Wednesday, March 4, 2015

At Kelly's, Dante arrived to meet his mother. She asked about her grandson, so Dante told her that Rocco was getting over a cold. Olivia was pleased, especially when Dante mentioned arranging a play date for Rocco and Georgie. Olivia was delighted that Rocco and Georgie would get to know each other after all the pain and drama everyone had endured during the custody battle. Dante agreed, but he was curious why Olivia had asked to see him.

Olivia braced herself then broke the news that she was pregnant. After Dante recovered from the shock, he asked who the father was. Olivia tried to change the subject, but Dante wanted an answer because he feared Sonny might be the baby's father. Olivia assured her son that it wasn't Sonny's baby, but Dante continued to push for an answer until Olivia reluctantly admitted that Ned Ashton was the father. Olivia rushed to assure Dante that Ned intended to stand by her. Dante relaxed as he promised to support his mother as long as she was happy and healthy.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy entered the living room with Danny on her hip. Ned was surprised that his mother was babysitting, so Tracy explained that Monica had been called into surgery. Ned took Danny from his mother and sat down on the floor to play cars with the toddler. He invited his mother to join them, but Tracy declined because her mind was on Luke's arraignment. Ned was certain that Sam wouldn't mind fetching Danny, but Tracy explained that Sam had gone on a "mission of mercy" to visit Nikolas in Boston.

Later, Tracy smiled as she settled Danny at the table with a juice box and plate of chocolate chip cookies. However, she was frustrated that she couldn't be at court with Luke, since Monica had once again put Monica's career ahead of family. Ned chuckled and pointed out that Tracy was a hypocrite, especially since Monica had done Tracy a favor by keeping Tracy away from court. Ned confessed that he doubted Luke would appreciate Tracy's presence at the arraignment, but Tracy insisted Luke was ill. Ned agreed, but he hated how Luke treated Tracy.

Touched by Ned's concern, Tracy admitted that she didn't mind spending time with Danny because it was nice having a child in the house. "Pretty soon there's going to be one more," Tracy added as Ned's eyes rounded with surprise. He wondered how his mother knew about Olivia's pregnancy, but it quickly became clear that Tracy had no idea what Ned was talking about, so Ned was forced to admit that Olivia was pregnant.

"What is your obsession with fishwives from Bensonhurst?" Tracy demanded with disgust. Ned pointed out that it had been over twenty years since Lois had given birth to Brook Lynn, so he hardly had an obsession, but Tracy argued that he had somehow managed to impregnate two women from the same block in Brooklyn. Ned conceded her point but assured Tracy that Olivia's pregnancy had been a surprise to both of them.

Later, Tracy and Ned played with Danny as Tracy confided that she wasn't really upset about the prospect of having another grandchild, so Ned asked who Tracy had been referring to when she had mentioned another child joining the household. Tracy smiled as she reminded Ned of Michael's petition for custody of Michael's youngest sister, Avery Corinthos. Ned warned Tracy that it was doubtful Michael would be awarded custody because judges tried to keep children with their biological parents. Tracy revealed that things were about to change because she had overheard Monica pressuring Monica's boyfriend, Judge Walters, to take over the custody case.

"Good for Monica," Ned said with a grin. Tracy agreed because Monica had been forced to stand by while Sonny had taken Monica's grandson away from the Quartermaines. Ned thought it was poetic justice that Michael was the one who would take Sonny's child away from Sonny.

A short time later, Ned and Danny played as Tracy confessed that it would be nice to have children under the roof again with Danny, Avery, and Ned's baby. "The next generation," Ned said with a smile. Tracy wished her brother, Alan, was there to see it, so Ned added he wished his cousins A.J. and Jason had also lived to see it happen.

At Shriners Hospital for Children, Nikolas confessed that he needed to tell Sam something, but she cut him off to apologize for talking about Jason when Nikolas already had plenty on his plate with Spencer. Sam assumed Nikolas wanted to talk about Spencer, so she assured him that he had her full attention. However, a nurse approached to tell Nikolas that Spencer needed him, and the doctor wanted to talk to Nikolas.

A short time later, Nikolas returned. Sam was anxious to know if everything was okay with Spencer, so Nikolas explained that Spencer's blood pressure had dropped because of the pain medication. However, Nikolas assured her that everything had been corrected. Sam offered Nikolas some words of encouragement, but Nikolas explained that he had to get back to Spencer. He thanked her for the visit, so Sam suggested they finish their conversation when Spencer was better.

After Sam left, Nikolas changed into a sterile gown, cap, and mask. He held his son's hand as he sat at Spencer's bedside with worry etched on his expression.

In Jake's hospital room, Kyle Sloane asked if Jake had made a decision. The police commissioner reminded Jake that Jake faced a slew of charges that could land Jake behind bars for life, but Jake remained reluctant to give Sloane an answer. Sloane assured Jake that Scott Baldwin had agreed to drop all the charges against Jake in exchange for Jake working as an undercover informant, but Jake felt as if he would be trading Helena's leash for Sloane's leash. Sloane argued that at least Sloane wouldn't be using mind control.

Sloane warned Jake that the window of opportunity on the offer would quickly close, so Sloane needed an answer because Sloane was determined to shut down the Jerome organization with or without Jake's help. Jake refused to go to prison, so he agreed to help Sloane. Pleased, Sloane informed Jake that no one could know about their agreement and that Jake would only answer to Sloane.

Moments later, Elizabeth entered Jake's hospital room and immediately demanded to know what Sloane was doing there. Sloane claimed he was there to inform Jake that Jake was a free man. Elizabeth's eyes narrowed as she asked what had suddenly changed, since Sloane had kept a guard on Jake's room and Jake handcuffed to the bed. Sloane explained that he and Scott had reviewed the evidence and had determined that Jake had been Helena's puppet, which the microchip in Jake's brain had corroborated.

Delighted, Elizabeth reminded Jake that he would finally be free to live his life without anyone pulling his strings. Jake's smile was strained, but Elizabeth didn't appear to notice. After Elizabeth stepped out of the room, Sloane removed Jake's handcuffs as he reminded Jake to get a job with the Jeromes. Jake wondered how he would explain that to everyone, but Sloane decided that was Jake's problem.

In the hallway, Elizabeth ran into Sam. She shared the news about Jake's newfound freedom then asked about Spencer. Sam gave Elizabeth a quick update and admitted that she hadn't been able to ask Nikolas about Jake because Nikolas had had enough to deal with.

At Ryan's bar, Ava lurked outside, huddled under a thick hooded parka, while her loved ones gathered inside for her memorial service. Inside, Silas was surprised when he saw Avery, so Kiki reminded her father that she had sent him a text message earlier to let him know that Morgan would be attending the service with Avery. Silas didn't recall seeing the message but shrugged it off.

Meanwhile, Ava slipped into the doorway to listen as the memorial service began. Julian was the first to speak as he confessed that he hadn't met Ava until they had been adults. Julian admitted that it had been for the best because their father had been a demanding and cold man who had driven Julian and Ava's sister, Olivia, mad. Julian conceded that he and Ava hadn't always seen eye-to-eye, but he had always enjoyed "mixing it up" with her because she had been both smart and tough.

Julian confessed that Ava had been determined to have a seat at the table with the "boys," which he conceded she had earned. Julian admitted that he had always respected his sister as Ava stood in the doorway with tears shimmering in her eyes.

Next, Kiki stood up to talk about her mother and how it had just been the two of them for a long time. Kiki admitted that she and her mother hadn't always gotten along, so she regretted not thanking Ava for all Ava had done and for loving and believing in Kiki. Kiki began to cry as she assured everyone that her mother had always done the best that Ava could, so Kiki vowed to watch over Avery. In the doorway, tears silently slid down Ava's cheeks.

Meanwhile, Silas introduced himself as Kiki's father and talked about how he hated seeing his daughter in pain. However, he was proud of Kiki because Kiki had stepped up for her sister, Avery. Silas suddenly recalled Ava asking him to say something nice about her, so Silas praised Ava for being a fighter. He admitted that she might not have gone about things the right way, but she had always managed to get herself out of trouble. Nearby, Delia's eyes welled up with tears as she quietly pointed out that Ava had failed the last time.

Delia followed Silas and explained that she had been Ava's mother. Delia confessed that she had given Ava up for adoption, which had been the most difficult choice Delia had ever made and one Delia had regretted every day. Delia wished she had taken the time to apologize to Ava and hadn't left things unsaid. Delia became choked up with emotion as she confessed that she hoped it wasn't too late to say she was sorry. Ava was moved by her mother's touching eulogy.

Finally, Morgan said a few words about Ava and their relationship. He admitted that he had always known he and Ava wouldn't last, but he confessed that he would always love Ava because she had helped him in countless ways.

Later, Ava ducked into a quiet corner as people filed out of the bar. Inside, Kiki announced that she and Morgan had decided to take a walk to get some fresh air, so she said goodbye to her uncle and father. After everyone left, Delia sat down to talk to Avery. Delia confided that in times of difficulty, she missed her mother-in-law, Maeve Ryan, because Maeve had always known what to say and would sing a song that had always helped.

Delia's voice filled with emotion as she began to sing Danny Boy until Avery drifted off to sleep. Afterwards, Delia began to clean up. She stood behind the bar when someone approached the bar from the back area. Delia was stunned when she realized it was Ava.

In the courtroom, everyone except Michael was shocked when Judge Walters took the bench. Michael smirked as he looked at Sonny, while Alexis asked what Michael had done. Michael ignored the question as Ric asked about Judge Heller. Judge Walters explained that Judge Heller had been called away on a personal matter, so Judge Walters had agreed to fill in for her. Ric asked for a continuance until Judge Heller was available, since the hearing had started the previous day.

Judge Walters pointed out that Ric had stepped in for Diane Miller at the last minute without any problems, so it wouldn't be a problem for Judge Walters to review the testimony and hear the rest of the case. Meanwhile, Alexis quietly told Michael that she wasn't comfortable with the situation, but Michael ignored her. Ric assured Judge Walters that the hearing was a waste of everyone's time because Michael was only interested in seeking custody of Avery because Michael had a grudge against Sonny. Ric insisted that Michael had failed to establish Sonny as an unfit father, so he asked the judge to dismiss the case, but Judge Walters wanted to hear from Sonny.

After Sonny was sworn in, Michael instructed Alexis to go for Sonny's jugular. Alexis approached the witness stand to ask if Sonny thought his home was safe for his children. Sonny assured her that it was, but Alexis was curious if any of his children had been in danger while in his care. Ric objected, since they had already established that Sonny couldn't be responsible for Claudia Zacchara's botched hit on Sonny. Alexis clarified that she had been referring to the time Sonny had shot Carly in the head while she had been delivering Sonny and Carly's youngest son, Morgan.

Ric immediately objected, but Judge Walters overruled it because he wanted to hear what Sonny had to say. Sonny explained that it wasn't a simple answer because, at the time, Sonny had thought Carly had been in danger. Alexis shifted gears by asking if each of Sonny's children had been physically and psychologically damaged despite Sonny's efforts to protect them. Sonny refused to answer the question, so Alexis was curious how Sonny could guarantee the same wouldn't happen with Avery. Sonny insisted that he loved Avery, but Alexis wondered how it would benefit Avery to live with Sonny if Avery would be in constant danger.

Sonny reluctantly conceded that his children had been in danger in the past, but he intended to do better by Avery. Alexis was curious if Sonny thought Michael had been safe the day Michael had been struck by a ricocheting bullet meant for Sonny. Sonny turned to the judge to explain that Michael wanted to punish Sonny for shooting A.J., so Michael had decided to fight for Avery because Michael knew it would hurt Sonny.

The judge appeared unmoved by Sonny's explanation, so Sonny made a heartfelt plea to Michael to drop the custody suit. Sonny promised that he loved Michael and always would, but Sonny also loved Avery every bit as much as he loved Michael. Sonny insisted Avery belonged with her father, but Judge Walters decided he had heard enough. The judge decided to take a short recess before rendering a verdict.

After Judge Walters left the bench, Alexis reminded Michael that he still had time to withdraw the petition, but Michael refused. Meanwhile, Carly approached Sonny to offer him words of encouragement. However, she suddenly frowned when she realized why she recognized Judge Walters.

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