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Thursday, February 23, 2017

At the nurses' station, Griffin saw Hayden checking her laptop and asked what her morbid fascination was with plane crashes. She closed the laptop and explained that she'd simply been checking to see if there had been any reported crashes. Concerned, Griffin asked what was going on. Hayden reminded him that Finn had gone to Manhattan to meet with a pharmaceutical company that was interested in the cure that Finn had developed. Hayden added that Finn had taken ELQ's jet, but Finn had never checked into the hotel or made it to the meeting. She'd also been able to ascertain that the ELQ jet had never landed in New York City, but she hadn't been able to take a look at the flight manifest without Tracy's permission.

Griffin was certain that there had been a misunderstanding, but Hayden noticed something in his expression that had her wondering what he was hiding. Griffin was reluctant to tell her, but she pushed until he confided that Finn had been trying to get his hands on pain medications for a hockey injury, but Griffin had noticed some other alarming signs suggesting that Finn had been suffering from drug withdrawal. Hayden was shocked, but Griffin reminded her that Finn had been taking Zekenestrol for years. Hayden argued that Finn had been using the addictive drug to treat Blackwood's syndrome, but the words died on her lips as she realized why Finn might have become addicted to "Zen-Zen."

Meanwhile, Finn entered his suite and quickly dumped a handful of vials on the chair. Finn prepared a syringe then injected himself. After, he glanced at Roxy, but scolded her for the judgment he sensed from her. Finn promised the bearded dragon that he'd find a way to kick the addiction then reached for some food to feed her. His hands shook as he dropped the leaves into the tank. Finn realized that he'd built up a tolerance to the medication and decided to take a second dose. Finn assured Roxy that he'd only do it once.

A short time later, Hayden knocked on Finn's door and asked him to open it. She admitted that she knew he hadn't gone to New York City and promised to help him if there was a problem. She continued to knock, but she was met with silence. Eventually, she gave up and left. Inside, Finn was unconscious on the floor with a syringe next to him.

At the nurses' station, Robin greeted Jason. He realized that he might be overstepping, but he wondered why she was at the hospital. Robin realized that Sonny hadn't told him about Anna's illness and explained that Anna had been diagnosed with a rare blood cancer. Jason felt terrible for Robin, but she assured him that the disease was treatable. Robin shifted gears and asked why he'd wanted to talk to her, but he decided that it could wait because Robin had enough to deal with. Robin assured him that it was fine because she could use the distraction.

Jason explained that he'd had some questions about Olivia Jerome. Robin's eyes rounded because she hadn't thought about the woman in ages until she'd mentioned Olivia to Sonny. Jason explained that he'd been investigating the bombing because Sonny -- and Jason -- didn't trust the police, and Olivia's name had been mentioned. Robin recalled that Olivia Jerome had been both "crazy" and "dangerous." Jason was curious how dangerous, so she opened up about Olivia's torment of Anna.

Robin couldn't recall much about the infamous Jerome sibling, but she knew that Olivia had been obsessed with Duke and that Duke hadn't reciprocated Olivia's feelings because he'd been in love with Anna. Robin revealed that Olivia had been quite dangerous and had lashed out at Anna. Jason was curious how threatening Olivia had been. "Psychopathic," Robin replied and told him how Olivia had been responsible for the death of Anna and Duke's unborn baby. Robin warned Jason that no one was safe from Olivia.

Jason was curious if Olivia would have hurt Julian for killing Duke. Robin chuckled because she was surprised that Olivia hadn't risen from the dead to kill Julian herself. After Robin left to check on her mother, Jason made his way to the elevator and called Sam. He left her a voicemail message letting her know that he needed to work because he wanted to follow up on a theory.

In Anna's hospital room, Anna dug through her overnight bag, looking for something to wear. She was frustrated that Robin hadn't packed anything. Anna suddenly swayed as a wave of dizziness washed over her. Valentin appeared in the doorway and quipped that he hoped he wouldn't have to catch her again. Anna recovered and glared at him, but she admitted that she had no idea what had happened. She asked Valentin to fill in the blanks, but he refused. Anna choked back tears and confessed that she'd recently discovered that she'd put him on the World Security Bureau's hit list. Valentin tensed, but Anna insisted that she had no memory of doing it.

Valentin didn't believe Anna, but she tearfully promised him that it was true and begged him to help her remember why she would order his death. Valentin thought it was all an act, but Anna assured him that it wasn't. She switched tactics and pointed out that Valentin had the perfect opportunity to hurt her by dredging up what her mind wanted to repress because it was too traumatizing to remember. Valentin warned Anna to be careful what she asked for, but Robin appeared in the doorway and immediately ordered Valentin to leave. Anna assured Robin that it was okay, but Robin ignored her mother, thanked Valentin for taking Anna to the hospital, and threatened to call security.

Valentin assured Robin that it wouldn't be necessary and started to leave, but he stopped in the hallway to warn Anna that she would not get any answers from him. After Valentin left, Robin closed the door and questioned Anna about the encounter. Anna was confident that Valentin was not a threat, but Robin disagreed. Anna wisely shifted gears to ask where her clothes were. Robin admitted that she hadn't packed anything for Anna in an effort to discourage Anna from leaving the hospital before the doctors agreed that it was safe. Anna was not pleased because she wanted to recover at home.

Robin objected and reminded Anna that it was important for Anna to take care of herself and wait for the doctor's approval. Anna tearfully confessed that there were things about her past that she desperately needed to deal with, but Robin stood firm. Moments later, Griffin entered. Robin quickly enlisted his help to persuade Anna to stay in the hospital. Griffin gently broke the news that things would have to change for Anna because of her condition. Anna nervously asked if Griffin were referring to her career.

Griffin and Robin pointed out that Anna took blood thinners to prevent blood clots, which meant that Anna could bleed out easily if she were injured. Anna was crushed because she had no reason to go on without her career. Robin reminded Anna that Anna could become an instructor and added that both Robin and Emma needed Anna to live. Robin begged her mother to fight for them. Resigned, Anna returned to her bed as Robin followed Griffin to the hallway to ask about Finn. Griffin assured Robin that Finn would check in soon and added that Anna was a fighter.

Robin smiled because Griffin had his father's eyes, which she found comforting. Robin admitted that she had loved Duke like a father. Griffin returned Robin's smile and lovingly referred to her as "sis."

In Anna's hospital room, Anna looked at her WSB badge. She closed it when a police officer entered. Anna smiled at Officer Donaldson, but it quickly faded when she realized that he was there on business. Robin walked up and demanded to know what was going on. Officer Donaldson reluctantly explained that he had to place Anna under arrest.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Curtis bumped into Nina. After they exchanged greetings, Nina showed off her wedding ring as they sat at the bar and spent time catching up. Curtis conceded that it appeared that Nina had it all and raised his glass to toast to her good fortune because he was happy for her. Nina smiled and told him how Valentin had given her the wedding band and Charlotte's role in the romantic gesture. She admitted that it was surreal because she'd given up on becoming a mother, and then Charlotte had entered her life. Curtis cleared his throat and gently reminded Nina that she'd married Valentin, not Charlotte.

Nina assured Curtis that she was well aware of who her husband was. She showed him the extravagant engagement ring that Valentin had surprised her with on Valentine's Day, but she conceded that the day had started off rocky because someone had broken into Wyndemere. Curtis was surprised when Nina complained about Anna burglarizing the house, stalking, and being obsessed with Valentin. Curtis appeared skeptical, which immediately put Nina on the defensive. Curtis explained that his line of work had taught him that people often kept secrets from each other. Nina conceded that Valentin and Anna had been friends "back in the day," but they'd had a falling-out when Anna had rejected Valentin's advances.

Curtis urged Nina to talk to Valentin. He acknowledged that he didn't know Anna, but based on what Nina had told him, it sounded as if Valentin, not Anna, would be the one who'd have reason to hold a grudge.

A short time later, Curtis met with Jason in the lobby of the hotel. Jason explained that he had a new theory about the bomb and filled Curtis in about the possibility that Julian's sister Olivia hadn't been killed when Julian had shot her. Curtis warned Jason that the police would require proof. Jason agreed and informed Curtis that they would need to go to Olivia Jerome's grave and dig up the body.

Meanwhile, Valentin joined his wife at a table and chatted about how delighted he was to be with her. Nina smiled, but she was curious where he'd been. Valentin's smile faltered, but he admitted that he'd checked on Anna. Nina was not pleased, but Valentin refused to apologize. He reminded Nina that Anna had collapsed at his feet, and he'd been curious about her condition, but the hospital had refused to pass along the information over the phone. Valentin assured Nina that he'd merely gone to the hospital to make certain that Anna was fine, but Nina was curious if he intended to do it again.

Valentine was disappointed by Nina's reaction, but she insisted that Anna had been horrible to him. Nina thought Anna should have been arrested, but Valentin made it clear that he did not want Anna to go to jail. He claimed that he simply wanted to move forward by showing some mercy, and he hoped that Anna would follow his lead. Valentin changed the subject by offering to fetch a quality bottle of wine. After he walked away, Nina called Jordan to file a report.

Later, Valentin held up a glass and vowed that he would not let anything -- or anyone -- intrude on what he and Nina were building. Nina beamed with joy. "Here's to our future," Nina said as she held up her glass.

At the Floating Rib, Julian called Sam, but it went to voicemail. He ended the call without leaving a message and worried about what Olivia had done to Sam. Moments later, Fred Gray slid into the booth and sat on the bench opposite Julian. Julian wanted an update on the situation at the hospital and where the board stood. Fred admitted that there'd been a complication because Laura and the Quartermaines had worked together, and the Quartermaines had raised the money to match the developer's bid. Julian was furious when Fred added that one of the board members had already changed their mind about selling to the developer.

Julian decided to up the offer, but Fred confessed that it might not be that easy because Laura and the Quartermaines had made it a community issue rather than a business one. Fred promised to do his best, but he warned Julian that the votes might not go in the developer's favor. Julian informed Fred that anything less than victory was not acceptable. Fred assured Julian that he was on Julian's side and suggested another property that Julian's client might be interested in. Julian insisted that it had to be General Hospital. Fred couldn't make any promises, but he reminded Julian that it was just business -- not a matter of life or death.

Julian leaned close and told Fred in a menacing tone that it was a matter of life or death, and Fred would do well to remember that. After Fred left, Julian looked at his phone and the picture Olivia had sent him of Sam and Olivia in the car.

On the footbridge, Sam tried to walk away when Olivia Jerome refused to return Sam's phone, but Olivia pulled out a gun and cocked it. Sam froze when she heard the familiar sound and turned to face her aunt. Olivia knew that Sam had figured things out and suggested they drop all pretenses, but Sam feigned ignorance. Frustrated, Olivia formally introduced herself to her niece and advised Sam not to make any sudden moves because Olivia didn't want to hurt the baby. Sam put her hands protectively on her stomach as she tearfully asked what Olivia planned to do to her.

Olivia promised to stash Sam in a warm place until Olivia had dealt with Julian, but Sam refused to be taken to a second location. Olivia pointed out that Sam wasn't in a position to argue, but Sam refused to budge and reminded Olivia that Morgan had been an innocent victim. Olivia refused to discuss the bomb and was offended when Sam expressed concern for her unborn child. Olivia insisted that she would never hurt another child, but it didn't ease Sam's fears. Olivia promised Sam that both Sam and the baby would remain safe as long as they cooperated, but Sam was skeptical because she'd been targeted.

Olivia explained that she was after Julian because Julian had killed the only man that Olivia had ever loved. She revealed that she'd always hoped that Duke had survived the mob wars -- as she had -- and admitted that her faith had been restored when she'd heard that he'd returned to Port Charles. However, Julian had destroyed everything by having Duke killed. Sam promised that she hated what Julian had done and empathized with Olivia's pain, but Olivia scoffed because Sam had the perfect life with a husband, son, and baby on the way. Olivia angrily wondered why Sam should have everything while Olivia had nothing.

Olivia revealed that she intended to personally kill her brother after she made certain that Julian had lost everything that mattered to him. Olivia suggested that Sam cooperate unless Sam wanted herself and the baby to become collateral damage. Sam reluctantly agreed, but she only took a few steps before she doubled over with pain. Annoyed, Olivia asked what was wrong and stepped closer to check on Sam. Sam seized the opportunity to try to wrestle the gun away from Olivia. Sam managed to knock the gun out of Olivia's grip and vowed that Olivia would end up locked in D'Archam Asylum with the key thrown away.

Enraged, Olivia charged and knocked Sam over the railing. Sam tumbled down the hill and over a metal embankment before she landed in a heap at the bottom of the bridge. Olivia ran to the side to look at Sam, but Sam remained still. Moments later, Julian called Olivia to inform her that the hospital's board would vote in her favor. Olivia was satisfied, but Julian demanded to speak to Sam. Olivia told him that it was impossible because Sam was "out cold."

On the next General Hospital...

• Sonny suggests that he and Carly renew their wedding vows.

• Monica wonders if they have enough votes to save the hospital.

• "What have you done with Sam?" Julian yells at his sister Olivia.

• "I absolutely plan to put an end to what I started," Nelle explains to Michael.

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