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Griffin and Ava make love
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

In Kelly's courtyard, Nelle saw Dillon. She called out a greeting then asked what he was working on. He closed his laptop as he explained that he'd been killing time while he waited for Kiki. Nelle revealed that she hadn't been able to attend Morgan's memorial because she'd been working, but she was curious why Dillon hadn't gone. Dillon confided that it would have felt awkward because Kiki and Morgan had been in a relationship when Morgan had died. Dillon wanted to respect Kiki's space, but he also wanted to move forward with their lives.

Nelle thought it was a reasonable expectation, but Dillon confessed that it had felt like Kiki had been shutting him out since she had started medical school. He didn't know if it was intentional, but it had put some distance between them. Nelle empathized because she knew what it was like to love someone that didn't love her back -- it had felt like she had invested everything, and the other person hadn't.

At Perks, David expressed concern when he saw Kiki crying. He asked what was troubling her, but she was reluctant to tell him. He doubted that it could be that bad, but Kiki disagreed. "Actually, it can," she told him. David fetched two cups of coffee then handed one to Kiki as he sat down. He offered to call Dillon if she wanted someone to talk to, but Kiki declined.

Kiki explained that it was the one-year anniversary of her ex-boyfriend's death. David couldn't imagine that Dillon would have a problem with Kiki's grief, so Kiki told David about Morgan's struggle with bipolar disorder and how Dillon had helped her pick up the pieces after Morgan's death. She admitted that if Morgan hadn't died, then she and Dillon likely wouldn't have ended up together, but David reminded her that she couldn't change the past and advised her to focus on dealing with the circumstances as they were. Kiki told him that things were complicated because she didn't know how to be open with Dillon when she felt guilty about Morgan's death. David was confused because he'd had the impression that Morgan's illness had played a role in his death.

Kiki tearfully revealed that her mother had killed Morgan for Kiki. David was stunned as Kiki told him about Ava's efforts to engineer Morgan's breakdown because Ava had hoped to drive Kiki away from him. David realized why Kiki had decided to become a healer and shared that the best doctors were often driven by a profound loss. Kiki explained that Ava's machinations had led Morgan to make reckless choices, which had led to his death, but David insisted that Kiki was not responsible for her mother's actions. Kiki explained that she felt like she had somehow condoned what her mother had done by letting Ava back into her life.

Kiki filled David in about Ava's appearance at Morgan's memorial and how her mother had been injured in a fire. She worried that her mother assumed that Kiki had forgiven her because Kiki had helped Ava during her recovery. David asked if Kiki had forgiven her mother. "I'm trying," Kiki quietly admitted. She explained that she didn't want to lose her mother, but she feared that she might not be a good person if she let her mother back into her life. Kiki wiped away her tears then apologized because she knew that David wasn't the emotional type.

David smiled and confided that outside of work, he was a softie. He admitted that he'd cried the other night when he'd caught Terms of Endearment on television. Kiki chuckled just as Dillon passed by. He stopped short when he saw David and Kiki. Dillon was concerned when he realized that Kiki had been crying, so he approached the table to ask if she was okay. David decided that it was his cue to leave and quickly excused himself.

Dillon asked about Morgan's memorial. Kiki told him that it had been hard, but Dillon was hurt that she'd invited David. Kiki assured Dillon that David had happened along after the memorial, but she had talked to David because it had been easy. David reminded her of her father -- a gruff doctor with a soft heart. She pointed out that Silas was gone, and her mother might as well be, so it had been nice to talk to someone older and wiser for a change. Kiki admitted that she hadn't wanted to burden Dillon, but he assured her that he was in it with her for the long haul, and there was nothing that she could say that would drive him away or shake his faith in her. Kiki was touched and told him that he made her incredibly happy. Dillon smiled and kissed her.

At Greystone Manor, Michael greeted his parents and asked about their trip. Sonny assured Michael that the foundation was doing well, and a lot of kids were getting help. Michael was pleased that they had been able to take their loss and turn it into something positive. Sonny and Carly agreed. Michael pulled out his phone to show his mother an app that he had downloaded that allowed him to track the foundation's donations in real time. Michael and Carly were surprised when a $50,000 donation popped up. Carly was curious who had donated that much money, but Michael didn't know because it had been anonymous.

Sonny suggested that it might have been a corporate donation, but Michael shook his head because anonymous donations couldn't be used as a tax write-off. Carly wondered if it might have been one of Sonny's associates, but Sonny doubted it because they would have used a shell company. Michael noticed the time then announced that he had to leave because he had promised to meet Nelle. After Michael left, Carly picked up her phone, prompting Sonny to ask what she was up to. Carly intended to find out who had donated the money.

A short time later, Carly was put on hold as an administrator checked the foundation's records. Sonny thought it was a bad idea, but Carly feared that Ava might have made the donation. Carly planned to return the money to Ava then replace it with their money. Moments later, the administrator returned and gave Carly the information. Carly ended the call then revealed that it hadn't been Ava -- it was Nelle. Sonny was surprised, but Carly wondered how Nelle had gotten her hands on that much money when she'd always claimed to be broke. Sonny warned Carly not to do anything, but she grabbed her keys then marched out.

Later, Alexis stopped by to talk to Sonny about Kristina's decision to move to Oregon with Parker. She assured him that she hadn't reported Parker, but Sonny was skeptical. Alexis resented being called a liar. "Seriously?" she asked. She pointed out that Sonny was a criminal who lied for a living, and he was married to a woman who lied as easily as she breathed. Sonny reminded Alexis that she'd gone behind Kristina's back in the past, but he assured Alexis that he wasn't happy about Kristina's decision to move across the country with an older woman because he was certain it would end in heartbreak. However, he was confident that it would be a good learning experience for Kristina and help their daughter mature.

Alexis was gobsmacked. She wondered if Sonny would feel the same if it had been Morgan, but Sonny argued there had been a difference between Morgan and Kristina -- Kristina didn't have bipolar disorder, and she was in love. Alexis strongly disagreed with Sonny's position and told him that she thought he was wrong, and she was right. She grabbed her purse then stormed out.

Meanwhile, Michael greeted Nelle outside Kelly's. He told her about the memorial and shared that the donations had been pouring in. "Great," Nelle told him. Michael tried to shift gears and talk about what had transpired at his grandmother's celebration luncheon, but Nelle assured him that it was okay because she realized that tensions had been high with the anniversary of Morgan's death looming. Michael didn't want Nelle to think that things wouldn't change, so he revealed that he'd taken steps to fix things. Nelle mentioned that she had, too, but she wanted to hear from Michael first.

Michael started to tell Nelle about Curtis' investigation, but Carly rounded the corner and happily greeted both Michael and Nelle as she pulled up a chair to join them at their table. Nelle tensed when Carly explained that she had wanted to thank Nelle in person for the generous $50,000 donation to Morgan's foundation. Michael frowned as he glanced at Nelle. Nelle's eyes shimmered with tears as Carly asked how Nelle had managed to make the donation, but Michael warned his mother to back off. Carly thanked Nelle for the donation then added that it had been noble of Nelle to keep the grand gesture a secret.

After Carly left, Nelle sniffled as she admitted that it had been a "hell of a way" for Michael to find out. Michael was curious if she had sold Zach's grandmother's diamond ring to make the donation. Nelle nodded as she explained that she had decided that holding onto it had meant holding onto the pain from her past. She took comfort in knowing that the money had gone to a good cause, but Michael wondered if she had planned to tell him. Nelle reminded him that she'd told him earlier that she'd had a plan to fix things, but she had invited him to tell her about his idea first. Michael asked why she had made the donation anonymously, but Nelle defiantly explained that she'd known his parents would accuse her of having an agenda.

However, Nelle hadn't expected Michael to have the same doubts about her. Hurt, she excused herself, claiming that she had to go to the bathroom. Moments later, Curtis called to let Michael know that he'd found something in Florida.

At Greystone Manor, Carly returned home and mentioned that Max had told her that Alexis had torn out of there like a "bat out of hell" earlier. Sonny assured her that everything was fine, but he'd been the voice of reason all day -- and he didn't like it. Carly chuckled, but Sonny was curious what Carly had been up to. Carly told him about her encounter with Nelle and Michael. Sonny warned her not to push things too far, or it would backfire. However, she assured him that she intended to take a page out of his book by sitting back and allowing Nelle to reveal her true self.

At Kelly's, David was surprised when he saw Alexis seated at a table. He greeted her, but he realized that she was troubled. Alexis told him that her middle daughter had decided to move to Oregon with her lover/professor who had abused her power by seducing Kristina. David sat down as she added that she'd paid Kristina's father a visit to enlist his help to deal with Kristina, but he'd been fine with Kristina's choices because he believed that it would help mature their daughter. Alexis had debated calling Kristina, but she knew that Kristina wouldn't answer, nor would she reply to Alexis' text messages because Alexis was to blame for everything. Alexis explained that she'd been accused of being too controlling, but David disagreed because he thought her concern was perfectly normal.

David offered to buy Alexis a drink, but she declined because she was a recovering alcoholic. Embarrassed, David apologized, but Alexis assured him that it was okay. David suggested that they take a walk along the water, which would be better than sitting in Kelly's, staring at her phone. Alexis agreed and grabbed her purse.

In Palm Beach, Florida, Curtis posed as a possible buyer for a boat that Sharon Grant was selling. Sharon shared the details of the boat with him then admitted that her family hadn't used it since her brother had died. Sharon became choked up, prompting Curtis to gently ask if her brother had died on the boat. Sharon shook her head, but she revealed that Zach had drowned. Curtis offered words of sympathy and comfort as he carefully prodded Sharon to talk about Zach's tragic death. He was surprised when she told him that her mother had introduced Janelle Benson to the family when Sharon's mother had hired Janelle as a personal assistant.

Sharon added that her mother had always tried to give less fortunate people a helping hand, and Janelle had received a letter of recommendation from a teacher at Lakes High School a few towns over. Curtis asked about Sharon's mother, but Sharon revealed that her mother had passed away. She explained that Zach had taken it the hardest, which was when he and Janelle had grown close. Before long, Zach and Janelle had been engaged and Zach had amended his will. In retrospect, Sharon realized that Janelle had targeted Zach from the beginning. Curtis was curious if Janelle had gotten the money, but Sharon shook her head as she revealed that the police had been on her family's side, so the money had been tied up in probate. Curtis frowned because she hadn't mentioned an arrest.

Sharon told Curtis about the faulty plug in Zach's kayak and Janelle's claim that she hadn't been able to save him from drowning because Janelle had been a poor swimmer. Curtis thought that was odd for someone who had been raised in Florida near the beach. Sharon agreed then wiped away her tears and apologized for burdening him with her family tragedy, but he assured her that it was fine. Sharon noticed the time and explained that she had to get to an appointment, but she invited Curtis to look over the boat at his leisure. After Sharon left, Curtis ran an Internet search on his phone for Janelle Benson and Lakes High School.

At Kelly's, Kevin asked Laura to marry him, but she didn't take him seriously. Kevin assured her that he had meant it; he wanted her to be his wife because he wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with her. Laura was shocked that he'd been serious, so he admitted that he'd been thinking about it for months and he'd been tempted to ask her several times during their recent trip to Paris. Laura was confused why he'd chosen Kelly's instead of Paris to propose to her. He explained that he hadn't been able to stand idly by while she feared that things wouldn't get better. He asked her to make him the happiest man alive, but Laura refused to marry him.

Kevin was disappointed. Laura promised him that she wanted the same things that he did, but she didn't want him to propose to her because he wanted to distract her from what was going on with Valentin. Kevin assured Laura that wasn't why he had proposed -- it had been a bonus. Laura insisted that she didn't want the proposal to be about Valentin. She wanted the fairytale. Kevin smiled with understanding, but he asked if she would say yes. Laura explained that she couldn't give him an answer because it would defeat the purpose of the romantic proposal with him on bended knee. Kevin assured her that she would get the fairytale, but it would cost her because she wouldn't know when or where he would propose. He was confident that she would suffer being on pins and needles.

Laura chuckled and accused Kevin of being a "cruel, cruel" man, but he preferred the term, "evil genius." Laura laughed. Kevin gazed adoringly at her and told her that he was completely in love with her. Laura kissed him.

At Ava's apartment, Ava booked a flight to Paris then ended the call. She read Spencer's text message thanking her for helping him get justice for his father. She apologized to Spencer then put the phone down when someone knocked on the door. It was Griffin. Griffin explained that he needed to see her. Ava invited him inside and offered him a drink, but he declined because it was too early for him. Ava made a martini then asked him what was troubling him.

Griffin told Ava that he had a lot on his mind and needed someone to talk to, but Ava was surprised that he had turned to her. Griffin admitted that he appreciated her friendship, and she had a way of cutting through the garbage. Ava was stunned when Griffin revealed that he'd been given a choice to either resign from the clergy or to leave his life in Port Charles behind. She was curious what he intended to do, so Griffin confided that he barely recognized the life he'd had in the church, but the priesthood had been his calling. Ava thought it sounded like Griffin had already made up his mind, and she wasn't certain why he had turned to her for help. Griffin reached for her hand, but Ava jerked away and angrily told him to "go to hell."

Griffin was taken aback by Ava's reaction, but she accused him of being cruel. She reminded him that he'd told her that he could never have feelings for her because he was married to the church, but then he had turned up on her doorstep, touched her hand, stared into her eyes, and asked if he should leave or stay. "What kind of game is that?" she asked as tears shimmered in her eyes. Griffin apologized, but Ava was tired of his apologies because he never meant to do anything. Ava suspected that he had stopped by because he had hoped that she would throw herself at him again. She was certain that he needed her to be a symbol for what made him question his faith.

Griffin denied it, but Ava argued that he had made her feel that way, even when he had crossed an ocean to save her, but it had been about challenging his faith rather than rescuing her. She refused to be an obstacle for him to overcome then informed him that she had decided to leave Port Charles. Griffin was shocked, but she ignored him as she dragged her suitcase to the door and told him about her disastrous day, being shunned by her daughter and confronted by Laura. She assured him that she'd been reminded more than once that she was a horrible person. Griffin walked up behind her and gently rubbed her arms, but she shrugged off his touch and begged him to stop.

Ava was grateful that Griffin had saved her life in Russia, but she recognized that he'd done it to feed his own savior complex. Griffin assured her that she was wrong, but Ava was certain that Griffin was drawn to women who needed salvation because he liked the danger and the thrill of getting close to betraying his vows. However, she was a person with feelings and desires, a person that he wouldn't know what to do with if he had her. Griffin told Ava that she was wrong because he knew what he wanted. Griffin walked up and kissed her passionately. They remained locked in each other's arms as they made their way to the bedroom and made love.

On the next General Hospital...

• Griffin reaches a decision.

• Scott asks if Ava's had company.

• Franco is afraid he'll screw things up.

• Patient 6 continues to watch Sam.

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