Friday, July 31, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Michael approached Nikolas at the bar. Nikolas smiled indulgently when Michael immediately launched into a tirade about Nikolas stealing ELQ from the Quartermaines. Nikolas insisted ELQ was doing quite well, but Michael disagreed because the company's stock prices had recently plummeted. Nikolas claimed that fluctuating stock prices were expected during a takeover, but Michael doubted the shareholders would agree. Michael was also certain the shareholders were not impressed with Nikolas' performance as CEO.

Nikolas promised things would turn around soon, but Michael explained that it didn't matter, since Nikolas wouldn't remain in power for much longer. Michael was confident that Lucy would vote to reinstate Michael because Michael had returned Avery to Sonny, and ELQ had been far more profitable under Michael's control. Nikolas didn't appear threatened, but Michael vowed not to give up on Michael's great-grandfather's company because Edward had intended for a Quartermaine to run ELQ. Michael accused Nikolas of taking advantage of Luke's "psychotic break" and resorting to blackmail, coercion, and outright theft to obtain shares of ELQ, but Michael decided to use a far more creative means to force Nikolas to surrender the ELQ shares.

Nikolas chuckled then suggested that Michael accept defeat, but Michael advised Nikolas to enjoy the time he had left behind Michael's desk because Michael planned to call for a vote soon. Nikolas smiled politely and announced that he had to find Laura. Michael suggested Nikolas start at Elizabeth's house.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth was stunned when Laura revealed that Nikolas had confided that Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan. Elizabeth nervously suggested that Laura had misunderstood, but Laura explained that she had overheard Elizabeth and Nikolas talking about Jake being Jason. Laura admitted that she had confronted Nikolas, so he had confirmed that Jake was Jason. Elizabeth was surprised that Nikolas hadn't warned Elizabeth, but Laura suspected Nikolas had wanted to spare Elizabeth unnecessary worry because he had made a compelling argument for Laura to keep the truth a secret.

However, Laura admitted that she was struggling with the knowledge that both Elizabeth and Nikolas were lying to Jason. Laura knew Elizabeth was in love with Jason, in part because he was Jake's father, but Laura felt terrible for Monica. Elizabeth became upset when Laura decided to tell Jake the truth, but Laura thought Elizabeth should be the first person to understand the aching loss Monica felt over the loss of a child. Elizabeth argued that it wasn't the same, but Laura disagreed, since they each were mothers who loved their sons.

Elizabeth explained that it was necessary to keep quiet for Nikolas' sake because Elizabeth suspected he had gone to great lengths to keep Jason from learning the truth. Laura was shocked when Elizabeth shared her theory about Nikolas arranging for Hayden to be shot as Hayden had been on the verge of telling Jason the truth. Laura refused to believe it, but Elizabeth quietly confessed that everything pointed to Nikolas. Horrified, Laura asked if Hayden was dead, so Elizabeth explained that Hayden was in a coma. Elizabeth warned Laura that the police might reopen the investigation if they realized the hit man had been trying to silence Hayden and not Jake.

Laura wondered why ballistic tests hadn't confirmed Shawn wasn't the shooter, so Elizabeth explained that Shawn had immediately confessed to the shooting to protect Sonny, which meant the tests on the gun and bullets hadn't been run. Laura questioned if Elizabeth's judgment was clouded by fear of Jason learning the truth, but Elizabeth was certain Nikolas had arranged for someone to kill Hayden. Elizabeth decided to give Laura time to think things over, and Elizabeth went upstairs to get the boys ready for bed.

A short time later, Elizabeth returned to ask if Laura had made a decision. Laura wanted to talk to Nikolas, but Elizabeth implored Laura not to because Nikolas had no idea that Elizabeth had put the pieces together. Elizabeth also didn't want Laura to be in a position where Nikolas had to lie to his mother or, worse, admit the truth. Moments later, Nikolas arrived looking for his mother. Laura quickly wiped away her tears before pasting on a smile then facing her son. Nikolas noticed his mother's unease, so she explained that she and Elizabeth had been discussing the situation with Jason.

At the hospital, Sam smiled when she saw Patrick approach the nurses' station. She ran up to greet him then confessed that she had stopped by to ask if he'd had an opportunity to talk to Elizabeth. Patrick smiled as he assured Sam that Elizabeth had agreed to let little Jake spend time with Danny. Sam was delighted, and Patrick asked Sam to stick around a little while because he wanted to take her out for dinner after his shift. Sam promised to be waiting.

Moments later, Jake exited the elevator. Sam smiled when she saw him. He explained that he had stopped by to check if there had been an update on Hayden's condition. Sam revealed that Patrick was busy making rounds, but he would be finished within the hour, and Jake was welcome to wait with her. Jake agreed and followed Sam to a quiet corner, where he mentioned Patrick's visit with Elizabeth. Sam wondered if Elizabeth was really okay with the boys getting to know each other, and he promised Elizabeth wanted the brothers to have a relationship.

Jake explained that Elizabeth's hesitation stemmed from being overprotective and reluctant to let her son out of her sight. Sam admitted that she could kill Helena for causing everyone incredible pain, especially Jason, who had grieved so deeply that he hadn't been able express it. Sam thought it was unfair that Jason hadn't lived to be reunited with his son, but Jake reminded Sam that at least little Jake was okay. Sam agreed that she needed to stop dwelling on what couldn't be.

Jake tactfully changed the subject by confiding that Michael had raised an interesting point when Michael had suggested that if Hayden knew who Jake really was, then Nikolas might know the truth as well. Sam couldn't imagine her cousin keeping a secret like that, but Jake reminded her that Nikolas had lied about ELQ. Sam hated to think that her cousin might be embracing his Cassadine side, but she warned him that if Nikolas knew the truth about Jake, then it might be a secret Nikolas would take to the grave.

Jake wondered why Nikolas would want to keep the truth about Jake's real identity hidden, but Sam had no idea. Jake promised that he loved Elizabeth and his life with her, but he wanted to know about his past. However, Jake intended to focus on getting Michael reinstated as ELQ's CEO first. Jake was curious if Sam knew where else Nikolas might hide sensitive information, other than the safe at Wyndemere. Sam promised to look into it.

Moments later, Patrick walked up. Jake explained that he had stopped by hoping for an update on Hayden. Patrick announced that Hayden appeared to be waking up.

At Shadybrook, Nina was surprised when she saw Franco standing in the center of the common room. She returned his smile, but she was also curious why he was there. Franco admitted he had bumped into Madeline, who had mentioned that Nina had left to get some much-needed help. He had realized that Nina had gone to Shadybrook because the sanitarium was a place of comfort. He grinned as he quietly added that it was the same for him because it was where he and Nina had grown close. Nina asked Franco about Denise's claims that he couldn't stop thinking about Nina, and he admitted it was all true.

Nina smiled with relief as she confessed that she had never stopped loving Franco. He promised that he had never stopped loving her, either, and she ran into his arms and kissed him. After the kiss, Franco and Nina apologized to each other, but Nina insisted that Franco had been right to question her guilt because she had been suffering hallucinations, which were the result of a guilty conscience. Nina confessed that she had kidnapped Avery, which was disturbing to realize because she had no memory of it and could have easily endangered the baby.

Franco explained that Nina shouldn't torture herself, since she hadn't snatched the baby. Nina disagreed, but Franco insisted he knew who had taken Avery. Franco told Nina about Silas' confession to abducting Avery to save Ava with a bone marrow transplant. Nina felt betrayed because Silas had once again chosen Ava over Nina. Her fury mounted when she realized Silas had framed her for a crime he had committed then had allowed Nina to suffer further when she had turned to him for help because she had feared she'd been losing her mind.

Franco tried to calm Nina down, but she stormed out, determined to confront Silas. Franco started to follow Nina, but a patient walked in and immediately recognized Franco. The patient welcomed Franco back and invited Franco to play a board game, but Franco declined. The man refused to give up, so Franco resorted to pointing at something in the corner of the room to distract the man long enough to slip out of the room.

At the Jerome apartment, Morgan asked if Denise had managed to persuade Silas not to tell Kiki about their affair. "I don't think so," Ava quietly answered as she managed to remain in character as Denise. Upset, Morgan paced the living room as he ranted about Silas being a hypocrite, since Silas had once cheated on his pregnant wife with Ava. Morgan accused Silas of setting Kiki up for heartbreak because it would kill Kiki to learn that Morgan and Denise had slept together. Morgan decided to find a way to stop Silas, but Ava panicked because she recalled Silas making it clear that he intended to reveal the truth about Ava.

Ava quickly reminded Morgan that Silas wouldn't say anything until Kiki returned from the Hamptons, so they had a few days to figure something out. Morgan thought he might be able to break the news to Kiki in a way that would allow him to salvage his relationship with Kiki and keep her from blaming Denise, but Ava doubted it was possible. Morgan explained that he would do whatever was necessary to shut Silas up, but Ava warned him not to "go postal." Ava urged Morgan to go home and stay away from Silas until she could figure things out. Morgan agreed, but she insisted that he promise her.

After Morgan assured "Denise" that he wouldn't do anything, he left. In the hallway, Morgan stopped. "Sorry, Denise. I can't keep that promise," Morgan said with his jaw set stubbornly.

In the apartment, Ava got dressed then called Silas, but his voicemail picked up. Frustrated, she ended the call but vowed that she would not let Silas destroy things for her. Ava refused to return to prison; she grabbed her purse and left.

In Silas' apartment, Silas left Kiki a voicemail message explaining that he needed to see her as soon as she returned from the Hamptons because he had something important to discuss with her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Michael greeted Morgan as Morgan approached the bar. Morgan appeared rattled, and Michael asked if anything was troubling Morgan. Morgan insisted he simply needed a drink. Michael promised to listen if Morgan needed to talk then turned to leave, but Morgan called out to Michael. Morgan was curious why Michael cared when Morgan was always nasty to him. Michael smiled and explained that it was Michael's job as a big brother.

Meanwhile, Ava returned home. She was shaken as she closed the door and made her way to the bar to pour herself a drink, which she quickly downed.

At Silas' apartment, Franco approached the front door but stopped when he noticed it was ajar. Franco called out to Nina but was greeted by silence, so he slowly pushed the door open. He was surprised when he saw Nina kneeling next to Silas' body and clutching a large bloody knife. Nina looked up at Franco with a mixture of fear and shock in her eyes.

. . .

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