Monday, June 27, 2016

Monica saw Tracy and Michael at the hospital and wondered why they were on the pediatric floor. She recognized that they were trying to block her from going into a certain room and demanded to know why. Tracy yanked Monica away to talk, and Michael went in the direction of the room. Valerie, in uniform, approached the sisters-in-law and made sure everything was all right. Monica assured Valerie that everything was fine and thanked her for the extra security around the hospital.

When Valerie was gone, Tracy disclosed that Finn was in the room, treating baby Edward. She added that she trusted Finn and asked Monica to "turn your back." Monica agreed that the baby's health was more important than the rules, and they went off together toward the room.

Inside the hospital room, Felix assisted Finn with the baby as Sabrina tearfully listed for Finn all the places she'd taken Edward. The list included Canada, the Grand Keys, London, Brussels, and Puerto Rico. She thought that she was being punished for her mistake of going off with Carlos, but Michael calmly reassured her. As Sabrina told Finn that Edward had been unlike himself starting the previous night, Liesl burst into the room, demanding that Finn "step away from the baby."

Liesl informed Sabrina of the suspicions surrounding Finn, but Sabrina insisted that her baby needed treatment. Liesl vowed to stop the "illegal actions," but Michael grabbed her as Felix opened a closet door, and they threw her in, blocking the door with a chair. At Finn's request, Sabrina listed all the solid foods that Edward had eaten but got on the phone to ask the nanny about any others. Just then, Valerie entered the room, threatening to arrest Finn if he didn't step away from the baby.

Valerie informed the group that Liesl had called 9-1-1, and as if on cue, Liesl banged on the closet door. As Valerie let Liesl out, Sabrina told Finn that the nanny had given Edward a taste of her yogurt, which had contained honey. Finn finally diagnosed Edward with botulism and instructed Felix on what medicines to get. Valerie directed Finn to get away from the baby, or she would have to restrain him. "You're gonna have to," he challenged while still working on the baby.

Sabrina pleaded with Valerie to let Finn do his job and save her son while Liesl argued against it. Felix returned with the necessary medication. After careful consideration, Valerie asked what Finn needed to do in order to save the baby's life, and he quickly explained it, adding that she could arrest him afterward. Valerie told him to "do what you need to do." Liesl loudly protested, but Valerie threatened her with a citation if she didn't leave the room with Valerie, so the two women left.

By the time Tracy and Monica entered the room, Finn was explaining to Sabrina that Edward would need to return for tests, but he thought that the baby would make a full recovery. "I'm to blame," he told Monica, and he asked that Felix face no consequences for helping Finn. Felix didn't think that Finn should have any consequences either. Sabrina said that she would always be grateful to Finn for saving Edward's life. Tracy wondered where he was going as he exited the room. "To jail," he smiled, and he walked straight up to Valerie. He thanked her for letting him do his job and allowed her to do hers. To Tracy's shock, Valerie cuffed Finn and read him his rights.

As Carlos observed, Julian remarked that he'd known that Alexis would easily make bail, but he wished she'd told him about her arraignment. She tersely replied that she didn't want his support or money, so he could leave. He refused to leave. Just then, Alexis thought she was going to be sick, so she ran to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Alexis tried to talk herself into getting Julian to admit to Carlos' murder while she recorded it on her phone.

"You're losing your touch," Carlos taunted, and Julian ordered him to leave. Carlos advised Julian that he could easily make Alexis' death look like an accident by way of poisoning. Alexis returned, and Julian offered to make her some tea, which she accepted. She looked at her phone and found that the battery was dead. Julian grabbed the phone to charge it for her. A short while later, he returned with tea and crackers. Carlos wondered if Julian had put in the "secret ingredient."

Julian asked Alexis about her case, which she explained was airtight. She explained that, aside from the murder weapon with her fingerprints on it, she'd had the means, motive, and opportunity, so Diane wasn't confident. When she got up to get her phone, Julian angrily muttered to Carlos that he hadn't put anything in Alexis' tea. "It's her life or yours," Carlos reminded Julian.

Alexis returned and stealthily hit record on her phone, and she put it down. Julian couldn't stand that he was losing her, and she replied that he'd lost her when he'd murdered Carlos. He revealed that he'd thought their life would be better without Carlos. She informed him that his children would turn on him if he allowed her to take the fall for him. She accused him of only caring about the fact that he wasn't in jail. She wanted to be alone, so she grabbed her phone and went upstairs to take a bath.

"A slip in the tub is better than poison," Carlos remarked. Julian refused to hurt Alexis and thought back to the last time they'd shared a bath. He thought that he could win Alexis back with a little time.

Upstairs, Alexis stood in front of the full bath. She took off her robe and, as she took a step, Julian grabbed her ankle. He pushed her head under the water and held it there. He broke away from the fantasy, and Carlos told him that he would grieve, but then he would be free. Carlos disappeared, and Julian headed up the stairs.

In a small town in England, Sam and Jason talked through their case in a pub. They speculated on how Nikolas and Ava had escaped. Sam regretted not getting a statement from Huxley about Nikolas being alive, but Jason doubted Huxley would have helped them. Sam turned on her tablet to check the news in Port Charles, and to see if there was any news about Jason or Nikolas. A shocked Sam flipped the tablet around to show Jason the front-page news about Alexis being arrested for Carlos' murder.

Sam wondered why no one had called her with the news. She urged Jason to say what they both were thinking: that Alexis was taking the fall for Julian for some reason. Sam wanted to go home to be with her mother but made Jason stay. She told him to be careful and warned him not to kill Nikolas. He promised to take Nikolas back to Port Charles. They shared a kiss, and Sam left.

A short while later, Sam was at the airport, and she and Jason exchanged "I miss you" texts. Sam texted Alexis and assured her mother that she was on her way home. Alexis, who was lounging in the tub, replied that Sam didn't need to return home. Just as Alexis set the phone back down and closed her eyes, Julian appeared behind her in the bathroom.

Nikolas returned to the cabin and assured Ava that there was no sign of Huxley. She bashfully asked what had happened the night before, because the last thing she remembered was drinking the liquor she'd found. "Nothing inappropriate," Nikolas said. He informed her that she'd spilled some on her shirt, so he'd given his shirt to her.

Ava wondered if Nikolas still planned to go to Amsterdam, but he replied that the destination had changed. He didn't want to tell her where, just in case there was a reward for information about him. She reminded him of how much they'd been through together. He told her that she could go home and be with her daughters. However, Ava didn't want to go home just in case Huxley found her. Nikolas discovered that Ava had been lying about not having the real statue and realized that she'd been trying to sell the fake one. He asked where the real statue was. "A safe place," she replied.

Nikolas was angry that Ava had risked his life as well as her own. She reminded him that he wasn't innocent himself, as Jason was being blamed for Nikolas' murder. He revealed that he'd tried to frame Hayden. He planned to get to his destination then call for Spencer. Nikolas urged Ava to give Huxley the real statue, but she didn't want to and refused to tell him the reason why.

Ava wondered where Nikolas was going to go and if she could go with him. He wanted to be alone, but she thought that going back to Port Charles herself wouldn't be good for him, since she knew "too much." He accused her of blackmail, but she only asked what his decision was.

Later, Jason arrived at the empty cabin. He looked around and found the empty bottle of liquor and a familiar earring.

. . .

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