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Friday, April 24, 2015

At ELQ, Sonny and Sabrina followed Michael to the reception area as Sonny promised that he hadn't ordered anyone to drug Michael. Michael believed Sonny because Michael knew the people responsible for switching Michael's allergy pills had been at the restaurant prior to Michael knocking over his sister's stroller. Just then, the elevator doors opened. As Morgan and Kiki stepped off the elevator, Michael growled that he knew what they had done, but Kiki nervously explained they were there to find out if there had been any word on Avery. Michael accused Morgan and Kiki of lying, so Sonny suggested that they return to Michael's office to discuss things in private.

Everyone filed into Michael's office, but tensions remained high as Michael held up his prescription bottle and accused Morgan and Kiki of drugging Michael with a rufie-like drug that had had an adverse reaction when mixed with alcohol. Morgan arrogantly advised Michael to talk to the pharmacist, but Michael was outraged that Morgan would drug his own brother to make Michael appear unfit to care for Avery. Morgan continued to deny tampering with Michael's allergy medication, but Michael wondered if Morgan and Kiki had considered the consequences if Michael had taken the pills and then had climbed behind the wheel of a car or how it might have endangered their sister if Michael had been holding her while under the influence of the drugs and alcohol.

Michael urged Morgan to be an adult and admit the truth, so Morgan turned to Sonny to ask if Sonny believed Michael's preposterous accusations. Morgan was furious when Sonny pointed out that someone had drugged Michael. Morgan tried to lie his way out of the situation by asking why he would deliberately put Avery at risk, but Michael wasn't fooled as he accused Morgan of always lying and creating messes that Morgan expected others to clean up. Sonny briefly wavered by suggesting that perhaps it had been a mix-up at the pharmacy, but Michael remained certain that Morgan had done the deed.

Michael recalled encountering Morgan at the Quartermaine mansion the very day the allergy medication had stopped working. Morgan scoffed that it wasn't proof of anything, but Michael reminded Morgan and Kiki how they each had worked hard to provoke Michael by acting like a happy couple in the restaurant. Morgan argued that they couldn't have known that Michael would begin drinking, but Michael disagreed because Michael and Morgan were brothers and knew each other well enough to know which buttons to push. Morgan decided he'd had enough, so he started to push past Michael, but Michael shoved Morgan hard enough to knock Morgan to the ground.

Everyone froze when a baggie filled with pills spilled out of Morgan's jacket. Michael demanded to know if Morgan and Kiki had intended to drug him again, so Morgan claimed the pills belonged to Morgan because Morgan had allergies too. "Since when, Morgan?" Sonny quietly asked. Michael realized that Morgan and Kiki had intended to cover their tracks by switching the pills again, so Sonny ordered Morgan to tell the truth. Morgan insisted it wasn't his fault, but Kiki warned Morgan that it was over.

Sonny was horrified when he realized what Morgan had done, so Sonny apologized to Michael for assuming Michael had a drinking problem. Morgan was incensed that he was once again the "eternal screw-up" in his father's eyes when all Morgan had tried to do was return Avery to Sonny. Michael warned Morgan that it would be on Morgan and Kiki if their sister was not found because Morgan and Kiki had removed the baby from the safety of Michael's care and had left her vulnerable at the hospital. Michael accused Morgan of being a "selfish, entitled idiot" who was capable of anything.

Suddenly, Michael wondered if Morgan had kidnapped their sister, but both Morgan and Kiki denied it. Sonny defended Morgan, while Kiki reminded Michael that she hadn't had any reason to resort to kidnapping Avery, since Kiki had been awarded temporary custody of the baby. Michael decided to let the police sort things out. Morgan seethed with rage as Kiki apologized for everything she had put Michael through.

After Morgan and Kiki left, Sonny confessed that regardless what happened, he knew that Avery would be safe with Michael. Michael agreed to let Sonny know if he heard anything about the baby, so Sonny left. Sabrina rubbed Michael's back to offer him comfort then fetched him some water. Michael thanked Sabrina for her unwavering support and for believing in him enough to clear his name. She conceded that what Morgan had done to Michael had been unfair, so Michael admitted that he no longer recognized his brother.

Sabrina suspected Morgan was jealous of Michael, but Michael assured her that Sonny and Carly loved Morgan as much as they did him. Sabrina argued that Morgan didn't appear to see things the same way, but Michael didn't care. He knew that Sonny had been deeply hurt by what Morgan had done because, despite everything, Sonny lived by a code. Michael switched gears by reiterating that he was certain Morgan and Kiki had the baby stashed somewhere.

At the hospital, Silas spotted Nathan at the nurses' station, so he approached the detective to ask if Nathan was there on official business. Nathan admitted that he was, but he assured Silas that he was not there for Silas. Nathan regretted bothering Silas in New York City, but Nathan was curious how Silas' patient fared and why it had been necessary to protect the person's identity. Silas carefully revealed that the patient had been a friend. Nathan noticed that Silas had referred to the woman in the past tense, so Silas explained that his friend had passed away.

Nathan offered his condolences to Silas and admitted that he could never do the kind of work that Silas did because cancer scared Nathan. Silas explained that he could only do his best with the resources available. Silas thought about the last time he'd talked to Ava when she had begged Silas to put her out of her agony, but Silas shook the unsettling memory away to thank Nathan for respecting Silas' friend's privacy. Nathan explained that it had been necessary, since the chances of finding Avery diminished the longer she remained missing.

Silas wondered if he was still a suspect in Avery's abduction, but Nathan admitted that Silas had never really been a suspect, except in Liesl's eyes, because she had hoped to deflect suspicion from Franco. Nathan excused himself because he had a meeting with his mother. According to Nathan, Liesl might have a lead on Avery, but he asked Silas not to say anything to Kiki, since many leads didn't pan out. Silas wished Nathan luck and added that he hoped Avery was found soon.

On pier 54, Bruce took aim at Jordan as Jordan suggested to Anna that the Jeromes might be gunning for Jordan, since she was a high-ranking member of Duke's organization. Anna noticed the gunman just as Bruce pulled the trigger, so Anna shoved Jordan out of the way and drew her weapon as she ducked for cover. Jordan twisted her ankle as she fell to the ground but managed to pull out her own gun and join Anna as Anna exchanged shots with the gunman. Anna gave chase, but Bruce managed to escape.

Moments later, Anna returned to check on Jordan. Jordan realized they had their answer about who Julian intended to kill. Anna assured Jordan that Sloane had been notified, but Jordan remained concerned for her life. Anna pointed out that Julian would want to lay low after the botched hit, so Jordan should be safe for a while.

At Metro Court, Carlos had Duke in the sights of a sniper rifle when Hayden suddenly entered the room. Hayden was startled when she saw the intruder, so she immediately grabbed her cell phone to call the police. Carlos held up his hands and quickly explained that he worked with Jake. Hayden relaxed slightly, apologized to the 9-1-1 operator, and ended the call. However, she demanded to know what Carlos was doing in her hotel room. Carlos claimed that he had gotten a housekeeper to let him in because he had wanted to discuss something with Jake.

Hayden sensed that Jake and Carlos weren't friends, since Carlos had been forced to go to such great lengths to talk to Jake. Carlos admitted that things had been strained between him and Jake, so Carlos had wanted to extend an olive branch to Jake, but Hayden was curious why Carlos had a gun.

At the auto shop, Jake answered a call from Sloane and quickly explained that he had nothing new to report because Julian had remained tightlipped about the hit. Jake's frustration mounted as he explained that he couldn't earn Julian's trust overnight, so it would take time. Eventually, Jake ended the call with Sloane, but his temper flared, prompting him to pick up a mug then violently throw it across the room just as Carly walked in.

Carly realized that Jake was upset, so she asked what was going on. Jake explained that Sloane had pressured Jake for information that Jake couldn't supply. Carly wanted to know the details, but Jake refused to involve Carly any more than he already had. Carly agreed to drop it because she wanted to talk to Jake about his "so-called wife." Jake's mood darkened because he was tired of Carly's constant accusations against Hayden, but Carly begged Jake to hear her out before dismissing her concerns. Jake reluctantly agreed, but Anna entered the shop before Carly could explain the reason for her visit.

Anna flashed her badge at Jake as she revealed that she had a few questions for him, starting with where Julian was. Jake told Anna that Julian had left earlier, and he ushered Carly out the door. Carly warned Jake that she would not let the matter drop, but she agreed to catch up with him later. After Carly left, Anna asked what Jake knew about the shooting on pier 54. Jake denied knowing about the shooting, but Anna wanted to know where he had been earlier.

Jake insisted that he had been at the shop, working, for hours, but Anna wondered if anyone could corroborate Jake's claim. Jake assured her that he hadn't left, so Anna admitted that she believed him because she had seen him in action and knew that he wouldn't have botched the hit. However, Anna was certain that Julian had hired Jake for Jake's skills with a gun rather than as a mechanic, but Jake explained that Julian had hired him to run the auto shop as a favor to Sam. Anna remained skeptical, so Jake advised her to take it up with Julian.

After Anna left, Carlos entered the garage and asked what Anna had been doing there. Jake revealed that Anna had asked about a shooting on the docks, so he was curious if Carlos knew anything about it. "Nope," Carlos answered, but he wondered what Jake had told Anna. Jake pointed out that he knew nothing, so Carlos advised Jake to keep it that way. Carlos changed the subject to tell Jake something, but Jake received a text message from Hayden asking to see him right away. Jake told Carlos that it would have to wait, and he left.

Later, Jake arrived at the hotel. He was surprised that Hayden had had the deadbolt in place, so she quickly ushered him inside then locked the door. Hayden filled him in about her encounter with Carlos but admitted that the man hadn't given her his name.

On pier 54, Anna spoke to Sloane on the phone as she collected bullet casings and looked for other evidence that might lead to the identity of the shooter. She was frustrated that his informant hadn't been of any help. Moments later, Anna spotted a large black button on the ground where the shooter had been standing.

On Metro Court Restaurant's terrace, Shawn was grateful that Duke had offered to pay T.J.'s tuition. T.J. stepped away to call his mother to share the good news, but the call went to voicemail. Duke's expression clouded with guilt as he listened, while T.J. repeatedly tried to reach Jordan on the phone, to no avail. Meanwhile, Shawn offered to stop by Julian's auto shop to rattle some cages in the hopes of finding out what Julian had planned.

Duke was shocked when T.J. suddenly spotted Jordan as she entered the restaurant. Duke watched quietly as T.J. called Jordan over and shared the good news about the tuition with her. Jordan thanked Duke for Duke's generosity, but Duke brushed it off. After T.J. left, Shawn demanded to know why Jordan had been limping. Jordan explained that she had twisted her ankle when one of Julian's men had tried to kill her. Duke feigned concern for Jordan, while Bruce carefully lurked in the background. Meanwhile, Shawn wondered why the Jeromes would target Jordan months after she had switched sides.

Duke suspected that Julian had hoped to use the element of surprise, and he invited Jordan to sit down. Jordan declined because she was too keyed up, so Shawn took her to the bar for a drink. Once Shawn and Jordan walked away, Duke signaled for Bruce to join him on the terrace. Duke demanded to know what had gone wrong, so Bruce explained that Jordan hadn't been alone. Duke was furious when Bruce admitted that Anna had been with Jordan.

At the elevator, Shawn confessed that it had scared him to realize how close he had been to losing Jordan. Jordan assured him that she was fine as they entered the elevator.

Later, Sonny approached the bar to talk to Carly. Carly immediately realized that something was wrong, so Sonny revealed that Morgan had been responsible for everything that had recently been going on with Michael.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Kiki returned to Silas' apartment. Morgan assured Kiki that he would take full responsibility if Michael carried through with the threat to report them to the police. Kiki was shocked when she suddenly saw her sister, Avery, happily sitting in the living room playpen.

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