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In another controversial storyline, Franco terrorizes Jason, Sam, and viewers with his mind games. Have the writers finally stepped over the line, and is it time for Franco to be written out permanently?
Raise your hand if you understand what's going on in Port Charles? Anyone? From sick rape scenarios, to stone-writing ghosts, to suspicious murder suspects, it's a puzzler, Scoopers.

Franco is playing mind games with Jason. He has Jason and Sam believing that Franco raped Sam while she was drugged. I don't buy it any more than I buy Matt Hunter as a brilliant research doctor.

I don't believe Franco raped Sam. I think it is Franco's way of working Jason. Again.

Franco knows that the Morgans want a baby, and child paternity confusion is a good torture method (just ask Helena,) especially if the potential baby daddy is a psycho serial killer. So what better way to mess with Jason than have him believe that Sam could be carrying Franco's baby? (Taking away Jason's black t-shirt collection could be a start, Franco.)

The fact that Jason didn't rush Sam to the ER for a morning-after pill or an exam, after the alleged assault, makes me believe that Sam will be pregnant. Not to mention, we saw plenty of foreshadowing about this plot in the fortune cookies at their wedding reception.

I also don't think GH would attempt another rape storyline, so soon after Michael's rape. What do you think, Scoopers? Do you believe that Sam was raped or is it just one of Franco's twisted mind games?


Jason isn't the only one experiencing mind games. Some freaky supernatural events are going on in Port Charles. Lucky's dead son and wife are supposedly sending him messages from the grave. I didn't buy it at first, because I didn't think GH had crossed over into Vampire Diaries territory, but now that Elizabeth is hallucinating about Jake, too, perhaps Jake's ghost is trying to tell his parents something. How he knew how to spell "Go Home, Daddy" at his young age is a conundrum though.

My guess is that Aiden is going to be sick. Cameron told us that Aiden gets bruises all the time, a sure sign on soaps of a cancer illness. Then, Luke crudely spat, "I got no use for a grandchild," after Tracy told him that Aiden was Lucky's. So, it looks like this could possibly be a redemption storyline for Luke, to save Aiden's life. Then again, maybe the kid just got bruised and the writers are playing a little mind game of their own. Let's just hope Aiden doesn't need a liver transplant. Luke's was pickled years ago.

The Lisa Niles murder mystery is also a mystery. Johnny is acting stranger and stranger. He jumped out of his skin, when Olivia pulled that huge wrench from his trunk to fix Kate's car. Is that Lisa's murder weapon? He wasted no time in telling Olivia that he used that wrench for "other things," other than car maintenance. Then, Johnny had that weird scene on the docks with Carly, where he got borderline threatening. Mind games, Scoopers! I don't have a clue what's happening with Johnny's character. I was sure Anthony murdered Lisa.

Speaking of Johnny, why can't he get his flirt on, or at least a date, with a woman who isn't one of Sonny's ex-lovers. I know that doesn't leave many available women in town, but I'd like to see him date outside of the Sonny Corinthos girlfriend pool.

Which brings me to Kate Howard, or as Carly rudely called her, "The Coney Island cutie with the smell of corn dogs in her hair." Ouch. It's clear that Kate wants Sonny back, much to Coleman's chagrin. But Sonny seemed a little too invested in Carly's interest in Johnny and Shawn this week, instead of Kate.

You've got to give Carly points for knowing how to stir up trouble. I don't blame her for macking on Johnny. The guy is hot and dangerous. And she knew it would provoke a reaction from Shawn. She didn't count on Sonny showing up, but it's never dull when those two spar. Carly is a master at mind games, and this plan worked. She ended up alone with Shawn at the end of the night, with his gorgeous date nowhere to be found.

And then there is Steve and his new doctor friend. She reminds me too much of Lisa, so is there a connection? I really don't want another psycho doctor roaming the halls of GH. And that clown costume and syringe she was sporting seemed like she had been studying Lisa Niles Torture Methods 101.

Steve has a secret, and I have no idea what it is. Johnny blackmailed him with it. I'm guessing it's tied to this lovely new doctor, who seems to be playing some mind games of her own.

But the biggest game of all is the one the writers played on us. When Garin Wolf took the reins, they teased us with a return to family drama with the Quartermaines, something fans have been wanting for years. But Michael worked at ELQ for all of about ten minutes. Jason didn't recover his past memories. Dillon and Ned didn't come home. Luke didn't move back to the Q mansion. It was all a game, I fear. But like the devoted soap fan I am, I'll take what they give me, anytime the Qs are involved.

And just when I thought Jason and Liz had finally closed the book on their relationship, the writers pulled me back in again with that scene on Friday. Those two just have chemistry. Sure, Liz is fevered and hallucinating, but even in her state of confusion, she knows to score a hug with hunky Jason.

In other musings:

Why did Jason and Sam stay in their bungalow the night of her assault? You'd think they would have gotten as far from that honeymoon Hell as they could have. I'd have been flagging down the first boat, plane, or train out of that place.

Lulu trying to dictate every detail of Dante's life is working my last nerve. I know she feels powerless, after Dante's second shooting, but I'm tired of her bossy shrew act. Dante is a grownup, Lulu!

From Lisa to Franco, the crazy villains in town aren't resonating with me or some readers. Two Scoops reader Lenora wrote in this week with a wonderful storyline idea. Take it away, Lenora. "I spent much of the week longing for Jerry Jacks to return to Port Charles and somehow get the entire city packed into a room and terrorize them for a month, as revenge for Jax's "death." Oh, for the days of such a lovely villain." I couldn't agree more, Lenora!

Best Lines of the Week

(Sonny sees Carly kissing Johnny at Jake's Bar and orders her to leave.)
Johnny: "What happens next, Sonny? You grab her by the hair and take her back to the cave?"

(Coleman flirts with Kate, after watching Johnny and Sonny square off over Carly.)
Kate: "Tedious isn't it? Like little boys on a school yard?"
Coleman: "You have the urge to play with a grownup?"

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  • "I think Alexis is the best comedic relief, but she definitely needs a love interest, as does Mac. We really don't see enough of him. I'm beginning to like the new Kate, and I sort of liked her with Coleman. He really cleans up nice. Diane will be missed as Sonny's lawyer, and they need to give Spinelli his cyber skills back. Twirling a basketball doesn't become him. ---- From Rita

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