Monday, August 3, 2015

Nikolas wanted to speak to Laura about Jason, but she informed him that she and Elizabeth had just discussed the situation. She admitted to struggling with keeping the secret, especially after seeing Monica, who believed that she'd outlived both of her children. Thinking back to her conversation about the lengths Elizabeth believed Nikolas had gone to, Laura informed Nikolas that Elizabeth had convinced her, "mother-to-mother," to stay quiet.

Elizabeth looked relieved, and Nikolas commended Laura for the decision. Elizabeth tried to justify the decision, but Laura stopped her and said that keeping Jason's identity secret would never "sit well" with her. Laura needed time to "get used to" carrying the weight of the secret, since she could barely look Sam or Monica in the eye. She wanted to visit Lucky, who she believed was probably also struggling with keeping the secret. She assured Nikolas that she loved him, and she left.

Elizabeth was irked at Nikolas for not mentioning that Laura knew about Jason. Nikolas had thought he'd had things "under control." Elizabeth feared that Laura would change her mind about keeping the secret, but Nikolas assured her that Laura would keep her word. "The secret is ours," he told her.

At the hospital, Jake asked Patrick if there had been any change in Hayden's condition. Patrick informed Jake and Sam that Hayden happened to be waking up. The two wanted to be there when she woke up, but Patrick warned them that he'd "crossed a line" just giving information to them. Jake rationalized that he was the reason Hayden had been shot, and he begged Patrick to let him talk to Hayden.

A few minutes later, Patrick led Sam and Jake into Hayden's room. Patrick explained to a groggy Hayden where she was, and why she was there. Jake described the situation just before she'd been shot and asked if she knew who he was. She told him that he was her husband. Jake and Sam took turns explaining how Ric had paid Hayden to lie about being married to Jake. Patrick thought that Hayden needed rest, and he shooed Sam and Jake out of the room.

Patrick apologized to Hayden on behalf of Sam and Jake for the agitation. Hayden responded that she liked Jake, but "that woman could be nicer." Patrick explained that the two had "a lot riding on your survival." "Not as much as me," she replied. Patrick remarked how well she seemed for just getting out of a coma. He wanted to run more tests just to make sure that she was "out of the woods." She was sure that she was fine because things somehow always turned out "okay" for her in the end.

Outside the hospital room, Jake sympathized with Hayden and felt guilty for bombarding her. Sam thought that he was "too close" to the situation. Much to Jake's disbelief, Sam thought that Hayden was faking her lapse in memory.

After fixing a drink, Ava turned on the news in Julian's apartment. There was news about the ongoing mob war, and an email hack on the mayor's computer. "Who cares?" Ava said, and she turned the television off. "I do," Julian said suddenly, making Ava jump. He wondered why she was so jumpy. "You," she replied. She asked if Julian was behind the hijackings of Sonny's shipments. Julian stated that he was retired from the mob. She thought that he was just biding his time until the moment was right to strike.

"Denise" continued that she was Julian's sister, so he could trust her. "I'll tell you my secrets if you tell me yours," she suggested, and they clinked their glasses together. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Julian answered it to Alexis. Alexis had seen on the news that Sonny had lost another shipment. Julian knew that she thought he'd done it.

Julian thought that he'd given Alexis plenty of reason not to trust him, but Alexis wanted to assure him that she believed in him. He wondered if she had anywhere to be, and she replied that she didn't. The two made their way to Julian bedroom. Ava turned the television back on just in time to hear about ELQ's sliding stock.

On the phone with Max, Ric said that he'd had a "lousy day," and Sonny would just have to get through the night without him. As he hung up, he entered his room and found Nathan sitting on the couch. Ric tried to argue Nathan out of the hotel room, but Nathan pulled out a search warrant. Ric retrieved the blanked that Nathan wanted and told him that it wasn't connected to the kidnapping.

Ric explained that he'd had the blanket made for Avery as an "olive branch" to help Sonny get visitation rights with Avery, but Michael had returned Avery before the blanket ever reached anyone. Nathan wondered why Ric hadn't explained that the first time Nathan had asked. Ric replied that Nathan had upset Nina so he'd wanted to get Nathan out. However, it was "too late" for Nina. At Nathan's questioning, Ric informed Nathan that Nina had voluntarily committed herself to Shadybrook.

Nathan exploded on Ric, who continued that Madeline had agreed that Shadybrook was a good idea for Nina. Nathan thought that Franco had been right all along about Ric and Madeline working together to get ahold of Nina's money. Ric opened the door, implying that Nathan needed to leave. "Just because you're not in jail like you deserve doesn't change what you are," Nathan growled. "Your sister's husband?" Ric guessed. "Dangerous," Nathan spat as he left.

A short while later, Ric was making himself a drink when there was a knock on the door. He let Madeline, who wanted a "progress report," into the room. He confessed that Nathan had found out that Nina was at Shadybrook, and that he was on his way to get to Nina.

Just outside the Metro Court restaurant, Sonny told Max on the phone that they would "shut it down tonight." He walked into the restaurant and found Morgan drinking alone at the bar. Morgan insisted he was all right, but Sonny offered to listen if Morgan needed to talk. Sonny guessed that it was something about Denise. Morgan reluctantly told Sonny that he'd slept with Denise.

Sonny was disappointed in Morgan. Morgan asserted that the feeling between him and Denise was a "deeper connection," but he didn't know what it was. Sonny advised him to "figure it out quick," because the longer the affair with Denise lasted, the more Morgan would be "disrespecting Kiki." Sonny thought it was "a matter of time" before someone else found out." Morgan admitted that Silas had found Morgan and Denise in bed together.

Morgan continued that Silas had ripped both him and Denise apart, but he believed that Silas had no room to judge since he'd cheated on his wife. Sonny thought that Silas' past didn't matter as much as Morgan getting caught. He instructed Morgan to tell Kiki before Silas could tell her. Morgan cryptically told Sonny that Silas wasn't going to say anything. Before Sonny could get an explanation, Max called him. He told Morgan that they would discuss the situation later, and he left to take the call. Morgan took a gulp of his drink.

Franco walked up to Silas' apartment and found the door slightly ajar. He called out for Nina and pushed the door opened. When he walked into the apartment, he saw Silas face down on the floor with a stab wound in his back, and Nina kneeling next to him with a bloody knife in her hand.

Franco closed the apartment door behind him and asked Nina what happened. He sat down next to her on the floor. As she babbled on about performing first aid on Silas or calling 9-1-1, Franco felt for a pulse. He gently told her that it was too late for anyone to help, because Silas was dead.

Extremely upset, Nina begged Franco to perform CPR on Silas, but he told her that Silas had no pulse. She remembered how angry she'd been at Silas. She'd wanted to hurt him, "but not like this." Franco pried the knife out of Nina's hand and put it down. He tried to comfort her and asked her to tell him what happened so he could help her fix it.

Nina told Franco that she'd gone straight to Silas' after learning that he'd kidnapped Avery. She'd pounded on the door so that she could ask Silas why he'd done it. When no one answered, she'd tried the door knob, and it had been open. She'd entered the apartment and found Silas face down on the floor with the knife in his back. She'd pulled it out because she hadn't known what else to do.

Nina suddenly freaked out, saying that Franco didn't believe it, but he assured her that he believed her. He added that no one else would probably believe her, so she needed to get out of the apartment. He hoped that no one had seen that she'd been gone from Shadybrook and told her that she needed to sneak back in. He made her promise not to tell anyone what she knew about Silas and Ava. "I can't leave! I have to say goodbye!" she told him. "Quickly," he urged her.

Nina lay down next to Silas on the floor and put her hand on his. She tearfully reminisced about when they'd met, and he'd carried her books across campus for her. She remembered fireworks in the Hamptons, and that he'd gotten her away from her parents. "For that, I'll be forever grateful," she said, crying. "This isn't right. This isn't fair. I'll never forget you," she added. She kissed his hand and got up from the floor.

As Nina cried, Franco calmly told her that he needed to clean up and cover her track. She just needed to get back to Shadybrook, and all would be well. She thanked him for believed in her, and they exchanged "I love you"s. They shared a kiss, and she left.

A short while later, Franco cleaned up as he told Silas that he wasn't surprised that Silas had been murdered. "I've wanted to kill you myself for years," he said, but he never wanted to hurt Kiki like that. He wiped the fingerprints off the knife as he muttered about Kiki having enough to deal with between her "lying mother" and her "cheating bastard boyfriend." Franco stashed the knife in his bag as he wiped the doorknob of fingerprints. "Sorry Silas, this sucks. It's a terrible way to go, even for you. So long," he said as he left the apartment. He wiped the outside doorknob clean and walked away. Just steps away, he bumped into Kiki in the hallway.

At Shadybrook, Nathan asked an orderly where to find Nina since she wasn't in her room. The orderly asked for a chance to track her down. Just then, Nina appeared and greeted her brother.

. . .

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