Thursday, February 4, 2016

In Las Vegas, Hayden smiled as she admired her sparkling diamond engagement ring and wedding band, but her happiness turned to shock when a man approached and addressed her as Rachel. "Baxter Corbin," the man reminded her, but Nikolas returned from settling the tab with the wedding chapel and told Baxter that he was mistaken about Nikolas' wife. The man apologized, congratulated the newlyweds, and walked away. Hayden nervously brushed off the incident and told Nikolas that she wanted time to find a special negligee to make their wedding night memorable. He assured her that it wasn't necessary but agreed to wait for her in the honeymoon suite.

After Nikolas left, Hayden quickly ran over to Baxter. He flashed a knowing smile, but she cut to the chase and handed him a wad of cash with instructions to forget that he had seen her. After Hayden left, Baxter made a phone call to share the news about his encounter with "Rachel."

Later, Nikolas unbuttoned his shirt as he called out to Hayden. She emerged from the bathroom, wearing an elegant black satin robe over a short slip nightgown. Hayden claimed that she had found something outrageously sexy but had decided against it because she and Nikolas had already done the most outrageous thing possible by eloping. Hayden insisted that nothing could compare to that because they had each demonstrated their trust and bared their souls to each other. She wanted their night together to reflect that.

Nikolas made love to his wife. Afterwards, Hayden told Nikolas that she loved him. "I love you too -- Rachel," Nikolas replied. Hayden tensed, but Nikolas laughed at the joke and assured her that she didn't look like a Rachel. Hayden relaxed and reminded him that she was a Cassadine. "Princess Cassadine," Nikolas corrected with a grin.

Outside the Waterfront, Morgan apologized for kissing Kiki, but she assured him that it was fine because they had both been caught up in the moment. Morgan tactfully changed the subject by offering to fetch a refill of hot chocolate from the Waterfront, but Kiki suggested they leave. A short time later, Morgan and Kiki entered the apartment as Kiki confessed that she had wanted to skip ice-skating because she was a "wrecking ball" on ice. Morgan teased Kiki, but she noticed a note on the counter from Franco.

The note revealed that Franco had surprised Nina with a romantic dinner and that they would be out late. Kiki told Morgan that they had the place to themselves and ducked into the kitchen to grab two bottles of organic soda, since they both had to abstain from alcohol. Morgan suggested that they watch a movie, but Kiki admitted that she had watched everything on cable -- twice. Kiki leaned forward and kissed Morgan, but she pulled back before things went too far.

Kiki explained that she didn't want to ruin what they had by going too fast. Morgan was disappointed but agreed that it was for the best. Kiki smiled and suggested they play a board game. A short time later, Kiki and Morgan sat on opposite ends of the coffee table as they played Scrabble. Morgan and Kiki flirted as they discussed ways to make the game interesting. Eventually, the game was forgotten as Kiki kissed Morgan. Things quickly heated up until Morgan put on the brakes and admitted that he couldn't make love to Kiki.

At the Floating Rib, Dillon and Valerie approached the bar to grab a drink. Dillon was eager to show his friend a good time, but Valerie asked if Dillon was still friends with Lulu. Dillon admitted that he was, but he quickly added that he refused to take sides between the cousins because he preferred to be "Switzerland." Satisfied, Valerie shifted gears to suggest they play a game of pool. Dillon and Valerie each grabbed a pool cue, but Curtis stepped forward to inform them that the pool table wasn't available.

Valerie pointed out that Curtis wasn't using it, but Curtis ignored the obvious and offered to let Dillon and Valerie have the pool table if Valerie played a game with Curtis first. Dillon objected to Curtis' proposition, but Valerie took Curtis up on the offer. Resigned, Dillon returned to the bar to fetch a drink. Curtis realized that Valerie wasn't a novice when she easily broke the rack and efficiently sank several balls.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Maxie arrived for a girls' night out. Dillon jumped up to greet Lulu while surreptitiously blocking her from seeing Valerie. Lulu's eyes narrowed at Dillon's skittish behavior, prompting her to look around to until she spotted Valerie. Lulu assured Dillon that she wasn't interested in causing a scene, but Dillon worried that Valerie might not be happy to see Lulu. Moments later, Nathan and Dante arrived. Maxie ran over to suggest that she and Lulu leave, but Maxie became sidetracked when she noticed Valerie.

Maxie resented Valerie's presence at the bar, but Lulu reiterated that it was fine. Lulu was determined to relax and have a good time, but Maxie revealed that Dante had arrived with Nathan. Lulu explained that they were all adults and should be able to be around each other. Lulu decided it was time to talk to her cousin, but Dillon advised her against it. Lulu ignored him because she realized that she had done far worse to Valerie than Valerie had done to Lulu. Lulu intended to take full responsibility for her actions.

At the pool table, Valerie's smile faded when she saw Dante. Dante walked over to say hello, but Valerie returned a frosty greeting and resumed playing pool with Curtis. After Dante left, Curtis questioned Valerie about the cold shoulder, but Lulu walked up to talk to Valerie. Valerie insisted that she had nothing to say to Lulu. Curtis added that Lulu had interrupted their game, but Lulu ignored him and apologized to her cousin. Lulu acknowledged that what she had done to Valerie had been terrible.

Lulu explained that she had been angry, upset, and jealous, but she deeply regretted that she had let things get out of control. Valerie admitted that it had been brave of Lulu to approach her, and Valerie heard the sincerity in Lulu's tone, but Valerie refused to accept the apology. Valerie explained that she had carried around a lot of guilt over the affair with Dante and had repeatedly told Lulu that it had been a mistake. Valerie had hoped that Lulu would be able to move forward, but Lulu had crossed a line by nearly costing Valerie a job and her life. Valerie admitted that she couldn't forgive Lulu regardless of being family.

Dillon quietly ushered Lulu away from Valerie and suggested that he and Lulu leave. Outside, Dillon offered to take Lulu home, but she wanted to take a walk by herself because she needed to be alone. Dillon insisted on accompanying her, but he promised not to say anything unless she wanted to talk.

Inside, Curtis was impressed with how Valerie had handled Lulu, but he was curious why there was friction between the two women. Valerie reluctantly told him about her affair with Dante and about Lulu's attempt to drive Valerie out of town. Curtis invited Valerie to finish the game then offered to take her to dinner if she won.

Nearby, Maxie insisted that Nathan and Dante leave because she was there with Lulu, but Dante refused to budge. He conceded that things were awkward, but they would all have to get used to it. Maxie became distracted when she saw Lulu approach Valerie. Nathan, Dante, and Maxie watched the exchange between the cousins until Lulu and Dillon left. Maxie started to follow her friend, but Dante pointed out that Dillon appeared to have everything under control. Dante decided to head home, but he told Nathan and Maxie stay and enjoy themselves.

At the hospital, Elizabeth stared at Jake's empty bed as she stood in the doorway of his hospital room. Jason walked up behind her and assured her that their son would be okay. Elizabeth desperately wanted to believe that, but she continued to worry about her son. Jason reminded her that they had to stay strong and positive for Jake because their son needed them both. Moments later, Lucas approached Jason and Elizabeth to let them know that he had been observing Jake's operation. Lucas assured Jason and Elizabeth that everything was fine, but he warned them that the operation would take a few more hours.

Lucas advised both Jason and Elizabeth to go home and freshen up, but Elizabeth refused. After Lucas returned to the operating room, Elizabeth sat down on a sofa in the waiting are. Jason joined her, but she assured him that it wasn't necessary. Jason made it clear that he would wait with her, but he wondered when she had last eaten. Elizabeth couldn't recall, so Jason left to get her something to eat because she needed to keep her strength up.

Later, Elizabeth gazed lovingly at a picture of her sons that was stored on her phone. She looked up when she suddenly heard Cameron call out to her. Cameron ran into his mother's welcoming arms as Jason joined them and explained that he had hoped to cheer her up with a visit from Cameron. Cameron showed Elizabeth a get-well card that the kids at school had made for Jake. Elizabeth was touched by the kind gesture, but Cameron asked to see his brother.

Elizabeth explained that the visit would have to wait until Jake was on the mend. She excused herself to put the card on Jake's bedside table while Jason thanked Cameron for the card. Jason noticed something was troubling the young boy. Cameron confided that Jake hadn't felt like his brother when Jake had first returned, but Jason assured Cameron that it was understandable because Jake had been through a lot. Cameron rushed to add that he no longer felt that way about Jake, but Cameron feared that it might be too late to tell him.

Jason promised that Jake would recover. He decided to call Sam to tell her about the accident, but Elizabeth returned with candy. Cameron smiled with delight as she handed him a chocolate bar. Jason set his phone down and accepted the chocolate bar Elizabeth held out to him.

Later, Jason returned from dropping off Cameron at Audrey's house. Jason told Elizabeth that Cameron had fallen asleep in the car, but her son had woken up long enough to tell Jason that Cameron loved her. Elizabeth's smile was bittersweet because she had wonderful sons who deserved a better mother. Jason followed Elizabeth to the waiting are because he didn't want her to beat herself up, but Elizabeth reminded him that she had set her sons up to invest in a future with him even though he'd had a family. Elizabeth admitted that she could never forgive Sam if their roles had been reversed.

Jason insisted that it was in the past and Sam had moved on, but Elizabeth became distracted when she saw Lucas approach. Elizabeth was eager for news about Jake. Lucas revealed that there had been a complication during surgery.

At Elizabeth's house, Sam was curled up on the floor by the furnace, shivering from the cold. She softly reminded herself that she had a heater plugged in and wouldn't freeze as she slowly drifted to sleep. Sam was unaware that the frayed cord of the electric heater began to smoke as sparks showered down on the oil pan peeking out from under the furnace.

Sam stirred when she heard Jason urge her to wake up. She opened her eyes and smiled because he had found her. Jason promised that he would always find her. He pointed to his head as he added that his memories of their life were in his head, but he needed her help to unlock them. Jason ordered her to stand up and run to him, but Sam merely smiled because she recalled another time when he had said the same thing. Jason sternly told Sam that she needed to get up, so Sam slowly gathered her strength, stood up, and started to walk. Her expression clouded with confusion when she suddenly realized that he was gone.

By the furnace, Sam remained tightly curled up on the floor as smoke billowed from the outlet.

. . .

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