Friday, September 30, 2016

At Julian's apartment, Julian's bodyguard asked if Julian intended to go out for the evening, but Julian shook his head and told Pete that there was a lot to consider because Julian's plans with Nina hadn't worked out. Julian decided to focus on making his family believe in him again. As if on cue, a knock sounded at the door. It was Sam. Julian excused Pete and invited Sam inside. Sam cut to the chase by informing her father that she knew Julian had entered Alexis' house. Sam warned Julian that a restraining order had been issued, so he tried to explain his side of things.

Sam wasn't interested in hearing what Julian had to say because he had tried to kill her mother. She urged her father to go into hiding and never contact anyone in Port Charles again, but Julian insisted that he couldn't do that. Sam was frustrated because his continued presence hurt both Alexis and Sam. She begged him to prove that he loved Alexis by disappearing, but he argued that he couldn't just leave his life behind. Sam's frustration mounted as she pointed out that his life in Port Charles was over, and he'd die if he continued to stay. Julian took Sam's request as a sign of encouragement that she cared about him, but she quickly set him straight.

Sam made it clear that she despised Julian and wished that he'd never entered her life or was connected to her by blood. Sam added that she had nothing but contempt for her father because of what he had done to Alexis. However, enough blood had been spilt in Port Charles and she didn't want Julian's added to it. Julian admitted that Sonny wanting him dead was not news to him -- unless Sam was aware of a specific threat. Sam explained that she knew how the business worked and repeated her request for him to disappear. She promised that no one would look for him because everyone would prefer to forget that he existed.

After Sam stormed out, Pete returned. Julian told his henchmen that Sonny intended to kill Julian.

At Volonino's Gym, a man wearing a suit assured Sonny that he would make it look like an accident rather than a hit. Sonny clarified that he wanted complete deniability and not to be contacted until after the deed was done. After the man left, Sonny walked over to a punching bag as Jason entered. Jason noticed the man leaving and asked Sonny about him, but Sonny thought it best that Jason not ask. Jason read between the lines and asked if the person was reliable. Sonny promised that he would not be connected to anything, but Jason warned Sonny that the police and Carly would suspect Sonny if anything happened to Julian.

Jason wondered if Sonny would be satisfied if Julian were simply to disappear. Jason told Sonny about Sam's efforts to talk to Julian. Sonny insisted that he had to make a move otherwise he would be seen as weak to other crime organizations. Sonny reminded Jason that he had tried to let the courts handle the situation, but they had failed. Jason wanted Sonny to give Sam's plans a chance and allow Jason to look into the broker that Sonny had hired. Sonny pointed out that he didn't have a choice because no one in his organization was as capable as Jason.

After Sonny left, Sam entered the gym and approached her husband. They filled each other in on their failed attempts to avert tragedy. Sam confided that she had a bad feeling that something would go wrong and Julian wouldn't be the only one hurt.

At Greystone Manor, Carly gave Morgan a present. It was a jade pendant on a leather necklace. Carly explained that the jade promoted wisdom, balance, and peace. She told him that she was proud of him because she knew that he'd taken on a lot with school and work. Morgan appreciated the gift, but he didn't think he deserved it. Carly disagreed and told him that she was proud of him. Morgan thanked her and asked her to help him put it on. After Carly finished securing the necklace, she hugged her son and told him that she loved him.

Carly invited Morgan to stay and have dinner with her, but Morgan declined because he had plans to meet Kiki after work. Carly's expression filled with concern as she watched Morgan leave. A short time later, Ava stopped by to drop off a dress that she had picked up for Avery. Carly was annoyed because it wasn't Ava's day to spend time with Avery. Ava thought Carly would be more compassionate under the circumstances, but Carly had no idea what Ava was talking about.

According to Ava, Morgan had attacked Julian because of Morgan's volatile temper. Carly bristled and refused to discuss Morgan with Ava because he was none of Ava's business. Ava disagreed because Morgan dated Kiki and lived under the same roof as Avery. Carly was astonished that Ava would criticize Morgan after the way she had seduced away her son from his family and had betrayed her own daughter with him, but Ava reminded Carly that Morgan was a man who had an illness that often manifested in dangerous behavior.

Carly insisted that Morgan was medicated and stable, so she resented Ava implying otherwise. Ava recalled switching Morgan's medications, but told she said that she was glad for Morgan. However, Ava wished that Carly would appreciate her concerns because the fight between Morgan and Julian had been unprovoked. Carly argued that Julian was a dangerous man and invited Ava to check on Avery. After Carly stormed out, Ava pulled out a small baggie of pills and reminded herself to stay the course.

Later, Carly left Morgan a voicemail asking him to return her call because she wanted to check on him. She ended the call as Ava returned to the living room. Ava bragged that Avery was an absolute angel. Carly agreed, but Ava urged Carly not to let Avery get caught between two powerful men because Ava didn't want her daughter to be in the crossfire.

Later, Sonny arrived home and saw the shopping bag that Ava had left behind. Carly told Sonny about the unexpected visit and added that it had been clear that Ava had had an agenda. She told Sonny how Ava had expressed concerns about Morgan not having his bipolar disorder under control, which Carly conceded was valid. Sonny defended Morgan by reminding Carly that the medications didn't prevent a person from getting angry. Sonny believed that Morgan had acted accordingly when Julian had gotten in Morgan's face. Carly let it drop and told him about Ava's fear that Avery would get caught in the middle of Sonny and Julian's war.

Sonny promised Carly that no one would get hurt, but Carly knew her husband and recognized what he wasn't saying. She implored him not to make a move against Julian because it would only cause pain. Sonny assured Carly that he'd given her his word that it wouldn't be by his hand if something happened to Julian.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Dillon approached Kiki at the hostess desk and told her that he was meeting Anna. Kiki told him that Anna had not arrived, so Dillon and Kiki struck up a conversation about Morgan's decision to return to school. Kiki admitted that she had been surprised, but Morgan appeared to enjoy it. Moments later, Anna arrived. After Dillon and Anna sat down, Anna explained that it was imperative that she find Paul without letting Dillon's father know.

Dillon wanted to know if his father was in danger. Anna reluctantly told him that there appeared to be a link between his sister Susan and the hospital murders. Dillon was surprised to hear Anna mention Susan's because Tracy had been concerned about Paul since Sabrina's funeral. Tracy had suspected that Paul had been hit hard by Sabrina's murder because Sabrina and Susan were a similar age. Anna was intrigued when Dillon told her that Tracy had decided to track down Susan in the Finger Lake region. Anna pulled out her phone to make a call.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Kiki approached Morgan as he worked on his laptop. She teasingly told him that the restaurant was not a coffee shop, so he reminded her that his mother was half owner of the place. Kiki smiled and asked him what he was working on. Morgan recalled Dillon talking about the site that Morgan had submitted his class paper to, which scanned for anyone who might have cheated, but he told Kiki that he'd been looking up his grades. Kiki pointed out that he'd only submitted the paper a few hours earlier then excused herself to take care of a customer.

Morgan quickly called Spinelli to explain what he'd done and ask Spinelli to remove the paper from the site. Morgan admitted that he'd rather take a zero than be caught cheating. Morgan was grateful when Spinelli agreed to take care of it. Kiki walked up as Morgan ended the call and asked what Morgan had been talking to Spinelli about. Morgan claimed that Spinelli had helped Morgan unlock his phone to play a game. Kiki let the matter drop when she spotted her mother at the bar. After Kiki walked away, Spinelli called back to let Morgan know that he'd failed in his endeavors. Moments after Morgan ended the call, someone called to ask Morgan to meet.

At the bar, Kiki was curious why Ava was at the restaurant. Ava told Kiki that she had hoped to catch a movie with Kiki as part of their attempt to rebuild their relationship. Kiki explained that she had plans with Morgan. Ava was surprised because she had expected Kiki to be upset about Morgan attacking Julian. Ava wondered when Kiki would admit that Morgan was out of control, but Kiki defended Morgan by assuring her mother that the incident had been a blip. Kiki added that Morgan's priority was staying well and going to school, but Ava scoffed and warned Kiki that Morgan was not as well as he'd have people believe. Kiki was curious why Ava seemed so certain about Morgan's state of mind.

At the lodge, Tracy pleaded for her life as Paul advanced on her with deadly intent. Paul regretted that he had to kill Tracy, but she argued that it wouldn't solve anything -- it would only guarantee that Paul would die too. Tracy warned him that Luke would hunt him down, but Paul doubted it since no one had heard from Luke in months. Paul suspected that Luke was dead, but Tracy assured Paul that Luke was alive and would avenge her. Tracy pointed out that Paul had gotten sloppy in recent weeks because Dante was confident that DNA evidence had been recovered from Sabrina's body. Paul wasn't concerned because his DNA wasn't in any criminal database.

Desperate, Tracy warned Paul that Dillon knew Tracy had been making inquires about Susan, which meant their son would look for Tracy. Tracy insisted that Paul needed her alive, but Paul wondered why Tracy would bother to help him. Tracy explained that she'd do it for their son because she didn't want Dillon to know what Paul had done. Paul reminded Tracy that it had been necessary because it was the only way to get Susan to return to him. Moments later, Tracy's phone rang.

Tracy ran over and picked up the phone before Paul could stop her. He suggested that she could prove that he could trust her by not answer it, but Tracy clicked on the call and screamed for help. Paul snatched the phone away from her and crushed it under his heel. Paul felt vindicated not to trust Tracy, but she pointed out that Anna had heard Tracy's cry for help and would trace the call. Tracy screamed in terror as Paul grabbed her. Paul managed to cover Tracy's mouth as someone knocked on the door.

Moments later, Paul opened the door wearing a robe. A man asked if everything was okay because he and his wife had been out for a walk and had heard a woman's screams. Paul claimed that he'd been watching a horror movie and the volume on the television had gotten stuck when the batteries in the remote ran dead. Paul assured the man the problem had been resolved and he was headed to bed. After the man left, Paul closed the door and entered the bathroom where Tracy was bound to a chair with a gag in her mouth.

Paul wheeled the chair into the living room and picked up a necktie with the intention of strangling her. Paul realized that he couldn't strangle Tracy and decided to grab a syringe filled with derisifol. Tracy cried as Paul returned and prepared to inject her with the deadly drug. Just then, Anna kicked open the door and appeared in the doorway with her gun aimed at Paul. Paul ran behind Tracy to use her as a shield. Paul warned Anna that she would not get a shot off before he injected Tracy, but Dillon entered behind Anna and told his father that Paul would have to kill Dillon too.

. . .

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