Monday, May 18, 2015

Franco was challenging Nina on the existence of her fiancé when there was a knock on the door. She happily opened the door to a tuxedo-clad Ric. Ric entered, and Franco wondered if Nina had watched as Ric had been outed as a liar at the Nurses Ball. Nina replied that she was sympathetic, because everything Ric had done had been done for love. Ric explained that, after he'd left the ball, he'd gone to the Floating Rib. Nina had been the only one not laughing at him, so he'd struck up a conversation. He said that they both knew what it was like to be objects of ridicule.

Ric continued that Nina had asked him for legal advice after being accused of a kidnapping. After a while, he'd proposed, "and I said yes!" Nina exclaimed. Franco reminded the two that they barely knew each other, and he thought that Ric was taking advantage of Nina. Nina countered that Ric trusted her, unlike Franco. Franco explained that he'd only wanted to help Nina if she had taken Avery for a second time. Ric believed that Franco would have saved his own skin from being an accessory by turning Nina in.

Franco blasted Ric for not even buying Nina a ring. Just then, Ric pulled out the ring that had been his for Elizabeth. He got down on one knee and proposed to Nina. She immediately accepted and admired the beautiful ring. Franco knew that he'd let Nina down, but "I see you," he said. He praised her for being smart, beautiful, loyal, and inventive. He knew that he was "screwed up" and cynical, but he assured her that, "I choose you, Nina. You should marry me."

Ric interrupted and said that he had a marriage license. Franco ignored Ric and continued that Nina was too good for both him and Ric, but he spouted off all the trivial things he knew about her. He credited her with turning him into a "sap" who was "capable of human empathy and compassion." He cited shooting himself up with LSD to be closer to her and that he'd returned from the trip for her. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Ric opened the door to the justice of the peace. Franco got down on one knee and begged Nina to marry him. The justice of the peace wondered which man Nina was marrying.

A short while later, the justice of the peace was about to pronounce the couple "man and wife," but Franco objected. He thought the marriage between Nina and Ric was a bad idea and told Nina that there was still time for her to change her mind. With a little push from Ric, Nina told the justice to continue. They were pronounced man and wife, and the two shared a kiss.

Elizabeth informed Nikolas that there would be "no coming back" from Hayden telling Jake the truth about his identity. She implored him to do something, but he thought they would just be delaying the inevitable. "If you won't, I will," Elizabeth said, storming toward the door. Nikolas grabbed her arm and refused to let her leave. She reminded him that he would never get his hands on ELQ once the Quartermaines found out that Nikolas had known about Jake's real identity, and she would lose Jason.

Nikolas assured Elizabeth that they would have each other. She accused him of playing a game to get her back. When he denied it, she told him to prove it by stopping Hayden. He told her that the circumstances had changed and that he needed to end Hayden's blackmail before her demands got any crazier. Elizabeth suggested that Nikolas "play" Hayden by seducing her. Nikolas refused.

Elizabeth's phone went off, and she realized she was late for work. Nikolas promised that, if there had been any other way to stop Hayden, he would have done it. He advised her to "let it go," and go to work. She sarcastically rejoiced that she would still have a job after she lost everything else. She told Nikolas that she would likely never forgive him, and she left.

Carlos told Anna that there was enough reasonable doubt that he would never be convicted of Duke's murder. Anna realized he was right. "I've never so meant these words," she said and then yelled, "Go to hell!" She shot Carlos right in the chest, and he fell to his knees in disbelief. She shot him three more times then went to him to feel for a pulse. When she felt that he had no pulse, she muttered, "Justice is served."

Just then, Kyle entered and demanded to know what Anna had done. She freely admitted to shooting Carlos, Duke's murderer, point-blank, because there wouldn't have been enough evidence to send him to jail. "I'd do it again in a heartbeat," she added. Kyle told her she'd just set Julian free, since he'd been the one to order the hit, and Carlos had been the only witness to it. She was horrified and told Kyle to arrest her, since that was what he'd arrived in Port Charles to do.

Kyle told Anna that he'd been doing his job, and it hadn't been anything personal. He refused to arrest her, because working with her again had reminded him how much he admired her. He didn't want to add to all the tragedy she'd had. He said he could make the murder "go away." He thought he owed her for all the months he'd caused her grief since he'd been in town. He thought they still had lots of work to do to clean up the town. He suggested they start by getting rid of Carlos's body.

Sonny was sitting with a drink in his hand when Carly returned downstairs. She wondered if Julian had left alive or dead. Sonny informed her that Julian had given up the name of Duke's killer. Carly knew that Sonny was retaliating, and she warned him that the pardon from his life sentence had been a fluke and wouldn't happen again. Sonny marveled that Carly was determined to stop the retaliatory hit like she knew who it was on. She asked who it was on, and Sonny informed her it was Jake. Angered, Carly wondered if anyone had located Carlos, who was likely the real shooter.

Sonny explained that Jake had acted on his own, but Carly countered that Jake had no motive. Sonny told her that he'd already given Shawn the order for the hit. Carly demanded that Sonny cancel the hit. "You can't save your boyfriend," Sonny yelled at her. Carly threatened that Sonny was about to cross a line with her that couldn't be uncrossed. She cried that he needed to call off the hit, but Sonny thought he owed it to Duke. Carly knew that Sonny blamed himself for Duke's death, and killing Jake was supposed to ease his guilt.

Carly continued that Julian had obviously ordered the hit on Duke and that Sonny would usually wait months before retaliating so that he didn't seem like the obvious culprit. Carly wanted to warn Jake, but Sonny told her that it was "already too late." Sonny told a livid Carly that Jake had killed Duke, so Jake needed to die. "He isn't who you think!" Carly exclaimed.

Hayden told Jake and Sam that she had news too important not to share that would affect both Jake and Sam. Hayden confided that she knew who Jake really was, but he didn't want to hear it. He wondered how she'd even found out. She lied that she'd found out a few weeks before. She'd thought she could have profited off of the information, but it had turned out that only Jake cared about it. Hayden thought that by knowing who he was, he could better deal with strangers claiming to be his family in the future.

As Hayden talked to Jake and Sam, Shawn lurked outside the garage with a gun. Hayden continued that he could do his own research after finding out who he was. He thought his family was better off by thinking he was dead. Sam admitted that she wanted to hear what Hayden had to say. Just then, Shawn opened the door to the garage, aimed, and fired. Jake carried Sam to safety, and Hayden ran the opposite way. Jordan appeared out of nowhere and pulled Shawn away from the door of the garage.

Jake determined that Sam was all right and ran outside to deal with the shooter. Sam realized that Hayden had been hit in the head, so Sam called 9-1-1. Hayden told Sam to tell Jake that Hayden wasn't the only one who knew Jake's true identity. Sam asked who else knew, but Hayden passed out.

Outside the garage, Jordan demanded to know what Shawn had done, but Jake rushed out and hit Shawn. The two struggled, and Jordan pointed her gun at them and demanded that they stop. Once the two men pulled apart, Shawn realized that he'd been right all along about Jordan being a cop. Just then, the police arrived and took control of the situation. Jordan informed them that there was a woman hurt inside the garage, and two paramedics rushed into the garage. Jake went to follow, and Jordan ordered that the cops let him go.

Jordan apologized to Shawn and confirmed that she'd first been an undercover agent with the DEA and then with the Port Charles Police Department. He accused her of lying to him the whole time they'd been together. She insisted that she loved him, but he told her that she didn't know the meaning of the word. Jordan asked for another minute with Shawn, but Shawn was ready to go to the police station. "I have nothing left to say. I'm done here," Shawn said and walked away.

Elizabeth arrived at the hospital, and Patrick greeted her. They realized they were working together in the ER for the first time in a long time. Just then, Jake and Sam ran in and told Patrick and Elizabeth that Hayden had gotten in the way of a bullet meant for Jake. Patrick was furious that Sam had been there, and she assured him that Jake had protected her.

Just then, Hayden was wheeled into the hospital and taken to a room. Elizabeth offered to help, but Patrick didn't want Elizabeth to help because he knew her feelings about Hayden. Jake wondered if he could do anything, but Patrick told him that "you've done enough," and he ran after Hayden. Sam apologized on Patrick's behalf. Elizabeth wondered why Hayden had been at the garage. Sam explained that Hayden had said that she knew who Jake was. Sam hoped Hayden recovered so she could give them answers.

A man entered Nikolas' living room. "Is it done?" Nikolas wondered. The man assured Nikolas that "it couldn't have gone better if I had planned it." He told Nikolas that Shawn, who was "the perfect suspect," had also been at the garage with a gun. "No one will ever know that you ordered the hit on Hayden," the man assured Nikolas.

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