Monday, November 17, 2014

Josslyn, Cameron, Spencer, and Emma ran into Kelly's, chanting for milkshakes. Patrick and Sam followed and urged the kids to quiet down. Sam wondered how Patrick had managed to have babysitting duty. He reminded her that he was unemployed, Elizabeth was working, Nikolas had a surprise visitor, and Carly had been arrested. Changing the subject, both wanted to figure out Larry Ashton's angle.

A few minutes later, Sam and Patrick set down milkshakes in front of the kids. They continued their conversation about Larry. Neither bought Larry's story of conveniently being there when Jerry had needed one of Tracy's ex-husbands to kidnap. They couldn't find a connection between Larry and Jerry, and Patrick didn't trust Tracy to investigate. Sam decided to trace Larry's movements.

Cameron asked Josslyn how Carly's wedding had gone. Josslyn happily replied that it had been called off. Spencer added that it had been because "my Uncle Sonny is irresistible." "If he's so great, why is he in jail?" Cameron wondered and showed Spencer the newspaper on his tablet. "I'm here for you," Josslyn told Spencer. "I'm here for you too," he replied, informing her that Carly was in jail as well. Led by Josslyn, all four kids ran out of the restaurant, screaming. Patrick wondered what was going on. Spencer responded that the cops were arresting "everyone" as they ran out.

Carly wanted to clarify that Sonny didn't care whether or not he went to prison. He replied that he cared about the fact that he would probably never see Michael again. Just then, a guard let Michael into the holding cell area. Carly told Michael that their family could survive the ordeal they'd been through. Michael informed his parents that nothing they said or did could ever make up for what they'd done. Carly wondered why he was there. Michael told them that he wanted to clear A.J.'s name in Connie's murder, and Sonny was going to help him.

Responding to Carly's confusion, Michael wondered if the recording of A.J.'s murder was real or made-up. Carly admitted that it was real, but she had gotten rid of her copy. He wanted Sonny's copy of the recording so that everyone would know that A.J. was innocent. If Sonny didn't hand over the recording, Michael said he would know that Sonny was "a man with no honor." He asked Sonny for the recording and was met with silence. "I didn't think so," he said turning to leave. He wasn't surprised and told his parents to "enjoy prison." "If you want it, it's yours," Sonny spoke up.

Michael wondered if Sonny would really hand over the recording "untouched and unedited." Carly called out for Sonny with a warning in her voice as Sonny told Michael that Shawn would drop it off to Michael. Michael accepted it and turned to leave. Carly stopped him and told him that she loved him, and Sonny did the same. "Neither of you know the meaning of the word," Michael spat and left. Carly was upset about Michael seeming to cut them out of his life. Sonny clarified that Michael had in fact cut them out of his life.

Tracy and Ned were sitting in the living room of the Quartermaine mansion when Monica ran in. "I'm going to kill Sonny with my bare hands!" she exclaimed. Tracy assured Monica that justice would be served, but Monica replied that A.J. would still be dead. Ned offered that, on the "bright side," Michael would open his eyes to who Sonny and Carly really were.

Outside the mansion, Larry was on the phone with Jerry. He informed Jerry that the Quartermaines had bought his cover story, and that they thought he was just a drunk. He told Jerry that he needed more time to get more ELQ shares. Just then, Alice walked up to Larry and cleared her throat. Larry tried to play off the phone conversation as drunken confusion, but Alice wasn't buying it. "Let's see what Monica says," Alice told him.

Alice pushed Larry into the house. She told Monica to walk with her to "hear the tales" that only the household help heard. "Why the long faces?" Larry asked Ned and Tracy. They told him about Sonny being arrested for A.J.'s murder. Speaking of A.J., Larry observed that the CEO of ELQ was a "walking disaster," and that they should overthrow Michael. Both reminded Larry that he had no stake in the company, and he claimed that his interest stemmed from concern for his son and granddaughter.

Tracy wondered who would replace Michael. Larry suggested Ned, but Ned refused. Larry then suggested Tracy. Ned reminded Larry that Tracy had almost "tanked" the company thanks to her marriages to Anthony Zacchara and Luke. Claiming that she was thinking only of the company, Tracy agreed to help get rid of Michael, just as Michael entered the room.

Monica returned and hugged Michael. He apologized for not being in touch sooner. "Is this the leader of the family company, Michael Corinthos?" Larry wondered. Michael refused to go by that name. To everyone's confusion, Michael wanted to be called by "my real name. The name I was supposed to have and that I should have had all along. My father's name." He wanted to be called Michael Quartermaine.

Agent Sloane apologize for dropping "a bomb" on Britt about Faison. He informed Britt that the WSB was a rogue organization that needed to be dismantled and reconstructed. He wanted to stop Anna from bypassing the due process of the law ever again. As next of kin, Britt was in the best position to press charges. Britt suggested that Liesl would love nothing more than to press charges, but Agent Sloane stated that Liesl and Faison had never been married. Britt informed the agent that he would have to prove the unlawful killing without her help.

Agent Sloane reminded Britt that Faison was her father. "In DNA only," she shot back. She told him that she hadn't had contact with her father for most of her life and that she wished she could forget about the contact they had had, just like anyone who'd ever met him. She added that Anna had done the world a favor. Agent Sloane questioned what would happen if, the next time Anna took the law into her own hands, it was against someone Britt loved. She still refused to help.

Agent Sloan handed Britt a card, just in case she changed her mind. She told him that she most likely wouldn't, and he left. Britt wondered if it was crazy that she was actually worried about Faison. Nikolas assured her that he understood "demented" families and that it wasn't crazy. He promised to stand by her no matter what.

Moments later, Spencer entered the house and collapsed onto the couch. He sighed that he'd hit "rock bottom." Nikolas picked him up to take him to the kitchen so they could talk about whatever was bothering Spencer. Britt picked up Agent Sloane's card.

Anna bumped into Liesl at the hospital. Liesl thought that Anna would be out celebrating about her full jail cells. "There's always room for one more," Anna commented. Anna recounted Liesl's crimes, including aiding and abetting Nina and Madeline. Anna vowed that Liesl would one day pay for her crimes, but Anna's priority was finding Ava's baby.

Liesl taunted that Anna would never hold Liesl accountable for killing Victor, "like you for Faison," she added. Liesl pressured Anna to just confess. "Perhaps I should, if only to see the look on your face when I tell you what I did to your precious Faison," Anna goaded. "Faison is me," she said, adopting Faison's accent. "Didn't you recognize me, liebchen?" she added. A furious Liesl called Anna "sick," and Anna left haughtily, throwing out that Liesl would never find Faison.

Agent Sloane arrived at the hospital and asked to speak to Liesl in private. He told her that they had a cause in common: "Anna Devane." A short while later, Liesl sat in her office, looking at Agent Sloane's card.

Still at the hospital, Anna told someone on the phone that she'd gotten no new information out of Madeline, so they were back at square one. Just then, Agent Sloane got off the elevator and bumped right into Anna.

Elizabeth showed Jason into her house and went to the kitchen to get him a drink. Jason looked around at all the pictures she had up and stopped on one of her and Jason. Elizabeth returned with drinks, and he asked if the man in the pictures was Jason, which she confirmed. Elizabeth showed him a picture of Jake, and she marveled over how much like Jason he'd been, despite how little time the father and son had spent together.

A short while later, Cameron ran into the house, followed by Patrick. Elizabeth introduced Cameron and "Jake," surprised at how shy Cameron was being. She introduced Jason and Patrick and informed Jason that Patrick had looked at Jason's scans at the hospital. Patrick told Jason that he'd had brain surgery before. Just then, Sam burst into the house and told Patrick that the kids were getting restless.

A few minutes later, Sam remarked how Elizabeth was going "above and beyond" her duties as a nurse. Sam was appalled that Liesl had kicked Jason out of the hospital so soon, and Patrick commented that he intended to "do something" about Liesl once he found out about the status of his job. The car horn honked, so Patrick and Sam left the house. Sam had a strange look on her face as she left.

A few minutes later, Jason, who was standing outside, reentered the house. Cameron wondered if the man's name was really Jake, to which Jason replied that he didn't know. He knew that it was a "big name to live up to" in Elizabeth's house and asked for pointers from Cameron. In exchange, Cameron wanted help with his math homework, which Jason was willing to give. Elizabeth watched the two, smiling.

A short while later, Sam and Patrick arrived at the hospital to find out whether or not Patrick could have his job back. He thanked her for being his moral support. He told her that, once he was out of "limbo," they would figure out what was going on with Larry.

. . .

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