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Blockbuster storylines are always a great way to introduce a new character. But, as this week's Two Scoops, um, reveals, there's nothing wrong with a steamy shower scene for the latest male heartthrob. It's time to get lathered up with this week's commentary.
Is it any wonder that Liz faked a mental condition to check into Shadybrook? This sexy new doctor, Ewen Keenan, looks and acts like a man. (Liz fans, I kid, of course. Please don't send me hate mail; I know she's had a tough year.) The truth is, I haven't been this excited about a new character on GH since another hot, blonde Australian -- Jasper Jax -- came rolling into town, more than a decade ago.

Dr. Keenan has captured my attention. How could he not, after he strolled out of that steamy shower, wearing only a towel? I haven't seen a body that insane since McSteamy's Eric Dane exited the shower on Grey's Anatomy. (Thanks, ABC. That nod wasn't lost on me.)

I'm not so shallow that my only fascination with Dr. Keenan is his ridiculous abs. Believe me, there is plenty of eye candy on daytime that makes me still reach for the fast-forward button when they speak. No, Dr. Keenan seems mature and mysterious, and appears to have ties to the Cassadines. Or could it be the Jackses or the Scorpios? His Australian roots present plenty of possibilities, and I'm intrigued.

Long-time readers of mine know I usually deplore new characters. Newbies usually eat up screen time that I would much prefer be given to backburnered characters I already love (Alexis, Luke, Tracy, Diane!) And I admit, the first time I saw Dr. Abtastic -- as I have dubbed him now -- I rolled my eyes. Let me explain.

I'm not a soap neophobe, by any means. But if the show needs an influx of characters, why not bring back Dillon, Ned, Brooke, Sarah, Serena, Scott -- anyone who was already on the show with ties to core families? Another issue I had with the new doctor is the fact that we already had a gorgeous, interesting Australian in Port Charles. Yes, I know that, Jax's potential was squandered, after years of appalling writing that had him married to another of Sonny's exes and sneaking out of town, abandoning Josslyn. It's no wonder management felt the need to start completely over with a new character, instead of trying to reinvent Jax in his original form. The damage done to the-person-we-once-knew-as-Jax has been irreversible.

So, with all those factors at play, it's with much excitement, and a little trepidation, that I welcome Dr. Dundee. (That's Matt's nickname for him, not mine.) I think Dr. Keenan has potential. But if he doesn't stop soon with all this staring-at-the-ceiling-pretending-it's-stars nonsense, I may go back to the eye rolling.


I know plenty of you are mad at GH lately, but the past couple weeks have rocked, haters. From the Quartermaine Christmas, to the Metro Court New Year's party, and most scenes in between, I've been digging the show. It seems much more balanced than in past years. I'm digging the Quartermaine screen time. I forgot that Monica could be so bitchy! We've been seeing Mac pop up, sporadically. I love the Zacchara men. Alexis was killing it with her venomous attack on Carly. Robin is breaking my heart. Jason is ill, too, and he and Sonny are finally having to deal with the damage that mob life has done to an out-of-control Michael. There is a lot of storyline potential here. Go with it, new writers.

There are also plenty of mysteries to tackle. What secret is Steve hiding? Was Abby's death truly an accident? Who sent Edward and Monica those sweet Christmas gifts? What kind of referral does Johnny need? What's wrong with Jason? Who killed Lisa Niles? Is the former mayor the stripper stalker and that's why we're seeing him everywhere? Is Alexis in the midst of menopause? Does Wyndemere have some kind of spell on it that beautiful people just pop up out of the floorboards? See, there are so many storylines to embrace that this could be a great year for GH.

Speaking of great, let's talk about that party at Metro Court. In a word, fantastic. Those are my favorite kinds of shows, when everyone in town is gathered for an event and someone loses it. In this case, it was Michael, wrecked with grief over sending Abby out of town to her death.

Michael is angrier than I've ever seen him. He's pissed that Carly and Jason didn't tell him Jax was alive. How could they make poor Morgan and Joss suffer so, he railed. Michael's anger is a little puzzling, because it's not like Michael and Jax were ever best friends, and Carly's silence probably did save Jax's life. But Michael has had a tough couple years, too, so I'll cut him some slack on the misplaced anger. He's nailing those scenes, and I'm loving every minute of it.

What I won't do is accept the road it looks like Michael is taking. New writers and production team, I am begging you here, putting Michael in the mob is a lose-lose situation. We've seen this storyline already with Jason. Michael screamed at Jason that it's the only life he'd ever known and that's why he wants in. Now, why he would want in to a life that has cost him so much is baffling. The kid has been raped, sent to prison, shot in the head, kidnapped, etc., because of the mob. It makes no sense for him to want anything to do with the mob. He should be shunning it like bedbugs.

On a lighter note, I loved Lulu's New Year's dress, Tracy's necklace, Sonny and Carly's fight, and Alexis' attack on Carly. I'm not sure what provoked Alexis, whether it was love for Jax, hatred for Carly, or hormones, but that whole party was an electric scene. Bravo to all involved, from Michael to Sonny to Alexis.

Three cheers for Spinelli, Scoopers. He finally moved out of the "regrettably pink" room and gave newlyweds Jason and Sam their privacy. Damian seems to be maturing, with each passing day, and it's about time. If the show wants us to invest more in this character, then he needs to grow up fast. I think it would be refreshing to see a newly confident Spinelli, minus the film noir accent. And despite this FOS thing (Friends of Spinelli), he seems to be doing just that. I loved how he gave Sonny's cash back with barely an acknowledgment or a knee shake. I don't want him to lose all of his Spin quirks, but if he's going to be a romantic lead and not a character player, then he must evolve.

One thing is clear: the new lady lurking at Wyndemere is not a New Yorker. So far, I haven't seen one black piece of apparel on her; she only owns clothing in shades of white. So, "Snow White," or "Snowflake" as Maxie has nicknamed her, must be from a land far removed from Manhattan. And is it just me, or do she and the new doctor Keenan look like Barbie and Ken?

Bravo to Robin for taking up for Elizabeth to Monica. I'm not sure why Monica is suddenly hating on Elizabeth. Jason is the one who didn't tell her about Jake, not Liz, as Robin explained. It's nice to see girlfriends have each other's backs, a rarity in daytime. Of course, it looks like Robin is wanting Liz to step in for her when she passes away, so it's a little weird, but I won't quibble.

Robin is breaking my heart. I hope she doesn't cut and run. No, I don't want to see another heart-wrenching death on GH, but running out seems so cruel. I want other options!

And finally, welcome back, Jax. I hope you get to do more than lurk in hallways and follow Sonny. The good news is that you can still wear a pea coat.

Happy new year, Scoopers! Here's to a new world of possibilities and keeping GH on the air.

Best Lines of the Week

(Anthony tells Tracy that she will see their engagement announcement in the newspaper tomorrow, despite the fact that Tracy turned him down.)
Tracy: "Oh, my God! You're barking mad."
Anthony: "Not anymore. I take my meds regularly."

(Kate asks Olivia why she rushed out of the party at the Metro Court.)
Olivia: "I had to go. I couldn't stand there and watch Sonny and Carly gouging at each other. It literally was making me nauseous."
Kate: "Yes, Carly has the same effect on me."

(Steve scolds Maggie for laying on a hospital gurney, staring at the ceiling, pretending to see stars, the big new fad at the hospital.)
Maggie: "I guess some new shrink at the hospital recommended it. Now, everybody's doing it, nurses, orderlies. I even got an anesthesiologist out here."
Steve: "Is that before or after he inhaled nitrous oxide?"

Reader Spotlight

My Best/Worst column inspired plenty of feedback from fans. Some Jason and Sam fans were mad at me for not choosing them as best couple. Take a look at some of the surprising comments.
  • I was reading your Best/Worst of 2011 column, and I have to say, as bad as I hate to, I have to disagree with your last couple paragraphs. Being a college student who has watched GH for a few years, I don't remember the Nurses Ball, etc. so this is essentially what I've "grown up" with, the Sonny/Jason storylines, etc. I really don't think GH is that dark at all. With that said, in no way am I knocking the viewers who have watched for 30+ years. I'm sure if I had watched for that long, I might want the Nurses Ball & all those legendary characters back as well. ---- Cody

  • I so agree with most of your assessment of the rather disappointing 2011 season for G.H. But I disagree about adding Shawn Butler for one reason. Carly needed a new love interest to keep her character interesting and to get her out of the Sonny tedium that I had begun to find boring. She's turned into one of my surprisingly favorite characters and this could be a good match for her. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Happy New Year. --- Drew

  • Your Best and Worst column was OK, but your best couple selection was just awful! Luke and Tracy wasn't together or even on screen together most of the year! Sure, they had chemistry fighting but that a couple does not make. I'm totally disgusted that you left Jasam off the list! They got married this year! The proposal was beautiful and the wedding was perfect for them. Even if you chose Lante or Scrubs, at least they're couples. Best couple should be an actual couple that's together throughout the year! This article acts as if Jasam wasn't together. --RK

  • I really enjoyed your 'best and worst of GH column' this week. I agreed with most everything you wrote and very strongly endorse a few things you said. I adore the friendship between Jason and Spinelli and don't think there is anything else like it on any soap I've watched. They are definitely an odd couple but somehow they just work together, each providing something the other needs. I also love Diane and Alexis, they ARE indeed GH's best couple. It took me a while to appreciate Ethan but I have grown to enjoy NP's portrayal of the character and I do think he has great chemistry with everyone with whom he interacts. Thanks for all your insights that you share by writing a balance and thoughtful column for us to read and digest. I hope you have a Happy New Year! --- Susan

  • I'm a longtime GH watched and just have to commend your analysis of the show's pros and cons and your suggestions for what they need to do to improve. I'm totally with you on the new characters (who needs 'em? Bring back legacy characters), on who's boring (Steve and Olivia), and on who needs to leave. Thanks for nailing it; I hope the powers that be are reading. ---Abby

Jennifer Biller
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