Monday, February 23, 2015

Maxie entered Kelly's with Georgie just in time to hear Spinelli tell Nathan that Spinelli and Ellie had broken up because Ellie had thought that Spinelli still loved Maxie. Maxie asked Shawn to watch Georgie for a minute, and she inserted herself into Spinelli and Nathan's conversation. Nathan told her the whole thing and couldn't believe that Spinelli had hidden it from both of them. Shawn apologized to Maxie, but he had to leave. Maxie chastised Spinelli for not letting her tell Nathan in her own way. Nathan was shocked that Maxie already knew.

Maxie admitted that Spinelli had told her everything the night he'd arrived in Port Charles. Nathan demanded to know why she hadn't shared the news. She explained that things between her and Nathan had still been weird when he'd returned to her apartment, and she'd been excited about seeing Georgie, so she hadn't wanted to get into the drama. Nathan understood and apologized. He admitted that Spinelli had gotten him "worked up." He added that he couldn't pretend that Maxie helping Johnny didn't bother him, but he acknowledged that he'd overreacted.

"It's not like you're still in love with him," Nathan joked. "Are you?" he asked, suddenly turning serious. Maxie stammered that Nathan was her boyfriend. He called her on her hesitation and informed her that neither he nor Maxie seemed to be sure about her feelings for Spinelli. "You need to think about this and decide who you want to be with," Nathan told her, and he left.

Sonny and Spencer descended the stairs at Sonny's, and Spencer remarked on how cute Avery was. He marveled that he aspired to be like Sonny and Nikolas, "the two greatest men I know!" He had to go get ready for his party, but before he did, Sonny walked into the next room. "You think I forgot?" Sonny wondered, and he returned with a large gift-wrapped box. Sonny hinted that it was something for Spencer to wear for his party.

Spencer shook the box and promised to wear whatever was inside. He wished Sonny could attend the party, and Sonny expressed his regrets. Spencer suggested that Sonny take Avery to the party with him, but Sonny didn't think that was a good idea for a baby. Spencer expressed his happiness that Sonny was home and told Sonny how Nikolas had talked about Sonny's heroics. Sonny replied that he'd had to do what he'd done for Michael, and he thought that Nikolas would have done the same for Spencer.

Later, Shawn arrived and asked Sonny about the custody lawsuit. Sonny informed Shawn that the judge was moving forward with the case. Shawn assured Sonny that he had Sonny's back. "Carly too," Sonny added, which prompted Shawn to ask if Sonny and Carly had worked things out. Sonny answered that they were "getting there" but that Carly had almost moved on. He informed Shawn about Jake. He asked Shawn to "keep an eye" on Jake.

Sonny asked Shawn about his relationship with Jordan. Shawn replied that things were "better than expected." He thought that he and Jordan made a "solid team," but he was still "on my toes. It's better to be safe than blindsided."

Jordan was on the phone with T.J. when there was a knock on the door. She took out her gun as she ended her conversation with T.J. She went to the door and asked who was there. "Feds, open up!" Jordan heard. She opened the door to Anna, who showed Jordan her shiny new badge. Anna updated Jordan that, after the government had decided not to pursue charges against Anna, she'd had "a conversation with the higher-ups about Sloane." She informed Jordan that Anna had been given Kyle's old job. "So you can go after him officially?" Jordan wondered.

Anna explained that she intended to catch whoever had helped Kyle rig the election. Jordan reminded Anna that the seal on the ballot box had been unbroken when it had been retrieved. Anna suggested that it had been opened, tampered with, and sealed while at Wyndemere, so "no one was the wiser." Jordan sensed that Anna didn't think that Nikolas had been in on it. Anna didn't think Kyle would "out his own co-conspirator," but Jordan warned Anna that Kyle was a "snake."

Anna continued that Nikolas was one of the few "good Cassadines." Jordan promised to keep her ears open. Anna wondered how Jordan was doing with Shawn and the rest of Sonny's associates and if Sonny had taken his organization back. Jordan replied that Sonny had other priorities, so Duke was still in charge. She continued that her betrayal of Shawn was "eating away" at her because she, Shawn, and T.J. were becoming a family. "You wouldn't turn him in?" Anna wondered. "I hope it's easier for you now that you're not with Duke," Jordan responded.

Anna tearfully recounted how Duke had "stepped in" when Kyle had "lost it" with her, and he'd sent Kyle "scurrying." She had a long history with Duke. She knew that she and Duke would always care for each other, but she had a job to do. "So do you," she told Jordan, and she left.

Shawn walked up to the front door of Jordan's room and caught a glimpse of Anna leaving. He walked in and asked Jordan why Anna had been there. Jordan informed Shawn that Anna "is now a Fed." He wondered what she'd said to Anna. "Unless you have a warrant, leave us the hell alone," Jordan lied.

Jake woke up and asked Elizabeth if he was alive. As Patrick scribbled on Jake's chart, Elizabeth told Jake that Patrick had removed the device, and Jake would be fine. Elizabeth wondered if Jake remembered who he was. Jake replied that he remembered saying that he did to Elizabeth, but he couldn't remember what had made him remember. Patrick informed Jake that it was normal for the brain to not retain memories while under anesthesia.

Jake questioned if there was a chance that his memory could return. Patrick couldn't say for sure and left the room. Elizabeth maintained that she knew who Jake was -- "a good man who is thoughtful, kind, kids love you, and now that Helena is no longer controlling you, you're a good man no matter what your name is." They held hands, and Jake thanked her for standing by him.

Outside Jake's room, Sam and Carly speculated on who Jake was and why Helena had chosen him. Carly admitted that she didn't like the idea of Jake going back to wherever he was from because she thought of him as a friend. Patrick approached the women and updated them on Jake's condition. Carly asked to visit with Jake, and Patrick consented only if she made her visit fast.

When Carly was gone, Sam praised Patrick for doing right by Jake. She knew from his silence that he was thinking about Rafe. She assured him that he'd done all he could have done for Rafe, but he admitted to thinking about Rafe sometimes. "Me too," Sam agreed.

Carly entered Jake's room and asked Elizabeth for a moment alone with Jake. Elizabeth left, and Carly asked how Jake was feeling. "Happy to be alive," he replied. "That makes two of us," she said. Carly begged for forgiveness from Jake for turning him in to the police. He insisted that she'd done the right thing, and if she hadn't, he might never have remembered that he'd planted the bomb on the Haunted Star. She apologized for failing him and hoped they could still be friends. He agreed.

The doorbell rang at Wyndemere, and Nikolas answered it to Kyle, who wanted to discuss Jake. Nikolas wanted Kyle to convince Scott to drop the charges against Jake because he believed the Cassadines had hurt Jake enough. Kyle promised to try.

Spencer arrived home with Sonny's gift. He caught sight of Kyle and assured the commissioner that Nikolas had already hired security for his birthday party. Amused, Kyle left. Nikolas instructed Spencer to look into the living room. Spencer was open-mouthed at the transformation of the room for his party. Spencer hailed Nikolas as "the best father in the galaxy! Every child should have a dad like you." He advised Nikolas to "own your greatness," and he left to get ready for the party.

Later, lights and music pumped from the decorated living room, and kids ran around. Nikolas left Elizabeth a message asking about Jake. He took Jason's wedding ring out of his pocket.

Cameron demanded to know why Emma had lied to him about knowing that Spencer and Josslyn had only pretended to be together. "Trouble in paradise?" Josslyn asked hopefully. Emma wondered if he wanted to be with Josslyn.

Just then, the emcee introduced "the man of the hour." Spencer entered in a cloud of fog, flanked by two models. The models took off the boxing gloves and robe he was wearing to reveal a tuxedo underneath. Spencer thanked Nikolas for a "perfect night." He thanked all of his guests for helping him celebrate his birthday, "especially the love of my life, Emma Drake."

A short while later, everyone was dancing. Spencer broke away from the group, and Cameron pushed him. Spencer pushed him back. Cameron wondered why Spencer had called Emma the love of his life. "Because she is," Spencer replied. Emma admitted to Cameron that she was afraid Cameron would have wanted to be with Josslyn if he'd known about Spencer and Josslyn's fake relationship.

Across the room, Nikolas talked to himself. "Jake is Jason," he said. He admitted that he was keeping the news to himself so he could take over Jason's family's corporation. He almost hoped Jake didn't remember who he was. "Were you saying something?" the emcee asked, ears covered in headphones.

Later, everyone left the party with gift bags. "Ready to leave, Cameron?" Josslyn asked, linking her arm through his. Cameron told Emma that she was right for thinking that he would dump her for Josslyn. "She gets me in a way you don't," he told her. Cameron ran for a gift bag, unknowingly knocking one on top of a lit candle in the process. Cameron and Josslyn left.

Spencer expressed his sympathy that Emma was hurting. He asked her to dance with him, and he held out his hand to her. The two danced, and he proclaimed that it had been the "best birthday ever!" Unbeknownst to the kids, the fire blazed across the room.

At the hospital, Elizabeth read a text message from Cameron to Sam, Patrick, and Carly saying that he and Emma had broken up, and he had left the party with Josslyn. They chuckled over the drama, and Elizabeth and Carly walked away. Patrick wondered if Sam was ready to leave. She wanted to stay, so he left to check on Emma.

Elizabeth congratulated Jake on making it through surgery. He gave Patrick and Elizabeth all the credit and nodded off to sleep.

At Sonny's, Avery started crying just as Sonny and Carly shared a kiss but stopped when they pulled away. Carly admitted she'd been at the hospital, checking up on Jake. "There's no reason we can't be friends," she said, clearly to Sonny's dismay.

. . .

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