Friday, February 27, 2015

Outside Kelly's, Julian spoke to an associate on the phone as he ordered the person to gather everyone together because Julian intended to rebuild the Jerome organization from the ground up. Julian scoffed when he was asked about Duke because Julian refused to roller over and hand over his territory to his rival. Julian vowed to retain control of Port Charles even if he was the last Jerome left.

Inside the diner, Morgan noticed Kiki looking at her phone with the picture of Ava holding Avery. He quietly reminded her that it had been the third time in the past twenty minutes that she had glanced at it, so Kiki explained she couldn't stop thinking the picture had been the last time Ava would ever hold Avery. Julian entered and stopped behind Kiki's chair to remark about the beautiful picture of his sister and niece, but Morgan was disgusted Julian had been let out of jail.

Julian suggested he and Morgan put their differences aside long enough to lay Julian's sister to rest, so Morgan grudgingly agreed for Kiki's sake. Julian surprised both Kiki and Morgan by asking Kiki to postpone the memorial service because Julian believed there was a slim chance that Ava had survived. Morgan objected, but Julian pointed out that it was Kiki's decision to make. Morgan insisted he had known Ava better than Julian, but Julian doubted it, since Morgan had already given up on Ava. Julian explained Ava was a survivor, which Morgan would have known if Morgan had truly known Ava.

Kiki gently explained that the police commissioner had made it clear that Ava wouldn't be found alive, so it was clear her mother wouldn't return. Julian changed the subject by asking who was expected to attend the memorial service, so Kiki revealed that she intended to invite Ava's friends from the art world. Julian warned Kiki they likely wouldn't show because, in the end, Ava had been a murderer. Surprisingly, Morgan agreed that it would just be the three of them. "And Avery," Julian added.

Morgan didn't think it was a good idea for Avery to be at Ava's memorial service, but Julian disagreed because he wanted them to be able to tell Avery when she was older that she had been at her mother's memorial service to say goodbye. Morgan backed down because Kiki agreed to talk to Sonny, but Julian assured her that he would take care of it. Morgan frowned because Sonny hated Julian, but Julian revealed that Julian and Sonny had reached an understanding during their time at Pentonville. Morgan admitted Sonny might not have much say in the matter because Michael had petitioned for custody of Avery, so Julian admitted he had heard about it.

Morgan was livid when Julian conceded Michael had a valid point about Sonny's dangerous lifestyle, so Morgan insisted Avery deserved to stay with her father. He was curious what Julian would do if Alexis were to get pregnant with Julian's child and then try to have Julian's parental rights revoked. Julian admitted he would fight tooth and nail for his child and prevail. Kiki wished her mother could raise Avery, so Julian talked about his sister then admitted that he had always thought Ava had been indestructible.

In New York City, Silas entered Ava's hospital room and called out to her. Ava slowly opened her eyes and smiled weakly as she whispered Silas' name. Silas quickly checked the gunshot wound on her shoulder as he asked how she felt, so she told him the wound had only bled a little. Silas wasn't concerned about it because the worst of her injuries were behind her. He assured her that she had made a remarkable recovery for someone who had been shot, dropped off a bridge, and nearly drowned in icy water, but Ava credited him with saving her life.

Ava talked about how the same force that seemed determined to kill her had given her the strength to swim to shore, crawl out of the freezing water, stumble through the woods, and make her way to a gas station, where she had found a pay phone to call Silas. Silas admitted that he usually didn't take calls from unknown numbers, but something had told him to answer that one. Ava was grateful she had followed her instinct to trust him, but she was curious where she was. Silas explained she was in the hospital he had worked at before moving to Port Charles, so he had been able to rely on some friends to treat Ava and call in favors to keep her out of the system.

Ava was impressed, so Silas assured Ava that she was safe, since the police had called off the search. Ava's smile faded as Silas explained that everyone believed she had drowned because she realized Kiki was mourning her passing. Ava begged Silas to help their daughter through the difficult days ahead, since Kiki would have a lot to deal with on top of the responsibility of raising Avery. Silas quietly confessed that Sonny had been released from jail after receiving a pardon from the governor for saving everyone, including the governor's daughter, on the Haunted Star.

Stunned, Ava demanded to know why Silas hadn't told her sooner, so he admitted that he hadn't wanted to risk compromising her recovery. Silas explained that it had been Kiki's decision to give Avery to Sonny without a fight because Kiki believed it had been in Avery's best interest to know her father. Ava disagreed because she didn't want Sonny having any kind of role in Avery's life, so Silas confessed she might get her wish, since Michael had petitioned for custody of Avery. Silas confided that Kiki and Morgan believed Michael was driven by vengeance, so Ava admitted that she liked the idea of Michael making Sonny suffer.

However, Ava refused to allow Michael to use her daughter as a pawn, but Silas reminded Ava that she didn't have a choice in the matter. Ava disagreed because she could raise her daughter, but Silas argued that Ava couldn't return to Port Charles because there were still people who wanted to kill her, and she was an escaped convict.

At the courthouse, Nathan had to physically restrain his sister as Nina tried to reach for Avery because Nina insisted the baby was her daughter. Sonny demanded to know why Nina had been let out of Shadybrook, so Alexis explained the doctors had deemed Nina of sound mind. Ric pointed out that the doctors were clearly wrong and should have their licenses revoked. Meanwhile, Nathan tried to calm his sister, but Nina remained adamant that Avery was her daughter.

Nathan reminded Nina why they were at the courthouse, but Nina suddenly rambled about wanting to talk to a judge to force Sonny to give her daughter back to her. Eventually, Nathan was forced to drag Nina away in an effort to get through to her. Sonny asked for Michael to return Avery to him, so Michael reluctantly complied. Nearby, Alexis told Nathan that she would ask for a postponement, but she advised Nathan to get Nina under control.

A short time later, Sonny, Carly, and Michael entered the courtroom. Michael asked how Avery was doing, so Sonny assured Michael that she was fine. Ric suggested Michael and Sonny not talk until after the hearing, but Carly seized the opportunity to once again implore Michael to drop the petition for custody because she was confident they could work something out privately. Michael wondered why no one seemed to understand that he genuinely cared about his sister's welfare.

Moments later, Judge Heller entered the courtroom. After she explained why they were all assembled, Judge Heller invited Michael to take the stand to explain why he believed Avery was in danger and should be removed from Sonny's care. After Michael sat down in the witness box, Alexis asked Michael to tell the judge why he should be granted custody of his sister. Michael assured the judge that he loved his sister and was concerned about her safety.

Michael explained that he and his siblings, Morgan and Kristina, had all suffered psychologically and physically because of Sonny, but Ric objected because it was Michael's opinion rather than a fact. The judge assured Ric that Sonny would get a chance to have his say and invited Michael to elaborate. Michael accused Sonny and Carly of coercing his biological father, A.J. Quartermaine, to relinquish his parental rights, which had exposed Michael to the violence of Sonny's lifestyle.

Michael revealed that he and two of his siblings had been kidnapped as young children by Sonny's criminal rival, Faith Roscoe. He then talked about nearly being blown up in a limousine and being shot in the head by a bullet intended for Sonny that had left Michael in a coma for a year. Ric argued that Sonny couldn't be held responsible for what an alleged enemy had done, so Michael told the judge that Sonny had shot Michael's brother, Dante, in the chest when Sonny had discovered that Dante had been an undercover police officer who had infiltrated Sonny's criminal organization.

Ric quickly clarified that Dante had stated the gunshot had been self-inflicted, but Michael insisted Dante had tried to protect Sonny. Michael conceded Sonny had been sorry about the shooting, but Sonny had always been sorry when one of Sonny's children had ended up hurt because of Sonny. However, nothing ever changed, which was why Morgan had been sent to military school under an assumed name. Michael added that the steps to hide Morgan's identity hadn't spared Morgan from being beaten up by thugs. Michael also revealed that his sister, Kristina, had been kidnapped and nearly killed by another mobster, Joe Scully Jr.

According to Michael, Sonny was fully aware that Sonny's children were targets, so Sonny always promised to keep the children safe but when "push comes to shove" Sonny's territory, money, power, and reputation would always trump Sonny's children's lives. Next, Michael talked about Sonny's struggle with bipolar disorder and how Sonny periodically stopped taking his medications, including as recently as the fall of 2013. Ric objected because Sonny's illness was under control. The judge promised to keep it in mind but asked if Michael wanted to add anything else.

Michael assured Judge Heller that he could provide his sister with a safer environment than Sonny could because the Quartermaines were pillars of the community who had been investing in Port Charles for decades. Michael also explained that the Quartermaines were a tight-knit family with many generations living under the same roof. Michael promised that Avery would be surrounded by a loving and generous family, so she would have everything she needed. "Except her father's love, Michael," Sonny cried out. The judge admonished Sonny for the outburst as Ric urged Sonny to remain quiet.

After Michael finished testifying, he stood up to return to the table, but Ric clapped his hands as he congratulated Michael's performance then informed Michael that it was Ric's turn to ask a few questions.

In the hallway, Nina continued to beg Nathan to get her baby. She desperately wanted to talk to the judge, but Nathan warned her that it would be a bad idea. He decided she needed to return to Shadybrook, but Nina couldn't understand why she couldn't have her baby. Nathan explained that the baby wasn't hers then gently told her that she needed to go back to Shadybrook. Nina was disappointed until Nathan reminded her that she would get to see Franco.

Later, Nathan and Nina arrived at Shadybrook. A male nurse assured Nina that they would take good care of her, but Nina wanted Nathan to promise to visit her. Nathan didn't hesitate, so Nina smiled and asked the nurse if she could check on Franco.

Meanwhile, Franco was strapped to his bed when someone entered his room. "Is that you, Phyllis?" Franco asked as Olivia turned on the light. He immediately realized his mistake, so he asked who she was. Olivia was curious if Phyllis was a doctor or nurse, but Franco wondered if he knew Olivia. Olivia was surprised that he didn't recognize her, so Franco asked if she was "Mama Celeste" from the freezer aisle.

Olivia introduced herself then revealed that she and Franco knew each other well enough to dislike each other. Franco was curious why Olivia would visit him if she didn't like him, so she confessed that they had something in common. Olivia explained that she thought she might be able to offer Franco some words of wisdom, since his mother had injected her with the same drug he had been injected with. However, Olivia feared she had made a mistake, so she turned to leave until Franco asked her to stay.

Olivia studied Franco closely then engaged in small talk until she was comfortable that he truly had suffered from the effects of an LSD overdose. She assured him that the drug would eventually leave his system but warned him that he might have an odd side effect like she'd had. Franco wondered what her side effect had been, so she told him about her visions. However, she clarified that her visions had been mere glimpses of the future that had been out of context and hadn't made a lot of sense, similar to Mad Men previews. Franco had no idea what Mad Men was, so Olivia insisted he needed to watch the television show, but from the beginning.

Olivia turned the discussion back to her visions because they had become fewer and farther between as time had passed while the drug had leeched out of her system. Franco asked if she was disappointed but she admitted that she wasn't because the visions hadn't kept her out of trouble, which was how she had ended up pregnant. Franco congratulated Olivia, but she was horrified that she had blurted out her secret. Franco asked if the father was "Papa John" or "Chef Boyardee," so Olivia began to relax as she realized that Franco had no idea what she was talking about.

As Franco rambled about various food manufacturers, Olivia opened up about being pregnant with Julian Jerome's baby and Ned's decision to claim the baby as his own. Afterwards, Olivia thanked Franco for giving her the opportunity to let everything out. She was confident that he wouldn't say anything because he was unlikely to recall their conversation. After Olivia left, Franco stopped babbling and looked at the door. "Anytime, Olivia," Franco said in a lucid tone.

Moments later, Nina entered the room. Franco smiled as he greeted her by the name of Phyllis. Nina explained that she was back at Shadybrook after faking a mental breakdown at the courthouse. Franco surprised Nina by confiding that he was faking, too, and he leaned forward to kiss her. He was startled when Nina suddenly jerked back.

At the hospital, Jake woke up from a dream as Elizabeth entered his hospital room. She asked if he was okay, so he assured her that he was fine. Elizabeth smiled because she realized it was pointless to ask him, since he always answered the same way. Jake decided to confide that he'd had a dream about sitting at her bedside, urging her to get better, because she had saved him twice. Jake couldn't understand why he'd had such an odd dream, so Elizabeth suggested that perhaps it was because he always talked about how he wished he could repay her for what she had done for him. Jake conceded she might be right, but he was frustrated that he couldn't do anything for her while he remained handcuffed to a bed.

Elizabeth regretted that she couldn't remove Jake's handcuffs while the charges against him were still pending. However, she assured him it would soon be over because Helena no longer had control over Jake's mind, which meant that he was no longer a threat to anyone. Jake remained uneasy because he knew he had to convince a court that he hadn't been responsible for his actions. Elizabeth assured Jake that she would find him a new attorney, but Jake doubted any judge or jury would be as understanding as Elizabeth and Carly had been.

Elizabeth apologized for asking Ric to represent Jake because Ric had persuaded Jake to plead guilty, but Jake reminded her that Jake hadn't gone through with it because Elizabeth had gotten to court in time to change Jake's mind. Elizabeth confessed that she and Ric had had it out about what Ric had done to Jake, but Jake hated that he had caused trouble for Ric and Elizabeth. Elizabeth insisted that Jake was not to blame for Ric and Elizabeth falling apart because Ric had lied to her when he had assured her that Ric was a changed man.

Elizabeth admitted that Ric's stunt had made her question if Ric was truly the man for her. Jake promised he wasn't a threat to Ric, so Ric didn't have anything to worry about. "Maybe he does," Elizabeth admitted.

At Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, a nurse notified a doctor that the burn patient from Port Charles had arrived. Moments later, Dr. Nelson greeted Nikolas as Nikolas followed Spencer's gurney out of the elevator. Spencer was asleep and breathed with the assistance of an oxygen mask, as Dr. Nelson asked about the flight. Nikolas explained that Spencer had been given pain medications, so Spencer had been asleep since they had left Port Charles. Dr. Nelson assured Nikolas that Spencer was in good hands.

Later, Spencer remained asleep as the nurses settled him in his room. Dr. Nelson explained that Spencer's treatment would take time because they had to clear Spencer's airway passages from the smoke inhalation and treat the burns. Nikolas appeared overwhelmed as Dr. Nelson revealed that Spencer had a long and difficult road ahead of him, but the hospital focused on both mind and body. Dr. Nelson added that Nikolas could also take advantage of the hospital's resources, which set Shriners Hospital apart from other hospitals. After Dr. Nelson left, Nikolas sat next to Spencer's bed to assure his son that everything would be fine.

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