Monday, July 28, 2014

Shawn wanted Jordan to leave Mickey's hotel room before Mickey returned. He kissed her, but she pulled away. Jordan didn't know what Shawn was trying to do, so he explained that he wanted to prevent her from the "business" she had in the hotel room. He wondered why she would sleep with Mickey if she didn't want to.

Mickey stood outside his room on the phone. He told the person on the other end that he'd made "special arrangements" to send Julian a message. He hung up the phone and walked into his room where, he was surprised to see Jordan and Shawn. He demanded to know what was going on. Jordan told him that Olivia had let her into Mickey's room, and Shawn had followed her there. She claimed that Shawn was obsessed with her and urged him to leave.

After a subtle threat from Mickey, Shawn said that he would leave, but he wouldn't like it. "You made your bed. Now you have to lie in it," he said as he left. Jordan apologized on behalf of Shawn. Mickey expressed how happy he'd been to hear that Jordan wanted to "pick up where we left off." Jordan replied that she wanted to be in the organization and meet the "big boss." She would do whatever was necessary. Mickey appreciated her loyalty.

Mickey continued that "some people" in the organization had their own agendas, and he'd had to "take steps" to keep them in line. He handed Jordan a drink to "get the party started." He began to kiss her. She thought about Shawn's words and stopped Mickey. She claimed to want to freshen up. As Mickey went to make himself a drink, she took a recording device out of her purse and fixed it behind the bedframe. Then, she went to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, Jordan returned from the bathroom, and Mickey was disappointed to see that she was still dressed. She suggested that he undress her himself. He wished that she'd gotten involved with the business sooner, and he kissed her. They collapsed on the bed, and Mickey suddenly stopped. "I think we need to talk," he told her as he pulled the recording device from behind the bedframe.

A figure creeped around outside Alexis' house. The person produced a bomb, set it to go off in thirty minutes, and set it inside the mailbox, which was attached to the house. Suddenly, headlights appeared, and the man ran away into the trees. Alexis, Molly, and T.J., who carried Danny, went inside the house. Alexis was happy to have so much family at her house at once.

Julian told Ava that Mickey didn't just make idle threats. He informed her that his boss had almost had Lucas killed, which was something that could easily happen again. Ava was exhausted and turned to go change into something more comfortable. Before she left, Julian reminded Ava that she owed him some information.

Julian called Alexis. Seeing that it was Julian, Alexis rejected the call. Julian left a message saying that he understood why she'd rejected the call, and he'd just wanted to check in. He told her that he loved her, and that he couldn't wait to sneak around with her again. "How sweet," Ava commented dryly after Julian had hung up.

Julian changed the subject by asking Ava if she had any proof that Sonny had shot A.J. She informed him that A.J. had secretly recorded his entire encounter with Ava and Sonny, and the recording had been transferred to a flash drive, which was hidden in Sonny's possession. Julian wondered why Sonny hadn't "trashed" the incriminating evidence. She reluctantly admitted that the recording also incriminated her in a crime, separate from A.J.'s shooting.

At Julian's prodding, Ava lied that, in the recording, she'd confessed to shooting Olivia. Julian didn't buy it, but Ava insisted that it was enough to put her in jail. She updated her brother on Delia's unsuccessful attempt to recover the flash drive. Ava was sure that the drive wasn't the only copy and thought that the person who'd given it to Sonny in the first place would have a copy as well. She revealed that that person was Carly.

Molly went outside to check the mail and see if her magazine had arrived. Alexis assured Molly that her Soap Opera Digest was in her room. Molly told her mother that she needed to catch up on her show, since she'd missed a few episodes "while I was in General Hospital." Alexis was glad that Molly was home. "Only because you and Julian aren't together anymore," Molly added. Speaking of Julian, Alexis noticed her missed call and voicemail from Julian. Alexis asked Molly and T.J. to put Danny to bed and said she'd order a pizza while they did so. She listened to her voicemail from Julian.

A short while later, Julian's phone rang, and he was delighted to answer it to Alexis. She called to let him know that she loved him, too, and she was also excited to sneak around with him. She told him that she missed him and said goodnight. When Julian hung up the phone, he asked Ava about Carly. She replied that the women's hatred was mutual, and that Carly would probably keep a copy to use against Ava just in case. However, Ava thought Carly would see any kind of hit "coming from a mile away."

Ava thought of someone who could do their dirty work that Carly wouldn't expect. She told Julian that Franco had "a jealous streak and poor impulse control." She thought that Franco would be willing to get the recording from Carly "with the right motivation." A short while later, Ava hung up her phone. "It's all taken care of," she told Julian.

A minute later, Julian's phone went off. He stared quizzically at the message he received from Mickey: "Have a good night. Hope your family sleeps tight."

Molly and T.J. returned from Danny's room and told Alexis that Danny wouldn't sleep without his favorite truck, which was at Sam's. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Alexis answered it to the pizza deliveryman. She took the pizza in. A few minutes later, the bomb beeped inside the mailbox. It exploded, and the house burst into flames.

Sam told Sonny that she was trying to catch a liar and expose the truth. Sonny wondered who the liar was. "Mrs. Nina Clay," Sam replied. She told him about how Patrick had been fired after a reporter had somehow heard about something Patrick had told her in confidence. She believed that Nina had been responsible and needed to see from the hospital's security footage if Nina had been eavesdropping on her conversation with Silas.

Sam confided in Sonny that she and Silas hadn't been able to get past Nina's reappearance and had broken up. However, she needed to know if Nina had been at fault. He pointed her in the direction of the DVDs, and she picked up a stack. She popped a DVD into Sonny's computer, and they watched. Suddenly, they could see the door to the roof opening up as if someone had been listening. They couldn't see a person, but Sam realized she had to tell Silas immediately.

Sonny wondered if Silas made Sam happy. "I thought so," she answered. He advised her not to let him get away. He continued that he'd failed to get Olivia back, but he would be happy to help Sam get Silas back. She thanked Sonny and left.

A few minutes later, Shawn entered Sonny's office. Sonny wondered if Shawn had found anything in Mickey's hotel room. "Jordan," Shawn responded. He couldn't figure out why Jordan was determined to sleep with Mickey, but he knew that there was nothing he could do about it.

Nina crushed up a pill and put it into the drink she'd made for Silas. Silas returned to the room, and she handed the drink to him. He thanked her for making his favorite and took a sip. Nina expressed her sympathy about Rafe's death and about the end of his relationship with Sam. She only wanted the best for him. He began to talk about Sam then realized that he shouldn't talk about his girlfriend with his wife. She instructed him to lie down on the couch and offered to rub his shoulders "like I used to."

As Silas was ready to pass out, he wondered how the reporter had found out about Patrick's secret. He fell asleep, and Nina leaned in closely. "You know how he knew? I told him. I'm the one who undid your relationship," Nina whispered in his ear. She thought that the drug had "worked too well." She didn't think she'd "get a baby out of" Silas if he was unconscious. She thought it was poetic justice that a drug had made her lose a baby, and a drug would help her get a baby.

Nina woke Silas up, and he apologized for being so exhausted. She asked to join him on the couch in order to get more comfortable. He struggled to get up from the couch. He picked her up and fell forward onto the couch, right on top of Nina. He tried to get off of her, but she insisted that she was comfortable.

Just then, there was a pounding on the front door, and Silas suddenly became alert. Nina told him that there was no one at the door and that the pounding sound was her heart. Nina kissed him just as Sam let herself into the apartment. She was horrified at what she saw.

Olivia cried to Ned in the elevator. He offered to accompany her for a drink. When they got off the elevator at the restaurant, Ned already knew all about Olivia's situation with Sonny. She spotted Carly, who was sitting with Franco, and demanded that Carly throw Sonny out of the building. Carly refused, citing that it was none of her business. "When has that stopped you before?" Olivia wondered.

Ned tried to pull Olivia away, but she didn't budge. Olivia knew that Carly would react the way she did. She accused Carly of not caring about how Sonny had treated Olivia, because Carly had "a thing for Sonny. You always have, and you always will." Carly urged Olivia not to take out her bad night on Carly. Olivia continued that Sonny and Carly would always be first in each other's lives, no matter who else was around.

Ned warned Olivia that she shouldn't have the argument with Carly in front of the staff and guests and pulled her away to the bar. Carly apologized to Franco for the scene. "No big deal. Just another person who sees the magical connection between you and Sonny," he stated. Carly told him that she was loyal to Sonny, but Olivia's broken heart was Olivia's business.

Carly continued that, if Franco wanted to be jealous of Sonny again, then Carly would be jealous of Franco's new friend Nina from the hospital. Franco insisted that he wasn't interested in Nina, and she was married anyway.

A short while later, Carly and Franco finished their meal. She had some hotel business to take care of but told Franco that she'd be back soon. She kissed him, and he headed into the elevator, which already contained two men. As soon as the doors closed, the two men, ready with guns, descended on Franco.

Olivia and Ned sat at the bar. She apologized for "dragging you in the middle of my messed up life." She also told him that Alice and the Quartermaines would be in her prayers. They each appreciated the other listening.

. . .

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