Monday, June 29, 2015

In Ric and Nina's hotel suite, Madeline lurked in the hallway wearing a bathrobe as she eavesdropped on Ric and Nina's conversation in the living room. Ric was dressed in a matching robe as he tried to calm Nina down, but Nina was upset because Franco had told her that Madeline had managed to get out of jail with the help of a good attorney. Nina questioned if Ric might have helped her mother, but Ric vehemently denied it as he inched closer to a chair where he had spotted Madeline's purse. He deftly positioned his body to keep Nina from noticing the damaging evidence as he distracted Nina by accusing Madeline of being a monster who had hurt Nina in numerous awful ways.

Satisfied, Nina confessed that she feared Madeline might be plotting a sneak attack by scheming with someone to get her hands on Nina's fortune. Ric immediately offered to help Nina block Madeline's efforts, but Nina worried that it might be too late. Ric promised to take care of everything then shifted gears to get Nina out of the suite by offering to meet her in the restaurant, but Nina refused because she didn't want to endure another moment of seeing Franco with his date, Denise. Ric slyly suggested that he and Nina flaunt their own bliss under Franco's nose to show Franco that Nina had made the right decision by kicking Franco to the curb.

Nina liked to the idea of turning the tables on Franco, so she agreed. After Ric disappeared down the hallway to get dressed, Nina recalled toasting to new beginning with Franco during their first night in the suite. Meanwhile, Ric quietly ordered Madeline to be gone by the time he and Nina returned from the restaurant. Madeline assured him that it wouldn't be a problem, but she pointed out that Ric had the perfect excuse to have Nina sign over power of attorney to him.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Franco asked "Denise" what their "squishy couple name" should be. "DeFranco or Franise?" Franco asked. Denise barely paid attention to Franco as she watched Morgan and Kiki at the bar, but she promised to "ship" whatever name Franco picked. Pleased, Franco was relieved that Denise remained committed to their pretense of being a couple, so she suddenly suggested they practice "canoodling." Franco agreed prompting her to quickly kiss him just as Morgan looked over.

At the bar, Morgan scowled as he watched Denise passionately kiss Franco, but he reluctantly followed Kiki as she approached the couple to invite Franco and Denise to join Kiki and Morgan for dinner. Morgan tensed at the idea of spending time with Denise and Franco, but Franco happily accepted the invitation. Denise nervously excused herself to powder her nose, so Morgan quickly muttered an excuse then followed Denise. Kiki smiled politely as she and Franco sat down at a nearby table.

Kiki explained that Morgan was concerned Franco might hurt Denise, but Franco promised Kiki there was nothing to worry about because Franco and Denise were the "real thing." Kiki was relieved because she had hoped Denise might help Franco forget Nina.

Nearby, Morgan called out to Denise, but she tried to ignore him. Morgan refused to be dismissed, but Denise insisted there was nothing for them to talk about because they couldn't risk hurting Kiki. Morgan begged Denise not to date someone like Franco because Franco was dangerous, violent, and wrong for her, but Denise explained that she didn't have a choice because she needed to move on. Denise started to turn away, but Morgan reached for her hand. She quickly jerked free then sternly warned him that whatever they had shared was over.

Meanwhile, Kiki wondered where Morgan and Denise were. She immediately relaxed when they returned to the table explaining they had been delayed by long lines at the bathrooms. Denise added that Morgan had filled in her in about Michael's troubles at ELQ, so Kiki admitted she was concerned about Morgan's brother. Denise feigned concerned for Michael then seized the opportunity to ask for his phone number so she could schedule a visit with Avery. Franco became distracted when he spotted Ric and Nina approach the bar.

As soon as Franco saw Nina, he grabbed Denise to kiss her breathless. At the bar, Nina watched Franco and Denise with growing fury until she suddenly tugged Ric close then kissed him with equal fervor. Madeline rounded the corner, but stopped short when she saw Nina and Ric. Eventually, Ric managed to pull away from his wife's enthusiastic show of affection, but he was curious what had sparked it. Nina claimed that she had felt a sudden burst of hot desire for her husband, so Ric smiled awkwardly.

Ric appreciated Nina's passion, but he reminded her that they had important matters to discuss. Nina half listened as she continued to watch Franco and Denise with their hands all over each other, which allowed Ric the opportunity to slide the power of attorney under Nina's nose and ask her to sign it. Nina quickly glanced at where Ric had indicated then scribbled her name without reading the document. Meanwhile, Denise stepped away from Franco, but Franco barely noticed at he intently stared at Nina.

In a quiet corner, Denise left a voicemail message asking Michael to return her call because she wanted to schedule a visit with Avery for the following day. Denise explained that she loved her baby niece and felt a maternal connection to her "twin's" daughter.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny and Carly were surprised when they saw Michael enter the living room with Sabrina and the baby. Sonny was curious why Michael was there, so Sabrina approached Sonny with the baby. Sonny greeted his daughter, but Carly tactfully reminded Sonny that Michael preferred the baby be called "A.J." Michael admitted that it didn't matter because he was there to return his sister. Michael promised to talk to Judge Walters in the morning to have Avery's custody transferred to Sonny.

Stunned, Sonny wondered if Morgan had talked to Michael, but Michael credited Sabrina with helping Michael to work past the anger and do the right thing. Sabrina appreciated the praise, but she insisted that Michael had made the decision. Tears of joy shimmered in Sonny's eyes as he confessed that he was at a loss for words. Carly was equally shocked because both she and Sonny had been concerned about Michael after what had had happened at ELQ. Michael revealed that losing ELQ had been part of the reason he had decided to return Avery.

Michael explained that Lucy Coe had been the deciding vote, but she had sided with Nikolas in part because Michael had taken Avery away from Sonny. Michael conceded that he had acted out of spite and a desire to punish Sonny, but he promised that he genuinely loved his sister and had wanted to protect her. However, Michael acknowledged that it hadn't justified him tearing Avery's family apart, which Sonny was a part of. Michael admitted that at first he had felt disloyal to his father for considering it, but Michael was certain that A.J. would have been the first to tell him that the only person Michael had let down was Avery.

Michael was determined to break the cycle, but he warned Sonny not to make him regret it. Michael expected Sonny to keep Avery safe, so Sonny promised that he would. Michael kissed Avery's head then handed his sister to Sonny. Sabrina hugged Michael as Sonny welcomed Avery home.

Later, Sabrina carried a few of Avery's things in as Carly admitted she had never been more proud of Michael. Carly knew she had hurt her son, but she deeply regretted it because Michael had deserved better from her. Sonny vowed to keep Avery safe, so Michael admitted that he didn't know if he and Sonny could ever be father and son again. However, Michael warned Sonny not to let Avery down the way he had Michael because Avery would eventually grow to worship Sonny.

Sonny made it clear that he would guard Avery with his life, so Michael asked to hold his sister. Sonny handed the baby to Michael, who tearfully assured his sister that he loved her because she had brought both joy and light into his life. Michael promised to continue to watch over her then handed her back to Sonny.

After Michael and Sabrina left, Sonny and Carly basked in their good fortune. They praised themselves for raising a good son, so Sonny admitted that he doubted he could have been as strong as Michael had been if their situations had been reversed. Later, Carly confessed that she saw very little of Ava, or Denise, in Avery because Avery looked more like Sonny every day. Sonny gave his daughter a bottle then rocked her in his arms as he smiled at her content expression. Carly suggested it was time for Avery to go to bed, but Sonny wanted to spend a little more time with his daughter. Carly assured him that Avery would be there in the morning, so he reluctantly followed Carly to the nursery as he softly whispered to Avery that she was finally home to stay.

At Sabrina's apartment, Michael and Sabrina entered the living room. Michael's expression clouded with sadness when he saw one of Avery's toys. Sabrina knew it was difficult for Michael, so she hugged him. Moments later, his phone rang, but he put the phone down determined not to answer it for the rest of the evening. Sabrina kissed Michael, but she became concerned when he pulled back from the embrace.

Michael tried to lighten the mood by pointing out that losing his job meant he would get to spend more time with Sabrina. Sabrina reminded him that she was in the same position, so Michael told her that she could finally rest easy because she was no longer dating her boss. Sabrina hugged Michael as he quietly confessed that he was trying not to think about Avery. Sabrina suggested they help each other forget and then kissed him. Things quickly heated up as Michael and Sabrina went to her bedroom and made love.

Later, Michael snuggled next to Sabrina in bed as he showered her with compliments and admitted that he had wanted her for a long time. Their conversation then drifted to Avery because Michael hated the idea of waking up in the morning without his sister there to greet him. Sabrina assured Michael that he could stay spend the night with Sabrina.

At the loft, Valerie assured Dante that he was not alone because she was there for him. Dante looked deep into Valerie's eyes then kissed her. Startled, Valerie initially responded to the heated kiss, but pulled away to breathlessly ask what Dante was doing. Dante confessed that he couldn't get the thought of Lulu and Dillon out of his head, so Valerie pointed out that kissing her wasn't the answer. Dante disagreed because he knew she had felt something slowly simmering between them. Valerie admitted that Dante was a great guy, who was smart, funny, generous, and compassionate.

Valerie was grateful for all Dante had done for her because he had truly helped her deal with her mother's death, but he was not the kind of man who cheated on his wife. Dante argued that he hadn't thought Lulu was the kind of wife who would cheat, but he had been wrong. Valerie admitted that Lulu would have to be the dumbest woman on the planet to hook up with Dillon, but Dante owed it to himself to confront Lulu rather than making the same mistake as his wife. Valerie insisted that Dante had been a good friend, so she didn't want to lose what they had over something he would regret. Valerie went to check on Rocco, while Dante took the time to pull himself together.

Later, Dante expressed his frustration with Lulu. Valerie commiserated because she knew he was troubled by the secret Lulu and Dillon were keeping. Dante blamed himself for his wife's betrayal because he had no idea how to be a good husband, since he had been raised by a single mother. Valerie refused to let him beat himself because he was an exceptional father and husband. Dante smiled weakly because he feared he had been a lousy friend by kissing her. Valerie assured him that the kiss had been forgotten, so their friendship remained intact.

Valerie decided to head home, but Dante assured her that it wasn't necessary. Valerie disagreed because they both needed a little space. Dante didn't argue, so Valerie left. In the hallway, Valerie stopped to take a deep breath as her composure slipped. Meanwhile, Dante picked up a framed photograph of him and Lulu on their wedding day.

In British Columbia, Dillon lounged on the hotel bed as Lulu anxiously waited for news about Lucky. She decided to call her parents to remind them what her room number was, but Dillon stopped her because he was confident Luke and Laura would contact them when they had news. Lulu agreed, so her thoughts drifted to her husband. She was concerned that something had been troubling Dante because he had seemed cold and distant on the phone. Lulu started to call Dante, but quickly changed her mind when she realized that she would have to continue to lie to him.

Dillon decided to distract Lulu by giving her a copy of a screenplay to read. He was eager for her opinion, so Lulu settled back to give it her full attention. Later, Dillon asked what Lulu thought of the storyline, but Lulu pointed out that she hadn't finished the screenplay. Dillon argued that she had read enough to have formed an opinion, so Lulu confessed that the relationship between the two lead characters hadn't been believable.

Lulu was surprised when Dillon confessed the characters had been based on him and his first girlfriend after Georgie had died. Lulu smiled because Dillon clearly had a high opinion of himself, since the character based on him had been perfect. Dillon chuckled then agreed to give the character a few flaws, but Lulu laughed because the character would still be perfect. Lulu thanked Dillon for keeping her mind off of worrying about Lucky.

In Luke and Laura's hotel room, Luke and Laura were shocked when they realized the intruder was Holly Sutton. Holly aimed a gun at Laura as Laura pointed hers at Holly and demanded to know if Holly had kidnapped Lucky. Holly seemed shocked by the news, so Luke lowered his gun then approached Holly to force her gun hand down. Finally, Luke glared at Laura to put her gun away, so they could get some answers. Laura reluctantly complied as Holly revealed that Ethan had been abducted.

Holly explained that she had gone to check on Ethan at his apartment in Perth, but Ethan had been missing and the place had been ransacked. Holly had searched her son's apartment for a clue and had discovered a matchbook from a hotel in British Columbia. Holly had realized instantly that the matchbook had been a lead, so she had followed it. Luke looked at the matchbook Holly had found in Ethan's apartment, which had Luke and Laura's room number written on the inside. It confirmed Luke's suspicion that the same people had kidnapped both of his sons.

Moments later, Laura's cell phone rang. It was a call from an unknown number, so Luke had her put the call on speaker. A man with a disguised voice greeted Laura, but she cut to the chase by demanding to know where her son was. Holly quietly asked Laura to find out if Ethan was with Lucky, but the kidnapper had heard Holly. The kidnapper was pleased that Holly had found the clue he had left for her, so he promised to call back with more information the following day. Holly growled with frustration when the kidnapper abruptly ended the call.

. . .

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