Thursday, June 23, 2016

Elizabeth and Franco's kiss lingered for several moments before Elizabeth's eyes suddenly snapped open in shock. She pulled away and asked Franco what he was doing. They debated who had kissed whom before Franco suggested that Elizabeth had kissed him to make Jason "insanely jealous." Elizabeth countered that Franco was the one who wanted to stick it to Jason. "Jason would kill me if he knew that I ever laid a finger on you," Franco responded. Elizabeth accused Franco of being just as bad as he'd ever been. Franco recoiled and reminded Elizabeth that just moments earlier, she had said that she believed he had changed.

Elizabeth denied that she was calling Franco a monster, noting how Franco was great with Jake and his other patients. Still, she pointed out that Franco also had a manipulative side. Franco agreed that sometimes he could be a little "over the top." Franco responded that Elizabeth made him feel like she believed in him. Franco softly explained that he'd always thought that Nina and Kiki were the only two people in the world to see any good in him. "Now you show up," Franco said, "[That] changes everything."

Elizabeth revisited the kiss between her and Franco, telling Franco that they had kissed because of Nina. "You kissed me because of Nina?" Franco asked. "No," Elizabeth chuckled, explaining, "You kissed me because of Nina." Elizabeth said it was "clear as day" that Franco was not over Nina. Franco accused Elizabeth of kissing him back because she was upset over Nikolas' possible death. The pair then promised to never talk about the kiss again.

Franco's phone chimed with a text message from Nina. Franco claimed that the noise was a push notification that informed him of how many steps he had taken. Elizabeth wished Franco good luck with his decision about where he stood with Nina. As Franco walked toward the door, he told Elizabeth that he hoped "that thing that didn't happen" didn't change her opinion of him. After he left, Elizabeth plopped down on her sofa, looked at the toaster box, and smiled.

At the Metro Court bar, a bartender poured Anna "three fingers" of Scotch whiskey. When he asked her if she was having a long day, Anna took a long sip of her drink and responded that it was "getting longer by the minute." Fidgeting and speaking more quickly than normal, Anna explained that she was nervous about a first date. She then questioned if it should be referred to as a "date," since she had never met the man before. Anna asked the bartender if he could "run interference" for her. She told him that she would tug her left ear if she needed him to help get her out of the date and would pay him $100 for his assistance. The bartender agreed.

Moments later, Paul Hornsby sat next to her at the bar and asked, "Come here often?" Anna tugged frantically on her ear. Paul tried to make small talk, but Anna wanted nothing to do with Paul. She asked him to move down a few chairs so that she could have an empty one next to her. Paul obliged, moving to the opposite side of the bar. He asked Anna was she was doing at the bar and quickly surmised that she was on a date. Anna groused that she was not discussing her personal life with Paul. Paul continued to pry, saying that he would hang around to find out who Anna's "mystery man" was and how they'd met.

Anna tried to ignore Paul, but he continued to press for details. Anna relented, saying that she'd tell Paul about her date if he agreed not to pass judgment -- and "relocate" somewhere else in the bar. Paul seemed offended that Anna thought he would judge her date and claimed that he wanted to see what "Prince Charming" had that he didn't. "Manners," Anna quipped. Anna said that her date's name was Sawyer. Paul asked if he had "a dog named Huck Finn."

Anna forced a laugh before stating that Sawyer was a doctor in private practice. She was extremely reluctant to tell Paul that she'd met Sawyer online. When she did, Paul took pleasure in pointing out that "Sawyer" could have lied about his name, age, occupation, and any number of other personal details. Anna ceded that Sawyer hadn't posted a photo of himself but said that it was because Sawyer didn't want any of his patients to see him on the dating site. Paul reneged on his agreement to move elsewhere and told Anna that he was staying right where he was in order to chaperone her date.

Some time passed with no sign of Sawyer. Anna muttered that Sawyer had probably seen Paul "glommed on" to her and left. Paul wondered why Anna hadn't resigned as his special investigator if she despised him so much. Anna countered that she wanted to see that Julian was sent to Pentonville for Duke's murder. But after that -- Anna wasn't sure what she'd do once the case was closed. Paul asserted that Anna would never leave Port Charles because she would miss him.

As the bartender passed by, Anna again pulled feverishly on her earlobe. Again the bartender did nothing. Anna reluctantly admitted that she and Paul had been friendly at one time but that Paul continually showed how self-absorbed and shallow he truly was. "The Paul Hornsby that I knew, he risked his life to help hunt down Faison's cartel," Anna recalled, asserting, "He sacrificed his relationship with Jenny to protect his daughter. Now that Paul was an honorable man. That Paul was someone to count on."

An hour later, there was still no sign of Sawyer. Paul thanked Anna for reminding him of the man he could be. Paul reflected on his past mistakes and expressed his personal regrets. Anna paid for her tab and told Paul that she was headed home to have a pint of ice cream and to throw her computer out the window.

Paul asked Anna if she needed company -- "as friends." Anna told him that they were not at the point yet where they could do that. Paul wanted to know what he could do to help advance their not-there-yet friendship. Anna told him to "try listening." Anna turned and walked away.

Nina read a rather lengthy product information sheet on the sex toy that she'd received in the mail. "Safety is our number-one priority at Ecstasy Explosion," Nina read aloud before commenting that the item looked "like it could hurt somebody." Dillon entered the office and asked Nina what she was doing. Nina collapsed onto her desk to try to block Dillon's line of sight, but it did little good.

After explaining that he'd decided to do some prep work for the next day's meeting because his evening plans had been canceled, Dillon asked Nina if she had the "Kingdom Come" on her desk. Nina shook her head from side to side, repeating, "It's not mine." She stated that the company had sent the product to the office in the hopes of getting a write-up in Crimson. She then thrust the box into Dillon's chest and suggested that he and Kiki take it for a test drive.

As Nina remarked that she'd seen Dillon and Kiki "crushing" on each other, Dillon quickly noted that nothing might ever come of those feelings. Nina realized that Morgan had to somehow be involved. Dillon confirmed her hunch, which left Nina to wonder why Kiki would be interested in Morgan. Dillon shared the plans that he'd had for him and Kiki, plans that Kiki's cold -- and Morgan -- had derailed.

Just outside the elevators at the hospital, Morgan asked Kiki if she was seeking medical attention for the cold she'd said she had. Kiki told Morgan that she hadn't shown up at the hospital for herself -- she was there for him. Kiki said that she wanted to be clear with Morgan about where they stood with each other. Kiki and Morgan agreed that they both needed to start being honest with each other.

"I just want you to be happy and healthy," Kiki said softly. Morgan wished that he could take back all the terrible things he'd said previously. Kiki seemed touched by the comment. Morgan than said that he wasn't sure where to go next -- to pick up where they'd left off or to start over as just friends.

Dillon suggested that he wasn't too concerned that Kiki would go back to Morgan but admitted that Kiki wouldn't be the first woman to go back to a man that was not good for her. Nina asked Dillon why he was staring at her when he made that comment. Dillon insisted that he wasn't looking at Nina but wondered if Nina was thinking about getting back together with Franco. Nina was silent, making Dillon fear that he had overstepped his boundaries with his boss.

Nina asked Dillon to be honest with her and assured him that his job wasn't in jeopardy. "I think you can do better than Franco. I think he's a self-absorbed, arrogant ass," Dillon said. Nina was stunned by Dillon's frankness but thanked him for his honesty. Nina tried to argue that she and Franco were "amazing" together. Dillon backed off and told Nina that he hoped everything worked out between her and Franco. Nina then offered some of her own advice. She urged Dillon to fight for Kiki.

Kiki reminded Morgan that he'd been at the clinic for a long time. Morgan nodded and wondered if Kiki had already moved on with Dillon. Before Kiki could answer, Morgan told her that he would understand if Kiki had moved on because he had given her "tons of reasons" to give up on him. Kiki said that things weren't serious between her and Dillon. Morgan vowed that things were different -- he was different. He asked Kiki to give him the opportunity to show her that he could be the man she deserved.

A man called out to Morgan and raced over to embrace him. Morgan introduced him to Kiki as Greg, someone who had been in treatment with him. "The Kiki?" Greg asked, adding, "You know you're famous at Freedman." Greg then said that during treatment, Morgan had often said that he couldn't wait to get Kiki back. Morgan never would have recovered, Greg claimed, if it were not for Kiki. Once Greg left, Kiki agreed to give Morgan a date. Morgan embraced her, but Kiki's face showed serious concern.

Outside the fortress-like Lynch Manor, Sam and Jason recalled overhearing Huxley state that he was on his way there to meet some "guests." Sam worried that Jason's freedom could be at stake if they were wrong about Ava and Nikolas being inside the manor. Sam expressed concerns that they could trip a hidden security system that would ultimately lead to Jason being apprehended and extradited to the United States.

Inside, Ava tried to jimmy open the lock as Nikolas backseat lock-picked. Ava grunted that she was doing the best she could and told Nikolas that he was free to take over if he could do a better job. Nikolas admitted that he had no lock-picking skills, which resulted in Ava retorting that he needed to shut up so that she could focus on the task at hand. "This is not how my story's going to end," Nikolas growled. "I didn't fake my own death and literally put my family through hell to be killed in some run-down manor in the middle of the fen."

As Nikolas ranted, Ava managed to open the door. As they prepared to leave, a stern-looking woman appeared before them. Nikolas realized that the woman had to be Margarethe. The woman nodded and told Ava and Nikolas that they were not to leave the Blue Room. Ava tried to press pass Margarethe, but Margarethe used a Taser to subdue her. Nikolas wrested control of the Taser away from Margarethe, who darted off. Ava was furious that she'd been Tased and vowed to get revenge. Just then, Margarethe stormed down the corridor with a lance.

Huxley was about to unlock a door to one of the many rooms at Lynch Manor when Jason grabbed him from behind. Huxley demanded to be unhanded. Jason responded by asking Huxley why he had ransacked Ava's hotel room. Huxley hemmed and hawed, denying all of what Jason said. Muffled screams sounded from behind the door to the room that Huxley had been in the process of opening. Huxley claimed that his mother, who suffered from "a touch of dementia," was making the noises and suggested that they just let her tire herself out. Jason pushed past Huxley and opened the door.

Inside the room, Margarethe was bound and gagged on the sofa. Huxley untied the woman, who immediately apologized for letting him down by letting Ms. Jerome and Mr. Carradine get away. Jason stepped in to ask Margarethe about Mr. Carradine. Huxley said he didn't care about Mr. Carradine; he wanted the Weeping Naiad.

Jason and Sam decided to try to track down Ava and Mr. Carradine. Huxley told them that Lynch Manor was isolated from the rest of the world and that they would get hopelessly lost if they ventured outside. Huxley claimed to know the area like the back of his hand and offered to help them in their search -- with one condition. Huxley said that when they tracked the pair down, Jason and Sam could take Mr. Carradine back to the U.S., but they had to agree to leave Ava with Huxley.

Ava and Nikolas found refuge in what appeared to be an old greenhouse. There, they found a shovel to use as a weapon and a bottle of liquor. They both took swigs from the bottle.

. . .

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