Monday, September 29, 2014

Ned stretched at the gym. Olivia entered, looking at her phone. She tripped over Ned and fell right on top of him. She apologized profusely for not being able to take her eyes off of her phone. "I won't complain when a beautiful woman lands in my lap," he replied. He asked Olivia how Dante and Lulu were. Olivia gushed over them and told Ned about how she was struggling to not smother them.

Ned and Olivia discussed the mixed martial arts class they were about to take. Ned had hoped that Alexis would join him, but he hadn't yet heard back from her. Later, Ned stared at his phone. Olivia busted him for doing the same thing she'd done. He wasn't surprised that he still hadn't heard from Alexis because she didn't like working out or violence. He thought the class would be a good start after Alexis had told him that she'd wanted to make a change in her life.

Olivia wondered why Ned was taking the class. He admitted that he thought it would be cool to be able to do some of the moves he'd seen in action movies, and she enthusiastically agreed. As the two walked off to start the class, Ned remarked that it never hurt to be prepared, "especially in this town!"

Franco was thinking about the previous night's events when Carly asked him what he was up to. "It's so clear what I have to do," he replied. He concluded the thought by telling her that he had to go to work. However, he wanted to give her something before he left. He took out a jewelry box from behind his back, and Carly maintained that she didn't need a ring. He told her that rings were a bit "pricy." She opened the box and marveled at the beautiful but "morbid" necklace inside.

As Franco helped Carly put the large necklace on, he explained to her that it was an evil eye -- a talisman that was supposed to ward off misfortune. Later, Franco was gone. As Carly admired her necklace in the mirror, there was a knock on the door. She was annoyed to answer the door to Sonny. She demanded to know why he was there. He confessed that Michael had told him that Carly and Franco had gotten engaged, and he asked her what she was thinking.

"Lay off," Carly warned Sonny. She reminded him that he'd said he would back off. He wondered if they'd set a date. She informed him that she would marry Franco the next month. "On Halloween?" Sonny joked, but he was livid when Carly confirmed it. When she was having no more of the conversation, she asked, "Anything else?" Sonny confided that he'd sent Shawn and Max to get Ava the night before, but Ava had gotten away.

Carly knew that Sonny wanted Ava to pay for killing Connie, but she suggested that Ava disappearing "for good" would solve all of their problems. Sonny wondered why Ava would "go quietly." He knew that she wanted power and to make their lives miserable in the process. He wanted Ava to pay for everything she'd done.

At the hospital, Shawn made a call. He told the person on the other end of the line to stay on top of Ava's whereabouts and that money was no object. Nina, interested in the subject, wheeled herself up to Shawn. After he hung up the phone, she wondered if Shawn had been talking about Ava Jerome. She told him that Ava was a good friend of her husband's, so he would want to know if something had happened to Ava. Shawn claimed to have been talking about someone else and walked away. Nina muttered that, if anyone were to make Ava disappear, it should be her.

Nina took out her phone and sent a clumsily typed text to Rosalie about Michael. She bumped into Franco and asked him how his party had been. He apologized for yelling at her the day before, and she apologized for telling gossip. He nonchalantly told a shocked Nina that Carly really had slept with Sonny. She wondered if he'd ended things. "Hell, no. I proposed," he informed an open-mouthed Nina.

Nina wondered if "congratulations" was correct to say. Franco reasoned that Carly wouldn't have accepted his proposal if she still had feelings for Sonny. Nina commended him for being a bigger person than she was and wondered if Franco trusted Carly. "I don't trust her as far as I can throw her," he said. However, he wanted to trust her, and he'd believed it when Kiki had said that Carly and Sonny sleeping together had been a "one-time thing."

Franco vowed not to let anything stand between him and his happiness. He added that he'd made sure that he could trust Carly again before they got married. He cryptically told Nina that he would have a "front row seat" to everything Carly did between then and the wedding. He thought about the camera he'd put into Carly's necklace.

Julian informed Jordan that Kobe was in Port Charles to kill Michael because Ava had failed to do so. Jordan was horrified that their boss would "take out an innocent kid." Jordan claimed that the hit needed to be stopped because Sonny would retaliate. She reasoned that Michael wasn't even involved in "the business" and that he was Julian's niece's boyfriend. Julian commented that Jordan had the same "misgivings" as Ava. Jordan reminded him that he should have misgivings, as well, after the boss had targeted Lucas.

Jordan warned Julian that "this isn't war. This is Armageddon." He ordered her to get back to work. Jordan left the penthouse and immediately called Shawn. He picked up and wondered if she was calling about Ava. She insisted that what she had to say was more important, but Shawn hung up.

A short while later, Jordan ran into the hospital, out breath and extremely thankful to find Shawn. She warned him that there was a hit on Michael, probably going down as they spoke, and that he needed to stop it before it was too late.

Patrick suggested to Sam that Julian was working for Luke. Sam wanted to ask Julian point-blank if he was working for Luke. Patrick was skeptical that Julian would give her any information. Though Julian felt guilty for missing most of Sam's life, Patrick didn't think Sam had that much of a hold on Julian. "I do," Alexis stated.

Alexis told Sam and Patrick about Julian's clearly jealous interference during her date with Ned the previous night. She thought that she could use Julian's feelings to get the information out of him, but Sam flat-out refused to allow her mother to do so.

A short while later, Patrick marveled at how persuasive Alexis was. Sam was worried that, even if Alexis got out of the situation physically all right, she would be hurt emotionally. She was amazed at her mother's ability to be in the same room with someone that she had to try not to be attracted to. "I understand that," Patrick related.

Julian was surprised to open his door to Alexis but invited her in. "I need a drink," she said immediately and walked to the table to make drinks. He said he'd known she wouldn't be able to stay away from him and grabbed her from behind. Getting out of the embrace, Alexis handed him a drink. "To bad boys," she toasted. She admitted that, while Ned was nice, "I want you." She leaned in to kiss him, but he stopped her. "What are you really up to?" he asked.

Keeping up the ruse, Alexis chastised him for making things "weird." Julian was suspicious of her complete change of heart. "What do you want?" he asked. "One thing. Are you working for Luke Spencer?" she spat out.

Dante told Lulu and Tracy the police department's suspicions that Luke was in charge of the Jerome family. Lulu remembered that it wouldn't be the first time he had been a crime boss, but Tracy argued that he had done that decades before. She wondered why he would go back to the business. Lulu knew things weren't adding up and that the evidence was pointing toward Dante's suspicions. Dante related the importance of getting in touch with Luke and implored Tracy to help.

Lulu helped Dante by telling Tracy how strange it was that Luke hadn't tried to contact Lulu after she'd been kidnapped. Tracy didn't want to "sell out" her husband. Minutes later, Tracy left a message for Luke. She told him that she'd seen Lulu, who was safe and happy. She also said that she needed to talk to him in person about why Dante was "asking questions." After she hung up, Lulu informed Tracy how much she and Dante appreciated Tracy's help.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Lulu opened it to Sam and Patrick. Lulu told them that she was in the middle of something, but Sam insisted that she and Patrick needed to talk to Lulu about Luke.

Kiki entered the house and screamed when someone grabbed her. Once she realized that it was Morgan, she demanded to know what was going on. "It was because of me," Ava said stepping out of the shadows. Ava told her daughter that Morgan had been trying to protect her because "someone wants me dead." She updated Kiki on the events at the penthouse the previous night.

Kiki wondered who would want to hurt Ava. Ava reluctantly told her that it was Sonny. Kiki didn't believe it, but Ava insisted that it was more complicated than Kiki thought. Kiki thought that Michael could help, but Ava begged Kiki not to tell Michael. Kiki apologized to her mother and took out her phone to call Michael.

Michael, clad only in a towel, ran to answer the knock on his door. He was surprised to see Rosalie, who needed to talk to him. She entered his apartment and apologized for causing trouble between Michael and Kiki. He accepted her apology. He told her that she could see herself out while he changed. Just then, Rosalie saw Nina's text. "Give it a rest," she said rolling her eyes. She opened the door to leave, and Kobe, Luke's thug, was standing there.

Kobe asked Rosalie if the apartment belonged to Michael. She confirmed it and told the man that Michael was getting changed, and she was on her way out. Kobe tried to push his way into the apartment, but Rosalie told him that he could wait outside. She asked for his name, and he called her nosy. "Old habits die hard," she explained. She asked again who he was and wondered if Kobe was trying to "surprise Michael or something." "Or something," Kobe said, and he pushed past her into the apartment. "Surprise," he called out and pointed a gun at Michael.

Michael said that if Kobe were there to rob him, the man could take whatever he wanted. Kobe informed Michael that he had a bullet "with your name on it." Michael told the man to let Rosalie go, but Kobe couldn't leave witnesses. Michael dropped his father's name and demanded to know who Kobe was working for. "Why the hell not? You might have heard of him," Kobe started, but he was cut off when Shawn kicked down the door and pointed his gun at Kobe.

Kiki thought it was strange that Michael hadn't answered the phone. She promised that Michael wouldn't say anything to Sonny and admitted that Michael had covered for Ava before. Ava blurted out that Michael was the reason why Sonny wanted her dead. Kiki and Morgan demanded that Ava tell them what was going on. "I saw Sonny kill Michael's father," Ava finally confessed.

. . .

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