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Jason was tripping like he had a bad hit of acid, so when he saw Sam's lovely face hovering above him, I thought it was just like the other hallucinations he'd been having.

Jason was tripping like he had a bad hit of acid, so when he saw Sam's lovely face hovering above him, I thought it was just like the other hallucinations he'd been having. After all, Jason already imagined that he had visits from several loved ones that we knew weren't around. Not to mention that the last time we saw Sam, she was chained to a bed with a very large dirty looking guy, kind of Jabba the Hut like licking his lips and headed her direction. Eww.

But, like Michael and Kristina, Sam somehow managed to escape from Jerry's goons and it was the real live Sam McCall. Cool. Our fiery little Everyday Hero gets to rescue the guy this time around. Jason is worried about the kids, but this time, the hero is the one who needs rescuing.

For awhile, there were a die hard group of people who were solidly in the Jason/Liz corner, and I suspect some still are. But my mailbox has shifted and there are now a lot of letters from people who are enjoying the reunion of Sam and Jason.

Michael and Kristina landed in Cancun and despite the bad economy, both managed to find jobs on their first day in town, at the same place. Maybe since so many people have snuck across the border to work in the U.S. there are a plethora of jobs open in Mexico? Seems unlikely to me, but okay, I'll go with the flow.

I suspect the hoochie mama who is hitting on Michael is someone on Jerry's payroll whose job is to lure him into another trap. Being a teenage boy running solely on hormones, he will probably fall for it. Let's hope Sam patches Jason up fast, because those kids need help.

Dante doesn't need any help at all, but Mama Olivia continues to stick her nose into his business. Friday as they battled about why Olivia was so insistent Dante get taken off the case, it seemed to me that the next logical sentence to come out of her mouth would have to be, "Because Sonny's your father, that's why." But will she say those words? And if she does, what happens?

Does Dante turn in his badge and become a mobster for real? Does he take down Sonny fast and hard out of spite and disgust? Does Olivia get caught in the crossfire? There are so many possibilities here; I have to admit I am looking forward to watching this unfold. I also like the bond that has formed with Dante, and the kid he doesn't know is his little brother, Morgan Corinthos. I was happy to see Kiefer get slammed into a wall, and happy to see Dante and Morgan talking baseball, too. But will they ever discover they are related?

I predict that they will and right now I see Kate Howard as the weakest link in the chain. She dropped by Olivia's place insisting that Sonny should know the truth about his son. But what is Kate's motivation? Does she really want Sonny to know the truth, or does she want Sonny back? It seems clear that Kate knows Sonny well enough to know he won't handle it well when he discovers that Olivia had lied to him for 30 years. Maybe she thinks if she outs Olivia's secret, Sonny will come back to her?

Just for the record, Dominic Zamprogna who plays Dante, was born in 1979, and Maurice Benard who plays Sonny was born in 1963, so they are the right age apart! Sonny would have been 16 when Dante was born, which is about what they storyline has told us. And you have that random info because I am a nerd who Googles everything.

While we are on the topic of illegitimate kids, Luke's long lost son Ethan spilled the beans to his new half-brother Lucky about Rebecca's original evil intentions. Lucky took the info to Elizabeth, who used all her self control not to say "Mmmmm Hmmmmm." Because she did tell them Rebecca wasn't to be trusted from the get go.

Sadly, I don't think the fact that Rebecca fell in love with Nikolas fully redeems her. Imagine that you were on your way to murder someone. When you arrived at the scene of the impending crime, you decided you victim was kind of cute. So, instead of killing them, you slept with them instead. Does that make you a good person? Um, no. It makes you the sort of person who would still contemplate killing someone.

Same is true with Rebecca. Just because she decided she liked Nikolas and did not want to swindle him anymore, she is still the sort of woman who spent months plotting a scam to rob him. It's not about the end result, it's about character.

Was Ethan a bad influence on her? Absolutely, but we all make our own choices. It might have been Ethan's idea, but Rebecca opted to go along with it. Rebecca might look like Emily, but she is not like her in any of the ways that matter. Too bad Ethan blew the big trip to Greece. I would have loved some location shots, although in this economy I had a gut feeling that trip wouldn't happen.

When Nikolas introduced Rebecca to Spencer, it appeared to me the new Spencer is actually… younger than the last one? Wow, soaps usually do the opposite and 5 year olds turn 16 overnight. But I think Spencer is now younger than he was at last sighting. Hard to say, it's been a really long time.

I got to finish a GH sentence this week and that always makes me happy. After Lucky's meeting with Nikolas, he returned to tell Elizabeth what happened. Lucky said (and this is a paraphrase) after he told Nikolas about Rebecca he turned into… And Elizabeth said "What?" I said "a Cassadine." Before Lucky did, I just knew that is where this was heading.

For those who haven't watched GH since the War of 1812 like I have, let me explain… The men in Nikolas' family get crazy obsessive over women they can't have or women who betray them. Nikolas has always hovered pretty close to the sane side of the family, which I have always attributed to the fact he has Laura Spencer's DNA in him, too.

But in this present circumstance, I fear he will be lured over to the dark, creepy, mentally whacked side of his bloodline. Maybe that's where Elizabeth will come in; she will be the only one to bring him back from madness. (Or so it goes in the storyline I made up in my head. )

In the news of totally legitimate sons, Johnny went to visit crazy Anthony in prison and came out of the meeting firmly planted on Sonny's side of the battle line. Brandon Barash is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love the light romantic scenes he has with Lisa Locicero. (And according to my mail bag, you like Johnny and Olivia, too!) When you put Brandon up against the incomparable Bruce Weitz, he can hold his own there as well. He's getting good material and making the most of it.

Johnny is now in cahoots with Damian Spinelli to take down Anthony Zacharra in prison and if anyone can accomplish that, it's our resident lovesick nerd. Since the wedding date has now been set, perhaps he can focus on his job. But, I seriously doubt it.

And finally, last week I mocked Robin's key throwing as a detective device, but this week she used her infant daughter as bait to get info from a maid. I find this all hilarious. Why doesn't Robin just call her Mom and Dad and get some spy tips?

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Molly take karate lessons so she can kick Kiefer's butt the next time he breaks stuff at her house? Will Sam have to rip off her top to make bandages for Jason's multiple wounds? Will Rebecca go back to dressing like a biker chick after Nikolas dumps her? Will Frisco come home from the WSB to give Maxie away? Will Edward Quartermaine still look fondly upon Rebecca after he discovers she's a liar lips fibber face? Will Jax ever lecture the wrong mobster and get punched for being so mouthy?

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