Thursday, April 16, 2015

At the Quartermaine mansion, Alexis was flabbergasted when Franco announced that he had to be included in all ELQ business meetings. She reminded Franco that he was not a Quartermaine or a shareholder, but Franco smiled smugly as he revealed that he had recently obtained Ned's eleven-and-a-half shares of ELQ. Olivia suddenly recalled her conversation with Ned the previous day when Ned had assured her that he had taken care of Franco. Horrified, Olivia realized that Ned had turned over his shares of ELQ to keep Franco quiet about her unborn child's paternity.

Alexis remained confused and demanded answers, so Franco carefully explained the arrangement was linked to Olivia and Olivia's "bundle of joy." Olivia quickly cut Franco off to confess that she had paid Franco a visit at Shadybrook and had offered Franco and Nina a place to stay at Metro Court. Alexis was astounded by Olivia's generosity, but Olivia claimed she had empathized with Franco's plight, since Heather had injected Olivia with an overdose of LSD too. Olivia admitted she had grown to regret the decision because Franco and Nina had taken advantage of her, which had prompted Ned to offer to deal with Franco. Franco smirked and reminded Olivia that she had left out the part about the baby, but Ned quickly assured Franco that Franco would get the shares.

Alexis explained there were other ways to deal with Franco and Nina without giving in to Franco's blackmail, but Ned insisted it was necessary because Metro Court couldn't afford additional negative publicity after the incident with Michael in the lobby. Alexis offered to take steps to legally evict Franco and Nina, but Ned wanted Alexis to focus on getting Michael removed as CEO, since Michael was in the midst of a mental breakdown.

Moments later, Alexis received a call from Julian advising her to get to Metro Court Restaurant to deal with a situation involving Michael. Alexis heard Michael ranting in the background, so she quickly ended the call and left. Franco resumed threatening Ned, so Olivia begged Ned not to give in to Franco's demands. Ned ignored Olivia's pleas, marched to the wall safe to retrieve the shares, and handed the folder to Franco. However, Ned warned Franco that Franco's days of exploiting Olivia were over.

At Metro Court, Nina was about to exit her suite when she bumped into her aunt on the doorstep. "Going somewhere?" Liesl asked. Nina assumed Liesl was there for Franco, so she informed her aunt that Franco was at the Quartermaine mansion. Liesl wondered why Franco would visit the Quartermaines, but Nina claimed she didn't know. Liesl suspected that Franco had decided to do some damage control, since it was clear Nina was the "lunatic" who had kidnapped baby A.J.

Liesl pushed her way past Nina to enter the suite. Resigned, Nina followed her aunt to the sitting area as Liesl admitted she and Nathan had talked about Nina's possible involvement in the kidnapping. Liesl was disappointed that Nathan had believed Nina's claims of innocence because Nathan, like Franco, saw Nina as a "damsel in distress" in need of rescuing. Nina denied that she needed rescuing, but Liesl clarified that Nina couldn't be rescued, which was why Nina would drag Franco down with her. Nina scoffed at the suggestion since Franco and Nina were living in the lap of luxury.

Nina turned the focus on Liesl by asking why Liesl cared about Franco's private life, since Liesl and Franco weren't friends. Liesl explained that Franco was a genius and "creature of rare sensitivity" who needed protection from people like Nina who would take advantage of him, but Nina accused her aunt of having a crush on Franco. Liesl laughed because the accusation was absurd, since everyone knew Liesl only had eyes for Cesar Faison. Nina reminded her aunt of Liesl's affair with Victor Cassadine, but Liesl denied it had been a romantic relationship.

Intrigued, Nina questioned if Victor was Nathan's father, but Liesl pointed out that Victor wouldn't have believed Liesl's confession about Nathan being his son if the relationship hadn't been consummated. Nina decided to do some digging anyway, so Liesl warned Nina to tread carefully because Liesl wouldn't hesitate to share some of Nina's secrets. Nina argued that all of her dirty laundry had been aired, but Liesl cryptically explained there were some things Nina didn't know about. Nina wondered if Liesl was implying there were secrets about Nina that Nina didn't know about.

"Never mind," Liesl replied in a pleasant tone as she lovingly stroked Nina's hair. Liesl thought it best not to dredge up old family history, but she wanted Nina to know that it was in Nina's best interest to keep her "crazy theories" about Nathan's father to herself. Nina thanked her aunt for stopping by, so Liesl took the hint to leave. However, at the door, Liesl advised Nina -- if Nina had taken the baby -- to return A.J. before it was too late.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki tearfully confessed that she and Morgan had drugged Michael to make Michael appear drunk. Stunned, Julian quietly asked what drug they had used, but Kiki had no idea, since Morgan had switched out Michael's allergy medication. However, she knew it had been a date-rape type of drug that had an adverse reaction when mixed with alcohol by making a person appear far more intoxicated than they were. Furious, Julian wondered if Morgan had mentioned that drugging someone was considered an assault.

Stunned, Kiki explained that neither she nor Morgan had realized it was crime. Kiki's eyes welled up with fresh tears as her thoughts drifted back to Avery. She realized that her sister would have been safe with Michael if she and Morgan hadn't interfered with the baby's custody.

Meanwhile, Michael stumbled to the bar, but the bartender recognized Michael. According to the bartender, he was prohibited from serving Michael alcohol, so Michael sullenly ordered a club soda. Moments later, Michael spotted Kiki and Julian.

Furious, Michael approached the table to confront Kiki about their missing sister. He was outraged that Kiki was having breakfast instead of worrying about A.J. Michael accused her of failing to protect A.J., but Kiki assured Michael that she was terrified for their sister. Michael turned his anger on Julian because Julian had spread lies in the newspaper rather than focusing on finding A.J. Julian refused to apologize, so Michael warned him that every minute the police wasted looking at Michael as a suspect was another minute the real kidnappers had to get away with the baby.

Michael's eyes narrowed as he suddenly wondered if Kiki and Morgan had snatched A.J. Kiki vehemently denied it, but Michael was skeptical because he was certain that Morgan only saw A.J. as a prize to be returned to Sonny. Michael continued to rant at Kiki until a waiter appeared and threatened to call security if Michael didn't leave. Michael refused to budge, so Julian decided to call Alexis.

Later, Alexis arrived as security guards tried to persuade Michael to leave peacefully. Michael continued to yell and berate everyone, so Alexis attempted to reason with Michael. Michael resented Alexis' interference because he viewed her as a traitor for helping Ned. Meanwhile, Kiki's expression clouded with guilt as she glanced at her uncle. Eventually, Alexis managed to get through to Michael by reminding him that he stood to lose more than just his job if he continued to make a public spectacle of himself. Michael staggered to the elevator as Alexis promised to meet him at the Quartermaine mansion.

In Duke's hotel suite, Duke and Lucy wore matching robes as they ate breakfast. Duke read in the newspaper about Avery's abduction, but he quickly noticed Lucy's distraction when he saw her scribbling notes on a piece of paper. Lucy confessed she was overwhelmed with everything she needed to do for the Nurses Ball, which was in two weeks. Dante was confident that Lucy would manage to pull everything together, but Lucy had a problem with one of the numbers. "Which one?" Duke asked.

"Ours," Lucy answered. Duke was uncomfortable with the idea of performing at the Nurses Ball, since he couldn't sing, but Lucy reminded him that he was an excellent dancer. Duke argued that he only knew the tango, so Lucy decided to put them down for a tango until she noticed Duke's less than enthusiastic reaction. Lucy was embarrassed when she realized the tango was Duke and Anna's dance, but Duke assured Lucy that he would be happy to dance the tango with Lucy.

Duke reminded Lucy that they had intended to perform the dance two years earlier at the Nurses Ball, but Lucy feared she might have forgotten the steps. Duke offered to refresh her memory and held out his hand to her. Lucy smiled as she accepted the invitation and danced with him. However, Duke's smile faded when he dipped Lucy and suddenly recalled doing the same with Anna during their performance at the previous Nurses Ball.

Lucy noticed the sudden change in Duke, so she quickly deduced that he was thinking about Anna. Lucy realized Duke wanted Anna back, but Duke denied it. Lucy didn't believe him, so she encouraged him to talk to Anna, but Duke insisted he was committed to Lucy. Lucy confessed that their liaison had been lovely, but she knew Duke's heart was with Anna just like Lucy's heart remained with Kevin. Duke was shocked by Lucy's honesty as she talked about her feelings for Kevin and then encouraged Duke to fight for Anna.

Duke doubted Anna was interested in working things out with him, since she had sent an undercover agent wearing a wire to obtain evidence to put Duke in jail. Lucy suggested Anna's investigation might be a desperate attempt to keep Duke in Anna's life, so Lucy insisted Duke pay Anna a visit to talk things out.

A short time later, Duke emerged from the bedroom, wearing a suit. Lucy decided he looked dapper and ready to face Anna, so Duke thanked Lucy for her friendship. Lucy promised to always be there for him then offered him a few words of encouragement before sending him on his way.

In Anna's suite, Anna was surprised when Sloane knocked on her door, asking for help. Sloane was dressed in a robe as he explained that he needed to use her shower because his was oozing brown sludge, and he didn't have time to wait for maintenance to fix it. Anna advised Sloane to use the shower at the police station, but Sloane revealed that it was being renovated. Sloane insisted he needed to shower because he had an important meeting with Mayor Lomax, so Anna agreed to let him in provided he gave her the name of his informant.

Sloane refused to risk his informant's safety or the investigation, but Anna pointed out that Sloane knew who her operative was. Sloane offered to compromise by giving her information about Duke. Alarmed, Anna agreed to hear him out, so Sloane confided that his informant had overheard Carlos Rivera and Julian Jerome plotting a hit on a high-ranking member of the Corinthos organization. Sloane didn't have a name, but Duke was a likely target.

Sloane could tell by Anna's reaction that she still cared for Duke, but Anna claimed that she simply wanted to avoid an all-out mob war. Sloane accused Anna of being defensive, but Anna demanded to know if there was any other information. Sloane shook his head, but promised to keep her updated if he heard anything else. Anna collected her things then invited him to use her shower as she left her suite.

A short time later, Sloane answered a knock at the door. It was Duke. Sloane imagined Duke wondered why Sloane was in Anna's suite, wearing a robe, but Duke pointed out that it didn't concern Duke, and he left.

In New York City, Nathan approached a nurse to ask if she knew where he could find Silas. The nurse explained that Silas was with a patient whose identity had to remain private. Nathan assured the nurse that he didn't want to compromise doctor/patient confidentiality, but he needed to talk to Silas about a missing child.

In Ava's hospital room, Ava weakly thanked Silas for helping her. Silas wondered if she had changed her mind, but she assured him that she had made peace with her decision and was ready to die. Silas and Ava were startled when Nathan suddenly knocked on the door, asking to speak to Silas in the hallway. Ava tensed, but Silas promised to take care of Nathan.

Moments later, Silas joined Nathan in the hallway. Nathan told Silas about Avery's abduction, but Silas revealed that Kiki had already called him with the terrible news. Nathan pointed out that Silas had been the last person to see Avery, so Silas wondered if Nathan was suggesting that Silas had kidnapped the baby. Nathan admitted that Liesl had raised the possibility, but Silas denied any involvement. Nathan shifted gears to confide that Nina was also a suspect, but Silas doubted Nina had taken the baby.

Nathan wondered if Silas had seen anything that might help the police locate Avery, but Silas shook his head. Nathan thanked Silas for answering his question,s and he left. Once Nathan was gone, Silas slipped back into Ava's hospital room. Silas claimed that Nathan had been asking questions about Nina because Franco and Nina had moved into Metro Court and were up to their old antics. Ava confessed that she wouldn't miss Franco or Nina when she was gone.

"Speaking of which, let's get this show on the road," Ava added with a weak smile. Silas filled a syringe with the contents from the vials he had taken from General Hospital, but hesitated before injecting it into her I.V. Ava promised him that she was ready to put an end to her pain, but she was curious if he had ever loved her. Silas assured her that, in his own way, he had.

Silas wished there was another way to help Ava, but he intended to keep his promise. Ava thanked Silas, so he offered to call Kiki to give Ava an opportunity to hear their daughter's voice one last time. Ava declined because she feared she would want to talk to Kiki. Ava reminded Silas that the sooner he injected her with the lethal dose, the sooner she would be out of her misery, so he reluctantly injected the needle into the I.V.

Silas settled on the bed next to her and asked if she was comfortable. Ava assured him that she was then asked him to take care of Kiki and Avery. He promised that he would, so Ava and Silas talked about what things might have been like if they had stayed together. Afterwards, Ava quietly confessed that she was filled with regrets because she had made a lot of mistakes. Tears glistened in Silas' eyes as Ava admitted he looked exactly like he had the first time they had met.

Moments later, Ava's eyes drifted closed and her head dropped to the side. Silas gently kissed her forehead.

. . .

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