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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael wrapped up a call as Carly slipped into the living room from a side door to surprise him with a six-pack of beer and a container of tacos from his favorite place -- compliments of Josslyn. Carly explained that she and Josslyn had gotten the idea on the way home from the airport. Michael was shocked when she told him that Sonny had reported Jax to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for a "crime of moral turpitude." Michael pointed out that the charges against Jax had been dropped, but Carly explained that the accusation had been sufficient cause to detain Jax and force him to leave the country forever.

Carly resented how vindictive Sonny had been, but Michael tried to calm the waters between his parents by reminding Carly that Jax was not helpless because Jax had money and access to a squadron of lawyers. Michael was confident that Jax would be able to return to the United States eventually, but Carly was disappointed that Michael acted like it hadn't been a big deal. She reminded her son that Josslyn wouldn't be able to see her father unless she traveled to Australia, but Michael argued that Jax could arrange to meet Josslyn in Mexico or Canada. Michael acknowledged that Sonny's actions had been inexcusable, but he asked his mother not to retaliate.

Carly promised not to do anything to Sonny -- that he didn't deserve. She told Michael about Jax's desire for Carly and Josslyn to return to Australia with him. To her surprise, Michael thought it was a good idea because Carly needed distance from Sonny. Carly refused to pull Josslyn out of school or to leave Michael alone. Michael became defensive because he suspected Carly was worried about Nelle. Carly frowned because she wondered why Michael would think that.

Carly's expression filled with concern because she feared Michael still had feelings for Nelle. She begged Michael to stay away from Nelle because Nelle was just like Carly had been when she'd first arrived in Port Charles. She opened up about her past and how she'd quickly realized that Jason was the best thing to happen to her. However, Carly had been a mess because she had lied, sabotaged, and double-crossed everyone except Jason. Carly admitted that she hadn't recognized love unless she had tested it, which had led her to relentlessly push Jason until she had destroyed what they'd shared. Carly acknowledged that Jason was her best friend, but he would never fall in love with her again.

Michael was curious what Carly and Jason's past had to do with him and Nelle. Carly explained that she was certain Nelle would destroy whatever she loved because she was just like Carly. Carly refused to let Nelle break Michael's heart, but he made it clear that he made his own choices. Carly realized that it was pointless to argue, but she assured him that she loved him and would always be his mother. Michael smiled and gave his mother a hug.

After Carly left, Michael made a business call, but his thoughts drifted to Nelle. He ended the call, sat down, and looked at his phone as he contemplated calling Nelle.

At Wyndemere, Nelle was shocked by Nina's request for Nelle to spy on someone for Nina, but Nina reminded Nelle that Nelle had done it before. Nelle insisted that she had taken the job as Charlotte's nanny because she wanted to turn over a new leaf. Nina refused to back down, so Nelle asked who Nina wanted Nelle to monitor. "My husband," Nina answered. Nelle was surprised because she thought Nina and Valentin were crazy about each other. Nina explained that Valentin was a complicated man who had secrets. Nina needed Nelle's help to remain informed.

Nelle thought it was a bad idea and advised Nina to talk to Valentin because the worst thing Nina could do was to assume something and let it eat away at her until Nina did things she would regret. Nina conceded that Nelle was right. Nelle hoped everything worked out between Valentin and Nina. Nina smiled and decided to make amends to Nelle by taking her for a girls' night out.

Later, Nina and Nelle arrived at Metro Court. Nelle noticed that Nina had been quiet since they'd left Spoon Island, and she asked if Nina was okay. Before Nina could reply, Carly walked up accused Nelle of continuing to make life uncomfortable for people, but Nina argued that everyone deserved a second chance. Carly was curious if that also applied to Nelle's victims. Nelle suggested that she and Nina reschedule their girls' night out, but Nina refused to let Carly chase Nelle away. Carly realized that Nelle hadn't told Nina everything.

Nelle squirmed as Carly revealed that Nelle had drugged Sonny and lied about sleeping with him. "Proceed at your own risk," Carly warned Nina. After Carly walked away, Nelle assumed Nina intended to fire her, but Nina smiled because she wanted to take full advantage of Nelle's extracurricular talents. Nelle tensed as Nina leaned close to whisper in Nelle's ear that she wanted Nelle to spy on Valentin.

At the Floating Rib, Ava smiled as she watched Kiki eat. She suggested Kiki save some room for dessert because they had mud pie. Kiki admitted that she would love to stay, but she had to get back to work. Ava beamed with pride because she was confident Kiki was on her way to becoming a doctor. Kiki chuckled and warned her mother not to get ahead of herself. Ava refused to apologize, but she changed the subject by suggesting Kiki invite Dillon to join them the next time because Ava wanted to get to know her daughter's boyfriend.

Kiki was curious why Ava was in such a good mood, but Ava claimed she was simply happy to spend time with her daughter. Kiki was touched, but she'd been surprised that Ava had wanted to have dinner at the Floating Rib. Ava insisted she would not let the robbery keep her from enjoying the best ribs in town. "Good for you," Kiki said. She was curious what her mother's secret was and asked if Ava had a magic pill. Ava replied that a pill couldn't help her -- or harm her.

The conversation turned to Kiki's job. Ava realized that Kiki genuinely enjoyed the work. Kiki admitted that it was rewarding, but Ava worried that it might dredge up difficult memories. Kiki reminded her mother that she'd taken the job to gain insight into the demons Morgan had struggled with and to help people who were dealing with the same illness. Ava explained that it was important for Kiki to have fun too. Kiki assured her mother that she would and mentioned the Nurses Ball.

Ava wondered if Kiki and Dillon would perform again. Kiki's smile faded when Ava mentioned Kiki's first kiss with Dillon because Kiki recalled Morgan had been given a pass from the Freedman Clinic that night and had been hurt when he'd seen Kiki and Dillon together. Ava realized her mistake and asked her daughter to focus on the good things, but Kiki sensed that Ava wanted her to forget about Morgan. Ava conceded that it would be impossible to forget Morgan, but she didn't want Kiki to be sad. Kiki promised that working at the hospital was fulfilling and made her happy.

At the hospital, Bobbie saw Sonny as he exited the elevator. She called out to him, so he stopped to wait for her to catch up. After they exchanged greetings, Bobbie suggested they address the elephant in the room. She admitted that having Jax arrested and deported were the two worst mistakes Sonny had ever made. She warned him that Carly was on the warpath, and he had no one to blame except himself. Sonny was unapologetic as he told Bobbie that both he and Carly had their reasons for being angry, but Bobbie wasn't satisfied because their anger affected other people, especially their children.

Bobbie warned Sonny that it wouldn't do any good for Sonny and Carly to punish each other. She implored him to take a step back and remember that he and Carly were grieving, which was at the root of their problems. Sonny conceded that he and Carly had fallen apart when Morgan had died, and they hadn't been able to put the pieces back together. Bobbie knew from personal experience that the death of a child could strain a marriage, and she acknowledged that it could be tremendously difficult to make peace with a senseless loss. Sonny explained that he wasn't interested in accepting Morgan's death -- he just needed answers.

Meanwhile, Griffin approached Andre outside Andre's office to ask if he could have a quick word about a patient who was also a mutual friend. After the two men entered Andre's office, Griffin asked if Andre knew about Anna's medical diagnosis. Andre confirmed that he was aware of Anna's battle with "blood cancer," but he also knew it was treatable. Griffin assured Andre that it was, but Anna had decided to seek treatment at another facility. Griffin was relieved when Andre expressed his surprise because Griffin thought it had been an odd decision, especially since Anna had many ties to the hospital. Griffin told Andre about his conversation with Anna and expressed concern that she might be hiding something.

Moments later, Lucy knocked on the door then entered the office. She was pleased when she saw Andre and Griffin because she wanted to sign both doctors up for the Nurses Ball. Andre agreed to think about it as he quickly ushered her to the door and explained that he had an appointment. Griffin followed Lucy out the door. After Andre closed the door, Lucy tried to persuade Griffin to perform in the show, but he refused to be part of the "Magic Milo" act.

A short time later, Griffin entered the Floating Rib and bumped into Kiki and Ava. Griffin and Kiki exchanged pleasantries and chatted about the hospital until Kiki excused herself to get back to work. After Kiki left, Ava admitted that she was delighted to see her daughter excited about her career. Griffin was impressed because Kiki had done something few people could -- she had turned the loss of a loved one into something useful and positive. Griffin noticed Ava's troubled expression and asked if he had said something to upset her.

Ava explained that it had occurred to her that Kiki's doctor was also a priest. Griffin smiled and admitted that he didn't like to advertise it because people tended to confess to him. Ava nervously assured him that he could relax because she had nothing to confess. Griffin clarified that he wasn't an angel, but Ava doubted that he'd done anything as bad as she had. Griffin was curious if there was something she wanted to tell him, but Ava chuckled and reminded him that he was there for the ribs, not to hear her bare her soul. Ava changed the subject and invited Griffin to join her for a drink.

At the hospital, Lucy rounded a corner and saw Sonny and Bobbie. She quickly approached Sonny to ask if he would be interested in reserving a table for the Nurses Ball. Lucy's smile vanished when she noticed Morgan's prescription bottle in his hand. She recalled asking Ava about the pills and Ava advising her to let it go. Lucy pushed the memory away when Sonny asked if Lucy was okay. Lucy claimed that she had just realized that he might not be interested in attending the Nurses Ball because he was still mourning his son.

Sonny reminded Lucy that Morgan's middle name had been Stone -- after the man who had been the inspiration for the ball. Sonny assured Lucy that he would attend the ball, and he would make an extra donation. Moments later, Andre walked up to ask if Sonny was ready. After Sonny and Andre walked away, Lucy tried to find out what Sonny was up to. Bobbie revealed that Sonny was determined to get answers about Morgan's death, and he wouldn't quit until he had them. Lucy continued to probe, which upset Bobbie because she thought Lucy had changed and no longer enjoyed other people's misery.

Lucy promised that she just wanted to help. Bobbie sarcastically asked if Lucy had a magic wand that she could wave to make everything all better. "What if I did?" Lucy asked. Bobbie didn't get a chance to respond because Kiki walked up to congratulate Lucy on persuading Ava to donate a Greek antiquity to the Nurses Ball. Kiki was impressed because the sculpture had been recovered from a Radcliff Peabody dig, which meant that it was well documented and valuable. Bobbie wondered what Lucy's secret was, but Lucy preferred that everyone focus on the Nurses Ball and all the good the fundraiser did.

In Andre's office, Sonny showed Andre the prescription bottle as he explained that Morgan's pills had been recovered during a recent robbery at the Floating Rib. Andre was shocked. Sonny admitted that he had no idea how the pills had ended up in the bar months after his son's death, but he intended to find out because he was certain the pills were the answer to what had gone wrong with Morgan. Sonny poured the pills onto Andre's desk. Andre counted the pills and determined that Morgan had taken the pills as prescribed.

Andre also confirmed that the tablets appeared to be lithium. Sonny wondered if it was possible the tablets were defective. Andre doubted it, but he gave Sonny the name of an independent lab to have the pills tested. Andre hoped the results would give Sonny peace of mind. Sonny thought that was too much to hope for, so he'd settle for justice.

Nearby, Kiki overheard the exchange between Sonny and Andre about Morgan's pills as they exited Andre's office.

At Anna's house, Valentin returned the watch Anna had given him. He tensed when she objected and reached for his hand. He carefully pulled his hand out of hers and assured her that he had appreciated the gift, but she didn't owe him anything. Anna disagreed because he had saved her life when he had rushed her to the hospital. Anna talked about her cancer, but Valentin insisted that all that mattered was that the illness was treatable. Anna confessed that she pretended the illness didn't exist, but it was clear she was not indestructible.

Valentin reminded Anna that she didn't have to deal with the illness alone because she had family and friends who would be happy to help. Anna confided that her illness had opened her eyes to her own imperfections and how blind she'd been to who he really was. Valentin was curious if she was referring to the man she had rejected or the man she had seduced to get classified information. Anna revealed that during their last encounter, she'd had an opportunity to study his back when he had turned away from her. She admitted that she had thought about all the surgeries -- and pain -- he'd endured to get his outside to match who he'd always been on the inside.

Valentin was shaken when Anna described him as tall, straight, and strong. He told her that he had to go, but she implored him to stay for a glass of Champagne. Valentin relented, so Anna dashed into another room to fetch the bottle. Moments later, Nina called Valentin to ask where he was. He apologized and told her that his business had delayed him. Nina revealed that she was in town and suggested they meet, but Valentin admitted that he'd rather go straight home.

Moments later, Anna returned with the Champagne and popped the cork. Nina heard the noise and asked Valentin about it, but he pretended their connection was weak and ended the call. Anna feigned innocence as she handed Valentin a flute of Champagne and offered a familiar toast. "Some drink to God and country," Anna said. "But we drink for ourselves," Valentin finished. Anna drank the Champagne, but Valentin advised her to slow down because alcohol was a blood thinner.

Anna smiled then suggested it was a new beginning. Valentin announced that he had to leave, but Anna wanted him to keep the watch. She pretended to be disappointed when he refused. She claimed that she needed to know that something that had been irreparably broken could be fixed. Valentin agreed to keep the watch, since it meant so much to Anna. Anna fastened the watch to his wrist as she gazed deep into his eyes. Valentin tried to hide his reaction as he rushed out the door.

Outside, Valentin took a minute to collect himself. Inside, Anna smiled with satisfaction and sipped Champagne.

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