Monday, October 5, 2015

Nina and Franco entered the Floating Rib, intending to celebrate their decision to move in together. As Franco verified that Nina was sure about the decision, they noticed Kiki at the bar, doing shots with an unknown guy. The guy got a little too close, and she tried to push him away. "You were begging for it last night," he reminded her. Just then, Franco pounced on the guy and told him to "keep your hands off my daughter."

"If you value your life, forget you ever met her," Franco warned the guy. Nina advised the guy to take advantage and leave. Franco instructed him to learn how to "take 'no' for an answer, because the next father might not be so understanding." The guy, clearly scared, ran out of the bar. Franco grabbed the shot out of Kiki's hand and took it himself. He left money for the bill and told Kiki that he was going to take her home. Kiki refused to go, because "my dad is dead, and your crazy girlfriend's crazy mother stabbed him." However, she relented and left with Franco and Nina.

Back at Silas' apartment, Kiki wanted to go to bed. She apologized to Nina for blaming Madeline's murderous actions on Nina, and Nina apologized for always blaming Ava's actions on Kiki. Kiki thanked them for handling the guy at the bar, and for getting her home. Franco instructed Nina to make Kiki some coffee, but Nina argued that water would be better. Kiki yelled that Franco was trying to get Nina to go into the kitchen so that he could "lecture me in private."

When Nina was gone, Franco asked Kiki why she'd lied. She answered that she didn't want anyone's sympathy, and she didn't want to bore anyone with her whining. She told Franco truthfully that, since Silas' death, she didn't know what she was going to do with her life. She admitted to almost wishing that she hadn't found out about Morgan and Ava, because she was that "desperately lonely."

Franco knew that he wasn't Kiki's father, but he reminded her that, for twenty years, he'd thought she was his, and he'd longed to meet her. He informed her that the time he'd spent getting to know her as his daughter were some of the "best moments of my life." Kiki confided that she couldn't stand living at the apartment alone, but she had nowhere else to go. She admitted that all she did was sleep all day, because everyone in her life was either "dead, or dead to me." Just as Franco suggested that he and Nina buy the place and live there with Kiki, Nina entered, refusing to do just that.

Outside Kelly's, Emma told Anna about a report she had to write for school about the person she admired most. She informed her grandmother that she'd decided to write about Anna because "you're the best person I know." Anna suggested that Emma write about Patrick, but Emma stated that she was the only one in school with a grandmother who had once been a spy and the police chief.

Just then, Sabrina walked up to Kelly's and greeted Emma and Anna. She told Emma that she was there to pick up cookies for Michael and his family, but if Emma picked them out for Sabrina, Emma could get a few for herself. Emma ran into Kelly's. Anna asked Sabrina to wish Michael the best for Sonny. Sabrina took the opportunity to ask Anna about Carlos.

Anna divulged that there was a "manhunt" going on for Carlos. Sabrina thought that, if Carlos was back in town, she would have already heard from him. Sabrina wondered if she should tell the cops, but Anna warned her about making herself an accessory after the fact. Emma returned with the cookies. She and Sabrina exchanged "I love you's," and Sabrina left.

Emma wanted to read what she had written so far about Anna. She read that Anna was "smart, strong, beautiful, and lets me play with her jewelry. She also knows how to shoot a gun, but only for good reasons," she concluded. She also wanted to write about how Anna "brings justice" to the "bad guys," and how she always did the right thing. Guiltily remembering her conversation with Paul about killing Carlos, Anna commented that Emma couldn't portray Anna as flawless.

Anna mentioned that she was an awful cook. Emma reasoned that Anna didn't have to be good in the kitchen when she was a "hero." Anna hoped she wouldn't disappoint Emma, and Emma replied that "you never could." Anna suggested that they get home so that Emma could finish her essay, and she promised to think of more of her own flaws on the way.

Tracy wanted Paul to tell her about all the criminals he was putting behind bars. He replied that there were "so many" to focus on. Michael entered and informed Tracy and Paul that Sonny had taken a turn for the worse. He asked Paul for updates in the search for Carlos, and Paul assured Michael that everyone was cooperating to make sure that Carlos was found. Tracy found it ironic that federal forces were trying to get justice for a lifelong criminal.

Michael reminded Tracy that his father had been "gravely injured." Tracy shot back that Sonny had shot Michael's father. Michael argued that how he dealt with A.J.'s death was his own business, and that Tracy should try keeping her feelings to herself. He excused himself to go get cleaned up.

Tracy explained to Paul that she would never understand Michael's feelings toward Sonny. She thought that, if Sonny's shooter hadn't also been a criminal, she might have thanked him for ridding Michael of Sonny's influence. Paul was glad that Michael couldn't hear Tracy's words and instructed her that Michael needed her support.

A short while later, Michael returned, feeling better. Paul excused himself to make a phone call. Michael poured himself a drink and asked Tracy to tell Sabrina upon her arrival that he was upstairs. Tracy hoped that Carlos was found and wondered when he'd become a suspect. Michael cryptically explained that Ava had told him at "a meeting." Tracy informed Michael that he'd been Edward's best hope for the future of the Quartermaines, and she urged him not to "blow it" by throwing in with the mob. Michael stated that he was only doing what he had to do.

Just then, Sabrina entered, happy to see "my two favorite Quartermaines." Tracy went outside to "commune with my mother's memory and pray for patience." Sabrina presented Michael with the cookies and wished there was more she could do for his family. She wondered what Tracy seemed to be upset about. Michael explained that Tracy thought Michael should stay out of the investigation of Sonny's shooting. Sabrina related that she didn't think it was Carlos, because she had a "good sense" when something involved Carlos. Michael admitted to having his doubts but stated that they would know "either way" once Carlos was found.

Sabrina knew that Michael wanted to help Sonny, but she implored him to let the cops handle it. "That's the plan," he agreed. "If it is Carlos, so be it," she added. She thought he needed to save his strength for his family. Speaking of his family, Michael had to get back to the hospital, so the two left together. When they were gone, Paul entered while talking on the phone. He said into the phone that it was important for him "not to be tied to this," as Tracy listened from the doorway.

Sam was surprised to open the front door to Laura, who had gone straight to Patrick's from the airport. She apologized for interrupting their day. Sam wondered what was on Laura's mind. As Laura thought about when she'd confronted Elizabeth about Jake's real identity, she told Sam, "where to begin..."

Sam assumed that Laura wanted to talk about Nikolas and informed Laura that he'd been making some "rotten choices." Laura agreed as she entered the candlelit house. She noticed Emma's large play ring on Sam's finger, and Sam and Patrick happily informed her that they were engaged. Laura apologized for interrupting the celebration but was honored that she was the first person to hear.

Sam remembered that Laura had something to talk to her and Patrick about, so she urged Laura to continue. Laura told them that she'd decided to stay in Port Charles "indefinitely," and she lied that she'd wanted to ask Patrick to be her local neurologist due to a condition of hers that needed constant monitoring. Patrick agreed and promised to set her up immediately. Before leaving, Laura asked Sam if she was happy. "Really happy," Sam said, smiling. Laura smiled and left. "That was weird," Sam observed.

A short while later, Sam and Patrick were playing with Danny when Anna and Emma arrived. Patrick told Anna and Emma that he and Sam had an announcement. Patrick informed their family that he and Sam were getting married. As Emma and Danny celebrated, Sam took Anna aside and asked if it made her uncomfortable. Anna assured Sam that she made Patrick happy, which made Anna happy.

On the computer at Wyndemere, Hayden read about her shooting. Nikolas entered and scooped the computer up off her lap. She explained that she was curious about her "incident," but Nikolas advised her to find a more accurate source than Julian's "rag." He insisted that he'd told her all she needed to know, but she still had questioned. She wondered if Shawn, the shooter, had actually intended to hit her. Nikolas thought Hayden was accusing him of keeping secrets from her, and she called him paranoid. He wanted to take a swim, so he left the room. "In October?" she wondered.

At Kelly's, Jake told Elizabeth about how Sonny's family hadn't had any appetite for the food he'd gotten for them, but it hadn't been a waste, since he hadn't even been charged for it. He explained the strange night he'd had with Sam at the Noodle Buddha. He also confided that a part of Sam believed that Jason was still alive. "That's crazy," Elizabeth said, shrugging it off. "Is it?" Jake wondered. He reminded her that her son had turned up alive, but Elizabeth thought there wasn't much chance of a miracle like that happening again.

Jake continued that Sam had said Jason would have found his way back to her if he were alive. He was flabbergasted that two different people had thought he was Jason in one week. Just then, Elizabeth's phone rang. She was shocked to answer it to Hayden. She excused herself from the table to talk. Hayden started off by acknowledging that Elizabeth didn't like her, but she asked Elizabeth why Hayden had broken an expensive vase at Nikolas'. Elizabeth claimed ignorance, but Hayden remembered Elizabeth being there.

Just then, Nikolas took the phone out of Hayden's hand. He promised Elizabeth that he had things under control, and he hung up the phone. Nikolas demanded to know what Hayden was doing. She had thought that Elizabeth might remember why Hayden had broken the vase. He accused her of going behind his back and talking to his friends, and she accused him of "massively overreacting." She wondered whether he didn't want her to find out about her secrets -- or his.

Hayden continued that Nikolas was trying to keep her in the dark and control her. She'd noticed that, every time she asked him a question, he either got defensive or flirty. She admitted that it was "enjoyable and effective," but it wouldn't work "in the long run." "Why?" he wondered, getting seductively close to her. She yelled that no one would control her and turned to walk away. However, Nikolas grabbed her arm and pulled her into a deep kiss just as Laura appeared in the doorway.

Elizabeth shakily returned to the table and told Jake that her phone call had been a misunderstanding at work. She realized that they needed to pick up the boys soon. Jake noticed that she was upset and asked what was going on. She insisted that the call had just caught her off guard, and that it wasn't important. She suddenly remembered a potluck at work the next day and got up to order some muffins. Jake looked at Elizabeth's phone and saw the unknown number on her call log.

. . .

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