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Thursday, March 22, 2018

At the hospital, Finn approached Sam and Elizabeth. He assured both women that Drew and Franco were fine, but he had prescribed the men antibiotics and given each a tetanus shot as a preventative measure because Drew and Franco had crawled through the sewage system. Sam and Elizabeth were grateful when they saw Drew and Franco walk up.

Later, Finn entered Kelly's and surprised Alexis with a cup of coffee when he saw her working at a table. The two chatted amicably for several minutes until Julian walked up. Tensions quickly mounted when Julian suggested that Finn send a bottle of single malt scotch to thank Julian for dropping the charges. Finn resented Julian's attitude because Finn had been arrested for defending Roxy's honor. Julian was skeptical that Finn even needed a support animal because Finn didn't have his pet with him. Julian suspected that it was because Finn wasn't interested in sticking it to Kelly's owner.

Finn angrily accused Julian of pressing charges against him because Julian was jealous of Finn's relationship with Alexis. Disgusted, Finn paid Alexis' tab, told her he'd see her later, then marched out. Alexis was curious if Finn had been right. To her surprise, Julian admitted that it was true. He acknowledged that he didn't have any right to feel the way that he did, but he couldn't help it. Julian asked Alexis to be careful because Finn was a recovering addict, but Alexis resented Julian trying to give her advice.

Alexis pointed out that she was a recovering alcoholic and Julian was an ex-con. She added that Finn had only ever been kind to her; she didn't have an ugly history with him nor had he threatened her -- as Julian had. Julian asked how serious Alexis and Finn were, but she refused to discuss it. Julian implored her to be honest so he could stop holding out hope. Alexis opted to lie and told him that she and Finn were getting "quite serious."

On pier 54, Andre and Anna stopped for a break during their morning run. Andre was surprised that Anna needed to rest because she usually ran an additional mile. Anna admitted that she hadn't been sleeping well because she'd been consumed with thoughts of all the regrets she had. She was also worried because she knew that Jason would kill Henrik if it was revealed that Henrik had helped Faison or Henrik had continued his father's work. Andre reminded Anna that she didn't even know if Henrik was her son, but Anna disagreed.

Anna's voice filled with emotion as she promised that she had been led to believe that her son had gone to a good family, so she had no idea how he had ended up with Faison. Andre was curious if she had considered what it would be like to meet Henrik and tell him that she was his mother. Anna didn't expect a tearful reunion, but she felt it was important to tell her son that he might be suffering from a genetic illness. She believed that she owed it to him after rejecting him as a baby. Anna told Andre that she had pored over The Severed Branch to glean whatever clues she could.

According to Anna, the main characters' names had been anagrams for Henrik and Faison's names, and there had been a mention of a school in Switzerland, so she intended to check the school's records for Henrik's alias. Andre assured her that he would help her, prompting Anna to thank him for being her friend because he was the only person that she could confide to. Andre reminded Anna that Finn would help her -- unless Finn was one of the regrets that had been keeping her up at night. Anna explained that she didn't want to get Finn involved because she didn't want to put Finn in harm's way if Henrik turned out to be like his father.

Anna added that Finn was also seeing someone new, but Andre was skeptical. Anna assured him it was true because she'd seen the woman the morning after in Finn's hotel room. Andre admitted that Anna had tremendous strength and courage, but he believed that she was running scared from Finn. Anna insisted that she had backed off because Finn had moved on, but Andre wasn't fooled. He suggested that Anna was trying to protect herself because Finn had stirred something inside her that had truly terrified her. Anna resented Andre psychoanalyzing her, but Andre had seen the way that she looked when she talked about Finn.

Andre urged Anna to go to Finn, but she admitted that Finn had been a bit of a surprise because she hadn't thought she could love after losing Duke. Andre offered his professional opinion by suggesting that perhaps she was afraid that what had happened to Duke would happen to Finn, or she felt guilty for loving someone other than Duke. Just then, Andre spotted Finn approaching. He gave Anna a heads-up then excused himself.

At the hospital, Michael asked how Nelle was feeling as she took a sip of water. She admitted that the birthing video had been intimidating. Michael agreed that it had been intense, and he wished that he could do more for her than rub her back and tell her to breathe. Nelle smiled and assured Michael that he'd been very supportive. She steered the conversation to his date by asking if his date had ended early, because she'd heard him prowling the house the previous night.

Nelle innocently added that she hoped it wasn't because of her, but Michael made it clear that he had no intention of sharing details of his private life. He stunned her by announcing that he intended to move out of the Quartermaine mansion. Michael explained that the events of the previous evening had made him realize that their living arrangement didn't work for him. Nelle argued that it didn't matter where Michael lived because she and the baby would always be a part of his life. Michael assured her that he looked forward to fatherhood, but living under the same roof with Nelle complicated things. Nelle's eyes filled with tears as she sullenly asked if he intended to move in with his parents.

Nelle's mood soured when Michael revealed that he planned to stay at Metro Court until he found a place of his own. Nelle was furious that she would have to deal with Carly whenever she paid Michael a visit, but he was confident that Nelle would find a way to get through it. "No, Michael, I can't," Nelle told him. Nelle claimed that Carly was irrational and paranoid because she refused to let Nelle be a better person. Nelle accused Carly of always trying to sabotage her, but Michael reminded Nelle that his mother had helped Nelle during the earthquake.

Nelle insisted that Carly had recently shown up at the Quartermaine mansion then swooped in and poisoned Olivia against her because Olivia had been giving Nelle the cold shoulder ever since. Nelle thought it was horrible that Michael couldn't see how his mother treated her, but Michael refused to keep talking in circles, so he advised Nelle to either deal with Carly or not. Nelle's eyes filled with fresh tears because Carly would always get between them, but Michael quickly clarified that Nelle's lies had led to their breakup. He added that the only person who had gotten between them was Nelle herself.

Michael advised Nelle to accept it and move on -- or not. It was her problem. After Michael walked away, Nelle glared at him. "No, Michael, it's not my problem. It's yours," she said with promise.

In Carly's Metro Court office, Carly thanked Kim for stopping by. She explained that she had wanted to talk to Kim about Oscar and Josslyn. Carly invited Kim to sit then fetched each of them a cup of coffee from the sideboard. Carly admitted that she normally wouldn't allow Josslyn to skip school, but she had made a special exception because Oscar had saved Josslyn's life. Kim was grateful because Oscar had been determined to go to school to see Josslyn even though he was still recovering. Kim's eyes welled up with tears as she recalled the terrifying moments following the earthquake when she and Drew had found Oscar and Josslyn in the freezer.

Kim admitted that she couldn't imagine losing her son because he was her life. Carly's expression clouded with grief, prompting Kim to ask if she had said something wrong. Carly picked up a photograph of Morgan and showed it to Kim as she shared that Morgan had died fourteen months earlier in a car explosion, and his death had put a tremendous strain on the family for quite some time. However, she assured Kim that the family had emerged from the tragedy, stronger than ever. Kim felt awful for Carly, but Carly promised that she hadn't called Kim to talk about herself.

Carly praised Oscar as a hero, but she was curious if Kim knew why the kids had gone to the freezer. Kim smiled with embarrassment as she confided that Oscar and Josslyn had wanted to be alone. Alarmed, Carly hoped that the kids weren't sexually active. Kim agreed, but she also recalled how powerful first love could be. Carly seized the opportunity to ask if Kim would have followed Drew to the freezer, but Kim frowned and reminded Carly that he didn't even remember their past. Carly was certain that Kim and Drew had gotten closer in recent months because of Oscar.

Kim admitted that things had been rocky at first, but finding Oscar in the freezer had put things into perspective for both Kim and Drew. Kim smiled as she revealed that Drew had been as fearless and selfless as she had remembered, so if her son was a hero, it was because of his father. Carly confessed that it sounded like Kim had strong feelings for Drew, but Kim was quick to remind Carly that Drew was married. Carly argued that things could change then added that Drew was in an impossible situation through no fault of his own. Carly felt bad for him, but she believed that Jason and Sam belonged together, so it was only a matter of time before Drew was free.

Kim promised that she hadn't been sitting around pining for Drew then revealed that she had a "friend." Intrigued, Carly was curious if it was serious. Kim explained that it was easy and uncomplicated, prompting Carly to ask who Kim was talking about. "Julian Jerome," Kim answered. Shocked, Carly immediately tried to warn Kim to stay away from him, but Kim assured Carly there was nothing to worry about because Kim knew that Julian wasn't over his ex-wife. Kim politely added that she didn't want to talk about her private life then steered the conversation back to Oscar and Josslyn by praising Josslyn as a spirited young woman who made Oscar happy.

Shortly after Kim left, Michael stopped by to tell his mother that he had decided to move out of the Quartermaine mansion. Carly was delighted. Meanwhile, Nelle had silently slipped into the outer office then ducked out of sight as Michael and Carly emerged from Carly's office. Carly locked her office door as she assured Michael that she had a suite available in the hotel that would be perfect for him and the baby. After Michael and Carly disappeared down the hall, Nelle pulled out a set of keys then unlocked Carly's office door.

Nelle smiled when she saw the photograph of Morgan on the desk because he was wearing the scarf that matched the one she had ordered online. Nelle pulled the ruined and bloody scarf out of her purse then placed it prominently on Carly's desk.

At the hospital, Elizabeth warned Franco and Drew that Jim Harvey remained a fugitive at large, but she promised that the police were eager to capture him -- especially in light of the additional charges. Elizabeth revealed that Jim had kidnapped Betsy and had kept her imprisoned at his home in Buffalo. Worried, Franco asked where his mother was, so Elizabeth assured him that Jordan had taken Betsy to a hospital to be checked out. Sam was curious why Jim would kidnap Betsy and try to kill both Drew and Franco. Drew carefully explained that it went back to when Drew and Franco had been children and Jim had dated Betsy. Elizabeth wondered what kind of secret would drive someone to do the things that Jim had.

Franco admitted that it was something horrible, but Drew added that they weren't quite clear on the details because Jim's version of the events had been a lie. Drew explained that he and Franco had suspected that Jim knew where Betsy was, so Drew and Franco had hatched a plan to plant a bug in Jim's hotel room. Franco took over the tale and was careful not to mention the traumatized state that Drew had found him in when Drew had entered Jim's hotel room. Moments later, a nurse fetched Drew and Franco to complete some paperwork.

After the men walked away, Elizabeth remarked that at least they knew that Franco hadn't wanted to hurt Drew. "Do we?" Sam asked. Sam was taken aback when Elizabeth suggested that Sam was the one who would hurt Drew. She was tired of Elizabeth's cryptic remarks, so she invited Elizabeth to speak her mind. Elizabeth saw how desperate Sam had been to find Drew, and she'd been there when Sam had found Drew's wedding ring. "But it's not a secret that Jason is waiting for you," Elizabeth said.

At the nurses' station, Franco thanked Drew for not saying anything to Elizabeth about Franco's breakdown in Jim's hotel room. Drew pointed out that it wasn't his secret to share, but he advised Franco to tell Elizabeth the truth.

After Drew and Sam left, Franco asked if Elizabeth was ready to go home, but she took him to an exam room instead. Elizabeth acknowledged that she'd been worried about Franco when he'd been missing, and she'd been overjoyed when he had walked into the police station. Franco insisted that the universe had given them a second chance, but Elizabeth knew he was hiding something, and she didn't want any more secrets between them. She advised Franco to be honest because it was their last chance.

Franco slowly told Elizabeth about what had transpired when he'd gone to Jim's hotel room and how Jim's accusations of Franco being a liar had triggered a flashback of Jim tousling Franco's hair and saying the same things. Franco became increasingly agitated as he recounted curling up into a ball and shutting down as Jim stood over him and yelled. Elizabeth's expression filled with compassion as she gently asked what he remembered. Franco knew there was more, but he explained that he wasn't ready to face it. "Can we go home, please?" Franco implored. Elizabeth's phone chimed with a text message. It was Jordan letting Elizabeth know that Betsy was on her way to Port Charles and wanted to see Franco.

At the penthouse, Drew and Sam entered the living room after getting the children settled down. They sat on the sofa and talked about Jim Harvey. Drew confided to Sam that something had gone wrong in Jim's hotel room, and he had walked in on Franco curled up in a ball and completely incapacitated. Drew admitted that Jim's men had gotten the jump on him because he'd been distracted with concern for Franco. Drew explained that something had clearly happened to Franco as a kid, but Drew had no idea if he had witnessed it or if he'd been a part of it. However, Jim was at the center of it, and Jim was so freaked out about it that he'd been willing to kidnap and kill to keep it buried.

Drew regretted that he hadn't communicated better with Sam. Sam's eyes filled with tears as she assured him that he had nothing to be sorry for, but Drew disagreed. He held up his hand and revealed that he'd lost his wedding band somewhere along the way. Sam quickly fetched the ring and slid it onto his finger as she told him how she had found it and how she had figured out where Jim had taken Drew and Franco. Drew smiled and kissed his wife because everything was right again. Sam pulled away from the kiss then tearfully confessed that they needed to talk.

On the next General Hospital...

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• Alexis is curious what Sam will say when Jason shows up on her doorstep

• Carly begs Jason not to say anything about the incident in her office

• Sonny offers Andre the chance to do something good

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