Friday, May 15, 2015

In Nina's suite at Metro Court, Nina emerged from the bathroom with her hair wrapped in a towel and wearing a plush white robe. Meanwhile, a television announcer revealed that the hot topic discussion on The View would be live. Unimpressed, Nina picked up the remote and turned off the television because the show was a "well-oiled machine," so it was unlikely that anything unexpected would happen. Nina plopped down in a chair and propped her feet on the coffee table, but the table's leg suddenly crumbled as everything on the table slid to the floor, including the television remote. Moments later, the television turned back on as the announcer explained that the hosts of the show would be discussing the murder of a mob kingpin in upstate New York.

Nina turned the television off and called the hotel's maintenance department, but the call went to voicemail. She wondered why it was so difficult to talk to someone live "these days" then barked into the phone that she needed someone to fix or replace her coffee table. Moments later, Franco knocked on the door. Nina tried to ignore him, but he threatened to continue knocking until his knuckles fell off before switching to his left hand. Resigned, Nina opened the door.

Franco entered the suite then handed Nina a peace offering. It was the "Egg Salad Sandwich" painting. Nina wasn't impressed by the depiction of a "soggy sandwich," so Franco explained there was more to the painting. Nina reluctantly agreed to hear Franco out, while she slipped into the bedroom to change. Franco remained in the living room to pick up the mess and attempt to repair the coffee table. He admitted that the painting represented his stupidity, so Nina called out that she was listening.

Franco confessed that his mother, Heather, had created the painting, but he had foolishly tried to pass it off as his own, which had been nearly as big of a mistake as suspecting Nina of kidnapping baby A.J. Franco realized that he should never have even questioned if Nina had snatched the baby, so he apologized profusely because Nina meant everything to him. Franco insisted that he trusted Nina with his life, but he had lost sight of that. Nina appreciated his honesty, but she surprisingly shifted gears by asking him for an honest opinion about her outfit. Franco was shocked when Nina entered the living room, wearing a form-fitting strapless wedding gown and flowing veil.

Confused, Franco asked why she was wearing a wedding dress, so Nina explained that she had found someone new after Franco had broken her heart. Nina wanted Franco to congratulate her, but instead he carefully reminded her that Silas had moved on. Nina was insulted at the suggestion that she was out of touch with reality, so she assured him that she was engaged. Franco didn't believe her. Moments later, someone knocked on the door, so Nina announced that it was her intended groom. Skeptical, Franco opened the door. His expression turned to disbelief as Nina smiled with satisfaction.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that she and Jason had overcome many obstacles and that she had given up every shred of integrity to be with Jason. "Is that really worth it, Liz?" Nikolas asked. Liz assured him that it was worth everything, so she refused to let some "two-bit con woman" ruin Liz's happiness with Jason. Hayden strolled into the room and smugly asked what Liz planned to do about it. Hayden was disappointed when Liz remained silent, so she accused Liz of only having the courage to talk "smack" about people behind their backs.

"Well, I'm here now -- live and in person," Hayden taunted. Liz didn't hesitate to make it clear that she would not allow Hayden to ruin what Liz and Jason had. Liz pointed out that Sam was not grieving under the covers for Jason because Sam had moved on and found love with someone new. Hayden explained that Sam had moved on because Sam believed Jason was dead, so Hayden snidely insulted Liz until Nikolas warned Hayden not to speak to Liz like that. Hayden argued that Nikolas couldn't stop her because Hayden knew Nikolas and Liz's dirty little secret.

Hayden bragged that she could do and say whatever she pleased then proved her point by picking up a priceless vase and smashing it. Liz was horrified by Hayden's reckless behavior, but Hayden reached for a matching vase. Nikolas stopped Hayden from destroying the vase by grabbing her wrist before she could touch it. He decided it was time to put an end to his and Liz's misery by inviting Hayden to tell Jason the truth. Hayden warned Nikolas that she would do it because Hayden was eager to do the right thing for once, especially since Nikolas and Liz had been keeping a man from his wife and child.

Nikolas ordered Hayden to leave, so she marched out. Liz desperately tried to stop Hayden, but Hayden ignored Liz. Furious, Liz demanded to know why Nikolas had called Hayden's bluff. Nikolas was unapologetic as he conceded there would be consequences for each of them, but he was tired of being taken advantage of by liars and con artists. Liz was happy that Nikolas was at peace with his decision, but she reminded him that their lives would be ruined, and they would both become pariahs.

Liz feared that she might have to pack up her sons and move, but Nikolas assured her that they would get through it. Desperate, Liz begged Nikolas to do something to fix things.

At the auto shop, Jake was curious why Sam was there, so she explained that she had just left Duke's funeral. "Oh," Jake replied, but Sam resented his tone because she had expected Jake to say more about the man he had killed. Jake was curious who had told her he had shot Duke, so Sam admitted that she had overheard Dante and Nathan talking about Jake's arrest. Sam wanted a straight answer from Jake because she had been the one to get him a job working for her father when Jake had assured her that he wanted nothing to do with Julian's criminal activity. She begged Jake to deny killing Duke, but Jake quietly confessed that he couldn't.

Sam slapped Jake across the face in frustration. She accused him of being a lying bastard who had used her sympathy to get in good with the mob. Jake assured Sam that it hadn't been like that, but Sam wasn't satisfied. She tearfully explained that Emma had loved Duke, so Jake admitted that he was sorry for Emma's loss. Sam wanted to know how Jake could have shot Duke, but Jake refused to defend himself by revealing the truth. Furious, Sam accused him of being a coward who had gotten blood on her hands.

Startled, Jake blurted out that Sam didn't have blood on her hands because he hadn't murdered Duke. Stunned, Sam asked why he would lead her to believe that he had, but Jake would only tell her that it had been necessary for people to believe he had pulled the trigger. Sam urged Jake to clear his name because Sonny would be gunning for him, but Jake wondered why Sam would care. Jake doubted that she would miss him, but Sam warned him not to make assumptions about her. Sam decided to have a talk with Sonny, but Hayden suddenly appeared.

Jake tensed because he had nothing to say to Hayden, but Hayden begged Jake to hear her out because she had something important to tell him that would impact both him and Sam.

At Greystone Manor, Julian strolled into the living room as Sonny and Shawn glowered at him. Julian announced that he was ready to name Duke's killer then accused Jake Doe of pulling the trigger. Sonny wondered why Jake would kill Duke without Julian's permission, so Julian claimed that Jake had been trying to move up in the ranks for months. According to Julian, Jake had overheard Julian discussing the trouble Duke had caused by blocking Julian's shipment on the piers. Julian suggested that Jake had wanted to make a name for himself by eliminating Duke.

Julian reminded Sonny that even Shawn could attest to Jake's skill with a gun, so Jake was both a professional and lethal. "If you ask me, the poor Scot never had a chance," Julian said then chuckled. Sonny was livid that Julian would make light of Duke's murder, so he grabbed Julian by the shirtfront and ordered Julian to wipe the smirk off his face or Sonny would do it for him. Outraged, Sonny shoved Julian against the wall, but Shawn urged Sonny to give Julian an opportunity to talk. Reluctantly, Sonny released Julian and demanded to know where Jake was.

Julian explained that he had promised to protect Jake but had left Jake unguarded at the auto shop. Shawn realized that Jake was a sitting duck. Julian assured Sonny that Sonny was free to eliminate Jake but made it clear that Jake's death would make Sonny and Julian even. Sonny accused Julian of being a "cockroach" then tossed him out. After Julian left, Sonny made it clear that he wanted Jake dead that very night.

Shawn checked his gun then told his boss to consider the job done. Sonny asked to be notified when Jake was dead, so Shawn nodded and left.

At Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina turned off her television and thought about her confrontation with Carlos when Carlos had confessed to killing Duke. A knock at the door forced Sabrina to push the unsettling memory away and answer the door. She immediately tensed when she saw Anna standing on her doorstep. After inviting Anna in, Sabrina offered her condolences to Anna and confessed that she hadn't known Duke well, but he had seemed kind. Anna hoped Sabrina would repay Duke's kindness by helping Anna find Duke's killer.

Anna questioned Sabrina about Carlos, so Sabrina explained that Carlos had showed up claiming to need a place to stay until he could flee town before the trial. Sabrina acknowledged that it had been wrong to help Carlos, but she had realized the truth when Felix had called to tell Sabrina about Duke's murder. Sabrina assured Anna that she had decided to call the police, but Carlos had stopped Sabrina. Anna was confident that Sabrina might still be able to help apprehend Carlos by calling Carlos to find out where he was.

Sabrina's eyes filled with tears because she was reluctant to betray Carlos, but Anna implored Sabrina to help. Eventually, Sabrina agreed, so Sabrina called Carlos. Sabrina explained that she had wanted to check on him. As they talked, Sabrina asked if he had left town, so Carlos confided he was on pier 54, waiting for a boat to take him out of the country. Sabrina wondered if she could see him, but Carlos admitted there wouldn't be time. Carlos apologized for everything he had put Sabrina through but assured her that he had always loved her even though he knew she had deserved better than him.

Sabrina's eyes filled with tears as Carlos told her that he loved her and then ended the call. Anna asked where Carlos was, but Sabrina struggled with her conscience. Desperate, Anna tearfully assured Sabrina that it was the right thing to do, so Sabrina reluctantly told Anna where to find Carlos.

On the piers, Jordan approached Kyle and asked why he had called a meeting. Kyle explained that he needed to know what Sonny's plans were to retaliate for Duke's murder, so Jordan revealed that Sonny had given Julian 24 hours to turn over the killer. Kyle was curious when Sonny had delivered the ultimatum. "About 28 hours ago," Jordan answered.

Jordan feared there would be a mob war if Julian failed to provide Sonny with a name. Moments later, Julian called Kyle to inform the police commissioner that Sonny intended to kill Jake at the auto shop within the hour. Kyle started to ask Julian for more details, but Julian ended the call. Kyle told Jordan about the hit and ordered her to accompany him to the shop, but Jordan balked because her cover would be blown. Kyle confessed that it wouldn't be a problem because Jake was working undercover for him.

Kyle called the police station to dispatch squad cars to the auto shop, but was surprised when he was told about another tip regarding Carlos. After Kyle ended the call, he told Jordan that Carlos had been spotted on the pier.

On pier 54, Julian met with Carlos to bid farewell to his old friend. Carlos thanked Julian for setting everything up, but Julian insisted that it had been the least he could do for Carlos, since Carlos had been following orders by assassinating Duke. Carlos reminded Julian that the city would soon belong to the Jeromes when Sonny's empire fell, but Julian regretted that Carlos would not be around to witness it. Carlos explained that he had known the minute he'd pulled the trigger that he would have to vanish.

Julian wondered if Carlos had any regrets, so Carlos confessed that he had plenty, but killing Duke hadn't been one of them. Carlos advised Julian to watch his back, and Julian confided that he had set Sonny up. Satisfied, Carlos and Julian shook hands then parted ways. Moments later, Anna stepped out of the shadows with her gun drawn and aimed directly at Carlos. Anna informed Carlos that he was under arrest, but Carlos argued that she didn't have any evidence against him.

Anna disagreed because she had heard everything Carlos and Julian had said, but Carlos was confident that he would never be convicted of Duke's murder, since there was sufficient reasonable doubt. Anna realized that Carlos was right, so she accused him of being a "thug" and a "coward" before she pulled the trigger. Carlos' eyes rounded with shock as he fell to his knees, while a pool of blood slowly spread across his shirt.

As the show ended, Lily -- Sonny's first wife -- walked to a chair near the nurses' station where large cue cards had been set listing the closing credits. After she dropped the last cue card on the floor, she spotted a bomb and screamed until Sonny ran over, picked up the bomb, and tossed it away. "You're my hero," Lily cried as she threw herself into Sonny's arms. Sonny chuckled and assured Lily that she was alive.

. . .

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