Tuesday, January 27, 2015

At Pentonville, Ava panicked when a guard led her to an unknown area of the prison. She dug in her heels as she demanded to know where he was taking her, but the guard ignored the question as he forced her to keep moving. Ava suddenly realized that Sonny had sent him to kill her, so she began to fight him because she didn't want to make it easy for him to kill her. The guard finally stopped to explain that Ava had a visitor. Stunned, Ava quietly followed the guard to the visitors' area.

Ava was surprised when she saw Silas waiting for her, so she picked up the phone to speak to him through the acrylic window separating them. Ava feared that Silas was there because something was wrong, but he admitted that he had wanted to check on her. Ava was touched because her visitors had been few and far between. Silas grinned as he advised Ava to prepare herself because she had another visitor. Ava's face lit with joy when Silas leaned down to pluck Avery out of the baby carrier.

Ava tearfully coed to her daughter as Silas explained that Kiki had been sick, so he had advised Kiki to rest. Ava was disappointed but agreed that Kiki needed to take care of herself because Ava knew that it was hard on Kiki taking care of Avery. Silas assured Ava that Kiki was amazing and that Avery was a good baby then shifted gears to ask how Ava had been holding up. Ava's smile faded as she told Silas about the attempt on her life, which she blamed on Sonny. However, she conceded that Julian had a different theory.

Alarmed, Silas urged Ava to report the incident, but Ava argued that it was pointless because the guards would stick together. Silas remained concerned about Ava's safety, so he suggested that she request to be transferred to another prison. Ava laughed but without any humor. She explained that she would never make it out of the prison alive, but she assured Silas that she would be fine because she had a plan. Silas tensed as he realized that Ava intended to break out.

"You're breaking out?" Silas mouthed. Ava chuckled nervously as she told Silas that it was an absurd question. However, she carefully added that if she were to escape, then she would be forced to live the rest of her life on the on the run, always looking over her shoulder and never having contact with her children again. "What kind of existence is that?" Ava wondered. Silas pointed out that at least she would be alive, but Ava argued that her daughters would hate her for running.

Silas promised to remind Kiki and Avery to be grateful their mother was alive because they might one day be reunited with Ava, so he quietly implored her to do whatever was necessary to stay alive. The guard walked up to inform Ava it was time to wrap things up. She focused on her daughter as she tearfully said goodbye to Avery.

Ava regretted that she would not be there for all of Avery's important milestones, but she insisted that she loved Avery and always would. Ava revealed that she always kept her promises, so she promised to return one day. The guard reached for Ava as Ava told Avery to be good for Silas and Kiki then repeatedly said she loved her daughter until the guard escorted Ava out of the room.

Elsewhere in Pentonville, Sonny confided to Julian that Bill Eckert's coffin had been empty. Julian realized that it confirmed Sonny's suspicion that Bill was the impostor, but Sonny cautioned Julian that they would need more than an empty grave to confirm that Luke's cousin was the impostor. Julian was surprised because Sonny had seemed certain that the impostor was Bill Eckert, but Sonny insisted that they would need definitive proof. However, Sonny agreed to move forward on the assumption that they were dealing with Luke's vindictive cousin, Bill.

Satisfied, Julian changed the subject to question Sonny about the attempt on Ava's life. Sonny denied ordering the hit, even though he intended to make Ava pay for killing Connie. Julian made it clear that he would not allow anyone to hurt his sister, but he believed Sonny in part because Julian suspected Bill had ordered the hit. Sonny was curious why the impostor would want to kill Ava, so Julian explained that Ava had refused to carry out a hit for Bill.

Sonny wanted to know who Ava had been ordered to kill, but Julian decided not to tell Sonny about the impostor's order for Ava to kill Michael. Instead, Julian opted for the partial truth by revealing that it had been one of Bill's enemies. Julian changed the subject by confiding that Ava was their ticket out of Pentonville. Julian quickly told Sonny about Madeline's transfer to the Port Charles jail later that evening and Ava's plan to be on the transport van.

Julian advised Sonny to set aside his hatred for Ava so they could work together to successfully escape. Sonny reminded Julian that Ava had murdered Connie, but Julian argued that Connie was beyond help, while their loved ones were not. Sonny realized that Julian was right, so he agreed to work with Ava. Julian was relieved that Sonny had made a smart decision.

In Kevin's office, Jake leaned against Kevin's desk as Carly left Michael a voicemail message. She hoped Michael wouldn't be mad at Lucas for sharing Michael's new cell phone number with her, but she wanted Michael to know that she was proud of him and his plans for the clinic. Carly offered to help in any way that she could and added that she loved him and would never give up on him. After Carly ended the call, Jake assured her that she had done great. Carly returned his smile then wondered why Kevin hadn't arrived because she was eager for answers.

Carly insisted that she was certain Jake was a good person and a friend because she had felt a strong connection to him from the beginning. She bragged that she had good instincts and even pointed to Franco as a perfect example because her first instincts had been to loathe Franco and want him dead. However, she had talked herself out of listening to her intuition. Jake reminded Carly that he was a man with a gun and a ski mask who lacked both a name and a past.

Carly reminded Jake that Kevin had assured Jake that Jake had had false memories of taking Sam hostage. Jake worried that perhaps the memories of job hunting had been the false memories because he had woken up on the docks with a gun but no idea how he had gotten there. Carly argued that Sam hadn't had a shred of evidence to prove that Jake had been the gunman, especially since Carly had hidden the bag with the gun and mask in Carly's office at the hotel. Jake hated that Carly was an accomplice, but Carly pointed out that they didn't have any evidence that a crime had been committed.

Jake was startled when Carly revealed that she had found a cell phone in the bag along with the gun and mask, so she suggested that they check the call log to see who Jake had been talking to. Jake agreed, but she quickly determined that Jake had only received calls from an unknown number. She was curious if he recognized the phone, but Jake shook his head. However, he suddenly had a flashback of speaking to someone on a cell phone who had asked if the job had been completed.

Carly noticed the change in Jake, so Jake told her about the flashback, but he explained that the voice had been distorted and unrecognizable. Frustrated, Carly decided to fetch Kevin. She told Jake to wait for her then left the room. Jake appeared worried as he sat in a chair. Moments later, the phone rang. It was Helena, who informed Jake that he was "active."

At the cemetery, the impostor was livid that someone had desecrated Bill's gave by digging it up. He suddenly recalled his encounter with Dante when the impostor had first arrived at the cemetery. "You are finished!" the impostor screamed as Helena walked up. "Temper, temper," Helena chastised, and she reminded the impostor that he didn't want to risk showing his true colors. The impostor grudgingly greeted Helena, so she asked why he was "loitering" at Bill's graveside.

The impostor told Helena that Dante had dug up the coffin, but Helena wasn't concerned since they knew that it had been empty. The impostor suspected that Dante was headed to the house on Elm Street, so he started to leave. However, Helena explained that it wasn't necessary because she had things well in hand. Concerned, the impostor carefully asked what Helena had done, so she revealed that she had used Nikolas' hold over Lomax to have the house condemned. The impostor was impressed, but he pointed out that he still needed to find a permanent solution for his other problem at the house.

However, the impostor was grateful that Helena had bought him time to focus on his plans for the Haunted Star because he couldn't trust their incompetent crew to take care of things. Helena agreed that good help was hard to find, but the impostor reminded her that she hadn't done much better with her "soldier boy." The impostor insisted that Helena should slit the assassin's throat for failing to kill Sam and Patrick. Helena admitted that she had questions, so she intended to have a chat with her assassin.

The impostor advised Helena to figure things out quickly because the impostor didn't want to take any chances with a stockpile of explosives about to be loaded onto the Haunted Star. Helena grinned as she agreed that the impostor's plans would be glorious. The impostor smiled as he thought about the explosion that would blow the ship and everyone on it sky high. He gloated that he would be able to take out as many of Luke's family and friends as possible in one fell swoop. However, he needed assurance that Helena's "soldier boy" would carry out the massacre.

Helena promised that everything would go according to plan, so the impostor warned Helena that she had better hope so because he didn't want a parting of ways with Helena like the one the impostor had had with Julian. Helena was not intimidated by the veiled threat, but she assured him that the assassin would not fail them.

A short time later, Jake approached Helena at the cemetery.

At the Spencer house on Elm Street, Dante turned the knob on the front door, and Michael walked up. Michael was curious what Dante was doing there, so Dante claimed that he had decided to check up to make certain that Shawn hadn't been snooping around the house again. Michael appreciated Dante's help, so Dante asked if he could check out the inside of the house for any possible signs of Shawn. Michael unlocked the door then helped Dante search the house.

After their search turned up nothing, Dante suggested looking in the basement since Shawn had shown an interest in it. Michael picked up a crowbar and handed it to Dante. Dante was about to force the door open when Kyle Sloane, flanked by a couple of police officers, suddenly entered the house. Kyle announced that Dante and Michael had to vacate the premises immediately because Mayor Lomax had condemned the house after receiving complaints about the house.

Dante was certain that "Luke" had been behind the complaints, but he scanned the document Kyle had produced. Dante noticed that there hadn't been a reason listed for condemning the house, so Kyle explained that it had been his understanding that there was structural decay in the basement. Michael conceded that Luke had expressed concerns about the house's foundation, so Kyle seized the opportunity to order Michael to turn over the keys to the house, since ELQ hadn't acquired the property.

Michael complied, but he vowed to have his attorneys fight the city. Kyle conceded that it was Michael's right but insisted that everyone had to leave. After Dante and Michael stepped onto the porch, Kyle supervised the police officers as they boarded up and locked the house. Dante reluctantly followed Kyle as Michael called Alexis to let her know what had happened.

A short time later, Dante returned to the house and broke a window to unlock the front door and enter. He was about to break into the basement when the impostor suddenly appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what Dante was doing.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu was taking inventory behind the bar as Johnny carried in a case of alcohol in preparation for the party. Johnny asked if they would need more alcohol, so Lulu snapped at him to figure it out. She immediately apologized, but Johnny pounced on the opportunity to ask if Lulu was troubled because of the way Dante had tried to order her around when Dante had learned that Lulu and Johnny were business partners again. Johnny tried to add to the martial discord by badmouthing Dante and accusing Lulu's husband of bullying her, but Lulu clarified that she and Dante were fine.

However, Lulu admitted that Dante was not happy with Johnny. Johnny was surprised when she added that she wasn't either because she thought that Johnny should have excused himself when Dante and Lulu had gotten into an argument instead of staying to watch. She suspected that Johnny had enjoyed it, but he denied the accusation by insisting that he hated the way Dante treated her. Lulu assured Johnny that Dante respected that she was an independent woman who was capable of making her own decisions, but she wanted Johnny to stop goading Dante.

Johnny agreed not to push Dante's buttons, but he insisted that Dante was paranoid because Johnny and Lulu were merely business partners. "Right?" Johnny asked as he leaned toward Lulu. Lulu turned away as she changed the subject to discuss the party plans. Johnny thought it was strange that a lot of people would show up to support a free medical clinic that would be built in a rundown neighborhood. Lulu admitted that her father had initially been opposed to the clinic, which surprised her because a year earlier Luke probably would have driven the bulldozer to tear the house down.

Lulu suspected that Luke's perspective of things had changed because of his captivity at Miscavige. Johnny quietly suggested that the change in Luke had gone far deeper than Lulu suspected. "Where did that come from?" Lulu asked. Johnny immediately backpedaled by reminding Lulu that Luke had never seemed the "warm and fuzzy" type. Lulu agreed, but she was grateful that she finally had her father back instead of an impostor in a creepy state-of-the-art mask.

Johnny appeared to have an attack of conscience when he confessed that he had something to tell Lulu. His confession was cut short when Michael suddenly walked in to check on the party preparations. Lulu promised Michael that the party would be memorable then asked how things had been going with the clinic. Johnny perked up when Michael told her about what had transpired at the house with Kyle Sloane.

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