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At Carly's residence, Josslyn passed through the living room on her way to the bedroom. Franco noticed that she had two bowls of cereal, so he asked if one was for him. "Get your own, greedy," Josslyn snapped as she marched up the stairs passing Carly along the way. Carly waited until her daughter was out of hearing range before demanding to know where Franco had been the previous evening because he had left the restaurant before she had but hadn't returned home until after Carly.

Franco recalled his visit with Ava when Ava had asked him to procure Carly's copy of the recording that A.J. had made. He tried to evade the question, but Carly wanted an answer because she feared that he had decided to tell Michael that Sonny had shot A.J. Franco pointed out that she would have heard from Michael and Sonny if he had told Michael the truth, but Carly remained skeptical because Franco didn't have a good track record with keeping promises. Franco assured her that he hadn't seen Michael since the day she had walked in on Franco and Michael in Michael's office.

Carly began to relax and apologized for jumping to the wrong conclusion. She explained that her family meant everything to her, so Franco assured Carly that he knew that. Carly wondered why they kept repeating the same conversation, but Franco promised her that she had nothing to worry about. He reminded her that Michael despised him and would never believe him without proof. He then broached the subject of Carly's copy of A.J.'s incriminating recording that Spinelli had emailed to her by suggesting that it wouldn't be wise to keep it because it might inadvertently land in Michael's hands.

Carly assured Franco that it was safely locked up in her email but she intended to keep it because it was a valuable insurance policy. Franco tensed when she abruptly returned to her original question by demanding to know where he had gone when he had left the restaurant. Carly was stunned when Franco told her that he had paid Nina Clay a visit but had been reluctant to tell Carly because she had been jealous of Nina in the past. Carly denied that she was threatened by Nina, so Franco assured her that he believed her and then suggested that they grab some breakfast in the kitchen.

In Josslyn's bedroom, Spencer sat on the floor munching on a bowl of cereal as Josslyn did the same on her bed. Spencer wasn't impressed with the cereal but he was grateful that Josslyn had taken him in. Josslyn clarified that she had given him a place to hide but she warned him that his luck would soon run out Josslyn conceded that Carly was too distracted by Carly's "looser boyfriend," but there were a lot of people under Carly's roof so someone would eventually discover Spencer. Spencer explained that he needed his father to continue to worry about him awhile longer because it would draw Nikolas closer to Britt.

Spencer began to rave about Britt, whom he insisted was far more athletic than Cam's mother. Josslyn seemed surprised by the hostility in Spencer's tone as he talked about Elizabeth, so Spencer explained that he couldn't risk Nikolas and Elizabeth getting married because Spencer would be saddled with Cam, "the townie" for a brother and Aiden. However, he acknowledged that Aiden wasn't that bad.

Spencer decided that if he couldn't have Ben for a brother then he didn't want a one at all. Josslyn admitted that she didn't know if she would want a younger brother but she had two older brothers. Spencer explained that he was looking for a mother, not a sibling, prompting Josslyn to ask why he wanted a mother. She was shocked when he explained that his mother had died shortly after his birth. Spencer pulled a picture of his mother out of his wallet and then showed it to Josslyn.

Josslyn admitted that Courtney had been very beautiful, so Spencer confided that he had stopped asking about his mother because it had always made his father sad. Spencer explained that he believed that Britt could make Nikolas happy if his father gave Britt a chance.

Later, Josslyn tied her shoes as she and Spencer talked about camp. She was disappointed that he would miss the water balloon war at day camp, but Spencer insisted that he needed to keep his eye on the prize. Josslyn hoped that Spencer got the mother he wanted and then shifted gears by jumping on the bed to entertain Spencer with a story about a lion and bear. A short time later, Carly called out to Josslyn reminding Josslyn that it was time to leave. Spencer giggled when he heard Carly refer to Josslyn as "Josslyn John Jacks" because he hadn't realized that Josslyn's middle name was John.

Josslyn was curious what Spencer's middle name was, so he admitted that it was "Stefan Nikolaevich." Josslyn snickered because she didn't think that he had any room to tease her about her middle name.

In the living room, Carly asked if Franco could take Josslyn to day camp because Carly had a meeting. Franco balked because he couldn't imagine what he and Josslyn would talk about on the way to the park since he didn't know anything about corn. Carly assured Franco that Josslyn had grown out of her obsession with Children of the Corn, but Franco remained leery. Moments later, Josslyn stomped down the stairs.

"I'm waiting," Josslyn rudely informed her mother. Carly warned her daughter to lose the attitude or there wouldn't be any rides on the speedboat, so Josslyn immediately assured her mother that they could leave when Carly was ready. Satisfied, Carly kissed Franco goodbye and then led her daughter to the car. Franco waited until Carly had left before retrieving her laptop. He was unaware that Spencer was lurking nearby on the staircase.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was on the phone with Elizabeth. She was eager to know if there had been any news about Spencer, so Nikolas revealed that he had spent the night searching the grounds of Spoon Island and the catacombs but he hadn't found any indication that Spencer had returned. Elizabeth decided to ask someone to cover her shift because she didn't think that Nikolas should be alone, but Nikolas assured her that Britt was with him.

In the parlor, Britt checked in with Spencer. Spencer assured her that he was great but he was curious if she and Nikolas were back together. Britt explained that it would take more time, so Spencer admitted that he missed his being at home, Alfred ignoring his orders, and most of all Nikolas. Spencer pointed out that he had made a lot of sacrifices, so he urged Britt to take advantage of the time that he had given her with Nikolas.

Britt resented Spencer trying to boss her around when she was doing the best that she could. She was startled when Nikolas suddenly appeared in the doorway and asked who she was talking to. Britt quickly disconnected the call as she explained that she had been on the phone with her brother to get an update. Nikolas confessed that it hadn't sounded like a pleasant conversation, so Britt claimed that she had taken her frustration out on Nathan because she was worried about Spencer. Nikolas thanked Britt for fighting for his son then admitted that he didn't know what he would have done without her.

Britt took Nikolas' hand as she assured him that she loved Spencer even though Spencer had acted like an "outrageous brat" by taking off. Nikolas blamed himself for not paying closer attention to his son's distress, but Britt insisted that Nikolas was a wonderful father and not to blame for Spencer running away. Britt promised Nikolas that Spencer would be home soon, but Nikolas wondered how she could know that for certain. Britt insisted that she simply knew and then hugged Nikolas.

Nikolas pulled away from the embrace because he felt uncomfortable leaning on Britt. Britt assured Nikolas that it was fine, but Nikolas disagreed. He decided to pay Anna a visit, so Britt offered to go with him. Nikolas declined because he wanted Britt to stay incase Spencer returned.

In Mickey Diamond's hotel room, Anna instructed the crime scene investigators to send all of the reports on the evidence they had collected directly to her. Moments later, Dante arrived, so Anna asked him for an update on the search for Spencer. Dante assured Anna that they had people at the airport, train station, and bus depot as well as other places a typical child Spencer's age might go. Anna explained that she needed to oversee the investigation into Mickey's shooting but she was desperate to make certain that Nathan and the task force did everything possible to find Spencer.

Dante assured Anna that Spencer would be found because despite being "larger than life" Spencer was still a child. Satisfied, Anna quickly filled Dante in about Mickey's shooting. She confessed that she couldn't arrest Julian for shooting Mickey because it was imperative that Jordan remain undercover. Dante was stunned when Anna told him about Jordan's suspicion that Luke was in cahoots with the Jeromes.

Dante refused to believe that Luke had become involved with the mob or the Jeromes. According to Dante, if Luke had wanted back in then Luke would have turned to Sonny because Sonny would have welcomed Luke back with open arms. Anna reminded Dante that neither of them could be impartial about Luke because Luke was part of Dante's family and Anna had once been involved with Luke. However, Anna was eager to put Jordan's theory to rest so she asked Dante to clear Luke's name.

Shortly after Dante left, Nikolas approached Anna. He demanded to know why she wasn't out looking for his son, so Anna calmly explained that she had assigned a task force to look for Spencer. Anna promised that she was doing everything possible to find Nikolas' son, but Nikolas was not satisfied because Anna was focused on investigating the shooting of a criminal rather than the search for a missing boy. Anna reminded Nikolas that she had a duty to all the citizens of Port Charles, not just Nikolas.

Nikolas explained that Spencer might have been hurt or kidnapped. He reminded Anna that kidnapping for ransom was a lucrative trade in many parts of the world, so Anna asked if Nikolas had any reason to believe that Spencer had been kidnapped. She relaxed when he shook his head. Anna admitted that the best thing that Nikolas could do was to return home and wait, but Nikolas insisted that Spencer was all he had. Anna offered Nikolas words of encouragement and then promised to return Spencer to Nikolas just as Nikolas had returned Robin to her.

At the nurses' station, Tracy asked for Elizabeth's help. Tracy explained that she needed information about a brain-dead criminal who had been admitted to the hospital the previous evening. Elizabeth realized that Tracy was referring to Mickey Diamond, so Elizabeth explained that she was not at liberty to give Tracy any information about the patient because Tracy was not family. Tracy became annoyed because she was desperate to save Alice's life. Elizabeth quietly explained that even if she wanted to help Tracy she couldn't because the lab work had not been completed.

Moments later, Brad walked up to ask Elizabeth what she wanted him to do with the lab work on Mickey Diamond. Tracy smiled with satisfaction as she tried to take the file from Brad, but Brad held it out of reach as he reminded Tracy that medical records were private. Tracy growled that she was on the hospital's board and could easily have both Elizabeth and Brad fired if they refused to cooperate. Brad suggested that Tracy talk to Liesl, but Tracy explained that Liesl was tied up with the hospital's legal department trying to deal with the fall-out from "that teenage druggie's death."

Both Elizabeth and Brad were offended by Tracy's callous description of Rafe, but Tracy refused to apologize because she was trying to save the life of a good friend. Elizabeth tactfully offered to talk to Liesl on Tracy's behalf, but Tracy refused to wait. Tracy quickly snatched the file out of Brad's hand and then reviewed it. Tracy was thrilled when she saw that Mickey was the same blood type as Alice. Elizabeth warned Tracy not to jump the gun because Mickey might not have been an organ donor.

Tracy was curious what would happen if Mickey hadn't been an organ donor, so Elizabeth explained that they would have to talk to Mickey's next of kin. Tracy suggested that they check Mickey's driver's license, but Elizabeth admitted that she didn't know if the police had collected Mickey's wallet with the evidence collected at the hotel. Tracy was thrilled when Dante walked up to talk to her, but he quickly explained that he was not working on Mickey's case. Elizabeth decided to check if Mickey's wallet had been among Mickey's personal effects at the hospital.

However, first Elizabeth asked Dante if there had been news about Spencer. Dante shook his head, so Elizabeth left. Dante inquired about Luke by asking if Luke was aware of Alice's situation. Tracy quietly admitted that she had been avoiding having a conversation with Lulu about what had happened between Tracy and Luke. Dante was surprised when Tracy confessed that things hadn't worked out with Luke, so she had annulled the marriage. Tracy claimed that it was too painful to discuss because things had ended badly, but Dante insisted that he needed to talk to Luke.

Tracy was confident that Luke would eventually reach out to her for money, so she offered to pass along a message to Luke. She tried to find out why Dante wanted to talk to Luke, but Dante would only tell her that he needed to talk to Luke as soon as possible. After Dante left, Tracy called Luke but reached his voicemail. She explained that Dante was eager to talk to him but warned Luke that it had sounded like official police business. Moments later, Elizabeth returned to break the news that Mickey had not been an organ donor.

Meanwhile, Dante returned to Mickey's hotel room to let Anna know that Tracy and Luke had split up. "Already?" Anna asked.

At Wyndemere, Brad stopped by to check on Britt. Britt confessed everything to Brad including Spencer's scheme to run away to push Nikolas and Britt together. Brad was impressed that she had enlisted Spencer's help to get back into Nikolas' life, but Britt was filled with regret because she hated what she and Spencer had put Nikolas through. Brad was surprised when Britt blamed him for her situation because Brad had encouraged her to revert to the "Britch."

Brad argued that he hadn't twisted Britt's arm or urged Spencer to run away. However, Brad took pity on Britt, so he suggested that she go with her first instinct to tell Nikolas the truth if she felt bad. Britt was tempted but she feared that she might destroy any chance of her and Nikolas getting back together.

A short time later, Nikolas arrived home. He was not pleased when he saw Brad in the parlor, so Britt quickly explained that she had asked Brad to stop by. Nikolas was surprised when she added that it was time for her and Nikolas to talk about bringing Spencer home.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava was stunned when she saw the newspaper's headline about the fire at Alexis' house. She immediately asked Julian if everyone was okay, so he assured her that everyone was safe. However, Julian admitted that Mickey had planted the bomb as a message to Julian. Ava feared that Mickey might make another move against Julian, but Julian assured his sister that Mickey had been dealt with and wouldn't be a problem.

Julian shifted gears by suggesting that Ava focus on getting her hands on the evidence to put Sonny away for good. She assured her brother that she was exploring a means to obtain the flash drive but she refused to elaborate. Julian suggested that she work faster because he wanted her out of the apartment. Ava was hurt and reminded her brother that they were on the same side, but Julian made it clear that he didn't trust his sister because she had betrayed him by cozying up with Sonny and Morgan. Julian insisted that Ava was simply a means to an end for him, so Ava walked away in a huff.

Later, Julian made a video call to the man he believed was Luke. The imposter was not pleased when Julian asked if the imposter had enjoyed having a taste of his own medicine. The imposter suggested that Julian spare him the moral outrage because Julian had known that there would be consequences for refusing to be a team player. Julian resented not being told about the heroin-laced cocaine, so the imposter claimed that he had wanted to spare Julian's "delicate sensibilities."

Julian made it clear that he was furious that Alexis and Danny might have been killed in the explosion, but the imposter was unmoved because no one had been hurt. The imposter was livid that Julian had retaliated by whacking "poor old Mickey," but Julian denied that he had killed Mickey. The imposter didn't believe the story about Julian's "bitch" shooting Mickey because Mickey had been killed with Julian's gun. Julian argued that it hadn't been the first time that his gun had been stolen, but the imposter wasn't satisfied because the imposter's gut told him that Julian had been the shooter.

The imposter warned Julian that killing Mickey hadn't solved anything because the imposter had an army of men like Mickey at his disposal. Julian made it clear that if the imposter or any of his lackeys harmed anyone in Julian's family then Julian would retaliate. The imposter suggested that Julian relax because they both had a common enemy to deal with. The imposter confessed that Mickey had mentioned that Julian had information that might prove valuable in accomplishing their mutual goal of eliminating Sonny as a threat, but Julian refused to share what he knew about Sonny because the imposter might decide that Julian was more trouble than Julian was worth.

The imposter was furious, but Julian refused to back down. Julian insisted that the heroin-laced cocaine stop immediately, but the imposter made it clear that Julian wasn't in charge. Julian informed the imposter that it was a new day with new rules. Julian refused to give the imposter the means to annihilate Sonny until Julian was satisfied that the imposter treated Julian like an equal partner. The imposter warned Julian that it was a mistake to cross him, but Julian was unmoved. "Peace out, bitch," Julian said as he snapped the laptop closed.

Shortly after Julian left, Ava opened his laptop. She dialed the last number he had called and then waited out of the web camera's range for the person to answer the video call. The imposter Luke appeared on the monitor demanding to know where Julian was. "I'm not Julian," Ava said as she stepped in front of the camera.

. . .

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