Thursday, October 16, 2014

At Carly's residence, Bobbie, Maxie, and Lucas went through some wedding things as they waited for Carly to arrive to help plan Carly's Halloween wedding. Lucas noticed that Maxie seemed down, so Maxie explained that it was difficult for her to get excited about two people getting married when she and Nathan had been torn apart. Lucas and Bobbie were stunned when Maxie filled them in about Judge Walters' order for Maxie to stay away from Nathan. Bobbie and Lucas agreed that it had been unfair of the judge to make the demand, so Maxie revealed that she had already left a message for Diane.

Moments later, Carly arrived, blaming her lateness on a run-in with Sonny. Bobbie was curious why Carly had been with Sonny, so Carly reminded her mother that Sonny and Carly had a couple of children together then added that Carly had been talking to Sonny about Michael. Maxie seized the opportunity to ask if Michael intended to attend the wedding. Carly was surprised by the question because Michael was Carly's son. Maxie admitted that she didn't think Michael would want to be at the wedding because of everything that had transpired between Michael and Franco.

Carly immediately became defensive and reminded Maxie that Franco had never intended for Michael to get hurt and added that Franco had saved Michael by fishing her son out of the harbor at risk to Franco's own life. Maxie made a snide remark about Carly forgiving Franco, but Carly reminded Maxie that Maxie shouldn't talk because Maxie had slept with Franco before Franco's brain tumor had been removed. Maxie agreed, but she insisted that she'd never had delusions about saving Franco the way that Carly had.

Bobbie and Lucas quickly intervened before the argument escalated. Carly apologized then explained that she hated that people continued to slam Franco despite Franco being a changed man. Maxie also apologized, so Bobbie decided to call Josslyn into the living room to model the bridesmaid dress that Maxie had picked out. Everyone was surprised when Josslyn appeared at the top of the staircase, wearing a corn on the cob costume. Carly was not amused, but Josslyn made it clear that Josslyn intended to go trick-or-treating on Halloween rather than attend Carly and Franco's "joke of a wedding."

Carly argued that she and Josslyn had talked about it, but Josslyn disagreed because Josslyn had not been given a choice. Carly insisted that Josslyn had to be at her mother's wedding, but Josslyn was determined to celebrate Halloween with the other children. Josslyn whined that if Carly had to marry someone, then it should be Josslyn's father, Jax. Maxie, Lucas, and Bobbie agreed that Jax had been their favorite of Carly's husbands, but Carly ignored them. Instead, Carly warned Josslyn that it was not an option.

Josslyn claimed that she would rather her mother marry Stephen King or Victor Cassadine. "I'd even prefer Uncle Sonny," she added with a huff. Maxie and Lucas decided to help Carly out by picking up a protesting Josslyn and dragging Josslyn to the bedroom to put on the bridesmaid dress that Maxie had picked out. Bobbie fetched Carly a glass of water as Carly confessed that the confrontation with Josslyn had been "grueling." Bobbie chuckled because Bobbie knew from experience that girls could be difficult, so she advised Carly to pick her battles with Josslyn because Josslyn was headstrong like Carly.

Bobbie changed the subject to ask Carly about Carly's visit with Sonny. Carly claimed that it had been the usual, but Carly appeared distracted. Bobbie reminded Carly that it wasn't too late for Carly to cancel the wedding to Franco.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny and Shawn discussed their options about who should take the fall for killing Franco. Sonny wanted to make certain that the person could not be traced back to him because he didn't want Carly to know that Sonny had ordered Franco's death. Shawn was curious if Sonny recalled a thug named Joey Limbo. Sonny nodded because Anthony Zacchara had ordered Joey and Joey's crew to ambush Sonny on Baker Street years earlier. Sonny recalled that Dante had managed to save Sonny's life by getting Sonny into a limousine as the shots rang out. Afterwards, Jason had helped Dante take out the rest of the men, but Joey had been left alive.

Sonny revealed that Franco had watched the shootout from a nearby alley until everyone had left. Franco had then approached Joey to step on Joey's throat until Joey had died. Shawn was curious why Franco had done it, but Sonny had no idea. However, Sonny realized that perhaps they could pin Franco's murder on one of Joey's surviving crew members to make it appear that Franco's death had been in retaliation for Joey's murder. Shawn had no idea if any of the men were still around, but Sonny insisted that it was important to get rid of Franco before Franco told Michael the truth about A.J.'s death.

Shawn pointed out that there wasn't a shortage of people to frame, including Maxie Jones, but Sonny warned Shawn that only someone who deserved to take the fall should be considered. Sonny was suddenly struck by inspiration because he realized that there was someone who fit the description perfectly -- Heather Webber.

In the hospital's conference room, Michael asked what Franco was doing there. Franco reminded Michael that Franco worked at the hospital, so Michael explained that Michael was there for a meeting to discuss building a free health clinic on the waterfront, to honor A.J.. Franco claimed that he had just been thinking of A.J. because Franco wanted a close relationship with Michael the way that Michael had with Sonny. Franco rambled that Sonny had been able to put his anger aside toward A.J. for killing Connie because Sonny had made a promise to Michael.

Michael appeared confused by Franco's speech, especially when Franco confessed that he would want revenge if someone had hurt him. Michael asked Franco to get to the point, so Franco asked Michael to set his anger aside toward Franco, the way that Sonny had with A.J., to be Franco's best man at the wedding. Stunned, Michael suggested that Franco ask Scott, but Franco refused to put Carly through an uncomfortable situation because Franco knew that Scott was a reminder of Heather. Franco was certain that Carly would be overjoyed if Michael were to agree to be Franco's best man.

Michael reminded Franco that Michael had been seventeen years old when Michael had been sent to Pentonville for manslaughter and that Franco had decided to mess with Jason's head by asking Carter to keep an eye on Michael. Michael acknowledged that Franco had not intended for Carter to hurt Michael, but Carter had ultimately raped Michael. Franco appreciated that it had been an extremely difficult and painful time for Michael because Franco had felt a similar pain when Sonny had made a pass at Carly. Michael appeared shocked by the callous comparison, but Franco forged ahead by imploring Michael to consider Franco's offer to make Carly happy.

Michael appeared to struggle with his decision but reluctantly agreed to be Franco's best man for Carly's sake. Franco thanked Michael, shook his hand, and then quickly left. Afterwards, Michael appeared conflicted about his decision as he opened a file folder and saw a picture of A.J. smiling. He closed the folder then sent Kiki a text message to tell her that she wouldn't believe what he had just agreed to do.

Meanwhile, Franco went to the Miscavige Institute to pay his mother, Heather, a visit.

Near the nurses' station, Felix greeted Sabrina when he spotted her. He confessed that he might have questioned if she still lived in the apartment if he hadn't seen empty cereal bowls in the sink each morning. Sabrina apologized but blamed her absence on a crazy work schedule. Felix admitted that he had started to fear that Sabrina was trying to avoid him, but Sabrina assured him that he was wrong. Relieved, Felix changed the subject by asking if there had been any news about Patrick and Sam's investigation.

Sabrina's expression turned troubled as she confessed everything to Felix from suspecting Ava of orchestrating the car accident that had killed Gabriel to replacing Ava's medication with pills that would induce labor. Felix insisted that Sabrina right her wrong, so Sabrina admitted that she had already warned Jordan about the pills. Sabrina confessed that she had lied to Jordan by blaming the mix-up on a clerical error. Felix defended Sabrina by insisting that her desire for vengeance had been driven by grief. He was confident that Jordan had gotten to Ava in time so there hadn't been any harm done, but Sabrina remained anxious because she had no idea how many pills Ava had taken.

At the brownstone, Ava announced that she was in labor. Morgan and Kiki wanted to take Ava to the hospital, but Ava refused to go because she knew that Sonny's men were watching the hospital, waiting to nab Ava. Ava writhed in pain as she explained that there had been a mix-up with the pills, so Ava had been given pills that induced labor. Ava confessed that she suspected that Sabrina had deliberately switched the pills, but Ava hoped that the labor pains would stop once the pills left her system. Morgan and Kiki thought that Ava should be seen by a doctor, but Ava feared that it would make her vulnerable to Sonny.

Morgan offered to ask Britt to meet them at the brownstone, but Ava argued that Sonny's men were watching Britt because Sonny knew that Britt was Ava's doctor. Kiki suggested that she ask her father to help because Silas had experience delivering babies and would keep the secret as a favor to Kiki. Ava reluctantly agreed, so Kiki called Silas. However, the call went to voicemail. A quick call to the hospital confirmed that Silas wasn't working, so Kiki decided to go to her father's apartment.

After Kiki left, Morgan hovered over Ava, assuring her that everything would be okay. Ava continued to struggle through the labor pains, eager for Kiki to return with Silas.

At Maxie's apartment, Nathan left Nina a voicemail message explaining that he needed to speak to her about an urgent matter. Madeline stood in the background, waiting for Nathan to end the call, then entered the living room. She thanked him for giving her a place to spend the night then credited herself for raising him right because Nathan had been taught never to leave a penniless woman stranded. Nathan remained skeptical about Madeline's claim that Madeline was destitute because Madeline had continually lied to him in the past. Madeline assured him that it was the truth and confessed that there were a few things that he needed to know about Nina.

Madeline claimed that Nina had been a troubled soul long before Nina had met Silas. Nathan didn't believe Madeline because he couldn't recall Nina ever behaving in an unstable manner. Madeline explained that Nina had always been careful around Nathan because Nina had adored her little brother. However, Madeline assured Nathan that it was true; Nina had had problems from a young age.

According to Madeline, Nina had always been a troubled child who had exploited her father's love. Madeline had expressed concern about Nina's behavior, but Nina's father had turned a blind eye for years. Nathan argued that a lot of people grew up spoiled, but Madeline explained that it went well beyond that. Madeline revealed that Nina would suffer terrible mood swings, get tremendously angry, and even turn violent. Madeline had become so concerned about Nina's behavior that Madeline had arranged to have Nina institutionalized, but Nina had managed to slip away.

Madeline explained that Nina had returned a short time later, married to Silas. She conceded that she had been concerned that Silas had married Nina for her money but insisted that Nina had misled Silas about Madeline and Nina's father disowning Nina. Madeline warned Nathan that Nina was a wildcard and that Silas still didn't know the real Nina. Nathan appreciated what Madeline had told him, but he explained that he needed to hear Nina's side of things before he could decide whom to believe.

At Silas' apartment, Nina smiled as she confessed that she was relieved that Silas was home. She suggested that they needed to talk, so Silas agreed. Nina immediately began to blame Rosalie for manipulating Nina into lying to Silas about not being able to walk, but Silas scoffed, since he doubted that it had been Rosalie's idea for Nina to pretend to be destitute. "I didn't know what to do," Nina cried.

Nina claimed that all she had wanted was for Silas to love her. Nina's mood shifted to anger as she realized that it had been foolish of her to expect that after everything he had done to her. "You son of a bitch," Nina shouted with venom. She couldn't believe he had the gall to question Nina's loyalty after he had betrayed her with Ava. Nina resented that he'd had an affair after she had put him through medical school. "Don't you roll your eyes at me," Nina growled when she noticed Silas' reaction to her comments.

Nina's voice dropped to a whisper as she reminded Silas that she had been pregnant with their baby. She confessed that she had been deliriously happy until her mother had shown her the pictures of Silas and Ava then had stuck Nina with a needle that had put Nina in a coma for twenty years. Nina accused Silas of stranding her during those two decades, but Silas argued that Madeline and Nina's father had blocked his continual efforts to see Nina. Nina didn't believe him; she was certain that her parents had merely given Silas the out that he had been looking for.

Nina's mood once again shifted as she sadly admitted that she had woken up after twenty years in a coma only to learn that her husband had escorted another woman to a party. Silas frowned with confusion until he realized that Nina had been referring to the night that Silas had taken Sam to Nikolas and Britt's engagement party. Nina smiled as she confirmed that she, not Madeline, had trashed Silas' apartment that night. Nina admitted that she had enjoyed every destructive second because Silas had deserved it.

Silas changed the subject by asking Nina about her list. Nina pretended that she had no idea what Silas was talking about, but Silas revealed that Franco had mentioned it. Silas knew that Madeline, Silas, Sam, Ava, and Kiki's names had been on it, so he suspected that there had been more to the list than remembering people's names because Madeline's name had been crossed off. Silas demanded to know what Nina was up to, but Nina remained stubbornly silent.

Silas switched tactics by conceding that he had hurt Nina badly and had treated her unfairly, so he wanted to make things right. Nina smiled until Silas suggested that they talk to someone together. Nina couldn't understand why everyone wanted her to talk to Dr. Kevin Collins, so Silas gently asked what Nina was talking about. Nina revealed that Britt had made the suggestion because Britt had erroneously determined that Nina was in menopause and unable to conceive a baby.

"I'm perfectly capable of giving you a baby, right?" Nina asked. Silas assured her that she was then added that they just needed time. Silas stood up then reached for Nina's arm as he once again suggested that they talk to someone. Nina's smile vanished as she warned Silas to let go of her arm.

Later, Kiki arrived at her father's apartment. She became alarmed when she noticed that the door was ajar. Kiki entered the apartment and gasped when she saw Silas unconscious on the floor.

At Maxie's apartment, Madeline left a voicemail message for Nathan, reminding him to be careful around Nina because Nina could be dangerous. Madeline confessed that even she was afraid of Nina, so she didn't want Nathan to become a target of Nina's wrath. Madeline ended the call when someone knocked on the door. Madeline was shocked when she opened the door and saw Nina standing on the doorstep.

. . .

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