Monday, July 25, 2016

In the catacombs, Lulu stumbled, and she was horrified to see that she'd tripped over a human skeleton. She approached the skeleton and noticed a bracelet. She took it, recognizing it as something similar to Luke's bracelet. She then saw an earring like Luke's but told herself that the skeleton could be anyone -- or a setup. Just then, she heard footsteps. She grabbed a pipe from the ground and hid around a corner. When a man rounded the corner, she hit him over the head and knocked him out.

Lulu took the unconscious man's phone, which did not get any reception down in the tunnels. She grabbed the man's gun and checked that it was loaded. "What is the Spencer thing to do?" she asked herself. She wondered whether she should "stick with the plan," or head upstairs to save her family and friends. She imagined what her father would say, which was, "When in doubt, improvise." She headed back through the catacombs with the gun.

Laura gave Valentin a piece of her mind as his men pointed their guns at her. When she was done, he wanted to show her what would happen when she didn't cooperate. He pointed his gun at her and pulled the trigger, but Kevin jumped in front of her and was shot in the shoulder. She instructed him to stay still on the ground as Dante and Ava attacked amid the confusion.

"Drop your guns or I'll break his neck," Dante demanded of the guards as he had Valentin in a headlock. Another guard appeared behind Dante, and Ava warned Dante to let Valentin go or Dante would be killed. A frustrated Dante finally obliged. On the ground, Laura held a pillow on Kevin's gunshot wound. He insisted upon getting up on his feet, but he promptly passed out onto the couch.

Ava wanted to help Laura with Kevin, but Valentin wouldn't let her. He added that he had planned to let them go, but then Kevin had needed to jump in front of what would have been a warning shot. After shooting someone, Valentin didn't trust the hostages to keep quiet if he let them go. Dante suggested that Valentin let Ava, Laura, and Kevin go but keep Dante. Valentin commented that the suggestion was "noble," but he needed a more "manageable solution."

Valentin casually mentioned killing all of the hostages, because dead people didn't talk. Dante thought that Valentin should release them and go on the run, and Ava agreed. Dante continued that they would be too busy taking care of Kevin to chase him. Considering what had happened the last time he'd listened to Ava, Valentin declined the suggestion. He insisted that he'd never meant to involve anyone but Nikolas, but he couldn't let them go. He took out his gun and asked who wanted to die first. "I vote you," Lulu said, pointing her gun at Valentin.

In Naomi's hospital room, Hayden wondered what had caused her mother's panic attack. Elizabeth entered, which caused an annoyed Hayden to leave. Franco also entered in order to talk to Elizabeth, but she rebuffed him, since she was with a patient. Naomi didn't mind, so Franco asked, "Was I dreaming, or did you agree to a date tonight?" She tried to brush off the question, which upset Franco. "We'll always have toast," he said on his way out of the room.

Franco turned back and wondered why Elizabeth wouldn't accept his money to send her sons to camp. She replied that she would never accept anything from Heather. At the mention of the name, Naomi began to hyperventilate. Elizabeth accepted the date, and Franco called Naomi his "good luck charm." He commented that Elizabeth was the only one of his prospects that Heather "wouldn't murder," and happily left the room. Elizabeth saw Naomi in distress and tried to calm her down.

A short while later, Naomi had calmed down. Elizabeth wondered what had caused the attack. Naomi explained that she'd been subpoenaed that morning. However, Elizabeth had noticed Naomi's anxiety level rise when Franco was around. Naomi claimed that she'd had friends who'd been fans of Franco's art. Naomi observed that he was interested in Elizabeth. Elizabeth explained that she'd tried to keep her distance, but there was "something there." Despite the rumors that Naomi had heard, Elizabeth could see that Franco was trying hard to leave his past behind him and be a better person, so she believed he deserved a second chance.

Naomi commented on how compassionate Elizabeth was, but Elizabeth explained that she knew what it was like to be the "town pariah." Naomi thought Elizabeth hadn't wanted to date Franco because they were related. Elizabeth explained that her father had once been married to Franco's mother, but Elizabeth had a different mother. She'd never understood how her father had been with such a dangerous woman as Heather and explained that the woman was in the best maximum-security facility for the criminally insane in the state of New York. She observed that Naomi seemed better, so she left to get Naomi's discharge papers.

Franco arrived to visit Heather, bearing flowers. He informed her that he wanted to return her money because Elizabeth hadn't wanted it. He divulged that Elizabeth had agreed to go out with him. He wanted to make sure that Heather would do no harm to Elizabeth. She gave her word that she wouldn't and said that she was happy for him.

Franco wondered why Heather thought differently of Elizabeth than of Carly or Nina. Heather explained that she'd loved Elizabeth's father, who was also the father of her beloved "Steven Lars." Changing the subject, she instructed him to buy art supplies with the money, since she couldn't use it. She wanted him to give her a painting on his next visit.

Later, Heather was returned to the visiting room, delighted to have another visitor. Seeing Naomi seated at the table, Heather wondered if the woman had more money for her. Naomi reminded her that there was no more money. Getting to the point, Naomi informed Heather that Elizabeth was seeing Franco, so Heather shouldn't tell "one word about Elizabeth," or else Naomi promised to make Heather's life "more miserable than it already is."

Hayden bumped into Finn at the hospital and asked if he wanted to grab lunch. He told her that he was on his way out of town, which prompted her to ask if he'd found another source for his drug. He responded that everything was under control, but she asked if he needed any help. He wondered why she would help a "junkie." He appreciated her help, but he admitted that it felt like she was stalking him. Hayden informed him that her mother was in the hospital with severe panic attacks, which being subpoenaed that morning hadn't helped.

Feeling guilty, Finn confided that he'd found a new source for his medication. She asked if it had anything to do with Sonny. He told her to "back off" and stop jumping to conclusions. She accused him of being a jerk, and he walked away. When she followed him, he told her that all of his notes had been confiscated and probably destroyed when he'd been suspended. The drugs were a temporary solution, and he didn't want her to have to watch him die. He vowed to never forget her and all she'd done for him, but he didn't want to be "the reason for more sorrow in your life." "Don't I get a vote?" she asked.

Hayden went off on Finn for pushing her away when, for the first time in her life, she wanted to help someone when there was nothing in it for her. If he decided that he was annoyed with her and didn't want to spend his last days with her, that was fine, but she refused to let him die alone just because he thought she would fall apart. "You sure told me," he told her, chuckling. She told him to go get his drugs and that she would decide whether or not she wanted to stick around. He nodded and walked away.

Elizabeth was cleaning up Naomi's room when Franco entered. "Is it good or bad that my mother approves of you?" he asked her. Just then, Hayden returned to the room, asking for Naomi. Elizabeth informed Hayden that Naomi had been discharged. She added that she and Naomi seemed to have lots in common.

As Kristina kissed Parker outside of Parker's hotel room, Sonny rounded the corner but stopped dead when he saw the scene. The women went back into the room because Parker needed to get ready for her seminar. Kristina wanted to hear Parker speak, but the list of attendees had been cut off weeks before. "It's nothing you haven't heard me talk about in class, assuming you paid attention," Parker teased. Kristina cited Parker as the distraction that had resulted in Kristina's failure of the class.

Kristina wondered if Parker was still angry at her for her "solicitation" while at school, and Kristina expressed how sorry she was. Parker accepted the apology, so Kristina asked if Parker was still hesitant about moving forward with her. Parker promised to talk about when she returned, and Kristina promised to stay in the room so as to not run into anyone she knew. The two shared a kiss, and Parker left. Kristina retreated into the room, and there was a knock on the door moments later. She was shocked to answer the door to Sonny.

Kristina asked why Sonny was there as he let himself into the room. He explained that he'd gone to pick up the medication that Morgan had left there. Kristina explained that she'd met a friend from school there, and they'd gotten room service for breakfast. Sonny wondered who the older woman was that he'd seen Kristina kissing. Kristina confessed that it had been Parker, the professor who'd gotten her kicked out of school. He wondered why she hadn't told him about it, and she replied that she'd been scared. "Scared of me?" he questioned her, hurt.

Kristina admitted that she'd been scared of how Sonny would react. He reminded her that he was her father, and he loved her no matter what. She told him that she liked Aaron, but she'd never really stopped thinking about Parker. She didn't know whether she only liked Parker or if she liked women. She didn't want to talk about it anymore, but Sonny told her that they were "just getting started." She wondered if he could accept and deal with it if he had a gay daughter.

. . .

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