Friday, February 5, 2016

At the Floating Rib, Franco told Nina that the drama with Elizabeth and Jake had gotten to him because he suspected that he had "sympathetic hunger pains." "There's no such thing," Nina told him. Franco shrugged but added that he was famished and wanted ribs. Nina decided to order a salad because she was determined to eat healthy. Surprised, Franco reminded her that she'd had a chocolate-covered sugar pastry for breakfast, but Nina explained that she hadn't been expecting their baby earlier.

Franco spit out a drink of beer and began to cough as Nina jumped up to start the Heimlich maneuver, but Franco assured her that he was okay. Relieved, Nina sat back down and told him about her plans to adopt a baby. Franco glanced at the brochure she handed him, but he warned her that there wasn't an adoption agency in the universe that would give them a child because of their history. Nina assured him that her attorneys were the best and would find a way around it, but Franco argued that he had a long, well-documented criminal record.

Nina reminded Franco that he'd been suffering from a brain tumor, but Franco pointed out that he had been healthy when he and Nina had abducted Avery. Nina began to wonder if Franco thought she might be a terrible mother, but he assured her that he had complete faith in her. However, he was certain that she would never be given a baby as long as she was with him. Nina refused to take no for an answer, prompting Franco to question her sudden desire to become a mother. Nina admitted that it had always been there, but something inside her had recently reawakened it.

Franco wanted to give Nina a child, but he worried that a baby might put strain on their relationship. Annoyed, Nina told him that she had more faith in their relationship than he had.

At the apartment, Kiki was startled when Morgan suddenly pulled back and put the brakes on making love to her. Confused, Kiki asked why Morgan had stopped, but Morgan muttered that he had to leave. Kiki was hurt and demanded an answer, so Morgan reluctantly admitted that he hadn't been physically capable of making love. Stunned, Kiki asked if she had done something wrong, but Morgan assured her that she was beautiful. Kiki suggested that perhaps it was a one-time thing, but Morgan disagreed because it was a side effect of the medications he was on.

Kiki was confident that the problem could be resolved, but Morgan disagreed and complained about the other side effects, including fatigue and a constant need to relieve his bladder "every five minutes." Kiki encouraged Morgan to talk to his doctor, but Morgan argued that Dr. Maddox was only interested in keeping him doped up and manageable. Kiki assured Morgan that he was wrong, but his temper flared as he asked if she was accusing him of being paranoid. Kiki explained that everyone was concerned about his mental health, but Morgan was curious if he truly seemed healthy to her.

Morgan was frustrated that he couldn't do the one thing that he enjoyed the most and admitted that the medications weren't worth it. Morgan added that he wanted to toss the medications out, but Kiki warned him that it was a bad idea. Kiki promised that sex wasn't important and admitted that the most touching moment of their date had been when he had wrapped his scarf around her because she had been shivering from the cold. Kiki conceded that sex was a bonus, but she cared about Morgan more. Morgan insisted that he wanted it all and left.

A short time later, Kiki left Morgan a voicemail message explaining that she wanted to continue their conversation and have a second date. After she ended the call, Franco and Nina arrived home. Franco immediately sensed that something was troubling Kiki and asked about her date with Morgan. Kiki told him that it was complicated, but she was confident that things would work out.

Kiki gathered her things and left. Franco turned to Nina and told her that he would not make a good surrogate parent, but Nina thought he was being unfair. Resigned, Franco agreed to be open to the possibility of adopting a child, but he wanted to wait a bit longer and focus on his relationship with Nina. Nina wanted a deadline, but Franco assured her that they would know when the time was right. Franco kissed her, but her phone chimed. Nina glanced down and sheepishly admitted that she had to take care of something at work.

At the Floating Rib, Molly approached her sister and asked why Kristina wasn't in Middletown. Kristina explained that it had been necessary to return, but Molly wanted to know why. Kristina became evasive, but Molly pushed for an answer until Kristina blurted out that her life was in the toilet, and she was the most "screwed-up" Corinthos. Molly assured her sister that she had never thought of Kristina like that, but Molly advised Kristina to talk to their mother because it was clear that Kristina was in trouble.

Kristina insisted that it was too late, but Molly held up Kristina's diary and asked if the mysterious "P" in the entries had anything to do with Kristina's problems. Kristina resented Molly snooping but admitted that things hadn't ended well with "P." Molly wasn't surprised, since Kristina had the worst luck with men. Molly quipped that it was a mystery why Kristina hadn't given men up altogether, but Kristina nervously asked what Molly had meant by that. "Being single," Molly answered. Kristina relaxed and promised to consider taking Molly's advice.

Molly hoped Kristina meant it because it was clear that the mysterious "P" had messed Kristina up. Kristina accused her sister of exaggerating, but Molly pointed out that Kristina had returned to Port Charles to ask Molly to sneak the diary out of the house. Kristina explained that she hadn't wanted Alexis to find it, but Molly argued that she could have mailed the diary to Kristina. Kristina was forced to admit that she didn't have a place to live because her apartment had fallen though. Molly was stunned that Kristina was homeless and demanded to know what was really going on with Kristina.

Kristina told Molly about offering a professor sex in exchange for a better grade, but Kristina was careful to leave out that the professor was a woman. Molly was surprised when Kristina admitted that there was also a wife lurking in the background but added that the professor was beguiling and captivating, and had eyes that could brand a person. Molly thought it was a shame that it hadn't worked out but added that it was easy for her to say that, since the relationship between Kristina and "P" was over. Molly changed the subject to insist that Kristina stay with her.

Meanwhile, Morgan stopped when his phone beeped to remind him that it was time to take his medications. Frustrated, Morgan tossed the bottles of pills into the garbage. A short time later, he entered the Floating Rib and approached the bar to order a drink. He was surprised when he saw his sister Kristina because he had thought she had returned to school. Kristina questioned why Morgan was ordering alcohol, but Morgan promised not to say anything about Kristina not being in school if she kept quiet about him drinking.

At the hospital, Lucas told Jason and Elizabeth there had been a complication during Jake's surgery, but they had easily addressed the second site of internal bleeding. Lucas assured the parents that Jake was out of danger, but the young boy might need additional surgery to repair a few broken bones. Elizabeth saw Jake being taken to the hospital room, so Lucas told Jason and Elizabeth that Jake could have only one visitor at a time. Jason nodded to Elizabeth to go to their son.

Moments later, Sonny and Carly approached Jason to ask about Jake. After Carly hugged Jason, Sonny promised to help in any way possible. Lucas admitted that he had called Sonny and Carly because he thought Jason and Elizabeth could use the support. After Lucas walked away, Sonny decided to go to the chapel to give Carly and Jason some privacy. Jason told Carly about Jake's injuries and admitted that he hated to see his son in pain, but Carly assured Jason that Jake would be fine.

In Jake's hospital room, Elizabeth sat at her son's bedside as she tearfully apologized and promised that she would never allow anything to happen to him again. Jake remained unconscious as Elizabeth assured him that she would make certain he got better. Moments later, Elizabeth stepped into the hallway to give Jason a chance to spend time with Jake. After Jason entered Jake's hospital room, Carly offered Elizabeth words of encouragement, but Elizabeth began to cry.

Carly hugged Elizabeth and listened as Elizabeth talked about how history had repeated itself, but Carly reminded Elizabeth that Jake would be fine. Elizabeth continued to beat herself up, but Carly insisted that Elizabeth was a great mother and a fantastic nurse who would "do, sacrifice, and give anything" to make Jake whole again. Carly admitted that she wasn't worried about Jake because he had Jason and Elizabeth to take care of him. Elizabeth appreciated Carly's kind words but acknowledged that she owed Carly and Sonny an apology for everything that had happened with Jason.

Carly pointed out that she had a lifetime to throw that in Elizabeth's face. Elizabeth smiled and good-naturedly told Carly that Carly's kindness knew no bounds. Moments later, Lucas approached and asked for a word with Jason and Elizabeth.

In Jake's hospital room, Jason was relieved when Jake opened his eyes and softly apologized to his father. Jason assured Jake that everything was fine and not to worry, but Jake explained that Jake hadn't meant to hurt "her." Alarmed, Jason asked what Jake was referring to, but Elizabeth poked her head into the room to let Jason know that Lucas wanted to talk to them. Jason immediately joined Elizabeth and Lucas in the hallway.

Lucas explained that Jake was stable and encouraged Jason and Elizabeth to go home and rest, but Elizabeth refused to leave Jake's side. Lucas was concerned about Elizabeth not eating, so Jason offered to fetch some food. Elizabeth relaxed and promised to stay with Jake until Jason returned. After Jason left, Elizabeth returned to Jake's hospital room. She sat with her son until Jake woke up and quietly confessed that he had killed someone.

Meanwhile, Jason entered the Floating Rib as he spoke to Alice on the phone. He was surprised when she told him that Sam had failed to pick up Danny from an afterschool birthday party, and the parents had called Alice. Jason thanked Alice for her help and promised to call her when he tracked down Sam. After he ended the call, he saw Kristina and Molly. Jason questioned the sisters about Sam until Kristina revealed that she had last seen Sam when Sam had left for Elizabeth's house.

In the chapel, Sonny saw a man kneeling at the altar. Sonny offered to return another time, but the man assured Sonny that it was fine. The two struck up a conversation about faith before the conversation turned to Sonny's confinement to a wheelchair. Sonny revealed that he'd recently suffered an injury, which led to a discussion about the hospital and wonderful staff. Sonny admitted that General Hospital was a great hospital and the heartbeat of Port Charles.

The man appreciated Sonny's insight and stood to leave. Sonny noticed that the man had dropped something; it was a necklace with a St. Aloysius of Gonzaga pendant. The man was impressed that Sonny knew St. Aloysius was the patron saint of youth, but the man added that the pendant was often worn by people with AIDS and those who cared for them. Sonny was embarrassed that he had forgotten and confided that he'd lost someone to AIDS in 1995. They spoke for a few more minutes before the man wished Sonny well and left.

Carly passed the man as he walked out and asked if Sonny knew him. Sonny shook his head but admitted that he had felt as if he had. Sonny shifted gears to ask about Jason and Elizabeth. Carly told him about her conversation with Elizabeth and added that she felt bad for Elizabeth because Elizabeth and her sons had been through a lot.

At the nurses' station, the man approached Lucas to ask for directions to Human Resources. Lucas looked up and was surprised when he recognized his friend, Griffin Munro. Griffin smiled at his medical school classmate and thanked Lucas for reaching out about the job opening. Lucas was delighted when Griffin announced that Griffin was the hospital's new neurosurgeon. Lucas decided to put Griffin to work by handing him the file on Sonny.

At Elizabeth's house, Sam remained unconscious on the floor as smoke billowed from the outlet where the old electrical heater was plugged in. Sam began to cough as the smoke alarm started to blare, but she was too weak to stand up. She softly called out for Jason and tried to unplug the frayed cord from the outlet, but the cord wouldn't budge. Sam succumbed to the smoke and passed out.

Meanwhile, Jason entered Elizabeth's house. He frowned as the smoke alarms sounded.

. . .

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