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I'm a sucker for a miracle. When I saw Michael's hand move the other day, I gasped with Carly.

I'm a sucker for a miracle. When I saw Michael's hand move the other day, I gasped with Carly. Even though I knew it was coming, even though I know it's the wrong kid playing Michael, I still rejoiced.

We all hope for miracles at one time or another in our lives. We rarely get them. So when we see one, even in the confines of Daytime TV, it resonates, at least with me.

Laura Wright is a powerhouse. She can take Carly to ridiculous heights and with equal skill, make her melt into a puddle of despair. The times I fall in love with the character are the times when she is self-deprecating, self-loathing and immersed in regret.

Carly is a mess. When she admits it and calls herself a mess, I adore her. Laura Wright has to do such a balancing act. There is Carly the Courageous, who is tough and in your face. That Carly would stand up to any challenge without flinching. And then there is the Carly who becomes small and meek and looks in the mirror regrets her reflection. She admits all of her bad choices and owns them. It's brilliant.

When she went to the warehouse this week and stood in the spot where Michael was shot and touched the piece of metal the bullet ricocheted from, I cried with her. When Jason came in and wrapped his arms around her, I felt them. Yeah, I know that sounds crazy.

When Michael finally awakens, the implications are endless. Carly, Sonny, Jason, Jax, Kate, Claudia, Jerry, Johnny, Morgan, Mike, Monica, half of the town has some stake in this child's life and will be invested in his recovery. I hope they write it as well as I am dreaming they will. I was a little disappointed we didn't get more of a catfight when Carly found Claudia in Michael's room though. I thought we'd at least get some scratching and hair pulling.

You may recall that long before Claudia bough condoms and poked them full of holes I predicted she would end up pregnant to save her own skin. Sonny could easily kill Claudia, but not if she is carrying the seed of his loin. Of course he toasted to never bringing another child into the world, but I don't think toasts are legally binding.

Just hope the booze they toasted with weren't the remnants of sleeping pill laced scotch that Claudia gave to Rick. And she poured him an entire hotel bathroom sized glass full of booze. What was that like 17 shots? She didn't need to add the pills; he would have passed out from the liquor alone. I drank that much one night in college and woke up the next morning on the floor of the bar under the pinball machine.

It was totally unbelievable that Claudia got Johnny and Maxie in the house and Ric out without arousing Sonny's suspicions. The guy is extremely paranoid, so all the ruckus and commotion would normally have him asking Max and Milo to scour the house. But this time, Sonny just poured himself a drink and casually waited and ignored the sound of thumping bodies being dragged around on the floor above his head.

And while Sonny was giving Robin the lecture about taking anti-depressants, I noted that he was drinking the same day. That is a no-no with his meds. Of course Robin didn't take his advice anyway, she ripped up her prescription, had a hallucination about Emma being seven, and possibly through herself into the harbor.

While I am glad that Robin has finally admitted she is suffering from Post Partum, I hate that she is refusing to take her medication and being so ridiculous about it. When you're sick, you take what you need to do to get well. A couple of years ago I had half a dozen people in my family die within a matter of months, and you know what? When my grief became overwhelming and I couldn't function like a rational human being; my doctor offered me the anti-depressants, and I TOOK THEM.

Why would Robin want to make Patrick and Emma and all her family and friends suffer just so she doesn't have to take a pill? If I were Patrick, I would do it like we do my dog and wrap the pill up in a piece of bologna or something. I honestly can't watch much more of this.

I don't think I am the only one, as when I looked at the Daytime TV ratings this week; GH has plummeted into 5th place. Not very good news in a world where Daytime TV dollars are dwindling and mainstays like Guiding Light which have been on for SEVEN DECADES get cancelled.

If I were TPTB at ABC and GH, I would be pulling out the big guns. Get Laura back from Paris and reunite her with Luke. Drag Vanessa Marcil back to Port Charles and let Brenda duke it out with Claudia over Sonny. Find Ted King and let Lorenzo Alcazar reemerge as an out of the mob professor who came to woo Skye and baby Lila back to him. Dig up Caesar Faison and let him arrive at Nikolas' doorstep and ask for his creepy McMansion back and discover he has had Stefan and Stavros held prisoner. But no more new people we don't care about at the expense of our favorites, please.

Lulu's mad that Johnny has to date Maxie for $1000 a date. Zzzzz. I am betting she doesn't make her share of the rent working for Kate in the 2 hours a week she shows up at the office. The rivalry with Ethan and Lulu? Zzzzz. Sam and Spinelli P.I.? Zzzzzz. I love Spinelli, but the true comedy is between Spinelli and Jason. Break up the team; you lose the magic in my humble opinion.

A few Emily/Nikolas fans asked me to keep an open mind on the Rebecca/Nikolas/Breast cancer storyline. I'm trying. If it turns out Rebecca really IS Emily, that's one thing. I would be happy about that. But if it merely turns out to be a coincidence, it's crap. If it turns out she is Emily but she's going to die again of cancer, that's more crap. I will be open-minded but I better get a happy ending out of it if they trick me into investing my heart.

Ethan has pick-pocketed everyone who has walked into the Haunted Star since he arrived. It's beginning to get old. If you hired a person to work for you and they robbed your customers, even Luke would eventually take issue with that, I'd think. If Ethan robs them, they can't gamble, and Luke goes bankrupt. Of course, with only one person a day coming in for a cocktail, he can't be far from that anyway. If they plan to go someplace with Ethan's storyline, I wish they'd get to it.

The same with Sonny and Olivia. She almost told him about Dante again, but didn't. I wish she'd either tell him, or stop dropping hints. This has been going on for what, 6 months now?

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will anyone but me care enough to tune in? Will NuMichael and NuKristina and NuMorgan look anything at all like their childhood counterparts? Will Helena swoop in on her bedazzled broom and fix this mess with some good old fashioned campiness? Will Maxie put more Miracle Grow on her hair and wake up with hair down to her butt? Will GH break up Maxie and Spinelli's dazzling friendship to throw her at Teethan? Will the newly built GH still have a sofa where the nurses can sit around and advise people on their personal lives instead of caring for patients? Will anyone ever stay home with Emma Drake besides poor Liz Weber?

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