Thursday, August 14, 2014

Outside Kelly's, Sonny sat at a table, sipping coffee, as he thought about his encounter with Carly when he had told her that it was time for her to wake up and had kissed her. He pushed the memory aside when he saw Milo about to enter the diner, so he called out to his old friend. Sonny and Milo exchanged warm greetings before Sonny invited Milo to take a seat. Sonny was eager to hear how Milo had been, so Milo confessed that things hadn't been great because his dreams of opening a fitness spa had fallen through.

Milo revealed he had been reduced to sleeping on his brother's sofa after Milo had lost his apartment. He also admitted that he had been working two jobs just to keep his head above water, so Sonny offered Milo a job with the Corinthos organization. Milo declined because he wasn't really cut out for that kind of work nor was he ready to give up on his dreams. Sonny offered Milo some words of encouragement because he was confident that Milo would eventually succeed.

Milo thanked Sonny then confessed that as bad as things had been professionally, Milo's love life was ten times worse. Sonny refused to believe Milo because Milo was a great guy who likely had his pick of ladies. Milo smiled politely then explained that there was someone special. Sonny worried that Milo might still harbor feelings for Lulu, so he reminded Milo that Lulu was a married woman. Milo assured Sonny that he hadn't been referring to Lulu because Milo had realized that Lulu was not the one for him.

Milo explained that he was concerned about his father, Maximus Giambetti, because his father was old school and might not approve of Milo's choice. Sonny warned Milo not to let anyone get between Milo and what made him happy, but Milo insisted that it was more complicated than that. Sonny assured Milo that he knew what complicated was, so Milo confessed that he had heard about Sonny's breakup with Olivia and Ava's pregnancy. Sonny confided that it was far more complicated than that but didn't elaborate because he was determined to help Milo.

Sonny urged Milo to talk to the young lady to find out how she felt because Milo might discover that Maximus' approval might not matter. Milo agreed to think about it, but he was curious if the advice had ever worked for Sonny. Sonny seemed surprised by the question but was spared from having to respond when Milo received a text message. Milo revealed that one of his jobs was delivering pizza, so he had to leave because Carly thankfully ordered a pizza pie every day. Intrigued, Sonny asked Milo to wait because Sonny had a proposition for him.

At Carly's house, Carly thought about her kiss with Sonny in front of the hospital. She suddenly glanced at her phone when she received a text message. It was from Franco confessing that he was glad that they only had eyes for each other because he would not want to share her with anyone. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Olivia.

Olivia noticed that Carly seemed disappointed, so she asked if Carly had been expecting someone else. Carly ignored the question but made it clear that she did not want to argue with Olivia about Sonny because Carly refused to evict her ex-husband. Olivia confessed that she was there to apologize because she realized that it had been wrong of her to expect Carly to toss Sonny out of the hotel. Olivia regretted her public outburst in the restaurant, so she promised to handle her problems with Sonny during her own time. Carly graciously accepted the apology because she had been in similar shoes a time or two.

Olivia admitted that things were better between her and Sonny because Sonny and Olivia had talked and worked things out. Surprised, Carly asked if Sonny and Olivia had gotten back together, so Olivia quickly clarified that she and Sonny were over for good, but they had cleared the air. "Good to know," Carly replied sounding almost relieved. Olivia noticed, so Olivia wondered when Carly intended to stop lying to herself about Carly's feelings for Sonny.

Carly immediately became defensive as she denied having romantic feelings for Sonny, but Olivia didn't believe her. Carly insisted she was dating Franco, but Olivia wasn't satisfied. Olivia reminded Carly of all the horrible things that Franco had done to Carly's loved ones then suggested that Carly had been drawn to Franco because he had been Carly's last link to Jason. Furious, Carly ordered Olivia to leave. "Truth hurts, honey," Olivia said as she left.

Moments later, Carly received a text message from Lucas letting his sister know that he would not be spending the night at home.

At the hospital, Liesl listened to Britt's voicemail message complaining that Liesl hadn't kept Elizabeth bogged down with shifts as promised. Liesl spotted Nina, so she quickly ended the call then approached her niece to introduce herself as Nina's "Tante Liesl." Liesl translated it to English as Aunt Liesl in case "Magda," hadn't taught Nina their "mother tongue." Nina admitted that she knew exactly who Liesl was then added that that Nina was an American, which meant that Nina's mother tongue was English. Liesl scoffed because English wasn't anyone's mother tongue, including the English, since Germanic was the origin of the English language.

Nina changed the subject by informing Liesl that Nina's mother's name was Madeline not Magda, so Liesl claimed that her sister had lost most of her humanity when Magda had become Madeline. Liesl admitted that she had been shocked and deeply disappointed by what her sister had done to Nina, but Nina countered that Liesl didn't have room to talk because Nina had researched Liesl on the Internet and knew about Liesl's numerous crimes.

Liesl conceded that she might not win the award for mother of the year, but she had never tried to poison her own progeny. Liesl insisted that her sister's crimes against Nina had been a depravity, but Liesl feared that the apple might not have fallen far from the tree. Nina was shocked that Liesl would accuse her of being a scheming liar like Madeline just minutes after meeting Nina for the first time, but Liesl rushed to assure Nina that it hadn't been an insult. Liesl explained that she knew that Nina had managed to skip several physical therapy sessions.

Nina argued that it wasn't any of Liesl's business, but Liesl disagreed because Liesl was in charge of the hospital, and Nina was her niece. Liesl wanted Nina to get better, so she demanded an explanation. Nina floundered for an answer until Franco walked up to take the blame. Liesl was pleasantly surprised when Franco explained that he knew Nina because Nina had been attending his art therapy classes.

Liesl assured Nina that Nina was fortunate have art therapy with Franco because he was a gifted artist. However, Liesl insisted that art therapy wasn't a replacement for physical therapy, so Liesl intended to take Nina to a session because Travis had a slot open. Franco offered to take Nina because he claimed that he had to talk to Travis about something. Liesl seemed reluctant to hand over Nina's care to Franco, but he managed to distract Liesl by promising her another painting. After Liesl left, Nina thanked Franco for his help. "That one is free," Franco warned her.

Later, Franco and Nina entered the elevator. As the doors closed, Lucas called out to request that the elevator door be held open for him, but Franco ignored Lucas. Franco confided that he didn't want to risk Lucas sharing Franco's private elevator business with Carly, prompting Nina to wonder if there was trouble at home. Franco denied it, but Nina sensed that he was lying, so she playfully tugged on his sleeve to get him to open up. She reminded Franco that she hadn't ratted him out to Carly, and he had just rescued her from Liesl's good intentions.

Franco and Nina were startled when the elevator suddenly lurched to a stop. Franco immediately began to press buttons in frustration, but he failed to get the elevator moving again. Nina offered to try, so Franco stepped aside, certain that she wouldn't have any more success than he'd had. Nina pressed the alarm then smiled with satisfaction when Liesl's voice suddenly drifted over the speaker. "Hello?" Liesl asked.

"You've got to be kidding me," Franco growled before he informed Liesl that he and Nina were stuck in the elevator. Liesl assured him that she was aware of the situation, but there was a problem.

At Carly's house, Carly set out a multitude of candles throughout the living room as her phone rang. It was Franco. Carly revealed that she had ordered a pizza and had planned a romantic evening for them, so she was eager to know when Franco would be home. Franco admitted that he had bad news then revealed that he was stuck in an elevator with Nina. "Hi, Carly," Nina called out.

Moments later, the doorbell rang, so Carly walked to the foyer as Franco explained that the part to fix the elevator was not expected to arrive until the following morning, so Carly would be alone for the evening. Carly's disappointment quickly turned to surprise when she opened the door and saw a smiling Sonny holding a box of pizza.

At the hospital, Lucas asked if Felix and Brad had plans for the evening. Felix and Brad wondered what Lucas had in mind, so Lucas flashed them a sexy smile. Brad was curious if Lucas wanted to watch The Golden Girls; "Knots Landing?" Felix suggested when Lucas didn't reply. Lucas confessed that he had been thinking more along the lines of Three's Company. Felix and Brad stammered nervously as they accepted the invitation.

Lucas explained that they couldn't go to Carly's house, so Felix revealed that his apartment wasn't an option because Sabrina was expected to return home the following morning. Brad admitted that his place wouldn't work either because Britt lived with him. Lucas suggested that they get a room at Metro Court, but Felix refused to risk Carly finding out what they were up to. Brad panicked when he realized that Lucas and Felix were about to bow out of the evening's plans, so he told both men to meet at his apartment in half an hour. Lucas was curious what Brad intended to do about Britt, but Brad assured Lucas that it wouldn't be a problem.

At Kelly's, Britt joined Nikolas and Elizabeth at their table. "Let's make this a threesome," Britt said as Nikolas and Elizabeth exchanged a long glance. "So to speak," Britt added with a big grin. Britt thanked Nikolas for inviting her then proceeded to monopolize his attention by claiming that she had unexpectedly discovered some cute pictures of Spencer on her phone. She showed Nikolas the pictures, careful to remind Nikolas of how close she was to Spencer, while excluding Elizabeth entirely from the conversation. Annoyed, Elizabeth reached for Britt's phone but accidently knocked over Britt's milkshake in the process.

Britt jumped up as the milkshake drenched her, so Nikolas reached for some napkins to hand to Britt. Britt angrily accused Elizabeth of intentionally knocking over the milkshake, but Nikolas defended Elizabeth by assuring Britt that it had been an accident. He turned to Elizabeth for confirmation, so Elizabeth sweetly replied that it had been as much of an accident as Britt finding adorable pictures of Spencer on the cell phone. Britt bristled when Nikolas conceded that Britt had been rubbing it in a bit about Spencer, so Elizabeth suggested that Britt get cleaned up before Britt became sticky and attracted fruit flies.

After Britt stomped off with a promise to return shortly, Nikolas fought back a smile as he accused Elizabeth of deliberately knocking over the milkshake. Elizabeth playfully feigned innocence then quickly sobered to request that Nikolas ditch Britt. Elizabeth explained that she wanted to continue their earlier conversation in private because she had something important to tell Nikolas. However, Liesl called to order Elizabeth back to work to cover Felix's shift.

Meanwhile, Britt received a call from Brad. He explained that he had plans with Lucas and Felix for the evening, so she couldn't spend the night at the apartment. Moments later, Britt returned to the table as Elizabeth prepared to leave. Britt pretended to be disappointed because she had hoped that she and Elizabeth could throw pies at each other. "Why throw pies when we have a kitchen full of knives?" Elizabeth asked with a smirk.

Nikolas quickly stepped in to keep things from escalating by promising Elizabeth that they would pick up their conversation later. After Elizabeth left, Britt received a text message from her mother that read, "You're welcome." Nikolas assumed that she had to leave, too, but Britt explained that Brad had asked her to stay away for the evening because Brad had plans. Britt claimed that she might have to get a room at the hotel, even though money was tight for her, because she couldn't stay with her brother, and her mother's place wasn't an option.

Nikolas invited Britt to stay at Wyndemere, but she claimed that she didn't want to intrude. Nikolas insisted, so Britt happily accepted.

At the nurses' station, Liesl approached Elizabeth to ask why Elizabeth's disposition seemed more sour than usual. Liesl was curious if she had perhaps pulled Elizabeth away from something important, but Elizabeth assured her that it could wait.

At Brad's apartment, Brad fluffed the pillows on his bed then ran to the door when he heard a knock. It was Lucas. Brad invited Lucas inside then asked where Felix was. Lucas assured Brad that Felix would arrive shortly.

At the hospital, Felix's frustration mounted as he waited for an elevator. He was relieved when the elevator doors finally opened, but he quickly tensed when he saw Milo exit. Milo smiled nervously as he stopped to greet Felix.

On the Haunted Star, Dante and Nathan realized that Levi and Scribner were in cahoots when Scribner grabbed Lulu as a hostage. Levi ordered Dante and Nathan to drop their guns, so both men complied. Levi smiled with satisfaction as he confirmed that Scribner was his accomplice. Maxie was furious that Levi had duped her, but Levi was unmoved as he explained that marrying Maxie had been the only way to flush out Felicia's Aztec ring and earrings.

Levi demanded that Maxie hand over the valuable ring. Maxie took it off then gave it to Levi as she tearfully reminded him that she had been ready to marry Levi to keep him from being deported. Levi and Scribner took pleasure in revealing how they had fooled Maxie into believing that Nathan had reported Levi to Immigration by having Scribner answer when Maxie had called the incriminating number on Nathan's phone. Levi was eager to make his escape, so he pulled Maxie toward the door.

Maxie apologized to everyone for dragging Levi into their lives, but Levi smugly reminded Maxie that she had loved every moment with him. Nathan's temper flared when Levi bragged about enjoying Maxie's charms in bed "often and with vigor." Nathan regretted that he hadn't shot Levi when Nathan had had the chance, but Levi merely grinned as he pointed out that it was too late.

Maxie reminded Levi and Scribner that they wouldn't get far on a boat because they were on a lake. Scribner argued that it was a big lake with ample opportunity to make good on their escape, but Maxie was confident that the police would capture Levi and Scribner before they could get away.

Everyone became alarmed when they realized that Levi and Scribner intended to take Maxie and Lulu with them, so Dante reminded both men that Maxie and Lulu were mothers who had children to go home to. "Maxie doesn't," Levi gloated. Lucy offered to take Maxie and Lulu's place, but Levi argued that Maxie and Lulu were far more valuable hostages than Lucy. Dante promised that they wouldn't pursue Levi and Scribner if the men released Maxie and Lulu, so Felicia added that technically the police didn't have any reason to arrest Levi and Scribner, since Felicia had given them the priceless jewels.

Scribner appeared to waver, but Levi refused to relinquish their prisoners. Angry, Mac ordered Levi to let Maxie and Lulu go, so Levi shot Mac. Everyone screamed as Mac stumbled backwards then collapsed. Maxie was distraught, but Levi was unmoved as he pointed out that he hadn't killed Mac. As Levi and Scribner dragged Maxie and Lulu away, Nathan vowed to find Maxie and make Levi pay.

. . .

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