Monday, August 18, 2014

Anna looked through binoculars at the Haunted Star and the harbor as the rain poured. She instructed one of her officers to search the apartment that Maxie shared with Levi and Nathan. She updated a man from the Coast Guard on how Nathan had figured things out about Levi, and what had transpired at the wedding. She added that Nathan and Dante were pursuing the boat that Levi and Scribner had escaped in, but she hadn't heard anything in over an hour.

Just then, Dante and Nathan escorted a man on the dock. They introduced him as Captain Quint, the captain of the boat that Levi and Scribner had made off with. Anna fired questions at Quint. He explained that he was "for hire," and his policy was "no questions asked." Levi had hired Quint that morning. He continued that Levi had had Quint at gunpoint when Levi, Scribner, Lulu, and Maxie had boarded the boat.

Quint remembered Lulu and Maxie talking about their "friends in law enforcement," and about how Levi and Scribner were "amateurs." Maxie had been reminding everyone that the wedding hadn't been finished, so she wasn't really Levi's wife. Quint went on to tell Dante, Nathan, and Anna that, once the boat had gotten out of the harbor, Levi had threatened to shoot the man if he didn't jump out, so Quint had jumped out.

Quint confessed that all he knew was that the boat had been heading northwest. Nathan suggested that the boat was heading to Canada. The man from the Coast Guard returned and revealed that helicopters had seen the boat sinking. Anna followed the man away and had officers escort Quint to the station. Nathan blamed the entire situation on himself for not checking out Levi's background when he'd known that something about Levi wasn't right.

Anna and the man from the Coast Guard returned. Dante wondered if there was any sign of Lulu and Maxie. The man from the Coast Guard informed them that there was a dive team searching the lake around where the boat had sunk. Just then, an officer from the Coast Guard walked up and showed them Maxie's veil.

"I want you," Sonny told Carly. Carly brushed their kiss off as retaliation against Olivia for kissing Ned. She reminded him that they'd hurt a lot of people every time they'd been together. She thought that they were "perfect as friends." He wondered what kind of friend he was if he let her make the "terrible mistake" of being with Franco. "The kind of friend that respects me enough to make my own decisions," she shot back.

Sonny reminded Carly that all three of her kids hated Franco. She didn't care to defend Franco to Sonny. Sonny continued that, if she loved Franco like she said she did, "nothing I do would get to you." She informed him that she had other things to think about and called him arrogant. He got closer to her and kissed her. She pushed him away.

Carly admitted that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Sonny after he'd kissed her, but she knew the attraction would fade. She insisted that Franco was the man that she wanted to be with. Sonny went on about all the things wrong with her relationship with Franco until she said, "Enough." He dared her to tell him to leave. "Go," she demanded. He walked away, but she stopped him. "I want you to stay," she said, and she kissed him.

At the hospital, Elizabeth asked the elevator repairman what had happened as he put up "Out of Order" signs. He informed her that two people were stuck on the elevator because Obrecht hadn't wanted to spend the money on elevator maintenance months before. He told her that, if he couldn't locate the necessary part soon, the people would be stuck in the elevator until morning.

Inside the elevator, Franco demanded to know what Nina knew. "I saw Sonny and Carly kissing," she blurted out. He demanded to know where and when. She told him that she'd been waiting for Silas when she'd seen Carly and Sonny having an intense-looking conversation. "Who kissed whom?" Franco asked. Nina replied that Sonny had kissed Carly, but Carly had kissed him back. She took his hand and apologized for not telling him sooner, but she hadn't wanted to hurt him. She assured him that the kiss had probably meant nothing.

Franco began beating on the elevator doors, yelling and screaming to be let out. He remembered seeing Sonny earlier that day and making sure that Sonny had been keeping his distance from Carly. Sonny had called Franco paranoid. Nina begged Franco to stop before he hurt himself, but he didn't listen. Finally, she jumped up from her wheelchair and stopped him.

"You're taller than I thought," Franco observed. Suddenly, Nina leaned onto Franco and asked him to help her back to her chair. He guessed that she didn't need the chair, but she wanted people to think that she needed it. He wondered why, but she refused to tell and asked for him to keep it a secret. He assured her that he had "more pressing things to worry about."

"That gangster's gotta go," Franco stated. Nina advised Franco to talk to Carly before he did something stupid. She added that she didn't want anything to happen to him, since he was her first friend in twenty years. He figured that he would decide in the morning after they were out of the elevator. Just then, the elevator doors opened.

The elevator repairman told Franco and Nina that he'd shopped around for a part and had gotten lucky. He asked them to put in a good word for him with Obrecht, and he left. Nina wondered what Franco was going to do. He decided to talk to Carly.

Lucy and Felicia escorted Mac to the hospital. A short while later, a doctor was examining him in a room. When the doctor told Mac that he was going to be fine, Mac tried to get out of bed. He wanted to help find the girls, but the doctor informed him that the wound needed cleaning and stitching. The doctor left, and the three discussed what had happened. Mac chastised himself for not taking any action, even thought he'd known that something was "off" about Levi. Felicia blamed everything on her Aztec jewelry.

Elizabeth entered the room, shocked to find Mac, Felicia, and Lucy. The three updated her on what had happened. Elizabeth immediately thought Nikolas would want to know that something had happened to his sister, Lulu. As Mac wondered why he hadn't checked Agent Scribner's badge number, Elizabeth rushed out to call Nikolas. A short while later, Mac got off the phone with Anna. He told Felicia and Lucy that the boat had sun,, and the Coast Guard was looking for Maxie and Lulu in the water.

Britt leaned forward to wipe the marshmallow off of Nikolas' cheek. She leaned in closer and kissed him. He eventually stopped her, and she wondered why. "Elizabeth," he said. He explained to a confused Britt that he wanted to be honest: he still had feelings for Elizabeth. He continued that he'd gotten the impression that Elizabeth wanted to be with him, and he wanted to start over with her. Britt wondered if he no longer had feelings for her.

Nikolas responded that he couldn't just stop loving her, but he couldn't get over how she'd betrayed him for months. She wondered what she had to do to prove that she cared. He assured her that she'd done a lot to restore his trust in her, but he didn't want to hurt her by sleeping with her if there was still a chance for him and Elizabeth. Britt told him that she just wanted to be with him, "even if it's only until dawn." The two kissed passionately. A short while later, his phone rang, but he ignored it. Moments later, it rang again. He answered it to Elizabeth, who had something to tell him about Lulu.

Maxie and Lulu walked up to a cabin with Levi and Scribner. They taunted the men about how they were basically dead men walking. Maxie mentioned that Nathan had been trained as a sniper, and Lulu mentioned that Dante had a "good shot" as well. "I should have gagged you," Levi said, exasperated. Lulu suggested that he sounded nervous. "Get the hell inside," he demanded, pointing a gun at them.

Inside the cabin, which was filled with cobwebs and boxes, Maxie and Lulu sat down. Scribner kicked a duffel bag in their direction. Levi instructed them to change into the dry clothes in the duffel bag. Maxie suggested that Levi and Scribner start running for their lives. Levi informed them that they wouldn't be rid of him and his accomplice that easily. "We'll be together for a while," he added.

. . .

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  • Tracy warns "Luke" that their secrets had been exposed
  • After making love, Jordan warns Shawn that they have to keep their affair a secret
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