Monday, August 31, 2015

Maxie listed all the perks that Lulu could benefit from if she starred in Dillon's movie. Lulu wondered why Maxie wouldn't want to do it. She grabbed a script and held it out to Maxie as a challenge. As Maxie tried to argue, Lulu asked, "What do you have to lose?" Maxie begrudgingly grabbed the script and started to read. Taking Dillon aside, Lulu informed him that the only way to get Maxie to back off from her so-called "great ideas" was for Lulu to "turn the tables" on Maxie.

A short while later, Maxie told Dillon that his script was good, a little "heavy," but also relatable. The two sat at a table to begin Maxie's audition. Lulu watched as Maxie gave a convincing performance. When it was over, Maxie wondered how "terrible" she'd been. Dillon excitedly proclaimed that she was "perfect" for the role and immediately offered it to her if she wanted it.

A dissatisfied Lulu reminded Maxie and Dillon that the director and lead actress had to work together closely, and the two had never really liked each other. She warned that Maxie couldn't be replaced "halfway through" if she suddenly decided that she didn't want to do the movie. Maxie promised to "give it my all" if he casted her. Dillon asked for a "reference" from Lulu, who "of course" gave one. Dillon officially gave Maxie the role, and the three shared an enthusiastic group hug.

Carly was worried that Morgan thought his relationship with Kiki would "fix everything." Sonny understood why Morgan needed someone to hold on to. Carly wondered what would happen if Kiki found out about Morgan's affair. Sonny reasoned that Kiki wouldn't find out, since, besides them, only Silas and Ava knew.

Later, T.J. returned home. He informed Sonny that he'd just gotten off the phone with Molly, who had reason to believe that Ric was in police custody in connection with Silas' murder. Sonny immediately got ready to go to the police station as he remembered that Ric and Silas hadn't even known each other. Carly reminded him that they'd both been married to Nina. Carly was eager for Sonny to "unload" Ric and hire Diane back. Sonny vowed to talk to Jordan to figure out what was going on, and he left.

T.J. apologized to Carly for the interruption because Sonny and Carly's wedding was the next day. He also apologized for mentioned a "sore subject." Carly informed T.J. that she and Sonny disagreed on many things, most of all Ric. She explained that she believed Ric was a "permanently damaged psycho," but he was also Sonny's brother. T.J. admired Sonny wanting to protect his brother, but he didn't think Sonny would get very far with Jordan, who was not fond of Sonny.

Kiki entered Silas' apartment and picked up a picture of her and her father. She knew that Silas had wanted to tell her about Morgan and Ava. "I need you so much," she said, hugging the picture. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Kiki answered it to Morgan. He went to hug her, but she backed right out of his open arms. He could see that something was wrong and urged her to tell him so he could fix it. She stated that she was in Silas' apartment for the first time since he'd died. "This is where I lost everything," she said.

Morgan assured Kiki that she still had him. He offered for her to stay at Carly's with him, but she needed to stay where she and her father had turned into family. She remembered it was also the place where Morgan had convinced her to give him a second chance. He was grateful that he'd eventually won her over. "Too bad it was all one big lie," she spat.

Kiki informed a shocked Morgan that she knew about him and Ava. He denied it and wondered where she'd heard the "insane" story. She only said that she'd heard it from a cell in the police station. Morgan yelled that Ava was a "liar" since she'd said that she wouldn't tell Kiki. Kiki clarified that Franco had told her, and "now so did you."

Kiki screamed at herself for being an "idiot" and at Morgan for betraying her. He tried to justify what had happened between him and Ava, but Kiki told him that nothing mattered other than the fact that he'd cheated on her. She opened the door and ordered him to leave. "I never want to see you again," she told him. He begged her not to throw their relationship away over one "stupid mistake." He got down on his knees, took her hand, and told her that he could still make her happy. She wondered how she would be able to trust him again.

Morgan vowed to spend the rest of his life making it up to Kiki if she gave him another chance. Kiki grabbed her hand away from him as he swore that they could fix things between them. "There's nothing left to fix! You made sure of that," she accused. "I love you, though. Nothing's going to change that," he said, and he finally left. Kiki hugged the picture of her and Silas to her chest.

Jordan informed Dante and Nathan that Mayor Lomax was unhappy with their lack of progress in the case of Silas' murder. Nathan promised that Ric would lead them right to Silas' killer. Jordan hoped that catching the killer would get the mayor to back off for a while. Jordan still wanted an explanation as to how they'd convinced Ric to help them. Nathan replied that he'd seen the signature page in Nina's documents and "put the pieces together.

Nathan had given Ric the document and demanded to know how Silas had signed the document on the same day as his death. Ric swore that he'd never seen the page before and that it hadn't been included in the document that he'd prepared because he'd had no idea that Silas' signature would be necessary. "Someone knew," Nathan had said. "Madeline," Ric answered immediately. Nathan had accused Ric of teaming up with Madeline to steal Nina's money but told Ric he was lucky, since Nathan wanted to "nail her more." He said that Ric could go free if he could "give us Madeline."

Jordan wondered when Nathan had realized that Madeline had killed Silas. Nathan explained that Silas' signature on the page of Nina's documents didn't match Silas' signature on the log at Julian's apartment building. He retrieved Silas' case file from his drawer and compared both signatures to the signature on the prescription that Madeline had forged for Nina twenty years before. It matched Madeline's forged signature. She instructed Nathan and Dante that they needed Madeline "dead to rights" so that she couldn't "wiggle out of" another murder charge. Nathan thought that if anyone could get Madeline to talk, it was Ric, because he knew what was "on the line."

Later, Jordan gave Mayor Lomax some updates over the phone. She expressed how proud she was of her team and suggested that the police force wasn't as incompetent as the mayor had believed. She hung up the phone just as Sonny entered. He asked to see Ric, but Jordan informed him that he was "behind the curve." She explained that Ric was wearing a wire in order to expose the real killer.

Ric informed Madeline that he was going to tell Nina that he'd get the charges against her and Franco dropped in exchange for her signature. Before he did that, he wondered how Madeline had gotten Silas' signature. Madeline remembered knocking on Silas' door, and he'd demanded to know what she'd wanted. Ric remembered Madeline telling him that their only hurdle to jump was getting Nina into Shadybrook, but she'd kept from him the fact that they needed Silas' signature, since Nina had obtained her inheritance while still married to Silas. "I took care of it," Madeline stated. He reminded her that the signature placed Madeline in Silas' apartment on the night that he had been murdered.

At Silas' apartment, Madeline had told him that, if he signed the papers she had, he would never have to see her again. "Tempting," he said, grabbing the papers out of her hand. He read the papers and realized that it was the same thing he'd signed over a year before. Madeline had explained that there had been a "legal hitch," so the papers had been declared invalid. He'd said that though he'd thought he would never say it, he'd realized that Franco was right, and Madeline and Ric were after Nina's money. He'd thrown the papers back at her and threatened to call Nina to tell her what was going on.

Madeline had informed Silas that Nina had voluntarily committed herself after frequently hallucinating baby cries. She'd solemnly continued that Nina had kidnapped Avery. "She didn't take Avery. I did," he'd spat. She'd told him that he could face jail time and losing his medical license for the crime. He'd said that he was going to turn himself in after telling Nina the truth. "I won't let her rot in Shadybrook for something I did," he'd said. "As for the signature, you can have that over my dead body," he'd added. "If you say so," Madeline had said as she'd grabbed a knife and walked toward Silas.

Madeline claimed that she'd only blackmailed Silas, but Ric didn't believe it. Madeline remembered how she'd stabbed Silas in the back and blamed it on him for not signing the papers. She'd figured she would just forge his signature like she had twenty years before on Nina's prescription. "Goodbye, Silas," Madeline had said unemotionally as Silas had fallen on the floor. "I wish I could say it was nice knowing you, but it's wasn't," she'd finished.

Ric wondered how Madeline had "really" gotten Silas' signature. He reminded her that, while he had an alibi for the time of the killing, she did not. He told her that, after Franco's botched trial, the forensics team would scour over all of the evidence again. He knew that she'd had means, motive, and opportunity, and he demanded that she tell him everything that had happened so that he could help her avoid prison. "I killed the son of a bitch!" she blurted out. She added that she'd had no other choice.

Ric wondered if Madeline had been in the apartment when Nina had arrived. She explained that she'd heard Nina outside and had hidden. When Franco had arrived and started to clean up, she'd slipped out without anyone knowing. He called Madeline "brilliant," and she agreed, because no one knew any better. "But now they do," Ric declared. He took off his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, and pulled the small microphone off of his chest. "Game over, Madeline," he said right into it.

"You wouldn't," Madeline dared Ric. He'd known that she would betray him sooner or later. Madeline lunged at Ric and tried to get the wire from him, but Nathan and Dante burst into the room. Playing innocent, Madeline appealed to Nathan and told him that Ric had forced her to say "ridiculous things." Nathan instructed her to be quiet as he read her her rights and handcuffed her.

. . .

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