Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mrs. Shipley entered Scott's office with a file folder in one hand and a cup of coffee in another. She informed Scott that the Records Department would send over the file of Sonny's 2011 trial by Friday, and everything would be temporarily stored in the conference room. Pleased, Scott instructed his assistant to have a couple of interns pore over the documents to look for something that could be used to prosecute Sonny. After Mrs. Shipley agreed, Scott looked around for a cup of coffee until his assistant handed it to him. He thanked her for being efficient. She let him know that Franco had stopped by earlier.

Scott groaned then asked what Franco had wanted. Mrs. Shipley had no idea, but she added that Silas had also been by the office around the same time. Mrs. Shipley assumed that Scott had expected both men, but he explained that the only person he had been expecting had yet to arrive. As if on cue, Nikolas appeared in the doorway. "Speak of the devil," Scott said when he saw Laura's eldest son. Scott dismissed Mrs. Shipley with instructions to hold his calls then waited until the door was closed.

Nikolas sat down as Scott thanked Nikolas for agreeing to meet him. Nikolas explained that he was there as a courtesy, but was curious if he needed legal representation. Scott wondered if Nikolas had done anything to require an attorney, especially since Rosalie had recanted her confession about helping Nikolas commit corporate espionage to secure control of ELQ. Scott suspected Nikolas had pressured Rosalie, but he couldn't prove it.

However, Scott had wanted to talk to Nikolas because Scott had hoped Nikolas could shed light on what had been troubling Laura. Scott admitted that she had told him about a secret, but Bobbie had arrived to announce that Luke had decided to leave town, so Laura had left before she'd had a chance to confide to Scott. Nikolas denied any knowledge about Laura's secret, but he questioned the wisdom of his mother leaning on an ex-husband for support rather than her family. Scott wondered if perhaps Nikolas had something to do with the secret, but Nikolas laughed at the idea then left. Scott appeared thoughtful as he watched Nikolas walk away.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth returned to the living room as Laura introduced herself to Jake. Elizabeth appeared uneasy as Laura confessed that it felt as if Laura had met Jake before. Jake explained that he had undergone facial reconstruction surgery months before and had no memory of his past, so Laura admitted that Nikolas had mentioned Jake's situation. She was curious if Jake had had any glimpses or flashes of his past. Elizabeth quickly stepped forward to wrap her arm around Jake's waist and explained that she and Jake had decided to live in the present and appreciate what they had.

Laura smiled politely, but she continued to make Elizabeth squirm by urging Jake not to give up. Jake admitted that he had made peace with his decision, despite experiencing an occasional sense of déjà vu, but Laura was certain the flashes of memory had to mean something. Elizabeth was relieved when someone knocked on the door. It was Patrick. After Elizabeth invited him inside, Patrick greeted both Jake and Laura.

Patrick asked how little Jake was doing, so Elizabeth told Patrick about Monica and Michael's visit earlier. Elizabeth confessed that little Jake appeared to be doing well despite meeting a lot of news faces, so Patrick seized the opportunity to broach the subject of little Jake spending time with Danny. Elizabeth tensed, but Laura thought it was a wonderful idea, since little Jake and Danny were Jason's sons. Elizabeth appeared reluctant, but Laura admitted that she regretted allowing her fear to keep her from revealing the truth about Nikolas and Lucky until the brothers had been teenagers.

Elizabeth assured Patrick that she had never intended to keep Danny and little Jake apart, but she needed some time. Jake promised Elizabeth that it shouldn't be a problem because he was certain both Danny and little Jake would get along well. Elizabeth forced a smile as she agreed to get in touch with Sam to set up a visit. Pleased, Patrick thanked Elizabeth then left. Elizabeth offered to fetch little Jake for Laura, but Laura confessed that she had stopped by to talk to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was surprised when Laura asked for a private word with Elizabeth, so Jake gave Elizabeth a quick kiss goodbye then left to run errands. Laura smiled as she commented that Jake seemed like a nice man. Elizabeth assured her that Jake was great. Laura admitted that anyone could see why Elizabeth had fallen in love with him. "Especially since he's Jason," Laura quietly added.

At Metro Court, Franco kicked in the door to Nina and Ric's suite then called out to Nina. Franco decided to check the rooms when no one responded, but he quickly determined no one was there. Frustrated, Franco called Nina but reached her voicemail, so he asked her to call him back because it was imperative that he speak with her. After the call, Franco sat on the sofa, intending to wait, but he quickly lost patience.

Determined to take action, Franco marched to the door but stopped short when he saw Madeline standing in the hallway about to knock. Madeline demanded to know what Franco was doing in her daughter's suite, but Franco wondered why Madeline was there. Madeline claimed that she had stopped by to check on her daughter, but Franco didn't believe her because he knew Madeline had never cared about Nina. Madeline insisted Franco was wrong, but he reminded her of the horrible ways Madeline had hurt Nina.

Madeline conceded that she had a complicated relationship with her daughter, but Franco suspected Madeline and Ric were working together to get their hands on Nina's fortune. Madeline denied the accusation then reminded Franco that the money was out of Madeline's reach. Franco remained suspicious, so he asked for the name of Madeline's attorney who had gotten her out of jail. Madeline evaded the question, but Franco was certain Madeline and Ric were in cahoots because they were both "greedy and treacherous" people.

Madeline claimed that she had only recently met Ric, but she and Ric were concerned about Nina. Franco's suspicions grew when Madeline confided that Nina was on the verge of a breakdown because Nina had been experiencing hallucinations because of a guilty conscience. Madeline told Franco that it appeared Nina had abducted Avery from the hospital, but Franco explained it was impossible because he knew who the real kidnapper was. Surprised, Madeline asked who it was, but Franco refused to tell her. Madeline was certain Franco was bluffing, but he assured her that he wasn't then left.

At Shadybrook, Nina was uneasy as she and Ric entered the common room. Nina feared it had been a mistake to return to the sanitarium, but Ric insisted it was the only way to ensure that Nina received help and remained out of reach from the law. Nina argued that she didn't need psychiatric help, but Ric argued that she had been hearing and seeing things that weren't real. Nina countered that she hadn't had any hallucinations since they had left the hotel, so she wanted to leave.

Ric assured Nina that he wanted what was best for her because he cared about her. He promised it was merely a temporary situation, but Nina became increasingly agitated at the idea of staying at the sanitarium. Ric reminded her that it wasn't like Ferncliff or Miscavige, so she would have far more freedom than she'd had during her previous stint at Shadybrook. Nina paced the floor as she begged Ric to leave, but Ric exploited her insecurities by explaining that they needed to buy some time to figure things out and keep Nina out of jail.

Ric promised that Nina could trust him, but Nina questioned why she would block out Avery's abduction when Nina had never repressed any other memories of the horrible things she had done. Ric suggested the doctors might help Nina understand, but Nina balked at the idea of undergoing treatment. Ric warned her that the evidence was stacked against her then pulled out a folded document. Nina tensed as she asked what it was, so he revealed they were commitment papers. Nina nervously questioned how long Ric had had the papers, but he assured her that he had picked them up from the front desk upon their arrival.

Ric urged Nina to sign the papers, but Nina refused. Ric explained that if she voluntarily entered the sanitarium then she would retain control of her destiny and keep the police at bay. Ric claimed that it was for the best and continued to pressure her until Nina reluctantly signed the documents. Ric smiled with satisfaction as he assured her that she had done the right thing. After Ric left to drop off the papers, Nina appeared to be on the verge of crying as she looked around the common room. Moments later, an orderly arrived to take Nina to her room, but she froze when Franco entered the room and smiled at her.

Later, Ric returned to the suite where Madeline was waiting. She demanded to know where her daughter was, so Ric explained that he had been forced to take action when Nina had asked for a divorce because Nina was in love with Franco. Madeline was not pleased, but Ric revealed that Nina had been committed to Shadybrook.

At the Jerome apartment, Morgan and Denise were startled when Silas suddenly appeared in the bedroom doorway. Silas' anger was palpable as he glared accusingly at Morgan and Denise, so Morgan insisted that he could explain. Silas scoffed because he doubted Morgan could provide an innocent explanation for cheating on Kiki. Silas was disgusted that Morgan had found his way into Denise's bed within three hours of Kiki leaving town.

Morgan claimed that he and Denise both cared about Kiki and didn't want to hurt Kiki, but Silas didn't believe him. Infuriated, Silas informed Morgan that Morgan shouldn't have rekindled things with Kiki then claimed to care for Silas' daughter when it was clear that Morgan was completely untrustworthy. Silas accused Morgan of being a "selfish, shallow, horny little brat" who deserved to be "screwed over" the same way Morgan had betrayed Kiki.

Morgan admitted that he couldn't explain why he and Denise had been unable to fight the attraction simmering between them, so Silas cryptically offered to enlighten Morgan. Denise quickly interjected by claiming that she simply reminded Morgan of Ava, but Silas argued it was more than that. "Don't you think, Denise?" Silas asked with a smirk. She carefully warned Silas not to "go there," but Morgan wanted to know what Silas and Denise were talking about. Denise asked to have a private word with Silas, but Morgan refused to leave.

Denise assured Morgan that she could get through to Silas because she knew Silas didn't want Kiki to get hurt. Morgan reluctantly retreated to the living room with his clothes, so she waited until it was safe then dropped all pretense of being Denise. Ava appealed to Silas to think of Kiki, but he thought Kiki deserved to know the truth about her faithless boyfriend and sociopathic mother because catching Morgan and Ava in bed together had made Silas realize how little Morgan and Ava cared about Kiki.

Ava was shocked when Silas vowed to tell Kiki everything, including the truth about Ava. Ava warned Silas that he would face jail time for helping her, but Silas wasn't intimidated. He was tired of Ava's blackmail and lying to everyone, especially Nina, who blamed herself for a crime he had committed. Ava was stunned when Silas revealed that he had already stopped by Scott's office to confess, but Scott hadn't been in. Ava begged Silas to reconsider, but Silas' mind was made up.

Ava warned Silas that the truth would destroy Kiki, but Silas was confident that Kiki would get over it in time. Silas believed his daughter was entitled to the truth, so he intended to make certain Kiki knew everything when she returned from her trip to the Hamptons. After Silas stormed out, Ava entered the living room, where Morgan was waiting. Morgan was curious if "Denise" had managed to persuade Silas to keep his mouth shut, but Denise confessed that she doubted it.

In the hallway, Silas left Kiki a voicemail message explaining that he needed to talk to her as soon as she returned to Port Charles.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...

• Laura admits that Nikolas told her the truth about Jason
• Jake confides to Sam that if Hayden knows his real identity then it might be possible that Nikolas does as well
• Michael warns Nikolas that Nikolas might be gone in a matter of weeks
• Morgan insists that he will do whatever is necessary to keep Silas quiet