Thursday, February 11, 2016

At the Floating Rib, Dillon and Maxie reviewed the pictures that he'd taken of her during the photo shoot. Nathan entered as Dillon confessed that the camera had captured Maxie's soul, which was more beautiful than her outer beauty. Nathan cleared his throat and asked what Dillon and Maxie were doing. Dillon and Maxie filled Nathan in about Dillon's idea to photograph Maxie for the Crimson issue featuring real women, but Nathan was confused because Maxie wasn't a model. Nathan looked at the photographs and asked whose idea it had been for Maxie to pose on the pool table.

Maxie admitted that she had been nervous at first, but Dillon had helped her relax. Dillon added that Maxie was a natural and admitted that he had thought Nathan would like the picture of Maxie on the pool table. Nathan had a hard time believing that Dillon had been thinking of Nathan while photographing Nathan's girlfriend on the pool table. Dillon picked up on the tension in Nathan's tone and decided to go to Metro Court to deal with Julian.

Dillon admitted that he hadn't realized how old-fashioned Julian was about the pictures of Olivia. "The guy's practically a dinosaur," Dillon added, and he left. Maxie was curious if Nathan intended to act like a dinosaur too. Nathan admitted that he'd hated when she had filmed a movie with Dillon -- particularly the love scenes -- but Maxie assured him that she loved Nathan and only Nathan. Nathan smiled, but he was not comfortable with a million men looking at Maxie in Crimson.

Maxie admitted that she got jealous, too, when women looked at Nathan, but she reminded herself that Nathan was hers. Nathan smiled and assured Maxie that she was far more than a pretty face to him -- she was smart and caring, which trumped beauty any day of the week.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas typed Baxter Corbin's name into a search engine on the laptop. Moments later, a news article popped up about Baxter being hired as an investment advisor who managed finances for wealthy clients. Nikolas kept digging, but a breaking news article about Elizabeth caught his attention. He was stunned as he read about the fire and Jake's car accident. "Oh, my God, Liz," Nikolas said.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Tracy appeared to zone out during a conversation with Hayden. Hayden repeated Tracy's name several times before Tracy snapped out of it. Hayden grumbled about Tracy's expectations, but Tracy's expression suddenly turned blank as a vacant look clouded Tracy's eyes. Hayden once again repeated Tracy's name until Tracy's glanced at Hayden. Concerned, Hayden asked if Tracy was okay.

Tracy assured Hayden that she had heard everything Hayden had said, including that Hayden had a trump card, which would nullify the prenuptial agreement. Satisfied, Hayden promised to have ELQ back in Tracy's hands before Hayden and Nikolas' honeymoon was over. Tracy was confident that the plan would work and praised Hayden for being a lot like Tracy, which indicated that Hayden had learned well from Hayden's father.

Hayden's good humor fled as she warned Tracy to never mention Hayden's father again. Tracy was surprised, but Hayden warned Tracy to drop it. Dillon approached the table to greet his mother, introduce himself to Hayden, and ask what the ladies had been talking about. Tracy carefully explained that Hayden had recently married Nikolas. Hayden decided to excuse herself but advised Dillon to have his mother checked out by a doctor.

After Hayden left, Dillon questioned Tracy about Hayden's parting remark, but Tracy insisted that she felt wonderful, thanks to a recent vacation. Dillon remained worried, but Tracy was adamant that she had no idea what Hayden had been talking about and suggested that perhaps Hayden wanted to keep them from reclaiming ELQ. Dillon revealed that he'd overheard Hayden and Tracy talking about Hayden's father. Tracy claimed that Hayden's father was merely an acquaintance and turned the discussion back to her plans to get ELQ out of Nikolas' control.

In Sam's hospital room, Sam woke up and saw Jason sitting in a chair. She wondered if he had spent the night there, but he admitted that he had bounced between her hospital room and Jake's throughout the night. Sam's smile faded as she asked how his son was doing. Jason assured her that Jake was fine and resting comfortably, which would help when the orthopedic doctor checked on Jake later. Sam was curious where Danny was, so Jason told her that Monica had taken their son home and would keep him until Sam was well enough to go home.

Moments later, Alexis arrived and told her daughter that Julian had sent his love. Alexis promised that she had persuaded Sam's father not to lecture Sam about taking chances in the future then announced that she had a surprise for Sam. Sam smiled as Molly and Kristina entered with balloons and flowers for their sister. Jason quickly excused himself as Sam spent time with her mother and sisters. Molly admitted that she hadn't realized that Sam had been in trouble until Jason had questioned Molly and Kristina at the Floating Rib the previous evening.

Kristina pointedly reminded Molly that Molly had misspoken because Molly had been with T.J., since Kristina had been away at college. Alexis' eyes narrowed with suspicion as Molly realized her mistake and went along with the lie. Sam helped cover for her sisters by changing the subject and telling them how Jason had found Sam. Sam insisted that she and Jason shared a special connection, which made Molly smile. Sam suddenly grew tired, prompting Alexis to hustle Molly and Kristina out of the room. Sam managed to quietly advise Kristina to tell Alexis the truth because Alexis was onto Kristina.

In the hallway, Molly talked to Alexis about Sam and Jason. Molly believed that Sam looked better than she had since before Jason had died -- despite a recent brush with death. Molly was certain that Sam had been waiting for Jason's return, but it was clear that Julian didn't approve of Sam's relationship with Jason. Molly warned Alexis that Julian would alienate all three sisters if he failed to accept Jason because Sam, Molly, and Kristin each loved Jason.

Alexis realized that Molly wanted Alexis to talk to Julian. Molly smiled, but Alexis sarcastically suggested that perhaps next she could broker a truce between Sonny and Julian, which would make everyone one big happy family.

In an examination room, Griffin questioned why Sonny had lied to Carly about Sonny's progress. Sonny explained that he didn't want Carly to have to lie to Sonny's children or for his children to have the responsibility of keeping Sonny's secret. Griffin was confused, but Sonny cryptically revealed that sometimes it was best to appear weak. Griffin questioned the wisdom of Sonny's decision, but Sonny insisted that it was necessary for business and made it clear that he didn't want to discuss it further. Griffin agreed to stay out of Sonny's personal business and focus on Sonny's recovery.

Pleased, Sonny mentioned Griffin's St. Aloysius medal. Sonny suspected that Griffin had lost someone and hoped Griffin found what he was looking for by working at the hospital.

In the hallway, Kristina rounded the corner and saw her father at the bank of elevators. Sonny questioned what Kristina was doing out of school, but she claimed that she had returned home from school to visit Sam. Sonny was concerned about Kristina missing school, but she assured him that she had already arranged to take off the following week for Alexis and Julian's wedding. Sonny rolled his eyes, but Kristina thought her father should consider attending the wedding and learn to tolerate Julian. Sonny refused to consider it, but Kristina thought Sonny could look like the bigger man and force Julian to accept Sonny's gesture.

Sonny was impressed by Kristina's keen insight and strategy. She smiled and credited Shakespeare and the way the bard's characters had pursued power. Kristina recommended that Sonny read Henry IV because he would see a lot of himself in the story. Sonny promised to think about it as Alexis walked up. Alexis was glad to see Sonny because she had wanted to talk to him about their daughter. Kristina tensed as she glanced nervously at Molly.

Alexis told Sonny that Kristina was hiding something. Kristina reluctantly admitted that she would not be returning to school for the semester. Shocked, Alexis and Sonny demanded to know why, but Kristina opted for the partial truth by revealing that it had to do with her professor. Alexis wondered if Kristina had been referring to the woman named Parker who had stopped by the house. Kristina nodded but claimed that Parker had arranged for Kristina to take her classes from home for the semester. Alexis was skeptical, but Kristina evaded any further questions by dragging Molly away.

Sonny asked if Alexis had believed Kristina. Alexis didn't, but she vowed to get to the bottom of things. Nearby, Molly stopped Kristina to ask if Parker was the "P" that Kristina had mentioned in the diary. "Parker -- is a woman?" Molly wondered.

In Jake's hospital room, Elizabeth woke up when a nurse entered the room to check on Jake. Elizabeth explained that she had already examined her son and had noted the results on the chart. The nurse thanked Elizabeth then asked to speak to Elizabeth in the hallway. In the hallway, the nurse revealed that Felix had sent out an email to everyone on staff about the fire and had asked for donations. The nurse added that they had collected clothes, games, and everything else Elizabeth and the boys might need to get back on their feet.

Elizabeth was touched by the generosity but admitted that she had no idea yet where she and her sons would be staying. Elizabeth thanked the nurse again then returned to Jake's side to check on him. Moments later, Jason entered the room. He asked how Elizabeth had been holding up, but she admitted that she was concerned about how to break the news to Jake about the house. Jason assured Elizabeth that they would tell their son together.

Jake opened his eyes and smiled when he saw his parents. Jake wondered if it meant that they were a family again. Elizabeth and Jason gently explained that they would always be a family, regardless of whether Elizabeth and Jason were together or not. Elizabeth and Jason revealed that they knew what Jake had done and the lies he had told, but they assured their son that they were not mad. Elizabeth added that they would all continue to see Dr. Renault to work through their issues.

However, Elizabeth warned Jake that it was bad to lie and tell stories. Jason added that lying could cause trouble and reminded Jake that Sam had been hurt. Jake promised that he was sorry and had never meant for Sam to get hurt. Elizabeth promised that she believed Jake and confessed that she had lied to Jason and driven him away. Elizabeth conceded that it had been hard for her to accept the breakup, which had made things difficult for Jake. Elizabeth reiterated that Jason would always be a part of Jake's life and suggested that she and Jake could help each other move on.

Jason explained that Sam had told them that the fall had been an accident, but Jake regretted that he had left Sam at the bottom of the stairs. Sam appeared in the doorway as Jake cried that he had let Sam die. Sam assured Jake that she was fine, but Jake refused to believe that Sam was real. Elizabeth promised that Sam was alive and well. Elizabeth insisted that Sam was a good person and that she had been wrong about Sam. Elizabeth added that Sam was Jason's wife and that Jason and Sam had been married a long time and might have found their way back to each other sooner if it hadn't been for Elizabeth.

Finally, Elizabeth encouraged Jake to talk to Sam because she was certain that Jake would like Sam. After Elizabeth left Jason and Sam alone with Jake, Sam assured Jake that he hadn't done anything wrong. Jake apologized but admitted that he wanted to go home. Sam and Jason exchanged a worried glance, but Jason carefully explained that it would be awhile until Jake could leave the hospital. Jake was disappointed and admitted that he was tired, so Sam returned to her hospital room.

In the waiting area, Nikolas approached Elizabeth to ask how she and the boys were. Elizabeth tearfully told him about the car accident and admitted that it had been stupid for her to lie to keep Jason away from Sam. She just hoped that nearly losing Jake and having her home blow up had been enough punishment for playing "God" with the truth. Nikolas conceded that he and Elizabeth had done things they each regretted, but it was over, and they needed to focus on the future. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that she and the boys were welcome to stay at Wyndemere, but Elizabeth worried that Hayden would object. Nikolas insisted that Elizabeth was his best friend, and he promised to handle Hayden.

Later, Elizabeth was on the phone with Aiden as she told him about the donations. Griffin passed by but stopped when he heard her assuring her youngest son that everything would be okay. Moments later, Cameron got on the phone with his mother. Elizabeth asked Cameron to stay strong for Aiden because Aiden followed Cameron's lead. She offered her son words of encouragement and ended the call. Griffin approached Elizabeth and admitted that he had overheard her on the phone.

Griffin realized that Elizabeth was the nurse mentioned in the email that he had received from a fellow staff member. He admitted that he had donated a gift card but offered his services if she needed them. Elizabeth thanked Griffin and assured him that her son would make a full recovery. Griffin and Elizabeth talked about the frustration of being a medical professional when a family member was in the hospital. Elizabeth sensed that Griffin spoke from experience but welcomed him to the hospital and left to check on Jake.

Moments later, Elizabeth entered her son's hospital room. Jake admitted that he felt better after talking to Sam.

In Sam's hospital room, Jason thanked Sam for talking to Jake because Jake seemed calmer. Sam was happy for Jake, but she asked for a favor. She wanted Jason to get her out of the hospital.

At Wyndemere, Hayden was waiting when Nikolas arrived home. She was relieved when he revealed that he had been with Elizabeth because she had feared that Laura might have talked him into leaving Hayden. However, Hayden felt terrible for Elizabeth. Nikolas realized that Hayden had never talked about her own family, but Hayden explained that it was an uncomfortable topic because both her parents were dead.

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