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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sonny walked Carly to her front door as he assured her that he would figure out a way to leave the business. Carly smiled and kissed him.

Inside, Josslyn was on the phone with her friend, Trina, talking about the previous evening. Josslyn had no idea if her grandmother had told Carly about the party, but she hoped that she had convinced Bobbie not to say anything. Josslyn quickly wrapped up the call when she heard the front door open. Josslyn assumed it was Bobbie until Carly appeared in the doorway. Josslyn warmly greeted her mother with a bright smile then announced that she had to get ready because she and Trina had volunteered as junior counselors at Lila's Kids. Carly asked her daughter to wait because they needed to talk.

Josslyn groaned with dismay because she assumed that Bobbie had talked to Carly. Josslyn asked for an opportunity to explain, but Carly admitted that she hadn't spoken to Bobbie. Josslyn was relieved, but Carly demanded to know what Josslyn was hiding. Josslyn refused to tell Carly, but Carly threatened to call Bobbie. Josslyn claimed that she and her grandmother had simply had a misunderstanding then dashed off to change for Lila's Kids. Carly let out a frustrated breath as she glanced at her phone, but the phone slipped out of her hands. Carly went to retrieve it and noticed a bottle of beer sticking out from under the table.

A short time later, Josslyn returned ready for camp. Carly confronted Josslyn about the bottle of beer. Josslyn was forced to admit that she had hosted a party with a small group of friends who had arrived with beer. Carly continued to probe until Josslyn confessed that she'd spent time alone with a boy named Oscar and that she'd had a few sips of beer. Carly was furious and demanded Josslyn's phone. Josslyn tearfully apologized, but Carly warned her daughter there would be consequences for Josslyn's poor choices.

Josslyn's remorse turned to fury because Carly hadn't faced any consequences for giving Sonny another chance. Carly refused to let Josslyn deflect by changing the subject, but Josslyn angrily informed her mother that the party had been an attempt to get her mind off Carly's dysfunctional relationship with Sonny. Carly acknowledged that it had been a difficult year for Josslyn, but throwing a party with booze was not the answer. Carly sent Josslyn to her room just as Bobbie arrived home.

Carly greeted her mother then asked why Bobbie hadn't told her about Josslyn's party. Bobbie promised that she'd had every intention of telling Carly when Carly had returned home, but she assured her daughter that Josslyn hadn't had more than a sip or two of alcohol, and Bobbie thought that Oscar had seemed harmless -- unlike Trina and Trina's friends. Carly vowed that Josslyn would not be spending any more time at Trina's house.

Bobbie changed the subject by revealing that she'd bumped into Sonny at the hospital earlier, and that she had tried to talk to him about the divorce, but he had advised Bobbie to talk to Carly. Carly quietly admitted that she had called off the divorce because she and Sonny had decided to work on their marriage. Meanwhile, Josslyn stood at the top of the stairs eavesdropping on Carly and Bobbie.

In Ava's hospital room, a nurse checked Ava's bandages, and noticed that Ava hadn't had the breakfast shake. The nurse encouraged Ava to drink the creamy shake because Ava desperately needed the calories, but Ava refused. Julian appeared in the doorway and assured the nurse that he would make certain his sister drank her breakfast. After the nurse left, Ava warned her brother that she refused to drink the shake. Julian smiled because he was pleased that Ava was feisty -- it meant she was improving.

Julian was confident that things were looking up for both him and his sister. He lifted the glass to Ava's lips, so she could drink from the straw. Ava drank as Julian promised to put some vodka in the next shake. After Julian set the drink down, Ava asked him why things were looking up for him. Julian revealed that Olivia had agreed to let him spend time with his son, who had grown a foot since Julian last saw him. Julian hoped that he could make up for lost time, but Ava was confident that Leo was young enough not to have noticed that Julian hadn't been around.

Julian hoped Ava was right, but she pointed out that it didn't matter because Julian was headed to jail. Julian disagreed because he intended to fight the charges with everything he had. Julian thought his sister should fight too, but Ava admitted that she deserved to be punished and had no interest in evading justice. Julian argued that Ava's long road to recovery was punishment enough, but Ava disagreed because she had hurt too many people, especially Kiki. Ava explained that Kiki was torn because Kiki was furious about Ava's role in Morgan's death, but Kiki also felt obligated to be at her mother's side. Ava believed that she would set Kiki free by going to jail, but Julian disagreed.

Julian was certain his niece would forgive Ava, and he added that Ava had Avery to think of. Julian reminded Ava that Avery needed her mother, but Ava thought it was the last thing her young daughter needed. Ava made it clear that she intended to make a full confession to spare Kiki the trauma of a trial. Julian was disappointed when Ava added that she was ready to accept whatever punishment the justice system had instore for her. Julian knew what it was like to feel hopeless, but he begged Ava not to take the easy way out. He urged her to consider making amends, but Ava thought it was pointless because she was headed to jail regardless.

Julian reminded Ava that there wasn't any proof that she had tampered with Morgan's medication, but Ava's mind was made up. Seconds later, Sonny entered the room. Outraged, Julian demanded to know what Sonny was doing there, but Sonny smiled with malice at Ava as he revealed that he was there to let Ava know that he intended to file for full custody of their daughter. Julian was stunned that Sonny would fight Ava for custody after Sonny had left her to die in a warehouse fire. Sonny shrugged, but Julian took satisfaction in knowing that Sonny would be raising Avery alone.

Sonny took delight in letting Ava know that he and Carly had reconciled, so Carly would be the only mother that Avery would know. Furious, Julian ordered Sonny to leave. Sonny dropped the envelope with the custody papers on Ava's tray then left. Julian apologized for letting Sonny enter the room, but Ava didn't blame her brother. Julian implored Ava not to give up, but she asked Julian to leave her alone for a bit. Julian agreed because he wanted his sister to get some rest.

At Kelly's, Spencer told Alexis about his plans to reclaim his birthright. Spencer hoped that Alexis could help, but Alexis admitted that it would be a conflict of interest, since Nikolas had been her nephew and Valentin was her half-brother. Spencer started to object, but Laura gently reminded him that it was Alexis' decision to make. Spencer insisted that the three of them together could vanquish Valentin and take back what he had stolen from Spencer, but Laura glanced at Alexis as she admitted that she and Kevin had tried to explain the legalities to Spencer.

Laura hoped that Alexis could help to enlighten Spencer. Spencer argued that he wanted his home back, but Laura pointed out that it was impossible then tried to cheer her grandson up by reminding him that they had to get to Lila's Kids. Spencer wasn't interested in attending camp because the day's theme was "Daybreak with Dad." Laura nodded in understanding then explained to Alexis that it was a nature hike with fathers. Spencer added that the event would be a painful reminder of what Valentin had stolen from him.

However, Spencer refused to indulge in self-pity; he'd rather take action against the man who had murdered his father. Spencer was certain there was a way for him to legally reclaim his birthright, and that his brilliant aunt would figure something out. Alexis reluctantly admitted that Wyndemere belonged to Valentin, and that she'd reviewed all the documents and everything appeared to be ironclad. Spencer was certain there had to be a loophole because it wasn't right that the man who murdered Nikolas had been able to steal Spencer's legacy.

Spencer was curious what would happen if Valentin died. Alexis warned her nephew that Charlotte would likely inherit, but that only infuriated Spencer further. Spencer insisted there had to be a way to secure his inheritance. Alexis acknowledged there might be a way because Mikkos Cassadine had clearly intended to pass the estate to a male heir. Alexis admitted that if Valentin died, she might be able to argue that the estate should go to Spencer rather than Charlotte, but it would be a longshot. Spencer perked up.

After Alexis excused herself to take a call, Laura told Spencer that she was sorry the news had been disappointing. Spencer told his grandmother that he wanted to go home to Wyndemere because he missed his life there. Spencer worried about his horse, but Laura assured him that the animals were being well-cared for. Laura acknowledged that Spencer had lost a lot, but she reminded him that Wyndemere was just a building. Laura promised Spencer that he was the best parts of his father and that Nikolas lived on inside his son. Laura added that Spencer could hear Nikolas, if Spencer listened closely because Nikolas would always be there for Spencer.

Spencer brightened when he saw Chandler enter the diner. Spencer greeted his ex-driver and asked if Chandler still worked at Wyndemere. Chandler confirmed that he did, but he'd been given permission by the estate's manager to take a second job -- driving Spencer around. Laura smiled as she explained that she had hired Chandler because she had closed Spencer's Uber account, and she needed someone she could trust who knew where Spencer should and shouldn't be. Spencer decided he was eager to get to camp, but Laura asked if Spencer was okay. "Yes," Spencer answered then credited his grandmother for turning things around for him.

After Spencer gave Laura a warm hug and told her that he loved her, he followed Chandler out the door. Outside, Spencer told Chandler that he wanted to make a quick stop before being dropped off at camp.

Inside, Alexis returned to the table. She noticed that Spencer had left, so she asked if he was okay. Laura nodded, but Alexis felt bad that she hadn't been able to help him. Laura confessed that she couldn't shake the feeling that Spencer hadn't given up his quest.

Later, Spencer entered Pozzulo's and tried to dismiss Chandler, but Chandler was uncomfortable leaving Spencer unchaperoned. Sonny turned from the counter to look at his nephew then assured the driver that Spencer would be fine with him. After Chandler left, Spencer thanked Sonny for agreeing to see him because he had wanted to discuss some business. "I want you to eliminate Valentin Cassadine," Spencer said.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Dante entered the living room to let Lulu and Charlotte know that Olivia would join them shortly. Charlotte looked out at the yard where Ned and Rocco played whiffle ball, and asked who owned the mansion. Lulu explained that Olivia would soon be the owner once Olivia and Ned were married. Charlotte smiled because the mansion reminded her of the home she had lived in with her father and Nina. Lulu felt bad for Charlotte because she knew her daughter missed Valentin, but Charlotte wanted to know when Valentin would return home. Lulu admitted that she didn't know.

Dante decided to check on what was keeping Olivia, but Charlotte continued to worry that her father would not return. Lulu was curious why Charlotte thought that, so Charlotte pointed out that Dante and Lulu always changed the subject when she tried to talk to them about Valentin. Lulu praised her daughter for being perceptive, but Lulu confessed that she couldn't give Charlotte a definitive answer because Valentin would be gone for a long time.

Moments later, Dante entered the living room to make certain that Ned was nowhere around. After Dante determined the coast was clear, he called out to Olivia. Olivia swept into the room wearing a voluminous lace wedding dress and veil. Lulu and Charlotte complimented the dress, but Olivia admitted that she hated the dress. Olivia explained the dress was a family heirloom that had been worn by four other Falconeri brides. However, Olivia refused to be the fifth one. Charlotte thought Olivia looked like a fairy godmother.

Olivia was touched by the compliment, but she explained that she was a grandmother and she couldn't see herself getting married in the frilly wedding gown. Charlotte was surprised that Olivia was a grandmother, but Olivia revealed that she was Charlotte's grandmother. Shocked, Charlotte looked to Lulu for confirmation. Lulu nodded as she explained that Olivia was Charlotte's step-grandmother. Charlotte was awed. Delighted by the reaction, Olivia invited Charlotte to call her "Nonna." Charlotte grinned because she liked the Italian word for grandmother.

Olivia shifted gears by announcing that she had to find a new wedding dress before her wedding, which was slated for the first week in July. Lulu and Charlotte agreed to help, but Lulu reminded Olivia that Olivia had a surprise for Charlotte. Olivia decided to change before she had a chat with her favorite granddaughter. After Olivia left, Charlotte admitted that Olivia was nothing like her grandmother in Canada.

Later, Olivia returned to the living room. Charlotte was eager for her surprise, so Olivia explained that Rocco and Leo would be the ringbearers at the wedding. Olivia asked if Charlotte would be interested in being the flower girl. Charlotte happily agreed. Olivia hugged Charlotte and admitted that she was eager to show off her granddaughter because Olivia was proud of her beautiful family. "Me too," Charlotte replied. Lulu and Dante smiled with joy.

A short time later, Dante entered Ava's hospital room. Ava assured him that pleasantries weren't necessary because she knew why he was there. "I want to ask you some questions about your involvement in my brother's death," Dante confirmed.

On the next General Hospital...

• Laura tells Kevin that Spencer paid Sonny a visit

• Nathan hides out of sight, while Amy runs interference with Nina

• Josslyn accuses her mother of being a hypocrite

• Scott asks Ava if she sold him down the river

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