Kirsten Storms
Report: Storms in GH return talks
Posted Friday, June 22, 2012 11:41:51 AM
Kirsten Storms may be returning to General Hospital in the near future. The actress, who has been sidelined for nearly ten months, was expected to return to the role of Maxie in February. Jen Lilley has been filling in.
Could Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones) be on her way back to General Hospital? A new report indicates that it's possible -- but the report also stops short of saying it's a done deal.

Soap Opera Digest reports that Storms "is in talks to return to the show."

Storms has been sidelined from General Hospital since September due to an undisclosed medical condition. During a broadcast of the reality series Dirty Soap, Storms' future sister-in-law revealed that the actress had been diagnosed with endometriosis. Storms has not publicly acknowledged what has kept her out of work, and several medical experts have questioned if endometriosis alone would be enough to keep Storms down for such an extended period of time.

During Storms's downtime, actress Jen Lilley has been filling in as Maxie. In January, Storms's return to GH was considered a done deal, but the actress suffered a setback, and the show announced that Lilley would continue on in the role.

Kirsten Storms assumed the role of Maxie in May 2005.

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