Thursday, July 24, 2014

In the park, Anna greeted Patrick then waved to Emma as Emma played nearby with the children from Lila's Kids day camp. Patrick admitted that Emma had been upset about Spencer's disappearance, so Anna revealed that Dante and Nathan were on the case. She confided that Spencer would be found safe and sound because he had left of his own accord, but Patrick intended to watch Emma closely until they were certain that Spencer hadn't been kidnapped. Anna appreciated Patrick's concern, but she pointed out that it might be difficult to watch Emma while he was at work.

Anna was stunned when Patrick told about his termination following the shocking press conference when a reporter revealed damaging statements Patrick had made. Anna couldn't believe that Liesl had given the lies credence by firing Patrick, but he confessed that the statements had been true. He rushed to assure Anna that he hadn't acted on the impulse to facilitate Rafe's death, but he had considered it. Patrick explained that it had been his darkest hour in the operating room, so he had talked to Sam about it because Sam was a good friend. Patrick admitted that he and Sam suspected that Silas had tipped the reporter off.

Patrick admitted that he was worried about Sam because he knew that she was upset about his termination and blamed Silas. Patrick confessed that he didn't want to be the cause of friction between Sam and Silas because he valued Sam as a friend, but Anna was more concerned about Patrick's job prospects. She wondered if his termination from General Hospital might make it difficult to find a new job. Patrick didn't know, but he confessed that he didn't want his job back because the hospital had become a like a home to him.

Anna gently suggested that Patrick use the time off from work to reach out to Robin, so Patrick assured her that he had tried. However, he realized that his marriage to Robin might be beyond repair because both he and Robin had changed. Anna was saddened but relieved that Patrick promised to stay in Port Charles. He also decided that he would use the time off from work to focus on Emma and get his life back on track.

In Molly's hospital room, Molly was packing her things in preparation for leaving when T.J. entered. He apologized for running late then explained that he had been delayed because of an agent from the Drug Enforcement Agency who had been asking questions about Jordan.

In the hallway, Mickey Diamond called out to Alexis when he saw her about to enter Molly's hospital room. He confessed that he recognized her, but Alexis had no idea who Mickey was. Mickey explained that he was one of Julian's business associates, so Alexis asked which business Mickey had been referring to. "The one that makes money," Mickey answered. Alexis tensed when she realized that he was referring to organized crime. She quickly informed him that Julian had cut ties with the mob, but Mickey flashed a smug smile.

"Whatever you say," Mickey said then turned and sauntered away. Alexis brushed off the odd encounter with Mickey as she entered her daughter's hospital room. Molly and Alexis exchanged warm greetings and hugs, but the mood quickly sobered when Molly confessed that she couldn't believe that Rafe had died. Alexis quietly suggested that it might help if Molly moved back home, but Molly refused to consider it because nothing had changed between Alexis and Julian.

Molly was startled when Alexis admitted that Alexis and Julian had decided to cool their relationship for Molly's sake because Julian realized that Molly would not move back home unless he took a step back. Molly conceded that Julian had been right, but she was hurt that it hadn't been Alexis' idea. T.J. wondered why it mattered, since Molly had gotten what she'd wanted. Molly realized that T.J. was right, especially when he reminded her that she missed being at home with her mother. Alexis was thrilled when Molly happily agreed to move back home.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Silas and Nina arrived for her physical therapy appointment. Nina assured Silas that she had made all the arrangements for Rafe's funeral, so all he had to do was grieve for his nephew. Silas stopped to apologize for being distracted and to thank Nina for her help. He admitted that he wouldn't have gotten through the past few days without her. Nina insisted that it was the least she could have done to repay him for everything that he had done for her.

Moments later, Sam approached Silas. The tension was thick as Silas and Sam exchanged stilted greetings then talked about Molly. However, the conversation quickly sputtered to an end as the awkwardness increased, so Sam excused herself. Desperate to clear the air with Sam, Silas called out to her to ask for a private word. Nina hid her disappointment behind a polite smile as she assured Silas that she could get to her physical therapy appointment on her own.

After Nina left, Sam asked if Silas knew that Patrick had been fired because of what Silas had told the reporter. Silas resented Sam's lack of faith in him, but Sam argued that the reporter had revealed something that Sam had only shared with Silas. Silas was curious when Sam had stopped trusting him. He reminded her that she had trusted him during Danny's battle with cancer and later, when Silas had been falsely accused of trying to kill Nina. Silas insisted that their relationship had been strong and solid during those difficult times, so Sam admitted that he was right.

Sam confessed that if she didn't know better, she would suspect Nina of tipping off the reporter. Silas immediately defended Nina by reminding Sam that Nina was confined to a wheelchair and incapable of sneaking to the hospital's rooftop to eavesdrop on their conversation. Sam conceded that it sounded preposterous, but she couldn't ignore that a reporter had made public something she had told Silas in confidence.

Silas pointed out that they were right back where they had started, so Sam admitted she questioned Silas because she had barely seen or spoken to him since Nina had crashed Danny's birthday party. Silas countered by accusing Sam of spending a lot of time with Patrick, but Sam argued that Patrick was a good friend who had suffered the loss of a child. Sam was curious if Silas had expected her to hang out at his apartment while his wife was there. Silas appreciated that it was an awkward situation, but he insisted that he hadn't had any choice because Nina had needed his help.

Sam acknowledged that Silas was caught in the middle of a difficult situation, but she admitted that their relationship was no longer working. Silas sensed where Sam was headed, so he begged her not to say it because he wanted to work things out. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she suspected that Nina had been sabotaging their relationship and that Nina's "selfless angel" act was just that -- an act.

Sam was hurt when Silas dismissed her concerns about Nina, but Silas argued that she had done the same to him with Patrick. Sam assured Silas that Patrick hadn't hurt Rafe, but Silas insisted that, at the very least, it had been completely unethical for Patrick to operate on Rafe. Sam agreed that Patrick shouldn't have operated, but she reminded Silas that Rafe's life had been on the line. Silas disagreed because he was certain that they could have waited for another neurosurgeon to be called in. However, he realized that it was a waste of time trying to convince Sam that there had been other options because her loyalties were with Patrick.

Sam tearfully admitted that the root of their problem wasn't Patrick, but rather Silas' feelings for Nina. Sam knew what it was like to love someone the way that Silas had loved Nina, so she was certain that there was a part of Silas that still loved his wife. Silas didn't dispute it, but he insisted that it was the same way that Sam would always love Jason. Sam confessed that she had imagined how she would react if Jason returned the way that Nina had, so she knew that Silas still had lingering feelings for Nina.

Silas asked if Sam was trying to end things with him, so she tearfully admitted that it was the last thing that she wanted to do because she loved him. However, she knew that their problems wouldn't disappear because their relationship no longer felt right to her. Silas wanted to work on things, but Sam believed that ending their relationship was the right thing to do. Silas' eyes filled with tears as he and Sam hugged. Moments later, Sam pulled away and left.

A short time later, Sam entered her sister's hospital room. Alexis happily announced that Molly had agreed to move back home, so Sam offered her family a watery smile. Alexis immediately rushed to Sam's side to find out what was troubling her eldest daughter. Sam began to cry as she revealed that she and Silas were over.

Meanwhile, Carly became alarmed when she heard excited cries emanating from Franco's art studio. She pushed past the door but stopped short when she saw Franco encouraging a patient to work out her feelings through painting. The woman attacked her work with enthusiasm until Franco noticed Carly. After the patient left, Carly explained that she had stopped by to see Franco in action. She confessed that seeing him happy was a major "turn-on."

Shortly after Carly left, Nina entered the art room. Franco assumed that she was his next patient, but Nina admitted that she had been looking for a place to hide out because she had decided to skip her physical therapy session. Franco questioned if that was a good idea, so Nina explained that she preferred to work out on her own as she listened to R.E.M. She quickly shifted gears by confessing that Franco had caught her during a weak moment in Rafe's hospital room. Franco was curious if Nina had heard any more voices, so she assured him that she had pulled herself together.

Franco was curious how Nina had managed that feat, so she cryptically revealed that something had fallen into her lap that had snapped her back into reality. Nina quickly changed the subject by asking Franco about his work. He explained that he helped people explore their negative emotions through art. Franco invited Nina to try it, but she balked because she wasn't artistic. Franco assured her that she didn't have to be a Picasso to benefit from the therapy.

Nina tensed when Franco suddenly asked how long she had been in a wheelchair. She carefully explained that she had been in a coma for twenty years, so he was curious what it had been like to wake up after twenty years and still be the same person. Nina blurted out that she had changed, so Franco encouraged her to show him how she felt through a painting. He promised that it would be for her eyes only then asked if she had a picture of herself prior to the coma.

Nina quickly pulled out her wallet to show him her expired driver's license, but she tensed when a piece of paper tumbled out and fluttered to the ground. Franco snatched it up and saw the list before she could grab it, so he questioned her about it. Nina claimed that she needed the list to keep track of the important people in Silas' life because the coma had compromised her memory, but Franco didn't believe her. He let Nina know that Kiki was a nice person that he cared about and then let the matter drop by exchanging the list for her driver's license.

In Ava's examination room, Ava implored Julian to move quickly because she needed to be gone before Sonny returned. Julian refused to help his sister until Ava held up her end of the bargain. Ava panicked because she feared that Sonny would return at any moment, but Julian was unmoved by her anxiety. He marched to the door, intending to leave, but Ava begged him to wait. Julian gave her until the count of three to give him what he wanted, so Ava blurted out that Sonny had killed A.J. She quickly explained that she had forced Carlos to confess to the shooting, but she insisted that Sonny was the real killer, and she had witnessed the shooting.

Julian wanted proof, but Ava revealed that she needed to escape Sonny's clutches to get her hands on it. Julian agreed to help her, so she warned him that Sonny's men were guarding all the exits in the hospital. Julian smiled as he explained that he intended to take her to the roof.

In the hallway, Sonny was about to enter Ava's examination room when Shawn called out to him. Shawn assured Sonny that all the exits were guarded, but Shawn had become concerned because Ava's appointment had taken longer than it should have. Sonny agreed, so he decided to find out what was going on.

However, Carly walked up before Sonny could enter the examination room. Sonny grumbled about the hospital suddenly turning into Grand Central Station, but Carly was more concerned about why Sonny was there. Shawn decided to excuse himself when Sonny revealed that Ava had had a prenatal checkup. Carly sensed that something was troubling Sonny, so he told her about his encounter with Morgan and Morgan's certainty that Sonny and Ava were romantically involved.

Sonny confessed that he was tempted to tell Morgan that Ava had killed Connie but Sonny couldn't risk Morgan confronting Ava and Ava revealing that Sonny had shot A.J. Sonny was confident that Morgan would eventually forgive him, but Sonny doubted that Michael would. He then began to rant about Franco, but Carly quickly shut Sonny down by insisting that Franco would not tell Michael. Carly explained that Franco was in a much better place, but Sonny warned Carly that the only reason Franco still breathed was because of her.

After Carly left, Sonny entered Ava's examination room and quickly determined that Ava was gone.

Carly entered the art room as Franco and Nina laughed over their driver's license pictures. Franco was amazed by how little Nina had changed in twenty years while she was amused that Franco had once sported blond hair. Carly cleared her throat, so Franco looked up and warmly greeted her. Nina quickly thanked Franco then excused herself.

Carly immediately questioned Franco about Nina. Franco smiled when he realized that Carly was jealous, but she denied it. Franco didn't believe her, but he assured her that Nina was nothing more than a patient. Carly was pleased when Franco added that it didn't matter because he was taken.

On the hospital's rooftop, Ava thanked her brother as she and Julian waited for the helicopter to arrive. Her smile vanished when Mickey suddenly appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what was going on. Julian explained that he had rescued his sister from Sonny, but Mickey reminded Julian that their boss wanted Ava dead for betraying the organization. Ava's eyes rounded with shock as Mickey pulled out a gun then aimed it at her.

Julian quickly stepped in front of his sister as he informed Mickey that Ava had information on Sonny that their boss would want to have. Mickey was unmoved until Julian pointed out that their boss was desperate to take Sonny down.

Meanwhile, Shawn and another guard joined Sonny in the examination room. Shawn assured Sonny that all the guards were searching for Ava, but Sonny became distracted when he heard a helicopter approach the hospital. He realized that Ava was on the roof, so he ordered his men to follow him.

A short time later, Sonny, Shawn, and the bodyguard arrived on the rooftop just as the helicopter took off. Shawn raised his gun, intending to fire at the helicopter, but Sonny stopped Shawn with a reminder that Ava might be carrying Sonny's child.

. . .

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