Friday, October 2, 2015

At the Floating Rib, Nathan and Maxie slid into opposite sides of a booth as Nathan questioned Maxie about the sock remark that she had made about the film shoot with Dillon. Maxie brushed it off as she explained that the love scene had been cut short because things had gone further than anyone had intended. Nathan's concern mounted when she continued to make cryptic remarks, rife with innuendo, about her day. Panicked, Nathan worried that Maxie had fallen for Dillon

Maxie quickly assured Nathan that she loved him -- and only him. The tension slowly eased from him as he asked what exactly had happened. Maxie explained that she wasn't at liberty to talk about it because it was Dillon's secret. Nathan was hurt that she didn't trust him, but she promised that Nathan meant the world to her. However, she doubted that he would share a secret if his friend had told him in confidence. Nathan agreed that there were some things that a person couldn't tell.

Maxie's eyes immediately narrowed as she realized that Nathan had been keeping something from her. She tried to pry the secret from him, but he reminded her that she had refused to open up about Dillon. Maxie was frustrated, but Nathan explained that the secret wasn't his to tell and could hurt people if he shared it with anyone. Maxie was forced to back down when Nathan added that the secret had nothing to do with him or Maxie.

Nathan shifted gears by asking if Dillon had been a better kisser than Nathan. Maxie playfully suggested that they invite Dillon to join them so she could refresh her memory, but Nathan had a better idea. He joined her on her side of the booth and offered to remind her of his kissing skills. Maxie smiled as Nathan illustrated his point. Afterwards, he invited Maxie back to his place to conduct more "in-depth" research. She happily followed him out of the bar.

At the loft, Dante asked if Lulu had to be at the Haunted Star, but she insisted that she was needed at home, and she intended to remain by her husband's side for as long as necessary. Dante offered a weak smile then opened up about his fears for Sonny's future. Lulu promised Dante that they would get through it together.

Later, Dante tried to work, but Lulu objected because he had enough to deal with. Dante admitted that he wasn't just concerned about his father; Morgan had been a loose cannon since the shooting. Dante feared that Morgan might have bipolar disorder like Sonny, which was why Michael had been forced to take over for Sonny to keep Morgan from running off half-cocked and kick-starting a mob war. Dante felt guilty because Dante was the eldest, but Lulu was confident that Michael would not follow Sonny into the mob.

Dante promised that he had faith in the judicial system, but he also saw the advantages to Sonny's world because Ava should never have been allowed to take Avery. Lulu empathized with Dante's frustration, so she told him to take off his shirt and lie down on the bed. Moments later, Lulu climbed onto the bed to massage his back as she instructed him to clear his mind and relax. She smiled when she realized that he had quickly fallen asleep.

After a short nap, Dante snuggled with Lulu as he told her that she was perfect. He admitted that he had no idea what he would do without her, but she scolded him for thinking like that. Dante admitted that Lulu was his reason for living. She promised that he wouldn't lose her then kissed him.

At the Haunted Star, Dillon was startled when Valerie passionately kissed him. Things quickly heated up between the couple until Andy, the production intern, suddenly barged into the stateroom to document the love scene. Dillon was not pleased and warned Andy that Andy could not continue to create disturbances on the set. Andy profusely apologized as he begged Dillon not to fire him. Dillon decided to give Andy another chance because they had not been filming, but he informed the film student that work had ceased for the day. Andy suddenly realized that his camera's battery was low. He asked if he could leave it on the set to charge.

Dillon reluctantly agreed, but he ordered Andy to make it quick. After Andy plugged the camera into a charger and left, Dillon returned to Valerie's side to pick up where they had left off, but the passion had fizzled. Dillon realized that something was bothering Valerie, so she confessed that she had been using him to get over someone. Dillon immediately realized that she had been referring to Dante. Valerie denied it, but Dillon easily saw through the lie.

Dillon confided that he, too, had been using Valerie for the same reason. Valerie quickly guessed that Dillon had feelings for Lulu. Dillon and Valerie agreed that they each had to move on because Dante and Lulu were happily married and shared a child. However, Valerie was plagued with guilt because she had acted on her feelings for Dante. Dillon reminded Valerie that it had just been a kiss, but Valerie's guilty expression made him realize that things had gone much further between Dante and Valerie.

Valerie confirmed that she had slept with Dante. She rushed to assure Dillon that Dante had immediately been filled with remorse for betraying Lulu and had made it clear that he intended to save his marriage because he loved his wife. However, Valerie had had difficulty putting the one-night stand behind her because she had feelings for Dante. Dillon promised that he didn't hold it against her, so her secret would remain safe with him. Neither Dillon nor Valerie realized that Andy's camera had recorded their entire conversation.

Across town, Nina and Franco entered Kiki's apartment as a Realtor explained to Kiki that the apartment would never sell because someone had been murdered in it. Franco resented the harsh words, and he ordered the Realtor to leave. Unapologetic, the Realtor advised Franco to persuade Kiki to lower the asking price as she walked toward the door. Nina stopped to woman to ask for her business card.

After the Realtor left, Kiki asked why Franco and Nina were there. Franco admitted that he had decided to check on Kiki when she hadn't returned his phone calls. Kiki snidely informed him that she had been better before he had run off the Realtor, but he doubted that Kiki had been ready to meet with a Realtor. Kiki bristled, but he pointed out that she was still in her pajamas. Kiki claimed that she had just woken up, but Nina reminded Kiki that it was the middle of the day.

Kiki assured both Franco and Nina that her attire wasn't a cry for help. According to Kiki, she had a new job working for an investment house with business dealings in Japan. Kiki added that her job had odd hours, which Nina conceded made sense. Franco applauded Kiki for landing such an impressive job. She explained that a college friend had recommended her because Kiki had a gift for numbers. Nina was curious why Kiki continued to live in the apartment after the "recent events," but Kiki insisted that it was necessary because Silas' estate had been tied up in probate.

Nina wondered if Kiki had someone she could stay with, but Kiki shook her head. Franco mentioned Ava, but Kiki quickly made it clear that she had no interest in having a relationship with her mother. Kiki was determined to move on with her life and put the past behind her, which included getting ready for work. Franco offered to wait while Kiki changed so they could walk out together. After Kiki reluctantly disappeared into the bedroom, Nina commented that she had liked the Realtor's honesty.

Franco was surprised when Nina added that she might ask the woman to help find a new place for Nina. Franco admitted that living with his father at his age seemed weird, and he had been thinking about moving out and finding a place with Nina. However, Franco didn't have money, and he was uncomfortable with the idea of living off of Nina's money. Nina pointed out that she had inherited her fortune, and she didn't mind sharing it with Franco. Nina beamed with happiness when Franco agreed to move in with her.

Franco admitted that he would do anything to be with Nina. She kissed him. Kiki appeared in the doorway and cleared her throat when she saw the couple in a passionate embrace. Franco and Nina jumped apart as Kiki gathered her things then marched to the door. In the hallway, Franco suddenly recalled that he had parked across the street from the building. Kiki bid the couple farewell and left. Confused, Nina asked why Franco had lied.

Franco explained that something had seemed off with Kiki. Nina disagreed, but Franco insisted that Kiki had been through too much to be okay. Franco also pointed out that he knew Kiki quite well and recognized when something was wrong.

Later, Kiki entered the Floating Rib and sat down at the bar to order her "usual." The bartender remarked that Kiki was there quite often, and he jokingly asked if she had a home. "No," Kiki answered as she knocked back a shot of alcohol.

At the Drake-Morgan residence, Sam had changed into a floral print dress, put Champagne on ice, lit numerous candles, and sprinkled flower petals all over the living room. Patrick, freshly showered and changed, stopped short as he entered the living room and took in the romantic setting. Sam smiled seductively as Patrick asked what was going on. She reminded him that she had promised to give him a sign when she was ready to accept his marriage proposal.

Patrick was shocked when Sam reached behind a chair and pulled out a big poster that read, "Yes, Patrick, I'll marry you." It was decorated with wedding bells and a picture of Sam and Patrick in the center of a big red heart. Sam became increasingly worried as Patrick stood rooted to the spot without saying a word. She asked if he was trying to find a way to let her down gently. Patrick assured her that he simply wanted to take in the perfection of the moment.

Relieved, Sam ran into Patrick's welcoming arms and kissed him. Patrick asked if she was sure, but she promised that she didn't have any doubts about marrying him. He popped the bottle of Champagne then filled two flutes and handed one to Sam. They toasted to their engagement and took a sip of the bubbly alcohol.

Later, Sam relaxed on the sofa as Patrick returned to the living room and got down on bended knee to officially propose to Sam with one of Emma's "pop rings," since he hadn't had time to pick up a real engagement ring. Sam happily accepted his proposal, so he slid the ring onto her finger. Sam adored the ring and admitted that life couldn't get better. Patrick kissed her then carried her into the bedroom.

After Patrick and Sam made love, they returned to the living room. Sam realized that they had to pick up Emma from school, but Patrick assured her that Anna would take care of it. Sam wondered if they should share their good news with the children later that evening. Patrick was certain that Emma would be overjoyed because Emma had wanted a younger brother even before Gabriel had been born. Patrick talked about the loss of his son and how much he looked forward to doing all the things with Danny that he had wanted to do with Gabriel.

Sam admitted that she loved the life that she and Patrick had built together. She smiled impishly as she added that she also liked the sound of "Samantha Drake." Patrick grinned because he did as well. He admitted that asking her to marry him had been the easiest decision that he had ever made. The doorbell interrupted their kiss. It was Laura.

. . .

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