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At Kelly's, Lulu assured Olivia that it was not foolish to be concerned about Heather, given Olivia's recent vision. Lulu reminded her mother-in-law that Olivia's visions had been warnings in the past, so it was wise to check on Heather, especially since Franco and Carly planned to marry the following day. Dante reminded everyone that Heather had targeted Carly to hurt Franco, prompting Lulu to recall how her father had been swept up in Heather's scheme to frame Franco for Carly's murder.

Lulu couldn't believe that her father had been abducted by Heather and then kidnapped by Jerry, but Dante gently reminded his wife that they only had Jerry's word for that. Lulu was shocked at the suggestion that her father might be in league with the Jeromes, but Dante pointed out that they only had the word of a known criminal that Luke had been abducted. Lulu decided to talk to Tracy to find out if Tracy had made any progress gathering the shares of ELQ to secure Luke's freedom.

After Lulu left, Shawn entered the diner. Sonny quickly excused himself to speak to Shawn privately in the kitchen. Dante noticed that Olivia appeared troubled, so he assured her that he would check on Heather. Olivia confessed that the vision of Heather wasn't the only thing on her mind, and she showed him the newspaper article featuring a picture of Ned and Monica. Dante scanned the article but quickly assured his mother that he doubted that Ned and Monica were having an affair. Olivia agreed because Ned had been seeing Alexis.

Dante was surprised by Olivia's tone, so she admitted that she was not happy about Ned dating Alexis, even though Olivia had insisted that she and Ned remain friends. However, she wanted more because she realized that she and Ned had clicked in a special way. Dante urged his mother to talk to Ned, but Olivia feared that Ned might reject her, which would hurt their friendship. Dante argued that she needed to take the risk because it was the only way to find out if Ned returned her feelings.

Outside Kelly's, Carly spoke to Franco on the phone. She was surprised that she had missed him that morning, so he explained that he hadn't wanted to disturb her peaceful sleep. "Yes, and you know how I hate rude awakenings," Carly said. Franco explained that he'd had an appointment with a special patient, so Carly teasingly wondered if it was a woman, unaware that Franco was at Ferncliff and that Heather had just entered the room. Franco smiled at his mother, who blew him a kiss.

Franco pretended to catch Heather's kiss then assured Carly that Carly was the only woman for him just like he was the only man for her. "Right?" he asked. Carly's smile was brittle as she answered, "Right." After Carly ended the call with Franco, Lulu walked out of the diner. The cousins exchanged greetings before Lulu told Carly that Jerry had resurfaced.

Carly was stunned, but Lulu suddenly realized that it had been unfair to dump her problems on Carly the day before Carly's wedding. Lulu assured Carly that everything was ready at the Haunted Star, but Carly had no idea what Lulu was talking about. Lulu seemed confused that Carly didn't know that Franco had reserved the ship for the wedding, but Carly argued that the wedding venue was the hotel. Lulu felt bad when she realized that Franco might have wanted to surprise Carly with the change of plans. Carly assured Lulu that it was fine, but Carly couldn't understand why Franco had picked the Haunted Star.

Lulu pointed out that it fit with the Halloween theme of Franco and Carly's wedding, but Carly argued that the Haunted Star had also been the place where Franco had held the party with all the videos trying to prove that he was a changed man. Lulu suggested that perhaps it was a "full-circle" moment that Franco wanted to embrace as part of the wedding. Carly conceded that perhaps Lulu was right, so Lulu decided to leave. Carly hugged her cousin then asked to be kept in the loop.

Inside Kelly's kitchen, Shawn revealed that he had been on his way to get Heather out of Ferncliff when his contact had called to notify Shawn that Franco had paid Heather another visit. Sonny feared that something wasn't right because Heather despised Franco, so Sonny couldn't understand why Franco would visit Heather two days in a row. Sonny added that they had another problem because Dante had agreed to check on Heather because of Olivia's vision.

Shawn was curious if Sonny wanted to forget about framing Heather for Franco's murder. Sonny answered by asking if Shawn would have a problem getting through the asylum's security to reach Heather. Shawn promised that it wouldn't be a problem, so Sonny explained that they needed to follow through the plans to save Carly from herself. Sonny was certain that Carly was only marrying Franco to protect Michael from finding out that Sonny had shot A.J., so Shawn reminded Sonny that the secret would be safe once Franco was out of the way.

Sonny didn't want to lose sight of what had really happened because Sonny had killed an innocent man -- one whom Michael had loved and had begged Sonny not to hurt. Sonny didn't know if he would ever make peace with that.

In the Quartermaine crypt, Monica placed flowers in a holder by Jason's marker. She was startled when she heard someone enter the crypt. It was Alice, who had been out for a walk and had noticed that the door to the crypt was open. Alice wondered if everything was okay, Monica tearfully revealed that it was the two-year anniversary of Jason's death and that not a day passed that she didn't miss him. Monica insisted that it wasn't fair that she had been forced to grieve Jason's loss twice in a lifetime, referring to Jason's brush with death when A.J. had crashed a car into a tree.

Monica was certain that Jason had eventually grown to care for her after the life-altering head injury, but she would give anything to have a little part of him back. She was desperate for the pain to go away. Alice confessed that Jason had talked to her about Monica, so Alice assured Monica that Jason had loved his mother. Alice conceded that she had she hadn't known Jason during his Quartermaine years but she insisted that Monica had been a good mother to both A.J. and Jason.

Monica disagreed because Monica hadn't been able to keep Jason and A.J. from being killed or protected them from those who had wanted her sons dead.

In the Quartermaine parlor, Ned was surprised when Tracy asked for his help then revealed that she needed his shares of ELQ to save Luke, whom Jerry Jacks was holding for ransom. Tracy confessed that she hoped that her shares combined with Ned, Brook Lynn, and Dillon's would be enough to satisfy Jerry, but Ned quickly made it clear that he refused to help Tracy secure shares of ELQ for Jerry. Ned doubted that Edward would ever forgive him for helping "that monster."

Ned warned Tracy that Michael wouldn't help her either. Tracy felt her son had betrayed her, but Ned was unapologetic because ELQ had been thriving under Michael's leadership. Tracy scoffed that Michael was the reason for the company's success because she knew that Ned had been helping Michael, but Ned insisted that Michael had merely consulted him on a few things. Ned gave full credit to Michael for steering ELQ in the right direction.

Tracy appealed to Ned's compassion, certain that he would never be able to live with Luke's death on his conscience, but Ned informed Tracy that he couldn't care less for Luke. Furious, Tracy reminded Ned of all the opportunities and advantages she had provided for her son, unlike his father who had only given Ned a "phony" title. Ned laughed at Tracy's desperation by throwing his father under the bus then left.

Frustrated, Tracy wondered what she would do next when Monica and Alice entered from the patio. Monica reminded Tracy that Tracy was not welcome in Monica's home then demanded to know why Tracy was there. Tracy appealed to both Monica and Alice for help to save Luke, but Monica refused to hand over her shares to help Luke, not just because of the way that Tracy and Luke had treated Alice during Alice's health crisis, but also because Monica had seen Luke's true colors and wanted nothing to do with him.

After Monica left, Tracy turned to Alice for help by reminding Alice that Alice had always been fond of Luke. Alice promised her shares to Tracy to help Luke. Grateful, Tracy thanked Alice as Alice left the room. Moments later, Tracy's phone rang. Lulu entered the room just as Tracy noticed that the call was from Luke.

On the patio, Alexis blasted Julian for getting into a physical altercation with Ned. She couldn't understand why Julian couldn't take no for an answer, but Julian insisted that it was impossible with Alexis. He dared her to look him in the eyes and tell him that she'd rather be with Ned. Alexis insisted that she and Julian were over because he had lied to her one too many times, but Julian denied that he had lied about working with Luke. Alexis surprised him by admitting that she knew that. However, the truth had been worse; Julian had been working with Jerry Jacks.

Confused, Julian asked what Alexis was talking about, so Alexis told him about Tracy's encounter with Jerry in Amsterdam. Julian conceded that he knew Jerry because it was impossible not to cross paths with Jerry in Julian's line of work. However, Julian assured Alexis that he hadn't seen Jerry in a year when Julian had found Jerry badly injured in an ally after falling from the Metro Court Restaurant's terrace. Julian conceded that he had helped Jerry get help, but Julian had not seen Jerry since that night. Alexis admitted that she wanted to believe Julian, but Ned suddenly appeared flanked by two security guards.

Ned ordered his guards to escort Julian off the premises, but Julian desperately warned Alexis to stay far away from Jerry because Jerry was dangerous. Annoyed, Alexis told the security guards to take Julian away, but Julian assured Ned and Alexis that it wasn't necessary because he was ready to leave.

After Julian left, Ned asked if Alexis was okay. Alexis apologized for what had happened with Julian, but Ned promised Alexis that he didn't blame her. Alexis hugged Ned in gratitude just as Olivia walked up.

At Ferncliff, Heather listened as Franco told Carly that he loved Carly as he ended the call. Heather was furious because Franco had sounded sincere when he had talked to Carly, which made Heather wonder if Franco still intended to carry out the plan for revenge. Franco defensively explained that he couldn't afford to tip Carly off, but Heather didn't believe him because she had attended enough therapy sessions to recognize someone who sounded genuine.

Franco confessed that it was true; he still loved Carly because Carly had been the first person who hadn't made him feel like the monster that everyone had assumed that he was. Heather argued that Franco was an artistic genius, but he explained that Carly had been the only person to take a chance on him. He credited Carly's belief in him with giving him the confidence to move on. Heather was disgusted when Franco confessed that he loved Carly with all his heart and soul.

Franco admitted that he was conflicted about seeking revenge, but Heather insisted that Carly had never loved Franco. Heather was certain that Carly had been lured by dreams of "taming the beast" to keep Franco from hurting Carly's family. Franco's expression hardened as he realized that his mother was right; Carly wanted to keep Franco quiet. Intrigued, Heather was curious what Franco was hiding for Carly, but Franco refused to say. However, he promised Heather that she would find out at the wedding when he destroyed Carly's relationship with Michael. Heather was curious when Franco would get her out of Ferncliff, so he explained that he would send a staff member to fetch her once he had left the premises to avoid arousing suspicions.

In the hallway, Franco handed a man a wad of cash to slip Heather out of Ferncliff. Mr. Beach smiled as he commented that no matter how secure a place was, there was always someone willing to take a bribe. After Franco left, Mr. Beach's phone rang. It was Dante calling to confirm that Heather was safely locked up. Mr. Beach assured Dante that she was then he ended the call. He was about to enter the waiting room when Shawn slipped up behind him to knock Mr. Beach over the head.

Moments later, Shawn entered the waiting room. Heather willingly left with Shawn, assuming that Franco had sent him.

In Jason's hospital room, Jason confessed that he couldn't imagine what it would be like to lose someone as Elizabeth had lost Jason -- in part because he couldn't imagine having someone like that in his life. Elizabeth hoped that "Jake" never felt the pain of that kind of loss because Jason's body had never been recovered, leaving just a marker at the Quartermaine crypt to remember Jason by. Jason recalled seeing a Dr. Quartermaine on his medical chart, prompting Elizabeth to reveal that Monica had been Jason's mother.

Jason was curious why Jason had used the last name of Morgan rather than Quartermaine, so Elizabeth told "Jake" about the car accident and how Jason had suffered a brain injury that had robbed Jason of all his memories before the accident. "Jake" realized that he had a lot in common with Jason, but Elizabeth rushed to assure "Jake" that there wasn't any reason to believe that "Jake's" memory wouldn't return. "You are not Jason," Elizabeth added.

Later, Elizabeth returned to Jason's hospital room with a wheelchair to take him for a ride around the hospital. Jason balked at sitting in a wheelchair, but Elizabeth doubted that he had the strength to walk on his own. Jason sat up but quickly conceded that he needed help. Elizabeth went to assist Jason, who had ended up with his arms wrapped around her. The two looked at each other for a long moment before Jason's legs gave out and he flopped into the wheelchair.

Elizabeth pushed the wheelchair out of the room until "Jake" stopped her because he wanted to thank her. He admitted that he felt the best that he had since waking up. Elizabeth smiled then took him to the art room. She confided that Franco, the man who held art therapy classes in the room, was one of the few people that Liesl liked. Elizabeth suspected that it was because Franco was more demented than Liesl.

Jason confessed that Franco's name sounded familiar. Elizabeth wasn't surprised because Franco had been a famous artist and infamous killer who had been absolved of the crimes because of a brain tumor. Elizabeth confessed that she had never been a fan of Franco's work, which made Jason realize that she might be interested in art. Elizabeth confessed that she'd once had dreams of becoming an artist and had even had an art studio at one time.

Jason surprised Elizabeth by picking up a paintbrush then inviting her to show him her work. Elizabeth smiled awkwardly but was saved from granting his request when her phone beeped to let her know that she was needed in another patient's room. Jason assured her that he would get back to his hospital room but called out to her when she reached the door. He warned her that she was not off the hook because he still expected her to paint something for him.

A short time later, Carly rounded the corner, calling out to Franco. She stopped short when she saw "Jake" in the art room, studying Franco's signature on a painting.

Meanwhile, Sonny entered the Quartermaine crypt. He glanced at A.J.'s marker but made his way to Jason's place in the family crypt. Sonny admitted that he hoped that his friend could hear him because Sonny wanted Jason to know that Sonny had been doing everything possible to fix things. Sonny wanted to make things right for both Michael and Carly then explained that Carly was in big trouble. Sonny was certain that Carly was lying to herself about Franco, but she was too stubborn to admit that she was wrong.

Sonny hoped that Jason could in some way reach out to Carly and be the friend that she needed. Moments later, Sonny heard someone at the door. He turned to see who had entered the crypt. "Oh, my God," Sonny said as he looked at the person with shock.

. . .

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  • Rosalie reveals to Michael that she has something to tell him
  • Jerry wants to know if he and Tracy have a deal or not
  • Sonny is shocked by the woman who appears in the doorway of the Quartermaine crypt
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