Broken hearts and shattered dreams
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Hearts were broken and dreams were shattered when Patrick and Sabrina said goodbye to their precious son, Sonny betrayed Morgan once again, Elizabeth's hopes for a future with Ric evaporated, and Silas' presumed dead wife, Nina Clay, returned just as Silas and Sam prepared to start a new chapter in their lives.

This week kind of felt like an old country song about love gone wrong -- way wrong. I darn near heard the twang of a banjo in the background during a few of the scenes.

I'm a person who prefers to see the glass as half full, who believes that there is more good in the world than there is bad, and who lives by the creed that kindness goes further than hatred. I try to treat people the way that I would like to be treated, which I will admit is not always easy. There are times that I stumble, but for the most part, I think that I do a pretty good job of being a decent human being.

In my last column, I mentioned that I love Ron Carlivati and the way that he writes. Many agreed, but I received some feedback that truly shocked me by the vitriol directed at not just me personally for daring to say such a thing, but also Mr. Carlivati, a man whom I'm fairly certain none of the people who wrote those hate-filled emails have ever met. I doubt they even know people who know people that might know Mr. Carlivati, yet that didn't stop them for saying things about the man as if they knew him intimately.

In reading the comments, I genuinely felt bad for Ron because I think that he's a gifted writer who deserves accolades for saving GH from possible cancellation. Clearly he knows what he's doing. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. The reality is, GH's ratings aren't just up, they are record-breaking, which means that the majority of viewers are happy and keep coming back.

If some of the emails that I received this week were any indication of what Ron receives then I hope he knows that those angry people don't speak for anyone except themselves. If Ron ever decides to drop in for a visit with Dan Kroll on Soap Central Live, he'll hear for himself that his efforts are appreciated. Soap Central Live always has the best callers with a genuine love for soaps and a respect for the community as a whole.

Many guessed that fake Luke (Fluke) was an imposter, and like me, they were delighted and quite satisfied that their suspicions were proven true sooner rather than later. Viewers, it seems, love unraveling a mystery, so speculation is now running rampant about who Fluke could be. My favorite theory so far was sent in by Sharon F., who wrote:

"I think that Ric Lansing's father, Trevor is the one behind the fake Luke. He hated Sonny, and all. Would make sense."

It seems some readers agree because I read the comment section below last week's column, and Trevor's name was mentioned there as well. I really like the idea of Fluke being Trevor and have to agree that Trevor is an excellent guess because Trevor has had a fanatical hatred for Sonny since Sonny was a little boy. It makes perfect sense that Trevor would have a deep-seated desire to take Sonny down. I can also see Trevor having no qualms about framing Ric and sending him to jail for Trevor's crimes because things were not good between father and son when Trevor died.

There is also the little matter of Trevor having experience with the mob because he did run the Zacchara organization until Johnny took over the reins. I know that Trevor died when he fell from the hospital's rooftop, but that's not a fatal fall. Exhibit A: Heather Webber

Whoever Fluke is, I am eternally grateful that we were spared from having to see him this week because he took Tracy on that honeymoon trip of a lifetime. Good riddance, I say. The guy is just creepy, so the less I see of him, the better.

The focus this week was broken hearts and crushed dreams, starting with the absolutely crushing loss of Gabriel Drake Santiago who developed an infection that shut down his organs and then slowly drained him of life. It was unbelievably sad because I had been really hoping that the little tyke would pull through, but nothing could save him despite all the medical and surgical advances in the world.

I actually felt bad for Britt when she had to break the devastating news to Patrick and Sabrina. She was downright compassionate as she assured the grief-stricken parents that she understood why Patrick and Sabrina wanted a second opinion. I truly felt Britt's disappointment over not being able to save Gabriel, so it showed that there is hope for Britt yet.

Britt was also pretty tolerable during her scenes with Nathan, so I just hope that she stays off of the crazy train and continues on the path that she's on because it will eventually lead her to redemption.

One of the most difficult scenes to watch was when Patrick and Sabrina realized that they only had hours left with their son. I cried thinking about what it would be like to be told something like that about my own child who hasn't even left the hospital, met his family, or lived his life. Both Jason Thompson and Teresa Castillo played those scenes perfectly, and if they are looking for submissions for their Emmy reels, those are the scenes that they should use.

It was so touching how hard-as-nails Epiphany's voice cracked as she talked to Felix in the hallway about the unfairness of them being unable to save Gabriel, but then pulled herself together long enough to enter that room to offer Patrick and Sabrina an opportunity to hold their son before he died. Ugh. I was a weepy mess throughout those scenes.

By far, the most memorable moment was when Sabrina used her mother's stethoscope to listen to her son's heart until the very last beat. I fell apart at that point and bawled my eyes out.

Those scenes were perfectly written and performed. Kudos to everyone.

Meanwhile, Morgan barely recovered from the shock of finding his girlfriend schtupping his father in the crypt on the day of his brother's father's funeral when he was suddenly blindsided by the bombshell that not only is Ava pregnant, but Sonny could be the father.

I practically saw steam shoot out of Carly's ears at the news of Ava's pregnancy, while poor Morgan tried to wrap his mind around the enormity of that particular dysfunctional mess. I suspect Morgan suggesting that Ava have an abortion was more about him lashing out at her than actually wanting her to terminate the pregnancy. After all, Morgan did ultimately decide to take Ava back and do right by the baby -- until he learned that Sonny had moved Ava into Greystone Manor. It was just another betrayal in a long line of them, so there's no telling what Morgan is going to do to Sonny come Monday, but something tells me that there will be lots of yelling involved and Sonny trying to stammer out an excuse that's going to sound lame to everyone, especially Morgan.

However, I don't for a minute believe that Ava refused to have an abortion out of a deep maternal instinct or love for her child. She's about as warm and fuzzy as a porcupine. No doubt, the baby is merely a pawn to buy herself some time to figure out a way to keep Sonny from killing her for shooting Olivia and murdering Connie.

I can't really blame Ava any more than I can blame Julian for not banking bone marrow for Danny, knowing that the minute he does, Sonny will kill him.

By the way, does Sonny ever use protection when he has sex? I mean, seriously, how many times can one man find himself facing impending fatherhood due to an unplanned pregnancy and not consider the possibility that perhaps it is because he plays fast and lose with the condoms? My stubborn, lazy dog learned to roll over faster than it has taken Sonny to figure out what keeps causing those unplanned pregnancies.

I find it incredibly creepy that not only did Sonny and Ava have sex in the crypt, practically on top of the coffin of the man that Sonny murdered, but that they conceived a child while they were at it, which gives me the shivers. I'm pretty sure that the child is Sonny's. At least, I hope so because I really don't want Morgan to be saddled with both a child and Ava for however long Sonny lets Ava live.

Meanwhile, Julian is still wrestling with his conscience about framing Ric for Fluke's crimes. I love Julian's interactions with his family, but I hate what he's done by going back to the organization and setting Ric up. I'm furious that he's allowing Fluke to manipulate him into doing something that could very well cost Julian the family that he loves when they realize that he can't be trusted. It's hard for me to cheer Julian on when he's being an idiot, so here's hoping that he sees the light and finds a way to turn the tables on Fluke.

Unfortunately, the person that I felt the least amount of sympathy for in this whole Sonny/Ava/Morgan baby drama debacle was Olivia. Olivia is just flat-out annoying. She freely admitted that part of the reason that she enjoyed giving Ric a hard time was because she was dating Sonny. Then this week she appears in the park and promptly helps herself to Franco's money to cover the expenses of the repairs on Franco's girlfriend's hotel suite. Taking Franco's money in the park was childish of Olivia. On top of being childish, she proved to have the backbone of a slinky because the minute that Sonny said he loved her and wanted to work things out, she was right on board with the plan, except to save a little face, she asked that they take things slowly.

I was somewhat surprised that Sonny decided to quickly step out of his comfort zone by fessing up to the truth about Ava's pregnancy sooner rather than later, but then Ava sashayed in and stole his thunder by beating him to the punch with a snide smile and a few well-placed digs directed at Olivia. Ava is a perfect bad girl because she will say any outrageous thing that pops into her head -- truth or lie -- without batting an eyelash or fear of reprisal.

I especially enjoy the scenes between Ava and Carly when they tangle because their interactions are wildly entertaining. One of my favorite scenes this week was when Carly told Sonny that not only was Ava plotting to use the 36 weeks of Ava's pregnancy to persuade Sonny not to kill Ava, but that in Ava's spare time between checkups and getting a nursery ready, Ava intended to find a way to slowly and painfully kill Carly.

Carly can be so brilliant, like she was at the hospital, and then turn around and make a bonehead move like she did at the park by inviting Franco to move in with her. A huge mistake if you ask me. Has Josslyn had any real interaction with Franco? I guess it doesn't matter because Franco is moving in just as new Josslyn has been cast.

Romance didn't fare too well in Port Chuckles this week when Elizabeth had her heart ripped out by the realization that Ric had lied to her yet again. I can't blame Liz for doubting Ric's innocence, not only because there's a lot of history of lies between Ric and Liz -- mostly on Ric's end -- but also because the evidence against him is overwhelming. Plus, Liz's last two romances followed a similar pattern of lies and crimes. True, A.J., like Ric, was innocent, but Elizabeth doesn't know that.

This is a case where Liz should perhaps break the cycle and explore a relationship with Nikolas. Yes, that was my shameless Niz plug, but I really would like to see where a romance between these two might lead.

Maybe one day, down the road when Ric's name is cleared and Fluke is exposed, Liz and Ric can be explored again, but right now, I want see Nikolas and Liz.

A couple that definitely has that "it" factor going for them is Nathan and Maxie. They are scorching and completely unexpected. I loved how Nathan was not only a supportive friend to Maxie but actually went out on a limb for her with the judge. I also enjoy watching Nathan call Levi out for being a mooch and a loser.

This week really solidified my dislike for Levi not just because Levi dared to suggest that Mac wasn't Maxie's father because Mac hadn't been present during Maxie's conception, but more importantly because Levi had the nerve to act offended when Maxie changed her mind about seeking visitation rights with Georgie. I was astounded how he kept reminding Maxie that they had discussed it because it sounded to me more like he was saying, "I have decided." I can't imagine any man who truly cared for a woman wouldn't support her in a bid for visitation with her child. I don't buy that excuse that Levi gave to Nathan about being concerned that Maxie would suffer a terrible setback if things didn't work out. If Maxie is truly a stronger person like Levi claims then she will be able to handle some bad news.

Nathan treats Maxie far better than Levi does. I honestly don't see what Maxie finds appealing about Levi. He's annoying, controlling, lazy, and unsupportive. Plus he makes her eat stuff that she clearly doesn't like.

Finally there were Silas and Sam, who declared their love for each other this week and then decided to start a new chapter in their lives, unaware that their happily-ever-after would quickly hit a wheelchair-bound snag named Nina Clay.

My first impression of Nina is that she's hiding something. There is no way that Nina can be as in the dark about Silas as she pretends to be. She looked him up on that "In-ter-net" thing and learned all about his career, including where he worked, but she didn't see anything about his infamous serial killer brother, Stephen?

More importantly, Nina knew that her marriage was in crisis before the coma because Silas had had a mistress. Plus, Nina was on antidepressants. Yes, I recall Madeline mentioning that Nina thought that the baby would change things between Nina and Silas, but Nina has to realize that the baby is gone and twenty years have passed. Sure, it's odd that Silas didn't divorce her, but beyond that, Nina can't honestly believe that he's been having casual relationships for two decades, waiting for Nina to wake up. Nina had to have at least heard Sam's family at Danny's birthday party, talking about Sam and Silas in passing as they waited for Silas to arrive because that's why they were holding off on starting the party.

Things that tickled my fancy

Brad and Felix bicker about changing Lucas' bandage
Brad: "What the hell is so hard about taping a bandage down?"
Felix: "It's a little bit more complicated than that. I mean, not as complicated as stealing human embryos, but we make do."

Franco asks if Carly has heard from Sonny since Sonny left to confront and kill Ava
Carly: "No. Sonny's not picking up his phone. He's not answering my texts."
Franco: "Well, maybe he's in a dead zone, figuratively speaking."

Sonny has a gun aimed at Ava during the elevator ride to see an OB/GYN
Ava: "Is that thing really necessary?" [Indicates gun]
Sonny: "Yeah, it's necessary, 'cause I got to figure out what's going on with the blood test. If you're lying..." [Clicks tongue]

Nathan has a baffling encounter with Ava and Sonny
Nathan: "That was odd."
Silas: "For Ava, odd is any day ending in 'Y'."

Nathan reveals that he recently learned that Nina is his cousin
Nathan: "Turns out she's not actually my biological sister. She's my cousin."
Silas: "I heard. How does that feel, trading out a Reeves for an Obrecht? Is that better, worse, or just a sidestep to another kind of hell? Regardless, you have my condolences."

Morgan questions why Sonny went to see Ava on the island
Sonny: "I had to talk to her. That's all."
Morgan: "Oh, you had to talk to her."
Sonny: "Yeah."
Morgan: "Okay."
Sonny: "That's it."
: "That's it?"
Sonny: "Okay."
Morgan: "I mean, what were you supposed to do? It's not like someone's invented a device that you could talk to someone far away. Oh, yeah, it's a phone!"

Until next time, dear readers, take care.
Liz Masters

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