Friday, March 27, 2015

In Anna's hotel suite, Anna finished wiring Jordan for Jordan's meeting with Duke. Jordan buttoned her blouse as Anna checked the laptop to test Jordan's microphone. Jordan was nervous about wearing a wire, so Anna reminded Jordan that the meeting would be in a public place, and backup would be on hand if things went bad. Anna tried to distract Jordan from her uneasiness by reminding Jordan that they needed Duke to repeat the order to kill Julian and, if possible, get Duke discussing payment for the contract murder.

Annoyed, Jordan wondered if Anna also expected Jordan to talk to Duke about the inner workings of the organization, so Anna quietly apologized. Anna realized she had asked a lot from Jordan, but she promised the payoff would be worth it. Jordan wondered if Anna was truly prepared to arrest Duke, but Anna insisted her past with Duke no longer mattered because Duke had become a killer by ordering a hit. Satisfied, Jordan pulled on a jacket. Anna promised to monitor the conversation from the suite then wished Jordan luck.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian approached Duke's table as Duke sipped tea. Julian helped himself to the money in the tea box as he explained that he knew Duke used the restaurant as a cash drop. After Julian sat down, he advised Duke to find another drop site, but Duke growled that Corinthos business didn't concern Julian. Julian decided to keep the bundle of money from the tea box as a down payment for the money Duke owed him for the fiasco on the docks. Julian felt he was due compensation, since Duke had interfered with Julian's shipment, but Duke informed Julian that the docks were part of the Corinthos territory -- just like the cash Julian had taken from the tea box.

Julian appeared unconcerned until Duke's men suddenly closed in on the table. Duke explained that it was wise to keep men close, so Julian dropped the cash on the table. Olivia suddenly marched up demanding to know what was going on. She realized Julian and Duke had been conducting mob business, so she ordered them to take it outside, or she would toss them into the street herself. After Olivia stormed off, Duke warned Julian to stay out of his way, but Julian merely smiled as he followed Olivia to the bar.

A short time later, Jordan arrived for her meeting with Duke. Duke asked how he could help her as he offered her some tea. Jordan decided on chamomile tea, while she confessed to being nervous. Duke was curious why, so Jordan reminded him that she had to give him a progress report on Julian Jerome. Duke pointedly glanced at Julian as he assured Jordan that it wasn't necessary. Jordan claimed she hadn't been able to carry out the hit because Julian had switched up his routine.

Duke wondered if Jordan had changed her mind, so she asked if there would be compensation for carrying out the order. She quickly promised to take care of it later that evening, but she needed Duke to confirm that he wanted her to kill Julian. Duke dodged the question by telling Jordan about his earlier encounter with Julian. He admitted that Olivia had witnessed the confrontation, so he feared he might be the first person the police would suspect if anything happened to Julian. Jordan assured Duke that she could easily cover her tracks so the hit would not be traced back to her or Duke, but Duke refused to give Jordan the order.

Jordan suddenly wondered if she had been right to assume the order had simply been a test. Duke assured Jordan he could handle "the problem" without resorting to violence, but he praised Jordan for going "above and beyond" to prove her loyalty to the organization. He assured her that he trusted her then invited her to help herself to more tea -- recommending the Earl Grey. Moments later, Duke left.

In Anna's hotel suite, Anna listened to Jordan and Duke's conversation as Jordan arrived for the meeting with Duke. However, a knock at the door forced Anna to close her laptop. It was Sloane, claiming to have a warrant to search her room for information about her undercover informant. Anna was outraged because it wasn't illegal for a federal agent to have an undercover operative. Sloane argued that Anna had used local taxpayer money to pay the informant, which meant she had been legally obligated to divulge the identity of her informant when Sloane had taken over as police commissioner.

Anna suspected Sloane's visit was revenge for her successfully "yanking" his chain when she had searched his suite for proof that he had tampered with the mayoral election. Anna ordered Sloane out of her suite, but he decided to start his search with her laptop. Furious, Anna snatched the piece of paper Sloane had been waving around out of his hand to read the scope of the warrant. She was stunned when she realized that it hadn't been a warrant at all. Unapologetic, Sloane smirked as he conceded it was an email from her boss, Bob Massicotte.

Anna demanded to know what kind of game Sloane was playing, so he revealed that Bob had given him the name of Anna's operative. "It's Jordan Ashford," Sloane added as a smug smile spread across his face. Shocked, Anna tried to deny it, but Sloane knew he was right. Just then, Jordan burst through the door, asking if Anna had heard the exchange between Jordan and Duke in the restaurant, unaware Sloane was in the suite. "Agent Ashford," Sloane greeted Jordan.

At the courthouse, Franco and Nina were in the courtroom following Nina's victorious hearing. Nina was delighted that she and Franco were free to start their lives together outside of Shadybrook, but Alexis informed Nina that Nathan would soon arrive to take Nina back to his place above Kelly's, where Nina would stay until Nina could get on her feet. Nina explained that she didn't want to be a burden to her brother and that it wasn't necessary because Nina had more than enough money between her father and grandmother's trusts, stocks, bonds, and real estate holdings.

Nina was surprised when Alexis explained that the state had seized control of Nina's fortune. Franco argued that it wasn't legal, but Alexis explained that the state had had a right to take Nina's assets when Nina had been sent to Shadybrook. Nina pointed out that she was free, so the state had to return her fortune back to her, but Alexis argued that Nina would have to take legal action, which might take years to settle. Alexis advised Nina to take some time with Nathan to figure out what to do with her life and to stay away from Franco, who belonged in Pentonville.

Nina refused to abandon Franco, but Alexis remained concerned about Nina's involvement with Franco. Nina promised she was fine and invited Alexis to leave. Alexis wanted to stay with Nina until Nathan arrived, but Nina insisted it wasn't necessary. After Alexis reluctantly left, Nina sat on Franco's lap and kissed him. Several minutes later, Nina breathlessly suggested they get a hotel room, but Franco confessed that he wasn't welcome at Metro Court.

Nina was disappointed until Franco suddenly had an idea. He quickly filled her in about his plan and asked if she was okay with his scheme. Nina smiled because she realized people were right to call him a genius. Franco was eager to leave, but Nina wanted to wait for her brother. Franco insisted it was their time to be happy, so Nina agreed to leave with him.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian approached Olivia at the bar. Olivia grumbled that she was sick and tired of Duke and Julian's behavior because they both acted like a couple of overgrown spoiled children. Julian quietly confessed he owed Olivia an apology. He realized it had been inappropriate of him to ask to feel her baby kick. Julian added that he also regretted badgering her about the baby's paternity when she had made it abundantly clear that Ned was the father. Alexis arrived at the restaurant as Julian promised that both he and Alexis would back off.

Moments later, Julian greeted Alexis with a passionate kiss as Olivia rolled her eyes. After the kiss, Alexis complimented Olivia's glow, but Julian tactfully changed the subject by asking about Nina's court hearing. Olivia was shocked when Alexis revealed that Nina had been released from Shadybrook, so she asked if anyone had told Sonny. Alexis warned Olivia that it got better -- the charges against Franco had been dropped, so he had also been released from Shadybrook. Olivia couldn't understand how it was possible because Franco had been completely out of his mind when Olivia had recently visited him.

Julian and Alexis were surprised by the admission, so Olivia explained that she had empathized with Franco because Heather had injected her with an LSD overdose too. Alexis was curious what Olivia and Franco had talked about, reminding Olivia of her confession to a rambling Franco about the baby's paternity. Olivia shook the unsettling memory away as Alexis remarked that Franco had clearly pulled himself together enough to persuade a judge to let him walk free.

Later, Julian and Alexis sat down at a table. Alexis was curious what Julian and Olivia had been talking about when Alexis had arrived, so Julian explained that he had assured Olivia that both he and Alexis no longer questioned Olivia's baby's paternity.

Meanwhile, Franco and Nina approached Olivia at the bar. Franco asked Olivia to send a bottle of Champagne to their suite, compliments of her. Olivia told Franco that he was out of his mind if he thought she would let him stay there for free with all the benefits, so Franco threatened to tell Julian the truth about Olivia's baby's paternity if she didn't cooperate.

At Volonino's gym, Sonny was working out when Shawn walked in asking to talk to Sonny about Jordan. After Shawn changed into workout clothes and joined Sonny in the boxing ring to spar, Shawn confessed he might have been wrong about Jordan working undercover for Anna. Shawn pointed out that he hadn't had any evidence to back up his suspicion, so it had been wrong of him to question her loyalty. Sonny revealed that Duke had decided to take care of things by giving Jordan an assignment that an undercover cop could never carry out.

Alarmed, Shawn realized Duke had ordered Jordan to kill someone. Shawn objected, but Sonny reminded Shawn that Duke was in charge of things. Shawn wanted to know what the assignment was, but Sonny insisted that he didn't know because he was trying to keep his distance from the organization. However, Sonny reminded Shawn that Jordan had managed to keep her hands "squeaky clean" while working for both the Jerome and Corinthos organizations, which raised red flags.

Shawn argued that Jordan had killed Mickey Diamond, but Sonny pointed out that the shooting had been ruled self-defense and that Anna had cut Jordan loose. Shawn feared Sonny had already made up his mind about Jordan, but Duke walked in before Sonny could reply. Sonny smiled as he admitted that Duke was just the man he had wanted to see. Shawn immediately questioned Duke about the assignment Jordan had been given, but Duke assured Shawn that Jordan had passed with flying colors, and the assignment had been canceled because Duke was confident Jordan and Anna were not working together.

Relieved, Shawn apologized to both Sonny and Duke for bothering them with his suspicions. Shawn decided to leave, so Sonny walked his friend out. After Sonny left, Duke's bodyguard asked why Duke hadn't told Sonny that Jordan had been wearing a wire.

At Kelly's, Bobbie rushed into the diner and apologized for being late. She sat down at Tracy's table as she explained that her plane had been delayed. However, Bobbie had had an opportunity to search for her brother, but the trip had been in vain. Tracy was disappointed but shifted gears to reveal that she and Lulu had located Patricia. Bobbie was delighted and eager to connect with her sister, but Tracy revealed that Patricia had passed away.

Bobbie began to cry because she had hoped to have a chance to get to know her older sister. Tracy offered her condolences but confessed there was good news because Tracy and Lulu had met Patricia's daughter, Valerie. Bobbie cheered up and peppered Tracy with questions about her niece. Tracy admitted that Valerie had been lovely but not particularly forthcoming with information.

Tracy explained that Valerie had told Tracy and Lulu that Patricia had been buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, but Tracy hadn't been able to locate the cemetery online. Bobbie decided to do a quick check on her phone and discovered an Oak Hill convalescence home close to the address Tracy had provided for Valerie. Bobbie and Tracy decided to pay the convalescence home a visit on the off chance Patricia might be there. Bobbie was confident they wouldn't have any problem getting to see Patricia if Patricia was there, since Bobbie and Patricia were sisters.

At Valerie's apartment, Dante and Lulu raced to check on Valerie, who lay still on the living room floor. Lulu feared her cousin might be dead, but Dante checked Valerie's pulse. He realized Valerie had been knocked unconscious, so he and Lulu gently tried to rouse her. After several moments, Valerie's eyes fluttered open. Lulu quickly introduced Dante then explained that he was a police officer. Dante and Lulu helped Valerie to the sofa as they asked what had happened. Valerie quickly explained that Luke had held her at gunpoint in the apartment, which was why Valerie had been forced to lie.

Lulu was surprised when Valerie confessed that her mother was at Oak Hill, but it was a convalescence home not a cemetery. Valerie revealed that Patricia had suffered from multiple sclerosis for years. Valerie had taken care of her mother until the disease had progressed to the point where Patricia had required twenty-four hour care. Valerie's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she had told Luke where her mother was when he had threatened to kill Valerie.

At Oak Hill, Bobbie and Tracy stood outside Patricia's room. Bobbie admitted that she had a lot to say to her sister, but Tracy reminded Bobbie they needed to get answers about what had made Luke snap. Moments later, a nurse stepped out of Patricia's room. She asked Bobbie and Tracy if she could help them, so Bobbie revealed that she was there to visit her sister, Patricia. The nurse invited Bobbie to enter the room but cautioned Bobbie not to wear Patricia out.

Bobbie and Tracy entered Patricia's room but stopped short in the doorway when Luke greeted them with a gun aimed at them.

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