Wednesday, October 29, 2014

At the brownstone, Ava reclined on the sofa as Silas listened to the baby's heartbeat with a stethoscope. He confirmed that the baby's heartbeat was strong, so Silas was confident that the drugs that Sabrina had given Ava had cleared out of Ava's system. Ava was relieved that Silas was certain Ava would be able to carry the baby full term.

Moments later, Morgan entered the brownstone with four cups of coffee. Morgan was curious if Silas had been keeping an eye on the street because Morgan had noticed a car idling in front of the building that had peeled out when Morgan had pulled up. Morgan admitted that he hadn't gotten a look at the driver, but he was certain that someone had been watching the house.

Kiki entered the living room, dressed up for Franco and Carly's wedding. Everyone complimented Kiki's outfit, but Morgan explained that he would not be able to attend the wedding. Silas revealed that Morgan had reason to believe that someone had been watching the house, so Kiki immediately thought of Nina. Morgan assured Kiki that it hadn't been Nina because Rosalie had promised to keep quiet about Ava's whereabouts. Kiki argued that Nina was fully aware of where Kiki lived and that Kiki was on Nina's list.

Ava wondered if perhaps the car might have been one of Sonny's men watching the house. She reminded everyone that Sonny intended to kill her the moment the baby was born, but Silas remained unconvinced that Sonny's men had been watching the house because Silas suspected that Sonny would have made a move to grab Ava. Silas also pointed out that Ava had a lot of enemies.

Kiki offered to stay home to help keep an eye on Ava, but Morgan argued that Kiki couldn't miss the wedding without arousing suspicion. Morgan explained that he could just tell his mother that he'd had a change of heart about the wedding because Morgan objected to Franco, but Kiki didn't have the same excuse. Ava agreed, especially since Kiki was one of Franco's only friends.

After Kiki left, Silas and Morgan discussed moving Ava to a safer location. Silas hoped they were worried about nothing, but Morgan remained uneasy. Silas called the police station to ask if there had been any news about Nina's sudden disappearance, but he was told that Nina hadn't been sighted. After Silas ended the call, he conceded that they couldn't rule Nina out as a threat. Morgan decided to pay his father a visit because he remained certain that one of Sonny's men had been in the car.

After Morgan left, Ava remained nervous about her safety, but Silas assured her that he would not let anything happen to her or the baby. Ava smiled with gratitude.

In Liesl's office, Nina was relieved when Madeline arrived. Nina was eager for news about Ava, but Madeline grumbled about having been stuck in a car all night in a rundown neighborhood to "stalk" Nina's enemies. Nina was unsympathetic as she demanded to know if Silas' "bastard daughter" was hiding Ava. Madeline became evasive, which immediately raised Nina's suspicions. Reluctantly, Madeline confessed that she had seen Silas enter the brownstone the previous evening, but he had never left.

Annoyed, Nina demanded to know what Madeline was implying. Madeline suggested that Nina "do the math." Infuriated, Nina slapped Madeline at the suggestion that Silas and Ava had rekindled their affair. Nina began to pace the room as she ranted about Silas by reminding Madeline that Silas was still married to Nina. Madeline watched with concern as Nina's emotions shifted between anger and hurt. "Can he not see the pain I'm in?" Nina tearfully asked.

Nina's voice cracked as she asked if she was invisible. However, in the next breath, Nina pulled herself together then announced that she would make Silas take notice of her. "How?" Madeline nervously wondered. "I'm going to kill Ava -- then I'm going to kill Silas," Nina answered without hesitation. Madeline warned Nina that killing both Silas and Ava was going too far, but Nina was curious what Madeline would have done if their roles had been reversed.

Madeline suggested that perhaps Silas had merely spent the night to watch over Ava after the recent complications with Ava's early labor pains. Nina immediately calmed down because she realized that her mother was likely correct. Nina added that she couldn't commit murder because it was necessary for Nina to keep her eye on the prize, which was the baby. Nina knew exactly how to get what she wanted then held up a vial of medication that would induce labor.

Nina began to ramble about how Madeline knew firsthand that the liquid form of a medication was far more effective than tablets because it was how Madeline had killed Nina's baby. Nina intended to use the drug to induce Ava's labor, so Ava would deliver the baby into Nina's "loving arms." Nina ordered Madeline to return to the brownstone to determine when Ava was alone.

A short time later, Madeline returned to report that both Morgan and Kiki had left the brownstone. However, Silas remained with Ava. Nina decided that they needed to find a way to get Silas away from Ava because Nina couldn't carry out her plans with Silas around. Madeline was curious how Nina intended to accomplish that, but Nina merely smiled.

At Kelly's, Shawn spoke to Sonny on the phone about Heather. Sonny wanted Shawn to keep Heather happy so she didn't get wind of their plan to frame her for Franco's murder. Shawn assured Sonny not to worry, so Sonny asked if everything else was in place because Sonny didn't want Carly to be anywhere near Franco when Franco was killed. Shawn promised Sonny that Franco would be long dead before the wedding, so Sonny simply needed to say the word for Shawn to pull the trigger.

Shawn tensed when he noticed that Jordan had entered the diner. After he quickly wrapped up the call, Jordan followed Shawn to the kitchen despite his protest that it was a violation of the health code for anyone except an employee to enter the kitchen. Jordan was curious if Sonny worked at the diner because she had seen Sonny in the kitchen, conspiring with Shawn, numerous times.

Jordan decided to cut to the chase by asking whose head was on the chopping block because she had heard what Shawn had said on the phone. She suspected that it was Ava's death Shawn and Sonny had been plotting, but Shawn reminded Jordan that Ava had managed to vanish, thanks to Jordan. He tried to distract Jordan by suggesting that she kept seeking him out, hoping to entice him to change his mind about ending their relationship, but Jordan scoffed at the idea that she would take him back.

Jordan revealed that she had sought Shawn out because she knew that he had told T.J. about their affair. Shawn pointed out that it hadn't been a big deal, especially since things were over, but Jordan resented that Shawn had given T.J. the misconception that Shawn had ended things because Jordan was a drug trafficker. Shawn was curious what the misconception was, since Jordan was a drug dealer. Jordan's temper flared because she was tired of being the bad guy, so Shawn suggested that she stop selling drugs.

Jordan argued that Shawn had done far worse things than Jordan had then reminded him of what he had done to T.J.'s father, but Shawn was tried of her constantly holding the threat over his head. He assured her that not a day went by when he didn't think about it, but he was ready to tell T.J. the truth because T.J. was old enough to decide for himself who was to blame. Shawn smiled when he noticed the fear in Jordan's eyes because he realized that she knew T.J. might write her off completely if T.J. knew the truth about what had happened. Jordan's expression was thoughtful as she watched Shawn leave.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny ordered Shawn to carry out the hit on Franco. "Now's the time. Ain't no one gonna stop me," Sonny said as Anna suddenly appeared in the doorway and cleared her throat. Sonny quickly ended the call with Shawn then called out to his guard, Mateo, to ask why Mateo hadn't announced the police commissioner's arrival. Anna explained that Mateo couldn't answer because Mateo was in the back of a squad car after refusing to cooperate when the police had tried to tow an illegally parked car.

Sonny asked why Anna was there, so she revealed that she wanted to talk to him about a murder. She explained that she had information that Sonny intended to kill Ava, but Sonny pointed out that Ava was pregnant with his flesh and blood. Anna was curious if Sonny had ever gathered all of his children and their various mothers in one place at the same time. Sonny insisted that it didn't have any bearing on what they were discussing, but Anna disagreed because she doubted that Ava would be held in equally high regard as the other mothers of Sonny's other children.

Anna was certain that Sonny intended to murder Ava once the umbilical cord was cut, but Sonny pointed out that Anna would have already arrested him if she had any proof that Sonny planned to murder Ava. Anna warned Sonny that she would be watching him closely, so she wouldn't hesitate to return with an arrest warrant if he stepped out of line.

Shortly after Anna left, Sonny received a text message from Shawn notifying Sonny that Shawn was about to enter the hotel. Sonny smiled as Morgan entered the room. Morgan was curious if Sonny had been reading anything interesting.

At Carly's residence, Carly sat on the sofa as she answered a call from Franco. She was curious about his bachelor party with Scott, so Franco revealed that his father was in the spa, trying to recover from the fun. Carly was curious why Franco wasn't with Scott, but Franco claimed that he had some last-minute wedding details to attend to. He shifted gears by playfully asking if she had cold feet, but she happily assured him that her feet were toasty.

Carly reminded Franco that they would be walking down the aisle before they knew it as she made her way to the front door to answer the doorbell. It was Michael, so she ended the call with Franco then greeted her son. Michael was curious if Franco had mentioned that Michael had agreed to be the best man. Carly smiled with gratitude but promised Michael that she'd had no idea that Franco had planned to ask Michael. Michael made it clear that he had only agreed to be a part of the wedding for Carly's sake.

Carly sensed that something was troubling her eldest child, but Michael didn't want to burden her on her wedding day. Carly refused to drop it, so Michael reluctantly explained that he had obtained evidence that had exonerated Carlos of A.J.'s murder and had put the blame on someone else. Shocked, Carly asked Michael to tell her what he had uncovered, so he filled her in about Sabrina's revelation and his talk with Anna. Michael explained that he had wanted to give the police an opportunity to investigate Ava as the shooter, but he also planned to ask Sam to help him launch a separate investigation.

Alarmed, Carly carefully advised Michael to let it drop, but Michael explained that he couldn't then asked her about the last moments of A.J.'s life. Michael wondered if A.J. had mentioned anything that might shed some light on the shooting, but Carly lied by insisting that A.J. had only talked about how much he had loved Michael.

Michael confessed that he had regrets about A.J. because he felt partially responsible for A.J. relapsing. Carly explained that A.J. had struggled with alcoholism long before Michael was born, so Michael was in no way to blame for A.J.'s drinking. Michael reminded his mother that A.J. had been both alone and defeated at the end, which had led to A.J. drinking, but Carly insisted that A.J. had been a troubled man. However, she assured Michael that he had been the best thing to happen to A.J. and that A.J. had been proud of Michael.

Carly confessed that she liked to think that she, Sonny, and Jason had poured the best of themselves into Michael because it meant that they had each done something good. According to Carly, Michael was a good, kind, and decent man. She appreciated how difficult it had to be for him to be a part of the wedding because of his history with Franco, but Michael explained that he just wanted his mother to be happy. Carly promised that she wanted the same for Michael.

Michael smiled then revealed that he had talked to Sonny the previous day at the Quartermaine crypt. Carly appeared relieved when Michael admitted that he had mentioned the recent development with Carlos to Sonny, but she once again appealed to Michael to drop it because it would open old wounds for people including Monica. Michael refused because he had vowed not to rest until he had answers.

In Scott's suite at Metro Court, Franco ended his phone call with Carly then looked at the television screen as a video began to play of Sonny confessing to Carly that he had to live with the guilt of putting A.J. in the grave and taking Michael's father away "when I shot that bastard." Franco stopped the tape as he chuckled to himself, certain that Michael would love the video presentation portion of the wedding.

Moments later, Franco answered a knock at the door. It was Mr. Beach from Ferncliff. Franco pulled the man into the room then demanded to know where Heather was. Beach explained that someone had attacked him from behind and taken Heather. Stunned, Franco couldn't imagine who else would want to break Heather out of Ferncliff, but Beach was desperate to locate Heather before anyone realized that she was missing. Franco explained that he couldn't search for Heather because Franco had a wedding to get to, but Beach insisted that he could only cover for Heather's absence for a short time.

Franco was more concerned about what his mother's disappearance meant for his plans for Carly because without Heather, everything would go up in smoke. Franco and Beach were both startled when someone knocked on the door. It was Kiki stopping by to wish Franco luck and to give him a present. Franco hustled Beach out of the room with an explanation that Beach was helping with the wedding. Kiki believed the lie then presented Franco with a small box.

Inside the box was a set of cufflinks bearing the initials "F" and "C." Kiki explained that since Franco didn't have a last name, she'd decided to get cufflinks representing Franco and Carly. Franco was touched by the gift but insisted that it hadn't been necessary. Kiki disagreed because Franco had proved himself to be a good person. Kiki assured Franco that Carly was lucky to have him then advised Franco not to let his paranoia get the best of him because Carly loved Franco and was completely committed to him.

Shortly after Kiki left, Franco struggled to get a cufflink in as he muttered to himself that Kiki's present would make him late for the wedding. "I wouldn't worry about that if I were you," Shawn said as he entered the room. Surprised, Franco was curious why Shawn was there. Shawn aimed a gun with a silencer at Franco as he explained that he was there to deliver a wedding present.

. . .

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