Friday, February 12, 2016

At the hospital, Molly realized that Kristina's professor was a woman and the "P" in Kristina's diary had been Parker, but Kristina denied it. Molly didn't believe Kristina but assured her that it was okay if Kristina was gay. Kristina didn't want to talk about it, but Molly urged Kristina to be honest with herself. Molly saw Brad and suggested that Kristina talk to him if she wasn't comfortable opening up to Molly. Molly called out to Brad, but Kristina was horrified and quickly dragged Molly away for a private talk.

Molly was startled when Kristina told Molly to stop projecting Molly's own issues onto Kristina. Molly had no idea what Kristina was talking about, but Kristina suggested that perhaps Molly was still a virgin -- despite dating T.J. for years -- because Molly wasn't into guys. Molly refused to rise to the bait but implored her sister not to keep things bottled up. After Molly left, Kristina glanced at Brad as Lucas walked up and affectionately kissed him.

In Sam's hospital room, Sam asked Jason to help sneak her out of the hospital because she wanted to go home, but Jason insisted it was too soon. Sam had read her chart and knew she was fine, but Jason stood firm. Finally, Sam admitted that she was desperate to see their son because Danny would help far more than another night in the hospital. Jason relented and asked if she had something to wear home. A short time later, Jason and Sam crept out of her hospital room, but Lucas intercepted them.

Lucas questioned why Sam was out of bed, so she told him that she was ready to go home. Lucas agreed to let her go provided Jason made certain she ate well and had plenty of rest.

Later, Jason, Sam, and Danny arrived at the penthouse. Danny scampered off to play in the dining room as Jason helped Sam settle on the sofa. Sam assured him that he didn't have to stay, but Jason was determined to take care of both Sam and Danny. Sam sat on the sofa and smiled as she watched Jason play with their son until she announced that it was Danny's bedtime. Jason offered to supervise as Danny brushed his teeth and changed into pajamas, and Danny insisted on two bedtime stories instead of one.

Sam dosed off until Jason returned and reported that Danny had fallen asleep in his arms. Sam smiled because Danny had never been able to do that in the past. Sam immediately apologized and admitted that she wanted to focus on the present rather than the past. She confessed that she was happy he was there with her, but she was curious if it was difficult for him to be in the penthouse. Jason conceded that it was awkward because he had no recollection of the place, but he felt comfortable being with her and Danny.

Sam promised that she didn't want Jason to feel any pressure, but he assured her that it was fine. Sam made it clear that she would understand if he wanted to leave because she knew he was only there as a friend, but he insisted they were more than that. Jason proved his point when he passionately kissed her.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth entered Sam's hospital room, looking for Sam. Lucas heard Elizabeth and popped his head in to let her know that Sam had left. Elizabeth was disappointed because she had wanted to thank Sam for reassuring Jake that the fall had been an accident. Elizabeth admitted that she was surprised that Sam had been ready to leave the hospital, but Lucas revealed that Sam hadn't left alone. Elizabeth realized that Jason had taken Sam home.

Later, Lucas approached Brad, eager to leave because Lucas had special plans for their evening. Brad noticed Kristina sitting on a nearby bench and advised Lucas to check on Lucas' soon-to-be stepsister. Lucas walked up to Kristina to ask if Kristina had Valentine's Day plans, but Kristina shook her head. Lucas invited Kristina to join him and Brad if she wasn't busy, but she declined. Lucas shrugged and started to walk away with Brad, but Kristina admitted that she had a question. Kristina was curious when Lucas and Brad had known they weren't straight.

Lucas joined Kristina on the bench as Brad grabbed a swivel stool to sit on. Kristina quickly clarified that she had asked for a friend because something had happened, which had left her friend questioning their sexuality. Lucas and Brad saw through the lie, but didn't call Kristina on it. Instead, Lucas explained that a person wasn't necessarily one thing or another because sexuality existed on a spectrum. Kristina wasn't satisfied with the answer and asked how a person knew where on the spectrum they fell.

Lucas talked about his own experience as he explained that it hadn't been just one thing. However, he had always instinctively known that he was different than most boys because he had never been able to relate to them the way they had related with other boys. Lucas also admitted that even though he had dated girls, they had never been more than friends. Lucas explained that he'd done a lot of soul-searching before he'd realized who he was. Brad revealed that his situation was different.

"I came a'singing and a'dancing out the womb," Brad explained with a big smile. Kristina wondered if it had been easier for Brad because Brad had known he was gay at a young age, but Brad shook his head and revealed that his parents were from the Middle Ages. Lucas quickly clarified that coming out was a far different conversation, but he conceded that it led to a happier life for most. Lucas advised Kristina to tell her "friend" to be brave and remember that there were a lot of supportive friends.

After Lucas and Brad left, Kristina called her father to tell him that she loved him and had wanted to wish him a happy Valentine's Day. Kristina promised to talk to him later and ended the call.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie wished Nathan a happy Valentine's Day. Nathan suggested they find a quiet place to celebrate the romantic holiday, but Maxie frowned when she saw Dante enter the bar.

At the bar, Dante greeted Jordan, but Jordan's smile vanished when she spotted Curtis sitting at the end of the bar. She quickly excused herself and approached Curtis to threaten to throw him in jail if he didn't leave town. Dante and Nathan approached to lend Jordan their support as Jordan warned Curtis to stop following her. Curtis informed Jordan that he was there to meet a date and smiled when he saw Valerie enter. Dante walked away with Nathan as Jordan demanded to know what Curtis was doing with Valerie.

Curtis grew weary of Jordan's threats and told her that he knew all about what had transpired between Shawn and Tommy. Curtis refused to hurt Valerie the way Jordan had hurt his brother and Shawn. Moments later, Curtis seized the opportunity to excuse himself when Andre arrived. Jordan and Andre exchanged gifts, but Andre noticed that Jordan's attention continued to stray to Curtis.

Jordan admitted that she was not on good terms with her former brother-in-law prompting Andre to offer to take her somewhere else. Jordan insisted on staying because she refused to allow Curtis to chase her away. Jordan and Andre sat down as Jordan opened up about her troubles with Curtis. She admitted that she hadn't met him until she had married his brother Tommy. Jordan revealed that her husband had been in the military, while Curtis had worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Andre listened as Jordan explained that Curtis had recruited Jordan to work for the DEA, but they had only worked together briefly -- and it hadn't ended well. According to Jordan, it never ended well with Curtis. Jordan also blamed Curtis for her marriage falling apart because Curtis hadn't given Jordan and Tommy the space they had needed to work things out. Andre wondered if Jordan was concerned about Curtis' influence on T.J. "On T.J. and Valerie," Jordan clarified. Andre reminded her that both T.J. and Valerie were adults and in control of their own fates. Jordan realized that she needed to trust T.J. and Valerie to make the right choices.

Nearby, Curtis smiled at his nephew when T.J. walked in looking for Molly. After they exchanged greetings, Curtis admitted that he looked forward to meeting T.J.'s girlfriend. Curtis promised to stay out of T.J.'s way but warned T.J. that Jordan was there. T.J. excused himself when Molly called and suggested that he and Molly meet somewhere else because the Floating Rib was too crowded.

Meanwhile, Dante ordered a drink as Curtis and Valerie flirted. Curtis wanted to play pool, but Valerie preferred to get to know Curtis. Dante walked away as Curtis revealed that he had once been a police officer. He was surprised when Valerie admitted that she was a cadet at the police academy. They continued to chat until Valerie excused herself to powder her nose. Valerie smiled when she bumped into Jordan outside the restroom, but Jordan cut to the chase by warning Valerie to be careful and to ask Curtis about his fondness for cocaine.

At Nathan and Maxie's table, Nathan tried to persuade Maxie to leave with him, but she felt bad for Dante. Maxie asked Nathan to keep Dante company because she intended to salvage Valentine's Day for everyone -- including Dante and Lulu. Resigned, Nathan approached his partner to challenge Dante to a game of pool, while Maxie left to attend to a "fashion emergency."

At Wyndemere, Laura wrapped up a call with Lulu, promising to stop by the Haunted Star. She braced herself and entered the living room as Nikolas and Hayden kissed. Laura greeted her son and new daughter-in-law. Hayden happily informed Laura that Nikolas had taken Hayden out for a horseback ride in the snow. "Oh, I thought I smelled manure," Laura replied with an innocent smile. Hayden ignored the barb and showed Laura the bracelet that Nikolas had surprised Hayden with.

Laura recognized the piece of jewelry. Nikolas wasn't surprised, since it had once belonged to Helena. Laura warned Nikolas to be careful about giving away Helena's things because it might not be his. Nikolas was confused until Laura handed him an invitation to the reading of Helena's will. Laura added that she had received one, too, but Nikolas was certain that it was simply one of Helena's games. Nikolas refused to participate, but Laura cautioned him against it.

Laura pointed out that she'd had personal experience with Helena's games, which tended to choose their own players whether they wanted to participate or not. "Happy Valentine's Day," Laura said, and she left. Hayden was uneasy about Helena's will, but Nikolas assured her that there was nothing to worry about because the Cassadine holdings were passed down from father to son. Nikolas added that Helena's money had run out long before, which had forced his grandmother to raid the family's coffers for various plots and schemes. Hayden was relieved that Nikolas had had the foresight to secure ELQ, but Nikolas promised that his financial position was secure.

Nikolas confided that Helena's will was in his safe, but he picked up Hayden and carried her to bed, where he made love to his wife. Later, Hayden slipped out of bed, made certain that Nikolas was asleep, and quietly tiptoed out of the bedroom.

At the Haunted Star, T.J. welcomed Molly and told her that he was waiting on a table. Molly suggested that they skip dinner and go to her dorm to make love. Surprised, T.J. assured her that he didn't want her to feel pressured, but Molly insisted that she was ready.

At the bar, a man told Lulu that he planned to propose to his girlfriend and wanted to put the engagement ring in a flute of Champagne. The man wondered what Lulu thought of the idea. Lulu recalled a special Valentine's Day when Dante had surprised her with a necklace and diamond pendant in a glass of Champagne but pushed the memory away as she told the man to follow his instincts.

Later, Laura arrived to tell Lulu about the request to attend the reading of Helena's will. Lulu perked up when Laura mentioned Scott's role in the delivery of the invitation because he had dropped off a similar envelope at the apartment for Lulu. Lulu was reluctant to attend because she couldn't imagine what Helena would want to give her, but Laura was curious and eager to hear what Helena had to say.

A short time later, Maxie approached Lulu to reveal that she had arranged a relaxing massage and spa treatment at Metro Court for Lulu. Lulu wondered who would take care of Rocco, but Maxie assured Lulu that the sitter had things well in hand until Maxie and Nathan arrived home. Lulu remained reluctant to accept the offer, but Maxie insisted and handed Lulu a keycard for room 501. Lulu thanked her friend and left. Moments later, Maxie called Nathan with instructions.

At the Floating Rib, Nathan ended the call with Maxie and claimed that he had to leave to investigate a burglary at Metro Court. Dante offered to go in Nathan's place, since Nathan had plans with Maxie.

Later, Dante looked around room 501 in confusion until Lulu entered. Lulu assumed that she was in the wrong room and turned to leave but quickly discovered that the door was locked. In the hallway, Nathan and Maxie were satisfied with their work. They realized that Dante and Lulu might not fix their marriage, but they hoped the time together would get the ball rolling on a reconciliation.

At the hospital, Elizabeth was frustrated with her insurance company and threatened to have her attorney contact them about the policy. After Elizabeth ended the call, Laura walked up and offered to stay with Jake for the night to give Elizabeth a break. Elizabeth doubted that Hayden would appreciate Elizabeth's presence at Wyndemere, but Laura smiled. "To hell with Hayden," Laura said. Elizabeth admitted that she was afraid to leave because Helena had snatched Jake out of the hospital when Elizabeth had left her son's side.

Laura promised to take good care of Jake and reminded Elizabeth that Helena couldn't hurt Jake. After Elizabeth left, Laura left Scott a voicemail message informing him that she intended to be at the reading of Helena's will.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas woke up and immediately noticed that Hayden was not in bed. In the living room, Hayden started to punch in a code to open the safe, but Elizabeth appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what Hayden was doing.

. . .

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