Monday, July 6, 2015

Jake, Elizabeth, and Aiden watched the fireworks at the park. As she watched Jake interact with Aiden, Elizabeth remarked on how "natural" Jake was with the boy. He thought playing with her kids was like "practice," and he suggested that fatherhood might be in his future.

In a different part of the park, Sam, Patrick, and Danny watched the fireworks. Once they were over, Patrick wanted to find Emma, who was with Cameron. Danny got up and ran away. When Sam and Patrick finally caught up to him, he was latched on to Jake's leg. He remembered the dream about Danny being his son. Sam pulled Danny off of Jake. Patrick and Elizabeth decided to go find Emma and Cameron together and left, taking Aiden with them.

Sam jokingly asked why Jake wasn't working on taking down Nikolas. He told her that he didn't want to go after Nikolas without her. They both agreed that telling their respective significant others about the plan wasn't a good idea, though neither of them liked keeping secrets.

Changing the subject, Jake wondered if there was a better place to watch the fireworks than the crowded park. She sadly told him about the footbridge that she and Jason had watched the fireworks from. Jake wondered whether it was worse to not remember the person you loved, or to remember loving them, but know that they were gone. Sam replied that she would never want to lose her memories, even if it took away her grief.

Patrick was cleaning up his and Sam's things when he noticed that Elizabeth seemed distressed. She told him that she was worried about Lucky, who uncharacteristically hadn't been keeping in touch. Lulu had promised to "check it out," but Elizabeth was running out of excuses to give to Cameron.

A short while later, Patrick and Elizabeth returned to Sam and Jake. Mac and Felicia had offered to throw a slumber party, so Emma and Cameron wouldn't be home that night. Each couple went their separate ways.

Silas spotted Sam, Patrick, and Danny, and he sadly walked away. He bumped into Nina, who empathized with how she assumed Silas felt. She informed him that while her new husband was working, Franco was with Denise. Silas rolled his eyes at the mention. Nina wondered why he seemed upset about that, and she asked if he liked Denise since she looked so much like Ava. "I'll pretend not to take offense to that," Silas replied. He added that "Denise" didn't have the expected effect on him.

When Silas discovered that he and Nina were both going to their respective homes, he offered to walk her home. Just then, Sam, Patrick, and Danny bumped into Silas and Nina. Sam caught up with Silas, who was happy to see Danny. Nina said hello and mentioned that she and Ric were "doing great." When Sam gave Nina a dirty look, Silas assured Nina that Ric was lucky to have her. The two couple said goodbye and went their separate ways.

Sam wondered why Silas and Nina were together, and she hoped that the two weren't getting back together. Patrick thought that Silas knew better. She acknowledged that it wasn't her problem anyway, and they happily left the park.

Since neither Silas nor Nina had plans for the rest of the night, Nina invited Silas out for a drink. He had an early shift the next morning, but he promised that they could get together another time. She thanked him for his kind words earlier, and the two parted ways.

Back at Elizabeth's, Elizabeth looked at a picture of Jake and sat down in front of her computer. Jake descended the stairs talking about how difficult it had been to put Aiden to sleep. He noticed that Elizabeth was distracted, and she told him about her difficulty reaching Lucky. He closed her computer and promised to use his new resources to track Lucky down.

Elizabeth explained how, while she'd had friend and family to help her after Jake's death, Lucky hadn't been himself since Jake had died. She believed that Lucky had been haunted by Jake's ghost. Jake thought that she should be proud of herself for picking herself back up. She answered that her other two boys needed a mom, so she'd had to. She knew that her son was always with her. Jake hoped that Lucky would one day feel the same so that he could move on, and Elizabeth agreed.

"Denise" told Franco that Avery was her daughter. Ava pulled a confused Franco face-to-face with her and said, "News flash, Franco. I am Ava." He wasn't impressed by her change of accent, although he was clearly frazzled. She told him that "Denise" was all an act, and that Silas had "brought me back to life" after Franco had abandoned her with Carlos. "Welcome to the show, Franco," she told him.

Ava explained that the only way she could return to Port Charles to see Avery was to fool everyone. She told him about the DNA test, which had been aided by her bone marrow transplant. He figured that Kiki had been the donor and wondered if she knew that Ava was alive. She divulged that Avery had actually been the donor. Franco put the pieces together and realized that he needed to tell Nina that Silas had actually kidnapped Avery.

Ava begged Franco not to tell anyone. For his silence, she promised to help him get Nina back by continuing to pretend to be his "loving girlfriend." She reminded him that she'd gotten shot and thrown off of a bridge because of him, so he owed her. They cemented the deal.

Valerie apologized for being a "mess" over her mother. "You look how I feel," Dante joked. His phone rang, and he basked in the irony of Leslie calling him. He told Leslie that Lulu couldn't talk because she was busy with a sick Rocco. He hung up, annoyed at himself for lying for Lulu after she'd lied to him. Through his anger, he admitted that he still cared about her. Valerie warned him to watch what he said about Lulu since Lulu was the mother of his child.

Dante told Valerie how much he and Lulu had been through. They'd worked hard and gotten through things like Lulu's memory loss. He recalled seeing couples all around them break up for much less. They'd had a good life, and he didn't know if they could put the pieces back together again. Valerie wanted to help him. Dante told her to go home and promised to call if he needed anything.

"I don't know what I'd do without you," Dante told Valerie. "You won't have to find out," she replied. He kissed her. Valerie stopped him and said that they "shouldn't." "I know. I don't care," he said. The two began undressing each other and made their way toward the bed.

"Eenie meenie miney moe, who should be the first to go?" Frank taunted as he pointed his gun at Luke and Laura. He wondered if it would cause Luke more pain for Luke to watch Laura die first. He concluded that it would, so he pointed the gun at Laura.

Outside the warehouse, Lulu wondered how she and Dillon could get past the guards. Dillon told Lulu that he had an idea, but they were interrupted by three gunshots inside the warehouse. Lulu wanted to help, but Dillon stopped her.

Inside the warehouse, Frank had been hit, and Lucky ran in shooting at the guards. He yelled for Luke and Laura to take cover. Finally, all of the guards were down, and Luke thanked his son for the save. "This isn't the way I pictured out family reunion," Laura joked. Lucky asked about Ethan, and Luke told him that Holly had taken him to the hospital with a gunshot wound after Frank had let Holly, Ethan, Lulu, and Dillon leave. Luke observed that their family never had a dull moment.

Outside the warehouse, everything was quiet, so Lulu and Dillon determined that it was safe to go inside. When they did, Lulu was ecstatic to see that Lucky was all right. As the family reunion commenced, Frank slowly and quietly picked up his gun. Lulu instructed her family to stay and wait for the cops while she and Dillon checked on Ethan at the hospital. Just then, Luke saw Frank pointing his gun and warned everyone. As his family scattered, Luke shot Frank three more times.

Frank informed Luke that he was "still alive." "You still lost," Luke shot back. Frank reasoned that he'd "had to try." Luke promised that, "this time," he would make sure that Frank stayed dead. He asked for Frank's last words. Frank uttered that Lucky had been in on the scheme. Luke shot Frank one last time, and Frank slumped over. Luke checked Frank's pulse and determined that the man was dead.

Lulu hugged Lucky goodbye. He told her to say hello to Dante and Rocco for him, and she and Dillon left to go to the hospital. Dillon joked that he had his next movie idea. Lulu wanted to stop and call Dante before they went to the hospital, because she thought he'd waited long enough for the truth. Back at Dante and Lulu's, Dante's phone lit up with Lulu's call as he was in bed with Valerie. Lulu left Dante a message saying that she would be home soon, and they had a lot to talk about. She hung up the phone, and she and Dillon set off for the hospital.

Laura wanted to call the police, but Luke thought they needed to talk first. Luke asked Lucky if he'd been in on Frank's scheme. "It's complicated," Lucky answered. He explained that he'd been forced to take part when he'd been taken hostage. He revealed that Jake's life was at stake. He told his confused parents that Jake was alive.

. . .

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