"Mikkos Cassadine" has died
by Posted Thursday, March 09, 2000 - 9:21:21 PM
Actor John Colicos, General Hospital's Mikkos Cassadine, died Monday in Toronto at the age of 71.

In addition to his 1981 stint on GH, Colicos returned to Port Charles in 1985 as Petros. Outside of the soaps, Colicos had the unique distinction of being the first actor to ever portray a Klingon on the original Star Trek television series. Another of his well-known roles was as Baltar in the television series Battlestar Gallatica.

Colicos started his career in 1950, appearing as a student in the film, Forbidden Journey. Perhaps ironically, the actor played Allan Quartermain in 1977's King Solomon's Treasure.

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