Thursday, October 8, 2015

On the Haunted Star, Nathan escorted Maxie to the set of Dillon's movie and looked around. Maxie grumbled about the working conditions, so Nathan decided to have a few words with Dillon to "lay down the law."

Nearby, Dillon was on the phone with Valerie, who wanted his assurance that he wouldn't tell Lulu about Dante's one-night stand with Valerie. Dillon reminded Valerie that he had promised to keep quiet, but Valerie feared that he might have changed his mind. Dillon admitted that it was unfair to keep Lulu in the dark about her unfaithful husband because Lulu deserved better, but Valerie warned Dillon that telling Lulu about Dante's indiscretion wouldn't send Lulu running into Dillon's arms. She reminded Dillon that Dante and Lulu loved each other and were committed to their marriage, so it was pointless to hurt Lulu over something that wouldn't happen again.

Meanwhile, Andy reviewed the footage from his camera and realized that he had recorded Dillon and Valerie's private conversation. Andy approached Dillon to let Dillon know, but Dillon cut him off to remind Andy that the documentary footage was Andy's responsibility. Dillon instructed Andy to deal with the footage as Andy saw fit -- unaware that it was a recording of Dillon and Valerie's conversation about Dante's affair. Dillon dismissed Andy and assured Valerie that he wouldn't do anything "stupid."

After Dillon ended the call, Nathan walked up to make veiled threats about shutting down the movie if the working conditions didn't improve. Frustrated, Dillon assured Nathan that all the paperwork was in order and no laws had been broken. Nathan whispered to Dillon to keep his hands off Maxie then he marched out. Maxie hid her embarrassment by suggesting that she and Dillon get to work, but he demanded an explanation for Nathan's hostility. Maxie revealed that Nathan wasn't happy about the sex scenes in the movie, but Dillon pointed out that it was choreographed and pretend, not actual intercourse.

Maxie assured Dillon that she had told Nathan that, but Nathan had remained uneasy about the scenes. She quickly changed the subject by confessing that she was concerned about a scene that required her to cry. Maxie explained that she had gone to the library to borrow a few books on acting, but she hadn't discovered any useful tips. Dillon advised Maxie to think of the saddest moment in her life. Her eyes filled with tears as she recalled her sister's death. Dillon confided that he also thought of Georgie's passing when he had to cry.

At the hospital, Dante and Lulu walked to the elevators as they talked about Sonny's prognosis. Lulu was encouraged by Sonny's optimistic view, but Dante worried that his father had not quite grasped the extent of Sonny's injuries. He reminded her that his father might not regain use of his legs even with surgery, but Lulu was confident that Sonny was tough enough to bounce back . Dante remained uneasy because it meant that Sonny would pick up where he had left off.

Dante vowed to find Sonny's shooter and make the person face justice. Lulu was certain that Dante would succeed, but she assured Dante that Sonny would be fine because Sonny had the support of Carly, his five children, and "awesome" grandchild, all of whom would help Sonny through the difficult journey ahead. Dante agreed then broached the subject of him and Lulu expanding their own family. Lulu was pleasantly surprised, but cautious because she didn't want Dante's desire for another child to be about his guilt over the kiss with Valerie. Dante promised that it was about how much he and Lulu loved each other, so she happily agreed to make an appointment with her doctor.

After Lulu walked away, Olivia exited the elevator. Olivia warmly greeted her son with an affectionate hug and asked about Sonny. Dante admitted there were concerns, but Sonny had improved. Olivia relaxed but sensed something was on her son's mind. He revealed that he and Lulu had decided to have a second child. Olivia squealed with delight over the prospect of another grandchild, but Dante asked her to control herself around Lulu because Lulu didn't need the added pressure. Olivia nodded in understanding but admitted that she couldn't wait to share the news with his brother Leo.

Dante was stunned when Olivia confided that Leo was in her hotel room with a nanny. He warned Olivia that it had been a big risk, but Olivia explained that she was tired of being separated from Dante and his family. She wanted both of her children to be together, but Dante argued that Julian would find out about Leo. Olivia wondered if it was possible that Julian had truly left the mob. Dante conceded that Ava had cleared Julian of any involvement in the mob and Sonny's shooting. However, he pointed out that Julian still faced charges for hijacking Sonny's shipments.

Olivia argued that it wasn't proof of Julian's guilt, but Dante wasn't swayed. He asked Olivia to hold off on making any decisions until he and Lulu had had a chance to sit down with her and talk things out as a family. Olivia agreed then left to check on Sonny. Moments later, Dante's phone rang. It was Nathan.

On the Haunted Star, Dillon and Maxie acted out an emotional scene between Declan and Marjorie. Lulu arrived carrying paper bags filled with food. The noise forced Dillon to stop filming. Annoyed, Dillon approached Lulu and blasted her for interrupting the shoot. Shocked, Lulu apologized but explained that she had picked up food for the crew, since she knew Dillon hadn't been able to pay a craft service. Dillon continued to berate Lulu for her lack of awareness then ranted about how people did whatever they pleased regardless of who it hurt.

Lulu appeared confused. Dillon told everyone to take a break and stormed out. Lulu admitted that she had never seen Dillon behave like that. Maxie explained that it had been an intense scene, so Dillon needed time to cool off because he had lost his focus. Lulu sensed there had been more to Dillon's anger and quickly realized that Maxie knew what it was. Maxie refused to tell Lulu, but Lulu continued to push until Maxie blurted out that Dillon was in love with Lulu.

At Kelly's, Sabrina sat at the counter as she spoke to Felix on the phone. She looked at the white paper bag and assured him that she had picked up the pregnancy test, but she admitted that she had been too busy to take it. Sabrina promised to do it as soon as possible so they'd know for sure if she was pregnant. "Pregnant?" Michael asked as he appeared beside her. Sabrina quickly wrapped up the call with Felix and then greeted Michael. She was relieved when he assumed that she and Felix had been talking about a patient.

Sabrina quickly changed the subject by asking about Sonny. He told her about Sonny and Carly's plans to get married. Sabrina smiled with approval. Moments later, Valerie approached the counter in a rush to place an order. Valerie set down a small white paper bag next to Sabrina's as she complained that she needed to pick up coffee and doughnuts for the district attorney. Michael revealed that he had an appointment with Paul, and he promised to keep Paul busy to buy Valerie some time. Grateful, Valerie thanked Michael.

Sabrina decided to leave with Michael and inadvertently picked up Valerie's bag as she grabbed her purse. A short time later, Valerie walked out juggling a box of doughnuts, a tray with four cups of coffee, and the small white paper bag when she bumped into Nathan. The box of doughnuts and paper bag fell to the ground, so Nathan leaned down to pick up the mess. Valerie became upset because she was already late, but Nathan calmly assured her that everything would be fine. He offered to fetch another box of doughnuts and meet Valerie at the police station.

After Valerie left, Nathan noticed the white paper bag on the ground. He called out to Valerie, but it was too late. He picked it up but tensed when a pregnancy test kit slid out.

Later, Dante entered the squad room. Nathan apologized for calling his friend, but Nathan had thought about what he would want if their situations had been reversed. Dante had no idea what Nathan was talking about. Nathan handed Dante the white paper bag as he explained that Valerie had dropped it. Dante looked in the bag just as Valerie approached the front desk. Nathan quickly excused himself.

In Paul's office, Paul was on the phone as he assured Ava that their plans were on track. He set down a copy of the Port Charles Press featuring a story about the unsuccessful search for Carlos and gloated that soon he would have what he needed to shut down the investigation into Sonny's shooting. After Paul ended the call, Tracy arrived bearing a gift. Paul warmly welcomed Tracy, but her eyes narrowed because he seemed to be trying too hard. Paul assured her that he was simply being his charming self, but Tracy thrust the small box at him. It contained a sand timer to help Paul keep his meetings from running too late.

Paul was curious why Tracy had really stopped by. Tracy admitted that she was curious if he had talked to Michael because she was concerned that the longer Michael remained at Sonny's side, the more likely Michael would get sucked into Sonny's world. Paul questioned Tracy's sincerity, so she explained that Michael controlled the largest number of ELQ shares next to Nikolas. Tracy didn't want to jeopardize Dillon's inheritance by having Sonny get his hands on Michael's shares of ELQ. Satisfied, Paul told her that he had a meeting scheduled with Michael for later that morning. Tracy glanced at the timer on his desk, advised him to manage his time better, and left.

A short time later, Michael arrived. Paul greeted Michael, but Michael was curious why Paul had called. Paul asked if Michael intended to pick up Sonny's mantle by taking over Sonny's business. Michael immediately became defensive as Paul warned Michael that it would be a mistake to enter Sonny's world because it could cost both Michael and those close to Michael. Michael's temper flared when he suddenly spotted the sand timer -- a familiar gift that Tracy handed out to all business associates.

Paul explained that he had been talking to Michael as the district attorney, not as a favor to Tracy, but Michael didn't believe him. Michael advised Paul to tell Tracy to deal with Michael directly. Paul revealed that he knew Sonny's organization remained active despite Sonny being sidelined, so whoever had stepped in for Sonny would feel heat from the police department. "Noted," Michael replied, and he stormed out.

In Julian's hotel suite, Julian tempted Alexis to wake up with a promise of breakfast. Alexis grumpily opened her eyes when he revealed that he had bacon, but all thoughts of breakfast vanished when she smiled up at him. Julian tossed the tray aside then jumped back into bed with her. After they made love, Julian surprised Alexis with a gift. It was a photo album with page after page of pictures of Alexis and her daughters through the years. She was stunned when Julian told her that Molly had helped with the project because Molly's love for Alexis had been stronger than Molly's hatred of him.

Julian showed Alexis that the back pages of the photo album were blank for new pictures. He fetched two glasses of Champagne and handed one to her as he conceded that he and Alexis still had some challenges to face because Julian still had the hijacking charges looming over his head. Alexis didn't care because she wanted to build a future with him. Julian was startled when Alexis suddenly asked him to move in with her. He warned her that Molly might object, but Alexis disagreed, since Molly had helped him with the album.

Julian relented. Alexis happily started to make plans, but Julian cautioned her to be careful because his future remained uncertain. Moments later, Paul called to talk to Alexis about Julian's case. After the call, Alexis announced that Paul had decided to drop the charges against Julian because the only witness against Julian had died. Alexis and Julian celebrated their good fortune.

Later, Alexis prepared to leave. She and Julian were elated that their troubles were finally behind them and they were free to focus on their future. Julian kissed Alexis goodbye and promised to meet her at the penthouse. After Alexis left, Julian noticed that she had forgotten something, so he ran to the door. He was shocked when he opened it and saw Olivia walk by holding a baby.

Meanwhile, Dillon paid his father a visit. Paul was pleasantly surprised, so Dillon told him about Nathan's veiled threats to shut down filming. Paul wondered if Dillon wanted Paul to intervene. Dillon reluctantly agreed because he couldn't allow Nathan's jealousy get in the way of the film's production. Paul sensed something else was on Dillon's mind. Dillon admitted that he cared about someone he couldn't have.

Paul empathized because Paul had been in a similar situation with Jenny before they had married. Paul advised Dillon to either be honest about his feelings or find a way to live with things as they were. Dillon explained that he didn't have a choice, which meant that he had to suffer in silence. After Dillon left Paul's office, he rounded a corner as Dante privately confronted Valerie about the pregnancy test.

At Sabrina's apartment, Sabrina was confused when she found a box of candy in her paper bag instead of a pregnancy test kit. A short time later, Sabrina spoke to Felix on the phone. She claimed that she had lost her pregnancy test kit, so she'd had to dash out to get a new one. She claimed that she hadn't had time to take it, but she promised to call him once she had an answer. After the call, Sabrina looked at the test stick in her hand, which read positive.

Later, Sabrina sat on the floor, munching on the candy as numerous pregnancy test sticks with positive results were scattered on the coffee table. She was deep in thought until someone knocked on the door. Sabrina quickly tossed the sticks into a box, shoved them into a drawer, and answered the door. Tracy was curious why Sabrina had stood her up for breakfast. Sabrina immediately apologized, but Tracy noticed that Sabrina seemed distracted. Tracy suspected that it had to do with Michael. Sabrina admitted that everything was a mess.

Tracy warned Sabrina that things would get worse if Michael followed in Sonny's footsteps. Tracy urged Sabrina to help Michael get his head on straight just as Michael walked in. Michael was furious with Tracy's constant meddling, so he ordered her to leave. He made it clear that Sonny was his father, and he would do whatever was necessary to keep Sonny safe. In the hallway, Tracy appealed to Michael by reminding him that they were family, but he slammed the door in her face.

Inside the apartment, Michael regained his composure and asked how Sabrina's day had been. "Uneventful," Sabrina replied.

. . .

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