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Friday, February 17, 2017

Julian sat at a table with his sister in the Floating Rib and advised her that he wouldn't continue to help her if she hurt any of the people he loved. Olivia questioned whether he was defying her, but Julian assured her that with the hospital in chaos, it would soon be hers. He added that he wanted to be finished with her in all ways once she got what she wanted. Julian stated that he'd done everything she'd asked him to do, and he never wanted to see or hear from her again. Olivia promised, though she reminded him that she was still waiting for her delivery.

At General Hospital, Sam and Jason discovered that their childbirth class had been canceled due to the nursing sick-out. They talked about Morgan's killer, who was still out there somewhere, even though Ava had been arrested for the crime. Jason received a call from Michael asking for his support at an emergency Quartermaine meeting. Sam agreed to meet her husband at the Floating Rib after the meeting.

Nina walked into a patient room and spotted her husband sitting by Anna's bedside and holding her hand. After hearing Valentin tell Anna that she was safe with him, Nina fled from the room. Just then, a confused Anna woke up and abruptly pulled her hand from Valentin's. She ordered him to leave. Nina was extremely upset and confronted her husband in the hallway outside Anna's room. He showed her the unfinished text message he had started earlier to let her know what had happened. He said he would explain everything at her suite at the Metro Court.

Finn had the results of Anna's blood work, but he wanted to have further testing done to be sure of the diagnosis. He and Griffin made a plan for Anna's care and proceeded to her room. The doctors told Anna that she had a blood clot, and they wanted to get to the cause of it. Anna revealed that she'd had her headaches for a few months and some itchy skin. Finn asked for Anna's consent to do a bone marrow biopsy. He stressed that it was minimally invasive, and they'd have a better idea of what was going on. Anna agreed.

Out at the nursing station, Finn grabbed onto the desk suddenly. Eyeing a tray full of patient medications in cups, he grabbed one. Back in Anna's room, she informed Griffin that she'd been caught breaking into Valentin's house as she had attempted to plant a bug. Griffin did his best to reassure Anna, but once he left Anna's room, he left a voicemail for Robin. He thanked Finn and said that Finn had been great with Anna. Griffin was happy that Anna was in Finn's care, as she meant a lot to him. He knew that Anna was terrified. Finn promised to do all that he could. They agreed that they had been right to not tell Anna that she might have cancer.

Anna tearfully tried to calm herself down. She was certain that she probably just had a vitamin deficiency. "You'll be fine," she said to herself.

Olivia Falconeri was ready to head home after a lovely Valentine's Day dinner with Ned. He asked her to stay the night, and she confided that she really didn't feel comfortable doing that. She felt like a visitor with his family. Tracy interrupted them to announce that she was about to hold an emergency Quartermaine family meeting, and she wanted Olivia to leave. Ned objected to the meeting and Olivia's ouster, but Tracy considered Olivia to be an outsider. Ned firmly told his mother that Olivia would stay, and he apologized to Olivia for his mother's rudeness. He wasn't ready for their Valentine's Day to be over.

Elizabeth smiled as she picked up around her house after the nurses' meeting. There was a note left behind that read "No Justice, No Peace. Fight the Power." She texted Franco to wish him luck at work. Sam arrived with Jake's science project and told Elizabeth about her canceled class. She'd really wanted a refresher course, though she understood the nurses' strike. Sam was very anxious about the baby's birth though Elizabeth felt certain that all would be resolved.

Franco arrived home and barely saw Kiki and Dillon on the sofa, kissing in a state of undress. He announced that he had been fired while playing a spy for the cause. He headed into the next room, and the young couple quickly dressed. Dillon received a call about an emergency family meeting. Shortly after, Franco peeked out to see if Dillon had gone and if it was safe to walk back into the room.

Franco and Kiki talked about the cuts at the hospital and the fact that he needed to keep his firing hidden from Elizabeth. He received her good luck text and wondered how he could tell her. Kiki was sure that Elizabeth would understand, especially after she heard that Franco and Elizabeth were official. Kiki advised him that love was both good and bad, and she suggested that he trust Elizabeth.

Franco arrived at Elizabeth's, and Sam quickly departed. Elizabeth wanted all the juicy details of Franco's spying expedition. He revealed that he had also been cut from the hospital staff, and the art therapy department was closed. Elizabeth was sad to hear that, and she said she would fight for him too. It wasn't just about the nurses. If necessary, they would both find new jobs; she said, "We can make it work." "We?" Franco asked. Elizabeth assured Franco that they were in it together. Franco was pleased to be able to spend more time with Elizabeth, and she was hoping for a miracle.

Michael and Jason were the last to arrive at the Quartermaine mansion. Michael stated that Ava had been arrested, and Jason noted that he wasn't convinced that Ava had been involved in the car bombing, but at least she'd be out of the way for a little while. Tracy pushed them to get to the meeting quickly. Everyone was gathered finally, and Tracy declared that General Hospital would close if they didn't move quickly to save it. "ELQ is gonna buy the hospital," she announced.

Tracy had handouts for everyone, and they discussed it as a family. It was noted that there were two board members and the chief of staff present right in the room. Michael thought that Tracy's idea was a good one and noted that their company had the liquid assets available. Once the discussion turned to shareholders and patients without insurance, the family began to think that it wasn't such a good idea after all. Olivia wanted to speak. Tracy continued to be rude to her, but Ned urged her on. Olivia suggested that the Quartermaines buy the hospital themselves.

Olivia thought that the Quartermaines would do what was right. Suddenly, the family was enthusiastic as they all arrived at their own decision on where they'd get the money. Jason thought that Edward would think of it as a worthy cause. "Start crunching numbers," Tracy ordered as Jason left to meet Sam. Eventually, everyone had a check for Tracy. Ned sang Olivia's praises and kissed her goodbye. Dillon called Kiki to advise her that he was "significantly less wealthy." He was impressed that his brother had stood up to Tracy. Ned shared that he planned on making Olivia part of the family.

Alexis received a flower delivery at home. It was a bouquet of flowers that resembled her bridal bouquet. She pulled out the card and read that they were from Julian. As she recalled her wedding day, the doorbell rang. It was Julian, and he told her that he had needed to see her. The bouquet had been for Valentine's Day. He handed her a key to a safe deposit box and advised her that he had an explanation for all that he'd done. She would find a letter and his will in the box. Alexis demanded to know what was going on. She asked if someone were threatening him.

Alexis reminded Julian that she didn't trust him, but Julian insisted that he couldn't tell her anything. He had left instructions with the bank, and if she didn't hear from him again, they'd let her know when she could read his letter. He added that he loved her and wished her a happy Valentine's Day. Then, he left.

Nina and Valentin belatedly arrived at the Metro Court and the suite that Nina had booked. Valentin explained the events involving Anna and how he'd ended up at the hospital. He added that Anna seemed to be obsessed with him, though Nina mentioned that Anna felt the same about Valentin. He was sorry that Nina had been upset, though Nina felt better knowing that Valentin had played Good Samaritan. She learned that he'd gone back to the house for her engagement ring, as Valentin reminded her that their entire marriage had been in reverse. He handed her the ring.

Valentin expressed his love for Nina and told her how she'd changed his life. Nina shared how reluctant she was to voice her own feelings because she always seemed to lose someone. The couple made love, and afterwards, Nina admired her new ring. She went into the bathroom to draw a bath for two in the special tub, and Valentin placed a call to the hospital to check on Anna's condition.

Sam and Jason met up at the Floating Rib and agonized over the blonde woman captured in the photo. Sam typed the name of Olivia Jerome into a search engine on her phone, but all she saw was a photo of a dead woman. Olivia Jerome sat nearby and watched. She continued to keep an eye on the couple until she eventually left.

On the next General Hospital...

• Anna begs Valentin to tell her what she can’t remember

• Curtis suggests to Nina that Valentin is being less than truthful

• Griffin expresses his concerns to Hayden about Finn’s drug use

• Olivia Jerome and Sam have a confrontation on the footbridge

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