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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

At Greystone Manor, Michael arrived to drop off Morgan's journal. He was curious of Sonny had decided to skip the Nurses Ball because Sonny and Carly couldn't stand to be in the same room together. Sonny tried to evade the question, but Michael reminded Sonny that the ball was an important night. Sonny refused change his mind, so Michael switched gears and asked why Sonny had wanted to read Morgan's journal. Michael admitted that he couldn't help but think about the previous Nurses Ball when Morgan had been well enough to attend the special event with Sonny.

Michael wondered where everything had gone wrong for his brother. Sonny promised that he was working hard to find the answer, but there were times when he feared they might never learn the truth. Sonny explained that he had hoped the journal might yield a clue. Michael wished his father luck then left. Sonny opened the journal and read an entry that noted Morgan's lithium dose had been increased to 600mg. Frowning, picked up the phone and called Andre.

A short time later, Andre arrived. Sonny explained that he had discovered a discrepancy with Morgan's medication. Andre admitted that he'd caught the discrepancy, but he'd refrained from telling Sonny until he had some answers. Andre explained that it had taken a few days, but he'd finally talked to the head of the pharmacy that had dispensed the medication and the records had confirmed that Morgan had been given the correct dosage. Sonny wondered if a lower dose of lithium had accounted for Morgan spiraling, but Andre shook his head. According to Andre, the only thing to explain Morgan's behavior was that Morgan hadn't received any lithium.

Sonny was certain that Morgan had been taking the pills as prescribed because Morgan had kept meticulous notes. Sonny picked up the prescription bottle and dumped the pills on his desk, but he squinted inside the bottle when he noticed a powdery substance. Sonny thought it looked like a tablet had crumbled, so he stuck his finger inside the bottle to swipe the powder and taste it. Sonny determined that the substance hadn't been a lithium, so Andre took the bottle to have the powder tested.

After Andre left, Sonny sat down to watch the Nurses Ball on television. He tensed when the host of the red carpet interviewed Ava about her generous donation.

At Metro Court, Ava leaned a very large donation check against a banister as she asked what Scott thought of it. Ava was dressed in an elegant black gown with white trim and a sexy slip up one side, while Scott wore a dapper black tuxedo. He sarcastically expressed his surprise at her generosity, but she took offense because she had worked with several people over the years how had battled AIDS. Scott wasn't fooled because he knew her donation had just been a way for her to stop feeling guilty for her role in Morgan's downfall. Ava denied it, but she reminded him that Lucy had put the squeeze on her for the money.

Seconds later, Lucy stepped out of her dressing room wearing a satin robe and sporting curlers in her hair. Lucy smiled when she saw Scott, who gave her a large bouquet of red roses. Lucy was touched when she read the card and saw that it was from both Scott and their daughter Serena. However, Lucy's pleasant mood vanished when she glanced at Ava. Ava asked if everything was set, so Lucy assured her that everyone had been notified that Ava's donation was in honor of Morgan.

After Lucy returned to her dressing room to get ready, Scott urged Ava to reconsider making the donation in honor of Morgan because both Sonny and Carly would be furious. Ava admitted that Lucy had given her a similar warning. When Lucy emerged from the dressing room, Ava announced that she had changed her mind about honoring Morgan with her donation. Lucy was relieved, but she suspected Scott had persuaded Ava to make the right decision. Scott waited for Lucy to thank him, but she admitted that she was disappointed in him because Ava was a selfish person who would eventually hurt him.

Scott reminded Lucy that she had extorted money from Ava, but Lucy argued that everything she'd done had been for a worthy charity. Lucy pointed out that the same could not be said for Scott and Ava. Lucy hoped Sonny skewered Ava when he learned what Ava had done. After Lucy flounced away, Ava nervously looked at Scott.

In a dressing room, Carly was dressed in a beautiful form-fitting sheath in a shade of vibrant fuchsia, while her mother sparkled in a long-sleeved silver gown with a delicate floral pattern. Bobbie checked her make-up as Carly filled her in about walking in on Sonny and Martina. Furious, Bobbie encouraged Carly to string Sonny up by his cummerbund when she ran into him at the ball, but Carly revealed that Sonny had decided to stay home to read Morgan's journal. Bobbie regretted her harsh words.

Carly's eyes filled with tears as she recalled how happy she'd been during the last Nurses Ball when she and Sonny and been filled with hope and Morgan had been on the road to recovery. "Now look at us," Carly said. She realized it might sound odd, but she felt sorry for Sonny who was home alone and reading their son's thoughts. Reading Morgan's journal had broken Carly. Bobbie felt bad for both Carly and Sonny, but she reminded her daughter that life was to be lived because there were adventures to be had and people to be loved.

Bobbie added that it was what the Nurses Ball was all about. Carly smiled and hugged her mother as Josslyn entered. Josslyn wanted in on the hug, so they opened their arms and pulled Josslyn close. Afterwards, Bobbie complimented Josslyn's soft-blush gown with a silver overlay and pink sash.

A short time later, Carly, Josslyn, and Bobbie encountered Michael outside as he arrived for the ball. Michael was curious if Bobbie had worked earlier because he was eager for an update on Nelle. Josslyn was filled with dread when she realized Nelle was in the hospital, Bobbie assured both Michael and Josslyn that Nelle was fine.

Elsewhere, Sam glowed in a silky yellow gown as she stopped Jason to ask why he'd been so quiet on the ride over. Before he could reply, Jake ran up to greet Jason and Sam. Jake sported a tuxedo for his magic show. Franco and Elizabeth caught up with Jake. Elizabeth's sleeveless white gown had an artistic flare with an exquisite black floral pattern. Jake entertained the adults with a scarf trick then asked his mother if he could head inside because he wanted to practice a bit more.

After Franco, Elizabeth, and Jake made their way to the red carpet, Sam admitted that Jake's enthusiasm had been infectious. Jason agreed, but Sam didn't believe him because he seemed "immune." She wondered if Jason's somber mood had anything to do with the dream he's had earlier, but Jason admitted that it had been a nightmare because Helena had taken everyone he loved away from him. Jason added that he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

Meanwhile, Mario Lopez hosted the red carpet for the 2017 Nurses Ball. He introduced his co-host, Nina, to his audience then told her that she looked incredible in a shimmering purple gown. The gown hugged Nina's curves and left her back bare. Nina beamed as she assured Mario that she was happy to work with him. Nina enticed the viewers to stay tuned for all the exciting arrivals as Charlotte ran up to greet her. Nina's smile faltered when Valentin joined his daughter.

Charlotte wanted to know when Nina would return to Wyndemere because she missed her, but Nina tactfully explained that she'd been working late and sleeping at the office. Nina quickly changed the subject by gushing about Charlotte's salmon-colored taffeta dress. Charlotte smiled and told her that Lulu had picked it out. Nina looked up just as Dante and Lulu arrived on the red carpet. Lulu wore a flowing gown that matched Charlotte's dress. Charlotte ran over to greet Lulu, so Valentin seized an opportunity to appeal to Nina to change her mind and give their marriage a second change.

Valentin promised that he loved Nina and vowed that he would never let Anna get between them again. As if on cue, Anna, Felicia, Griffin, and Emma arrived. Anna was stunning in a sparkling white gown with a high neckline and flattering fit. Next to her, Felicia looked radiant in a red, while Emma shinned in seafoam taffeta dress. Mario was curious where Robin was, so Anna explained that her daughter was in her third trimester and at home resting. Felicia added that Mac was with Robin to make certain that Robin kept her feet up.

Emma sent Robin her love, while Felicia looked at the camera to remind Mac not to let Robin "bamboozle" him into letting her overdo it. Mario smiled and told Griffin that Griffin had his hands full. Griffin chuckled and agreed. Moments later, Charlotte ran over to say hello to Emma. Emma revealed that she would be performing later that evening as Jake's assistant during his magic show. Emma was curious if Charlotte wanted to join them because she was confident Jake wouldn't mind.

After everyone snapped pictures on the red carpet, Nina made it clear that she would not be joining Valentin at his table later that evening. Disappointed, Valentin followed Charlotte and Emma into the ballroom. Moments later, Franco, Elizabeth, and Jake walked the red carpet. Nina and Elizabeth exchanged compliments, while Mario asked about Jake's magic box. Franco promised a memorable performance then posed for pictures with Elizabeth and Jake.

Next, Epiphany and Felix arrived together. Epiphany was gorgeous in a sophisticated purple gown with silver and diamond accessories, while Felix went with a casual look by pairing his tuxedo with comfortable shoes. Mario confessed that he was eager to see the opening number. After Epiphany and Felix disappeared into the ballroom, Amy tried to sneak down the red carpet without being noticed. However, Nina stopped Amy and praised Amy's flared gown with splashes of color ranging from bright pink to vibrant blue. Amy was caught off guard when Nina asked about Amy's date, but Nathan jumped to the rescue by claiming that he'd accompanied Amy.

Overjoyed, Amy linked her arm with Nathan's and posed for pictures. Nathan was surprised that Amy hadn't had a date, but she explained that she didn't have a lot of time to socialize between her job at the hospital and her "other" job. Amy realized she'd said too much when Nathan expressed his surprise that she had a second job. However, Nina walked up to steal Nathan before he could ask Amy about the other job. After Amy promised to catch up with him in the ballroom and walked away, Nina admitted that she felt conflicted because she wanted to believe Valentin, but then Anna would pop into her head. Nina wondered how she was supposed to trust Valentin again.

Nina was pulled away when Lucy made an appearance on the red carpet looking glamorous in a flared dress with a red skirt and shimmering, silver-beaded top. Nina and Mario acknowledged that Lucy was the "Queen of the Nurses Ball." Lucy was followed by Jason and Sam, who talked to Mario and Nina about their newborn daughter.

Nearby, George Pennechio stopped Jordan and Curtis to interview them before they walked the red carpet. Curtis recognized George from previous Nurses Balls. They chatted about the night's entertainment and surprises, prompting George to ask if Curtis knew something that George didn't. Curtis flashed a secret smile and told both George and the viewers to stay tuned.

Finally, Scott and Ava arrived on the red carpet. Mario mentioned Ava's generous donation to honor Morgan.

In the ballroom, Griffin asked Anna what was going on between her and Valentin. Griffin couldn't understand why she'd have anything to do with Valentin, so she showed him Alex's necklace with the chimera pendent. She told him about the Chimera Project, which had included an extremely dangerous product that Valentin had sold to a mystery person. Anna needed to track down the chimera because it was out there somewhere waiting to be unleashed. Griffin feared it was too dangerous and begged her to call Robert, but Anna doubted Robert would have any success with Valentin.

Griffin realized Anna's mind was made up, so he asked her to put the mission on hold for the night and enjoy the ball. Anna agreed. Moments later, Emma fetched Griffin and Anna. Anna inadvertently dropped the necklace on the floor as she picked up her clutch and followed her granddaughter.

Nearby, Jason and Sam approached Elizabeth to ask how Jake had been doing since Jason had returned from Cassadine Island. Elizabeth assured Jason that their son was fine and back to his old self. After Elizabeth walked away, Jason remained troubled. Sam asked Jason to try to forget about the dream and focus on the evening, so Jason decided to fetch their drinks. At the bar, he found the chimera necklace that Anna had dropped.

Backstage, Jake instructed Emma and Charlotte not to say anything to anyone about what he intended to show them. He insisted that it had to remain a secret or it would ruin everyone's surprise. The girls agreed. Jake opened the box and showed them the canister, which he explained would be the evening's big finale.

Meanwhile, Lucy kicked off the Nurses Ball by welcoming everyone. She reminded the audience that the first Nurses Ball had been 23-years earlier in 1994. Lucy credited the nurses with being the heart and soul of the ball because the evening wouldn't have been possible without them. Lucy stepped aside as the opening number began with Epiphany walking through the hospital singing, "You're Not Alone." The nurses joined her as they danced around the nurses' station and staircase.

After the performance, Valentin saw Nina standing in the ballroom's doorway. They locked eyes as he stood up and approached her, but Anna stepped into his path to ask him about the chimera. Valentin told her to talk to her sister, but Anna reminded him that her twin couldn't tell her who he'd sold the chimera to. Valentin refused to tell Anna, but she implored him to put aside his "justifiable anger" and do the right thing.

Elsewhere in the ballroom, Carly admitted that Morgan was on her mind. Michael told his mother that she and Sonny were not as far apart as they believed, but Carly reminded her son that a lot had happened between her and Sonny. Michael suspected his mother missed Sonny anyway.

At Scott and Ava's table, Ava was upset that Lucy hadn't updated Mario about the donation. Ava feared that Sonny might have seen the interview on television, but Scott doubted that even Sonny could follow the breadcrumbs from Ava donating money to her part in what had happened to Morgan. Ava's eyes rounded with fright when she saw Sonny standing in the doorway.

On the next General Hospital...

• Nelle calls out for Michael in her sleep

• Anna begs Valentin to tell her who he’d sold the chimera to

• Jake warns Charlotte not to touch the canister in his magic box

• Sonny has a chat with Ava

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