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I have seen Robin and Patrick fight a hundred times and never shed a tear, I have seen Jax and Carly sniping at one another for month, and never had to reach for a tissue. But Maxie and Spinelli broke my heart.

If you used to watch Veronica Mars, you know where that line is from. If not, then shame on you for not watching, it was a wonderful show. I thought of this song after the absolutely heartbreaking fight between Spinelli and Maxie this week.

I can't tell you why, but those two really get to me. I have seen Robin and Patrick fight a hundred times and never shed a tear, I have seen Jax and Carly sniping at one another for month, and never had to reach for a tissue. But Maxie and Spinelli broke my heart.

First off, let me point out the obvious, Maxie was right. Her woman's intuition was dead on right to be suspicious of WiniFED as in Federal Agent posing as a geek to gather evidence on Spinelli. Even though WiniFED tried to tell her boss what a great guy Spinelli was, she has not been redeemed in my eyes.

Back to Maxie…was their a tinge of jealousy intermingled in her suspicions? Absolutely, but again, she was not wrong to be worried about Spinelli. And when her attempts to verbally persuade Spinelli fell on deaf ears, Maxie resorted to what she believes is her only ace in the hole - sex and seduction.

Maxie did not intend it to be malicious; she only wanted a means to an end in saving her friend. But when Spinelli got the slightest whiff of al ulterior motive, his own insecurities arose and it started the saddest of chain reactions. Spinellia and Maxie said the most hurtful of things to one another and they honestly pained me to hear them ripping one another apart.

People who love one another can saw the most horrifying things to one another in moments of anger. When Maxie realized Spinelli thought the worst of her, she sank as low as she possibly could to prove to him how right he was about her. Like Carly, she self destructs into this mode; "He thinks I'm a b*tch? Well, I will show him how much of a b*itch I can be!"

And our usually sweet Damian wasn't totally innocent here, either - he opted to trust a total stranger over his close friend Maxie. Maxie spent the past year by his side and as she pointed out, occasionally getting show at on his behalf. But because WiniFED stroked his ego a little bit, he tossed aside everything he knew about Maxie aside and trusted the word of someone he barely knew. When Maxie told him Winnie had come to her apartment and threatened her, Spinelli assumed Maxie was lying just because she was jealous of their budding friendship. Maxie knew something was off, but he didn't trust her.

They were just awful to one another. And then, right when Maxie arrived with flowers in hand to apologize, then Feds arrived to arrest and handcuff Spinelli and haul him off to jail. Maybe he can share a cell with Johnny. Of course I am not certain Johnny has a cell, I think he sits in the interrogation room all day and has a steady parade of visitors.

Speaking of Johnny, I wish he would get out of jail so someone with a brain bigger than Claudia's would tell her to stop watching her YouTube videos of Jerry Jax with a volume turned up in the middle of Sonny's living room where people wander in off the street at will despite his slew of bodyguards. If I see Claudia slam the cover of her laptop one more time I will scream loudly and alarm my pothead neighbors. Hey Claudia, Sonny gave you your own bedroom. Go up there. Lock the door. Buy a headset for your laptop. Get in your car and watch Jerry's accusatory video from a Starbucks Wi-Fi location. Something. Anything. Stop being a moron.

Sonny found one of the incriminating videos, and just stuck it in a cabinet. Let me tell you, I am a bit more curious than that. If I came home and found some DVD lodged under a piece of furniture and the label on it looked the Riddler's old lair wallpaper from the Batman TV show, you can bet I would pop that into my DVD player to find out what it was.

If it was in fact from the Riddler, it would probably hypnotize me and make me dress up in a Catwoman jumpsuit and tie Batman to a chair loosely with rope, but at least my curiosity would be satiated.

The funniest scene all week? Luke asking Mike to oversee the rebuilding of Kelly's and adding that they were going to make it an EXACT replica right down to the broken appliances. HA!

Could that be because they are going to drag the same set they have used for 30 years out of the hallway and set it up on the soundstage? Well, yes, of course. I am glad it will be back, but without spending too much of ABC's money they could revamp it a little to make us think it had been rebuilt. I mean go to Home Depot and buy a couple of plants and a can of paint.

Of course before it is rebuilt Jason and Sonny and their impending Mob war will scare away all the clientele anyway. Sonny is trying to bully Jason into submission by using his piers and Jason decided to blow up Sonny's shipment to teach him a lesson. If I had taken a shot of Nassau Royale every time a shipment blew up in Port Charles, I would be passed out under my kitchen table by now.

If only it had been Morgan's birthday, maybe this wouldn't have happened. Apparently the Jason/Sonny code of honor prohibits typical mob violence on the birthday of a child they both love.

Carly pleaded with Sonny to stop pushing Jason, but Sonny won't stop. When Sonny told Carly he wasn't upset that she could see Jason's point of view, but that she could not see his, I finally understood. When Sonny explained to Carly that he had not only lost Michael, but her and Jason, too - I don't suppose I had considered that myself before. So, I guess I got it the same time Carly did.

There were some brilliant scenes this week where characters became truly transparent, and the meeting between Sonny and Carly was one of them. Instead of tossing her out of the house, Sonny actually picked open that raw wound and let Carly see a little blood. And in turn, Carly admitted that the bad blood between Sonny and Jason had been her doing.

In fact, Carly was Mea Culpa-ing all over town. In the meeting with Diane and Alexis, Carly didn't deny or defend against any of the snarky lines Alexis used against her. She said "All those things are true, but I still love Jax." And that, my friends is the key to long lasting marriages. Whoever you are in love with, they are flawed. Period. They will make mistakes. They will disappoint you. When you desperately need their support, they will be wrapped up in a trial of their own and not notice you at all.

Carly's son was shot in the head without hope of recovery. Carly reacted to that very badly and didn't think the consequences of her actions or about what Jax was going through. But she didn't deny it or make excuses. Yes, she did those things, made bad choices, hurt Jax. But she loves him and he loves her and they are both secretly trying try to put that heartache behind them and move forward.

Speaking of moving forward, can we please move forward from the Nadine Crowell Farm Plow Patent Hearings? Zzzzzzz. Natalia, hurry! Come and save us!

Since we can't have our dose of Bromance with Jason and Sonny these days, it is great to see them revive the friendship of Luke and Sonny. The two of them used to be great pals back in the good old days when Laura was still in the picture. I loved the dynamic of Benard and Geary and it still rings true. Luckily for Johnny, Sonny sprung him out of jail at Luke's request, but mostly because Sonny still feels guilty for holing Johnny up in a padded room. I wonder whatever became of the symphony he wrote with Sharpie marker on the padded walls?

Watching Sonny and Luke interact was a rare treat, just like when Robert Scorpio and Luke got to have one more very small caper a few weeks back. I like to see realistic friendships on GH.

This week it seemed as if the budding Carly/Olivia friendship was headed for the trash heap, but good for them, they worked it out. At least for the moment. But I have to ask ladies - if you just got hired for a job and your new boss insisted you slip into a bikini to help him try out the new corporate pool, would you find that appropriate behavior? Well, maybe if your boss looks like Jax…

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Sam drop by Lucky's and be jealous to find him playing Sonic the Hedgehog with Liz? Will Nadine move home to turn the plow coupling into a time machine and send herself back to the 60's where she is obviously still reeling from a bad acid trip? Will Diane and Alexis get nominated for Litigator of the year again and make a return trip to the Deliverance bar? Will Spinelli make it through one night in jail without getting beaten to a pulp?

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