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Thursday, February 16, 2017

At Kiki's apartment, Dillon and Kiki kissed passionately. Things quickly heated up, but Dillon pulled back to ask if Kiki was sure. She smiled and kissed him. Dillon and Kiki made their way to her bedroom, undressed each other, and made love.

Afterwards, they snuggled in bed and expressed how happy they were. Their conversation shifted as they talked about their rocky journey to be together and the disastrous "dates" along the way. Kiki regretted that she'd pushed Dillon away, but he assured her that it was in the past. Kiki thanked him for all the ways he'd helped her, especially when she'd refused to leave her apartment after the shooting. She realized that it had been a lot to deal with, especially her mother's recent arrest for killing Morgan. Kiki knew it wasn't what Dillon had signed up for, but he assured her that he wouldn't leave her and offered her words of encouragement.

Kiki confided that it was hard for her to trust Ava because Ava had lied too many times, and Ava had been desperate to break Kiki and Morgan up. Dillon and Kiki discussed the lengths that Ava had gone to in order to drive a wedge between Kiki and Morgan as well as Dillon's role in some of Ava's scheme. Dillon promised Kiki that his feelings for her were genuine. Kiki smiled because she believed and trusted Dillon. Kiki confessed that she felt "incredible" with him and prayed that the feeling stayed with her forever. Dillon grinned as she began to make love to him. He admitted that he hoped it would last forever.

In Metro court Restaurant, Maxie was surprised when she returned to the table and noticed that Nathan had left.

In Nina's hotel suite, Nina was disappointed when she opened the door and saw Nathan instead of Valentin. Nathan insisted that he needed to talk to his sister about something important. Nathan admitted that he knew why Nina had fired Maxie and he acknowledged that both Maxie and Nina believed that they'd been in the right, but Nina disagreed -- she was certain that she'd been in the right. Nina reminded Nathan that he hadn't been there and had accused Maxie of traumatizing Charlotte. Nathan defended his wife by insisting that she'd been trying to help a mother and daughter, but Nina argued that Charlotte wanted nothing to do with Lulu.

Nathan changed tactics by reminding his sister that she needed Maxie at Crimson, but Nina was confident that she could run the magazine without Maxie's help. Nathan begged Nina to consider it, but Nina explained that she was firmly on Valentin's side. Nina explained that her husband had accepted her for who she was and admitted that she would have married Valentin even if Charlotte hadn't been part of the package. Nina insisted that Valentin had just wanted to protect his daughter, but Nathan begged Nina to listen carefully. He admitted that he wanted Nina in his life, but he needed his wife. Nina's eyes filled with tears as she asked if he intended to turn his back on his sister if Nina didn't give Maxie the job back, but Nathan shook his head and implored Nina to find a way to compromise.

Moments later, Maxie banged on the door, demanding to talk to Nina. Nina went to the door, but Maxie's eyes quickly found Nathan. Maxie was furious and accused Nina of summoning Nathan in an effort to sway him to Nina's side. Nathan assured Maxie that Nina hadn't summoned him; he'd decided to pay Nina a visit because he'd hoped to try to make things work. Maxie assured him that she was willing to work with Nina as long as Nina acknowledged that Maxie had been right -- and Nina had been wrong. Nina snorted and pointed out to Nathan that Maxie's reaction was exactly what she'd been concerned about.

Maxie made it clear that she'd been talking to her husband, not Nina, then added that Nathan didn't need to fight Maxie's battles. Nina advised Maxie to reconsider because Nina had been tempted to hire Maxie back. However, Nina realized that it wouldn't work because of Maxie's attitude. Maxie was fine with that and wished Nina well with running Crimson. "Right into the ground," Maxie muttered under her breath.

Nathan decided to have a private word with his wife and dragged Maxie to the hallway. Nina fired off a text message to Valentin, asking were he was, and was stunned when he replied that he was at the hospital. Alarmed, Nina told Nathan and Maxie that they would have to continue their talk at another time and instructed them to leave. After they left, Nina grabbed her purse and coat then left the suite.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Nathan guided Maxie to a table as they talked about Nina's odd behavior when she'd rushed them out. Maxie suspected that Valentin was in some kind of trouble because no one else could have sparked that kind of reaction from Nina. Nathan was impressed with Maxie's insight into Nina, so Maxie clarified that she genuinely cared about Nina and wanted Nina to be happy, but she worried that Valentin would hurt her sister-in-law.

At the hospital, Hayden found Finn passed out in a dark examination room. She gently shook him until he jumped up. Worried, she admitted that she'd noticed a change in him and asked what was going on. Finn carefully explained that he didn't want to hurt her again, but Hayden implored him to trust her and open up to her. She threatened to go to Tracy with her concerns if he refused let Hayden in, but their talk was cut short when Finn's phone chimed. Finn glanced at it and told her that Griffin needed him. Finn told Hayden that she looked pretty and quickly slipped out the door.

Elsewhere, Laura approached Tracy to hand her a bedpan and order her to get to work, but Tracy balked and decided to get a drink. Annoyed, Laura followed Tracy to the Floating Rib and voiced her objection when she saw Tracy enjoying a martini when people were on the verge of losing their jobs. Tracy claimed that she was trying to save jobs and the hospital, but Laura accused Tracy of doing the opposite. Laura and Tracy had a heated argument about laying off the nurses. Tracy smiled when she saw Hayden enter because Hayden would back Tracy up, but Hayden asked for a private word with Tracy.

Tracy was curious if Hayden had fired everyone, but Hayden explained that she'd been stymied from laying off the nurses because they'd all called in sick. Tracy was livid, but Laura was delighted. Tracy advised Hayden to call the nurses, send them an email, or tweet them if necessary to let them know that they were out of jobs. Tracy wanted the task done, but Laura begged both Hayden and Tracy to reconsider and do the right thing. Tracy insisted that it was the only option because half the board wanted the hospital closed.

Hayden realized that she wouldn't get anywhere with Tracy, and she left. Laura remained determined to get through to Tracy, but Tracy's mind was made up. Tracy reminded Laura that Tracy's family had been a mainstay of the hospital, but Laura told Tracy to shut up because the Quartermaines hadn't been the only family to have had an impact on the hospital. Laura reminded Tracy that both of Laura's parents, Drs. Rick and Lesley Webber, had worked at the hospital for years, as had Laura's sister, nurse Amy Vining. Laura pointed out that she still had family members who worked at the hospital, which meant that three generations of Laura's family had been on the staff.

Laura acknowledged that she'd lived in a lot of different places and had visited quite a few hospitals, but none could compare to General Hospital because of the sense of community and family that the nurses had created. Laura insisted that the nurses genuinely cared about the patients, so it might save money to cut the staff, but cutting the nursing staff would be the hospital's downfall because the nurses were the heart and soul of the hospital. Tracy argued that the ends justified the means, but she conceded that there were exceptions. Tracy agreed the hospital was the sum of its history and admitted that she'd lost sight of what was important because she'd let the facts and figures cloud her thinking. However, Tracy conceded that Laura had made her see things differently. Laura smiled with joy when Tracy agreed there might be another solution.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco slipped his arms around Elizabeth's waist as she put some food on a tray. She smiled and turned in his arms to ask how he was feeling. He admitted that he was eager to get out of the house and take her to Kelly's, but Elizabeth objected because she wanted him to rest. Franco followed her to the living room and kissed her passionately as Felix and Epiphany let themselves in. Felix and Epiphany cleared their throats, prompting Franco and Elizabeth to pull apart. Elizabeth smiled and awkwardly explained that Franco had been recuperating in her home. Felix and Epiphany were curious if Franco knew why they'd stopped by, so Franco tried to answer their questions as best as he could.

Eventually, Elizabeth asked Felix and Epiphany to give Franco a break because she'd told him about the "sick-out." Franco assured Felix and Epiphany that he supported the nurses and offered to help. Franco agreed to help everyone brainstorm, but Felix and Epiphany quickly declined. Elizabeth reminded Franco that he was still recovering from his injuries, but Felix and Epiphany admitted that they had another use for Franco. Franco was curious what Felix and Epiphany wanted him to do, so Felix asked Franco to go to the hospital to find out if the "sick-out" had worked and if the board was willing to negotiate. Epiphany reminded everyone that the board might still lay them off, and she asked Franco to find out.

Franco promised to get some answers and kissed Elizabeth goodbye. Felix and Epiphany waited until Franco had left before they grilled Elizabeth about Elizabeth's relationship with Franco. Elizabeth tried to evade the questions by reminding her friends of why they were there, but Felix and Epiphany wanted answers. Elizabeth smiled and quietly admitted that she was in love with Franco. Felix was happy for Elizabeth and hugged her as he likened her relationship with Franco to Beauty and the Beast. Epiphany seemed less enthusiastic. Felix called Epiphany out on her reaction, but Epiphany insisted that she just wanted to make certain that Elizabeth was happy.

Elizabeth promised that she was happy, so Epiphany congratulated Elizabeth, but Epiphany made it clear that she would keep a close eye on Franco. Elizabeth turned the discussion back to their battle with the hospital's board. Felix was confident that they could devise a countermove once Franco reported back.

At the hospital, Valentin arrived carrying Anna in his arms. He called out for help as he gently put her on a gurney. Anna groaned, so Valentin assured her that she would be okay. Griffin appeared and angrily demanded to know what Valentin had done to Anna.

Griffin took Anna to a hospital room as Valentin followed and filled Griffin in about how he'd caught Anna breaking into Wyndemere right before she had collapsed. Alarmed, Griffin asked if Anna had been complaining of a migraine. Valentin nodded, so Griffin tested Anna's reflexes. After Griffin determined that Anna's hand was weak, he left. Valentin's expression remained anxious as he watched Anna fall asleep.

Valentin put his phone away when he saw Griffin and Finn approach. Valentin was desperate for an update on Anna and asked if she was in any pain. Finn assured Valentin that she was resting, but Valentin wanted to know what was wrong with Anna and if she'd had a stroke. Griffin reminded Valentin that Valentin was not Anna's next of kin. After Griffin stormed off, Valentin explained to Finn that Anna's welfare was his business because she'd broken into Wyndemere right before she had collapsed. Finn admitted that it was too soon to tell, but they'd found a blood clot and had put Anna on some medications.

Finn added that there would be further tests and stepped away to talk to Griffin about Anna's treatment. Griffin was surprised when Finn decided to draw blood from Anna, but Finn assured Griffin that it wouldn't be a problem.

In Anna's hospital room, Finn finished filling a vial with blood and withdrew the syringe from Anna's arm as she watched. She appeared weak, so he instructed her to rest. Anna immediately fell asleep as Finn started to write something on the vial of blood, but his hands began to shake, and he dropped the vial. He was relieved that it hadn't shattered and glanced at Anna to make certain that she hadn't seen what he'd done. He knelt down to pick up the vial, but Griffin had entered the room and had beaten him to it. Griffin started to question Finn's odd behavior, but Finn evaded the questions and snatched the vial out of Griffin's hand to get it tested.

Later, Finn approached Griffin at the nurses' station to let Griffin know that Anna's blood tests were underway and should be completed soon. Griffin was grateful, but he wanted to know what had been going on with Finn because he'd noticed that Finn had been sweating and his hands had been shaking earlier. Griffin knew it wasn't Blackwood's syndrome because both Finn and Hayden had been cured. Finn reminded Griffin that Finn had suffered from the disease far longer than Hayden had and walked away, but Griffin followed because he wanted answers. Finn was spared from the interrogation when a nurse walked up and handed Finn the results of Anna's blood tests.

Griffin noticed the concerned expression on Finn's face and asked what was wrong. "It's not good," Finn warned Griffin.

In Anna's hospital room, Valentin closed the door and carefully approached her bedside as she slept. He gently took her hand in his and held it to his cheek as he sat down. "Sano. Sanas. Sanat. Sanamos," Valentin whispered. He reminded her that it was Latin for "to heal." He recalled teaching her the phrase, but he doubted that she remembered it.

At the nurses' station, Franco greeted Hayden. She was surprised that he had shown up for work, since Elizabeth was one of the nurses who'd been affected by the layoff. Franco shrugged and claimed that he knew that Hayden was in a tough position and had a job to do. Hayden appreciated his understanding and explained that part of the budget cuts included Franco's art therapy program. Franco was stunned when Hayden added that he was out of a job, effective immediately.

Meanwhile, Nina stopped an orderly to show him a picture of Valentin and asked if her husband had been admitted. The orderly shook his head, but he added that he'd seen Valentin and directed Nina to Anna's hospital room. Nina quietly opened the door, but froze in the doorway when she saw Valentin lovingly hold Anna's hand as he assured her that everything would be okay because Anna was safe with him.

On the next General Hospital...

• Michael and Nelle are stuck at the cabin.

• Sam asks Lucas if he's been in touch with Julian.

• "Who's after you now?" Olivia asks Julian.

• Ned informs Dante that he asked Olivia to marry him.

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