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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
by Nel

In Finn's suite, Finn and Hayden were kissing when Tracy knocked at the door. Tracy walked into his suite and saw Hayden in a bathrobe. She said that the previous night's engagement seemed to have taken an unexpected turn. Tracy told Hayden that Finn had become concerned when Hayden had left the restaurant with Evan. Finn admitted he'd gone looking for Hayden. Tracy wanted to know if Finn had hit Evan over the head with a club. Finn explained that Hayden had had a few too many drinks the night before and had wound up sleeping it off in his suite.

Tracy asked Hayden sarcastically if she'd seduced Evan so she could get back into ELQ, with a corner office and executive dining room privileges. Tracy said she would've had more respect for Hayden had Hayden asked Tracy herself. Tracy told Hayden to stop pretending she didn't know Finn had called Tracy on Hayden's behalf.

Finn confirmed he'd called Tracy while Hayden had been asleep, and Hayden wasn't aware of his call to Tracy. Finn said he wanted to ask Tracy to let Hayden back into ELQ because she'd be really good, and Tracy was just letting history get in the way. Hayden felt Finn had made the magnanimous gesture because he was trying to get rid of her. Tracy admitted she'd considered hiring Hayden because Finn had asked her to, but she'd decided she wouldn't hire Hayden to clean her floors. Tracy left.

Finn asked what had just happened. Hayden said Finn had gone to a lot of trouble to get her out of his life, when all he'd had to do was ask. Hayden assured him that she'd be gone as soon as she was dressed. Finn asked Hayden how asking Tracy to give her a job equated to him trying to get rid of her. She said that he was trying to protect her from what could be his early demise by pushing her away in the kindest way possible. Finn said he didn't want to be the cause of her doing reckless things like going to a stranger's room or conning some guy to think he'd had sex with her.

Hayden said she knew Finn liked and wanted her, but he couldn't let himself feel anything for any woman other than his wife. Finn said that he'd watched her sleeping on his couch, and that had been the happiest time for him since his wife had died. He said that maybe for a moment he'd felt he'd betrayed her, and maybe Hayden scared him a little. He explained that he'd called Tracy to give Hayden something better to focus on besides him. He said that when she'd woken up and he'd kissed her, he hadn't been thinking of anyone else but her. Hayden said that his wife was still in the room, so he didn't have to feel anything or give himself to anyone, including her. She walked out.

Franco and Elizabeth went to the police station with the last piece of evidence that would allow the hospital to be reopened. Franco provided Jordan with the evidence that should close the investigation into the attacks at General Hospital. Franco advised Jordan that it was Heather who had attacked Bobbie Spencer and Lucas Jones on the night of the Nurses Ball. Franco handed over a flash drive of Heather's confession that described how and why she'd done it. Franco said once Jordan heard the confession, she'd declare the case closed, and the hospital would reopen.

Jordan listened to the confession and advised Franco that it looked like Heather was culpable. However, Darkham was a super maximum facility, and Jordan had a hard time believing that Heather had escaped, attempted to kill Bobbie and Lucas at General Hospital, and then returned to the facility without anyone noticing. Jordan told Franco that his mother's story proved nothing. Jordan would investigate to see if there had been any way Heather could have committed the attacks, but as it stood, they were still a long way from solving the two attacks.

Elizabeth and Franco advised Jordan they had been gathering evidence. Franco provided Jordan with a copy of a canceled check from his mother's account, made out to Rob Howell, one of the guards at Darkham who had been on duty that night. After the attack, Rob Howell had bought a condominium outside Las Vegas. Franco also provided Jordan with a copy of a rental agreement that indicated that Rob Howell had rented a car for Heather. Franco provided another copy of a canceled check from his mother's account, made out to Billy Burton.

Jordon knew Billy Burton was a lowlife drug dealer. Franco told Jordan that he'd seen Billy before going to the police station, and Billy had confessed that he'd helped Rob Howell. Jordan left to check out the evidence. Franco explained to Elizabeth how he'd gotten Heather to confess without her knowledge. Heather was furious with Franco, but Franco felt that it had needed to be done.

Later, Tracy arrived at the police station and asked Jordan if she'd made any progress in solving the case, because Tracy had to get the hospital opened. Jordan told Tracy they'd found the person responsible, Heather Webber. Tracy wanted to know which detective to thank for finding the evidence. Jordan advised that Franco had provided all the evidence.

Alexis was having a drink on the Haunted Star deck and encountered Sonny. Alexis told him she was so sorry about Morgan. When Sonny went inside, Alexis called Diane to advise that she couldn't get together because she was with her girls. Alexis continued drinking.

Ava was having a drink inside the Haunted Star and looking at Morgan's picture when Scott found her. Scott reminded her about the message she'd left him that she was in a situation from which she might not emerge alive. Ava told him she had good reason to make sure her affairs were in order. Ava told Scott she'd gone to Sonny's to retrieve the medication she'd replaced with the placebos.

Scott praised Ava for covering her tracks. Ava said that it didn't change the fact that she'd killed Morgan. Ava knew she'd tampered with medication that Morgan had needed to stay emotionally stable. Morgan had been acting erratically the night he'd stolen Julian's car because his bipolar condition had not been properly treated. She admitted she'd set the events in motion that had ended up killing Morgan.

Ava knew Sonny would kill her if he found out. Sonny walked up behind her and asked, "Found out what, Ava?" Sonny repeated what Ava had said and asked what she feared him discovering. Scott tried to step in and told Sonny that he and Ava were having a private conversation, but Sonny said the conversation had obviously been about him -- and two days after Morgan had been killed. Sonny wanted to know what Ava knew. Ava said she knew something about Morgan's death she hadn't disclosed to Sonny. Scott told Sonny the only thing Sonny needed to know about Morgan's death was that Sonny was responsible for it.

Ava told Sonny she'd seen Morgan that night at the Floating Rib, and he'd been drinking. Morgan had believed that Kiki had been planning to break up with him. Ava said the bartender had taken Morgan's keys, and it had been obvious that Morgan had been out of control. Ava said she had tried to reason with Morgan and had tried to stop him from leaving, but Morgan had refused to listen to her. A few minutes later, Julian had discovered that his car had been stolen.

Ava said she had been one of the last people to see Morgan before he died. She said she couldn't stop thinking about her part in his death, her culpability, and what she should have done instead of what she had done. Ava told Sonny he wasn't completely to blame for Morgan's death because she'd had a hand in it. Sonny walked away.

Scott told Ava that had been quick thinking on her part. Ava accused Scott of stopping her from going after Morgan that night. She told Scott she'd been worried about Morgan and had tried to go after him, but Scott had stopped her. Scott told Ava not to blame him. She had switched Morgan's meds to ensure that Kiki would break up with Morgan, and she'd succeeded.

Ava made the horrible realization that she'd been the reason Morgan had thought Kiki had been with Dillon. She'd seen Morgan earlier that day at Metro Court, and she'd told Morgan that Kiki had been with Dillon. She hadn't just messed with Morgan's meds; she'd set him up to be jealous. Ava broke down and said she'd only wanted to protect Kiki. Scott comforted her and told Ava she'd have to live with what she'd done. Scott reminded Ava that he was still her friend and her lawyer.

Alexis was on her way to get another drink when Sonny walked out. Sonny told Alexis that the last time he'd seen Morgan, Morgan had been so angry that he hadn't been able to look at Sonny. Sonny asked why he couldn't have told Morgan it had been okay that Morgan had been kicked out of school and that Sonny would always be there for him. Alexis assured Sonny that there was no way Sonny could have known. Sonny said he'd told Morgan he'd been disappointed in him, but Carly had reached out to Morgan. Sonny admitted he'd just yelled at Morgan and let him walk out the door.

Alexis hugged and cried with Sonny. She reminded him how close Morgan had been to Kristina, Molly, and Michael -- and Sonny had been a big part in getting them together. She said that Sonny had given Morgan a good life. Sonny said Carly didn't think he had and told Alexis that Carly had left him. Sonny said that Michael blamed Sonny for Morgan's death, and Dante was trying to find evidence against Sonny to charge him with the crime of killing Morgan. Alexis said that Kristina blamed Julian. Alexis blamed herself. Had she done her job at Julian's trial, none of it would have happened.

Sonny told Alexis that Julian had stopped to see him to offer his condolences and a truce because Julian was afraid Sonny was going to kill him. Alexis said Morgan's death had been a tragedy, and it had stemmed from a lot of circumstances. The blame could be laid at a lot of people's feet. She kissed Sonny on the forehead and left.

As Ava and Scott walked outside, Sonny shouted that Scott was to blame for Morgan's death. Scott said that Sonny had taken Scott's daughter's life, and Sonny deserved to lose his son in return as payback. In the meantime, Ava made a phone call.

At Metro Court, Julian met with Nina about Crimson and thanked her for being one of the few people in town not judging him. Nina asked who had said she wasn't judging him. Nina told him that he'd inflicted nothing but pain on everyone around him. She called him slime and accused him of stealing the fruit basket she had bought to give Sonny and Carly.

Julian defended himself and said the basket had made it to Sonny's. Julian had offered it as an olive branch and a gesture of peace. Nina was surprised he was still breathing. Julian asked if Nina would miss him if Sonny succeeded in killing him. Nina admitted she didn't like Julian, but she didn't wish him dead. She reminded him he'd sabotaged her magazine, not her life.

Julian admitted he'd caused oceans of pain for everyone he loved. He admitted he had a long way to go before he could work his way back to Alexis and his family. Nina said he'd never get Alexis back. Julian said Nina was wrong, and he'd find a way to redeem himself to Alexis and his children. Once he did that, he'd die a happy man.

Nina reminded Julian that he had planned to let Alexis stand trial for a murder Julian had committed, and when that hadn't worked, Julian had tried to kill her. She asked how Julian thought Alexis would forgive him for that. Julian simply stated that Alexis loved him. Nina looked up and told Julian that Alexis didn't look like a woman in love right then. She suggested that Julian be a decent guy and leave Alexis alone; Nina left.

Julian approached Alexis and asked if she knew that the bomb that had killed Morgan had been meant for him. Alexis said the bomb had been meant for Julian for all the wrong he'd done to so many people. Morgan had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he was dead because of Julian.

Max met with Jason at Jason's home. Jason advised Max he'd been trying to figure out who Sonny had used to take Julian out. He told Max that he had a name, but so far, the guy had proven to be very hard to find. Jason wondered why the bomb had gone off in Julian's car after Sonny had called off the hit.

Max said that Carly had left Sonny, and Michael hadn't stopped to see Sonny since Morgan's death. Sonny was alone and drinking nonstop. Jason asked if Sonny had been taking his medication. Max said he didn't know because it wasn't his place to ask. He said that Jason had to do it. Jason had to take care of Sonny, or something worse would happen.

Max said it wouldn't be long before Sonny started to smash furniture. Jason needed to stop Sonny before he started spiraling out of control. Jason and Carly were the only people Sonny would listen to, and Carly couldn't stand to be in the same room with Sonny at that moment.

Sam and Danny arrived at home, and Max left. Jason told Sam that he and Max were worried about Sonny. Jason explained how he'd always responded to Sonny's fits of anger. Then Sonny had been diagnosed with bipolar and put on medications that kept Sonny steady -- usually. According to Max, Sonny was spiraling out of control, and Jason didn't know how to stop it. Sam told Jason that he had to try. Jason asked about their plans to move away from Port Charles. Sam said they had to put the plans on hold because Sonny's family needed them, and they had to be there for Sonny.

Sam said she'd never seen Sonny actually break down, but she'd heard it was really bad. This had to be the worst pain Sonny had ever had to deal with because it was his own son. Jason said he had to find Sonny's broker and find out what had gone wrong after Sonny had called off the hit. Jason didn't know what Sonny was going to do or how anyone was going to stop him.

Danny ran into the room with a book, What to Expect When You're Expecting, and asked what it said. Sam and Jason told Danny he was going to be a big brother. Danny thought that was better than getting a puppy and wanted to name the baby Scout. Danny went back to his room, and Jason ended his call. He told Sam that Ava had called to tell him that Sonny was out of control.

At Metro Court, Elizabeth told Franco he was a good man. He'd taken care of her, restored her to health, gotten the hospital reopened, and given back her livelihood. Elizabeth knew who and what Franco was. Elizabeth said that when she had been outside Kelly's, she and Laura had been talking about him. Elizabeth said that Franco had overheard her conversation with Laura, when Elizabeth had told Laura that she was falling for Franco. Franco admitted he'd been eavesdropping and told Elizabeth that he'd fallen for her a long time before. They kissed.

Back at the Haunted Star, Sonny blamed Scott for Morgan's death because Scott had let "that psycho" Julian go free when Scott knew Julian was guilty. Scott said that Morgan was collateral damage in Sonny's fight with the Jerome family, and if Sonny wanted to blame someone, he should look in the mirror. Sonny grabbed Scott around his neck and threatened to kill him.

. . .

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