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Friday, December 2, 2016

Alexis sat at a table in Kelly's, looked at the text message she had received from Julian, and flashed back to the hit-and-run. She quickly poured a miniature bottle of alcohol into her coffee and looked around. When Anna walked up and expressed her hope that there was more available, Alexis tensed until she realized that Anna meant the coffee. Anna changed her order to tea and sat down at the table. She confessed that she had reenlisted with the WSB and was working as a special agent. She offered to help Alexis get her law license back in exchange for some information.

Anna wondered how much Alexis actually knew about Valentin. Alexis assured her that it wasn't much. She'd merely represented Valentin in the pursuit of property as sole Cassadine heir. Alexis was surprised to learn about Charlotte and about Griffin's attempt to be her parental custodian. Anna explained that Valentin's crimes couldn't be proven, but she was out to get him. Alexis made it clear that she had her own problem to deal with in the form of Julian.

Anna took that as a sign to leave, but Alexis urged her to stay put. Anna wondered if Alexis knew anything about Valentin's childhood, and Alexis noted that while she didn't know about Valentin's mother, she did know that he'd attended a boarding school in England. It was called Bedlington Academy. Alexis turned down Anna's offer to help with the license. She didn't want anyone to think there had been any kind of impropriety. "You want to pay me back, nail Valentin to the wall, because my nephew is gone because of him, and I want him to pay," Alexis exclaimed.

Anna left the table to put in a phone call to Robert. She told him about the school and argued that they had to start somewhere.

Sam and Jason stood outside Kelly's while they waited for Curtis to appear. Jason admitted that he didn't trust Curtis. However, his favorite private investigator was pregnant and no longer doing business. He was pretty certain that Curtis had only taken the job with Julian in order to receive a paycheck and was not really on Julian's side. Furthermore, Jason was convinced that the district attorney was not after the truth but just wanted a big case. Sam agreed that they had to prove that Sonny was innocent of the car bombing.

Alexis left Kelly's and bumped into Jason and Sam. She apologized for running out on them at Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, she received another text from Julian as they spoke, and she told them she had to leave.

Curtis lingered outside Julian's hospital room and listened to the conversation between the patient and Ava. Julian was certain that the police would not make any progress on the hit-and-run, and Ava ranted about the police doing their jobs. She added that she thought that Sonny would be a good target, stuck as he was under house arrest.

Annoyed, Julian advised his sister that he'd deal with Sonny as he saw fit. He didn't want her to provoke Sonny, either, because perhaps Sonny would be found innocent of all charges. Ava accused her brother of siding with Sonny. "For the record, the trouble will be all Sonny's," she said.

Curtis stepped into Julian's room as soon as Ava left and offered his services to find out who might be after Julian. He thought it necessary before Julian's luck ran out, after the bombing and the hit-and-run. Julian believed that the hit-and-run could be an accident, and he reminded Curtis that Curtis had been fired. He wanted Curtis to stop pursuing events, or Curtis might regret it.

Nina assured all the young patients waiting for Santa that he'd arrive soon and suggested that they partake of the available cookies and milk. Valentin arrived with bags of toys for the Toys for Tots collection and remarked on her unenthusiastic approach. Nina complained that she'd gotten stuck running the party, though Valentin thought that her "soft spot for children" was a big reason.

Nina did her best to resist Valentin's charms, and she was short with him. He wondered if he'd done anything to offend her. "No, but if Anna Devane is to be believed, you will," Nina replied.

Nina divulged that Anna had interrogated her, and Anna had told Nina to stay away from Valentin. Valentin wondered why. He thought Anna would be done with him after the custody suit. Nina admitted that the "violent misunderstandings" in Greece probably had something to do with it, and there were two sides to the story. She didn't want his version, but she believed him. She thought that while he was "far from innocent," he was a good father, and that carried weight with her. Valentin leaned over and whispered in her ear.

Dante and Lulu stepped off the elevator and, acting like newlyweds, dashed around the corner to make out. They realized that they were there to pick up Rocco from the party and should act like parents. Lulu was curious about Tracy dropping off Rocco at the hospital in the first place. Their attention was diverted when they saw the interaction between Nina and Valentin and tried to guess what their conversation was about. Dante was convinced that Valentin would make a mistake at some point, but they were there to make memories, and the couple went off to find their son.

Laura woke up in Kevin's bed, and she announced that she loved being with him and loved her life with him in it. She rattled off his good traits. All smiles, the couple agreed to cook breakfast together, but after Laura asked about Kevin's time, he realized that he was going to be late for work.

Sitting at her desk at work, Nelle listened to the recording she had made of Sonny talking about their being in bed together. She shut it off hastily when Michael stopped by, and she covered by letting him listen to the "music" she'd been listening to instead. He asked for her help in picking out a present for his mother and thanked her for her Thanksgiving Day help.

Nelle suggested a pizza stone for pizza-loving Carly, and if not that, then a nice cashmere sweater. After the gift discussion, Michael invited Nelle to a Toys for Tots gala because he thought she should get out and have some fun. After Michael stepped away to take a call, Nelle told him how different he sounded when conducting business. He sounded icy. Michael attempted to persuade her to attend the gala.

Sonny was surprised to see Carly when he woke up on the sofa, and she told him that she wanted to be with him so they could work things out together. As he told her he loved her, Carly's face changed into Nelle's face, and Sonny woke up with a start. He'd been having a bad dream. Carly really was there, and she asked him about his nightmare.

Sonny claimed not to remember his dream and regretted sleeping on the sofa. He admitted that he never slept well there, but it had been a long day. "Not as long as Julian's," Carly replied as she told Sonny about the hit-and-run. Sonny wondered why Julian had been at a dive bar, but Carly didn't know. Sonny assumed that Carly wanted to ask if Sonny had been responsible for Julian being hit. "Go ahead, ask me," he urged. Carly didn't think Sonny was responsible, but she thought the police might.

Carly admitted that her anger had dissipated, and it made her grief more bearable. Sonny stressed that he wanted to change, and he wanted Carly to believe it. He explained that Jason was still searching for evidence on the bombing, and Sonny wouldn't do anything dumb. Carly was adamant that they be honest with each other because there had been too much loss. Sonny flashed back to being with Nelle. Carly instantly sensed that Sonny was hiding something, and she urged him to talk.

Sonny stated that he'd spent too much time alone recently and had spent too much time thinking about how he could have done things differently. Carly suggested he think about the future instead. His phone rang, and the caller announced a guest. Ava arrived to talk to Sonny, but she was surprised to see Carly. She wanted to talk to Sonny privately and for it to be civilized.

Sonny told Ava that she could speak in front of Carly. Ava announced that she wanted to change their custody agreement, as Sonny could be serving time in prison. She wanted Avery to be spared. Sonny replied that the charges could be dropped. Ava didn't think there was any reason why Avery shouldn't be with Ava, her mother. "Me, Ava. I'm the reason," Carly chimed in.

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