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Friday, May 19, 2017

Carly ran into Ava and Avery at the park and couldn't understand why Ava had the little girl on an unscheduled day. Ava retorted that it was none of Carly's business, especially since Carly and Sonny were headed for a divorce. Carly noted that a divorce wouldn't change the custody agreement. Ava declared that Avery wasn't Carly's daughter, and she was sick of Carly's drama. She told Carly to take a last look at Avery because Carly's time with Avery would be over.

Carly informed Ava that Carly and Sonny would be the ones to determine Carly's time with Avery. Carly also suggested that she might go to court and play the tape with Ava having sex with Paul Hornsby, which might make people think that Ava had been working with him. Ava accused Carly of using Avery as a substitute for Morgan and said that Morgan had been Carly's only link to Sonny. Avery was hers, Ava declared. Carly was nothing.

"Back the hell off," Ava growled. Carly was certain that Ava was hiding something and trying to distract her. Ava had to have something on Sonny to get time with Avery on a different day, Carly concluded. She believed that Sonny would never have given Ava extra time with Avery because he hated Ava. "Why did you give in to that bitch?" Carly muttered as Ava walked off with her daughter.

Martina and Sonny made love in his bedroom, though things ended when Martina couldn't help but think about Carly. Martina was still concerned that Carly didn't believe the reasons that Martina had given for ending their legal association. Martina was ready to depart for California, but Sonny offered to take their relationship "up a notch." Sitting on the patio later, Martina and Sonny enjoyed a bountiful meal with Sonny's specially made pasta. He reminisced about Morgan. Martina pointed out that she and Sonny had an unusual bond because, while they had been intimate, they were still strangers. She offered to help him with his feelings about Morgan.

Sonny related that Morgan had suffered from bipolar like Sonny, and Morgan had relapsed. Sonny was still haunted by it all. He asked Martina to stay. The couple embraced and ended up back in bed. Carly arrived and saw the two wineglasses on the coffee table and the spread out on the patio table. She thought about how she'd seen Martina and Sonny in a questionable position. "Conflict of interest, my ass," she mumbled as she headed upstairs. She walked into the bedroom and looked at Martina and Sonny in bed.

At the airport, Emma and Robin realized that Anna wasn't really Anna, especially when they spotted Anna walking through the airport. Anna and Alex faced each other. "Hello, Anna," Alex said. Nathan broke the women apart as they started to get physical. Alex ordered him to let her go, as she was the real Anna. Emma confirmed that the other woman was her grandmother, and Robin agreed as she introduced Alex. Anna stated that she'd been assaulted, and Nathan placed Alex in handcuffs. He cited her for assault and disturbing the peace. Anna explained that she had just returned from London after a visit to speak to Alex, and she'd been "stuck" there.

Anna asked Robin to get news to Griffin, and she asked for some privacy in which to question Alex. Alex pointed out that she'd had Anna's cancer protocols taken care of while she'd been in custody. In the private room and alone for security reasons, Anna asked Alex about her history with Valentin. Alex explained that she'd been recruited by the DVX to do "certain things." She declared that Anna had been a traitor on her own. Valentin had had access to classified information, and Alex had been ordered to seduce him. She admitted that she'd "botched the final rendezvous," and Valentin had taken off with the Chimera, which had been highly classified and dangerous.

Alex added that the operation had been covered up afterwards due to the disappearance. She had been the one to get Valentin to steal it, and she'd slept with him. She cared for him in her own way, and she had been ordered to kill him. She hadn't been able to do it and had left him the kill instructions in plain view so that he could run away. She had been after the information again once he'd resurfaced. Anna realized that a new employer had asked Alex to retrieve the missing Chimera. Alex had had Anna drugged. Alex confided that she still cared for Valentin, but she was anxious to get away because she had failed. She advised Anna that Anna would have to be the one to go after the Chimera.

Alex showed Anna the chimera necklace and explained that the original buyer of the Chimera had died. Anna knew that Valentin would hate them both.

In the ballroom at the Metro Court, Lucy was auditioning acts for the Nurses Ball. Jake was ready to perform his magic act, but Lucy asked Elizabeth about Jake seeing Dr. Maddox. Lucy thought that it might change things, as she had issues with performers who had "creative temperaments." Elizabeth begged Lucy not to cut Jake from the performance schedule. Just then, Dr. Obrecht arrived and demanded an audition in her limited free time. She announced that she was there to save the ball. Lucy had no time for Obrecht, but the doctor vowed that she had learned her lesson from the previous year.

Finally, Lucy agreed to listen to the doctor sing, citing an abundance of acts that might warrant a cut after all. Lucy suggested that Jake might perform another time but reluctantly agreed to watch him do his magic. The women gave him a standing ovation. Lucy thought he was brilliant, and Elizabeth explained that Jake had been doing well, though she could understand Lucy's concern. Lucy thought that Elizabeth was a great mother, and she was pleased with Jake's act.

At General Hospital, Finn and Hayden caught Brad picking up Finn's empty cup where his sample should have been. Brad took the offensive and accused Finn of submitting an empty cup, while Hayden reminded Brad that he had been the one to pick it up. Brad retorted that heads would roll, and Griffin walked up and assured Brad that it would be his. The doctor reminded Brad that it wasn't his job to pick up samples. Brad complained about Finn endangering others with his drug addiction, but Hayden revealed that the last sample submitted had been hers and not Finn's. Brad retorted that both Hayden and Finn were junkies. Griffin added that samples had been submitted to other labs, as well, and all results were the same.

Finn announced that someone had been tampering with the samples, and Brad realized that the finger was pointed at him. He denied that he had altered any results. "You're busted," Griffin stated. He wanted Brad to admit his crime. Brad adamantly refused to confess, denying he'd done anything. Hayden suggested that Brad obtain a lawyer.

Brad bumped into Obrecht, who was ecstatic after her audition. She announced that she'd achieved her goal and would appear at the ball. Brad told her about the injustice directed at him. Obrecht agreed that she didn't trust Finn, and she told Brad to stay strong. She backed Brad due to his devotion to her daughter.

Griffin had a new sample handed to hospital security. Brad was livid and accused the others of trying to ruin him in order to cover Finn's addiction. Down in the lab, Obrecht was pleased with herself as she doctored Finn's latest sample. She was happy that she would never see Finn again.

Griffin ran into Robin and Emma, and they made some small talk. Emma was happy to announce that she'd be helping Jake with his magic act. They told Griffin the truth about Anna.

On the next General Hospital...

• Nelle calls out for Michael in her sleep

• Anna begs Valentin to tell her who he’d sold the chimera to

• Jake warns Charlotte not to touch the canister in his magic box

• Sonny has a chat with Ava

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