Thursday, August 27, 2015

Maxie arrived on the Haunted Star to meet Dillon, but she became annoyed when she realized that he wasn't there. Moments later, Dillon entered. Maxie immediately berated him for being late, but he insisted that he had been on time. Maxie argued that being on time was the same as being late because she was a professional who had a tight schedule. "Doing what?" Dillon asked. Unfazed, she explained that she would have been happy to tell him if he hadn't been late.

Maxie cut to the chase by asking why Dillon had wanted to see her. However, she didn't give him an opportunity to explain as she began to send text messages and make phone calls. Eventually, Dillon snatched her phone out of her hand because she had wasted fifteen minutes of his time, "playing" on her phone. Maxie threatened to leave, but Dillon admitted that she had reminded him of all the reasons he hadn't wanted to work with her. Maxie's temper flared as she accused him of being the same selfish person he had always been.

Maxie lectured Dillon about cheating on Georgie with Lulu and not returning to town for Georgie's funeral. She was surprised when Dillon agreed with her assessment of him. He promised that he had loved Georgie, but he hadn't known how to deal with her death, so he had buried himself in his work. Maxie's anger quickly evaporated when she heard the sincerity in Dillon's voice. She realized that Georgie would want Maxie and Dillon to help each other, and she invited Dillon to explain why he had called.

Dillon was curious what Maxie knew about costume design because he needed someone to help him clothe the actors in a way that would allow the characters, not the clothes, to define his movie. Dillon told Maxie about the character of Marjorie, whom he described as "effortlessly stylish," but Maxie warned him that it would cost a lot of money to achieve that look. Dillon explained that he had very little money for the wardrobe's budget. Maxie decided to give a friend a call. Dillon was leery about hiring someone else, but Maxie assured him that "Reeves" would be perfect because Reeves had great fashion sense and experience working with a small budget for independent films.

Maxie appreciated that the movie was important to Dillon. She wanted to help him because she knew it was what Georgie would have wanted. Dillon thanked Maxie, and she promised to call when he heard back from Reeves.

At Greystone Manor, Carly entered the living room in a cheerful mood because she only had a few loose ends to tie up before she was officially ready to marry Sonny. Sonny was glad to hear it because it had taken too long to get the wedding off the ground. Surprised, Carly asked what he was talking about; she found it hard to believe how quickly she had pulled everything together. Sonny remarked that, lately, a lot of things had been hard to believe.

Sonny opened up about his visit with Ava, but Carly was curious why Sonny had even bothered to talk to Ava. Sonny explained that he had done it for Connie because he wanted Ava to know that he intended to see things through to the end to ensure that Ava paid for Connie's senseless murder. Carly realized that Sonny had done it for closure, but he insisted that he would not have that until Ava was convicted and sent to prison. Carly assured Sonny that it would happen, but he had his doubts because Ava had indicated that she had a few tricks up her sleeve. Carly was certain that Ava had been bluffing because the police had a recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder.

Sonny revealed how he had made it clear that Ava would never be a part of Avery's life and that Carly would be Avery's new mother. Carly smiled, but she worried that Ava might try to sink her claws into Morgan as payback. Sonny pointed out that Carly had just reminded him that Ava was headed to jail for life. Carly continued to have reservations about Morgan because she suspected that Morgan and Ava's relationship had gone much deeper than either Sonny or Carly was willing to admit.

Sonny assured Carly that Morgan's love for Ava had died when Ava had lied to Morgan about being Denise. Carly remained uneasy because it would be incredibly easy for Ava to win back Morgan. Sonny reminded Carly that Morgan had been torn up the previous night because of Ava's lies, but Carly argued that Morgan had been impulsive in recent months. She worried that Ava would find a way to turn things around with a few clever lies that would sway Morgan. Sonny explained that it wouldn't matter, since Ava would spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Carly argued that Morgan's erratic and volatile behavior was another concern, but Sonny knew Carly was hinting that their son suffered from bipolar disorder. He reminded Carly that they didn't know anything for certain, but Carly countered that they both knew it was possible. Carly insisted that they needed to get Morgan help sooner rather than later because the longer they waited, the worse things might get for Morgan. Carly knew that Sonny was reluctant to talk about it, but she was adamant that they owed it to Morgan to help him.

Meanwhile, Morgan paid Ava a visit at the police station's lockup. His anger was palpable as he told Ava that she might as well be a stranger to him because he had no idea who she really was. Ava conceded that he had a right to be angry, but if he looked closely, he would see that she was the same person she had always been. "Like the same person who killed Connie?" Morgan asked. Ava resented the question, but Morgan didn't care.

Morgan accused Ava of playing him as she had everyone else, but she promised that she had never intended to hurt him. Morgan's temper rose as he reminded Ava that she had known he had been falling for her all over again from the moment he had laid eyes on her as Denise. He suspected that she had laughed at what a fool he had been, but Ava insisted that she loved him. Morgan didn't believe her, otherwise she would have told him the truth. Ava admitted that she hadn't been able to risk Morgan letting her secret slip.

Morgan denied that he would have betrayed Ava's secret, but she argued that he had sent Sonny to the brownstone when she had been pregnant with Avery. Morgan explained that it had been weeks before the baby's due date, so he had assumed that he'd have time to persuade Sonny to spare Ava's life. Morgan assured Ava that he had always wondered how things might have been different if he hadn't told his father. Ava reiterated that she loved Morgan, but she hadn't been able to fully trust him.

Morgan was hurt by Ava's deception, but she was certain that Morgan had known deep down inside that she had been Ava when they had made love. Ava believed they had been fated for each other because their love had survived Sonny's wrath and her death, so all Morgan had to do was reach out to her. Morgan explained that it was impossible because whatever they had once shared had been over the moment Ava had been exposed as Connie's killer. He also pointed out that she was fated to spend the rest of her life in jail, but Ava disagreed.

Morgan wondered what Ava thought would happen if she somehow managed to get away with Connie's murder. He reminded Ava that he was with Kiki, but Ava argued that Morgan and Ava's bond was stronger. Morgan asked Ava to stop because what he had with Kiki was real. He warned her not to tell Kiki about their recent affair, but Ava insisted that she loved him. Morgan explained that he couldn't hurt Kiki, so he begged Ava to let it go for her daughter's sake.

In another area of lockup, Kiki folded her arms and tapped her foot as she watched Franco pace in his jail cell. She was curious where his "homicidal" girlfriend was, so Franco stopped to clarify that Nina hadn't killed Silas. However, he added that Nina had been taken to her arraignment. Kiki wondered why Franco couldn't see Nina for who she really was. Kiki reminded him that Nina had nearly killed Avery and had murdered Silas, but Franco explained that he loved Nina. He promised that Nina wasn't the monster Kiki believed she was.

Kiki knew Franco had perjured himself to protect Nina, but the picture of Nina with the murder weapon in hand proved that Nina had killed Silas. Franco explained that Nina had been devastated when she had found Silas, so she had pulled the knife out of Silas' back in an effort to save him. Kiki was skeptical, but Franco was adamant that Nina hadn't killed Silas. He warned Kiki that nothing she said would change his mind, so Kiki shifted gears to ask how Franco had been able to look at her, knowing that Ava was alive.

Franco's expression clouded with guilt, but Kiki demanded to know how long he had known the truth about Ava. Franco admitted that he had found out on the Fourth of July because Ava had needed his help. Franco told Kiki about Ava's request for Franco to slip into his father's office to steal the incriminating recording of Ava's confession. However, Franco hadn't had the opportunity because Silas had entered Scott's office, intending to confess to Avery's kidnapping.

Surprised, Kiki was curious what had stopped her father. Franco recalled his admission to Ava that he had told Silas about Ava and Morgan's affair, but he opted to tell Kiki that Scott hadn't been in the office. Kiki suddenly realized that Silas had wanted to confess the whole truth to her first. Franco was prepared to let Kiki believe that was all Silas had intended to tell her until she mentioned sharing the news with Morgan.

Franco quietly admitted that there had been more that Silas had wanted to tell Kiki, so she asked Franco to elaborate. Franco warned her that it would hurt her, but Kiki didn't care because she needed answers. Franco gently revealed that Ava had lied then added that it was about Morgan.

Outside of Ric's office, Julian eavesdropped as Ric took a call from Mayor Lomax. Ric assured the mayor that he would not allow his relationship with Nina to cloud his judgment, so he had assigned his best assistant district attorney to prosecute his wife's case. Ric vowed to focus on important matters like convicting Julian and Ava.

Julian recalled how Ava had tried to persuade him to steal the recording of her confession from the district attorney's office so Julian and Ava could join forces to take Sonny down for good and reclaim their territory. Meanwhile, Ric promised the mayor that by the time Ric was done, there wouldn't be anyone left in Port Charles to prosecute. Julian decided to make his presence known by knocking on the door then entering the office. Ric quickly wrapped up the call so he could deal with Julian.

Ric explained that it was inappropriate for Julian to be in his office without an attorney present, since Ric was prosecuting Julian for hijacking Sonny's shipments. Julian accused Ric of doing Sonny's dirty work. Ric decided to close the door to ask if Julian were implying that Ric would use his position as district attorney to help Sonny. Julian was certain of it, but Ric insisted that he had enough evidence against Julian to send Julian to jail. Ric was also confident with his case against Ava, since she had made a full confession.

Ric explained that pleasing Sonny would merely be an added bonus. Julian threatened to use his media resources to discredit Ric's reputation and go after everyone close to Ric. Ric smiled because he doubted Julian would risk infuriating Alexis by smearing Molly in the newspaper. Ric became distracted when he received a text message from Madeline, reminding him to get the legal papers from Nathan for Nina to sign after the arraignment. Ric announced that he had to go, so he hustled Julian to the door.

Julian carefully used his foot to keep the door from closing as Ric pulled it shut on the way out. Once Julian was certain that Ric had left, Julian slipped back into the office to look for the recording.

Meanwhile, Jordan entered the squad room to ask for an update on Silas' murder. She pointed out that they had three suspects in custody, and she needed to know which one had killed Silas. Dante admitted that none of them had killed Silas, but Nathan added that he might have found the real killer.

Later, Jordan agreed that Nathan and Dante had a compelling case because their suspect had had sufficient motive, the means, and ample opportunity to kill Silas. She warned her detectives that there would be major fallout if they were right, and she wanted Nathan and Dante to be certain before they made an arrest. Dante explained that they needed her permission to dig around for additional proof. Jordan agreed, and the detectives went to work.

After Dante wrapped up a phone call, Nathan returned to announce that everything was ready on his end. Moments later, Ric walked in under the guise of checking on Nathan. Ric quickly seized the opportunity to claim that Madeline had asked Ric to pick up some legal papers that had been among Nina's things at Shadybrook. Nathan explained that he couldn't give Ric the documents but added that Dante had something for Ric.

Ric was stunned when Dante slapped a pair of handcuffs on Ric and announced that Ric was under arrest for Silas Clay's murder. Ric immediately objected because they had three viable suspects in custody for the murder, but Nathan and Dante ignored Ric's protests as Dante recited Ric's Miranda rights and marched Ric into the interrogation room. Ric sputtered with outrage and threatened to have Nathan and Dante fired, but the detectives weren't intimidated.

Ric insisted that he had barely known Silas, so Ric refused to answer questions until his attorney arrived. Dante suggested that Ric listen to what Nathan and Dante had to say.

In Ric's office, Julian continued to search for the recording of Ava's confession when he heard approaching footsteps. He quickly grabbed a magazine then perched himself on the edge of the desk to make it appear that he had been casually skimming through the magazine. Seconds later, Jordan entered the office. Surprised, Jordan asked what he was doing in Ric's office. Julian explained that he had wanted to give Ric an opportunity to recuse himself from prosecuting both Julian and Ava.

Jordan ordered Julian to leave the office, but Julian argued that it wasn't her place, since it wasn't her office. Jordan revealed that the office was being closed to collect evidence, but she refused to elaborate. Julian hid his frustration as he was forced to leave.

. . .

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