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Monday, February 27, 2017

At the Metro Court, Jason asked Alexis if Sam was with her. He explained that Sam had texted him the previous night saying that she was spending the night at Alexis's because Alexis had been struggling. Alexis refuted the claim, showing Jason her thirty-day sobriety chip. He suggested that someone else had Sam's phone and called it. Alexis was surprised to hear ringing in her purse and took out Sam's phone.

Jason wondered who else Alexis had seen that day. She'd only seen her sponsor, "Liv," and she'd only left her purse unattended for a minute in order to take a call from Diane. Jason showed Alexis an old picture of Olivia Jerome, and Alexis exclaimed that the woman in the picture was her sponsor. Jason suspected that the woman had been "pulling Julian's strings for a while now." Alexis was furious that Julian knew about his sister being Alexis's sponsor and didn't say anything. She was horrified to think that Olivia had done something to Sam.

Olivia returned to her room. "Is that you, you psycho witch?" a muffled Julian called out angrily. She answered that she'd thought it best for some of her people to pick up Julian so they could wait out the hospital board vote together. A hooded Julian was handcuffed to the radiator. She continued that Laura, who was going to vote with the Quartermaines, had been "temporarily sidetracked." She ripped his hood off, and he demanded to know what she'd done to Sam.

Olivia claimed that Sam had attacked her. There had been an "accident," and Sam had fallen off a bridge. She assured Julian that the snow had probably softened Sam's fall. He wondered how she could be so heartless to hurt her pregnant niece. She hadn't intended to hurt Sam, but she reasoned that Julian deserved everything she threw at him. Just then, Julian's phone rang, and Olivia saw that it was Alexis. She ignored the call.

Alexis left Julian a message angrily informing him that his sister had done something to their daughter. When she hung up, she offered to call Olivia claiming to be having a crisis. "Not yet," Jason replied. Alexis called the police station and was furious that they'd taken a report but refused to act yet. "It's up to us," Jason stated. He found a picture in Sam's phone of the charm hanging on Olivia's rearview mirror. He realized where Sam was. Before leaving, he instructed Alexis to tell Jordan about Olivia, and to call Curtis in order to verify the story.

Sam was sprawled out unconscious on the ground. She stirred and heard a siren. "They're coming for us, Scout," she weakly told the baby. Flashing lights appeared, but they quickly faded away. Just then, Sam got a sharp pain, and she recognized it as a contraction. She begged the baby to wait until she could get to a hospital. She got another contraction and feared how fast they were happening. She was practicing her breathing when Jason arrived on the bridge. He called out for Sam, and she weakly called back to him.

Bobbie and Felicia sat at a coffee shop, and Bobbie wanted to clarify that Felicia was sure about Nelle's "big secret." Felicia explained that she'd found one of Nelle's friends at the school Nelle used to work at in Atlanta. Felicia had lied that she was interviewing Nelle's friends for a Crimson article, and the friend had opened right up.

Carly informed Sonny that they'd been in been "all day," but she had to go. He didn't want her to leave, but she explained that she was going home to pack up her and Josslyn's things in order to move back to Sonny's permanently. A joyful Sonny had never thought that he and Carly would get back to a good place. He suggested that they renew their vows. "For a sixth time?" Carly cracked.

Sonny liked the ritual of renewing vows, and he proposed that Griffin perform the ceremony. Carly agreed as long as Griffin was willing. Just then, Carly got a text from Bobbie, who needed to see her right away about something important. Sonny instructed Carly to "ease" Bobbie into the idea of Carly moving back in with Sonny. "She likes you most of the time," Carly replied jokingly. Sonny promised to keep making Carly happy. He kissed her, and she left.

Nelle and Michael arrived at her apartment, and she related how she'd had a kind of epiphany after the talk they'd had at the cabin. She realized that dating a married man wasn't what she wanted, and she wanted to focus on her future. She told him that that included spending more time with him. She related how she felt like a new person, and he told her not to change too much. She had a few things to take care of, and then she said they could do whatever they wanted. He promised to see her later and left. Nelle picked up her flash drive and threw it out. She opened her computer and deleted the audio file of Sonny talking about having slept with Nelle.

A short while later, Nelle arrived at Carly's office and looked through the mail for the flash drive she'd sent Carly. A young man arrived with that day's mail, and Nelle asked what had happened to the previous day's mail. He remembered Bobbie wanting to organize the mail for Carly. She demanded to know what Bobbie had done with it, but the man didn't know. When he was gone, Nelle tore apart the office for the envelope and finally found it. "Everything will be okay," she said to herself, relieved. "Now Carly's never gonna know."

Carly sat down with a grim Bobbie, who'd needed to see Carly about Nelle. She explained to Carly about Felicia's trip to Atlanta. She revealed that the "S" signature on Nelle's flowers had stood for Sonny. Nelle's friend had told Felicia that Nelle had been involved with "her boss's husband," and that it was "serious, but she was terrified for her boss to find out." Bobbie was sorry for her daughter but pointed out that there had been suspicious signs. Carly thought that it was a lie, or that there had been a misunderstanding. She intended to prove it and left.

Carly knocked on Nelle's door. When there was no answer, she got the key from under the welcome mat and let herself in. She walked around until she noticed the open computer with a dialogue box saying, "Sonny Audio File Deleted." Carly sat down at the desk, dropping the key in the process. She noticed the flash drive in the trash and plucked it out of the can. She put it into the computer and saw the same "Sonny Audio File." She played the file and heard Sonny's voice talking about sleeping with Nelle.

At the hospital, Sonny approached Griffin, who was stacking food trays. Sonny remarked that the work seemed below Griffin's pay grade. Griffin took a break to talk to Sonny, who wanted to ask if Griffin could officiate Sonny and Carly's vow renewal ceremony. Griffin wondered if it had anything to do with Sonny's infidelity. Sonny called it a "clean slate" used for moving forward.

Griffin warned Sonny that secrets rarely stayed kept. "Are you sure it won't come out?" he wondered. Sonny didn't trust the woman he'd cheated with. He explained that he was going to tell Carly the night before, but she'd been so happy that he didn't want to cause her any pain. He agreed with Griffin that Sonny had to be the one to tell Carly.

In the conference room at the hospital, Tracy observed that Hayden was in a bad mood. Just then, Finn entered and asked Tracy for some privacy with Hayden. Tracy left, and Finn sat down with Hayden. He swore that he would get help and get clean, and he begged her for another chance. She told him to leave so she could do her job, so he left.

Outside the conference room, Monica wondered if they had enough votes to save the hospital. "If Laura shows up," Tracy replied. "She was supposed to be here half an hour ago." Fred approached and thought it was time to start the meeting, but Tracy told him that Michael and Laura were on their way. Michael arrived, and Tracy suggested postponing the meeting for Laura. The suggestion was shot down.

Hayden made her presentation to the hospital board about the two groups vying for control of the hospital. Tracy wanted Hayden to review the figures again, but Fred thought that Tracy was stalling. Hayden and Monica left the room for the vote, and Liesl appeared, wondering how the vote was going. Tracy and Michael emerged from the room looking for Laura, because the vote was "deadlocked." "This is where I come in," Liesl announced.

Liesl explained that, as Chief of Staff, she'd appointed herself an alternate board member in the case of a tie. Michael explained to everyone's surprise that the move was valid and legal. Liesl commented that privately-owned hospital tended to turn away the neediest patient. Tracy made a snide comment about Liesl suddenly caring about charity. She changed her tune thanks to Monica and assured Liesl that she was most concerned about the less fortunate citizens.

Finn entered the Metro Court and sat down at a table with Shane Healey from the pharmaceutical company that wanted to buy Finn's cure. Finn thought that the company was more concerned with "greed than healing." Finn thought that the company would take his formula and tweak it in order to treat a "first-world illness," since the people who needed it in developing countries wouldn't be able to afford it. "Thanks but no thanks," he concluded.

Shane slid a folded piece of paper across the table to Finn, and he looked at the offer. Shane explained that, with that much money, Finn could spend the rest of his life at a "state-of-the-art lab" finding cures for other diseases. "No. Never," Finn replied about selling his formula without having control over how it was used. Shane took the paper back, wrote on it, and slid it back over to Finn. "Wow, now that's a lot of money," Finn remarked. He promptly ripped the paper in two. Shane handed Finn his card, "just in case you change your mind," and he left.

A short while later, Finn returned to the hospital and asked how the vote was going. "Not good," Monica replied. "Not good at all."

Back in the conference room, Liesl was asked for her vote. She believed that the hospital "going under" was inevitable despite the money the Quartermaines wanted to throw at it. When the hospital went down, she didn't want it under Quartermaine control. She remembered Tracy lobbying the hospital board to fire Liesl back when Liesl was Chief of Staff. She told Tracy that that had been a "big mistake." For those reasons, Liesl voted in favor of the real estate developer. As Michael sadly took Tracy's hand in comfort, Fred texted Julian under the table.

Olivia wondered about the vote and reminded Julian that it would decide whether Julian lived or died. He wondered what she planned to do with the hospital once she had it. "You'll see," she answered, calling her plans "epic." A text appeared on Julian's phone, and Olivia excitedly congratulated Julian on his "stay of execution." Julian demanded that Olivia let him go so he could find Sam.

On the next General Hospital...

• Jason continues to look for Sam.

• Hayden, Monica, and Finn anxiously wait for the results of the hospital board vote.

• "Your game is over," Bobbie tells Nelle.

• Carly vows payback on Nelle.

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