Friday, September 23, 2016

At Metro Court, Hayden knocked on Finn's door. He was surprised to see her, but she smiled and told him that she had picked up coffee. She handed him a cup as she explained that she was eager to celebrate her freedom. Finn thanked Hayden for the coffee but muttered that he was busy. Hayden pushed past him as she admitted that she was disappointed because she'd expected him to be happy for her. Hayden stopped short when she noticed the upended furniture and papers strewn about the room. Finn closed the door as Hayden asked about the mess.

Finn avoided the question by inquiring about Hayden's release from jail, but she saw through the ploy and waited for an answer. Finn remained stubbornly evasive, so Hayden told him about Naomi's confession. Finn thought it was quite a sacrifice. Hayden agreed and suggested that perhaps her mother had figured that she had owed Hayden for lying. Hayden revealed that she was a product of an affair between her mother and Jeff Webber. Finn realized that it meant that Hayden and Elizabeth were related.

Hayden confirmed that Elizabeth was her half-sister, but she made it clear that she wasn't happy about it because she considered Elizabeth an "insufferable twit." Hayden admitted that she'd longed for a sister growing up because she'd wanted someone to play with, confide in, and to trust. However, Hayden reminded Finn that she and Elizabeth hated each other. Finn thought there was still time for Hayden and Elizabeth to build a relationship, but Hayden insisted that it was impossible because Elizabeth had orchestrated Hayden's arrest by turning over the diamonds to the Feds. Finn conceded that Hayden and Elizabeth had issues to work on, but Hayden returned to her earlier question about the mess in the room. She suspected that Finn had suffered another episode because of his illness.

Finn tried to rush Hayden out the door on the pretext of cleaning up, but she refused to budge. She informed him that it was time for them to change their dance because she was tired of him pushing her away whenever the subject of his illness was raised. Hayden promised Finn that she could handle whatever he told her because she knew that he was terminally ill and had bad days. Finn smiled when she assured him that she wouldn't break because she'd been to jail and was tough. He admitted that the mess hadn't been about his illness; it was his wedding anniversary.

Finn looked at the necktie he'd been holding, which sported a picture of Albert Einstein. He opened up about his wife by telling Hayden that Reiko had been the best doctor he'd known, in part because she'd had an incredible bedside manner that had endeared her to everyone. Finn explained that Reiko had noticed his tendency to get a little obsessive and serious about his work, so she had bought silly novelty neckties for him as anniversary gifts. Finn confessed that he had hated wearing the ties because they'd made him stand out.

Finn told Hayden about traveling to another country to develop a cure for a disease. Reiko had wanted to return home, but a maniacal part of him had believed that it had been imperative to study the disease where it had originated. According to Finn, he and Reiko had been working with a new batch of samples, but they hadn't been careful. His wife had quickly fallen ill with the disease that had killed her. Finn blamed himself for Reiko's illness, even though his wife never had. He looked down at the tie and revealed that it had been the last anniversary gift from Reiko, so he'd made a point to wear it every year on their anniversary.

Finn put on the tie, but Hayden stepped forward to straighten it. She admitted that his wife had had great taste because the tie looked fantastic on him. Hayden decided they should celebrate and handed him a cup of coffee. Finn smiled when she toasted to Reiko.

In Valerie's apartment, Curtis woke up next to Valerie. He noticed the time and gently roused her to let her know that she was late for work. Valerie rolled over and sleepily told him that she hadn't pulled an early shift for once. Seconds later, her alarm went off. Valerie turned it off as Curtis questioned why she had set it. She smiled and kissed him. After they made love, Valerie announced that she had to get ready for work. Curtis wanted her to play hooky, but she refused because she was desperate to solve Sabrina's murder.

Valerie admitted that she felt responsible for Sabrina's death because Valerie had let the killer slip through her fingers when he'd knocked her out to retrieve the cufflink she had found. Curtis reminded her that she'd been lucky to escape with her life. Valerie was grateful that she was alive, but she regretted not being more vigilant and catching the killer. Curtis argued that she couldn't solve every murder. "Not every murder -- just this last one," Valerie replied.

At the police station, Jordan was working on her laptop as she took a bite of cold pizza. Andre appeared in the doorway and questioned her choice of breakfast. Jordan wondered if it was considered breakfast if she'd been up all night. Andre realized that she'd been working on the serial killer case, so she told him that she would do whatever it took to find him. Andre believed her and admitted that no one was happy about the hospital closing except Mayor Lomax. Jordan was determined to prove that the hospital was safe, which meant apprehending the killer.

Andre pulled off his jacket and offered to help Jordan. She assured him that it wasn't necessary because she knew he had patients to attend to despite the hospital closing. Andre reminded her that he'd helped in the past and added that the sooner the killer was caught, the sooner the hospital would reopen. Jordan agreed and showed him the files. They discussed how the victims had been killed and the attacks on Elizabeth and Sabrina. Jordan suspected that Sabrina had seen something when she'd found Monica that could identify the killer.

Andre was confident that the killer was someone who had free access to the hospital and could move around without arousing suspicion. He also speculated that the killer liked to dress to impress because of the trousers and shoes seen in the picture that Elizabeth's phone had taken and the expensive cufflink that Valerie had found. Jordan was encouraged by the progress they had made and admitted that she enjoyed working with a partner whom she could bounce ideas off of. Moments later, Curtis and Valerie walked in. Curtis glanced around and realized what Jordan and Andre had been working on.

Curtis hoped that Jordan didn't think a doctor was the killer because there were a lot of powerful people who went through the hospital on a daily basis. Curtis was confident that the killer was someone in authority -- perhaps in an official capacity -- who could roam the hospital without being questioned. "Someone like a cop?" Jordan asked. Jordan was shocked that Curtis would suspect a police officer, but he reminded her that he hadn't said that. Curtis suggested that the killer could be an administrator. Valerie added that the hospital's board members also had access to the hospital, so Jordan instructed Valerie to compile a list of high-ranking nonmedical personnel at the hospital and anyone who had been issued an identification badge.

Later, Valerie announced that she had downloaded all the pertinent employee files. Jordan asked Andre to help Valerie narrow down the list of possible suspects. In the corner, Curtis reminded Jordan of a drug case they had worked on together, but Jordan told him that she didn't have time to stroll down memory lane. Curtis assured Jordan that he hadn't been reminiscing -- the point of the story was to remind her that the suspect had been right under their noses the whole time.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco fussed over Elizabeth as she rested on the sofa. She gently told him to relax. Franco apologized and went to answer the doorbell. It was Jason. Franco informed Jason that it wasn't a good time and offered to pencil him in two weeks from Tuesday. Jason was not amused as he brushed past Franco and approached Elizabeth. Jason asked how she was feeling and handed her a card that Jake had made. Elizabeth was touched by the gift and assured Jason that she was well.

Elizabeth was curious why Jason was wearing a suit, so he revealed that he was attending Sabrina's funeral. Elizabeth's expression clouded with sadness as she told Franco and Jason that she wanted to go to the funeral. Both Franco and Jason objected because Elizabeth was still recovering. Jason was certain that Sabrina would have agreed. After Jason left, Franco offered to reheat Elizabeth's tea and fluff her pillow, but Elizabeth declined. She sadly explained that she needed her friends to stop dying.

Elizabeth told Franco about her best friend Emily Quartermaine who had died a decade earlier. She tearfully admitted that she still missed Emily. Elizabeth also regretted that she hadn't been able to say goodbye to Nikolas or Sabrina. She realized that she had her grandmother, her sons, and Franco, but she still felt very alone. Franco assured her that he could fix things.

Meanwhile, Sabrina's friends and loved ones gathered at church to say goodbye. Griffin began the service by reciting John 14:27 from the Bible. Griffin conceded that he hadn't known Sabrina, but he'd heard about her resilience in the face of adversity and her ability to always find the best in people. He encouraged everyone to celebrate her life then invited the mourners to share their memories of Sabrina. Lucy stood up and walked to the podium to pay tribute to Sabrina. She told everyone that she had first met Sabrina -- and Felix -- when Sabrina had decided to revive the Nurses Ball. Lucy assured everyone that Sabrina had been the embodiment of everything the Nurses Ball had stood for and the reason that Lucy had returned to Port Charles.

After Lucy stepped down, Felix walked to the front of the church to tearfully talk about his best friend. Paul sat in the front pew next to Tracy as Felix became choked up with emotion at the thought of saying goodbye to Sabrina. Nearby, Jason entered the church and sat down next to Michael. Jason offered his condolences and reminded Michael that he was there for him. Michael nodded and looked at Sabrina's portrait with tears shimmering in his eyes.

At the podium, Felix decided to focus on the amazing person that Sabrina had been rather than on his anger and bitterness over the tragic loss. He talked about the deep bond he had shared with Sabrina and how she had always made time for him. Felix acknowledged that nurses saw a lot of grief and sadness, but Sabrina had had an ability to brighten even the darkest day. In the second pew, Dante leaned forward to whisper to Tracy that Sabrina's death might help the police catch the killer. He knew it was a small consolation, but Tracy wanted to know if the police had any leads. Paul overheard the conversation and turned to hear Dante's answer.

Dante explained that the killer hadn't planned out the murder, which meant that forensics might yield DNA evidence. Tracy desperately wanted the killer to be caught, but she agreed that it was a small consolation. Tracy turned back to the front of the church as Felix returned to his seat. Griffin asked if anyone else wanted to speak. "I do," Elizabeth said from the doorway. Franco stood at her side with his hand protectively at her back. Jason was not pleased and joined Franco at the back of the church as Griffin helped Elizabeth to the podium. Franco told Jason that it had been important to Elizabeth to attend the funeral and grieve with her friends.

At the podium, Elizabeth shared her memories of Sabrina. She recalled that Sabrina had clicked right away with everyone at the hospital and had been one of the kindest people Elizabeth had known. Elizabeth conceded that Sabrina had made mistakes, but she assured everyone that Sabrina had never been malicious. Elizabeth concluded by revealing that Sabrina had taught Elizabeth to trust her own feelings, so Elizabeth vowed to honor her friend's memory by trying to be more like her. After Griffin helped Elizabeth to a seat, Michael stood up to give a eulogy.

Michael shared that Sabrina had been kind and big hearted. His voice filled with emotion as he recalled how tender and patient she had been with Avery. Michael admitted that he'd fallen in love with Sabrina because of the gentle way she had cared for his sister. Carly rushed up to help Michael as he began to cry. She softly asked if she could say a few words about Sabrina. Michael nodded. Carly acknowledged that Michael had been estranged from her and Sonny for a time, but she credited Sabrina with helping Michael to forgive.

Michael added that Sabrina had left the world a better place and that he'd been blessed to know and love her. After Michael and Carly returned to their seats, Epiphany ended the service with a touching rendition of "You're Not Alone." Paul appeared shaken as Tracy reached for his hand.

A short time later, everyone filed out of the church. Carly told Sonny that she was glad that Michael had let her speak during the service because it gave her hope. Nearby, Tracy thanked Griffin for his help. Griffin hoped that everyone who had loved Sabrina could find some peace.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth thanked Franco for taking her to the service. Franco advised Elizabeth to get some rest because he didn't want the nurses lecturing him the following day. Elizabeth wondered if he'd be there when she woke up. Franco carefully asked if she wanted him to be. Franco smiled when she nodded.

In the church, Paul stared at the picture of Sabrina as he recalled the last moments of her life when she had begged him not to kill her. "I'm so sorry," Paul said in a pained voice as he jumped up to leave. Tracy stood in the aisle and asked what he was sorry for. "I killed her," Paul blurted out.

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