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General Hospital Daily Recap for Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Michael and his family mourn Jonah
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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Drew met up with Curtis at the park, and Curtis was delighted to assume that Drew had put his divorce behind him. Curtis revealed that he'd found no red flags in Margaux's past. She'd been born Margaux Morino, an only child in a middle-class Princeton, New Jersey family. Her father had left early, and she'd gone to public school and gotten good grades. She'd had a full ride to NYU from which she graduated Cum Laude. She'd married a man named David Dawson, had no kids, and they'd divorced a year and a half later.

Curtis continued that Margaux had enrolled in Stanford for law school soon after her divorce, and she'd graduated with honors in the top ten percent of her class. Drew wondered why, after rubbing elbows with the affluent, she'd chosen to be the district attorney of Port Charles. Curtis went on that she'd been the assistant DA in Oakland, playing a significant role in "several high-profile cases." She'd moved on to Brooklyn, and then Port Charles.

Drew appreciated the work Curtis had done, but he related that he could have found it all online himself. Curtis revealed that he'd tried to dig deeper, but Margaux was "squeaky-clean." On instinct, Drew believed she had an angle that wouldn't show up on a background check. Drew figured that he needed to get closer to Margaux in order to figure it out. He assured Curtis that, rather than vetting her in order to date her, he was dating her in order to vet her.

Jason was sitting at Lila's grave when Sam approached, surprised to see him, and she sat down next to him. Jason commented that, although her life had been too short, she'd still made the world a better place. Sam remembered how brave Jason had been during the funeral. He related that it was "so wrong" for Michael to be going through the same pain, but Sam was glad that he had supportive people around him. The thought back to the moment Sam had found out that her baby had died, and she informed Jason that she wouldn't have made it through that time without Jason.

Brad was setting up for the funeral reception at the Floating Rib when Julian entered. Julian wanted to talk to Brad about what he'd said about Wiley not being the birth mother's to take. Brad muttered that he didn't know how the "nightmare" had spiraled out of control. Julian wondered if the baby he'd seen at the hospital was the same baby that Brad and Lucas had. "No, it's not," Brad admitted. Brad told Julian what had happened the night their first Wiley had died, but he claimed that he'd gotten their live baby from a homeless woman with no means to care for the child.

Brad continued that he knew that his actions had been "crazy and illegal," but the only way things would work out was if he and Lucas were able to keep the baby. Julian offered to "ask around" for information before the hearing, and a very appreciative Brad gave Julian a big hug. Julian promised to try his best. Brad thanked Julian for listening and not running to Lucas or the cops. Julian admitted that he knew what being deprived of his own child was like, and he wouldn't wish it on anyone, especially his own son.

Alexis was looking through Brad and Lucas's file when the doorbell rang. She opened the door to Kristina, who'd left her sweater there the previous night. Alexis was happy for the visit, because she'd missed her daughter, and Kristina agreed. Kristina related that she'd been thinking about Michael's situation, and Brad and Lucas's situation, and she'd realized how fortunate she was to have her family. The two embraced, and Alexis agreed that time was precious. She feared that she'd wasted time "fretting" about Kristina and Parker, but if Kristina was happy, so was Alexis.

A short while later, Kristina was gone, and Alexis let Julian into the house. He wanted information about the custody situation, and he wondered if there was anything to be done to give Brad and Lucas an advantage. Alexis replied that only some "radical new information" could probably do the trick, but it seemed unlikely. She told him that she was on her way to a meeting with the birth mother's attorney to discuss the situation and prepare for the hearing. After that, it was in the judge's hands, but the birth mothers were usually favored.

Julian thanked Alexis for talking to him and apologized for having to deal with him. She admitted that she didn't mind dealing with him when he was "sweet, loving, and concerned." He left, and a few minutes later, Alexis left. She told someone on the phone to go through all of her old adoption cases to find something to help Brad and Lucas keep the baby. Julian slipped out from behind the house and followed Alexis.

At the church, Carly assured Michael that the whole family would be there to support him. He wondered how the funeral would go, as people usually shared stories and memories. Carly replied that everyone would say how loved and wanted Jonah had been. Lucas and Bobbie entered, and Michael appreciated Lucas being there through his difficult time. "That's what family does," Lucas assured him. Carly confided to Bobbie that she wished she could put all of Michael's pain on herself.

Sonny and Josslyn entered, and Sonny informed Carly that Mike had been too confused to attend, so he was with Felix. Josslyn thought that Jonah's fate was unfair, but she and Michael agreed to honor his memory by thinking of the man they believed he would have become, "strong and compassionate." Monica approached Bobbie and apologized for refusing to see Nelle for who she really was. Bobbie put the blame for that solely on Nelle.

Oscar entered and gave his and Kim's condolences to Michael, adding that the words seemed "inadequate." Michael replied that, if Oscar wanted to do something, he could support Josslyn, who was acting brave. Oscar agreed, and sat down with Josslyn, who was happy to see him. Lulu entered and offered Michael anything he needed and assured him that Dante sent his love. Diane and Max arrived next, sadly and silently hugging Michael. Chase arrived next wanting to pay his respects, but he didn't want to intrude on the family. Michael appreciated Chase being there and added that they'd worked together to uncover the truth, so they should "bear the consequences together too."

The priest began the funeral, and then Josslyn got up to speak. She talked about how excited she'd been about the baby, because Michael deserved "everything good." She explained how Michael had been there for her all her life starting on the night she was born. He'd always listened to her and made time for her, even if there was something else he would have rather been doing. She knew that he would have done the same with Jonah.

When the funeral was over, Michael requested to go to the cemetery and say goodbye to Jonah alone. When the church was empty, Sonny and Carly sat together in a pew. She was glad that they were together through another "senseless loss" so they didn't have to face it alone.

The funeral attendees arrived at the Floating Rib, and Lucas hugged Brad. Jason expressed his sympathy to Monica, as he knew how much she'd wanted a great-great-grandchild. She was only glad that Michael had so many people around to support him. Oscar thought Josslyn's words at the funeral were "beautiful." She thanked him for being there and apologized for how she'd treated him lately. She told him about Carly finding the clothes Josslyn had stolen, and how she had to pay for them. She vowed that she was "done being angsty, angry Joss." He was happy about that, and she wondered if they were "okay." "Better than okay," he assured her, and he grabbed her hand.

Jason and Sam were talking about Michael when Kristina approached. She realized she'd never told Jason how happy she was that he was home safe, and she was glad to have a miracle to "balance the scales." Despite Sam's protests, Kristina talked about how happy she was that Sam had Jason to love again. Lucas told Bobbie that his heart was breaking for his and Brad's situation, but it was nothing compared to Michael. Brad squirmed as Lucas reasoned that, even if their baby was taken away, they would at least know that he was alive and well.

Alexis arrived in a conference room to meet Diane. Julian followed and listened from around the corner as they talked about how they both hoped the meeting that they'd been dreading went smoothly. "Let's get down to business," Diane said as she shut the door.

Michael sat down at Morgan's grave and told Morgan that he could have used his brother the previous few months. "I messed up really bad," he said. He explained how he'd thought he'd loved Nelle, but he'd been too blind to see how broken she was until Jonah had been conceived. He hadn't been able to protect his son, and he would be sorry about that for the rest of his life. He wanted to ask a favor of Morgan, "brother-to-brother." He looked at Jonah's freshly filled grave and asked Morgan to look out for Jonah.

On the next General Hospital...

• Alexis asks Diane why the birth mother is reconsidering the adoption.

• Drew vows to Curtis that he will find out what Margaux's agenda is.

• Julian confides in Kim.

• "Don't make the same mistake I did," Sonny advises Michael.

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