Thursday, April 23, 2015

On the piers, Duke's bodyguard, Bruce, skulked in an alley with a gun aimed at Jordan as Jordan met with Anna. Anna was surprised when Jordan announced that Jordan was done working undercover and wanted out. Jordan explained that she and Shawn were in love, so Jordan refused to be the instrument of Shawn's downfall by sending him to jail. Anna objected, but Jordan insisted that she had given Anna all she could. Anna was curious if Jordan intended to tell Shawn the truth about working undercover, but Jordan admitted that she hadn't worked out all the details yet.

Anna warned Jordan that outing herself could have catastrophic consequences, but Jordan was well aware of the danger she faced. Anna insisted that Jordan was in an impossible situation because Anna knew firsthand from her own relationship with Duke that Jordan and Shawn could never be a real couple, since each were on fundamentally different sides. Anna feared that it was inevitable that either Jordan or Shawn would get hurt. Jordan remained undeterred because she and Shawn had been through a lot, and finally had a real chance at a relationship. Jordan was confident that she had given Anna sufficient evidence for an indictment, but Anna warned Jordan that it would not be enough to take Duke down.

Anna explained that Shawn would be the only person to go to jail because there hadn't been anything to directly link Duke to tampering with the mayoral election. Jordan was frustrated that Shawn would take the fall for following Duke's orders, while the man that Anna loved would remain free. Anna confided that Duke faced another danger because Sloane had learned that the Jerome organization intended to take out a high-ranking member of Sonny's organization. Jordan pointed out that there were several people besides Duke who could be targeted, including Sonny, Max, Shawn, and even Jordan. Meanwhile, Bruce's finger tightened on the trigger as he had Jordan firmly in his sights.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Shawn and Duke were seated at a table on the terrace as Shawn questioned why Bruce had left Duke vulnerable. Duke recalled instructing Bruce to assassinate Jordan but claimed that he had sent Bruce on an errand because there had been chatter that Julian intended to retaliate for the Corinthos organization blocking Julian's men from using the piers. Shawn assured Duke that it hadn't been necessary to send Bruce because both Shawn and Jordan had Duke's back. Duke tensed, but Shawn didn't appear to notice as he seized the opportunity to inform Duke that Shawn and Jordan had taken their relationship to the next level.

Duke's smile didn't quite reach his eyes as Shawn confessed that he couldn't be happier. Things became more awkward for Duke when T.J. suddenly appeared. T.J. greeted Shawn then explained that there was a problem with T.J.'s college tuition. Shawn assured T.J. that Jordan would be able to help pay for T.J.'s tuition, but T.J. was reluctant to ask his mother for money. Duke surprised both T.J. and Shawn by offering to cover T.J.'s tuition.

Shawn assured Duke that it wasn't necessary, but Duke argued that it was the least he could do, since Duke's employees didn't have traditional benefits. T.J. was overwhelmed with gratitude and hugged Duke, while Shawn thanked Duke for Duke's generosity.

At the auto shop, Jake confessed that he had something to tell Julian. Julian became concerned because Jake's tone sounded ominous, so Jake admitted that he had overheard Julian and Carlos discuss the hit against a member of Sonny's organization. Julian was curious how Jake had happened to overhear the private conversation, prompting Jake to blame it on the thin walls in the shop. Julian worried that Jake might be tempted to tell the police, but Jake promised that he didn't have a problem with Julian's illegal activities. Jake explained that Sam had wanted Julian to give Jake legitimate work, but Jake didn't have a fondness for the police and was perfectly willing to help Julian in any way possible.

Jake pointed out that he was handy with a gun, so he offered to help carry out the hit if Julian told him who the target was. Julian was reluctant to share the details of the hit, but Jake continued to assure Julian that Jake could be trusted and wanted to be a part of the Jerome organization. Julian agreed to consider Jake's offer, but not until after the hit had been carried out. Jake was forced to drop the matter when Julian left. Moments later, Sloane called, but Jake ignored the phone.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly was delighted when Spinelli arrived because she was eager for an update about Hayden. Spinelli revealed that he had tracked down the name of Hayden's accomplice thanks to Sam. Carly demanded to know who Hayden was in league with, but Spinelli explained that he could do better by showing her a picture of the man. Carly was stunned when Spinelli opened his laptop to reveal a picture of the man she recognized as the groom pictured with Hayden in the wedding photos.

Carly squealed with joy because she finally had her smoking gun to prove that Hayden had lied about Jake being Hayden's husband. Spinelli suggested that perhaps Pete Ross merely looked like Jake prior to the facial reconstruction surgery, but Carly decided Spinelli should see the wedding photo. She pulled out her master keycard and dragged him to Hayden's hotel room.

In Hayden's hotel room, Carlos assembled a sniper's rifle and approached the window to look down at Duke, who was seated at a table on the restaurant's terrace. Carlos watched as Duke and Shawn talked before setting up the rifle on the hotel room's breakfast table. Once he had Duke in the gun's sights, Carlos prepared to pull the trigger. However, his phone suddenly rang. It was Sabrina.

Carlos was surprised to hear from Sabrina because he had been certain that she had washed her hands of him. Sabrina explained that she had received a package addressed to him at her old apartment. She thought he might want it because it looked like it was from his attorney. Carlos thanked her and promised to pick it up after work, but Sabrina made her displeasure known because she knew he still worked for Julian. She wanted Carlos to stay out of trouble, so Carlos lied by assuring her that he would.

Carlos quickly changed the subject by asking how Sabrina had been holding up. He had seen the video of Michael in the hotel lobby, knocking over the stroller, but Sabrina defended Michael and suggested that the incident had been a misunderstanding. After the call, Carlos returned to the rifle to set up his shot but froze when he heard Carly and Spinelli in the hallway, talking about searching Hayden's hotel room. Carlos managed to quickly slip out of sight with the gun as Carly and Spinelli entered the room. Carly immediately approached the nightstand to hand Spinelli the wedding photo that Hayden had claimed had been of Hayden and Jake.

Spinelli agreed that Pete Ross had an uncanny resemblance to the man in the wedding picture, but Carly insisted it was the same man. She quickly snapped a picture of the wedding photo to use as evidence then started to leave. Spinelli followed her, but stumbled over the duffel bag that Carlos had hastily stuffed under the bed. Carlos tensed as Spinelli pointed out the duffel bag to Carly, but Carly assumed it belonged to Hayden. Carly admitted that she had instructed housekeeping not to clean Hayden's hotel room, which explained the mess.

Carlos relaxed when Carly and Spinelli left. He quickly set the sniper's rifle on the breakfast table and once again aimed the gun at Duke.

Meanwhile, Carly and Spinelli returned to the restaurant. Spinelli was curious if Carly intended to report Hayden to the police, but Carly decided to talk to Jake first.

At the hospital, Sabrina glanced at the Port Charles Press. She was disgusted by the headline, which suggested that Michael remained a suspect in Avery's disappearance. Sabrina thought Julian was being unfair by targeting Michael, so she tossed the newspaper aside as Felix sat down next to her. Felix wondered if there had been any word about the baby, but Sabrina shook her head. Felix imagined that Michael had been going crazy, especially since everyone assumed that Michael was guilty because Michael had knocked over the baby's stroller.

Sabrina hoped to clear Michael's name, so she was curious if Michael's allergy pills had been analyzed. Felix confessed that the laboratory had been backed up due to the preparation for the Nurses Ball, but he offered to put a fire under Brad to get the tests done. Before going to talk to Brad, Felix handed Sabrina a package that had been delivered to the apartment for Carlos.

After Sabrina called to arrange for Carlos to pick up the package, Felix returned with the test results on Michael's allergy pills. Felix announced that Sabrina's instincts had been right; Michael had been drugged.

In Silas' apartment, Kiki greeted Morgan when he returned from searching for Avery. She was disappointed when Morgan confessed that they hadn't found Avery, despite looking everywhere that Michael could have possibly hidden the baby. Kiki confessed that Nathan had done the same with Nina, to no avail. Morgan feared that whoever had taken Avery meant to keep her because there hadn't been a ransom note demanding money from either Michael or Sonny. Kiki worried that the longer Avery remained missing, the less likely she would be found, but Morgan assured Kiki that Avery would be returned home safely.

Kiki wished that things could be as simple as Morgan suggested, but she knew better. Morgan was shocked when Kiki confessed that she had told Julian the truth about drugging Michael. Morgan was upset because they had committed a felony and could go to jail for a long time, but Kiki was unapologetic. She explained that her uncle had known that Kiki and Morgan had hatched a plan to get Avery back, so Julian had asked for the details. Morgan wasn't appeased because he feared what Julian would do with the information. Kiki reminded Morgan that her uncle wouldn't go to the police because Julian was a mobster.

Morgan feared that things had gotten out of control, but Kiki revealed that it was worse than he imagined because Michael had caused another scene at Metro Court Restaurant. She admitted that it had been difficult to watch Michael, knowing he had been under the influence of the drugs that Morgan had replaced Michael's allergy medication with. Morgan defended what they had done by claiming it had been necessary to discredit Michael to force Child Protective Services to take Avery away from Michael, but Kiki insisted that it was time to end it because she was worried about Michael.

Morgan assured Kiki that Michael was a big boy, but Kiki pointed out that Michael might decide to give his driver the night off then get behind the wheel of a car. Kiki wondered how Morgan would feel if Michael killed someone or himself because of the switched medication. Kiki admitted that she couldn't have something like that on her conscience, so she wanted Morgan to steal the pills back. Incredulous, Morgan pointed out that Michael would know something was wrong if Michael's allergy pills suddenly disappeared, but Kiki wondered if Morgan still had Michael's allergy pills.

Morgan confirmed the allergy pills were still in his possession, so Kiki suggested that she distract Michael while Morgan switched the pills. Morgan pointed out that Michael had left strict orders not to let Morgan into the Quartermaine mansion, but Kiki revealed that she had made a quick call to Rosalie, who had revealed that Michael was at ELQ.

At ELQ, Michael stared at the newspaper until he heard a knock at the door. He quickly set the newspaper down then pretended to be working as he rattled off some instructions for Rosalie. Michael was startled when he saw Sonny enter the office instead of Rosalie. Sonny explained that Rosalie had stepped away from the desk, so Sonny had let himself in. Michael glared at Sonny, but Sonny ignored Michael's hostility as he confessed that he was out of his mind with worry about his daughter. Sonny wanted Michael to look Sonny in the eyes and tell him that Michael hadn't taken Avery.

"A.J.," Michael corrected. Sonny accused Michael of seeking custody of Avery for all the wrong reasons, but Michael disagreed because Michael had wanted to keep his sister safe. Sonny switched tactics by assuring Michael that he would always love Michael because Michael was his son, but he needed to know if Michael had kidnapped the baby. Sonny knew that Michael had sought custody of Avery to punish Sonny, but Michael reiterated that he had wanted to keep his sister safe. Michael pointed out that Sonny had taken Michael's "real father" away from Michael, but at least Sonny could rest easy that Avery was safe.

Sonny was curious how Michael could know that, but Michael denied abducting Avery because it was not the way Michael operated. Michael became emotional as he confessed that he needed to believe that his sister was okay, or he would lose it. Michael explained that he saw Avery whenever he closed his eyes and felt her in his arms, so he was terrified that she hadn't been found. Sonny saw the truth in Michael's expression, so he admitted that he believed Michael. Michael assured Sonny that it was true, despite what Morgan might think.

Sonny defended Morgan by reminding Michael that Morgan was also concerned about Avery, but Michael insisted that Avery wouldn't have been kidnapped if it hadn't been for Morgan and Kiki. Sonny argued that CPS had been forced to take Avery because Michael had been so drunk that he could barely stand. "Except, that's not what happened," Sabrina said from the doorway as she held up the test results she had obtained from Felix. Sabrina explained that Michael's allergy pills had been switched with "alprazolam," so it was as if Michael had been given a "rufie."

Sonny was outraged that someone had drugged Michael, but he denied doing it. Sabrina suggested it might have been a mix-up at the pharmacy, but Michael was certain that the people responsible for switching out the medication had been in the restaurant before Michael had stumbled to the lobby. Michael stormed out of the office, determined to confront the people responsible for drugging him. Sonny and Sabrina followed Michael, but all three stopped short when Morgan and Kiki suddenly exited the elevator.

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