BALDWIN Family Tree
Lee Baldwin
Brother of Tom (see below).

m. Meg Bentley (deceased)
c. Scott Baldwin
Adopted; Meg's son with David Bordisso.
a. Heather Webber
a. Robert "Franco" Frank
a. Rhonda Wexler
c. Karen Wexler (deceased)
    m. Jagger Cates (divorced)
m. Laura Webber (divorced)
m. Susan Moore (deceased)
a. Jacqueline Hayes
c. Logan Hayes (deceased)
m. Dominique Stanton (deceased)
c. Serena Baldwin
Lucy carried the baby for Dominique.
m. Lucy Coe (divorced)
c. Serena Baldwin
Lucy legally adopted Serena after the divorce.
c. Christina Baldwin
Adopted; Julie Devlin's daughter with Frank Scanlon.

m. Laura Webber (divorced)

m. Caroline Chandler (deceased)

m. Gail Adamson
Thomas Baldwin Sr.
Brother of Lee (see above).

m. Audrey March (divorced)
c. Thomas Steven Hardy Sr.
Later adopted by Steve Hardy.
m. Simone Ravelle (divorced)
c. Thomas Steven Hardy Jr.

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape

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