Monday, September 19, 2016

Griffin approached Claudette at Kelly's, and she was surprised that he'd shown up. He sat down and immediately asked what her agenda was. She went on a tangent about how he wanted to save everyone but wondered if he could save himself as well. He was offended by the comment and got up to leave. She begged him for a do-over. He demanded to know why she'd wanted to meet and why she was inserting herself into Maxie and Nathan's lives. She told him to sit so she could answer.

Griffin wondered what was going on with Claudette and offered his help should she need it. He only wanted the truth in return. She promised to let him in on her agenda, but first she wanted him to admit that he had a "God complex." He replied that he didn't think he was God, but he wanted to help people. She told him that the only way he could help her was to tell her that she still had a chance with him. He answered that they couldn't be together because of all the pain they caused together. He only wanted to move on.

Griffin continued that Claudette had meant something to him "once a long time ago," but if she still had feelings for him, she should honor his request to leave Maxie and Nathan alone. He advised her to "let it go, or better yet, leave town." Griffin's phone went off, and it was about an "emergency meeting" at the hospital. As he got up to leave, he urged her to prove him right about her not being a bad person. He advised her to tell him what was going on or to go home. As he left, she yelled out that she would consider it.

Maxie dug through the mess on her desk, frantically looking for her wedding binder. She was surprised when Nathan arrived. Nina burst from her office and invited them both in. She discussed with the confused couple her plans for the magazine photo shoot of their wedding. Nina explained that the magazine had to cover the wedding of one of their own. As Nina showed Maxie some of her ideas, Spinelli entered the office, asking for a moment with Maxie.

When Maxie and Spinelli were gone, Nina wondered if Nathan was okay with Spinelli just taking Maxie away like that. Nathan reasoned that Spinelli would always be a part of their lives. Changing the subject, Nina asked Nathan for his opinions about his wedding, but he had none. While going through her wedding books, Nathan stumbled upon a book of baby names. She assured him that she had given up on "actively" trying to get a baby. "If one ends up on my doorstep, I won't give it back," she added. She advised him to worry about his marriage instead of her. She looked longingly at the book of baby names.

Outside Nina's office, Spinelli wanted to discuss with Maxie the reason other than Sam and Jason's wedding that he was in town. He divulged that he'd dug into Claudette's past, but Maxie stopped him. She updated him on Claudette's past with Griffin. Spinelli insisted that she would want to hear what he'd found. He confided that he'd found absolutely nothing.

Maxie raved about the "great news" that Claudette had done "nothing heinous, nasty, or insanely wrong" after divorcing Nathan. Spinelli interjected that someone had deliberately "erased her from the Internet." Getting the picture, Maxie wondered who would want to do that and why. Spinelli was trying to find that out, and Maxie suggested that Nathan help Spinelli. However, he wanted the investigation kept between him and Maxie.

Maxie didn't want to keep a secret from Nathan, but Spinelli didn't think Nathan would be thrilled about Spinelli investigating Nathan's ex-wife. Just then, Nathan emerged from Nina's office. Maxie immediately told him the results that Spinelli's investigation has yielded, much to Spinelli's chagrin. Nathan promised to talk to Maxie about it later because he had to go to work. As he got in the elevator, his phone rang, and he answered it to Claudette. "There's something I need to tell you," she said.

A shocked Carly asked Michael how Sabrina had died. He informed her that Sabrina had been strangled, most likely by the hospital killer. She tried to embrace him, but he pushed her away. Nelle watched as Carly apologized for the things she'd said about Sabrina and expressed how terrible she felt. He shot back that Carly was probably relieved that her problem had been solved. Carly argued that she would have loved Sabrina because Michael did. "It's easy to say when you don't have to prove it," he said, and he demanded that Carly "stay the hell away from me."

After Michael stormed out, Carly informed a sympathetic Nelle that it wasn't the first time Michael had lost someone he loved. She knew that she needed to wait for Michael to return to her, since he was stubborn like her. Luckily, she thought that there was something she could do for him.

At the park near Metro Court, Michael sat with Teddy and assured the baby that Sabrina would always love her son. Nelle approached, and Michael caught sight of her. She sat, and Michael told her about how much Sabrina had loved taking Teddy to the park. Nelle informed Michael that Carly had regretted her words about Sabrina before Michael had even told Carly the news of Sabrina's death.

Michael wondered how he was supposed to make things better for Teddy. Nelle offered that, as someone who hadn't had good parents, Teddy was lucky to have had his "awesome mother" as long as he had. Michael asked for a minute alone, so Nelle left.

Michael told Teddy that, as time passed, Teddy's memories of Sabrina would fade, and he would stop looking and listening for her. However, he thought that Sabrina would return to Teddy in his dreams, and the feelings of love and safety she'd given him would always be with him. "Love doesn't die. She loved you more than anything," he concluded.

The judge asked Alexis to step down, and she unsteadily exited the witness stand. Julian was there to catch her as she passed out. Sam took over for Julian and advised him to get away from Alexis. The judge granted a five-minute recess, and Scott immediately commended Julian for his "concerned husband" act. Julian insisted that it wasn't an act.

Sam walked Alexis into the hallway for some air. Alexis wasn't sure what had happened, but her legs had gone out from under her. Sam wanted to take her mother home, but Alexis refused to "run." Julian wanted to make sure that Alexis was all right, but Scott warned him not to mess anything up.

Sonny urged Paul to put him on the stand in order to clean up the mess of a case. Paul refused, but Sonny reminded him that Sonny was the only witness to Julian's attempted murder of Alexis. Paul warned Sonny that Scott would try to do discredit Sonny. "Let him try," Sonny said smugly.

A short while later, court was back in session, and Paul called Sonny as the next witness. Sonny swaggered to the witness stand and, at Paul's prompting, told his story of the night that Julian had tried to kill Alexis. When Sonny claimed that he had been the one to stab Julian with the dagger, Scott asked Julian who had actually stabbed him. Julian thought for a moment and falsely confirmed that Sonny had stabbed him.

Scott asked Sonny about his gun and his business. Scott thought it was strange for Sonny to have a licensed gun for work as a coffee importer. Scott informed the court that Sonny had been convicted for shooting and killing A.J. Quartermaine. Sonny reminded Scott that the governor had pardoned him.

Scott then asked Sonny about injuries sustained that night. Sonny revealed that his brand new sports coat had been messed up but subsequently fixed, and Alexis had been in shock and had suffered a small cut on her neck from the dagger. Scott observed that the only serious injury sustained had been by the man on trial.

Carly entered the courtroom just as Sonny stepped off the witness stand. Paul called his next witness, Sabrina Santiago. Carly announced to the court that Sabrina had been murdered earlier in the day. Sonny asked about Michael. Carly replied that Michael wasn't doing well, especially since he'd been there when Sabrina had been found. The two left to find Michael.

A short while later, Carly returned to the Metro Court and thanked Nelle for talking to Michael. Carly knew that Michael would "come around sooner or later," especially since he'd been far angrier with her before. She knew that the person Michael needed most would be with him soon.

Michael knew that Teddy missed Sabrina, and Michael agreed that he did as well. Just then, Michael felt a hand on his shoulder, and he turned and saw Sonny. Sonny wondered how Michael was doing. "She's gone, dad," Michael said tearfully.

At the courthouse, Alexis begged Paul to call her back to the witness stand so she could fix things. Paul refused and again called Sabrina. He revealed that she'd been deposed prior to the trial. Scott objected on the grounds that he couldn't cross-examine her, and the judge agreed, throwing Sabrina's testimony out. Paul had no more witnesses to call, and Scott had none either. They moved to the closing arguments.

Paul recapped that Alexis had worn a wire to record Julian's confession to killing Carlos. The cops monitoring the wire had lost contact with Alexis, who had subsequently been taken to the pier, where Julian had held a dagger to her throat. Paul believed that Julian's guilt was obvious.

Scott believed that the evidence against Julian was "circumstantial at best." He reminded the jury that in America, people were innocent until proven guilty, and Paul had proven nothing. The judge instructed the jury to "render an appropriate verdict…with care" and adjourned.

Julian asked Scott how he thought the trial had gone, and Scott was optimistic. Sam approached Julian and slapped him hard across the face. "You disgust me," she said. "I hope you spend every day of the rest of your life wondering who's gonna hold a dagger to your throat," she finished and turned to leave.

"He's gonna walk, isn't he?" Alexis asked Paul, who told her that Julian's fate was in the hands of the jury. Sam had faith that, "one way or another," Julian would get what he deserved. Everyone watched as Julian was led away in handcuffs.

. . .

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