Monday, October 20, 2014

Lucas and Bobbie sat down, each with a glass of wine. Lucas told Bobbie about how he and Maxie had practically wrestled with Josslyn so they could see her in the dress for the wedding. Bobbie admitted to having a fight with Carly, who was conspicuously missing. Bobbie sighed that she just wanted both of her children to be happy. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Lucas told her that the reason for his happiness had just arrived.

Bobbie couldn't wait to get to know Lucas' new boyfriend, so she excitedly showed a nervous Brad in. Bobbie wanted to "get acquainted" with Brad, but he and Lucas had somewhere to be, so Lucas told her she could get to know Brad at the wedding. Brad told Bobbie that Lucas always thought he'd told Brad something when he actually hadn't, and Bobbie agreed that it was something Lucas had always done. Lucas explained the Halloween wedding was something no one was excited for because everyone hated the groom.

Bobbie wondered how Brad liked General Hospital, but Lucas figured that Brad wouldn't want to talk about work. Bobbie shot back that they could talk about Lucas' job if he had one. Bobbie informed Brad that Lucas had graduated from medical school at the top of his class but had never tried to practice. Brad wondered why. Lucas confessed that Tony Jones, his adoptive father, had been a "brilliant surgeon," and Lucas didn't think he could measure up.

Bobbie insisted that Lucas could be every bit as good as Tony, and the two squabbled over it. Brad thought it would be nice to work with Lucas but recognized that it was entirely Lucas' decision. Lucas agreed to talk to Liesl if Bobbie would let the two men leave the house. She agreed and remarked that Brad got her "stamp of approval."

Sonny and Shawn got into the elevator at Metro Court. Sonny instructed Shawn to scope out Ferncliff and figure out a way to break Heather out so they could "stash" her somewhere while they killed Franco. Sonny knew that Carly would never forgive him if she found out that he was responsible for Franco's death. He continued that they would get rid of Ava after Franco so there would be "no one left to tell" that Sonny had killed A.J. Shawn promised that the plan would go better than when he'd tried to abduct Ava.

Michael informed Sabrina that Carlos had confessed to A.J.'s murder, but Sabrina insisted that Carlos was innocent. He pulled her into a conference room and hit her with scores of questions. Sabrina explained that, when she'd seen Carlos a few days before, he'd sworn that someone had forced him to confess to the murder by threatening Sabrina and Gabriel. She related that it was still unknown if the accident was connected to that, but it was being sorted out.

Michael demanded to know who had put Carlos up to confessing. Sabrina reluctantly confided that it had been Ava. Michael wondered if that meant that Ava had killed A.J. Sabrina didn't know, but she did know that Ava had wanted A.J. dead. Michael asked more questions for which Sabrina didn't have the answers. Michael deduced that Ava could have been lying when she'd claimed that she'd been in New York when A.J. had been shot in her penthouse.

Sabrina excused herself to take care of "another wrong." She made sure Michael was all right. An obviously shaken Michael thanked her for the information, and she left.

Nina demanded that Madeline get her "a baby." She wanted Ava's baby to raise as her own, since Madeline had killed Nina's unborn child. Madeline apologized for her wrong, but Nina didn't want to hear it. Madeline thought that stealing Ava's baby was wrong, which made Nina wonder why Madeline had picked that moment to take the "moral high ground." Nina suggested that, if Madeline wouldn't do it for Nina, she would certainly do it for money.

Nina went on about how she had been "the apple of Daddy's eye," while Madeline had been the worm, so it had been no surprise that he'd left the money and control in Nina's hands. Nina gave her mother a choice: Madeline could either make money by helping Nina, or make money by "working at the local supermarket" and living off of Nathan. Suddenly, Nathan opened the door but the chain blocked him from entering. "Madeline? Are you in there?" he called out.

"He called you Madeline," Nina taunted. She demanded that Madeline get rid of Nathan and ran to hide. Madeline took the chain off the door and let Nathan in. She claimed to have put the chain on the door just in case Nina decided to pay a visit. Nathan told his mother that he hadn't wanted to believe that Nina could be violent, but he informed Madeline that Nina had attacked Silas. In her hiding spot, Nina picked up a large vase.

Madeline wished Nathan luck in finding Nina. He instructed Madeline not to let Nina in and to call Nathan immediately. He left, and she locked the door behind him. Nina entered and gave Madeline a round of applause for her performance. "Does this mean you'll help me?" Nina asked hopefully. "Yes, I will," Madeline unhappily responded. Nina hugged her mother.

Morgan promised Ava that he wouldn't let Sonny hurt her, and he would deliver the baby himself if he needed to. Just then, Kiki burst through the door with Silas. Silas walked over to Ava, who begged him to help her delay having the baby. He asked her questions about the pregnancy, which she easily answered, until he asked around when the date of conception was. She guiltily told him that it was the same day as A.J.'s funeral.

After a quick exam, Silas informed her that the baby would stand a "decent chance" if it was born early, but it would be better to have more time. He explained that he was going to give her an injection to slow down the labor, and one to help the baby's lungs develop faster, just in case she actually did go into labor. She admitted that she was feeling a lot better, but Silas wished she would go to the hospital.

Morgan interjected that it was too dangerous for Ava to leave. Silas wondered who was after Ava. She wanted to tell him, but Kiki explained that they didn't want Silas any more involved than he needed to be. "Well, they won't hear it from me," Silas assured them. Kiki showed Silas to the bathroom so he could get washed up.

Kiki expressed how much she appreciated the favor Silas had done for her and her mother. He promised to always be there when Kiki needed him. Just then, Kiki's phone rang. Silas went to sit with Ava as Kiki answered the phone to Michael. He told Kiki that he'd "just found something out," and he needed to talk to Kiki about Ava.

Carly reprimanded one of her employees at the Metro Court restaurant, believing that he had been the one to misspell "desserts" on the specials menu. Olivia walked up and admitted to writing it, and Carly immediately apologized to the employee, who walked away. Olivia thought that Carly was overreacting, but Carly argued that their five-star hotel misspelling simple words was embarrassing.

Carly related that she was tired of everyone telling her how to feel. Olivia took that to mean that someone else had noticed Carly "lusting after Sonny." "Then why would I marry Franco?" Carly posed.

At Ferncliff, Franco told Heather that he was marrying Carly to "settle the score." Heather was confused, but Franco told her, "that's where you come in." She wondered how he'd found out about Carly and Sonny's affair. He told her all about the necklace he'd given Carly and showed her the app on his phone. At that moment, Olivia was telling Carly that "Freako" belonged in "the loony bin with that deranged mother of his."

Heather couldn't stand Olivia and told Franco how "your brother Steven Lars" hadn't been able to resist Olivia. She explained how she'd tried to off Olivia and how she dreamed about ridding the world of both Olivia and Carly. However, she realized she'd be locked up in Ferncliff "forever." "But you're the mother of the groom. I must have you at my wedding," Franco told her.

Franco continued that Heather was going to be a very important part of the wedding plans. He kneeled down in front of his mother and asked, "Would you make me the happiest son in the world and witness the happiest day of my life when I get back at Carly?" She replied that she would love nothing more, but she had a new security team that was full of "incorruptible bozos."

"Leave everything to me," Franco assured Heather. She hugged him and told him that she even had an outfit picked out. She wondered what her role in the wedding would be. He promised to explain it at the wedding, for which he'd prepared a "video presentation" that would "annihilate" Michael's relationship with his parents.

Franco had to go, to Heather's disappointment, but assured her that he would be working on how to "spring" her. She thanked him for admitting that she had been right, and he was gone. An attendant escorted Heather back to her room. He thought that she needed rest after all the excitement of seeing her son. She replied that she would dream of being out in the real world for Halloween. Just then, Shawn peered around the corner.

Carly informed Olivia that neither she nor Sonny was invited to the wedding, so the two could hang out. Suddenly, Olivia cried out in horror as she saw Heather, dressed as a Metro Court server and brandishing a large knife. "It's only Sonny," Carly told Olivia.

Olivia explained that she hadn't had a vision in months, but she was sure that seeing Heather had been a premonition. Sonny replied that the only way Heather would get out of Ferncliff would be in a coffin. Olivia countered that her visions had always turned out to be true.

Carly saw Olivia's outburst as a "lame attempt" to scare Carly out of marrying Franco. Olivia invited Carly to throw her life away, "but don't say I didn't warn you," Olivia called out. Sonny pulled Olivia over to the bar and confided that he didn't think the wedding was going to happen.

Franco got off the elevator at the restaurant, and Carly ran right up to him. He told her about how productive his day had been.

. . .

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