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Friday, February 24, 2017

Hayden made several attempts to find Finn, who had missed his appointment out of town. She learned that he'd returned to his suite much earlier than she'd assumed. "Now I know you're hiding from me," she mumbled.

Finn glanced at his phone and saw eight text messages from Hayden. He knew he'd have to provide her with an explanation, and it happened sooner than he planned when Hayden showed up at his door. She burst into his suite and began to search everywhere until she found what she was looking for. She held up his drug paraphernalia and accused him of still "using." Finn tried to explain his lingering dependency on zekenestrol but Hayden wouldn't listen. She advised him that he had a problem, and he needed help. She suggested a leave of absence while she checked on a rehab clinic for him.

Finn requested a delay of thirty days while he tried to wean himself off the drug, but Hayden argued that he would have done so already if he could have. She accused him of not really wanting to stop the drug. Hayden was adamant that she would not stick around to watch him any longer. Finn confessed to being an addict, and he added that he loved Hayden. The young woman was surprised to hear the confession, noting that the last time he'd professed his love, she'd been extremely ill.

Hayden begged Finn to do something before the situation got worse. The couple proceeded to argue, each accusing the other of manipulation. Hayden felt sure that Finn was not able to put in the work needed to quit the drug himself, and she stated that he could text her if he survived. She had a meeting to attend, she added. She stormed out. Finn began to shoot up after Hayden left, but he stopped and cried instead.

Anna awakened in her room at General Hospital and was happy to see Robin. She noted how difficult it was to get any rest in a hospital with all the nurses entering the room at all hours. Robin agreed to make a note on her mother's records and left the room. She stopped to talk to the policeman who was outside, waiting to escort Anna to the police station. The pair walked away as Olivia Jerome stepped off the elevator.

Olivia overheard Anna's room number and, grabbing a knife, opened the door to Anna's room. Just as she began to walk in, she heard the cop and Robin round the corner. Olivia quickly escaped. Olivia was annoyed. "I will kill Anna eventually," she muttered. "Mental health depends on setting goals," she added.

Robin returned to her mother. Anna confessed that she'd been on the verge of falling asleep when she'd thought she'd heard the door and suspected that something bad might happen. The cop inquired after Anna's health. Robin explained everything about Anna's condition, and he received her approval to relay that information to the station. He thought it would be okay for Anna to remain in the hospital. Robin told a thrilled Anna that she was pregnant.

Lucy stopped by to see Tracy. "Too little, too late," she taunted. Lucy announced that the hospital was going to reach its end. Tracy had been considering if she'd have enough votes to see the opposite happen, and she was angry at Lucy's comments. Tracy wondered why Lucy wasn't even upset after all the toil and sweat she'd poured into the hospital.

Lucy acknowledged that someone had to make money from the sale of the hospital, and it might as well be her. Tracy accused her of having no scruples. Lucy asked if there might be a chance that the sale wouldn't go through as expected. She called Tracy a snob and told her that people didn't like her. Lucy was certain that Tracy's plan would fail.

Valentin and Nina sat at a table in Metro Court, though Nina was not certain they should be there. They spotted Laura at a table nearby, and Nina didn't want to run into Lulu. Before too long, Dante approached them to inform them of a search to be done on Spoon Island because of the complaint filed against Anna Devane. Valentin was confused, but Nina admitted to being the one who had called the police station to report the break-in. She had a problem with someone breaking into their home, and she wanted Anna prosecuted.

Dante walked away to give Nina and Valentin time to talk. Valentin assured Nina that he was over Anna but felt sorry for Nina and the rough time she'd had with men in the past. He was frustrated that Nina had gone behind his back. Nina wondered why her husband was protecting Anna and if he had feelings for her. He expressed his love for Nina and strongly stated his opposition to any prosecution of Anna. He also didn't want to argue while Dante was so close. He was dropping the charges, he advised his wife. He informed Dante of that and got up to leave. Nina wanted time alone to think.

Laura waited for Lulu in Metro Court but welcomed Alexis, who stopped and wanted to chat. Alexis informed a confused Laura that she wanted to make amends. Alexis stated that she was a recovering alcoholic, and she had been free of alcohol for thirty days. Unfortunately, she'd been drinking heavily when she had been representing Laura during the time that Valentin had taken possession of Nicholas' house. While she'd checked to make sure that the outcome would have been the same, Alexis hadn't provided Laura with the best representation. Laura had no problem accepting Alexis' apology and advised her that Alexis hadn't hurt her, but Valentin had.

Later, as Laura received a phone call from Lulu, who advised her mother that she couldn't make it, Rudge walked by and accidentally on purpose knocked Laura's purse to the floor. As she insisted on picking everything up herself, he emptied something into her coffee. They had a brief conversation, and Laura agreed that she needed to fortify herself for her meeting with more caffeine. She finished the cup of coffee.

Alexis met with Olivia Jerome and asked about the bruise on Olivia's cheek. While Olivia flashed back to her fight with Sam, she advised Alexis that she'd had an incident with some ice and slipping. Alexis wanted to text Sam, but Olivia wanted to hear about Alexis' latest problem. When Alexis got up to take a call from Diane, Olivia slipped something into Alexis' purse.

Alexis returned and told Olivia about the key she had received from Julian, which led to a letter in a safe deposit box. Julian had revealed that Alexis was to open the box if she didn't hear from him again. Olivia tried to hide her anger and told Alexis that Alexis was in a fragile stage of her sobriety. If she went to the safe deposit box, Olivia wanted to accompany her for support. Alexis agreed. Olivia received a call from Rudge and departed.

Sam awakened after having spent the night at the bottom of the embankment leading up to the bridge. "Crazy bitch pushed me," she said. She grabbed her stomach and assured Scout that everything would be okay. She felt the baby kicking and urged it to "stay strong." Sam began the slow ascent up the embankment, but as she made headway, she suddenly lost her footing and slid back to the bottom. She was still for a time and woke again. "Daddy's gonna come for us," she mumbled as she closed her eyes.

Jason and Curtis approached the Jerome family mausoleum, armed with crowbars. "Here she is. Or maybe not," Jason quipped as they found Olivia's tomb. Curtis was beside himself at having to dig up a body and asked Jason if he'd ever read Stephen King. Jason couldn't believe that Curtis was so sensitive, but he was certain that they wouldn't find a body. Curtis announced that they could leave as soon as they spotted the skeleton, but Jason informed him that they would need samples if the body was really there. "Oh, hell no," Curtis yelped.

Jason convinced his partner Curtis to help, and they pried open the tomb, sliding back the top of it. Curtis backed away, but Jason urged him to look. As he suspected, the tomb was empty. They had to find Olivia Jerome, Jason declared.

Laura drove to the hospital but began to feel strange. As she attempted to get out of her car, she passed out. Rudge walked over to check on her. Olivia arrived and ordered Rudge to take Laura for a "nice long drive." Tracy's text to Laura went unanswered.

Upstairs, Robin stepped out of Anna's room, and Valentin walked in. He advised Anna that he'd had the charges against her dropped, and Anna thanked him. Valentin said that they would be the only ones who would know what had happened. He assured Anna that they weren't even, and she owed him more. "Feel better, Anna," he said as Robin returned.

Hayden arrived late to her meeting and encountered Tracy's anger.

Jason and Curtis stopped at Metro Court bar for a drink. Curtis announced that he did not want to be asked to rob a grave again. Jason stressed that Olivia was not aware that they were onto her. Curtis only wanted to go home and clean himself up. He wanted no part of the investigation. Jason spotted Alexis, and they both wondered what Sam might be up to. Jason had been under the impression that Sam had spent the night with her mother. Alexis shook her head. She hadn't seen Sam since early the previous day.

On the next General Hospital...

• Sonny suggests that he and Carly renew their wedding vows.

• Monica wonders if they have enough votes to save the hospital.

• "What have you done with Sam?" Julian yells at his sister Olivia.

• "I absolutely plan to put an end to what I started," Nelle explains to Michael.

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