Tuesday, June 30, 2015

At Sabrina's apartment, Michael woke up in bed with Sabrina cuddled next to him. "A.J.," he said as he started to jump out of bed until he realized it was his first morning without his sister. Sabrina stirred beside him as he leaned back against the pillows. She wondered if he had any regrets, but Michael shook his head because he knew it had been the right thing to return his sister to Sonny. Sabrina smiled because she was proud of him for taking such a big step.

Michael returned Sabrina's smile as he quietly confessed that he had enjoyed their night together, so Sabrina seductively invited him to make love to her again. Michael grinned as he leaned down to kiss Sabrina's waiting lips.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy placed Edward's portrait on the wall in the foyer. She vowed that her father's portrait would soon be returned to its rightful place at ELQ because she refused to allow Nikolas to remain in control of the family company. Tracy began to rant about Nikolas until she heard someone knock on the French doors in the living room. Annoyed, Tracy asked if people had forgotten the concept of using a front door.

Moments later, Ava introduced herself to Tracy as Ava's twin sister Denise. Tracy wasn't impressed, so Denise asked if Michael was around because Denise had arranged to visit with her "baby niece." Tracy admitted that Michael was not at home, which infuriated Denise. Denise demanded to know where Michael was, but Tracy clarified that Tracy was not Michael's keeper. Denise became increasingly upset, so she decided to check on Avery but Tracy blocked Denise from storming into the nursery.

Tracy explained that Avery had already been kidnapped twice, so Tracy would not risk it happening again. Denise argued that she hadn't made her way all the way to the Quartermaine mansion only to be turned away. Denise desperately wanted to see Avery, but Tracy was unmoved by Denise's pleas. Tracy admitted that she wanted romance, adventure, and the corporate power to crush her enemies, but like Denise, Tracy would not be getting what she wanted that day. Denise warned Tracy not to push her, but Tracy wasn't intimidated because Tracy was itching for a fight.

Denise was relieved when Michael and Sabrina arrived, so she immediately asked Michael to take her to Avery. Denise was stunned when Michael explained that he had returned Avery to Sonny. Denise reminded Michael that Sonny was a killer and that Sonny's loved ones tended to get hurt around him, but Michael assured Denise that Sonny had promised to keep Avery safe. Denise recalled hearing that Sonny had made a similar promise to Michael. "How'd that turn out for you, Michael?" Denise asked.

Michael appreciated Denise's concerns, but he advised her to take it up with Sonny if she had a problem. After Denise left, Tracy confessed that she would miss Avery. Sabrina tried to cheer Tracy up by asking her about Ned and Dillon as children. Tracy smiled as she reminisced about her sons, but she pointed out that all the men she loved, whether she birthed them or married them, eventually left her.

At Kelly's, Elizabeth was reading the Port Charles Press, which featured a story about Nikolas taking over ELQ. She set the newspaper down when Jake walked in, but he had seen the story. Pretending to be shocked about the developments at ELQ, Elizabeth asked if Jake had had any inkling about Nikolas' plans. Jake admitted that he had discovered the plot too late to stop Nikolas, but Jake was curious if Elizabeth had known anything. Elizabeth denied any knowledge about Nikolas' nefarious scheme just as Nikolas entered the diner then approached their table.

Jake glared at Nikolas as he remarked that Nikolas appeared to have the "whole sneaking up on people thing" down to a science. Nikolas flashed a polite smile as he asked if he had interrupted anything important. Jake didn't try to hide his contempt for Nikolas as he admitted that he and Elizabeth had been talking about the story in the newspaper. Nikolas claimed the article had been biased because it had favored the Quartermaines. Jake argued that Nikolas deserved the backlash because Nikolas had used blackmail, extortion, and corporate espionage to obtain the shares of ELQ, which were all criminal acts.

Nikolas questioned Jake's strong loyalty to a family Jake had just met and barely knew, but Elizabeth quickly interceded to keep things from escalating by imploring both men to stop arguing. Jake backed down but continued to stare down Nikolas. Nikolas ignored the hostility in Jake's gaze as he praised Jake for figuring things out. Nikolas had been impressed by Jake's insight and skill, so he invited Jake to remain a part of ELQ. Jake refused, but Nikolas urged Jake to reconsider, since it would ultimately benefit the Quartermaines to help stabilize the company after the recent changes.

Nikolas handed Jake an envelope that contained a "generous" offer for Jake, but Jake wasn't interested. Elizabeth tactfully asked if Jake could have some time to think things over, but Jake assured her that it wouldn't be necessary because Jake would rather take a job with anyone else. Jake informed Nikolas that he intended to repay Nikolas for covering Jake's hospital bill, but Nikolas assured Jake it wasn't necessary because it had been a gift. Jake didn't trust Nikolas because Jake suspected Nikolas always had an agenda.

Jake promised to do whatever was necessary to rip ELQ from Nikolas' grasp then send Nikolas to prison for the various crimes Nikolas had committed. Jake vowed to help Michael because Michael had given Jake a chance when no one else had, and Michael had proven himself to be a loyal and honorable man. Nikolas was disappointed by Jake's decision, but Jake didn't care. After Nikolas walked away from the table, Elizabeth tried to calm Jake down. He was too agitated, so he asked if she wanted to go for a ride, but she declined because she suspected he needed some time alone.

Elizabeth also confessed that she wanted to check on Nikolas because Nikolas was her friend. Jake warned her not to apologize on his behalf, so she promised that she would never presume to speak for Jake. After Jake left, Elizabeth approached Nikolas. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he had only tried to help, but Elizabeth confessed that she had no idea what had gotten into Jake. She feared he might try to go after Nikolas, but Nikolas wasn't concerned because Jake had had the perfect opportunity to sabotage Nikolas from within by accepting Nikolas' job offer.

Elizabeth realized that perhaps it had been for the best that Jake hadn't accepted Nikolas' job offer, since the Quartermaines would still be a presence at ELQ even though they weren't in charge. Elizabeth didn't want to risk Jake remembering who he was by exposing him to Sam, Michael, and the other Quartermaines.

Meanwhile, Jake dropped by the Quartermaine mansion to apologize to Michael for failing to uncover Nikolas' plot before it was too late. Michael refused to allow Jake to take responsibility, so Jake suggested they agree that Nikolas was a "treacherous son of a bitch." Michael smiled, so Jake offered to help Michael take Nikolas down. Michael assured Jake it wasn't necessary, but Jake insisted he still worked for Michael.

At Greystone Manor, Avery sat on her father's lap as Sonny played with his daughter and reminded her that she was finally home for good. Moments later, Dante entered the living room, but he wasn't pleased when he saw his father with the baby because he feared that Sonny had snatched Avery without Michael's consent. Dante was surprised when Sonny admitted that Michael had returned Avery home, so he commended his brother for choosing to make peace for the good of the family. Dante admitted that not everyone could be that selfless.

Sonny became defensive because he suspected Dante had been referring to him, but Dante clarified that he had been thinking about Lulu. Sonny put Avery into the playpen as Dante told his father about following Lulu to the Quartermaine mansion and Lulu's sudden trip out of town with Dillon. Dante accused Lulu of cheating, but he confessed that he had nearly followed suit with her cousin Valerie. Sonny was not pleased, but Dante assured him that Valerie had quickly put a stop to things and had kept Dante from tracking down Lulu and Dillon until Dante had calmed down.

Sonny agreed it had been good advice, but Sonny also urged Dante to talk to Lulu as soon as possible. Dante explained that he had stopped by to ask Sonny to watch Rocco, so Dante could fly to Vancouver to confront Lulu. Sonny agreed to watch his grandson, but he asked Dante to promise to give Lulu an opportunity to explain her side of things because Dante might have jumped to the wrong conclusion. Dante agreed then thanked his father.

After Dante left, Sonny put the children down for a nap. After he checked the monitor, he went to answer the door. "Denise" stood on his doorstep.

In British Columbia, Luke lay in bed, sandwiched between Laura and Holly. He looked at both of his ex-wives, who each stared off into space, lost in their own troubled thoughts. "Well, this is different," Luke quietly said as he focused on the ceiling. Luke asked if either woman had slept, but they each confessed that they hadn't. Luke confided that he hadn't either. He blamed it on the mattress -- a torture device he was certain he had once been strapped to in a flophouse.

Laura suggested perhaps Luke hadn't been able to sleep because he had been in bed with two ex-wives. Holly smirked as she readily agreed with Laura's assessment. Luke sat up then changed the subject by announcing that he was tired of waiting to hear from the kidnappers. Everyone jumped out of bed as Holly pointed out that they didn't have a choice. Laura agreed with Holly because they didn't have any leads or any idea who had kidnapped their sons.

Holly disagreed because they had one small clue. Stunned, Luke and Laura demanded to know why Holly had waited to mention it, so she quickly clarified that it had been more of an observation. Holly explained that whoever had kidnapped Ethan and Lucky had clearly intended to hurt Luke, which meant that Luke was the main target. Luke became upset because he knew Holly was right, but both Laura and Holly rushed to assure Luke that he was not to blame for the abductions.

Luke became defensive because he didn't believe either ex-wife. Hurt and angry, he decided to check on Lulu to make certain no one snatched her because of him. After Luke slammed the door behind him, Holly regretted sharing her theory. Laura explained that Luke had a lot on his mind, but Holly pointed out that they were all worried about Ethan and Lucky. Laura tried to ease Holly's mind by reminding Holly that Ethan was perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

Holly appreciated Laura's words of encouragement, especially since she knew Ethan was a painful reminder of Luke's infidelity. Laura admitted that both she and Luke had kept secrets, so their marriage had been doomed. Laura promised that she had made peace with the past, so Holly opened up about the night Holly had run into Luke at a casino in Singapore. Holly admitted that it had been years since she had seen Luke, but all the old feelings had rushed back. Holly assured Laura that the affair had only lasted a weekend and that she hadn't known about Luke and Laura's marriage or that they'd had a son.

Holly conceded that she hadn't wanted to ask, but she had learned the truth when she had discovered that she had been pregnant with Ethan. Holly had refused to break up Luke's family, so Holly had made the difficult decision to give her son up for adoption. However, she insisted she had never regretted having her son, but she had been deeply sorry for hurting Laura. Laura promised that it was in the past. The conversation abruptly ended when Laura's cell phone rang. It was the kidnapper.

Laura and Holly demanded proof that their sons were okay, but the kidnapper informed them that what they wanted was irrelevant. However, he advised them to check the hallway because he had left them something. Laura dashed to the hallway as the kidnapper disconnected the call. She returned with an envelope, which she immediately opened. Laura and Holly were horrified when they saw a picture of their sons seated side by side, tied to chairs with their mouths covered in duct tape.

In another hotel room, Dillon woke Lulu up by handing her a cup of coffee. Lulu gratefully accepted the hot drink and took a sip as Dillon opened the blinds. Lulu asked if Dillon had slept, so he admitted that he had been up all night. Lulu felt bad, but reminded him that she had offered to take the floor. Dillon confessed he couldn't have, in good conscience, taken the bed, so Lulu shifted gears to ask if Dillon had heard from Luke and Laura. Dillon shook his head, so Lulu decided to call her parents.

Dillon urged Lulu to reconsider because he was certain her parents would call with an update when the kidnappers contacted Luke and Laura. Lulu reluctantly agreed, so Dillon invited her to join him for breakfast because they would need their strength to help rescue Lucky. Lulu grinned when Dillon confessed that he had charged the breakfast cart to Luke and Laura's room, so she grabbed something off a plate. Meanwhile, Dillon revealed that he had spent the night editing his screenplay to incorporate her suggestions.

Dillon was eager to hear Lulu's feedback. Lulu was glad she had been able to help Dillon because it had taken the edge off her guilt over lying to her husband. Dillon admitted that he felt equally guilty for not telling his mother the truth, but he was certain that Dante would understand and forgive Lulu once Lucky was safe and she was free to tell her husband the truth. Lulu regretted unloading her problems on Dillon, but he assured her that he didn't mind.

Later, Lulu rushed to the door when she heard a knock. She was relieved when she saw her father standing on the doorstep, so she immediately asked for an update. Luke filled Lulu and Dillon in about Holly's appearance and Ethan's kidnapping. Lulu was distraught that two of her brothers were at the mercy of unknown kidnappers, but Luke refused to allow Lulu to wallow in fear. He gave her five seconds to be afraid then instructed her to pull herself together because they were Spencers.

Lulu assured her father that she didn't need five seconds because she was ready to take action. Luke was confident that, with a little luck, they would be able to rescue his sons. Lulu hoped they accomplished their mission quickly because she didn't know how much longer she could lie to her husband. Luke promised to help Lulu explain things to Dante when everything was done, but Dillon was curious what Luke intended to do about Tracy, so Luke admitted that he hated that he had lied to Tracy and hurt her, but Luke promised to spend the rest of his days making it up to her if she forgave him. Satisfied, Dillon, Lulu, and Luke left to join Laura and Holly.

A short time later, Laura and Holly showed Luke, Lulu, and Dillon the picture the kidnappers had sent. Luke promised everyone that they would find Ethan and Lucky and kill whoever had abducted his sons.

Meanwhile, Dante knocked on Dillon and Lulu's hotel room door, but no one answered. He spotted a maid, so he identified himself as a police officer then asked her to let him into the room because someone might be in danger. The maid immediately opened the door. Dante entered then looked around until his eyes landed on the bed where Lulu and Dillon's clothes were scattered. Alarmed by the expression on Dante's face, the maid asked if anyone had been hurt. "Not yet," Dante answered.

. . .

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