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Michael takes the next step to thwart Nelle
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

At Metro Court, Valentin said goodbye as he advised Nina that he had to get back to Wyndemere and the stables. Nina quickly tried to reach Liesl, without success.

Nearby, Curtis and Sam met with Jordan to go over Peter's disappearance and the information they'd managed to gather. Sam assumed that Peter had had no choice, even though they were unable to prove that he'd been in the laundry cart. Sam pointed out the shoes of the laundry cart pusher to Jordan, who recognized that the shoes had a heel and that the suspect had been a woman.

Once Jordan was gone, Curtis and Sam went over their short list of suspects and their match to the suspect's body type. Sam crossed off both Maxie and Nina from her list, and that left Liesl. Curtis couldn't believe that Liesl would have kidnapped Peter, but Sam reminded him that she'd shown up to the baby shower late with Nina, and perhaps Nina knew something.

In the stable at Wyndemere, a restrained Peter dictated to Liesl as she wrote down his every word. She was annoyed at his "maudlin drivel" and wanted him to give her a worthy sequel to his last book. She reminded him they were on a deadline, and there would not be a rescue. She ignored her buzzing phone. Peter only wanted to know if Nina would return. He was hungry, tired, and in pain, and Nina had been his "safety net." Liesl threatened him with a riding crop and finally checked her phone.

After listening to the voicemail, Liesl hastily bolted the stable door as Peter taunted her. He pointed out that Nina wanted justice, but Liesl only wanted revenge. He suggested that Nina had confessed, and help was on the way.

Nina rushed to the docks and found Valentin before he boarded the launch to Spoon Island. She advised him that he couldn't go home. She'd received a phone call from the Department of Environmental Conservation about mosquitos and the West Nile Virus on the island. She had answers for all of his questions as she suggested he book a room at Metro Court. He was suspicious until a uniformed man showed up.

Hugo Brooks identified himself as an employee of the Environmental Conservation department and announced that the island was under quarantine. He posted a sign on the wall, stating that the launch had been closed down.

Alexis met with Michael at the Quartermaine mansion. She mentioned that she was surprised that he hadn't hired Diane, but Michael explained that it wasn't business but personal. He wanted to have a will made. Alexis was surprised that he would be thinking about that on his wedding day, but Michael stated that he wanted it "out of the way." Nelle listened from behind the open door.

Michael continued that he'd meant to do it previously, but "life got in the way." He had a new family to think about, and he wanted the most important person in his life to be provided for in the event that anything happened to him. Alexis thought there wasn't any time for details, but she would have it ready after the honeymoon. She wondered why there was such a rush to get it done.

Michael replied that he just wanted to make sure the person he loved the most was taken care of. Nelle was all smiles. "I want to leave everything to my child," Michael declared. Nelle's smile faded. Michael added that he'd thought about setting up a trust for Josslyn, also, but she had Carly and Jax to provide for her. There was no one else to be worried about, and he wanted it done as soon as possible. Alexis had to leave for a meeting, and Michael sent his regards to Kiki. Michael assured Alexis that there wouldn't be any changes.

An upset Nelle walked into the room and straight to Michael. "Do you love me?" she asked. Michael was surprised to see her on their wedding day, and he assured her that he did. He reminded her that the baby was the best thing to happen to him. Nelle hoped she hadn't trapped him into marriage, but Michael reminded her that he had been the one to propose. He hugged her and promised they'd be happy.

Michael announced that their guests would be at Metro Court, and he'd see her at the chapel. Once he was gone, Nelle pulled out her phone and made a call. She apologized to someone for calling again but had a question for a sick friend. She wanted to know what would happen if someone died without having a will. Michael stood behind the open door and listened. Nelle clarified that if someone died intestate, the spouse would inherit everything. She clarified the word intestate. Michael smiled bitterly.

At General Hospital, Stella ran into Sonny and Mike. After Sonny joked for the couple to stop flirting, Stella announced that she would help to speed up Mike's prescription. Mike advised his son that he'd only been joking around with Stella, but it would be nice to have a last tango. He also reminded Sonny that Sonny was gaining a daughter. Mike recalled dancing with Sonny's mother after they'd eloped because he hadn't been accepted by his bride's family. He could never forget how much he'd loved Adela. Sonny and Mike shared a touching moment.

Out in the hallway, Jordan saw Stella and asked about T.J.'s whereabouts. Stella thought he was in the library, studying, but in the meantime, Jordan asked her for a favor. Jordan hoped that Stella would help to plan her wedding. Stella thought it was too early and that Jordan and Curtis should enjoy an "old-fashioned courtship." Jordan responded that they were getting married, and she wanted Stella to join in, even if they weren't friends.

Stella agreed, but after Jordan went in search of T.J., Stella made a phone call. She left a message for Chandra and suggested she visit Curtis in Port Charles. She returned to the room to see Mike and Sonny and advised them the prescription was being processed. Mike asked Sonny to check for the prescription, and Mike mentioned his haste to get to Michael's wedding. Stella noted that she had been trying to avoid one.

Mike suggested that Stella not deny someone else's happiness, but Stella responded that Mike didn't know the circumstances. She thought that Jordan and Curtis were wrong for each other. Mike grabbed her hand and declared that life went by fast. He thought that people should grab love if they found it. He didn't think it was a Christian duty to take it away, and he didn't want her to make a mistake.

Alexis found Sonny in the hallway and told him she'd do her best to accommodate Michael's wishes. Sonny was confused, and Alexis told him about the pre-wedding will. Sonny revealed that Nelle's previous fiancé had died after his will had been prepared. Alexis declared that she would look into it after Michael's wedding, and she walked away. "May be too late," Sonny muttered.

Sonny returned to Mike and Stella, and Stella told him that Mike had helped her. Both Mike and Stella advised each other not to miss their weddings. Mike asked Sonny who was getting married as they stepped onto the elevator.

Stella called Chandra again and left a message. She said that it wasn't a good time to visit, after all, because she had forgotten to mention that Curtis was getting married. The missed call and voicemail were visible on a phone that was sitting on a desk somewhere.

Jordan found T.J., but he advised her that he couldn't go out with her. Mother and son sat on a bench, and Jordan confided that she needed someone to give her away at her wedding. T.J. thought that his father would want Jordan to be happy with Curtis, and he would be honored to walk with his mother down the aisle. He hoped her day would be everything she wanted.

Liesl received a text message from Nina that read, "West Nile detected." She chuckled and advised Peter that all parties had been diverted. She advised him he was "all mine." Peter resumed his dictation, but he stopped and appeared to be deep in thought. He advised Liesl that she almost looked like a mother in pain. Liesl insisted that was true. Peter reminded her that Faison had been the one to cause the pain, and he, too, had suffered at the man's hand.

Peter thought the sequel to his book should be about Liesl. He called her compelling and stated that his first book had been about father and son, but there had been another son and a mother. He thought her story should be told. Liesl was flattered and agreed that no one had ever asked about her. She thought she might have a story. Peter urged her to begin, and he prompted her: "Once upon a time."

Liesl sat down and began to speak. "Once upon a time, there was a little girl that absolutely no one understood." Peter was touched.

At Crimson, Nina advised Valentin that she didn't feel sorry for him for having to stay in a five-star hotel. She wanted him to leave because, thanks to him, she had lots of work to do after his ad-buying binge. Valentin reminded her that it had helped her, but she wanted real advertisements for real products and not his ads professing his love. Valentin added that he hadn't been fooled with the quarantine, but Nina insisted she didn't want him getting sick. It had only been an act of "common decency" to go after him.

Curtis arrived to see Nina, and Valentin finally left. Curtis revealed that he had a new theory, and he wanted Nina to tell him about Liesl. Nina was surprised to hear that her aunt was a suspect in Peter's disappearance, and she agreed that she'd spent more time with her aunt recently. She called Liesl a lunatic, and she noted that she would be more surprised if her aunt acted normally. Nina had work to do, and Curtis suggested that she not tell Liesl about their conversation. He left the office.

Curtis and Sam met back at Metro Court, and Curtis divulged that he thought Nina knew more than she'd admitted. He told her of the West Nile virus on Spoon Island, and Sam wondered if it was really possible. Valentin walked through on his phone and made an appointment to see Finn regarding his infectious diseases practice.

Nina made her way back to the docks and thanked Hugo Brooks for a job well done. She handed him some money. In return, he handed her a card for the latest performance by the local theater troupe. He started to remove the closed launch sign, but she advised him to leave it there.

On the next General Hospital...

• Carly tells Michael he cannot marry a deadly and dangerous Nelle.

• Mike asks how Drew and Sam met.

• “This will come back to bite you Ava,” Bobbie shouts.

• Brad has news about the baby.

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