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Monday, April 24, 2017

Alexis was shocked to see an officer leading Julian through the police station. She stopped him, but Jordan appeared and instructed the officer to keep moving. Diane entered after having to clear her schedule to accommodate Alexis, who was giving her statement about her "kidnapping." Jordan led them to the interrogation room, where Diane requested a private moment with Alexis. Jordan denied the request, since Alexis was not under arrest. Jordan turned on the recorder.

Jordan went through her version of events, which included Julian kidnapping Alexis. Alexis refuted the entire story. She informed Jordan that she'd gone to the pier, thinking that she was alone, but Julian had appeared. She'd gone with him willingly to his motel room in order to convince him to turn himself in. Jordan thought that there was something Alexis wasn't telling. Alexis remembered making love to Julian but quickly snapped back to reality.

Alexis explained that Julian had fabricated the story of Alexis being his hostage because he'd been worried that she'd be charged as his accomplice. "Julian did not abduct me," she said clearly. Jordan got up to pass along the new information to the district attorney. Alexis wondered if the case against Julian was strong, but Jordan couldn't comment. She hoped that Alexis wasn't obstructing justice, and Alexis promised that she'd told the truth. Jordan advised Alexis to listen to Diane, and she left.

Incensed at Alexis, Diane reminded Alexis that her association with Julian could cost her her law license permanently. Alexis commented that she would cross that bridge "when I come to it." Alexis wondered if Julian's kidnapping charges were a "failsafe," just in case the case against him as an accomplice to Olivia wasn't strong enough. Diane thought it was possible, but "if he walks, how does it change things for you?"

At the hospital, Tracy left Finn a message about hurrying up with the DNA test. "What DNA test?" Laura wondered. Tracy pulled Laura to an empty corner and told her about Edward's journal and ring that Samira had gotten from her mother. Laura figured it out and wondered if Samira knew about the DNA test. Tracy believed that she was "protecting" Samira by getting the test done in secret, but Laura didn't think it was a good idea. She observed that Tracy seemed nervous. Tracy had to go back to the house, and Laura wanted to tag along, as she had gotten a dress for Samira. She warned Laura not to say a word to anyone. Laura advised Tracy to prepare for the worst, and the two left.

Elizabeth and Jason flipped through a photo album with Jake. They stopped on one of Jason before his accident, and Jason wondered if Jake remembered when Jason looked like that. Jake remembered, and Jason asked why Jake seemed bothered by the picture. "Because of the witch," Jake replied, not wanting to talk about it further. Jason and Elizabeth assured Jake that he was safe with them, but he only asked to go to his room.

When Jake was gone, Jason revealed that the face he'd had in the picture had been the face he'd had when he'd worked for Helena. He continued that he'd probably lived on Cassadine Island with Helena at the same time that Jake had been there. Jason and Elizabeth feared that Jake had seen Jason do something bad. Jason realized that Helena could have compelled him to do something terrible to Jake.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned talked with Olivia. "Let me know how it goes," Ned asked her. She kissed Ned and left the house. Ned entered the living room and found Samira sitting and looking at the painting. Ned informed Samira that the family would only be able to cover for her for so long. Samira replied that it would be best for her to leave with the painting, but Ned said that Tracy wouldn't agree with that. Speaking of Tracy, Samira wondered if Tracy was avoiding her, as Samira hadn't seen her in hours.

Ned figured that Tracy would have to return eventually but that Tracy had already made up her mind about the painting. Samira dug a small picture out of her jacket pocket and showed it to Ned. Ned observed that Samira's daughter looked a lot like her, including the blue eyes. Samira gushed about how bright her daughter was, because the little girl had picked up songs in English just as fast as in Turkish. As Samira started singing a song in English, Tracy and Laura entered, and Tracy and Ned stopped dead.

Ned told Samira that the song was called "We Gather Together," and the Quartermaine family always sang it at Thanksgiving. She replied that her mother had taught her the song. "We have more important things to discuss," Tracy interrupted. Ned asked for a word with Tracy, and they left the room. Laura assured Samira that nothing was ever hopeless and that they would find another way to save Samira's daughter. Laura showed Samira the dress she'd picked up for the young woman. Samira thought it was "lovely," but that she wouldn't be there long enough to wear it.

Ned informed Tracy about the immigration officer that had shown up earlier. He told her that Monica had gotten the officer to go away, but the man would surely be back with a warrant. "Wonderful," Tracy commented, to Ned's shock. "I know exactly how to help," she added.

Tracy and Ned returned from the living room, and Tracy mentioned the visit from the immigration officer. She revealed that she'd thought of something. Samira wondered if it would help her get her daughter back. "In the long run, I think so," Tracy said. "In the short run?" Laura asked. Tracy answered that they needed to get Samira out of the country, "now."

Olivia showed up at Julian's holding cell and updated him on her engagement to Ned. He said blandly that he was happy for them both, but he wondered what else she was there for. She started that Julian was probably going to be in jail for a long time and that Leo wouldn't know Julian. Julian told Olivia that she would take Leo to visit him. "I won't," she said. She revealed that she wanted Ned to adopt Leo. "No. Absolutely not," Julian stated.

Olivia reminded Julian that he hadn't seen Leo in months, and she didn't wanted Leo to remember his dad as a "bad man." She thought that "letting Ned adopt Leo is the greatest gift you can give him." She hadn't intended to hurt Julian, but she wanted what was best for her son. "Me, too," he agreed quietly. She urged him to think it over. "Even if you do get out, who will be left for you in Port Charles?" she wondered. She left.

Jax asked Carly to live with him in Australia and be a family with Josslyn. He suggested to a shocked Carly that Sonny had done them a favor. He continued that it had been fate and that it was their time to be together, "for keeps." They admitted their love for each other, but Carly called the situation "complicated." She called the proposition tempting, but she needed to stay for Michael and Morgan. Jax assured her that Michael could visit and that she would always have her memories of Morgan, no matter where she went.

Carly also cited Nelle as a reason to stay in Port Charles. She didn't want Nelle to get her "claws" into Michael. Jax reminded Carly that her son was a grown man capable of making his own decisions. Michael would forgive Nelle or he wouldn't, and it was up to only Michael. Carly couldn't dictate Michael's life, no matter where she was. Jax guessed that the one thing keeping Carly in Port Charles was Sonny.

Jax explained to a protesting Carly that staying and fighting would feed Sonny's ego, and Sonny would know that he was still important to Carly. Carly called Jax wrong, but he dared her to prove it by packing a bag each for herself and Josslyn. Carly just didn't think it was the right time to leave. Jax told Carly that Sonny was no good for her, and he would destroy her. She refused to let Sonny destroy her, but she needed time to process all that had happened, especially since her marriage had just ended. Jax warned her that he might not be waiting for her. "So you're saying it's now or never?" she asked.

Jax refused to give Carly an ultimatum, but he explained that, once an offer was off the table, it sometimes didn't return. Carly decided to take her chances, since leaving with so many things unresolved was unfair to all involved. He told Carly that he would pick Josslyn up from the stables so that she could ride to the airport with him, and Carly promised to be there to pick Josslyn up. She instructed him to be safe, and he kissed her on the cheek. "Goodbye," he said, and he left the house. "Goodbye, Jax," said a tearful Carly.

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