Monday, October 12, 2015

Moving boxes were scattered throughout Nina and Franco's new apartment. Kiki was amazed how quickly Nina had managed to buy the apartment. Nina smiled then jumped up to show Franco some redecorating ideas on a site Nina had found on her tablet. Nina looked forward to changing things until the apartment was unrecognizable. "Over my father's dead body," Kiki growled. Nina was surprised by Kiki's reaction, since the previous day, Kiki had been eager to unload the apartment.

Kiki refused to watch Nina erase all traces of Silas' memory, but Nina argued that the apartment was Nina's. The two women began to argue until Franco demanded to know what had happened to the truce. Kiki claimed that Franco and Nina had caught her at a weak moment, but Franco saw through the lie and asked Nina to postpone redecorating the apartment. Kiki assured them it wasn't necessary, since she had decided to move out in the morning and take Silas' things with her. Kiki promised that Nina would soon be free to pretend Silas had never existed.

Kiki announced that she was headed out for the evening and hoped to return after Franco and Nina had retired to their separate bedrooms for the night. "Whatever that weirdness is about," Kiki added as she grabbed her things. Franco objected, since Kiki had been drinking, but she informed him that she intended to call a car service. After Kiki walked out, Nina asked if Franco intended to always take Kiki's side. Franco gently reminded Nina that Kiki had essentially lost both her parents with Silas' passing and everything that had happened between Ava and Morgan.

Franco conceded that Nina had had her own fair share of struggles with Madeline, but he asked Nina to give Kiki a couple of weeks before moving forward with changing the apartment. Nina relented but admitted that Kiki had struck a chord by mentioning Franco and Nina's sleeping arrangements. Franco assured Nina that he didn't want to rush her, but Nina explained that she was concerned about disappointing him because she had only been intimate with one person -- Silas.

Franco was surprised because Nina had made a point of bragging about her active sex life with Ric, but Nina confessed that she had lied to make Franco jealous. According to Nina, she and Ric had barely kissed. Franco smiled and promised not to pretend with Nina because he honestly couldn't imagine life without her. Nina beamed with joy, so Franco playfully asked if she wanted to "make out." Nina grinned and kissed him.

Things quickly heated up as Franco and Nina kissed. Nina pulled away to invite Franco to the bedroom, so he took her hand. Seconds later, Franco's phone rang. Despite Nina's objections, he answered it, since it was Kiki's special ringtone. Morgan explained that he had called on Kiki's phone to make certain Franco answered because Kiki had been arrested.

At the Floating Rib, Morgan was shooting pool when Ava appeared and scooped up a cue ball. Morgan glared at Ava, but she quickly assured him that she understood why he despised her. He decided to make it clear by reminding her that she had taken Avery away from Sonny while his father had been in surgery, fighting for his life. Ava defended her actions by insisting that Avery was her daughter, but Morgan laughed because Ava wasn't even with Avery. Morgan sneered that Ava was dressed up and hanging out at a bar, but Ava argued that she was meeting an artist to discuss a gallery exhibit.

Morgan appeared skeptical, but Ava changed the subject by asking if Morgan could find a way to forgive her for Avery's sake. Ava claimed that she wanted Avery to have a relationship with her siblings, including Kiki. Morgan wasn't surprised when Ava appealed to him to help Kiki move past her anger for Avery's sake. However, he reminded Ava that Kiki was furious with him. Morgan also suspected that Ava was more concerned about Kiki forgiving her rather than Kiki having a relationship with Avery.

Meanwhile, Kiki entered the bar. She wasn't surprised when she saw Morgan and Ava together. Morgan tried to explain that he had been telling Ava how much he loathed Ava, but Kiki marched to the bar and ordered shots of alcohol. Kiki quickly knocked back several drinks as both Morgan and Ava tried to dissuade her from drinking, but Kiki resented Morgan and Ava acting as if they cared when they had both betrayed her. Ava changed tactics by coldly telling Kiki to pull herself together.

Kiki's temper flared. "Get a hold of this, bitch," Kiki yelled as she threw a drink in Ava's face. The bartender decided to take Morgan's advice by cutting Kiki off and calling her a cab, but Kiki had other ideas. As Morgan hustled Ava to the door to keep things from escalating, Kiki reached for a bottle of vodka behind the bar, knocking over several glasses. Annoyed, the bartender returned to take the bottle of vodka from Kiki, but she refused to relinquish it. Seconds later, the bottle shattered and cut the bartender.

Infuriated, the bartender called the police, but Kiki was too drunk to care. Morgan offered to pay for the damages and tried to persuade Kiki to apologize, but Kiki remained combative. Moments later, the police arrived and arrested Kiki.

In the squad room, Dante typed a text message to Lulu, letting her know that he was about to leave and couldn't wait to see her at home.

In the hallway, Valerie sat on a bench and stared forlornly at Dante as tears shimmered in her eyes. Jordan tapped Valerie's shoulder to ask if Valerie was okay. Valerie reminded Jordan that Jordan had asked Valerie not to take her personal problems to work, but Jordan refused to be brushed off. Jordan sat down beside Valerie as she realized that Valerie was upset about Dante.

Valerie told Jordan about the confrontation with Dante when Dante had jumped to the wrong conclusion about Valerie being pregnant. Valerie confessed that Dante had made her feel like the "dirtiest secret on the planet." Jordan decided to have a chat with Dante. Valerie asked Jordan to leave it alone, but Jordan refused to listen. Moments later, Jordan approached Dante at his desk and asked to have a private word with him.

Jordan reminded Dante that she had warned him there would be problems because he had slept with Valerie. Jordan pointed out that it had been months, yet she continued to deal with the fallout. Dante realized that Jordan knew about the ugly confrontation, so he apologized and took full responsibility. Jordan wasn't impressed because Dante was Valerie's superior, and both he and Valerie had promised that they would not let the brief affair interfere with their work. Jordan informed him that Valerie was off drying her tears instead of working at her desk because Valerie hadn't gotten over Dante.

Valerie walked up to clarify that Jordan was wrong. Dante had made his feelings crystal clear earlier, so Valerie knew exactly where she stood with Dante. Valerie promised that she was done, but she decided to clock out for the day. Dante apologized to Valerie again. She assured him that she knew he was sorry. After Valerie left, Jordan advised Dante to pray that it was truly over.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu explained that she needed Dillon to respect her feelings. Frustrated, Dillon argued that she didn't understand and kissed her. Lulu immediately pushed Dillon away. "What the hell are you doing?" Lulu demanded. She reminded him that she was happily married to Dante and lived a fulfilling life with her husband and son. Dillon insisted that Dante was unworthy of her because of what had happened between Dante and Valerie.

Lulu was livid that Dillon would try to manipulate her by mentioning the kiss between Dante and Valerie when Dillon knew that Lulu had moved past it. Lulu regretted hurting Dillon, but she told him that she didn't return his feelings, so if he couldn't accept that, then they couldn't be friends. Dillon immediately backed down and apologized for offending her. However, he assured her that he would be there for her if she ever needed someone to talk to. Lulu explained that she would talk to her husband, not Dillon, and left.

A short time later, Valerie arrived. Dillon was in a sour mood, so Valerie admitted that she'd had a rough day too. Valerie wanted a drink, but Dillon's eyes rounded with concern as he discouraged her from drinking while she was pregnant. Valerie's frustration mounted when she realized that Dillon had gotten wind of the rumor. Valerie informed him that she wasn't pregnant, but she suddenly worried that Dillon might have said something to Lulu. Dillon confessed that he had been on the verge of telling Lulu, but he had changed his mind.

Valerie was relieved, but she confessed that a part of her wished that she had been pregnant. She quickly added that she didn't want to break up Dante and Lulu, but she wanted to be a part of something. Valerie explained that she felt lost without her mother, so if she'd had Dante's child, then she would always have been a part of Dante's life in some capacity. However, she realized that it would never happen. "Just like my dreams of Lulu," Dillon lamented.

Dillon told Valerie about the kiss with Lulu and how Lulu had pulled away at the speed of light. Valerie wondered what was wrong with her and Dillon because they continued to pine for people they could never have. Dillon smiled as he pointed out that at least they had each other. "Sad, but true," Valerie answered as Dillon poured them each a drink. The two toasted to their friendship.

At the loft, Lulu was waiting when Dante arrived home. She greeted him with a kiss, but he realized that she was upset when she admitted that she hadn't seen his text message. Lulu explained that she had been in a rush to get away from Dillon. Surprised, Dante asked why, so she told him about the kiss and her reaction. Dante was furious, but he held his temper in check as Lulu worried that she might have given Dillon mixed signals.

Lulu repeatedly apologized, but Dante assured her that she hadn't done anything wrong. Lulu promised that she had never entertained any romantic feelings for Dillon during their trip to rescue Lucky, but she regretted how she had overreacted to Dante's kiss with Valerie. Dante flinched with guilt, but Lulu didn't notice as she promised that her kiss with Dillon hadn't meant anything, just like Dante's kiss with Valerie had been meaningless. Lulu felt terrible that she had nearly allowed something trivial like the kiss to destroy her marriage.

Dante assured Lulu that he believed her. Lulu was impressed with how calmly Dante had taken the news, while she had reacted differently when she had learned about his kiss with Valerie. Dante promised Lulu that he loved her so much that it stole his breath. He vowed that he would not let Dillon or Valerie get between them. Dante and Lulu went to the bedroom and made love.

On the second floor of Wyndemere's balcony, Sam and Jake were stuck hiding in the shadows as they waited for Nikolas and Hayden to finish in Nikolas' office. Eventually, Jake grew tired of waiting. They agreed that they couldn't climb down the side of the castle, so they decided to make their way to another area of the balcony to search for an entrance. A locked gate thwarted their efforts. Sam realized that she had forgotten her kit to pick locks on Nikolas' desk. Sam and Jake opted to scale the ledge to the other side of the balcony.

Sam went first, but part of the balcony's ledge gave way as she tried to slip to the other side. Jake pulled Sam to safety then drew back into the shadows to regroup. Moments later, they made a second attempt and were successful. They quickly scurried into a hiding place to duck out of sight when they heard Nikolas and Hayden approach.

In the office, Nikolas and Hayden started to make love on the desk when Hayden suddenly tensed and pushed Nikolas away. She explained that she had remembered something. Nikolas was curious about the memory, so Hayden thought about the flashback of Nikolas whispering a threat in her ear. She told him about the memory, but conceded that there had been an underlying sexual tension. Nikolas admitted that it had always been that way with them because they hadn't been able to keep their hands off each other.

Nikolas tried to pick up where they had left off, but Hayden sensed there had been more to the memory. Nikolas claimed that they had argued about Nikolas losing his temper and threatening to toss her off the island, but he and Hayden had managed to get through it. Hayden relaxed as Nikolas assured her that they had never lacked passion. Nikolas kissed her but pulled away when he heard a loud crash on the balcony. Nikolas and Hayden slipped outside to investigate.

Moments later, Nikolas noticed that "Goliath," Spencer's favorite gargoyle, had crashed to the ground. He and Hayden went to investigate the damage as Jake and Sam emerged from their hiding place. After they scaled the ledge again, Jake carried Sam into Nikolas' office because she had twisted her ankle. He set her on a chair to take off her shoe and examine her ankle. Sam was relieved that they had gotten what they had needed, so she suggested they leave through a south wing because no one used it.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Hayden returned to the living room. Nikolas was disappointed that Goliath had been completely demolished because Spencer would be disappointed. Hayden joked that the castle was crumbling around the prince, but Nikolas assured her that he had everything well in hand. Nikolas tried to rekindle their earlier passion, but Hayden confessed that she'd had a change of heart. Hayden wanted to return to their original agreement to live together without any intimacy until she was fully recovered. Nikolas reluctantly agreed.

In the hallway, Hayden indulged in a secret smile as she made her way to her bedroom.

. . .

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