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Felicia notices Nathan spending time with Amy
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

In an elevator, Mac and Felicia argued because he objected to Felicia telling Anna about their escapade in the park, but Felicia reminded him that Anna was a spy, and she would eventually find out. Mac and Felicia continued to debate whether to tell Anna that they'd nearly been arrested for indecent exposure because Mac worried that Anna would forbid them to be around the children. Felicia was confident that Anna would get a laugh out of it. She also pointed out that Maxie wasn't the soul of discretion, so it was a matter of time before everyone knew. Mac remained uneasy, prompting Felicia to suggest that they talk to Kevin about putting Mac on antianxiety medication.

Moments later, Anna and Emma arrived. After they exchanged greetings and hugs, Anna pulled out her phone and showed pictures of Robin's newborn son, Noah Robert Scorpio-Drake. Mac became misty-eyed as he looked at the pictures. He raised a glass and offered a toast to the newest member of their family. Felicia noticed the time and explained that she had an appointment, so Anna suggested Mac and Felicia go out soon to catch up on things. Felicia agreed then left. Emma excused herself to take a call, but Mac was not happy when he realized that a boy had called her.

Anna assured Mac that Patrick and Robin had things well in hand between Emma and Leaf. Mac reluctantly let it drop then shifted gears and gave Anna a jump drive as he explained that it contained a detailed report of everything that Valentin had done in her absence. Anna plugged it into her phone and scanned the report. She was surprised when she read that Valentin had set up a charity for horses, and he'd been arrested. Mac filled her in about the arrest but added that everything had been resolved. Mac knew that Anna didn't trust Valentin, but he thought she should at least consider the possibility that Valentin had turned over a new leaf.

Anna insisted that Valentin would have to prove that he had changed his ways. Her concern about Valentin mounted when she saw that he'd been to the Jerome penthouse, but Emma returned to the table. Emma was upset because Leaf had asked her out, but she couldn't accept until she had settled things with Spencer. Emma explained that she and Spencer were only friends, but he wanted more, and she didn't feel right about going out with Leaf until she returned Spencer's gift. Emma showed Mac and Anna a small ceramic heart with a clear stone twinkling in the middle.

After taking a long look at Spencer' handiwork, Anna removed her glasses and admitted that she'd never known Spencer was "such an artisan." Emma stated that if she kept the gift, she would be giving Spencer false hope. Mac agreed, and added that "a piece of dirt with a rhinestone in it" wasn't anything worth worrying over. Anna revealed that she was fairly certain the gem was a genuine diamond.

In Portland, Oregon, Maxie nervously watched her daughter on the swings and worried about Georgie getting dirty. Spinelli chuckled as he joined Maxie and Georgie on the playground because he thought it was good for a child to get dirty. According to Spinelli, it boosted the immune system. Maxie argued that she didn't want her daughter to get "grungy," but Spinelli advised Maxie to get used to it if she intended to stay in Portland. Maxie and Spinelli sat on a park bench as they kept an eye on their daughter and talked about Maxie's future.

Maxie warned Spinelli that she didn't have any plans to settle in Portland, but Spinelli knew the thought had crossed her mind. Maxie conceded that it had because she loved spending time with their daughter, but she wasn't fond of Spinelli's beard. Spinelli was surprised because Ellie loved it, and it made him feel rugged enough to consider going camping. Maxie smiled, but their conversation returned to her future. Spinelli was curious if she had talked to Nathan about the advantages of Nathan working as a police officer in Portland, but Maxie explained that Nathan seemed afraid to leave Port Charles since Nina had married Valentin.

Spinelli pointed out that Nina was an adult, and she ran a magazine, so it would be impossible for Nathan to watch his sister around the clock. Maxie agreed. She confided that it was as if Nathan was using Nina as a cover, but Maxie had no idea what Nathan was hiding. Spinelli thought Nathan might be jealous of the powerful bond that Spinelli and Maxie shared because they had a child together, but she hid her smile and confessed that she suspected something else was going on. Spinelli offered his cyber skills to help her uncover Nathan's secret, but Maxie had a more pressing mystery for him to solve.

Maxie explained that her boss had given her the green light to investigate the "publishing crime of the century." Maxie revealed that she planned to write an exposé on Ask Man Landers, a popular blogger who dispensed "terrible advice." Spinelli was disappointed because he was a fan of Man Landers; he'd been the one to suggest that Spinelli grow a beard. Maxie was incensed because Man Landers had also encouraged her parents to break the law. She was determined to uncover the blogger's identity because she was certain that people would have no interest in taking his advice once they knew who he really was.

Maxie also hoped that the story would impress her boss -- and her boss's boss -- enough to offer her a permanent position with the magazine. She also hoped that Nathan would realize that he couldn't stand in the way of her success and that he would decide to move to Portland. Maxie pointed out that Georgie would have both her parents within four blocks of each other if Nathan settled in Portland with her. Spinelli promised to do everything in his power to secure Maxie's career advancement. Maxie was stunned when Spinelli told her that Ask Man Landers regularly trended on multiple social media platforms and had millions of followers.

Maxie wondered if she might be going about things the wrong way. "Maybe it's better if I don't expose him to the whole world," Maxie remarked. "Maybe I just need to expose him to me," she added. Maxie explained that if she could figure out Man Landers' identity, she could reach out to him so that they could both get better jobs. Despite Maxie calling it "win/win," Spinelli thought it sounded more like blackmail.

At Kelly's, Amy quietly slipped up behind Nathan, poked her forefinger in his back, then ordered him to give her all his money. Nathan tensed and prepared to defend himself until Amy giggled. Nathan was not amused, but Amy was unapologetic because it was the way she greeted all her brothers. Touched, Nathan asked how Chet was doing. Amy admitted her brother had a long road ahead of him, but he'd been steadily improving. Amy was more interested in what Nathan had been doing during her absence, so Nathan admitted that it had been less fun without her around.

Amy giggled then teased Nathan about missing Ask Man Landers, but Nathan hoped that Amy didn't want him to continue posing as Man Landers. Amy was certain that he only pretended to object to posing as the popular blogger because she'd seen the twinkle in his eye during his podcast when he'd had an opportunity to offer advice to readers. She insisted he'd been in his element, likely because he was a cop. Nathan was surprised at the comparison, but Amy told him that being Man Landers was better because people paid attention to him, not his uniform. Nathan conceded that she'd given him something to think about.

Amy giggled triumphantly because she was confident that Nathan would keep going as Man Landers if the opportunity presented itself. Nathan hoped she wasn't asking because he hated being in constant fear that someone would realize who he was. He didn't think he had the nerve to keep the pretense going, but Amy giggled because she thought he was being paranoid. Nathan explained that he had no desire for Mac and Felicia to find out that he'd been the one to suggest they try "alfresco relations," but Amy argued that Man Landers had only encouraged them to spice up their love life, not to have sex in the park. Nathan was forced to reveal that Maxie intended to expose Man Landers' identity.

Horrified, Amy insisted that Nathan needed to find a way to stop Maxie because Maxie could never know. "Know what?" Felicia asked as she approached the counter. Amy claimed it was a secret then giggled. Nathan introduced Felicia to Amy, but Felicia had recognized the young nurse from the Nurses Ball. Amy beamed when Felicia complimented Amy's performance. Nathan explained that Felicia was Maxie's mother, but Amy had already known that because Amy and Maxie had gone to high school together. Amy explained that Nathan had asked for her help in figuring out a gift to buy for Maxie's birthday.

Felicia pointed out that her daughter's birthday was on Halloween, but Nathan claimed that he had wanted to get a head start. Amy announced that she had to get to work, so she asked if she and Nathan had settled on what to do. "Definitely," Nathan replied. After Amy left, Nathan asked why Felicia was at Kelly's. She admitted that she had plans to meet Bobbie to discuss a case.

However, Felicia was happy that she had run into Nathan because she wanted to know what he'd been up to. Nervously, Nathan asked what she thought he'd been doing. He relaxed when she expressed concern because he'd been forced to cover for them and to get Valerie to look the other way instead of pressing charges against her and Mac. Felicia appreciated all that Nathan had done for her and Mac, and she assured him that he was the best son-in-law. She promised never to take Man Landers' advice again.

Later, Nathan exited Kelly's. Amy sneaked up behind and asked if Felicia had bought his story. Nathan said that he wasn't sure. Amy hoped that Felicia had believed him because Amy would lose her book deal if the truth about Man Landers ever got out. Amy also confessed that she had spent nearly all the advance money that the publisher had given her. Nathan asked that Amy allow him to handle things. She agreed and thanked him again for agreeing to go along with her plan. As she reached out to hug Nathan, Felicia looked on from inside the restaurant.

In Hayden's office, Finn asked Curtis to help him find Hayden, but Curtis refused because he wanted to respect Hayden's wishes. Curtis pointed out that Hayden had taken great pains to disappear, which was her right. Curtis didn't like what Hayden had done, but he was determined to honor her wishes. Finn was stunned. He appreciated that Curtis wanted to respect Hayden's privacy, but Finn loved her, and she was pregnant with Finn's child. Finn insisted that he needed to find Hayden, but Curtis stood firm. "I'm sorry," Curtis told his friend.

Finn was furious, so Curtis offered to put Finn in touch with several good private investigators, but Finn wanted Curtis because Curtis knew Hayden, and he would have the best chance at finding her. Finn was determined to make things right with Hayden, but Curtis wondered if Finn would let Hayden go if what he said didn't change her mind. "Absolutely not," Finn answered. Curtis explained that was why he couldn't help Finn.

Curtis believed that Hayden had done what was best for her, and he and Finn had to accept that. Finn argued that he loved Hayden too much to let her go. Finn was certain that Curtis would feel the same way if their roles were reversed.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Elizabeth suspected that Liesl had assumed that Hayden had been arrested because Liesl had had a hand in it. Elizabeth was ready to confront Liesl at the elevator, but Finn stopped her. He reminded her that she didn't have any proof, but she argued that it made perfect sense because Liesl hated Finn. Elizabeth was determined to get to the bottom of things, but Franco suggested that he talk to Liesl. He marched over to Liesl before Elizabeth could object.

Liesl warmly greeted Franco, but he cut to the chase and asked why she was at the hospital. "I had a hangnail," she replied, but Franco accused her of loitering around the hospital, hoping to catch a glimpse of Hayden being arrested. Liesl's eyes lit with excitement as she asked if Hayden was there. Franco realized that Liesl hadn't understood him earlier, so he clarified that Hayden hadn't just broken her engagement to Finn -- she'd left town.

Liesl claimed that Hayden had gotten what she deserved, but Franco reminded Liesl that Elizabeth cared about her sister. Liesl scoffed because sisters weren't always a blessing. She assured him that she'd done his "porcelain doll" a favor. Franco advised Liesl not to advertise what she'd done, but Liesl wanted to glory in her victory. Franco hoped to avoid a bloodbath between his girlfriend and friend, but Liesl assured him that her blood would not be spilled. Franco smiled and advised his friend not to underestimate Elizabeth, but Liesl decided to take her chances.

Franco was curious what Liesl intended to do if Finn found out what she'd done, but Liesl wasn't afraid. She explained that Finn had taken her job, but she refused to let him take her "schadenfreude" too. Elizabeth walked up and let Franco know that her shift had ended. Elizabeth was eager to leave, but Liesl tried to bait her by asking her to tell Hayden "mazel tov" if Elizabeth saw her sister. Furious, Elizabeth accused Liesl of luring Jared to town to sic him on Hayden, but Liesl doubted that Elizabeth really cared about what had happened to Hayden.

Liesl acknowledged that Elizabeth and Hayden shared DNA, but they'd barely known each other -- or liked each other. Elizabeth argued that even if that had been true, her sister was a human being who was pregnant, alone, and on the run because of Liesl. Liesl conceded that Hayden's unborn child deserved better, but so had the young woman that Hayden had put in a wheelchair when Hayden had driven drunk. Elizabeth doubted that Liesl had been motivated by righting a wrong; Liesl had hoped to hurt Finn and Hayden. Liesl gloated that she had hit the trifecta because she had hurt both Finn and Hayden, and she had gotten her revenge.

"You bitch," Elizabeth growled, but Franco pulled her back before she could assault Liesl. Elizabeth promised that her sister would return, and Liesl would get what she deserved. "We'll see about that," Liesl shot back as Finn turned a corner. Franco dragged Elizabeth away as Finn approached Liesl and confronted her about setting Hayden up. Liesl argued that it had been Hayden's choice to break the law. The two continued to trade heated words until Curtis walked up and asked what was going on.

Finn revealed that Liesl had set Hayden up, but Liesl smirked and suggested that she had done Finn a favor because Hayden had not only been a liar, but she'd also "crippled" a young woman, and she had denied responsibility for the tragedy. Liesl wondered if Finn really wanted to be married to that kind of person. Finn wished that he'd let Liesl rot in jail. "You should have," Liesl told him then walked away.

Finn regretted not insisting that Hayden stay in Port Charles to work things out. Curtis admitted that Finn's speech earlier had gotten to him. Curtis was determined not to let Liesl win, so he agreed to track down Hayden. After finding out if Hayden was safe, Curtis agreed to relay any message that Finn might have for her. However, Curtis would not force Hayden to return to town.

In Elizabeth's bedroom, Elizabeth drew the blinds, lit candles, and got ready for bed as she talked to Franco about Liesl. She couldn't understand why he'd be friends with a woman like Liesl, but Franco was certain a lot of people would ask the same thing about Elizabeth dating him. Elizabeth insisted that the situations were different because he had worked hard to become a better person. She added that Liesl hadn't, but Franco argued that Liesl was his friend. He acknowledged that what Liesl had done was awful, but he wanted to focus on how to help Elizabeth.

Elizabeth admitted that having Franco there made her feel better. She closed the bedroom door then asked him about his trip as she climbed into bed. Franco told her there wasn't much to tell; he'd settled the lawsuit, and most of his paintings had been returned. Franco slid onto the bed as he shifted gears and told her that he had missed her. She had missed him, too, so he suggested that they make a rule that they never leave Port Charles. Elizabeth thought it would be more practical to promise to return home to each other.

Startled, Franco wondered if Elizabeth was asking him to move in. She reminded him that they had discussed it before, but they'd gotten sidetracked. Franco warned her that he wanted to be present when she told the boys about her decision, but she didn't have a problem with that because she was certain that her sons would be thrilled. However, Elizabeth was concerned about Franco's lack of enthusiasm. Franco admitted that he was worried that she had asked him because he'd been out of town for some time, but she assured him that she was ready for him to move in. Satisfied, Franco asked her to ask him again. Elizabeth did, and Franco happily accepted then kissed her passionately.

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• Carly wants to know what's going on.

• Jordan wonders why Jason is protecting the person who shot Sonny.

• Curtis thinks his aunt is up to something.


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