Monday, April 25, 2016

Franco got off the elevator at the hospital with the puppy box. Monica demanded to know what was in the box, but he reminded her that he didn't answer to her. He advised her to "check with your boss." Monica observed that he hadn't changed at all, and the two bickered in the middle of the hallway. Monica left after being paged. Franco took the puppy out and wondered how Nina could say no to "someone so cute."

Jason observed that Franco was late for his session with Jake, but Jake insisted that Franco never missed. When Jason got up to check in with Elizabeth, Franco rounded the corner with the puppy in his arms. Jake asked about the puppy, and Franco told him that the puppy was in need of a home. Jake offered, so Franco put the puppy in the boy's arms.

Jason returned and explained to Jake that there was no room or time in their lives for a dog at the moment. Jake kept insisting that he wanted the dog as Jason kept insisting that he couldn't keep the dog. The back-and-forth finally culminated in Jake telling Jason, "I hate you." Monica appeared, and Jason briefly explained the situation to her. She called Franco unprofessional and promised to "deal with you later." Monica told Jake that the hospital groundskeeper was looking for a dog, and if the groundskeeper kept the dog, Jake could visit whenever he wanted. The two left.

"Enjoy the dog," Franco said over his shoulder as he walked away, but Jason stopped him. Jason informed Franco that Jason and Elizabeth would find Jake a new therapist after Franco "blew Jake off" and then upset him with the dog. Franco countered that the decision not to keep the dog had been Jason's, and he spouted off some facts about how helpful dogs were to trauma survivors.

Franco continued that Jake was lonely and reminded Franco of himself when he was a kid. "My kid is nothing like you," Jason growled. "Who are you to judge?" Franco wondered, citing all the killing Jason had done. Jason pinned Franco against a wall and regretted that he hadn't "made sure you died" when he'd shot Franco. "That you remember?" Franco cracked.

Nina arrived at Crimson and was annoyed to see that Julian had let himself into her office. She went on about not giving up or sacrificing anything for anyone else's needs anymore. He wondered if she'd gotten all of his messages asking for the magazine's financial reports. She emotionally sat down at her desk and looked for the reports but started crying. "I have a lot on my mind," she sobbed.

Julian handed Nina a handkerchief as she assured him that Crimson was doing great. She promised to email him the reports. Julian asked if she wanted to talk. She took him up on the offer and told him about Franco getting her a dog. Julian advised her that men were stupid, and he didn't like Franco, but it was clear that Franco cared about Nina. Nina wasn't sure that Franco knew the real her -- or if she even knew the real Franco. As she talked about how much secret-keeping and lying went on in a relationship, Julian tensed up.

"I just remembered a meeting I have to prepare for," Julian told Nina as he stood. She wondered if his sudden mood change had to do with Carlos. He insisted that any business he'd had with Carlos had been over for a long time. Nina thought that Julian had worked hard to change himself just like Nina had. However, she advised him that people had long memories, and depending of the statute of limitations, so did the court. He instructed her to worry about her own problems, because he could handle his own, and he left.

Michael picked up a baby's rattle from the floor and asked Sabrina's aunt about it. She claimed that it belonged to her friend Linda's baby, who had been over for a visit that morning. She made a mental note to call Linda so she could return the toy. Michael suggested that she call Linda that minute.

A few minutes later, a woman and a baby were at the door. Sabrina's aunt handed the rattle to Linda, who profusely thanked her and left. Michael made sure that the woman hadn't heard from Sabrina, and she promised to call if she heard anything. Michael gave her his card, and he and Felix left.

Back at the hotel room, Michael called the visit to Puerto Rico "a bust." Felix implored Michael to stay positive. Michael thought that they needed to go back to Port Charles and ask Carlos directly where Sabrina was.

Linda was back at Sabrina's aunt's house. She gave the rattle back to the aunt, who gave Linda money and her gratitude. Sabrina's aunt took the rattle to a baby in a crib at the back of her house.

In the interrogation room, Alexis informed Carlos that there was a good chance that the charges against him would be dismissed -- assuming Sabrina didn't return to Port Charles to testify against him, she added. He believed that Sabrina had the utmost love and loyalty for him, so she wouldn't return to testify against him. Carlos remembered his one problem: Sonny. He wanted the financial means to "disappear" and suggested that Julian could do that for him. If not, Carlos would take the plea deal and turn Julian in.

Later, Alexis returned home and found Molly perched in front of the front door. She immediately demanded to know why Alexis was defending Carlos. Alexis argued that her clients were her business, and that everyone was entitled to counsel. Molly went on about all of Carlos' crimes, and Alexis warned her daughter to calm down so they could have an "adult" conversation.

Alexis explained that not everything was black and white. Molly argued that Carlos' case was, and she called Carlos evil. Finally pushed over the edge, Alexis ran to the cabinet and retrieved the dagger she'd inherited from Helena. She explained that Helena had left her the dagger that Helena had used to kill Alexis' mother right in front of her. "That's evil," she concluded shakily.

Molly expressed grief for what Alexis had been through but suggested that, to Anna, Sonny, and Duke, Carlos was their Helena. She knew that Alexis had only taken the job because of Julian. "You could be the reason he gets away with murder," Molly warned. Alexis wondered if Molly hated her. "I could never," Molly assured her, but she thought that Alexis hated herself. Molly left Alexis holding the dagger and crying, which shocked Julian when he finally returned home.

In Sonny's office, Sonny asked Ric about Carlos' case, and Ric shared the bad news that Carlos' charges could get dismissed. Ric wondered if Sonny would kill Carlos if he went free. Sonny kept quiet about his plans, which set Ric off. Ric reminded Sonny of Ric's loyalty to his brother. Sonny only said that he was "considering my options," and that he would share with Ric on a need-to-know basis.

Sonny vowed to not let Carlos get away again and insisted that any action he took would be on his own. "On second thought, the less I know, the better," Ric said. Ric had another client to get to, so he left. Sonny called Max and instructed him to put the "contingency plan" into motion "fast."

Later, Ric was at the police station, on the phone with a client. A young guy entered the station and told an officer that he needed to speak to Jordan. Ric overheard the guy say that he had new evidence in the Duke Lavery murder case.

A short while later, Sonny called Max and praised his work.

. . .

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