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Sure it was startling to see Jason in a pink tie, but the ending of Friday's episode had me shouting Holy Crap, too for a far more serious reason.

When Morgan uttered those two words, he didn't know how right he was. Sure it was startling to see Jason in a pink tie, but the ending of Friday's episode had me shouting Holy Crap, too for a far more serious reason.

Did Spinelli just really call off the wedding at the altar? On Friday, I tweeted about that wedding and I was afraid Maxie was going to be the one who left Spinelli at the altar after I saw Spinelli's sad teary eyes when he overhead Maxie telling Jason she didn't really want to get married. I got it so wrong.

Readers, I think it's clear I have a soft spot for Damian Spinelli. The first time I saw Bradford Anderson was in a bit role on Veronica Mars, which frankly is something I started watching only because someone I knew was on it. He was memorable in that small role, but I didn't glimpse the depth of his potential back then.

When Bradford Anderson first started on GH, Spinelli was nothing more than comic relief; he was quirky and funny and we loved to laugh at him. But I'm not laughing anymore.

Over the years, Bradford Anderson has taken nerdy oddball Spinelli and made us fall all the way in love with him. Anderson took a one dimensional character and fleshed out dozens of layers and has turned one of a kind Damian Spinelli into a real flesh and blood man that we care about and root for.

I feel protective of Spinelli; I hate it when his feelings get hurt or when someone doesn't appreciate him. I rejoice when good things happen to him like the first day Maxie said "I love you." I get afraid for him when he accidentally walks into mob gunfire ambushes because I know his strength is his brain, not his brawn. I breathe a sigh of relief when he's out of danger.

And "Spinelli love" has hade better people of all the thugs that he surrounds himself with, too. The fact that Claudia and Johnnie and Jason are all so fond of Spinelli makes them better people in my mind. Sure they are damn dirty criminals, but if they like Spinelli, they can't be all bad.

On Friday's episode, I worried that Spinelli's heart was going to be shattered into a million pieces by our restless Maxie and her fear of commitment. But in that lovely scene with Maxie and Robin in the limo I heard Maxie utter such tender and profound words, that I suddenly believed everything would be okay.

Maxie to Robin: "You know, when Georgie died, it left such a huge hole in my heart. I thought that I would never be happy again. It's like she sent Spinelli to fill me up and take my hand and lead me away from that dark place that was eating me alive. He is the absolute best thing that's ever happened to me, and how ungrateful and arrogant would I be to reject something like that?"

Dear readers, I am not ashamed to admit I cried through the whole show on Friday, because as Molly pointed out, "The Babe picked the Geek, and it's a great day for nerds." But also because every scene was packed with emotion and realization; like hearing Maxie talk about Spinelli to Robin proved that she actually understood the value of this love she was about to cast aside out of fear. I was so proud of her!

I can't rave about Bradford Anderson and not mention his equally gifted partner Kirsten Storms. First of all, she was luminous this week; her radiant beauty in her wedding gown was off the charts. Although I have to wonder if she borrowed her feathered headpiece from Bjork.

When Kirsten Storms first joined the cast, I resented her because I watched Robyn Richards grow up in the role of Maxie and was peeved that the powers that be recast the role. But I got over that a long time ago and genuinely value Ms. Storms work. One of my favorite moments was when Maxie showed visible annoyance that she was actually "turning into that Fair Maximista that Spinelli keeps talking about." Like it kind of irked her that she was becoming a better person. No one else could pull off that mix of vulnerability and selfish arrogance as well as Storms and make both parts of her believable. She was brilliant this week.

Seeing Patrick help Mac come to terms with watching his daughter marry someone he didn't approve of was also a poignant scene. When I saw Mac this week, it made me mad all over again that he hasn't had a love interest for years. He is such a nice guy! How is it that Sonny has had 42 women over the years and Mac hasn't had a single nibble???

I also loved Jason reminding Spinelli how he had conquered his Karaoke fear by gazing at Maxie while he sang and encouraging him to do the same thing to get through his vows, it was so touching.

By the time Spinelli stood before Maxie at the altar and started saying his vows, I was bawling at each line. I felt it so deeply and understood so profoundly the amazement one feels when someone finally "gets" you and loves you without reservation. It's such a gift and Spinelli expressed those feelings I was fully enraptured by the moment. But I had not braced myself for the last line. I didn't see it coming. I can't believe I have to wait until Monday to see what happens next!

In case you missed Friday's show, I will post Spinelli's vows, and also because they are just so beautiful I wanted to read them again myself.

Spinelli to Maxie: "How I love you. I struggled today. I'd written vows. No, I'd, um, I'd carefully crafted vows to assuage your reservations, but as fate would have it, they were irretrievably lost, leaving me with nothing but the words in my heart, and that's what I'll depend on now.

I'm not like other people. (Everyone laughs) I never have been. But I became used to the outsider status, and I was really quite content. I mean, my mind is an active and fertile one. I'm never bored in my own company, and if being alone was to be my lot, well, there are worse things in this life to have to endure. But then there… then there was you... luminous, transformative Maxie, and you saw me, you got me, and to my utter shock, amazement, and profound gratitude, you loved me, and that is the most precious gift, and I will never, ever betray it... and that is why I cannot marry you."

Say what? Color me stunned. I am actually spending time this weekend worrying about what Maxie will do next. I'm crazy like that. In my head, I know these are fictional characters, but in spite of that, I let myself get a little too attached sometimes.

Although the wedding of Spinelli and Maxie was the Big Ticket item for me this week, it certainly wasn't the only drama brewing in Port Charles.

Michael is having memories and flashbacks, but also with a mix of hallucinations thrown in to add to his mental confusion. He had what he believed to be a memory of Sam at his bedside only to discover she was never there at all.

Hmmm, a strapping hormonal teenage boy like Michael had a vision of former Playboy Bunny Kelly Monaco hovering over him. How does one separate a fantasy from a coma memory anyway?

Wow, I wonder if that means all those dreams I have where Adam Duritz and I are friends aren't true either?

At any rate, Michael doesn't know now if the confessions he has remembered from Jax and Claudia are real or just a hallucination, so he can't move forward on any of the "evidence" he gathered in his mind.

And on top of that, he went to the creepy prep school where the rich kids are being mean to him, especially his sister's creepy boyfriend Kiefer. Kristina is a lousy two-faced sister. She wanted Michael to go to school with her so badly and then lets her boyfriend torment him and says and does nothing.

If I had a boyfriend who openly taunted and mocked my brain injured brother, I would dump his butt so fast and throw his secret stalker cell phone right in his stupid face. But hey, that's just me.

Michael's father Sonny was busy visiting Anthony in prison. I have to ask, what sort of prison allows two mob bosses to have visits? I have a friend in prison and my husband and I go to visit him occasionally. There are strict dress codes, for instance- one day I went to the prison to visit with short sleeves on, because it's in the desert and it was 118 degrees (really) but the rule was "no bare arms" as apparently seeing the seriously untoned bare arms of a middle aged woman is a big turn on for men in prison. Who knew?

But Sonny's suit with pockets where things could be smuggled in would never get inside, and two mob bosses would certainly never get a private visit where they could plot new crimes and murders together.

But that is indeed what happened. Anthony called Sonny out on his desire to get Johnnie out of the way to clear his path to Oh-LIV-E-Yah Fal-Co-Nair-EEEE. (I loved the way he said her name.) And Anthony might be insane, but he wasn't wrong.

What surprised me was how happily Claudia agreed to the plan when she heard Sonny and Jason talking it over. Her brother whom she loved so much has turned on her and apparently now she is okay if he is a pawn in her dad's battle with Sonny.

Jason was supposed to be relieved because Sonny didn't order him to kill Johnnie, but instead gave the assignment to someone he is "starting to trust" Dominic Perelli, aka Dante Falconeri, undercover cop and unbeknownst to Sonny, his own son.

Dante was still holed up in the hospital when his stupid loudmouth partner Ronnie came to bring him his badge to remind him that he was a cop. Now, Lulu and Jax have both seen the badge. Lulu bought his story that it was just a stolen badge, while Jax knows the truth which makes one more person who could accidentally spill his secret.

Of course when Dante snuck out of GH to walk across town in his hospital gown to thank Johnnie for taking some bullets meant for him, he and his mama Olivia had a heated discussion in the open hospital corridor. He kept calling her Mom and Mother and she talked about not wanting him to be a dead cop, so let's just hope no one else was visiting Johnnie that day that will take that info back to Sonny. Lulu saw that, too - so my guess is eventually she will be the one to put two and two together.

Johnnie and Dante has had lots of visitors in their recuperation, but I would like to point out that absolutely NO ONE has been to visit the ever faith body guard Max who also was taken down at the carnival. No one has even mentioned his name. He seriously needs to find a new job, he is totally unappreciated.

One more note, I am having a blast on Twitter keeping up with all of you day to day, as well as the daily musings of our GH actors. It was fun following their lives last week; I heard about Bradford Anderson's 30th birthday bash, Lisa LoCicero's desire to get a tan before her next love scene, and the true color of Brandon Barash's car among other interesting tidbits. If you don't have a Twitter account, sign up for one. Lots of fun to be had.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Liz get hammered at Jakes and go home and give Lucky a little sumpin sumpin after one more jukebox dance with Nikolas? Will someone please offer me a million dollar check to keep Rebecca away from Nikolas? Will Claudia be happy that she won the battle to have another dance with Sonny's magic sperm? Will Coco Chanel come back to haunt Maxie over that glam handbag? Will brooding Prince Nikolas find a way to stop being afraid of himself?

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