Thursday, July 21, 2016

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sabrina was stunned when she saw a familiar man on the doorstep. The man flashed a friendly smile as he greeted Sabrina. "José?" Sabrina asked. He quickly clarified that he'd changed his name to "Joe" since moving to the mainland. Sabrina invited Joe inside and asked how he'd found her. He explained that he'd gone to the hospital to visit his nephew, but she hadn't been there, so he'd asked how to get in touch with Sabrina.

Michael suddenly appeared in the living room doorway and ordered Carlos to step away from Sabrina. Sabrina quickly explained that Joe was Carlos' brother. Michael remained wary until Joe showed Michael proper identification. Joe explained that he had changed his name from José to Joe when Joe had attended medical school for pediatric surgery. Sabrina admitted that she hadn't seen Joe since he'd left home as a teen.

Michael was curious why Joe was in town. Joe talked about the regrets he had because of not making peace with Carlos when he'd had the chance and admitted that he wanted an opportunity to get to know his nephew. Michael's arm slid around Sabrina's waist as he questioned why Joe and Carlos had been estranged. Sabrina revealed that Joe and Sabrina had briefly dated before Sabrina and Carlos had gotten involved. Joe acknowledged that some of the problems he'd had with his brother had been about Sabrina, but Carlos had resented Joe for leaving Puerto Rico -- and Carlos -- to attend medical school.

Joe became choked up with emotion as he suggested that Carlos might have taken a different path in life if Carlos had received the right push at the right time. Joe felt as if he'd failed his brother and wanted to make amends by helping Sabrina and Teddy. Sabrina admitted that she needed time. Joe smiled and gave her a card with his contact information. Sabrina thanked Joe for seeking her permission before visiting with Teddy and assured him that she and her son had a good life with Michael. After Sabrina left, Joe thanked Michael for Michael's hospitality, but Michael admitted that he knew what it was like to seek redemption for a loved one.

Michael pointed out that Joe could have gone on with his life and never looked back, but Joe explained that he'd done enough of that. Michael assured Joe that Sabrina would let Joe visit with Teddy. Joe hoped so, and asked if Michael and Sabrina were close. "Yes," Michael answered with a friendly smile. Joe thought Sabrina was lucky, but Michael insisted that Michael was the lucky one.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly told Sonny about a woman named Wendy Pickett who had sold a kidney around the same time that Josslyn had received the transplant. Sonny was skeptical that Wendy was Josslyn's donor and worried that perhaps Wendy might try to take advantage of the situation. He urged his wife to be careful because there were a lot of frauds out there. Carly assured Sonny that she could handle things, but Sonny regretted that he hadn't had a chance to check Wendy's background because he'd been preoccupied with Julian.

Carly reminded Sonny that Julian would go to jail for life, but Sonny suddenly had an idea that would ensure that Julian's incarceration was expedited. Moments later, Carly's phone chimed with a text message from Wendy asking to move up their meeting.

Meanwhile, Hayden paid Finn a visit. She brushed past him as she entered his suite, but he warned her that it wasn't a good time. Hayden cut to the chase and asked if he was a drug addict. Finn was offended by the question, but she insisted that she deserved an answer because he'd conned her into stealing his drugs from the hospital's mailbox. Finn argued that it had been her decision, but she reminded him that he'd been barely three breaths away from dying. Hayden added that she and Tracy had been very determined to help him find another supplier until they had learned that Zekenestrol went by the street name "Zen-Zen" and was as addictive as heroin.

Finn assured Hayden that he was fully aware of the side effects of the drug but added that he was a medical professional -- unlike Hayden. Finn ordered her to back off, but she explained that she had merely wanted to help. Finn informed her that it wasn't necessary because he might have found another solution. Hayden wanted details, but he was curious why she cared. Hayden admitted that it would go a long way in restoring her faith in humanity if she knew that he was one of the good guys. Finn laughed, but there was no humor in it.

"God help us," Finn said. Hayden conceded that it might be too much to ask for, but she had hoped that he could at least show her that he was someone she could believe in. Finn decided that Hayden was an optimist at heart, but he warned her that it was a mistake because people were flawed, struggled, failed, made catastrophic mistakes, and would disappoint her every time. However, Finn promised that if he hurt or disappointed her, it would not be because he had lied. Hayden appreciated the concession and smiled.

Moments later, Sonny knocked. Finn made it clear that he wanted Hayden to leave, but he followed her into the hallway to tell her that he'd see her around. Hayden smiled and walked away. After Finn returned to the suite and closed the door, Sonny revealed that he'd done a background check on Finn, but Finn's colleagues had been tight-lipped, which indicated that there was something to hide. Finn feared that he'd die before Sonny finished the investigation, but Sonny agreed to help Finn because Finn had helped Carly. However, Sonny wanted something from Finn.

Finn tensed as Sonny explained that he would arrange for Finn to oversee Julian's case. Finn objected to harming or killing anyone, but Sonny explained that he simply expected Finn to make certain that Julian was healthy enough to attend an arraignment. Sonny revealed that he suspected that Julian had faked a setback to get out of going to jail, so Sonny wanted Finn to make Julian well. Sonny promised to fly Finn to a country where Zekenestrol was sold legally and put Finn in touch with a sympathetic customs agent. Finn agreed to Sonny's terms.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was startled when she turned and walked right into Franco. She jumped back and scolded him for sneaking up behind her. Franco insisted that he'd merely been moving quietly -- in an oddly quiet hospital. Elizabeth explained that many had called in sick because of the killer. Franco followed her to the nurses' station and announced that he had a gift for her. Elizabeth looked down at the piece of paper he'd given her and realized that it was a check for $6,000. She immediately tried to give it back because it was too much money, but Franco ordered her to look at the memo section.

"Kids' camp," Elizabeth read. Franco explained that the placement of the apostrophe connoted possessive plural, which meant that the money was for all three of her sons. Elizabeth appreciated the offer, but she was uncomfortable taking money from him. Franco assured her that he wanted her to have it and added that it had been a gift. Suspicious, Elizabeth asked who had given him the money. Franco reluctantly revealed that it was his mother.

Elizabeth quickly slid the check into an envelope and handed it Franco because she wanted nothing to do with Heather's money. Franco urged Elizabeth to reconsider, but she told him that she'd signed her sons up for Lila's Kids. Franco wondered what he should do with the money, so she suggested that he donate it to charity. Franco had a better idea -- he wanted spend the money on their first date. Elizabeth explained that she needed more time to think about their situation and to process everything without him in her face, but Franco smiled and told her that she had a great face.

Nearby, Ric stopped short when he saw Franco and Elizabeth talking. After Franco assured Elizabeth that she could take all the time she needed and left, Ric approached her. Elizabeth was curt as she asked if he was sick. Ric explained that he was there working on a project for Sonny, but he wondered if she wanted to grab a cup of coffee during her break. Elizabeth made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with Ric.

"So, you won't give me the time of day, but you'll pine away for Franco?" Ric asked. Elizabeth warned him that it was none of his business, but he admitted that he was concerned because she'd been spiraling since things with Jason had ended. Ric insisted that Elizabeth was vulnerable, and he didn't want Franco to take advantage of her, but she assured him that she wasn't blind. She was well aware of the things that Franco had done, but Franco had worked hard to get his life on track. Ric scoffed and told her that Franco only showed her what he wanted her to see, but she argued that Ric was describing himself.

Elizabeth told Ric that Franco had been refreshingly honest with her -- telling her the hard, ugly truths rather than just the easy ones -- and he was devoted to her son. Ric was curious if she had asked Michael how Michael felt about Franco. Elizabeth acknowledged that others had their own experiences with Franco and she respected their feelings, but she wanted the same in return. Ric remained troubled, but she made it clear that she and Ric weren't friends, especially after he'd lied to get her to marry him. Ric reminded Elizabeth that she'd done the same to Jason. Elizabeth refused to be baited by Ric and told him that Franco had been sick, had received treatment, and had changed his life around. "What's your excuse?" she asked.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Scott grumbled about the prices as he looked at the menu. However, he jumped up when Lucy arrived. Lucy demanded to know why he had asked to see her, but Scott turned on the charm as he invited her to sit. Lucy refused because she was certain that Scott wanted something from her. Scott claimed that he simply wanted to have dinner with his sexy ex-wife. Lucy reluctantly sat down, but she tensed when Scott broached the subject of working for her as Coecoe Cosmetic's counsel. He insisted that they worked well together, but she argued that it always ended in disaster.

Scott begged Lucy to consider giving him a job because he hadn't been able to rebuild his practice. Lucy was certain that Ava could keep him busy both professionally and privately, but he assured Lucy that it wasn't like that. Lucy was unmoved and suggested that he consider representing Julian. Scott refused because he thought Julian was a loser, and Scott wanted to work for winners like Lucy. He reminded Lucy that he was Serena's father, but she admitted that she couldn't give him a job because she was broke. Scott was confused because he'd thought that she had turned things around after the lipstick debacle.

Lucy explained that she had gotten past the scandal and had been working hard to turn a profit at Coecoe Cosmetics, but her financial adviser had absconded with the money. Lucy wished that she had never heard of Raymond Berlin. Scott agreed and suddenly spotted a familiar person at the bar. He pointed to the woman, who Lucy immediately recognized as Raymond's ex-wife, Naomi. Lucy and Scott approached Naomi to confront her about the money her husband had stolen. Naomi informed them that she had no idea where the money had gone and couldn't help them. Naomi tried to shoo them away, but Lucy resented Naomi's attitude.

Scott threatened to alert the authorities that Naomi had been knocking back expensive martinis in a five-start hotel, but Naomi countered by vowing to call security. Lucy welcomed the opportunity to talk to security about Naomi, but Franco walked up and greeted both his father and Lucy. Franco offered to buy Scott and Lucy dinner because he had $6,000 burning a hole in his pocket. Scott was curious where Franco had gotten the money, so Franco admitted that his mother had given it to him. Lucy wondered where Heather Webber had gotten the money. Naomi was stunned when she heard Heather's name and suddenly began to hyperventilate. Seconds later, Naomi fainted.

Later, Carly demanded to know what Scott, Lucy, and Franco had done to make a customer faint. The trio denied any wrongdoing and insisted that they were there to have a "fat-cat" dinner. Carly sensed there was more to the story but let the matter drop. However, she advised them to order the works because she had been gracious enough to let them stay. After Scott, Lucy, and Franco sat down, Scott and Lucy questioned Franco about his financial windfall. Scott was stunned when Franco revealed that he'd intended to give the money to Elizabeth so her sons could go to camp.

Scott worried about Franco because Scott doubted that Jason would appreciate Franco harassing the mother of Jason's eldest son. Franco explained that his feelings for Elizabeth were reciprocated, but Lucy appeared skeptical and carefully asked if Franco and Elizabeth were an item. Scott warned Franco to leave Elizabeth alone because Scott didn't want Jason to kill Franco. Lucy urged Scott to calm down, but Franco ignored them as his phone rang.

Meanwhile, a young woman approached Carly and introduced herself as Wendy. Carly smiled and led the woman to a table. Carly and Wendy chatted about Wendy's job at a rest stop on the thruway before Carly shifted gears to ask about Wendy's decision to sell a kidney. Wendy explained that she'd been young and desperate to put herself through nursing school, so she'd contacted a friend who'd had a friend that knew someone who could help. Carly was fascinated as Wendy revealed that it had been a simple matter of waiting until someone who was a match needed a kidney.

Carly was eager to review Wendy's medical records, but Wendy stilled. Alarmed, Carly asked if something was wrong. Wendy explained that there had been complications after the surgery, and she'd accumulated a lot of debt. Carly suddenly realized that Wendy was looking for a payday and asked to see Wendy's scar. Wendy lifted her shirt, but Carly noticed that the grisly scar was too high. Wendy claimed that the surgeon hadn't been worried about how it would look in a bikini and reiterated that there had been complications. Carly wrote a check and handed it to Wendy, but Wendy was disappointed because she had expected more. Carly reminded Wendy that she needed to confirm that Josslyn had received Wendy's kidney.

Carly asked about Wendy's family's medical history and blood type. Carly's smile vanished when Wendy told her the wrong blood type. Carly realized that Wendy had conned her and demanded to know about the scar. Wendy's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she'd had a disagreement with an ex-boyfriend who had been quick with a knife. Carly gave Wendy the check and told her to leave.

A short time later, Sonny returned. Carly told him that she'd met with Wendy, but Wendy hadn't been the kidney donor. Sonny promised to be of more help in the future. Carly appreciated his support because she was in it for the long haul.

At the hospital, Hayden rushed to her mother's bedside. Naomi assured her daughter that she was fine and explained that she'd suffered a panic attack. Hayden was surprised and asked what had triggered it. Before Naomi could answer, Elizabeth walked in. Hayden bristled and demanded another nurse. Elizabeth explained that no one else was available, but Hayden wasn't satisfied. Naomi suggested that Hayden get the paperwork started so Naomi could leave, but Hayden refused to leave her mother alone with a killer on the loose.

Elizabeth promised that Naomi was safe with Elizabeth, but Hayden scowled and continued to snipe at Elizabeth. Naomi decided to change the subject and asked to hear more about Elizabeth's life. Naomi recalled that Elizabeth had moved to town as a teenager to live with her grandparents, but Elizabeth clarified that her grandfather had already passed away when Elizabeth had moved in with her grandmother. Elizabeth revealed that her grandmother had been a nurse at the hospital and that medicine was in Elizabeth's blood because Elizabeth's grandfather had been the hospital's chief of staff. Naomi suddenly began to gasp for breath as Elizabeth talked about her father, Jeff Webber.

Elizabeth quickly took Naomi's hands in hers, and she gently instructed Naomi to take deep and steady breaths. Eventually, Naomi calmed. Elizabeth left to fetch Naomi's prescription. Hayden complained about Elizabeth, but Naomi asked Hayden to give it a rest and to find a way to get along with Elizabeth.

At the nurses' station, Ric tried to talk to Elizabeth, but she didn't want to hear what he had to say. Ric was frustrated when Elizabeth pulled out the phone and called Franco to ask him out on a date. After the call, Ric demanded to know what Elizabeth was doing. Elizabeth explained that she was living her life and added that she didn't need another father because she already had one.

Meanwhile, Hayden decided to call her father's attorney, Albert, to let Albert know about Naomi's hospitalization. Hayden was certain that her father would want to know. After Hayden left, Naomi sighed because she doubted that Raymond would care. "Not the father you know -- or the father you don't know," Naomi added.

At the restaurant, Franco informed Lucy and Scott that Franco and Elizabeth were no longer friends -- they were more.

. . .

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