Friday, April 29, 2016

Paul and Jordan entered the courtroom and saw Scott and Anna at the defense table. Jordan quickly approached Anna to assure Anna that she had Jordan's full support. Scott promised that he had everything under control and confided that he had a secret weapon, but it only made Anna uneasy. Moments later, Paul approached the table to apologize to Anna for what was about to unfold, but Scott vowed to make Paul regret messing with Anna. Paul warned Anna that relying on Scott was a mistake, and he asked to speak to Anna alone.

Scott objected, but Anna wanted to hear what Paul had to say. Paul and Anna stepped aside as Paul claimed that he hoped to save Anna from herself. He pointed out that she had confessed to crime that even the victim hadn't reported, but Anna knew Paul's true motivation was to keep the truth about Kyle's murder buried. Paul assured Anna that no one believed her paranoid accusations and suggested that it was evidence of her deteriorating mental state, but Anna questioned why Paul loved her if he thought she was unstable. Paul ignored the question and desperately tried to persuade her to retract her confession by offering to drop the charges and grant her a leave of absence.

Paul promised that the situation with Carlos would play out as Paul and Anna had planned because Carlos would accept Paul's plea deal. Anna wasn't satisfied because she wanted a jury to decide if Paul, Carlos, and her actions had been justified. Frustrated, Paul told Anna that he truly was concerned about her mental state and returned to his side of the courtroom. Anna approached Scott to ask him about the secret weapon, but the judge entered the courtroom. Anna entered a plea of not guilty before Scott requested that she be released on her own recognizance.

Paul objected and insisted that Anna was a flight risk because of her history as a highly trained intelligence agent. Scott argued that Anna was eager for her day in court and would remain in Port Charles, but Paul claimed that Anna's mental state had been greatly diminished since Duke Lavery's death. Offended, Scott reminded the judge that Anna was permitted to grieve for her murdered lover, but Paul produced a report from a psychiatrist deeming Anna unfit to be released. Paul handed Judge Chua the report as Jordan whispered to Scott and Anna that the psychiatrist Paul had used always sided with the prosecution.

Scott asked Anna about the session, but Anna assured him that she had remained perfectly composed and rational during the meeting. Jordan had to return to the police station, but wished Anna luck. Meanwhile, Paul told the judge that Anna had been crumbling under the weight of her grief, which made her a flight risk. Scott told the judge about Anna's extensive law enforcement background, but the judge decided to rule based on the psychiatrist's evaluation. However, Andre entered the courtroom and asked to be heard.

In the interrogation room, Michael was skeptical about Carlos' claim that Carlos and Sabrina were married, but Carlos assured Michael that it was true. Carlos claimed that Sabrina had told Carlos that it had been the happiest day of her life because she loved Carlos and wanted to give their son a strong name. Michael realized that Sabrina had had a boy. Carlos' grin widened as he bragged about having a son to carry on Carlos' name. Carlos looked forward to being reunited with his wife and child, but Michael pointed out that Carlos was facing a jail sentence.

Carlos was confident that the charges would be dropped, but Michael questioned if Carlos had hoped hiding Sabrina would change things. Michael reminded Carlos that Sabrina had given the police a detailed statement about Carlos' confession, but Carlos accused the police of forcing Sabrina to lie. Michael's eyes narrowed with suspicion as he asked if Carlos had married Sabrina to keep her from testifying against her husband. Insulted, Carlos denied that he'd use the woman he loved and the mother of his child like that. Carlos reiterated that he would soon be a free man as Alexis entered the interrogation room.

Carlos smiled with satisfaction as he instructed Alexis to tell Michael that Carlos would not go to jail. Alexis demanded to speak to her client alone, but Michael hesitated to leave. Michael recalled how Alexis had been concerned about the tactics Michael had used during his custody fight for Avery and how Alexis had warned him that he'd been headed down a slippery slope. Michael felt obligated to return the favor and added that for both Kristina and Molly's sakes, Alexis should drop Carlos as a client.

Michael walked away and approached Jordan in the squad room to ask about the search for Sabrina. Jordan explained that Sabrina had apparently left of her own volition and was in hiding because Sabrina faced accessory charges for aiding and abetting Carlos. Michael argued that Carlos might be holding Sabrina against her will to keep her from testifying, but Jordan informed Michael that it was in the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Michael asked Jordan about the case against Carlos because Carlos was overly confident about not going to jail. Jordan revealed there'd been a new development in the case, but she couldn't share the details.

In the interrogation room, Alexis told Carlos that her motion to have his case dismissed was dead in the water because an eyewitness had stepped forward. Furious, Carlos demanded to know what the witness had said. Carlos' temper flared when she explained that the witness had heard Julian's name mentioned and had seen Carlos shoot Duke. Carlos questioned the timing of the witness and insisted that Sonny was behind it. He warned Alexis that she had better find a way to get Carlos out of trouble, or he would accept Paul's plea deal. Carlos assured Alexis that he wouldn't hesitate to take Julian down with him.

Alexis resented Carlos' threats but assured him that she could easily discredit the witness on the stand because the man had been a junkie. Carlos hoped she was right because he had a lot of information on her husband. Rattled, Alexis left and closed the door. Michael watched through the window as Carlos pounded the table with his fists and shouted in anger. Michael entered the room and feigned concern, but Carlos knew it was a lie and accused Sonny of paying people to lie and frame Carlos. Michael shrugged, but Carlos offered to tell Michael where Sabrina was if Michael agreed to break Carlos out of jail.

In the courtroom, Anna quietly asked if Andre was Scott's secret weapon, while Paul objected to Andre testifying. Andre explained that he had something vital to add to the hearing, since Anna had been Andre's patient in the past. Judge Chua agreed to hear what Andre had to say and had him sworn in. Andre explained that he'd first met Anna when Kevin Collins had referred her to Andre because Anna had been struggling with insomnia following Duke's murder. Andre conceded that Anna had been grieving, but she had also wanted justice for Duke through legal means.

Jordan stood in the hallway and listened as Andre described Anna as a person with honor and integrity. Andre pointed out that Anna could have easily gotten away with killing Carlos in Ecuador, but Anna had returned Carlos to Port Charles to face justice. Andre assured Judge Chua that Anna would not flee the jurisdiction because Anna had the moral courage to face the consequences for her actions. Andre added that Anna was brave, principled, and one of the sanest people he knew. According to Andre, she was only a threat to those who feared their own crimes would be exposed as he pointedly looked at Paul.

Judge Chua decided to grant Anna bail despite Paul's strenuous objections. After the hearing, Anna was surprised when Scott revealed that Andre had wanted to testify on her behalf. Grateful, Anna turned to Andre and thanked him. Scott and Paul left the courtroom as Jordan ducked out of sight then continued to listen in on Andre and Anna's conversation. Andre promised that he had meant every word he'd said. Anna hugged him in gratitude as Jordan glanced in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, Scott caught up to Paul, but Paul was in a sour mood. Paul informed Scott that asking Andre to lie about Anna hadn't helped Anna because she was unstable. Scott warned Paul not deal with Anna as Paul had Kyle because both Scott and Andre knew the truth about Kyle's murder.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Finn suggested that Josslyn's kidney had been found on the black market. Finn explained that it was a logical assumption under the circumstances because the transplant waiting list was long, especially for children. Carly was shocked that a parent would sell a child's kidney, but Finn admitted that it was just one of many scenarios. Carly was horrified at the idea that someone might have murdered a child to harvest the child's organs, but Finn quickly reminded her that all they knew for certain was that Josslyn's kidney had been obtained from an unknown donor.

Carly admitted that she had considered the possibility that Helena had gotten the kidney through illegal means because Helena had been a sociopath with a lot of money, but Finn urged Carly to focus on Josslyn's good health. Carly realized that she should be grateful, but she felt obligated to find out the truth in case the kidney created health complications for Josslyn down the road. Finn respected Carly's desire to fight for her daughter. Pleased, Carly admitted that it would make their friendship easier. Finn was surprised that Carly considered them friends, but she reminded him of all the ways they had helped each other since they'd met.

Carly confessed that she hadn't always been a good friend because there had been a time when she had been selfish and inconsistent. However, she had met someone who had been generous, loyal, and had never judged her or told her what to do. She admitted that she tried to follow her friend's example. Carly's smile dimmed as she conceded that she rarely saw her friend anymore. Carly suddenly noticed that Finn was eating a chocolate cookie and questioned it, since he was a diabetic.

Finn claimed that he had felt hypoglycemic, but Carly didn't believe him. Finn respected her decision not to judge or tell people what to do. Carly let the matter drop and left.

At the hospital, Lucas and Brad tried to pick a wedding date in May, but the date Lucas suggested didn't work for Brad unless Lucas wanted to get married at the courthouse. Lucas insisted that he wanted their friends and family present, so Brad shifted the conversation to venue. Lucas balked when Brad suggested getting married at the Floating Rib. Brad thought Carly might be able to help them, but Lucas admitted that Metro Court was booked through the end of May. Lucas became frustrated, but Brad pointed out that picking a date and venue was not a big deal, especially since, not that long before, he and Lucas wouldn't have been able to get married.

Lucas smiled because Brad was right. Brad kissed Lucas then checked the calendar for another possible date. Brad revealed that he was free on May 24 but added that something seemed familiar about the date. Lucas told Brad that it was the day of the Nurses Ball. Brad was disappointed, but Lucas was certain that things would work out, since they loved each other. Brad saw Finn and excused himself to talk to the new doctor on staff.

Brad approached Finn and asked about Finn's plans for the laboratory. Finn was evasive but agreed to work the graveyard shift to ensure he'd have privacy. Brad objected because Brad was in charge of the lab and wanted to be present when anyone was working in it, but Finn informed Brad that autonomy had been one of Finn's stipulations when he'd accepted the job. Brad shifted gears and pointed out that Finn hadn't told him about the research. "You're right, I haven't," Finn replied, and he walked away.

Nearby, Lucas unfolded a piece of paper and read it. "This could actually work," Lucas said with a smile.

In Sonny's office, Sonny explained that Carlos was the only person who knew where Sabrina and the baby were, but Sonny feared that Carlos might take advantage of Michael's desire to help Sabrina and put Michael in danger. Sonny implored Jason to help Michael, but Jason questioned Sonny's true intentions. Sonny realized that Jason didn't recall their friendship, but Sonny promised that he'd never manipulate a friend. Sonny worried about Michael's safety because Carlos was desperate. Sonny explained that Carlos knew Julian would stop at nothing to silence Carlos, while Sonny would take matters into his own hands if Carlos managed to walk away from the charges.

Jason was curious if Sonny hoped Jason would create an opportunity to kill Carlos. Sonny assured Jason that Sonny was genuinely concerned about Michael's welfare because Carlos might try to use Sabrina as leverage to kill Michael or take him hostage. Jason pointed out that Michael was a grown man who could make his own choices. Sonny wasn't surprised by Jason's words because Jason had always believed in making his own choices -- right or wrong. Sonny admitted that it had taken Sonny a long time to make Jason understand that sometimes it was necessary to intervene if a person was in over their head.

Sonny was certain that Michael would listen to Jason, but Jason remained skeptical. Sonny admitted that he felt bad for Sabrina despite her lies about Michael being the baby's father, but Sonny refused to risk Michael's life for Sabrina. Sonny asked Jason to urge Michael to stay away from Carlos, but Jason was surprised when Sonny mentioned that Sonny had men watching Michael. Sonny felt that he owed it to Jason to be completely honest about Sonny's plans, but Jason cut Sonny off because Jason didn't want to know or get involved in Sonny's business. Sonny promised that he would never ask Jason to do something that Jason didn't want.

Moments later, Carly entered the office and smiled when she saw Jason. Jason exchanged a quick greeting with Carly, apologized to Sonny for the misunderstanding, and left. Carly sensed that she had walked in on something, so Sonny told her about his conversation with Jason. Sonny admitted that he saw glimpses of the old Jason, but they vanished in an instant. Carly had seen the same thing on several occasions, so she empathized with Sonny. Sonny suggested that perhaps it was time for Sonny and Carly to accept that the Jason they had known was gone.

. . .

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