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Carly interrupts the wedding
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Friday, July 13, 2018

Ned was officiating at Michael and Nelle's wedding ceremony. As the couple kissed, Nelle stabbed Michael in the stomach and told him it was the "kiss of death." At Ferncliff, Carly awoke from her nightmare. "Not my son. No way in hell!" she exclaimed.

Sonny, Mike, and Jason were at Sonny's house, all dressed and ready for Michael's wedding. Mike was confused and couldn't recall whose wedding they were heading to, and he wondered at the gloominess of the other men. He thought a wedding was a "cause for celebration." Sonny explained that Michael had had bad luck in relationships, although he had claimed to know what he was doing. Mike hoped it worked out. He went upstairs to retrieve his watch, and Sonny told Jason that he'd told Carly about the wedding. She had blamed herself, but it was "Michael's game to play."

Brad stopped at the hospital to pick up Lucas for the wedding. Lucas tried to talk him out of going, suggesting they head for the beach instead. Brad reminded him that he was a friend of Nelle's and had to go. Lucas declared that he wouldn't be "throwing any rice." Lucas also didn't feel much like celebrating with Carly not in attendance, but Brad didn't think that Nelle should be blamed. The couple began to bicker, and Brad defended Nelle. They were both amused when Bobbie showed up all dressed for the wedding.

Olivia helped Michael to get ready at the Quartermaine mansion and told him it was normal to be nervous. Michael didn't think that anything was normal about the day. Olivia assured him that Carly would be there if she could, but Michael was certain that Carly wouldn't have helped him, even at gunpoint. Ned walked in and announced that he was prepared to officiate.

Olivia and Ned headed out, and Michael received a phone call from an unknown number. It was Carly, who admitted that she wasn't allowed to make calls. "You cannot marry Nelle," she declared. She thought that Michael's plan was dangerous and not worth the risk. She wanted him and the baby to be safe. She also reiterated that she had not pushed Nelle down the stairs. Michael did his best to reassure his mother, and she told him she loved him. They were cut off before Michael could express his love. Her phone battery had run down.

"We did it, baby. We're in," Nelle spoke to her baby in her dressing room at the Metro Court. As she held the prenuptial papers and flashed back to Michael's presentation of the agreement, Ava walked in and grabbed the papers from Nelle's hand. Ava looked the papers over and chuckled because Nelle had signed them. Nelle insisted that she and Michael were a "true love match, together forever." Nelle took the papers and crumbled them. "'Til death do us part," she said.

Nelle noted that Josslyn had gone off for some ice, and Ava was ready to go. She wished Nelle the best, and Nelle hoped she meant it. She thought that Michael's family would be on her side after the baby was born. Ava warned her not to let her guard down, especially once Carly got out of Ferncliff.

Nelle gloated that she'd gotten rid of everything that had led to Carly's breakdown, but Ava reminded her that it hadn't been everything at all. Nelle mentioned the test results on the phone that Ava had hidden from Griffin. Ava thought they needed to know where they stood with each other, and Nelle thought they were in it together against Carly and Sonny.

In the Metro Court bar area, which was decorated for the wedding, Drew and Sam were the first guests to arrive. Oscar was taking photos, and Josslyn noticed his cologne. He said he liked it because she had given it to him, although he liked the smell also. She had to get back to Nelle.

Josslyn returned to Nelle's room and demanded to know why Ava was there. She told Ava she was sorry that Morgan couldn't have been there too. Ava fled, and Josslyn closed the door. She wanted to punch Ava, although she knew that Ava was a friend of Nelle's. She had a gift for Nelle, and she presented her with a hair clip. Josslyn noted that it had belonged to her grandmother and then to Carly. She was loaning it to Nelle for the something old, borrowed, and blue. She put it in Nelle's hair.

Drew noticed that Sam didn't appear to be enthusiastic, and Sam called Nelle " a lying snake" who Michael was only marrying for the baby's sake. Oscar stopped to take their photo, and he divulged that he had been interning at Aurora for the summer. "We're plotting our world takeover," the teen said. He added that it hadn't been boring. As guests arrived, Oscar went off to take pictures. Sam advised Drew that Oscar had been keeping his distance from Scout, and that bothered her. "We're still a family," she said. She planned to talk to Oscar about it.

Lulu and Olivia posed for a photo in their flowery dresses. Lulu was disappointed that Dante wasn't there, and Olivia was certain that he would have been there for his brother if he could. Ned walked by and announced that he'd seen too much family meddling to get involved in any drama. Lulu wondered who would get married on Friday the thirteenth, and Olivia crossed herself. Ned suggested they just smile and say, "No comment," if asked any questions.

Mike wondered why there wasn't much of a crowd, and he wondered why he didn't see Carly, Dante, and Morgan. Bobbie arrived with Lucas and Brad, and she was dressed in black from head to toe. "Now, that is how you make a statement," Olivia said to Lulu.

Brad visited with Nelle while Josslyn went off to get the ice she'd forgotten the first time. Brad had a gift for Nelle for luck. It was a necklace that he placed around her neck. He reminded her that she had a friend in her corner, and Nelle noted that their relationship was her only uncomplicated relationship. "Knock 'em dead, kid," Brad said on his way out. "Oh, I plan to," Nelle murmured.

At Ferncliff, Carly was extremely agitated and threw a chair up against the door. She banged on the door and screamed and shouted to get out. Mary Pat placed a call to Kevin and told him she'd have to restrain Carly with a heavy dose of sedative. "Don't sedate my patient," Kevin demanded. He was on his way. Mary Pat stated she'd do what she had to do.

Kevin arrived, and Mary Pat let him into Carly's room. He demanded that Mary Pat leave them alone. Carly only wanted to have a pass, and Kevin reminded her that that wasn't possible. Carly was hysterical and advised Kevin that Nelle would kill Michael just as she had killed her former fiancé, and Carly had to stop the wedding. Carly implored Kevin to let her out because Michael's life was at stake, and she couldn't lose another son.

Carly was beside herself and continued that she hadn't been there for Morgan and had never gotten to say goodbye. She began to gasp for breath, and Kevin informed her that she was having a panic attack. He would get her something to help. He left the room and informed Mary Pat that Carly would need a strong dose.

Jason arrived at the Quartermaines' after dropping Mike and Sonny off at Metro Court. He advised Michael that he didn't want Michael to marry Nelle. Michael insisted he'd considered several options, and it had been the best one. Jason reminded Michael that Nelle was dangerous, but Michael thought it was worth it. He was to blame for trying to fix her and for getting her pregnant.

Back at the wedding gathering, Ava and Griffin chatted with Oscar, and Ava invited him to see the gallery. She suddenly noticed his cologne. "Is that called Melt?" she asked. Oscar agreed that it was and said he'd received it from Josslyn. He departed, and Ava appeared to be in shock. She noted that Morgan had worn it, and she was surprised that Josslyn would have given the same cologne to Oscar. Griffin recalled that Carly had detected the cologne at Morgan's gravesite.

After Brad had gone, there was a knock on Nelle's door. It was Chase. She tried to push him away, but he forced his way inside. He wanted her to leave with him and not marry Michael. Chase was certain she didn't love Michael but had a connection with him instead. They'd had real love, and he didn't think that money would make her happy. Nelle thought it would be better than being poor and in love.

Chase wondered if Nelle ever thought of them, and he thought that he was what she wanted. He told her she'd feel alone after her marriage, and Michael would resent her, get rid of her, and take his child. She'd be all alone again. Chase asked what Nelle would do then. Suddenly, he grabbed her, and the pair kissed passionately.

Just then, Josslyn walked in. She couldn't believe it. Nelle spotted her and pushed Chase away. She told him to get off of her because she was getting married and loved Michael. Chase declared that he'd been wrong, and he hoped she got everything she wanted. He left, and Josslyn demanded to know what he'd been doing there. Nelle disclosed that he'd forced his way in and asked her to run away.

Nelle sat down to finish her makeup, and Josslyn suggested they tell Michael about the incident. Nelle didn't think it was necessary, and she hugged Josslyn. She thought she was lucky to have Josslyn for the best sister-in-law ever. Josslyn was perturbed.

Sam and Lucas agreed they loved Bobbie's outfit, but Brad thought that Michael might want some support. Jason asked Drew to keep an eye on Nelle, since he'd be living in the same house as the newly married couple. Drew advised him that he cared about Michael. Mike asked Sonny why people were angry, and Sonny told him that no one approved of the wedding. Michael spoke to Sonny about the phone call from Carly.

Sonny realized that Carly had called from Jason's burner phone. He told Michael not to go through with the wedding, but Michael said he had to. Sonny explained that he and Carly were afraid for him. Michael wanted his father to visit Carly to tell her he knew what he was doing.

Ned advised everyone to take their seats. Jason and Michael stood at the altar with Ned. Josslyn walked down the aisle. Everyone stood except for Bobbie as Nelle followed.

At Ferncliff, Mary Pat taunted Carly, who remained lying still on her bed. Mary Pat called her self-absorbed to think the wedding day was all about her. She pulled the syringe from a box and prepared it. She advised Carly that she had had a setback due to her emotional outburst and wouldn't be getting out anytime soon. "Guess again," Carly snapped as she grabbed the nurse's wrist.

Later, Kevin looked in on Carly and saw a figure lying on the bed and covered up with a blanket. The person in the bed rolled over, and it was Mary Pat. The syringe was on the floor.

At the Metro Court ceremony, everyone sat back down. Ned began the service. He asked if anyone had any objections because they needed to speak at that time. "Hell, no. My son will not be getting married today," Carly shouted. Bobbie smiled.

On the next General Hospital...

• Carly tells Michael he cannot marry a deadly and dangerous Nelle.

• Mike asks how Drew and Sam met.

• “This will come back to bite you Ava,” Bobbie shouts.

• Brad has news about the baby.

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