Thursday, October 20, 2016

Claudette introduced Griffin to his daughter, Charlotte. Griffin moved toward her, but she shrank back and ran away to hug Nathan. Nathan set Charlotte up with a distraction, citing Claudette and Griffin's clear need to talk. Griffin demanded to know why Claudette had manipulated the original paternity test. Claudette tearfully explained that Nathan was a cop born into a wealthy family, so she'd believed that Charlotte would be safest with him. Griffin admitted that it made sense. Claudette wanted them all to move forward and work together to keep the little girl safe.

Griffin reminded Claudette that she had been ready to walk away from Charlotte an hour earlier. Griffin explained the situation to Nathan, who hadn't believed that Claudette could sink any lower. He was in disbelief that Claudette expected Griffin to leave medicine and the church to live "off the grid." Griffin suggested that they call Anna for help, as she was ex-WSB and ex-police commissioner, and she had experience with the Cassadine. Claudette initially refused, but the two men talked her into it.

Nathan wanted to call Anna, but Claudette requested time to process what was going on. Nathan and Griffin called her on the fact that she'd done the same exact thing to both of them. She acknowledged that she was horrible, but they could worry about it later, because she needed to focus on keeping Charlotte safe. Claudette retrieved Charlotte and went to say goodbye to Griffin. Griffin told Charlotte that he was glad she was there and that he looked forward to getting to know her. The two embraced. Claudette tearfully insisted that she'd done everything she'd thought was best. She apologized and left with Charlotte.

Griffin wondered if he should go with Claudette and Charlotte, but Nathan didn't think she would leave if there was really danger. Griffin regretted causing pain to Nathan with Claudette yet again. He wanted to make amends for all he'd done to Nathan. Nathan reminded Griffin that he'd shot Griffin, so he thought that made them "square." Griffin countered that his interference in Nathan's marriage had yielded a child, but Nathan responded that the child's mother "lies like she breathes." Nathan warned Griffin against staying with Claudette because "she will destroy you."

Seeing a strange man in Claudette's room, Maxie ran the opposite way, but the man caught up to her. He restrained her and told her, "I know what I need to do." A short while later, the man had taken a bound and gagged Maxie to a warehouse. He demanded that Maxie give him all the information he wanted, or it would "end badly" for her. He warned her that if she screamed, no one would hear her. He removed the gag and demanded to know where she'd "stashed the girl." He refused to let her leave "until you tell me where she is, Claudette."

Maxie was borderline offended that she'd been mistaken for "that bitch" Claudette. "Look into my eyes. I am not her," she said slowly. She invited the man to check her identification in her purse. The man looked at the card and was impressed at how real the obviously fake identification looked. She informed the man that she looked nothing like Claudette and realized that he hadn't even been given a picture of Claudette. He wondered why she'd broken into the hotel. "I hate her," she started. "I'm petty and I'm not ashamed of it," she told him simply.

The man demanded to know where Claudette and Charlotte were, but Maxie wanted a guarantee that the man wouldn't kill her after she told him. He told her that there were no guarantees in life. She remarked that she didn't care what he did to Claudette, but Maxie liked breathing more than she hated Claudette. She wanted to be taken to a public place, but he refused. She warned him that she was connected to people "on both sides of the law," including Sonny and Julian on one side, and police commissioners and the WSB on the other. "I don't give a damn," he growled. He threatened to kill her if she didn't tell him where Claudette was.

Outside her hotel room, Claudette promised Charlotte that she would figure things out, and everything would turn out all right. Claudette let herself into the room and was horrified to see the mess that had been left. A frightened Charlotte wondered what had happened to their room. A wide-eyed Claudette grabbed Charlotte's hand, and the two ran away.

Michael reported to Carly that the bartender from the Floating Rib had stopped by to drop off Morgan's keys. He told her that the bartender had felt terrible about taking them, but Michael had assured the man that he had done the right thing. Carly added that Morgan was dead because of Sonny. Carly wanted answers, and she needed the timeline of Morgan's night so that she could make sense of things. She remembered the blood work Morgan was supposed to have had and made a phone call.

A short while later, Andre arrived and expressed his sympathy for Carly's loss. He also informed her that Morgan had never shown up for his blood work appointment. Carly demanded to know why Andre had let Morgan leave the clinic. He replied that, at the time, Morgan's medication had been working just fine. She revealed that Morgan had started acting differently when he'd started school, but she'd been assured that the combination of medication and therapy would help him. She continued that she'd seen something wrong with Morgan, but she had trusted "the process" and stopped hovering.

Carly lamented not following her motherly instincts and thought that Morgan would be alive if she had. Andre didn't think there was any way to know that for sure. Carly demanded that Andre leave. He confided that he would carry the tragedy with him for the rest of his life and left. Michael hugged his crying mother. He reminded her that the bipolar disorder had contributed to Morgan's actions, but it hadn't been his cause of death. He'd been in the "wrong place at the wrong time."

Carly spat that Morgan had died because he'd stolen a car wired with a bomb that had been set by Sonny. Michael thought Carly should get some rest. She needed a little alone time, so she asked Michael to go check on Josslyn, and she promised to be up soon. She assured him that she was glad he was there, and he went upstairs. She picked up a picture of Morgan and apologized for not taking better care of him.

At Sonny's, he was surprised to see Carly enter the house. She told him that she was back for good and that they would only get through Morgan's death if they were together. She promised to always love him, and they shared a kiss. Just then, Sonny awoke with a jolt, calling out for Carly. Realizing it had been a dream, he poured himself a drink and went upstairs.

In Morgan's room, Ava dropped the pill bottle, and it rolled under the bed. She tried to reach it, but Nelle entered the room and asked what Ava was doing there. Ava explained that she and Morgan had been "good friends," so she couldn't help but look into his room. She didn't think Sonny needed to know, because he didn't need any more stress. Nelle looked into the hallway as Sonny approached, giving Ava the time she needed to get the bottle of pills from under the bed.

Sonny wondered why Ava was in Morgan's room. She claimed that she'd just been "looking around." He gave her two minutes to visit with Avery then ordered her to go home. Ava and Nelle left the room. Sonny closed a half open drawer and looked around the room. He picked up a trophy and hugged it.

A short while later, Sonny returned downstairs, and Nelle wondered about the rules for Ava's visits with Avery. He forbade Ava to visit with Avery without supervision. Nelle observed that Sonny seemed to hate Ava and wondered how they'd had a child together. Sonny replied that it was "a long, ugly story," but Avery was a miracle. He commented that Ava had manipulated a generous and vulnerable Morgan and had taken advantage of him. Sonny believed that she would eventually pay for all the pain she'd caused. "I will hate Ava for the rest of my life," he snarled as Ava descended the stairs.

Nelle excused herself. Ava reminded Sonny that, even though she probably had been bad for Morgan, she had loved him. He yelled that she had no soul and demanded that she leave and never presume to know how he felt. She tearfully left and said to herself, "But I do know, Sonny."

Sonny was having a drink when Carly and Ava descended the stairs together. Carly announced that she was helping Ava pack Avery's things because Avery would be better off with Ava. Ava was happy about taking her daughter home. The two women were exchanging compliments on their parenting when Sonny awoke with a start. Nelle made sure he was all right, but he went right upstairs to check on Avery. When he was gone, Nelle called Carly with her worries about Sonny, but Carly didn't want to hear about Sonny and hung up on Nelle.

Upstairs, Sonny grabbed Morgan's glove and baseball and hugged them. He sat down and wished that it had been him in the car instead of Morgan. He apologized to Morgan.

Ava left Kiki a message to call her mother back. She wanted Kiki to know that she was there for her daughter, and she wanted to assure Kiki that Morgan's death was not Kiki's fault. When she hung up, she removed the pills from her purse and threw the bottle into a nearby trashcan. When she was gone, a gloved hand picked the bottle out of the trash and walked away.

. . .

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