Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Shawn entered the courtroom as Jordan and a police officer trailed behind him, but he stopped short when he saw T.J. Shawn recalled Jordan's confession that T.J. was his biological son, but pushed the memory away when T.J. asked if Shawn was okay. Shawn promised he was fine, but revealed that T.J. needed to know something. However, Shawn's confession was cut short when the bailiff announced the judge's arrival. As everyone took their seats, Sonny quietly addressed Jordan as "Judas" when he asked if she was proud of herself.

Jordan ignored Sonny's hostility as Scott informed Judge Roth that the district attorney's office had offered Shawn a deal that would allow Shawn to walk away without any jail time in exchange for Shawn's testimony against another individual. Sonny tensed when he realized that Scott had been referring to him. Ric immediately objected because Scott had approached Shawn behind Ric's back, but Scott insisted that it had been necessary because Ric had connections to "other players." Scott handed Ric a file detailing the offer made to Shawn, but Shawn surprised everyone by announcing that the deal was irrelevant because Shawn didn't have any evidence to offer the district attorney.

Shawn insisted that he had worked for Corinthos Coffee and had never been asked to do anything illegal. Flabbergasted, Scott carefully reminded Shawn what Shawn stood to lose by covering for Sonny, but Shawn was adamant that he didn't have any information to share. Annoyed, Scott accepted Shawn's decision, but Shawn wasn't finished. Shawn shocked the courtroom by pleading guilty to the charges. Ric desperately tried to reason with Shawn, but Shawn's mind was made up. Satisfied, the judge ordered Shawn be transferred to Pentonville and then left the bench.

Sonny immediately assured Shawn that he would do everything possible to make things right for Shawn and promised to stay in touch. After Sonny left, T.J. walked up to ask why Shawn had decided plead guilty, so Shawn explained that it had been the right thing to do because loyalty meant staying true to oneself even when the chips were down. T.J.'s eyes filled with tears, but he changed the subject by asking what Shawn had wanted to tell him earlier. Shawn claimed that he had merely wanted to warn T.J. about his decision to plead guilty, so T.J. wouldn't have been blindsided.

Shawn carefully shifted gears by confessing that his thoughts would always been on T.J. Shawn admitted that he had never been more proud of anyone than T.J., so T.J. hugged Shawn. After T.J. pulled away, Shawn blinked away his own tears and then left the courtroom. T.J. began to sob as Jordan stood nearby and watched helplessly until Molly raced to T.J.'s side to let him know that he was not alone. T.J. tearfully explained that Shawn had been the closest thing he'd ever had to a father.

In the hallway, Jordan called out to Shawn because she was curious why he hadn't told T.J. the truth about being his father. Shawn reminded her that he had taken T.J.'s father away once, so he refused to do it to a second time. Jordan's expression softened as she assured Shawn that she was sorry for everything, but Shawn remained silent as he walked away with the guard.

At Metro Court, Nina smiled with delight when she saw Franco standing on her doorstep because it had saved her from throwing away the "Egg Salad" painting. Franco insisted that he wanted Nina to keep the painting, but she refused. The two bickered about the painting until Nina smashed it over Franco's head. Franco carefully removed the painting as he explained that he had stopped by because he knew why Ric had married her, so Nina assured Franco that her husband had married her because she was beautiful, smart, and vivacious.

Nina also reminded Franco that she had been in a coma for twenty years, so it was a great conversation starter at cocktail parties. Franco assured her that he remembered everything about her because Nina was always on his mind, but despite how incredible Franco thought Nina was Ric had married Nina for her money. Nina laughed because her money had been taken away from her when she had been remanded to Shadybrook, so it would take years to get her hands on her money. Franco reminded her that Ric was an attorney with a history of running scams, so he was certain Ric saw dollar signs when Ric looked at Nina.

Franco's tone softened as he took Nina's hands and then offered to call Diane or Alexis to get her marriage to Ric annulled. Nina surprised Franco by declining his offer because she refused to kick her husband to the curb. Nina's temper flared as she ordered Franco to leave because she was through with his games. Nina shoved the painting into Franco's hands, but Franco refused to leave without first warning Nina that she would soon know the truth because Ric would ask about her money. Franco insisted that he, not Ric, was the man for her.

Franco hoped that Nina realized the truth before it was too late because Franco didn't want Ric to take everything from Nina. Nina reiterated that she didn't have control of her money, but Franco clarified that he had been referring to the unique qualities that made Nina who she was. Franco begged Nina not to let Ric -- or anyone -- take that away from her because it was the one thing Franco couldn't handle.

At the Jerome apartment, Kyle informed the woman who bore an uncanny resemblance to Ava Jerome that she was under arrest. Denise denied being Ava, but Kyle didn't believe her. He accused "Ava" of hiding behind a terrible disguise and then called for backup. Ava's doppelgänger insisted that her name was Denise DeMuccio, but Kyle suggested she save it for the judge.

Later, Denise became increasingly upset as she was handcuffed. She insisted it was a case of mistaken identity, but the uniformed police officers led her out of the apartment. Denise appealed for someone to help her, so Kiki and Morgan decided to follow her to the police station. Julian didn't know what to make of Denise, but he asked Alexis to represent her on the off chance that Denise was his sister, Ava. Alexis reluctantly agreed.

After Alexis left, Kyle revealed that an arrest warrant had been issued for Carlos Rivera in connection to Duke's murder. According to Kyle, Carlos had managed to flee the country, so Kyle wondered if Julian had any idea where Carlos might have gone. Julian wasn't surprised that Carlos had vanished, but denied any knowledge of Carlos' whereabouts. Julian added that Carlos had acted on his own by killing Duke, but Kyle didn't appear to believe Julian. Sam was relieved that Jake's name had been cleared, so Kyle seized the opportunity to ask Julian to let Jake go.

Kyle reminded Julian that Julian had tipped Kyle off to the hit on Jake because Julian had been concerned about Jake's welfare, but Julian seemed reluctant to fire Jake. Kyle warned Julian that Jake would continue to have a target on his back as long as Jake worked for Julian, so Sam reluctantly agreed with Kyle. Sam thought it was only fair for Julian to cut Jake loose, since Julian intended to walk away from the organization. Kyle appeared skeptical by the news, but Julian assured the police commissioner that Julian intended to focus on Derek Wells Media.

Later, Sam thanked Julian for agreeing to let Jake walk away, but Julian conceded that his daughter had been right about giving Jake a fresh start. Lucas confessed that he was still surprised by Denise's appearance, but Sam was certain the woman was really Ava.

Across town, Elizabeth was on the phone with Nikolas when she arrived home. She reminded him that Hayden wasn't in a position to tell anyone anything because Hayden was in a coma, but Nikolas argued that Hayden might wake up. Elizabeth revealed there hadn't been any change in Hayden's condition, so Hayden wouldn't be able to tell Jake who Jake was. She was startled when she looked up and suddenly saw Jake standing in the doorway.

After Elizabeth quickly ended the call, she admitted that she hadn't expected Jake. Jake apologized for not calling first, but she waved away his apology because she had given him a key to her home for a reason. She started to ask about his meeting with Kyle, but Jake was curious who Elizabeth had been talking to because he had heard Hayden's name mentioned. Elizabeth claimed that she had checked in with Patrick, but there hadn't been a change in Hayden's condition. Jake accepted the explanation, so he told her about his talk with Kyle and Kyle's offer to get Jake out of the Jerome organization.

Overjoyed, Elizabeth hugged and kissed Jake. She was thrilled that Jake was finally a free to live his life, but Jake had reservations because he didn't trust Kyle. Elizabeth's smile soon faded when she realized that all their troubles weren't behind them because Sonny still believed that Jake had killed Duke. Before Jake could respond, the doorbell rang just as Jake's phone beeped. Elizabeth went to the door as Jake answered his phone. She immediately tensed when she saw Sonny standing on her porch.

Elizabeth tried to defend Jake by assuring Sonny that Jake hadn't killed Duke, but Sonny shoved past Elizabeth because he wanted to hear the denial from Jake. Jake ended the call as Sonny entered the living room. Jake promised that he hadn't shot Duke then added that he had quit the Jerome organization because of everything that had happened. Jake hoped he and Sonny could move forward in peace and put the enmity behind them.

Meanwhile, Lulu stopped by Wyndemere to visit her brother. She entered the living room and looked around as she asked if Valerie was there, so Nikolas explained that Valerie had left to see Dante. "Of course she did," Lulu grumbled. Nikolas was surprised because he had been under the impression that Lulu and Valerie had worked things out. Lulu assured her brother that they had -- for the most part. However, Lulu couldn't understand why Valerie always had to be attached to Dante's hip. Nikolas suspected Valerie had paid Dante a visit because she had heard about Olivia's devastating loss.

Lulu recalled rushing to the police station to check on Dante when she had heard the tragic news, but Dante had pulled Lulu aside to confide that the baby hadn't died. Lulu returned to the present when Nikolas asked about Olivia. Lulu assured her brother that Olivia had been holding up and then quickly changed the subject by expressing concern for Nikolas because of Hayden's shooting. She was confused when Nikolas tried to downplay his relationship with Hayden, so he assured her that he was concerned about Hayden. Lulu hoped it helped knowing that Shawn had been arraigned, which meant the shooter would pay. "There is that, isn't there?" Nikolas quietly replied.

At the police station, Valerie approached Dante in the squad room to offer her condolences on the loss of his brother and then hugged him. Dante smiled uncomfortably because he recalled Olivia's confession about the elaborate ruse to protect his brother from Julian's enemies. He carefully changed the subject by assuring Valerie that it hadn't been necessary for her to visit him at work, so Valerie revealed that she'd had an ulterior motive. Dante was pleasantly surprised when Valerie explained that she had decided to apply for a job because she had seen an opening for a "PAA."

Valerie knew it was an administrative position, but Dante warned her that they needed someone with law enforcement knowledge. Valerie grinned because she had a minored in criminology, while in college. Valerie was confident that she would be the right fit for the job, but she was concerned that Dante might have a problem working with her. Dante assured her that he didn't, so Valerie wondered if Lulu might object because Lulu had made an effort to get Valerie out of the loft. Dante promised Valerie that it wouldn't be a problem, so Valerie went to submit her application.

Later, Dante was stunned when Denise and a uniformed police officer entered the squad room followed by Kiki and Morgan. Denise continued to insist that she had been falsely arrested, but Dante didn't believe her because he assumed she was Ava in a poor disguise. Dante looked to Kiki and Morgan for answers as Alexis arrived. Alexis promptly informed Dante that she represented Denise, so Dante decided to clear up Denise's identity by running her fingerprints. Denise explained that it would be impossible because years of working in a hair salon without wearing gloves had left her without fingerprints.

Dante immediately became suspicious, so he suggested they run a DNA test. Kiki was certain that Dante could find a sample of Ava's DNA for comparison at the hospital because Ava had been tested as a possible bone marrow donor for Danny. Alexis objected to the DNA test, so Dante agreed to obtain a warrant but he warned Alexis and Denise that Denise would be transferred to Pentonville because there was reasonable cause to believe Denise was Ava. Denise balked at the idea of going to prison, so Dante suggested that Denise save time by volunteering a DNA sample for testing, which would allow her to spend the night in lockup until the results were in the following day.

After Denise was taken away, Valerie returned to let Dante know that she had submitted her application and had used him as a reference.

. . .

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