only take one piece of candy each. Sam smiled as she admitted that the costumes were cute then complimented Patrick's beard. He teasingly explained that he had been forced to shave his real beard when he had lost a bet to someone in a game of pool, so he had been stuck with a substitute.

Patrick grumbled that he would have to wear the costume for two nights in a row but conceded that the distraction of Halloween kept his mind off of Luke. Sam admitted that she had heard from Tracy then quickly told Patrick about the switch between Luke and Ned's father, Larry Ashton. Patrick was frustrated that they were back to square one, so Sam apologized because she knew how desperate he had been to question Luke. Sam covered Patrick's hand with her own to offer him comfort just as the children returned with handfuls of candy.

Patrick was not pleased, but Sam assured Patrick that it was fine. Emma invited Sam to join them, but Sam explained that she didn't have a costume. Emma was certain that they could pull something together, so Patrick added that Sam was free for the evening, since Alexis and Molly had Danny. Sam grinned as she relented and happily agreed to join them.

At Wyndemere, Spencer sulked on the floor as Nikolas and Britt snuggled together on the sofa with a big bowl of popcorn. Britt playfully tossed a piece of popcorn at Spencer then invited him to join them on the sofa. Nikolas reminded Spencer that they were about to watch Beetlejuice, but Spencer barked that Beetlejuice was "so last year." Spencer explained that the movie wouldn't take his mind off of Spencer's pain, but Spencer didn't expect Nikolas to understand because Nikolas had never lost the woman that Nikolas had loved.

Moments later, Spencer answered a knock at the door. He was surprised when he saw Lucas and Maxie with Josslyn, who was dressed up as corn. Josslyn explained that it was Beggars Night, but Spencer had no idea what Josslyn was talking about. Josslyn whispered that she needed Spencer's help to get out of Carly's wedding, so Spencer invited everyone inside as he decided to look up Beggars Night on his phone.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Britt entered the foyer. Nikolas and Britt admitted that they had never heard of Beggars Night, so Lucas and Maxie explained that they had decided to take advantage of the custom for Josslyn's sake because Carly's wedding was the following evening on Halloween. Britt complimented Josslyn's "Child of the corn" costume. Josslyn was elated that someone finally "gets me."

Spencer confirmed that Beggars Night was real, so Britt suggested that Spencer slip into a costume, but Spencer announced that Beggars Night was for "townies." Nikolas offered to fetch some candy from the pantry, forcing Spencer to hand over the key that Spencer had kept hidden around his neck. Spencer claimed that he had held onto the key as a favor to Alfred because Alfred was too old to take care of it, but Nikolas sternly informed Spencer that the key would be returned to Alfred.

After Nikolas and Britt left to fetch the candy, Spencer invited Lucas and Maxie into the living room for popcorn. Josslyn seized the opportunity to pull Spencer aside to inform Spencer that she expected him to hide her until after her mother's wedding in exchange for Josslyn hiding Spencer when he had run away. Spencer pointed out that Josslyn had ultimately told Cameron where Spencer was, but Josslyn was unapologetic because she hadn't been able to resist Cameron's charms. Unimpressed, Spencer reminded Josslyn that they had yet to make any headway on their plan to break up Cameron and Emma because the two were closer than ever, but Josslyn had no idea what he expected her to do.

In the living room, Lucas asked Maxie how things had been going on the "Nathan front." Maxie confessed that she had done her best to avoid Nathan while waiting for Diane to return Maxie's calls, but it had been difficult staying away from Nathan because Maxie missed him.

A short time later, Patrick, Sam, Cameron, and Emma arrived for Beggars Night candy. The adults greeted each other as the kids ran into the living room to help themselves to candy. Maxie noticed the fake fall leaves all over Sam's brown leather jacket and in Sam's hair, so she explained that she was a "tree."

In the living room, Spencer taunted Cameron about begging for candy on Beggars Night, so Cameron pushed back by bragging that all he had to do was smile to get what he wanted -- including Spencer's girlfriend. Spencer retaliated by announcing that he had a new girlfriend, Josslyn. Emma seemed genuinely surprised, so Josslyn defensively reminded Emma that Josslyn and Spencer had a lot in common, so Spencer added that they were attending a wedding together the following day. Shocked, Emma asked if Spencer intended to marry Josslyn, but Spencer clarified that it was someone else's wedding. However, Spencer wouldn't be surprised if Emma ended up watching Spencer and Josslyn's wedding on television one day.

After the adults and children left, Spencer happily joined Nikolas and Britt on the sofa, eager to eat popcorn and watch Beetlejuice. Britt was curious about Spencer's sudden chipper mood, so Spencer admitted that things had suddenly begun to look up.

At Carly's residence, Josslyn became concerned when she arrived home and immediately noticed that her mother appeared to be crying. She asked if Carly was okay, so Carly offered a watery smile as she admitted that she would be once she had a hug. Josslyn ran to her mother's open arms then hugged Carly tightly.

At Sam's penthouse, Cameron and Emma sorted through the candy they had collected. Emma was upset about Spencer and Josslyn. She couldn't understand why Spencer was wasting his time with "that mean corn girl."

Meanwhile, Patrick invited Sam to join him and Emma for trick-or-treating the following night, but Sam declined because she wanted to "retire" the tree. However, she flirtatiously invited Patrick to return for candy, so Patrick smiled as he assured her that he would.

At Kelly's, Nathan stared at a picture of Maxie on his cell phone then stood up to pay the bill, but Diane slapped a twenty-dollar bill down on the table to pay the tab. Diane was in a celebratory mood because she had soundly beat Scott Baldwin in court. She invited Nathan to have dinner with her, so he sat back down as Diane placed an order.

Diane bragged that she had managed to persuade a jury that a woman had not been guilty of murdering the woman's husband. Diane noticed that Nathan wasn't paying attention, so he apologized -- although he insisted that Diane's client had been guilty. He admitted that his thoughts had been on Maxie. Diane was delighted that Maxie had wisely decided to date Nathan, but Nathan revealed that there had been a complication. Nathan explained that Judge Walters had threatened to deny Maxie visitation with Georgie if Maxie continued to date Nathan.

Diane was outraged by the judge's "blatant misapplication of authority." Nathan was curious if there was anything Diane could do, so she admitted that she could file a complaint, but it was risky because it was difficult to prove judge misconduct. Diane was afraid that if it backfired, then Judge Walters would dig his heels in further. Disappointed, Nathan wondered if there was anything else they could do to force the judge to stop using Georgie as a hostage to control Maxie. Diane confessed that it was refreshing to see a man who wore his heart on his sleeve for a woman he cared about because it took real courage to admit one's feelings.

Diane revealed that the gossip around the courthouse was that the judge had been dating Monica Quartermaine. Diane suggested that perhaps Maxie could appeal to Monica to intercede on Maxie's behalf. Nathan was curious why Monica would help, so Diane explained that Maxie had once covered up for Michael. However, Diane conceded that Monica might resent Maxie for Maxie's role in the actions that had ultimately sent Michael to prison. Nathan refused to take the chance that his relationship with Maxie would cost her time with Georgie.

Moments later, Maxie entered the dinner. She tensed when she saw Nathan smile at her, but she approached the table to ask if Diane had received her messages. Diane revealed that she and Nathan had just been discussing Judge Walters' threat, but Nathan jumped up to explain that there was nothing that Diane could do to help them. Diane was surprised by the announcement, but played along with Nathan.

Crestfallen, Maxie thanked Diane then decided to leave before Maxie and Nathan were spotted together. Her eyes were sad as she looked back at Nathan.

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