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You think something good is going to happen, and then it doesn't. You anticipate magic and wonder, but instead get mediocrity and disappointment. It just leaves you empty.

Today is my birthday. For months I planned to take Disneyland up on their "Free Admission on Your Birthday" offer. I went online and signed up. I printed up the bar code, and I made my maps. We headed out early this morning for the two hour drive from San Diego. I was looking forward to it. But guess what? In Southern California, the place that had a song written about the fact that it never rains, it rained. It poured. I got drenched. We drove home without riding a single ride. It was thoroughly disappointing.

Why do you care? You probably don't, but as I sit down to write about General Hospital, and thought about the episodes from the past week, I realized that same "Blah! I didn't get to see Pirates of the Caribbean" feeling was coming over me.

Why? Build up with no pay off. You think something good is going to happen, and then it doesn't. You anticipate magic and wonder, but instead get mediocrity and disappointment. It just leaves you empty.

Last week Maxie finally confessed her love to Spinelli and he said he loved her, too. We have waited SO LONG for Maxie to admit or even realize that she loved Spinelli. When it finally happened, I thought "Wow! Monday will be amazing!" But this week Maxie and Spinelli have barely seen one another. We had to endure hours of interaction between Spinelli and "Spy Nerd." Winnifred is one of those characters that they want me to like and keep shoving down my throat, but I don't like her. I am far more interested in messed up train wreck kind of girls like Carly, Maxie, and Claudia. Spinelli and Maxie is the relationship I am actually invested in. Silly me, I thought the declaration of love between them would actually be…lingered on a little bit.

Next let down? The endless and tortuous sage of Robin and her PPD. Robin forgot Emma in the diner. When she finally remembered that she left her baby behind, she went back and found her miraculously unharmed. I thought that would finally be Robin's wake up call to go and get help for her PPD.

HA! Instead, she ditched her husband and drove off to Rochester. Now she is calling herself Nancy, pretending to be a traveling salesperson and is well on the way to hooking up with some random stranger. As I mentioned last week, my mailbox tells me that most of you, (me included) want to throttle Robin. Watching her this week sitting in the bar having cocktails and making up a fake life for herself nauseated me. I just loathe her. I don't care what disease she might have, I can't watch her anymore. Patrick and Elizabeth look adorable together. I'm sure Jake and Cam would love to have a baby step sister. Good riddance Robin. Stay in Rochester in the No-Tell Motel and have a nice life. I 'Googled' Post Partum Depression and one of the symptoms was not running off to a cheap hotel and seeing French films with Brad the burly bartender.

Next disappointment? Johnny and Lulu. Remember back when Lulu lost her mind and Johnny fought tooth and nail to get her help, to keep her safe, and was totally in love with her? Whatever happened to that? Lulu is jealous of Maxie and Johnny's fake dates for Kate. It would be even worse if Lulu realized how close Maxie and Johnny had come to being unfaithful. Limos and champagne have that affect on people. And yes, I do know that first hand. Lulu used to be this fleshed out character, complicated and wounded, but real and sympathetic. But now she has become a 2 dimensional shrieking jealous harpy and not a human being anymore. Julie Marie Berman was so brilliant in past performances; I know it's not her skill as an actress but the lazy writing she has to work with.

The writers are like a cat with a new ball of yarn, and right now they are playing with Lulu and Ethan. I just hope they find out they are half siblings before they hook up. (Or so the rumors go…supposedly Ethan will be the long lost son of Holly and Luke)

The week did have some high points… Jax and Carly renewed their vows; adorable and sweet. Ric got his hands on the incriminating DVD from Jerry and knows Claudia's secret which leaves her vulnerable to some serious Ric style blackmail. Claudia is completely under his thumb. Jax also got a DVD, and finally knows Jerry is still alive and up to his old tricks. Jason is wearing a wire, and we all remember what happened to Brenda when Sonny caught HER wearing one.

Lucky and Nikolas are getting a little hot and bothered fighting over Rebecca, and now that I have heard Helena Cassadine is coming back to town, I have to wonder. Maybe Rebecca IS Emily but Helena has brainwashed her! I know that's a reach, but let's not forget that Helena brainwashed Lucky once and "erased" Elizabeth from his brain. I am terribly sad that Anthony Zacharra is in jail though, because he and Helena would have been a hot couple.

Hey, this should be funny - do you recall NASCAR driver Jeff Burton on GH last week? I have heard that there will be an event which is a cross promotion between NASCAR and Crimson Magazine, because we all know that NASCAR fans and ladies who follow high fashion have…nothing in common. Man, I almost wish they were selling soup again so I don't have to listen to car racing stuff. Zzzzzzzzz.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Maxie have hair down to her waist? Will Michael emerge from his coma as John Travolta? Will Olivia ever be seen with a beer in her hand again instead of a clipboard? Will Jax jump in the shower with Carly and tell her the good news about Jerry? Will there be enough ice and nacho dip for the Mob party? Will Robin have a breakdown and end up in Shadybrooke when Patrick blows her cover as Nancy? Will Kate stop telling everyone how over Sonny she is and actually take the time to get over him? Will Luke ever call Paris and see how Laura is doing?

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