Friday, June 24, 2016

In Finn's hotel suite, Finn looked at Roxy and warned her that she couldn't have more crickets. Felix was on the phone with Finn and heard the remark, but Felix assumed the comment was directed at him. Finn quickly apologized and asked Felix to send over copies of patient files and test results. Felix reminded Finn that Finn had been suspended from the hospital, but Finn threatened to fetch the documents personally if Felix refused to help. Resigned, Felix promised to take care of everything and ended the call.

Moments later, Tracy called Finn to remind him that she'd had an appointment for a monthly checkup, but another doctor had been assigned to her case. Finn explained that it was out of his hands because he'd been suspended from the hospital, but he assured Tracy that he'd consulted with the doctor and was confident that she was in good hands. Tracy wasn't satisfied, so he suggested that she might have a change of heart after breakfast and mentioned that he'd be in her neighborhood shortly for coffee.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly stood behind the bar as she and Sonny talked about Alexis' arrest. Sonny doubted that Julian would be man enough to do the right thing and confess because Julian only cared about Julian. "Speak of the devil," Sonny said with a snicker as Julian walked by. Julian sighed and asked what Sonny wanted. Sonny asked how Julian was doing and reminded him that Alexis was in jail for something Julian had done.

Carly walked away as Sonny accused Julian of being a coward and forsaking the vows that Julian had made to Alexis. Julian walked away without responding. Carly returned and admitted that she was grateful that the confrontation hadn't turned violent. Sonny followed Carly to a table as he explained that he wasn't interested in fighting with Julian. Moments later, Michael joined Sonny and Carly at the table for breakfast and asked about Morgan's first night at home. Sonny assured Michael that it had been fine, but Michael sensed that something was troubling his parents.

Carly explained that she and Sonny were concerned about Alexis. Sonny added that he'd talked to Julian, and it was clear that Julian didn't care about Alexis' arrest. Michael was stunned that anyone would believe that Alexis had killed Carlos, but Michael feared for Kristina and Molly because he imagined the sisters were out of their minds with worry. Sonny assured Michael that everything was well in hand, prompting Michael to wonder if Sonny was up to something. Sonny refused to say, but he promised that the truth would eventually be revealed.

Carly decided to change the subject and asked what Michael had planned for the day. He told her that he had a meeting at ELQ then intended to head home. Carly bristled because she knew that Sabrina was at the mansion, and she worried that Michael would fall under Sabrina's spell again. Carly's fears were realized when Michael confirmed that he cared about Sabrina and hoped to work things out with her. Carly reminded Michael how Sabrina had betrayed him with Carlos, but Michael insisted that he wanted both Sabrina and Teddy in his life. Annoyed, Michael quickly said goodbye and left.

Carly believed that Sabrina was working Michael and hoping to make him feel obligated to both Sabrina and the baby. Sonny argued that Michael was his own man, and they needed to take a step back. Sonny appreciated Carly's concerns but warned her that the more they tried pushed Michael away from Sabrina, the closer the couple would grow. Carly realized that it was karma because she'd once lied to Tony Jones by claiming Tony was Michael's father.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Finn closed his medical bag as he announced that Tracy was healthy. Tracy attributed it to having a baby in the house but shifted gears because she wanted to discuss Finn's suspension. Finn was reluctant to say anything because he respected Monica and was confident that he'd be reinstated soon. Moments later, Monica entered the living room. Monica stopped short when she saw Finn and noticed that he was wearing latex gloves and had his medical bag with him.

Monica reminded Finn that being suspended meant that he was prohibited from practicing medicine both in and out of the hospital. Tracy defended Finn by explaining that she'd missed her appointment, but Monica easily saw through the lie and warned Finn that she also knew about his requests for patient files. Finn told her that he was concerned about his patients, but Monica insisted that his patients were in good hands. Monica added that he was opening the hospital up to lawsuits by treating patients while he was suspended.

Seconds later, Monica received a text message notifying her that a board member had requested a meeting about an insubordinate doctor. "Gosh, I wonder who that's about?" Monica asked with heavy sarcasm. After Monica left, Finn wondered if Tracy had ever considered getting a place of her own. Tracy chuckled and told him not to worry because Tracy had been outmaneuvering Monica for decades. Finn didn't want to cause any discord between the sisters-in-law, but Tracy admitted that Quartermaines lived for things like that.

Michael arrived home and entered the living room, looking for Teddy because he had bought a new swing for the baby. Tracy told Michael that Teddy was in the nursery. After Michael left, Finn packed up and teased Tracy that he'd no longer have to take it easy on her when they played backgammon. Tracy insisted that she was a better player than Finn and suggested that they put money on it, but Michael returned with Teddy and asked Finn to take a look at the baby. Tracy became alarmed when Finn quickly determined that Teddy needed to be taken to the hospital immediately.

At the nurses' station, Felix grumbled about how people always used him and wondered when it would be his turn for someone to brighten his day. Moments later, Sabrina walked up. Felix grinned as he warmly greeted Sabrina with a hug. Felix was delighted when she told him that all the charges against her had been dropped. However, he admitted that Carlos had been trouble until the bitter end. Sabrina wondered what Felix was referring to, so Felix showed her the Port Charles Press, which featured a story about Alexis' arrest for Carlos' murder.

Sabrina and Felix found a quiet corner as she acknowledged that she couldn't defend the things that Carlos had done, but she had seen some good in Carlos. Felix questioned Sabrina about her marriage to Carlos because Felix thought that she deserved to be with someone who would put Sabrina and the baby first. "Someone like Michael," Felix added. Sabrina tried to change the subject, but Felix wanted to know where Sabrina and Michael stood with each other. Sabrina confessed that Michael was amazing with Teddy, but she didn't think that Michael was honest with himself because she feared that Michael only saw Carlos when he looked at Teddy.

Felix conceded that Michael had been deeply hurt when Sabrina had gone on the run with Carlos, but Felix was certain that Michael only saw Teddy as an innocent child that needed love. Sabrina smiled, but she didn't think she had the right to expect Michael to rekindle their relationship when she had lied and taken off with Carlos. Felix wondered if Michael had talked to Sabrina about working things out, so she explained that Michael wanted to take things slowly. Felix sensed that Sabrina was hesitant and asked how she felt about Michael.

Sabrina confided that she wasn't sure what she wanted because she was still trying to process everything that had happened and reconnecting with her son after months of separation. Moments later, Sabrina saw Finn exiting the elevator with Teddy in his arms. Michael and Tracy followed behind Finn as Finn demanded an examination room and barked orders at Felix. Horrified, Sabrina followed Finn and Felix to an exam room. Michael and Tracy appeared dazed as Monica walked up and asked what was going on.

In the interrogation room, Diane asked how Alexis was feeling and apologized for not getting there sooner. Alexis assured Diane that it was fine because she'd been able to use Diane's absence to avoid answering questions. Diane was pleased, but she demanded to know how Alexis had ended up in jail for Julian's crime when they'd had plans in place to expose Julian. Alexis blamed herself, but Diane refused to allow Alexis to wallow in self-pity because they had more important matters to deal with. Diane explained that the police had one piece of damaging evidence, a small window of time that Alexis couldn't account for, and Carlos' decision to cut a deal to testify against Alexis' husband, which meant that Alexis had had the means, method, and opportunity to kill Carlos.

Alexis realized that her situation was dire, but Diane assured Alexis that Alexis was lucky to have Diane because Diane would question every piece of evidence and do whatever was necessary to establish reasonable doubt. Alexis breathed a sigh of relief when Diane promised that Alexis would go free.

In the squad room, Anna approached a woman to ask if Alexis was ready to be taken for arraignment. The woman confirmed that Alexis was in the interrogation room with Diane and changed the subject to reveal that someone had sent Anna flowers. Anna saw the vase of beautiful flowers, but was certain that they weren't for her. The woman handed Anna the card that had been with the flowers and left. Anna opened the envelope and read a short note from Sawyer, who apologized for not making their date because he'd been called in for an emergency appendectomy. Sawyer hoped to make things up to Anna by taking her out on Saturday night.

Paul entered the squad room and saw the flowers. Anna told him that Sawyer had sent the flowers, but Paul wasn't impressed, since the man had stood Anna up. Anna reminded Paul that Sawyer was a doctor, but Paul advised her not to give Sawyer a second chance. Anna decided to do the opposite, took her flowers, and left. Moments later, Alexis and Diane exited the interrogation room as Diane assured Alexis that Alexis would be granted bail because Alexis wasn't a flight risk. Alexis hugged Diane in gratitude as Mayor Janice Lomax walked up.

"My, how the mighty have fallen," Janice said with a smirk. Janice made a few snide remarks about Alexis defending Olivia's right to breastfeed in public then accused Alexis of being a hypocrite. Diane reminded Janice that everyone was entitled to the presumption of innocence and led Alexis away. Janice told Paul that she wanted him to do whatever was necessary to make certain that Alexis was not freed on bail. Paul suggested that they proceed carefully because Alexis might be persuaded to turn on Julian, but Janice didn't care because Alexis had made a mockery of Janice, the office, and the city by defending Olivia. Janice wanted Alexis to be put in her place by remaining confined to jail.

Later, Diane and Alexis returned to the police station, victorious because Diane had secured a $10,000 bail for Alexis. Alexis thanked Diane, but Diane conceded that some of the credit went to Paul, who entered the squad room. Diane was curious why Paul had requested that Alexis be remanded without bail because the unreasonable request had opened the door for the judge to grant Diane's request for a low bail. Diane was certain that Paul had known better, but he ignored her and walked away.

Moments later, Anna walked up to congratulate Alexis. Anna requested to have a private word with Alexis, but Alexis warned Anna that Alexis would not be tricked into answering questions about the case. Anna promised not to question Alexis, so Diane went to check on the paperwork to finalize Alexis' freedom as Alexis followed Anna to the interrogation room. After Alexis and Anna sat down, Anna admitted that she was glad that Alexis was free because Anna knew that Alexis hadn't killed Carlos. Alexis suggested that Anna drop the charges if that were true, but Anna insisted that it was out of her hands because there was damaging evidence against Alexis.

However, Anna encouraged Alexis to take the opportunity to save herself because Anna was certain that there was evidence at Alexis' house that would point to the real killer. Anna urged Alexis to find it and expose Julian.

A short time later, Alexis and Diane left the police station as Janice approached Paul to demand answers. Paul explained that the judge had seen Paul's request as unreasonable. Janice resented the implication that it was her fault that Alexis had been granted bail, but Paul smoothed her ruffled feathers by promising to send Carlos' killer to jail for a long time.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny urged Carly to let Michael handle things with Sabrina. Moments later, Anna approached Sonny to talk to him privately. After Carly left, Anna told Sonny about Alexis' hearing. Sonny was disgusted that Julian hadn't bothered to attend Alexis' arraignment. Anna explained that the good news was that Alexis was on her way home. Sonny hoped that Alexis' eyes were finally open to who Julian really was and that she would try to save herself.

Meanwhile, Julian arrived home. He was relieved when he realized that he was alone because it would make packing his things easier. He saw the newspaper article about Alexis and went to the cabinet to pour himself a stiff drink. Moments later, Carlos asked if Julian had missed him. Julian asked what Carlos wanted, but Carlos pointed out that only Julian knew the answer because Julian's mind had created the vision. Carlos suggested that perhaps Julian thought talking to a ghost would ease Julian's conscience, but Julian scoffed because he blamed Carlos for Julian's predicament

Carlos reminded Julian that dead men didn't tell tales and pointed out that Alexis was the one who couldn't be trusted. Carlos taunted Julian about falling in love with Alexis because it would be Julian's downfall. Julian admitted that he felt as if he'd been backed into a corner and had no way out. Carlos argued that there was always a way out, but Julian made it clear that hurting Alexis was not an option because Alexis was Julian's wife and the mother of one of Julian's children. Julian was certain that Alexis loved him unconditionally, but Carlos disagreed and accused Julian of being Alexis' "lapdog."

Carlos was certain that Alexis would throw Julian to the wolves because Alexis didn't really love Julian -- she loved the man she thought Julian had been. Julian believed that he could be that man, but Carlos laughed. Julian admitted that he was nothing like Victor Jerome and added that Alexis had been the best thing to happen to Julian. Carlos didn't believe Julian because Julian had returned to the mob the first chance he'd had. Julian insisted that it had been necessary to protect Ava, but Carlos knew that Julian had been drawn to the power and the thrill of getting away with breaking the law.

Carlos doubted that Julian wanted a quiet life and added that Alexis refused to be married to a cold-blooded killer. Carlos was confident that Julian would do whatever was necessary to save himself. Julian finished the drink and wiped away the tears in his eyes as Carlos vanished. Moments later, Alexis arrived home. She tensed and asked what Julian was doing there. Julian looked past Alexis' shoulder and saw Carlos smiling knowingly.

. . .

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