Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kyle was about to enter Kelly's when he spotted a smashed cake in the courtyard. He decided to investigate but smiled when he saw the card congratulating Sonny and Carly. Kyle suspected there was an interesting story behind the ruined wedding cake, but he picked up the mess and dumped it into a garbage can. Anna walked up as he wiped his hands clean on a handkerchief. Kyle smiled, but it quickly faded when he noticed her pensive expression.

Anna broke the silence by explaining that she had returned to town earlier that morning, so she expected jet lag to hit her at any moment. Kyle assured Anna that she looked fine, but he noticed that she seemed distant. Anna started to respond, but Kyle cut her off by admitting that he hadn't expected to see her again. Anna was surprised, since she had told him that she would return. Kyle confessed that he hadn't been sure that she would want to see him again, and he wondered if her appearance was a sign that they might have a chance.

Anna gently explained that she had needed to be in Scotland to grieve for Duke and to honor him. Kyle conceded that she looked better and stronger. He was curious if she had gotten the closure she had needed. Anna admitted that she would never have closure because the death of a loved one was a wound that never truly healed. However, she had gained perspective on her actions after Duke's death when she had killed Carlos then had spent the night with Kyle. Kyle assured Anna that she hadn't done anything wrong, but Anna disagreed because she shouldn't have reached out to Kyle for comfort.

Anna realized that she had created expectations that she could not fulfill. Kyle was disappointed when she confessed that she didn't know if she and Kyle had a romantic future together. "So why did you call?" Kyle asked. Anna revealed that she needed his help to expose Nikolas' involvement in the ballot tampering during the mayoral election. Anna told Kyle about Sam's investigation to dig up dirt on Nikolas to use as leverage to force Nikolas to relinquish control of ELQ.

Kyle surprised Anna by refusing to help because it would land him in legal trouble. Anna begged Kyle to reconsider and promised to talk to Jordan about granting him immunity. Kyle was curious why Anna cared, so she explained that it was about doing the right thing in an attempt to atone for killing Carlos in cold blood. Anna's eyes filled with tears as he implored Kyle to help her set things right by exposing Nikolas and the mayor. Kyle quietly asked what she wanted him to do. Relieved, Anna explained that she needed Kyle to make it clear to Nikolas that Kyle wouldn't hesitate to confess everything to Jordan.

Kyle agreed, and Anna reached for his hand to thank him. Kyle lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it gently.

Outside Wyndemere, Sam and Jake approached the front door. Sam confessed that she was eager to see the expression on Nikolas' face when her cousin realized that he had lost. Jake advised Sam to play it cool, but Sam didn't see the point, since they had Nikolas right where they had wanted him -- thanks to Kyle. Sam insisted that Nikolas' role in the rigged election was the leverage they had needed to force Nikolas' hand.

Jake urged Sam to wait until they were certain that Kyle would help, but Sam explained that Anna had been confident of Kyle's cooperation. However, Sam reluctantly agreed to wait.

In the living room, Nikolas sensed a change in Hayden. She revealed that she had remembered something. Nikolas carefully questioned Hayden about the memory, which she admitted had been disconcerting because Nikolas had warned her not to talk about Jake before she had kissed Nikolas. Nikolas pretended that he had no recollection of the event because they had often kissed whenever their on-and-off again affair was on. Hayden recalled that Jake and Sam had been certain that she had known the truth about Jake's identity, so she wondered if it was possible that Jake and Sam had been right.

Nikolas jumped up when the doorbell rang. He quickly went to answer the door, closing the living room doors behind him. Nikolas tensed when he saw Sam and Jake standing on his doorstep, but Sam ignored him as she pushed past her cousin under the guise of checking on Hayden. Nikolas hid his annoyance as Sam barged into the living room with Jake hot on her heels.

Hayden was surprised when she saw Jake and Sam. Sam reiterated that she and Jake had wanted to see how Hayden was doing and if Hayden had recalled anything from her past. Hayden confided that she'd had a memory, but Hayden was vague about the details of the memory. Sam immediately peppered Hayden with questions until it was clear that Sam suspected Nikolas of nefarious deeds related to Jake. Nikolas assured Sam that he had no idea who Jake had been before Jake's arrival in town, but Sam remained skeptical. Hayden realized that Nikolas was hiding something, but she played along with him by keeping the details of her memory to herself.

Nikolas decided that Jake and Sam had overstayed their welcome, but Sam received a text message and announced that she had another matter to discuss with her cousin. Sam revealed that she knew that Nikolas had tampered with the election, which was a federal crime. Sam explained that Nikolas could reinstate Michael as CEO of ELQ or go to jail. Nikolas called Sam's bluff because he was confident that she didn't have any evidence, but Sam smiled with satisfaction as she announced that Kyle Sloane would corroborate everything. Moments later, Kyle appeared in the doorway.

Meanwhile, Dante entered Jordan's office. Jordan explained that she had wanted to talk to Dante because Nina would soon be released from jail, which meant that Nathan could easily tie up the few loose ends on the case without Dante's help. Jordan announced that she wanted Dante to focus on another case. She handed him a file with Julian's mug shot as she revealed that Mayor Lomax had persuaded Ric to cut a deal with Charlie. Ric had agreed to give Charlie immunity in exchange for Charlie's testimony implicating Julian as the mastermind behind Sonny's hijacked shipments.

Dante was stunned that Ric had foolishly allowed a criminal like Charlie back on the streets, since there would be nothing to stop Charlie from going after Sonny a third time. Jordan explained that Charlie had to keep his nose clean until after the trial, but Dante doubted that would stop Charlie. Jordan admitted that she was more concerned about T.J. because T.J. lived under Sonny's roof and remained a target. Dante assured Jordan that Sonny would keep T.J. safe, but Jordan wasn't satisfied. Dante tactfully shifted gears to ask why Charlie hadn't been taken into protective custody. Jordan blamed it on Ric not being a team player.

Jordan explained that Ric was desperate to clean up his reputation after being neck-deep in the Madeline mess, so Ric was willing to cater to the mayor because Ric had aspirations of becoming the next district attorney. According to Jordan, Ric needed the mayor's support to pave the way for Ric to win the election. Dante suspected that Ric would also try to score points with Sonny by pushing to convict Julian. Jordan wondered if Dante would have a problem arresting Sonny, but Dante shook his head because it was a consequence of Sonny's lifestyle.

Dante promised to take care of things then added that he was expected at Sonny's wedding. Dante reminded Jordan that T.J. would be in attendance, but he reiterated that Sonny would keep her son safe. A short time later, Jordan was pleasantly surprised when Anna stopped by for a visit. Anna admitted that the job appeared to suit Jordan. Jordan thanked Anna, but Anna decided to cut to the chase by revealing that a situation with Kyle had arisen.

At Carly's house, Carly was overjoyed when she saw Michael standing on her doorstep. She quickly ushered him into the living room as she asked if his visit meant that he would be attending the wedding. Michael sat on the sofa as he told his mother about the dream he'd had of talking Sonny out of killing A.J. on the night of Connie's murder. Carly reminded Michael that Sonny had had good reason to suspect A.J. because Connie had written "AJ" in blood. She also added that A.J. had been too drunk to realize that he had been innocent.

Michael explained that Sonny had wanted to kill A.J., but Michael had stopped Sonny, who had promised not to hurt A.J. for Michael's sake. Michael clarified that Sonny had given his word to Michael, which had meant everything to Sonny. Michael had always believed that Sonny had loved Michael too much to break his word, but Michael had been wrong. Carly insisted that Sonny loved Michael with all of his heart, but Michael argued that Sonny had killed Michael's father.

Carly promised that Sonny deeply regretted what had happened, but Michael disagreed. Michael suspected that Sonny had been sorry for hurting Michael, but not for killing A.J. Michael admitted that he couldn't act like it hadn't happened by forgiving Sonny and pretending that everything was okay. Carly was disappointed because she assumed that meant Michael would not attend the wedding, but Michael explained that he had decided to be there for Morgan.

Michael told Carly about his recent encounter with Morgan after Kiki had broken off the relationship following the revelation about Morgan's affair with Ava. Carly was furious when Michael mentioned that Franco had told Kiki, but Michael reminded his mother that the point was that Michael intended to be at the wedding to support Morgan. Carly was curious where Morgan was, which surprised Michael because he had dropped Morgan off at the house the previous night. Concerned, Carly called Sonny, who quickly confirmed that Morgan was with him.

Carly relaxed then promised to see Sonny soon. After she ended the call, Michael decided to leave because Carly had to get ready. However, he wanted her to know that he would be at the wedding for her, too, because he was happy for her and believed that she was doing the right thing. Michael explained that it was clear that Sonny and Carly accepted each other -- right, wrong, good, or bad -- and shared a deep love even when they argued.

Carly's eyes welled up with tears as Michael told her that he loved her and thought that she was the best mother in the world. After Michael left, Carly smiled with joy. Later, she looked at her wedding dress as she recalled her conversation with Sonny about their new beginning and bright future together.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was dressed in a dark suit as he descended the stairs, while going over the wedding vows he had written. Moments later, Graciela walked out to put some finishing touches on the decorations. Sonny complimented the décor because it looked perfect, but Graciela credited Maxie with setting everything up. Sonny asked Graciela to take Morgan some aspirin and a strong pot of coffee as he stepped out onto the veranda, where everything was ready for the ceremony and guests.

Sonny was surprised when Ric suddenly entered the living room through the foyer. Ric assured Sonny that he would not stay because Ric realized that Carly would not want Ric there, but Ric had wanted to wish his brother good luck. Sonny smiled because he had expected his brother to have his hands full with Silas' murder investigation. Ric explained that he had done his part to expose Madeline and had moved on to another case. Ric revealed that he intended to prosecute Julian to the fullest extent of the law, but the mayor had pressured Ric to cut a deal with the surviving hijacker.

Sonny was not pleased when Ric explained that Charlie had been given immunity in exchange for testifying against Julian, but Ric assured Sonny that it would guarantee Julian's conviction. Satisfied, Sonny let the subject drop when Ric asked if Sonny was ready for the wedding. Sonny admitted that he had always felt a connection to Carly, even when he had been with other women. Sonny confided that he was worried about Morgan because Kiki had ended things with Morgan, which had sent Morgan on a drinking and gambling binge.

Ric felt bad for Morgan because it had never occurred to Ric to check on his nephew when it had been revealed that Denise was Ava. Moments later, Morgan entered the living room, wearing a clean suit. Morgan greeted Ric, but he immediately blamed Ric for his troubles, since Silas' murder trial had blown apart Morgan's life. Ric frowned as Morgan made his way to the veranda to sit down. Ric and Sonny followed Morgan. Sonny asked if Morgan was okay, but Graciela stepped out to let Sonny know that T.J. hadn't arrived with the wedding cake.

Sonny assured Graciela that it was fine because Sonny was confident that T.J. wouldn't let anyone down. Moments later, Carly called, looking for Morgan. Ric decided to excuse himself, and he left. A short time later, T.J. called Sonny, explaining that he had a problem.

Across town, Charlie entered a warehouse where T.J. had been secured to a chair. Charlie pulled off the hood covering T.J.'s head. T.J. warned Charlie that Charlie had made a huge mistake by abducting T.J. Charlie informed T.J. that T.J. had been carefully selected then gloated that T.J. had made everything easy. Charlie was surprised that T.J. hadn't been more careful with personal safety because of the people that T.J. associated with.

T.J. demanded to know what Charlie wanted, but Charlie pointed out that T.J. wasn't in a position to ask questions. T.J. warned Charlie that Charlie was in more trouble than Charlie realized because T.J.'s mother was the police commissioner. Charlie chuckled and admitted that he had met T.J.'s mother, who had given Charlie an immunity deal in exchange for testimony. T.J. quickly surmised that Charlie had been one of the hijackers who had stolen Sonny's shipments.

T.J. looked up when another man entered the room to ask if everything was okay. Charlie assured his cohort that things had gone according to plan, but the man was curious if Charlie had heard from their boss. T.J. assumed both men worked for Julian, but Charlie refused to confirm the identity of their boss. Charlie's associate appeared concerned about T.J. Charlie ordered the man to leave and wait for further instructions. After the accomplice left, T.J. warned Charlie that Sonny would be furious when he caught up with Charlie.

Charlie appeared unconcerned as he answered a call from his boss. After a brief conversation, Charlie ended the call then announced that T.J. was expected to make a call. Charlie advised T.J. to follow his instructions and to make it convincing or Charlie would kill T.J. T.J. reluctantly agreed. Charlie called Sonny then held the phone close to T.J.'s mouth.

T.J. explained that he had been abducted, and the kidnappers wanted Sonny to meet them without any guards to discuss T.J.'s return. T.J. gave Sonny the address the kidnappers had provided before Charlie abruptly ended the call.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny tucked his phone away as he approached Morgan to say that he had leave for a few minutes. Sonny promised to return well before the ceremony started. Morgan apologized for all the cruel things he had said to his father earlier. Sonny promised that he loved his son and wanted what was best for Morgan.

Shortly after Sonny left, Dante arrived. Dante tried to joke around with Morgan, but Morgan was grumpy because he had a hangover. Dante and Morgan were stunned when Michael suddenly joined them on the veranda. Michael credited Morgan with persuading Michael to attend the wedding, but Michael was curious where Sonny was. Morgan explained that Sonny had left to take care of something.

At the warehouse, Charlie paced as he waited for Sonny to arrive. T.J. was curious why Charlie had asked T.J. to lure Sonny to the warehouse, but Charlie yelled at T.J. to stop talking because T.J. had outlived his usefulness. T.J. wasn't intimidated because he knew that Charlie still needed him alive. Seconds later, Sonny appeared in the doorway.

. . .

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• Michael, Morgan, and Dante wonder where the groom is
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