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Monday, December 5, 2016

On the phone at Kelly's, Anna informed Robert that she'd gotten confirmation that Valentin had attended the Bedlington Academy from the age of six. She urged him to get more information, and she hung up. Laura entered the diner and sat with Anna, who wanted to ask some questions about Valentin. The only thing Laura had ever heard about Valentin before she'd met him had been from Luke. According to him, Helena had mentioned that there was a Cassadine that all other Cassadines feared. She continued that the only "personal information" she'd heard from him was about his grudge against the Cassadines.

Laura revealed that she'd learned from Alexis that Valentin owned the entire Cassadine estate, so he stayed at Wyndemere while she'd moved in with Dante and Lulu. She wondered what had made the "perfect gentleman" think she'd want to share a house with her son's murderer. Anna believed that he had a lot of secrets. Laura feared that one of them was about her family, after his threatening comment that he and Laura would always be connected through their family.

A short while later, Laura was gone, and Anna was again on the phone with Robert, who was telling her about an incident. "It's no coincidence that it burned down and no arsonist was found," she offered. She hung up as she looked at a headline from the London Observer that read, "Bedlington Burns: Headmaster Dead." "Oh, Valentin, what did you do?" Anna wondered.

At the hospital, Amy approached Dante, Lulu, and Rocco and assured them that Santa would be there any minute. She remembered Dante and Lulu from their appointments with Dr. Lee, and she asked Rocco if he was excited to have a baby brother or sister. Lulu was shocked, and Amy ran off.

Valentin thought that Nina had enjoyed their kiss. "Just because I enjoy it doesn't mean it's good for me," she replied, comparing the kiss to ice cream. She claimed that she only continued to talk to him because of Charlotte. Just then, Kevin arrived dressed as Santa, so Nina swiftly led him to the correct room. Dante and Lulu took the opportunity to approach Valentin, who greeted them cheerfully.

Lulu thought that Valentin needed to go back to Greece and go to jail for his crimes. Valentin thought she'd formed her opinion with "incomplete information." Dante suggested that Lulu take Rocco to see Santa, so the two walked away. Dante warned Valentin to stay away from his family, because Valentin upset Lulu, which upset Rocco. Valentin reminded Dante that they lived in the same town, and he advised that Dante would be in trouble if he tried to intimidate Valentin while hiding "behind the badge." "I'll take my chances," Dante spat, and he left.

Nina returned and informed Lulu and Rocco that the line for Santa was moving quickly, so they went to see Santa. She told Valentin to go get Charlotte. A short while later, he returned with the girl. He told her that they were about to "meet someone important."

Rocco sat on Kevin's lap. Kevin remarked that Rocco had "quite a list" and wondered what on the list Rocco wanted the most. "A dog!" he said, much to Dante and Lulu's chagrin. Kevin promised to think about it, and Rocco left the room with his parents. Out of the room, Rocco ran to Laura, who'd just arrived. Laura apologized for missing the festivities, but Lulu promised that she'd taken lots of pictures. They entertained her with the story of Rocco's long list before warning her that they'd run into Valentin.

Laura revealed that she'd been late because she'd been working with Anna to find something to use against Valentin. "The sooner the better," Dante commented. Laura didn't think they should let Valentin spoil their holiday and asked to see Rocco's list. Rocco checked all of his pockets but couldn't find it. Lulu figured he'd left it with Santa, so she offered to retrieve it.

Nina revealed to Kevin that a "special guest" was on her way to see Santa. Trying to brace Kevin, she told him that the child was a sweet, "skittish" girl, and her father was Valentin. Kevin's face became cold, but Nina reminded him that Charlotte was "lonely and innocent." Kevin promised to "suck it up for the kid." As Santa, he recognized that he was supposed to give joy to all kids, "even the daughters of homicidal fathers."

Valentin and Charlotte arrived, and Valentin placed her on Kevin's lap. Kevin introduced himself to Charlotte, and she did the same. Valentin joked that Charlotte couldn't have a purple unicorn, but a pony was "doable." As Lulu walked into the room, Charlotte revealed that the only thing she wanted was her mother. Lulu stopped in her tracks when she saw Charlotte.

Sam and Jason discussed the second attempt on Julian's life, and they weren't convinced that the two incidents were related. While the car bomb was planned and professional, the hit-and-run was messy, risky, and amateur. Curtis arrived and informed the couple that he'd attempted to get Julian to rehire him, but Julian had declined. He revealed that the refusal had confirmed his theory that Julian didn't want anyone to know who had bombed his car.

Curtis added that Julian had basically threatened Curtis if he didn't stay out of it. Jason wondered why Julian would protect the person who'd tried to kill him. Sam suggested that Julian was happy seeing Sonny go to jail and figured that he'd deal with the bomber "later." Sam's phone rang, and she stepped away to answer it. Curtis suggested that Julian had been targeted because he'd done something bad, and Julian was covering for the bomber because, if the bomber was caught, Julian's transgression would be exposed.

Sam returned to the conversation and told them that Spinelli had been able to enhance the image of the delivery van. She showed Jason and Curtis the picture of the parking pass, and Jason figured out which garage the pass was for. Curtis suggested that the van might still be in the garage. Sam had a doctor's appointment, so they would have to look for the van without her. She warned them to be careful, and the three parted ways.

Jason and Curtis found the van in the garage, and it was unsurprisingly locked. Jason picked the lock on the door, and Curtis was sitting in the driver's seat in minutes. He found the parking permit, but otherwise, the van was full of trash. He found a delivery schedule, but there was nothing for October seventh, the day that Julian's car had exploded. Jason began to peel the advertisement sticker off, thinking that there was something behind it.

Sam arrived at the hospital, and Amy assumed that she was there to visit Julian. Sam revealed that she was actually there for an appointment with Dr. Lee and walked away. Doubling back, she wondered what room Julian was in.

Alexis entered Julian's room and wondered why he'd needed to see her. She revealed that she'd talked to Jordan, who'd told her that there were no suspects in his hit-and-run yet. She'd wondered if he remembered anything yet. He claimed that he didn't, so he regretted not being able to thank the "good Samaritan" who'd called 9-1-1 for him. She advised him to "pay it forward. Try not to kill anyone else." "Thank you for calling 9-1-1 after you ran me down," he said, smirking.

"I lied," Julian admitted about not being able to remember anything. "Shocking," Alexis remarked sarcastically. He recapped the night to prove that he remembered what had happened. She called what had happened an "accident," but he called it a "DWI." She informed him that no sobriety test had been done, so anything said about her sobriety was speculation. "My memory differs from yours," she stated.

Julian wondered what Alexis' daughters would have thought had he died. She confessed that her daughters wanted him dead. She told him that it would basically be his word against hers, and she could bet on who the police would believe. He commented that the bar association had a lower standard of proof. She blamed him for losing her license in the first place. "I am a freakin' awesome attorney!" she exclaimed. He believed that he was obligated to turn her in, and she scoffed at him being a "moral authority." He swore that he still loved her and didn't want to hurt her, so she wondered what he was going to do. He promised not to turn her in, but he wanted something in return.

Michael joked that Nelle was going to study chess instead of going to the charity gala with him just so she could win their rematch. He thought that observing him in a social setting could help Nelle learn his "tells," but she claimed to already know them. She had noticed that he rubbed his forehead just above his eyebrow when he was about to change his strategy. As if on cue, he rubbed his forehead and lightheartedly asked for one good reason why she shouldn't go with him. "Easy. Your mom," she said.

Michael knew that Carly would encourage Nelle to go to the gala with Michael, and she would probably make it a "personal project." He went on and on about all the help Carly would give Nelle, until Nelle finally said, "I surrender," and agreed to go with him. She asked about the dress code, which Michael said was "festive attire." She revealed that she only had a cocktail-length dress and not much money to change that fact. "I could fix that," Michael told her.

Michael told Nelle about Maxie and all the dresses and jewelry at Crimson, just hanging on racks, but Nelle thought she would worry too much about ruining borrowed things. He instructed her to let him know if she changed her mind. She instinctively grabbed for her necklace but realized that it wasn't there. She looked all over for it as Michael suggested that they retrace her steps. He wondered where the last place was that she remembered wearing it. She remembered undressing at Sonny's the night before and having her necklace pull off with her shirt. "I think I know where I left it," she said grimly.

Carly instructed Ava that the custody arrangement would stay the same. Ava didn't accept it because she believed Carly had no say, since she wasn't even related to Avery. Carly admitted that her tolerance was low, so Ava could leave, or Carly could "kick your ass." Ava reasoned that she wanted to protect Avery, and she didn't want what had happened to Morgan to happen to Avery. Carly accused Ava of using Morgan and her kids as weapons. Sonny agreed, which prompted Ava to wonder if the two were back together. "That's none of your business," Sonny answered.

Carly continued that, on the off chance Sonny was convicted of murder, Avery would stay with her. Ava threatened to take Carly to family court, but Carly reminded her of the existence of Ava and Paul's sex tape. Carly related that, since Ava had been sleeping with Paul, she'd probably known about his killings and could be charged as an accessory in his murders. Sonny added that he'd seen her talking to Paul before Julian's trial, which was probably when Ava had blackmailed Paul into throwing the trial.

Sonny promised to forget all the times Ava had mentioned Morgan to them if she left. He instructed her to pick Avery up on her regular day. "You deserve each other," Ava spat, and she left. Sonny thanked Carly for her support. She related that they needed to look forward and do better. She knew that they would be in each other's lives, but she didn't know how at that moment. She wanted to get through Christmas first, which Sonny didn't want to think about.

Speaking of Christmas, Carly needed to pick up some of Josslyn's gifts that she'd left there because she needed to mail them to Australia. Sonny was surprised that Josslyn wasn't spending the holiday in Port Charles, but Carly recognized that Josslyn needed it. She told him the gifts were under their bed, and he offered to get them. He went up the stairs and was disgusted by the sight of the bedroom. He retrieved the gifts from under the bed and found Nelle's necklace. He was sitting down, looking at the necklace, when Carly entered the bedroom.

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