Monday, August 25, 2014

At the hospital, Kiki offered to reschedule her and Michael's dinner plans with Ava if Michael wanted to spend more time with Alice. He insisted that it was all right because Alice and Morgan were watching wrestling, and Michael didn't understand any of it. He wondered where Ava was taking them. Kiki clarified that Ava had invited them to her penthouse. Kiki knew Michael wasn't a fan of Ava but told him that Ava had been "trying."

Michael assured Kiki that he was willing to try getting along with Ava for Kiki's sake and for the baby's sake. He admitted that he wasn't sure about going to Ava's because that was where A.J. had been shot. Kiki decided to cancel the plans, but Michael stopped her. He suggested that going to Ava's penthouse might give him some closure. As far as he was concerned, Carlos "got off easy," and A.J.'s killer deserved to be "rotting in the ground."

Ava entered her penthouse with two guards, who were carrying shopping bags. Julian reminded her of how risky it had been to leave. She informed Julian that Michael and Kiki would be over for dinner that night, and she'd "needed supplies." Julian wondered how Ava could possibly kill Michael when Kiki would be there as well. She pulled a vial out of her purse.

Ava explained that one of her old contacts had given her the name of a "botanist gone bad." She continued that not many people knew that oleander was toxic and that any coroner would miss it in an autopsy unless it was specifically searched out. She told Julian that, after eating the poisoned chocolate mousse, Michael would most likely die painlessly in his sleep, and it would look like he'd died of sudden heart failure. Ava only hoped that she were still around to help Kiki through the aftermath.

A short while later, Ava opened the door to Kiki and Michael, who gave Ava a bottle of sparkling cider. As Ava went to put it in the fridge, Kiki told Michael that they didn't have to stay. Ava returned as Julian entered the room. Kiki wasn't happy to see her uncle, and Ava pushed him out the door. Before he left, he wondered if Ava would be all right. She told him that she had no choice and shut the door.

A little while later, Ava, Kiki, and Michael ate in an uncomfortable silence. Kiki made small talk about the baby. Ava assured Michael that she'd never meant to hurt Morgan. "Doesn't change the fact that you did," he answered. Michael told Ava that, no matter what, the baby was part of his family, and he intended to be there until the child was grown up.

Ava noticed that Michael had hardly touched his food and asked if there was something wrong. Michael confessed that he'd been wondering where in the apartment A.J. had been shot. Ava claimed that she didn't know and apologized on behalf of Carlos, her former employee. Kiki assured Ava that they knew she'd had nothing to do with A.J.'s death.

When dinner was over, Kiki wondered how Michael was doing. "I couldn't avoid it forever," he replied. Just then, Ava carried out the chocolate mousse and hoped that they'd saved room for dessert.

On the phone, Sonny advised Shawn to keep an eye on Julian. Dante entered the office, and Sonny hung up the phone. Dante knew that he'd been harsh to Sonny recently, but he needed a favor. He updated Sonny on what had happened at Maxie's wedding, and Sonny offered to help in any way he could. Dante needed Sonny's help finding Lulu and Maxie.

Dante explained that Levi and Scribner's plan seemed to have been "months in the making." He wondered if Sonny knew anyone who could have been Levi's contacts. Sonny remembered that he'd heard about some people selling "museum-quality artifacts to private collectors." He advised Dante to talk to Coleman about it. Coleman had had some financial trouble and had sold the Floating Rib to Mac. Dante wondered if Coleman had been working in the black market to "make ends meet."

Later, over the phone, Sonny ordered Max to "stay on top of this" because he wanted Lulu found. A guard knocked on the door and told Sonny that he had a visitor. Sonny claimed to be too busy, but the guard assured Sonny that it was someone he'd want to see. "It's been a long time," Julian said as he entered the office.

At the police station, Nikolas yelled at someone over the phone that he'd hired them to find Lulu. He hung up and told Elizabeth and Britt that Levi had already had "too much lead time." Britt assured Nikolas that, with Dante and Nathan on the case, she was sure there would be good news soon. Elizabeth agreed that there was no reason to not believe that Lulu and Maxie were all right.

Just then, two cops exited the station, talking about a "floater." Nathan entered and informed Nikolas, Britt, and Elizabeth that the body had been that of a jumper from a footbridge. Nikolas wondered if there were any signs that Lulu and Maxie had survived, but Nathan told him that there was no evidence either way. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that both women were resourceful, especially when they were together.

A few minutes later, Britt and Nathan talked in the interrogation room. Nathan confided that he thought he was to blame. Britt reassured her brother and observed that it sounded like he liked Maxie as more than a friend. He didn't know if Maxie felt the same way and feared that it was too late to find out. Britt advised her brother to "take a page" from Obrecht. She told him that Obrecht never backed down and had passed the trait on to her children.

"Go find the girls," Britt told Nathan and hugged him. He thought he should check in with Dante but noticed that he had a text from Dante about a lead at the Floating Rib.

Nikolas was frustrated that his private security firm was worth so much money, but they weren't any closer to finding Lulu and Maxie than the police. Elizabeth assured him that the girls were safe. Nikolas appreciated her call. She wished he hadn't been alone when he'd heard the news about Lulu. Nikolas admitted that Britt had been with him but explained that she needed to stay in the guest room that night. Elizabeth excused herself to check on her kids.

"You should have seen his face when he heard his sister was in trouble," Britt told Elizabeth about Nikolas. Elizabeth accused Britt of using a tragedy to get closer to Nikolas. Britt only wanted to make sure there were no "hard feelings." Elizabeth told Britt that Nikolas had said he'd let Britt stay in his guest room. "Did he tell you that right when you called, we were about to have sex?" she asked a stunned Elizabeth.

Olivia and Ned arrived at the Floating Rib and discussed the movie they'd just seen. She thanked Ned for the dinner and movie. She added that Dante would probably thank Ned too for distracting Olivia enough for her to stop "smothering" them. Olivia talked about the memories she had of going to the movie theatre as a girl and wondered what Ned had done for fun. "Aunt Monica," he stated.

Ned explained to a confused Olivia how he'd had an affair with Monica before he'd found out that she was his aunt, "by marriage," he clarified. Coleman walked up to the bar, and Olivia was happy to see him. He informed her that he was covering Mac's shift since he'd been shot. He added how hard it was for Felicia to keep Mac in bed at the hospital. A shocked Olivia asked what had happened, and Coleman told her about Maxie's eventful wedding. Olivia wondered why Dante hadn't told her that Lulu had been kidnapped. Ned suggested that Dante had been busy looking for Lulu and Maxie. Olivia wanted to go to the police station.

Just then, Dante stormed into the bar. Olivia tried to talk to him, but Dante ran over to Coleman and pinned the man down on the pool table. He threw Coleman against the wall and demanded that he start talking about his "black market antiques." Coleman swore that he hadn't known anyone would be kidnapped or hurt. Nathan entered the bar and joined Dante.

Dante reminded Coleman that Lulu and Maxie together were "related to every major player on both sides of the law." "Times are tough," Coleman began. He explained that he'd only been in it for the profit, and he hadn't known things would go so far. He said that Levi and Scribner were supposed to call him in order to sell him Felicia's Aztec jewelry, but he'd never heard from them. After that, he'd heard about the boat sinking and related that things had gotten out of hand.

Olivia began yelling at Coleman, and she lunged at him, but Ned pulled her away. She hoped that Coleman got locked up for his part in the crime. She promised him that, "If they don't find the girls without a scratch, I'll make you wish you were dead."

At the safe house, Maxie tried to get the restraints off her wrists. She finally succeeded in ripping apart the rope but quickly replaced her hand when she heard someone approaching. Levi entered, and Maxie demanded to know where Lulu was. He only smiled. She vowed to kill him if he'd hurt Lulu and informed him that karma did exist. When Scribner kicked the front door open, Levi put down his gun to go help.

Lulu walked in behind Scribner, carrying supplies that the captors had needed help with. Maxie stealthily reached for the gun but knocked it over. Lulu sat in her chair and grabbed the gun, pointing it at Levi and Scribner. Levi called her bluff, but she informed them that she'd killed someone in self-defense before, and she would do whatever it took to get away.

As Lulu went on about how she had good aim, Levi took the gun from the back waistband of Scribner's pants, unnoticed. Maxie finished untying herself and seconded Lulu's story. "Fun's over," Levi said as he walked over to Maxie, gun pointing straight at her "donor heart."

Moments later, Levi and Scriber tied Lulu and Maxie to their chairs even tighter than before. They walked away to eat. Levi instructed Scribner to eat fast, because the "buyer" would be there soon. Lulu apologized to Maxie for backing down to Levi, but Maxie put all the blame on herself. She revealed that she'd not only wanted to change for herself and Georgie, but also in order to show Lulu that Maxie was worthy of their friendship. She lamented that Levi had known exactly who he'd needed to be in order to dupe Maxie.

Lulu assured Maxie that no one could have suspected that Levi was a con artist and a thief. She told Maxie that their only way out was to stay strong and make a plan. She thought that if they could get close enough together, she could untie Maxie. Just then, Levi and Scribner returned. Lulu thought that, since they had the Aztec jewels, they had no need to keep the women anymore. Levi talked about the fun he and Maxie had had, but Maxie disclosed that Levi had been "below average in the sack."

Obviously offended and self-conscious, Levi told Maxie to stop talking. Scribner said that they would let the girls go once their transaction was completed. "Sure we will," Levi said sarcastically. "What's that supposed to mean?" Scribner asked. Levi admitted that he hadn't been honest with Scribner and revealed that he had no intention of letting Lulu and Maxie go. He took out his gun.

Later, Dante and Nathan arrived outside the safe house. Dante kicked in the door, and both men pointed their guns into the house. "Oh, God," Dante said, looking down into the house.

. . .

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