Monday, November 23, 2015

Anna felt like she was wasting Andre's time and informed him that she had nothing to say. Andre intuited that whatever was bothering her had something to do with Carlos. Without confirming his suspicion, she admitted that she'd confided her guilty secret in someone else. Seeing that she still had no relief, he wondered what she needed in order to find peace. "I don't think that's an option for me," she answered, thinking back to when she'd killed Carlos.

Anna began to talk about how she and Duke had had real love, not the "fragile" love that most people shared. She recounted how they'd almost made it out of Port Charles, but Duke had been shot. When he'd died at the hospital, Anna recalled screaming at Julian, who had ordered the mob hit, outside. She remembered seeing Carlos after that, and he'd said that he would get away with Duke's murder. Anna knew that she should have turned him in, but she'd "made him pay. I killed Carlos Rivera," she confessed.

Anna acknowledged that she'd murdered an unarmed man, which was why she couldn't sleep. Andre thought she was making progress, but she said that depended on whether or not he was going to turn her in. He assured her that he was "choosing confidence." She appreciated it and asked him, "What's next?" He told her that she had a lot of work to do to figure out how her experience had shaped her. She admitted that it wasn't her first priority, because the other person who knew her secret had been holding it over her head.

Anna knew that she wasn't supposed to cooperate with blackmailers, but the blackmailer could "blow my life apart." She'd decided to comply until she could "turn the tables," because she had other people to consider. Andre promised to explore that during their next session. She thanked him for listening and being understanding, and she left, citing the need to take a walk. She hoped she would no longer see Carlos' ghost.

A short while later, Anna arrived at the docks. She heard footsteps behind her, turned, and saw Carlos. He ran away, and she ran after him. She looked all over for him but couldn't find him. When she finally gave up, she saw a necklace on the ground that was engraved with "Carlos & Sabrina."

Morgan cocked his gun and ordered Kiki to hide. She begged him not to shoot anyone, and he bounded out the door. She heard a gunshot and screamed. Morgan ran back into the cabin and assured her that he'd only shot at a branch. He directed her to "stay down," and he went back outside.

Michael was helping Sabrina move to his house, but he took a break to ask why she'd canceled her sonogram. She sat him down and explained that, as real as each positive pregnancy test had made the baby, the sonogram would make it even more real. She was scared to get more invested in the baby because there was "a greater chance of loss."

Michael promised to always put Sabrina and the baby first. Just then, Michael's phone rang, but he rejected the call. He vowed to love the baby unconditionally, and he couldn't wait to be a parent. Sabrina gushed that Michael was going to be an amazing father. "I love you," she started. "That's why I need to tell you-" she continued, but she was cut off by Michael's phone ringing again. He apologized and answered the phone to Kiki.

"Morgan needs you," Kiki told Michael urgently. She updated him on what was going on in and around the cabin. She told him what landmarks they had passed, and Michael promised to be right there. "He's coming. Don't call me back," she warned, and she hung up the phone. Michael told Sabrina that something was going on with Morgan but that he would be right back.

When Michael was gone, Felix appeared. He scolded Sabrina for almost telling Michael that her baby could be Carlos'. She wanted to tell Michael the truth, and she trusted that they could work through anything. Felix offered to cancel his plans with his boyfriend just in case things didn't go the way Sabrina hoped, but Sabrina ordered him to spend Thanksgiving with "the love of your life."

A short while later, Felix was gone, and Sabrina worked on packing more boxes. Just then, there was a knock on the door. She was glad to have Michael back, but when she opened the door, she was shocked to see Carlos. She fainted, and he caught her, smiling at her swollen belly.

Carly confided in Sonny that she thought Morgan was trying to "rescue" Kiki from police charges. Sonny thought Ric could take care of things for Kiki, but Carly was more worried about Morgan, who she believed was "building to a manic episode." Sonny called Max so he could look for Morgan. Just then, Michael entered and told his parents that "there's a problem with Morgan."

Michael told Sonny and Carly that Kiki had called him, and he knew where they were. Michael and Carly left, and Epiphany sat down with Sonny. She knew he wanted to go look for Morgan, but she told him that the best thing he could do for Morgan was to work on his recovery. Epiphany knew what it was like to see a child struggle. Sonny recalled that Epiphany had "grieved a son," and he couldn't imagine having to do so.

Epiphany instructed Sonny not to worry, because Carly was "a capable woman." She advised him not to underestimate the love of a mother. Sonny thought the love of a father was strong, too, but he wondered about a father who hurt his son without meaning to. He explained that he'd passed on bipolar disorder to Morgan, but he'd also passed on the attitude about it. He thought they would both learn how to live with the disorder.

Kiki called outside for Morgan to return. When he didn't answer, she went back inside the cabin and searched for Carly in her contacts. Just then, Morgan returned and wondered who she was calling. He grabbed her phone and saw that she had called Michael, but she lied that she'd only gotten Michael's voicemail. She asked Morgan to put the gun down because it made her nervous. Morgan complied and promised that she had nothing to worry about.

Morgan kissed Kiki, and she asked him to slow down. Just then, the door opened, and Michael, Carly, and Max entered the cabin. A shocked Morgan yelled that the cops could have followed them. Carly assured him that no one had followed them as Michael grabbed the shotgun. Morgan began screaming at the three, who all tried to calm him down.

Kiki admitted that she'd called Michael and told him that Morgan was in trouble. Carly wanted Morgan to get a psychological evaluation. He refused to go. Carly promised that she would back off if it turned out that he didn't have bipolar disorder. "Let's go, Kiki," Morgan said, grabbing Kiki. She apologized that she wasn't going to go with him. "Screw all of you," Morgan spat, walking toward the door. Michael blocked his way, and Max held him back. Morgan screamed that he hated all of them as Carly and Kiki watched Max and Michael carry Morgan out.

Jason demanded to know what Helena had done to him so that it could be undone. Helena replied that he'd been conditioned, even thought it had been flawed. Jason recognized that he'd lost his memory when the car had struck him. Helena thought of it as a "happy accident." Jason asked who else had known that he was Jason, and when they'd found out. Helena admired him getting right to the point. Elizabeth didn't think that Helena would give Jason any answers. However, Helena claimed to want to make their trip all the way to Greece worthwhile.

Helena informed Jason that the life he'd had before was gone. She advised him to focus on a goal. She boasted about focusing on family, pleasure, and revenge, which sometimes "all converged." Jason again wanted to know who had known about his identity. Helena finally said that he deserved to know. Just as she was about to talk, she began to stutter, and she passed out.

Elizabeth began CPR on Helena until the doctor arrived. The doctor quickly examined Helena and informed Nikolas that Helena was dead. Nikolas ordered the doctor to revive her, but the doctor reminded Nikolas of Helena's strict orders not to be revived. Nikolas asked for a moment with his grandmother, and everyone left the room. "I assume you didn't think it would end this way. I didn't think so either," he said to her, and he left the room.

Elizabeth knew that Nikolas' feelings for Helena were complicated, but she offered her condolences. Jason wondered why Nikolas was so upset when he was the one who'd killed Helena. He accused Nikolas of poisoning Helena so that she couldn't say that Nikolas had known about Jason's identity. Nikolas accused Jason of "wallowing in self-pity. Your face isn't the only thing that's changed," he spat. Jason grabbed Nikolas by the collar and threw him on a table.

Jason and Nikolas were finally separated, and Nikolas went back to Helena's room. Elizabeth knew they wouldn't find any answers, so she suggested they go home. She pulled Jason away, and Sam followed shortly after.

Nikolas sat by Helena's bedside as the doctor told Nikolas that he'd expected Helena to live at least another few months. He left Nikolas alone with Helena. He wondered how he was supposed to say goodbye. He recognized that it was too late to tell her that he hated her as much as he respected her. "You're elegant, fearless, and you didn't care what anyone thought," he said. He knew he had to find a way to grieve.

. . .

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