Monday, March 2, 2015

Nina offered to get a doctor for Franco, but he told her not to. He admitted that he'd been faking his insanity. She slapped him hard across the face then slapped him again. "Not the face!" he cried. "It's not like you don't have two," she retorted. She hurled insults at him until she started to make her way to the door. He wondered where she was going. She informed him that friends didn't lie to each other. He had thought that she'd love his "performance art."

Nina told Franco that she'd been worried about him and that they'd made promises to each other that had mattered to her. She called him a fraud, "like Silas." He insisted that their promises had meant something to him too. She informed him of the lengths she'd gone to in order to stay with Franco. He tried to convince her that he'd lied so he could stay with her.

Franco asked Nina to take off his restraints, and she reluctantly complied. He continued that the LSD had made him see things, but it had worn off. He hadn't been able to tell Nina because he hadn't wanted her to lie to the doctor and then get in trouble if she'd been found out.

Franco told Nina that he couldn't deal with the thought of being anywhere without her. He wondered why she'd been worried about him. She answered that they were "pals." Franco told her they were more than pals, and she knew it. He asked if she remembered what had happened after he'd injected himself with the LSD. She wanted him to remind her. In response, he kissed her.

When they broke away from the kiss, Franco wondered if Nina would forgive him. "Don't rush me," she told him. She assured him that she was "getting there." Realizing they were both sane, Franco wondered how the two of them would get out of the mental ward.

On the phone, Julian told the person on the other end to gather good people who would respect his authority. He added that it was a good thing Carlos was in jail, because he'd pushed Julian. As Carlos appeared behind Julian, Julian ended his phone call. "Already hustling?" Carlos wondered. He explained to a confused Julian that he'd made bail. Julian pinned Carlos to the wall by the throat and said that Carlos needed to answer for killing Ava.

Choking, Carlos told Julian that his shot at Ava had only grazed her shoulder. Julian wanted Carlos to admit that he'd killed Ava. "So what if I did? Would you blame me?" Carlos spat. Julian reasoned that the rules of their "lifestyle" entitled Carlos to payback, but he told Carlos that it was "my turn." Carlos reminded Julian that he was only alive because Carlos had defied Luke's orders. He held his hand out to Julian and asked, "Truce?"

Carlos had heard Julian trying to get "the operation back together" on the phone. Carlos reminded Julian how they'd been loyal friend before they'd had their "issues." "You want Port Charles? I can help you take it," Carlos offered. "Let's get to work," Julian said as he shook Carlos' hand.

Jake assured Elizabeth that Ric would have nothing to worry about from him. "Maybe he does," Elizabeth muttered. She explained to a confused Jake that she liked him "a lot." "I still have a chance?" Jake wondered. Elizabeth apologized for throwing the revelation at him after he'd been through brain surgery. He responded that he was just surprised. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Kyle entered.

Elizabeth chided Kyle for entering a restricted area. He assured Elizabeth that he'd cleared the visit with Jake's doctor. She told him that he would be taking Jake back to Pentonville "over my dead body." She threatened to sic Liesl on Kyle, and she left the room.

Right after Elizabeth closed Jake's door, her phone rang. She answered it to Nikolas, and she immediately asked about Spencer. Nikolas revealed that Spencer was getting another exam. Elizabeth promised to translate anything the doctors told Nikolas if he needed it, and she wished there was more she could do.

Nikolas revealed that he was more scared than he'd ever been in his life. He thanked Elizabeth for her help and for referring him to Shriners. She informed him that she was trying to shuffle her schedule so she could visit. Nikolas appreciated the thought but told her that she had "enough going on."

Kyle informed Jake that the charges against Jake were being dropped. Thinking about Nikolas ordering Kyle to get the charges dropped, Kyle told Jake that he'd "gone to bat" for Jake against Scott. In exchange, he had a "job" for Jake. He wanted Jake to go undercover with the Jeromes. Jake didn't think Julian would hire or open up to a stranger, but Kyle threatened him with jail if he didn't comply.

Just then, Elizabeth returned. She let Kyle know that Liesl, who was not happy, would be there soon. Scowling, Kyle told Jake that he hoped to hear from Jake soon, and he left.

In New York, Ava told Silas that she needed to get to Avery. Silas reminded her that she would either go back to jail, or one of her enemies would "finish the job." She thought she would be okay with his help. He warned her that his help had "limits," and he left to check on her lab tests. Ava refused to let her daughter be "a prize in a tug-of-war." She picked up a tablet from the side table and watched a news report on the custody trial.

In the courtroom, Ric wondered if Michael would be a better guardian for Avery than Sonny and asked Michael how many children he'd raised. "None," Michael replied. Ric thought Michael was less of a parent than Franco and Nina, Avery's kidnappers. Ric implored Michael to tell the "real reason" for the custody fight. He suggested that it was revenge on Sonny. Avery began to cry, and the judge allowed Carly to take her out of the courtroom. After she left, Michael insisted that he wanted to save his sister from "bullets, bombs, and kidnappings."

Ric wondered if Michael had been upset to learn that Sonny had killed A.J. He suggested that Michael had vowed revenge upon Sonny for getting pardoned, and that taking Avery was "just that." Michael countered that he wanted to keep her alive. He added that, if she stayed with Sonny, he would lose her anyway because she would get "caught in the crossfire of another mob war." Ric reminded Michael that, though Michael accused Sonny of being a murderer, Michael was a murderer himself.

In the hall outside the courtroom, Carly tried to calm Avery down for the nanny, who was on her way. Just then, the reporter that Ava was watching on her tablet ran over to Carly. She asked Carly who Avery belonged with. "No comment," Carly said. As she was hammered with more questions, she told the reporter that the only thing that mattered was "the welfare of this little girl." "You're not her mother," Ava growled as she attempted to get out of her hospital bed.

A short while later, Silas returned and found Ava on the floor. She needed to speak with Julian because, since Kiki wasn't fighting to keep Avery, Julian was the only one who could keep Avery safe. She refused to leave Avery with Sonny, Michael, or Carly. After Silas had helped her back to bed, she continued the news video. The reporter asked if Carly would have an active role in raising Avery, and she responded that things were still being figured out. "You'll never be her mother. I'll die first," Ava cried. "You already have," Silas reminded her.

Silas took the tablet away from Ava and put it on a high shelf. He told her that Sonny did have a legal right to his daughter. Ava proclaimed that Avery had a right not to grow up with the man who'd tried to kill Avery's mother. She knew Carly would see to it that Ava was never talked about. She thought that, once Avery was old enough to understand, Carly and Sonny would tell Avery how terrible Ava was and how lucky Avery was to have Carly raising her. She vowed to get back to Port Charles, even if she had to crawl. Silas maintained that Ava was not yet strong enough to leave.

Ava knew that Silas had only saved her because she'd been in danger, but the danger had passed. She wondered if he would let her go or turn her in once she had healed. Instead of answering, he wondered if she regretted killing Connie because she'd been caught or because she had real remorse. "Both," she answered. He wasn't sure if he could forgive her for her crimes, but he stated that she was the mother of his daughter, and he'd loved her once. He admitted that he still cared for her. "I got your back. I won't turn you in," Silas assured a smiling Ava.

When Carly returned to the courtroom, Michael was explaining how his murder charge had been in defense of Carly and Josslyn, and that he'd do it again if he had to. Alexis chimed in that Michael had been put into Dante's custody, and he'd rebuilt himself "an exemplary life." Ric announced that Michael didn't even have a claim over Avery, since he wasn't a blood relative. Michael replied that he'd severed ties with Sonny but not his siblings. Alexis jumped in to say that Michael had been adopted and was still legally Sonny's son.

Ric continued that Sonny's "fatherly instincts" had kicked in when he'd risked his life to save Michael's. Ric described Sonny as a "true hero who would do anything for his children." The judge called for a recess. Before leaving, she advised both sides to think about what was in Avery's best interest.

. . .

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