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Dominic and his undercover partner Ronnie spent more time in the Laundromat than one should ever spend in a Laundromat.

My husband and I used to have neighbors that were always doing laundry. Their dryer vent emptied onto our doorstep, so our welcome mat was always covered in dryer lint. As an added bonus, the breezeway between our two apartments always smelled like fabric softener.

It became a game for us. We used to try and guess which scent would be wafting around the courtyard when we got home from work. Would it be Mountain Breeze, or Springtime Meadow? Or perhaps a full on floral like Lilac or Rose Petal?

We were puzzled as to how one small family could do so much laundry, and run their dryer for hours on end. We often wondered what their electric bill looked like.

Turns out, they weren't really doing laundry at all. After they moved out, we discovered they were growing and selling weed in their apartment. The fabric softener smell was merely intended to cover up the pot aroma. It worked; we never suspected that the nice family with two toddlers happened to be drug dealers. Go figure.

I thought of them this week watching GH, as Dominic and his undercover partner Ronnie spent more time in the Laundromat than one should ever spend in a Laundromat. Toss in Olivia, and Carly, cameos by a few other Port Charles residents, and the Laundromat is becoming THE happening place in Port Charles. Luke should move his slot machines over there; the dryer is getting a lot more coin action than anything at the Haunted Star.

Olivia's secret won't remain a secret for long, mainly because she can't shut her yap about it. She talks incessantly about her deep dark secret out loud in public areas. Jax has already overheard it, and Carly is suspicious. If Carly gets her hands on it, I think we all know she will make a beeline to Sonny to tell him Dante is his son.

The real question isn't when Sonny will find out, but what he will do when he finds out. Will he accept Dante into the family, or disown him because he's a cop? Will Dante keep trying to arrest his Dad, a la Lucky Spencer, or will he change teams and go gangsta? Dante is bonding with Morgan, who just happens to be his little brother. It's quite the tangled web that's about to unravel.

The Falconeri clan is in all sorts of trouble. Kate secretly took mob money from Trevor and is being blackmailed by Giselle. At least we finally have an explanation for all the nonsense about Spinelli, Maxie and Lulu catching Kate sabotaging her own magazine and then trying to pin it on them.

I have a hard time buying that revisionist history however. While Trevor was alive, Kate was supposedly repulsed by him, and was engaged to Sonny. When Kate started Crimson she adamantly refused Sonny's "tainted" money, and Sonny was the man she planned to marry, and someone she trusted to have her best interest at heart. So why would Kate accept money from Trevor whom she knew was an enemy?

My favorite line of her rant was when she said that she had put years of sweat and blood into that magazine and didn't want it to fail. Um, no Kate, it's only been on the stands for one year Ms. Exaggerato.

Moving on through the string of lies and the lying liars who tell them, Rebecca is part of that list, too. Bad timing for Biker Emily, she was actually on her way to confess her sins to Nikolas, but a day late and a dollar short as my Grandma Alice used to say. Nikolas is done with Rebecca. We know that because he put on his serious scary Cassadine face and scowled at her and threw some stuff around the room.

To recover from the troubling fact that his dead wife's evil twin was using him, it appears that Nikolas is intent on a dose of sexual healing from his former sister-in-law Elizabeth. Since they both have repeatedly said a hook up between them can never happen, Soap Logic dictates it will most certainly happen. The heavens even helped nudge them along with an impromptu wet t-shirt contest.

Liz is a much less skittish mom than I had. When I was in the pool, if there was a hint of rumbling thunder in the next county my Mom made me get out of the water. But when it was clear that lightning was about to strike the grill in Liz's yard, she still didn't pull her kids out of the pool. What was she waiting for, a bolt of lightning half way to the water? Good thing Lucky took them to the store, he probably saved their lives.

Readers, you might have noticed that I took it easy on GH for a couple of weeks. But rest assured, even though the writing has improved, I will always call them on their crap when warranted.

For instance, is there some medical book in Cancun that says the cure for a gunshot wound is having your forehead blotted by a damp washcloth? I think not. If Kristina and Michael were clever enough to call home using a stranger's cell phone, you would assume Sam could figure out the same thing and call some mob doctor for Jason on an untraceable line.

The funniest moment of the week, which I am certain was not intended as comedy, was when Jason somehow hauled his severely injured body up into the rafters while his blood dripped down on Jerry's head. Okay, none of the blood actually hit Jerry's head, but still. I found it hokey and hilarious instead of suspenseful.

The war rages between those of you who love the Sam/Jason reunion and those of you who despise it. I hate to be wishy-washy, but I like Jason with Sam or with Liz, so I don't get bent out of shape either way.

However, I think Jason and Sam are a better fit. Jason is a hit man. Sam can deal with his chosen profession without flinching. Not to mention she can wield a weapon and deliver a good strong kick to the chest of a bad guy all on her own.

Jason laughs more when he's with Sam, there's lightness to him when they are together that I had forgotten. I enjoyed the scenes this week where they reminisced about their past, the ups and downs. It's been so long since they are together that newer viewers would not have known they had history, so it was good that the writers threw that little trip down memory lane into the dialogue.

However, I do NOT need anymore dialogue on Carly's eating habits. We get it already. She likes junk food. Jax wants her to eat carrots. Next?

I also thought it was a little beyond belief when Molly snuck out of her house and made it all the way to Wyndemere undetected. Michael used to escape like that, too. Hmmm. With all the guards Sonny pays to watch his family and all the nannies, it sure is interesting how many times no one notices those kids leaving the house.

On the upside, Halley Pulos is adorable and her scenes with Nikolas were warm and real. As much as I whined about the aging of all the kids this summer, I sure do like all the actors they hired to play them.

I also want to mention the scene where Claudia got baby furniture she ordered before her miscarriage. It was brilliant. Sarah J. Brown did an incredible job letting us peer into Claudia's soul. On first glance, Claudia is a selfish and reckless mob princess. However, we have never been able to write her off as a one dimensional villain because Sarah J. Brown plays Claudia with humanity and makes her vulnerable and sympathetic.

Dear readers, have you seen the fall promos for GH? Yowza! Those shots of tilted carnival rides and scary clowns get me all tingly. It looks ominous and exciting and I can hardly wait to see what's going to happen.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Claudia get an Amazon.com delivery of 900 pampers and have to be confined to Shadybrooke? Will Jerry steal the drops of blood Jason left on the floor and clone another hit man? Will Monica be so desperate for a houseguest that she will forgive and adopt Ethan, too? Will Andrea Floyd drop by Robin and Patrick's house again and catch them acting out episodes of Murder She Wrote? Will Sonny get a vasectomy so he doesn't accidentally get any more women pregnant?

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