Hannah Nordberg
General Hospital casts an aged Josslyn
Posted Tuesday, May 27, 2014 6:07:44 PM
General Hospital has cast the role of a slightly aged Josslyn Jacks. A casting call for the role was first released in April.

General Hospital has hired actress Hannah Nordberg as its new, slightly older Josslyn Jacks. The casting announcement comes nearly two months after the ABC soap first issued a cloaked casting call for the role.

Nordberg is a newcomer to soaps, but she does have one television role under her belt; she appeared as Sadie in the mini-series It Could Be Worse. She also played Olive in the off-Broadway musical Little Miss Sunshine.

With Nordberg's casting, General Hospital has slightly changed Josslyn's age. The character was born on-screen in November 2009, and Nordberg is several years older than that. Josslyn is the daughter of Jasper "Jax" Jacks and Carly Jacks.

According to the casting call issued in early April, the then-unnamed character is described as a "rebellious kid, with good heart underneath." The role will require the young actress to memorize "substantial [...] dialogue."

For now, the role will be an "ongoing, recurring" role.

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