Friday, April 17, 2015

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia was upset because Ned had relinquished his shares of ELQ to Franco, but Ned assured her that it wasn't a big deal. Olivia disagreed, since the shares had been Ned's birthright but Ned insisted it had been necessary to stop Franco from telling Alexis everything. Ned and Olivia were startled when Alexis suddenly cleared her throat. Ned jumped up to ask why Alexis was there, so she filled Ned and Olivia in about Michael's latest "drunken" incident at Metro Court. Ned promised to have a talk with his cousin, but Alexis shifted gears because she wanted Ned's assurance that he hadn't given in to Franco's demands.

Alexis reminded Ned that it would have been a grave mistake to hand over Ned's shares to Franco with 32 percent of the stock unaccounted for and last seen in Helena's clutches. Ned assured Alexis that he retained possession of his shares, but he seized the opportunity to ask Alexis to talk to Nikolas about the missing shares. Alexis doubted Nikolas would be able to shed any light on the ELQ stocks. "His hands are clean on this matter," Alexis assured Ned, but she agreed to pay her nephew a visit.

After Alexis left, Ned and Olivia breathed a sigh of relief that Alexis hadn't overheard their conversation, but Olivia remained upset about what Ned had done. She was certain his grandfather was rolling in his grave, but Ned confided that Edward had followed more than money -- Edward had also followed his heart. Ned was confident his grandfather would approve of what Ned had done, but Olivia was skeptical because it was a great sacrifice to make for a friend.

"Sweet, beautiful Olivia -- you mean so much more to me than that," Ned softly said as he gazed at Olivia with adoration. Ned realized it had taken him a long time to see the truth, but he promised that he cared deeply for Olivia. "It's you, Liv. It's always been you," Ned said as Olivia's eyes glistened with tears of joy. Ned revealed he had intended to tell Olivia, but she had surprised him with the news of her pregnancy before he could say anything. Olivia assured Ned it had been worth the wait.

Olivia smiled but wondered what happened next. Ned showed her by leaning forward to kiss her. After several passionate kisses, Olivia confessed that she had imagined what it would be like between them for a long time, but she had never envisioned herself pregnant with her life in a tailspin. "Details," Ned said between kisses. He promised Olivia that she would not be alone because he intended to give her and the baby the best life possible.

Olivia wished her and Ned's happiness had not been at the expense of ELQ, but he assured her that he would find a way to get the shares back. Until then, Ned intended to focus on Olivia. To drive his point home, he kissed her again.

At Metro Court, Franco waved the file with his shares of ELQ in the air as he entered the suite and called out to Nina, but he was disappointed when he quickly realized Nina wasn't there. Moments later, Nina returned to the suite. She was surprised when she saw Franco because she hadn't expected him back so soon. Franco smiled with satisfaction as he announced that his mission had been a success, but Nina remained skeptical until Franco handed her the file with Ned's shares of ELQ.

Nina looked over the papers then smiled because she had been certain that Ned would have put up more of a fight. Franco confided that Alexis had been at the mansion, so Ned and Olivia had stumbled over themselves to give him the shares. Franco looked forward to having a healthy monthly income, but his smile faded when he noticed Nina yawn. Nina quickly attributed it to not taking a nap, but Franco was curious where she had been. Nina became defensive because she realized Franco still suspected her of kidnapping Avery.

Franco explained that Nina seemed agitated, which raised some concerns, but Nina admitted she was tired of everyone, including her aunt, accusing her of something she hadn't done. Nina was doubly hurt that Franco seemed to be leading the charge against her. Franco promised he was on Nina's side, but he was curious about Liesl's visit, so Nina revealed that Liesl had implied that Nina had another skeleton in the closet. Nina was touched when Franco offered to talk to Liesl to get Liesl to back off from accusing Nina of taking the baby, since he believed in Nina.

At the Drake residence, Sam was impressed when Patrick served her breakfast, including muffins that Emma had baked. She wanted to thank the chef, but Patrick revealed that Emma was at a rehearsal for the Nurses Ball. Disappointed, Sam offered to help Patrick clean up the kitchen, but Patrick wanted Sam to relax and enjoy breakfast. Sam smiled because she could easily get used to being spoiled, so Patrick returned the smile as he confessed that it was his plan.

After Patrick disappeared into the kitchen, the doorbell rang. Sam called out to let Patrick know, but he told her to answer it. Sam was surprised when she saw Jake standing on the porch, so Jake explained he was there to drop off her car, which had been repaired. He figured that Sam would want it back quickly, since all her possessions had been inside. Sam appreciated Jake's consideration, so she invited him inside and offered him one of Emma's muffins.

Jake declined the muffin, but he was glad to see that Sam was happy. He said she deserved to be in a good place after everything he had put her through, but Sam assured Jake that he deserved to be happy too. Moments later, Patrick appeared in the doorway. Jake explained he had dropped off Sam's car then turned to leave, but Sam offered to give Jake a lift. Jake assured Sam that it wasn't necessary, but Sam insisted.

Patrick surprised Sam by reminding her that Jake was a grown man and could take care of himself. Jake smiled politely but froze when he spotted a photograph of Robin. Jake had a flash of memory as he picked up the picture, so he asked about the woman in the picture. Patrick revealed that Robin was Patrick's ex-wife who lived in Paris, but Jake confessed that he recognized her. Sam suspected it was because Jake had seen pictures of Robin while living at Elizabeth's house, since Elizabeth and Robin were close friends.

Jake agreed it was possible then changed the subject by offering to carry in some of Sam's boxes. Patrick offered to help, so he followed Jake out the door. After the car was unpacked, Jake went to toss Sam the car keys, but his aim was off, and they slid under the sofa, next to Jason's wedding band.

At the Webber residence, Elizabeth smiled when she opened the door and saw Ric standing on her porch, holding a huge bouquet of colorful flowers. Elizabeth took the flowers from Ric as she considered putting them next to the flowers he had sent the previous day. Ric said he was eager to show her how grateful he was that she had given him another chance but admitted he had stopped by to invite her out to dinner. Elizabeth was touched that he had taken the liberty of asking Molly to watch the boys.

Elizabeth smiled happily as she dashed up the stairs to change out of her work clothes. Moments later, someone knocked at the door. Ric was stunned when he saw Pete standing on the doorstep, so he quickly joined Pete on the porch and closed the door behind him. Pete cut to the chase by demanding more money from Ric, but Ric objected, since he had given Pete a generous bonus in exchange for Pete's promise to disappear. Pete threatened to expose Ric and Hayden's charade if Ric refused to cooperate, so Ric reluctantly agreed to give Pete money.

However, Ric ordered Pete to lay low and remain out of sight until Ric contacted him. After Pete left, Ric opened the door to enter the house but was met by Elizabeth in the foyer. She glanced over Ric's shoulder as she asked who Ric had been talking to. Ric claimed the man had been lost and looking for directions because the man's phone battery had died. Elizabeth easily believed the lie, so Ric called to confirm that Molly was on her way.

After the call, Ric vowed to Elizabeth that things would be different. He was determined not to lose her, so she told him that she was counting on it. Ric smiled then kissed her.

In Hayden's suite, Hayden looked up Nikolas' phone number online and called him at Wyndemere. Nikolas was surprised to hear from Hayden, so he asked how she had gotten his number. Hayden told him then explained that she had called because she was "ravenous" and wanted him to "butter" her muffin. Nikolas was startled by the proposition, but Hayden admitted that she preferred the direct approach. "Life's too short, Prince Formal," Hayden said as she poured herself a glass of Champagne.

Nikolas agreed that his interlude with Hayden had been "nice," but he was uncomfortable with the idea of becoming involved with someone who was scamming Jake. Hayden pointed out that Nikolas and his grandmother were also keeping secrets from Jake, so Nikolas revealed that he had talked to Helena. Nikolas admitted that Helena had confirmed Hayden was not in Helena's employ, but his grandmother had advised him to "eliminate" Hayden. However, Nikolas had decided Hayden was more valuable to him alive than dead because he wanted to know who was bankrolling her. Hayden suggested she might be tempted to tell him if he paid her a visit, but Nikolas turned her down and ended the call.

Later, Nikolas was reviewing a list of ELQ shareholders when the doorbell rang. Nikolas yelled out for Alfred to answer the door, but Alfred didn't respond. Annoyed, Nikolas went to the door. His mood didn't improve when he saw Hayden on his doorstep. Hayden smiled brightly as she explained that she had decided to drop by to find out if Nikolas would be as eager to rebuff her if he saw "the goods" in front of him.

Nikolas warned Hayden that it wasn't a good idea for her to be there, but she ignored him and entered the living room. Hayden saw the piece of paper Nikolas had been studying, so she picked it up from the table and asked what it was, but he quickly snatched it out of her hands. Undeterred, Hayden once again tried to seduce Nikolas by suggesting that he needed "carnal pleasures" as much as she did. Nikolas seemed resolved to ignore her advances until Hayden turned to leave.

At the last moment, Nikolas reached for Hayden and pulled her into his arms for a passionate kiss. Things quickly heated up as they stumbled around the room, tearing each other's clothes off and kissing. However, Nikolas froze when he heard Alexis call out to him. Nikolas quickly pulled away from Hayden and began to pull his shirt back on as he ordered Hayden to get dressed and slip out the back door. Hayden wanted Nikolas to get rid of his visitor, but Nikolas insisted it wasn't possible.

Seconds later, Nikolas entered the foyer, closing the living room door behind him. Alexis was surprised by Nikolas' rumpled appearance, but he claimed that he had fallen asleep while working. Alexis entered the living room then broached the subject of Tracy, Alice, and Skye's shares of ELQ that Helena had obtained through Luke. Nikolas denied any knowledge of the stocks, but offered to talk to Helena. Alexis didn't see the point, since Helena had refused to tell Nikolas the truth about Jake's identity. Shortly after Alexis left, Nikolas went to put the list of ELQ shareholders in the safe but immediately noticed that Jason's wedding ring was missing.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly happily greeted Spinelli and thanked him for agreeing to meet her. Spinelli asked how Carly had been holding up, so she told him about Michael's recent outburst in the restaurant. Carly desperately wanted to reach out to her eldest child, but she suspected it would make matters worse. Spinelli was curious if there had been any news about Avery's abduction, so Carly shook her head. Carly shifted gears by asking if Spinelli had good news to share.

Spinelli happily announced that he and Maxie had worked things out and intended to raise Georgie as a family. Carly was happy for Spinelli, but she had hoped he'd had news about Hayden. Spinelli revealed it hadn't been easy to dig into Hayden's past because she hadn't had much of a paper trail. However, he had been able to confirm that Hayden Barnes lived in Beechers Corners and had rented an apartment with Jake Barnes. Carly was disappointed because she had been certain Spinelli would uncover something to confirm Carly's suspicion that Hayden had lied about being married to Jake.

Carly perked up when Spinelli confided that Hayden had opened a bank account four weeks earlier, following a financial windfall. Spinelli reminded Carly there could be a number of legitimate reasons for Hayden to receive a large sum of money, but Carly was certain Hayden had been paid to pose as Jake's wife. However, Carly couldn't imagine who would pay Hayden to do such a thing. Spinelli noticed Carly seemed protective of Jake, so she explained that Jake had become a good friend.

Carly and Spinelli reminisced about Jason and agreed that they both missed him. Carly assured Spinelli that he could count on her if he needed someone to talk to, so he thanked her. Their conversation turned back to Hayden because Carly wanted Spinelli to sneak into Hayden's room to snoop around for any clues they could use to expose Hayden's lies and the person behind the scheme.

Meanwhile, Hayden returned to her hotel room, but she was startled when Pete suddenly stepped out of the shadows. Stunned, Hayden asked how Pete had gotten into her room, so he confessed that he had told the maid he was her husband. He showed Hayden the mock wedding photo of him and Hayden as proof, so she snatched it out of his hand and reminded him that they couldn't afford for him to be caught. Unconcerned, Pete admitted that he was aware of the credit line Ric had extended to her.

Pete revealed that he had demanded more money from Ric but decided Hayden should pay, since Pete didn't want to wait. Pete threatened to take a stroll around the hotel if Hayden refused to cooperate, so Hayden agreed.

In the hallway, Spinelli pressed his ear to Hayden's hotel room door but quickly ducked around the corner just as Pete exited the room. Hayden asked if she and Pete had an agreement, so Pete nodded and shook Hayden's hand. Spinelli seized the opportunity to snap a quick picture.

In the restaurant, Carly recalled talking to Spinelli about who would benefit from Hayden's deception. She smiled knowingly when she saw Ric and Elizabeth walk in.

. . .

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