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Monday, April 13, 2015

Luke woke up in his hospital bed and found Lulu sitting across the room. She confirmed that she'd been there all night and that Tracy and Bobbie were with Diane at the courthouse, "fighting for your future." Lulu thought that, after a psychiatric evaluation, the court would see that Luke belonged at Shadybrook until his hearing. Luke was convinced that he would be held at Pentonville because, "I deserve punishment."

Lulu reminded Luke that he wasn't a well man. He estimated that he deserved ten years in jail just for what he'd done to Valerie. "What about what she did to you?" Lulu countered. Luke explained that, while Lulu had seen what little good he'd done over the years, Valerie only knew the cruel version of Luke. Luke didn't want Lulu to hold a grudge against Valerie, because she was family.

Lulu vowed not to let anything happen to Luke and excused herself to "relieve Dante from Rocco duty." She didn't want to leave him alone but promised she would return later. When Lulu was gone, Luke looked down and saw his father's tattoo on his arm.

Moments later, Lulu returned, and Luke saw that the tattoo was gone. Lulu revealed that Bobbie had called her with the judge's decision. She promised that Diane was working to appeal the decision that Luke be held at Pentonville. Luke conceded that he had to pay for his crimes. Lulu cried that she didn't go through all the hard times to have Luke quit on her. She swore that she would never give up on Luke.

A few minutes later, Luke was alone, and he heard a voice say, "Looking for this?" Luke was surprised to look up and see his evil alter ego showing Tim Spencer's tattoo. "It's right here, just like me. Just like I always will be," evil Luke said.

At the hospital, Kiki and Morgan celebrated the fact that Kiki would soon be taking Avery home with her, just as someone entered Avery's hospital room. Morgan thought that what had happened was "for the best." A few minutes later, the two walked into Avery's room, but Avery was nowhere to be found.

The social worker walked into the room, and Morgan wondered where Avery was, because she was supposed to have been watching the baby. The social worker had been getting Avery's discharge papers and claimed that the medical staff was supposed to have stayed with Avery. Morgan made a phone call.

Dante tiptoed past a sleeping Valerie, but she sat up. He apologized for waking her, but she revealed that she hadn't slept anyway. He cited the day before as an eventful day for her. She felt terrible, but he urged her to stop beating herself up about it. She wondered why he hadn't arrested her "on the spot." Dante informed Valerie that he would have, had he thought that she actually would have killed Luke.

Valerie recognized that Patricia would have gone after Luke no matter what, so blaming Luke for Patricia's death seemed like "dishonoring" her mother's decision. She was happy that Patricia was no longer suffering and that her mother had gone out the way she would have wanted. She revealed that Dante had been the only reason she hadn't hurt Luke. She wondered how he'd known what to say.

Dante confided that he knew what it was like to be raised by a single mother and to have that mother mean everything to him. Dante related that he should despise Luke for what Luke had done to him, but he knew that Luke hadn't been "of sound mind."

Later, Dante was playing with Rocco. Valerie entered, and Dante introduced the two. Valerie told Dante that, though it was strange to have an entire family that she'd known nothing about, it was nice to know she had people to lean on. Dante knew the feeling and told her about the three siblings he'd found out about when he'd met his father. "Speaking of," Dante stated when he saw that Morgan was calling him. He answered the phone to a distressed Morgan, who told him that Avery had been taken.

Maxie answered her door to Nathan, and she wondered why he was there. Nathan admitted that he'd made a mistake, and he wanted another chance with her. He apologized for walking out on her and told her that they'd been through too much to be over. He told her that he loved her "with every fiber of my being." She told him to stop and walked away from him. He continued that he'd been an idiot and begged her to start again. Just then, Spinelli cleared his throat, alerting them of his presence.

Nathan thought he owed Spinelli an apology as well for hurting him in their boxing match. Spinelli put his arm around Maxie and informed Nathan that he and Maxie had decided to get back together. "It just happened one minute before you showed up," Maxie said glumly. Nathan congratulated them and maintained that all he wanted was for Maxie to be happy.

Just then, Nathan's phone rang. He answered it to Dante, who asked Nathan to meet him at the hospital. Nathan divulged that he had to go, and Maxie hoped to see him around. Nathan left, and Spinelli inferred that he'd interrupted a "moment." He wondered if Maxie regretted giving him another chance. Maxie maintained that she wanted to be with Spinelli. She wanted Georgie to have what she and Spinelli hadn't -- two available parents who loved each other. She claimed to be happy with her decision.

Spinelli swore that he'd caught "looks of yearning" between Maxie and Nathan and wondered if she still had feelings for Nathan. Maxie hated hurting Nathan but informed Spinelli that feelings didn't just disappear, just like she was sure Spinelli's feelings for Ellie hadn't either. Just then, Georgie began to cry, so Maxie went to get her. There was a knock on door as Spinelli soliloquized that "all's well that ends well." He knew that Maxie's feelings for Nathan would fade. He opened the door and was shocked to see Ellie.

Dante wondered if Valerie would mind watching Rocco until Lulu returned home. She agreed, and he promised that he owed her. He left, and Valerie played with Rocco. She told Rocco it had been cool to meet him and that he had a "cool name" and a "great dad." She revealed that she'd grown up without a father around, so Rocco would one day have to tell her what it was like having one. "Deal?" she asked, and he nodded.

"What the hell is going on?" Lulu demanded to know when she burst into the apartment. Valerie explained that Dante had asked Valerie to watch Rocco while he went to work. Lulu couldn't believe that Dante had left their son alone with someone who'd just tried to kill Luke. Valerie sincerely apologized to Lulu, who did the same to Valerie. Lulu explained that she'd just had to tell Luke that he had to wait for his hearing in Pentonville. Valerie hoped he would get through it.

Dante informed Morgan and Kiki that the footage from the security cameras was being pulled, and the hospital was being searched from top to bottom. He vowed not to rest until Avery was home. He wondered if there had been anyone suspicious around at the time of the baby's disappearance. "Your sister," Kiki said to Nathan.

Nathan divulged to Dante that Nina had been there to apologize to Silas. "Was that before or after she called my mom a home-wrecking whore?" Kiki spat. Nathan admitted that things between Nina and Kiki had escalated, but he'd stopped it. He offered to question Nina, but Kiki wanted someone else to do it. Nathan promised that he could get the answers from Nina if she was involved, and he left. Morgan suggested to Dante that Michael had taken Avery.

When Dante was gone, Kiki asked Morgan if he really thought Michael had taken Avery. He thought that explanation made as much sense as Nina taking the baby. Kiki moaned that Michael hadn't been crazy until they'd set him up, but Morgan insisted that it wasn't their fault. Kiki reasoned that, although they hadn't liked it, Avery had been safe with Michael. Morgan assured her that Avery would be found, and Kiki hoped it wasn't too late.

Sabrina carried a tray of refreshments for her and Michael in to the living room at the Quartermaine mansion, but Michael was nowhere to be found. Just then, Felix entered. He told Sabrina that he'd seen the footage of Michael tipping Avery's stroller over, and he wondered how Michael was doing. She answered that Avery had been taken away from Michael. "Can you blame them?" he wondered.

Felix continued that Michael had been "wasted" in the middle of the day. Sabrina responded that Michael had only had two drinks. Felix wondered if there had been anything else in Michael's system, and Sabrina handed him Michael's bottle of allergy pills. Like Sabrina, Felix thought that Michael only should have been drowsy. Sabrina suggested that the pills weren't the correct prescription.

Sabrina explained that she had easily switched Ava's prescription, and there were a lot of people who could benefit from Michael's downfall. Felix took one of the pills so he could get Brad to analyze it. Sabrina warned Felix that she didn't want Michael to know. Just then, Michael entered and wondered what Sabrina didn't want him to know.

Sabrina lied that she had asked Felix not to talk about Michael's "incident," because gossip traveled fast around the hospital. Michael replied that the damage had already been done. Felix left, and Sabrina expressed her surprise that Michael had gone out. He told her that he'd gone for a drive to clear his head. Sabrina asked him to promise not to try to see Avery. She knew that violating the court order would jeopardize his case for custody.

Sabrina thought that Michael should let Alexis take care of everything. Michael blamed the whole situation on himself and thought he needed to make it right. She warned him not to do anything drastic. Just then, Sabrina's phone rang. She answered it to Felix, who informed her that Avery had been kidnapped. As if on cue, Dante entered, wanting to talk to Michael about Avery.

There was a knock on Franco's door, and he expected to see Nina when he opened it. Instead, he saw Scott. Franco explained his disappointment to his father, who offered for Franco to stay with him. He wondered how Franco and Nina were paying for their suite. Franco lied that he'd sold some art online. Scott wondered if Franco and Nina were an "item." Franco replied that he liked Nina "a lot." He just wished he knew where she'd gone.

Franco explained to Scott why Nina had run out. Scott didn't think Franco and Nina together were a good idea, anyway, but Franco claimed they were both getting new starts. Just then, Nina entered. She told Scott how much she was looking forward to seeing more of him. Scott revealed that he'd just found out that their "friend" Luke was going to Pentonville, and Scott left.

Franco wondered where Nina had gone. She informed him that she'd gone to the hospital to apologize to Silas, and it had gone "really well." Nathan entered the room and told Nina that he needed to ask her some question about a "missing baby."

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