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Thursday, April 27, 2017

In Elizabeth's living room, Jason and Jake colored and chatted as they spent time bonding. Jason was impressed with Jake's work and decided Jake took after Elizabeth. Jake smiled as Jason playfully wrestled with him, but the moment turned dark when Jason had Jake trapped in a headlock and began to squeeze. Jake gasped for breath as he begged his father to let him go.

Jason suddenly jolted awake and sat up on the sofa in his living room as he tried to catch his breath. Sam ran over to assure him that it had been a nightmare. She fetched him something to drink then joined him on the sofa. Jason revealed that Jake was afraid of him -- not who he was, but rather the man he had been. Jason told her about Jake's terrified reaction when he'd seen a picture of Jason before the plastic surgery. Jason was upset that his own son had shied away from him in fear and had refused to look him in the eyes, but Sam reminded him that Jake had suffered a lot of trauma in his short life.

Sam suggested Jason trust Andre to get through to Jake, but Jason worried that he might have hurt Jake. Sam advised Jason not to play into Helena's hands, but Jason reminded her that he'd lost two years of his life because of Helena. Sam realized that Helena's attempt to control their lives had succeeded because Helena had managed to create chaos from beyond the grave. She insisted that Helena had been a master manipulator, but Jason pointed out that Helena had kidnapped his son. Sam knew Jason felt helpless, but she reminded him that they needed to help Jake move forward because the past couldn't be changed.

Sam assured Jason that Jake was a resilient child, but Jason needed to know what Helena had done to his son. Sam thought Jason should let Andre do his job, but Jason explained that Andre had no idea what Helena had been capable of. Jason suspected the key to unlocking the past was hidden in the book Helena had bequeathed to Elizabeth.

At Elizabeth's house, Jake waited while Elizabeth looked at the thermometer. "110 degrees," Elizabeth announced. Jake nervously asked if that was high. "A little bit," she answered as the doorbell rang. As she went to the door, she told him that he could stay home from school. Franco was at the door.

Jake was happy to see Franco, but Franco was curious why Jake was home. Elizabeth told Franco about Jake's high fever then sent her son to his room to rest. After Jake ran up the steps, Elizabeth admitted that she was concerned about her son because he'd been wandering around at night and no longer wanted to go to school. Elizabeth and Franco sat down as she filled him in about Jake's reaction when she and Jason had shown their son a picture of Jason before the facial reconstructive surgery. Franco admitted that it didn't make sense because Jake knew that Jason was the same man in the picture. Elizabeth explained that Jake recognized the truth on a conceptual level, but he might not associate him with the man on Cassadine Island -- if Jason had been on the island.

"If?" Franco asked. Elizabeth revealed that Jason hadn't had a conscious memory of being on the island, but he was certain that he had to have been there because Jason had been under Helena's control. Franco thought it was a good starting point because they knew Jake and Jason had been on the island when Jason had had a different face. Franco thought it was possible Jake had been traumatized by something he'd witnessed or something he had associated with the "other" Jason. Elizabeth refused to jump to conclusions because Jake hadn't told them anything. She conceded that Jason was capable of many things, but she was certain he'd never hurt a child.

Franco reminded Elizabeth that Jason hadn't been in control, which was why Jason hadn't been charged with a crime when he'd planted a bomb on the Haunted Star. Elizabeth remained unconvinced that Jason had done something to frighten Jake, and she refused to speculate because making Jason a scapegoat would not help Jake. "Help me what?" Jake asked as he appeared at the bottom of the stairs. Elizabeth and Franco jumped up and smiled at Jake. Elizabeth claimed that she and Franco were discussing ways to make Jake feel better.

Elizabeth offered to make Jake pancakes and disappeared into the kitchen. Jake invited Franco to color with him because Jake had a new box of crayons. Jake showed off a sky-blue crayon then scribbled a number on the timeline above the boy hiding behind a tree. Franco frowned and asked about the significance of 0705. Jake tensed and put down the crayon. He told Franco that he didn't feel well and ran to his room.

Later, Jason stopped by to look at the book Helena had given Elizabeth. He was not happy when he saw Franco, but Elizabeth told Jason about Jake's drawing. Jason suspected it was a date, prompting Franco to ask if July 5 meant anything to Jason or Elizabeth. Jason shook his head, but he realized they were looking at the date as Americans rather than Europeans, who started with the day followed by the month. Elizabeth and Jason exchanged a worried glance because May 7 was Jake's birthday.

At Metro Court, Diane announced that District Attorney Garcia had decided not to pursue charges against Alexis in connection to Julian. Relieved, Alexis asked if Garcia had said anything about Julian, but Diane frowned and shook her head. She pointedly reminded Alexis that they didn't want to know anything about Julian's case. Alexis smiled awkwardly and agreed. Diane looked up in time to see Carly approach.

Diane immediately apologized for not being able to represent Carly, but Carly knew it had been a long shot. Diane hoped they could all reach an equitable agreement, but Carly pointed out that she needed an attorney. Carly was curious if Alexis would be interested in representing her in the divorce. Diane excused herself and explained that she had to see a client. Carly suspected Diane had been referring to Sonny. Diane assured Carly that she was sorry for Sonny and Carly's troubles, but Diane hoped that when the smoke cleared, they could all put that chapter behind them.

Carly warned Diane not to count on it because Sonny had gone too far, so Carly intended to push back. After Diane left, Alexis questioned if Carly really wanted to divorce Sonny, but Carly insisted that her mind was made up because Sonny had had Jax deported. Alexis was shocked as Carly told her that Sonny had obtained "sensitive" information about Jax, which he had used to have Jax kicked out of the country for good. Alexis was certain that Jax would find a way to return, but Carly wasn't satisfied because her daughter would have to travel to Australia whenever Josslyn wanted to see Jax. Carly insisted that she was done with Sonny for good.

Alexis felt bad for Carly and apologized for not having been around. Alexis explained that she'd had her own troubles. Carly smiled and reminded Alexis that they were survivors. Carly was confident that she and Alexis would get past their difficulties. Carly was curious if Alexis was interested in taking her on as a client, but Alexis declined because her license to practice law hadn't been reinstated. Carly was willing to wait, but Alexis revealed that it could take months. Alexis pulled a business card from her purse and handed it to Carly.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny spoke to Andre on the phone. Sonny wanted to know how long he'd have to wait for the test results on the drugs. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Sonny told Andre that he was certain the drugs were the missing link to what had caused Morgan's death. Sonny opened the door and saw Ava standing on his doorstep. He ended the call and asked what she wanted because it wasn't her day to see Avery. Ava explained that she had wanted to talk to him the other night, but it hadn't been a good time because of Lucy's presence.

Ava asked if Lucy had reached out to him for a donation since that night, but he didn't want to talk about Lucy. Ava relaxed and told him that she wanted to discuss Avery's preschool. Ava entered the living room, looking for Carly because she wanted Carly's input, but Sonny told Ava to tell him which school she wanted to enroll their daughter in, and he would consider it. Moments later, Diane arrived to give Sonny a heads-up that a storm was brewing. The words died on her lips when she saw Ava. Sonny quickly hustled Ava out the door then returned to talk to Diane.

Diane told Sonny about her encounter with Carly at the hotel and warned him that he'd made a big mistake by going after Jax, but Sonny refused to apologize because Jax had slept with Carly. Diane wished he had spoken to her first because she would have strongly advised him against it. She appreciated that Sonny was furious, but she pointed out that Jax was Josslyn's father. Diane was certain that Sonny had known Carly would retaliate, but he insisted he had grounds for divorce because Carly had cheated on him. Sonny vowed that Carly wouldn't walk away with a penny of his, but Diane warned him not to be so certain.

Diane dropped a large file on Sonny's desk as she reminded him that he'd asked her to draw up some transfers when he had decided to confess to being responsible for Morgan's death. She showed him copies of the foundation he'd endowed in Morgan's name and the trust funds he'd set up for each of his children. The rest of his considerable assets, he'd signed over to Carly. Stunned, Sonny insisted that he'd been protecting his assets. He was confident that Carly would understand and promised to talk to his wife. Diane warned Sonny that he might have to access the money in his offshore accounts, which would require him to leave the country to avoid any problems with the government.

Sonny realized he might end up exiled like Jax.

At Metro Court, Alexis ended a call then let Carly know that the law firm she'd recommended expected her call. Carly thanked Alexis. Moments later, Ava sauntered over. Ava was disappointed that Alexis hadn't called to tell her about Julian, but Alexis refused to discuss her ex-husband. After Alexis left, Ava congratulated Carly.

Ava wondered if it was too early for Champagne because she wanted to toast to Sonny and Carly's divorce. Ava dropped all pretense of civility as she made it clear that Carly would not be allowed near Avery again, but Carly disagreed. Carly conceded that she and Sonny were at odds, but they remained committed to raising Avery. Carly promised that she would remain a part of Avery's life and advised Ava to get used to it.

Later, Carly called an attorney and expressed her desire to take everything in the divorce.

Meanwhile, Alexis stopped by Sam's penthouse. Sam greeted her mother then announced that she might take a trip to Cassadine Island to help Jason. Alexis objected because she didn't want her daughter near " that godforsaken island."

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy looked at a picture of Edward and Lila as she confessed that she had spent the night reading her father's journal. She admitted that he'd seemed lonely -- as if his life had been pointless without his family. Tracy wondered if that was why Edward had kept Lila's picture in the journal. She was curious how many hours her father had stared at her mother's image, but she realized that she might be fooling herself because Edward might have been "frolicking" with Samira's mother while his family had been mourning him. Tracy wondered if her father could have been that self-indulgent and if the painting, letter, and journal had been nothing more than a cruel setup.

Dillon entered the living room as Tracy promised that it would be the last time her father broke her heart. Concerned, he asked if she'd been talking to his grandfather's picture. "Yes, " Tracy answered. "Fair enough. Did he say anything?" Dillon asked. Tracy smirked as she told him that her father wanted to know when Dillon would join the family ranks at ELQ. Tracy assured her son that she wasn't crazy. She explained that she'd been talking to her father because she'd spent a lifetime sparring with Edward and hadn't seen the point of stopping.

Dillon acknowledged that relationships didn't necessarily end with death, but he wanted her to know that he would be there for her when she was ready to talk to the living. Tracy asked if he thought she was a bad person. "No," Dillon assured her. She wondered if he would feel the same if she refused to give up the painting. Dillon reminded is mother that Edward had never been there for her in life, but she argued that her father had been a complicated man. Tracy was confident that her father had loved her, but Dillon wasn't impressed with his grandfather's way of expressing love.

Dillon promised Tracy that he loved her, even if she disappointed him. He admitted that he would be disappointed if she didn't give up the painting, but he would get over it because she was his mother and he loved her. Dillon assured her that he would never banish her from his life and pointed out that none of them could afford to because there were too few Quartermaines left. Tracy was touched and hugged her son.

At the hospital, Kiki entered Samira's room as Samira climbed out of the bed. Kiki asked what Samira was doing, so Samira explained that she intended to return home because her daughter needed her. Kiki wondered how Samira intended to help "Sidika" in her weakened state, but Samira wondered if Kiki knew what it was like to love someone that she would do anything to save. Kiki agreed to help.

After Samira changed out of the hospital gown, Kiki asked what Samira intended to do. Samira explained that she would return to Turkey and hope the brothers had devised a new plan. Kiki urged Samira to give the Quartermaines more time, but Samira insisted it was pointless. Samira revealed that she was prepared to take her daughter's place if necessary. Kiki advised Samira to reconsider because Kiki had learned from experience never to act out of fear. Kiki knew the Quartermaines could be difficult, but she promised they were good people and could be counted on -- especially if Dillon were in her corner.

At the nurses' station, Laura checked in with Monica to see how Samira was. Monica told her that "K. Conway," had collapsed from travel, stress, and poor health care, but she was expected to make a full recovery as soon as Tracy handed over the painting. Monica was disappointed by Tracy's selfishness, but Laura was confident that Tracy would do the right thing. Monica was skeptical because she'd known Tracy a long time and hadn't seen any sign that she had changed. Laura disagreed because she had noticed a significant shift in Tracy since Edward's passing.

After Laura left, Kiki approached to let Monica know that Samira was restless. Moments later, Agent Torosyan from Immigration and Customs Enforcement walked up and introduced himself. Monica informed the ICE agent that she was busy, but he told her that he was there on official business. Kiki became concerned when he threatened to take Monica to a detention center for questioning if she refused to cooperate, but Monica assured Kiki everything was okay. Monica handed "Nurse Jerome" a patient file as she carefully instructed Kiki to give the patient an update and the discharge papers Monica had signed.

After Kiki left, Agent Torosyan asked why Monica had lied. Monica was offended by the accusation until he showed her a picture taken inside her home during one of her conversations with Samira. Monica suspected Larry Ashton had provided the agent with the picture, but she remained adamant that Samira hadn't been in her home. Monica suggested the image had been altered.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy bragged that it was nice to have support for once. Moments later, Laura appeared in the doorway. Laura tried to persuade Tracy to give the painting to Samira, but Tracy refused. Laura suggested that Tracy had turned the painting into a physical manifestation of Tracy's relationship with Edward, but Tracy resented Laura presuming to know about her relationship with Edward. Laura reminded Tracy that she'd been there when Tracy had read the letter from Edward, so Tracy reluctantly expressed her concern that her father might not have been the man she had believed.

Tracy explained that Edward was either a flawed but good man whom Tracy could believe in or he'd been a "callous bastard," which meant the painting was either a declaration of love for her or the only thing of value her father had ever given her. Regardless, Tracy intended to keep the painting. Laura argued that even if Edward had strayed, it hadn't meant that he hadn't loved Lila, but Tracy disagreed. Laura pointed out that Lila had loved Edward and had always forgiven him because they had balanced each other. Laura thought Tracy was the best of both of her parents and encouraged Tracy to embrace it.

Meanwhile, Kiki returned to Samira's hospital room to let Samira know that it was time for Samira to leave. Kiki checked the hallway just as Dillon exited the elevator. Kiki quickly called him over and pulled him into the room. Kiki filled Dillon and Samira in about the ICE agent. They quickly devised a plan to put Samira in a wheelchair, cover her face with a mask, and whisk her out through the elevator. They made it to the elevator just as Ned arrived. Ned greeted them, but Dillon explained that they didn't have time to talk.

Nearby, Agent Torosyan informed Monica that she was under arrest for harboring an undocumented alien. Ned marched up to the agent and told him that he knew where Samira was. Dillon, Kiki, and Monica were shocked when Ned pointed to Samira. Ned assured everyone that he knew what he was doing.

On the next General Hospital...

• The Quartermaines are ready to see the DNA results.

• Sam and Jason ponder the value of Helena's book.

• Nelle urges Nina to call her husband.

• Valentin encounters Anna.

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