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Monday, June 19, 2017

Griffin arrived at Sonny's and asked if Sonny was going to kill Ava. He recalled finding Sonny "looming" over her, and he regretted not calling security. "You think I don't know how your business works?" Griffin wondered. Sonny didn't want to be lectured about the woman who'd caused the death of his son. He informed Griffin that he had no plans to kill Ava, because his revenge happened every time she took a breath and felt pain.

Griffin spoke about his and Sonny's "mutual faith," which preached that no soul was beyond redemption. Griffin thought that forgiveness was the only way to heal. Sonny didn't think he would ever forgive Ava. He wondered if Griffin could ever forgive Julian for ordering Duke's death. "I didn't think so," Sonny responded to Griffin's silence.

Griffin said he would be praying for Sonny to find peace. Sonny appreciated the gesture and added that Ava's soul couldn't be redeemed, because she had no soul to begin with. Sonny answered his ringing phone, so Griffin left. "What?!" Sonny yelled into the phone.

In the park, Nelle sat down on a bench after answering the phone. She said she would love to be interviewed, but she didn't remember applying for the job that the call was about. She learned that someone had referred her for the job, and she wondered who it had been.

Carly visited Michael, needing to talk to him about Sonny. She divulged that she had decided to sign all of Sonny's assets back over to him. The two were still getting divorced, but they wanted to keep it as "friendly" as possible. She was thankful to Michael for standing by her while she figured out what Michael had been telling her to do all along. The mother and son embraced just as Nelle appeared behind Carly. Michael shot her a warning look, and she ran out of the room to hide. "What was that?" Carly asked as Nelle's rushing produced a crash.

Michael lightheartedly covered that Danny and Scout were visiting, and they'd already caused some destruction. Returning to the previous conversation, Carly thought it was better for her and Sonny to be on the same side, especially in regard to Ava. Michael hoped Ava got the maximum charges, and he figured that the charges would stick with Nelle's statement. Speaking of Nelle, Carly wondered why Michael had been in Nelle's hospital room and if he had feelings for her.

Michael only said that Nelle was trying to get her life together and make things right, so she deserved some credit. Carly praised Michael for being a good and forgiving man, but she warned him that Nelle would just hurt him if he let her in. Just then, Carly's phone rang, and she answered it to Sonny. He told her that he needed to see her immediately, so she promised to be right there. She hugged Michael and left. Nelle emerged from hiding, and Michael wondered how much she'd heard. "Enough," she replied.

Michael teased Nelle about her lack of stealth, but Nelle explained that Carly made her "super nervous." Michael thought that Carly would eventually be able to "tolerate" Nelle, but Nelle preferred to avoid Carly altogether. Getting to the point of her visit, Nelle explained about the offer she'd received for a job interview. She'd done some research and found that the company was a subsidiary of ELQ. He sheepishly admitted to referring her for the job but maintained that she'd gotten the interview on her own merit. He thought she would get the job, but she confessed that she'd turned it down.

Nelle explained that not only did she not want to hear what Carly had to say if Nelle was working with Michael, but she wanted to take care of herself. Michael answered that he didn't live for his mother, and he didn't want Nelle to waste time, worrying about how Carly would react when she found out that Michael and Nelle were seeing each other. Dumbfounded, Nelle wondered when they had agreed to see each other, as she'd thought that they were just talking. "Any day of my life is better with you in it," Michael admitted. She replied that she was only there about the job, and "that's the best I can do for now." She hurried out of the house.

Carly arrived at Sonny's, and he informed her that there was a problem with the liquor tariffs at the island casino. She needed to go to the island to fix the problem, since she was the owner. Confused, she reminded him that the resort wasn't on the list of things that he'd signed over to her. He admitted to hiding it within the paperwork. She agreed to go, and he promised that they could go the next day after the jet was fueled. She was surprised, but he wanted to tag along. She sternly told him that the trip was "strictly business." "Scout's honor," he answered. "We both know you're no Boy Scout," Carly teased. He sheepishly agreed.

In her hospital bed, Ava hit her call button. Epiphany entered and assured Ava that she was getting the maximum dose of pain medication. Ava wondered if she was supposed to "live the rest of my life like this? What kind of life is that?" Julian entered the room, and Epiphany told him that he had a few minutes before she had to change Ava's bandages. When Epiphany was gone, Julian assured Ava that she looked better. He caught sight of her chart and asked her about the paperwork on top. She explained the Do Not Resuscitate order but suggested that he "put me out of misery now."

Despite Julian's protests, Ava informed him that the pain that she would likely be in for the rest of her life was the only reason that Sonny had let her live. Julian was furious that Sonny had been there. Ava cried that she would take back what she'd done to Morgan if she could. Julian informed her that Sonny wanted her to quit, so "don't let him win." He wished he could help, and he grabbed her hand. He promised to stick by her, and he reminded her that they'd both been in worse jams, as they'd both been presumed dead at points in their lives.

As Julian promised that he and Ava would get through it together, Epiphany returned. "Hang tough," he told Ava, and he left. He bumped into Griffin in the hallway as Griffin was thinking about his conversation with Sonny. Julian said he would leave, as he didn't want to impede Ava's treatment, knowing that Griffin was Ava's doctor. Griffin replied that he was off duty, but he wanted to check on Ava.

Julian blurted out that he knew he'd wronged "lots of people, including your father." He didn't know if it was possible to atone for his wrongs, but he wanted to try. "Glad to hear it," Griffin replied. Julian wondered if Griffin and Ava were friends. "We prayed together," Griffin answered. Julian wanted to ask Griffin to continue praying for Ava because Ava needed all the prayers she could get. Griffin nodded and walked away.

In Ava's room, Epiphany saw no sign of infection underneath Ava's bandages. Ava grabbed Epiphany's hand and asked for a mirror. Epiphany wanted Ava to focus on healing, but Ava begged to "see the damage" for herself. "It's your decision," Epiphany conceded. She retrieved a mirror and set it down on Ava's legs. Ava picked up the mirror and moaned in distress at what she saw. From outside the room, Julian could hear as Ava cried, "No!"

Olivia slammed her phone down and muttered about a "backstabbing vulture." Ned appeared, and she told him that Diane couldn't take Olivia's custody case due to "conflict of interest." She explained to Ned about Julian's request to see Leo, and Alexis' defense of the man. Ned calmly reminded her that she had full custody, so any visits by Julian were at her discretion. He advised her to wait until after Julian's trial to "lawyer up," because if Julian was found guilty, she wouldn't even have to worry about it.

Ned added that there was no place safer than the Quartermaine compound, but Olivia reminded him that she wasn't going to move in until after they were married. He suggested that they get married the first week of July, but she was concerned with how soon it was. She confided that she wanted Leo to have Ned's name as symbolism. Ned told her that having his own father's name hadn't made Larry any more of a father. "Symbolism doesn't make a family. Love does," he told her. "Leo is my family. You are my family," he assured her.

Laura agreed to move in with Kevin just as Spencer returned wondering about the move. Laura wondered what Spencer would think about moving in with Kevin. "That depends. What are your intentions for my grandmother? Is it serious or just a casual fling?" Spencer asked Kevin.

Laura scolded Spencer, but Kevin thought it was a fair question. He admitted that he wasn't able to speak for Laura, but he pledged that he had honorable intentions. Spencer asked Kevin to define "honorable." Kevin assured Spencer that he loved Laura "very much," and he would "never leave either of you in the lurch. I promised I'm in it for the long haul." Spencer wondered if the two were going to get married.

Kevin told Spencer that both he and Laura had been married before, so neither was in a rush to do it again. However, if they decided to "take the leap," it would be for forever. Addressing Laura, Spencer wanted Laura to accept the invitation to move in with Kevin because she loved Kevin, not to put a roof over Spencer's head. Laura laughed and assured Spencer that she wanted to move in with Kevin because she loved him. She acknowledged Spencer's right to voice his opinion, but she would make the final decision.

Kevin wondered if Spencer would like to live with Kevin. Spencer thought it "could be fun," and agreed on moving in. Kevin promised that he had a spare bedroom for Spencer, but he joked that he would have to move his gaming systems out of the room. "Let's not be too hasty," Spencer said, and the three walked off to check out Kevin's place.

Jason wondered if Sam was all right, and she responded that she wasn't. She yelled at him for almost getting himself killed. "He's not safe. The threat is still out there," was the thought Sam had racing through her head. She held her head, and Jason asked what was going on. She reminded him that they had two children who would lose their father. He promised that they wouldn't lose him, but she shot back that it wasn't a promise he could make. He thought that her lack of sleep was catching up with her, and he promised to fix whatever was worrying her.

Later, Sam and Jason were at home and ready for bed. Jason assured her that Monica was keeping the kids for the night so they could catch up on some sleep. Sam apologized for snapping at him and overreacting earlier. She was just scared to lose him. He promised that she wouldn't lose him, and they shared a kiss. He told her that he loved her, and the two passionately kissed.

Later, Sam and Jason were asleep. "Jason's not safe. Your family's not safe. Danger is everywhere. You have to protect them," Sam thought, which woke her up. She got out of bed and left the bedroom. She returned with a large knife and stood at the bedside. She got into bed, put the knife under her pillow, and cuddled up with Jason.

On the next General Hospital...

• Hayden has a job offer for Curtis.

• Kiki clarifies that Ava doesn't want her to return.

• Obrecht confirms that Finn thinks that someone is sabotaging his career.

• "Oh my God," Josslyn shouts.

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