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Kiki opened the front door to Rosalie. "What do you want?" she demanded, glaring at Rosalie. Rosalie had something to tell Kiki. She entered the brownstone and told Ava that Nina was looking for Ava. Ava explained to Kiki that Nina was holding a grudge against Ava for her relationship with Silas. Ava figured that if Nina found out where Ava was, then Sonny would definitely find out. "You told Nina," Ava accused Rosalie.

Ava boasted that the Jeromes had ways of "dealing with people who cross us." Rosalie swore that she hadn't told Nina, but Ava thought that Rosalie was just checking to see that Ava was still there. Rosalie claimed that she was only there to warn Ava. Ava demanded that Rosalie leave, which Rosalie was more than happy to do. She slammed the door on her way out.

A shaken Ava thought she needed to find another place to hide because if Nina found her, it was "game over." Kiki assured her mother that she and the baby would be safe there.

Alexis, who was texting while walking, bumped right into Olivia at Kelly's. Olivia explained how she had done the exact same thing to Ned a few days earlier at their class. Alexis thought it was nice that Olivia and Ned were taking the class together. Ned had asked Alexis to join, but she remarked that she was "allergic to exercise."

Alexis wondered why Ned had missed the class. "So, he wasn't with you?" Olivia asked innocently. Alexis informed Olivia that Tracy had gotten herself into a bad situation, so that was probably why Ned had missed the class.

Tracy, Lulu, and Ned ran out onto the terrace and found a body-shaped sack. Ned realized that Jerry had promised to give back Luke, but not a live Luke. Ned opened the sack and revealed a head. Ned found a pulse on the man, who suddenly started coughing and sputtering. Ned helped the man up. "No, it can't be," Ned muttered. "You're kidding me!" Tracy exclaimed. The man was Ned's father, Larry Ashton.

"Long time, no see," Larry said to a disgusted Tracy. Lulu demanded to know who he was and where Luke was, but the man only introduced himself to Lulu. Once inside the house, Larry spotted liquor on the table, but Tracy wouldn't let him have any until he told them what had happened to Luke. Larry didn't have any memory of how he had gotten to Port Charles, let alone anything about Luke.

Ned reminded Tracy that he'd warned her not to trust Jerry. "Wait until I get my hands on him," Tracy threatened. Just then, her phone went off, and she saw that it was a text message from Jerry. In the text, he told her that he'd promised to give up her husband, but he'd never said which one. "To family reunions," Larry said, and he took a drink.

Carly didn't know why, but she trusted the stranger who called himself Jake. Jason told her that whatever happened between her and her ex was her business. Just then, Franco entered and wondered if they were gossiping about Sonny. Carly told a story that she'd been talking about Jax because Josslyn had thrown a fit about missing Halloween for the wedding. Jason quickly backed her up.

Carly changed the subject to what Franco had been up to. He thought about his last meeting with Heather but claimed that he'd been making sure that Liesl had given him the next day off for the wedding. Jason offered to leave the couple alone, but he couldn't wheel himself out with one broken arm. Carly offered, but Franco ushered in an orderly to take Jason back to his room. Franco slammed the doors behind Jason. Franco declared that he couldn't stand the stranger. Carly countered that she'd felt like she could tell him anything.

Franco wondered if Carly was excited for their wedding. "I know what you have planned," she told him. She vented that changing the venue at the last minute to the Haunted Star was a "logistical nightmare." He assured her that they could easily make calls to the few people attending the event. He thought it was the perfect place to have their wedding, since it was where they'd run into each other for the first time when he'd returned to town.

"And you look back fondly on that?" Carly asked. Franco continued that the Haunted Star was where he'd tried to convince everyone that he'd really changed. He teased that he "might show another video." She prodded him for a hint about the video as they left to go home.

"Hello?" Heather called out. She found that she was locked into a large room that looked like part of a warehouse. She heard keys jingling outside of the door. She excitedly called out for Franco, but Shawn entered. She wondered when she would get to leave. "Soon," Shawn answered. He handed her a paper bag that clearly contained a BLT from Kelly's. Heather dug right in, singing the praises of the new owner of Kelly's. She vowed to tell "my son" to double whatever he was paying the man for taking such good care of her. "Son?" Shawn asked.

Heather clarified that she was Franco's mother, and he had paid Shawn to break her out of Ferncliff. Playing along, Shawn wondered if Franco had told her why he'd wanted to break her out. She exclaimed that Franco's plan was a "doozy" but thought better of sharing it. She thought that Franco would want to keep the plan between mother and son.

Sonny was surprised when Michael entered the Quartermaine crypt. He reminded Michael that it was the second anniversary of Jason's death. Michael hoped that Jason was proud of how he'd changed over the previous two years. Sonny thought that Jason would be just as proud as Sonny was. Sonny added that prison was "too good" for Faison, Jason's murderer. "I feel the same way about the person who killed A.J.," Michael related.

Sonny told Michael to let the law take care of things. He added that Pentonville was probably "no picnic" for Carlos. Michael confided that he'd found out that Carlos could be innocent, and he updated his father on his conversation with Sabrina about Ava. Sonny begged Michael not to pursue Ava, but Michael wanted to know if Sonny found Ava.

Michael apologized for unloading on Sonny. He figured that Sonny had a lot on his mind with Carly's wedding the next day. Michael admitted that he'd agreed to be Franco's best man. However, he wished that he would be standing up for Sonny instead. He realized that Sonny still had feelings for Carly. Sonny suggested that he and Carly could end up together.

Sonny had to go, so he hugged Michael and left. Michael promised A.J. that he would find out who had killed A.J. and make them pay.

Sonny's phone rang, and he answered it to Shawn. "There's something you need to know about Franco," Shawn said urgently.

Liesl asked Elizabeth where "Jake" was, since he wasn't in his room. She informed Liesl that she'd taken him on a tour of the hospital. Liesl hoped that they hadn't bothered Franco. Just then, Jason was wheeled up. Jason admitted that Franco had wanted him gone. Liesl returned to the subject of Jason's lack of insurance, but he countered that he'd left it with his memory. That made Elizabeth laugh, and Liesl stormed away angrily. "I love you for that," Elizabeth told him.

Elizabeth couldn't understand Liesl's obsession with Franco, and she elaborated on all of the charges against Franco that had been dropped due to his brain tumor. Jason said that he and Franco already didn't like each other, and he didn't know what Carly saw in Franco. He liked Carly, but it seemed like she was getting cold feet.

Jason didn't want to go back to bed, but Elizabeth thought he still needed medical attention. He asked for a favor then held his hand out for Elizabeth to help him up. She didn't think he was ready, but he promised to stop if Elizabeth told him to. He had his sights set on the stairs, so she wheeled him over. She helped him to his feet. "Ready or not, here we come," he said.

Madeline disclosed to Nina that Ava was staying with Kiki and Morgan at one of the brownstones by the waterfront. Nina wanted to get Ava that night, but Madeline reminded Nina that Ava wasn't yet ready to give birth. Just then, Liesl entered, unhappy that her office was being used for "plotting." Nina gave her aunt a warm welcome, but Liesl reminded Nina that she was only allowing the use of her office because Nathan cared for Nina.

Liesl continued that she didn't want to know any details, because she had her own problems. She revealed that she'd just found out that the head nurse had covered for "a subordinate" for intentionally giving a pregnant woman a drug that could induce labor. Nina carefully asked who the patient was, but Liesl refused to say. She left to speak to Epiphany and urged the two women to "keep it to a dull roar."

Nina was willing to bet her entire inheritance that the mystery patient was Ava. Madeline assured Nina that, when Ava was ready to have the baby, they would know exactly where she was. Nina didn't want to wait that long, but Madeline could do nothing else until the baby was born. "Sure you can, Mommy," Nina cooed. She took out Liesl's prescription pad and handed it to Madeline so Madeline could write a prescription.

Elizabeth helped a struggling Jason up the stairs. "We did it!" he cried when they finally reached the top. She told him that it had all been his doing, but he instructed her not to "underestimate the value of moral support." "What's going on up there?" Liesl demanded to know. "I'm the king of the world!" Jason screamed, and he high-fived Elizabeth.

. . .

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  • Carly confronts Franco about trying to get his hands on the recording of Sonny shooting A.J.
  • Elizabeth and "Jake" exchange a high-five
  • Julian tells Anna that Ava didn't kill A.J.
  • "Buckle up, Bitch," Nina warns Ava
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