Thursday, March 5, 2015

At the hospital, reporters swarmed around Tracy and asked for her to make a statement about the chaos that had erupted during Luke's arraignment. Tracy called out for security to remove the reporters, so several guards stepped forward to hustle the reporters away. Moments later, Tracy greeted Lulu then asked what had happened at court.

After Lulu filled Tracy in, Lulu wondered if things could get any worse. Tracy was curious what the doctors had said, but Lulu hadn't been able to get any answers because only Bobbie had been permitted to enter the ICU. "Poor Scott Baldwin," Tracy said, even though she had never thought she would utter those words. Both Tracy and Lulu looked into the ICU room where Bobbie was seated at Scott's bedside while he rested. Lulu feared that Scott would use the incident to send Luke away for good instead of getting Luke the help that Luke desperately needed.

Tracy assured Lulu that Diane was working on damage control, but Lulu blamed Diane for the fiasco in the courtroom. Lulu recalled talking to Bobbie before the arraignment about Luke's need for professional help. However, Lulu had had reservations that Diane would help Luke since Luke's "dark side" had retained Diane's services. Bobbie had assured Lulu that Diane had Luke's best interests at heart, but Lulu feared that Diane was more interested in the money than Luke's welfare.

Moments later, Luke, handcuffed and flanked by a police officer and Nathan, had approached Lulu and Bobbie outside the courtroom to snidely ask if they were there to see him released. Bobbie had assured Luke that she and Lulu would make certain that Luke got the help he needed, but the conversation had been cut short when Scott had walked up and vowed to send Luke to a "four-by-seven monkey cage" in Pentonville. Lulu returned to the present as she admitted that Scott had poked a bear by taunting Luke.

Lulu recalled how Luke had complained about the reporters in the courthouse, snapping pictures of him, but Scott had continued to goad Luke by accusing Luke of being a rapist and murderer. Scott had promised to tell Laura everything because Scott hadn't believed Luke's "insanity act." Luke had smiled menacingly as he'd suggested that Scott take a closer look then had opened his mouth wide as he'd lunged at Scott.

At Shadybrook, Nina and a fellow patient watched a news report about a shocking incident at the courthouse; Franco walked up. Franco pretended to be Jack Tripper from Three's Company as he approached Nina and the patient. The woman couldn't understand why Franco's restraints had been removed because he was a "total freak," but Nina defended Franco by reminding the woman that Franco's mother had injected him with an overdose of LSD. Nina picked up a pillow and cradled it as she talked about waiting for her husband to pick her up when he returned from working with Doctors Without Borders. According to Nina, her mother had been watching Nina's baby, but the patient argued that Nina didn't have a baby.

Nina became hostile by barking like a dog at the woman until the patient scurried away. Nina and Franco smiled at each other, but Franco warned Nina that they would eventually have to tone things down so they could convince the doctors they were sane enough to leave Shadybrook.

Meanwhile, Dante and Nathan arrived at the asylum with Luke. Luke was confined to a straitjacket and strapped to a dolly while the lower part of his face was secured with a leather mask. A guard wondered if the mask was necessary, but Dante explained that they couldn't risk a repeat of what had happened at the courthouse. One of the orderlies chuckled and agreed because he had watched the clip of the incident online several times. Nathan was not amused because someone had been seriously injured.

Nina perked up when she heard her brother's voice, so she called out to him. Nathan excused himself to check on Nina. After Nathan and Nina exchanged hugs, Nina asked why Nathan was at Shadybrook. Nathan explained he was there on official police business, dropping off a prisoner who had attacked Scott Baldwin. Franco, who had been lying on the floor, sat up at the mention of his father's name.

Franco demanded to know what had happened to Scott, but Nathan's eyes narrowed because Franco appeared lucid to him. Franco immediately slipped into character by claiming that "Scotty Baldwin" was his favorite Baldwin brother because "Scotty" had a recurring role on the television show Arrow. Nina smiled innocently, so Nathan advised his sister to find new friends. Nina assured Nathan that Franco was harmless, but Franco wanted to know if Scott was okay. Nathan ignored the question as he walked away.

Nearby, Dante leaned in close to ask if Luke's "Donner-party" act had been real, but Luke glared at Dante and made a noise as if tasting a succulent piece of meat. Disgusted, Dante ordered the guards to keep Luke under close watch until Dante returned. After Luke was wheeled away, Dante decided to go to the hospital to check on Lulu and Scott. Nathan revealed that he intended to stop by Dante's loft to find out if Spinelli had made any progress in searching for Patricia Spencer. Dante wondered if Nathan would be okay working with Spinelli, but Nathan assured Dante that it would be fine as long as Spinelli remained professional.

Nina waited until she and Franco were alone then sat next to him on the sofa as he read the newspaper about Luke attacking Scott. She warned him to be more careful because he couldn't afford to lose his cool. Franco decided to have a chat with Luke, but Nina objected because Luke was dangerous. Franco insisted that he needed answers from the man who had tried to hurt Franco's father, so he asked Nina to keep watch, and he slipped around a corner.

A short time later, Franco waited until the coast was clear before entering Luke's room. Luke tried to engage Franco in conversation, but Franco wasn't interested in small talk. "My name's Franco Baldwin. You hurt my father; prepare to die," Franco said.

At the hospital, Lulu confessed that she had never seen her father behave as violently as he had during the attack on Scott. "That being said, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person," Tracy quipped. Tracy reminded Lulu that Scott hadn't been permanently injured. However, Tracy hoped that Spinelli found some answers to explain Luke's state of mind before Luke maimed anyone else. Moments later, Dante arrived and assured Tracy and Lulu that Luke was safely settled in at Shadybrook.

In Scott's hospital room, Scott slowly woke up. Bobbie immediately asked how he felt, so he confessed that his head hurt. Bobbie suspected the pain medication had begun to wear off, but she was curious if Scott recalled how he had ended up in the hospital. Scott angrily reminded her that her "psychotic" brother had attacked him. Bobbie assured Scott that the injury wasn't that bad, but Scott disagreed because Luke had bitten off Scott's ear.

Bobbie clarified that it had just been the tip of Scott's ear and that the surgeon had been able to reattach it, so Scott would make a full recovery. Bobbie hoped the incident had proven to Scott that Luke was not well, so Scott conceded that Luke was out of control. Bobbie agreed, but she had no idea how to help her brother.

Outside Dante and Lulu's loft, Maxie paced the hallway as she reminded herself that she and Nathan were simply going through a rough patch, which happened to all couples. Maxie recalled Nathan asking if she was in love with Spinelli and advising her to figure it out before deciding who she wanted to be with. Maxie pushed the memory away as she knocked on the door, calling out to Lulu. Maxie was startled when Spinelli opened the door.

Maxie entered the loft as she demanded to know why Spinelli was in Dante and Lulu's home, but Spinelli asked where Georgie was. Maxie explained that she had left their daughter with Felicia and Mac, and she waited for Spinelli to answer her question. Spinelli admitted that he was staying with Dante and Lulu, but Maxie suspected he had an ulterior motive. She pointed out that Dante and Lulu lived in a single room apartment that served as a bedroom, nursery, and kitchen, so Spinelli couldn't in good conscience mooch off of the couple.

Spinelli claimed that he hadn't had a choice, since Maxie had thrown him out. Maxie accused Spinelli of being disingenuous bordering on lying because she knew he could afford to stay at a hotel or stay with Sam or Carly, but Spinelli argued that where he stayed didn't concern Maxie. Frustrated, Maxie blamed him for her relationship crisis with Nathan. Spinelli suggested that she and Nathan wouldn't have a problem if she had been more confident about her lack of feelings for Spinelli. Maxie ignored the remark and asked where Lulu was.

Spinelli explained that something "unspeakable" had occurred before Luke's arraignment, and he filled her in about the incident. Maxie was shocked that Luke had attacked Scott. She conceded that Luke had always been an adventure junkie but never a monster. Spinelli revealed that Lulu suspected that Luke suffered from mental illness, so Lulu and Tracy had hired Spinelli to search for Bobbie and Luke's older sister, Patricia, in the hopes of figuring out what was going on with Luke.

Maxie followed Spinelli to his laptop as he explained that he had been searching thousands of Internet databases for information about Patricia, but Maxie was curious why the police couldn't have done it. Spinelli smiled as he pointed out that he had access to databases that the police didn't. Maxie realized that Spinelli was engaging in illegal activity, which infuriated her because he had put her in a position where she had to lie to Nathan. Spinelli suspected Maxie's desire to protect him meant that he still had a chance with Maxie, but Maxie argued that Spinelli was wrong.

Maxie accused Spinelli of doing the same thing Johnny had done by making her a part of his crimes. Spinelli resented being compared to Johnny because Spinelli and Maxie had shared something far more special between them than Johnny and Maxie. Maxie reminded Spinelli that she and Spinelli hadn't gotten married because they had agreed it would have been a mistake, but Spinelli argued that they shared a beautiful child together. Maxie asked Spinelli to stop talking like they still had something between them beyond a daughter, but Spinelli wanted her to admit that she still had feelings for him that had never gone away.

Maxie refused because she had just picked up the fractured pieces of her life and had something good with Nathan. Spinelli insisted that it was finally their time, so he kissed her, unaware that Nathan had walked in.

In New York City, Silas entered Ava's hospital room. He was furious when he realized that she had left. However, he quickly figured out where she had gone when he recalled that Kiki had mentioned sending him a text message earlier to let him know that Morgan would be attending the memorial service with Avery.

In Ryan's bar, Delia was stunned when she saw Ava standing in front of her. Initially, Delia worried that it was a hallucination, but Ava assured her mother that Delia wasn't seeing things. Overjoyed, Delia rounded the bar and warmly hugged her daughter as tears of relief slid down Delia's cheeks. Ava confessed that she had heard everything Delia had said during the memorial service, so Delia promised that she had meant every word. Pleased, Ava walked over to pick up Avery as she explained that she had been desperate to see Avery.

Delia immediately ordered Ava to put Avery down because Delia feared that Ava was too weak from the fall off the bridge to hold the baby. Ava assured her mother that she was fine, but Delia appeared skeptical. Delia demanded to know how Ava had survived the fall, so Ava confessed that she'd had help. Delia wanted to know who had helped Ava, but Silas entered the bar before Ava could reply. "Me," Silas answered.

Delia was livid because Silas had allowed Delia to suffer needlessly by allowing Delia to believe that Ava had died. Delia assumed that both Kiki and Morgan also knew the truth, so Ava quickly clarified that no one except Delia and Silas knew that Ava was alive. Ava explained that it had been necessary to maintain the ruse to keep Ava out of jail. Silas' temper flared as he asked why Ava had risked her freedom by showing up at Ryan's bar. Ava kissed the top of her daughter's head and admitted that she had been desperate to see her baby.

Silas was not appeased because Ava had made Delia an accomplice in Ava's escape. Ava begged Delia not to tell anyone, including Kiki, but Delia hated to watch Kiki suffer. Ava admitted that keeping Kiki in the dark had been the hardest thing Ava had ever done, but it had been necessary. Delia acknowledged that the lie was for the greater good, so she agreed to keep Ava's secret. Pleased, Ava picked up Avery's diaper bag and started to leave, but Silas stopped her. Ava warned Silas that she refused to leave without Avery.

In the courtroom, Carly suddenly realized why she recognized Judge Walters. She explained that she had seen Monica and the judge numerous times at Metro Court, so she was certain that Monica was dating the judge. Both Ric and Sonny were stunned. Carly feared that Michael was been responsible for Judge Walters stepping in for Judge Heller, so Ric decided to confront Alexis and Michael.

Alexis claimed she had no idea what Ric was talking about, but Ric was certain that Michael had asked Judge Walters to take over the hearing because Michael had been losing the custody suit. Sonny begged Michael to reconsider going through with the petition because it wasn't fair to use Avery as a pawn to seek revenge against Sonny. Michael argued that Avery didn't deserve to be a target for Sonny's enemies, but Sonny promised to keep Avery safe.

Sonny accused Michael of manipulating the hearing, but Michael invited Sonny to prove it. Sonny tried to change tactics by asking how Michael could take Avery away from her father, but Michael insisted he was protecting Avery. However, Michael admitted that it was a "collateral benefit" if Sonny suffered as a result of losing custody of Avery. Carly reminded Michael that Sonny had a legal right to Avery because Sonny was Avery's biological father, but Michael scoffed at the idea that Sonny respected the law.

Carly accused Michael of acting like a Quartermaine by throwing money at a problem, so Michael countered that Sonny, on the other hand, would probably hang Judge Walters from a meat hook to get his way. Alexis suggested that Ric and Sonny return to their table because everyone had said enough. Moments later, the bailiff announced that court was back in session as Judge Walters entered. Sonny warned Michael that Michael wouldn't get away with Michael's latest stunt. "I already have," Michael replied with a smirk.

After Judge Walters announced that he had reached a decision, Ric stood up to ask the judge to recuse himself because of a conflict of interest, since the judge was dating Michael's grandmother. Annoyed, Judge Walters suggested they examine Ric's argument because Ric was Sonny's brother and the petitioner's uncle. Additionally, the judge pointed out that Michael's attorney had once been married to Ric and had children with both Ric and Sonny. Judge Walters pointed out that the entire case was littered with conflicts of interest, so if the judge could accept that everyone was mature enough to present their arguments in a clinical and unbiased fashion, then they should accept that the judge was qualified to supervise the proceedings in the same manner.

Judge Walters reminded Ric that Ric could always appeal the ruling then announced that Michael had been awarded custody of Avery. Sonny immediately objected because Michael's only motivation had been revenge. The judge argued that there had been ample documentation to show that Sonny's minor children had been harmed while under Sonny's care, so the judge had decided to place Avery in a safe and stable environment. Judge Walters issued an order for Social Services to pick up Avery, so he asked where Avery was.

Sonny refused to answer the judge, but the judge threatened to hold Sonny in contempt of court. Ric urged Sonny to cooperate, so Sonny claimed that Avery was at Sonny's home with the nanny. The judge decided to give Sonny a few hours to get everything in order, and he left the bench. Michael quietly thanked Alexis, but Alexis warned Michael that he had started down a slippery slope that he might not be able to climb out of.

Meanwhile, Ric promised to file an appeal that would hopefully block Social Services from taking Avery. After Ric left, Carly asked why Sonny had lied about Avery's whereabouts. Sonny explained that he intended for Avery to remain in New York City until he could figure something out because he refused to allow Michael to take custody of Avery.

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