Friday, July 24, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nathan and Maxie arrived for dinner. Maxie praised Nathan for being a gentleman when he held a chair out for her, and Madeline took credit for raising "James" properly as she approached Nathan and Maxie's table. Nathan quietly greeted Madeline, but she was disappointed when he referred to her by name rather than address her as "Mother." Madeline insisted that she had been more of a mother to "James" than Liesl had ever been, so Nathan tactfully assured Madeline that he was lucky to have both Madeline and Liesl in his life.

Pleased, Madeline changed the subject by asking Nathan about his dinner companion. Nathan introduced Maxie then clarified that she was his girlfriend. Maxie smiled politely as she apologized for not meeting Madeline sooner, but Madeline explained that it would have been difficult, since Madeline had been in jail. Madeline asked to join them, and Nathan reluctantly agreed. Madeline immediately seized the opportunity to mention that she had watched the Nurses Ball on television during her stint in jail, and she was curious what had happened to the "gorgeous" redhead Nathan had escorted on the red carpet.

Madeline sang Ellie's praises then admitted that she had seen Maxie's unfortunate fall in front of the cameras prior to the ball. Madeline innocently asked if Maxie had had too much Champagne to drink in the limousine, but Maxie assured Madeline that it had been an accident. Madeline continued to take potshots at Maxie until Nathan decided he'd had enough of Madeline insulting his girlfriend. Nathan stood to leave, but Madeline quickly apologized then explained that she had wanted to discuss a private matter with him.

Maxie offered to go to the bar for a few minutes, but Nathan asked Maxie to stay. Madeline hid her irritation behind an expression of feigned concern as she confided that she feared Nina was on the verge of another mental breakdown. Madeline told Nathan that Nina had been suffering hallucinations of a crying baby, which Madeline suspected was the result of a guilty conscience because Nina had snatched Avery briefly from the hospital months earlier. Nathan defended Nina, but Madeline insisted that something was wrong with Nina.

Moments later, Madeline's cell phone beeped a text message alert. Madeline glanced at her phone, and Nathan asked if everything was okay. Madeline read the text message from Ric notifying her that it was time to put the next phase of their plan into motion. Madeline explained the text message was from her attorney, but it could wait because she had more important matters to discuss with Nathan. Madeline implored Nathan to check on Nina because Nina trusted him, and Nathan agreed. After he left, Madeline decided to have a chat with Maxie about Nathan and Maxie's relationship.

Meanwhile, Nina entered the suite, loaded down with bags from a shopping spree, but her good mood instantly vanished when she saw a crib in the center of the sitting area. Nina stared at the crib in disbelief until she heard a baby cry. She tentatively approached the crib then pulled back the replica of Avery's pink baby blanket to reveal what appeared to be a baby lying face down in the crib. Nina picked up the baby, which was revealed to be a doll with an "X" for each eye. Horrified, Nina threw the doll down then ran into the bedroom.

Moments later, Ric slipped into the sitting area from the balcony then turned off the crying baby recording on his phone. A short time later, music blared from the bedroom as Ric pushed the crib into the hallway for a hotel employee to take away. The man asked Ric to turn down the music, so Ric assured the man it wouldn't be a problem. After Ric closed the door, he called out to Nina. Nina turned off the music then joined Ric in the sitting room, but she was startled when she noticed the crib was missing.

Ric turned on the recording of the baby crying as he pretended that he hadn't seen a crib in the sitting area, but Nina became agitated. She recalled tossing the doll before she ran out of the room, so she desperately searched the sitting area for the doll. Nina became hysterical when her efforts proved to be in vain. "What's happening to me?" Nina wailed. Ric turned off the recording as he played the concerned husband by speaking to Nina in soothing tones and assuring his wife that everything would be okay.

Nina cried as she described in detail everything she had seen when she had entered the suite, including Avery's pink blanket in the crib. Ric promised the blanket was safely tucked away, and he retrieved it for Nina. Nina was curious why he had kept it. Ric explained that he didn't want to be accused of destroying evidence, but Nina became distraught because she realized the baby's cries was her subconscious mind telling her that she had indeed abducted Avery. Ric promised to protect Nina because he loved her then suggested that she freshen up by splashing cold water on her face.

After Nina disappeared into the bathroom, Ric sent Madeline a text message. A short time later, Nathan arrived to check on his sister. Nathan became alarmed when he noticed the baby blanket on the table just as Nina entered the sitting area.

At Volonino's gym, Morgan worked out with a heavy bag, but his thoughts were on his passionate encounter with Denise. Moments later, Kiki called out to him as she entered the gym, but Morgan didn't hear her. Kiki tapped him on the shoulder then jumped back when he quickly spun around to face her. Kiki apologized for startling him, but she noticed that he seemed to have been in another world. She was curious what had him worked up, but Morgan brushed off the question by trying to distract her with a kiss.

Kiki pulled away because Morgan was sweaty. She suggested he shower so they could grab a bite to each, but he admitted that he was too tired to go out. He offered to make plans for the following evening, but Kiki reminded Morgan that she was headed to the Hamptons for a few days to attend a college friend's bachelorette party. Morgan claimed he had gotten the weekends mixed up, but Kiki wasn't offended as she shifted gears to announce that she wanted to stop by Denise's apartment. Kiki explained that she had left it to Franco to break the news about Sonny's decision to Denise, and Kiki wanted to make certain her aunt was okay.

Kiki invited Morgan to join her, but Morgan offered to meet Kiki at the Floating Rib. Morgan explained that he had changed his mind about going out because he wanted to spend as much time as possible with Kiki, since she would be gone for a few days. Touched, Kiki kissed him -- even though he was sweaty.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava scrolled through Crimson magazine online until she saw an article about ten reasons to sleep with a younger man. Her thoughts immediately drifted to the previous day when she and Morgan had made love. She pushed the memory away when someone knocked on the door. She was hopeful that it was Morgan, but Franco called out to her to open the door. Ava pulled the door open then demanded to know if Franco had gotten his hands on the recording of her confession.

Franco brushed past Ava as he admitted that he didn't have the recording of her going into "excruciating detail" about how she had murdered an unarmed woman. Ava closed the door, but she was not pleased that he had failed to get her the recording because it was the only chance she had of getting Avery back. Franco wasn't interested in Ava's sob story, since she had only had the baby to save her own skin from Sonny's wrath. Ava denied it, but dropped the subject by demanding to know why Franco was there.

Franco explained that he wanted to talk to Ava about Morgan because he knew Ava had lied about Julian and Alexis being in the bedroom the previous day when Franco had stopped by. Franco was certain Ava had lied to keep Franco from finding out that Morgan had been in Ava's bed. Ava stuck to her lie, but Franco warned her not to bother because he had seen Julian and Alexis leaving a hotel room shortly after Franco had left the apartment. Franco pointed out that the couple couldn't have been at the hotel when Franco had seen them unless Julian and Alexis could teleport.

Ava reluctantly confirmed that Morgan had been in her bed. Franco wondered how Ava justified "screwing" her own daughter's boyfriend. "What kind of a mother hurts her daughter like that?" Franco asked in a disgusted tone. Ava's eyes swam with unshed tears as she explained that it hadn't been something she had wanted or planned, but whenever she was around Morgan, all the old feelings and attraction they had felt for each other resurfaced. Ava cried that she hated lying to Kiki, so he gently took Ava's hands in his because he didn't want her to feel bad anymore.

Franco offered to break the news to Kiki about Morgan, but Ava panicked. Before she could protest, Kiki knocked on the door then called out to her aunt, asking to speak to Denise.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Scott was surprised when Laura joined him at the bar. Scott assumed that Luke had done something, so Laura asked why Scott thought that. Scott explained that he had heard about Luke and Tracy's engagement party fiasco, but Laura admitted the whole thing had been a ruse because Luke and Laura were not a couple. Scott was relieved. Laura filled him in about Lucky and Ethan's kidnapping as well as Frank Smith's death. Scott was surprised when Laura mentioned Jennifer Smith's role in Frank's plot.

Scott hadn't heard Jennifer's name in years, since Jennifer's attempt to marry Luke. Scott confided that he had always wondered what would have happened if he had let Luke and Jennifer get married and run away together. Scott was curious if he still would have lost Laura. Laura admitted that the "interrupted wedding" had been life-changing for her because it had sent her down a completely different path. Scott argued that it had sent Laura on the run with Luke, fleeing one pointless, dangerous adventure after another.

Laura smiled because not all the adventures had been pointless. Laura told Scott the news about little Jake, and Scott assumed Lucky intended to stick around town for a while. Laura's expression clouded with sadness as she quietly admitted that her son had already left for his own personal reasons. As she and Scott continued to talk, Laura mentioned that she had overheard a secret. She had no idea what to do about it, and Scott suggested she buy him a drink in exchange for ten minutes of attorney/client privilege. Laura smiled, but Scott assured her that she could trust him because he would never betray her confidence.

At the Spencer childhood home on Elm Street, Bobbie became concerned when she noticed the gun and magazine clip on the dining room table. Luke assured her it was nothing to worry about, but he had made a decision about his future. "I'm leaving Port Charles," Luke announced. Shocked, she asked why her brother would leave when he had family in town. She also pointed out that he still needed to make things right with Tracy, but Luke explained that he and Tracy had decided to go their separate ways.

Bobbie offered to talk to Tracy on Luke's behalf, but Luke assured Bobbie that it wasn't necessary because he and Tracy would always love each other. However, Tracy had wisely pointed out that Luke needed to sort things out and figure out who he was. Luke explained that he had stopped by to take a last look at their childhood home, but his past had greeted him as soon as he had crossed the threshold. Bobbie wasn't surprised because of everything that had recently transpired in the house.

Luke confessed that it had been as if he had been in "communion" with the ghosts of the house, and Bobbie asked what the ghosts had told him. Luke admitted that their father had been his usual abusive self, their sister Patricia had been a firecracker and protective, but their mother had spoken the loudest. Bobbie was curious what Lena had told Luke, so Luke revealed that Lena had urged Luke to find his future, since he had confronted the past.

Luke admitted that Lena had wanted Luke to be the man Lena had always known he could be because he was no longer trapped by the past. Bobbie agreed that her brother had been to "hell" and back, but she wondered why he couldn't do his soul-searching in Port Charles, where he was surrounded by family who loved him. Luke promised that he loved his family but not the way he should. Luke needed to get to the bottom of who he was, but Bobbie wasn't happy about his decision.

Luke was touched, but he felt the time was ideal for him to leave because everyone he cared about was okay and settled. Bobbie cried, but Luke asked her to stay strong because he wanted to have a proper goodbye with his sister. Bobbie pulled herself together as they talked about the past when Luke had returned to Port Charles to help Bobbie break up Scott and Laura. Luke realized that he wouldn't have had his children if it hadn't been for Bobbie's request, so he had his sister to thank for the best part of his life.

Bobbie told Luke that she and Luke weren't that different from the people they had been all those years before. Luke agreed because they would always have each other's backs. After Luke and Bobbie shared a hug, Bobbie invited Luke to join her and Scott for dinner. Luke declined because he intended to leave later that evening and hated long goodbyes. Luke walked Bobbie to the door as he assured his sister that they would see each other again.

"Arrivederci," Luke said instead of goodbye. Bobbie warned him that she would hold him to it because she would always need her big brother. Luke smiled as he and Bobbie reminisced about a conversation they'd had in the campus disco decades before when Luke had reminded her of the promise they had made as children to get adjoining nooses if either of them ended up hanged. Bobbie's eyes filled with tears as she told her brother that she loved him. He promised that he loved her, too, then watched her leave.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Laura confessed that it would be nice to be able to talk to someone. She was about to open up to Scott about her secret when Bobbie walked up. After Bobbie and Laura greeted each other, Bobbie told Laura about Luke's plans to leave town.

At the Spencer childhood home, Luke returned to the living room where he saw himself as a teenager holding a baseball bat. "Now, it's just the two of us," young Luke said. Luke confessed that there was a lot he wanted to say, but he started with an apology. "For what?" young Luke asked. Luke regretted that he had squandered their potential and had let the young man down.

Young Luke conceded that a lot of things had happened, but that was life. According to the young man, things people never planned on could turn them in a direction they might not have imagined and push them to do things they never thought possible. "And once they're done, you can't undo them," Luke added. Young Luke assured Luke that it wasn't necessary for Luke to apologize because their life wasn't over, so they could still do good and have a positive impact on the world.

Young Luke also suggested that redemption was possible. Luke smiled as he teasingly suggested the young man was smarter than he looked. Luke asked if young Luke was ready to hit the road, so the young man set the baseball bat down then joined Luke at the door. Together, they walked out of the house. From the porch, Luke looked through the window into the house one last time then left.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...

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• Jake confides to Sam that if Hayden knows his real identity then it might be possible that Nikolas does as well
• Michael warns Nikolas that Nikolas might be gone in a matter of weeks
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