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At the loft, Elizabeth was startled when Nikolas explained that he had told Britt that he still had feelings for Elizabeth. Nikolas realized that it was unrealistic to think that he and Elizabeth might have a chance, but he admitted that he had never stopped being in love with her. "I love you," Nikolas quietly confessed with tears in his eyes. He knew that their timing had always been terrible, but his feelings for Elizabeth had never changed.

Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that they had always found their way to each other during times of crisis and then drove his point home by kissing her. Elizabeth tensed then angrily pushed Nikolas away as she accused him of being a "royal jackass." Stunned, Nikolas asked what he had done to upset her. Elizabeth's gaze shimmered with angry tears as she confessed that she resented him professing his love for her as if he only had eyes for her when they both knew it wasn't true. She reminded Nikolas that he had been on the verge of sleeping with Britt when Elizabeth had called to tell him about Lulu's abduction.

Nikolas was shocked when Elizabeth confessed that a part of her wished that he had slept with Britt because it would have allowed Elizabeth to move on once and for all. Elizabeth was curious why he had let things go as far as they had with Britt, so Nikolas quietly admitted that he hadn't been intimate with anyone since March. Elizabeth scoffed because she had been celibate for a year prior to rekindling things with Ric and another two years before she'd met A.J.

Annoyed, Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that they had been discussing their relationship, so she pointed out that he had feelings for Britt. Elizabeth explained that Britt might be okay sleeping with him after he had told Britt that he had feelings for Elizabeth, but Elizabeth had more respect for herself than that. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that he hadn't kissed her because he expected Elizabeth to sleep with him. "Good, because I wouldn't," Elizabeth clarified.

Frustrated, Nikolas asked Elizabeth where they stood with each other because they had been going back and forth declaring their feelings for each other since he had returned to town, but each time, others had pulled them away. Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that as recently as their dinner at Kelly's, she had been back to wanting to rekindle things with him, so he was confused why she was pushing him away. Elizabeth explained that she didn't want someone just for the bad times, but for the good times, and even the boring times. She wanted someone who found love exciting enough to be fulfilling.

Nikolas was hurt that Elizabeth didn't think he wanted the same things, so Elizabeth suggested that perhaps it wasn't the best time for them to have the discussion because Lulu was missing. Nikolas refused to let Elizabeth walk away without settling things, but Elizabeth made it clear that she was done talking. Nikolas became increasingly upset as he begged Elizabeth not to shut him out, but Elizabeth feared that they might wake up the baby. Nikolas' temper flared as he yelled that he didn't care, but he quickly regretted the outburst when Rocco woke up crying.

After Elizabeth settled Rocco back down, Nikolas tried to pick up their conversation where they had left off, but Elizabeth doubted that anything would be gained by continuing to argue. Nikolas reluctantly agreed to return to the police station to check for an update, but he stopped in the hallway to make another appeal to talk to Elizabeth. Elizabeth was visibly upset and refused to look at him as she closed the door before he could speak.

At the police station, Dante received a call from Lulu, so he quickly put it on speakerphone while a police officer attempted to trace the call. Lulu and Maxie assured Dante and Nathan that they were unharmed, but they had no idea where Levi had taken them. Maxie speculated that they had driven for one hour, but Levi had kept both Lulu and Maxie blindfolded during the drive. Dante was curious where Levi was, so Lulu and Maxie explained that Levi had stormed out after ranting about Felicia.

Dante revealed what they had uncovered about Levi, including Levi's real name and his connection to Felicia's con man ex-fiancÚ who had stolen the Aztec treasure in the 1980s. Maxie warned Dante that Levi had been trying to reach someone by phone, but the person hadn't returned Levi's calls. Lulu added that Levi had revealed that Lulu was as much a part of what was going on as Maxie, but Levi had refused to elaborate. Dante suspected that Levi might have targeted Lulu because Luke and Laura had been involved in the recovery of Felicia's Aztec treasure.

Dante became alarmed when the line suddenly went silent. Seconds later, Levi informed Dante that Lulu and Maxie were no longer available. Dante immediately tried to intimidate Levi into surrendering, but Levi was unfazed. Next, Dante tried to work out a deal, but Levi argued that Dante knew nothing about what Levi wanted. Desperate, Dante began to issue threats by vowing to kill Levi if anything happened to either Lulu or Maxie. Levi promptly ended the call.

Furious, Dante realized that he shouldn't have threatened Levi, but Nathan assured Dante that it was okay because Nathan knew Levi well enough to recognize when Levi sounded afraid. Dante feared that Lulu and Maxie would pay the price for Dante's folly, but Nathan insisted that Levi clearly had an agenda that required Levi to keep the women safe. Dante agreed, but he worried that it wouldn't last long. Moments later, the laptop pinged to signal that the phone call had been successfully traced. Dante and Nathan quickly suited up with fellow police officers then raced to Levi's hideout.

At Levi's hideout, Levi warned Lulu and Maxie that they had made things difficult but neither woman appeared concerned. Levi was startled when Maxie referred to him as Peter then revealed what she and Lulu had been told about his connection to Felicia's ex-fiancÚ. Maxie was curious if the theft and kidnapping had been nothing more than a lame vendetta because her mother had dumped his father. Levi growled that because of Lulu and Maxie's parents, his father had ended up a fugitive, which Levi believed had been as good as being dead.

"What goes around comes around, girls," Levi promised. Lulu and Maxie resumed taunting Levi by raving about Nathan. Maxie regretted that she hadn't heeded the "signs of the universe" by cancelling her trip when she had first met Nathan. Levi scowled as Maxie carried on about how wonderful and good-looking Nathan was compared to Levi. She then shifted gears to ask what Levi planned to do to Lulu. Maxie feared that he might kill Lulu, but Levi cryptically revealed that Lulu had quite a different fate in store for her.

Lulu and Maxie continued to chatter back and forth until Levi's patience snapped. He realized that the police might have traced the phone call, so he decided that it was time for them to leave before the police arrived. Levi started to untie Lulu until Dante's voice carried over a bullhorn and informed Levi that the building was surrounded. Dante ordered Levi to surrender.

In a hospital examination room, Nina confessed that it had been serendipitous that her newfound cousin had turned out to be a doctor just when Nina had been in need of one. Britt smiled as she asked if Nina had reason to believe that Nina was pregnant. "Two," Nina answered. "Last night and this morning," she added with a giggle. Britt assumed that Nina had been referring to two home pregnancy tests, so she asked if Nina wanted Britt to confirm the results.

Nina quickly explained that she didn't trust home pregnancy tests because they were notoriously unreliable, so she had decided to pay Britt a visit. Eventually, Britt realized that Nina hoped to find out if Nina had conceived a child while making love to Silas the previous evening. Britt gently explained that it would be too soon to tell, but Britt agreed to give Nina an examination and run some tests to find out if Nina could get pregnant and carry a baby to term. Nina was confident that everything would be fine because if Ava Jerome could get pregnant then Nina should be able to as well.

Later, Britt handed a nurse a vial of Nina's blood with instructions to have a rush put on the tests. Nina confessed that she hoped to get out of the wheelchair soon because she didn't relish being pregnant while confined to the wheelchair. Britt cautioned her cousin to take things one step at a time, so Nina was curious if Britt had ever had any children. Britt tensed, so Nina apologized for prying. Britt carefully explained that she had given birth to a baby, but she had been forced to give it up because it hadn't been hers.

Nina assured Britt that Britt could trust her cousin with the details, so Britt revealed that she had stolen an embryo to hold on to a man. Britt expected Nina to want to switch doctors, but Nina assured Britt that she didn't think less of Britt because Nina knew that people were capable of doing desperate things to get what they wanted.

Later, Nina anxiously awaited the results of her tests. Britt returned to the room to announce that an extraordinary thing had happened; the blood work indicated that Nina was pregnant. Nina was overjoyed as Britt conceded that it was a miracle. Nina decided to show her cousin another miracle by standing up and then hugging Britt in gratitude.

"Nina, did you hear what I said?" Britt asked. Nina blinked the fantasy away then focused on Britt. Britt gently explained that the tests had revealed that Nina was already in menopause. "You can't conceive a child," Britt softly added. Stunned, Nina argued that she was too young to be in menopause, but Britt explained that it was likely that her coma had pushed Nina's body into early menopause.

Britt handed Nina a business card with Kevin Collins' name on it as she urged Nina to talk to a professional about what Nina was going through. Nina accepted the card then asked for a moment alone. After Britt left, Nina ripped the card up then threw it in the trash because she refused to feel sorry for herself. Nina vowed that she would have Silas' baby one way or another.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Silas asked to speak to Franco about Nina. Silas explained that he had concerns about Franco because Franco had a reputation for being a violent man, so Franco reminded Silas that a brain tumor had been responsible for Franco's violent nature. Silas argued that people had been known to use the excuse of a brain tumor to avoid taking legal responsibility for their crimes, which is why Silas intended to keep a close eye on Franco. Franco promised to keep that in mind then asked if there was anything else.

Silas explained that Nina had been skipping physical therapy sessions to attend Franco's art therapy classes. "We can't have that, can we?" Franco asked with a smirk. Silas wondered what Franco found so funny, so Franco apologized. Satisfied, Silas revealed that it was important for Nina to go to physical therapy because failing to do so might keep her confined to the wheelchair for the rest of her life. Franco snickered as he assured Silas that no one wanted that.

Silas was curious if he had missed something, so Franco explained that he and Silas had different views about what Nina needed. Silas resented Franco suggesting that Franco knew Nina better than Silas, but Franco insisted that he knew Nina well enough to know how deeply she desired to have a baby with Silas. Silas was shocked that Nina had confided such personal information to Franco. Franco admitted that he had no idea why Nina wanted a life with Silas after Silas had broken Nina's heart by sleeping with Ava.

Silas reminded Franco that Franco had also had an affair with Ava, but Franco argued that Franco hadn't been married at the time. Silas realized that it was pointless to continue the conversation, so he excused himself when he received a text message.

At Pentonville, Carlos greeted Sabrina with a hug, but the prison guard pulled Carlos away with a reminder that visitors were not permitted to touch the prisoners. Carlos assured the guard that it wouldn't happen again, so the guard returned to his seat in the corner of the room.

Carlos asked Sabrina how her son was, but he had his answer when he saw Sabrina's expression clouded with sorrow. His eyes filled with tears as Sabrina quietly revealed that her son had died. Carlos was stunned because he had been told that her son had been getting stronger, so Sabrina explained that Gabriel had developed an infection and had died in her arms. Carlos told Sabrina that he was sorry for her loss, but Sabrina insisted that Carlos was the one who deserved an apology.

Carlos disagreed, but Sabrina argued that she had wrongly blamed him for Gabriel's premature birth and then later her son's death. Sabrina realized that she had been wrong because Rafe Kovich had confessed to driving Patrick's car off the road. Carlos was shocked when Sabrina confided that Rafe had revealed that someone had ordered Rafe to cause the accident. Carlos suddenly recalled Ava's threat to hurt Sabrina if Carlos failed to do as Ava asked.

"That makes sense," Carlos muttered. Sabrina frowned as she asked what he was talking about, but Carlos covered his slip by claiming that he had simply meant that it was the only logical explanation for why Rafe had intentionally caused the crash. Sabrina was certain that Carlos was hiding something, but Carlos warned Sabrina to drop it because the truth might get her killed. Sabrina explained that she couldn't rest until she had answers, so Carlos blurted out that he was trying to protect her from Ava Jerome.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava feared that "Not-Luke" might target Kiki when he turned on Ava for failing to kill Michael. Julian reminded his sister that he had warned her about their boss, but Ava explained that she couldn't risk leaving Kiki vulnerable and unprotected from their boss's unwanted advances by killing Michael. Julian was certain that A.J.'s recording of Sonny shooting A.J. would satisfy their boss's bloodlust, so he urged Ava to get it to the impostor as quickly as possible. Ava assured her brother that she was working on it, but Franco continued to refuse to play ball.

Julian and Ava discussed Ava's options. Ava hoped to persuade their boss that it would be best to leave Michael alone until she had secured the evidence against Sonny. Julian glanced down when his phone rang then announced that it was the impostor. Horrified, Ava wondered why the man was calling Julian, so Julian suggested that their boss might have noticed the lack of news reports about Michael's death.

Ava refused to take the phone from Julian, but Julian warned her that it would be a mistake to avoid their boss because the man didn't like to be ignored. Ava reluctantly answered the call then quickly explained that she had delayed killing Michael to avoid antagonizing Sonny before they had all their ducks in a row at ELQ. Ava assured the impostor that she wasn't trying to avoid carrying out the hit, but she had a better way to get to Sonny. Ava revealed that she had information that could send Sonny to jail for life, but she would need some time to get her hands on the proof because it had been hidden in a secure location that wasn't easy to access.

Ava was relieved when the impostor agreed to give her time to obtain the evidence needed to send Sonny away for good. After the phone call, Julian warned Ava that their boss hated Sonny with "the fire of a thousand suns," so the man wouldn't wait long for Ava to turn over the incriminating recording. Ava decided to track down Franco, but Julian pointed out that it was too dangerous for Ava to leave because Sonny's men would be watching. Ava explained that she didn't have a choice then marched out.

A short time later, Ava arrived at the hospital. She ordered the two bodyguards who had accompanied her to wait by the elevator then started to approach the nurses' station. However, Ava bumped into Nina's wheelchair as Nina rounded the corner.

At the police station, Nikolas was surprised when he saw Britt standing in the squad room. Britt explained that she had stopped by to check on Nathan and find out if there had been any news, but Nathan had left to follow up on a lead.

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