Monday, December 15, 2014

Olivia saw the headline in the morning newspaper: "Baby Comes Home." She was happy to finally be starting a day off "on the right foot." She stepped out of the elevator at the Metro Court's restaurant and immediately spotted Ned and Alexis sitting down to breakfast. "Or not," she muttered.

Ned asked Alexis if there were any updates on Ric. She informed him that the search was "ongoing," and Julian claimed ignorance about what had happened to Ric. Ned told her that she didn't have to hide it when she went to see Julian, but the next time she went to see him, Ned wanted to be there. Just then, Olivia cheerfully walked over to take their orders. Alexis thought it was impressive that Olivia had no pen or paper. Olivia perfectly recited what Ned was going to order then what Alexis was going to order, only mistaking eggs over-medium for eggs over-easy. "I don't know what made me think you're easy!" Olivia called out as she dashed away to the kitchen.

Alexis wondered if Ned had noticed the tension between her and Olivia. She wondered why it seemed like Olivia was mad at her. A short while later, Olivia served Ned and Alexis their food. As an apology for the mix-up with Alexis' order, Olivia gave Alexis some lox "on the house." Alexis admitted that she wasn't a fan of lox. Olivia picked the lox back up and rationalized that when one thought of Alexis, "cold fish" popped into her mind. She tried to dash away again, but Alexis grabbed her.

"Have I offended you in some way?" Alexis inquired of Olivia. Olivia admitted that she had a problem with both Ned and Alexis. She believed that they were wrong for each other but that Olivia and Ned would make a "great" couple. She accused Alexis of using Ned to get over Julian and told Ned that she was falling for him. Just then, Alexis snapped Olivia out of her daydream. Olivia insisted that she had no problem with Alexis and ran off.

A short while later, Ned received the check and saw that Olivia had comped the meal. Alexis had to get to court, so she kissed Ned and left. Ned thanked Olivia for the meal. She explained that she hadn't wanted Alexis to think there was a problem between the two women. "About that," Ned said. He asked what was really going on with Olivia.

Julian was led into the courtroom, where he was told to wait for the judge to finish up with a meeting. Carlos was there and informed Julian that his bail money had been taken care of. After being questioned, Carlos admitted that he was working for Johnny. He explained that Johnny was trying to put together an alliance between the Zaccharas, the Jeromes, and the Corinthoses to "take over the entire eastern seaboard."

Julian hinted that he didn't want to get involved because of Alexis, but Carlos reminded Julian that Alexis wanted nothing to do with him. He continued that "guys like us don't get happy endings." He instructed Julian to enjoy the rush of power while they were still alive to enjoy it. He urged Julian to plead "not guilty, and we'll take care of the rest."

A few minutes later, the judge read all the charges against Julian and asked for Julian's plea. "Not guilty," Julian stated, to Carlos' glee. The judge set bail, and Julian's lawyer took the money from Carlos so that Julian could go free. Carlos told Julian that they would be the "kings of Port Charles."

As Carlos left, Alexis entered. She was surprised that Julian had made bail, since Julian's assets had been frozen. She suggested that Carlos' associates had the money and accused him of being "back in the business." He reminded her that she'd told him that they had no future. "I have nothing to lose anymore," he said and walked away.

Johnny was lifting weights when Sonny suddenly pushed the bar down on Johnny's chest. Sonny wanted to talk about Ric, but Johnny's goons whisked Sonny away and gave him a couple punches. Johnny called them off, and Sonny asked why he should care about Ric's whereabouts after he'd tried to take Sonny down. Johnny informed Sonny that Ric had been framed and handed him a piece of paper that served as proof. Sonny read that Ric had been transferred to the Witness Protection Program that same day that he'd supposedly died. Johnny told Sonny that he had the power to save Ric if Sonny would "play ball."

Johnny warned Sonny that, if he didn't cooperate, rumors of Ric's death would become a reality. Johnny explained his plan to draw the three crime families of Port Charles together. Sonny didn't trust that Ric wasn't working with Johnny instead of being Johnny's victim. He advised Sonny to "mull it over," because Ric would be dead if Johnny didn't have Sonny's commitment within forty-eight hours.

Carly, in front of Franco's holding cell, told him that she was reassured to see him "in a cage." She wished that she had let Sonny kill Franco. She warned him that she would kill him if he ever threatened another member of her family. He told her not to worry because he would be going to Pentonville, and the only one of Carly's family members he could touch there was Sonny.

Franco taunted that Sonny's jail sentence was probably tough on Sonny and Carly's relationship. Carly shot back that Franco and crazy Nina deserved each other. He warned her to leave Nina out of it because she hadn't known what she'd been doing. Carly sneered that he and Nina would never see each other again because she was "just as screwed as you are." Carly left, and Franco called out for the guard. He claimed to have to go to the bathroom, and the guard reluctantly agreed to take him.

Nina and Ava argued about the baby, and the guard yelled at them to settle their argument "amongst yourselves, quietly." Nina lamented losing her new life with Franco. Ava wanted to reach all the way to Nina's cell in order to strangle her. Nina said that she would never cross the line into murder like Ava had. She taunted that, while Ava would be in prison probably for life, Nina would be getting custody of the baby. Ava reminded Nina that the only reason Nina wasn't on trial for murder was because she'd gotten lucky after leaving Madeline for dead.

Ava continued that Nina had no chance left at motherhood and that no one would rescue her. Nina yelled that Franco would save her. Just then, Franco entered with the guard, who wondered what all the noise was about. Franco took Nina's hands and promised that she would be all right. Nina asked Franco to "fix everything," but he couldn't promise that.

The guard led Franco back to his own cell. Ava told Nina that not being with her daughter broke her heart, but she would "rest easier" knowing that Nina wouldn't be with the baby either.

At the hospital, Morgan held the baby and worried about her health. Kiki reminded him that the best pediatrician the hospital had to offer had just examined her, as had Silas. Morgan cited Silas as the main reason the baby had been returned. Just then, Silas entered the room. He informed them that, despite a slight ear infection, the baby was in perfect health.

Morgan said that he'd been going crazy for months, wondering if the baby was his daughter or sister. He asked Silas to perform a paternity test. Silas replied that, legally, he couldn't do so without consent of the baby's official guardian, which was Ava. The only way he could perform the test was with consent from the temporary guardian, which Kiki guessed was her. Kiki gave her permission for the test.

A short while later, Carly arrived at the hospital and asked to hold the baby. She thought Sonny would be relieved, even though she wouldn't be able to tell him. Morgan wondered if his parents had had a fight, but Carly didn't want to talk about it. Silas returned and announced that, because Sonny and Morgan had the same basic DNA, the more in-depth test results would take weeks to return. He suggested that he could test someone who was only related to one of the potential fathers, and that was Carly.

. . .

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