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At the hospital, Sabrina confessed that she felt responsible for what she had done to Ava, but Felix defended his friend because Sabrina had put a stop to things before any harm had been done. However, Sabrina couldn't be certain of that because she had no idea how many pills Ava had taken before Jordan had alerted Ava of the danger. She reminded Felix that Ava could be in labor as they spoke, but Felix was confident that Sabrina had nothing to be worried about.

Sabrina admitted that she had no idea what had driven her to hurt Ava by going after the baby. Felix blamed it on Sabrina's profound grief over losing Gabriel, but Sabrina argued that it wasn't an excuse because her actions had been despicable and criminal as well as career ending.

Moments later, Nathan walked up to ask where Nina had her physical therapy sessions. Felix and Sabrina realized that Nathan hadn't heard about Nina's "miraculous" recovery, so they quickly filled him in. Nathan was surprised when Felix confessed that Nina's sudden recovery had made many question if Nina had really been in need of a wheelchair. Nathan decided to track down his sister, but Sabrina asked for a moment of Nathan's time to discuss a different matter.

Nathan explained that he didn't have time because it was urgent that he find Nina. After Nathan left, Felix asked why Sabrina had wanted to talk to Nathan. She freely admitted that she had intended to confess to what she had done to Ava. Felix urged Sabrina to pull herself together because she had no idea if Ava had even gone into labor. He asked Sabrina to wait until they knew if Ava was okay, but Sabrina insisted that it was the right thing to do.

Later, Sabrina stood at the elevator when Michael walked up. He was delighted to bump into her because he had wanted to talk to Sabrina about A.J. Sabrina tensed until Michael explained that he had plans build a free health clinic on the waterfront that would work in conjunction with the hospital. Michael needed a dedicated medical staff to donate their time to run the clinic, and Sabrina had been highly recommended. Michael conceded that his father had made plenty of mistakes, but A.J. had also done a lot of good.

Michael was confident that A.J. would have continued contributing to society if he hadn't been gunned down. Sabrina realized that Michael had been referring to Carlos, so she confessed that she had once been engaged Carlos. Michael wasn't surprised when Sabrina defended Carlos, but that changed when Sabrina clarified that she was certain that Carlos hadn't pulled the trigger.

At Silas' apartment, Kiki rushed to her father's side as he lay unconscious on the floor. Kiki called out his name several times until he slowly opened his eyes. Once he was conscious, Kiki asked what had happened. "Nina," Silas quietly answered. Kiki helped Silas to the sofa then fetched him a cold compress for the back of his head as he revealed that Nina had caught him off guard by hitting him with a heavy object. Kiki was stunned because she knew that Nina cared about Silas, so Silas revealed what he had learned about Nina.

Kiki was shocked, but she couldn't dwell on that because she was there to ask Silas for help. Kiki explained that Ava was in labor but couldn't go to a hospital because she had been forced into hiding by a deadly threat. Kiki insisted that she needed her father's help and a promise to keep the secret. Silas didn't hesitate to help Kiki, but they only made it as far as the door, where Nathan met them because he had arrived to talk to Nina. Silas explained that Nina wasn't there, but Nathan explained that it was important for Nathan to get in touch with Nina because Madeline was out of jail and had made some disturbing allegations about Nina.

Silas advised Nathan to heed Madeline's warnings because Nina had turned violent and could be dangerous. Nathan wanted to know what Silas was talking about, but Silas insisted that he didn't have time to explain. However, Silas promised to call Nathan at the first available opportunity to fill Nathan in about everything.

At the brownstone, Ava writhed in pain on the sofa as Morgan hovered nearby, offering Ava words of comfort and encouragement. He promised that he wouldn't let anything happen to Ava or the baby, so Ava offered him a weak smile.

Later, Morgan observed that the contractions had appeared to slow down, but his hope was quickly dashed when Ava cried out in pain as another contraction hit. Ava confessed that she was afraid, but Morgan assured her that help would arrive soon. Frustrated, Ava wondered where Silas and Kiki were because Kiki had been gone far longer than necessary. Morgan promised Ava that he would deliver the baby if he had to, but Silas suddenly appeared in the doorway with Kiki to assure Morgan and Ava that it wouldn't be necessary. Relieved, Ava begged for Silas' help.

At Maxie's apartment, Madeline left a voicemail message for Nathan, warning him to be careful around Nina because Nina could be dangerous. Madeline confessed that even she was afraid of her daughter. Moments later, someone knocked on the door, so Madeline ended the call and opened the door. It was Nina. Nina was as shocked to see her mother as Madeline was to see Nina. Nina recovered first by demanding to know what Madeline was doing out of jail.

Nina was infuriated when Madeline explained that Madeline's convictions had been overturned because among Madeline's crimes had been the murder of Nina's unborn child. Madeline's eyes rounded with fear as Nina repeatedly shouted for Madeline to repent. Nina's mercurial moods continued to shift between disbelief, sadness, and anger as she confronted Madeline about putting Nina in a coma for twenty years and about Nina's heartbreaking miscarriage. Madeline apologized for what she had done, but Madeline was concerned that Nina was not on proper medication.

Nina began to ramble about her list and putting Madeline's name back on it only to have to cross it off again. Madeline realized that her daughter was not well, so she cautioned Nina to be careful before she did something that she might regret. Madeline knew what it was like to live with regret, but Nina wasn't moved by Madeline's remorse because Nina was no longer able to have children. Things took a frightening turn when Nina locked the door, picked up small statue with a set of antlers, and advanced on Madeline.

Desperate, Madeline begged Nina to think of Nathan because Madeline doubted that Nina would want Nathan to walk in to find Nina standing over Madeline's dead body. Nina argued that Nathan would want to help her then took a swing at Madeline. Madeline managed to duck out of the way in the knick of time and tried to escape into another room, but Nina stopped her mother. Madeline begged for Nina's forgiveness then admitted that she wished that she could give Nina the baby that Nina had lost.

Nina suddenly froze as she realized that Madeline could still give Nina a baby. Madeline's eyes filled with compassion as she gently cupped her daughter's face in her hands to remind Nina that Nina had miscarried. Annoyed, Nina assured her mother that she knew that; she resented Madeline treating Nina as if Nina's brains had been "scrambled." Nina explained that Madeline could help by giving Nina a "certain" bundle of joy. Nina wanted Ava Jerome's baby.

At Carly's house, Bobbie reminded Carly that it wasn't too late for Carly to cancel the wedding. "Yeah, I'm not so sure about that," Carly quietly replied. Bobbie insisted that the only time it was too late was after the wedding, but Carly asked for her mother to trust her. Bobbie scoffed because if she'd had a dime for every time someone had said that to Bobbie, then Bobbie would be mistress of Wyndemere. Carly reminded Bobbie that Bobbie had been mistress of Wyndemere when Bobbie had been married to Stefan Cassadine.

Carly was curious what had become of Stefan, but Bobbie refused to allow Carly to change the subject because Bobbie sensed that Carly was hiding something. Bobbie continued to push for an answer until Carly reluctantly confessed that she needed to marry Franco for Michael's sake. Stunned, Bobbie wanted to know what Michael had to do with Carly marrying Franco, but Carly refused to elaborate. However, Carly insisted that she was happy, so she asked her mother to "show up, shut up, and wear beige."

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny told Shawn about Sonny's idea to frame Heather Webber for Franco's murder because Heather hated Franco almost as much as Sonny did, and Heather was a homicidal maniac. Sonny explained that he wouldn't normally frame a woman for a crime, but Heather was a special case. Shawn agreed that it was a brilliant plan but pointed out that Heather also despised Carly, so Carly might also be in danger.

Sonny revealed that he intended to break Heather out of Miscavige, stash her in a safe house under guard until Franco was dead, plant the necessary evidence with Heather, then tip off the police. Sonny pointed out that Heather would have spent the rest of her life in Miscavige, anyway, so adding Franco's murder to her list of crimes wouldn't make a difference to her sentence.

Sonny poured two glasses of whiskey then handed one to Shawn. The men toasted to Sonny's plan. Sonny was pleased because killing Franco would save Carly from marrying a man she didn't love, and it would ensure that Michael never found out that Sonny had killed A.J.

At Miscavige, Heather was shocked when she saw her son standing in the visitor's room. She noticed that his hair had been slicked back, so she asked what he had done to it. Franco explained that it was a new look, but Heather didn't like it. Heather demanded to know why he was there, prompting him to remind her that he was her son. Heather argued that she only had one son -- Steven Lars. Franco pointed out that his brother was locked up in jail, but Heather insisted that Steven was a brilliant doctor who had been unjustly convicted.

Heather began to rant about what a terrible son Franco was, but he thought she was being a little harsh, since she had tried to kill him. Heather blamed it on Franco picking Carly over his own mother, but Franco suggested that Heather was slightly exaggerating things. Heather was curious how else she should have taken Franco "filleting" Heather and then burying his mother alive except as a sacrifice to the altar of Carly. "As a mistake," Franco quietly replied.

Heather was stunned when Franco asked his mother's forgiveness. Heather asked if Franco was still with "that slut," so Franco carefully explained that things had shifted between him and Carly. Heather realized that Franco was still with Carly, but Franco surprised Heather with a peace offering as he held up a bag from Kelly's. Heather sniffed the air as he confirmed that it contained one of Kelly's infamous BLTs.

Heather took the bag and dug into it, but she warned her son that it wasn't a sign of her forgiveness. Franco waited until Heather had indulged in her first bite of the BLT sandwich then announced that he and Carly were engaged. Heather immediately began to choke, so Franco quickly fetched her a small cup of water and advised her to take tiny sips. Heather glared at him until she stopped gasping for air once the food slid down her throat. Heather confessed that Franco had broken her heart with his stupidity because Carly was not worthy of Franco.

Franco shocked Heather by admitting that Heather had been right about Carly and that he regretted not heeding Heather's warnings. He admitted that Carly was a treacherous and deceitful person who was only capable of hurting him. Heather demanded to know what Carly had done to Franco, so he revealed that Carly had cheated on him with Sonny.

"Like mother, like daughter," Heather muttered with a sneer. Franco decided that it was a good time to break the news to Heather that Scott had rekindled things with Bobbie. Heather insisted that both Scott and Franco were idiots, but she was curious why Franco intended to go through with the marriage to Carly if Carly had cheated on Franco. Franco explained that he wanted to settle the score.

Heather was curious how Franco intended to accomplish that. "Well, Mama dear, that's where you come in," Franco answered. Heather smiled.

. . .

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