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Franco continues to search for the truth
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Nelle and Michael woke up in bed at Nelle's apartment. She noted sadly that it might possibly be their last time there because someone would be buying the apartment, and she would have to find a new place. She wasn't hopeful with the high cost of apartment living. Michael urged her not to rush into anything. He left, citing a pending business deal.

At Pozzulo's, Milo paced back and forth while eating from a plate of biscotti that sat on one of the tables. Sonny arrived, and after talking briefly about Jason's situation, an uneasy Milo had a question for Sonny. "How much am I supposed to tell you and Mrs. C about Josslyn's activities?" Milo asked. Milo acknowledged that Carly had tried to pry information from him. He added that Oscar had been a "total gentleman" while in Josslyn's presence, but Carly had been looking for a "minute-by-minute accounting."

Sonny noticed how nervous Milo looked and told him that as long as Josslyn was happy and safe, everything would be okay. Milo decided that in that case, things were good. He left, and Michael arrived. Michael and Sonny decided that it was a good idea not to give up on Jason. They seated themselves at one of the tables, and Michael got right to the point. He believed Nelle's story about her past.

Sonny served a couple of espressos and admitted that while Michael was entitled to make his own decisions, he didn't want Carly to worry. Nelle had already proven to be "calculating and cold-blooded," Sonny declared. He urged Michael to have Nelle investigated, but Michael insisted that he trusted Nelle. Just then, he received a phone call and stepped away from the table. He told Lucy that he would pick up the title and deed.

Sonny inquired about Michael's call, and he said that he was buying some real estate but stressed that it was his business. The men snacked on the biscotti as Michael announced that he refused to discuss Nelle or have it get between him and Sonny.

Carly met Josslyn at Kelly's for lunch. They spoke about Jason then Carly announced that she'd heard all about Josslyn's night with Oscar. A horrified Josslyn began to speak quickly, telling her mother about the events of the night. Carly stopped her and noted that she had only wanted to know how Josslyn had ended up on the footbridge.

Josslyn explained to her mother that she and Oscar had just talked. "It was nothing," Josslyn said. Carly grew suspicious at Josslyn's nervous behavior and wondered what else had happened. She asked what her daughter thought Milo had told her. As Carly began to press Josslyn for further details, Josslyn spied Nelle walking through the door. Excitedly, she jumped up and pleaded with Nelle to join them. Carly advised Josslyn that Milo had been present to keep her safe from Sonny's enemies and to curb Josslyn's worst impulses. She wondered if they needed to have a certain conversation.

Nelle and Carly displayed an obvious awkwardness, and Josslyn asked what had happened. Carly confessed that she'd learned something about Nelle's past, and she urged Nelle to divulge the information to Josslyn. Nelle kept it simple, not wanting to get into things just then. She merely told Josslyn that she had been accused of doing something that she hadn't done. Carly and Nelle bickered, and Nelle stated firmly that she would never hurt Michael. After Carly learned of Nelle's impending move, she suggested that Nelle try Seattle or Phoenix. After a parting shot, Carly left.

Nelle asked Josslyn about Oscar, and Josslyn admitted that things would be better if she didn't have a bodyguard following her constantly. Michael walked in and lectured Josslyn on not trying to "ditch" Milo. He noted that he'd tried it himself, without much success. Josslyn headed out. Nelle mentioned her run-in with Carly. Michael announced that he had purchased Nelle's apartment. She couldn't believe it, but he handed her the title and the deed. "Welcome home, Nelle Benson," Michael said.

Josslyn stopped Milo outside of Kelly's and asked him how much information he would divulge to Carly. Milo replied that he was protecting Josslyn, not spying. Josslyn was relieved and advised him that she would never put him in a "tight spot."

At Elizabeth's house, she spoke to Jake about what to expect when he saw Jason for the first time. Jake explained that he had a plan to wake Jason up. Kristina and Jake left to pick up Danny on the way to the long-term care facility. In the other room, Franco was in the middle of leaving Betsy a voicemail about getting to the truth when Elizabeth walked in. After making a story up, Franco admitted to looking for the truth after Elizabeth noted that he had been withdrawn. He showed her the photo of the two young boys.

Elizabeth recognized Franco and thought the other boy was Jason. She didn't think it was possible. Franco thought that his imaginary friend had been real, and his painting a repressed memory. Franco made it clear that he needed to figure out the truth about his past before moving on and being the man Elizabeth needed. She thought he already was, and she believed there could be some kind of simple explanation. She suggested that Franco pay Betsy a visit for the answers.

Sam sat by her still-comatose husband in the long-term care facility. She spoke of the past and cried about how free and safe she'd always felt with him. He moved his hand, which was in hers. Sam knew that it meant something, regardless of what she had been told. Kristina and the boys arrived. Danny and Jake started talking to their dad right away upon Sam's suggestion, and Jake climbed into the bed beside Jason. "I love you, Daddy," he said. Jake held up a picture he'd drawn of the family, and the boys begged Jason to wake up.

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The boys sang a song as Sam recorded it on her phone. She announced that it was time for Jason's physical therapy, and everyone left. Sam cried that she was going home, too, in order to practice sleeping without Jason. She also had a long list of chores that she needed to take care of. She said that her heart would be staying behind to be with Jason. Once he was alone, the sounds of the day swirled through Jason's head. He opened his eyes.

At the clinic in Russia, Ava was shocked to find Patient 6 getting up out of his wheelchair. She wondered whether she should tell someone or not. She decided she'd get into trouble for being with him, though. She mentioned that she'd overheard Klein on a phone call, talking about giving Patient 6 more drugs versus more restraints. It was obvious to her that the drugs weren't working.

Ava revealed that she was aware of why Patient 6 had ended up in the clinic. She thought that the man's family should know his condition, since they had obviously placed him in the clinic for care. The man shook his head. "Do you have a family?" Yes, the man nodded. "Do they know you're here?" The man shook his head no. Ava asked who had put him there, and she wanted answers. She found a pad of paper and a pen and handed them to the man. She advised him to start with his name but he did not write anything. She wondered if his desire to be left alone had been working for him, and she warned him that his drug dosage would be increased.

After Ava told the man not to waste his last coherent moments, he picked up the pen and wrote. He handed the paper back to her, and the only thing written was a phone number. Ava realized that it was a Port Charles phone number.

Betsy was at her residence and on the phone with Heather. Betsy insisted that she'd never told Franco anything. After hanging up abruptly, Betsy turned and saw Franco standing there. He still had his key, he reminded her. Betsy announced that she was departing imminently for a cruise. Franco advised her that while Heather didn't want him to know anything, he needed Betsy to tell him the truth.

Betsy thought it best that Franco leave things alone, but Franco told her that he couldn't lose Elizabeth. Betsy was sorry that she had lied about his imaginary friend. "There was a twin," she said, "but he wasn't your twin."

Carly stormed into Pozzulo's and told Sonny of her exchange with Nelle. She complained that it had made her look like the "bad guy." Sonny thought that they should go along so as not to push Michael away. Carly announced that she had a lead on Nelle's past, and she was also happy that Nelle had to move, since her apartment was about to be a condo. "That's not good," Sonny sighed. He had a hunch that Michael had bought Nelle's apartment. Carly was furious. "Nelle has started her campaign for taking Michael for all he's worth," she insisted.

Back at home, Jake asked about Franco's painting of the two boys. Elizabeth advised him that it had accidentally been sold. Jake replied that he had liked it because it was about having a brother.

On the next General Hospital...

• Franco wants the whereabouts of the kid in the photo.

• Sonny asks if Carly believes that Nelle is guilty.

• "Don't leave me," Sam cries as Jason appears to flatline.

• "You have no say in Charlotte's custody," Nina yells at Griffin.

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