Friday, November 20, 2015

Carly approached Patrick at the nurses' station to ask what he knew about Andre. She explained that she wanted to make an appointment for Morgan to talk to Dr. Maddox, but she was curious about Andre's reputation. Patrick curtly explained that he didn't know anything about Andre, but he agreed to check into the doctor's credentials and get back to Carly. Carly asked if Patrick was okay.

Patrick put his phone away and told Carly that he had been checking the weather in Greece because Jason had gone to Cassadine Island to confront Helena, and Sam had followed. Carly conceded that Helena would have all the answers to Jason's questions, but she had hoped that Jason would wait until his memory had returned. Patrick reminded Carly that it had been a year, but she argued that knowing he was Jason might be the key to Jason's memory returning. She added that it had been an encouraging sign when Jason had saved Sonny.

Patrick was happy for Sonny and Carly, but he reminded her that there were other people involved. Carly realized that he was upset because Sam had gone after Jason, but she assured Patrick that it didn't mean that Sam loved Patrick and Emma any less. Patrick feared that Sam loved Jason more then he walked to the elevator. Carly followed him as she pointed out that he had no idea where Sam's head was -- she doubted even Sam did.

Patrick expressed his frustration that Sam was desperate for Jason to remember everything, including Jason's life with Sam. He was hurt that she had dropped Danny off with Monica, but Carly insisted that Sam would have done the same for Patrick if Patrick and Jason's roles had been reversed. Patrick explained that he would never have put Sam in that position because he wasn't like Jason, who had no regard for the loved ones he had left behind. Carly wondered where Patrick had left things with Sam. He admitted that he had gotten out of the way, but Sam had promised that she would return to him.

Patrick wondered if he and Sam were kidding themselves about the future of their relationship. He entered the elevator. After the doors closed, Carly received a call from Nathan, who asked where Morgan was because Nathan had some questions about Carly's car accident.

Later, Patrick left Sam a voicemail message, telling her that he hoped she was safe and returned home soon because he loved and missed her.

At the police station, Nina informed Nathan that Kiki had been driving Franco's car the night of Carly's accident. Nathan accused his sister of covering for Franco, but she insisted that it was the truth. Seconds later, Franco wandered out of the interrogation room. Nathan demanded to know what Franco was doing in the squad room, so Franco claimed that he sometimes got frightened when he was by himself. Franco beseeched Nina to return to the interrogation room to keep him company, but Nina refused. Nina insisted that Franco was innocent, and she threatened to resort to extreme tactics if Nathan refused to properly investigate the crash.

Nina reminded Nathan that she had organized a protest when she had been fourteen years old, but Franco argued that he had confessed to the accident. Franco implored Nina to drop it, but Nathan decided to dig a bit further by making a call to request that the lab enhance the image, taken by a speed trap camera, of the person driving Franco's car on the night of Carly's accident. Franco was furious that Nina had pushed the issue, but she was unapologetic.

Later, Nathan returned with the enhanced image, which confirmed that Kiki had been driving Franco's car. Franco insisted that it was him in a "Khaleesi" costume for Halloween, but Nathan refused to allow Franco to cover for Kiki. Nathan wondered if Franco and Nina knew where Kiki was. Franco denied any knowledge of Kiki's whereabouts, but Nina advised Nathan to find Morgan because Kiki had been with Morgan.

A short time later, Carly stormed into the squad room and became livid when she saw Franco. Carly confronted Franco about running her off the road, but Nathan quickly stepped forward to reveal that Kiki had been driving the car. Carly refused to believe that Kiki would leave the scene of the accident, but Nathan carefully explained that Kiki might not have realized there had been an accident. Nathan added that he needed to find Kiki and suspected that she was with Morgan. Carly tried to call Morgan but couldn't reach him. Carly promised to talk to Sonny and Michael to see if they knew where Morgan was. She left.

Meanwhile, Franco slipped into the hall and called Kiki. He warned Kiki about the recent development and urged her to get far away from Port Charles because the police were looking for her. Nathan rounded the corner and overheard Franco on the phone. Nathan quickly snatched the phone away from Franco and implored Kiki to turn herself in, but the line was dead. Franco claimed that he had no idea where Kiki was, but it had sounded like she had been on a plane.

Nathan and Franco returned to the squad room. Nathan warned Franco that it wouldn't help if Kiki continued to evade the authorities because it would only delay the inevitable and make everything harder for Kiki. Nina urged Franco to cooperate, but Franco remained stubbornly silent. After Nathan walked away, Franco gave Nina the silent treatment. Nina regretted that she had upset him, but she insisted that it had been best for Kiki because Kiki needed to deal with some serious issues, including Kiki's drinking problem.

Franco resented Nina's interference because he was certain that he would have been given a slap on the wrist -- losing his driver's license and doing community service. Franco and Nina continued to argue until Nina asked if Franco intended to end things with her. Franco seemed startled by the question and reminded her that he loved her. He assured Nina that it had merely been an argument and that he would never leave her. Nina relaxed and apologized, but she was confident that Kiki was safe with Morgan. "Oh, right, because nothing has ever happened when there's a Corinthos around," Franco replied.

At a cabin in the woods, Kiki looked around and admitted that she was impressed with the luxurious accommodations, but she noticed that the cabin was isolated. Morgan smiled as he reminded her that it was the reason he had picked it. After he looked around, he emerged from a back room, dressed for ice fishing. He announced that he was headed out to catch dinner and invited her to join him, but Kiki was horrified. Morgan assured Kiki that Sonny and Carly had a fully stocked kitchen. Satisfied, Kiki asked if Morgan had cell service because she couldn't get a signal on her phone.

Morgan explained that the service was spotty then rambled about all the things he would like to do. Kiki was shocked because she realized that he intended for them to remain at the cabin for an extended stay. He reminded her that they had left Port Charles behind them to start new lives, but she disagreed. Kiki pointed out that Sonny and Carly would eventually figure out where they were, but Morgan became increasingly agitated at the idea of returning home because he was tired of living in Michael's shadow and being a failure in the eyes of his family.

Kiki wondered if Morgan had thought about his relationship with Darby, but Morgan insisted that he wanted to find something that he was good at. Morgan invited Kiki to take a walk with him to clear their heads, but Kiki suggested they play a game of cards instead. Later, Morgan and Kiki had nearly finished a bottle of alcohol as Morgan sat in his underwear, while Kiki proudly displayed her winning hand. Morgan grumbled about losing, but ran out the door to take a polar plunge into the water as Kiki watched from the doorway and laughed.

Moments later, Franco called Kiki. Kiki was delighted, but Franco cut to the chase by telling her that Nathan had figured out that Kiki had caused Carly's accident. He urged Kiki to get away from Port Charles and not return then quickly disconnected the call. Morgan returned in a jovial mood as he urged Kiki to take a quick swim in the freezing water. Shaken by the phone call, Kiki explained that she was going to be sick and ran to the bathroom.

Morgan checked his cell phone and saw a text message from Carly asking him to call her because the police were looking for Kiki. He immediately deleted the text message as Kiki returned to the living room and announced that it was time to go back to Port Charles. She admitted that she needed to make things right because the police knew the truth. Morgan pulled on clothes as he tried to persuade Kiki to stay.

Kiki was shocked when Morgan unwittingly revealed that they were not in Sonny and Carly's cabin. She insisted on doing the right thing by turning herself in to the police, but Morgan suddenly tensed when he heard a noise outside. Morgan panicked, certain the police had found them. Kiki's eyes rounded with disbelief as Morgan grabbed a shotgun and bullets, intent on protecting Kiki from capture.

At Volonino's gym, Sonny sat in his wheelchair and looked around as everyone worked out in the boxing ring and on the equipment. Disgusted with himself, Sonny ordered his guard to take him home, but Epiphany entered the gym and instructed Freddie to step away from Sonny. Sonny was infuriated, but Epiphany refused to be intimidated and made it clear that she and Sonny would have a physical therapy session. Sonny argued that the gym was for boxers and added that there was no such thing as "wheelchair boxing."

Epiphany chuckled and advised Sonny to Google it when he got home. She tossed his boxing gloves into his lap and ordered him to put them on. Reluctantly, Sonny complied. After the gloves were on, Epiphany had him work out on a heavy bag. Sonny worked up a sweat as he smiled.

A short time later, Patrick walked in. Epiphany was impressed when Sonny wisely decided to take a break. Patrick seemed uncertain about working out in the gym, but Sonny urged Patrick to give it a try. Patrick agreed because he was in the mood to punch something. Sonny helped Patrick put on boxing gloves and mentioned Jason because Sonny suspected Patrick was upset about the impact Jason's return would have on Patrick and Sam's relationship. Sonny reminded Patrick that things might not turn out the way Patrick feared because Jason had built a new life over the previous year.

After Patrick left, Epiphany praised Sonny for showing Patrick compassion because it had given Sonny an opportunity to get out of his own head. Epiphany explained that Sonny needed to focus on his family and friends because he would not get better if his head wasn't in the right place. Moments later, Carly walked up and asked to talk to Sonny. Epiphany admitted that the therapy session was over, and she left. Carly quickly told Sonny about Kiki's legal troubles and Morgan's involvement. She feared that Morgan might do something "crazy" to protect Kiki if they didn't find their son in time.

On Cassadine Island, Nikolas, Elizabeth, Jason, and Sam were gathered in Helena's bedroom as a frail Helena sat in bed with an oxygen tube under her nose. Helena smiled with delight and talked about finding redemption, but Elizabeth wondered if Helena truly thought it was possible. Helena pointed out that she had already returned Jake to Elizabeth. Helena added that there were more acts of contrition that might help Helena reunite with Mikkos on the other side.

Helena offered to tell Jason everything, but she warned him that he might not enjoy the truth when he heard it. Nikolas and Elizabeth exchanged a private worried glance, but Sam accused Helena of stalling. Helena clarified that she had simply wanted to savor the moment. Sam suggested that Helena was a mere three breaths from dying, but Elizabeth asked Sam to show some compassion because it was clear that Helena was gravely ill. Helena appreciated Elizabeth's defense but cryptically added that there wasn't a selfish bone in Elizabeth's body.

Jason warned Helena to leave Elizabeth alone. Helena shrugged because it was clear Jason's tastes ran toward the "insipid," which explained why he had fallen in love with Elizabeth all over again. Sam grew impatient and asked how long Helena intended to drag things out. "As long as it amuses me, you guttersnipe," Helena coldly replied. Sam had grown weary of the games and demanded to know what Helena had done to Jason.

Helena revealed that Faison had told her of his plan to kill Jason, which Helena had advised against because she had felt that it would be too soon to take Jason out of the game. Sam was outraged that Helena hadn't stopped Faison, but Helena explained that she had arranged for men to pick Jason up and whisk him to Victor's clinic. Sam was furious that Helena hadn't left Jason in the water for Sam to save, but Helena informed Sam that Sam would have recovered a corpse. Infuriated, Sam ranted at Helena and insisted that Helena would never reunite with Mikkos in the afterlife because Mikkos had never loved Helena.

Sam reminded Helena that Mikkos had run away with Sam's grandmother. Helena's smile vanished as she vowed that Sam would regret talking to Helena like that. Helena's tone turned menacing as she cursed Sam -- and everyone Sam loved -- to never know happiness in "this life nor any other." Sam wasn't intimidated, but Helena smiled with satisfaction as she advised Sam to talk to Luke and Laura about the power of Helena's curses. Nikolas stepped forward to remind his grandmother that Helena had provoked Sam, but Helena refused to show Sam mercy.

Jason insisted that Helena tell him what he needed to know, but Elizabeth doubted that Helena would. Elizabeth suggested that they leave, but Helena was curious why Elizabeth was eager to leave when Helena hadn't gotten to the best part of the story yet. Helena promised that what she had to say had the power to change everyone's life forever. Nikolas nervously suggested that his grandmother rest, but Helena continued to make cryptic remarks as Elizabeth squirmed. Elizabeth boldly claimed that Helena didn't have any power left, but Helena was certain that Jason would like to know what Helena's role had been in his memory loss.

Sam's voice filled with hope as she asked if Helena had used a drug to erase Jason's memory and demanded to know if it could be reversed. Helena smiled and looked at Elizabeth.

. . .

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