Monday, August 24, 2015

One of Sonny's guards announced a visitor, and Julian entered the room. Sonny wondered if Julian was there to confess his sins. He poured two drinks and offered to forgive all of Julian's transgressions if he would report to Sonny. He offered to "take care of your loyalty problem" and "exterminate" the man claiming to be under Julian's orders. Julian suddenly exploded on Sonny, accusing him of hiring the "plant" and setting Julian up. "You think I attacked my own organization?" Sonny asked.

Sonny wanted to tell Julian something about Alexis. He informed Julian that Alexis was intelligent, and she wouldn't let Julian lie to her forever. She would leave him and turn on him. Sonny wanted Julian where he belonged, "with my boot on your neck." Julian warned that, while Sonny was attacking Julian, Sonny's "true enemy" would have his "gun at your back."

Alexis was at Julian's, watching the news about Franco's trial, when there was a knock on the door. Alexis was delighted to answer the door to Sam. Sam inquired after Julian, who Alexis said had "important business" to attend to. Alexis observed that Sam seemed to think that Julian was "up to something." "Don't you?" Sam wondered. She wanted to know Julian's side of the story and reminded Alexis that Julian was "capable of anything."

Alexis was relying on her instincts and her faith. She thought she would drive herself crazy second-guessing everything about Julian, and she vowed to trust him until he gave her a reason not to. She told Sam that she envied Sam and Jason's relationship: they'd made no compromises, and they hadn't tried to change each other.

Changing the subject, Alexis asked about Sam, who said she'd be all right once Franco's trial was over. She admitted that she wasn't sure that Franco had killed Silas, and Kiki wasn't either. Alexis promised that "someone" would pay for killing Silas. Sam acknowledged how much the late doctor had done for her and Danny. He'd saved Danny's life, and he'd shown Sam that she was capable of loving again. She would be "forever grateful" to Silas for that.

Sam excused herself because she was going to pick Patrick up from work at the hospital. Sam asked Alexis to let Julian know that Sam was on Julian's side. Sam left, and Julian returned a short while later. Alexis shared the news of Sam's support with Julian, who was happy to hear it. Julian asked for updates on the trial and wondered why Denise was taking so long.

Elizabeth was admiring her engagement ring when Patrick walked up to her and congratulated her. He suggested that she have Maxie help plan the wedding. Just then, Liesl entered. Elizabeth retrieved a glass from under the desk that Brad had dropped off for Liesl. Liesl flashed back to when she'd been at Julian's, arguing with Ava. Julian had returned and started a conversation with Ava, and Liesl had taken the opportunity to grab the glass that Ava had drunk from.

Elizabeth wondered if Liesl wanted the glass. "No, I got what I needed from it," she replied. She remembered calling Scott after Morgan's testimony in court. She'd ordered Scott to get to the hospital for some important information. Elizabeth offered to store the glass for Liesl, but she asked Elizabeth to "discard" it. "I'd rather not have it traced back to me," Liesl muttered.

Liesl entered the elevator as she thought about when Scott had finally shown up to the hospital. She'd given him some test results. He'd demanded to know what he was looking at, and she'd told him that the papers in his hand proved that Denise was actually Ava. Liesl called Scott and demanded an update on the trial. She remembered explaining to Scott how Silas had helped Ava.

Liesl had handed Scott another paper, the sign-in sheet from Julian's apartment building, which showed Silas signing in only hours before he'd been killed. Scott had wanted Liesl to get on the stand, but she'd known that outing Ava would make Ava show off the picture she had of Nina kneeling over Silas' body, which Franco would never forgive Liesl for. Liesl had instructed that Denise was the only witness that Scott would need. "Please forgive me, Franco," Liesl said as she stepped off the elevator.

Patrick knew that Elizabeth's situation was overwhelming, but he wondered if she was having "misgivings" about Jake. He talked about how dangerous people from Jake's past could start knocking at her door. Elizabeth refused to put her life on hold for something she could never end up finding out. She admitted that she'd run away from Jake's proposal because of her bad track record. She told him that she'd gone to the chapel, where Sam had urged Elizabeth to take a chance on Jake.

Patrick expressed that he trusted both Sam and Elizabeth, and he was happy for Elizabeth. She wondered when Patrick would propose to Sam. He told her that Brad and Lucas had already been pestering him about it, and Elizabeth agreed that marriage was the "next logical step." He confided that he and Sam loved each other, but she got a certain look on her face when she heard a motorcycle drive by or a certain song on the radio.

Patrick understood that he might have to live with Sam never totally being over Jason, but he believed in the life they were building together. Sam entered and kissed Patrick. They left to go to dinner. Sam told Patrick about her talk with Alexis and said they were both convinced that Julian had turned over a new leaf.

Scott presented the papers that proved Denise was really Ava. She demanded to know where Scott had gotten them and denounced them as fake. He announced that Franco was innocent of the murder, but the "guilty party" was sitting on the stand. He divulged that Brad had run the tests at General Hospital, where the records could confirm the test's authenticity. He explained that "Denise" had had a blood smear in May, and her saliva was the specimen used for the most recent test. While the same person had been tested, the samples didn't match.

Scott continued that, while the DNA in hair, skin, and saliva couldn't change, the DNA in blood could, "especially when you receive a bone marrow transplant" from one's own daughter, "Avery." He explained to the court that Silas had nursed Ava back to health after her fall, and after she had been diagnosed with cancer. He suggested that Silas' conscience had gotten the better of him, and he'd threatened to tell Kiki who Denise really was. In order to keep Silas quiet, Ava had killed him. A shocked Kiki looked on in tears.

Scott accused Ava of not caring for her daughters as long as she was "in the clear." Without an accent, Ava yelled that Kiki and Avery were her "heart and soul. I came back for them!" "Who came back?" Scott asked. "Ava! Ava, damn it. I'm Ava Jerome!" she cried.

"Am I hallucinating?" Kiki asked Morgan as Scott called for the charges against Franco to be dropped. Ava insisted that she hadn't killed Silas and immediately whipped out the picture of Nina kneeling over Silas' body. Scott, Ric, and the judge all looked at it, shocked. Scott realized that Ava had admitted that she'd been at the scene of the crime. "Your wife did it," she spat at Ric.

Ava maintained that she had gone to Silas' in order to convince him not to tell Kiki that she was really Ava. She claimed that, when she'd arrived, the door had been opened, and she'd seen Nina kneeling over Silas with the knife. Scott wondered why she hadn't tried to help Silas. She said that she'd known just by looking that Silas was gone, and she'd been afraid to confront Nina while she had a weapon.

Ric called for a recess because, "I have no choice but to charge my wife with murder." The judge agreed to a ten-minute recess. She warned Ava not to think about leaving. Kiki hugged her mother and expressed how much she'd missed Ava. Ava apologized for having to keep the secret. Just then, a cop handcuffed Ava and arrested her for Connie's murder. As the cop read her her rights, she assured Kiki that everything would be all right and that Morgan would take care of Kiki. "Yeah, he'll do that," Franco scoffed. The cop herded Ava out of the courtroom, and Kiki ran after them.

Maxie was sitting at the Metro Court restaurant when Nathan arrived. He divulged that he had visited Nina, who'd told him that Silas had been the one to kidnap Avery. A shocked Maxie knew that Nina was impulsive and wondered why she would blame it on Silas. Nathan replied that Nina had refused to tell him because Franco had made her promise to stay quiet.

Although Nathan wished Nina would trust him more, she had confided in him about Madeline's latest scheme. He showed Maxie the papers Madeline had wanted Nina to sign that would grant Madeline and Ric access to Nina's inheritance. Just then, Nathan's phone rang, and he begrudgingly answered it to Ric. Ric told Nathan about some "new evidence" and sent him the picture of Nina kneeling over Silas' body. He ended the call and excused himself to go get Nina.

Franco was angry at Scott for causing exactly what he hadn't wanted to happen. Scott replied that it was the only way to keep Franco out of jail. Franco knew that Liesl had helped Scott, and Scott assured Franco that he and Liesl only wanted the best for Franco.

On the phone with Ric, Sonny asked if he'd put Franco away yet. Ric admitted to a "slight change of plans." Sonny was annoyed until Ric told his shocked brother that Ava was alive.

A short while later, the court reconvened. Scott suggested that, "in light of the last testimony, any further prosecution of my client would be a waste of time and money." He moved that all charges against Franco be dropped. Desperate, Franco stopped Scott and announced, "I did it! I killed Silas Clay!"

. . .

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