Tuesday, July 26, 2016

In Parker's hotel room, Kristina invited Sonny to ask if she was gay, but he reminded her that she'd just told him that she didn't know what she was. Kristina wondered if he could accept a daughter who was gay, but he admitted that it was a lot to take in. Kristina's cell phone chimed, but Sonny asked her to turn it off because they needed to talk. Kristina saw that the call was from her mother and sent the call to voicemail before turning off the phone. Sonny wanted to know where Kristina's head was and how she felt about Parker.

Sonny admitted that he was confused because he'd known gay people, and they'd all known at a young age that they were gay. He talked about his younger days when he'd go to clubs and had gay friends. Kristina was surprised, but Sonny pointed out that there was a lot about him that she didn't know. He conceded that there was also a lot about her that he didn't know. Kristina opened up about her difficult breakup in college and how she'd been beguiled by Parker. Kristina admitted that she'd been drawn to Parker both physically and intellectually.

Kristina thought Parker had reciprocated Kristina's feelings when she'd propositioned Parker. Sonny reminded Kristina that Parker had reported Kristina, which had led to Kristina's suspension from school. Kristina took full responsibility for getting kicked out of school. Sonny shifted gears and asked if she would have said anything if he hadn't caught her kissing Parker. Kristina admitted that she'd talked to Alexis because she hadn't thought Sonny would understand. She was also afraid that he'd be disappointed because she couldn't manage relationships and had been kicked out of school.

Sonny was stunned when Kristina admitted that she hadn't thought Sonny would love her. Sonny assured his daughter that he loved her and that he wanted to work together to figure things out. He was curious where Aaron fit into things. Kristina explained that she cared about Aaron, but it was superficial compared to what she felt for Parker. Sonny feared that Kristina was at an emotional disadvantage with Parker because Parker had been her professor. He didn't mind if Kristina dated women, but he didn't think Parker was right for her.

Kristina argued that Sonny didn't know Parker. Sonny let it drop and promised never to give up on his daughter. Kristina was curious why he hadn't been able to answer her earlier question when she'd asked if he could accept having a gay daughter. Sonny invited Kristina to ask him again, so she did. "No question -- no matter what," Sonny answered without hesitation. Kristina's eyes filled with tears as she hugged her father.

In the restaurant, Carly was on the phone with Olivia as she praised Olivia for successfully negotiating the London contract. Carly quickly ended the call when Nina walked up and announced that she had a surprise for Carly. Nina set a stack of papers on the bar and explained that they were printouts of the responses to Josslyn's story on Crimson's website. Nina was certain they would find what Carly was looking for among the posts from people around the country and the world. Nina promised to do whatever she could to help Carly, prompting Carly to question Nina's motives. Nina acknowledged that the story was good for business and made Nina feel like she was doing something that a mother would do.

Josslyn entered the restaurant as Nina excused herself to attend to some business with Julian. After Nina left, Josslyn asked Carly about the stack of papers. Carly revealed that they were responses to Josslyn's story, but Josslyn wasn't happy and asked her mother to drop the search for the donor. Startled, Carly explained that she needed to find the donor for Josslyn's sake, but Josslyn resented her personal business being made public. Carly was genuinely surprised that Josslyn had an issue with it, but Josslyn didn't want to give kids more fodder to point and talk behind her back. Carly reminded Josslyn that there was nothing to be ashamed of because Josslyn had had cancer, but Josslyn reminded her mother that the longer she stayed healthy, the less likely she would have a relapse or complications.

Carly refused to risk it and insisted that it was her obligation as a mother to safeguard Josslyn's health. Josslyn informed Carly that Jax didn't agree and had sided with Josslyn. Carly's mind was made up, but Josslyn threatened to live with her father if Carly didn't drop it. Shocked, Carly reluctantly agreed. Carly called Nina and instructed Nina to take the story down, but Carly stepped out of Josslyn's hearing range to add that it was only temporary.

At the hospital, Julian was handcuffed to his bed as he looked at the divorce papers. Julian decided that "the haters" had gotten to Alexis, including her own daughters. He vowed not to give up on Alexis or to attend the arraignment. "I'm leaving," Julian quietly said and added that he intended to take his wife with him. Moments later, Julian's henchman entered the room. Julian was eager for news about Ava, but the man admitted that she hadn't surfaced. Julian instructed the henchman to get another dose of medication because Julian needed to stall.

At Perks Coffee, Alexis left a message for Kristina, scolding her daughter for not calling to let Alexis know Kristina was not spending the night at home. Alexis acknowledged that Kristina was an adult, but Alexis expected her daughter to check in. After Alexis ended the call, Paul walked up. Alexis told Paul that she looked forward to Julian's arraignment and seeing Julian remanded without bail. Paul advised Alexis to call Diane because Alexis would have to face the American Bar Association for her role in everything that had transpired with Julian.

After Paul left and Alexis ended the call with Diane, Parker walked up. Alexis was not happy and demanded to know why Parker was at Kristina's place of work. Parker assured Alexis that she'd had no idea that Kristina worked at the coffee shop, but Alexis was not satisfied. Alexis explained that Kristina was fine without Parker, but Parker revealed that Parker and Kristina had spent the night together. Alexis was upset because she believed that Parker had taken advantage of Kristina, but Parker denied it. Parker explained that Kristina had sought Parker out for closure, but it had led to more.

Alexis accused Parker of being an adult in a position of power who had seduced a "younger, confused, and questioning girl." Parker argued that both Parker and Kristina were adults and had been willing participants. Parker appreciated that Kristina was still trying to figure things out, but Parker pointed out that Kristina couldn't do that without exploring her sexuality. Alexis snidely thanked Parker for taking time from Parker's marriage to help Kristina, but Parker admitted that her marriage was over and headed for divorce. Alexis wasn't appeased because she feared that Parker was on the rebound.

Parker promised that she cared about Kristina, but Alexis reminded Parker that Wesleyan's dean wouldn't react well to finding out that Parker had shacked up with the student whom Parker had reported for inappropriate conduct. Alexis urged Parker to end it with Kristina.

Later, Kristina caught up with her mother on the promenade and apologized for not calling sooner. Alexis revealed that she knew that Kristina had spent the night with Parker. Surprised, Kristina wondered if Sonny had told Alexis, but Alexis was shocked that Sonny knew about Kristina and Parker. Kristina admitted that Sonny had caught Kristina and Parker kissing and had talked to Kristina about it. Alexis was curious how it had gone. Kristina smiled because it had been better than she'd expected.

Kristina was glad that he had talked to Sonny because he had assured her that he still loved her. Alexis hadn't expected anything less. Kristina wondered how Alexis had known about Kristina and Parker's night together, so Alexis told Kristina that she'd bumped into Parker. Kristina warned Alexis to save the lecture because Sonny had already warned Kristina about Parker. Kristina loved her parents, but she reminded her mother that it was Kristina's life, and Kristina and Parker made each other happy. Kristina was confident that she and Parker would figure things out.

Meanwhile, Parker sat in her hotel room and wrote Kristina a note that read, "I'm sorry. I can't."

In Julian's hospital room, Paul noted that Julian looked well. Julian coughed, but Paul ignored Julian's attempt to appear ill. Paul urged Julian to plead guilty because Julian's own words would send Julian to jail. Julian vowed to prove his innocence and informed Paul that Julian's attorney would file a motion to suppress the confession. Julian's henchman entered the hospital room, dressed in scrubs. Paul decided to check on Julian's discharge papers and left Julian in the care of the man he believed worked at the hospital.

The henchman revealed that he'd gotten his hands on a dose of the medication, but Nina suddenly entered the room to talk to Julian. The henchman pretended to check the monitors as Nina announced that she needed Julian to sign a document that would give her full autonomy over Crimson. Julian assured Nina that it wasn't necessary because he wouldn't be going to jail, but Nina refused to chance it and threatened to expose his role in the corporate sabotage if he refused to sign the document. Reluctantly, Julian scribbled his name and sent Nina on her way. The henchman started to hand Julian the vial of medicine, but Nina noticed that Julian had missed one of the signature lines. She turned around and bumped into the henchman.

The vial fell, and the liquid spilled onto the floor. Nina apologized, but Julian took the document, signed the line she'd indicated, and ordered her to leave. After she left, Julian ordered the henchman to get another vial of medication. Seconds later, Paul returned with a police officer and announced that Julian had been cleared to leave.

At the restaurant, Josslyn thanked Carly for asking Nina to drop the story. Carly apologized and reiterated that she hadn't realized how much it had hurt Josslyn. After Josslyn disappeared into the kitchen to fetch some ice cream, Sonny greeted his wife. Moments later, Nina walked up to talk to Carly. Nina thought Sonny would like to know that Nina had seen the district attorney cart Julian off to court for the arraignment. Sonny was pleased and admitted that it was good news.

Nina had hoped to have more good news because Carly and Nina had been zeroing in on Josslyn's kidney donor until Carly had called off the search. Carly quickly explained that Josslyn had felt that her privacy had been violated and had asked Carly to pull the story from the website. Carly handed Nina the stack of responses to the article and asked her to discreetly continue the search. After Nina left, Sonny questioned if it had been wise for Carly to ignore Josslyn's wishes, but Carly hoped that Josslyn would have a change of heart by the time Carly located the kidney donor. Carly shifted gears when she noticed that Sonny seemed troubled. Sonny confided that Kristina had come out to him.

Meanwhile, Josslyn called Jax to let her father know that Carly had respected her wishes and dropped the search.

On Cassadine Island, Jason was tied to a chair as a guard sat on the floor across the room, absorbed with his cell phone. Jason whispered to Sam to wake up. She opened her eyes and groggily wondered why she was so tired. Jason pointed out that there wasn't anything else to do except rest, but the guard heard them talking and warned them to be still, or he would shoot. Sam pointed to the bottles of water and asked if she could have something to drink. The guard agreed, but Sam stood up, became dizzy, and fainted.

Alarmed, Jason asked the guard to help Sam. Agitated and worried, Jason had a burst of strength and managed to break free by snapping off the chair's arms. Jason quickly overpowered the guard and checked on Sam. Sam slowly opened her eyes and assured him that she was fine. She attributed the fainting spell to dehydration.

In the living room, Valentin was curious who wanted to die first, but Lulu appeared in the doorway and aimed a gun at Valentin as she ordered him to drop his weapon. Valentin warned Lulu that he'd fire off a shot and kill her mother before Lulu could pull the trigger. Meanwhile, a guard managed to catch Lulu by surprise and quickly disarm her. Dante ran to check on his wife, so Valentin decided to shoot the couple as they held hands. Before Valentin pulled the trigger, a shot rang out upstairs. Seconds later, Jason and Sam rushed down the stairs, armed with a gun.

Jason fired at one of the guards as Valentin fled. Jason and Dante made quick work of overpowering the remaining guards and disarming them. Ava yelled at Jason because he could have shot one of them, but he ignored her as he went after Valentin. Dante instructed Ava to get something to tie up the guards. Dante, Sam, and Ava restrained the men and locked them up in a room. Dante, Sam, and Ava returned to check on Kevin as Laura and Lulu tried to stanch the bleeding from his shoulder. Lulu ran to hug her husband and expressed regret for not shooting Valentin when she'd had the chance.

Dante was curious how Lulu had ended up with the gun, so she told him about her encounter with the guard in the access tunnels. However, she was careful to omit any mention of the skeleton she'd found. Sam asked about Kevin's injury. Laura credited Kevin with saving her life by jumping into the path of a bullet when Valentin had shot at Laura. Ava was eager to leave, but Sam insisted that they wait on Jason. Ava reluctantly agreed, but Ava made it clear that she didn't want to end up like Kevin and Nikolas.

Meanwhile, Jason followed Valentin to Helena's bedroom. Jason demanded that Valentin open the door, but Valentin had barricaded the door and refused. Eventually, Jason managed to bust in the door, but Valentin was long gone. Jason returned to the living room and reported that Valentin had escaped. Jason wondered if Kevin could walk, but it quickly became clear that he would need assistance. Jason and Dante helped Kevin to his feet and carried him out as the ladies followed behind.

Lulu stopped Laura to remind Laura of Nikolas. Lulu didn't want to leave Nikolas behind. Laura didn't, either, but Kevin needed help, and they had to get to Spencer.

Meanwhile, Valentin was in the tunnels. He called one of his associates and instructed the person to send out men to keep the hostages from leaving the island alive.

. . .

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