Nurses Ball 2013: Deleted scenes!
Posted Saturday, April 06, 2013 12:01:00 PM
Sometimes, certain soap scenes are left on the cutting room floor. Usually, fans never get to see those scenes, but ABC has made available to fans two such scenes from the Nurses Ball.
If you've purchased a DVD in the past ten years, you'll know that most releases are packed with special features, including bloopers and deleted scenes.

Now, soap operas are getting into the act. ABC has released two scenes that were cut from the Nurses Ball episodes, presumably because the episodes ran too long and needed to be cut for time.

In the first scene, Brenda and Sonny discuss Jax... as Carly looks on.

In the second scene, Bobbie visits Lucy in her dressing room and the agree to bury the hatchet -- and maybe even be friends.

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