Friday, June 26, 2015

At Greystone Manor, Morgan conceded that Rosalie had "screwed" over Michael, but Morgan's situation was different, so he doubted Rosalie would tell Kiki about catching Morgan and Denise in a compromising position. Sonny hoped Morgan was right, but Morgan admitted that he had bigger problems to deal with because Morgan needed to find a way stay away from Denise. Sonny warned Morgan that Denise was trouble, but Morgan explained that it was hard to fight the pull he felt toward Denise. However, Morgan admitted that both he and Denise didn't want to hurt Kiki, so they were each determined to keep their hands off each other. Sonny was skeptical because he didn't trust Denise, but he wanted Morgan to be happy.

Shortly after Morgan left, T.J. arrived with his bags, ready to move in. Sonny offered T.J. a warm welcome then ordered the bodyguard to take T.J.'s bags to Michael's old bedroom. T.J. was uncomfortable with the idea of staying in Michael's bedroom, but Sonny assured T.J. it wouldn't be a problem because Michael hadn't used it in years. At the mention of Michael, T.J. reminded Sonny that T.J. and Shawn had once struggled with a betrayal, but T.J. had been able to forgive Shawn. T.J. was confident that Michael would eventually forgive Sonny, but Sonny seemed uncertain.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina was amazed by how much "Denise" looked like Ava, so Denise reminded Nina that Denise and Ava were twins. Nina shifted gears by introducing herself then informing Denise that Ava had "screwed" Nina's first husband. Before Denise could reply, Nina switched gears to ask if Denise and Franco were dating as Franco had claimed. Franco's eyes silently pleaded with Denise as Carly and Kiki watched the scene unfold with interest.

Carly was certain that Denise was exactly the kind of woman Franco would be drawn to, especially since Franco and Ava had shared a "sick" bond. Kiki disagreed and reminded Carly that Denise had only just arrived in town, so Kiki had no idea when Franco and Denise would have met. Nina felt vindicated because Kiki's observation supported Nina's belief that Franco had lied. Denise shocked everyone by announcing that Nina was wrong; Denise and Franco were a couple.

Nina immediately accused Denise of lying, but Denise assured Nina it was true then proved it by inviting Franco to kiss her. Franco happily agreed. Everyone watched with expressions ranging from horror to disgust as the couple shared a passionate kiss in the middle of the restaurant. During the kiss, Morgan exited the elevator. Denise and Franco pulled apart, but Denise's smile of satisfaction quickly became strained when she saw Morgan. Morgan asked what was going on, so Carly quickly filled him in about Franco and Denise's newfound relationship.

Denise was forced to spin a vague story about bumping into Franco and bonding with him over Ava when Morgan asked how the couple had met. Nina remained in denial, so Franco went on the offensive by suggesting Nina track down her missing husband. After Nina left in a huff, Franco dragged Denise to a quiet corner to ask why she had helped him. Ava recalled her conversation with Silas when he had told her to find another companion because Silas wasn't interested in being used as a distraction from Morgan, but she returned to the present to claim she wanted to spare Kiki's feelings. According to Denise, Kiki wanted to set her up with Silas, but Denise wasn't interested.

Meanwhile, Carly made it clear that she had put up with Franco and Denise's antics for Kiki's sake, but Carly wouldn't hesitate to throw the couple out the next time. Kiki promised it wouldn't happen again, but Morgan quietly muttered that he wouldn't bet on it as he kept a close watch on Franco and Denise. After Carly left, Kiki questioned why Morgan seemed concerned about Denise dating Franco. Morgan reminded Kiki that Franco was a dangerous man, but Kiki argued that it was Denise's choice.

In Ric and Nina's hotel room, Madeline explained that she needed a guarantee that she would get what she was entitled to before Nina was institutionalized. Ric was curious what Madeline had in mind, so she smiled seductively then kissed him. At first, Ric passionately responded, but he pulled back to breathlessly remind her that he was a married man. Madeline laughed because she doubted that Ric had ever had any intention of remaining faithful to Nina. Ric argued that it was irrelevant because they couldn't risk being caught by Nina.

Madeline assured Ric that he need not worry about her level of discretion because she had as much to lose as Ric. Ric was pleased that they understood each other, so Madeline explained that they could be great partners in more ways than one. Ric quickly gave in to temptation when he picked up Madeline then whisked her into the bedroom to make love to her.

A short time later, Nina returned to the suite. She called out to her husband when she didn't see him in the living room then headed for the bedroom. However, Ric quickly appeared dressed in a robe to block her from entering. Nina's eyes narrowed as she asked if her mother was there. Ric guilty asked why she would think that as he spotted Madeline's purse on the chair. Nina explained that she had heard from Franco that Madeline had been released from jail then asked if Ric might have had anything to do with it.

At the apartment, Sabrina suggested that Michael return baby A.J. to Sonny because it would go a long way in healing the rift between Michael, Sonny, and Carly, but Michael objected. Sabrina urged Michael to at least consider it because he couldn't have a relationship with Sonny unless he allowed A.J. to have one too. She realized it was a drastic step for Michael, but she reminded him that he had taken A.J. from Sonny as a punishment for killing Michael's father. Michael acknowledged that she was right, but he dared Sabrina to deny that his sister wouldn't be in danger around Sonny. Michael loved his baby sister, so he believed a truly loving and caring father would want A.J. to remain with Michael because Michael could give A.J. a better life.

Sabrina confessed that she had watched Michael struggle not to forgive Sonny, but it had to stop because Michael was being torn in two. Michael questioned if handing A.J. over to Sonny was the right answer, but Sabrina urged him to do what was right for himself. She warned him that a child as young as A.J. could easily pick up on a person's unhappiness, so he owed it to his sister to let go of the anger. Michael reminded Sabrina that she would be out of a job, but she only cared about what was best for both Michael and A.J.

Sabrina admitted that taking care of A.J. had given her a measure of peace after losing Gabriel and a sense of hope that she had, in some small way, made amends to Ava. Michael confessed that the idea of returning his sister to Sonny felt wrong because it would be equivalent to agreeing that a few months in prison and a slap on the wrist had been enough punishment for murdering Michael's father. Michael felt disloyal to his father for considering it, but Sabrina reminded Michael that it wasn't Michael's place to dole out justice. She feared he would drown in his anger if he didn't let go and move forward.

Sabrina wondered if Michael would want his sister seeking vengeance in his name if anything were to happen to Michael. "No," Michael answered without hesitation. Relieved, Sabrina was confident that his father wouldn't either; A.J. would want Michael to move forward and find happiness again. Sabrina appreciated that it was a big decision for Michael to make, but she assured him that she would support whatever he decided.

At Greystone Manor, Carly returned to spend time with Sonny. He filled her in about his new resident, T.J., then confessed that he missed having Michael around and a house full of people. Carly assured Sonny that he would always be Michael and Avery's father, no matter what, but Sonny appeared discouraged. Moments later, Sonny was stunned when Michael and Sabrina arrived with the baby.

At the loft, Dante sat on the sofa, lost in thought about Lulu and Dillon's secret, but he snapped out of it when his phone suddenly rang. It was Lulu, calling to tell him that she had arrived in Italy and had wanted to check on her "boys." Dante knew it was a lie, but he played along as he told her that Rocco was down for the night. He shifted gears to ask about Lesley, so Lulu assured him that her grandmother was fine. Dante tried to force Lulu to confess the truth by asking to speak to Lesley, but Lulu claimed her grandmother was asleep.

Dante let the lie go by acknowledging the different time zones. After Lulu ended the call, Dante glared at the phone until Valerie knocked on the door as she called out to him. Dante violently threw the phone across the room then went to the door. Alarmed, Valerie asked if he was okay because she had heard a loud crash. Dante indicated the broken phone on the floor then confessed that he was grateful he hadn't woken up his son.

Dante quickly explained that he had checked up on Lulu's story about flying to Italy to help Lesley, but instead he had discovered that his wife had flown to Vancouver with Dillon, and they had checked into a hotel room together using Dillon's credit card. Dante felt foolish because he had followed Lulu to the Quartermaine mansion, where Dillon had greeted Lulu, clad only in a towel. Valerie reminded Dante that there might have been an innocent explanation because the Quartermaine mansion was filled with people, so it wasn't as if Lulu had met Dillon in a one-bedroom bachelor pad. Dante agreed, but it didn't explain Lulu and Dillon's trip.

Valerie didn't have an answer for that, so Dante thanked her for taking the time to check on him. He glanced at his son's crib then asked if she would mind watching Rocco for a while. Valerie assured him that it wouldn't be a problem, but she was curious where Dante intended to go. Dante explained that he planned to confront his cheating wife and kick Lulu's boyfriend's "ass." Valerie urged Dante to reconsider, since he didn't have all the facts.

Dante felt that he had more than enough, but Valerie advised him to at least sleep on it. Dante doubted that he would get any sleep, so Valerie offered to stay with him. She promised not to stop him if he decided to fly to Vancouver in the morning to confront Lulu and Dillon. Dante reluctantly agreed to delay his trip, so Valerie made him dinner. Later, Dante confessed that he was grateful Valerie had stopped him from going after Lulu and Dillon because he might have killed Dillon, but he had no idea how he would get through the night.

Valerie assured Dante that he didn't have to be alone. She promised him that he was not alone, so Dante looked deep into her eyes and kissed her.

In British Columbia, Lulu threw her cell phone on the hotel bed in frustration because she hated lying to Dante. Dillon explained that it had been necessary, but Lulu disagreed because she knew Dante could be trusted. Dillon wondered what would happen if Dante learned the truth about Lucky's abduction. Lulu realized that Dante would get involved, which would endanger Lucky's life because the kidnappers had made it clear that they were not to involve the police.

Lulu was grateful she had Dillon to lean on because he had a way of keeping her head on straight. He smiled then suggested they get to work, so Lulu pulled out her laptop to hack into the hotel's guest list because she and Dillon suspected Luke and Laura might be in the same hotel. Dillon was impressed with her computer skills, but Lulu credited Spinelli with teaching her a few tricks. Dillon's smile faded because Spinelli had also loved Georgie. Lulu felt bad for stirring up the painful memories, but Dillon assured her that it was okay. However, he admitted that he still missed Georgie.

Lulu regretted that she had once gotten between Georgie and Dillon, but Dillon insisted it was in the past. Moments later, Lulu saw two familiar names registered at the hotel. She immediately recognized her parents' aliases, so she quickly looked up the room number. A short time later, Dillon and Lulu approached the hotel room. Lulu became alarmed when she noticed the door was ajar, so Dillon insisted on entering the room first.

Luke and Laura suddenly sprang up from beside the bed with their guns drawn. Luke and Laura immediately lowered the guns when they realized the intruders were Lulu and Dillon. Stunned, Luke demanded to know why Lulu was in British Columbia, so Lulu explained that she had been concerned about both Luke and Laura because of her mother's cryptic remarks during their phone call. Luke and Laura admitted that they had encountered some trouble, but they were still waiting to hear from the kidnappers. Lulu wanted to know how she and Dillon could help, so they ordered their daughter to return to her room.

After Dillon and Lulu left, Luke checked his gun while Laura looked out the window for any sign of the kidnappers. Moments later, they heard a noise at the door, so they picked up their guns, turned off the light, and assumed their positions. Someone quietly crept into the room. Luke waited until the person was in the center of the room before he turned on the light and yelled, "Freeze." Luke and Laura were stunned when they were confronted by Holly wielding a gun.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...
  • Maxie and Nathan stop by to visit Dante
  • Carly asks Sonny what is going on between Dante and Lulu
  • Molly wonders if T.J. accepted Sonny's offer to stick it to Jordan
  • "I never saw you coming," Luke says as he faces his nemesis

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