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Thursday, June 22, 2017

In Kelly's courtyard, Laura called out to Molly as Molly was about to enter the restaurant and asked if Molly had seen Spencer. Laura and Kevin were relieved when Molly admitted that she'd seen Spencer a few minutes earlier when he'd gotten into an Uber. Alarmed, Laura wondered if Molly had any idea where Spencer had been headed, so Molly explained that Spencer had mentioned securing his family legacy and vowing not to let the "flashbulbs of Crimson" cast a shadow on his mission. Kevin realized that Spencer had gone to see Nina.

At Crimson, Spencer accused Nina of trying to steal his birthright. Nina recognized Spencer from pictures she'd seen and assured him that he was wrong. Spencer wondered if she denied assuming control of his childhood home, which had been passed to Spencer when his father had died. Spencer insisted that Wyndemere belonged to him, and he didn't care what Nina, Valentin, or the law had to say about it. Nina walked over to Spencer, crouched to look him in the eye, and offered him reassurance. She knew everything had been confusing because of Valentin's arrest, but she promised that Spencer had no reason to worry.

Frustrated, Spencer explained that Wyndemere was the only home he'd ever known, and he resented Nina trying to diminish its importance. Nina invited Spencer to sit so they could talk. She took a seat across from him as she acknowledged that Valentin was out of the country, but Spencer clarified that his great-uncle was awaiting trial for crimes "too horrible to contemplate." Spencer was certain that Valentin would be convicted because Valentin was "completely and utterly" guilty. Nina refrained from commenting about Valentin's fate, but she explained that all his assets and holdings would be put in trust for Charlotte.

Spencer was furious and accused his cousin of being a "diminutive gold-digger" who mistakenly thought she could steal what rightfully belonged to him. He pulled out his phone and began to type. Worried, Nina asked what he was doing. Spencer revealed that he intended to fly to the Netherlands to speak to Valentin in person because Valentin had taken something precious from Spencer -- and he needed to pay. Nina assumed Spencer was referring to Wyndemere, but Spencer angrily reminded Nina that Valentin had murdered Spencer's father.

Nina's eyes filled with sadness as she told Spencer that she knew he missed Nikolas, but Spencer's voice cracked with emotion as he told her that he missed his father every single day -- every moment -- of his life, and it was because of Valentin that Nikolas was gone. Nina was shaken as Spencer began to sob. She wrapped her arms around him and held him as he wept on her shoulder. Seconds later, Laura and Kevin arrived.

Spencer straightened when he heard his grandmother call out his name. Spencer pretended to be pleasantly surprised to see his grandmother, but she was not amused because she'd been worried sick about him. Laura scolded Spencer for acting like rules didn't apply to him then demanded that he hand over his cell phone. Spencer reluctantly complied as Laura told him that a cell phone was a privilege that he would have to earn. Laura promised Spencer he could have the phone when she saw significant improvement in his behavior.

Laura was pleased when Spencer apologized, but she wanted him to apologize to Kevin and Nina too. Laura pointed out that Nina was an adult, and she deserved to be treated with courtesy and respect. Spencer dutifully apologized. Kevin accepted the apology, but he asked Spencer to be more considerate of his grandmother. Nina also accepted Spencer's apology because she knew how much he missed his father. Nina hoped that, in time, the loss would hurt less for Spencer.

After Laura took Spencer to the reception area for a private word, Nina asked Kevin if she was a coward for running out on Valentin when he had needed her most. Kevin reminded her that -- at the very least -- Valentin had lied by omission when he'd married Nina because he'd never told her about the Chimera. Nina argued that Valentin had warned her that his past had been far from spotless, but Kevin explained that dropping vague hints was a far cry from making a full disclosure. According to Kevin, if Nina had married Valentin, knowing that he had committed an act of espionage that might eventually lead to an arrest, then Nina might be accused of abandoning Valentin. However, Valentin had gambled that his past wouldn't catch up with him, and he'd lost.

In the reception area, Spencer told Laura that he missed his father. Laura empathized because she missed Nikolas too. She also assured Spencer that she wanted Valentin to pay for what he'd done to Nikolas, but they had to follow the law. "The law," Spencer said as an idea struck. He announced that he knew exactly what to do then asked for his phone. Laura refused, but Spencer assured her that she could listen in on the phone call.

Kevin and Nina entered the reception area, prompting Spencer to appeal to them for a phone, but Laura warned Spencer that he could not use a phone until he told her what he was up to. Spencer revealed that he wanted to hire an attorney, but Laura needed more information. Spencer glanced at Nina then told Laura that he couldn't reveal all his secrets, but Laura wanted an answer. "Let's just say that Valentin's not going to know what hit him," Spencer answered with smug satisfaction.

At Kelly's, Stella stood in the doorway and smiled when she saw Molly fussing over T.J. at the counter about a smudge on T.J.'s shirt. After T.J. disappeared into the kitchen, Stella approached Molly and mentioned that she'd seen Molly with T.J. Molly realized who Stella was and introduced herself as the person who had answered the phone the previous evening when Stella had called T.J. Stella was curious if Molly was T.J.'s roommate, so Molly revealed that she was T.J.'s roommate -- and his girlfriend.

Molly worried that Stella might have an objection to T.J. dating her, but Stella was happy to meet Molly. Stella acknowledged that times were different from when she'd been a girl, but Stella liked to think that things had changed for the better. Stella assured Molly that she only cared about T.J.'s happiness then added that it was clear that Molly cared about T.J. Molly smiled with relief when Stella admitted that she looked forward to getting to know Molly better. As Stella and Molly chatted, Stella mentioned missing out on a big part of T.J.'s life because of their complicated family history.

Molly assumed that Stella had been referring to Shawn. Stella was surprised that Molly knew about Shawn, but Molly explained that she'd been dating T.J. for a while, so Molly had been there when T.J. had learned the truth. Molly acknowledged that it had been a shock to T.J., and she suspected that he was still trying to make peace with things because he had never expected to find out that Shawn Butler was his biological father. Stella hid her shock as Molly told her that T.J. and Shawn had forged a relationship, but Molly was certain that T.J. still considered Thomas his real father.

Stella conceded that Thomas had been a good man, and he had loved T.J. with all his heart. Seconds later, T.J. walked out and was surprised when he saw his great-aunt. T.J. wondered how long Stella had been there. "Long enough," Stella carefully answered. T.J. started to introduce Stella to Molly, but Stella admitted that she and Molly had already spent time, getting to know each other. Molly noticed the time and announced that she had to leave.

After Molly left, Stella admitted that she liked Molly because Molly was honest and forthcoming, which was important because she wanted T.J. to be with someone he could love and trust. T.J. sensed that something was troubling Stella and asked her about it. He was floored when Stella revealed that Molly had told her the truth, but she rushed to assure T.J. that Molly hadn't realized that no one had bothered to tell Stella that Shawn was T.J.'s biological father. T.J. tried to explain things to his aunt, but Stella was furious and blamed Jordan for spinning things to make Jordan look innocent. However, Stella insisted that Jordan needed to answer for the infidelity and for the damage she had inflicted on Thomas' family.

Meanwhile, Jordan stopped by Curtis' apartment to talk to him about their relationship. She explained that she'd been up most of the night, trying to figure things out, and she had decided it would be best if she and Curtis slowed things down while Stella was in town. Curtis had a bad feeling that Jordan's decision stemmed from her fears about their relationship. He reminded her that it had been like pulling teeth for her to admit that she had feelings for him. Curtis suspected that Stella's appearance had stirred up unresolved feelings inside Jordan, but Jordan argued that they'd been too optimistic about their future as a couple.

Curtis didn't think that Jordan had given their relationship enough time, but she felt things were too complicated between them, which would doom them. Curtis knew that Thomas' death had weighed heavily on Jordan because it had weighed heavily on Curtis too. He admitted that he still struggled with the guilt he felt over his role in his brother's death, but Curtis and Jordan had to move on. Jordan explained that she felt selfish because she had lied and cheated on her husband, which had ultimately led to Thomas' death. Curtis reminded Jordan that she had to move forward because the alternative was to move backwards and live a life filled with regrets, which wouldn't honor his brother's memory.

Curtis was certain his brother would want Curtis and Jordan to be happy, even if they found happiness with each other. Jordan worried that she and Curtis could never be truly happy, but Curtis reached for her and promised to fix things. Curtis kissed Jordan, but she pulled away and told him that she had to get to work. Curtis asked her to meet him later, but she didn't think it would be a good idea. She marched to the door but stopped in the doorway to look back at him. A moment later, Jordan ran into his arms and kissed him passionately. After the kiss ended, Jordan left with a smile on her face.

A short time later, T.J. stopped by looking for Jordan, but Curtis picked up on T.J.'s sense of urgency and asked what was going on. T.J. became increasingly agitated as he explained that it was imperative that he find his mother, but Curtis continued to ask questions until he realized that it had something to do with Stella. T.J. reluctantly revealed that Stella had learned the truth about T.J.'s biological father.

At the police station, Jordan arrived as Stella asked for her at the front desk. The police officer asked for Stella's name. "Stella Henry," Stella supplied. Jordan spoke up from behind Stella to ask why Stella was there. Stella glared at Jordan as she snidely told Jordan that she had wanted to see Jordan in action, giving orders to her officers, inspiring loyalty among her subordinates, and bending people to her will. Stella conceded that Jordan excelled at that, but Jordan had no idea what Stella was talking about and suggested they reschedule the visit in a couple of days.

"Not a couple of days, honey. Now," Stella warned Jordan. Jordan assumed that Stella wanted to express her disapproval over Jordan's relationship with Curtis, but Stella angrily accused Jordan of having no shame. Several police officers gathered as Jordan tried to tactfully suggest she and Stella go elsewhere, but Stella didn't care about their audience. Stella admitted that she had always wondered how Jordan had managed to quickly rise through the ranks to land a job as police commissioner. Stella's tone was heavy with innuendo as she suggested that Thomas might have had an idea.

"You are nothing but a faithless whore," Stella yelled as everyone in the squad room stared in shock at Jordan. Jordan ordered Stella to leave, but Stella refused to budge until she'd had her say. Stella was furious that Jordan had not only broken her vows and dishonored Thomas, but Jordan had also passed off Shawn Butler's child as Thomas'.

At Jason and Sam's penthouse, Sam insisted on accompanying Jason to Sonny's island to warn Sonny about Garvey's deadly intentions. Jason assured Sam that he would be back by the end of the day, but Sam refused to let Jason out of her sight. Concerned, Jason asked Sam what was really going on. Sam sighed with resignation then told Jason that she'd been having "episodes" where a part of her -- in the back of her mind -- kept warning her that he was in danger. Sam's eyes filled with tears, but Jason promised her that he was not in danger or taking any risks that she was unaware of. Sam knew her fears sounded silly, especially since everything was great between them.

Sam promised Jason that she was trying to let herself enjoy their life, but she couldn't stop feeling anxious. Jason thanked Sam for letting him know what was going on. He held his wife as she tried to relax. A short time later, Jason let Sam know that he hadn't been able to reach Sonny. He suspected that cell phone reception was down because of the storm on the island. Sam assured Jason that he could go to the island, but he was reluctant to leave Sam, knowing that she was uneasy about it. Sam promised that she was okay because Sonny was their friend, and it was important that Sonny be aware of the danger.

Sam reminded Jason that Molly was expected, so Sam wouldn't be alone. Jason promised to return later that night then left. Sam returned to the living room as she let out a shaky breath. Her expression filled with concern as she slid to the floor and desperately tried to calm herself down. A short time later, Molly arrived with BLTs from Kelly's. Sam remained tense as she invited Molly inside. Molly was curious where Jason was because Molly hoped to persuade Jason to play Scrabble with them. Molly was confident that Jason would eventually develop a fondness for multisyllabic words.

Sam explained that Jason was out of town, but she assured Molly that he would return soon, and there was nothing to worry about. Molly frowned when she noticed that Sam was on the verge of tears. "Why are you worried about it then?" Molly asked with concern. Sam burst into tears as she begged Molly to keep a secret. Molly assured her sister that she would, so Sam told her about the feeling of dread she hadn't been able to shake. Sam confided that she'd had similar feelings in the past on cases right before things went south.

Molly reminded Sam that Sam was essentially a first-time mother because she hadn't raised Danny for the first year of his life. Sam began to relax because she had considered that. Molly suggested that Sam's all-consuming need to protect Scout had spilled over to others, including Jason. Sam appeared to relax at the idea that she was simply projecting. Molly hugged her sister and assured Sam that she loved her.

After Molly left, Sam was resting in a chair when she heard the door open. It was Jason. She ran into his arms, but she frowned when she saw Sonny standing behind him in the hallway. "He's not yours; he's mine," Sonny told her.

In Sonny's bungalow on his island in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Carly confessed that she saw Morgan everywhere on the island, and it reminded her of their times together as a family. She realized that no matter how happy they were, bad things could happen, and the moment would be gone forever. Sonny thought they should focus on the present because it might lead to happiness. He leaned close then kissed Carly, but they pulled apart when they heard a knock at the door. It was Felipe Alvaro, the liquor distributor.

Felipe apologized for being late, but Sonny assured the man that it was fine then introduced Felipe to Carly. It didn't escape Carly's notice that Sonny had referred to her as his wife, but she excused herself to change into something more appropriate for a business meeting. After Carly returned and signed the paperwork, Felipe assured Sonny and Carly that there wouldn't be any further issues then left. Carly suggested that she and Sonny drop off the paperwork at the bank then return home, but Sonny insisted the bank was closed, and they couldn't send a copy of the paperwork because the power was out.

After the storm ended and the power remained out, Carly admitted that she had not been impressed with Sonny's expensive generator. Sonny shrugged because power outages drove up revenue, since there was nothing for the resort's guests to do except drink and gamble. Carly liked the sound of that, so Sonny asked if she wanted to go to the casino. Carly declined, but she admitted that she wouldn't object to a private card game and another mojito.

A short time later, Carly was delighted when she beat Sonny at a hand of poker. They enjoyed some lighthearted banter until Sonny mentioned the divorce. He realized his mistake when Carly's smile faded, but she assured him that it was fine. She reminded him that their time on the island would end, and they'd return to Port Charles and their lives. Carly decided to go for a walk to clear her head, but Sonny followed her because he wanted to talk to her. Carly threw open the door but stopped short when she saw a stranger on Sonny's doorstep. It was Garvey.

On the next General Hospital...

• Liesl attempts to enlist Kiki's help.

• "What kind of life am I offering this child?" Hayden asks Curtis as Finn overhears.

• Jason suggests that he and Sam see a doctor.

• Carly suggests that there would be an "all-out war" for Sonny's territory if he left the business.

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