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Thursday, December 1, 2016

At Wyndemere, Nina questioned why Valentin had used the Latin phrase for "open your eyes" during their previous conversation. Valentin was certain that Anna already knew the answer, so she conceded that she believed there was a link between Valentin and the World Security Bureau because he'd used the WSB's motto for new recruits. Valentin offered Anna a drink, but she wanted answers. Valentin assured her that he wasn't a threat to her, but she didn't believe him. Anna continued to probe him about his past, but he questioned her interest in him.

Anna revealed that it was his eyes -- they were familiar to her. Anna was certain that she and Valentin had met in the past, but he assured her that he would have remembered meeting her. He asked if he could call her by her first name, but she ignored the question because she wanted real answers from him. Valentin remained evasive as he talked about how people could learn quite a bit from books and pointed to Shakespeare as an example. Anna wondered if he saw himself as a Shakespearean character, so he conceded that perhaps he had when he'd been a child. However, he assured her that he'd always had a keen sense of who he wanted to be.

Anna was curious who that might be, but Valentin merely smiled. "Not Richard the third," he replied as he stoked the fire. According to Valentin the Shakespearean play had been a hatchet job because even though Richard III had been a hunchback, the villainy, the treachery, and the plot to murder his own nephews had been lies put out posthumously by Richard III's enemies to cover their own misdeeds. Valentin added that the play had been Tudor propaganda slandering the Yorks. Anna wondered if Valentin saw himself as a victim of slander, but he refused to rise to the bait and told her that Richard III had been an excellent warrior and tactician who had lost the war at Bosworth because he'd made the mistake of trusting the wrong person. Valentin was determined not to make the same mistake.

Anna decided to cut the visit short because it was clear that Valentin had no intention of answering her questions. Valentin walked Anna to the door as she suggested that he enjoyed antagonizing people -- especially her. Valentin didn't deny it, but he admitted that they might have been friends in another life. After Valentin closed the door, he returned to the living room and retrieved a box. "As I intend to prosper and repent, so thrive I in my dangerous affairs of hostile arms! Myself, myself confound," Valentin quoted the king from Richard III -- Act 4, Scene 4 -- as he pulled out a picture of Anna during her early days at the WSB. Valentin acknowledged that Anna had had a lot of questions, but he vowed that she would only get the answers when the time was right.

At Maxie and Nathan's apartment, Maxie questioned Nathan about the wedding present he'd bought her, but he refused to ruin the surprise. Maxie was about to double her efforts of persuasion, but a knock at the door heralded Nina's arrival. Nina explained that she'd stopped by to run a few things past Maxie and apologized for not getting there sooner. Nina admitted that she'd been distracted, but Nathan grew suspicious and asked his sister to elaborate. He was not pleased when she quietly admitted that she'd spent time with Charlotte because it also meant that Nina had been with Valentin.

Nina became defensive, but Maxie tactfully reminded her that Valentin had killed Nikolas. Nina argued that Ava was "a lying bitch" who had smeared Valentin's name. Maxie and Nathan switched tactics and questioned if Valentin had mentioned anything about Claudette, but Nina continued to defend Valentin as a father who loved his daughter. Nathan warned Nina that Valentin was playing her, but Nina resented Nathan's attitude. She reminded her brother that she was an adult and responsible for her own decisions. Nina pointed out that she was far from incompetent, since she'd turned things around at Crimson.

After Nina stormed out, Maxie assured Nathan that she loved him. Nathan was upset and decided to call Nina, but the call went to voicemail. After he left an apologetic message and ended the call, he admitted that he feared he'd driven Nina right back to Valentin.

Later, Nina ran into Anna at Kelly's. After they exchanged greetings, Anna asked for a minute of Nina's time. Nina suspected that Anna wanted to question her about Valentin. She made it clear that she believed Claudette was a pathological liar, and there hadn't been any proof that any of Claudette's allegations had been true. Anna thanked Nina for being honest about where she stood. Nina explained that despite different upbringings, she and Valentin were a lot alike. Anna was curious in what way, so Nina revealed that they'd both had lonely childhoods.

Anna perked up when Nina mentioned that Valentin had been sent to boarding school when he had been six years old and had never returned home for the holidays. Anna questioned Nina about the boarding school. Nina reluctantly answered the questions, but she warned Anna that she considered Valentin a friend. After Nina left, Anna called a contact to find out what she could about the boarding school in Bedlington, England.

At Dante and Lulu's house, Dante entered the living room to let Lulu know that Rocco was asleep. Lulu sighed with relief as she gathered the papers on the coffee table and announced that their bills had been taken care of. Dante decided to take advantage of the quiet and joined his wife on the sofa. Things quickly heated up as they kissed until Laura suddenly arrived home. Laura apologized as the newlyweds jumped apart and straightened their clothing. Laura thanked Lulu for letting her stay with them, but she promised to find a new place to live soon.

Lulu assured her mother that it was fine, but Laura disagreed and changed the subject by surprising Dante and Lulu with a gift certificate to Metro Court. Laura explained that it was the honeymoon package with a deluxe room and couples massage. Lulu and Dante were overjoyed by the gift, but they felt bad about leaving Rocco home with Laura. Laura promised that it was fine and sent the couple to their bedroom to pack. After Dante and Lulu disappeared into the bedroom, Laura called Kevin. Kevin was eager to show off his newly renovated kitchen and invited Laura over, but she explained that she had to stay home to watch Rocco. Kevin offered to cook at Dante and Lulu's house, but Laura once again declined.

Kevin admitted that he was concerned because Laura seemed to panic at even the prospect of spending the night with him. Laura conceded that he was right and admitted that she wasn't ready to be intimate with him. Kevin relaxed and assured Laura that she was worth the wait. He promised to call the following day and ended the call. Moments later, Dante and Lulu returned to the living room with their packed bags. Lulu offered to call a babysitter for Rocco, but Laura admitted that she welcomed a quiet night at home.

A short time later, Dante and Lulu entered their suite. After they dropped their bags, they fell on the bed and kissed. They started to make a love, but a knock on the door interrupted them. Dante jumped up as he confessed that he'd called ahead to order room service. Lulu assumed that Dante had ordered Champagne, but he pulled out two bottles of beer from the bucket of ice. Lulu smiled as he returned to the bed and explained that it was the same brand of beer he'd been drinking the night he'd met a special young woman in Jake's.

Dante and Lulu talked about the fateful night they'd met and how he'd ended up on the losing end of a bar fight against her brothers. Dante grinned as he assured her that he only recalled her smile. After Dante and Lulu made love, they each picked up a bottle of beer and toasted to their new beginning.

At the hospital, Kevin ended the call with Laura as Monica walked up and enlisted his help with a special project of vital importance to the hospital. A short time later, Kevin expressed reservations about what Monica wanted him to do, but she insisted that he had to do it because she couldn't afford for the board to find out that she couldn't handle the situation. Monica warned him that the board didn't need another reason to vote in favor of converting the hospital into luxury condominiums. Monica handed Kevin a box and walked away. Kevin sat down to contemplate his options but ultimately decided to do as Monica had asked.

Outside Kelly's, Kiki told Dillon about her decision to quit working at the restaurant. Dillon was surprised, but Kiki insisted that it had been for the best because it was too painful for Carly to see her every day and be reminded of how Kiki had hurt Morgan. Kiki acknowledged that it also had been hard on Michael. Dillon wondered what Kiki intended to do next, so she explained that she hoped to apply for a job at Kelly's. Dillon doubted that Kiki wanted a career as a waitress and suggested that she take some time to figure out what she really wanted in life.

Dillon and Kiki entered the diner and sat down. Dillon revealed that he'd once hoped to become a filmmaker, but he'd fallen into photography and had made a wonderful career of it. He suggested that waitressing was an excuse for Kiki not to follow her dreams, but Kiki reminded him that she'd grown up with unlimited money and practically no supervision. Kiki admitted that she'd never had a dream job because she'd never imagined that she would need one. Dillon empathized, but Kiki pointed out that he'd found his passion, while she'd spent her time swindling rich kids out of their allowances and gambling online.

Dillon jokingly suggested that Kiki consider becoming a bookkeeper or professional poker player. Kiki smiled and assured him that she would be good at both. Dillon realized the time and announced that he had to leave. He hoped he hadn't pushed Kiki too hard, but she promised that she was fine and delighted that they were able to be friends. Dillon smiled awkwardly, agreed, and left.

Later, Kiki filled out a job application. However, she stopped midway through to pull out her phone and take an online career aptitude test. She was surprised with the results but conceded that it weirdly made sense.

Across town, Tracy stopped by Dante and Lulu's house to drop off a wedding gift. Laura invited Tracy inside as she explained that Dante and Lulu had gone to Metro Court to enjoy a short honeymoon. Tracy regretted not calling ahead -- or finding a more original gift than a bottle of wine. Laura smiled and shifted gears to take the opportunity to thank Tracy for being there for Lulu through the years when Laura hadn't been able to. Laura believed that Tracy was one of the reasons that Lulu was the woman she was. Touched, Tracy suggested that she and Laura have a drink together and opened the bottle of wine.

As Tracy and Laura chatted, Tracy asked about Kevin. Laura confided that she'd slowed things down with Kevin because she was worried about getting in too deep. Tracy nodded in understanding, so Laura revealed that she'd been relieved to have an excuse to turn Kevin down when he had invited her over for dinner. Tracy was curious why, prompting Laura to explain that she'd spent most of her life being defined by a man and was afraid that she'd lose herself again if she moved forward with Kevin. Tracy suggested that Laura loosen up, but Laura had no idea how. Tracy smiled and offered to help.

A short time later, Laura returned to the living room, wearing a fur coat. Laura had reservations about Tracy's suggestion, but Tracy promised Laura that everything would be fine and hustled her out the door.

Later, Laura arrived at Kevin's house. She braced herself, knocked on the door, and repeatedly reminded herself that it was "only Kevin." She jumped when she heard Kevin call out as he approached the door, but she quickly loosened the coat enough to slide down her shoulders seductively as she turned to face the door. Laura shrieked when a man wearing a Santa Claus costume answered the door. She quickly pulled her coat back into place as Kevin removed his beard and assured her that she was at the right address.

Laura asked why Kevin was wearing a Santa Claus costume. Kevin explained that Monica had asked him to play Santa Claus at the hospital. Laura was mortified by what she'd done, but Kevin smiled and admitted that he hadn't minded. Laura confessed that she'd followed someone's advice to be spontaneous, but Kevin assured Laura that it hadn't been necessary because she was fine the way she was. Laura relaxed and asked if he intended to invite her inside, but he didn't want to pressure her. Laura smiled and kissed him passionately.

At Dante and Lulu's house, Tracy greeted her son. Dillon entered the house and questioned why his mother was there. Tracy filled him in about Dante and Lulu's last-minute honeymoon then changed the subject to express her delight that Dillon and Lulu had salvaged their friendship despite everything that had transpired with Dante and Valerie. However, she was curious if Dillon intended to let the same thing happen with Kiki. Dillon was surprised by the question and clarified that he and Kiki were just friends, but Tracy knew he had feelings for Kiki and urged him to fight for her.

At the hospital, Franco attacked Tom Baker until Griffin and Elizabeth intervened and pulled the men apart. Griffin held Franco back as Tom accused Franco of being crazy. Furious, Franco growled at Tom to stay away from Elizabeth, or Franco would kill him. Tom smirked at Franco and turned to leave, but Franco broke free from Griffin's grip and lunged at Tom. Tom fell to the ground as Franco wrapped his hands around Tom's throat. Eventually, Griffin and an orderly managed to pull Franco off of Tom. Tom insisted that he'd done his time and had gone on with his life, while Elizabeth's boyfriend had tried to kill him.

"So, which one of us is the monster?" Tom asked. Livid, Elizabeth warned Tom not to make it Franco's fault because Tom had provoked everyone by showing up at the hospital where she worked. Tom argued that he'd paid for his crimes, unlike Franco who'd used a brain tumor as a defense. Tom snorted at the idea that Franco was cured, but Franco reminded Tom that Tom had been warned to stay away from Elizabeth. Franco was furious that Tom had shown his face and thrown what Tom had done to Elizabeth in her face.

Franco advised Tom to enlist his brother's help to sleep in shifts because Franco vowed to hunt Tom down. Griffin ordered both men to stop. Moments later, Monica walked up and demanded to know what was going on. Monica immediately recognized Tom, but he had no idea who she was until she introduced herself as Emily's mother and ordered him off the premises. Tom warned Franco that he'd hear from Tom's attorney or the police, and he left. Monica apologized to Elizabeth for allowing someone like Tom to slip through the cracks. Franco was grateful for the hospital's zero-tolerance policy on violence, but Monica explained that it applied to Franco too.

Monica revealed that she knew Franco had instigated the altercation, so she had to suspend him for two days -- unless someone spoke up for him. Franco looked at both Elizabeth and Griffin, but they each remained silent. Franco was disappointed, but Elizabeth thought it was for the best because Franco's behavior had alarmed her, and he needed time to cool off. Franco was hurt and suggested that Elizabeth saw him as a monster deep down inside.

Shortly after Franco left, Griffin approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station. She wondered if he'd figured out what Tom had done to her. "I think so," Griffin answered. He asked if she was okay. Elizabeth explained that she had to be because she had three sons and a job to focus on. Griffin wasn't satisfied and repeated the question. Elizabeth admitted that she'd always known that Tom would get out of jail and that she might have to face him.

Elizabeth realized that Franco believed that he was helping, but he wasn't. She confided that she kept looking for signs of Franco's violent tendencies, but she wasn't certain they were in the past because Franco had triggers. She explained that Franco was protective of those he cared about, and there was no telling what he'd do if one of them was threatened.

At D'Archam Facility, Franco told Heather that he needed her help. He explained that he felt like the darkness and anger he'd once felt were returning, and he couldn't keep it in check as he once had, especially when the recipient was deserving of his wrath. Heather rolled her eyes and questioned the timing of his visit, since he'd ratted her out to the authorities. Heather resented being watched closely, and she was angry that she could no longer move around freely. Franco apologized, but he explained that he'd done what he'd had to. Heather wasn't satisfied because she believed that he only cared about Elizabeth.

Franco confessed that he was afraid that he might lose Elizabeth if he gave in to what his head and gut were telling him to do. Intrigued, Heather asked him to elaborate. Franco filled her in about Tom and his desire to hurt the man and watch him suffer. Franco was desperate to stop the thoughts, but Heather told him that the problem was Elizabeth because Franco was trying to be someone he wasn't, and the pressure was building inside him like air in a balloon. According to Heather, Tom was a pinprick, and she warned her son that he couldn't escape all of life's pinpricks. "Watch me," Franco replied.

At Kelly's, Tom rounded a corner as Kiki exited the diner. She was focused on her phone as she started to walk away and didn't notice that she'd dropped her wallet. Tom called out to her and dashed over to pick up the wallet. Kiki thanked him, but her smile faded when he seized the opportunity to stroke her hand as he handed the wallet to her. After Kiki walked away, Tom followed her.

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