Friday, May 20, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki gave Dillon a kiss on the cheek as she thanked him for inviting her to a concert. Moments later, Lucy walked up to talk to Dillon about the 2016 Nurses Ball because she wanted to make certain that Dillon was prepared for his performance. He assured Lucy that he'd been practicing, but Lucy smiled at Kiki and suggested that perhaps his "stunningly beautiful girlfriend" could be part of the act. Dillon smiled, but Lucy shifted gears and handed him a stack of flyers to hand out at the hospital.

After Lucy left, Dillon admitted that he hoped Kiki would consider Lucy's suggestion because he was certain that it would be a blast. He joked that she could make a fool of herself on stage -- just like him. "Maybe I will," Kiki replied with a grin.

Nearby, Hayden crumpled a flyer promoting the Nurses Ball as Curtis walked up and scolded her for littering as she threw the ball of paper on the floor. She was unapologetic because she didn't have fond memories of the previous Nurses Ball and had no interest in attending the upcoming one. Curtis wisely steered the conversation to a more cheerful topic -- their fire sale on the Internet. Hayden wondered if he had gotten the latest appraisal updates because she was in desperate need of cash. Curtis sent it to her email, and she quickly checked her phone as Nikolas marched up and slapped down a piece of paper on the table.

"Game over," Nikolas growled. Curtis smiled pleasantly and told Nikolas that he was glad Nikolas was there because Curtis had a few questions about the value of an item. "Shut it," Nikolas ordered Curtis then he turned to Hayden to inform her that Nikolas had secured a court order blocking her and Curtis from selling any additional Cassadine family heirlooms and pieces of art. Nikolas warned both Hayden and Curtis that they would face time in jail if they continued to help themselves to Nikolas' possessions.

Lucy walked up to ask for a moment of Nikolas' time. Nikolas reined in his temper to explain that it wasn't a good time, but Lucy was oblivious to the tension and insisted that it was important. Curtis excused himself and went to the bar as Lucy sat down and explained that she needed Nikolas' donation for the Nurses Ball because his generosity always set an example for others. Nikolas smiled politely but explained that he didn't have his checkbook on him. Lucy suggested a wire transfer, but Nikolas assured her that he would get the money to her soon. Pleased, Lucy left, but Hayden questioned if Nikolas had the money to give to Lucy.

Nikolas refused to discuss his finances with Hayden, but she argued that it was her business, since he had refused to honor their prenuptial agreement and had stolen her diamonds. Hayden was certain that Nikolas had made a fortune off the sale of ELQ, but Nikolas warned her to keep her hands off his possessions and left. Moments later, Curtis returned to the table and handed Hayden a cocktail. Curtis looked at the court order and was surprised that Nikolas had managed to document all the valuable items in Wyndemere.

Hayden wasn't surprised because the Cassadines had meticulously cataloged everything when they had left Russia. Curtis conceded that their Internet business venture was over and asked about the diamonds that Nikolas had stolen. Hayden had no idea where to look for the diamonds because there were countless hiding places in the castle. Curtis asked about Lucy's visit, prompting Hayden to fill him in about the conversation. Hayden realized that Nikolas had had a reversal of fortune, which meant that she was stuck in a "horrible, loveless" marriage without a penny to her name.

Meanwhile, Nikolas met with a diamond broker whom he hoped would be discreet, but the man insisted that he was required to report any stolen merchandise. Nikolas feigned disappointment because the broker would miss out on an opportunity to purchase a flawless diamond at nearly half the market price. The broker decided to take a look at the diamond. Nikolas handed it to the man and watched as the broker examined it closely. Moments later, the broker slid a piece of paper across the table with an offer that satisfied Nikolas.

At the hospital, Lucas called out to Brad to talk about their wedding because Lucas had found a solution to all their problems. Lucas held up a flyer for the 2016 Nurses Ball and suggested that they get married during the ball. Brad was shocked, but Lucas insisted that it was the best option because their loved ones would be in attendance, and everything from decorations to the food and drinks would be provided. Brad was skeptical, but Lucas pointed out that money was tight because of Brad's divorce from Rosalie. Brad remained undecided until Lucas added that it would be a full-circle moment because Brad had proposed to Lucas during the previous Nurses Ball.

Lucas was ecstatic when Brad agreed. After the two men hugged, Lucy walked up to discuss the Nurses Ball. Lucas and Brad told Lucy about their desire to get married during the Nurses Ball. Lucy loved the idea and was touched when Lucas and Brad asked her to officiate the wedding. Lucy happily agreed, but Lucas and Brad asked her to keep it a secret.

At the Freedman Clinic, Ava told Morgan that if he truly loved Kiki, then he would do the right thing and sever all ties with Kiki. Morgan accused Ava of trying to manipulate him and flatly refused to break up with Kiki. Ava freely admitted that she would do anything to give Kiki a better life because Kiki deserved it after everything she had been through. Ava claimed that Kiki felt sorry for Morgan and didn't realize how dangerous he was, but Morgan argued that Ava was far more of a threat to Kiki.

Morgan acknowledged that he'd been "wigged-out" on the night of the arms deal raid, but he'd been aware enough to know that Dixon had been on the pier to meet Ava. Ava insisted that Morgan was to blame for Kiki getting shot and reminded him that he had also kidnapped Kiki and held her against her will in a cabin until Kiki had managed to call Michael for help. Morgan assured Ava that he had never meant to hurt Kiki, but Ava argued that it didn't matter because it repeatedly happened. Ava explained that his love was not healthy for Kiki, and only he had the power to set Kiki free. Ava said she hoped Morgan made the right decision, and she left.

A short time later, Kiki arrived for a visit and warmly greeted Morgan. She became concerned when she noticed his subdued mood and asked if he'd been having trouble with his medications again. Morgan assured her that he was doing well with the medications and told her that he'd been focusing on his therapy. Kiki was pleased because it was important for Morgan to get better. She was curious when he might get out of the clinic because she hoped he could see her perform at the Nurses Ball. Morgan admitted that it might be best if he and Kiki left things open between them.

Kiki assured Morgan that it was fine to take things slowly, and she would be happy to start off as friends, but he told her that part of his recovery was to accept the truth. Morgan insisted that he and Kiki always hurt each other, and it might be best if they didn't see each other again. Kiki was devastated, but she tried not to show it. She agreed to respect Morgan's wishes and added that she no longer cared for him. After Kiki left, Morgan's expression clouded with pain.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny revealed that he'd spoken to his associates in San Juan and everything had been arranged. Concerned, Carly implored Michael not to search for Sabrina personally, but Michael insisted that he had to. Sonny decided to step out of the room while Carly and Michael hashed things out. Michael made it clear that he would go with or without Sonny, but Carly argued that it was too dangerous. She warned her son that he had no idea what kind of men Carlos had been mixed up with, but Michael's mind was made up. Michael was certain that Carly would want someone to help her if Carly and Sabrina's roles had been reversed.

Carly saw the determination in her son's expression and accepted that she couldn't stop Michael. She asked him to be careful as Sonny returned to the living room to find out who had won the battle of wills. "Who do you think?" Carly asked in a frustrated tone. Sonny told Michael that the plane was ready, and it was time to go. Michael decided to wait outside to give Sonny and Carly a moment alone. Carly remained upset and refused to kiss Sonny, but he turned on the charm and assured her that he would return soon.

Carly kissed her husband and watched him leave. Outside, Sonny told Michael that Sonny might know who had Sabrina and where she was being held. Later, Michael paced the cabin of the plane as he asked how much longer until they landed. Sonny promised Michael that it would be soon, but he wanted Michael to understand the situation they would be walking into. Sonny explained that he had a lot of contacts and clout in Puerto Rico, but Sonny and Michael would be guests, and they would have to abide by different rules. Michael agreed to act accordingly, but he was concerned about Sabrina.

Sonny admitted that he didn't approve of Sabrina because Sonny believed that Sabrina had used Michael and ultimately chosen Carlos, but Sonny would help Michael because Michael was his son. Michael was grateful. Moments later, the plane landed. Sonny told Michael not to worry because they would be ready for whatever happened.

Meanwhile, Carly scowled when she opened the door and saw Ava standing on the doorstep. Ava announced that she was there to take Avery home. Carly objected, but Ava reminded Carly that Ava was the custodial parent. Carly explained that Avery wasn't home because Avery's sister had taken the toddler to a playgroup. Ava frowned because Kiki hadn't mentioned taking Avery anywhere, but Carly reminded Ava that Avery had two other sisters -- Kristina and Josslyn.

Disgusted, Ava informed Carly that Josslyn was not related to Avery. Carly disagreed because Avery and Josslyn were stepsisters. However, Carly clarified that Kristina had taken Avery to the outing. Ava decided to wait because it would give the designer she had hired more time to get things ready after the new baby furniture was delivered. Carly thought Ava was being unfair because Sonny wasn't home to say goodbye to Avery, but Ava accused Carly and Sonny of taking advantage of Ava's situation and vowed that Sonny would not see Avery again. After Ava went to the nursery to pack Avery's things, Carly dashed to the foyer to call Max.

Carly explained that it was an emergency, and she desperately needed Max to stop a furniture delivery to Ava's penthouse. After Carly ended the call, she returned to the living room. Moments later, Ava marched in and demanded to know why the things she had packed for Avery hadn't been used. Carly shrugged and told Ava that Avery had already had everything in the nursery. Furious, Ava demanded that Carly call Kristina because Ava wanted to take Avery home immediately.

Ava excused herself when her phone suddenly rang. Carly listened with smug satisfaction as Ava sputtered with outrage when she was told that the delivery truck had been involved in an accident. Ava ended the call and told Carly that she would return the following day with someone from Social Services to pick up Avery. After Ava stormed out, Carly smiled. "Screw you, bitch. I'm just getting started," Carly said.

In San Juan, Sabrina was sitting in a boat shack when her aunt entered. Inocencia immediately assured Sabrina that Sabrina's son had been safely delivered to Port Charles. Sabrina was relieved, but she was curious if Inocencia had given Carlos the message from Sabrina. Inocencia gently broke the news to her niece that Carlos had died. Sabrina was stunned by the news and cried as Inocencia gently patted Sabrina's back. Sabrina decided that she needed to get to her son and asked for her aunt's help, but Inocencia reminded Sabrina that Marcos had the shack under constant guard.

Inocencia was certain that her son would be furious when he realized that the baby was gone. Sabrina conceded that Carlos had left Sabrina and the baby in Marcos' care, but Sabrina was certain Marcos wouldn't have any use for Sabrina once he realized that Carlos was dead. Sabrina was eager to get away, but Inocencia promised that Marcos would never hurt Sabrina. Seconds later, the door burst open as Marcos entered the shack. He demanded to know where the baby was, so Inocencia admitted that she'd taken the baby to Port Charles.

Marcos was livid as he informed his mother that the police were looking for Sabrina. Marcos regretted letting Carlos talk him into getting involved in Carlos' mess because Carlos' death had left Marcos to deal with the fallout. Sabrina assured Marcos that she wouldn't say anything if he let her go. Sabrina's aunt begged her son to listen to Sabrina because her niece could be trusted. Marcos reluctantly agreed to let Sabrina go, but he insisted on making arrangements because he needed to cover his tracks. Relieved, Inocencia invited Sabrina to return to the main house with her, but Marcos explained that it was too risky.

Marcos promised to take care of everything quickly and sent his mother back to the house. After Inocencia and Sabrina said goodbye, Marcos closed the door behind his mother then pulled out a gun. Alarmed, Sabrina asked what Marcos was doing. He explained that he couldn't let Sabrina go because the police would pick her up the minute she boarded a plane and trace her tracks back to him. Sabrina reminded Marcos that his mother would know that he had killed Sabrina. Marcos agreed, but he also knew that Inocencia would never ask because his mother would not want to hear the answer.

. . .

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