Monday, July 27, 2015

Nathan demanded to know where Nina had gotten Avery's blanket. Nina turned on Ric and asked how he could have called the cops after claiming to want to protect her. Nathan assured Nina that he'd visited to see how she was doing, since Madeline had expressed her concern to him. He confessed to her that he was "obligated to uncover the truth," so he would have to take the blanket to the police station if it was evidence. Ric refused to let Nathan take the blanket and said it was "private property."

Nathan thought that, if he could prove that the blanket wasn't connected to Avery's kidnapping, he could put Nina's mind at ease. "We're finished here," Ric stated. Nathan agreed to leave but informed Ric that he was taking Nina with him. He wanted to talk to Nina and help her. She thought it was a good idea. Ric told her that cops always made someone trust them just to twist words later on.

Nathan pleaded that Nina was the reason he was in law enforcement in the first place, because he'd wanted justice for his sister. Ric advised Nina not to go with Nathan and warned her that if she did, she would end up in jail. "You have to leave," Nina told Nathan. Nathan threw the blanket down, glared at Ric, and stormed out. Nina wanted to call Nathan, but Ric reminded her about how Nathan had teamed up with Franco. He told her that he was the only person she could trust.

Kiki knocked on the door of Julian's penthouse, calling out for Denise. Ava begged Franco not to tell Kiki about Ava and Morgan. Franco thought that either he should tell Kiki right away, or Kiki would one day walk in on Ava and Morgan. Ava vowed to "throw myself into helping you get Nina back." Franco opened the door to a confused Kiki. She observed how the two seemed to be very committed to the fake relationship. "Relationships are never what they appear to be," Franco said cryptically.

Ava explained that Franco was just worried that Nina and Ric were "on the up and up." Kiki assured her "aunt" that she didn't have to continue the charade if she no longer wanted to and advised Franco to give up the "bull" about Denise and Morgan. She knew that neither Denise nor Morgan would hurt her like that anyway. Franco chuckled at Kiki's words and half-heartedly apologized for being "out of line."

Kiki expressed her sympathy that Sonny wouldn't let Denise see Avery. Ava replied that she still had faith. Kiki was glad that Denise was all right, because she felt better about going away for the weekend. Ava overenthusiastically wished Kiki a great time. Kiki warned Franco not to "con" Denise into anything she didn't want to do, and she left.

Franco advised Ava not to get any "bright ideas" about spending time with Morgan while Kiki was away. He also informed her that she needed to "step up your game" in the Nina department. She wondered how, to which he replied, "Figure it out." He left, and she told herself, "I can do this." She picked up her phone and called Nina, who answered the phone promptly. She invited Nina over for breakfast the next morning and promised that Nina would be happy once she heard why she was invited. Ava added that she needed to talk to Nina about Franco.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, Valerie thought about her and Dante.

Inside the restaurant, Madeline wanted to "chat" with Maxie about Nathan, "and why you think you're good enough for my son." She didn't believe in wasting her own time, or her son's time. Madeline did believe that Maxie was "lesser bred," and "one neighborhood down the dirt road from trailer trash." Maxie insisted that she was "dignified, sophisticated, and genteel." Just then, Maxie saw Valerie enter the restaurant. "What the hell is that home-wrecking bitch doing here?" she blurted out.

Maxie realized her faux pas and invited Valerie to join her and Madeline. A confused Valerie told Maxie that she was just looking for an earring she'd lost at the restaurant earlier. Maxie got on the floor, picked up an earring that she saw, and handed it to Valerie. She introduced Valerie and Madeline, who wondered why Maxie thought that Valerie was a "home-wrecking bitch."

"Is that what you think of me?" Valerie asked in disbelief. Maxie clarified that she was standing up for her friend whose husband Valerie had kissed. Maxie challenged that Valerie hadn't been telling the whole truth, since she'd never mentioned to Lulu that Maxie and Nathan had stopped by on the Fourth of July. Valerie maintained her innocence and thanked Maxie for finding her earring. Valerie glared at Maxie and stormed out of the restaurant.

Madeline expressed her surprise that, through all of Maxie's bullying, Valerie had still taken "the high road." Maxie wondered if Madeline knew what it was like to even have friends to stick up for and told the woman to "go to hell." She'd wanted to make a good impression on Madeline, since she was Nathan's mother, but commented that Madeline wasn't even Nathan's real mother. She hoped that Madeline loved Nathan more than Nina, considering the actions that had landed Madeline in jail.

Madeline reminded Maxie that Maxie had also spent some time in Pentonville. Nathan stood out of sight at the two women hurled insults at each other. Maxie settled on Madeline's clothes, which Madeline called "vintage." "They're hideous. Just like your soul," Maxie growled.

Nathan returned and expressed how glad he was that he'd seen Nina. Madeline wanted details, but Nathan warned her to "stay out of it." Madeline told Nathan that Maxie had been "horrible" to her while he was gone. "I'm not even done," Maxie shot back. Nathan informed them that he'd heard. He knew that Madeline had provoked Maxie and that Maxie wasn't afraid to stand up for herself, which was something that he loved about her. Arms around each other, they walked away from a livid Madeline.

Morgan sat down at the Floating Rib a few seats away from Dillon, who was working on his script. He noticed Morgan and offered to buy him a beer. Morgan told Dillon that he was waiting for his girlfriend. Dillon assured Morgan that he was trying to "pick you up." He offered to buy Morgan a beer in exchange for Morgan helping Dillon with his script. Morgan reluctantly agreed, and the two went to a table.

Dillon and Morgan introduced themselves, and they both realized that they should have recognized the other. Dillon asked about Morgan's girlfriend. In his brief explanation, Morgan mentioned Kiki's last name, which Dillon recognized. Dillon joked that Morgan and Kiki were like the Romeo and Juliet of the mob world. Morgan wondered if Dillon was seeing anyone. He explained that the last girl he'd dated was in Los Angeles, and she'd cheated on him. Morgan quickly became more interested in the script.

Morgan commented on the extensive notes in the margins of the script. Dillon explained that Lulu had helped him out when they'd gone out of town. He went on about how smart, funny, and beautiful Lulu was. Morgan reminded Dillon that Lulu was married to Morgan's brother. Dillon explained that he and Lulu were old friends. Morgan got up to call Kiki, and Dillon went back to the bar for another round.

Just then, Valerie entered the bar and ordered a drink. Dillon wondered if something had happened. She explained about her encounter with Maxie. She blamed herself for the whole situation, but Dillon reminded her that everyone had made mistakes. She wanted to prove that she wasn't trying to get between Lulu and Dante. Dillon suggested that she go out with him. "Why not? Let's make a date," she said. They clinked their glasses together and took a drink.

A short while later, Kiki arrived at the Floating Rib as Morgan was starting a game of pool. She told him that Denise was distracted from the Avery situation by helping Franco with Nina, so she felt better leaving town. Morgan wanted to "make the most" of the night with Kiki.

Hugging Lulu, Dante assured her that he never wanted to lose her, and she agreed. Dante promised to be "the best husband on the planet," and he took a jewelry box out of his pocket. She told him that she didn't want it, and he wondered why. She appreciated all the effort he'd been making, but she didn't need the gift. All she needed was time to get the image of Dante and Valerie kissing out of her head. He implored her to tell him what he could do. She knew he was working hard, and she didn't want to be so dramatic. She reasoned that things could have gone much further than just a kiss.

Just then, Laura entered the Haunted Star. She apologized for interrupting, but she thought Lulu should know that Luke was planning to leave town that night. Lulu left the ship immediately. When Laura and Dante were alone, she was happy for the chance to talk about Dante and Valerie.

Laura explained that there were "detours" in all relationship that sometimes never led back to the "original path." She recognized that Dante and Lulu were willing to work through things together, which was "a great place to start." Dante thanked Laura for understanding and assured her that he'd never meant to hurt Lulu. She hugged her son-in-law and advised him to forgive himself.

Sonny arrived at the docks, and one of his men informed him that they'd caught an intruder, possibly the one who'd been behind the hijacking of the shipment. A few of Sonny's men dragged Luke to Sonny. Sonny ordered them to let Luke go because Luke wasn't a threat to them. "Not like I've given you no cause for concern," Luke joked. Sonny dismissed his men.

Sonny warned Luke that the area was no longer safe, since someone was once again making a move on Sonny's territory. Luke explained that he was waiting for a boat because he was leaving Port Charles "for good." He needed to get his life together and knew that he had a long way to go. Sonny could relate to the "demons" and suggested that Luke needed the people he loved to help get him through it. Luke thought he'd caused too much damage.

Sonny marveled over how much he and Luke had been through together. Luke commented that they wouldn't have met if it hadn't been for Frank Smith. "Are you sure he's dead this time?" Sonny asked. Luke showed Sonny his gun, which was the gun he'd used to kill Frank. He wanted Sonny to have the gun because he was trying to get away from "that life." Luke asked Sonny to watch over Lulu and Rocco. Sonny's voice broke as he assured Luke that the two were family. The old friends hugged. Luke wanted Sonny to tell Lulu that Luke loved her. Just then, Lulu appeared and told Luke to tell her himself.

Luke apologized for never being in the running for "father of the year," but Lulu assured him that he'd taken the title. She acknowledged that he'd always been there when she'd needed him. He knew that she was smart and strong enough to handle whatever life threw at her because "you're a Spencer." "Damn right I am," she replied proudly. He promised that she would always be "my one and only baby girl." Both cried and hugged as they exchanged "I love you's."

A short while later, Lulu returned to the Haunted Star. Laura comforted a tearful Lulu and promised that Lulu would see her father again. Lulu handed Laura an envelope with "Angel" written on it that Luke had wanted Lulu to give to Laura.

Luke told Sonny to take care of Port Charles because the town needed him. Sonny promised that he wasn't going anywhere. Choked up, Sonny wished Luke luck, patted him on the back, and left. "Goodbye, Port Charles. Good luck to you," Luke said, smiling. His boat arrived, and he walked toward it.

This episode featured the song "The Lovely Years" by Fisher.

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