Thursday, March 26, 2015

At Metro Court Hotel, Carly and Elizabeth entered Hayden's suite but stopped short when they saw Hayden and Jake kissing. Carly immediately cleared her throat then asked if she and Elizabeth were interrupting. Startled, Hayden jumped back as Jake looked up and saw Elizabeth's hurt expression. Carly quickly introduced herself and added that she owned the hotel, so Hayden wondered if Carly made a habit of barging into the guests' rooms.

Carly admitted she had questions about Hayden's claims that Jake was Hayden's husband, but Hayden was curious why it concerned Carly. Carly explained that Jake was a friend and that he had been through a lot since being struck by an SUV six months earlier. Carly demanded to know where Hayden had been since Jake's alleged disappearance, so Hayden repeated her story about assuming that Jake had walked out on the marriage following a bitter argument during a camping trip. Carly wasn't satisfied, so she insisted Hayden provide proof.

Hayden reached for Jake's hand to show Carly the wedding ring on Jake's finger, but Carly wasn't impressed because it was easy to pick up a wedding band in a store. Hayden revealed she had photographs and medical records, so Elizabeth perked up and asked to review Jake's medical records. Hayden handed the file to Elizabeth, so Elizabeth stepped to the side to quietly review the records.

Meanwhile, Carly continued to question Hayden by demanding definitive proof like fingerprints or DNA. Hayden argued that Jake had never been arrested, and she didn't have any of Jake's DNA. Carly found it convenient that Hayden had neglected to keep a comb or toothbrush that would support Hayden's claims about Jake. Jake asked Carly to back off, but Carly insisted Hayden could be feeding Jake a pack of lies. Carly feared that Hayden intended to pull Jake away from the life he had created in Port Charles for a life that had never existed, so Carly asked if anything about Hayden seemed familiar or triggered a memory.

Jake shook his head as he admitted that nothing about Hayden resonated, but Hayden blamed it on Jake's head injury. Finally, Elizabeth spoke up to reveal that the medical records confirmed Patrick's findings that Jake had undergone brain surgery in the past. Carly wasn't satisfied because brain surgery might not be common but it wasn't unheard of. Elizabeth explained that Jacob Barnes's surgery had been in the same area of the brain that Jake's previous brain surgery had been in.

Jake asked Hayden why he had undergone brain surgery, so Hayden carefully danced around the question by explaining that he had collapsed at work and been rushed to the hospital. Jake was curious what line of work he had been in, so Hayden claimed Jake had worked in construction. Hayden continued her story by explaining that she had been terrified of losing Jake, but he had made it through the surgery and recovered fully. Hayden smiled as she told Jake that she wanted to make up for lost time, but Elizabeth had had enough and ran out of the suite.

Jake quickly chased after Elizabeth, so Hayden tried to follow Jake, but Carly blocked Hayden from leaving. Annoyed, Hayden paced the room as Carly flipped through the pictures of Hayden and "Jake." Hayden was curious why Carly was still there, but Carly wondered how Hayden had been able to afford a suite in Carly's hotel, since Hayden and Jake had been poor. Hayden explained that her friends and family had given her money, but Carly noticed that Hayden seemed to have an answer for everything. Carly reminded Hayden that fraud was a crime, and she vowed to get to the bottom of Hayden's story.

In the hallway, Jake called out to Elizabeth. She stopped, so he approached her and asked if she had intended to leave without saying goodbye. Elizabeth's eyes filled with unshed tears as she quietly admitted that she had hoped she wouldn't have to say goodbye to him. "This is really hard," she added in a choked-up voice. Jake reached for her hands as he assured her that he wasn't going anywhere, but Elizabeth couldn't ignore that he had a wife who loved him. Elizabeth admitted she had realized that Jake might return Hayden's feelings when she had seen him kissing his wife.

Jake clarified that Hayden had kissed him and added that he had felt nothing during the kiss. Jake admitted it was different with Elizabeth, and he kissed her to prove his point. After the passionate kiss ended, he reiterated that he felt nothing for Hayden. However, Elizabeth was a different matter because he had memorized every detail of her face. He was certain he would never feel for Hayden what he felt for Elizabeth, but Elizabeth reminded him that he had once loved Hayden enough to marry her.

Elizabeth insisted Jake owed it to himself to try to get back what he had once had with his wife. Instead, Jake kissed Elizabeth again. Elizabeth's expression clouded with sadness when the kiss ended. Jake watched helplessly as she turned and walked away, ignoring his pleas for her not to leave him.

In Sam's bedroom, Sam told Patrick about Jake's odd remark about there only being one ring. She wondered if Jake had been referring to her wedding ring, but Patrick was curious why she would think that. Sam conceded that it didn't make a lot of sense, but Jake had broken into her home and had stolen one of the figurines she and Jason had exchanged during their first Christmas as husband and wife. She suspected Jake might have seen her wedding ring in the canister while he had been snooping around her bedroom.

Patrick questioned why Jake would mention seeing the ring prior to having brain surgery, but Sam didn't have an answer. Moments later, Danny ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed, nestling between Patrick and Sam. Sam smothered her son with kisses until Danny pulled away and asked if Patrick was his new daddy. Sam gently reminded Danny that Danny only had one father, who watched over Danny from heaven. However, she admitted that Patrick was a special friend.

Patrick added that he would never want to replace Danny's father, but he would like to be Danny's best friend. Satisfied, Danny happily agreed, so Patrick and Danny exchanged high-fives and fist bumps.

Later, Sam returned to the bedroom after taking Danny to the kitchen to have breakfast with Molly. Sam apologized for her son putting Patrick on the spot earlier, but Patrick assured Sam that it was fine. Patrick promised to respect Jason's place in Danny's life, but he reiterated his desire for Sam and Danny to move in with him and Emma. Sam smiled but insisted she needed more time to think it over. Patrick promised not to pressure her then shifted gears to advise her not to fret about Jake and the ring.

In the courtroom, Franco rambled until the judge decided he was too mentally unstable to stand trial. However, the prosecutor requested that Scott Baldwin take the stand. The judge agreed, so Scott was sworn in. Franco nervously muttered to himself then continued his act by claiming he wanted to get Scott's autograph because Scott was a Baldwin brother. Franco's attorney warned Franco to behave, so Franco quieted down as the prosecutor invited Scott to give the statement that Scott had prepared.

Scott revealed that he had visited Franco at Shadybrook the previous day. At first, Scott had feared his son had been in bad shape, but Franco had confessed to injecting himself with an overdose of LSD in a desperate attempt to stay out of Pentonville. "Oh, crap," Franco muttered as Scott went on to reveal that Franco had quickly recovered from the LSD injection and had been faking a mental breakdown. Desperate, Franco tried to make a scene by accusing Scott of having a hearing problem, but Scott warned Franco that it was time to "pony up" because there were no free rides in life.

Franco begged his attorney to stop Scott from testifying, but Franco's attorney explained it was impossible because Scott was the district attorney. On the stand, Scott conceded that Franco was his son, but Scott had an obligation as a public official. The judge decided that Franco should stand trial, but Franco's attorney objected because there was documented proof of Franco's reaction to the LSD injection.

Meanwhile, Franco accused Scott of being a traitor as Scott took a seat behind Franco. Franco was disappointed because he had thought his father had had his back, so Scott carefully reminded Franco that Franco's young attorney had a reputation for being a shark. Scott suggested Franco's attorney could argue that Shawn had helped Heather escape from Ferncliff and that Heather had technically kidnapped Shawn, Jordan, and Carly. Scott added that Franco's attorney could also claim that Franco hadn't known Nina had kidnapped the baby until Franco and Nina had ended up in Canada.

Scott pointed out that the United States didn't have jurisdiction in Canada, so Scott would be forced to drop all the charges relating to Ava's baby's abduction. Franco mouthed, "Thank you," to his father. Scott squeezed his son's shoulder and replied, "You're welcome."

In another courtroom, Nina was stunned when Alexis informed the judge that Nina had faked a mental breakdown prior to the previous hearing. The judge was curious why Nina would do that, but Nina quietly warned Alexis not to explain because Nina was protected by attorney/client privilege. Alexis argued that it was Alexis' responsibility to give Nina the best defense possible, so Alexis was obligated to save Nina's life, whether Nina liked it or not.

The judge demanded an answer. Alexis revealed that Nina had wanted to remain in Shadybrook because Nina had been thinking with her heart. However, Alexis wanted the judge to uphold the original release agreement because Nina could be a productive member of society. The judge decided to take a minute to deliberate, but Nina asked for a moment of the judge's time. Alexis reminded Nina that Alexis had been doing her job, but Nina argued that Alexis hadn't given Nina any choice except to fake another breakdown.

The judge agreed to hear what Nina had to say, so Nina was permitted to take the stand. Nina started to explain that she had taken the baby because the baby belonged to Nina and Silas, but Franco suddenly entered the courtroom. Franco apologized for disrupting the proceedings then pointedly explained that he was simply a man who'd had all the charges against him dropped and wanted to observe the hearing. Nina realized Franco was a free man, so she apologized to the judge for taking Ava's daughter and admitted that she had suffered a complete breakdown. Nina credited the doctors at Shadybrook with helping her face reality.

Nina was elated when the judge agreed to honor the original terms of Nina's release. After the judge left the courtroom, Nina ran into Franco's waiting arms.

At Kelly's, Dante was about to enter the diner when Lulu called out to him. Dante turned to greet his wife with a warm hug and kiss. However, he was disappointed that Lulu hadn't called him before leaving town with Tracy to chase down a lead. Lulu admitted that she hadn't wanted to pull him off the search for her father then asked if there had been any new developments. Dante confessed that the lead in Switzerland hadn't panned out because it hadn't been Luke using the passport with one of Luke's aliases. Disappointed, Lulu realized her father had hired a decoy.

Inside Kelly's, Ric was stunned when Pete, the man he had hired to pose as Jake in photographs with Hayden, sat down at his table. Ric demanded to know what Pete was doing there, so Pete explained he had heard the BLTs at Kelly's were great. Ric growled that he and Pete couldn't be seen together, but Pete was unconcerned. Ric panicked when he saw Dante and Lulu approach the door, so he hustled Pete out the back door of the diner.

Lulu frowned as she and Dante entered Kelly's. She was curious if the man fleeing out the back had been Ric. Dante confirmed that it had been, but he guided Lulu to a table so they could talk about Lulu and Tracy's trip.

In the back alley, Ric reminded Pete that Pete was supposed to have left town. Pete argued that he had business to discuss with Ric, but Ric was livid that Pete hadn't held up Pete's end the bargain. Ric explained that he had paid Pete a considerable amount of money to disappear, but Pete revealed that he wanted more. Ric warned Pete that Pete was out of his league, but Pete accused Ric of committing identity theft by trying to convince "some poor bastard" that he was someone he was not and that he married to Hayden.

Ric was curious how much it would cost to make Pete go away. Pete wondered how much Elizabeth was worth to Ric because Pete knew Ric's charade was a desperate attempt to drive Jake away from Elizabeth to free Elizabeth up for Ric. Pete vowed to tell Elizabeth everything if Ric failed to pay up, so Ric offered Pete an additional $10,000. Satisfied, Pete accepted, but Ric made it clear Pete was to leave town. "We'll see," Pete replied as he sauntered off.

Inside Kelly's, Lulu told Dante that her aunt, Patricia Spencer, had passed away. Lulu was disappointed that she wouldn't be able to get the answers needed to help Luke, but she was happy to have met her cousin, Valerie. Lulu confessed that Valerie had seemed nice but overwhelmed by Lulu and Tracy's visit. Lulu continued to tell him about the visit then mentioned the loud noise Lulu and Tracy had heard inside Valerie's apartment. Lulu confessed that Tracy hadn't believed Valerie's claim that the noise had been Valerie's cat.

Intrigued, Dante wondered if perhaps Tracy had been right. He suggested that Luke might have made the noise. Lulu decided to call to check on her cousin, but the phone kept ringing. Lulu became concerned because she found it odd that Valerie's answering machine hadn't picked up. Dante decided that he and Lulu should pay Valerie a visit.

In Pennsylvania, Luke entered his niece's living room with two plates of scrambled eggs. Luke began to eat as Valerie quietly wept while bound to a chair with duct tape covering her mouth. Luke explained that he had been forced to tie her up because he couldn't afford to have her alerting the authorities of his whereabouts until she told him where his sister, Patricia, was.

However, Luke conceded that Valerie would need to keep her strength up, so he removed the duct tape to feed her scrambled eggs. Valerie seized the opportunity to bite down on her uncle's wrist. Furious, Luke jerked away and refused to feed her another bite. Valerie accused her uncle of being a "psycho" for terrorizing her with a gun and holding her hostage, but Luke was unmoved by her plight because he fully intended to carry out his threats if she refused to cooperate.

Valerie carefully worked to loosen the knot in the rope binding her wrists behind her back as she insisted her mother was dead. Luke didn't believe Valerie, so Valerie wondered what Luke wanted with her mother. Luke explained that it didn't concern her, but Valerie suspected her mother knew something about Luke that he didn't want anyone to find out. Luke noticed Valerie had talked about her mother in the present tense, so he knew Patricia was alive. "Fine, you got me," Valerie said as the knot fell away.

Valerie wondered if Luke was proud of himself for forcing her to betray her mother for a "lunatic." Luke ignored the insult as he demanded to know where his sister was, but Valerie refused to tell him. Valerie was certain Luke intended to kill Patricia to keep buried whatever childhood secret Luke was desperate to hide from Lulu and Tracy. Luke realized Valerie wouldn't cooperate, which meant she was no longer of any use to him. Valerie was shocked that Luke intended to kill her, so Luke admitted he didn't care about any of his family.

Valerie tearfully begged Luke to spare her life by promising not to tell anyone that he had been there. Luke easily saw through the lie, but he became momentarily distracted when her phone rang. Valerie used the element of surprise by jumping up and knocking her uncle backwards. The gun fell out of Luke's grip as Valerie raced for the phone and answered it with a desperate appeal for help. Luke managed to tear the phone line out of the phone, so Valerie dropped the phone as she spotted the gun on the floor. Both Valerie and Luke lunged for the gun at the same time.

A short time later, Dante and Lulu knocked on Valerie's apartment door. Valerie didn't answer, so Dante pretended to hear something inside the apartment to give him probable cause for entering. Dante drew his gun and opened the door. "Oh, my God," Lulu said as she looked at the living room floor.

. . .

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