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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Elizabeth and Jake arrived at her house, and she remarked that he'd been quiet. He answered that he felt bad for Hayden and that she was in a coma for trying to do right by him. Elizabeth reminded him that even if Hayden woke up, she might not remember what she had planned to tell Jake. Jake informed Elizabeth that someone else knew his real identity, and he hoped that the person would rethink keeping the secret. However, he wasn't sure that he wanted to know who he was.

Elizabeth reminded Jake that he'd said he wanted to let his past go. She suggested that he could "get back to that place," and they could be happy. He didn't think so, and he told her that he would be going to prison. She thought that was because he'd killed Duke, but Jake told her all about his deal to work with Kyle in exchange for his charges being dropped. Elizabeth slammed Kyle for making Jake a target.

Jake continued that he was done working with Kyle, even though it meant no longer being with Elizabeth. She begged him to think of another option, but he told her he'd rather be in jail than make himself, Elizabeth, and her children targets. He revealed that he was going to talk to Kyle the next day, but they still had that night to be together, and they should make the most of it. She looked longingly at the picture of her and Jason then led Jake upstairs.

Patrick sat gloomily on the bed, and Sam wondered if she could do anything for him. He instructed her to ask again after he attempted to shower away the bad feelings associated with a failed surgery. A short while later, Patrick was out of the shower but still depressed. He wished he could have done more for Hayden. He related how sick he was of the mob violence in Port Charles and how it could have easily been Sam who had been hit. He didn't understand how Sam and Jason had lived with Jason's choices. Sam admitted that it had almost been a blessing that Jason had died when he had, because Danny wouldn't have to grieve for his father.

Later, Sam and Patrick were in bed, and she wondered how her newborn brother was doing. She had planned to see him after Duke's funeral, but "something came up." Patrick wondered why she'd been with Jake. She explained that she'd overheard Dante and Nathan discussing the murder case, and she'd wanted to get Jake's side of the story. She'd believed Jake when he'd said he was innocent.

Patrick commented that Jake was still a target, so he wanted her to keep her distance from Jake. He reasoned that they'd just started their life together, and he liked it. He begged her to protect it, and she promised to. He told her that, because of her, his house once again felt like a home.

Sabrina ordered food in Spanish on the phone for herself and Michael. Sabrina thanked him for keeping her company. Michael thought it was looking like Carlos had gotten away from the police. Sabrina wanted to call Anna and ask, but Michael assured her that Anna would update her when Anna wasn't in the middle of an investigation. He urged her to wait until the next morning, and she agreed.

A few minutes later, the food arrived. Sabrina was excited to introduce Michael to Puerto Rican food. Later, the two were done eating, both stuffed. Michael expressed how much he liked her. The two got closer and shared a kiss. Michael pulled away and apologized for "charging full steam ahead" after she'd told him that she wanted to take things slowly. She thanked him for distracting her from thoughts of Carlos. He urged her to call any time if she wanted to talk. They wished each other a "buenos noches" and shared a kiss, and Michael left.

Morgan accused Kiki of still loving Michael, even after Michael had cut them both out of his life. She reminded him of the "huge mistake" they'd made in keeping the secret of Sonny killing A.J. from Michael. The two argued passionately but stopped arguing to kiss passionately. Kiki stopped, citing the fact that Silas could walk in at any minute. Morgan picked her up and carried her to her room. The two undressed each other and made love.

Later, Kiki and Morgan were in bed together, and Morgan suggested that they should fight more. She disagreed because he'd been "nasty" to her. He wondered if she really blamed him for losing Avery. She admitted that she blamed herself. She felt guilty, and she'd taken it out on Morgan. She remarked that she'd needed to "blow off some steam," and he asked if that was all their time together had been. He wondered what their status was.

Morgan continued that he'd been sending Kiki signals ever since he'd kissed her at the hospital, right after he'd found out that Avery wasn't his daughter. After they'd kissed at the Metro Court, his feelings for her had returned full force. He proposed getting back together. Kiki thought they were in a good place after all they'd been through, and she didn't want to ruin the relationship with her "best friend." He was honored that she thought of him as her best friend, but she teased that she didn't have many friends to begin with.

Morgan told Kiki that he was willing to take the chance if she was. "Yes," she said. He promised to be better "this time around," and she promised the same. He joked that they should "seal it with a fight." She proposed that they skip "straight to the good stuff" and kissed Morgan.

Alexis turned to leave Julian's apartment, but he begged her not to go. He didn't want to be alone, thinking about all his dreams for his son, after learning that his son had died. Alexis reminded Julian that Duke had had a life, family, and dreams, and he was dead because of Julian. He blocked her from the door and told her that he needed her to stay, even if having her in his life cost the business that had "cursed" his life. He told a surprised Alexis that he was done with organized crime.

Alexis expressed her sorrow over the death of Julian's son, but she asked Julian to let her go. "Screw the business," Julian said. He didn't want to lose any more family, so he vowed to leave the business. Alexis skeptically asked if he was going to let Sonny have all the power. Julian claimed that he didn't want the power. He warned her that his exit wouldn't be fast or easy, but it would be final.

Julian again implored Alexis to stay with him. Alexis told him that she couldn't fall for his lies again because it would "break me and us." She tearfully told him that they would never get back what they had if she believed his lies again. He swore on his son's memory that he was leaving the business. She confessed that she believed him. "Enough to stay?" he wondered. "Enough to stay," she confirmed, and she hugged him.

Back at the Metro Court, Kyle made himself and Anna drinks. Anna reasoned that she should be "used to people leaving, especially Duke." She remarked that Kyle was "in it almost as deep as me." He reminded her that she'd done what she'd done for love. She wondered why he'd helped her. He confided that he'd put himself in her position, and he'd realized that he would have done the exact same thing she had.

Anna observed that she'd turned into "the kind of person I've set out to destroy" -- people like Sonny, Julian, and Carlos, who took the law into their own hands. Anna related that, although Jake had been her "savior" that night, his good deeds didn't excuse his treatment of Jake, who'd almost been killed. She related that she was lucky Jordan hadn't been killed.

Kyle wondered if he could get anything for Anna, but she replied that he'd already gone "above and beyond" for her. However, she had one more favor to ask him. She wanted him to release a statement announcing that he'd found evidence exonerating Jake in Duke's murder. He reminded her that the investigation could lead to her. She revealed that she was ready to take responsibility for her actions. He didn't want her to go to prison, but she didn't want Jake to be killed "on my watch," and especially not in Duke's name.

Anna instructed Kyle to pull Jake out of his assignment, but Kyle told her it was his only chance of "nailing" Julian. She said she wasn't afraid to go to jail, and she didn't really care much about what happened to her, since Duke was dead. Kyle advised her that things would slowly but surely get better and that she would once again find happiness. She didn't believe him, citing that she would never see Duke again.

Kyle assured Anna that everything would be all right and told her that she needed to sleep. He offered to help her to the bed, but she refused to take another step. She curled up in a ball on the couch, and Kyle covered her with his jacket. As he turned off the light, Anna tearfully told him that she saw Duke every time she closed her eyes. Kyle reminded her that, in that case, seeing Duke would give her "sweet dreams."

. . .

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