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General Hospital Daily Recap for Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Patient 6 visits Morgan's grave
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

At the tenth-floor nurses' station, Franco searched online for Andrew Frank's death certificate, but nothing popped up. Frustrated, he hit a few more keys until Elizabeth walked up and advised him to ask the computer nicely. Franco quickly cleared the screen as Elizabeth asked what he'd been searching for. He mumbled that it would ruin the surprise, prompting her to assume that he'd been checking the forecast, which called for rain later that evening. Franco grumbled with disappointment because he had hoped to take the boys to a haunted maze, but Elizabeth thought it was for the best because Aiden wasn't ready. He conceded that she was probably right then admitted that he was still getting used to being a "pseudo stepfather" to her children.

Elizabeth assured Franco that he'd been doing great. She looked forward to the day when he was as sure of himself as she was, but he thought that she'd given him too much credit because he had a terrible track record. Franco warned her that it was inevitable that he would screw things up, but Elizabeth frowned. "You mean because of Jason?" she asked. Franco and Elizabeth walked to the snack area. He fed money into the vending machine as he told her that she hadn't given him enough credit because there were plenty of ways for him screw things up that didn't involve Jason.

Elizabeth knew that the truth about Jason's twin brother was weighing heavily on Franco's mind because he'd woken up in a cold sweat that morning. Franco tried to downplay the nightmare, but she believed that the secret had been eating at him. She promised that it would fade once he told Jason the truth, but Franco wanted her to promise that she wouldn't leave him. Surprised, Elizabeth wondered why he would think that, knowing how she felt about him. Franco was spared when he received a phone call. It was from Scott asking Franco to meet him about an urgent matter. Elizabeth promised to let everyone know that he'd been called away on a family emergency.

In Griffin's office, Griffin thanked Father Corey for stopping by. Father Corey hoped that Griffin had gained some insight about his future in the priesthood. Griffin confirmed that he had made a decision then invited Father Corey to sit. After the priest was seated, Griffin promised that he'd thought long and hard about his vocation, and he'd realized the previous evening that he was no longer meant for the priesthood. Father Corey refused to accept that because he knew from their long talks what the priesthood had meant to Griffin. Griffin acknowledged that he'd had a calling for the church, but a lot of things had changed. Griffin acknowledged that he still had a lot of things to work out, but he'd had clarity about his role in the church.

Father Corey couldn't imagine what had transpired in one night to explain the drastic shift. Griffin confessed that he'd broken his vows, but he wouldn't change anything if he had to do it over again. Griffin was adamant that his feelings would not change, but Father Corey worried that Griffin hadn't thought things through. He implored Griffin to think of his parishioners, but Griffin's mind was made up. Griffin assured the priest that it hadn't been an easy decision, but it had been the right one. Father Corey was disappointed, but he wished that all his students were as honest with themselves as Griffin had been.

Father Corey wanted Griffin to be careful as he embarked on his new life then wondered if Griffin intended to follow the faith. He promised Father Corey that he would. Pleased, Father Corey advised Griffin to ask himself if he'd left the priesthood for the woman that Griffin had spent the night with and if he envisioned a life with her. Griffin looked thoughtful, but he didn't have an answer. Moments later, Griffin walked Father Corey to the elevator and thanked his mentor for all the guidance through the years. Father Corey smiled because he thought that Griffin was a fine man.

After Griffin and Father Corey shared a hug, Father Corey left. Elizabeth rounded the corner and was startled when she saw Griffin. She asked about his trip to Russia. He revealed that he'd found Ava, and she was back home safe. Elizabeth playfully asked if he intended to keep trying to save Ava's soul, but he shared that he had left the priesthood. Elizabeth was surprised but not shocked because she had sensed that he'd felt more than friendship for Ava. Griffin admitted that she was right, but he had no idea how to define the feelings he had for Ava.

Griffin and Elizabeth sat down on a bench as Griffin explained that his affair with Claudette had been a "lapse" on both their parts. He had cared for Claudette, but he'd deeply regretted what he had done. As they talked, Elizabeth realized that he wasn't ready to commit to Ava. "Exactly," Griffin answered. He admitted that he was afraid to tell Ava that he'd left the priesthood because she would want to know what that meant for them as a couple. Elizabeth advised Griffin to be honest with Ava and to hope that she was honest with him in return.

Elizabeth applauded Griffin for his bravery when he'd left the priesthood because she knew it hadn't been easy for him to face his feelings. She reminded him that it was impossible to keep every promise made, but sometimes it was more principled not to.

At Ava's penthouse, Ava was wearing a robe when she opened her door and saw Scott standing on her doorstep. She demanded to know why he hadn't called, but he pushed past her and expressed his surprise that she hadn't been celebrating the success of her surgery. He looked at the scar along her jawline then added that she was almost as good as new. Ava wouldn't go that far, but she acknowledged that her scars were better. Scott handed her a check as he informed her that it was the proceeds from Franco's art show. Ava was impressed. She'd been told that the show had been a success, but she hadn't realized that it had been that good.

Scott noticed the drinks on the coffee table then suggested that she hire a maid. Ava recalled her night of passion with Griffin, but she pushed the memory away as Scott asked if she'd had some company. Ava carefully confirmed that she'd had a drink with a friend, but Scott pointedly looked at her robe then asked if the friend was still there. Ava assured him that her company had left, but Scott was concerned because he considered Ava a friend and didn't want anyone to take advantage of her. Ava was hurt at the suggestion that a man would only be attracted to her fortune. Scott regretted putting his foot in his mouth, but he pointed out that she was vulnerable because the anniversary of Morgan's death was approaching.

Scott reminded Ava that there were a lot of sleazy men out there, and he'd hate to see them prey on her. Ava assured Scott that it wouldn't happen, but he warned her that there was always a first time for everything. Ava recalled Griffin telling her that he didn't think their night together had been a mistake, and he hoped that she had felt the same. She pushed the memory away and agreed that Scott was right because she could no longer command the attention that she once had, which was why she had hired someone to keep her company. Scott was shocked that she had spent the night with a "gigolo." "Escort," Ava corrected.

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Ava explained that she'd had a horrendous day, and she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Morgan. She told Scott about how she'd stumbled onto the memorial service for Morgan, how she'd been kept from Avery, and Michael's angry words because he couldn't accept that she had never intended to harm Morgan. Ava became emotional as she insisted that she had thought that Sonny and Carly would notice that their son was in trouble and take Morgan back to the treatment center. Ava's shoulders sagged because she realized that it was pointless to explain, since no one believed her. She claimed that she had felt alone and down, so she'd turned to someone for fleeting companionship.

Scott promised that he didn't judge Ava, but he asked her to call him next time. Ava teased him about wanting to ask her out on a date, but Scott made a point of not confirming one way or another. However, he assured her that she could lean on him because he cared about her. Ava was touched, but she admitted that she wanted to be alone and hustled him out the door despite his sputtering objections.

In Jason and Sam's penthouse, Patient 6 picked up Sam's leather jacket then held it to his nose and inhaled deeply. He set it back down as he looked around the living room and saw Danny's toy cars and a motorcycle. Seemingly overwhelmed, he rushed out to the balcony for fresh air. Moments later, Sam entered. Patient 6 stood at the door and watched her. He was about to enter the living room when Jason arrived home. Patient 6 stepped back and eavesdropped on Jason and Sam through the door, which remained slightly ajar.

Jason greeted his wife with a kiss and suggested that they continue their celebration upstairs, but Sam pulled away and told him that they needed to go over the bills. Patient 6 tensed when she mentioned paying for Danny's sports camp. Jason assured his wife that it could wait. He pulled her into his arms and reminded her that they had some celebrating to do. Sam smiled then admitted that she couldn't remember the last time she'd been as happy as she was. Jason recalled their wedding a year earlier when she'd told him that she had spent most of her life learning how to fight for herself and that she hadn't been used to having a partner -- someone to trust and count on.

Sam was touched that Jason recalled her vows to him. Jason promised that he'd never forget how she'd told him that he hadn't taken away her independence; he'd made her more not less. Sam assured him that she had meant every word. Jason remembered that she'd told him that the greatest risk for her was to let someone into her heart, but he'd made her want to take that risk again. She had also promised to love him and their family unconditionally. Sam assured him that she'd meant it then kissed her husband. On the balcony, Patient 6's expression filled with pain.

Sam talked about the wedding when she and Jason had been surrounded by family and friends. Patient 6 seemed startled when she talked about treasuring each moment then mentioned that Sonny and Carly had lost Morgan. Jason promised his wife that nothing would happen then kissed her. Sam broke away and smiled seductively at her husband as she suggested they celebrate in their bedroom. After Jason and Sam went upstairs, Patient 6 quietly entered the living room. He stopped to pick up Sam's leather jacket from the chair and held it for several heartbeats before tossing it on the sofa as her phone slid out of the pocket. He made his way to the door, looked back at the living room, and quietly left.

Later, Jason and Sam returned to the living room after showering and changing. Sam picked up her phone and saw a text message from her mother. Sam warned Jason that Alexis planned to stop by, but Jason objected because they were still celebrating. Sam explained that there was a problem with Kristina, but he pointed out that there was always a problem between Alexis and Kristina, so Molly should play referee for a change. Sam became distracted because she had a strange feeling of déjà vu, as if she had left something in one spot, but it had ended up in another. Jason suggested that she was preoccupied with becoming a media mogul overnight, but Sam smiled and reminded him that they were both media moguls.

A short time later, Alexis arrived. Sam greeted her mother, but Alexis was curious if Sam had talked to Kristina. Sam nodded then confirmed that she knew that Kristina was happy and was with Parker. Alexis wondered if Kristina had told Sam that she had dropped out of school and intended to move to Oregon with Parker. Sam's eyes rounded with surprise because her sister hadn't said anything about quitting school and moving. Alexis filled Sam in on Parker's dismissal, but she made it clear that she hadn't reported Parker's inappropriate conduct. Alexis was frustrated because Kristina refused to answer her calls or reply to her text messages.

Sam urged Alexis to give Kristina time because Kristina was in love with Parker. Sam believed that Parker had genuine feelings for Kristina, but Alexis disagreed because Parker wouldn't have let Kristina drop out of school and move away from her family if she had truly cared. Sam conceded that Alexis might be right, but Kristina needed to have an opportunity to make the relationship work. Sam admitted that the worst regret was the result of not going after the one you loved. Alexis thought it was easy for Sam to say because Sam was happily married with two children. Jason emerged from the kitchen and greeted his mother-in-law.

Alexis was surprised when Jason and Sam announced that they had bought Derek Wells Media. Alexis was happy for Jason and Sam, and she acknowledged that it had been the one decent thing that Julian had done. Jason admitted that it was an opportunity to give Danny and Scout a safe life, but Sam revealed that Diane had warned them that the FCC would monitor them closely because of Julian and Jason's past ties to organized crime. Alexis realized that Jason and Sam wanted to control the message in the press to avoid any unnecessary problems.

At the cemetery, Patient 6 approached Morgan's gave then sighed. He had hoped that he'd misheard Sam and her husband. Patient 6 had thought that Morgan had taken off the way that Patient 6 had when he had left the Quartermaines. He recalled how the Quartermaines had always talked about how he'd been lost, but he finally knew what it truly meant. "I lost five years," Patient 6 said as anguish filled his tone.

Patient 6 touched Morgan's headstone as he talked about going to Sonny's and seeing all the photographs. He'd been surprised by how tall Morgan had grown. "Now, you're gone," Patient 6 added. Patient 6 was desperate to know what had happened then mentioned that Morgan had been named after him. Patient 6's sorrow evaporated when he heard a noise behind him. He pulled out his gun then swiftly turned to face the intruder. Ava gasped with fright when she saw the gun, but Patient 6 recognized her and lowered the gun as he asked when she had returned from Russia. Ava's eyes rounded in recognition when she realized who he was.

Patient 6 thanked Ava for helping him in Russia. "You're welcome," Ava replied, but she admitted that it had cost her because she hadn't received her final treatment, and Dr. Klein had tried to kill her. She explained that a friend had rescued her from the clinic, and they'd flown home later that day. Patient 6 apologized, but she was curious how he had managed to make his way to Port Charles. He admitted that he'd had help, but he didn't elaborate.

Ava glanced at Morgan's grave as she asked if he'd been Patient 6's connection to Port Charles. Patient 6 nodded then asked if she'd known Morgan. Ava carefully revealed that Morgan had been her daughter's good friend. Patient 6 wanted to know how Morgan had died, but Ava was vague as she explained that there had been an accident. She assured him that it had been quick, but she acknowledged that Morgan had been troubled. Patient 6 wanted details, but she admitted that she wasn't comfortable talking about it. Patient 6 thanked her for her help then started to leave, but she was curious where he was going.

Patient 6 explained that he needed to find a place to lay low, so he could figure things out. Ava suggested that he stay with her, but he was reluctant. Ava insisted because she wanted an opportunity to prove to herself that she could do the right thing. A short time later, Ava invited Patient 6 into her apartment. She revealed that her brother had lived with her until recently, but she didn't elaborate. She suggested that Patient 6 take a shower and freshen up then added that he could help himself to her brother's clothes.

Ava started to go to the closet to fetch a towel, but her phone alerted her to a text message. Ava was dismayed when she read the text message, prompting her to make a phone call. Patient 6 listened as Ava talked to someone about the sale of Derek Wells Media. After the call, Ava grumbled that her brother had dismantled his life and had sold his only asset to Jason Morgan.

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