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We all have it -- that one love that still has the power to make our hearts travel back in time, that one love that came at the peak of our innocence, the one that makes us smile no matter how many years have passed or miles between us.

We all have it -- that one love that still has the power to make our hearts travel back in time, that one love that came at the peak of our innocence, the one that makes us smile no matter how many years have passed or miles between us. And for Sonny, that love is Brenda.

I got a little flutter in my heart as I watched Sonny reminisce about Brenda as he gazed wistfully out to sea down at the docks. As Sonny remembered his first real encounter with Brenda, my heart smiled and I remembered it too. Being a long-time viewer of GH, I watched that romance unfold the first time and am hopeful it will steam up my screen again, soon.

I understand there are Team Jax and Team Sonny camps, and I'd like to go on record and say that I am firmly in the Sonny/Brenda camp. Jax belongs with Carly now, in my humble opinion, and is off the table. Sonny and Brenda were electric together and as a viewer, that's one of the draws of soaps for me. Passion. Romance. C'mon, Sonny and Brenda, bring it! I'm so excited for Wednesday to arrive!

Readers, do you know the storyline I am most sick of this week? It's the "Jason going back to prison" dance. I'm sick of the in and out of prison game. Either take him to prison or don't, but I can't bear another round of "will they or won't they." I honestly don't care anymore.

I'm also done with Ronnie. What is it with Port Charles? It's like the Hotel California where you can check out any time you like but you can never leave. Olivia showed up in town to attend Kate's wedding and never left town, Ronnie showed up to supervise Dante as an undercover officer, and once his cover was blown, he never went back home! Hey writers! If Ronnie is in town for a reason, tell us already, we're bored.

Jason will go back to prison at least for a while. I have heard that Jason and Johnny Z are going to be cellmates, so I get the feeling we're going to see more than our fair share of orange jumpsuits for the foreseeable future. When Johnny told Jason he was innocent, Jason used possibly the best line of the week: "The truth isn't always an effective defense."

I heard a rumor today (and I SWEAR I am not making this up) that Sonny is going to "test" Claire by asking her to spring Jason from prison in exchange for a dose of his magic sperm to impregnate her. No really.

It somewhat bothers me that the writers make all the women who run into Sonny so completely free of conviction. Sonny is the same guy he was when Claire rolled into town vowing to take him down, but now she's been so overwhelmed by his dimples that all of her deeply held beliefs and legal oaths have vanished. Maybe she's just playing Sonny, but I'm a little too convinced that she's actually fallen for him.

All that having been said, I'd probably cave under the pressure of his dimples too. Thug or no, that Sonny is one charming fellow in that dark brooding dangerous sort of way. What will become of Claire when Brenda shows up in town? I have a hard time believing Sonny will be able to focus on dull Claire when feisty Brenda shows up. Maybe Claire can get sperm from Spinelli for her baby and, while her kid won't have dimples, it will at least be brilliant.

I wonder what kind of kid Pablo/Aiden/Buzz will turn out to be? He's only two weeks old and already has three pseudo daddies. Lucky, the real dad; Nikolas, the thinks he's the real dad; and Franco, tried to be a real dad for three days and then pawned the kid off on his loopy mom.

Readers, I ask you… If you were a mom and your serial killer son showed up at your door and handed you a baby, wouldn't you ask more questions than Karen did? I would. In fact, if one of my kids showed up at my door and handed me a baby for a gift, I would see if I could re-gift it, or exchange it for a nice Apple MacBook. I would not want a baby as a present. That's weird. Obviously Karen warped Franco into the nutty killing machine he is, so if she had any self-awareness at all, she would know she should decline the chance to raise another baby.

What sweet irony that Lucky thinks he's lying when he says he is Aiden's father, when in fact he is Aiden's father. I wonder how long that secret will drag out? I hope after the baby arrives safely back home, Liz will insist that he gets checked out at GH, but that of course doesn't guarantee they will find out about his paternity. Helena is such a freak. Of course it might be that I'm just jealous of her because I need a massage right now and I wish I had a Thor to order around.

Speaking of ordering people around, what's up with Epiphany wanting to bully Ethan into a shave? There are some serious facial hair issues in Port Charles, but I doubt Epiphany is the person to solve them. Maybe Vidal Sassoon can do a guest spot.

Dear Men, please take note of Lisa Niles. If your wife is out of town doing charitable work in Africa and you get the urge to hook up with your college ex, think of Lisa. She has gone completely mental. The cut-up photos of Robin and Patrick are just the start. Wait until you see what she's going to do next! I'll just drop a hint -- she knows where Patrick LIVES.

Brook Lynn knows where Dante lives, too, and Carly is turning up the heat to push Brook into trying to seduce Dante. Rumor has it that our loyal Dante will not take the bait and that Brook will actually use a date rape drug to get Dante into a compromising position to get the photos she needs for her big payoff. I really hope this all blows up in Carly's face -- in a dream world, Lulu and Dante will end up stronger, and Dante will see Brook for the conniving money-grabber that she is.

Not only is Carly trying to ruin Lulu and Dante, she's using Spinelli. That troubles me; I hate seeing people take advantage of Spinelli and I dislike it that he's becoming so cynical and cold. Sadly, that's what happens to all of us when we are betrayed, but in my happy fictional world of Port Charles, I'd prefer to see Spinelli happy all the time.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Tracy buy Ethan some more moose fur slippers for the middle of August? Will Kate Howard notice that neither Lulu nor Maxie has been to work in a week? Will Carly bail out Johnny just to have a chance to bed another mobster? Will Dr. Steve prescribe some sexual healing for Olivia to be filled by… him? Will Anna Scorpio come to Port Charles and kung fu Lisa for messing with her daughter? Will GH hire another nurse since Liz is down for the count and no one else has taken her place for her maternity leave? Will Lucky see a dog that looks like Foster and reminisce?

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