Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anna revealed that Cesar Faison was not dead. Lulu agreed to help Patrick and Sam. Franco helped Nina face reality. Ava manipulated Silas into helping her leave town. Lucas offered Julian advice about Alexis.

In the police station's lockup, Julian did abdominal crunches as his thoughts lingered on Alexis and her warning that he leave her alone unless he was willing to be completely honest with her. Moments later, Olivia marched up to Julian's jail cell to demand to know where Ava was because Olivia wanted Ava prosecuted for murdering Connie. Julian calmly explained that he had no idea where Ava was. He admitted that he was sorry for Olivia's loss, but he assured her that he'd had no idea that Ava had murdered Connie.

Olivia didn't believe Julian because she knew that Ava had killed Connie to protect his identity. Olivia was shocked when Julian confessed that he only knew that Ava had shot Olivia but not that Ava had murdered Connie. He rushed to assure Olivia that Ava had acted alone in both shootings, but he conceded that he had kept his sister's secret, so he didn't blame Olivia for not believing him.

"I believe you," Lucas said as he arrived to visit his father. The guard glared at Olivia because Olivia hadn't signed in on the visitor's log, so Olivia informed the guard that Detective Falconeri was her son. After Olivia left, Julian asked if Lucas truly believed Julian. Lucas admitted that he was willing to give Julian the benefit of the doubt, so he offered to call Alexis to get Julian out of jail. Julian confessed that Alexis had made it clear that she didn't want anything to do with Julian until he was willing to be upfront with her about the people that Julian worked for.

Lucas advised Julian to give Alexis what she wanted if Julian loved Alexis, but Julian argued that it wasn't that simple. According to Julian, it was because he loved her that he couldn't be honest with Alexis. Julian explained that he was willing to do whatever was necessary to protect his family, especially after witnessing Lucas' shooting. Startled, Lucas wondered if Julian were suggesting that someone other than Ric had issued the order to kill Lucas. Julian insisted that Lucas was best off not knowing, so Lucas let the matter drop, but he urged his father to be honest with Alexis because Lucas knew that Julian loved her.

Outside Kelly's, Lulu spoke to Dante on the phone about Sonny's arrest. She knew that Sonny deserved to be in jail, but she assured Dante that it didn't mean that Dante couldn't be upset about it. She reminded Dante that she loved him and had been thinking about him then wrapped up the call so he could get back to searching for the missing baby and Ava.

Moments later, Patrick and Sam walked up. Patrick quickly apologized for being late, so Lulu assured them that it was fine but she was curious why they had asked to meet with her. Patrick and Sam quickly explained that they had confirmation that Larry Ashton was in league with Jerry Jacks then revealed that Sam had managed to get a copy of a key to a safe deposit box that might yield answers. Sam revealed that they needed Lulu's help to keep Larry distracted while Patrick and Sam checked the safe deposit box, so Lulu readily agreed because she needed answers about Luke -- whatever they might be.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Larry spoke to Jerry on the phone to confirm that everything Larry needed to take care of the "Luke Spencer business" had been placed in the safe deposit box. Larry promised to be at the bank within the hour so he could access the safe deposit box as soon as the bank opened. After Larry ended the call, Tracy entered the living room and immediately noticed the key in Larry's hand.

"Is that the key to your heart?" Tracy sarcastically asked. Larry claimed that it was the key to the pantry because he suspected that "Hobson" had been hiding liquor from him. Tracy reminded him that the maid's name was Alice, but Larry ignored her as he announced that he had to leave because he had a dentist appointment to get his teeth cleaned. Tracy appeared skeptical but ordered him to reschedule the appointment because she had arranged for her and Larry to have a family breakfast with their son.

Moments later, Ned and Alexis entered the room. Ned introduced Alexis to his father, so Larry turned on the charm as he greeted Alexis. However, Larry quickly added that he couldn't stay because he had an appointment with the dentist. Ned was immediately suspicious that his father had found a dentist during the short time that Larry had been in town, but Larry stuck to his story. Unmoved, Ned insisted that Larry reschedule the dentist appointment because Larry owed Ned a favor for the years that Ned had been "stashed away" in boarding school.

Later, Alexis admitted that the food was delicious. Larry agreed then added that he intended to compliment "Hobson." Confused, Alexis asked who Hobson was, so Larry explained that he had meant "Dobson." "It's Alice," Ned and Tracy corrected Larry in unison. "Well, then who the blazes is Dobson?" Larry asked. "I am," Alexis answered.

Alexis explained to Larry why she had spent months posing as a Quartermaine butler named Dobson to be close to her daughter, Kristina. Larry was impressed that Alexis had managed to pursue her own agenda under the Quartermaines' noses without anyone realizing it. Before anyone could reply, Olivia ran into the living room, desperate to talk to Ned.

Ned immediately noticed that Olivia was upset, so she revealed that she had heard the news that Ava had killed her cousin. Ned regretted that he hadn't realized that Ava's confession hadn't just impacted the Quartermaines by clearing A.J.'s name, so Olivia added that she had also learned from Alexis' ex-boyfriend, Julian, that Ava had also been responsible for shooting Olivia. Alexis was stunned when Olivia mentioned that Julian was in jail on suspicion of aiding and abetting Ava's escape.

Later, Larry confessed that he was surprised that Alexis had rushed out when she had received a call about Julian. Ned ignored his father to focus on Olivia by offering her something to eat. Olivia admitted that she was famished, so Ned decided to take her to the kitchen to fetch something freshly cooked. Larry decided to excuse himself by reminding Tracy that he had an appointment, but Lulu arrived in time to inform Larry that Larry wouldn't be going anywhere.

In lockup, Julian resumed his workout until he saw Alexis approach his jail cell.

In Canada, Franco read the Port Charles Press on his electronic tablet as Nina slept next to him in bed. Franco saw the headline about Ava's disappearance and then the story about Sonny absolving Carly of any wrongdoing in the cover-up of A.J.'s murder. Nina woke up but immediately tensed when she realized that Franco was in bed with her. She demanded to know what he was doing in her bed, so he explained that he had tried sleeping on the sofa, but it had been uncomfortable.

Nina was upset because she doubted Silas would be pleased if he knew that Franco had spent the night in her bed. Franco pointed out that he had slept on top of the covers, but Nina wasn't satisfied because she insisted that she was a married woman. She jumped out of the bed to check on the baby who remained sound asleep in the playpen. Nina cooed that the baby was an angel then added that she was the infant's mother.

Later, Nina was pleased that the baby had had four ounces of formula because it indicated a healthy appetite. However, she regretted that Silas had been missing out on precious time with their daughter, so she was eager to know if Franco had devised a plan. Nina appreciated that she couldn't call Silas because of what she had done to Madeline, even though Madeline had deserved it.

Franco assured Nina that he had a plan, but the first step was to make Nina face reality. Nina tensed, but Franco ignored her trepidation as he handed her his electronic tablet then ordered her to read the latest edition of the Port Charles Press. Nina became increasingly agitated as she skimmed the article about Ava because she knew that Franco wanted Nina to believe that Ava was the baby's mother. Nina didn't want to discuss it, but Franco refused to allow Nina to continue to hide behind her delusions.

Franco reminded Nina that Nina had recently received the difficult news that she couldn't carry a baby. Nina recalled Britt explaining that tests had revealed that Nina had gone into menopause, but Nina pushed the memory away as tears filled her eyes. Undaunted, Franco explained that Nina had set her sights on Ava's baby to replace the baby that Nina had miscarried. Nina began to cry as Franco gently reminded Nina that she had induced Ava's labor, delivered the baby, and abducted the infant.

Nina tearfully begged Franco to stop, but he refused because Nina had been his friend when no one else had been. Franco held Nina as she began to weep on his shoulder. He promised her that everything would be okay, but Nina insisted that it didn't matter if the baby was hers or not because she deserved to have a child after losing her own baby. Nina blamed Ava for the miscarriage, but Franco argued that it hadn't been Ava's fault. Nina disagreed because Ava had driven a wedge between Nina and Silas.

Nina insisted that she and Silas were in love, so the baby would make their family complete, but Franco explained that Silas no longer loved Nina. Nina suddenly recalled her recent confrontation with Silas when Silas had told her that it was over after learning the extent of her lies. Franco hated hurting Nina, but he felt that he needed to help her see the truth about Silas because Nina had made him accept the truth about Carly. After Nina calmed down, she conceded that her marriage to Silas was over. Franco was proud that she had finally accepted the truth because he appreciated how difficult it had been.

Nina admitted that she had needed the push, so Franco joked that she had been a hard nut to crack. Nina appeared offended until he quickly added that he was a nut at times too. Franco promised that life would go on and that the pain would eventually fade, but Nina confessed that she wasn't hurt. Nina explained that she felt empty. "I'm like a shell," Nina quietly clarified.

According to Nina, she had nothing without Silas and the baby, but Franco insisted that she could count on him because Franco was on her side. Their conversation then turned to the baby as Nina pointed out that they had to decide what to do about the baby.

At Silas' apartment, Ava opened the door and glanced down both ends of the hallway then picked up the newspaper that had been left on the doorstep. After she closed the door, she saw the headline reporting that she was on the run. Ava quickly read the article, which revealed that she was wanted for Connie's murder. Horrified, Ava realized that she needed to keep Silas from finding out that she was wanted by the police until she could decide her next move.

Ava quickly folded the newspaper to hide the front-page article as Silas entered the room. He sensed that something was troubling Ava, so she claimed that she was upset because there hadn't been any news about her missing daughter. Silas assured her that the police were doing everything to find the baby, but Ava pointed out that the longer it took to find her infant, the more time Franco and Nina would have to get further away. Ava insisted that her baby needed her, so Silas promised her that Franco would keep the baby safe.

Ava's temper flared because she thought that Nina and Franco were both "psychotic." She insisted that Franco might have fooled everyone else but not Ava because she was certain that Franco was a ticking time bomb capable of doing terrible things. Ava was doubly apprehensive about her newborn's safety because Franco had teamed up with Nina. Silas thought it was time to call reinforcements like Sam because Sam was a great private investigator, but Ava refused to consider it because Sam had connections to Sonny.

Silas promised that Sam could be trusted, but Ava was adamant that Silas not reach out to Sam for help. Silas pointed out that he didn't have the resources to help find Franco and Nina, but Ava was confident that if she and Silas worked together, they could find Nina and the baby. Ava begged Silas to help her, so he agreed to fetch the car.

At Kelly's, Nikolas noticed that Britt had barely touched her breakfast, so he suspected that she had been thinking about Agent Sloane's request for Britt to help take down Anna. Nikolas imagined that it hadn't been easy for Britt to say no but Nikolas admitted that it was outrageous for Sloane to start a "witch hunt" against Anna. He insisted that it was unthinkable on many levels to suggest that Anna had killed Britt's father, Cesar Faison.

Nikolas reminded Britt that Cesar had been far from innocent because Cesar had been a known terrorist who had hurt a lot of people, including Britt, while Anna was one of Port Charles' most upstanding citizens. Nikolas assured Britt that he supported her decision, but Britt confessed that she had agreed to cooperate with Sloane's investigation. Nikolas was surprised but conceded that it was Britt's prerogative. However, he was curious why she had changed her mind.

Britt recalled Liesl's threat to tell Nikolas that Britt had been involved in Spencer's brief disappearance over the summer. However, she claimed that she had changed her mind because of Nikolas. Britt pointed out that Nikolas continued to have an underlying bond with his family despite some of the horrible things that various Cassadines had done. Britt claimed that she felt terrible that Anna's career was on the line, but Britt needed answers about Cesar's fate.

In Anna's office, Anna wrapped up a phone call with a police officer about the search for Franco. Anna was startled when Liesl, seated in Anna's chair, suddenly turned to face Anna. Anna demanded to know what Liesl was doing in Anna's office, so Liesl smiled smugly as she confessed that she had wanted to see what it was like to be Anna. "So smug, so superior, so incompetent," Liesl snidely added.

Liesl pointed out that Franco, Nina, and Ava remained AWOL, which Liesl attributed to Anna's ineptitude. Anna ordered Liesl to leave, so Liesl agreed, but she warned Anna not to get too comfortable because Anna would soon join Duke in jail. Anna demanded to know what Liesl was talking about, so Liesl explained that Anna would pay for what Anna had done to Cesar. Anna doubted that Scott would listen to Liesl's "paranoid delusions" about Cesar, but Liesl informed Anna that Liesl hadn't been referring to the town's "deadbeat" district attorney.

Anna was curious who else Liesl thought would prosecute Anna. "Ah, that would be me," Kyle Sloane answered as he entered Anna's office. Surprised, Anna wondered what Kyle was doing in her office, so he reminded her that he had mentioned that he had been working on an investigation. Kyle explained that the investigation was centered on Anna and Robert's role in Cesar Faison's murder.

Anna was stunned that Kyle had taken Liesl's accusations seriously, but Kyle explained that he had proof that Cesar had never reached Steinmauer Maximum-Security Prison. Kyle revealed that Britt had agreed to press charges against Anna, but Anna insisted that it was a mistake. Kyle reminded Anna that she had once advised him to always follow the evidence, no matter where it led, because no one was above the law. Kyle handed Anna a subpoena, but Anna surprised both Kyle and Liesl by revealing that it wasn't necessary because Cesar was alive.

. . .

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