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Jason has a new stalker with a cool theme song, sung by Adam Lambert, and a mysterious tag that reads ]CO77X.'

As I sit here washing down a Tamiflu with my cup of coffee, heavily laced with French Vanilla creamer of course, I wonder…do people in Port Charles worry that the Swine flu is everywhere? Probably not, they've got bigger problems.

For instance, Jason has a new stalker with a cool theme song, sung by Adam Lambert, and a mysterious tag that reads "CO77X." One of my friends is convinced that the person behind the graffiti is AJ. According to her, he's the only one, besides Sam, who is that obsessed with Jason. I disagree; EVERYONE seems to be obsessed with Jason.

It's a good theory. AJ was born in the 1970's and the timing couldn't be more perfect for AJ's return; however, I just don't think it's him. Dante recognizes the tag, so it's more likely that the person behind "CO77X" is somehow related to the mob. If I'm not mistaken, James Franco will portray our little graffiti artist, but how he's connected to Jason is anyone's guess.

My theory is that he's an Alcazar out to avenge Lorenzo and Diego's deaths. Although Diego was a victim of his own machinations, it seldom matters in cases like this. The one out for revenge will resort to twisted logic, if necessary, in order to justify what they are doing. Admittedly, I'm already hooked to this storyline, even though I am not a huge mob fan. The glimpses of that warehouse office and the crime scene snapshots, while "Mad World" played in the background, were fantastic. I loved that each time the office was shown, more clues were revealed. Like the neurotic soap fan that I am, I freeze-framed the images to study each carefully.

My twelve-year-old giggled when she caught me with my nose practically plastered to the television screen in my attempt to find the clue that would unlock the mystery. It was quite embarrassing, to say the least.

Another storyline that I love is Claudia's downfall. It makes me downright giddy every time I see her smiling with pure joy as she basks in the glory of Sonny's high praise. For me, it makes everything that is about to happen to Claudia that much sweeter. I can't wait for that moment when everything crashes down around Claudia's ears and she realizes that all she has ever desired had been in the palm of her hand for a few precious seconds. Watching as it all slips away, because of her own doing, is going to be the beginning of a spectacular end.

If you prefer to skip over the storyline spoiler for this plot, please skip ahead two paragraphs.

Lori emailed to ask 'I've been "hearing" that Claudia will take Carly hostage...will she disappear with Carly & Jax's baby girl as revenge?? Please say it ain't so!!!!' Well Lori, it ain't so. From what I can gather, Claudia will go out with a bang, literally. It appears that she will take Carly hostage after Sonny confronts Claudia with the truth. Carly, will overhear every ugly detail including that Jax had known the truth for some time. After Carly makes her presence known, in order to rip into Claudia, Claudia will take Carly hostage in a desperate attempt to escape Sonny's deadly wrath.

Spoilers suggest that Michael will be the one who will ultimately pull the trigger, ending Claudia's treacherous life. He will do so during an attempt to rescue his mother from Claudia's maniacal clutches. I really hope that it plays out like that; it seems like a very fitting end for someone who has done nothing, but spread misery to all since she first darkened our television screens.

Spoiler-free readers can resume reading here.
Naturally, when the dust settles, Jax will have some 'splainin' to do. Carly is not going to be quick to forgive him, but then he already knows that. This week we saw him admit as much to Alexis during their little chat in his office. It's sad, but I don't really feel all that sorry for Jax. He has a tendency to be a Class-A jerk at times. For example, his little chat with Michael when Jax readily admitted that he blamed Sonny for the shooting.

As Michael pointed out, "Look, I get that you hate my dad. You'd probably blame him for the economy if you could figure out how, but you're wrong about him. You know, if he thinks that it's dangerous for us to be someplace, he doesn't let us go."

True, Jax was correct when he said that Sonny didn't always succeed in protecting his kids, but that's not something Jax should have said to Michael. No matter how much Jax despises Sonny, and I realize that he has good reason, the bottom line is that Michael loves Sonny. You don't disrespect a child's parent like that. Jax is so blinded by his hatred of Sonny, that he tends to lose sight of the fact that he, Jax, is supposed to be the good guy.

Speaking of Sonny's gaggle of children, Kristina sure had an interesting conversation with Dante the week. It was a heartwarming, if somewhat strange, scene between brother and sister. On the one hand, I found it quite endearing to see Dante show such kindness to a young girl, but on the other hand, it was odd that he didn't know that Sonny's daughter was seeing a guy named Kiefer. You'd think that an undercover cop and high-ranking mob enforcer for Sonny would be a little bit more in the know.

By the way, I'm really digging Dante. This guy is absolutely charming and completely likeable. He's also incredibly funny, like when he quipped to Spinelli that Lulu's favorite state of mind was angry. How true, how true. Dante is one of those rare creatures known as a good guy, so I really don't want to lose him. I'm hoping that they give Dominic Zamprogna a contract now. This character is quickly becoming one of my favorites and Dominic is very easy on the eyes.

Another person who is easy on the eyes is Coleman, at least according to Kate. Is anyone else pleasantly surprised by their chemistry? I loved their scene at Jakes when Coleman made Kate that Boilermaker (beer with a shot of whiskey) and she ended up confiding that she thought that Coleman would make an interesting makeover challenge. Coleman's response, that what she saw was the makeover version, made me laugh. He's come quite a way from his days as a sleazy strip club owner who exploited dingbat Courtney.

I'm not sure, but it appears that Coleman and Kate might be replacing Max and Diane as the new "fun" couple. Diane is spending more time in Philadelphia, which is code for Carolyn Hennesy is busy with other projects, and Max is hanging out at the hospital pretending that he has dates with strangers. I'd prefer to have both couples, but if I have to lose Max and Diane, I'll be content with Coleman and Kate; I've always been a sucker for Beauty and the Beast storylines.

What I'm not a sucker for is this mess with Liz and Lucky. Both of them are complete knuckleheads right now. Liz for not having the chutzpah to tell Lucky that she's not in love with him and Lucky for not getting a clue that Liz is far from ready to get married. First she turned down his proposal, then she suggested that they to go to counseling, then she told him that she wanted to take things slow, then she left town to "think", then she pulled away when he tried to initiate intimacy, and now she's ditching him as soon as the surprise engagement party that he sprang on her was over. Mind you, this has all transpired in the last few months, not year. Come on Lucky, are you color blind or what? Those aren't white flags of surrender!

Even Luke senses that there is something off with Liz.

I would like to see Nikolas and Liz explored, but not like this. I want there to be some honesty between everyone. Let Lucky know what's going on instead of allowing the poor sap to cling to something that's just not going to happen. It makes Lucky look pathetic and Nikolas and Liz look bad.

I'd like to thank everyone for all those kind emails last week. It meant the world to me. There were a few who took exception to what I had to say about Sam and Alexis. I'm sorry that I don't see Alexis as a horrible person because she doesn't trust Sam. If it's any consolation, I don't think any less of Sam because she doesn't trust Alexis. It is what it is. These two have a long way to go before they have a real mother-daughter relationship.

Kristin wrote 'I don't think Alexis should have custody of a hamster let alone children. She has repeatedly made selfish and dangerous choices for her kids.' I don't believe that Alexis has ever set out to harm her children. She seems to have a strong desire to be a good mom, even if she doesn't always succeed.

Tim emailed me to ask if there was any possibility that Eric Braden would be joining the show. I wish I could answer yes, but alas it's not going to happen any time soon. Over in our Y&R section, soapcentral.com is reporting that Eric has re-signed with The Young and the Restless. It's our loss; I think he would have made a fabulous Cassadine.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Until next time, take care.

Liz Masters
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