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Monday, October 24, 2016

Sonny begged Carly to return home, and the two shared a kiss. The doorbell interrupted them, and Carly answered the door to Dante. He entered the house and informed the two that something had been found at the crash scene. He took an evidence bag out of his pocket and held it out to Carly. She recognized it as the jade necklace she'd given to Morgan shortly before he'd died. Sonny wondered if there was any evidence that Morgan could still be alive. "Is that possible?" Carly jumped in.

Dante informed Sonny and Carly that no evidence had been found at all, but every inch of the crash site was being searched. Carly gave Dante the date of Morgan's funeral, and Dante left, but not before promising to "bring whoever killed Morgan to justice." Carly wondered if they should push the funeral date back just in case anything they could actually bury was found.

Kiki entered the house and apologized for Sonny and Carly's loss in addition to the pain she'd caused him before he'd died. Carly wanted an explanation from Kiki. She reluctantly explained that Morgan had been upset because he'd thought that something had been going on between Kiki and Dillon. Carly went off on Kiki for hurting Morgan. Ashamed, Kiki continued that she had planned to break up with Morgan the night he'd died.

Carly yelled at Kiki for abandoning Morgan when he'd needed her the most. She called Kiki a liar and a "pathetic, petty little girl" who hadn't had the "strength, courage, or love" to stand by Morgan. On her way upstairs, Carly demanded that Kiki leave the house. Sonny hugged and comforted a sobbing Kiki.

When Kiki calmed down a little, she swore to Sonny that, while she knew she'd "screwed up," she really had loved Morgan, but Sonny assured her that he knew that. He was grateful that Morgan had gotten to experience love. As Carly hovered from the top of the steps, Sonny told Kiki that Morgan would want her to forgive herself. She thanked him and left.

When Kiki was gone, Carly badmouthed Kiki for taking the "easier" route by leaving Morgan for another guy. Sonny reminded her that Kiki was "a kid," and he knew who Carly was really angry at. "Everyone," she replied. She asked him to leave because she only saw the man who'd killed her son when she looked at him. He sadly left.

Finn told a sleeping Hayden that she looked so beautiful that he hated to have to wake her. "Time to wake up, sleepy girl," he said softly, gently moving the hair off her face. She jolted awake and yelled, "Don't touch me!" Finn backed away and assured her that he wasn't trying to hurt her. She wondered what he was doing there, but he gently reminded her that it was his room and that she'd slept over before. She admitted that it had spun less the last time. He handed her water and aspirin as she wondered how she'd ended up there. He showed her the huge check to remind her.

A short while later, Hayden emerged from the bathroom, freshly showered. Hayden was impressed with herself for getting the check and related that scamming was in her blood. Just then, she remembered that she wasn't actually Raymond Berlin's daughter. She wondered what Finn was going to use the money for. He answered that, while he appreciated the gesture, he couldn't accept the check for fear of her safety from Evan. She assured him that everything would be fine.

Hayden remembered Finn breaking down Evan's door, and she thought it was "awesome." She cringed when she remembered accusing him of wanting to sleep with her. She assured him that he could tell her that he wasn't interested, because she was a "big girl." He admitted that "I am interested. Very interested." However, he thought getting together would be a "horrible idea," since he thought that he wasn't going to be around much longer. She demanded that he use the check to find himself a cure, or they could go to the Bahamas and "live!"

Hayden went off about how being with Finn was a risk, but she liked taking risks. Finn interrupted her by grabbing her, looking into her eyes, and kissing her deeply. "I had you all wrong," she teased, realizing that he liked risks too. "You ain't seen nothing yet," he said, kissing her again and lying her down on the couch.

Anna looked at Valentin's dossier on her phone and related that he looked very familiar. Walking by, Laura overheard Anna talking about Valentin and stopped to talk. Anna introduced Griffin and Charlotte to Laura, and Griffin explained the possible connection of Valentin and Claudette to Laura. Laura warned that Valentin would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. Laura's date, Kevin, entered the restaurant, so she congratulated Griffin on his daughter and joined Kevin at a table.

Kevin noticed that Laura seemed preoccupied, and she told him about her conversation about Valentin. She wanted to concentrate on them and their date, and they toasted to that. A few minutes later, Kevin found himself distracted by Valentin. Laura suggested they keep going on dates until they got it "right." She had to remind herself that neither Helena nor Valentin could touch her where they were.

Anna wondered why Valentin seemed so familiar to her. She rattled off all the crimes he'd committed and figured she would have remembered him had she busted him for one of them. Griffin blamed himself for Claudette getting involved with Valentin. Just then, Charlotte slammed her coloring book down and demanded to see her mother. Griffin remarked that Claudette had been upstairs for a while, so he left to check on her.

Taped to the chair in the basement, Maxie couldn't believe the man had left her to die. She reminded herself that she was "the daughter of Frisco and Felicia. I laugh in the face of danger." She eventually succeeded in ripping the tape off her wrists and ankles, and she ran up the stairs, only to find that the door was locked from the outside. She looked around the basement for things to use to either pick the lock, or break the door down. In her search, she found a cell phone, which miraculously had power.

Claudette swore to Nathan that her pristine room had been ransacked the night before, but he still didn't believe her. When he turned to leave, he caught sight of a bracelet on the nightstand, and he recognized it as Maxie's. He demanded to know where Maxie was. He deduced that Maxie had gone looking for Claudette, and whoever had ransacked Claudette's room had found Maxie instead of Claudette.

A few minutes later, Nathan was on the phone with hotel security and demanded to review the footage of all hotel exits from the last eighteen hours. Dante entered Claudette's room and reported that Maxie's car was still in the garage. Nathan's phone rang, and he was shocked to hear Maxie's voice on the other end.

Maxie explained that she was in a basement somewhere, and the door was locked. She'd gotten there in the trunk of the man's car, so she had no idea where she was. She revealed that her kidnapper had broken something so there was gas leaking. He begged for any kind of clue as to where she was, starting with how long the ride there had been. She told him that the drive had been no longer than fifteen minutes. Just then, she remembered hearing the "annoying song" that the local hot dog shop played on repeat. Suddenly, Nathan heard nothing but static on the phone, and Maxie had passed out.

A short while later, Nathan and Dante burst through the basement door. Nathan picked Maxie up and carried her up the stairs and outside. He begged her to open her eyes, and when she finally did, she was happy to see Nathan. Dante left to look for the "perp." Nathan wanted to take her to the hospital, but first, he kissed her.

Claudette was packing when Griffin knocked on the door. She hid her suitcase and let him in. He wondered what had been taking her so long, and she lied that she'd thought someone had been following her, but it had been a false alarm. He informed her that Charlotte had been asking for her. She replied that he was a wonderful father and would take good care of their daughter. He realized that she was planning on leaving Charlotte with Griffin and running away.

Claudette insisted that she had no choice, because Valentin's reach was so long. She believed that Charlotte would be safer with Griffin. He reminded her that Anna was going to help and pleaded with her to stay. She finally gave in and went to get her purse. She asked him to get her phone, and while he was turned around, she hit him over the head with a decoration.

Griffin was passed out on the floor as Claudette gathered her belongings. She started to cry as she looked at Charlotte's teddy bear. She apologized to an unconscious Griffin and asked him to take care of Charlotte. She left the room.

At the restaurant, Anna and Charlotte decided to check on Griffin and Claudette. As Griffin woke up and called security, Anna and Charlotte entered Claudette's room. He explained to Anna what had happened and that Claudette was "skipping town."

Claudette arrived on the plane for Calgary and sat down in relief. She was looking at a picture of Charlotte when she heard a man singing "O Canada." Her eyes widened as she recognized the voice, and Valentin sat down next to her. He said that she was in possession of something she'd stolen from him.

. . .

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