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Monday, January 16, 2017

Griffin stiffly told Julian that his vitals were good, but they would have to get Julian's test results back to confirm his improving health. Julian hoped it wouldn't take too long, since his driver was waiting for him. Griffin left to check on the tests, and Julian pulled out his phone and called Alexis. He left her a message checking up on her. Just then, an unhappy Rudge entered Julian's room. He informed Julian of the lengths he and their boss had needed to go to in order to make sure Jason didn't gather more information. Rudge demanded that Julian "get rid of him. Tonight."

Julian refused to kill his daughter's husband and told Rudge that he was "done." Griffin returned and wondered if he was interrupting something. Julian lied that Rudge was his driver and had entered to assist Julian. Griffin told Julian that his scans were fine, so he was free to go. When Griffin was gone, Rudge asked again if Julian would take care of Jason. Julian was sick of living as a prisoner in his own life. He'd lost his family "because of everything you made me do for you last year." He refused to cooperate and threatened to tell his family everything.

Rudge reminded Julian that his family wouldn't be safe if Julian talked. "To hell with you," Julian replied. He thought that it was time for "the boss" to worry about what Julian would do. He assured Rudge that Julian was a "powerful enemy." He left, and Rudge made a call.

Sonny stood outside and tried to get his ankle monitor off but stopped when it began beeping. He went back inside and thought about his last conversation with Nelle. Just then, Sam and Jason entered the house. Sonny related that he was going "stir crazy," and that "a luxury cage is still a cage." Sonny wondered about Jason's progress. Sam revealed that the pawnshop had been owned by a "dummy corporation." Jason still believed that Julian was partially responsible for Morgan's death.

Sam went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Sonny took the opportunity to ask Jason to reconsider taking over a role in Sonny's business. Sam overheard and smiled as Jason told Sonny that his place was with his wife and kids. Sonny asked Jason to think about it just as Sam returned. Sam and Jason said goodbye and left. Outside, Sam admitted that she'd heard Jason and Sonny's conversation. He assured her that he was done with the business. Just then, Sam felt some pain, so the two left for the hospital.

A short while later, Griffin arrived at Sonny's door, and Sonny let him in. He wondered if Sonny had been able to find any measure of peace. Sonny said that he was "getting there," but that it felt good knowing that he wasn't at fault. He told Griffin about the investigation, and Griffin was happy for Sonny. Sensing that Sonny wasn't happy, he wondered what was going on. Sonny didn't want to burden him, but Griffin offered to listen, citing that something had made him want to visit Sonny. Sonny confided that he'd slept with someone other than Carly.

Sonny explained that he'd been hurt after Carly had walked out. He'd started drinking heavily, and he'd heard that she'd kissed her ex. He knew that the one-night stand should never have happened. He continued that the woman wasn't only close to the family, but she was getting closer to Michael. Sonny hoped for some advice from Griffin. Griffin, who wasn't judging, explained that either "the truth will set you free," or "the damage is already done." Griffin advised Sonny to think and pray on it, and he left.

At the Metro Court, Nelle helped Olivia organize the details for the last-minute wedding. Olivia didn't recognize one of the waiters, and Nelle revealed that she'd taken on some temps for the two events going on at the hotel that day. Olivia thanked Nelle for all of her help and instructed her to take the rest of the day off. As Nelle was leaving, she bumped into Michael, who was dropping off Dante's tuxedo. Michael confessed that he needed a little fun after a long day at work, and he invited Nelle.

Michael and Nelle drank hot chocolate at Perks, and Michael remembered how he'd followed Nelle there and convinced her to stay. Both were glad that she'd stayed. Michael wanted to go ice-skating, but Nelle refused. He offered to teach her, but she informed him that she'd been almost Olympic-caliber good at skating. She explained that coaches and tournaments had cost money that her parents hadn't had, so she'd given up on what her father had a called a "pipe dream." She hadn't skated since. She added that she'd grown up fast.

Michael advised Nelle not to wallow in pain and let the bad memories define her. He told her to let go of her baggage. "It's easy to let go when you grew up in luxury," Nelle replied. Michael insisted that he'd been through a lot like she had, so she had to keep living her life. She wondered how he always managed to stay so positive. He revealed that he didn't like "the alternative." He explained that he strived to make one happy memory every day so that he was always looking forward and never looking back. He asked if she wanted to skate and held out his hand. She grabbed it.

At the Metro Court, Curtis ran into Jordan. He offered to help her with the investigation of Julian's car bombing if it was on his terms. He told her all about Buzz, who he'd "stashed somewhere safe." She wanted to get the man's statement, but he'd given Buzz his word that Curtis would keep him safe. He offered to take Jordan to Buzz in order to get a statement. She immediately agreed, and Curtis offered to set up the meeting for the next day. She made sure that it was all right, as knowing Buzz's location still posed a risk to him, but Curtis assured her that he trusted her. Jordan thanked him and walked away.

Nina paced around Crimson until Nathan entered wondering what the emergency was. Nina informed him that she and Dillon had left Maxie alone for "two seconds," but she'd been gone when they'd returned. She added that they'd looked everywhere, and Maxie wasn't answering her phone.

Lulu was happy to see Robin when she arrived at the Metro Court. Robin vowed to make sure that Maxie made it down the aisle. Just then, Lulu got a text message and said, "Uh-oh." A few minutes later, Robin, Lulu, and Dante burst into the Crimson office. Nina explained the situation. Lulu easily got into Maxie's computer, and Nathan found that Maxie had gotten a car to take her to the airport. Nathan chastised himself for thinking Maxie could handle everything that had happened.

Maxie arrived at a ticket desk at the airport and asked for a seat on the next flight to Portland, Oregon. The attendant informed her that there were already thirty-six people on standby for the flight, so she was better off booking a different flight and returning. Maxie explained the awful situation about her recent troubles with her "hot and sexy," fluent French-speaking cop fiancť but was interrupted when she heard a voice call out, "Maximista?"

Maxie was thrilled but confused to see Spinelli at the airport. He claimed that he was helping Sam out on a job. She told him that she wanted to see Georgie, so she was going to Portland. Spinelli answered that Ellie had taken Georgie to Disney World on her week off. Maxie was instantly upset that she wasn't the one to take Georgie on her first trip to Disney. "I'm going to Disney!" she stated as she made her way back to the ticket desk.

Spinelli wondered what Maxie's rush out of town was about. She thought that she would give Nathan some space after all that had happened. "I imagine the last thing he wants is space from the person he loves most in the world," Spinelli assured her. He revealed that he'd rented a car, so she should go with him back to town. He urged her to talk to Nathan, because "he might surprise you."

A short while later, Maxie wondered why Spinelli had taken her to Crimson. She didn't want to see anything else having to do with a wedding. He led her into Nina's office, where she found Robin and Lulu standing with bouquets. "Surprise! Welcome to your wedding day!" Lulu exclaimed. Nina explained to a confused Maxie that Maxie was going to marry Nathan that night. She realized that Spinelli had known, and he admitted that Georgie was with Mac.

Felicia told Maxie that Nathan and Dante were out searching for her, and Spinelli offered to "alert Nathan." A crying Maxie thought that everything they'd done was "wonderful," but she didn't want to force Nathan down the aisle. Lulu informed her friend that the whole thing had been Nathan's idea. Nina told Maxie that Nathan "would move mountains to be with you. There's nothing he would rather do than spend the rest of his life with you."

Nathan and Dante arrived at the ticket desk and showed their badges. The attendant knew that they needed a warrant from the state or federal police in order to get any information out of him. Nathan admitted that they weren't there on official business. He explained that he was looking for his fiancťe. "Do you speak French?" the attendant asked. "Oui," Nathan replied. The attendant informed Nathan that the woman hadn't bought a ticket from him, but she'd talked about going to Disney. As Nathan looked at all the flights going to Orlando, Dante's phone rang. Spinelli informed Dante that Maxie had been "recovered," and she was getting ready at that moment.

At the Metro Court, the temp that Nelle had hired took a call from Rudge. Rudge told the temp that Julian wasn't cooperating, so they were going ahead with their plan to "incentivize" Julian. Nearby, Olivia called Ned and told him that she would be picking Leo up from the babysitter. She got on the elevator, and the temp followed her on.

At Perks, Rudge called his boss. He informed her that Julian had threatened to talk to his family, but he assured her that everything had been "handled." He added that Julian had been sent a message that he couldn't ignore.

Sam was embarrassed to have had Jason take her to the hospital again for no reason. She realized that she really did need to start taking it easy. Jason wondered if she wanted to skip the wedding. She didn't want to, but "curling up on the couch with you sounds really good right now." Jason figured Maxie would understand. The elevator doors opened, and Julian emerged. Jason said they could take the stairs, but Julian stopped them. He had something to tell them, but Sam and Jason agreed that it could wait, and they didn't want to hear more of his lies. Julian insisted that it was something they needed to hear.

Nathan and Dante returned to the Metro Court, and Spinelli handed Dante his tuxedo. Dante told Spinelli, "I owe you!" Nathan related that he owed Dante for helping him out. Dante knew that Nathan would have done the same for him. Nathan continued that Dante was more than just his partner on the police force. He thought of Dante as family, like a brother. He was honored to have Dante stand by him at his wedding, and Dante repeated the sentiment. The two embraced.

Lulu, Robin, Felicia, and Nina all contributed something to Maxie for her "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Maxie was all ready, and Olivia entered to tell the wedding party to get a move on. Maxie told her friends and family that she was lucky to have them, and she treasured them all. The women shared a group hug. Each woman grabbed part of Maxie's dress and held it up as they hastened to the elevator. Olivia told them to go ahead, and she would take the next one. Just then, Olivia got a frantic phone call. "Leo?" she exclaimed, clearly scared.

On the next General Hospital...

• Nathan and Maxie spend their first night as husband and wife together

• Elizabeth runs into Brad at the Floating Rib during her search for Franco

• Scott questions Gene about Alexis

• Charlotte gets upset and refuses to believe that Lulu is her mother

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