Monday, March 30, 2015

Duke's guard wondered why Duke hadn't told Sonny that Jordan had been wearing a wire. Duke replied that Jordan, as an informant for Anna, was his problem. He'd known that Jordan had tried to get him to repeat his order to kill Julian. The guard wondered if they should warn Shawn. Duke turned that idea down, thinking that Shawn would either protect, or warn Jordan. He thought that they should tell Shawn after Jordan had been "dealt with." He clarified that Julian was no longer his priority.

Duke's guard asked if Duke was going to talk to Sonny about Jordan, but Duke reminded the guard that Sonny needed "complete deniability" due to the custody case. Duke reasoned that Anna would need a witness to testify against him in court, but the case would fall apart if Jordan wasn't around to testify. He needed to "remove" Jordan to ensure everyone's protection.

Duke admitted that he'd underestimated Anna, who could never let her "strong moral convictions" go. He remembered trying to turn his back on the mob, but he hadn't been able to. "Lucky for Sonny," the guard commented. Duke knew that, in order to deal with Jordan, he'd have to cross a line that Anna would never understand, or forgive him for. He realized that he was deciding his future in addition to Jordan's.

Jordan burst into Anna's hotel room. "We were just discussing you, Agent Ashford," Kyle said. He divulged that Jordan's boss from the D.E.A. had filled Kyle in on Anna's "undercover operative." Anna told Jordan that they had to fully cooperate with Kyle. She wondered how the meeting with Duke went. Jordan told Anna and Kyle about how Duke had called off the hit, and the three listened to the recording of the meeting.

Kyle was satisfied that Duke still believed that Jordan was loyal to the organization. "Unless he's playing us and he's on to her," Anna suggested. Jordan remarked that Duke hadn't given an indication that he suspected Jordan of wearing a wire but acknowledged that if he had, she'd have "bigger target on my back than before." Anna helped Jordan take the wire off, and Kyle had to leave to attend to other business. Anna warned Kyle about not leaking any information, because she believed he'd be willing to "advance his career at the expense of everyone else." He promised that the secret was safe with him, and left.

Jordan worried that Duke suspected her of being a cop. Anna suggested that he'd called off the hit because the murder would put a lot of scrutiny on the organization. Jordan thought Duke knew that she was "a rat." She wondered if Anna trusted Kyle. "No," Anna stated, but she promised to "handle" Kyle, as long as Jordan could "ensure Duke's trust. And then we make him pay for it," she added.

Jake grabbed two coffees at Kelly's and bumped right into Carly. She wondered if one of the coffees was for his wife. She proceeded to tear apart Hayden's story, and she couldn't believe that he believed Hayden's story. He reminded her that Hayden had had proof, but Carly had an explanation for almost everything. She implored him to stay in Port Charles, which was the only place where he knew people. She reminded him that "Sloan has you on a leash."

Carly offered to call Diane for Jake, but he wanted to take care of his problems on his own. She wanted to have him close rather than away with Hayden. She told him that, if he went away with Hayden, he'd be starting a new life, but in Pentonville. "You have a point," he said as she took a coffee. He informed her that he started his work with Julian the next day. He realized that his only option was to stay in Port Charles. She assured him that she would support him no matter what. She kissed him on the cheek and left.

A short while later, Jake walked away from the counter with two more coffees and bumped right into Kyle. He informed Kyle that he started his new job with Julian the next day, but there was a new situation in his life that could complicate things. Kyle advised Jake not to break his commitment and took one of the coffees. He wished Jake luck, reminded him that there was "a lot of riding on this," and left.

Franco and Nina asked Olivia that champagne and chocolate be sent up to a free luxury suite for them. Olivia wondered if Franco was still "trippin'." He threatened to tell Julian that Olivia was carrying Julian's baby. Nina commended a wide-eyed Olivia, because "not every woman can claim two babies by two different mob bosses." She insisted that the baby was Ned's, but Franco reminded her of their conversation while he was faking his LSD trip in Shadybrook.

Franco demanded the complimentary suite in exchange for his silence. Olivia told Franco and Nina to do what they wanted, because no one would ever believe anything they said. Nina replied that they only needed Julian to believe them. Franco and Nina walked straight over to Julian, who was sitting at a table with Alexis.

Alexis asked Julian what she'd interrupted between him and Olivia. He told her that he'd apologized to Olivia for insisting that he was the father of Olivia's baby, and he'd promised that he and Alexis would "let it go." Just then, Franco and Nina were standing next to the table. "Can I help you?" Julian wondered. "I can help you," Franco responded as Olivia watched.

Alexis had thought that Nathan was picking Nina up at the courthouse. Nina responded that she wanted to spend her freedom with Franco. Julian advised that Franco and Nina celebrate their freedom elsewhere. Franco announced that he had something important to tell Julian. Just then, Olivia ran over to the table. She babbled on about Franco and Nina bothering Julian and Alexis, and finding another table to Franco and Nina.

As Franco began to talk to Julian, Olivia cried that Franco and Nina's champagne had arrived in their suite. Eyes rolling, she cited that "the customer is always right at the Metro Court." Julian wondered what Franco had wanted to say. Franco gave his condolences to Julian for Ava. "Don't speak to me about my sister," Julian warned. Franco assured Julian that he was there for Julian in his time of need, and Franco, Nina, and Olivia left.

Away from the table, Franco assured Olivia that she'd done the right thing. He advised her to think of it as a "down payment," and "the first of many installments." In addition to the room, Nina wanted a standing reservation at the best table at the Metro Court restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Olivia countered that the table was Carly's, and she couldn't possibly explain that to Carly. Franco replied that it was Olivia's problem, just as Carly appeared.

Valerie divulged to Lulu and Dante that Patricia had been "sick for years" with MS. Patricia needed round-the-clock medical support, so she'd had to go to Oakhill, which was a convalescent hospital. She hadn't wanted to tell Luke where Patricia was, but he'd threatened to kill her. Dante advised her to rest while he checked on Patricia. He promised to help Patricia if Valerie would tell him where Oakhill was located. She wanted to go with Dante. "I'm stronger than you think," she said, but she fainted into Dante's arms.

Dante put Valerie on the couch and picked up his phone to call an ambulance. He instructed Lulu to find directions to Oakhill. A few minutes later, Valerie woke up, still wanting to go with Dante to Oakhill. Dante advised Lulu to stay with Valerie until the ambulance got there. "Hell no," Lulu bellowed. Valerie tried to get up to go with them to Oakhill, but she passed out, falling right into Dante's arms. Lulu ran out of the apartment as Dante yelled at her to return, to no avail.

Dante called for an ambulance again and assured Valerie that help was on its way. Valerie wondered where Lulu was. "Making the biggest mistake of her life," he replied.

Bobbie knocked on Patricia's door in Oakhill. She and Tracy entered the room and were shocked to find a gun-wielding Luke. Tracy tried to appeal to Luke, but he only said, "you're dealing with me." He realized they were there because Valerie had told them that he was there. He informed a confused Tracy that he'd been in the apartment the entire time she and Lulu had been there. Bobbie demanded to know where Patricia was. Luke pulled the curtain back from around the bed to reveal a woman in the bed, bound and gagged.

Luke introduced Tracy and Bobbie to Patricia. Bobbie informed Patricia that Luke was "sick," so he didn't mean anything he was doing or saying. He asked Patricia if she'd rather take the gag off, or watch him shoot Bobbie or Tracy. Patricia shook her head. Luke continued that Patricia was "old enough to remember things you shouldn't." He wondered, "if there's no one left alive to remember an event, did it happen?"

Luke pulled Bobbie over and threw her on the bed. He sarcastically marveled over the three Spencer siblings being together again. Bobbie reminded Luke that he'd always been her protector. Luke responded that the past was "a different place" which he intended to "eliminate." He pulled Tracy to the bed and pointed his gun at the three women. Tracy thought that the man she loved was still "in there somewhere."

Luke yelled that Bobbie and Tracy should have died on the Haunted Star "with the rest of the sheep." He realized that it only proved that, if you want someone dead, you have to take care of it yourself. Just as he pointed the gun at Bobbie, Lulu burst into the room. He pushed her to the bed. "Welcome to the party," he told her, assuring her that he had enough bullets for everyone.

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