Friday, July 18, 2014

Nathan arrived home from his morning run but stopped to investigate the garbage bags littering the hallway outside the apartment. He was stunned when he realized that they had been filled with his belongings. Moments later, Maxie opened the door and glared at Nathan as he demanded to know what was going on. Maxie tossed an armful of clothes at him as she informed Nathan that he was lucky that she hadn't burned his things. "You rat," she added as she slammed the door closed.

Nathan realized that Maxie still believed that he had been responsible for alerting Immigration about Levi's visa troubles. He tried to use his key to open the door but quickly discovered that the locks had been changed, so he yelled through the door to assure Maxie that he hadn't called Immigration. Maxie insisted that she wanted him to leave, but Nathan accused her of being unfair because he didn't have anywhere to go. Maxie suggested that Nathan look for a place on the waterfront, since he supported the revitalization project, but Nathan argued that he had paid his rent until the end of the month.

Maxie advised Nathan to get an attorney but warned him not to call Diane because she had already retained Diane's legal services to help Levi. Nathan and Maxie continued to bicker through the door until finally Maxie opened the door to allow Nathan to collect the rest of his belongings. Nathan immediately seized the opportunity to try to clear the air, but Maxie was furious and insisted that he had falsely accused Mac and Dante of tipping off Immigration. Nathan clarified that he had merely admitted that he had told Dante about Levi's visa troubles and that Mac had mentioned months earlier that Mac had been tempted to call Immigration on Levi.

Nathan insisted that Maxie had jumped to the wrong conclusion. He also added that he resented how she seemed determined to believe the worst about him. Maxie pointed out that the incriminating phone call had been made from Nathan's cell phone, but Nathan argued that it didn't prove that he had made the call. Maxie wondered who else it could have been, so Nathan carefully explained that it had to have been someone who had had access to his phone and incentive to make him look bad. As if on cue, Levi arrived home.

"What about him?" Nathan suggested as he pointed to Levi. Stunned, Maxie sputtered with outrage. Levi demanded to know what Nathan was doing in the apartment and why the locks hadn't been changed, prompting Nathan to realize that it had been Levi's idea to evict Nathan. Maxie insisted that it had been her idea, but then shifted gears to tell Levi about Nathan's theory that Levi had called Immigration. Levi recalled making the phone call on Nathan's cell phone, but insisted that it would have been "suicide" for him to report himself.

Nathan didn't believe Levi's denials because Levi was the only one who had stood to gain by discrediting Nathan. Levi accused Nathan of being a narcissist, so Maxie reiterated that Nathan had to leave. She explained that things had been too stressful between the three of them from the beginning because Nathan had taken an instant disliking to Levi. Nathan agreed to leave, but he made it clear that he intended to prove that Levi was up to no good. In the hallway, Nathan collected his things as his thoughts drifted to the Fourth of July celebration in the park when he had told Maxie that she had beautiful eyes.

Meanwhile, Maxie apologized to Levi for letting Nathan into the apartment. Levi assured her that it was okay, but she was hurt that Nathan had betrayed them by contacting Immigration. Levi admitted that it killed him that he and Maxie might be torn apart, but Maxie reminded him that she could return to Australia with him.

In the park, Felix noticed the expression on Elizabeth's face as she watched Nikolas and Britt. "Heaven help me if I'm ever the object of that look," Felix remarked. Elizabeth conceded that sometimes she showed her feelings without meaning to. She also realized that it might be unfair to glare at Britt after Britt had helped get Elizabeth rehired at the hospital. Felix argued that it wasn't enough of a reason for Elizabeth to stand by while Britt cozied up to Nikolas.

Moments later, Felix and Elizabeth approached Nikolas and Britt. Felix snatched the day camp's itinerary out of Britt's hand as he asked when she had lost her aversion to children. Britt admitted that she'd had a change of heart after she'd had a child of her own, but Felix reminded Britt that Ben hadn't been her child. Nikolas quickly intervened by explaining that Britt had offered to step in for Alice when Britt had heard about Alice's heart attack. Britt's smile quickly faded when Felix and Elizabeth explained that they would like to volunteer too.

Britt tried to discourage Felix and Elizabeth by threatening to assign Felix the task of cleaning latrines, but Nikolas assured Felix and Elizabeth that their help would be appreciated. After Britt walked away, Felix surprised Elizabeth by announcing that he had to return to the hospital for another shift. Elizabeth followed Felix to try to get him to stay, but Felix insisted that she needed time alone with Nikolas.

Nearby, Britt called her mother to beg Liesl to call Elizabeth in for another shift. Liesl explained that it was impossible because Elizabeth had just finished a double shift, but Britt wasn't satisfied because she needed help. Liesl advised her daughter to pull out the big guns and then ended the call.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Elizabeth talked about her heavy work schedule. She confessed that she had gone from persona non grata to Liesl's favorite person because Liesl had been giving Elizabeth plenty of extra shifts. Elizabeth was grateful that she had her job back, but she felt a bit overwhelmed because she didn't have time for anything except work and sleep.

On a nearby park bench, Spencer watched Emma and Cameron play together as Josslyn walked up to ask if Spencer wanted a friendship bracelet or if he intended to stare at Emma all day. Spencer tensed when he saw Cam throw his arm over Emma's shoulders and then kiss her on the cheek, so Spencer did the same to Josslyn. Josslyn was disgusted by the peck on the cheek, prompting Cam and Emma to turn to find out why Josslyn had cried out. Spencer smugly informed Cam and Emma that he had moved on and that Josslyn was his girl, but Josslyn quickly clarified that Spencer had not moved on nor was Josslyn his girl.

Britt rescued Spencer from the awkward moment by asking to have a private word with him. Moments later, Britt spelled out her dilemma to Spencer. Spencer was horrified at the thought that Nikolas and Elizabeth would end up falling in love and getting married because Spencer would be stuck with Cam as a brother and having to watch Cam and Emma together all of the time. Britt assured Spencer that she didn't want that either, so Spencer assured her that he had an idea.

Moments later, Spencer blew a whistle to get everyone's attention then announced that it was time for the annual camp competition games with the counselors. According to Spencer it was a time-honored tradition, but Cam questioned how Spencer would know that, since it was Spencer's first year at camp. Spencer glared at Cam and conceded that it would be the start of a new tradition. Britt worried that Spencer's plan wouldn't work, but he quietly assured her that it was foolproof.

Later, Elizabeth and Britt each led a team of campers as Nikolas refereed the games. During the sack races, Britt knocked Elizabeth over to gain the lead, but Elizabeth repaid Britt by tagging Britt during the dodgeball game. Meanwhile, Spencer's efforts to trip Cam during the egg race backfired when Spencer ended up stumbling to the ground and crushing his egg. The winning team was determined when Britt's team beat Elizabeth's team in the tug-of-war contest. However, Britt's victory was hollow because Nikolas rushed to Elizabeth's side when he realized that Elizabeth had injured her shoulder.

Spencer was frustrated that Nikolas hadn't been in impressed with Britt's physical prowess, so Britt advised Spencer to never underestimate the power of frailty. Spencer apologized for failing Britt, but he assured her that he had another plan. He quickly filled Britt in on what he intended to do, but she had reservations about Spencer's latest scheme. Spencer pointed out that she didn't have any other suggestions, so it was their only option.

Later, Britt approached Nikolas and Elizabeth to ask if they had seen Spencer because Britt hadn't been able to find him. Nikolas shook his head, glanced around the immediate area, and then asked the other campers if anyone had seen Spencer. The children shook their heads, so Nikolas and Elizabeth decided to search the park. Moments later, Spencer texted Britt to let her know that he had put the plan into motion. With a grin, Spencer slipped from behind a bush and darted away.

At the hospital, Anna approached Patrick at the nurses' station to apologize to him for failing to properly investigate his accident. She felt bad that her police department had dropped the ball and that it had taken Sam's investigation to identify Rafe as the driver who had forced Patrick off the road. Patrick appreciated that Anna was understaffed and that everyone had done their best, so he suggested that they chalk it up to teamwork. Anna warned him that they might never know if Rafe had been under the influence at the time of the crash, if it had been an accident, or if the crash had been a desperate attempt to commit suicide.

Patrick assumed that Anna blamed him for making it impossible to question Rafe about the accident, but she rushed to assure him that she didn't have any doubt that Patrick had done everything possible to save Rafe's life. Patrick admitted that he had needed to hear that because the past few days had been difficult. He opened up to Anna about how he had been forced to operate on Rafe and about Silas' accusation that Patrick had intentionally harmed Rafe during the surgery. Anna was outraged on Patrick's behalf because she loved Patrick like a son and knew him to be an honorable man. Her voice gentled as she asked if he had talked to Robin.

Patrick revealed that Robin called Emma, but he hadn't spoken to his wife since his son had died. Anna's eyes filled with tears when Patrick broke the news that he had asked Alexis to draw up divorce papers. Anna urged Patrick to reconsider, but Patrick explained that it was the only way that he could move forward. Anna suggested that perhaps Robin had suffered from posttraumatic stress because of the kidnapping and two years of torture, but Patrick argued that Robin hadn't put her family first. Anna sensed that Patrick was hiding something, so she asked him if there was something that he wasn't telling her.

In Rafe's hospital room, Silas reluctantly turned to the door, but Sam assured him that they didn't have to leave if he wasn't ready. Silas confessed that if he could have things his way, he'd never leave Rafe's side again. "But what good would that do now?" he asked as his eyes filled with fresh tears. Sam hugged Silas tight until the wave of grief had passed.

In the hallway, Nina assured Rosalie that she would keep Rosalie's name out of the confession to Silas. Nina tensed when she suddenly spotted Silas and Sam hugging in Rafe's hospital room. Moments later, Silas saw Nina as he and Sam entered the hallway. Silas was surprised that Nina wasn't at physical therapy, so she revealed that she had a confession to make. Sam gently explained that it wasn't the right time because Sam and Silas had just said goodbye to Rafe.

Silas became distracted when he heard Liesl call out to a nurse, so he excused himself. Nina objected, but Silas ignored her as he approached Liesl. Rosalie glared at Silas as she confided to Nina that he was the most self-absorbed individual Rosalie had ever met. "Considering who I work for, that's saying something," Rosalie added. Before Nina could reply, Rosalie warned Nina that Nina would never be Silas' top priority, especially after Nina confessed.

Nina and Rosalie watched Silas, Sam, and Liesl. Rosalie observed that Sam followed Silas around like a puppy that constantly propped and defended Silas. Rosalie kept talking about Silas and Sam, careful to push Nina's buttons, until Nina snapped at Rosalie to stop "yapping."

Meanwhile, Liesl extended her condolences to Silas, but Silas growled that Rafe would be alive if it hadn't been for Liesl and Patrick. Silas regretted that he hadn't waited for another surgeon to operate on Rafe, but Liesl argued that Rafe would have certainly died if they hadn't operated right away. Silas wasn't satisfied because Patrick had been vocal about wanting Rafe dead. He warned Liesl that he would not allow her to sweep Rafe's death under the rug then threatened to let the press know that Liesl and Patrick had blood on their hands.

Liesl was certain that Silas was bluffing. She cautioned him that things would not go as he expected because Rafe had driven a family off the road and killed a child, and his toxicology report would reveal that Rafe had used both heroin and cocaine. Liesl warned Silas that it would only cause additional grief and shame for Silas' family, but Silas was willing to take the risk it if it meant that the hospital's board finally saw that Liesl had been mismanaging the hospital from the beginning. Liesl assured Silas that she respected him as a doctor, so she urged him to take as much time as he needed to grieve and recover. Furious, Silas stormed off.

Liesl advised Sam to go after Silas to talk sense into him before Silas ruined the hospital's reputation and Patrick's career. Sam went after Silas as Nina and Rosalie lurked around a corner, eavesdropping. After Liesl left, Rosalie asked if Nina intended to tell Silas the truth. "No," Nina admitted then added that the impulse had been the result of a bout of temporary insanity. Nina promised that she was back on track, so she asked where Silas and Sam had been headed.

Rosalie revealed that Silas and Sam had entered the stairwell to the rooftop, but she warned Nina that Nina couldn't be caught snooping. Nina ignored Rosalie but instructed her to keep watch and not allow anyone to enter the stairwell until Nina had returned. Rosalie reluctantly complied. A short time later, Felix stopped to retrieve the wheelchair, since it was blocking the stairwell, but Rosalie insisted that she was using it. She sat down in the wheelchair to make her point then suggested that Felix catch up with an old lady who had been on the hunt for medications.

On the rooftop, Sam caught up to Silas. She warned him that it would be a mistake to go public with his accusations. Sam appreciated that it was a fight that Silas could handle, but she feared that it could make things worse for both him and Kiki. Silas wondered if Sam was worried about him or if she was afraid that he would be making trouble for Patrick. Silas immediately regretted the question, but Sam decided to answer it. She explained that she had talked to Patrick and had asked Patrick if he had done anything to harm Rafe during the surgery.

Sam admitted that she had believed Patrick's assurance that he had tried to save Rafe. Silas remained skeptical because he doubted that Patrick would admit to killing Rafe, but Sam explained that Patrick had confessed that the thought had crossed Patrick's mind. Sam cautioned Silas to think carefully before proceeding with his plan because he might end up losing and smearing Rafe's name in the process, which would only result in more pain. "Haven't we been through enough already?" Sam asked.

In the stairwell, Nina eavesdropped on the revealing conversation then scampered down the stairs before she was caught. Nina confided to Rosalie that Nina had overheard something that had provided Nina with the perfect ammunition to destroy Silas and Sam's relationship. However, Nina needed to figure out how best to use the information for maximum "bloodletting."

Nearby, Liesl approached Anna and Patrick to ask to speak to Patrick about an urgent matter. Anna resented the interruption, so Liesl explained that Silas had threatened to go public with his accusation that Patrick had intentionally harmed Rafe during surgery. Liesl insisted that she and Patrick needed to band together and issue a joint public statement before Silas followed through on the threat.

Nina perked up when she overheard Liesl and Patrick discuss holding a press conference. Nina realized that the press conference was the perfect place to drop her bombshell.

. . .

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