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Friday, October 9, 2015

In Metro Court's hallway, Julian was startled when he saw Olivia holding a baby as she passed his hotel room. He assumed that she was babysitting for a friend, but Olivia surprised him by announcing that she had adopted the baby boy. According to Olivia, she had volunteered at a church in Bensonhurst where a pregnant teenager had turned to the parish counselor for help to find a home for her unborn child. Olivia claimed that the counselor had thought of Olivia and the loss that Olivia had suffered with Leo' passing, so he had talked to Olivia about adopting the baby. Olivia told Julian that she had been reluctant at first, but had quickly changed her mind and adopted Mateo through a closed adoption.

Julian believed the story, but he admitted that it seemed strange to see Olivia with a baby who was the same age that their son would have been, if Leo had lived. Olivia quickly explained that Mateo was a few weeks younger then started to rush off, but the diaper bag slipped from her shoulder. Rattled, Olivia tried to pick it up, while juggling the baby even though Julian had offered to clean up the scattered contents from the bag. Eventually, Julian just snatched the baby out of Olivia's arms when "Mateo" began to fuss. Olivia tensed when Julian noticed the baby's blanket had Leo's name stitched into it.

Olivia quickly explained that a friend had made the blanket as a gift to help Olivia remember Leo. She claimed that she had felt obligated to accept it, but had decided to put it to use when she adopted "Mateo." Julian easily accepted the lie. After he handed the baby back to Olivia and returned to his room, Olivia breathed a sigh of relief because she had successfully fooled Julian and managed to find a way for her and Leo to remain in Port Charles without any questions.

At the police station, Dante pulled Valerie to a quiet corner in the hallway to confront her about the pregnancy test. Dillon started to pass by, but he quickly stepped back when he saw Dante and Valerie. Dillon eavesdropped as Dante demanded to know when Valerie had intended to tell him about the pregnancy. Nathan walked by and noticed Dillon, so Dillon quickly ducked out before Nathan realized what Dillon had been doing.

Meanwhile, Valerie marched into the interrogation room as she informed Dante that she was not pregnant and that the pregnancy test kit didn't belong to her. Dante told her that Nathan had seen her drop the bag with the kit in it, but Valerie angrily explained that it had clearly gotten mixed up with her bag of candy somewhere along the line. Valerie was offended by Dante's attitude. "Who the hell do you think you are?" she asked. Dante immediately apologized for the misunderstanding and admitted that he had panicked when he had thought she was pregnant.

Valerie assured Dante that she wasn't pregnant and added that he needn't worry because she wouldn't have kept it if she had been. Dante was shocked that Valerie thought that he would pressure her to not to have a child, but she assured him that he could never make her do anything against her will. However, she was curious what he would have done if she had been pregnant. Dante confessed that he had no idea.

Valerie appeared hurt, but she appreciated Dante's honesty. Dante begged her to forgive him because he deeply regretted his outburst. Valerie immediately softened as she admitted that he made it impossible for her to hate him. Dante promised that he wanted the best for Valerie and hoped that things worked out between her and Dillon. Valerie assured Dante that she wanted the best for him too.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu was stunned when Maxie blurted out that Dillon was in love with Lulu. Lulu insisted that Maxie was wrong because Lulu and Dillon's past relationship had been a colossal mistake. Maxie assured Lulu that Dillon had confided the truth about his feelings to Maxie, but Maxie had reminded Dillon of Lulu's commitment to Dante and Rocco. "I am right about that, aren't I?" Maxie asked. Before Lulu could reply, Dillon walked in.

Dillon asked to speak privately to Lulu, but Maxie didn't think it was a good idea. Lulu assured Maxie that it was fine. After Maxie reluctantly left, Dillon tried to find the right words to break the news about what he had witnessed at the police station between Dante and Valerie. Lulu cut him off because she assumed that he was trying to work up the nerve to declare his feelings for her. She admitted that she already knew what he wanted to tell her and promised that it was okay. As Lulu talked, Dillon became confused until she revealed that Maxie had told her about his feelings for Lulu.

Lulu conceded that she and Dillon had left a lot of things unresolved in the past, but she assured him that they could work through it and remain good friends. Dillon became increasingly frustrated as Lulu talked about her life with Dante and her devotion to her marriage. Dillon argued that Dante was not worthy of Lulu, but Lulu resented Dillon's insulting remark about her husband. Dillon insisted that Lulu didn't understand and then caught her off guard with a passionate kiss.

In the squad room, Nathan worked at his desk when Maxie waltzed in and kissed him. Nathan grinned, but he was curious why she had stopped by. Maxie admitted that she was grateful for their "uncomplicated" relationship. She added that she loved him and always would, even when she became an A-list movie star. Her expression clouded with concern because she worried that Dillon would let his personal issues derail the movie, unless she found a way to keep him on track. Maxie decided to get back to the set, so she gave Nathan a quick kiss and left.

Moments later, Dante approached Nathan's desk to reveal that Valerie was not pregnant and that it had been a big misunderstanding. Nathan was relieved, but apologized for needlessly worrying Dante. Dante assured his friend and partner that he appreciated that Nathan had been looking out for him.

Meanwhile, Maxie passed the interrogation room as Valerie dropped the pregnancy test kit into the garbage can and watched Dante talk to Nathan. Maxie greeted Valerie, but quickly picked up on Valerie's subdued tone. Valerie promised that she was fine and left. Maxie glanced into the squad room then started to follow Valerie out, but she froze when she noticed what Valerie had dropped into the garbage can.

At Wyndemere, Hayden nibbled on sliced apples as she thought about the conversation she had overheard between Nikolas and Laura when Nikolas had asked his mother to forget about Elizabeth's suspicions that he had tried to have Hayden killed, and that Jake was Jason. "Penny for your thoughts," Nikolas said as he entered the room. Hayden smiled sweetly as she told him that she had been looking forward to the day because she had big plans for him. However, she confessed that she needed a favor.

Hayden explained that she wanted to take Nikolas out on a date, but she needed a proper outfit for the special evening. Nikolas grinned when Hayden suggested that they spend the day shopping and then turn it into a romantic evening. Hayden insisted that she wanted to start living her life.

At Kelly's, Jake thanked Sam for meeting him because he had less than a month to find out about his past. Sam reminded him that it had been a year and no one had reported him missing, but he argued that they couldn't be certain of that, since he had a new face. Sam doubted that Jake's past would matter to Elizabeth, but Jake confessed that Laura had made him realize that he owed it to Elizabeth to learn the truth about who he was because he might have a wife and child waiting for him to return home. Jake added that Laura had suggested it would be a gift if Jake could tell Elizabeth who his real identity on their wedding day.

Sam promised to do whatever she could to help Jake, but she wondered where to start. Sam realized that Hayden was the key, but Jake insisted that Hayden had suffered amnesia following the shooting. Sam pointed out that Hayden hadn't known the truth about Jake when Hayden had first arrived in town to help Ric scam Jake, which meant that Hayden had likely discovered Jake's real identity during her stay with Nikolas. Jake and Sam agreed that Nikolas knew the truth, but Jake couldn't imagine how it would benefit Nikolas to keep Jake's real identity a secret.

Sam was confident that she and Jake could get some answers from Nikolas' computer, since the safe hadn't yielded any answers. Jake and Sam perked up when they saw Nikolas and Hayden enter the diner. They realized that it was their chance to get into Wyndemere without being caught because Nikolas and Hayden were busy in town. Jake and Sam pulled on their jackets and started to leave as Nikolas and Hayden dropped several shopping bags on a chair.

Hayden gushed that Nikolas was a gentleman, but Sam stopped to clarify that her cousin had once been famous for his gentlemanly manners until he had lost his ethics. Hayden was curious if Sam always insulted people at first sight. Nikolas appreciated Hayden having his back, but he knew that Sam wasn't happy with him anymore than he was happy with the company his cousin kept. Nikolas pointedly glanced at Jake, but Sam informed Nikolas that she hadn't asked his opinion.

Hayden thought it was clear that Nikolas wasn't interested in a relationship with Sam, but Sam confessed that she missed the man that Nikolas had once been. After Sam and Jake left, Nikolas and Hayden sat down. Nikolas shifted gears to ask what Hayden had bought, so she decided to give him a glimpse by unbuttoning her blouse enough to show him the black bustier she had picked up. Nikolas was taken aback that she would practically strip in a family diner. It made him wonder what was really going on.

Hayden was pleased to notice that Nikolas had blushed, but she reminded him of the attraction simmering between them. Hayden explained that she wanted to repay Nikolas for all his kindness. Nikolas questioned if it was just about "payback." Hayden smiled seductively as she told him it was, but it would take time. He grinned as he assured her that he looked forward to it.

Hayden asked if Nikolas had feelings for her, so he admitted that he didn't "not care" about her. Nikolas suddenly decided that he wasn't hungry and suggested that they return to Wyndemere.

At Wyndemere, Sam and Jake slipped into the parlor and immediately approached the desk where they hoped Nikolas had stored the laptop. Sam used her skills to pick the lock on the drawers, but the laptop was nowhere to be found. Seconds later, they heard Nikolas and Hayden return. Sam and Jake managed to slip out the patio door just as Nikolas and Hayden entered the room. Nikolas was eager for Hayden to model her new purchases, but Hayden warned him that she had bought a lot of clothes and wanted to surprise him with her outfit for dinner. Nikolas suggested that she model everything except what she planned to wear later.

Outside, Sam and Jake decided to break into Nikolas' office, so they scaled the castle wall to the second floor. Sam was surprised when the door leading to the office was locked, since she couldn't imagine why anyone would lock a balcony door on the second floor. She once again picked the lock. Jake followed her to the desk where they located the laptop. Sam used a "thumb drive" from Spinelli to hack into Nikolas' computer and then downloaded everything onto a flash drive.

Moments later, Sam and Jake escaped through the balcony door when they heard Nikolas and Hayden. Hayden was curious why Nikolas had decided to take her to his office, so he kissed her passionately as he leaned her across his desk.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth tried on wedding veils. She smiled as she realized that she and Jason were really getting married. Moments later she answered a knock at the door. It was Laura. Elizabeth tensed, but Laura smiled pleasantly as she greeted Elizabeth and entered the house. Laura revealed that she had heard about Jason and Elizabeth's engagement, so she urged Elizabeth to tell Jason the truth before it was too late.

Elizabeth insisted that too many people would be hurt by the truth, especially Sam and Patrick who had created a new family with Emma and Danny. Laura argued that Jason's memories might return, which meant that Elizabeth's marriage would be invalid, since he already had a wife. Elizabeth was willing to risk it because it had been a year and Jason hadn't remembered anything. Laura promised that she cared about Elizabeth, but she wondered if Elizabeth had considered how the truth might affect Cameron, Aiden, and little Jake. Laura thought that little Jake had a right to know that Jake was his real father.

Laura pointed out that Helena, Nikolas, Laura, Lucky, and Elizabeth knew the truth. "And let's not forget about Hayden," Laura added. Elizabeth was confident that Hayden's memories wouldn't return, but Laura admitted that she didn't trust Hayden. Moments later, little Jake arrived home. Elizabeth became alarmed when she noticed a cut above his eyebrow, so she asked what had happened. Little Jake claimed that he had fallen and promised that he was fine, but Elizabeth insisted on cleaning up the cut.

After Elizabeth dashed off to fetch a first aid kit, Laura took the opportunity to ask little Jake how things had been going, since he returned from Cassadine Island. Little Jake ignored the question as Elizabeth returned to the room and quickly cleaned and patched up the cut. Laura smiled as she remarked that little Jake was lucky to have a mother who was a nurse. Little Jake agreed as Elizabeth lovingly hugged him. Laura's expression turned concerned as she studied the boy.

After little Jake left to play, Laura asked Elizabeth how little Jake had been adjusting. Elizabeth assured Laura that little Jake was doing well in school, but Laura was curious if he had made any friends. Elizabeth conceded that it hadn't been easy for little Jake and that his teacher's had expressed some concern, but little Jake had Cameron and Aiden. Elizabeth was confident that things would change with time, but Laura reminded Elizabeth that none of them knew what little Jake had endured during his four years on the island. Elizabeth assured Laura that she had asked little Jake about it, but all he had told her was that the food had been good, the nannies were nice, and he'd had a lot of time to play.

Laura pointed out that little Jake had been isolated from other children during that time, so she suggested that perhaps it might help little Jake to talk to a professional. Elizabeth became defensive because her son had been through enough, but Laura continued to push by adding that little Jake deserved to know that Jake was Jason. Neither Elizabeth nor Laura realized that little Jake had been sitting on the staircase listening to their conversations with an expression of rage and narrowed eyes.

. . .

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