Thursday, August 25, 2016

In Kevin's hotel room, Kevin watched Laura as she slept until she turned over and slowly opened her eyes. "Good morning," Laura softly whispered. Kevin nervously asked if regrets had crept in during the night, but she assured him that she didn't have any. Kevin smiled and kissed her. Laura snuggled next to him and confessed that she would have stopped things before they had started if she had known he'd get shot because of her request for help to crack Helena's code. Kevin reminded her that it had been his decision to follow her to Greece to help her search for Nikolas.

Kevin immediately regretted his words when Laura's expression clouded with sadness. Laura explained that she would mourn her son's passing regardless, but Kevin had made it bearable. She was also grateful that he'd helped her outmaneuver Helena because the "scavenger hunt" had been intended to hurt Laura by reliving all the painful moments in her life as well as her biggest mistakes. However, the plan had backfired because it had led Laura to unexpected happiness with Kevin. Kevin kissed Laura passionately.

Later, Kevin pulled on his jacket as Laura finished getting dressed. He promised to return with coffee from his favorite shop so they could discuss where to have breakfast -- if they decided to leave the room. Laura smiled and assured Kevin that she would wait. After Kevin left, Laura reached for her purse and accidently knocked over a file. Laura picked it up, but a paper caught her attention. She frowned as she looked through the rest of the file and sat down to skim through the manuscript.

A short time later, Kevin returned with coffee, but his smile quickly faded when Laura confronted him about what she'd found. She was furious that he had a publishing deal for a book about a woman with a mental illness searching for her ex-husband by following clues left by a dead woman. Kevin acknowledged that it seemed bad, but he explained that the deal had been signed in February 2015 and that he'd intended to write a non-fiction book about a collection of his patients and their treatments. However, Kevin hadn't been inspired and had been on the verge of backing out of the book deal when Laura had reached out to him for help.

Kevin admitted that working with Laura had renewed his creativity, but he'd always intended to show her the book and get her approval before submitting it. Kevin promised that no one had seen the script, but Laura was hurt and asked if their lovemaking had played a role in the story. She angrily warned him that she had a completely different ending in mind and marched to the door. Kevin apologized and desperately tried to make amends by promising to burn the manuscript, but Laura wasn't satisfied. Kevin promised that what had happened between them had been real, but Laura reminded him that a lie by omission was still a lie and left.

At Wesleyan, Kristina called out to Parker as Parker stopped to rest during a morning run. Parker was surprised when she saw Kristina approach and asked what Kristina was doing there. Kristina smiled brightly as she admitted that she'd seen that Parker had called and had decided to visit the campus to find out what Parker had wanted to talk about. Parker frowned because she'd received Kristina's voicemail, but she hadn't returned the call. Kristina disagreed, so Parker pulled out her phone and checked her call log.

Parker realized that she had pocket dialed Kristina and apologized for the misunderstanding, but Kristina didn't believe the call had been unintentional. Kristina asked if Parker had had second thoughts about ending things with her because she knew that Alexis had pressured Parker to walk away. Parker reiterated that she hadn't intended to call Kristina, but she decided they should talk because Parker regretted how she'd ended things with Kristina. Kristina took it as a sign of encouragement and assured Parker that they could start over, but Parker explained that it was impossible because Parker had reconciled with her wife.

Stunned, Kristina argued that Parker was divorced, but Parker clarified that she'd been in the process of getting divorced. Kristina was furious and accused Parker of deliberately misleading her. Kristina felt like a fool because she'd ignored everyone who had warned her that Parker had taken advantage of her. Parker's eyes filled with tears as Kristina lashed out and told Parker that she never wanted to see Parker again because Parker was a weak and selfish person.

Meanwhile, Jordan thanked Alexis for stopping by Jordan's apartment. Alexis pointed out that Jordan had been quite insistent and asked what had been so important. Jordan fetched her computer tablet from the kitchen counter as she explained that she had wanted to talk to Alexis privately and showed Alexis a picture of Alexis grabbing Kristina's arm at Metro Court Restaurant the previous evening. The picture was accompanied by a caption that read that violence ran in the family. "What the hell is that?" Alexis asked as she looked at the TMI web page.

Jordan admitted that she wanted to know the same thing and questioned Alexis about the incident because a source at TMI had given Jordan a head's up that a detailed article about the argument would accompany the picture when it went online within an hour. Alexis insisted that both the picture and argument had been taken out of context, but Jordan wasn't satisfied because she feared that it had been a deliberate attempt on Alexis' part to discredit herself as a witness at Julian's trial. Alexis was shocked by the accusation and reminded Jordan that no one wanted Julian to go to jail more than Alexis.

Jordan was skeptical because she knew that Alexis had paid Julian a visit in jail. Jordan wanted to know what Alexis and Julian had talked about, but Alexis resented the question and informed Jordan that it was none of Jordan's business. Jordan argued that Alexis was a skilled attorney and knew how to manipulate a trial, but Alexis grew increasingly offended. Alexis explained that she'd been under a lot of stress lately and the argument with Kristina hadn't been planned, but she refused to elaborate. Jordan warned Alexis to put her emotional problems in check before the trial because Jordan refused to allow Alexis to screw up the case. "Go to hell," Alexis replied and stormed out.

Later, Andre stopped by to surprise Jordan with breakfast because one of his patients had cancelled. However, he quickly picked up on Jordan's tension and questioned her about it. Jordan admitted that she was concerned about Alexis and determined to make certain that Julian didn't wiggle out of the charges against him. Andre knew there was more to it, so Jordan revealed that she'd worked undercover for the Drug Enforcement Agency to take down Julian. Jordan blamed Julian for having to send T.J. away and the strained relationship with her son. She intended to make certain that Julian faced justice.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jason watched Sam nibble on toast. She assured him that he could have ordered an omelet, but he shook his head because he knew that the sight of it would have made her queasy. Sam assured him that the nausea usually faded by noon and that it would only last for the first trimester of her pregnancy. Jason and Sam agreed that they would keep quiet about the pregnancy for a while longer as Sonny and Carly walked up. Sonny and Carly were eager to know why Jason and Sam had invited them to breakfast. After the couples exchanged greetings, Jason and Sam announced that they were engaged to be married.

Carly squealed with delight as she hugged Jason and Sam, while Sonny smiled and congratulated them. After they sat down, Carly was curious if Jason and Sam had picked a date. Sam smiled and revealed the wedding was on September 2nd. Excited, Carly offered to host it at the hotel, but Jason and Sam quickly explained that they wanted a simple and intimate wedding. Carly decided that Greystone Manor would be the perfect setting and promised to take care of everything. Jason and Sam graciously accepted Carly's offer.

Carly saw Nelle enter the restaurant and quickly jumped up to drag Nelle to the table and introduce her to Jason and Sam. Carly explained that Nelle had agreed to babysit Avery and started to add the special connection Nelle and Josslyn shared, but Nelle cut Carly off by asking to speak to her in private. Carly immediately picked up on Nelle's silent plea and agreed to join Nelle at the bar shortly. After Nelle walked away, Sam warned Carly that Kristina and Molly would be eager to help Carly with the wedding, but Sam asked Carly to rein in Sam's sisters because Sam didn't want anything elaborate.

After Carly left to talk to Nelle, Sam decided to give Jason and Sonny time to catch up and excused herself. After Sam left, Jason and Sonny talked about what had transpired on Cassadine Island and Jason's brief stint as a pilot. Sonny assured Jason that Valentin was sitting in a jail in Greece, but Jason warned Sonny to be careful because Valentin had been a pro who would not give up easily. Sonny promised to keep an eye on Valentin. Satisfied, Jason shifted gears and asked Sonny to be his best man because Jason remembered their close friendship.

Sonny was honored, but his phone suddenly rang. It was Max. After a brief conversation, Sonny ended the call and checked TMI's website. Sonny frowned when he saw the featured story. Sonny readily agreed to be Jason's best man and left.

Nearby, Carly questioned why Nelle had objected to Carly telling Jason and Sam about the kidney transplant. Nelle admitted that she'd rather talk in a more private setting, so Carly and Nelle left to relieve Morgan who'd been watching Avery until Nelle arrived. A short time later, Carly and Nelle entered the living room as Carly wrapped up a business call. Carly apologized for being stuck on the phone during the car ride, but Nelle assured Carly that it was fine and admitted that she was impressed with Carly's business savvy. Carly smiled, but turned the conversation back to Nelle because she wanted to know why Nelle didn't want anyone to know about Nelle's gift of life to Josslyn.

Nelle explained that it hadn't been her decision. Nelle was glad that her kidney had saved Josslyn's life, and Nelle had made peace with what her parents had done, but she didn't want to be known for it. Carly admitted that Nelle sounded like Josslyn -- except Josslyn didn't want to be known for having had a kidney transplant. However, Carly explained that Jason was family because he was Michael's uncle. Carly talked about how alike Michael and Jason were and promised that Jason was fair, loyal, and quick to give people the benefit of the doubt, but Nelle asked that Carly to wait until Nelle left town before sharing the news with Jason and Sam.

Later, Nelle assured Carly that all the contact phone numbers were programmed in Nelle's phone and she had a list of Avery's favorite foods. Nelle checked the diaper bag and confirmed that she also had Avery's binky, extra diapers, a hat, and a sweater. Carly was impressed. Nelle admitted that she loved children, which was why she was a teacher's aid. Moments later, Nelle's phone rang. Carly realized that something was wrong as Nelle talked to Mrs. O'Brien.

After the call, Nelle revealed that she had to get back to Atlanta the following day to find a new job because Mrs. O'Brien had been forced to lay Nelle off due to budget cuts.

At Alexis' house, Alexis looked at the TMI article and noticed that it already had 100,000 views. She set her computer tablet down when Sam stopped to let her mother know that Jason and Sam had decided not to tell anyone about the pregnancy until Sam was further along. Alexis agreed to keep quiet, so Sam filled her mother in about the wedding plans. Sam felt bad that she had agreed to let Carly host the wedding without giving Alexis an opportunity to have it at Alexis' house, but Alexis thought was for the best because of Julian's impending trial.

Moments later, Alexis' phone rang, but she ignored it. Sam shifted gears by admitting that Molly had sent Sam a text message asking Sam to talk to Alexis about the previous evening. Sam sensed that her mother was upset, but Alexis admitted that she wasn't ready to discuss it. Sam let the matter drop and told Alexis about Jason's plan to ask Sonny to be the best man. Alexis was pleasantly surprised when Sam revealed that she wanted her mother to stand up for her. Alexis happily agreed and hugged her daughter. Sam had to leave, but she let Alexis know that she'd be available when Alexis was ready to talk.

A short time later, Sonny dropped by and demanded answers about the TMI article. Alexis refused to talk about it, but Sonny reminded her that he deserved answers because his daughter had been involved.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sam greeted Jason with a kiss. Jason revealed that Sonny had agreed to be his best man. Sam was delighted and told him that Alexis had also agreed to be Sam's matron of honor. Sam reminded Jason that they still had to find someone to marry them, but Jason promised that he had it covered.

. . .

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