Monday, March 23, 2015

In the boxing ring, Nathan punched Spinelli, who promptly hit the floor just as Maxie entered the gym. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she yelled at Nathan. She demanded that someone call a doctor for Spinelli, but Sonny insisted that Spinelli was fine. He helped Spinelli up as Maxie grilled Nathan. Nathan informed Maxie that the whole thing had been Spinelli's idea. She asked Spinelli, but he was very out of it. She asked Sonny, who confirmed that the fight had, in fact, been Spinelli's idea.

Spinelli reasoned that he hadn't known what else to do after Nathan had demanded that Spinelli leave town. She turned on Nathan, and he stated that, "I don't regret it for a second." He reminded Maxie how Spinelli had done everything in his power to break Maxie and Nathan up and maintained that, "at least I'm up-front about it."

Nathan continued that he'd stepped back and given Maxie time to make her choice, and he'd fought for her when she hadn't made a decision. He told her that he'd been the happiest man on earth when she'd said "I love you" back to Nathan, but only until she'd added that she also loved Spinelli. "Is this true?" Spinelli piped up. She angrily told him that it hadn't been his place to announce who she loved. Nathan shot back that "none of this is fair."

Nathan told Maxie that all he'd wanted was her, "the girl of my dreams." He said they weren't right for each other because she didn't trust him, and she was always on Spinelli's side. He couldn't compete with the history she had with Spinelli, so he decided to take himself "out of the race. You're free to be with the man you never stopped loving." Nathan didn't want to wait around anymore, so he urged her to be with Spinelli and be happy, and he left the gym.

Michael entered the Quartermaine mansion, sneezing up a storm. When he looked up, he was shocked to see Morgan descending the stairs. He demanded to know why Morgan was there and how he'd gotten in. Morgan informed his brother that Alice had let him in so he could see his sister. Michael told Morgan that it was Morgan's last visit with their sister, and Morgan, Kiki, and Sonny were not allowed to see the baby.

Morgan didn't think Michael could cut Avery's family out of her life just because he was "pissed. Get over it." Michael suggested that Morgan would act the same if their positions were reversed. Morgan said he understood but then took a swing at Michael. Michael hit Morgan hard enough to put his brother on the ground, but Morgan got up, and the brothers fought. Just then, Ned ran in and pulled the two apart. Michael insisted that he was going to call the police. Morgan sarcastically wished Michael luck with keeping Avery away from her family, and he left.

At Kelly's, Kiki was researching drug and alcohol interactions when Julian entered. He sat down with her and divulged that he'd decided to help Kiki fight for Avery. Kiki thought that would have made Ava happy. He wondered why she wasn't more enthusiastic. She confided that she and Morgan had "found another way" to get Avery out of Michael's custody. He wanted details, but she told him that "the less you know, the better."

Julian wondered if Kiki and Morgan's plan was illegal, because he specialized in illegal. She thanked him for the offer but maintained that she and Morgan had everything handled. He thought Ava would be proud of her daughter. She promised to let Julian know if the plan didn't work out. As Julian was wishing Kiki luck, Morgan entered. Julian suggested that Morgan put some ice on his swollen lip, and Julian left.

Morgan updated Kiki on what he'd been through at the Quartermaine mansion after swapping Michael's allergy pills with a more "potent" variety. "What now?" Kiki wondered. Morgan answered that they needed to "wait for the opportunity to present itself." Kiki was scared that their plan would backfire, and that something bad would happen to Avery. Morgan reassured Kiki that everything would work out.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned made a toast to "the newest member of the Quartermaine family." Michael reminded Ned that there was another Quartermaine on the way, who was entering the family "in the old-fashioned way." It took Ned a minute to remember what Michael was talking about, but he justified that his baby with Olivia hadn't been planned, so he was still getting used to the idea.

Changing the subject, Michael informed Ned that there were more ELQ shares missing. He continued that Luke had "weaseled" Skye out of her shares. Ned expressed his anxiety that the trio of Luke, Helena, and Jerry controlled nearly one-third of ELQ. Michael rubbed his eyes, and Ned wondered if Michael was crying over it. Michael sneezed a couple times and cited his allergies. A few minutes later, Michael took one of his allergy pills.

Outside Kelly's, Julian literally ran into Olivia. When he realized it was her, he made sure that she and the baby were all right. Just then, she loudly groaned, but she told him it was only the baby kicking. He wondered if she'd let him feel the baby kicking. He explained that he'd never gotten the chance with Sam or Lucas. Olivia complained that her pregnant belly was like an invitation for strangers to touch her.

Julian reminded Olivia that they were "hardly strangers," considering he'd thought the baby was his. He was talking about the timing of the baby's conception when Ned appeared. He put his arms around her and felt her belly. Olivia boasted that she and Ned were happy to be starting a family.

"Help me die," Ava begged Silas. Silas didn't think Ava was thinking straight and informed her that the odds against her weren't insurmountable. Ava wondered how long she had left if they didn't find a donor. "Three months," Silas reluctantly told her, but he added that he was confident they would find a donor. She didn't share Silas' confidence. She reasoned that her loose ends were tied up, and she was ready. "I'm not," Silas countered.

Ava recalled something Silas had said to her while they had been making love years ago: "I've never felt more alive." She continued that that was how she wanted to be when she died. Silas reminded her that assisted suicide was illegal, and he wondered how he would ever look Kiki in the eye again. Ava suggested that they could pretend they were in a state where assisted suicide was legal.

Silas explained that he'd had patients who would have killed for another day, no matter how much they were suffering. Ava confessed that she was terrified of dying, but she implored him to help her die on her own terms. She advised him to find someone to help her, or she would do it herself. She thought he could make it more tolerable for her just by being there. "I can't do this," Silas said.

Silas continued that he couldn't help Ava "because it's you." He cared too much about her, but she disputed that his caring could enable him to help her. She stated that Kiki was at peace with losing Ava, so he needed to make his peace and let her go.

Lulu and Tracy asked Valerie to talk to them about her mother and her mother's memories. Valerie insisted that her mother had never spoken about her family. As Lulu and Tracy pleaded with Valerie, Luke stood behind the open door wielding a gun. Valerie didn't think it was a good time, but Tracy pushed her way in anyway. By then, Luke had moved to the hall closet.

As Luke observed, Lulu advised Valerie to think carefully about any small detail that Patricia might have told her daughter. She explained that Luke was very mentally unwell, and she thought that something traumatic had happened to him during his childhood to cause the mental break. Valerie replied that Patricia had said she was an only child, and Patricia's parents had died before Valerie had been born. Patricia hadn't even mentioned that she'd lived in Port Charles.

Lulu thanked Valerie for her time, and she hoped to stay in contact with her newfound cousin. She reminded Valerie that there was a whole family in Port Charles who would love to get to know Valerie. Valerie responded that her life was complicated, but she would eventually take Lulu up on the offer. Just then, Luke moved the closet door, and Tracy wondered what the sound was.

Jake and Elizabeth broke away from their kiss when Elizabeth's doorbell rang. Elizabeth opened the door to a woman who said she'd been told she could find Jake Doe there. She revealed herself as Jake's wife, Hayden, and Jake promptly went to the door. She hugged Jake and expressed how much she'd missed him. Elizabeth let Hayden into the house so she could explain herself.

Hayden explained that she'd read about the almost-explosion at the Haunted Star in the news, and Jake's picture had been shown. Jake wondered if they had family. Hayden revealed that they had no children, and Jake had had no family left when they'd met. She hadn't had anyone to call when Jake had gone missing. After seeing his picture in the paper, she'd done some research and found out about his accident, his brain injury, and his plastic surgery, and she'd been convinced that he was her husband.

Hayden revealed that his name was Jacob Barnes. Elizabeth wondered why Hayden hadn't reported Jake missing. Hayden confessed that she and Jake had been having problems, so she'd thought he'd left her. She explained that they'd gone on a camping trip near where Jake had been hit by the car. They'd had a fight, and he'd stormed off. She'd waited for him, but he'd never returned.

Hayden felt guilty for not being there for Jake when he'd needed her. She'd reported Jake missing, but the police hadn't taken the report seriously after hearing about their fight. She told Jake that they could go right back to how they had been once he was ready to return home. Elizabeth wanted proof of Hayden's claims. She replied that all the proof was in her room at the Metro Court. She hadn't thought she'd find Jake so quickly.

Hayden promised to be in touch and expressed her happiness that she'd found Jake. She kissed him on the cheek and left the house. Jake didn't know what to say.

Outside Elizabeth's house, Hayden made a call. "It's done," she told the person on the other end of the line.

. . .

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