Monday, February 8, 2016

Jordan entered Paul's office because he'd asked to see her. They discussed a problem about a case. She realized that his report was just missing a page and promised to get it to him by the morning. Paul knew they'd gotten a "rocky start," but he respected the way she ran the department, and he hoped to "forge a new understanding." She agreed and turned to leave, but he stopped her by asking if she'd heard from Anna. Jordan informed Paul that she hadn't spoken to Anna in a while. Dillon arrived, and Jordan took the opportunity to leave.

Dillon was there to return Paul's cufflinks because Tracy had kicked Paul out before Dillon could give them back. Paul insisted that Dillon keep them, but Dillon snapped that he didn't want them. He also wanted to pay Paul back for the donation to Dillon's movie. Paul objected, but Dillon explained that he didn't want to owe Paul anything or feel obligated to him.

Dillon wondered why Paul had returned to Port Charles. Paul answered that he'd wanted relationships with Dillon and Tracy. He regretted giving Tracy the wrong idea about their relationship. Dillon accused him of leading Tracy on, but Paul reminded his son that there were two sides to every story. Dillon shot back that he wasn't interested in Paul's. Paul begged for another chance, but Dillon replied that "some things are unfixable." He left, and Paul called out for Dillon to return.

On the phone with Robert at the Floating Rib, Anna instructed him to keep her updated. She hung up the phone and bumped into Andre. She praised him for analyzing Carlos so well and briefly filled him in on her trip to Halifax. She added that she'd returned home because she'd realized that the case had been a diversion from figuring out her own life. Andre reminded her that her distraction had "merit," since Carlos was a murderer. Anna wished she knew why Paul was involved with Carlos.

Anna and Andre talked through the reasons why Paul wanted to keep Anna so close. "He wants you. Period," Andre suggested. Just then, Jordan arrived, surprised to see Anna. Anna wished Jordan and Andre a good evening and turned to leave, but Jordan pulled her aside to talk to her. She warned Anna about Paul's suspicion. She wondered what Anna was going to do. "Get ready for him," she said with a smirk.

Andre wanted to buy Jordan a drink, but she had to be up early for a "cadet review" the next morning. Andre also had an early meeting the next morning, so Jordan asked if he'd want to reschedule the date. She apologized, but Andre thought that "waiting makes everything better. Unless you're not interested." Jordan assured him that she was "definitely interested."

Anna arrived at Paul's office. She said that she hoped she wasn't intruding, but "I don't want to be alone right now."

In the chapel, Carly and Sonny wished there was something they could do to help Jake, Jason, and Elizabeth. She was thankful that Jake's long-term prognosis was good. Just then, Sonny's phone rang, and he answered it to Michael. Michael had something to talk to his parents about, so he promised to stop by their house after he got some food at the Floating Rib. Sonny told him that they would meet him there and hung up the phone. Carly was shocked that Sonny wanted to go out, but he claimed that staying in was like hiding. He joked that Carly should thank Epiphany for his sudden positive outlook.

A short while later, Sonny and Carly arrived at the Floating Rib. Carly overheard two people talking about the paralyzed "mob boss," and she loudly said that people should mind their own business. They approached Michael's table and joined him. Michael wanted to tell his parents that he was "leaving for a while." While he was still angry at Sabrina for lying to him, he wasn't angry enough to not talk to her ever again. He told them that he was going to Puerto Rico to find her and see if they still had a chance.

Carly thought that Sabrina's letter had made it clear that she was moving on. She added that Michael should "honor" Sabrina's choice. Sonny remembered instructing Michael not to walk away from Sabrina, but Sabrina's letter had changed everything. Michael agreed to cancel his flight, and his parents praised his decision. Carly assured Michael that, one day, he would make an amazing husband and father.

Jason arrived at Elizabeth's and called out for Sam over the beeping smoke alarm. As Sam stirred and awoke, she saw Jason on the stairs. He reached out to her and instructed her to "run to me." She got up and stumbled to the railing, but Jason disappeared. In reality, Sam was still unconscious as Jason went looking for her upstairs.

Minutes later, Jason arrived at the basement door and opened it. He called out for Sam as he went down the stairs. He finally caught sight of her through the smoke and ran to her. He woke her up, picked her up, and ran up the stairs. The heating oil tank caught on fire as Jason made his way through the house with Sam. He carried her outside just as the tank exploded. Both were pushed to the ground by the blast. "We're alive," Sam said in delirious wonder. "I knew you'd find me," she added. Jason picked her up and carried her toward the sound of the sirens.

Franco observed Elizabeth sitting with Jake as she talked to her son. Jake apologized because he'd "killed her. Sam." Jake babbled on about video games until he fell unconscious. A shocked Elizabeth tried to ask him about what he'd said, but a nurse entered to check on Jake. She made sure the nurse would page her when Jake woke up, and Elizabeth left the room. Seeing that she was upset, Franco held his arms open and hugged a crying Elizabeth.

A short while later, Franco listened to Elizabeth's worries in the chapel. Franco thought that Jake was hurt and angry that Jason and Elizabeth were no longer together, so he'd taken on Elizabeth's "target of anger," Sam. Elizabeth thought she was a failure as a mother, but Franco reassured her by telling her about the woman who'd raised him, who'd had a "break with reality." She kicked herself for not listening when Franco had wanted to talk about Jake.

Franco advised Elizabeth to stop blaming herself, because Jake needed her. She thanked him for his advice. Her phone rang, and she answered it to her neighbor. Minutes later, a shaken Elizabeth got off the phone and told Franco, "My house exploded." Franco offered to stay with Jake so that Elizabeth could find out what was going on at her house when Jason entered carrying Sam and screaming for help.

A nurse and a doctor rolled a gurney out, and Jason put Sam down on it as he told the doctor what had happened. The doctor instructed the nurse to take Sam into one of the rooms, and Jason insisted upon following. The doctor wouldn't let him, even through his cries of identifying himself as Sam's husband. Sam was wheeled away, and Jason explained to Elizabeth how he'd found Sam. He went to check on Sam, and Elizabeth said to Franco that Jake had pushed Sam down the stairs.

Franco offered to find out what was going on at Elizabeth's house so that she could stay with Jake. Elizabeth wanted to check on Sam and assured Franco that she would be fine. He clearly didn't believe her as he walked away.

The doctor ordered some tests on Sam, but preliminarily thought that Sam was all right. The doctor left, and Sam woke up. Jason and Sam went through what had happened once Jason had arrived at Elizabeth's. "You kept me safe. You always do," Sam told him. She informed him that she'd dreamt that he'd been there with her. Elizabeth arrived as Jason held Sam's hand.

. . .

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