Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tracy told Dillon that Sabrina's funeral had really unsettled Paul, and she felt it would help if Paul could spend time with Susan. Dillon wondered why Tracy would help Paul after everything he'd done to her. Paul arrived and thanked Tracy for her kindness after Sabrina's funeral. Paul asked Tracy why she'd thought Susan had had something to do with his reaction to Sabrina's death. Tracy explained that Susan and Sabrina were roughly the same age, and it was natural that he'd think of his own child and how easy it was to lose someone a person loved. He admitted that Sabrina's death had really hit him. Tracy suggested it might be a good time for him to see or talk to his daughter. Paul said the best way for him to handle his feelings about Sabrina's death was to stay on top of the case.

Paul knew that Dante had taken Monica's statement. Tracy assured him that it had been a very thorough interview and doubted there was a question that Dante hadn't already asked. Paul said as the D.A., he conducted his own interviews. He asked Tracy to have the security detail step aside so he could ask Monica some questions about the man who had attacked her. Paul felt that because Monica had had some rest, she might have remembered more than she'd told Dante.

Tracy said Monica's doctors had said she needed rest and wasn't to be questioned by anyone. The only thing Monica recalled was the killer's cologne, and Monica swore she'd smelled it in the Quartermaine house. Paul said he'd talk to Dante and see if he had anything further. Tracy asked Paul to consider talking to Susan. Paul said he'd think about it, thanked her, and left.

Tracy told Dillon they needed to find Susan. Dillon said he didn't think Paul wanted them reaching out to Susan on his behalf. Tracy advised that Paul wouldn't admit it, but Paul was in a very bad place, and she felt it would help Paul if he heard from Susan. Tracy asked Dillon to encourage Susan to call Paul. Dillon said that once the verdict had been read for Julian, it had been clear how upset Paul had been, and perhaps a call from Susan would be a good thing. Tracy gave Dillon her phone with Susan's number showing. Dillon got Susan's voicemail and left a message saying he'd been trying to reach Susan Hornsby.

Later, Dillon's phone rang, and Tracy answered it, hoping it was Susan. She identified herself and asked if that was Susan. Tracy was told Susan had been the owner of the shop but she'd sold it. Tracy was provided a forwarding address. After disconnecting the call, Tracy looked at the address and wondered how Susan had wound up there.

Morgan opened his laptop to a blank page and tried to work on his paper. Kiki arrived. She'd seen his car in the parking lot and wanted to see how his paper was going. Morgan advised that his professor had some kind of personal issue, so they'd gotten an extension. He said he'd been taking it easy, and writing about the influences of social media in the marketplace. Kiki wanted to read it. Morgan asked why Kiki wanted to read it. Kiki said it was always good to have a second set of eyes look at his work. Morgan pointed out that she hadn't been supportive of him going back to school. Kiki admitted she'd been thrown by it and knew he'd been happy working at Perks.

Morgan said he had to be realistic and get some form of degree if he wanted to do anything bigger with his life. Kiki suggested he let her read the paper. Morgan refused and asked why she didn't trust him. Kiki said she was only trying to help him. Morgan accused Kiki of thinking he'd failed at this, like he'd failed everything else. He accused her of not believing he'd succeed. Kiki assured him she was not checking up on him and believed he would succeed. Kiki was only concerned that he'd been putting too much pressure on himself. Morgan closed his computer and said she was right and he'd manage his stress. He admitted some days were harder than others.

Kiki apologized if he thought she'd been hovering. Morgan didn't want her apologizing for caring. It just made him want to work harder, and he wanted Kiki to be proud of him. Kiki said she'd never been more proud of him. Morgan told her that he was on his last paragraph. Kiki said when she'd finish her errands and Morgan finished his paper, they would celebrate Morgan turning in his first PCU term paper. Morgan opened his laptop to a blank page and said that it was really bad. He opened Spyder-finder and searched for "How to buy a college term paper."

Morgan finished his paper. When Kiki returned, Morgan advised her he'd finished his paper. He promised not to be so stressed the next time a paper was due. Kiki told Morgan she'd gotten tickets to see Hypothermia to show how proud she was of him. Morgan knew the show had been sold out, and Kiki shared that she knew someone. Morgan knew the tickets were expensive. Kiki assured him that he deserved a night off. Morgan said she was too good to him, and he didn't deserve her. She told him he wasn't to start with the self-deprecating thing. It was about them going out and having fun. They hadn't done that in a long time.

Dillon arrived, and Kiki advised him that Morgan had finished his marketing paper. Dillon asked if PCU still used Kiki asked what that was, and Dillon explained that it was a way for professors to know if their students were cheating. Morgan asked Dillon exactly what that site did. Dillon said that once a paper had been turned in, the website would send the paper to various databases and checked for specific markers. The professor was notified in a very short period of time whether a student had copied or bought the paper.

Franco called Elizabeth and told her that he had to see his accountant and would be with her as soon as he could. When he hung up, Heather asked Franco if he was there for more money. Franco denied it. Heather reminded him that the last time he'd been there, he'd asked her for a loan. Franco recalled that she'd turned him down. Heather said that the last time he'd been there, Franco had forced her to tell him that Hayden and Elizabeth were sisters. Franco felt she'd been burdened with that secret, and he thought she'd wanted to get it off her chest.

Heather advised that the secret was her income and emphasized "was." He'd destroyed her secret. Franco told Heather that the secret would have been revealed sooner or later. Heather told him the bank of Heather was closed. Franco advised that he'd had to tell Elizabeth and Hayden they were sisters because of the GH killer. Heather wanted to know what the connection was. Franco explained that the GH killer had pushed Elizabeth down the stairs rupturing her spleen. Elizabeth would have died if she hadn't received a blood transfusion.

Franco explained that Elizabeth had a very rare blood type and Hayden was the only person who could have saved Elizabeth because she had the same rare blood type. After the surgery, Elizabeth and Hayden had been arguing, and he'd been forced to tell the secret. He apologized if that had compromised her revenue scheme. Heather told him her revenue had been obliterated. Franco said GH had closed, and as a result, he wasn't getting paid. He needed Heather to give him some money so he could take care of Elizabeth. Heather thought Franco was sweet on Elizabeth. Franco admitted he was.

Heather asked Franco why he'd pushed Elizabeth down the stairs. Franco said he'd never hurt Elizabeth. Heather said she was his mother, and he could be truthful with her. Removing the tumor hadn't changed a thing. He was still her son, a killer. Franco became upset and told her to stop. Heather said she was just trying to figure out the artistic concept. Franco said there wasn't an artistic concept or series. Heather told Franco to cover his tracks. Franco yelled that he hadn't killed anyone. Heather said she knew Franco was lost, and she understood everything about him. Franco said she was off base, and he was not that person anymore. He didn't enjoy watching people suffer and die.

Heather said tumor or not, he always needed to find the darkness deep inside himself. She said he'd feel better if he let it all out. Franco admitted he'd been arrested, but he'd been exonerated because Elizabeth had believed in him. Franco said he hadn't killed those people. Heather said she'd been sure he had. Heather told Franco the hospital killings had sounded a lot like his kind of projects. Franco was hurt that Heather had automatically assumed he'd been the GH killer.

Heather admitted she'd done things she wasn't proud of, but Franco never gone to her rescue like she had to him. Franco asked when she'd run to his rescue. Heather said she wanted to show him she loved him and wanted the best for him and refused to give him any more money. She wanted him to be his own man and wanted him to stay away from her nest egg. Franco said no one would hire him. Heather suggested he paint full-time. She wanted him to make her proud for everything she'd sacrificed for him.

Hayden arrived to see Elizabeth. When Elizabeth opened the door, Hayden asked if Elizabeth was disappointed that Hayden wasn't locked up in federal prison. Elizabeth was happy Hayden was free. Hayden said she was sure Elizabeth hadn't felt that way when she'd turned Hayden's diamonds over to the police. Elizabeth defended herself and said she hadn't had all the facts and that it had been the GH killer who'd pushed her down the stairs. She hadn't known that Hayden was her sister and that Hayden had saved Elizabeth's life with her blood donation. Once she'd learned all the information, it had been too late. Hayden had already been arrested.

Elizabeth asked if Hayden was out on bail, and Hayden advised that the charges against her had been dropped when her mother had confessed to taking the diamonds. Naomi had covered for Hayden and was in prison. Elizabeth apologized and said she hadn't meant to make all that trouble, but since everything was out in the open, they could all move forward. Elizabeth told Hayden about her sister, Sarah, who lived in California. Elizabeth didn't see her very often. Hayden smiled and said, "There were two of you." Elizabeth suggested perhaps there was a way they could figure out how to be sisters. Hayden said that Elizabeth didn't know how to read the room. Hayden wasn't there to celebrate their newfound sisterhood.

Hayden gave Elizabeth a bill. Hayden said that she had to take care of her own and her mother's lawyer's bills. Elizabeth asked if Hayden expected her to cover the bills. Hayden said she did. Hayden said that she was a widow, and those diamonds had been her only asset. Elizabeth reminded Hayden that the diamonds belonged to the people that Raymond Berlin had swindled. Hayden said she was broke, and Elizabeth was going to provide her with the funds to save her mother. It was the least Elizabeth could do for the blood Hayden had given her to save her life. Elizabeth thanked Hayden for the blood donation but said she couldn't pay Hayden's bill.

Hayden said that Elizabeth had worked at the hospital for years, so she had to have savings or a retirement plan. Elizabeth assured Hayden that she lived paycheck to paycheck, and anything left over went to her boys. Hayden suggested they call Elizabeth's father and see if he'd help his long lost daughter, and she wondered if Jeff Webber even knew about her. Elizabeth didn't know. Hayden suggested they call Jeff Webber together. Hayden said it was time to let Jeff know she was his daughter, and maybe he'd be able to help Hayden in her time of need.

Elizabeth told Hayden she would speak with Jeff Webber privately because she needed to find out what her mother knew. Hayden said she needed money, and since "dad" was a doctor … Elizabeth interrupted and advised Hayden that Jeff was a humanitarian doing aid work in underprivileged countries. Hayden asked if her father, the doctor, was basically broke. Elizabeth suggested that might have been the reason that Naomi had made Raymond Berlin believe that Hayden had been his child. He could provide the life Naomi wanted. Elizabeth said that Naomi was responsible for her choices just like Hayden was -- Hayden chose to lie, run cons, and chase money above everything else.

Elizabeth said that she was Hayden's sister, and no one else would tell Hayden the truth. Elizabeth suggested that it was time Hayden stood on her own two feet and got a job. Hayden said she'd had a job she'd loved at ELQ, but Tracy had fired her. Hayden said that even though her biological father was Jeff Webber, humanitarian, she'd been raised by Raymond Berlin, the biggest swindler in Wall Street history, which meant no one would hire her.

Hayden asked about Elizabeth's private nurse and said that, considering Elizabeth was next to destitute, she was really living it up. Elizabeth advised that Franco had been providing homecare for her. Hayden said that maybe Franco could throw some of that money her way. Elizabeth advised that no one owed Hayden anything. Hayden asked, "Not even my sister?"

Elizabeth said that the fact they were related didn't seem to mean much to Hayden. She and Hayden shared the same rare blood type, and if Hayden ever needed a transfusion, Elizabeth would return the favor, but that was all the connection they'd had. Elizabeth told Hayden to go find a rich man to marry and sell herself to the highest bidder, like Naomi had. She told Hayden to be miserable, unhappy, and dependent on a man for her well-being. Sister or not, Elizabeth had nothing but contempt for people like Hayden and asked Hayden to leave.

Later, Franco arrived, and Elizabeth told him that Hayden had been there, looking for money. Elizabeth had initially thought Hayden had stopped by to make a connection, but all she'd wanted was a handout, and she'd threatened to hit Franco up. Franco said he wouldn't give Hayden a dime. Elizabeth felt Franco was spending too much money on her. Franco said he'd worry about his finances, and Elizabeth's job was to worry about her recovery. Elizabeth said she didn't know what she'd do without him.

Elizabeth asked Franco why he was going out of his way for her. Franco said he'd do anything for her, even try to be a better person, a person who deserved to be with her. Alone, Franco asked the credit card company to increase his limit because someone very important to him needed special care.

Alexis, holding an empty wine bottle as her weapon, asked how Julian had gotten in. He had been surprised Alexis hadn't changed the locks and showed her his key. Alexis said she hadn't thought he'd have the audacity to show up there again, but she'd been wrong again. Julian stood up and started to say they needed to -- but Alexis warned him not to take another step. Julian said Alexis needed to listen, but Alexis said no she didn't because the law was on her side. She said Julian had tried to kill her once, and she wouldn't think twice about killing him.

Alexis told Julian to get out. Julian said he understood why she felt she needed protection. Alexis said he'd held a knife to her throat and tried to kill her. Julian said they both knew the truth, and that wouldn't have happened because he loved her. He said what had happened that night had haunted him ever since. He'd never meant to scare her like that, no matter how much she'd betrayed him. Alexis was incredulous and asked how much she'd betrayed him. She asked if he meant the wire she'd worn to exonerate herself because he hadn't taken the fall for his crime.

Julian said he was going to leave because there'd be no point in going over everything that had happened. Alexis admitted there was no point in pointing out how stupid she'd been in believing him. Julian promised he'd keep his distance, but before he left, he wanted to give her something. Alexis said she didn't want anything from him. Julian said he'd been under the impression she'd wanted a divorce. Alexis told him to put them on the counter and she'd look at them later.

Julian asked Alexis what had happened at his trial. Alexis had been their star witness, even if his trial had been tossed on a technicality. He asked why she'd blown her testimony. She'd known what the jury had needed to hear, yet she hadn't been able to get a coherent word out. He asked if it was because of him. She admitted it was, because she'd had to look at his smug, guilty face and a husband that she'd wanted to build a life with but who had tried to kill her. She said she'd had one chance to bring him to justice, and she'd blown it. Julian said she was too good to choke like that, unless it had been deliberate. He asked if she had done it on purpose to save him.

When Julian tried to approach Alexis, she swung the bottle at him and told Julian to get his hands off her. Julian said he'd been trying to stop her from making a mistake. Alexis said the only mistake she'd made was marrying him. She said he was sick and twisted and made her skin crawl. Julian said that Alexis' subconscious wouldn't let her condemn him to the jury because she still loved him. Alexis spat out that she hated him with every fiber of her being. They were finished. She said it had not been her subconscious at the trial, and he'd been a fool to think otherwise.

Julian said Alexis had made it perfectly clear that she'd wanted to see him get punished. Julian said he believed what had happened in that courtroom had been fate, because the way they had loved each other didn't just stop. He said he was not trying to pressure her, but he was sorry if she'd thought he'd been lovesick or delusional. She needed to know that in order for him to keep going, he needed to trust that one day she'd remember how much they'd meant to each other.

Alexis told Julian to do what he had to do. Alexis called Commissioner Ashford and asked her for a restraining order to make sure that Julian Jerome was never allowed anywhere near her. Alexis said she would send the paperwork over that afternoon, and she would let Jordan know if she ever needed a patrol car sent to the house. Alexis asked why Julian was still there. Julian said he wouldn't violate her restraining order, but she needed to know that no matter how much distance she'd put between them, including the divorce, they'd always be connected.

Paul got off the elevator, bearing flowers. Sasha greeted him, and Paul handed her a box of chocolates. Sasha took him to Susan's room. Sasha said Susan had had a good day so far. Paul entered the room. Susan sat on a couch, staring at nothing. Paul smiled and said, "Hi, Susie Q." Paul put the flowers in water and carried them back to Susan. Paul asked if Susan remembered the first time she'd picked those flowers when they'd stayed at an old cabin. Susan had cleared a whole field.

Paul produced a cake. He said he knew that he had sent her a cake for her birthday, but he wanted to see her blow out the candles. He wanted her to remember that he'd called her on her actual birthday and advised he couldn't visit her until he'd finished. He told Susan he hadn't succeeded in getting all the presents he'd wanted to give her, but he'd managed to get most of them. He said he couldn't wait to go there and wish her a happy birthday. When he tried to kiss her head, she bolted and curled up on her bed. Paul apologized and said he hadn't meant to scare her like that.

Paul said it broke his heart that he couldn't show Susan any affection, like holding her hand. He knew why she was trapped inside herself, but when she heard what he was giving her for her birthday, it would brighten the darkness inside her. He said he'd made a list of all the people who had hurt her, starting with that monster that had brutalized her, Kyle Sloan; Dr. Mayes, who'd mishandled her rape kit; and the rest of them -- Ellis, Prescott, and Jenkins. He told her they were all gone, and he'd gotten rid of them, so it was okay for her to return.

Paul lit the candles on a birthday cake and wished Susan a happy birthday. He said if there was anything she desired, she just had to blow out the candles, and he would make it happen. He said everyone was gone except Monica. He had killed them all. No one was going to hurt her again. Justice had been served. He asked her to blow out the candles, and when she didn't, he cried. Tracy heard everything Paul had said.

Hayden started a job search for open positions in finance and investment.

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