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Friday, July 22, 2016

In a Metro Court hotel room, Morgan kissed Kiki awake. She snuggled into him, but groggily confessed that she hadn't heard the alarm. Morgan admitted that he'd barely slept a wink all night because everything seemed to be falling into place for him. Kiki was glad for Morgan, but he added that he was happy for the both of them and kissed her. Kiki reluctantly ended the kiss and explained that she had to get ready for work. Morgan had a better idea and made love to her.

Later, Kiki pulled on her shoes. Morgan seized the opportunity to snap a picture of her with his cell phone, but she asked him not to post it because she wanted a chance to break the news to her mother before they went public with their relationship. Morgan agreed, but he wondered that she wanted to postpone making things official because he was moving too fast. Kiki assured him that she was as happy about their relationship.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Tracy noticed that her son was distracted and asked if he'd been looking for someone. Dillon smiled as he sat down and assured his mother that she was the only person he wanted to see because it had been ages since they'd had breakfast together. Tracy blamed it on Dillon spending his nights in beds other than his own. She started to question him about his love life, but she saw Finn at the bar and excused herself.

Moments later, Kiki approached the table to take Dillon's order, but her smile faded when she realized who was seated at the table. Dillon confessed that the encounter was awkward and offered to leave, but Kiki asked him to stay. Dillon explained that he was trying to respect Kiki's relationship with Morgan, but she wanted to salvage her friendship with Dillon. Dillon assured her that it wouldn't be a problem. Relieved, Kiki smiled and told him that she and Morgan had made things official.

Dillon pasted on a smile and assured Kiki that he was happy for her and Morgan. Nearby, a group of fraternity guys called out and asked for service. Kiki approached the table to take their orders. The young men leered at Kiki and made suggestive remarks as they told her that they were celebrating a birthday. Dillon overheard the exchange and waited for Kiki to leave before he approached the table. Dillon greeted the boisterous fraternity brothers and claimed that he'd been a member of their fraternity when he'd been in college.

Dillon warned the friend that customers had complained about the noise and questioned if they were old enough to buy alcohol. The fraternity brothers quickly handed over their identification cards to show Dillon that they were of legal drinking age.

Nearby, Finn ordered a cup of coffee as Sonny walked up. Sonny reminded Finn of their agreement and promised to have his private jet readied once Finn had cleared Julian to leave the hospital. Finn made it clear that he wouldn't compromise his professional ethics because his first duty was to his patients. Sonny respected that Finn had a code of ethic and agreed to Finn's terms. Sonny paid for Finn's coffee and left. Moments later, Tracy walked up to ask what was going on.

Tracy was disappointed that Finn hadn't returned her calls. Finn appreciated that she was concerned, but he promised that he had the situation handled. Tracy agreed to drop the subject and reminded him that she hadn't forgotten about their backgammon rematch. Finn smiled and left. After Tracy returned to the table, she noticed Dillon talking to a table of young college guys as Kiki approached the table with a cupcake. Dillon asked which of the fraternity brothers had a birthday, but they sheepishly admitted that they had lied.

Kiki informed the fraternity brothers that they couldn't have the cupcake and offered a bite to Dillon. Dillon gave the second bite to Kiki and turned his back on the table. Tracy's eyes narrowed. After the fraternity brothers left, Kiki thanked Dillon and admitted that college students had been giving her a hard time for some time. However, she was curious how he'd managed to pull off pretending to be a member of a fraternity. Dillon confessed that he'd been in a fraternity during his college days.

Kiki grinned and told Dillon that she would keep him around -- as a friend. Dillon smiled and decided to get back to breakfast with his mother. As he sat down, Tracy questioned him about his relationship with Kiki. Dillon claimed that they were friends, but Tracy knew Dillon and she was certain that he wanted more.

Nearby, Kiki called Morgan to let him know that she loved him. She regretted that she hadn't told him earlier, but Morgan assured her that he'd been content to simply wake up with her.

At Perks Coffee, Sonny approached Aaron on the promenade. Aaron reported that business was great and that he already had a few regulars. Satisfied, Sonny asked if Kristina was around. Aaron shook his head, but added that she had mentioned going to the Port Charles Press to purchase an ad spot for the coffee shop on their website. Sonny smiled because he wanted an opportunity to talk to Aaron about Kristina. Sonny admitted that Aaron made a great first impression because Aaron knew all the right things to say and seemed genuinely sincere.

Concerned, Aaron assured Sonny that he hadn't pressured Kristina to persuade Sonny to hire Aaron for the coffee shop, but Sonny assured Aaron that he hadn't questioned Aaron's sincerity. However, Sonny made it clear that he wouldn't be pleased if Aaron hurt Kristina. Aaron relaxed, but promised that he cared about Kristina. Aaron knew that Kristina had had a rough time because she'd told him about her ex-boyfriends. Aaron conceded that he wasn't perfect and had his own faults, but he insisted that he'd been honest with Kristina from the start just as she had been with him.

Aaron promised that he would never mistreat Kristina. Sonny smiled with approval. Morgan walked up and asked if Sonny had been giving Aaron a hard time. Aaron assured Morgan that things were fine and went back to work. Sonny greeted Morgan and acknowledged that Morgan looked happy. Morgan told his father that Morgan and Kiki were doing great and had decided to give their relationship another try. Sonny was happy for his son.

Morgan was confident that nothing would get between Morgan and Kiki. Sonny warned Morgan that there would be bad times because it was part of life, but Morgan was certain that he could handle any difficulties. Morgan suddenly realized that he'd left his medications at the hotel and panicked, but Sonny offered to fetch them and asked for Morgan's room number.

In Parker's hotel room, Kristina woke up and smiled. Kristina confessed that the previous night had been amazing and wondered if Parker felt the same. Parker returned Kristina's smile and agreed that it had been wonderful. However, Parker suspected that it had also been very different than what Kristina had been used to because it had been Kristina's first time with a woman. Kristina admitted that the experience had been indescribable because she finally understood the difference between having sex and making love.

After Parker and Kristina dressed, Kristina nibbled on some breakfast and apologized for gushing earlier. Kristina promised that she hadn't been trying to imply that she and Parker were in love, but Parker waved away Kristina's concerns because she knew that Kristina was discovering a whole new part of herself. Kristina revealed that Alexis had suggested that Kristina had been confused when Kristina had told Alexis about her attraction to Parker. However, Kristina admitted that their night together had been anything but confusing.

According to Kristina, it had had been unlike anything that Kristina had ever felt. Kristina wanted to leave it at that and enjoy the beautiful moment, but Parker gently explained that all it could ever be was a moment because Parker intended to return home after the conference. Stunned, Kristina insisted that they had shared a connection and she wanted to explore it further. Parker argued that it was inappropriate on several levels, but Kristina disagreed.

Parker pointed out that she was older than Kristina, but Kristina didn't care. Parker added that she had been Kristina's professor and mentor, which made Parker question if Parker had taken advantage of the situation. Kristina denied that Parker had done anything wrong, but Parker disagreed. Parker explained that her life had imploded and it was clear that her judgment was impaired, which had led Parker to cross a line that she had never intended to cross. Parker added that Kristina still had things to figure out and be honest with her family.

Parker suspected that Kristina was using Parker as a way to avoid being honest with herself because it was easier for Kristina to say she wasn't gay if Parker was the only woman Kristina was attracted. Kristina resented having to label herself because no one ever questioned couples who started out as high school sweethearts. Parker clarified that she and Kristina were not a couple. Kristina became upset and accused Parker of using her. Kristina started to storm out, but Parker followed because she didn't want Kristina to think that Parker didn't care.

At the hospital, Julian glared at the handcuffs securing him to the hospital bed. Griffin entered the room and announced that the tests and scans looked good and most of the department heads had signed off on Julian's release. Griffin explained that whatever had caused Julian's heart issues was an isolated incident, so Griffin would give Julian a clean bill of health. Julian suspected that Griffin had hoped that Julian had had a terminal illness, but Griffin wanted both Duke and Alexis to have justice, which meant jail for Julian.

Griffin revealed that Alexis had dropped off a package for Julian. Griffin dropped it on Julian's bed. Julian picked it up and saw that it was divorce papers. Julian was surprised that Griffin hadn't preached about the sanctity of marriage, but Griffin was certain that God was on Alexis' side.

After Griffin left, Julian's henchman slipped into Julian's hospital room. Julian explained that he needed another dose of medication because Julian had to remain in the hospital until Ava returned home and pulled some strings with Paul Hornsby to get Paul to agree to let Julian out on bail. Julian intended to make his move then, but the henchman was concerned because the medication was dangerous and they had no idea when Ava would return.

Meanwhile, Finn approached the nurses' station and pulled out a binder with Julian's name on it. Finn was startled and dropped the binder when Griffin walked up and greeted Finn. Griffin helped Finn pick up the scattered papers, but questioned why Finn had been looking at Julian's file. Finn reminded Griffin that all department heads were required to sign off on a patient when the patient suffered from a mystery illness. Griffin noticed that Finn didn't look well, but Finn became defensive and told Griffin to mind his own business. Griffin offered to help Finn and keep Finn's confidence if something was wrong, but Finn insisted there was nothing to confess.

A short time later, Griffin and Finn entered Julian's hospital room. After a quick exam, Finn determined that Julian was fine. Julian disagreed and asked what had triggered his heart arrhythmia. Griffin suggested that perhaps it had been a severe panic attack.

In the hallway, Finn called Sonny to report that Julian was well and would be released into police custody. Satisfied, Sonny promised to have the jet readied for Finn.

After Sonny ended the call, he rounded a corner as Kristina and Parker stood in the hallway and argued about their relationship. Sonny was stunned when Kristina suddenly kissed Parker.

On Cassadine Island, Ava sat in a chair in Helena's bedroom as she recalled the events from the previous evening when Valentin shot Nikolas. She stood up and began to pace as Valentin entered the room. Valentin was surprised that she hadn't taken advantage of the bed, but she admitted that she hadn't been able to sleep because he'd killed Nikolas. Valentin conceded that it had been regrettable -- but necessary -- to kill his nephew. Ava's eyes rounded when she realized that Valentin had set Nikolas up. Valentin admitted that he hadn't wanted to shoot his nephew like a dog, so he'd let Nikolas go out fighting.

Valentin explained that he had respected Nikolas' courage and added that Nikolas had been the best of a bad bunch. Valentin recognized that Nikolas had been the only Cassadine prince who hadn't been a complete lunatic, but Nikolas had been in Valentin's way. Ava shifted gears because she wanted to know what his plans were for her. Valentin acknowledged that she was a beautiful woman and he wanted her to be comfortable. Ava seized the opportunity to try to seduce Valentin by suggesting that she would be a valuable asset. Valentin admitted that he'd researched her and knew about her background, but he questioned her sudden change in attitude.

Ava explained that she hadn't had any loyalty to Nikolas and turned on the charm as she seductively invited Valentin to search her. She admitted that she wanted him to spare her life, but he was curious if she was offering to have sex with him in exchange for her life. Ava told him that she preferred to think of it as an allegiance and added that she would be valuable both as his right-hand and in his bed. Ava assured him that she always picked the winning side and kissed him. Passion flared to life as they stumbled to the bedroom and fell on the bed. Ava reached for Helena's journal on the bedside table, kneed Valentin in the groin, and smashed the book over his head.

In the living room, Lulu woke up in Dante's arms as they sat on the sofa. She was stunned that she'd fallen asleep and asked if there had been word about Jason, Sam, and Nikolas. "No," Dante admitted. Lulu was worried because they'd heard a gunshot the previous evening, but he reminded her that there wasn't any proof that it had been fired at anyone. Meanwhile, Laura tried to go upstairs, but one of the guards blocked her path.

Kevin pulled Laura away from the guard and advised her to conserve her energy, but she was concerned about her son because they'd heard a gunshot. Kevin explained that the gunshot and keeping Nikolas isolated from them were psychological tactics designed to keep them afraid and cooperative. Kevin pointed out that Valentin had neutralized the two most powerful hostages because Jason could offer physical resistance and Nikolas was familiar with the island. Kevin added that both Sam and Ava had been used to control the men.

Kevin suggested that he, Laura, and Dante create a diversion to give Lulu an opportunity to escape. Laura feared that Lulu wouldn't cooperate because Spencers weren't known to run from a fight. Nearby, Dante explained that he wanted Lulu to run when she had the chance because he needed her to be safe. Lulu reluctantly agreed. Seconds later, they heard Valentin howl with pain and fury. One of the guards went to investigate, leaving a lone guard to watch over the four hostages. Dante quickly whispered to Kevin to hit him and then picked a fight with Kevin. Kevin played along and took a swing at Dante as the guard rushed over to break up the fight.

Lulu managed to slip away unnoticed as another guard marched Ava into the living room. Laura immediately asked Ava for news about Nikolas. Ava reluctantly told Laura about the events that had transpired in Helena's bedroom. Laura was devastated when Ava added that Nikolas had died when Valentin shot Laura's son and Nikolas had tumbled over the balcony. Kevin held Laura as she sobbed, but Valentin stormed into the living room in a deadly rage. Valentin informed Ava that he had decided to spare her life until she had betrayed him. Laura's despair turned to anger as she confronted Valentin.

Laura told Valentin that Mikkos would be proud of his son because Valentin was no better than the rest of the Cassadines. She insisted that her son had been different and would have welcomed Valentin into the family fold, but Valentin had only been interested in power and money. Laura made it clear that she wouldn't cooperate with Valentin, so he decided to show everyone what would happen if they failed to listen to his orders. Valentin took aim at Laura, but Kevin jumped into the path of the bullet. Dante sprang into action and attacked one of the guards as Laura stared at Kevin with horror when she realized that he'd been shot.

In the tunnels, Lulu realized that she was lost. She decided to forge ahead, but was frightened when she stumbled across a skeleton.

. . .

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