Wednesday, August 26, 2015

At the Jerome apartment, Julian opened the front door to greet Alexis and ask about her evening. Alexis admitted that she'd had a great night of watching movies with Molly, but Alexis' good humor had vanished when she'd woken up and seen the morning headlines. Alexis waved a copy of the Port Charles Press under his nose. It featured a story about "Denise" being revealed to be Ava. Alexis finally understood why Scott had called Ava to testify the previous day.

Alexis grudgingly gave Sonny credit for seeing what no one else had because everyone had believed the results of "Denise's" DNA test except for Sonny. Julian defended his sister by explaining that Ava had passed herself off as Denise to be close to Kiki and Avery. Alexis was amazed by how easily Ava had fooled everyone, but Julian confessed that he had known. Alexis tensed, but Julian quickly clarified that Ava had told him the truth moments before the process server had arrived to take Ava to court the previous day.

Alexis sarcastically noted that she and Julian had made progress because he had only lied to her for twenty-four hours. Julian didn't want to argue, but Alexis assured him that she was calm. However, she was curious what had prompted Ava to suddenly confess to Julian after months of lying. Julian recalled Ava imploring him to steal the recording of her confession to Connie's murder. However, he opted to omit Ava's request when he explained that he had walked in on Ava and Liesl during a heated argument, and he had confronted his sister after Liesl had left.

Alexis wondered why Julian hadn't shared the news with her when she had stopped by after Ava had been escorted to court. Julian remembered Ava's promise to help him take Sonny down, but Julian decided to blame it on concern for Alexis because he hadn't wanted to implicate her in him unknowingly harboring a fugitive. Alexis explained that it wouldn't have been a problem, but she warned him that Ava would be facing charges for Connie's murder. Julian didn't deny that Ava had been wrong to shoot Connie, but he reminded Alexis that Ava had done it to protect him.

Stunned, Alexis wondered if Julian was trying to excuse Ava's actions, but Julian explained that he couldn't help but be loyal to his sister. Julian was certain that Alexis would understand his position because of her own dysfunctional family. However, he promised that he regretted not confiding to Alexis sooner and begged for her forgiveness. Julian realized that he had been wrong to continually test her faith in him, but Alexis assured him that she was wiling to move past it. Alexis warned that she couldn't represent Ava for Silas' murder, since Alexis had agreed to represent Nina. Julian assured Alexis that he understood, but he wanted assurance that he and Alexis were good.

"Yes," Alexis answered with a smile. After Alexis gathered her things and left, Julian recalled his conversation with Ava about the recording of her incriminating confession to Connie's murder being in the district attorney's office. Ava had told Julian that without the recording, the case against her would fall apart.

Meanwhile, Madeline barged into Ric's office as he wrapped up a phone call. She was infuriated that Nina was in jail, but Ric reminded her that he and Madeline had had one common goal -- to get Nina out of the way. "Mission accomplished," Ric said with smug satisfaction. Madeline was not pleased because their agreement had been to send Nina to a nice "cushy" sanitarium, not jail. Ric explained that the matter had been out of his hands because Ava had produced a picture of Nina kneeling over Silas' "bloody corpse with the murder weapon in her hand."

Madeline argued that Franco, a known serial killer, had confessed to the crime. Ric explained that Ava had done Ric and Madeline a huge favor because the picture had allowed Ric to "kill two birds with one stone." Ric pointed out that he and Madeline couldn't have known that Nina would murder Silas, but the unexpected twist meant that both Nina and Franco would go down for Silas' death, which would free up Nina's money for Ric and Madeline. Ric assured Madeline that they could sail off into the sunset together in a boat bought with Nina's money, but Madeline informed him that he was wrong.

Madeline explained that she had tried to persuade Nina to sign the necessary papers transferring control of Nina's fortune to Ric and Madeline, but Ric suspected that Madeline had tried to do an end-run around him. Madeline claimed that she had merely been trying to be expedient, but Ric shifted gears by asking what had happened with the legal documents. Madeline admitted that Nina had refused to sign anything until Nina had had a chance to review them, but Nina had been arrested before that had happened.

Madeline revealed that she had stopped by Shadybrook earlier to collect the legal papers, but Nathan had beaten her to the punch. Madeline had been forced to hide out of sight as Nathan had walked out of the sanitarium with a box filled with Nina's belongings. Ric advised Madeline to retrieve the documents from Nathan, but Madeline doubted that Nathan would cooperate. However, she was certain that Ric could use his position as district attorney to force Nathan to hand over the box under the guise of evidence. Madeline had complete faith that Ric would be able to successfully charm Nina into signing the legal papers.

Moments later, Ric received a call informing him that Nina's arraignment was set to begin. After the call, Ric conceded that he would have to recuse himself, but he suggested that Madeline try to act like a supportive mother by making an appearance at the hearing. Madeline promised to give a convincing performance, but she instructed Ric to find Nathan, get the documents, and then convince Nina to sign them as soon as the arraignment was over.

In the hallway, Julian skulked around a corner until he saw Madeline exit. He quietly approached the door as Ric prepared to follow Madeline out of the office.

At Greystone Manor, Morgan thought about his various encounters with "Denise" when he had confessed how much she had reminded him of Ava and how she had told him that she had been equally drawn to him. His thoughts then drifted to his last passionate encounter with Ava before Silas had walked in on them. Morgan pushed the memories away as he vented his frustration by smashing a glass in the fireplace. "What the hell are you doing?" Kiki asked in disbelief as she appeared in the living room's doorway.

Kiki reminded Morgan there was a baby in the house, but Morgan assured her that Carly had taken Avery to the park. Kiki relaxed a bit, but she was concerned about Morgan's outburst. Morgan explained that he was furious because Ava had thoroughly deceived all of them, but Kiki sensed there was more to it. Morgan insisted Ava should have trusted them with the truth, but Kiki defended her mother's decision. Morgan growled that Ava hadn't had any excuse for lying to everyone, so Kiki asked if Morgan still had romantic feelings for her mother.

Kiki admitted that it seemed like the logical explanation for Morgan's anger, but Morgan claimed that he suspected Ava had killed Silas to keep Silas from exposing Ava's identity. Kiki argued that the picture proved that Nina had killed Kiki's father, but Morgan insisted that the picture also established that Ava had been at the scene of the crime. He was disgusted that Ava had opted to snap a picture rather than help Silas, but Kiki continued to make excuses for Ava. Morgan reminded Kiki that Ava had murdered Connie and had continually lied, but Kiki resented Morgan's attitude because she had just found out that her mother was alive only to face the likelihood that Ava would be sent to jail for life.

Kiki's eyes filled with tears as she added that she couldn't lose her mother again. Morgan's anger quickly leeched out as he reached for Kiki's hands and apologized for making it all about him instead of focusing on how much worse Kiki had it. Kiki confided that Ava had promised to make things up to Kiki, but she couldn't imagine how her mother intended to accomplish that. Morgan suggested that perhaps he could.

Morgan vowed to find a way to put all the ugliness behind him and Kiki so they could focus on what was good and real. Morgan wanted to make a fresh start by finding a new place to live because it would allow him and Kiki to make new memories. Morgan admitted that she was the most important person in the world to him. Kiki was touched by the heartfelt words, and she kissed Morgan. Afterwards, she told him that her father's apartment had been cleared as a crime scene.

Morgan offered to accompany Kiki to the apartment, but she revealed that she had an errand to run first. Morgan cryptically explained that he did, too, and they arranged to meet up at the apartment later. After Morgan left, Kiki thought about Morgan's desire to focus on building a future with her.

In the police station's lockup, Ava quietly prayed that Julian would help her. Moments later, a guard approached her jail cell. She immediately demanded to make a phone call, but the guard informed her that she had a visitor. Ava's expression of hope quickly fell when her eyes landed on Sonny. After the guard stepped away, Sonny gloated that she had never fooled him. Ava conceded that Sonny was right, but he didn't care because he looked forward to Ava's bleak future in prison.

Sonny admitted that it was fitting that Ava had been locked up on that particular day, but Ava was confused. Sonny explained that it was the two-year anniversary of Connie's murder. He admitted that he vividly remembered finding Connie on the floor of her office, clinging to life, and too weak to speak when he had asked who had shot Connie. Ava smirked because Connie had signed A.J. Quartermaine's death warrant by using her drying breath to write the initials "AJ" in blood.

Sonny refused to allow Ava to blame Connie for A.J.'s death, since Ava had made every effort to frame A.J. Sonny explained that A.J.'s death was on Sonny the same way that Connie's murder was on Ava. Sonny was furious that Ava had killed an innocent woman who had been healing from a devastating illness simply to keep him from finding out that Derek Wells had really been Julian Jerome. However, he acknowledged that Ava had been consistent because she had killed Silas to keep secrets buried.

Ava denied any involvement in Silas' murder, but Sonny didn't care as long as Ava went to jail for killing Connie. Sonny promised that his brother Ric would make it happen, which meant that Ava would never be a part of Avery's life. Sonny relished pushing Ava's buttons by taunting her that Avery loved Carly and called her "Mama." Ava argued that Avery was Ava's daughter, but Sonny explained that he intended to make things official with Carly the following Wednesday when he and Carly would marry. "What goes around comes around. Carly took your daughter the same way you tried to take our son," Sonny said as he grinned maliciously.

Infuriated, Ava turned the tables on Sonny by gloating that she hadn't seduced Morgan because Morgan had always been in love with her. Sonny accused her of taking advantage of Morgan, but he promised her that his son no longer cared about her. Sonny suggested that he could also rip Kiki away from Ava by telling Kiki about Ava's affair with Morgan, but Sonny refused to lower himself to Ava's level by hurting children. Sonny told Ava that she was beyond hope, and he started to leave, but Ava wasn't through.

"That's what you think, Sonny," Ava said in a tone rife with promise. Ava pointed out that Sonny had no way of knowing how her trial might go, and Sonny, more than anyone, knew that there were ways for a guilty person to walk away from their crimes. Sonny reminded her that the district attorney had a recording of Ava confessing in detail to Connie's murder. He promised Ava that her life would be over regardless of how things played out then delivered a parting shot by assuring Ava that Avery would never have a single memory of Ava.

After Sonny left, Ava prayed for Julian to help her. A short time later, Morgan paid Ava a visit.

Elsewhere in lockup, a guard handed Nina a box drink "compliments" of Franco. Nina beamed as she looked at the cell across from hers and saw Franco smiling at her. As the guard walked away, Franco told Nina that just because he had been charged with murder, it didn't mean that he couldn't send a beautiful lady a drink. He once again apologized for his father throwing Nina under the bus, but she didn't care because all that mattered was that Franco had believed in her.

Franco and Nina raised their drink boxes then toasted to themselves for loving and believing in each other. However, Nina wished that Franco hadn't confessed to killing Silas, but Franco explained that he had done it to protect her. He hadn't expected the plan to backfire as it had because it meant that Ric would likely send both Franco and Nina to jail then Ric and Madeline could steal Nina's fortune. Nina revealed that she had good news, and Franco asked if a house had dropped on Madeline or if someone had tossed water on Nina's mother to make Madeline melt.

Nina chuckled but confided that Nathan had agreed with Franco about Madeline and Ric's intentions. Nina quickly filled Franco in about the legal papers Madeline had asked Nina to sign, which would transfer control of Nina's money to Madeline and Ric. Franco was pleased when Nina assured him that she hadn't done as Madeline had requested because Shadybrook had helped Nina to grow mentally stronger and stop hallucinating. Franco suspected that Nina's episodes had ceased because she no longer lived with Ric.

Nina was stunned when Franco shared his theory about Ric orchestrating the hallucinations to drive Nina over the edge. Nina was furious when she realized that Franco might be right because the worst incident had occurred when she had asked Ric for a divorce so she could be with Franco. Nina vowed to find a way for her and Franco to have it all, but Franco had his doubts because their predicament was dire. Nina was confident that her brother would expose the real killer.

A short time later, the guard returned to fetch Nina because her attorney had arrived. Franco urged Nina to plead not guilty at the arraignment.

In the squad room, Dante handed his partner a cup of coffee and a bag of doughnuts for breakfast. Nathan was grateful because he had spent the night trying to figure out if someone other than Nina had killed Silas. Dante sat down as Nathan confided that he questioned the incriminating picture of Nina because Ava had taken it. Dante hated to defend Ava, but he assured Nathan that the laboratory had confirmed that the photograph of Nina hadn't been altered.

Nathan explained that Nina had claimed that Silas had been dead when she had arrived at the apartment, but she had rushed to Silas' side and pulled out the knife, hoping to somehow save him. Dante reminded Nathan that if Nina hadn't committed the crime, then Franco had to be guilty. Nathan disagreed because he had talked to several patients at Shadybrook who had revealed that they had seen and overheard Franco tell Nina about Silas' role in Avery's abduction then had seen Nina run out of the sanitarium. Nathan pointed out that it would have been impossible for Franco to have beaten Nina to the apartment in time to kill Silas without being caught in the act.

Dante suggested he and Nathan review the evidence because it was the only way to exonerate Nina. The two detectives pulled files from the box of evidence then painstakingly went over everything. Dante reviewed the logbook for Ava's apartment building and became alarmed when he noticed that Morgan had signed in as a visitor an hour before Silas had arrived. Nathan suggested that perhaps Morgan had paid Kiki a visit, but Dante reminded Nathan that Kiki had been out of town. Nathan wondered if it was possible that Morgan had been sleeping with Ava behind Kiki's back and knew the truth about Ava's ruse.

Dante confessed that it was hard to tell with Morgan. Nathan continued to review the files and logbook. Moments later, Nathan perked up when he found something in the logbook. Dante nervously asked if Nathan had discovered something that might point to Morgan as the killer, but Nathan shook his head. However, Nathan admitted that he might have found the person responsible for Silas' murder.

. . .

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