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Friday, October 21, 2016

Sam was surprised to see that Jason was awake so early. He revealed that he'd gone for a ride in order to think. He wondered about what was going to happen next. He had reflected on all that had happened because of Sonny's job, and he didn't want the same to happen to his own family. He wondered what Sam thought about leaving Port Charles.

Jason continued that he'd promised Sam that he wouldn't take any risks without thinking of his family first, and he believed that staying in the town was a risk. Sam reminded Jason that he no longer worked for Sonny, but Jason thought that his connection to Sonny still made him vulnerable. She wondered if he was willing to leave behind all the most important people in his life. He replied that he didn't want to go far away, but he wanted to "put some miles" between them and Port Charles.

Sam confessed that she'd thought about "starting fresh," but Alexis, Kristina, and Molly needed her. He suggested that they only go "a few towns over." "Aurora," she blurted out. It was a "country town" about an hour away. Jason wasn't sure if they would fit in, but both agreed to try. As they kissed, Sam winced in pain with her hands on her stomach. She revealed that the baby had been kicking. Jason got close to her stomach and promised the baby that they would never leave.

At Metro Court, Claudette frantically informed Griffin that she and Charlotte were leaving town, so he needed to decide whether or not he was tagging along. She explained that her room had been trashed the night before, so Valentin had to have sent some men out looking for her. She advised him to go with them or say his last goodbye to their daughter. He refused to let her leave with Charlotte and told her that he had an idea.

Anna was sitting at a table at the Metro Court restaurant when Felicia approached. Anna invited Felicia to join her, and Felicia accepted, since Maxie had missed their meeting to talk about wedding plans. Felicia saw Anna's brand new WSB identification and wondered if they'd lured her back. Anna explained that, luckily, she would be based in Port Charles in her new job, though she would occasionally have to travel. She'd realized that her home would always be Port Charles. Felicia was glad Anna was staying, but she needed to find Maxie. The two promised to meet soon, and Felicia left.

When Felicia was gone, Griffin approached Anna and asked her for help. He introduced Claudette, who still thought it was a bad idea to go to Anna. As the two quietly argued, Charlotte stepped forward and said hello to Anna. Griffin introduced her to Anna as his daughter, which made Anna very happy. When Griffin had finally convinced Claudette that Anna could help, the two explained Claudette's situation to Anna. Anna believed that she could better protect Claudette and Charlotte if they stayed in Port Charles.

Claudette agreed with Anna. She asked Griffin to watch Charlotte while Claudette went up to the room to "regroup." She told Charlotte to stay with Griffin, and she promised her daughter that everything would be all right. She got on the elevator. Griffin thanked Anna for her help. She replied that people always asked her why she stayed in Port Charles when Robin was in California. She revealed that she kept getting "new answers" to the question. A few minutes later, Anna's phone went off, and she opened up a picture of Valentin's mug shot.

At the station, Nathan left a message for Maxie that he was sorry she'd had to go home to an empty apartment. He explained that he'd had to cover the night shift, but he would be home soon. Lulu appeared and wondered how things were going with Claudette. He updated her on Charlotte's actual paternity, and she was shocked. She wondered if Claudette had also lied about being on the run from Valentin. Before Nathan could reply, the two heard Dante yelling at someone on the phone.

Dante yelled at the person on the phone that they should be able to trace the elements in the bomb. In response to the person, he said that he would calm down when they could do their job, and he slammed the phone down. Lulu asked for a minute with Dante, so Nathan left. Lulu believed that Dante should recuse himself from the case because he was "too close" to it, but Dante refused. He explained that he hadn't done enough for Morgan while he'd been alive, and he vowed to do everything he could to find out who'd killed his brother.

When Lulu was gone, Jordan admitted that she agreed with Lulu. She informed him that Sonny was likely the one who'd planted the bomb, and she wondered if Dante would be willing to arrest his own father. Dante confessed that he wouldn't like it, but he would do it. Dante's phone rang, and he was told that the dive team that had been investigating the river after the explosion had found something.

Felicia found Nathan at the station and wondered if he'd heard from Maxie. She explained that Maxie hadn't shown up for their breakfast date, and she hadn't been answering her phone. Nathan thought he had a guess as to where Maxie had gone.

Outside her hotel room, Claudette tried to book one one-way plane ticket to Calgary on the phone. Nathan appeared behind her, and she wondered what he wanted. He explained that he couldn't find Maxie, and he guessed that she'd gone to see Claudette. She informed him that she didn't have the time, as Valentin knew where she was, since her room had been wrecked the night before.

Nathan drew his gun and opened Claudette's door. The room was perfectly organized. She insisted that it had been a mess the night before, so housekeeping had to have been by. On his way out, he saw a bracelet on the nightstand that Claudette said wasn't hers. "It's Maxie's," he told her.

Laura and Lulu sat at the nail salon, and Lulu wanted to discuss Laura's upcoming date with Kevin. Laura thought the date was "no big deal," and added that she would have to run right back to Wyndemere to continue packing. Lulu related that, if Laura was selling the castle for Spencer's benefit or to get away from the "sad and gloomy" place, Lulu agreed. However, Lulu warned that if Laura was trying to put the Cassadines behind her, the attempt would be in vain. Lulu wondered if Laura thought that Valentin and Claudette could be connected to Helena's mind games. Laura answered that she'd learned the hard way that, when it concerned the Cassadines, there were no coincidences.

Carly looked at a picture of Morgan and remembered arguing with Sonny right before she'd left him. The doorbell snapped her out of the memory, and she was unhappy to answer the door to Sonny. He had something important to say to her, so she allowed him to enter the house. He thought that they should plan a service for Morgan. Carly informed him that she and Nelle had planned Morgan's funeral for November eleventh.

Sonny was furious that Carly was trying to shut him out of saying goodbye to his son. She went off on him about loving his business more than his family, because if he didn't, Morgan would be alive. She partially blamed herself because "I knew who you were." She'd convinced herself that being with Sonny was worth the risk, but Morgan had paid the price. "Being with you hurts my soul," she told him, because when she looked at him, she saw the life that Morgan would never live.

Sonny had one more thing to say to Carly. He begged her to return home. He didn't think they could get through the grief without each other. They shared a kiss, but the doorbell interrupted them. Carly answered the door to Dante. He revealed that the divers at the crash site had found something.

In the basement, Maxie was taped to the chair but was tearing away at it with a screw. She hid the screw when the man descended the stairs. He had a plate of eggs and bacon for her, but she refused to eat it, claiming to be a vegetarian. He demanded that she eat and then tell him all that she knew about Claudette and Charlotte. She wondered if he was going to kill her after she told him what he wanted to know. He promised to "reward" her if she cooperated.

Maxie agreed to cooperate if the man made her an egg white omelet with goat cheese and "greens." "Don't push it," he warned. When he was gone, she frantically tore at the tape with the screw, eventually successfully ripping it completely off. The man returned with toast for her. She kicked it and tried to run, but he easily caught her.

The man taped Maxie back into the chair and pulled out a gun. She noticed a wedding ring and asked if he also had kids. She continued that she had a daughter who wouldn't understand if Maxie suddenly disappeared. He put the gun down and walked over to the water heater. He opened up one of the pipes, believing that it was a more humane way for her to die. He apologized and ran upstairs. She screamed for help.

. . .

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