Monday, January 26, 2015

Shawn paid Sonny a visit at Pentonville. They were separated by an acrylic window and used a phone to communicate as Shawn explained that he had tried to call Sonny on the cell phone, but someone else had answered. Sonny confirmed that it had been Franco but quickly changed the subject because Sonny was eager to know if Bill Eckert's body had been in the grave. Shawn admitted that the coffin had been empty. The news wasn't unexpected, but Sonny was determined to deal with Bill personally. Shawn was surprised when Sonny covered the mouthpiece of the phone then quietly confided that he intended to break out.

Shawn was curious what the plan was and offered to help, but Sonny admitted that he still had to work out the details. However, Sonny intended to use the element of surprise to his advantage to take Bill down. Shawn was forced to reveal that Jordan had helped dig up Bill's grave, so she knew that Bill's remains hadn't been in the coffin. Sonny wasn't happy, but Shawn promised Sonny that Jordan was trustworthy and loyal to the organization.

Elsewhere, Julian quietly implored Lucas to hold on because Julian intended to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Moments later, someone grabbed Julian's arm. He was surprised when he realized it was Ava, who tried to remain inconspicuous in a gray hooded jacket. Stunned, he asked his sister how she had managed to slip into the men's wing of the prison, but Ava quickly told him about the attempt on her life. She was certain that Sonny had sent the guard to kill her, but Julian admitted that it was unlikely because Sonny didn't have any connections or friends in Pentonville. Ava was surprised that Julian would defend Sonny, so he revealed that Faison had been a decoy to allow the impostor to continue to pass himself off as Luke Spencer.

Julian quickly filled Ava in on what had transpired since "Luke" had been rescued from Miscavige and Sonny's theory that the impostor was Bill Eckert. Julian suspected that the impostor had put the hit out on Ava because the impostor had done the same thing to Julian, which had led to Julian's false confession to murdering Anthony Zacchara. Julian confided that he was determined to find a way out of jail because the impostor had recently threatened Lucas, so Ava revealed that she might know a way out.

Ava told Julian about her encounter with Madeline and the transport van that was expected to pick Madeline up later that evening to take her to the Port Charles jail to face a judge in the morning. Ava intended to be on the van, which would arrive at the back gate near the laundry room, so Julian decided to join his sister. Ava objected because she feared that they might be discovered, but Julian insisted that Ava needed his protection on the outside. Moments later, a guard spotted Ava. Ava panicked when the guard grabbed her then warned her that she would be lucky if she didn't end up in solitary confinement.

A short time later, Sonny approached Julian to let him know that Bill's coffin had been empty.

In Franco's jail cell, Franco reached for the cell phone but then quickly returned it to under the mattress when a guard announced that he intended to do a random search of Franco's jail cell. As another guard watched over Franco, his partner quickly uncovered the cell phone. Franco tried to feign ignorance about how it had ended up in his jail cell, but neither guard believed Franco. After one of the guards left his partner to deal with Franco, Franco offered to cut a deal. The guard scoffed because he doubted that Franco had anything of value that the guard would be interested in.

Franco recalled overhearing Sonny and Julian plotting to escape but opted to give the guard a sketch, claiming that it was worth a fortune because Franco was a famous artist. The guard reluctantly agreed to return the cell phone to Franco but warned Franco that if it turned out that the sketch was worthless, then Franco would be returned to solitary confinement.

After the guard left, Franco called Nina.

At Shadybrook, Nina was surprised when "Diana" approached her table then offered Nina a jelly doughnut that "Diana" had saved from breakfast. Nina was touched by her new friend's offer, so Heather smiled sweetly as she assured Nina that she simply wanted to see Nina happy. Heather feigned disappointed at the thought that Nina might leave the sanitarium soon, so Nina wondered why Heather thought that. Heather claimed that she had made the assumption based on Nina's happy mood after Nina had spoken to Nina's attorney the previous day.

Nina confided that the call had been from Franco, who had told her that he cared for Nina and then promised to find a way to get to Nina. "What a guy," Heather said as she hid her irritation. Nina admitted that she had told Franco all about her new friend, so Heather nervously wondered what Franco had said. Heather relaxed when it became clear that Franco had no idea that Nina had befriended Heather. However, Heather suggested that she talk to Franco the next time he called Nina.

Moments later, a guard entered the dayroom to announce that Nina had a call then handed her the phone. He warned Nina that she would only have fifteen minutes to speak to her attorney, so Nina happily greeted Franco. Heather anxiously asked to talk to Franco, so Nina handed the phone to her new friend. "Hello, Franco," Heather said with smug satisfaction as she stepped into a quiet corner. Stunned, Franco demanded to know how Heather had ended up at Shadybrook, so she explained that they'd had to stick her somewhere because she had managed to escape from both Ferncliff and Miscavige.

Heather remarked that she was surprised how Franco had rebounded by going from a "battle-axe" to a "poor little bird" who worshipped him. Franco warned Heather not to hurt Nina, but Heather reminded her son that Nina was both alone and vulnerable. "I can't think of a better way to punish you than crush your little bird," Heather added with deadly menace. Franco implored Heather to leave Nina alone, but Heather was unmoved because he had betrayed her. Franco insisted that there had never been a bomb strapped to the door when he had stuck Heather in a room at Sonny's warehouse with Carly, Shawn, and Jordan.

Franco also pointed out that Heather had managed to land in a better place than Miscavige, but Heather saw things differently. Franco begged Heather not to harm Nina, but Heather gloated that Franco was locked up behind bars, so he wasn't in a position to stop her. Nina approached Heather to ask to speak to Franco, so Heather disconnected the call as she handed the phone to Nina. Nina was disappointed when she assumed that the call had dropped, so she considered using "star 69" to call the number back but Heather insisted that it wouldn't work because Franco had used a cell phone.

Moments later, the phone rang as Franco called back. Nina answered the phone, but the guard returned to snatch the phone away from Nina before Franco could warn Nina about Heather. Nina was upset that she hadn't been able to talk to Franco, but Heather assured Nina that everything would be okay.

At Kelly's, Bobbie looked at a picture of her Aunt Ruby as she told Lucas and Lulu that it was the sixteenth anniversary of her beloved aunt's passing. Bobbie realized that Lulu had been too young to remember Ruby, but Lucas confessed that he had fond memories of his great-aunt, like how Ruby would make him heart-shaped pancakes. Lulu smiled because she had heard a lot of stories about Aunt Ruby, so Bobbie conceded that Ruby had been quite a character.

Bobbie revealed that Ruby had gone through a lot of difficult times in her life, but Ruby had always held her head up high and had treated people with kindness and compassion. Bobbie confessed that Ruby had been good to Luke and Bobbie when they had been sent to Florida to live with their aunt after their mother had died and their father had abandoned them. According to Bobbie, Ruby had loved Luke and Bobbie as if they had been Ruby's own children, so Bobbie wanted to honor her aunt. Lucas was surprised when the waitress handed them each a place of heart-shaped pancakes because he knew that his mother had ordered them.

Bobbie grinned as she invited Lucas and Lulu to dig in, but Lulu thought they should wait for Carly. Bobbie admitted that Carly wouldn't be joining them because Carly was looking after a sick friend. Lucas realized that his mother had been referring to Jake, so he revealed that it appeared his sister had taken Jake under her wing. Bobbie was glad that Carly had something to focus on to take her mind off of the mess with Michael and Sonny.

Lulu was curious why Luke hadn't arrived yet, but Bobbie wasn't surprised because Luke had been "volatile" about their family lately. Lucas revealed that Luke had given his blessing to Michael to build the new free clinic on the Elm Street property. Bobbie was relieved, especially when Lulu added that Luke had decided to host a party later that evening on the Haunted Star to raise money for the clinic. However, Lulu was certain that Luke would want to be with the family to remember Ruby.

At the house on Elm Street, the impostor entered the basement with a bag of food for Luke because Luke had lost a lot of weight. Luke tried to speak, but the duct tape over his mouth prevented the impostor from understanding him. Annoyed, the impostor pulled the duct tape off Luke's mouth, so Luke immediately demanded to know why the impostor was hosting a party for Luke's friends and family.

The impostor didn't answer the question but vowed that the party would be "oodles" of fun. "Especially when the boat explodes, along with the flesh and blood of our flesh and blood," the impostor added. Luke was horrified, but the impostor ignored Luke's reaction as he conceded that Luke might be upset about losing the ship because Helena had given the Haunted Star as a wedding gift to Luke and Laura. Disgusted, Luke snapped that he didn't care about the ship.

The impostor continued to talk about his plans by explaining that he intended to make a discreet exit before the explosion, but Luke wanted to know why the impostor had targeted Luke's family. Luke pointed out that if the impostor was indeed Bill Eckert, then they shared the same family, so Luke couldn't understand how Bill could hurt his own family to punish Luke for being shot by a bullet meant for Luke. Annoyed, the impostor reminded Luke that he had never claimed to be Bill Eckert because Bill was dead and buried, but Luke begged the impostor to take his anger out on Luke, not their family.

Moments later, the impostor's cell phone rang. He saw that it was Lulu, so he grabbed some duct tape, slapped it over Luke's mouth, and answered the call, pretending to be Lulu's sweet and loving father. Lulu was curious if "Luke" intended to meet the family at Ruby's gravesite, so the impostor promised to be there soon. After he ended the call, he told Luke that they would have to finish their conversation later, and he left.

At the cemetery, Dante stood over Bill Eckert's empty grave. He ordered two police officers to check if there had been surveillance footage of unusual crime, so the police officers left. Moments later, Jordan stepped out of hiding to talk to Dante. She revealed that she had helped Shawn dig up the grave because Sonny suspected that Bill Eckert had been impersonating Luke. She quickly told Dante about the "bait and switch" to keep the impostor in place and how Shawn had followed the impostor to the house on Elm Street, hoping to get answers.

Stunned, Dante realized that his father-in-law might be hidden in the basement of the house on Elm Street. Jordan warned Dante not to tell anyone because the impostor wouldn't hesitate to kill Dante and everyone he told. After Jordan left, Dante called the police station.

Dante wrapped up the phone call just as the impostor walked up. The impostor coldly asked why Dante was at the cemetery, but Lulu, Bobbie, and Lucas arrived before Dante could answer. Lulu thanked Dante for making it to the cemetery, so the impostor assumed that Dante's presence had been planned. Dante seized the opportunity to question Bobbie and Luke about their Aunt Ruby by asking if Ruby had been Bill Eckert's mother. Bobbie gently explained that Bill had been their cousin on their mother's side, while Ruby had been their father's sister.

Dante apologized, claiming that he was a little confused about all the branches of the Spencer family tree, but the impostor sternly suggested that Dante show a little respect because they were there to honor Ruby. The impostor shifted the focus by commenting on the white roses Lucas had picked up. Lucas smiled as he said that Ruby was a beautiful lady who had deserved beautiful flowers. The impostor agreed, so everyone gathered around Ruby's gravestone. Bobbie thanked Ruby for all the things Ruby had done for both Bobbie and Luke because Ruby's kindness had made up for their father's cruelty.

Bobbie invited "Luke" to say a few words, but the impostor admitted that she had said everything. Lucas announced that he had to get back to the hospital, but he assured everyone that he would see them at the party later that evening. Dante was curious what Lucas had been referring to, so Lulu promised to fill him about the party on the way home. As Dante and Lulu left, he mentioned that he had to run to the police station.

Alone with "Luke," Bobbie confessed that it was amazing that they had turned out okay after all that had happened to them as children. The impostor agreed then asked for a moment alone with Ruby. After Bobbie left, the impostor walked over to Bill's gravesite. He was livid when he saw that it had been dug up.

Later, Dante approached the house on Elm Street.

On the piers, Jordan was surprised when she bumped into her son. T.J.'s greeting was frosty, so Jordan began to apologize for what had happened with T.J.'s father. T.J. explained that he was more upset about what had happened to Molly's father. Jordan insisted that she had saved Ric by teaming up with Shawn to rescue Ric. Stunned, T.J. asked if she had decided to go straight by flipping on the Jeromes. Jordan reluctantly confessed that she had switched sides by joining the Corinthos organization.

Moments later, Shawn walked up. T.J. admitted that he had heard that Shawn and Jordan were working together, but Shawn realized that T.J. still had a lot of resentment toward Jordan. Shawn pointed out that T.J. had accepted what Shawn did for Sonny, so he wondered if T.J. could do the same for Jordan because Jordan wanted T.J. back in her life. T.J. admitted that he wanted to have a relationship with his mother, so Jordan smiled with relief as her son hugged her. T.J. confessed that he was happy that Shawn and Jordan were on the same side.

. . .

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