Monday, August 22, 2016

Jordan arrived in front of her apartment while on the phone, her arms full of files. As she got the door open, she promised to update the mayor on the investigation of the hospital murders. She hung up and closed the door behind her but heard someone moving around in the dark apartment. She drew her gun and shouted at the person to freeze. Andre appeared and raised his arms, which caused his towel to fall to the floor.

Jordan wondered what Andre was doing there, and as he replaced his towel, he reminded her that she'd given him a key. He'd been putting "something special" together for her but promised to text her the next time. She smelled her favorite meal, pad Thai, which he had cooked. She marveled over how much she still had to learn about him but claimed to have an idea better than talking. She kissed him and pulled his towel away.

A short while later, Jordan and Andre finished eating dinner while in bed. Andre simultaneously kissed her and reached over to put the empty plates on her bedside table. In his distraction, he knocked Jordan's files over, spilling the contents. Apologizing, he reached down to clean them up, but he stopped when he caught sight of the picture of the Roman coin cufflink. He rattled off facts about the coin, and Jordan told him the story of Valerie finding the cufflink. She felt like the hospital murderer was "right under my nose," but she couldn't figure it out.

Jordan wanted to pick Andre's brain about how serial killers thought. He instructed that serial killers had a pattern and believed their actions were justified, whether for real or imagined reasons. He continued that it was about power, and serial killers were usually arrogant, micromanaging, and charismatic. Jordan observed that he'd described many of the doctors on staff. "Who knows, maybe it's you," she joked.

Carly went around the house, lighting candles, and Sonny wondered who the table was set for. The doorbell rang, and Carly answered the door to Nelle, who carried a bouquet of flowers for Carly. She apologized for being early, but she hadn't expected the bus to be so fast. Carly replied that she would have sent a car for Nelle, who assured Carly that the bus stop was right outside her motel. Horrified, Carly offered Nelle a comped room at Metro Court, but it was important to Nelle to pay her own way. Sonny admired the quality. Carly reluctantly agreed and went to check on dinner.

Sonny showed Nelle outside to the table, where Carly joined them minutes later. They talked about Nelle's teaching degree, which Nelle admitted was going slowly because of money. Carly suggested student loans, but Nelle didn't want all the debt. She liked being a teacher's aide because of the one-on-one time she got with the kids. Deirdre, Avery's new nanny, returned home with Avery, and Carly introduced Nelle to Deirdre and Avery.

Deirdre commented on how beautiful Carly's earrings were but how she could never afford them. Carly joked that she had to take them off, since Avery liked to pull on them. She placed them on the table as Deirdre left to repack Avery's diaper bag for Ava. Carly briefly described their "contentious" relationship with Ava but how Sonny wanted what was best for his kids. Between the kids she saw at work and her own upbringing, Nelle thought that Avery was very lucky.

At Perks, Morgan was pleasantly surprised to see Kiki. As they shared a kiss, Ava appeared, and they saw her when they broke apart. Kiki was surprised to see Ava after she'd "recruited someone to break us up. Is there anything you wouldn't do?" Morgan asked for clarification as Ava flashed back to taking some of Morgan's medication out of the bottle. Ava replied that Kiki would understand one day when she was a mother. Kiki shot back that she would trust her children.

Kiki mentioned that Dillon had told her about Ava's offer because they were friends. Morgan urged Kiki not to shield him from the truth because he could handle it. Ava thought that Morgan lashed out more often than he used his words. Morgan informed her that he had "a few words" for her. He took Ava aside and told her to back off. Ava thought that Morgan would hurt Kiki again, and she refused to stand by and watch it happen. Just then, Ava's phone rang. It was the gallery, so she left.

A businessman approached the counter, bragging on the phone about the "six figures" he'd just made on a business deal. He got off the phone and wondered where the attendant was. Kiki informed the man that he'd "stepped away." The man ranted about the attendant having "one job -- serve coffee." He wondered if Kiki could "whip up something hot." "Hard pass," she responded, walking away. The man grabbed her arm and asked why she was being so unfriendly.

Kiki demanded to know why the man thought it was all right to touch and talk to her. He replied that he wanted to get to know her better, and he could "afford more than coffee." "I'm not for sale," she stated. He grabbed her wrist, but Morgan ran up and pinned the man against the wall and told him to "get lost." The man's Bluetooth device fell out of his ear, and Morgan deliberately stepped on it. The man punched Morgan in the stomach. He began to walk away, but Morgan ran after him and pinned him against a wall. Kiki called Sonny and summoned him to Perks, because "Morgan is in trouble."

Sonny told Carly and Nelle to eat without him because he had to go. When the women were done eating, Nelle picked up some plates to take them into the kitchen. Just then, Deirdre returned but bumped right into Nelle. The contents of Deirdre's purse spilled out, and Carly picked up her earrings. Deirdre insisted that she had no idea how the earrings had gotten into her purse, but Carly fired her on the spot. A tearful Deirdre left as Nelle scooped up Avery.

At Perks, Morgan pulled his arm back to punch the man, but Kiki begged him to stop. Ava appeared and demanded to know if Kiki wanted to live the rest of her life with an uncontrollable Morgan. Kiki told her mother to leave, and Ava did. Morgan lowered his fist and walked away from the man. He advised the man to leave, but the man informed Morgan that he was going to call the cops.

Just then, two policemen arrived. Morgan had called them when he'd noticed the man "getting rough" with Kiki. He told the cops what had happened, and they escorted the glaring man from the premises. Sonny arrived, and Kiki proudly told Sonny that Morgan had handled himself well. Morgan added that he had felt "centered" and like a better person. Sonny was proud and instructed his son to stick with therapy and stay on his medication.

Ava entered Sonny's house and wondered who the departing sobbing woman was. Carly updated Ava on the thieving nanny. Nelle returned downstairs and informed Carly that Avery was asleep. Ava was angry that Avery had been put to sleep when Carly had known that Ava was picking her daughter up. She told Carly she would go get Avery herself, and she went upstairs.

Carly looked through her address book, trying to find someone to watch Avery the next day, as all of Avery's siblings were busy. She thought of Max and Milo, and Nelle thought it was strange that the bodyguards doubled as babysitters. Carly wondered if Nelle would babysit.

Ava entered Morgan's room and saw a picture of Morgan and Kiki on the bedside table. "I will not let you ruin my daughter's life," she said to the picture. She found Morgan's medication in the drawer.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth was looking at a picture of Nikolas and Spencer when Laura entered the room, surprised to see Elizabeth. Laura admitted that she was going on a date with Kevin, but she thought he just wanted to help distract her. Elizabeth wondered how Spencer was. Laura confided that he'd slept in her room the night before so that he'd be able to avoid thinking about why Nikolas wasn't visiting Spencer's room to say goodnight. Laura continued that he'd asked to go to boarding school in France, which had been set up by Nikolas when he'd faked his death. "Over my dead body," Hayden said.

Elizabeth informed Hayden that the decision to send Spencer to boarding school was Laura's decision. Laura explained that the school was full of "elite families," so the security was practically "impenetrable." Speaking from experience, Hayden warned Laura that she would lose Spencer forever. After growing up extremely close to her father, Hayden had been sent away to school after her parents had begun fighting, and she'd never forgiven them for it. "Really?" a disbelieving Naomi asked from the doorway.

Naomi explained that she'd heard the stress in Hayden's voice on the phone, so she'd wanted to support her daughter. Naomi expressed her sympathy to Laura. Hayden suggested dinner to her mother, so the two women left. Laura considered canceling her plans with Kevin because she didn't feel right going on a first date on the night of her son's memorial. Elizabeth thought that Nikolas would want Laura to live a full life. She added that Kevin was probably one of the only men in the world that Nikolas would find worthy of Laura.

Kevin stood in the elevator at Metro Court, and Lucy jumped in before the doors closed. She pulled him into a bear hug, glad that he was all right. Observing his new suit and where he was headed, she assumed that he was there for a date with Laura. They got off the elevator at the restaurant, and he advised her to "let it go" because he didn't want to discuss it. He was happy they were getting to a place of friendship, but he didn't think it was any of her business.

Kevin's phone went off, and Lucy grabbed it. She read the text message from Laura that said she was running late because of "family issues." Kevin observed Lucy's nice dress and wondered if she were meeting someone. "Scott," she admitted, apologizing. Kevin told her that it had hurt when she'd cheated, but it didn't anymore. He offered his opinion that Scott would never be good enough for her. Lucy thought it was funny that the two couples meeting that night were just two formerly married couples "switching partners."

A short while later, Laura arrived, and she and Kevin sat at a table. She thanked him for encouraging her to get out of the house. Just then, a server arrived with a bottle of Champagne on ice and two glasses. The two turned to look at Lucy smiling at them from the bar.

Elizabeth looked at the picture of Nikolas and told him that life would be hard without him and that she missed him. She picked up her bag and turned to leave. She opened the front door, and there was a large package on the doorstep, addressed to Nikolas.

At Metro Court restaurant, Hayden apologized to Naomi for being harsh about boarding school. She wasn't angry about being sent away, but Elizabeth had gotten under her skin. She thanked her mother for her support. Naomi informed Hayden that she'd checked out Nikolas' estate, and Laura had been named as the trustee years before. Fighting it would mean a long, expensive, international legal battle.

Naomi suggested that Hayden join her in the city, away from Port Charles and Elizabeth. She continued that Hayden had experienced nothing but grief in the town. Hayden had friends in the town, and she didn't want to leave Spencer either. Naomi didn't believe that Spencer's family would let her anywhere near the boy. She urged her daughter to "end this horrible chapter."

. . .

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