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General Hospital bid farewell to an actress that viewers watched grow up on-screen. Is Robin really gone forever, and what's ahead for her loved ones? Plus, another Cassadine surfaces, and why Carly's dance card isn't as full as she might think.
There have been many a Port Charles resident who have died violently in fiery explosions, but then were later revealed to be alive. Lucky Spencer immediately springs to mind. Remember in 1999, when Lucky perished in the apartment fire, only for us to learn that Helena had arranged for Cesar Faison to kidnap Lucky, so that she could brainwash Luke and Laura's son with the Ice Princess? The very same Cesar Faison who had once blown up a yacht with Robert and Anna aboard.

Therefore, I'm a bit cynical about the claim that Robin was "burned beyond recognition." To me, that just screams, "to be continued." To quote Cesar, "Death has sometimes proved to be illusion." How true, how true, Cesar.

This week Robin was presumably killed in a lab explosion. I say presumably, because when a person, whose parents are international spies, dies like that, it raises questions. Robert and Anna were supposedly killed in an explosion too, and yet they are walking around today, fit as fiddles. Yes, we saw Robin collapse to the ground in the sealed lab, as some highly unstable substance dripped to the floor, but how do we know that those firefighters weren't really WSB operatives, or some other top-secret covert government agency, sent in to whisk an unconscious Robin away? Just saying, it's not beyond the realm of possibility.

Regardless whether Robin is eventually revealed to be alive or not, her loved ones believe that she has died. The scenes that followed the explosion have been powerful. I couldn't help but be moved by Finola Hughes's performance, as Anna grappled with what Patrick was telling her, when he explained that no one could have survived the blast that had ripped through the lab. I was completely undone by Mac's reaction, stumbling backwards, as his eyes filled with tears of denial, while Anna broke the awful news to him. It was so hard to watch Mac as he sobbed, "My Robin, my Robin," while the reality of Robin's tragic death sank in. It was almost reminiscent of Laura's initial reaction to the news that Lucky had been killed in a fire.

I dread having to watch the scenes of Maxie learning of Robin's death, because I know that there is going to be a moment of realization, when she pieces together that her actions, although completely unintentional, had contributed to Robin's horrific demise. Although I'm not currently a Maxie fan -- I long for the days when Maxie was trying to be a better person -- I don't wish this on her. She absolutely adored her cousin, who was more like a sister to her, especially after Georgie died. This is a tragedy of epic proportions, because Robin's death affects so many lives, including Jason's.

I totally understand Sam being excited about the possibility that Patrick was holding the cure to her husband's life-threatening ailment in his hands, but I cringed as she stood there expecting Patrick to run to save Jason's life.

Couldn't she have given the guy some time? Patrick had lost his wife just barely an hour before. Sam knew that, because she felt the tremors from the explosion, and then made her way to the lab to see what had happened. Sam witnessed the heartbreaking scene, as the firefighter handed Patrick the wedding and engagement rings that Robin had been wearing at the time of her death.

Simply put, Patrick is much too distraught at the moment to pick up a scalpel and perform delicate brain surgery.

I really found it difficult to feel bad for Sam, as she stood there pleading with Patrick to save Jason's life. Honestly, I don't blame Patrick's reaction. Why should he try to save Jason's life, when all Jason is going to do with it is squander the opportunity by putting himself in harm's way the minute that he can? I also agree with Patrick that Jason doesn't deserve to be a father. I know that's harsh, but it's how I have felt for a long time.

There are some people in the world who just are not meant to be parents. I think that Jason is one of them. He kills people for a living, and invites danger into his life, and the lives of his loved ones. Patrick was right when he told Sam that Jason hadn't changed for Jake or her, so why would he change for the baby that she's carrying?

That said, though, it's not Patrick's place to decide who should live or die. It would make Patrick no better than someone like Jason, who kills anyone deemed unworthy of living, for whatever reason. I prefer my good guys to actually be good guys. A doctor is supposed to treat everyone to the best of their ability, whether those people deserve it or not. And, as Anna wisely pointed out, Patrick owes it to Robin.

Not for nothing, by why can't Monica take that vial from Patrick? Isn't Monica the chief of staff, and isn't the vial, as well as the contents of the vial, property of the hospital? I'm also a bit confused as to why Patrick is the only doctor in the universe capable of performing the surgery. Surely, someone that brilliant would have neurologists galore shadowing him to learn.

On the other side of town, Molly is dealing with her very first hangover, and a disappointed mother, who is rightfully furious. I can't blame Alexis for forbidding Molly from seeing T.J. anymore. I wouldn't let my daughter hang out with him either. He's obnoxious, rude, impulsive, disrespectful, and ungrateful. On the bright side, it appears that all of Molly's tutoring has paid off, because he was able to type up that online invitation lickety-split with nary a mistake. He shouldn't have any trouble filling out applications for an after-school job, so that he can repay Alexis for the damages to her home.

Meanwhile, it appears that Shawn has missed the boat with Carly. She has decided to move on to more dangerous, and younger, pastures by hooking up with Johnny Zacchara, who his now officially a cougar hunter. I feel a bit sorry for Johnny, because Carly is going to chew him up, and spit him out, before he knows what hit him. Carly admitted that she liked to feel needed, but what she neglected to mention to Johnny is that she's incredibly needy herself. She tends to seek out trouble when she gets bored, and I don't think that Johnny is up to the task of being Carly's constant knight in shinning armor. Johnny already has his hands full, trying to keep his grandfather in line, so adding Carly to the mix is rather like volunteering to herd cats.

Frankly, I'm okay with Carly cutting Shawn loose, because this allows Shawn to be available for Alexis. I like the chemistry between Alexis and Shawn, and I believe that they would make an entertaining couple. Shawn desperately needs some laughter in his life, which I know Alexis could provide. Meanwhile, she's in desperate need of exploring the benefits of menopause. Plus there's the added bonus that Shawn could keep Alexis and Molly safe from all those pesky Cassadines that keep returning to Spoon Island. That brings me to the Tales of Wyndemere portion of my column.

Dear readers, I have tried very, very hard to like Cassandra, to no avail. I love Ethan, I adore Ewen, and I'm a Helena fan to the core, yet I despise Cassandra with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. It's not because she gets to canoodle with Ethan, on a sofa that has seen more action than a one-dollar hooker greeting sailors on shore leave, or because she has Ewen dancing attendance on her like one of Franco's trained little monkeys. No, it's because this character has absolutely no spark. Not even the revelation that she is Helena's daughter, Irina Cassadine, makes her interesting to me. All I can think about when I see her is, "Out, damned Cassandra! Out, I say!" (My apologies, Mr. Shakespeare, for having my wicked way with your line.)

I guess that was one of the reasons why I howled with laughter when Ewen calmly reminded Cassandra that his name was on the lease, after she arrogantly tried to toss him out of the castle for daring to suggest that she was a little liar. I screamed, "Yes, go, go, go" at my television when Cassandra tried to persuade Ethan to leave with her, before anyone could stop them. Unfortunately, Helena appeared, and dashed my hopes. By the way, wasn't it nice of Helena to arrange for Luke to get a haircut between beatings? She's such a thoughtful jailor.

My hope is for whatever twisted deadly plan that Helena has in store for Luke and Ethan to backfire, and get Cassandra.

Back on the mainland, Ewen is discovering that the job market in Port Charles is booming. Ten minutes after Cassandra fired him, he managed to find a new patient waiting for him on the docks. Kate is exhibiting signs of severe mental distress, what with her standing there looking out over the harbor in a blood-strained wedding dress, and having absolutely no memory of how she got there. She also revealed that it wasn't an isolated incident. She's been losing blocks of time for quite a while now. This points to a possible Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) storyline. I really didn't want to go there with Kate, because it seems a bit contrived, given that it's Ron and Frank's thing from their days on One Life to Live; however, I'll learn to deal with it, if it gives Ewen a storyline.

Now it's time to hear from the readers. The hot topic of the week were the hateful remarks that had been directed at Jen Lilley, who plays Maxie Jones.
  • I'm sickened by news that Jen Lilley has received "hateful" messages from GH fans because she's subbing for Kirsten Storms. Attitudes like that accomplish nothing and are actually quite destructive. As Jen said, we should be concentrating on keeping GH alive. I feel the same way about anyone who is pouting over the coming (reportedly brief) crossover of OLTL characters. Maybe that's the reason soaps in general are doing so badly. Too much tunnel vision and mean-spiritedness, and very willingness to band together to save our soaps. - Joann

Speculation continues about who is behind the attacks on the dancers:
  • Personally, I am very suspicious of Ewen. He is constantly with his shirt being unbuttoned and the way he looked at Delores while at Jake's was too creepy for me. I would not be surprised if he is behind all the attacks in Port Charles. I mean....He does fit his own profile he provided Dante! - Keith

  • I think Ronnie could be the guy attacking the women. He's untrustworthy, corrupt, and has shown signs of anger towards women (especially Dolores). Dolores' absent husband may be involved somehow, but I think Ronnie is the one to really watch! - Mandy

People are leery about the paternity of Sam's baby:
  • I am so glad that Jason is the father but we all know that the revelation is not going to be that simple. I can definitely believe that Franco and Jason are related … Franco's obsession with Jason never really made much sense and I don't think it was really explained why he was so obsessed. I know that this story is probably far from over. - Moniemone

Johnny and Carly's relationship also has readers talking:
  • I know a lot of people are complaining about these two, especially given their age difference and the history of the characters, but I am really liking the pairing of Johnny and Carly. I think they are hot and have great chemistry. Not to mention I think the drama could be great, especially since Sonny and him hate each other. - Dershleen

  • I hate Johnny and Carly being together. They made a big deal over Olivia being to old for Johnny and Carly is as old or older than Olivia. I would have had Carly with Shawn. for some reason, they never have mixed couples work on soaps. - Donna

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. What's on your mind? Please feel free to drop me a line to let me know.

Liz Masters
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