Tuesday, June 21, 2016

At Lynch Manor, Ava banged on the door as she demanded to be let out, but Nikolas insisted that it was useless. Ava disagreed because she hoped to annoy their captor into opening the door, which would give Ava and Nikolas an opportunity to get a jump on Huxley and flee. Nikolas reminded her that he was from a long line of kidnappers and could assure her with "some authority" that the plan would not work. Ava thought it was better than doing nothing, but Nikolas suggested that they wait until Hux returned and told them what he wanted from Ava.

As if on cue, Hux entered with a tray of snacks. Ava scowled and angrily accused Hux of kidnapping her and Nikolas. Nikolas tried a different tactic by thanking Hux for the food then cutting to the chase and asking what Hux wanted. Hux was certain that Ava could figure it out, and he left. Ava glared at Nikolas as Hux locked the door. "Thanks for nothing," Ava said with a sneer.

Ava couldn't understand why everyone in Port Charles complained about Nikolas being an evil and ruthless person when she hadn't seen any sign of that side of him -- especially during his exchange with Hux. Nikolas conceded that he'd failed, but he demanded to know what Ava had that Hux wanted. Ava claimed that she didn't know, but Nikolas questioned if it really had been a coincidence that Ava had ended up seated next to him on the flight to London. Ava laughed when Nikolas accused her and Hux of being in cahoots because there were two flaws with his theory.

Ava held up one finger as she reminded Nikolas that she'd never had a conversation with Nikolas before they had met on the flight bound for London and added a second finger as she explained that it would be pointless to kidnap and hold Nikolas for ransom because he was broke. Ava assured Nikolas that she had better things to do with her time as Hux returned to the room to ask if Ava had figured out what Hux was after. Ava admitted that she had no earthly idea, but Hux cryptically explained that the object of his desire was "otherworldly and divine."

Ava stared at Hux blankly until Hux's temper flared, and he clarified that he wanted the "Weeping Naiad," which Hux was certain Ava had hidden in her case. Hux pointed to the case, which was on the sofa, but Ava refused to cooperate. Confused, Nikolas asked what Hux was talking about, so Hux revealed that the Weeping Naiad was an ancient artifact that his ancestor had brought back from an expedition a century earlier. Hux insisted that the figurine had remained in the family until it had been stolen and gone missing 50 years later. Ava was unmoved by the story and refused to give Hux the figurine.

Furious, Hux lunged at Ava, but Nikolas quickly interceded to keep Hux from attacking her. The altercation escalated when Hux suddenly pulled a rapier out of his cane and sliced Nikolas' hand. Horrified, Ava tossed the case at Hux and ran to Nikolas with a towel to stanch the bleeding. Nikolas wondered why Hux hadn't simply taken the case when Nikolas and Ava had been asleep in the car, but Hux explained that stealing was wrong, and he'd rather Ava give it to him.

After Hux left and locked the door, Nikolas asked what a Weeping Naiad was. Before Ava could reply, Hux returned to the room, clutching the figurine in his raised hand as he warned Ava that they had a problem. Hux threw the figurine on the ground as he demanded to know where the real figurine was. Ava claimed that he'd smashed it, but Hux advised Ava to rethink her answer, or she would never leave the room alive.

In the squad room, Julian demanded to talk to his wife, but Jordan denied the visit. Julian informed the police commissioner that he didn't care and stormed into the interrogation room. After Julian closed the door, Anna commented on how forceful Julian had been. Sonny explained that it was Julian's chance to play the hero, but Anna doubted that Julian would do the right thing and clear Alexis' name by confessing. Sonny conceded that Julian was a coward, and everyone except Alexis knew it.

Moments later, Sonny's phone rang. It was Morgan. Morgan sounded upset as he asked Sonny to meet him at the clinic right away. Sonny agreed, ended the call, and explained to Anna that he had to leave. As he walked out, Anna promised to keep Sonny updated.

Anna and Jordan watched Alexis and Julian through the window in the interrogation room. Jordan was curious if Anna had seen the body language between Alexis and Julian. Anna nodded and suggested that things were strained between Alexis and Julian. Jordan agreed, prompting Anna to wonder which spouse would turn against the other. Jordan wondered if there was a chance that Julian would save Alexis, but Anna shook her head.

In the interrogation room, Alexis sarcastically asked if Julian intended to confess to killing Carlos. Julian remained silent as he sat down, so Alexis assured him that it was safe to leave because Alexis would not talk to the police without an attorney present. Julian's expression clouded with concern as he asked how Alexis had ended up in police custody, but she glared at him and accused him of setting her up. Julian promised that he would never put her in harm's way because he loved her, but Alexis scoffed. Julian assured her that it was true because everything he'd done, he'd done to protect their family.

Julian insisted that he'd never intended for it to affect Alexis, but she held up her hand to show him the handcuff securing her to the table. "Too late," Alexis snidely replied. Julian assured his wife that he hated what she was going through and promised that it wouldn't last long because the police didn't have any evidence. Alexis informed him that the police had a "slam-dunk" case against her because they'd found Carlos' blood on the dagger along with Alexis' fingerprints. Shocked, Julian promised that he'd find a way to help her, but she urged him to confess if he truly loved her. Julian explained that there was another way.

Julian believed that everything would work out if she stood trial and was acquitted of Carlos' murder. Julian believed that it was their only chance, but Alexis warned him that their marriage was over. Julian was about to argue when Jordan entered and ordered Julian to leave because Alexis had to be booked and transferred to a holding cell. Alexis watched as her husband walked out. Jordan revealed that an officer would be along shortly to collect Alexis. Jordan left.

Moments later, Anna slipped into the room. Alexis wondered if Anna was there to question her, but Anna explained that she wanted to help Alexis because Anna knew that Alexis hadn't killed Carlos. Anna reminded Alexis that Alexis could avoid a trial and possible jail by helping Anna convict the person responsible for the crime. Anna decided to let Alexis think about it, and she left.

At the Freedman Clinic, Morgan greeted his father as Sonny entered the visitors' lounge. Sonny asked if there was a problem, but Morgan shook his head and told his father that Morgan had been cleared to leave the clinic. However, Morgan was reluctant to go because he questioned if he was ready. Sonny assured Morgan that the concerns were valid, but Sonny doubted Dr. Maddox would clear Morgan if Andre had any reservations. Morgan feared that he'd suffer a setback without the structure he'd grown accustomed to at the clinic, but Sonny promised that Morgan could lean on the family for help.

Sonny offered Morgan words of encouragement and told Morgan that he was proud of him. Morgan admitted that he didn't want to disappoint Sonny, but Sonny explained that it was inevitable -- just as Sonny would likely disappoint Morgan. However, they would both have to pick each other up when that happened and make things right. Morgan relaxed and hugged his father as he told Sonny that he loved him. Sonny promised that he loved Morgan too.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth smiled as Epiphany grumbled about the computer system and the new protocols they had to follow because "one bad apple" had decided to mess with the drug supply. Carly walked up to ask what Epiphany was talking about. Carly was stunned when Epiphany and Elizabeth told Carly about Finn's suspension. Carly defended Finn and questioned the legality of searching Finn's locker. Elizabeth agreed, but she revealed that the fiasco had launched an investigation.

Later, Elizabeth banged on a computer monitor out of frustration because she couldn't access the daily roster of appointments. Epiphany helped Elizabeth access the file as she asked why Elizabeth wanted to look at it. Elizabeth told Epiphany about the encounter with Hayden in the locker room and Hayden's claim that Hayden was at the hospital for antidepressants. Elizabeth wanted to check if Hayden had had an appointment with a doctor. Both Elizabeth and Epiphany scanned the appointments and confirmed that Hayden had lied.

Elizabeth wasn't surprised by Hayden's deception, but Elizabeth decided to deal with it another day because it was time for Elizabeth to leave. Epiphany asked if Elizabeth would be passing Metro Court on the way to Elizabeth's new home. Elizabeth nodded, so Epiphany handed Elizabeth a container of bugs to drop off at Finn's suite for his bearded dragon. Elizabeth warned Epiphany that Epiphany owed Elizabeth a favor and took the container.

Carly greeted Michael and wondered why Sonny had asked them to meet in Andre's office. Moments later, Sonny and Morgan arrived. Carly was delighted when Morgan revealed that he'd been released from the clinic and had to stop by Andre's office to pick up the schedule for Morgan's daily therapy sessions. Michael congratulated Morgan, but Morgan admitted that he finally understood why Michael was everyone's favorite -- including Morgan's. Morgan thanked Michael for being a wonderful brother, but Carly suggested that they go home to celebrate. Morgan agreed but decided to run a quick errand before joining everyone at Sonny's house.

After Morgan left, Carly mouthed to Sonny that Morgan was on his way to see Kiki. Sonny softly warned Carly to let it go. As Carly, Michael, and Sonny made their way to the elevator, Sonny filled them in about Alexis' arrest. Carly wondered if Julian would let Alexis take the fall for Carlos' murder. Sonny admitted that Julian would likely let Alexis twist in the wind. Sonny suddenly realized that he needed to tell Kristina about Alexis' legal troubles before Kristina heard about it on the news.

At the apartment, Kiki smiled with satisfaction because she loved the way her new red dress fit. Kiki's smile disappeared as she suddenly sneezed. She grabbed a tissue and muttered that she hoped her head wouldn't explode. Moments later, Dillon arrived to pick Kiki up for their date. He was impressed when she opened the door, but she sneezed and ran to the living room to grab a tissue. Dillon closed the door and admitted that Kiki looked great. Kiki beamed but credited Ava because Ava had taken Kiki on a shopping spree. "Go, Ava," Dillon replied.

Kiki smiled because she'd never expected to hear those words. Seconds later, Kiki began to sneeze and cough. Concerned, Dillon asked if Kiki had a cold. "No," Kiki answered and then clarified that she had the worst cold in history. Dillon wondered why she hadn't called to cancel their date, but she admitted that she had felt fine until she'd gotten dressed. Dillon assured Kiki that he wouldn't have minded if she had rescheduled because she was sick, but Kiki had been reluctant because she liked Dillon and didn't want to blow things with him. Dillon was touched and kissed her.

Kiki reminded Dillon that she was sick, but Dillon didn't care and kissed her again. Later, Kiki sat on the sofa with a blanket wrapped around her as Dillon ended a call with Monica. Dillon handed Kiki a cup of tea and told her that Monica had called in a prescription, so he had to dash out to pick it up. After Dillon left, Kiki decided that Dillon had seen her at her worst, which meant that things could only get better. Moments later, Kiki answered a knock at her door and saw Morgan standing on her doorstep.

In Finn's hotel suite, Hayden was shocked when Finn revealed that he was dying. Hayden asked for details, but Finn refused to elaborate. Hayden persisted until Finn reluctantly confided that, during his travels, he'd picked up a rare disease that had no cure. Hayden wanted details, but he doubted that she would recognize the name. He added that he'd discovered a way to moderate the progression of the illness through a drug protocol that had kept him stable until recently. Finn admitted that there were signs that the treatment had become less effective, which meant that he would eventually succumb to the illness.

Finn went to the balcony for fresh air, but Hayden wanted to know if he was under a doctor's care because she thought he should get a second opinion. Finn argued that no one could help him and changed the subject by inviting her to play backgammon. Hayden was surprised by the conversation shift, but Finn admitted that backgammon helped calm him. Finn fetched the game, but Hayden wanted to know more about Finn's disease. He explained that his illness wasn't like cancer and assured her that it wasn't contagious either.

Hayden was curious if Finn had kept notes about his illness in the notebook. Finn warned her that no one knew about his illness except him, Roxy, and Hayden. Finn set up the backgammon game as he and Hayden continued to talk. Hayden was outraged that Finn had been suspended from the hospital and offered to help him in any way possible, but Finn didn't want her getting involved. Hayden warned him that she had a problem respecting boundaries, but she agreed to try for Finn's sake. Finn explained that it was imperative that no one know because his patients wouldn't want to be treated by a doctor with a terminal illness.

As Hayden and Finn talked, Hayden realized that his wife had died from the same illness. Finn remained silent, so Hayden agreed to drop it. However, she wanted him to eat something because he was clearly weak. Finn was tired of the hotel's food and admitted that he liked the food from a small diner that served vegetarian food. Hayden knew it well and offered to get him something. She also promised that his secret was safe with her as she opened the door. Hayden was unaware that Elizabeth had rounded the corner and saw Hayden leave Finn's suite.

. . .

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