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Jason and Sam talk about Drew and the past
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Thursday, December 14, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kevin noticed that Laura was watching Valentin, so Kevin asked if she wanted to leave. Laura pulled her gaze away from Valentin then apologized. She admitted that it didn't get easier seeing Valentin, but she refused to let him ruin her night. Laura suggested that she and Kevin pick a wedding date because Lulu was eager to know. Kevin and Laura pulled out their phones and discussed dates, but they couldn't settle on one, prompting Laura to suggest that they elope. Kevin had a better idea and showed her a date on his phone.

Laura laughed until she realized that Kevin was serious. Kevin pointed out that they hadn't been able to settle on a date in 2018, and she'd been willing to elope. "But, Christmas?" Laura asked. "The sooner, the better," Kevin answered.

Nearby, Cassandra reminded Valentin that she had offered to entertain him in her suite, but he made it clear that he would never let that happen. Cassandra shrugged and assured him that she wasn't opposed to taking a boat ride to Spoon Island because she loved gothic architecture, but Valentin warned her that Wyndemere and his family were off limits because she had threatened Nina and Charlotte. Valentin cut to the chase and asked when the distributors could expect their first shipment, so she assured him that it would be soon because she had found someone to help her complete the development of her cutting-edge product. Valentin knew she was referring to Finn. Cassandra was impressed that he'd done his homework, but he reminded her that the devil was in the details.

Cassandra liked seeing the Valentin she remembered -- cynical and dangerous. She thought it was a pity that he had decided to mire himself in domesticity, but she moved on because she anticipated Finn accepting her offer and joining their enterprise, which would allow her to fly away and supervise from afar. Valentin was curious if she intended to resort to the same tactics that she had used on him if Finn refused. Cassandra was confident that all Finn needed was the right financial incentive and a little ego-stroking, unlike Valentin, who was a "special snowflake" that had required "compelling persuasion" to gain his cooperation. Valentin shifted gears and demanded to speak to Claudette, but Cassandra told him that he would have to earn the privilege. She assured him that no one would hear the tale of what had transpired between him and Claudette and why everyone believed that Claudette was dead -- as long as he behaved.

Cassandra smiled when her phone rang and she saw it was Finn. Valentin stood to leave, so Cassandra stood up, as well, leaned close to his ear, and whispered that she didn't need his enthusiasm -- just his "undying commitment." She kissed Valentin on the cheek, but he stormed away without a word. Pleased, Cassandra answered her phone.

At Anna's house, Finn was on the phone, trying to secure a hotel room, but his frustration mounted when he was told that there wasn't anything available. He asked to be put on a waiting list as Anna entered the living room with a tea tray. Finn ended the call as Anna feigned sympathy that all the hotels were booked for the holidays. Finn was not amused, but Anna thought he was lucky that he had a generous host.

Later, Anna set a stack of towels on the loveseat as she told him that the bedroom she'd selected for him was small, but it had a bathroom. She added that he was welcome to use the larger bedroom, but she warned him that it was pink because Emma slept in it during her visits. Finn accused Anna of enjoying his situation, but she assured him that she preferred the "bachelor" life as she handed him a coaster when he set his cup of tea down on the table. Finn's annoyance mounted, so Anna suggested that they talk candidly. She reminded him that he could bow out of the investigation and leave Cassandra to her, but Finn lamented about his suite at Metro Court. Anna assured him that she could rectify the problem with one phone call to the WSB, but Finn didn't understand why she was reluctant to accept his help when she had initially dragged him into her investigation.

Finn pointed out that he could get inside Cassandra's organization and provide Anna with the evidence necessary to take Cassandra down, but Anna insisted that it was necessary to stay out of the investigation. Finn pushed for a reason until Anna blurted out that she cared about him. Finn was taken aback, but she quickly clarified that she cared about his safety, and he didn't fit into her plans. He admitted that he'd had the impression that she'd been flying by the seat of her pants. Anna insisted that Finn was a valuable asset to the hospital, an innovative doctor, and an honorable man, but Finn pulled out his phone and called Cassandra. Cassandra was eager to know if Finn had made up his mind, so he looked at Anna then accepted Cassandra's offer. Pleased, Cassandra told him that they had a lot of work ahead of them.

Finn's eyes remained on Anna as he assured Cassandra that he didn't cut and run when he made a promise. After the call, Anna grabbed the towels so he could settle into the bedroom, but Finn asked if she was sulking. She clarified that she was furious because he refused to see reason, but he insisted that it had been the right call, and he was certain that Anna knew it. Finn reminded her that he would be in a position to give her what she needed, but Anna worried that he would be eliminated first. Finn was confident that Anna would protect him, but she glared at him.

Anna realized that Finn was enjoying himself, and she decided that she deserved the credit because he'd been wallowing in his misery until she had enlisted his help. Finn objected because he hadn't been miserable, but Anna disagreed. Finn and Anna traded words until Anna angrily accused Finn of wanting her. Anger turned to passion as Finn pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

At Wyndemere, Lulu followed Nina to the living room as she reminded Nina that she had asked for Charlotte's Christmas wish list. Nina told Lulu that she had emailed it to Lulu three hours earlier, but Lulu suggested that it had gone to her spam folder because she hadn't seen it. Lulu noticed the crafts on the table, so Nina explained that she'd been helping Charlotte make Christmas cards. After Nina ducked out to fetch a copy of Charlotte's list, Lulu began to search the living room for another election ballot. Moments later, Lulu found what she was looking for. She frowned when she saw that the ballot had been cast for Felicia Jones, and it was from the Charles Street district.

Lulu wondered what was going on. "I was wondering the same thing," Nina said as she appeared in the doorway. "Looking for these?" Nina asked as she held up a plastic bag filled with ballots. After Nina dumped out the ballots on the craft table, Lulu sifted through them and noticed that they'd all been cast for Felicia. Lulu realized that it was a big deal, but Nina wondered why anyone would care about old election ballots. Lulu explained that the 2014 mayoral race had been contentious and had led to a recount, so the ballots could prove that the election had been stolen from Felicia.

Lulu stuffed the ballots back in the bag, but Nina objected to Lulu taking them because they didn't belong to Lulu. Lulu agreed that the ballots belonged to the city, but Nina questioned if Lulu intended to give the ballots to the proper authorities. Lulu assured Nina that she would, but first she intended to investigate the matter. Nina pointed out that Lulu wasn't Bob Woodward, and the ballots were on private property. Lulu suspected that Nina was worried that Valentin had tampered with the 2014 mayoral election, but Nina reminded Lulu that Valentin hadn't been in Port Charles in 2014.

However, Nina reminded Lulu that Nikolas had been in Port Charles, and the ballots had been found in his home. Lulu argued that Nikolas had supported Felicia, and he wouldn't have sabotaged the election, but Nina countered that Nikolas had had his own private agenda. Nina advised Lulu to be careful because her investigation might take her places that Lulu didn't want to go. Lulu frowned, but she grabbed the bag then left.

A short time later, Valentin arrived home and warmly greeted his wife, but Nina wanted to know if he had meddled in the 2014 mayoral election. Valentin had no idea what Nina was talking about, so she asked him to forget it. Valentin suggested they start over, and he once again greeted Nina. She smiled and went into his arms, but her happiness evaporated when she smelled perfume on his collar. She realized that he'd been with Cassandra, so he assured Nina that nothing untoward had happened. Nina disagreed because everything about Cassandra was untoward.

Nina wanted to know how much longer Valentin had to play nice with Cassandra. He assured her that it wouldn't be much longer because Cassandra would soon be out of their lives for good.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu joined Laura and Kevin. Laura shared that she and Kevin had decided to get married on December 25th, but she wanted to make certain that it wouldn't interfere with Lulu's plans because she knew that it was Lulu's first Christmas with Charlotte. Lulu was thrilled for her mother and assured Laura that as long as the wedding wasn't at 8:00 a.m. then it would be a perfect day to welcome Kevin into their expanding family. Kevin was touched. Laura smiled with gratitude, but she sensed that something was troubling Lulu. Lulu confided that she might have landed a major story that could reset the paradigm in Port Charles, but Lulu wasn't certain if she should report it.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Kim looked at a family picture of Monica, Alan, A.J., and Jason as Monica entered the living room. Monica smiled as she revealed that the picture had been taken in 1995 when Jason had been about to enter college to become a doctor like his father and Monica. However, Monica explained, Jason had been in an accident, and a year later, he had dropped out of school, moved out, and basically become lost to her and Alan. Kim wondered if it had stayed that way, so Monica admitted that it had been a long and slow process to know the Jason that he'd become, but she promised that she and Alan had always loved him. Monica believed that Jason had eventually loved his family back, but a couple of years earlier, she and Jason had had a renaissance of sorts because Jason had suddenly become approachable, easier, and warmer.

Monica realized that she should have known right then and there that Drew wasn't Jason. Monica thanked Kim for stopping by and invited her to sit. "Of course, you're my boss," Kim said as she sat down and smiled politely. Monica suggested that their relationship went deeper than that because Oscar was Monica's grandson. Kim clarified that technically, Oscar descended from Monica's husband, not Monica. Monica was impressed that Kim had done her homework.

Kim tried to keep things from escalating by acknowledging that the news about Oscar and Drew had hit everyone hard and fast, but Monica thought that was a stretch because she didn't think it was a coincidence that Kim had closed a successful practice and relocated to Port Charles where Oscar's very wealthy family resided. Offended, Kim decided to return to work then pointedly added that she had a son to support, and she didn't want her "boss" to think she was shirking her duties. Monica informed Kim that she'd taken the liberty of canceling all of Kim's appointments for the day. Frustrated, Kim questioned why she'd uprooted her son and moved to Port Charles.

Monica thought it was a good question, so Kim admitted that she had wanted to give Oscar a chance to know his roots. Kim explained that she had submitted her and Oscar's DNA to an ancestry site, and the report had revealed that Oscar had family in Port Charles. Kim admitted that she had also hoped that the family connection meant that Drew was in Port Charles too. Monica was stunned that Kim had given up a thriving practice on the off chance that Oscar might bump into his father. Kim insisted that she had wanted to give her son a chance to decide if he wanted a relationship with his father, but she'd had no idea that Drew had had a long-lost twin or ties to the Quartermaine family. Monica was skeptical, but Kim made it clear that she and Oscar weren't interested in Monica's money or Monica.

Kim started to leave, but Monica apologized. Kim relaxed, but she offered to provide a sample of Oscar's DNA to ease any questions that Monica might have about his paternity. Monica admitted that she wanted to know as much as possible about Drew. Monica explained that she and Alan had raised Jason, and she had loved Jason as her own, but they hadn't known about his twin. Monica was eager to know about the boy she and Alan had lost, but Kim admitted that she'd only known Drew for a few months. Monica was curious if he'd said anything about his adoptive family, so Kim revealed that Drew had grown up in an orphanage.

According to Kim, Drew's family had been the Navy SEALs because he had loved the camaraderie and brotherhood. Monica reminded Kim that Drew had a real brother and a family, and Oscar did as well. Monica acknowledged that the Quartermaines were a force unto themselves, who loved fiercely and would welcome Oscar with open arms, but Kim wanted Oscar to decide for himself what was right for him. Monica asked Kim to tell Oscar that he would always be welcome. Monica also offered to be Oscar's tutor if he wanted to know about the Quartermaine family.

At the Nero apartment, Oscar asked if Drew was there to see Kim, but Drew admitted that he wanted to talk to Oscar then asked if he could enter. Oscar apologized, but he explained that his mother wouldn't approve of him letting a stranger in. "I'm not really a stranger, am I?" Drew asked. Oscar realized that his father knew the truth, but Drew sensed Oscar's reservations and regretted not calling first. Drew turned to leave, but Oscar apologized and invited Drew inside. Drew tried to break the ice by asking Oscar about school, prompting Oscar to admit that he'd skipped gym class because they'd been teaching the students square-dancing.

Drew empathized with Oscar's inability to dance because Drew suffered from the same affliction. Oscar fetched his father a glass of water while Drew wandered over to a picture of a much younger Oscar. Oscar hated the picture, but Drew liked it then mentioned that Josslyn would agree. Oscar became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so Drew asked how long Oscar had been looking for his father. Oscar admitted that he and Josslyn had started the search a couple of months earlier. Drew felt bad, but he assured his son that he hadn't known about his past or Oscar.

Oscar imagined that it hadn't been easy to find out that Drew had had another life. Drew admitted that it had been difficult, but he suspected that Oscar might have an idea what that was like. Drew promised his son that he didn't expect anything from Oscar, and he didn't want Oscar to feel pressured to have a relationship with him because it was clear that Oscar had done fine without Drew. Oscar conceded that he was already in high school, and he'd learned to ride a bike long before, so he didn't need a father, especially one who already had a child. Drew admitted that Oscar seemed like a fine young man, but Oscar pointed out that Drew didn't know him well enough to make that assessment. Drew realized that he'd said something wrong and desperately tried to fix things, but Kim arrived home and stopped short when she saw Drew.

Oscar disappeared into the bedroom on the pretext of doing homework, prompting Kim to ask what Drew had done. "Nothing right," Drew answered. After Drew left, Oscar emerged from the bedroom and looked around. Kim assured her son that Drew was gone. She tried to get Oscar to talk about Drew's visit, but Oscar refused. Kim shifted gears and told Oscar that she'd had a talk with his grandmother earlier then assured him that there was a house full of people who were eager to meet him.

Oscar remained quiet, so Kim begged her son not to be so hard on himself. She knew it was all new to Oscar, but she promised that Drew had been nervous too. Oscar told his mother that he had to get back to his homework then slid his headphones on. Kim's expression was troubled as she watched her son.

On the pier, Jason asked Sam not to walk away. He wanted her to talk to him, but Sam was curious what they should talk about. Jason knew that Drew was no longer in jail, but he was curious if everything had worked out with the Navy. Sam assured Jason that the Navy had dropped the charges against his brother, and she credited Jason with helping Drew. Sam thanked him, but Jason assured her that it was fine then turned to leave. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she asked Jason to stop because she wanted to thank him for helping Drew.

Jason reminded Sam that she had already thanked him, but she insisted on doing it properly. Jason was curious why she was mad at him. Sam admitted that it hadn't been fair of her to ask him to get involved in Drew's problems, but she'd done it, anyway, because she knew that she could rely on Jason to fix things. Sam explained that listening to Jason tell his story had made her realize that she'd been so focused on Drew that she hadn't paid attention to Jason and how everything had been taken from him. "It's okay," Jason told her, but Sam disagreed. Sam tearfully confessed that she didn't know what else to do because she loved Drew.

"I know," Jason admitted. Jason started to leave, but Sam asked if everything was okay with Sonny because she recalled that Jason had left the police station to meet him. Jason filled Sam in about the lead on Cesar Faison and Faison's belief that Jason had been killed after Andre's procedure. Jason had no idea who had double-crossed Faison, but the person had saved Jason's life. The conversation turned to the night that Jason had been shot as Sam told him how she had put on a wetsuit and dived into the frigid waters to desperately search for him because a part of her had never believed that he had died. Sam revealed that she had often gone to the piers and gazed out at the water because she'd been waiting for his return.

Sam had thought Jason had returned, but it had been his brother. She confessed that it hadn't changed anything, knowing that Drew wasn't Jason, because she could never regret loving Drew. Jason's expression clouded with pain, but Sam didn't notice because her gaze was fixed on the water. Jason started to reach for Sam, but he dropped his hand and told her about the manuscript that had spooked Faison. He assured Sam that Spinelli was looking into it, but she was curious why Jason hadn't reached out to Spinelli sooner.

Jason admitted that he'd been reluctant to put Spinelli in the middle because he knew that Spinelli and Sam were friends. Sam was grateful that Jason had asked Spinelli to find Drew's service records, but he admitted that Diane had asked Spinelli to dig them up. Jason revealed that Spinelli felt like officiating Drew and Sam's wedding had been a betrayal, but Jason had assured Spinelli that Spinelli couldn't have known. Jason thought it might help if Sam talked to Spinelli too. Sam gasped when she realized that the wedding ring she wore was from Jason, not Drew.

On the next General Hospital...

• Lulu needs Maxie’s help.

• Jason thinks Drew remembers more than he realizes.

• Carly reminds Sam that she loves Jason.

• Elizabeth is annoyed with Franco.


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