Cassadine Family Tree
Mikkos Cassadine (deceased)
Brother of Anthony (see below) and Victor (see below). Cousin of Petros (see below).

m. Helena (deceased)
c. Stavros Cassadine (presumed deceased)
m. Laura Webber (invalid)

c. Nikolas Cassadine
m. Lydia Karenin (divorced)
m. Emily Bowen-Quartermaine (divorced)
a. Courtney Matthews (deceased)
c. Spencer Cassadine (born 2006)

c. Stefan Cassadine (deceased)
m. Bobbie Spencer (dissolved)

c. Irina Cassadine (deceased)
Irina's father is unknown

a. Kristin Nillson (deceased)
c. Alexis Davis
Birth name is Natasha Cassadine
a. Julian Jerome (see Jerome)
c. Samantha McCall
Given up for adoption as a child; see McCall.
a. Sonny Corinthos
c. Baby Girl McCall (deceased)
m. Jason Morgan (deceased)
c. Daniel Edward Morgan [born Jun 2012]
m. Jasper Jacks (divorced)
a. Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr.
c. Kristina Davis
m. Ric Lansing [Married: Nov 3rd, 2004; Divorced: Fall 2006]
c. Molly Lansing (born 2005)
c. Kristina Cassadine (deceased)
a. Unknown woman
c. Valentine Cassadine
Anthony Cassadine (deceased)
Brother of Mikkos (see above) and Victor (see below). Cousin of Petros (see below).

He and lover Alexandra Quartermaine were frozen to death.
Victor Cassadine
Brother of Mikkos (see above) and Anthony (see above). Cousin of Petros (see below).
Petros Cassadine (deceased)
Cousin of Mikkos (see above), Anthony (see above) and Victor (see above).

Looked identical to Mikkos.

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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