Tuesday, May 3, 2016

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Hayden entered the living room. Nikolas held up a small black velvet bag of diamonds as he questioned Hayden on how they'd ended up in her cosmetic bag. Hayden accused Nikolas of planting the diamonds, while the agents for the Federal Bureau of Investigations had detained her. She was certain that Nikolas had hoped the diamonds would be linked to her father's missing money, but she warned him that it wouldn't work. Nikolas disagreed because it was common knowledge that in addition to the missing money, Hayden's parents still had possessions that had been unaccounted for, including expensive jewelry.

Hayden insisted that she had no idea where any of the missing items were, but Nikolas informed her that he'd looked up the inventory list of the items in question online. He knew that Hayden's father had bought her mother a very expensive necklace and added that the diamonds he found among Hayden's things had been a part of the necklace. Hayden denied it, but Nikolas explained that the necklace had been purchased from a reputable jeweler had identified the diamonds as belonging to the necklace. According to Nikolas, the diamonds proved that Hayden had been hiding evidence and impeding an investigation, which were serious charges.

Hayden continued to stick to her story until Nikolas offered to call the FBI to ask them to confirm the origin of the diamonds. Resigned, Hayden quickly took the phone from Nikolas and asked what he wanted. Nikolas revealed that he wanted her to sign documents relinquishing her claim on the money promised in the prenuptial agreement, but Hayden balked and refused. She pointed out that he could easily afford it because Jason had paid handsomely for the ELQ shares, but Nikolas refused to give Hayden a dime. Hayden decided to turn the tables on Nikolas by threatening to expose the evidence she had against him. She warned him that Spencer would grow up visiting Nikolas in jail.

Nikolas was disappointed that Hayden would put Spencer through that, but agreed to back down. Pleased, Hayden told Nikolas that it was for the best, but added that she was still entitled to certain privileges as his wife. Nikolas was disgusted, but reluctantly started to unbutton his shirt. Shocked, Hayden quickly clarified that she had been referring to money. Nikolas informed Hayden that everything had changed when he found the diamonds because he no longer loved her. However, he agreed to give her a small allowance until their divorce.

Nikolas warned Hayden that her past was catching up with her and her ride on the "gravy train" would soon be over. After Nikolas left, Hayden smiled. "No, my prince, it's not over," she quietly said.

At the park, Jason and Sam were kissing, but Sam pulled back a bit and quietly asked if Jason had heard the same noise that she had. Jason whispered for Sam to sit tight and stood up to loudly announce that he was headed to the car to look for his phone. Moments after Jason disappeared around the bend, Franco cried out in surprise as Jason reached through the bushes and pulled Franco up. Jason shoved Franco out of the bushes and demanded to know why Franco had been watching Jason and Sam. Sam suddenly realized that Franco had spied on Jason and Sam in the barn, but Franco claimed that he had no idea what Sam was talking about.

Jason and Sam didn't believe Franco and insisted that Franco explain himself. Franco asked Sam to check the bushes for a backpack. Sam quickly found it and handed it Franco. Franco pulled out a sketchbook and showed Jason and Sam the sketches of the wildlife he'd been working on in the quiet corner of the park. Sam remained skeptical because he'd never sketched animals in the past, but Franco explained that the drawings were not for an exhibit. Franco revealed that the sketches were therapeutic and similar to what he did with Jake. Jason growled that Franco wouldn't be around Jake much longer.

Jason didn't believe Franco's excuse for being in the bushes and ripped the sketchbook out of Franco's hand to see what else Franco had drawn. Franco objected, but Jason flipped through the pages until Jason saw the picture of Nina. Jason and Sam agreed it was a "creepy" picture and questioned if Franco intended to harm Nina. Offended, Franco conceded that he'd hated Jason when Franco had thought he and Jason were Alan's "bastard twins," but Franco no longer cared about Jason after learning the truth. Sam didn't believe Franco and continued to question Franco about the picture of Nina.

Franco argued that it didn't concern Jason or Sam, but Jason disagreed because Jason feared that Franco might harm Nina. Franco snatched the sketchbook out of Jason's grasp and insisted that Franco would never hurt Nina. "Not the way you two were talking about, anyway," Franco added. Franco was fed up with Jason and Sam's attitude, but Sam wanted to know about the sketch. Franco reluctantly admitted that he and Nina had had an argument and the picture had reflected Franco's anger. After Franco left, Jason admitted that he didn't trust Franco and felt bad for Nina.

Jason hoped the sketch of Nina would be enough to convince Elizabeth to get Jake away from Franco. Sam was curious if Jason had talked to Elizabeth about it, but Jason admitted that Elizabeth had been avoiding him. Jason added that he hadn't pushed things because he hadn't wanted to get into an argument with Elizabeth, but Jason thought it was clear that Franco was spiraling out of control and Jason refused to let Jake be near Franco when it happened.

In Julian's office, Julian spoke to Hammer on the phone. Julian was not happy to hear that Alexis had stumbled across the scene but it was too late to change anything. "It's done," Julian said as he ended the call. Nina appeared in the doorway and informed Julian that they were far from done. Nina was furious because she'd been forced to delay the final print for Crimson to deal with a problem. Julian pointed out that at least she had caught the problem and fixed it before the deadline, but Nina wasn't satisfied.

Julian sensed there was more to Nina's anger than tight deadlines and problems with the magazine's print. Nina sighed as she sat down and admitted that she and Franco had ended things. Julian felt bad for Nina, but Nina didn't want to discuss Franco because she wanted to know who Julian had been talking to on the phone. Julian insisted that it had been a business call and deftly turned the conversation back to Nina and Franco. Nina remained reluctant to discuss it, so Julian agreed to drop it if she assured him that it wouldn't help her to talk about it.

Nina explained there wasn't much to say, but quickly added that she didn't think of Franco as a monster. She assured Julian that Franco was "loving and well-intentioned," but "horrifically misguided." Nina admitted that she still loved Franco, but she and Franco had wanted different things out of life. Nina wondered if she had ever really known Franco, but turned the focus on Julian and Alexis because Nina thought Julian was lucky that he and his wife didn't have the same problem. Moments later, Julian received a text message from Alexis and excused himself.

A short time later, Franco appeared in the doorway and explained that he had been told where to find Nina. Nina was curious why Franco was there, prompting him to reveal that "two hypocritical and self-righteous" people had seen something that he had wanted to show Nina before they told her about it. Nina smiled because she knew he'd been referring to Jason and Sam. Franco promised that it wasn't anything horrible and pulled out the picture he had drawn of her. Nina tensed when she looked at it and asked if it was an "art threat." Franco rushed to assure her that he would never hurt her.

Franco explained that he'd sketched the portrait because it was how he had seen her after their break up. Nina was hurt because she thought the sketch of her was "horrible and ugly." Franco clarified that the sketch represented how angry he had been and his feeling about their relationship. He recalled how strong their love had been and admitted that he had thought it would last forever, but it hadn't. Franco told her that he saw both Nina and himself as "broken and twisted," and their relationship beyond repair.

However, Franco assured Nina that he wanted the best for her because she was an amazing and wonderful person who deserved all the joy and happiness life had to offer. Touched, Nina asked what Franco deserved. He confessed that he didn't think he was meant to be happy because he was the kind of guy who had drawn something like the portrait. Nina's expression clouded with sadness as she watched Franco leave.

Across town, Griffin and Anna arrived at her house. He was curious if she was okay because he'd noticed that she'd barely said anything since they'd left the Floating Rib. Anna admitted that she'd been thinking about Duke. Griffin imagined that it had to be gratifying for Anna to know that Duke's killer was locked up. Anna nodded and added that there'd been a new development in the case because an eyewitness had stepped forward. Anna didn't have the details, but Jordan thought the witness was credible. However, Anna had to make certain the evidence against Carlos would hold up in court because Alexis was a skilled attorney.

Anna and Griffin entered the living room as Anna filled Griffin in about Alexis' success as a defense attorney. She added that Alexis had been the woman who'd been leaving the Floating Rib when Anna had arrived. Griffin had a vague recollection of Alexis, but he also remembered that Alexis had seemed rattled. Anna agreed, which had surprised Anna because Alexis tended to be levelheaded. Anna wondered if it had had anything to do with the man that Alexis had been speaking to, but Griffin thought Anna should be more concerned about herself rather than Alexis.

Anna assured Griffin that she could live with whatever happened to her as long as Duke had justice. Griffin frowned, but Anna quickly changed the subject and announced that she had promised herself that she would celebrate Duke's life on the anniversary of his death rather than wallow in her grief. Later, Anna and Griffin sipped tea as Anna told him about the first time she had met Duke and how he'd asked her to dance. Griffin wondered if Anna and Duke had danced the tango, but she shook her head and smiled because she and Duke had been perfectly matched and had felt an instant connection that had lasted until Duke's death.

Anna admitted that dancing with Duke had felt like floating on air. Griffin put his cup of tea down and admitted that he would love to learn the tango despite having two left feet. He wondered if Anna would teach him the dance as an homage to his father. Anna grinned and readily agreed and guided Griffin through his first lesson. Later, Griffin confessed that it had been far more difficult than he'd realized.

Anna assured Griffin that he'd done well for his first lesson. Pleased, he invited her to dinner to continue their chat and schedule their next lesson. Anna agreed and teased Griffin about using the new dance skill on the ladies. Griffin suddenly coughed and tea spilled down the front of his shirt. He suggested that they stop off at the hospital to pick up a clean shirt from his locker.

A short time later, Griffin and Anna arrived at the hospital. Griffin confessed that he was glad that they'd decided to commemorate his father. After Griffin left to change, Anna called Jordan, but it went to voicemail. Anna explained that she would like to get together and discuss the witness against Carlos.

In the parking garage, Alexis was horrified when she saw Hale on the ground next to a car with a needle sticking out of his arm and blood dripping from the injection site. Alexis rushed over and saw that he was unconscious. She cried out for help until Nathan suddenly ran up. Nathan ordered her to call 9-1-1 then asked her what had happened. Alexis explained that she had been on her way to her car when she had seen the young man. Nathan wondered if she knew the guy, but Alexis ignored the question as she talked to the 9-1-1 operator.

Later, Hale was rushed into a trauma bay as Nathan identified himself as a police officer and asked the doctor to be kept apprised of the patient's condition. After the doctor left, Nathan sat down to gently explain that he needed a statement from Alexis. Alexis was confused because she assumed from the syringe that the young man had overdosed. Nathan agreed, but added that he had to investigate the case regardless. Nathan decided to report in and promised to return to get Alexis' statement. Alexis quickly sent Julian a text message telling him that she needed him to meet her at the hospital as quickly as possible.

Moments later, Nathan returned to question her. Alexis admitted that she'd met the young man a few hours earlier at the Floating Rib and added that she had recognized him as a potential witness in one of her cases. Alexis revealed that she had later found the man unconscious in the parking garage with a needle sticking out of his arm. Nathan took notes and asked what case the young man had been involved in. Alexis was curious why it mattered, but Nathan insisted that it was necessary to get a full picture of what had happened. Alexis was given a short reprieve when Nathan's phone rang and he stepped aside to answer the call.

Moments later, Julian arrived and feigned concern that one of the children had been hurt. Alexis quickly filled Julian in about what had transpired in the parking garage. Julian and Alexis looked up when they saw the doctor approach Nathan to inform Nathan that the patient had died. Nathan asked to check the body, but Julian wondered why it was necessary since the man had died of an overdose. Nathan explained that he had to rule out foul play.

After Nathan left to check Hale's personal items, Alexis told Julian that Hale had been the eye witness against Carlos. Julian pretended to be surprised, but Alexis was distracted when Jason and Sam suddenly walked up and asked what her parents were doing at the hospital. Julian told Sam that Alexis had stumbled on a junkie in a parking garage who had overdosed, but Alexis reminded Julian that Hale hadn't been just any junkie. Sam realized there was more to the story and tried to question her mother.

Nearby, Nathan instructed a police officer to call the medical examiner because Nathan wanted an autopsy on Hale. Meanwhile, Sam waited for her mother to answer her question, but Julian insisted that it had been a horrible misfortune and advised Sam not to badger Alexis. Alexis ignored Julian and told Sam about Hale's decision to testify against Carlos. Anna happened to overhear Alexis and immediately approached Alexis to demand answers. Alexis was taken aback when Anna accused Alexis of killing Hale to protect Julian.

In the locker room, Griffin pulled off his shirt, but frowned when he looked down at a scar on his abdomen. Moments later, Nathan entered the locker room to clean up, but stopped short when he saw Griffin.

. . .

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