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Hayden goes missing
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Monday, August 14, 2017

When Sam woke up in her hospital room, Jason was there. He informed her that Griffin thought it was possible Sam would be released that day. Sam wondered if they would continue to pretend that she hadn't shot Sonny. She believed, in addition to her, Jason, and Sonny, that Julian also knew. She remembered a conversation she'd had with her father at the Metro Court about her fear of Sonny getting Jason hurt. However, Julian claimed that the conversation had never happened.

Sam remembered that, after her conversation with Julian, she'd arranged to buy a gun. After shooting Sonny, she'd wiped her prints and tossed it in a Dumpster at the distillery. Jason promised to handle it, but Sam figured the cops already had the gun. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Alexis entered the room. Jason said he had some things to do, so he left Sam and Alexis to talk.

Sam asked Alexis about Julian's trial. Alexis maintained that she'd told the truth, so "my conscience is clear." She was dismayed at the long recess of the trial, which put her in "limbo." Sam related how important it was to tell the truth. Alexis wondered what was wrong, and Sam covered that she remembered the way she'd acted while she'd been sick. She regretted hiding her illness, and she thought that she had to make amends for her actions.

Alexis didn't think that Sam had anything to apologize for. Sam revealed that she couldn't tell which memories were real and which were not, and it was messing with her head. She had no idea how Jason had survived what Helena had put him through. Alexis assured Sam that both Sam and Jason were tough, and they had children to think about. Alexis wanted to let Sam rest, so she kissed her daughter on the head and left, assuring Sam, "It's over." "Is it?" Sam wondered when her mother was gone.

Scott arrived at Julian's to talk about the trial recess. Scott told Julian that the recess wasn't good news, because the district attorney had requested it. He believed that the D.A. was trying to gather more witnesses, namely Jason.

Later, Julian remembered his conversation with Sam at the Metro Court when he'd told Sam that the best solution to her problem was to "get rid of Sonny." Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Julian answered it to Jason, who let himself in. He demanded to know about the conversation Julian and Sam had had at the Metro Court, so Julian recapped it for him.

Julian added that on the day Sam had shot Sonny, Sam had had an even stranger conversation with Ava. Jason admitted that Sam had been hallucinating around that time. Julian asked how Sam was doing. "Better," Jason replied. Julian offered to do anything he could to help. Jason replied that Julian could help. "Stay away from her," he said, walking out of the apartment.

In the interrogation room, Dante and Nathan went over the evidence in Sonny's case. Just then, a cop entered the room and handed them an evidence bag containing a gun that had been found in a Dumpster at the distillery. Dante asked the cop to have tests run on it to see if the gun matched the bullet from Sonny's leg. When the cop was gone, Dante admitted that he assumed the gun would be untraceable, which meant that Sonny had been shot by a "pro." A short while later, the cop returned with the test results. Dante read that the gun matched the bullet, and he and Nathan left.

Jason arrived at the police station and asked the cop at the front desk for a minute with Jordan to talk about Julian's trial. When the cop told him that Jordan was out, he asked to speak to Dante or Nathan. After learning that they were also out, Jason agreed to wait, so he sat down.

A few minutes later, Jason got up to get a cup of coffee. As he poured, he heard two cops talking about the third gun found. One cop told the other that he was on his way to take the guns down to the evidence room. Jason looked frightened as he sipped his coffee.

Liesl sat outside of Kelly's, and Jared sat down at her table. He informed her that he would soon be able to access his money, and she was happy that he would finally get what he deserved. They toasted with their coffees to making both Finn and Hayden suffer. He admitted that he never would have gone after Hayden if not for the money she'd promised him. He went inside to get food, so she took the opportunity to take out her phone to put the "finishing touch" in motion.

At Sonny's, Michael got some coffee for Sonny. Michael confessed that he'd checked with Dante about how the investigation was going. He knew that the bullet from Sonny's leg didn't match Garvey's gun, so he asked Sonny who'd actually shot him. When Sonny got defensive about Michael's question, Michael tried to speculate on what had actually happened. He guessed that someone had gotten "nervous" about Sonny getting out of the business. The person had followed Sonny to the distillery, shot him, and pushed him in the pit to die. He hoped that Sonny wouldn't try to retaliate, as that would only push him deeper into the business.

Just then, Michael's phone rang, and he walked out of the room to answer the call. Disguising her voice with an American accent, Liesl told Michael, a board member of the hospital, that the hospital's financial officer had made some "suspicious transactions." He asked who he was speaking to, but Liesl only directed him to check it out, for the good of the hospital, and she hung up. Michael told Sonny that he had to go "check on something." Sonny asked Michael not to tell Carly about his theory on who had shot Sonny. Michael promised and told Sonny to be careful. Sonny assured Michael that he wasn't going to retaliate on his shooter, and Michael left.

A short while later, Dante and Nathan entered Sonny's house. Dante updated Sonny on the circumstances around the third gun found. Sonny suggested that his fall into the pit had messed with his memory. Dante vowed to find out the truth and promised to keep in touch with Sonny. Dante's phone rang, and he told Nathan that he'd meet his partner outside. He answered the phone as Nathan left. He listened for a minute then hung up. He divulged that he had new information on who had bought the untraceable gun.

At Kelly's, Jared wanted to have a cigarette while he waited for his money. He told Liesl that it was a "pleasure" doing business with her. She told him to enjoy his money, and he left. She took out her phone and made a call. When someone answered, she told the person that she needed to speak with Michael about an "urgent matter." She was told that Michael was out of the office, and he'd canceled all of his appointments. She hung up and gleefully assumed that Michael had gone to Monica.

Liesl wished that she could be at the wedding to see Monica confront Hayden at the altar. She figured that Finn would "dive back into drugs." She continued that that was "my wedding gift to you."

Walking through the park, Jared looked at his watch. "Time's up!" he said, and he took out his phone. He was shocked when he looked at his phone and saw that his account had been closed, so there was no money there for him. "Rachel, you bitch. You double-crossed me," he growled.

Finn was sitting on a bench in the park when Curtis stumbled upon his friend. He observed that Finn looked too unhappy for it to be his wedding day, and he asked what had happened. Finn briefly told Curtis about Hayden being blackmailed into embezzling from the hospital and their argument about it. Curtis had told her to be honest with Finn about what was going on, but Finn observed that she hadn't taken Curtis' advice. Finn had thought that she'd needed space, but he wondered if he should have gone after her when she'd walked out of her office. Curtis advised Finn that space was the last thing Hayden needed.

Curtis reminded Finn that Hayden was "prickly and defensive on a good day," so it had taken a lot for her to lower her defenses in order to let Finn in. Curtis continued that she'd needed Finn to help her fix it, since she hadn't been able to do it herself. He advised Finn to love Hayden "despite her screwups. The way she loves you." Finn realized that he needed to fix things before it was too late. He ran off, and Curtis ran after him.

Elizabeth arrived at the Quartermaine mansion for Finn and Hayden's wedding. Olivia assured her and Ned that she'd taken care of everything. Monica burst into the room and ranted about Cook quitting without leaving a note. Olivia admitted that she'd fired Cook. Monica demanded that Olivia call Cook, apologize, and hire her back. Ned argued that Olivia should be able to cook in her own kitchen. Monica countered that Cook was a longtime employee. "It's my house, and I decide who stays and who goes," she said finally.

Michael entered and asked to talk to Monica, so Ned, Olivia, and Elizabeth excused themselves from the room. Michael updated Monica on the hospital's suspicious transactions with White Hat Limited medical supplies, which was a front for Rachel Berlin. He'd found out that the transactions had been reversed less than a day after they'd been made. They agreed that the situation was fishy, so they wanted to talk to Hayden before the wedding. Speaking of the wedding, Monica grumbled that she didn't know how she would feed people at a wedding reception without a cook.

Outside the living room, Ned apologized to Olivia on Monica's behalf. He promised that Monica would "come around" once she gave Olivia a chance to explain. She thanked him for defending her, and they shared a kiss. Just then, Monica burst out of the living room, and Olivia attempted to explain herself. Monica interrupted her and yelled that she had enough problems, and she didn't want to add Olivia to the list. After she stormed off, Olivia tearfully observed that Monica had called her a problem.

Elizabeth returned to the living room, and Michael asked to speak with Hayden about a "board matter." Elizabeth remembered the strange call Hayden had gotten from the bank, and she wondered if Hayden was in trouble.

Monica flew through, ranting about Cook not returning her calls after having prepared nothing for the wedding reception. Olivia tried to reassure Monica, but Monica focused her rage on Olivia for going behind her back and "abusing my trust." She declared herself done with the conversation and returned to the living room. Olivia had never seen Monica so angry. Ned promised to always have Olivia's back.

Just then, the doorbell rang. "Now what?" Monica barked as she ran to answer the door. Finn, followed by Curtis, burst into the house, citing his need to talk to Hayden about something important. Michael asked why Finn needed to talk to her, and he said that it was private. He explained that they'd had a fight, and he needed to explain himself to Hayden.

As Elizabeth ran upstairs to check Hayden's room, Curtis tried to call Hayden. He got nervous when he discovered that her number was disconnected. When Elizabeth returned, she revealed that Hayden's room was completely empty. She held up the only thing her sister had left behind: her engagement ring.

On the next General Hospital...

• "How bad is this gonna be?" Scott asks Julian.

• Carly wants to know what's going on.

• Jordan wonders why Jason is protecting the person who shot Sonny.

• Curtis thinks his aunt is up to something.


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