Friday, December 12, 2014

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jake offered to pour Carly a drink. He noticed that she seemed upset so he assumed that it had to, do with Franco. Carly explained that Franco was the least of her problems, but she regretted that she hadn't heeded everyone's warning that Franco was "psychotic." She realized that she had gotten exactly what she had deserved by agreeing to marry "the freak."

Carly shifted gears by admitting that the good thing about crashing and burning was that there was nowhere to go except up. Carly believed that it was important for a person to hold on to their loved ones during dark times, but Sonny had a different view of things, which was why Sonny had pleaded guilty to shooting A.J. Carly insisted that Sonny could have easily been acquitted of murdering A.J. because there had been mitigating circumstances.

Carly explained that A.J. had been a raging alcoholic who had left a path of destruction in his wake, including the night of the shooting. According to Carly, Sonny had shot A.J. because Sonny had walked in on A.J. strangling Ava. However, Sonny had pleaded guilty to murder because he had wanted to spare Carly from being charged with obstruction of justice for her role in the cover-up. Jake remarked that he didn't blame Sonny for trying to protect Carly, but Carly argued that Sonny had never been the type to sacrifice himself.

Carly confided that Sonny had told her not to visit again because Sonny hoped that Michael would eventually forgive Carly if Michael believed that she had cut all ties with Sonny. Jake surprised Carly by revealing that he had met Michael at the hospital. She beamed with pride when he confessed that Michael had given him sage advice by suggesting that Jake accept help even when Jake didn't want it. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she admitted that it hurt her deeply that her firstborn wouldn't even look at her, but she resented Sonny making decisions without giving her an opportunity to have a say in the matter.

Jake suggested that perhaps letting Carly go had been the only thing that Sonny had had power over. Frustrated, Carly decided to get another drink, so Jake seized the opportunity to show his bartending skills. Carly ordered a dry martini, "very dirty," then sat back to watch Jake work his magic behind the bar. Jake stumbled his way through making the cocktail, but he seemed confident that he had made a decent dirty martini.

"That drink could be dirtier," Carlos said with a sneer as he walked up. "It's nowhere foul enough for this Bruja," Carlos added as he glared pointedly at Carly. Jake tensed as he quietly asked if Carly needed assistance, but she assured Jake that she could handle it. Carlos didn't bother to hide his hatred for Carly as he confronted her about knowing an innocent man had gone to jail for a murder she'd known Sonny had committed. Carly reminded Carlos that he had confessed to killing A.J., but Carlos wasn't satisfied with Carly's excuse because he wanted her to suffer as much as he had.

Jake quickly interceded when Carlos took a menacing step toward Carly. Before Carlos could react, Jake shoved Carlos' head to a table then demanded that Carlos apologize to Carly. After Carlos grudgingly complied, Jake released Carlos. Carlos growled to Carly that they weren't finished then stalked away. Stunned by what had unfolded, Carly thanked Jake for stepping in with Carlos. She suggested that perhaps Jake had been a bodyguard in the past, but Jake was certain she was wrong.

Carly decided to try the martini Jake had made but grimaced when she took a sip. Carly confessed that "mixology" was not his forte, but she offered him a job with her security team. Jake declined because he was a "lover not a fighter."

At the local jail, Julian was working out when the guard announced that he had a visitor. Julian smiled when he saw Alexis, but she coldly asked him to put on his shirt. Julian teasingly wondered if his shirtless state had aroused some emotions in Alexis, but she warned him that she was not there to banter with him. Her expression remained serious as she explained that she wanted to talk about her daughter.

Julian immediately pulled on a shirt as he asked if Sam and Danny were okay. Alexis reminded Julian that she had three daughters then clarified that she hadn't been referring to Sam. Julian realized that Alexis had been talking about Molly, so he reminded Alexis that he had never intended for Ric to die. Alexis snidely assured him that she knew Julian felt as if he hadn't had a choice in framing Ric, but Julian promised Alexis that he took full responsibility for his role in Ric's death.

"Ric is alive," Alexis revealed. Julian listened in stunned disbelief as Alexis explained that Ric's death had been a ruse to flush out Julian's boss then added that Ric had agreed to go into the Witness Protection Program to keep his family safe. Julian was relieved that he wouldn't have to continue to carry the burden of Ric's death on his conscience, but Alexis warned Julian not to be too hasty because Ric had vanished. She explained that she had been about to tell Molly that Ric was alive when Anna had called to reveal that Ric's handlers had gone to retrieve Ric and discovered that Ric's apartment had been in shambles and Ric had been gone.

Alexis demanded to know if Julian knew anything about Ric's disappearance, but Julian denied any involvement. Alexis appeared skeptical, so Julian pointed out that he hadn't even known that Ric had been alive until Alexis had told him. Alexis wondered if it was possible that Cesar Faison had taken Ric, but Julian doubted it. Julian explained that Faison had never hinted at suspecting that Ric was alive and that it was unlikely that Faison would risk being captured to snatch a man who had merely been a patsy.

Julian begged Alexis to help him get out of jail, but she suggested that he call Diane. Julian admitted that he had, but Diane had claimed that it would be a conflict of interest to represent him. Alexis was confident that Julian would find someone else because Julian always looked out for number one -- Julian. Julian insisted that she was his number one priority, but Alexis walked away.

A short time later, Carlos approached Julian's jail cell. Julian was surprised that Carlos was out of jail, so Carlos smiled as he vowed that Julian would be the next to get out of jail.

Meanwhile, Alexis went to Metro Court Restaurant for a drink. Carly smiled as she handed Alexis the martini that Jake had made.

At the hospital, Sam thanked Spinelli for cleaning up the security footage that he had obtained from the police station. She explained that she was on her way to talk to Nathan, but she had wanted Spinelli to know that she was grateful for what he had done, especially since she had a suspect. Sam wrapped up the phone call as she thought about Jake using a similar expression to the one the gunman had used during the shootout.

Moments later, Sam bumped into Elizabeth. Elizabeth immediately asked how Sam was doing because Elizabeth and Jake had seen the news with the cell phone video of Sam being held hostage. Sam promised that she was fine except for a few bruises, so Elizabeth asked if the police had any leads on the gunman who had helped Faison. Sam admitted that she didn't know but confided that she had one. Sam explained concerns about Elizabeth's houseguest, Jake, then told her about the similar expressions that Jake and the gunman had used.

Elizabeth immediately dismissed Sam's suspicions as preposterous because Jake had been job hunting. Elizabeth was certain that someone could vouch for Jake. "But just not you," Sam said. Elizabeth resented Sam's tone, so she warned Sam to back off then reminded Sam that Jake was still recovering from the accident. Elizabeth insisted that he wasn't physically capable of doing what the gunman had done at the plaza, but Sam remained unconvinced.

Sam was curious what made Elizabeth so certain that Jake was a good guy when he had arrived at the hospital without any identification. Elizabeth pointed out that it wouldn't make sense for the gunman to remain in Port Charles after helping Faison, but Sam wasn't swayed. Sam suggested that she and Elizabeth agree to disagree, but Elizabeth warned Sam that Sam's theory made Sam look foolish.

Later, Jake approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station. Elizabeth appeared tense as she asked about his efforts to find a job. Jake chuckled then confessed that alcohol consumption would plummet if he worked as a bartender. Elizabeth smiled, but Jake sensed that something was troubling her. She quickly assured him that she was fine then changed the subject by inviting him to join her for a bite to eat. They were unaware that Sam had been lurking nearby, watching them.

At Pentonville, Johnny Zacchara asked how Sonny's visit with Carly had been. Sonny was curious why Johnny had been keeping track of Sonny's business, but Johnny claimed that a guard had merely mentioned that a pretty blonde woman had visited Sonny. Johnny knew that Carly was the only blonde woman who would drive all the way to Pentonville to spend time with Sonny, but Sonny warned Johnny not to mention Carly's name again. Johnny chuckled then continued to taunt Sonny about Sonny being powerless in jail. Johnny continued to goad Sonny until Sonny's temper flared.

Sonny suddenly shoved Johnny against the wall then held a sharp makeshift weapon to Johnny's throat. Johnny's men immediately stepped forward to help, but Johnny didn't feel threatened by Sonny because Sonny wouldn't get away with murdering Johnny. Johnny was curious if Sonny was prepared for Sonny's loved ones to learn that Sonny had died a slow and agonizing death in prison. Sonny reluctantly backed off, so Johnny praised Sonny for making a smart decision.

Johnny changed the subject by revealing that he wanted to take over Sonny's territory. Sonny scoffed at the suggestion that Johnny could run Sonny's territory from inside prison, so he declined Johnny's offer because Sonny was confident that Sonny could make due. Johnny revealed that he knew that Sonny had put Duke Lavery in charge, but Johnny doubted that Duke had the "cojones" to do what was necessary to hold on to Sonny's territory. Sonny made it clear that he would never agree to hand his territory over to Johnny, but Johnny was confident that Sonny would change his mind.

Johnny explained that he would cut up Sonny's brother, Ric, piece by piece if Sonny refused to cooperate. "That's right," Johnny said with smug satisfaction at Sonny's stunned expression, "Ric's alive, and I've got him."

In Canada, Dante, flanked by two Canadian police officers, confronted Franco, who appeared to be clutching a baby wrapped in a pink blanket. Dante ordered Franco to hand over the baby, but Franco made a move as if he were about to flee. The Canadian police officers reached for their guns as Dante warned Franco that they wouldn't hesitate to shoot Franco in the back if Franco tried to run. Franco was confident that Dante and the two other police officers wouldn't risk the baby's life by firing at him, so Franco ran.

Nearby, Silas, Ava, Morgan, and Kiki stood outside a building that Betsy Frank had claimed Franco had occasionally used as a hideout. The foursome decided that it would be best if two people approached the door while the other two waited in the courtyard in case Nina tried to flee. They were debating who should go and who should stay when Franco suddenly rounded the corner with Dante and the police in hot pursuit. "Oh, my God. My baby," Ava cried out when she saw the pink bundle in Franco's arms.

Franco immediately stopped in his tracks when he saw Kiki, but he warned everyone to stay away from him, or he would throw the baby into the snow. Horrified, Ava accused Franco of being a monster, but Kiki stepped forward to plead with Franco to hand them the baby. Silas quietly slipped away to check the address Betsy had given him as the others tried to talk Franco into giving them the baby. Franco insisted that he and Nina could give the baby what Ava couldn't because Ava would be locked behind bars, but Morgan thought Franco was delusional if Franco thought that Franco and Nina could keep the baby.

Ava vowed that she would raise her daughter then begged Franco to return her baby, but Franco was unmoved by Ava's pleas because Ava had once tried to kill him and had lied to him for years about Kiki. Franco insisted that the baby had parents who loved her then shocked everyone by violently throwing the bundle onto the cold hard ground. Everyone screamed until they realized that it had been a bag of flour wrapped in a blanket. Disgusted, Kiki asked why Franco would do something that cruel to them.

The Canadian police quickly grabbed Franco as he assured Kiki that the baby was safe, but Kiki wondered if he truly intended to do to her what Ava had done to him by denying Ava an opportunity to know the baby. Franco quietly admitted that the baby was inside the house with Nina, so Morgan and Ava left as Dante stepped forward to inform Franco that Franco was charged with "stalking, assault, and the kidnapping of a child."

After Dante handed Franco off to one of the Canadian police officers, Dante decided to follow Morgan and Ava. Dante warned Kiki to be careful around Franco, but Franco promised that he would never hurt Kiki because Franco loved her. Dante reminded Franco that Franco had said the same thing about Carly. Kiki waited until Dante left then demanded to know why Franco had pulled the stunt with the flour, so Franco explained that he had intended to use the bundle to convince a woman to let him into her home so he could stop the woman from calling the police. Franco insisted that everything he had done had been for Nina.

Meanwhile, Silas knocked on the door then calmly asked Nina to let him in. Inside, Nina stood frozen as Silas continued to talk to her until he eventually persuaded her to open the door. Silas looked down at the baby snuggled in Nina's arms as Nina stood in the doorway.

Nina assured Silas that she knew the baby wasn't her biological child, but Nina firmly believed she had been meant to have the baby because Madeline had taken their child. Silas calmly talked to Nina as he carefully told her everything she wanted to hear including that he wanted to raise the baby with her. Nina's spirits soared as she asked if Silas meant it, so Silas assured her that he did. He asked her if he could hold the baby, but Nina seemed reluctant to let go of the infant because she wasn't certain that she could trust what Silas had told her.

Silas managed to persuade Nina that he had meant everything he had said, so she gently handed him the baby as she revealed that she had named the baby Jaime.

Moments later, Morgan and Ava rushed into the living room. To Nina's horror, Silas handed the baby to Ava as Morgan physically restrained Nina from running to tear the baby out of Ava's arms. Nina became distraught as she cried that the baby was her daughter then begged Silas to return the infant to her. Ava smiled with joy as she looked at her daughter for the first time then quickly left the house as Morgan handed Nina over to Silas. Silas wrapped his arms tightly around Nina as she wept inconsolably and tried to break free.

In the courtyard, Morgan asked Ava if the baby was okay. She assured him that their daughter was perfect, so he asked to hold the baby. Ava warned him to be prepared to fall in love then handed the baby to him. As soon as the baby was safely in Morgan's arms, Dante approached Ava to place her under arrest for the murder of Connie Falconeri.

. . .

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  • Shawn lets Sonny know that the baby had been found
  • Michael stops by the brownstone
  • Patrick reveals to Sabrina that he has something important to tell her
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