Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lucy arrived at the Floating Rib, frantic to talk to Felicia, so Felicia quickly wrapped up a phone call with Mac to find out what Lucy's latest crisis was about. Lucy explained that she had paid Scott a visit, but Bobbie had answered the door, dressed in Scott's robe. Felicia reminded Lucy that Scott and Bobbie had been friends for a long time, so there might have been an innocent explanation for Bobbie being in Scott's hotel suite. Lucy argued that there wasn't any doubt because Bobbie had confirmed that Scott and Bobbie were lovers. Felicia was surprised but reminded Lucy that there had been a time when Scott and Bobbie had dated.

"I know -- way back in the Carter administration," Lucy grumbled. She insisted that Scott couldn't be involved with Bobbie because he belonged with Lucy, so Felicia advised Lucy to follow her heart and fight for Scott. Bolstered by Felicia's words of encouragement, Lucy thanked her friend and left to find Scott.

In Scott's hotel suite, Bobbie was curled up in peaceful slumber next to Scott as he recalled Lucy's visit the previous evening. Unable to shake his troubled thoughts, Scott slipped out of bed and showered. He intended to leave before Bobbie woke up, but she was waiting for him as he returned to the bedroom to fetch his jacket. Bobbie smiled seductively as she invited him to spend the day with her in bed, but Scott insisted that he had to leave because he had an important meeting with Anna. Bobbie didn't bother to hide her disappointment, but she shifted gears by suggesting that they discuss Lucy's visit.

Scott squirmed as Bobbie reminded him that he had been the one to pursue her after Lucy had ended things with him, so he assured her that he cared about Bobbie. Bobbie wanted more from Scott because she was certain that Lucy wanted Scott back. She insisted that he make a choice between her and Lucy, but Scott argued that it was pointless to discuss something that might not even happen. As if on cue, Lucy suddenly knocked on the door, asking to speak with Scott.

Bobbie immediately marched to the door to open it and greet Lucy. Lucy screeched with outrage when she realized that Bobbie had spent the night with Scott, but her anger didn't stop Lucy from entering the suite to talk to Scott. Scott was stunned when Lucy tearfully apologized for pushing him away and confessed that she wanted him back. Lucy was certain that she and Scott could be better than ever, but Bobbie reminded Lucy that Scott was with Bobbie.

Scott tensed when Bobbie and Lucy agreed that it was time for Scott to make a choice. Scott carefully explained that Bobbie and Lucy each knew what she meant to him, which promptly set off an argument between Bobbie and Lucy. Scott seized the opportunity to escape, but Bobbie and Lucy noticed before he managed to reach the door. They demanded that Scott tell them who he wanted to be with, but Scott insisted that he had to get to the meeting with Anna and fled. Bobbie and Lucy glared at each other as they agreed that it wasn't over.

Across town, Anna and Jordan had a clandestine meeting in the park to discuss Jordan's investigation. Jordan revealed that Julian had almost divulged the name of his boss but had had a change of heart at the last moment because he didn't trust Jordan. Anna was frustrated because she was tired of everyone believing Julian's lies, including Alexis, whom Anna had tried to warn. Alarmed, Jordan reminded Anna that it was for the greater good that the truth about Julian's involvement with the mob remain a secret.

Anna appreciated that Julian couldn't be arrested yet but she hated that Rafe and his family had paid the price for Julian's freedom. Jordan confided that Julian might not be the key to identifying the mystery man in charge of the Jerome organization because Julian had been kept out of the loop about the heroin moving through Port Charles. Anna was stunned when Jordan explained that Mickey Diamond had shown an interest in Jordan and had suggested that Jordan could get close to the boss by getting close to Mickey. Anna warned Jordan not to sleep with Mickey, but Jordan argued that it wasn't Anna's call to make.

Jordan made it clear that she was willing to do whatever was necessary to shut down the drug trafficking in Port Charles, so Anna conceded that undercover work required compromise. However, Anna warned Jordan that some choices might haunt Jordan forever. Anna urged Jordan to weigh her options carefully and promised to back Jordan up if Jordan decided to pull out of the investigation. Jordan appreciated Anna's support, but made it clear that she knew what she was doing. Anna quietly wished Jordan luck and then left.

At the lake house, Alexis bolted awake when she noticed the time. Julian smiled as he confessed that he had let Alexis sleep in because he had enjoyed watching her sleep. Alexis was touched when he quietly added that there were times when he thought she was a dream, so she offered to show him just how real she was. Julian chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her and asked her to be gentle.

Later, Alexis grinned as she admitted that each day should start the same way. Julian confided that he was grateful to have her in his life because he knew that he didn't deserve her. Alexis reminded Julian that he was out of the mob, so she urged him to let go of the past. Julian explained that he couldn't because their night together had been their last.

Alexis was stunned when Julian insisted that he had to walk away from her because he didn't want to be the reason Molly refused to return home. He appreciated that Alexis was a devoted mother who would soon be saying goodbye to Molly when Molly left for college, so he didn't want Alexis to lose any more precious time with her youngest child. Alexis assured him that she would find another way because Alexis refused to let Molly use emotional blackmail to dictate Alexis' love life.

Julian suggested that he and Alexis return to sneaking around, but Alexis objected because she knew that Julian had hated it when they had secretly dated. Julian assured Alexis that he wouldn't mind because it would be exciting, so Alexis reluctantly agreed because she realized that it was the only way to keep Julian from following through on his threat to walk away.

After Alexis left to get ready to go to the hospital, Julian received a call from his sister, Ava.

At the hospital, Ava asked Sonny to release her arm as he guided her past the nurses' station. Sonny refused because he refused to take any chances that she might try to escape. Ava was disappointed because she had hoped that Sonny would be more merciful after agreeing to take her to the doctor for a checkup. Sonny made it clear that she had lost the luxury of mercy a long time before then shifted gears to let her know that he had guards posted all around the hospital.

Sonny and Ava glanced at the nurses' station when they heard Morgan ask to talk to Monica. After the nurse walked away, Sonny and Ava approached Morgan. Morgan was curious why Ava was at the hospital, so she revealed that she had a prenatal checkup. She reminded Morgan that she was in her second trimester, but Morgan became increasingly uncomfortable as she continued to talk about the baby. Ava was startled when Morgan suddenly cut her off by confessing that he didn't want to hear about the baby because nothing about the pregnancy was normal.

Ava asked Morgan not to blame the baby for what had happened between the three of them, but Morgan resented her implying that he'd had some kind of say in Sonny and Ava's betrayal. Sonny asked Morgan to keep his voice down, so Morgan decided that it was time to leave. Sonny begged Morgan to stay because Sonny wanted to talk things out, but Morgan explained that there wasn't anything to say until Sonny was willing to be truthful about why Ava had moved in with Sonny.

Mickey Diamond walked past Sonny, Ava, and Morgan as Sonny denied being romantically involved with Ava, so Mickey stopped to eavesdrop on the conversation until Morgan stormed away seconds later.

Later, Mickey tracked town T.J. outside Molly's hospital room and explained that he had a few questions about Jordan. T.J. refused to discuss his mother with a stranger, so Mickey flashed T.J. a badge as he introduced himself as Bob Massicotte, an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency. T.J. made it clear that he would not say anything that would get his mother into trouble, but Mickey promised that he merely had a few questions about Jordan's time in jail.

T.J. revealed that he hadn't had any contact with his mother during her two-year stint in jail. Pleased, Mickey thanked T.J. for his help, so T.J. quickly entered Molly's hospital room before Mickey could ask more questions. Moments later, Jordan called to ask if Mickey had any plans for the evening because she was interested in finishing what they had started on their previous date.

Meanwhile, Morgan ended up in the park just as Rosalie threw her phone in frustration. The phone hit Morgan in the eyebrow, so Rosalie immediately apologized when she realized that she had injured him. She quickly retrieved ice from her picnic basket for his injured brow, but Morgan assured her that he was fine. However, he was curious why Rosalie had thrown the phone.

Rosalie complained about her father sticking his nose into her business, so Morgan nodded in understanding because he knew what that was like. Rosalie was surprised when Morgan opened up about his pregnant ex-girlfriend who might be carrying his or his father's baby. Rosalie felt bad for Morgan, so she invited him to join her on her blanket and talk.

Rosalie listened as Morgan opened up about his fears of becoming a father to a child whose mother had slept with his father. Rosalie advised Morgan to take a step back to get his head in the right place, so Morgan thanked her then announced that he had to get back to a friend who was in the hospital. Rosalie realized that Morgan had a lot going on in his life, so she took his phone and punched in her number in case he wanted to talk again. She then asked if she could have his number.

At the hospital, Sonny escorted Ava into an examination room, but she pulled away and accused him of nearly confessing the whole sordid truth to Morgan about why she was living in Greystone Manor. Sonny didn't deny it, so she reminded him that he could lose everything if the truth about A.J.'s murder was revealed. Sonny informed Ava that she was only breathing because of him, and she would die for the same reason, so nothing she said mattered to him.

Sonny insisted that Morgan was his son, and therefore, it would be his decision what to tell Morgan. "Are we clear?" Sonny demanded. "Crystal," Ava replied. Moments later, the doctor entered and shooed Sonny out while Ava changed into a hospital grown. Ava waited until Sonny left the room before offering the doctor $1000 for the doctor's phone. After the doctor handed Ava the phone, Ava called Julian for help.

Julian was curious why he should help his sister, since Ava had tried to kill him the last time he had seen her. Ava argued that he had tried to kill her first, so Julian wondered if that was why Ava had moved in with Sonny. Ava was insulted by the suggestion that she would need Sonny's protection when she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but she conceded that she was Sonny's prisoner.

Ava cut to the chase by offering to give Julian information that would take Sonny down once and for all in exchange for his help. Julian informed her that he was out of the mob, but Ava didn't believe him because the story about Ric Lansing being in charge of the organization hadn't added up. Ava was certain that Julian remained as firmly "mobbed up" as the rest of them, so she was certain that he would want the information that she had on Sonny. Julian was curious what Ava wanted him to do.

Meanwhile, Sonny bumped into Alexis by the elevators. He inquired after Molly, so she assured him that Molly was on the road to recovery and scheduled to be released from the hospital later that day. Relieved, Sonny asked Alexis to let his niece know that he had been thinking of Molly. Alexis assured him that she would then asked why he was at the hospital. Sonny explained that he had accompanied Ava to a prenatal checkup. Alexis started to tease Sonny about Ava's pregnancy, but he warned Alexis not to judge.

Alexis assured Sonny that she knew that he genuinely cared about his family and was a good father to his children. Sonny appreciated Alexis' kind words, so out of respect to her, he promised not to tell her what he really thought about her boyfriend. However, Sonny acknowledged that Julian had been smart to leave the mob. Alexis smiled awkwardly then excused herself to check on her daughter.

Nearby, Julian approached the nurses' station and unwittingly offered Ava's doctor $1000 for a favor. Moments later, he ducked out of sight when he spotted Alexis headed his way. Julian waited until the coast was clear then slipped into Ava's examination room. Ava insisted that she and Julian needed to act fast before Sonny returned. They were unaware that Sonny stood on the other side of the door and was about to enter the room.

. . .

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