Thursday, December 18, 2014

Elizabeth stopped by Sam's penthouse to discuss Jake. She apologized for barging in on Sam but added that Sam had set the tone by falsely accusing Jake of being the gunman who had helped Cesar Faison escape. Elizabeth insisted that it was absurd to suspect Jake, so she wondered why Sam was certain that Jake was guilty. "I just am," Sam answered. Elizabeth wasn't satisfied, but Sam assured Elizabeth that she was concerned because Elizabeth had a complete stranger living under Elizabeth's roof.

Elizabeth made it clear that her personal life, as well as Jake's, was none of Sam's business, but Sam disagreed because Jake had made it Sam's business when he had taken Sam hostage at gunpoint and shot Nathan. Elizabeth continued to defend Jake then warned Sam to back off, but Sam wondered if it bothered Elizabeth that Faison was on the loose. Offended, Elizabeth insisted that she hated Faison as much as anyone because of what Faison had done to Lucky. Sam pointed out that Lucky had returned home, but Jason never would because Faison had killed Jason.

Elizabeth reminded Sam that Elizabeth had loved Jason, too, so Sam immediately apologized because she appreciated that Elizabeth had cared for Jason. However, Sam argued that Elizabeth barely knew Jake. Elizabeth reminded Sam that Jake had been in a horrible life-changing accident, which had left him without any memory of his past. Elizabeth confided that Jake had hidden the terror of waking up to a world completely unknown to him by slapping on a brave face then going about his life as best as he could.

Elizabeth didn't understand why Sam had fixated on Jake, but she assured Sam that Jake hadn't had anything to do with Faison's escape. Sam was equally certain that Jake was guilty, so Elizabeth argued that Jake using an expression that the gunman had used wasn't sufficient proof. Sam insisted that she had a gut feeling that Jake was the gunman, but Elizabeth wasn't satisfied. Sam suddenly realized that Elizabeth wanted to believe in Jake's innocence because Elizabeth was falling for Jake. Elizabeth tried to deny it, but Sam argued that Elizabeth had nursed Jake back to health and had a history of falling for "unsavory" men.

"You're one to talk," Elizabeth fired back. Sam conceded that Elizabeth was correct but added that Elizabeth had had a rough year after everything that had happened with A.J., Ric, and Nikolas. Insulted, Elizabeth wondered if Sam were suggesting that Elizabeth had been rebounding hard enough to be desperate to have any man -- even a criminal -- in her life. Sam was unapologetic as she reminded Elizabeth that Elizabeth had been willing to keep quiet about Danny's paternity out of fear that Jason and Sam would reconcile.

Elizabeth assured Sam that Elizabeth would always regret keeping the truth about Danny's paternity secret but insisted that she had done everything in her power to make amends to both Jason and Sam. Elizabeth reminded Sam that Sam had also done desperate things to hold on to Jason, including standing by in the park while Jason and Elizabeth's son, Jake, had been kidnapped. Elizabeth reminded Sam that Elizabeth had been frantic and terrified during Jake's disappearance while Sam had done nothing. Sam quietly conceded that she wasn't in a position to cast stones at Elizabeth. "Thank you," Elizabeth replied with sincerity.

Elizabeth wondered what her and Sam's ugly ancient history had to do with Jake, since Jake and Jason were two different people. Sam agreed. "Jake is no Jason," Sam added. However, Sam remained determined that Jake and Faison would face justice. Elizabeth realized that it was pointless to continue the conversation, since she and Sam were talking in circles.

At the door, Elizabeth warned Sam that if Sam continued to drag Jake's name through the mud then Elizabeth and Jake would be forced to sue Sam for harassment. Sam laughed and pointed out that Elizabeth had referred to Elizabeth and Jake as "we," which illustrated Sam's certainty that Elizabeth had feelings for Jake. Sam invited Elizabeth to do what Elizabeth had to do because Sam intended to do the same.

After Elizabeth left, Sam went to work on her laptop, determined to find a way to prove that Jake was not a "good guy."

At the hospital, Jake appeared troubled as brief flashbacks of taking Sam hostage raced through his mind. Moments later, Patrick approached Jake. Patrick noticed Jake's uneasy expression, so he asked if Jake was okay. Jake greeted Patrick then talked about their Thanksgiving dinner at Elizabeth's house and Danny. Patrick made a remark that led Jake to suspect that Sam had told Patrick about her suspicions regarding Jake, but Patrick clarified that Patrick and Sam hadn't seen much of each other since Thanksgiving. Jake hoped that everything worked out between Patrick and Sam, so Patrick admitted that only time would tell.

However, Patrick was curious what Jake feared Sam had told him. Rather than answer, Jake explained that he had sought Patrick out to discuss Jake's head injury rather than Sam. Jake wondered if it was possible to do something one day then completely forget about it the following day. Patrick asked for a specific example, so Jake admitted that he'd had a flicker of a memory that had been in direct conflict with what Jake recalled happening. Jake was curious if it was possible that there had been residual effects from his head injury or the amnesia.

Patrick conceded that it was possible because scans had shown that Jake had undergone brain surgery in the past. However, Patrick couldn't say for certain, so he advised Jake to talk to Dr. Collins because Kevin was a successful hypnotherapist who had helped patients with amnesia. Patrick handed Jake a business card with Kevin's contact information, but Jake was leery about talking to Kevin. Patrick urged Jake to reconsider because there was a strong presence of organized crime in Port Charles. Patrick didn't know if Jake had been involved in the mob in the past, but it was a strong possibility because Jake had been found wandering on Route 31 in the middle of the night.

Jake thanked Patrick for the advice but returned the business card because Jake was certain that the flicker of memory had been the result of someone planting the thought in his mind. Jake thanked Patrick for his help then walked away.

At the elevator, Jake ran into Elizabeth as she arrived to drop off a toy for the Toys for Tots charity. Elizabeth admitted that she had seen him talking to Patrick, so Jake explained that he and Patrick had been discussing Jake's memory loss. Jake confessed that he was resigned to the possibility that he might never get his memories back.

In Nathan's hospital room, Alexis apologized to Nathan for failing to persuade the judge to grant Maxie visitation with Georgie. Nathan was upset because he believed the judge had abused his powers by trying to grind "some petty ax" with Maxie. Alexis explained that she had filed an appeal, but beyond that, it would be futile to pursue a complaint against the judge. Nathan was disappointed because he had promised Maxie that she would get to spend Christmas with Georgie, so Alexis assured him that she would keep fighting for Maxie.

Nathan changed the subject by confessing that he'd had another reason for wanting to see Alexis; he wanted her to represent his sister, Nina, in court. Alexis was reluctant to agree because Nina had hurt Sam in the past, but Nathan explained that his sister was a troubled person in large part due to the things that Madeline had done. Alexis was surprised when he reminded Alexis of their Cassadine connection then mentioned her sister, Kristina, by asking what Alexis would do if Alexis could go back in time. Nathan smiled with relief when Alexis admitted that she would do everything possible to save Kristina.

Alexis reluctantly agreed to represent Nina, but she refused to make any promises that she couldn't keep. Nathan wished that he had done the same before assuring Maxie that Maxie would spend Christmas with Georgie.

Shortly after Alexis left, Nathan called someone for help because the judge had ruled against Maxie.

At the police station, Anna led Nina to a jail cell. Franco called out to Nina, but Nina didn't appear to hear him. Concerned, Franco demanded to know what was wrong with Nina, so Anna explained that Nina had been mildly sedated after taking a stand against Ava. Franco was outraged that the police had drugged Nina, but Anna insisted that it had been for Nina's own good. He was curious why Nina hadn't been returned to a cell where the other women were, but Anna thought that Franco would appreciate being temporarily reunited with his partner in crime.

After Anna left, Franco called out to Nina, but she refused to look at him. Finally, Franco begged Nina to say something to him, so she accused him lying to her. She reminded him that he had promised that they would be a family with Jaime and that nothing could get in their way. Franco assured Nina that he was deeply sorry and that he had done everything possible to distract everyone from Nina and the baby. He begged Nina not to turn her back on him because she was the only friend he had, but Nina argued that their story had been written and would end there.

Franco refused to give up, so he offered Nina words of encouragement. He vowed to stand by her no matter what then promised her that things would be okay. As if on cue, Alexis walked in and announced that Nathan had asked her to help Nina. Stunned, Nina admitted that she had thought her brother had written her off, so Alexis assured Nina that Nathan still cared about Nina then offered to get to business. Nina surprised Alexis and Franco by agreeing to let Alexis represent her as long as Alexis also agreed to represent Franco.

In the interrogation room, Jordan was annoyed as she waited impatiently for Anna to arrive. Anna entered then immediately unlocked the handcuff securing Jordan to the table as she explained that it had been necessary to keep up appearances. Anna wondered if Jordan had told anyone that Jordan had been working undercover, so Jordan revealed that she had intended to talk to T.J. later that day. Anna was relieved because it meant that Jordan could continue to work undercover until they located Ric Lansing.

Anna explained that Alexis had agreed to question Julian about Ric's disappearance, but Julian had denied any knowledge of Ric's abduction. Jordan wasn't surprised, but Anna conceded that it didn't make sense that Julian would snatch Ric because Ric had never been a threat to Julian's organization. However, Anna conceded that Julian was their only suspect, so Anna needed Jordan to find out if Julian had lied to Alexis. Jordan refused to continue her undercover assignment because she was burned out and ready to repair her relationship with T.J.

Anna argued that a few days wouldn't make a difference then added that Jordan would look like a hero in T.J.'s eyes by returning Molly's father home. Jordan accused Anna of playing dirty, but Anna smiled. "Just when I thought I was out, you bring me back in," Jordan grumbled as she smiled back at Anna.

After Jordan left, Alexis approached Anna in the squad room to ask if there had been any news about Ric. Anna assured Alexis that they were doing everything possible to locate Ric, but Alexis intended to keep asking questions until she had answers for Molly.

Anna returned to the interrogation room to review Ric's case file. She looked at a picture of him as she wondered where he was.

Meanwhile, Julian entered Johnny Zacchara's old auto shop as Carlos welcomed his boss with a fond smile. Julian was curious why they were there, so Carlos revealed that Johnny had sent a special delivery then opened the trunk of a car. "Oh, my God," Julian said with disgust as he looked at Ric, who had been bound and gagged inside the trunk.

Carlos slammed the trunk closed as Julian demanded to know what Carlos had been thinking by getting them mixed up in Ric's kidnapping. Carlos explained that Johnny had threatened to kill Ric if Sonny failed to sign over the Corinthos organization, but Julian refused to have any part of Ric's murder. Carlos suspected that Julian wanted to spare Ric's life to please of Alexis, but Julian explained that Ric was important to a lot of people including Molly who had suffered enough heartache because of Julian.

Julian insisted that Molly deserved to have her father back, so Carlos promised to let Ric go but suggested that Julian allow things to play out to see if it would be necessary to defy Johnny's orders. Moments later, Julian received a call from Duke requesting a face-to-face meeting.

After Julian and Carlos left, Ric began to kick and pound on the trunk of the car in an effort to break free.

At Metro Court Restaurant, a server handed Duke a box containing a variety of tea bags. He waited until she left before retrieving a roll of cash that had been hidden inside the box. "Novel way of taking collection," Shawn remarked as he sat down across the table from Duke. Duke explained that with Faison on the loose and Julian behind bars, the police would be watching them closely so Duke had hoped to divert attention from the warehouse by conducting business at the restaurant.

Shawn warned Duke that they might not have a business to run for much longer because Johnny had kidnapped Ric. Shawn explained that Johnny intended to kill Ric in twenty-four hours if Sonny refused to hand over the Corinthos organization. Duke questioned how Johnny could run a large organization from inside prison even if Johnny had the infrastructure in place on the outside. Shawn suspected that Julian had agreed to help Johnny because Carlos had managed to secure to the money to post Julian's bail.

Shawn suspected that Anna would have her hands full, dealing with Julian and Johnny, so Duke admitted that it would be better than focusing on the Corinthos organization. Shawn explained that Sonny intended to give in to Johnny's demands if Shawn could not locate Ric in time.

Later, Julian and Carlos arrived at Duke's request, so Duke assured Julian that the restaurant was a neutral place. Julian scoffed at the suggestion because Sonny's ex-wife owned the hotel, and Corinthos Coffee's offices were in the building. However, Julian and Carlos sat down. Duke cut to the chase by announcing that Sonny had agreed to Johnny's demands. Julian was skeptical, so he wanted proof. Duke assured Julian that Julian and Johnny would get exactly what they deserved in exchange for Ric's freedom.

Nearby, Jordan entered the restaurant but stopped in the doorway when she saw Julian and Carlos talking to Duke and Shawn.

Julian agreed to return Ric once Sonny's territory had been secured then left with Carlos trailing behind. Jordan greeted Julian and Carlos and complimented Carlos for looking good after his stint in Pentonville. Carlos smiled back, so Jordan asked about Julian's legal troubles. Julian admitted that his attorneys had their work cut out for them, so he advised Jordan to keep her nose clean. Carlos confessed that he was surprised that Jordan hadn't been picked up yet, but Jordan merely smiled as she attributed it to being lucky.

Jordan seized the opportunity to let Julian know that she was eager to get back in the game and asked what she had missed.

At the table, Duke explained that he intended to string Julian along until Shawn could locate and free Ric. Shawn became distracted when he noticed Jordan talking to Julian and Carlos.

. . .

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  • Sonny demands proof that Ric is alive
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