Friday, July 25, 2014

Ava, Mickey, and Julian entered Ava's penthouse. She was happy to be back in her own home, and she went in the direction of her bedroom. Julian clarified that, in her absence, he'd moved her to the guest room. After some bickering, Mickey chimed in that Ava was "better off taking your chances with Sonny" than with Mickey. He demanded to know what Ava had on Sonny and reminded her that he could still shoot her. He pointed his gun directly at her.

Julian walked closer to Mickey, agreeing that Ava should just talk. However, when he got close enough, he grabbed Mickey's gun and twisted the man's arm behind his back. Julian vowed that Mickey wouldn't get any information out of Ava until Julian got some information out of Mickey. As Julian pointed the gun at Mickey, he demanded to know about the heroin sales, because he'd never agreed to sell heroin. Mickey clarified that they weren't selling coke. It dawned on Julian that the cocaine was laced with heroin.

Mickey explained that the faster people got addicted to what they were selling, the faster their profits would rise. Julian no longer wanted to be a part of the scheme, but Mickey commented that history might "repeat itself" in regards to the safety of Julian's family. "If you come near my family, I'll tear you apart," Julian threatened. "And I'll help," Ava chimed in.

Mickey realized that he was late for a date but advised Julian to "sleep on it" and do the right thing. "I haven't forgotten about you," he said to Ava, and he was gone. Ava handed Julian a drink and took water for herself. Julian expressed his fear that someone would go after his family again. Ava advised him that, if that were the case, he needed to push back even harder. They clinked glasses and drank.

In Alice's empty hospital room, Tracy was on the phone with Luke. She wanted him to return home just in case something happened to Alice, but he had to stay away in order to keep up their ruse. She agreed that no one could know about their plans. Just then, Ned entered the room. She told Luke that they would "talk later," and hung up. She explained to a curious Ned that she'd been talking to a designer about sprucing up Alice's hospital room as a surprise, but Ned didn't buy it.

After much pestering from Ned, Tracy finally agreed to explain what her phone conversation had been about. She told Ned that she'd been "employing some not-so-legal means" of finding experimental medications and possibly a heart for Alice, so she'd been talking to Diane. Ned suggested that Alexis was more reputable than Diane -- so reputable, in fact, that she'd determined that Tracy and Luke's annulment papers were legitimate.

Tracy wanted to concentrate on Alice. She sadly talked about how many family members the Quartermaines had lost in recent years, and how much bickering and betrayal ran rampant in the family. Ned reminded his mother that the family always banded together in times of crisis. In the same vein, Tracy asked Ned to move back home. After some convincing from Tracy, he finally agreed. She thought that family members returning to the house would give Alice another reason to live.

A short while later, Ned was gone, and Tracy was back on the phone with Luke. She informed him that they were one step closer to taking over ELQ. She related that, as long as Alice kept her mouth shut, Tracy and Luke would have no trouble "bringing down Ned and Michael."

Jordan knocked on Mickey's hotel room door and announced herself. When there was no reply, Jordan took a credit card out of her wallet and tried to jimmy the door open. Just then, Olivia passed by and asked if Jordan needed help with something. Jordan claimed that her key card for the room hadn't worked and wondered if Olivia could let her into the room. Olivia explained that she wasn't allowed, but the front desk would gladly help out.

Just then, Jordan's phone went off. She informed Olivia that the man she was waiting for was on his way up, and that she would just wait for him. "Have a nice date!" Olivia called out as she walked away. Jordan used her credit card to get into the room. She announced herself to the empty suite and looked around. Finding it empty, she took a recorder out of her bag and explained that she was doing a search of the hotel room in order to find materials related to the identity of Mickey's superior. She wanted to plant a recording device before Mickey returned.

Shawn updated Sonny on Ava's whereabouts. Apparently, Ava had gone back to her penthouse after her helicopter ride from the hospital. Sonny wanted to find out who had helped Ava get away. Shawn produced an envelope full of DVDs of the rooftop security cameras from the hospital. Shawn put one of the DVDs into Sonny's computer, but it showed Sam and Silas on the roof.

Shawn rifled through the DVDs and found the one he was looking for. He popped it into the computer, and Shawn and Sonny watched as Ava, Julian, and Mickey walked onto the roof. Sonny thought that Ava was going to sell Sonny out in exchange for Julian's help. Sonny instructed Shawn to "stay on Mickey." As Shawn left the office, Olivia entered.

A short while later, Shawn entered Mickey's hotel room. "What are you doing here?" Jordan demanded to know from a surprised Shawn. She insisted that he leave, because he was going to "ruin everything." He wondered if she was going to sleep with Mickey, but she didn't think it was any of Shawn's business. "He's not the man you want," Shawn told her. "What makes you think that?" she inquired. He grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

Jordan pushed Shawn away and slapped him. She demanded that he leave before Mickey returned. "I don't give a damn if he does," he said, and he kissed her again.

Outside the room, Mickey spoke on the phone to Luke about Julian. He informed his boss that he'd arranged to send a message to Julian that Julian wouldn't forget.

Nina and Rosalie arrived back at Silas' place. Nina wanted to celebrate her "triumph" of Silas and Sam breaking up. She hadn't thought it would be as easy as leaking a secret to a reporter. She crossed Sam off her hit list. She told Rosalie that, because of Silas, she was losing out on watching her child grow up. "Silas owes me a baby," she stated.

Rosalie thought that Nina needed to stop and think, because using a baby to punish Silas wouldn't make Nina happy. Nina wanted Silas to feel the pain and loss that she'd been feeling. After he understood what she'd gone through, Nina thought that she and Silas would become closer, and he would be with her.

At the hospital, a nurse asked for Silas' signature on some paperwork. As he signed, she wondered if he was all right. Just then, Sam entered. The nurse left, and Silas asked Sam about Molly. Sam informed him that Molly was moving back in with Alexis, so it would just be Sam and Danny again. Silas had hoped that Sam had thought things over and reconsidered working on their relationship. Sam admitted that a part of her wanted to work on it, but another part thought it had been right to end things.

Patrick entered, clearly bitter about his firing. Silas swore that he never said a word to any reporter and that Patrick's firing wasn't what Silas had wanted. Patrick informed Silas and Sam that he'd filed an appeal and hoped for the identity of the reporter's source to surface. Just as Silas expressed his sympathy to Patrick, Silas' phone rang, and he walked away to take the call.

Silas answered the phone to Nina and made sure she was all right. She wondered the same thing about Silas and suggested that he return home. He immediately accepted and hung up. He told Sam to take care of herself, and he left the hospital. Patrick wondered what was going on with Sam and Silas. She confided that there was no more "me and Silas."

Patrick felt responsible, but Sam cited other issues that had contributed, namely, Nina. Sam told Patrick how she believed that Nina was responsible for the leak at the press conference, but she couldn't figure out how. Just then, she figured out a way to find out.

Patrick introduced Sam to the head of security at the hospital. Sam asked about the security cameras on the roof of the hospital. She wondered if she could take a look at some of the footage, because some of it was relevant to a case she was working on. The man told Sam that it had been lent out as a special exception. Sam wondered who had the footage. The man informed her that "an associate of Sonny Corinthos" had the footage.

Olivia informed Sonny that she was evicting him from the building for "suspicion of illegal activity." She asserted that, as half-owner of the hotel, she had the right to do so. Sonny reminded her that Carly was the other half-owner, and she would never agree to kick Sonny out. Olivia wondered if Sonny enjoyed causing her pain by being around her workplace every day. Sonny didn't want to cause her pain but begged her for another chance. "Another chance to break my heart again?" she asked. "Forget you," she said, storming out of the office, crying.

Olivia flew right past Sam, who was entering the office, and into the elevator. She bumped right into Ned, who was already in the elevator. He wondered if Olivia was all right. "I'm not," she cried, falling into Ned's arms.

Sam wondered if she'd visited Sonny at a bad time. He insisted that it was fine for her to be there, and the two made small talk for a minute. Finally, Sam admitted that she needed Sonny's help. She told him that she needed to see the security footage from the roof of the hospital. He wondered why. "If I'm right, I can catch a liar and expose the truth," she told him.

Nina sent Rosalie out on an errand. After she told Rosalie what the errand was, Rosalie made sure that Nina really wanted to go through with her plan. She ordered Rosalie to stop second-guessing her, and Rosalie left.

A short while later, Nina looked over her hit list and wondered what an appropriate punishment for Ava would be. Rosalie returned in a rush and told Nina to get back in her chair, because Silas was on his way up to the apartment. Silas entered and made sure that Nina was all right. She claimed to have been worried ever since Silas and Sam had "uncoupled." She hated seeing him heartbroken. "That makes one of us," Rosalie muttered.

Nina forced Rosalie to apologize to Silas, which she did, rudely adding that Silas could "spend more time with your wife now that you don't have a girlfriend." When Silas left the room to change, Rosalie berated Nina for making Rosalie "take the hit." Nina offered Rosalie a raise if she'd successfully completed her errand. Rosalie handed Nina a bottle of pills.

Later, Nina made Silas a drink. She crushed up one of the pills and mixed it into the drink. Silas returned. He suggested that Nina find a new nurse, Nina protested that Rosalie had been with Nina since she'd woken up. Nina handed the drink to Silas and told him that she wanted him to relax. He thanked her and began to drink.

. . .

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