Friday, August 28, 2015

On the Haunted Star, Lulu noticed that Dillon was in a sour mood. He revealed that his lead actress had taken a job as a bit player on Game of Thrones. Lulu was impressed but hid her smile behind a scowl to keep Dillon from feeling worse. Dillon surprised Lulu when he offered her the job, but she warned him that it was a bad idea. Dillon disagreed, but Lulu feared that she would let him down.

Moments later, Maxie sailed in to announce that she had bad news; her friend could not work on Dillon's movie because he had accepted another job offer. Dillon sarcastically wondered if it was for Game of Thrones. Shocked, Maxie wondered how Dillon had known. "Unlucky guess," Dillon answered as Lulu fought back a smile. Maxie sensed that Dillon and Lulu were hiding something, so Lulu revealed that the lead actress for Dillon's movie had quit.

Maxie was curious if Dillon had someone else in mind to play Marjorie. He explained that he had hoped that Lulu would fill the role. Maxie was stunned when Lulu quickly added that she wasn't interested in being in a movie because Lulu had never acted before. Dillon assured Lulu that it would be his job as a director to guide her performance, but Lulu wasn't interested. Maxie thought Lulu was foolish to pass up the chance of a lifetime. Lulu suggested that Maxie portray Marjorie.

In the police station's lockup, Ava tearfully told Morgan that she loved him, but he refused to hurt Kiki again. He explained that he had promised Kiki a fresh start and a new life, and he asked Ava to promise not to tell Kiki about their affair. Ava assured him that she wanted both Morgan and Kiki to be happy then quietly added that Kiki would not hear about their affair from her. Satisfied, Morgan left.

Later, Ava rested on her cot as she cried. She quickly wiped away the tears when Julian arrived to discuss the "package" that she had asked him to pick up. Ava's expression filled with hope as she approached the jail cell's bars to ask if he had secured the incriminating recording of her confession. Julian reluctantly admitted that he had failed because Ric's office had been sealed for an investigation. Dejected, Ava realized that she would spend the rest of her life in prison for Connie's murder.

However, Ava appreciated that Julian had tried to help because she hadn't been certain if her promise to join forces with him to take down Sonny had been sufficient incentive. Ava was curious if she had been right about Julian still being in the mob, but he hesitated to answer. Ava decided that it didn't matter because she would spend the rest of her life behind bars. Julian urged his sister not to give up, but Ava insisted that she needed to accept the inevitable. She explained that she had done all that she could to hold onto her daughters and her freedom, but it was over.

Ava shifted gears as she opened up to her brother about her affair with Morgan. Julian was disappointed, since Morgan had been dating her daughter. Ava assured him that the affair was over, despite Ava and Morgan's love for each other, because Morgan wanted to make things work with Kiki. Julian could tell that Ava wasn't happy about the decision, and she admitted that instead of fearing a life sentence behind bars, all she could focus on was how much it had hurt to let Morgan go. Julian was certain that Ava had known that her relationship with Morgan had been doomed from the start, and she conceded that she had.

Julian assured Ava that she was stronger without Morgan. Ava appreciated the support, but she asked Julian not to breathe a word about her affair with Morgan to anyone because she had made a promise to Morgan.

At Greystone Manor, Carly warned Sonny that their son was in crisis and needed their help. Sonny believed that Morgan was an emotional wreck because of Ava rather than because Morgan had bipolar disorder. Sonny agreed that Morgan should see a psychiatrist, but he wanted to wait until after the wedding to broach the subject with their son. Carly argued that the sooner the better because the longer they waited, the worse things might get for Morgan. Carly suggested that they talk to Morgan and put everything out on the table because their son would need to take an active role in his treatment.

Sonny confessed that he was afraid of how Morgan might react. Carly insisted that they had to deal with it, but Sonny didn't want it to be a reality because it meant that Morgan might suffer as Sonny had. Seconds later, Morgan entered the living room in high spirits because he had paid Ava a visit to break things off with her for good. Carly and Sonny were pleased, and Morgan confessed that he felt good and truly free.

Sonny's expression was etched with concern as he watched Morgan bounce around the room and ramble excitedly about moving forward. Morgan suddenly noticed how quiet his parents were, and he asked if something was wrong. Carly guided Morgan to the sofa as she gently explained that she and Sonny were concerned about him. Morgan assured her that everything was great because he was moving forward with Kiki, but Carly admitted that Morgan's behavior had changed since he had left school.

"It's been unexpected," Carly carefully added. Morgan tensed because he realized that his parents thought something was wrong with him. Carly reminded Morgan that he had been on an emotional rollercoaster lately, and she urged him to talk to a professional like Kevin Collins. Morgan balked at the idea. "No way in hell," Morgan said. He was hurt that Carly and Sonny thought he was "crazy," but Sonny clarified that they feared Morgan might have bipolar disorder.

Morgan was offended, but Carly reminded him that bipolar disorder could be hereditary. Sonny rushed to add that they simply wanted Morgan to be evaluated. Morgan asked what had prompted his parents' concern. Carly explained that Morgan had been exhibiting erratic behavior. Morgan acknowledged that it had been wrong for him to drug Michael, but Sonny argued that it hadn't been an isolated incident.

Carly reminded Morgan that he had been deeply depressed after it had been revealed that Sonny, not Morgan, was Avery's father, but Morgan became defensive. Carly admitted that Morgan's impulsive and volatile behavior had led her and Sonny to fear that Morgan had killed Silas, but Morgan remained adamant that he was fine. Sonny explained that the symptoms of bipolar disorder usually manifested when a person was in their early twenties. Morgan grew increasingly agitated.

Sonny admitted that he had been impulsive and hotheaded like Morgan, so Sonny knew firsthand the feeling of invincibility followed by a crash that left a person feeling hopeless. Sonny's words appeared to hit a nerve, and Morgan asked his father to stop talking because Sonny, not Morgan, was the one who was "sick." Sonny switched tactics by asking if Morgan thought that Sonny enjoyed taking the medication needed to stabilize the disorder. Morgan didn't answer. Sonny explained that he took the pills because they kept him from turning into a wrecking ball that hurt everyone Sonny loved.

Sonny didn't want Morgan to suffer as Sonny had. He begged Morgan to talk to a doctor and to get help, but Morgan remained firmly entrenched in denial. Morgan promised that he was nothing like Sonny because Ava had been at the root of all of Morgan's problems. However, Morgan had cut all ties with Ava, and all Morgan needed was Kiki. Carly made another attempt to get through to Morgan, but Morgan announced that he had to meet Kiki at Silas' apartment.

After Morgan left, Carly admitted that she was disappointed. Sonny confessed that things had gone better than he had expected. Carly feared that things would get worse because Morgan had refused to even entertain the idea that he might have bipolar disorder.

Meanwhile, Kiki glared at Franco between the bars of his jail cell as she waited for him to explain what her mother had lied about. Franco promised to tell her, but first he reminded Kiki how she had once struggled with whether or not to tell him about Carly and Sonny's affair. Franco admitted that the truth had hurt, but he had appreciated Kiki's honesty. Franco insisted that Kiki deserved the same, and he revealed Silas had wanted to tell Kiki that Ava had been having an affair with Morgan.

Kiki refused to believe Franco, but Franco assured her that it was true. He revealed that he had caught Morgan and Ava in a compromising position. Kiki was certain that Franco was mistaken, but Franco revealed that Ava had eventually admitted the truth. Tears suddenly filled Kiki's eyes as she realized that Franco wasn't lying. Franco assured her that he had wanted to tell her, but Ava had promised to help him win Nina back.

Kiki was hurt that Franco had picked Nina over her, but Franco assured Kiki that he had tried to put an end to the affair. Franco revealed that Morgan had lied on the witness stand about why Franco had threatened Morgan with a knife; Franco had used the knife to warn Morgan to stay away from Ava. Franco admitted that Morgan had been desperate to keep Kiki from finding out about the affair. Kiki wondered if Morgan might have killed her father.

Franco doubted it; his money was on Ava because she'd had motive and opportunity, and she was capable of murder. Kiki was crushed by the betrayal, so Franco tried to soften the blow by assuring Kiki that Morgan hadn't known that Denise was really Ava. Kiki cried that it only made things worse because Morgan had slept with her "aunt."

Later, Kiki entered her father's apartment. She stared at the spot where Silas had died. "Dad," she tearfully whispered as her eyes landed on a photograph of her and Silas. Kiki was certain that Silas had intended to tell her about the affair, but she admitted that she needed Silas because she had no idea what to do next. Seconds later, Morgan knocked on the door as if he didn't have a care in the world. Kiki opened the door, but Morgan's smile instantly vanished as he realized that something was wrong.

In the interrogation room, Ric refused to speak without an attorney present. Dante suggested that Ric hear what Dante and Nathan had to say then decide whether or not Ric wanted to cooperate. Nathan was confident that Ric would have a change of heart.

In the squad room, Jordan spotted Dante as he left the interrogation room. She approached him for an update because she had everyone breathing down her neck, demanding an explanation for Ric's arrest. Dante assured her that they had laid everything out for Ric, and Ric had decided to mull over his options. Dante was confident that Ric would agree to cooperate, but Jordan had her doubts, since the day had been full of surprises.

Jordan told Dante about her odd encounter with Julian in Ric's office and Julian's claim that he had wanted to persuade Ric to recuse himself from prosecuting Julian and Ava's cases. Dante was curious why Julian hadn't sent Alexis to talk to Ric, but Jordan didn't have an answer. Moments later, Nathan exited the interrogation room to let Jordan and Dante know that Ric had made a decision.

In the courtroom, Alexis was annoyed that she and Nina had been kept waiting. Nina admitted that she wished Franco had been there, but Alexis reminded Nina that Franco had confessed to killing Silas, which Alexis might be able to use to their advantage. Nina argued that Franco hadn't killed Silas, but Alexis urged Nina to worry about herself rather than Franco. Madeline agreed with Alexis as Madeline entered the courtroom. Nina wondered what her mother was doing there. Madeline claimed that she wanted to support her daughter.

Nina suspected that Madeline had only made an appearance to find out if Nina had signed the documents. Alexis perked up as she asked what Nina was talking about, so Nina explained that Madeline wanted Nina to transfer control of Nina's funds to Madeline and Ric. Madeline insisted that she only cared about Nina's welfare, not the legal papers, but she smoothly changed the subject by asking why Nina had been charged with Silas' murder if Franco had confessed to the crime. Nina reiterated that Franco was innocent, but Alexis explained that the photograph of Nina kneeling over Silas' body had been compelling evidence.

However, Alexis admitted that Franco's confession had helped Nina's case. Nina once again insisted that Franco was innocent, but Madeline advised Nina to listen to Alexis because Alexis knew what was best for Nina. Alexis instructed Nina to plead not guilty then to keep quiet for the remainder of the proceedings. Nina was curious why Ric hadn't arrived yet. Alexis explained that Ric would have to recuse himself, since he was married to Nina.

Moments later, the assistant district attorney entered the courtroom, followed by Judge Roth. The judge announced that she had a full docket, and she wanted to expedite the arraignment. She asked for Nina's plea. "Not guilty," Nina answered. Alexis immediately requested that the case be dismissed because Franco had confessed to the crime, but Nina jumped up to defend Franco.

Seconds later, Ric entered the courtroom and sat next to Madeline. The judge was not pleased with Nina's outburst, but Nina kept talking until Alexis dragged Nina back to the defense table and instructed Nina to remain silent. The judge denied Alexis' motion to drop the charges and Alexis' request for bail. After the judge left the courtroom, Nina asked Alexis what would happen next. Alexis admitted that Nina would have to return to jail.

Nina appealed to Ric for help, but Ric insisted that his hands were tied because Mayor Lomax wanted the case prosecuted. Ric promised that he would give anything to spare Nina the anguish of a trial, but the picture of Nina had been damaging.

In the squad room, Nathan assured Jordan and Dante that they should hear back from Ric soon. Moments later, Mayor Lomax called Jordan, demanding answers. Jordan assured the mayor that it hadn't been Jordan's intention to embarrass or humiliate the mayor's office. Jordan explained that the evidence against Ric had been too strong to ignore, but they had decided to cut Ric loose. After Jordan ended the call, she warned her detectives that the mayor was not happy. Nathan reminded Jordan that they couldn't risk telling the mayor the truth.

In lockup, Franco was disappointed when Nina returned to her jail cell because it meant that Alexis had failed to get the charges dropped. Nina assured Franco that she had done as he had requested by pleading not guilty. However, she had also tried to persuade the judge that Franco was innocent. Franco promised Nina that they would have their freedom and happiness.

After everyone filed out of the courtroom, Madeline asked if Ric had gotten his hands on the documents for Nina to sign. Ric admitted that he had hit a snag. He told her about the arrest but claimed that the police had been forced to release him when he had called their bluff and threatened to file a lawsuit. Ric was disappointed that his own nephew had tried to railroad him, based on some new evidence the police had uncovered. Madeline felt bad for Ric, but she was curious if he had managed to retrieve the legal papers for Nina to sign.

Ric smiled as he opened his briefcase to retrieve the documents. Madeline was pleased, but she reminded him that Nina would have to sign them. Ric assured her that he would take care of it, but he had a question for Madeline. Ric flipped to a page with signatures then asked how she had managed to get Silas to sign the documents.

Madeline recalled paying Silas a visit on the night of his murder.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...

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• Madeline tells Ric that she had to do whatever it took for them to get Nina's money
• Nathan is confident that Ric will lead them to Silas' killer
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