Thursday, May 26, 2016

At Metro Court, Lucy called for Lucas to join her, Brad, Felix, and Sam onstage, but as the seconds ticked by and Lucas remained absent it became clear that Lucas would not show. Felix assured Brad there was nothing to worry about, while Sam decided to duck backstage to see if her brother had lost track of time fussing with his tuxedo. Lucy asked the audience to indulge them for a few minutes as Felix and Brad left the stage.

Maxie excused herself from the table as everyone began to mingle. Robin and Anna remained seated with Griffin as Robin admitted that she was impressed that he was a doctor, a priest, and a stripper. Griffin smiled as he assured Robin that he'd only danced because it had been a worthy cause, but Anna questioned why Griffin had told her that he couldn't dance. Griffin realized that Anna and Robin wouldn't let him live the dance down, but he glanced down at his phone and announced that he was needed at the hospital. Robin assured him that she would be in town for a few days and promised to tell him stories about Duke.

Nearby, Jason approached Carly at the bar to ask if they should look for Lucas, but Carly assured him that Sam had things well in hand. Their conversation shifted to Michael and Sonny's trip when Jason asked where Michael was. Jason told her about Nikolas' lawsuit and the court order freezing ELQ's assets, but he asked Carly not to tell Michael until Jason had had a chance to resolve things with Nikolas. Carly loved having Jason back and assured him that she had complete faith in him.

Backstage, Brad was frustrated when his call to Lucas went to voicemail. Meanwhile, Lucy returned to the stage to explain that they had a few minutes to spare and invited someone from the audience to perform. She was disappointed when no one volunteered, but Sam approached Lucy and whispered something in Lucy's ear. Lucy nodded and asked if anyone had seen Lucas. Amy suddenly perked up and announced that Lucas had left, but Amy had no idea where Lucas had gone.

Lucy, Brad, and Felix retreated backstage as Lucy assured Brad that it wasn't a case of a runaway groom. Brad wasn't as certain because he couldn't imagine what could be more important to Lucas than getting married. Brad also wondered why Lucas hadn't said anything to Brad about leaving. Felix was certain there was a logical explanation for everything because it wasn't like Lucas to ignore calls and text messages. Brad feared that Lucas had had second-thoughts, but Felix urged Brad to call Lucas one more time.

Meanwhile, Lucy approached Epiphany and Milo at the bar to plead with Epiphany to move up Epiphany's performance, but Epiphany insisted that it couldn't be done. Desperate, Lucy grabbed both Dillon and Kiki as she informed them that it was time for Dillon and Kiki to change and get onstage. After Dillon and Kiki disappeared behind stage, Sonny, Michael, and Morgan arrived.

A short time later, Lucy introduced Dillon and Kiki to the audience and stepped aside as Dillon and Kiki sang their rendition of Shawn Mendez's Stitches. When the song ended, the audience erupted into applause. Lucy joined Dillon and Kiki onstage and mentioned that they were a cute couple.

At Sonny's table, Morgan excused himself because he wanted to congratulate Kiki. Morgan admitted that he'd done something stupid, but he was certain that it could be fixed. Moments later, Dante and Lulu walked up to talk to Sonny and Michael. Michael revealed that Sabrina had been found and she was safe.

Meanwhile, Nina met Dillon and Kiki backstage to praise their wonderful performance. Nina tearfully confessed that Dillon and Kiki made Nina believe that Nina could find love again. Dillon smiled as he watched Nina leave. He was curious why everyone assumed that he and Kiki were a couple, but she didn't care because she'd had fun singing and had completely forgotten about Morgan. Dillon admitted that he'd enjoyed the performance too and added that Morgan had been a fool to let Kiki go because she was both gorgeous and fun.

Kiki was startled when Dillon suddenly kissed her. "Wow," Kiki said with a smile as the kiss ended. Dillon agreed and kissed her again -- unaware that Morgan watched from the shadows.

Morgan returned to his family's table. Michael sensed that something was troubling Morgan, but Morgan blamed it on being away from the clinic for the first time in awhile. Michael empathized with Morgan, but he was glad to have Morgan back. Nearby, Carly thanked Andre for all the work that Andre had done with Morgan. Andre assured Carly that Morgan was well on the road to recovery, which was why Andre had agreed to let Morgan leave the clinic for the evening.

At the bar, Robin greeted Sonny. Robin wasn't surprised when Sonny vowed to get justice for Duke. The two friends chatted until Jason walked up. Robin smiled because it reminded her of the times when it had been the three of them. Robin acknowledged that the Nurses Ball had been about remembering what they had lost, but it was also about being grateful for what they had. She was thrilled that Jason finally remembered his past and what he and Robin had once meant to each other.

Lucy returned to the stage in a long slinky dark gown to remind the audience the history of the Nurses Ball. Lucy insisted that the nurses were the backbone of the hospital who had to put up with patients and take orders from doctors. Moments later, music from Carol Douglas' Doctors Orders filled the ballroom as Dante's cell phone rang. Surprised, Dante checked his phone and answered it. Onstage, Lulu greeted her husband as she sang that she had gone to the doctor because she had a pain inside of her. Next, Milo's phone rang.

Epiphany sang to Milo that there was nothing wrong with her -- except she'd been missing her man. Moments later, Maxie, Valerie, and Amy stepped out on stage to join Lulu and Epiphany as they entertained the crowed with their song and dance number. Everyone clapped as a few whistled when the performance ended.

Later, Maxie and Lulu smiled when they caught Kiki and Dillon kissing backstage. Dillon and Kiki jumped apart and looked guilty, but Maxie admitted that she approved. In the ballroom, Morgan decided he was ready to return to the clinic because he felt overwhelmed. Sonny and Carly decided take Morgan, while Michael stayed behind.

Nearby, Sam questioned why Jason seemed distracted. He admitted that he'd been thinking about Nikolas' lawsuit. Michael walked up and greeted Jason and Sam, but Sam quickly excused herself to give Jason and Michael privacy. Jason noticed that Michael was in a good mood, so Michael told Jason that Sabrina had been reunited with her son at the Quartermaine mansion. Michael promised to focus on ELQ and make Jason proud, but Jason assured Michael that Jason was already proud of Michael. Michael was grateful that Jason had gotten ELQ away from Nikolas and promised not to let Jason down.

Lucy returned to the stage wearing a white mermaid dress with an intricate shimmering dark blue design and introduced Robin. Robin thanked everyone for attending the ball and explained that the cause was dear to her heart. She told the audience that it had been an important year for her to attend because she had wanted to share the news that there was a new medication that could prevent HIV, but the news wasn't all good because she'd read a disturbing report that HIV was on the rise among certain segments of society, especially "young gay men of low means."

Robin talked about Stone Cates's struggle with HIV twenty-one years prior. She refused to accept poverty as an excuse for anyone to die from a disease that she had hoped would be eradicated in her lifetime. Anna's eyes filled with tears as everyone applauded and Robin left the stage. Nearby, Amy ran up to ask Felix and Epiphany to perform the final number with her, but Felix and Epiphany refused because it was Sabrina's song. Undaunted, Amy decided to perform solo and marched onstage.

Amy began to sing You're Not Alone, but Sabrina stepped out onstage and joined her. Everyone was shocked, except Michael who smiled as Sabrina greeted her friends during the song and took Epiphany back onstage to join in on the song. After the song ended, everyone clapped and Lucy thanked everyone for attending. She became excited when she realized that she hadn't ended up in her underwear onstage.

Later, Michael congratulated Sabrina on the performance, but Jordan walked up and instructed a police officer to take Sabrina into custody for aiding and abetting Carlos' escape.

On the red carpet, Curtis was pleased that Hayden had decided to tell Jordan the truth about Nikolas' role in Hayden's shooting, but Hayden admitted that Jordan had told Hayden to meet Jordan at the police station the following day. Hayden added that Nikolas had sold one of Hayden's diamonds to make a sizable donation to the Nurses Ball and to keep everyone from finding out that he was broke. Nikolas agreed to return Hayden's diamonds if she went home with him. Curtis advised Hayden against it because Curtis suspected that Nikolas was playing her.

Curtis was certain the only way for Hayden to get the diamonds back would be to pry them out of Nikolas' cold dead hands. Hayden smiled as she admitted that she liked the idea. Nikolas tried to persuade Hayden to leave with him, but Curtis Hayden wasn't ready to leave.

Later, a storm brewed in the distance as Nikolas stood in his office and took a picture of Hayden's diamonds spread out on his desk. He typed a text message to Hayden assuring her that they could find a compromise if she returned home and attached a picture of the diamonds. Moments later, Hayden replied that she was on her way.

At Metro Court, Curtis noticed Hayden leaving and asked where she was headed. She pointed out that she'd have to go home eventually, but Curtis warned her that it was a bad idea because Nikolas had seemed unhinged. Curtis made it clear that he would wash his hands of Hayden if she left because he was tired of rescuing her. Hayden agreed to spend the night at the hotel and go to the police in the morning, but she reminded Curtis that she didn't have any money. Curtis handed her a credit card to use.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Carly retired to their bedroom as they talked about Morgan's recovery. They were happy that Morgan was in a better place.

In Bobbie's hospital room, Bobbie slowly woke up and was horrified when she saw Lucas laying still on the floor.

In the hallway, Finn looked at a syringe in his hand, but slipped it into his pocket when Griffin walked up. Finn was curious why Griffin hadn't mentioned that Griffin was a priest, but the conversation was cut short when they heard Bobbie cry out for help. Finn and Griffin rushed into Bobbie's hospital room and saw Lucas on the floor. Griffin immediately began CPR as Bobbie explained that she'd found Lucas barely alive. She wondered if her son's condition was a result of Lucas' diabetes, but Griffin didn't know and asked for a defibrillator.

A short time later, Brad called Lucas' phone. Bobbie answered it and tearfully told Brad to meet her at the hospital because Lucas was in trouble. However, she asked him not to say anything to anyone because she didn't want to ruin the Nurses Ball. Later, Brad arrived and stood in the doorway as he watched Griffin use the defibrillator on Lucas, while Finn hovered nearby checking the monitors. Bobbie and Brad relaxed when Lucas' heart was shocked into a normal rhythm.

After Lucas was settled in a hospital room hooked to a breathing ventilator, Brad and Bobbie held hands as they stood next to Lucas' bed. They were worried about why Lucas remained unconscious, but Griffin noticed an injection mark on Lucas' neck and asked if Finn had given Lucas a shot. Finn was offended by the question and denied injecting Lucas with anything. Griffin insisted that he had to ask. Brad pointed out that there had been two recent unexplained deaths at the hospital.

Bobbie feared that the incidents might be linked to what had happened to Lucas. Griffin didn't know, but he thought it was worth investigating. Finn appeared tense as he listened to the exchange.

At Wyndemere, Jason knocked and entered the castle looking for Nikolas. Everything was dark as Jason stood in the living room calling out to Nikolas and explaining that he hoped to work things out. Jason heard a loud thud in a nearby room and decided to investigate. Moments later, Sam arrived looking for Jason. She panicked when she heard the sound of shattering glass. Fearing for Jason's safety, she ran to find out the source of the noise.

As the storm raged outside, Nikolas lay motionless and bleeding on the cliffs.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...

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• Carly fills Sonny in about how she blackmailed Ava to relinquish custody of Avery
• Robin asks Anna if it's true that Anna tried to kill Carlos
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