Friday, August 19, 2016

In Finn's lab, Curtis checked the back of Valerie's head as he advised her to see a doctor, but she was determined to locate the cufflink that she'd found on the floor earlier. Valerie was certain that the cufflink had been stolen from her pocket because it could lead to the serial killer. Franco appeared in the doorway and asked if he'd heard her correctly about another suspect. Valerie insisted that she was not at liberty to tell him anything, but she assured him that he'd be the first to know when the police commissioner had new information.

In the squad room, Paul approached Jordan, but she insisted that she was too busy working a number of active cases. Paul explained that he wanted answers about the investigation at the hospital. He was concerned because it seemed that the case had stalled, but she promised that they were doing everything possible to find the killer despite the lack of leads. Moments later, Valerie and Curtis arrived.

Valerie quickly filled Jordan in about what had transpired in Finn's lab. Jordan wanted Valerie to draw a likeness of the cufflink, but Valerie confessed that she was a poor artist. However, Valerie revealed that the cufflink had resembled an old coin. Curtis wondered if she might recognize it if she saw it. Valerie was certain that she would, but the cufflink was gone. Curtis quickly pulled up images of old coins on a computer. Valerie sifted through the pictures until she saw a Roman coin that looked like the cufflink.

Jordan decided to print out the image and contact antique shops around town to see if anyone could identify the cufflink or the buyer. Paul thought it was a long shot, but Jordan was undeterred. Valerie offered to help, but Jordan ordered Valerie to go home and rest. Valerie objected, but Curtis reminded Valerie that a good police officer followed orders. After Valerie and Curtis left, Jordan let Paul know that she intended to pass out flyers around the hospital to see if anyone recognized the coin.

Later, Curtis settled Valerie in bed with a bag of ice for the back of her head. Valerie thought she and Curtis had made a great team. Valerie realized that she'd kept Curtis at arm's length for a while and admitted that she'd been gun shy after what had happened with Dante. Curtis assured her that he understood, but Valerie admitted that she trusted Curtis with her life after what had happened earlier. Curtis smiled and decided to let her rest, but Valerie invited him to stay. Curtis and Valerie kissed and then made love.

At Alexis' house, Alexis grumbled that she couldn't find anything interesting to watch despite paying for cable television. Alexis looked up when she heard a key in the door, and she saw Sam enter the house. Sam explained that she and her sisters had been concerned about Alexis when Alexis had failed to show for Nikolas' funeral, but Alexis confessed that she'd been stuck home with a hangover. Sam offered to get Alexis a ginger ale, but Alexis wanted some good news. Sam started to tell her mother something, but a wave of nausea hit, and Sam ran to the bathroom.

Alexis offered to fetch Sam a ginger ale when Sam returned, but Sam admitted that it wouldn't help. Alexis joked about Sam being pregnant, but she realized that she'd hit upon Sam's secret when Sam sheepishly smiled. Alexis was delighted when Sam confirmed that she was pregnant and that the baby was healthy because Sam hadn't contracted malaria. Alexis hugged her daughter tightly and admitted that it was time for the Davis girls to have good news. Sam was relieved that Julian would never get to know her baby because he would be locked up in jail by the time the baby was born.

Sadness clouded Alexis' expression, but Sam insisted that Julian didn't deserve to be a part of their lives. Sam admitted that she was through with her father and wanted nothing to do with him. Sam switched gears and told Alexis about Jason's proposal of marriage and their decision to get married sooner rather than later. Moments later, Diane arrived. Diane was horrified by Alexis' casual attire.

Diane enlisted Sam's help to persuade Alexis that Alexis was a walking fashion disaster, but Alexis warned Diane not to involve Sam because Sam and Alexis had been celebrating. Diane was intrigued and asked why. Sam agreed that Alexis could confide to Jason's attorney, but Sam asked Diane to be discreet. Alexis revealed that Sam was pregnant and had accepted Jason's proposal of marriage. Diane congratulated Sam and suggested that Alexis would have plenty of time to help plan the wedding.

Sam reminded Diane that Alexis would be too busy with work. Diane glanced at Alexis when she realized that Alexis hadn't told Sam the news. Sam demanded to know what was going on, so Alexis revealed that her license to practice law had been suspended for a year. Sam was shocked, but Alexis downplayed it and assured her daughter that she would find something to keep her busy until the suspension expired. Sam knew how much Alexis loved being a lawyer, but she was confident that Alexis would be fine.

After Sam left to meet Jason, Alexis grabbed the remote control and flopped down on the sofa. "Thanks a lot," Alexis groused. Diane couldn't believe that Alexis had thought she could keep her suspension a secret. Diane insisted that success was determined by how people handled setbacks, and she ordered Alexis to change into something suitable. Alexis objected, but Diane was certain that Alexis would do the same for Diane if their roles were reversed. Alexis hated when Diane was right, but she dutifully went to the bedroom to clean up.

A short time later, Alexis returned to the living room. Diane was pleased with Alexis' look and announced that they were headed to Metro Court Restaurant for lunch and cocktails. Alexis wasn't in the mood to drink, but Diane decided that Alexis needed "the hair of the dog."

At Wyndemere, Kevin and Laura shared a passionate kiss. After the kiss ended, Laura confessed that it had been unexpected. Kevin immediately apologized for taking advantage of Laura during a vulnerable moment and promised that it wouldn't happen again. Laura confessed that she had romantic feelings for Kevin and had kissed him as much as he had kissed her. Kevin smiled when Laura added that things had been building between them since they'd worked to unravel Helena's mystery.

Kevin was skeptical because he knew that Luke was alive and Laura would want to track Luke down. Kevin assured her that he would not stand in her way. Laura surprised Kevin by confessing that she hoped he was more intuitive with his patients. She explained that her past was her past and that she was focused on her future, which did not include Luke. Kevin relaxed and confided that he'd been sleepwalking for years, trying to fix a broken marriage. He conceded that he hadn't moved forward in part because the thought of facing a divorce had been daunting.

Kevin revealed that things had changed when he'd met Laura because she had pulled him back to life. Laura smiled and told Kevin that he'd said nearly the same thing to her during his delirium on the jet after fleeing Cassadine Island. Kevin grinned and pointed out that it had obviously been the truth. Laura grinned and thanked Kevin for making her smile because his kiss had made her forget what she'd lost for just a little while. Kevin wanted to take Laura out on a real date, so she happily agreed. Kevin explained that he had to attend a meeting, but he promised to pick her up for dinner.

In the hospital's conference room, Griffin and Claudette kissed passionately until Griffin pulled away and confessed that he'd missed what they'd had. Claudette smiled and pulled him back for another kiss, but Griffin refused and insisted that it couldn't happen again. Griffin heard a noise in the doorway and looked up and saw Nathan and Maxie. Nathan glared at Griffin as Maxie recovered from her shock and entered the room. Maxie accused Claudette of getting stranded overnight with Nathan and making a play for a priest. Outraged, Maxie warned Griffin that she didn't want to get started on him because she wasn't in a position to cast the first stone.

However, Maxie wondered if Griffin had any idea who Claudette was. Nathan was confident that "Father Munro" knew exactly who Claudette was and questioned Griffin about the parish that Griffin had worked for in New York City. Maxie was curious why it mattered, so Nathan explained that Claudette had been a "devout" Catholic who had never missed Sunday mass. Nathan realized that Griffin had been Claudette's lover. Maxie was stunned, but her disbelief quickly turned to anger because she recalled opening up to Griffin about Nathan's past. She felt betrayed that Griffin had been deceptive when she'd poured her heart out to him.

Griffin explained that his affair with Claudette had been a low point for him because he'd let down God and had hurt people including Nathan. Griffin admitted that he hadn't reported the shooting because of the shame he'd felt, but Nathan was furious that Griffin had never returned to discuss what had happened with Nathan. Griffin reminded Nathan that Nathan hadn't been without blame because Nathan had been a police officer who had shot an unarmed man. Nathan argued that it hadn't been planned and added that Griffin had been the one in bed with Nathan's wife. Claudette defended Griffin and told Nathan to blame her.

Nathan realized that Claudette hadn't left him for her lover because Griffin had already been married to the church. Nathan accused both Claudette and Griffin of being "cheaters," but Claudette reiterated that she was to blame for everything. Claudette apologized to Griffin, but Griffin thought it had been for the best that everyone finally knew the truth and added that he forgave Nathan. Nathan's temper flared as he slammed Griffin against the wall and threatened to kill him. Shocked, Maxie managed to talk Nathan down and get him to leave with her.

After Nathan and Maxie left, Claudette asked if Griffin was okay. Griffin admitted that he'd expected worse, but Claudette was relieved that there were no more secrets because it meant that she and Griffin could be open about their relationship. Griffin looked at Claudette with disgust because he realized that she was oblivious to the pain they had caused. Griffin explained that they could never be together again because they always hurt people.

In the hallway, Maxie caught up to Nathan and asked why he'd lost his temper with Griffin. Nathan reminded Maxie that Griffin had slept with Nathan's wife and had left Nathan to twist in the wind after Nathan had caught Claudette and Griffin in bed together. Maxie frowned because she realized that Nathan was still in love with Claudette. Nathan denied it, but she didn't believe him and stormed off.

Meanwhile, Jake approached the nurses' station to greet his mother and tell her about his breakfast with Jason. Jason walked up behind Jake as Jake announced that Jason had big news. Jason decided that he wanted to tell Elizabeth the news himself and gave Jake some money to buy granola bars from the vending machine. After Jake scampered off, Jason asked about Nikolas' funeral. Elizabeth confided that she'd mentally checked out during the service because she couldn't wrap her mind around the fact that Nikolas was gone. Jason admitted that he and Sam had talked about him attending the funeral, but they had agreed that it would be best for Jason to stay away.

Jason and Elizabeth's conversation turned to Sam when Jason revealed that Sam had told him about the baby. Jason knew that Elizabeth was aware of the pregnancy, but he asked her to not say anything until Jason and Sam had made an announcement. Elizabeth agreed, but she realized that Jake hadn't been referring to the pregnancy when Jake had told her that Jason had big news. Jason admitted he and Sam had decided to get married again. Elizabeth smiled and congratulated Jason, but he took her hand and assured her that she'd always be a part of his family because she was the mother of his son.

After Jason left, Franco approached Elizabeth to tell her that the police had another suspect. Franco's smile faded when he noticed that Elizabeth appeared upset. He asked if she was okay. "No. No, I'm not," Elizabeth replied. However, she refused to elaborate and changed the subject to ask why he was at the hospital when he'd been banned from the premises. Franco admitted that he'd decided to take her advice and appeal his suspension. Elizabeth was happy for Franco, but he wanted to know what was troubling her.

Elizabeth refused to discuss it, so Franco agreed to drop it and started to walk away until she suddenly blurted out that Sam was pregnant. Franco returned to the nurses' station as Elizabeth added that Jason and Sam had decided to get married again. "Well, that sucks," Franco replied. Elizabeth realized that she sounded pathetic, but it had been one thing to know that her relationship with Jason was over and another to know that he had moved on. Elizabeth added that her life was a mess because she took one step forward and two steps back -- always. Franco empathized, but he assured her that things were not as bad as she thought.

Franco insisted that Elizabeth was beautiful, smart, sexy, and a genius because she understood his humor. Franco believed that it was Jason's loss, but Elizabeth explained that she had loved Jason and had wanted to be his happily ever after. Franco reminded Elizabeth that he had loved Nina, but it hadn't worked out either. Franco believed that Elizabeth deserved to be with someone who put her first and treated her right. Elizabeth chuckled. "Someone like you?" she asked.

Franco smiled and admitted that he'd been referring to himself. Franco explained that he wanted Elizabeth to have the best life possible, and he was certain that she would find someone special soon. Elizabeth assured him that she wanted him to be happy, too, and she was glad that he'd decided to appeal his suspension. Elizabeth promised to be a character witness if he needed it. Moments later, Jake walked up and handed Franco a peanut butter chocolate chip granola bar because Jake knew it was Franco's favorite. Franco was touched by the gesture.

Jake mentioned Jason and Sam's wedding, but Franco reminded Jake that Jake already had the best mother in the world. Jake grinned and agreed as he looked at Elizabeth. Elizabeth smiled as Franco walked away, but she asked if Jake was okay, because a few months earlier, he'd resented Jason's relationship with Sam. Jake explained that he was over it because he saw that Sam made Jason happy just like Franco made Elizabeth happy.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jason and Sam met for lunch. Sam told him about her visit with Alexis and revealed that she had told Alexis about the baby and the wedding. Jason revealed that he'd told Jake and Elizabeth about the wedding and that both had been happy for Jason and Sam. Sam was delighted, but she warned Jason that Alexis, Kristina, and Molly would want to help plan the wedding. Jason assured Sam that he wasn't picky as long as they got married.

. . .

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