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Friday, July 29, 2016

At the apartment, Maxie stopped working at the kitchen table to check her cell phone. When she didn't see a text message or call from Nathan, she blew out the candles on the table and entered the living room to blow out the candles on the mantel. Next, she called Nathan's phone and was surprised when she saw it on the desk. Maxie picked it up and noticed the wedding photograph of Nathan and Claudette in the trash can. Maxie grew uneasy and decided to call the police station to find out if Nathan was at work.

At the hospital, Griffin smiled when he saw Elizabeth was dressed up for a night out. He asked about Jake, so she told him that her son had been enjoying the summer hanging out with his brothers. Elizabeth thanked Griffin for showing her kindness during the difficult time when her house had burned down, but Griffin asked if things were better because he recalled that she'd been beating herself up over something. Elizabeth admitted that she'd found support from a surprising person who knew what it was like to be on the wrong side of right. Griffin explained that often certain people unexpectedly entered a person's life when they needed them most. Elizabeth conceded that Franco had certainly been a surprise.

Elizabeth was curious what Griffin knew of Franco, but he only knew Franco by reputation. Elizabeth wondered what the priest's take was on Franco. Griffin revealed that he had faith that Franco had turned his life around and was on the right side of wrong. Griffin added that God expected people to be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving, which inspired Griffin to give people the benefit of the doubt. Griffin acknowledged that it was easier said than done -- especially when he judged himself. Elizabeth was curious what Griffin could possibly have done to deserve harsh judgment, but Griffin reminded her that they were discussing Franco.

Griffin wondered if Elizabeth held Franco's past against him. She admitted that she wanted to see the best in Franco -- and did -- which was why she had decided to go on a date with him. Griffin smiled with understanding and shifted gears by offering her a compliment. Elizabeth confessed that she'd spent a long time selecting the right dress because she hadn't wanted to give Franco the wrong idea by wearing something sexy. Embarrassed, Elizabeth wondered why she'd told Griffin the last part, but he promised that it was fine and asked what he could do to reassure her about Franco. Elizabeth confessed that nothing would help.

Meanwhile, Valerie slammed Franco against the wall when she saw him slip out of a patient's hospital room. Amy stood next to Valerie as Valerie ordered Franco to drop the flower he'd been holding and spread his arms. Franco reluctantly complied, but he resented being treated like a criminal. Valerie quickly patted him down and found an empty medicine vial in his jacket pocket. Valerie immediately questioned him about the vial and why he'd been in the patient's hospital room. Franco explained that he'd dropped off a figurine that Miss Prescott had made during an art therapy session earlier that day and added that he'd found the medicine vial on the floor.

According to Franco, he'd picked up the vial because it was medical waste and hospital protocol dictated that he dispose of it properly. Amy argued that even a nurse with "half a brain" wouldn't have left an empty medicine vial in a patient's room. Alarmed, Valerie dropped the vial in an evidence bag and instructed Amy to check on the patient to confirm Franco's story. Moments later, Amy returned to reluctantly report that the patient was asleep and the figurine had been where Franco had said. After Valerie dismissed Franco, she asked Amy to keep an eye on the patient. Amy promised to return after she checked on a few patients.

A short time later, Maxie approached Amy at the nurses' station to ask if Nathan had been admitted as a patient. Amy coldly told Maxie to check with Admissions, prompting Maxie to wonder if Amy was rude to everyone or just Maxie. Griffin saw Maxie and called out to her. "Thank God," Maxie said when he walked up. Amy snidely told Maxie that Griffin wasn't God -- he was merely closer to Him than the rest of them. Griffin and Maxie frowned as Amy walked away, but Maxie dismissed the nurse's peculiar remark and explained that Nathan was missing.

Maxie admitted that she'd done something that might have threatened her relationship with Nathan, so if Nathan wasn't dead in a ditch then he was with another woman. Later, Griffin and Maxie arrived at Perk's Coffee. Maxie felt bad for taking Griffin away from work, but he confessed that he had needed a break because it had been a long day. Maxie empathized and told him about her efforts to get someone fired who'd been determined to get between Maxie and Nathan. She'd been relieved that everything had worked out in the end and had gone home to spend a romantic evening with Nathan, but Nathan had disappeared. Maxie wondered if it was God's way of punishing her, but Griffin reminded her that God also forgave.

Maxie thought it was easy for Griffin to say, but he disagreed. She suddenly recalled that he'd been shot once and asked why he believed that he'd deserved it. Griffin refused to discuss it, but he assured Maxie that he'd forgiven the shooter because Griffin had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maxie believed that Griffin deserved forgiveness too, but Griffin disagreed because what he'd done had been "unforgiveable." Maxie was familiar with the Catholic religion and knew that he could repent to gain absolution, but Griffin argued that he could never repent for what he'd done.

Griffin explained that he'd held onto the guilt to remind him not to repeat the mistake because what he'd done had been selfish, reckless, and had betrayed everything that he believed in. Maxie was certain that Griffin had worked hard to make up for his wrongs and wished that he could see how valuable he was. Griffin fetched a couple of cups of coffee and offered one to Maxie. He warned her that he'd gotten her decaffeinated coffee to help her relax. Maxie thanked him and explained that she couldn't drink caffeine because she'd had a heart transplant as a child. She told him about B.J.'s heart and why it was important to for her to take care of her cousin's special gift.

Maxie admitted that she hadn't always been a nice person, but Griffin urged her to forgive herself. Maxie wondered why he couldn't take his own advice. She suggested that he get over it and stop blaming himself for something that a "violent, crazy" person had done.

Meanwhile, Curtis exited the coffee shop as he left Valerie a voicemail message asking her to return his call because he wanted to take her out after her shift. He ended the call as Jordan walked up. Jordan greeted him and told him that she'd taken T.J. to visit Shawn. Curtis was curious how T.J. had handled it. Jordan smiled and admitted that despite the circumstances, it had been nice to sit down for the first time as a family. Jordan expressed her gratitude to Curtis for his role in making it happen because it had meant a lot to her, T.J., and Shawn. Curtis smiled politely, but made it clear that he didn't need anything from Jordan.

Curtis started to leave, but Jordan asked him to wait because she needed something from him. Curtis laughed because she had repeatedly accused him of being a "cokehead' and had made it clear that she didn't think he was fit to hold a badge. Jordan apologized for waving his drug problem in his face. Curtis realized that he'd let a lot of people down, but Jordan admitted that she'd let people down too when she'd kept T.J. and Shawn apart. Curtis reminded her that his brother had loved T.J., but Jordan assured him that she didn't dispute that. Jordan explained that seeing T.J. and Shawn together had been freeing because T.J. had lit up when he'd talked to Shawn about the internship.

However, Jordan realized that Shawn couldn't be the strong male role model that T.J. needed in his life because Shawn was in jail. Curtis was shocked when she admitted that she wanted Curtis to step into the role. Curtis reminded her that it had been less than a day since he'd asked her for forgiveness and a second chance, but she had turned him down flat. Jordan admitted that she'd made a lot of mistakes and Andre had called her out on it the previous evening when he'd pointed out that she hadn't trusted Andre with the truth about T.J. and Shawn.

Jordan knew that she'd hadn't let people in -- including T.J. -- but she promised that she trusted Curtis with her son. Curtis believed her and happily agreed to play a bigger role in T.J.'s life. Curtis smiled because he finally felt as if he had his family back and admitted that it was the happiest he'd been in a long time. Jordan returned his smile as the conversation drifted back to Andre when she conceded that Andre been right about her needing to open up more. Curtis suggested that perhaps the problem was Andre, not Jordan. Moments later, Jordan received a call about a development at the hospital.

On the side of the road, Nathan worked under the hood of his car as Claudette sat in the driver's seat and checked her cell phone. She quickly turned it off and tucked it away as she slid in the passenger seat when Nathan returned to the car. Nathan turned the key, but the engine didn't start. Frustrated, Nathan got out of the car to slam the hood down. Claudette followed him and pointed out that at least he'd managed to get them safely off the road, but Nathan hated being stranded in the middle of nowhere without a phone. Claudette sensed that Nathan's main objection was her and conceded that it was all her fault for using a phone app to find a quicker route to the airport.

Nathan admitted that he didn't trust Claudette and wondered if she'd lied about leaving town. Claudette denied that she had lied, but Nathan didn't believe her because he thought it was suspicious that her phone had conveniently died when he'd been without his cell phone. Claudette insisted that the phone app had drained the battery and pointed out that it wouldn't make sense to intentionally get stranded with the man she was trying to leave. Claudette admitted that she'd hoped that she, Nathan, and Maxie could get along, but Maxie had made it clear that it would be impossible because Maxie felt threatened by Claudette. Claudette refused to put her professional career at risk.

Nathan apologized for overreacting and admitted that he was worried about Maxie. Offended, Claudette marched to the back the car and grabbed her bags as she assured him that she would get out of his hair. Nathan tried to stop her, but she marched away. However, she only made it a couple of steps before she tripped and fell. Nathan rushed over to check on Claudette as she cried out in pain. Claudette told him that she'd hurt her knee. Nathan fetched a bandage and wrapped it as Claudette reminded him of the first time she'd hurt it when they'd gone camping.

Nathan admitted that he'd been terrified that he'd lost Claudette when he'd seen her go over the cliff. Claudette admitted that she'd held on because she hadn't wanted to leave him. Nathan seemed to soften toward Claudette until he heard a rustling noise. He jumped up and pulled out his gun as he called out a warning that he had a gun. Moments later, Nathan hustled Claudette into the passenger side of the car then jumped into the driver's side as he shut the door and looked around. Claudette was terrified because he'd seen a bear and wondered if it could get to them in the car.

Nathan decided to make some noise and started to open the door, but Claudette had a better idea and turned on the car radio. She smiled when she heard the song they had danced to after their wedding. Claudette thought it was a crazy coincidence, but Nathan admitted that it was on his playlist because he listened to it often. Claudette smiled as she told him that she did too and reached for his hand.

At the hospital, Elizabeth approached Franco as he sat waiting on a bench. He smiled and handed her a flower as he complimented her dress. Franco began rambling about Ralph Waldo Emerson and flowers until Elizabeth cut him off by softly asking if he was nervous. Franco admitted that he was, but asked if she was ready to leave. Elizabeth walked with Franco to the elevator as he told her that he had a special evening planned for them. Franco was disappointed when she asked if they were going somewhere public.

Later, Elizabeth was surprised when Franco led her into the Floating Rib. She was curious why he'd taken her there, so he reminded her that she'd been afraid to be alone with him. Franco wondered why she'd asked him out when it was clear that she didn't trust him. Elizabeth decided to be honest and told him about her confrontation with Ric and how she had wanted to prove a point to Ric. Franco was hurt, but Elizabeth asked him to stay because Ric had been right to call her out on the things she'd done. Elizabeth warned Franco that she was very flawed, but Franco didn't care.

Elizabeth acknowledged that Franco always gave her the benefit of the doubt and admitted that she wanted to do the same for him. Franco warned her that he didn't want her to simply tolerate him. He explained that he'd rather take her to a place that was special to him where they could sip on Champagne, but she had to first decide whether she would trust him or not. Elizabeth was silent for a minute then suddenly stood up and informed him that she wasn't in the mood to hear him whine all night about how lousy their date was. Franco smiled when Elizabeth agreed to trust him.

At the hospital, Amy checked in on Miss Prescott as Valerie appeared in the doorway. Amy ran to the doorway and called a code blue before she ran back to attempt to resuscitate the patient. A short time later, a doctor confirmed that Miss Prescott had died. Valerie asked if the doctor knew what had killed the patient. The doctor wanted to wait for tests results, but she suspected the serial killer had struck again.

Later, Valerie told Jordan and Curtis about the encounter with Franco shortly before the patient had died. Valerie assured Jordan that the vial had been sent to the lab for testing. Moments later, Amy walked up and announced that the results were in -- the vial had tested positive for derisifol.

Meanwhile, Franco invited Elizabeth into his old art studio. Elizabeth tensed when he slowly locked the front door.

. . .

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