Thursday, September 22, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly told Kiki to take the rest of the evening off with pay and find Morgan. Kiki was surprised by the offer because she knew that Carly had reservations about Kiki and Morgan's relationship, but Carly admitted that Kiki had won her over. Kiki conceded that if Ava could "chill out" about Kiki's relationship with Morgan then it was certainly possible that Carly had as well. Carly was surprised that Ava had given Kiki and Morgan her blessing, but Kiki quickly clarified that Ava had merely agreed to stop adding her two cents because Kiki would always choose Morgan over her mother. Carly was pleased that Kiki had stood up to Ava and stuck by Morgan.

In the park, Morgan met with Sonny. Sonny explained that they needed to talk because Dante had told Sonny about the fight with Joe. Morgan defended his actions by placing the blame on Joe's rotten attitude. Sonny insisted that Morgan didn't have the right to punch anyone and added that it could be a warning sign for people with bipolar disorder. Morgan assured his father that he'd been taking his medications, but Sonny argued that medications were only half the answer. Sonny explained that the medications kept Morgan steady, but it was up to Morgan to exercise self-control.

Morgan was curious if Sonny intended to exercise self-control when he encountered Julian. Sonny conceded that it was a fair question because he'd been tempted to rip into Julian after the verdict. Morgan wondered what had stopped Sonny. Sonny pointed out that the question illustrated how much work Morgan still had to do. Sonny explained that he and Morgan were different than other people because their instinct to restrain themselves didn't kick in right away, which required them to be vigilant and anticipate their impulses to avoid giving in to the harmful ones.

Morgan realized that Sonny couldn't go after Julian because Sonny would be the prime suspect. Sonny was encouraged that Morgan had recognized the possible consequences, but he warned his son that there would be other ramifications. Sonny and Morgan talked about the Jerome organization retaliating, which would put all of Sonny's loved ones at risk. Sonny also seized the opportunity to point out that Morgan had opened himself up to possible criminal charges by assaulting Joe. Morgan apologized to his father and promised to discuss it with Andre during their next session.

However, Morgan insisted that something needed to be done about Julian. Sonny advised Morgan to concentrate on school and Kiki. As if on cue, Kiki walked up. Sonny exchanged pleasantries with Kiki then excused himself.

Outside Kelly's, Ava asked Julian to take a moment to enjoy the smell of freedom because his future was once again his own. Julian acknowledged that he had his sister to thank for everything. He hoped that one day she would share the details of how she had made it happen, but she warned him that it might break the spell. Ava reached for the door but stopped when she saw Paul seated at a table. She tried to steer Julian away, but he decided to enter the diner.

Inside the diner, Paul asked the waitress for the check. She dropped it off and expressed her sympathy because she knew that he'd had rough day. She told him to take comfort in knowing that men like Julian couldn't help themselves -- once they started killing, they couldn't stop. Moments later, Paul stood up as Julian and Ava walked in. Julian extended his hand as he told Paul that he hoped there weren't any hard feelings. Paul ignored Julian's hand, so Julian suggested that Paul focus on finding the hospital killer.

Ava tensed when Paul alluded to the suspect being a woman. Julian was surprised, but Paul claimed that he had misspoken because the killer could be a man or a woman. Paul advised Julian to keep his nose clean because Paul would not lose again in court. After Paul walked out, Ava quickly excused herself and ran after him. In the courtyard, Paul growled at Ava to keep a tight leash on her brother, but she refused to be intimidated and reminded him that she would push back if he made a move against her. "Mutual destruction," Ava added.

Paul argued that the difference between their destructions was that his would land him in jail while hers would land her in hell. Paul grabbed her chin with one hand, squeezed tightly, and then walked away. Ava pulled herself together and returned to the diner. Julian immediately questioned her about Paul because he was certain that she had worked out a deal with him in exchange for Julian's freedom. Ava implored Julian to drop it, but he worried that she might not have as much power over Paul as she believed. Ava insisted that the best thing Julian could do was let it go and rebuild his life.

Julian admitted that it wouldn't be easy to win Alexis back, but Ava thought he was out of his mind if he expected Alexis to forgive him after he'd taken her to the docks and threatened to slit his wife's throat. Julian claimed that he hadn't been himself, but Ava disagreed -- he'd been more himself in that moment than he'd ever been. She warned him that people wanted him dead and advised him to neutralize Sonny. Julian was curious if she had any ideas. Ava confided that she'd undertaken a little project that might fit the bill.

In the courtyard, Morgan admitted that he was surprised Carly had changed her mind about his relationship with Kiki. Kiki was certain that Carly, like Ava, had realized that fighting their relationship would be a losing battle. Morgan and Kiki entered the diner and passed Julian and Ava's table without acknowledging them. Ava called out to Kiki to ask if she intended to congratulate her uncle. Kiki approached the table and snidely congratulated Julian on successfully getting away with two murders and the attempted murder of his wife. Morgan added that the acquittal had been a travesty, but Julian laughed at Morgan using a word of more than one syllable.

Ava carefully pushed Morgan's buttons by reminding him that Julian had been acquitted by a jury of his peers, but Morgan argued that not guilty wasn't the same as innocent. Julian pointed out that Sonny wasn't any better, which further fueled Morgan's anger. Julian warned Morgan that Sonny might find himself in someone's crosshairs. Morgan's temper exploded. He grabbed Julian by the lapels and pulled him out of his chair. Ava and Kiki desperately tried to pull Morgan away, but Morgan was too enraged. Horrified, the waitress picked up the phone to call the police.

Kiki managed to get Morgan to back off. Morgan warned Julian that Julian would get his and left the diner with Kiki.

In the park, Morgan remained agitated, but Kiki threatened to leave if he didn't calm down. She reminded him that Julian had been saying the same slimy things for years. Morgan argued that something had to be done about Julian. Kiki asked if Morgan intended to take matters into his own hands. "Something's got to be done," Morgan reiterated.

Meanwhile, Sonny arrived at the restaurant to talk to Carly. She revealed that she'd had an interesting conversation with Dante about Morgan and asked when Sonny had planned to tell her about the altercation. Sonny assured Carly that he'd had a good talk with Morgan and that everything was fine. Carly hoped Sonny was right because nothing had gone right lately. Sonny promised that Julian would not hurt anyone that Carly loved, but she worried that Sonny would take matters into his own hands. Sonny assured Carly that he'd take her concerns into account.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael and Tracy sat in the living room as they sifted through pictures of Sabrina and tried to decide which one to use for her funeral. Griffin looked at his phone when it rang and excused himself. "Really?" Tracy asked in disbelief. "There goes our shepherd," she added as Griffin disappeared into the foyer. After Griffin returned, Michael handed him a picture of Sabrina that Michael and Tracy had chosen for the funeral. Griffin promised to take care of everything.

Michael appreciated Griffin's help and revealed that Teddy would not be at the funeral because Joe had decided to fly to Puerto Rico with Sabrina's son and leave the funeral arrangement to Michael. Michael told Griffin that Sabrina would be buried with Gabriel. Michael and Tracy agreed that Sabrina would want her final resting place to be with her firstborn. Michael was grateful when Tracy assured him that she'd taken care of the reception, the flowers, and the obituary.

After Tracy left to check on Monica, Michael realized there was nothing left for him to do. "Except grieve," Griffin gently suggested as he patted Michael on the back. Griffin admitted that he thought Joe's trip to Puerto Rico had been sudden, but Michael didn't blame Joe for wanting to put some distance between Teddy and the Quartermaines, since Tracy had threatened to fight Joe for custody of Sabrina's son. Michael admitted that he knew what it was like to be in the middle of a bitter custody battle, so he refused to put Teddy through one.

Meanwhile, Paul silently entered the foyer, pulled out a syringe, and slowly made his way up the stairs. Tracy appeared at the top of the stairs and informed him that she knew what he was up to. "It stops now," she added. Paul managed to slide the syringe up his sleeve without Tracy noticing as he claimed that he had hoped to question Monica about the attack. Tracy was curious why he hadn't sent a detective, so Paul explained that he'd thought it would be easier if Monica talked to a family member.

Tracy pointed out that Paul wasn't family and added that an armed guard watched over Monica. Paul reminded Tracy that he was the district attorney, but she informed him that he wasn't on the list of approved visitors. Tracy made it clear that she would not take any chances with Monica's life, especially after losing a friend. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Paul quickly transferred the syringe into his jacket pocket as Tracy went to the door.

In the living room, Griffin offered to call Michael's parents, but Michael assured Griffin that it wasn't necessary because Michael had already spoken to Sonny. Michael explained that Carly hadn't approved of Sabrina and had accused Sabrina of using him. Michael began to rant about his mother, but Tracy appeared in the doorway to let him know that he had visitors. It was Sonny and Carly. Sonny revealed that they had heard about Teddy. Michael assured his father that he was fine.

Sonny decided not to push it and handed Michael an envelope. Sonny explained that it was a donation for the clinic. Michael looked at the check and was surprised by the generous amount. Sonny hoped it was enough for Michael to build a prenatal wing in Sabrina's name. Touched, Michael thanked his father, but Sonny told him that it was from Carly too. Michael frowned and accused Carly of trying to make herself feel better, but Carly insisted that it shouldn't matter as long as the money was used for good.

After Sonny and Carly left, Michael walked Griffin to the door. Griffin urged Michael to let go of the anger because it would eventually turn against him. Griffin pointed out that Sabrina was gone but Michael's mother was still alive.

In the living room, Tracy offered Paul a drink. Paul welcomed one after the day he'd had. Tracy suggested that Paul put the acquittal behind him and turn his attention to catching the hospital killer because the hospital couldn't afford to remain closed. Paul glanced down at the table and noticed the pictures of Sabrina as Tracy implored him to make certain that the hospital killer didn't escape justice like Julian had. Tracy noticed that Paul was distracted and asked him what was wrong. Paul explained that twelve people had decided that he hadn't done his job, but Tracy was confident that Paul could make things right. Paul disagreed and left.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian and Ava sat at the bar as they talked about Morgan. Julian praised Ava for pushing Morgan's buttons. Ava believed that riling up Morgan would keep Sonny off their backs and distracted, which would give them an edge when they made their move against Sonny. Julian sensed that his sister had another agenda, so she admitted that Morgan was not right for Kiki.

Across the restaurant, Sonny and Carly returned from visiting Michael. Carly knew that Michael had lashed out at her because he was in pain. "Son of a bitch," Sonny said when he spotted Julian at the bar. Julian approached Sonny and warned him to rein in Morgan before Morgan got into more trouble than Morgan could handle. Furious, Sonny demanded to know if Julian had threatened Sonny's son. Julian explained that Morgan had attacked Julian earlier in the evening, but Sonny suggested that Julian leave town to avoid further conflict.

Julian vowed to go after Sonny because Julian was tired of Sonny constantly issuing threats. Julian claimed that he'd learned a lot from his brush with the law and promised that nothing would tie him to Sonny when Sonny was cold in the ground. Carly was livid and ordered Ava to get Julian out of the restaurant. Julian suggested that both Sonny and Carly be nice to him because Julian could press assault charges against Morgan. Sonny sputtered with outrage as Ava wisely dragged her brother away. Sonny decided that Carly had been right about his war with Julian -- it had to stop.

On the terrace, Nathan told Maxie about Claudette's claim that Charlotte was his daughter. He showed Maxie the picture, but Maxie refused to believe that the child in the picture was Nathan's daughter. Nathan admitted that he'd had his doubts until Claudette had reminded him that they'd never used protection during their marriage. Maxie argued that Griffin could be the father, but Nathan explained that Claudette had told him that she and Griffin had been careful. Maxie was skeptical and suggested that Nathan talk to Griffin, but Nathan pointed out that it would be an awkward conversation. Maxie agreed and decided a DNA test would clear things up and expose Claudette's lie.

In Claudette's hotel room, Claudette called Griffin to ask him to meet her right away because she had something important to tell him. Griffin refused and disconnected the call. "Damn," Claudette muttered. She quickly made a phone call, asking to meet with someone. A short time later, Liesl knocked on Claudette's door. Claudette warmly greeted Liesl, but Liesl was annoyed that Claudette had summoned her at a late hour.

Claudette invited Liesl inside and offered her a drink, but Liesl declined. Claudette advised Liesl to adjust her attitude if she wanted a relationship with her granddaughter. Stunned, Liesl asked what Claudette was talking about. Claudette showed Liesl a picture of Charlotte as she explained that Charlotte was Nathan's daughter. Liesl was didn't believe Claudette, but she assured Liesl it was true. Liesl decided to give Claudette the benefit of the doubt and asked if Charlotte had an aptitude for science.

A short time later, Nathan and Maxie knocked on the door. Claudette flashed a saccharine smile as she invited them inside. Maxie informed Claudette that she didn't believe Claudette's claim that Nathan was Charlotte's daughter. Claudette feigned disappointment and told Nathan that not everyone in his family had doubts. Liesl emerged from the bathroom, wiping tears as she admitted that the videos Claudette had shared of Charlotte had made Liesl sentimental. Liesl saw Nathan and happily hugged him as she thanked him for making her a grandmother. Claudette smiled with satisfaction.

Nathan was annoyed that Claudette had told his mother about Charlotte, but Claudette insisted that Liesl had deserved to know, since Nathan had shared the news with Maxie. Maxie accused Claudette of using Liesl to manipulate Nathan, but Liesl was certain that Charlotte was her granddaughter because the intelligence shining from the child's eyes had spoken to Liesl. Liesl added that Claudette wouldn't have been foolish enough to pass a fraudulent grandchild off as Liesl's granddaughter. Maxie refused to believe Claudette and demanded a paternity test, but Claudette refused to endanger her daughter for a cheek swab. However, Claudette showed everyone the locket around her neck, which contained a lock of Charlotte's hair. Claudette handed the lock of hair to Liesl, but Maxie noticed that it was dark brown instead of blonde like the girl in the picture.

Claudette claimed that Charlotte's hair tended to lighten in the summer, but Maxie suspected that Claudette had managed to get her hands on a lock of Nathan's hair. Claudette pointed out that a DNA test on Nathan's hair would show that that it was from Nathan's clone rather than his daughter. Claudette invited Liesl to run the test because Charlotte needed protection.

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