Friday, February 20, 2015

At the local jail, Luke heard the voice of the hallucination he'd had of himself reminding Luke that they were the same person. Luke cried no as a guard appeared to announce Luke had a visitor. It was Tracy. Luke's eyes filled with tears as he begged her to help him because he was in trouble. Luke realized what he said next might sound crazy, but he suspected the man with his face had never existed.

Luke feared he was the man who had done all the horrible things he had been accused of. Luke tearfully implored Tracy to help as she looked deep into his eyes. He sagged with relief when she quietly assured Luke that she believed him. Luke acknowledged she didn't have any reason to trust him after everything that had happened, but Tracy confessed Helena had hinted Luke had been suffering from some type of psychological problem. Luke immediately accused Helena of exerting some kind of mind control over him, but Tracy shook her head as she explained that it wasn't as simple as that.

Tracy revealed that she had talked to Luke's "other side," so Tracy had firsthand knowledge what the dark half of Luke was like. Tracy suspected Luke's issue was somehow tied to a traumatic event that had occurred in the house on Elm Street when Luke had been a child, so Luke conceded growing up with Tim Spencer as a father had hardly been "Christmas with the Osmonds." However, he couldn't think of anything specific that would trigger him to wreak havoc on Port Charles without conscious thought.

Luke became increasingly agitated when Tracy questioned him about his childhood until she mentioned his older sister, Patricia. "Stop!" Luke suddenly yelled as his dark side emerged. "You mind your own business, you miserable bitch," Luke growled. Tracy immediately recognized the man who had plotted to kill Luke's loved ones, so she vowed to do everything in her power to help Luke. Luke coldly told her to take the hint and leave him alone, but Tracy remained determined to get answers.

Luke's temper flared when Tracy revealed she intended to find Pat, so he warned that Pat was long gone and likely dead. Tracy was undeterred because she was desperate to get to the bottom of things. Luke hurled threats until Tracy left. Afterwards, he began to mutter to himself as he paced the cell like a caged lion. "If the truth comes out, things are gonna go south real fast for both of us," Luke said.

At the loft, Lulu was surprised when Maxie stopped by for a visit with Georgie. Lulu quickly scooped Georgie out of Maxie's arms as Maxie followed Lulu into the apartment. Lulu cooed over Georgie and confessed the little girl was beautiful. Maxie tensed when she suddenly realized that it might be awkward for Lulu to be around Georgie, but Lulu assured Maxie it was fine because Lulu understood Georgie was Maxie's daughter as much as Rocco was Lulu's son. Lulu introduced Georgie to Rocco as she set the baby on the floor next to Rocco.

Maxie and Lulu beamed with pride as they agreed Rocco and Georgie were "epically adorable." Lulu pointed out that Rocco and George might one day date and fall in love, which meant Lulu and Maxie might become in-laws along with Spinelli. Maxie seized the opportunity to tell Lulu about Spinelli's breakup with Ellie and Spinelli's desire to be a family with Maxie. Lulu was surprised because Maxie was with Nathan, so Maxie opened up about how Maxie had helped Johnny flee town.

Maxie explained she had confided to Spinelli about her fear that Nathan might not forgive her, which had led Spinelli to believe Spinelli and Maxie had a chance to make things work. Lulu was curious if Spinelli was right, but Maxie insisted that Maxie and Spinelli's romance was "deader than disco." Lulu knew Maxie had once loved Spinelli and had been heartbroken when he had become involved with Ellie, but Maxie was adamant Nathan was her future.

Maxie changed the subject by asking about Luke. Lulu started to fill her friend in about Luke's odd behavior when Tracy suddenly barged into the loft to ask to speak to Lulu privately about Luke. After Maxie left, Tracy told Lulu about Tracy's visit with Luke and Luke's reaction when Tracy had mentioned the house on Elm Street.

Outside Kelly's, Nathan returned from a jog but bumped into Spinelli as Spinelli exited the diner with a hot chocolate. Spinelli apologized profusely when his drink spilled down the front of Nathan's shirt, but Nathan assured Spinelli it was fine because Nathan lived above the diner. Nathan entered Kelly's with Spinelli trailing behind as he continued to apologize to Nathan. Nathan pulled off the wet shirt and excused himself to change. "How am I supposed to compete with that?" Spinelli quietly mumbled under his breath.

Later, Nathan returned to the diner, so Spinelli offered to buy Nathan a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream to make up for the earlier mishap. Nathan appreciated the offer but declined because Nathan didn't want to have to work off the calories from the sugar in the beverage. Spinelli smiled awkwardly as he sipped on his own hot chocolate.

Moments later, Nathan and Spinelli sat down as Nathan asked about Ellie. Spinelli confessed he and Ellie had split up, so Nathan offered to be a sounding board if Spinelli needed someone to talk to. Spinelli seized the opportunity to make it about Nathan and Maxie, talking about how a person could believe they were completely in tune with their beloved only to have a disagreement shed light on fundamental differences that made the couple utterly incompatible. Spinelli drove his point home by suggesting Nathan might appreciate what Spinelli meant, since Maxie had helped Johnny escape.

Nathan was stunned that Maxie had shared the secret with Spinelli, but Spinelli promised he was the soul of discretion. According to Spinelli, Maxie had told Spinelli because both Spinelli and Maxie understood that things weren't always black and white in life -- sometimes there were mitigating circumstances. Spinelli claimed Spinelli and Maxie's values were more in line like a "real couple" than Nathan and Maxie's values, but Nathan argued that Spinelli and Maxie weren't actually a real couple.

"Not if I have something to say about it," Spinelli quietly replied. Startled, Nathan invited Spinelli to speak his mind, so Spinelli revealed Ellie had ended things with Spinelli because Ellie thought Spinelli wanted Maxie back. "And the truth is, I do," Spinelli confessed. Stunned, Nathan looked up just as Maxie entered.

At the hospital, Olivia admitted she was pregnant. Alexis was shocked, while Julian immediately assumed the baby was his. However, Ned surprised everyone by claiming to be the baby's father. Alexis didn't believe Ned, so Ned asked why he would lie. Alexis reminded Ned that he had lied once before by claiming to be Kristina's father.

Alexis explained that she had blamed Sonny for her sister's death, so she had been determined to keep Sonny away from Kristina. Ned had stepped up to say he was Kristina's father to help Alexis, so Alexis suspected Ned had decided to repeat history to keep Julian from being a part of Olivia's baby's life. Ned insisted Alexis was wrong, but she ignored him as she suggested they act like adults about the pregnancy, since they all knew Olivia and Julian had slept together. Julian agreed with Alexis, so he asked Olivia when the baby had been conceived.

Alexis was equally interested in Olivia's answer, since Ned and Alexis had been dating for roughly six months. Alexis glanced at Olivia's flat stomach as she observed Olivia didn't look that far along. Olivia explained that she and Ned had had a brief liaison between Thanksgiving and Christmas when Ned and Alexis had been apart. According to Olivia, Alexis had walked in on Olivia and Ned just as they had been about to make a decision on how to proceed with their relationship the night Alexis and Ned had reconciled. Alexis recalled seeing Olivia and Ned watching a movie with 3-D glasses on but remained skeptical.

Alexis was curious why Ned hadn't told her about the fling with Olivia, so Ned claimed he had hoped to avoid hurting Alexis. However, he reminded Alexis how Olivia had treated Alexis with hostility at the Metro Court Restaurant the following morning. Olivia confessed she had felt rejected and had taken it out on Alexis. Alexis was surprised Ned had cheated on her, but Ned reiterated they hadn't been together at the time. However, he conceded he should have been honest with her.

Julian was curious if Alexis believed Ned, so she angrily confessed that she did. Alexis resented how Ned had constantly called her out on her feelings for Julian while keeping an affair with Olivia a secret. Olivia tried to defend Ned, but Alexis snapped at Olivia because Alexis hadn't forgotten how Olivia had once given Alexis' sixteen-year-old daughter and T.J. a key to a hotel room. Ned warned Alexis to lay off Olivia, since he was certain Alexis hadn't been entirely faithful to him, either, but Alexis assured Ned he was wrong. Julian cleared his throat and reminded Alexis of the time Alexis had tried to "pump" Julian for information.

However, Julian wanted to know if there was any chance the baby could be his. Olivia shook her head as she insisted Ned was the father. Satisfied, Julian and Alexis left. Julian confided a part of him had wondered what it would be like to be a father to a baby because he regretted not being around for Lucas or Sam when they'd been children. Julian chuckled because he hadn't thought Ned had had it in him to get someone pregnant, especially behind Alexis' back. Alexis appeared troubled as she agreed.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas wondered how Helena expected him to lie to Elizabeth about Jake. He was startled when he heard a noise in the doorway and saw Elizabeth standing there. Nikolas carefully slid Jason's wedding ring into his pocket as Elizabeth explained she had stopped by to give Nikolas an update on Jake. However, Elizabeth was curious what Helena was doing there. Helena resented the question, but Elizabeth was unapologetic as she informed Helena that the device implanted in Jake's head had been removed.

Nikolas asked his grandmother if the removal of the device meant that Jake was no longer susceptible to Helena's orders and was able to act of his own free will. Helena cryptically explained if the device had given her control over Jake, then it meant she could no longer force Jake to follow her commands. Elizabeth was sick of Helena's "double-talk," so she demanded Helena give them a straight answer. Elizabeth believed it was the least Helena owed her after everything Helena had put Elizabeth through. Helena disagreed and added that she wasn't interested in Elizabeth's "humdrum" life.

Elizabeth didn't believe Helena because Elizabeth had heard Nikolas and Helena discuss lying to Elizabeth when Elizabeth had arrived. Elizabeth looked to Nikolas for an explanation, so Nikolas claimed he had hoped to keep Elizabeth from finding out that he had offered his grandmother temporary sanctuary. Nikolas knew it would upset Elizabeth, but he promised Helena's stay would be brief. Helena assured Nikolas and Elizabeth that she didn't intend to stay in Port Charles any longer than necessary. Elizabeth glared at Helena because she was furious about how Helena had used Jake, so Nikolas interceded by offering to cover Jake's medical expenses.

Nikolas insisted it was the least he could do because of everything Jake had suffered, including memory loss, at the hands of the Cassadines. Nikolas and Helena were surprised when Elizabeth revealed that Jake had remembered who he was just as the anesthesia had pulled Jake under, so Elizabeth looked forward to hearing from Jake what Jake remembered instead of relying on Helena's version of events.

Elizabeth thanked Nikolas for forcing Helena to reveal how Helena had been controlling Jake because Elizabeth knew it hadn't been easy for Nikolas, since Helena was family. As Elizabeth started to leave, Helena made a snide remark about Elizabeth having a safe ride back to the mainland, so Elizabeth stopped to advise Nikolas to find a way to get Helena out of his life. He assured Elizabeth that he would.

After Elizabeth left, Helena confessed she was impressed because Nikolas had kept the secret about Jason despite Nikolas' weakness for Elizabeth. Helena anticipated seizing control of ELQ because Nikolas had proven himself to be a worthy Cassadine, but Nikolas explained that Jake would reveal his true identity when he woke up. Helena disagreed, since brain surgery was unpredictable. However, she insisted the important thing was that he had lied to Elizabeth, but he admitted he hadn't lied about everything.

Two bodyguards entered the room as Nikolas informed his grandmother that he had meant what he'd said about her leaving Wyndemere. Helena was startled when the two guards grabbed her. Outraged, she reminded the men that they worked for her, but Nikolas informed his grandmother he had been busy during her stay at Wyndemere, using the time to secure his inheritance and power base. Nikolas explained that Helena no longer had any leverage over him because he had blocked her from accessing the Cassadine fortune.

Nikolas revealed he was in charge of everything, including Helena's future, so she asked what he planned to do. Nikolas explained that Helena would be taken to Cassadine Island to live out her days in solitude, away from the family she cherished. Nikolas was delighted at the prospect of never having to see Helena again, but she begged that she be allowed to see Luke one last time. Nikolas denied her request. Helena was confident they would see each other again because she knew Nikolas would need her.

At the hospital, Sam and Carly were eager for news about Jake when they saw Patrick leave the operating room. Patrick explained that he had successfully removed the device from Jake's brain and had turned it over to the authorities. Carly and Sam were relieved when Patrick admitted he was optimistic about Jake's recovery. Carly confided that Jake had suffered terribly while under Helena's control because he had been terrified of what he was capable of whenever he'd had a brief flashback. Carly regretted turning him over to the police, but Sam believed it had been for the best because it had allowed them to confront Jake, which had triggered Jake's memory of planting the bomb on the Haunted Star.

Sam felt bad for Jake because Jake was a lost soul, but Patrick confessed that Jake might not be. He quickly filled Carly and Sam in about what Jake had told Elizabeth as the anesthesia had taken hold. Carly and Sam were curious if Jake had given Elizabeth a name, but Patrick shook his head. Carly hoped it meant that Jake would have the answers he wanted when he woke up, but Sam remained uneasy because she was curious why Helena had picked Jake and what his connection to Sam was.

A short time later, Elizabeth returned to ask how Jake was doing. Patrick admitted that Jake hadn't woken up, so Carly and Sam questioned Elizabeth about what Jake had told her. Elizabeth confessed Jake hadn't said much, so she hoped he would remember when he woke up. Moments later, a nurse approached Patrick to let him know Jake was awake.

Patrick and Elizabeth entered Jake's hospital room to check on him. Elizabeth wondered if Jake could tell them who he was, so he told her that he could.

. . .

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