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For the Week of May 18, 2009
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I realize that Olivia meant well, but when your friend is sitting at the bedside of her comatose child following a brain surgery, you don't bring her a tray of raw broccoli.

I realize that Olivia meant well, but when your friend is sitting at the bedside of her comatose child following a brain surgery, you don't bring her a tray of raw broccoli. Bring some Starbucks and muffins or brownies or something that might actually tempt her into eating. Or even a flask if the occasion calls for it. But not raw broccoli. I mean really, she didn't even bring any ranch dip to go with it!

Jax tried to top Olivia by bringing Carly steel cut oatmeal as a snack to which she turned up her nose and deadpanned "I'll never eat that." If only Spinelli had come to the hospital, I am sure he would have shared his Barbecue Potato Chips and Orange Soda with Carly.

There is just something very off about the hospital etiquette of all of Carly's friends. Only Jason had to good sense to leave the room right before he punched Claudia in her big lying mouth. Those situations are always awkward, but murder isn't usually mentioned.

Claudia was extra obnoxious this week when she went to the waiting room and argued with the mother of the child she got shot. If there was a "Top 5 Soap Characters I Want to Slap" on Facebook, Claudia would be my number one pick this week. Jason wanted to do more than slap her, and he took a walk to try and shake off his anger.

The scene on the roof with Sam and Jason was touching and tender when Sam convinced Jason to set aside his rage and focus on being a good friend to Carly in the moment. It was one of those scenes that reminded me of what I used to love about Sam and Jason as a couple back in the early days of their relationship. Sam has a calming effect on Jason and he really needed it. When Claudia inferred Michael was none of his business, I saw the veins in Jason's neck pop out.

I was pleased to Monica, Edward, Bobbie and Mike all actually show up at the hospital while their grandkid was getting surgery like a normal family. That was amazing to see, and frankly shocking. It's so rare that GH actually utilizes its veterans… so Huzzah! Now that Michael is awake, I hope to see their shiny faces again. Maybe Edward Q and Monica will fight for custody of Michael and win. That would be karma paying its debt for Jason, I think.

After all the hours that Sonny, Carly, Jax and Jason sat patiently waiting for Michael to wake up; he woke up after they all left. How anticlimactic. Two strikes here, first it was the wrong Michael, and second, it was the wrong person sitting by his bedside. Why Lulu? Even Rebecca would have been a better choice since Michael thought so highly of Emily. But he got Lulu…

Another letdown moment was the big road trip to Singapore to find Holly. It looked like the filmed that scene inside the Tangiers Restaurant in Akron, Ohio. (Assuming that place is even still open.) So they made a big deal about Ethan, Luke, and Tracy all flying to Singapore, where they went into a bar, stayed 12 minutes, and left for Port Charles again. What was the point in that? I got a little happy and thought perhaps we were on the brink of an adventure, but instead, we got Punked, as usual.

After Luke was back in his own club, Holly arrived and insinuated she and Luke had a reason to celebrate. Is this a con? I don't know. Lulu admitted she had no romantic feelings for Ethan, so it will be okay if they are brother and sister, right? I still want Luke and Ethan to be father and son. I love that it bugs Lucky so much. This week when Lucky went whining to Elizabeth about it, I wonder if she remembered why she left him in the first place. "Oh yeah, I forgot what a big whiny baby Lucky is…"

By the way, the link I posted last week Jonathan Jackson's Lucky singing to Elizabeth was quite popular. I got a lot of mail from viewers who loved that scene and enjoyed being reminded of it. YouTube is a Glorious thing.

Spinelli's finesse behind the wheel is not glorious. In fact, Spinelli is a terrible driver. He turned the wheel over to Maxie finally as he attempted to solve a crime to save Maxie and Lulu's job. The twist of course is that the crime was committed by the person who hired him; Kate Howard. Who is blackmailing Kate into sabotaging her own magazine? More importantly, do I care? Nope. Not a bit.

I do care about Maxie and Spinelli though, so their interaction alone made those lame scenes watchable. I can't help myself; I am rooting for Maxie and Spinelli at every turn. I don't just want them to patch things up, I want Maxie to change. I want her to truly value and treasure Damian Spinelli above all other men. I know she's not hot for him like she is for bad boy Johnny, but doesn't adoration and devotion and loyalty count for anything? He adores her flaws and all. He deserves to win her. She doesn't deserve him, but that's what *grace* is all about. I hope they make it.

Did anyone see Jerry McGuire? I have seen it probably…50 times. No really. It's sad, but true. Do you remember the scenes in the film where Bonnie Hunt has her Divorced Women's Support Group? When I saw Robin's PPD support group this week, I thought about Jerry McGuire and laughed.

I know PPD is very serious business, but seeing a bunch of Soapy middle class women sitting in a circle whining about not wanting to hold their babies just made my skin crawl. I listened to a few comments and then fast forwarded as fast as I could. I do have one nice thing to say, it was nice to see Robin smile instead of scowl.

On the up side, even though I wholly suspect Rebecca is up to something, I didn't fast forward past any of her scenes. I really liked the interaction between Rebecca and Edward. That connection in and of itself made me have a glimmer of hope that she is indeed Emily. One of my readers tossed out a possibility this week that Rebecca is in cahoots not with Helena, but with Ethan and Holly. Another interesting theory. Anyone else have a theory to share? I am all ears.

Funniest scene of the week belongs to, as always, Alexis and Diane. Whenever those two interact, it's comedic gold. The shoe shopping/quickie with Max debacle was hilarious. I wish someone would give those two a primetime sitcom. I, for one, would tune in every week. Or put them in the next Sex and the City movie. Carrie and the girls could use two new funny friends.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Rick's court ordered paternity test get stolen or doctored or both? Will Diane be able to wrestle her gladiator sandals away from Alexis? Will Nikolas get Epiphany fired for blocking his path to hooking up with Rebecca in the hospital corridors? Will Ethan make out with Holly, too, since he already made out with his sister? Will God pay attention to Sonny and Claudia's mob prayers? Will Michael have a full head of hair tomorrow when they unbandage him?

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