Thursday, February 26, 2015

At the courthouse, Michael was anxiously waiting for Alexis as she left a courtroom. Alexis was surprised to see him, since the custody hearing wasn't scheduled until later in the afternoon. Michael explained that he wanted to discuss strategy to make certain she was fully prepared to take Avery away from Sonny, so Alexis promised she was ready. However, she warned Michael that it wouldn't be easy because Sonny was Avery's biological father and would fight fiercely for her. Michael was confident that he had a chance to prevail because the judge hadn't dismissed Michael's petition for custody.

Alexis advised Michael to be prepared because Diane wouldn't hesitate to go after Michael with both barrels. Michael didn't care if the custody hearing was difficult, but Alexis was concerned because it was clear to her that Michael was wound up. She advised him to get himself a latte and calm down but then changed her mind and suggested he try an herbal tea because he couldn't afford to lose his cool on the stand.

At Kelly's, Silas was eating breakfast with Kiki and Morgan when he spotted Nathan at the counter, so he excused himself to approach Nathan for an update on Nina. Nathan revealed he expected to hear from Alexis about Nina's competency hearing, which had been scheduled for that morning. Nathan explained that Nina's doctors intended to testify that Nina had acted under diminished capacity when she had kidnapped Ava's baby, but Nina had improved under the doctors' care. Nathan was eager to get Nina out of Shadybrook and away from Franco, even though Nathan gave Franco credit for breaking out of jail to save Nina from Heather's diabolical plan.

The conversation then turned to Ava as Nathan assured Silas that everything had been done to find Ava, but the police commissioner had concluded that Ava couldn't have survived the fall from the bridge into the frigid waters. Silas seemed surprised that the police had given up on the search for Ava's body but shifted gears to ask if Nina was truly ready to leave Shadybrook. Nathan promised that Nina had been doing better because she was both calm and grounded in reality. Satisfied, Silas admitted Nina deserved to get her life back on track, so he asked Nathan to keep him posted. After Silas returned to rejoin Kiki and Morgan, Alexis called to let Nathan know a decision had been made.

Meanwhile, Morgan urged Kiki to eat something, but she wasn't hungry because she had to plan her mother's memorial service. Morgan gently assured Kiki that Ava would always be a part of them, but Kiki held up her cell phone to show him a picture of Ava holding Avery as Kiki explained the picture was all Avery would ever have of Ava. Kiki looked troubled as she confided that she hoped she had made the right decision by not fighting Sonny for custody of her sister, so Morgan told Kiki about Michael's plans to take Avery away from Sonny.

According to Morgan, Michael had gone off the deep end and was out to stick it to Sonny. Kiki was upset because she didn't think Michael had the right to interfere in Avery's life. Morgan heartily agreed, since Michael's only motivation was to punish Sonny for killing A.J. Kiki pointed out that Michael had never visited Avery or even helped with the search for her sister when Avery had been kidnapped, but she couldn't think about Michael's petition while she planned Ava's memorial service.

Silas returned to the table in time to hear Kiki mention her mother's memorial service, so he asked if she intended to go ahead with the plans even though Ava hadn't been officially declared dead. Kiki admitted that she couldn't understand the delay, since even the authorities had given up the search for her mother. Her expression suddenly clouded with sadness as she thought about her sister because Avery had already lost her mother and might soon lose her father, Sonny, if Michael had his way. Before Silas could reply, Michael entered the diner.

Despite Kiki's objections, Morgan immediately jumped up to angrily confront Michael about trying to take Avery away from Sonny. Morgan was outraged because Sonny hadn't even seen Avery during Sonny's stay in prison, but Michael was unmoved because Sonny should have spent the rest of Sonny's life behind bars rather than a few months. Morgan argued that Sonny wasn't to blame for the governor's pardon, but Michael insisted he was trying to do what was best for Avery, unlike Morgan and Kiki.

Kiki was offended by Michael's remark because she had spent months taking care of her sister -- feeding Avery, bathing her, and rocking her to sleep. Kiki assured Michael that she loved Avery, so Michael wondered why Kiki had handed the baby over to a killer. Kiki explained it had been the right thing to do because Avery had already lost a mother and deserved to know her father. Michael scoffed because Sonny would have killed Ava minutes after Avery's birth if Michael hadn't stopped him. Morgan argued that Michael didn't know or love Avery, so Michael reminded his brother how they had suffered as Sonny's children.

Michael realized Morgan was too young to remember being kidnapped, but Michael was certain Morgan recalled how Michael had been shot in the head by a bullet intended for Sonny, which had left Michael in a coma for a year. Michael also pointed out that there had been numerous times when they had been sent to Sonny's island because it had been too dangerous for them to live with Sonny. Michael added that Morgan had been shipped off to military school to protect Morgan from Sonny's dangerous lifestyle. Michael vowed that Sonny would never see Avery, and neither would Morgan and Kiki.

Infuriated, Morgan punched Michael in the mouth. Silas quickly interceded by jumping between the brothers before the fight escalated. Silas warned Morgan that hitting wouldn't solve anything, so he suggested that both Morgan and Michael act like the grown men they were supposed to be. Silas also suggested that Michael show Kiki some respect because she had just lost her mother. Michael pointed out that Ava had killed Connie and framed A.J. for the murder. Hurt, Kiki asked if Michael was trying to suggest that Ava had deserved to die. "No," Michael admitted, but he did know what it was like to lose a parent.

After Michael left, Morgan apologized to both Kiki and Silas. Silas stepped away when he received a text message, and Kiki and Morgan returned to the table. Morgan asked if Kiki was okay, so she nodded. Moments later, Silas returned to explain that he had to leave town for a couple of days because a colleague had asked him to consult on a critical case. Kiki assured Silas that it was fine, so Silas told Kiki that he would support whatever she decided to do about Ava's memorial service, even if she wanted to wait awhile longer.

After Silas left, Kiki talked to Morgan about what it had been like for her to finally meet her father. She wanted Avery to have the same opportunity with Sonny, so Morgan assured Kiki that Sonny was a good man. Kiki admitted that she knew Sonny loved Avery, but she feared Michael might prevail in court and follow through on his threat to keep them all away from Avery. Morgan doubted any judge would grant Michael -- a single guy who always worked -- custody of a child. Kiki agreed, so Morgan shifted the discussion to Ava's memorial service.

Morgan suggested the memorial service be held at Ava's favorite place, the gallery. Kiki questioned if she should proceed with the plans because she sensed Silas hadn't quite accepted Ava's death. Morgan agreed, but he pointed out that Ava couldn't have survived the fall from the bridge.

At Shadybrook, Franco was secured to his bed as Nina entered his room. He greeted her and admitted that it was nice to see her. Nina smiled as she asked if he knew who she was. "You're Phyllis," Franco answered. Nina's smile faded as she reminded him that her name was Nina, but Franco insisted she was Phyllis and talked about the good times they'd had in Wisconsin. Nina gently explained that she had never been to Wisconsin, so she carefully asked if he was still hallucinating.

Franco seemed surprised by the suggestion, but Nina revealed that he had taken an overdose of LSD to ensure he could stay with her at Shadybrook. Franco was certain that it had been one of "Phyllis'" schemes, so Nina agreed he could call her Phyllis. She admitted he could call her any name he wanted, laugh, scream, and share his deepest, darkest secret with her, since she wasn't going anywhere. She sat on his bed as she vowed to never abandon him.

Moments later, a guard opened the door. Nina was surprised when Nathan and Alexis entered, so Nina jumped up to greet Nathan. Nathan revealed he had good news for Nina; she would be leaving the sanitarium. Thrilled, Nina hugged her brother as she thanked him for never giving up on him. Alexis noticed Franco staring at a wall, so she carefully suggested that she, Nina, and Nathan go somewhere private to discuss Nina's release, but Nina refused to leave Franco.

Nina assured Alexis that it was fine to talk in front of Franco, so Alexis explained that Nina's doctors had assured the panel of judges that Nina had not been in her right mind when she had kidnapped Ava's baby. Alexis added that the doctors had assured the judges that Nina was recovered and posed no threat to anyone. Thrilled, Nina returned to Franco's bedside to explain that she was a free woman. Nina promised to return every day to visit him, but Alexis explained it wouldn't be possible because Nina needed to show the judges that Nina knew right from wrong and demonstrate remorse by staying away from her accomplice in the kidnapping.

Alexis announced that Nina had to meet with the judges before the release was secured but promised the hearing would be brief because it was just a formality. Nathan noticed Nina's hesitation, so he told Alexis that he and Nina would catch up with Alexis at the courthouse. After Alexis left, Nathan gave Nina an opportunity to say goodbye to Franco. Nathan promised to wait in the hallway, and he slipped out of the room. Troubled, Nina asked Franco what she should do. Franco grabbed her hand and told "Phyllis" that she would figure something out because she always did.

At Greystone Manor, Carly arrived to pick Sonny up for the custody hearing. Sonny admitted he didn't look forward to the hearing because he hated having to go up against Michael. Carly gently broke the news that Spencer had been injured in a fire and was in the hospital. Alarmed, Sonny asked what had happened, so Carly told him that it appeared a candle had tipped over and caught a room on fire. Sonny was stunned when Carly revealed that Spencer had saved Emma then had dashed back into the room to fetch the gift Sonny had given Spencer.

Sonny couldn't understand why Spencer had risked his life for a boxing robe that could easily be replaced, so Carly reminded Sonny that Spencer was a ten-year-old boy. Carly insisted Sonny was not to blame for what had happened to Spencer, but Sonny decided he needed to get to the hospital to check on his nephew. Carly quickly reminded Sonny that he couldn't risk skipping the hearing, but Sonny was certain everyone would understand. Carly warned Sonny that Michael would use Sonny's absence against Sonny.

Carly urged Sonny not to risk skipping the custody hearing but added that she would go with Sonny to the hospital after the hearing. Sonny reluctantly agreed, so Carly assured Sonny that Diane would arrive soon. Both Sonny and Carly were startled when Ric entered the living room instead of Diane. Ric explained that Diane was busy with another case, so she had asked Ric to step in for her. Carly objected, but Ric promised he would fight hard for Sonny, since they were brothers.

Carly admitted she had a big problem with Ric representing Sonny in the custody hearing, but Ric explained he owed Sonny because Sonny had sent Shawn to save Ric when Carlos had kidnapped Ric. Ric promised he would fight hard to make certain his brother retained custody of Ric's beautiful niece, but Carly questioned Ric's sincerity because Elizabeth had told her about Ric's attempt to sabotage Jake's case. Sonny was curious what Carly was talking about, but Ric insisted it was between Ric and Elizabeth. Carly disagreed because Ric had tried to send Jake to jail because Ric had been afraid Elizabeth had feelings for Jake.

Ric offered to ask for a continuance if Sonny wanted to find another attorney, but Sonny shook his brother's hand as he assured Ric it wasn't necessary.

At the courthouse, Alexis was surprised when Michael approached her to discuss how she intended to prove Sonny was an unfit parent. Alexis assured Michael that she had everything under control, but she noticed Michael seemed tense and agitated. She also became alarmed when she noticed his cut lip. Michael dismissed the injured lip because he wanted to talk about securing custody of Avery. Alexis explained that she had a brief hearing to attend to, but she pulled Michael to a quiet alcove to suggest that perhaps he was on edge because he realized that challenging Sonny would irrevocably sever ties with Sonny.

Alexis warned Michael that if he went through with the petition for custody, he might never reconcile with his father and the rest of the family. Moments later, Ric, Carly, and Sonny arrived at the courthouse with Avery. Alexis suspected Avery's presence had been an attempt to manipulate the judge, but Michael was surprised Sonny had agreed to allow Ric to represent him, because Ric was the man who had kidnapped a pregnant Carly and kept her prisoner in an effort to steal her baby and give Morgan to Elizabeth to raise. Michael confessed he was pleased Avery was there because it would make taking her home easier, but Sonny vowed he would not allow that to happen.

Carly seized the opportunity to try to get Michael to change his mind about going through with the bid for custody by picking up Avery and introducing Michael to his sister. She handed the baby to Michael as she talked to her son about how loved Avery was. Carly warned Michael that wrenching Avery away from the only family Avery knew would hurt Avery. Carly knew that Michael and the Quartermaines would love Avery, but Carly believed Avery would benefit more if both sides of Michael's family loved his little sister, so she implored Michael to drop the petition for custody.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Nina arrived at the courthouse. Nina recalled what Franco had told her about having faith in her figuring something out then stopped short when she spotted Avery. "Oh, my God, that's my baby," Nina said.

At the hospital, Nikolas was on the phone with Lulu. He assured her that he understood she couldn't be at the hospital because Rocco had a cold then wrapped up the call as Elizabeth approached. Nikolas' eyes welled up with tears as Elizabeth told him that she had heard about what had happened to Spencer. Nikolas' voice cracked as he admitted that he was scared, so Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Nikolas and held him tightly as he wept.

After Nikolas pulled himself together enough to talk, he told Elizabeth about the fire and how he had managed to rescue Spencer because Patrick had cleared a path with a fire extinguisher. However, Nikolas remained distraught because he hadn't been able to get any information from the doctors. Moments later, Liesl walked up to tell Nikolas that she had information about Spencer. Nikolas was furious because he didn't want Liesl near his son.

Liesl appreciated that Nikolas had issues with her because of Britt but reminded him that Britt loved Spencer and would want Liesl to oversee Spencer's case, as would Nathan, who was Nikolas' cousin. Elizabeth quickly stepped away to ask a nurse for an update on Jake, so Nikolas quietly informed Liesl that he knew Victor was not Nathan's father. Nikolas demanded that someone else oversee Spencer's case, but Elizabeth swiftly returned when she saw the tense conversation between Liesl and Nikolas. Nikolas stepped back and assured Elizabeth everything was fine, so Liesl explained it would be best for Spencer if Spencer were transferred to Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston.

Liesl explained that the doctors at Shriners Hospital were the best and would be able to better treat Spencer's injuries than the doctors at General Hospital. Elizabeth agreed that Shriners Hospital would be able to provide Spencer with excellent care. Nikolas' anger faded as he told Liesl to make the arrangements. After Liesl left, Nikolas thanked Elizabeth for being there for him, so she insisted she wouldn't have been anywhere else.

Moments later, Liesl returned to inform Nikolas that a plane had been readied to take Spencer to Boston, where a team of doctors would be waiting to transport Spencer to Shriners Hospital for Children. She advised Nikolas to check on Spencer to assure Spencer that everything would be fine. After Nikolas left, Elizabeth thanked Liesl because Liesl had gone above and beyond for Spencer and Nikolas in a surprisingly compassionate way. Liesl conceded that Elizabeth had been surprisingly gracious but warned Elizabeth not to let it go to Elizabeth's head.

Meanwhile, Nikolas approached Spencer's bedside. Spencer had been taken off the ventilator and was awake. Nikolas' eyes filled with tears as Spencer quietly confessed to being scared. Nikolas took his son's hand and squeezed it as he promised everything would be okay and told Spencer about the trip to Boston to visit a special hospital just for children. Spencer asked if Nikolas would be going with him.

"Of course," Nikolas answered. Spencer told Nikolas that he loved him, so Nikolas smiled. "I love you too, baby," Nikolas replied as he rested his head next to Spencer's.

At an undisclosed location, Silas entered a hospital room. "You're awake," Silas said as he approached Ava's bed.

. . .

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