Monday, April 27, 2015

Liesl was going through patient files when Franco appeared. She was very happy to see him and wondered if he was ready to return to work. He revealed that he was there about Nina. He recounted what Nina had said about Liesl's "horrible" words to Nina. Liesl admitted that she'd accused Nina of kidnapping Avery, but Franco informed Liesl that Nina had denied committing the crime. Liesl confided that there was evidence against Nina.

A few minutes later, Franco and Liesl were in an exam room, and Liesl showed Franco the footage from the hospital's security cameras. He thought that the footage, which showed Nina peering into Avery's hospital room the day the baby was kidnapped, had been tampered with. Liesl insisted that the footage had been untouched. She warned Franco that he would end up in Pentonville if he continued to support Nina. She thought that the "unbalanced" Nina was just dragging Franco down.

Franco didn't believe that Nina would kidnap Avery again. Liesl suggested that Franco go through Nina's things, because there would surely be a sign if Nina had kidnapped the baby. Just then, Liesl's beeper went off, and she scoffed that it was Lucy about the Nurses' Ball. Before she left, Franco wanted to know about the apparent secrets that Liesl had threatened Nina with. She claimed that it had been a ploy to "throw Nina off her game" so she would confess to the kidnapping. "If she didn't, who did?" Liesl wondered and left the room.

Nina was looking at an article about Avery's kidnapping entitled "Baby Come Back" when there was a knock on the door. She was happy to answer the door to Nathan, and she asked him if Avery had been found. He informed her that the baby was still missing, and, while Michael was the lead suspect, Nina was a suspect as well. He informed her that there was evidence against her, which he'd gotten from Liesl. Nina thought that Liesl could have tampered with the evidence, but Nathan denied the claim.

Nathan produced a flash drive and sat down with a computer to show the security camera footage to Nina. They recounted the events at the hospital, which culminated in Nina peered into Avery's hospital room. Right after Nina left the area, the footage cut off. Nathan told her that whoever had shut off the cameras had probably kidnapped Avery. He advised her to speak to an attorney.

Nina knew that Alexis was representing Michael in his custody case, so she couldn't use Alexis. Nathan quickly suggested Diane, which made Nina wonder if things were really that bad. Nathan believed Nina when she told him that she didn't take Avery. "You're the only one who does," she replied.

A short while later, Franco returned to the suite calling out for Nina. When he found that she wasn't there, he noticed her purse sitting on a chair. He picked it up and began to dig through it. "Looking for something?" Nina said as she entered the suite.

Sonny arrived at the Metro Court bar looking glum and wanting to talk to Carly. He informed her that everything that had happened to Michael had been due to Morgan. He recounted the entire story to a shocked Carly, who immediately ran out to have a "long discussion" with Morgan and Kiki. Sonny tried to stop her as she got on the elevator. As Carly got on the elevator, Lulu and Valerie got off. Lulu attempted to introduce Valerie to Sonny and Carly, but both were in a hurry to leave.

A short while later, Lulu and Valerie were sitting at a table in the restaurant, and Lulu explained about Sonny and Dante complicated families. Valerie saw the resemblance between Sonny and Dante, and she wondered if Sonny were as charming, and had as great a smile as Dante. Changing the vein of the conversation, Lulu admitted to finding Sonny intimidating, even thought he was a fixture in Lulu's life growing up.

Just then, Lulu got a text from Lucy about Lulu's number for the Nurses' Ball. She explained to Valerie that she and four other women were dancing as the Haunted Starlets, and Lucy was convinced that they needed another dancer. Valerie offered to be the sixth dancer, citing her professional training. Lulu told Valerie that the women were amateurs, so Valerie probably wouldn't want to. Valerie looked at the video Lulu had taken at her dance rehearsal, and Valerie insisted that she was a quick learner.

Lulu thought that another dancer would throw her and the other off, but Valerie thought that Lulu just didn't want Valerie to join. Lulu immediately took back her statement and begged Valerie to join. After a little convincing, Valerie finally agreed, and Lulu texted Lucy back. Valerie admitted that Lulu didn't seem comfortable around Valerie. Lulu confessed that it was a "difficult situation" and knew that Valerie would be comfortable in Nikolas's mansion.

"Welcome dancing cousin Valerie," read Lucy's text back to Lulu. Lulu thought it would be a fun way to get to know her cousin better. She told Valerie about the Nurses' Ball, and about how something "spectacular" happened every year. "To the Nurses' Ball," Valerie toasted, and the two women clinked their glasses together and drank.

At ELQ, Michael ranted to Sabrina that, after drugging him, Morgan and Kiki had probably kidnapped Avery. He took out his phone and called the police. A short while later, Dante arrived, and Michael told him the entire story. He gave Dante the drugs he'd been taking, and the drugs that had fallen out of Morgan's pocket. Dante apologized for not believing in Michael and promised to open the investigation as soon as Avery was found. Michael suggested that Dante look into Morgan and Kiki as suspects.

Michael wondered if Dante could get a search warrant for Silas's apartment, which was where Kiki was living. Dante couldn't get a warrant without evidence, so Michael suggested that Dante interview Morgan and Kiki about drugging Michael while keeping an eye and ear out for any sign that they had taken Avery.

Before leaving, Dante gave Michael some advice: if a cop wants to search your house, let him. He informed Michael that refusing the search made Michael look guilty. Michael apologized for losing his temper that night, and for putting Dante between Michael and Morgan. Dante just wanted Avery home safe. He instructed Michael to stay away from Morgan and Kiki and left.

Michael wanted to call Alexis to petition the court for custody of Avery, but Sabrina advised him to wait to hear from Dante. Michael thanked her for looking out for him, and for being the only one to believe in him. He believed that she'd gone "above and beyond" by proving that he'd been drugged. Sabrina thought that Michael had been "great" to her, and she wanted to help him in return. He took her hand and told her that he was grateful to have her in his life. "Me too, Michael," she replied, and Michael kissed her.

Morgan assured Kiki that he would "take the rap" if Michael pressed charges against them. Just then, Kiki looked past him and noticed a crib in the corner of the room, and Avery was inside. Kiki picked up her sister and expressed how happy she was to see the baby. They wondered where Avery had been and how she'd gotten there. A few minutes later, Morgan entered the apartment and told Kiki that he hadn't seen any signs of forced entry.

Kiki suggested they call the cops when there was a knock on the door. Morgan answered the door to Carly, who immediately began yelling at Morgan for his actions against Michael. Sonny was right behind her, and he saw Kiki holding Avery. He got Avery from Kiki, and a shocked Carly lambasted them for kidnapping Avery. Morgan insisted that they knew they'd been wrong in drugging Michael, but they'd just found Avery in the apartment about twenty minutes before. Carly didn't believe it.

Carly demanded to know how Morgan could do something like that to his own brother and reminded him that Michael, or anyone he was in contact with could have gotten hurt. Morgan thought that he and Kiki had done the right thing since Michael had fixed the initial custody trial. Carly called him on doing it to hurt Michael. Carly wanted to call Dante, but Morgan thought they'd lose Avery again if they told anyone that she was back. Carly wondered if Morgan intended to hide Avery for the rest of her life. Just then there was a knock on the door, and it was Dante.

. . .

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