Thursday, July 2, 2015

At ELQ, Nikolas was focused on his cell phone as he exited the elevator, barking orders at Rosalie. However, he glanced up when he realized the reception area was deserted. Nikolas entered his office, calling out to his assistant, but instead he saw Spencer seated behind the desk, sporting a patriotic top hat. Spencer informed his father that Rosalie been given the day off, so Nikolas would have to deal with Spencer. Nikolas didn't appreciate his son's disrespectful tone, but Spencer was unapologetic because "desperate times call for desperate measures."

Nikolas decided to cut to the chase by asking what Spencer wanted, so Spencer questioned why Nikolas had stolen ELQ from the Quartermaines. Nikolas calmly explained that it had been a business decision and perfectly legal, but Spencer was skeptical because the newspapers had accused Nikolas of being a corporate raider who had lied. Spencer reminded Nikolas that Nikolas had taught Spencer that lying was wrong, so Spencer wanted to know why Nikolas had done it. "For you," Nikolas answered.

Spencer argued that he had never asked his father to take ELQ from the Quartermaines, but Nikolas revealed that the Cassadines had needed the money. Stunned, Spencer asked if they were broke. Nikolas carefully explained that they had some savings, but they were cash poor, so it had been necessary to secure control of ELQ. Nikolas joked that Spencer would have been a "townie" if Nikolas hadn't taken action, but Spencer surprised his father by asking what would have been wrong with that.

Nikolas was taken aback by the question because he knew how Spencer felt about townies, but Spencer revealed that he'd had a change of heart when Spencer had learned that Courtney had been one. Nikolas demanded to know who had told Spencer that, but Spencer insisted it didn't matter, since it was true. Nikolas agreed that Courtney hadn't been born into wealth, but Nikolas had been determined to preserve Spencer's lifestyle. Spencer assured his father that money and prestige weren't everything, especially if it meant hurting good people like Josslyn's brother Michael.

Spencer explained that after the fire, he had been worried about people perceiving him as ugly on the outside because of his scars, but instead, Spencer had become ugly on the inside. Spencer realized he might have hurt someone when he had dropped sandbags from the rafters during Cameron and Emma's performance at the Nurses Ball. However, Spencer's family had been there to save Spencer from becoming a bad person, so Spencer wanted to do the same for his father. He picked up the phone then handed it to Nikolas, expecting Nikolas to set things right with the Quartermaines, but Nikolas explained that business didn't work like that.

Spencer was disappointed until Nikolas agreed to think about it then changed the subject by inviting his son to watch the fireworks display in the park. Spencer happily agreed.

In Kelly's courtyard, Sam spoke to Patrick on the phone about the heated argument she'd had with Nikolas. Jake walked up as she admitted to Patrick that she wished she could help Michael. Jake suggested there might be a way, so Sam quickly ended her call with Patrick to hear Jake out. Jake was curious if Sam had been serious about helping Michael, and Sam assured Jake that she would do whatever was necessary to right her cousin's wrong.

Sam doubted Nikolas would simply hand over the majority shares of ELQ, but Jake explained there might be a way to force Nikolas to cooperate. Sam was surprised when Jake confided that he suspected Nikolas was hiding something, so Jake wanted to find out what it was and use it to coerce Nikolas into returning the shares of ELQ to their rightful owners. Jake admitted that he felt obligated to help Michael because he had let Michael down, but Jake realized it might be too much to ask for Sam to turn against her cousin. She assured him that she would do it for Michael, but she warned Jake that Elizabeth might not be happy about their plans because Elizabeth and Nikolas had been friends for a very long time.

Jake hated keeping secrets from Elizabeth, but he believed it was necessary because Nikolas' behavior had raised questions, especially after Nikolas had failed to tell Sam about Jason's wedding ring for weeks. Sam explained that Nikolas had been dealing with a lot at the time because Spencer had been injured in a fire, but Jake was certain Nikolas could have found the time for Sam. Sam wondered if Jake thought Nikolas had been keeping secrets about Jason from her. Jake admitted that he didn't know, but a lot of what Nikolas had said in recent months hadn't added up.

Inside Kelly's, Kiki told Franco that she planned to meet Morgan in the park for the fireworks show, but Franco didn't think it was a good idea. Kiki realized that Franco didn't like a lot of people, including Morgan, but Franco quickly clarified that it had nothing to do with his personal feelings for Morgan. Franco revealed that he had concerns about Morgan's relationship with Denise. Kiki was curious why, so Franco hinted that Morgan and Denise might be attracted to each other.

Kiki immediately dismissed the possibility and blamed Franco's fears on his tendency to be insecure about the women he dated. Kiki was shocked when Franco blurted out that he and Denise were not an actual couple. He quickly explained that he had hoped to convince Nina that he had moved on by claiming Denise was his date, but he hadn't expected Denise to go along with the ruse. Franco had grown suspicious of Denise's motives when she had kissed him just as Morgan had arrived at the restaurant. Kiki was curious if Franco had asked Denise why she had agreed to go along with the lie.

Franco admitted that Denise had blamed it on Kiki's efforts to play matchmaker between Denise and Silas, so Kiki confessed it was the truth because Kiki had thought Denise and Silas might hit it off. Kiki wanted Franco to find happiness, but she was certain that nothing was going on between her aunt and Morgan. Franco hoped Kiki was right.

At Silas' apartment, Morgan emerged from the bathroom after his shower wearing a towel as he answered a knock at the door. It was "Denise." Ava's eyes rounded with anxiety as she took in Morgan's state of undress, but he was too distracted to notice when he asked why she was there. Ava entered the apartment as she explained that she needed to talk to him about Avery. Ava explained that Sonny had denied her visitation with her "niece" because Morgan had told his father about Morgan and Denise's passionate encounters.

Morgan admitted that his attraction to Denise had been weighing heavily on him, so Morgan had turned to his father for advice. Ava expected Morgan to straighten things out by assuring Sonny that nothing had happened between them, but Morgan confessed that he couldn't because it would be a lie. Ava assured Morgan that she had no intention on acting on her attraction to him because she didn't want to hurt Kiki. Morgan admitted that it wouldn't be easy to sway Sonny because a part of Morgan wondered if Denise was really Ava trying to scam all of them.

Morgan realized it was an irrational fear because Ava would never have put her loved ones through the agony of believing she was dead when she was not. Ava hid her guilt behind a brittle smile then changed the subject by asking why Morgan had told Sonny about the encounters with her. Morgan confessed that Ava had been the first woman he had ever truly loved, so when he looked at Denise, he couldn't help but think of what might have been between him and Ava. Morgan confided that he saw Ava's fire and passion in Denise, but he was determined not hurt or lose Kiki.

Morgan was curious why Denise was drawn to him. Ava looked at his chiseled chest as she pointed out that it should be obvious, but she also refused to betray Kiki. Satisfied, Morgan promised to talk to Sonny, so Ava thanked him then left.

At the loft, Dante slammed the door as he arrived home in a foul mood. His thoughts drifted to his trip to British Columbia and what he had seen in Dillon and Lulu's hotel room. Frustrated, Dante picked up a picture of him and Lulu only to slam it back down on the counter.

A short time later, Dante answered a knock at the door. It was Valerie. Valerie was relieved when she saw him because she had left several voicemail messages for him without any response. Dante invited her in as he explained that he hadn't bothered to check his voicemail. He offered her a beer, so she accepted as he filled her in about his trip to British Columbia to confront Lulu.

Valerie was stunned when Dante revealed that he had been in Dillon and Lulu's hotel room, but the couple hadn't been there. However, Dante had seen a breakfast cart and both Dillon and Lulu's clothes strewn about on the rumpled bed. Valerie was curious what Lulu had said, but Dante admitted that he hadn't bothered to stay to hear Lulu's excuses. Valerie agreed that it appeared damaging, but she urged Dante to speak to Lulu before jumping to conclusions. Dante argued that he didn't need to see Dillon and Lulu in bed together to know that Lulu was cheating.

Valerie admitted it was difficult for her to believe that Lulu had been unfaithful because Lulu had seemed sincerely concerned when she had questioned Valerie and Dante's relationship. Dante explained that Lulu was possessive, but there was also a side of his wife that thrived on the thrill of danger. Dante suspected that Dillon's arrival had stirred up those feelings in Lulu, but Valerie remained skeptical because Lulu had seemed genuinely in love with Dante and Rocco. Dante's voice choked up with emotion as he reminded Valerie that his wife was on a trip with Dillon.

Valerie grabbed Dante's hand to gently suggest they fetch Rocco from Sonny's place. She was certain that Dante would feel better once he spent some time with his son, but Dante confessed that he would rather remain at the loft with Valerie. Valerie nervously glanced down at their joined hands.

In British Columbia, Lulu feigned labor pains as Dillon played the concerned husband. The guard they had lured away from the lumberyard told them to wait while he disabled the alarm so he could drive Lulu and Dillon to the hospital. After the guard stepped away, Lulu frantically asked Dillon what they should do because they couldn't get into the car with the guard.

Nearby, Luke and Laura approached the second guard, claiming they were looking for their pregnant daughter. Holly seized the opportunity to sneak up on the guard with a gun. After the trio quickly disarmed the guard, Holly knocked the man out. Luke feared they might be walking into a trap, so he suggested they split up. Luke instructed Holly and Laura to find another way into the building but to remain out of sight because they couldn't afford to engage any other guards until Ethan and Lucky had been safely rescued.

Meanwhile, the guard returned to escort Lulu and Dillon to the car, but she quickly dropped to the ground, writhing in agony. Lulu claimed it was too late to go the hospital because her baby was about to be born. Concerned, the guard insisted on taking her to the hospital because it was too dangerous for her to give birth in the lumberyard. However, the guard's partner suddenly staggered up to warn his cohort that it was a trap. As if on cue, a bag filled with woodchips, which Lulu had stuffed under her shirt, split open.

A brief scuffle ensued as the guards sprang into action. Within minutes, one of the guards had managed to grab Lulu from behind. He threatened to break her neck if Dillon refused to cooperate, so Dillon immediately stilled. Pleased, one of the guards made light of Lulu's ineffectiveness, so she decided to prove her value by jabbing the guard holding her in the stomach with her elbow. Dillon didn't hesitate to take action by knocking out the man watching over him.

After both guards had been rendered unconscious, Lulu and Dillon dashed off to help Luke. However, one of the guards regained consciousness and made a phone call.

In the lumber mill, Luke was pleasantly surprised when he saw his son Ethan standing in the center of the room. Luke started to approach Ethan, but Ethan warned his father to stay back unless Luke wanted to die. Ethan pointed to the pressure mine under Ethan's foot, which would detonate if Ethan stepped off it. Ethan swayed on his feet as he confessed that he felt woozy, so he implored Luke to get out before it was too late, but Luke flatly refused.

Ethan admitted that he had to tell his father something, so Luke looked around for a way to help his son as Ethan revealed that Lucky had managed to get loose. However, the guards had returned before Lucky had been able to free Ethan, so Lucky had fled with the guards in hot pursuit. Ethan was concerned about his brother because he had heard gunshots ring out, but Luke remained focused on trying to help Ethan. Ethan stumbled back, but he managed to right himself before his foot slid off the pressure mine. He once again begged Luke to leave, but Luke ignored Ethan.

Resigned, Ethan watched his father grab some tools from a toolbox then closely examine the bomb, so Ethan explained how he had been abducted. According to Ethan, Lucky had called to ask for Ethan's help with an important matter, but Lucky hadn't gone into detail because Lucky had been certain that the phones had been bugged. Ethan urged Luke to find Lucky because Lucky might be hurt, but Luke calmly worked on the bomb. Several minutes later, Luke managed to cut a wire without detonating the bomb, so he was confident that he had disarmed it.

Ethan was reluctant to test Luke's theory until Luke had left the building, but Luke made it clear that he would save his son or die trying. Ethan told his father that he loved him, so Luke assured Ethan that he loved Ethan, too, because Ethan was the kind of man that Luke had always wanted to be. Ethan was touched, but Luke shifted gears to instruct Ethan to step off the bomb on the count of three. Luke reached for his son's hand, counted to two, then shoved Ethan off the bomb. Ethan's relief was short-lived because he was furious that his father had acted on the count of two instead of three.

Luke refused to apologize because he knew Ethan would have tried to push Luke away if Luke hadn't tricked his son. Luke and Ethan's good mood quickly evaporated when several armed guards suddenly entered the building, leading Holly, Laura, Lulu, and Dillon. The guards shoved their hostages into the center of the room as Luke demanded to see their boss. "Unfortunately for you, he feels the same way," one of the guards replied. Luke and Laura were stunned when someone entered the room. "My God. No." Laura said in disbelief as she shook her head. "It can't be," Luke added in shock.

. . .

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  • Carly asks Sonny what is going on between Dante and Lulu
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