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Friday, May 22, 2015

Still laying on the couch, Anna awoke with a start, imagining gunshots. "Bad dreams?" she heard someone say. She was startled to see Carlos, clad in a bloody, gunshot shirt, sitting next to her on the couch. Carlos sarcastically wondered what she was losing sleep over. Anna told herself that Carlos was dead. "Thanks to you!" he cried. Anna insisted that she was living with herself just fine, because Carlos had murdered Duke.

Carlos accused Anna of turning away from everything she believed in by killing him. He informed her that she'd taken revenge on the wrong person, because Julian had ordered the hit, and she'd killed the only witness to that. He added that she'd "set Julian free." She demanded that he "shut up," and she woke up on the couch with tears in her eyes.

A short while later, Anna was drying her hair after getting out of the shower when there was a knock on her door. She opened the door to Sabrina, who apologized for bothering Anna. Sabrina wanted to know what had happened to Carlos. "Tell her," Carlos commanded Anna. Sabrina continued that she knew everyone still thought that Jake had killed Duke, because she'd been up all night checking the television and internet for news of Carlos. "I'm the breakfast for hungry fishes," Carlos stated.

Anna admitted that she hadn't had the chance to arrest Carlos. Carlos was excited that Anna was going to confess. Anna told Sabrina that she'd found Carlos at the pier and pulled her gun on him. He'd charged at her, and they'd struggled over the gun. He'd gotten the better of her and knocked her unconscious. When she'd awoken, Carlos had been gone. "Liar!" Carlos roared.

Sabrina apologized to Anna for all the grief Carlos had caused, because he wouldn't have been in Port Charles if it hadn't been for Sabrina. Anna assured Sabrina that nothing was Sabrina's fault. She hoped that Anna would find Carlos, because she believed that Duke deserved justice. She thanked Anna for the information and left.

"Wow," Carlos marveled. He was impressed at how easily Anna had been able to lie. He thought he would enjoy watching her try to cover up his murder, because "who would think that you would shoot a man in cold blood? Four times?" He promised to tell Duke how Anna was doing. Anna gazed at a picture of Duke. When she looked up, Carlos was gone.

Kyle was getting ready for the day when there was a knock on the door. He opened it to Jake, who he quickly let in. Jake let Kyle know that Hayden was in a coma after being caught in Shawn's crossfire. Kyle informed Jake that Jordan had blown her cover in order to save Jake. He continued that, with Carlos gone, Julian needed someone to trust, which is what they'd been working towards. "Not anymore. I quit," Jake blurted out.

Jake explained to a surprised Kyle that Jake no longer wanted himself, and the people around him to be targets. He added that Julian had lied about sending guards to protect him. Kyle informed Jake that Julian had been the one to tip off Kyle that Jake had been in danger. Kyle thought that Jake was in the "perfect position" to get into Julian's "inner circle." Jake said that Kyle would have to take Julian down "without me." "You know what's at stake," Kyle warned him. Jake shot back that he'd rather be in prison than have people he knew shot because of him, and he left.

A short while later, Jake let himself into Elizabeth's empty house. He called out, confirming that there was no one home. He saw a picture turned face down on the table, and he picked it up. It was the picture of Jason and Elizabeth from Elizabeth's mantle.

In bed, Morgan looked at his tablet and read the newspaper, which read "The Butler Did It," and had a picture of Shawn. Kiki woke up and expressed her surprise that he was already awake. He admitted that he was excited to start his day and kissed her. He wanted her to know that "last night wasn't about the sex." He wanted their relationship to work "this time." Kiki agreed and kissed him.

Morgan confessed that he never would have thought that they would ever get back together. Kiki related that having him back in her life had reminded her why she'd fallen so hard for him initially. She revealed to him that the compass necklace he'd given her was the most thoughtful gift she'd ever received. He joked that she'd probably sold the necklace. She reached over to her night table and picked up. A surprised Morgan wondered why she still had it. "It's important to me, like you," she replied.

Julian was looking at his son's hospital bracelet when Alexis kneeled next to him. He expressed his fear that she wouldn't believe that he was quitting "the business." She promised to stay by his side. Just then, the doorbell rang. Julian answered it to Lucas, who yelled, "Congratulations!" while clutching a bouquet of blue balloons. He revealed that, while he and Brad had been away celebrating their engagement, Sam had called to tell him that Olivia's baby was Julian's. He excitedly revealed that he'd always wanted a brother.

Alexis finally stopped Lucas' animated babbling and told him what had happened. Lucas was immediately deflated, and he apologized to Julian. He took the balloons and went out into the hall to call Sam. Alexis told Julian that he needed his family in order to get through the hard time.

Sam and Patrick lay in bed, and Sam wondered how her baby brother was doing. She knew how excited Julian was since he'd never had a chance to raise Sam or Lucas. A short while later, Sam got a call from Lucas, who told her the news. She promised to be at Julian's soon. She hung up and relayed the news to Patrick. Sam blamed the baby's death on herself for "badgering" Olivia the night she'd gone into labor.

Patrick assured Sam that Olivia had had a normal pregnancy, and that the early labor had been no one's fault. She hoped that Julian wasn't shutting everyone out like she did when she was upset. She revealed that when her daughter had been stillborn, she'd lashed out and put up walls until Jason had helped her take them down. Patrick admitted that he would have lost his mind after losing Gabriel if Sam hadn't been there for him. She was glad she could have been there for him.

Patrick offered to rearrange his surgeries for the day and go to Julian's with Sam. She told him that it wasn't necessary, and that she'd see him later. She kissed him and turned to leave. "I love you," he said suddenly. She smiled and said, "I love you too."

Lucas returned to the penthouse and informed Alexis that Sam was on her way over. He thought Julian, who was getting dressed, was acting like he wanted to be alone. Alexis divulged that Julian thought showing grief meant showing weakness.

Next, Lucas put in a call to Kiki. She promised to be there soon. She relayed the news to Morgan. Although he and Julian had his differences, he thought the news was "terrible." Morgan offered to go to Julian's with her, but she didn't think it was necessary. As she got dressed, he put the compass necklace on her. He told her that he would go for her and kissed her.

A short while later, Julian was shocked to enter his living room to find Alexis, Lucas, Sam, Kiki, and Morgan. Lucas announced that Julian didn't have to talk, and no one cared how they passed the time, but they knew he needed his family. He continued that they would deal with the hard times together as a family. Julian appreciated everyone being there, and he admitted that his family surrounding him was exactly what he needed.

Julian also took the opportunity to announce that he was giving up "the business." He knew they'd heard it before, but he insisted that his circumstances had changed. He no longer wanted his family to be targets. Just then, the doorbell rang. Thinking it was Brad, Lucas ran to answer the door. A confused Lucas led in a woman who looked strangely like Ava, only with dark hair. With a thick New York accent, the woman wondered if anyone was going to offer her a drink.

It was September of 1995, and Jordan and Shawn were in bed together. She couldn't sleep, because she was thinking about her husband Tommy, and how she was betraying him by sleeping with his best friend. Shawn informed her that, if she wanted things to end, she'd have to be the one to walk away, because he didn't think he could. In response, she kissed him.

At the courthouse, Jordan snapped out of her daydream. She spotted Scott and went over to talk to him. She apologized for the deception but told him that she and Anna had had to "keep a tight lid" on the fact that Jordan was undercover because of all of the cops on Sonny's payroll. Scott understood and appreciated that she'd gotten him Shawn, who would likely spend the rest of his life in jail. Speaking of Shawn, Jordan wanted to make a deal for him. She told a reluctant Scott that she could get Shawn to "give up the man you want."

Later, Kyle arrived at the courthouse and went over to Scott, who told Kyle about the deal Jordan had just made for Shawn. Kyle admitted that he would hate to see Shawn walk, but Sonny was the main target. Changing the subject, Kyle said that he needed Scott to file charges against an associate of Julian's.

Shawn sat in his holding cell thinking about Jordan when T.J. entered. Shawn wanted T.J. to leave so that he still had respect for Shawn. T.J. didn't want Shawn to be alone. He'd known that there was a possibility of Shawn going to jail because of his job, but he never would have imagined that Jordan would have put Shawn in jail. He called his mother a selfish liar, but Shawn stopped him. He ordered T.J. not to talk about Jordan like that, because she'd taught T.J. better.

Just then, Jordan entered the holding cell area. T.J. announced that he was going to the courthouse to await Shawn's arraignment, and he walked out. Jordan told Shawn that she'd spoken to Scott and gotten a deal for Shawn. She advised him to testify against Sonny in Jake's attempted murder, and Shawn would only have probation. "Then everyone wins," Jordan told him. "Except Sonny," Shawn answered. Jordan confessed that she was more comfortable with Shawn being out on the streets than Sonny. She revealed that Sonny had always been the target, not Shawn.

Shawn accused Jordan of making the deal only because she'd felt guilty for "pretending to love me." She insisted that she did love him and that seeing him in jail was "killing me." She advised him to take the deal for himself and "flip" on Sonny. "Hell no," Shawn cried. Jordan pleaded with him not to abandon T.J., because he needed Shawn. Shawn thought that Jordan would try to convince T.J. that he was better off without Shawn. "You are his father!" Jordan blurted out tearfully.

. . .

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