Monday, November 24, 2014

Shawn met with a man on the docks and handed the man some cash to keep Shawn informed. As the man left, Jordan entered. Shawn explained that he had some people trying to track down Ava's baby. Jordan couldn't believe that Ava had murdered Connie, but she finally understood why Shawn was supposed to have kidnapped Ava. However, Jordan explained that Ava was a mother who'd lost a child, and Jordan feared that the same thing was happening to her with T.J.

Shawn assured Jordan that T.J. was strong, and he would get through the tough time. Jordan hadn't heard from him and just wanted to know that her son was all right. Shawn assumed that T.J. was with Molly, and he told Jordan that he would see if T.J. was all right. She asked Shawn to make sure that T.J. was eating and told him to tell T.J. that she loved him, and so had his father. Shawn promised to call her as soon as he could, and he left.

A man arrived on the docks and said, "Hello, Jordan." She turned and recognized the man as Bob, the Division Chief of the DEA. Bob wondered why she was hanging around with one of Sonny's men "instead of identifying Julian Jerome's boss." She replied that she was taking care of her son. "Your personal life is your own concern," he told her. Jordan explained that she'd gotten Ava to trust her, but Ava was on the run. She reminded her boss that undercover investigations sometimes took years and wondered what his rush was.

Bob reminded her that there was a man in the Witness Protection Program, waiting for Jordan to make things safe enough so that he could return to Port Charles. He advised her to step up her game. She assured him that she wanted to know who Julian's boss was just as much as Bob did. He thanked her and left. She followed him and told him that she wanted her son to know that she was "one of the good guys."

At Sam's, Molly opened one of her textbooks and found the letter that Ric had written to her. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Molly opened the door to T.J., whose expression suggested that he'd gotten the shock of his life. She invited him in, and he promptly collapsed crying into her arms. When he'd regained his composure, he told Molly about Jordan and Shawn's affair. Molly asked if Shawn was T.J.'s father, but T.J. denied it. That being the case, she wondered why they'd told him the truth.

T.J. told Molly about how his father had really died, and he concluded that his father hadn't been the hero that T.J. had thought. Molly assured T.J. that the way his father had died didn't negate the heroic actions of his life, like fighting in Afghanistan. She reminded T.J. of the circumstances with Ric and told him that both of their fathers had been good men caught in bad situations.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Molly answered the door to Shawn. She let Shawn in, and he begged T.J. to go somewhere with him in order to "work things out." T.J. used Molly as an excuse not to, but she urged him not to write Shawn off. She hugged him, and he left with Shawn. After the two left, Molly read the note that her father had written her.

Liesl looked down into the hatch in the floor of the stables at Wyndemere and concluded that Faison was not there. Nikolas took the flashlight and looked around at the empty hole. Liesl demanded that Anna admit to her lies, but Anna insisted that Faison had escaped. "God knows where he is," Britt commented. "Or who he's tormenting," Anna added.

Anna took out her phone to put out an APB on Faison, but Agent Sloan wanted to know the last time Anna had known for a fact that Faison was there. She admitted that she'd seen Faison a year before then never again. Liesl attacked Anna for throwing Faison in a hole and leaving him there for a year. Anna explained how Robert had hired a WSB agent to take care of Faison, and how the agent had been employed at Wyndemere as a stable hand. Nikolas was shocked to learn that there was a WSB agent under his roof.

A short while later, the WSB agent was pulled into the stables. Anna asked him where Faison was. The man played dumb, asking if Faison was a new horse. She informed the man that his cover had been blown and demanded to know how long he'd been filing false reports with Robert about Faison. "Since you hired me last year," the man stated.

Julian told Alexis that someone "stole Luke's place." Alexis wondered who the impostor was, and she wasn't surprised when Julian admitted that he didn't know. He assured Alexis that she would believe him when he told her the entire story. He started that, while in the Witness Protection Program, he'd met a man named Peter Caspen, who was also in the program. Peter, which had been the man's alias, had told Julian that he'd also lived in Port Charles.

Julian continued that the man had had big plans to rebuild the Jerome family and take Sonny out. The man had also said that there was a man in the town that looked exactly like him, and the man had insinuated that he'd had plastic surgery. When the man had failed to take over ELQ, he "became a monster." That had been around the time Julian had fallen for Alexis. He'd wanted a normal life with his "beautiful family," so he'd told the man that he wanted out of the business. The man had retaliated by shooting Lucas.

"You told the police that Ric ordered the hit on Lucas," Alexis accused. He admitted that he'd known that Ric was innocent, but his boss hadn't given Julian a choice -- he'd had to find a "fall guy, and Ric fit the bill." "My daughter's father is dead because of you," Alexis murmured. Julian informed her that, if he hadn't framed Ric, his boss would have killed Julian's entire family. He begged her to understand. She wondered where his boss was. "Get me out of here, and I'll take you to him," he said.

Luke opened the door of his room. Just then, the Luke impersonator appeared in a lab coat, pointing a gun straight at Luke. The impersonator told Luke to "get back in your cage before I shoot you." Luke walked back into the room, and the impersonator followed him in, closing the door behind him. The impersonator updated Luke on the events of the previous six months.

The impersonator told Luke that a desperate Tracy had handed over some ELQ shares in order to get Luke back from his alleged captivity under Jerry. The impersonator taunted Luke that Larry was back at the Quartermaine mansion, fulfilling Tracy's "needs." Luke wondered if the impersonator was Larry, referencing the "high-tech" mask of Duke's face that Faison had worn.

Luke demanded to know who the impersonator was. The impersonator had to leave and commented that Luke needed a tighter straitjacket. "See you next time I look in the mirror," the impersonator said. He left and waved through the window of the room. Luke screamed for someone to let him out. He vowed to get out of Miscavige, get to Tracy and Lulu, meet his grandson, "find the bastard living my life, and kill him."

Lulu looked at a picture of Luke as Tracy complained that they hadn't yet heard back from Sam and Patrick. Just then, Lulu got a text message that the two were on their way back. A short while later, Sam and Patrick entered the Quartermaine mansion. Sam told Tracy that they needed to hurry because "Larry can't see us here too." "Too?" Tracy asked. Sam quickly explained how they had run into Larry at the bank, and how they had finally been able to get the lockbox within the safe deposit box open.

Patrick told Lulu and Tracy that Sam had been able to download the contents of the flash drive they'd found to her phone. Sam plugged her phone into the computer as Tracy went to find Alice to be a lookout for Larry. They were shocked to see picture after picture of Faison. There were also file pages on Faison, which disclosed that he was at Wyndemere. Sam kept scrolling, and there were pictures of the Duke mask that Faison had disguised himself with.

The next picture was entitled "Blueprint for undisclosed mask," but the picture was scrambled, and therefore unclear as to what the mask was supposed to look like. Lulu wondered what the unclear mask had to do with Luke. Tracy suggested the mask was supposed to be of Luke's face. Just then, Tracy got a text from Alice, who informed her that Larry was on his way in. Sam and Patrick ran out of the house, and Lulu continued to stare at the computer screen.

Larry entered the room as Tracy slammed the computer screen shut. Larry wondered what the two women were up to.

On the docks, a man took a cigarette out of a cigarette case. Faison smelled the cigarette, put it in his mouth, and took out a lighter.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...
  • Michael orders Carly out of the Quartermaine mansion before he calls the cops.
  • Agent Sloan wants to discuss with Anna what she and Robert did to Faison.
  • Alexis demands for Julian to tell her where Luke is.
  • Helena tells Luke that he looks like he's seen a ghost.
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