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I admit, as corny and predictable as it was for Father Coates to ask that question after Robin went into labor, I still giggled.

I admit, as corny and predictable as it was for Father Coates to ask that question after Robin went into labor, I still giggled. The sound was deafening when everyone with even a smidgen of medical training stood up. Kelly’s smile and reassurance, "I’ve got it guys" was just more comedy relief.

However, let’s rewind a bit to Patrick’s bout of self pity. Did anyone else find Patrick’s whining, over giving up that ridiculous race car, annoying? Between Olivia’s tough-girl meets Gandhi shtick and Patrick’s lamenting about how differently, and apparently dull, life as a family man would be, I could not help but wonder what the writers thought. What was the point of that? Was it to remind me what I do not like about these two characters? Or was that some kind of chemistry test? If it was, I am not interested.

What I was interested in was Matt. As far as I am concerned that should have been Patrick’s conflict before the wedding. It was clear to me that going to the hospital was not Patrick’s attempt to avoid the wedding but rather an attempt to get his brother to attend. And why not? It’s not like Noah bothered showing up. I understood Patrick’s need to have someone from his family there during such a momentous occasion. I did not have a problem with him stalling at the hospital in order to persuade his brother to change his mind. That was infinitely more interesting to me than watching the scenes with Olivia.

I have to admit, Robin impressed me with her conviction that Patrick would show. It was kind of nice to see that certainty, given all that they had been through. I would have understood some doubt and a couple of angry voicemail messages. What was disappointing was being denied the marriage. I had so wanted Patrick and Robin to have been husband and wife before the baby was born. I think its the payoff that the fans deserved after months of angst and proposal nonsense.

Although I did get a small payoff from Kate when she accused Olivia of wanting Sonny for herself. Ladies and gentlemen, I howled. Olivia completely deserved it. She was overstepping her bounds and Kate called her on it. Proof that Kate hit the nail on the head was when Olivia barged into Sonny’s house to deny it. If it had not been true, she would have been more concerned about convincing her cousin Connie. Speaking of which, can we lose the Connie references now? I swear that name is like nails on a chalkboard to me because Olivia says it like an insult. No wonder Kate changed her name!

Sonny is quickly becoming like nails on a chalkboard too. I love the man but this week, when he told Jason that he might actually have been proud of him had Sonny not been so certain that Jason was wrong, I wanted to reach through my screen and shake the man. Later, when Karpov told him that he had nothing to with Kate’s shooting, I could not help but wonder if the words "I was wrong" went through his mind? Probably not and not because of that wicked stabbing but because Sonny’s pride was already finding a way to spin it so that Jason was still in the wrong.

I do not feel sorry for Sonny’s predicament. He brought it on himself. Had he listened to Jason and not shown his hand to Karpov, Karpov would not have gone on the offensive. I never expected Karpov to wait like a sitting duck until Sonny went gunning for him and I am disappointed that Sonny did. He should have expected this move and been prepared for it.

Frankly I am amazed that Karpov was able to pull it off given how busy the harbor is that night. Not only do spoilers have someone else lurking on the docks but on another pier we have Sam and Jason nearly blown to bits after Jerry’s bomb detonated. Like Sonny, Sam kinda deserved it because she was a bonehead to arrange a meeting with Jerry in the first place. Neither is fooling the other. They both know that this cat-and-mouse game is just that, a game. Why would she walk blindly into such a situation knowing what Jerry is capable of doing? This is a man who had bombs planted all around the Metro Court and shot hostages. This is a man who is working with a Russian mobster and moving counterfeit drugs that are killing people. He is also a man who most likely planted the bomb that took out the Emily Quartermaine Free Clinic. Ambush is his middle name. Sam should have, at the very least, gotten some kind of back up.

Then again, her partner has deserted her and is running around with his siblings trying to find their mother. I guess, given their recent fight, that they aren’t talking to each other. As I watched their argument die a quick death with Lulu’s untimely arrival, I found that it played more like a sloppy plot device than some kind of turning point in their relationship. Granted Lucky expressed reservations in the beginning of the investigation, but it had been about Sam’s safety not fear of Sam falling for Jerry. How can he believe that Sam is attracted to the man when her hatred for Jerry is so palpable? Shouldn't he know Sam better than that? The answer is yes and that is why Lucky came off as a complete jerk instead of a poor sap which is what I think the writers were shooting for.

Now Sam is now in an alley with Jason who is all upset over Robin’s baby crisis. No good can come of this. If Lucky feels threatened by Jerry, his head will explode over the idea of Jason. If that happens, I hope Claudia is not around because she is more likely to walk away than to help.

I was not surprised that Claudia did not jump to call 9-1-1 when Anthony suffered a seizure and collapsed. Claudia has been shown, time and again, to have zero qualms about taking a life. She has also been very vocal about how much she hates her father. Anthony doesn’t help by constantly nurturing that hatred. Since I did not have any expectations of Claudia doing the right thing, nor seeing Anthony take his next breath, I was able to focus on the performances. As much as I dislike the characters, I have to give kudos to Sarah and Bruce. These two have a fantastic chemistry as adversaries. Both delivered powerful performances as Anthony and Claudia went at each other like rabid rats over the last morsel of cheese.

It’s no wonder Anthony woke up and called Claudia a bitch. It’s also no wonder that he is so protective of Johnny. Despite everything, Johnny refused to stand by and allow his father to die. I think its because Johnny is still trying to be a better man than his father. Unfortunately, the trait that allows Johnny to love his father also gives him the ability to ignore just what a detestable creature his sister is. Even after she admitted that she would not have broken down and called for help, Johnny refused to accept it for the truth that it was.

I like Johnny but I don’t want him to continually make excuses for the behavior of the two homicidal maniacs that he lives with. Eventually he’s going to have to take a stand and either walk away from them or join their ranks.

Before I sign off, I’d like to mention a special birthday. Eighteen years ago on Halloween, Maxie was born. I still recall Felicia dressed as a clown and getting stuck in her apartment window. It was kinda sad that no one mentioned the birthday but I understand the confusion. She was born in 1990 yet is somehow 22 years old. It broke my heart to hear Maxie talking about her mother the way that she was but, unfortunately, Felicia deserved it. She was a spectacularly lousy mother to her two daughters. It’s just sad that we have yet another example of an unhealthy mother/daughter relationship. No wonder all these women are screwed up. Other than Lulu, every woman on this show has had an awful relationship with her mother.

Tamilu will be back next week with her regular Two Scoops so until next time, take care.

Liz Masters
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