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Was Anthony channeling Rodney Dangerfield when he offered Sonny Claudia’s hand in marriage?

Was Anthony channeling Rodney Dangerfield when he offered Sonny Claudia’s hand in marriage? It certainly seemed so to me because Papa Zacchara was positively frothing at the mouth over the idea of his new frienemy marrying his trampy daughter.

Under normal circumstances, I would say that it was Anthony testing Sonny to see how badly he wanted back into the mob. However, how badly Sonny wants back in isn’t really important here. Anthony plans to eliminate Sonny just as soon as Sonny kills Karpov and Jason. At this point he just needs Sonny to have the manpower to do that. Sonny’s undying trust and loyalty are irrelevant. Sonny is more than ready to rock n’ roll so I couldn’t understand why Anthony wasn’t taking full advantage of that. Why would Anthony risk alienating Sonny at this point by forcing Claudia on him, or, for that matter, getting Claudia all riled up? It made no sense to me.

However, Claudia’s reaction, to the proposed marriage, made perfect sense. She ran straight to Jason’s office and insisted that they marry. I didn’t think it had anything to do with the fact that Claudia wanted to stick it to Sonny and Anthony. The truth is, Claudia is desperate to be a power player and she finally has the opportunity to be one albeit as a bargaining chip. Having Sonny, Anthony and Jason all begging for Claudia’s cooperation is quite a heady prospect for someone like Claudia. She wants to be important and she craves respect, especially from all of the powerful men who have previously dismissed her as inconsequential. So yeah, I could see why Claudia ran to Jason with an offer of marriage. It’s Jason’s reaction that floored me.

I am not a fan of Claudia’s. It has nothing to do with Sarah Brown because I think she’s a wonderful actress. It’s because I will always feel that Claudia was responsible for Michael’s shooting. I know that Ian Devlin pulled the trigger but Claudia was the one who set everything up. The idea that this woman continues to walk around without repercussions for her heinous crime makes me vomit a bit in my mouth. I want to see Claudia meet a violent end. Sarah can always stay on as Claudia’s long lost twin.

It’s because I absolutely detest everything about Claudia that the idea of a moc (marriage of convenience) between her and Jason was so abhorrent to me.

I’m sure many had a similar jaw-dropping reaction as mine when Jason not only accepted the proposal but immediately whisked Claudia off to a justice of the peace to get married. The string of obscenities that passed my lips would have made a sailor blush. I was just grateful that the kids were outside playing. How could Jason, a man who professes to love Elizabeth, capitulate so quickly to Claudia’s wishes? I was dumbfounded and ready to wish Jason to Purgatory right along side Claudia. Then we learned that Jason was only testing Claudia to see how far she would go with her scheme to double-cross her father and Sonny. He never intended to marry her and that redeemed Jason somewhat for me. I’m still miffed that he did it. Some things should never be done, not even in jest. That’s one of them.

The truth is, I think Claudia does want to be the 25th Mrs. Corinthos. She’s been hot for Sonny ever since she laid eyes on him and the fact that after their one-night-stand Sonny has been pushing her away just makes him that much more appealing to her.

What’s not very appealing is the game that Sonny is playing with Kate. Sonny cutting his ties with the mob was a deal-breaker for him and Kate. Kate made it crystal clear that she wanted nothing to do with that life and Sonny accepted those terms. Now, he’s trying to backout of his promise by using Kate’s shooting as an excuse. And it is an excuse. Everyone sees that except Sonny.

As much as I dislike Olivia constantly claiming "I know you Sonny," she’s right in that Sonny is all about power. He’s not a complicated man, so really, Olivia isn’t giving us any great insight into what motivates Sonny. The truth is, Sonny’s need for power stems from his years of being powerless against Mike’s abandonment, Trevor’s psychological abuse and Deke’s violence. That’s something I seriously doubt Olivia knows anything about. We, the fans, have more insight into what makes Sonny tick than Olivia does so all her trips down Memory Lane just becomes annoying after a while. She knew the boy, but we know the man.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I do like Olivia. She’s beautiful, spunky and not afraid to speak her mind. I just wish that the writers would ease up on the fact that Olivia has a history with Sonny. We get that already. It’s been like 20 plus years since they were a couple and it was my understanding that their relationship consisted of little more than a few booty calls and an unplanned pregnancy.

Having a man’s baby doesn’t make you an expert on the man who fathered your son. It makes you a shrew for not telling him. So what if Sonny wasn’t in love with Olivia? That didn’t make him ineligible to be a father to their son. According to the back story, Connie dumped Sonny and left Bensonhurst. It’s not as if her cousin’s heart would have been broken if Sonny helped raise his son. Maybe that would have kept him from joining the mob. Let’s not forget that Sonny only joined the mob after Kate dumped him.

Unfortunately, Kate has set herself up for tremendous heartache. Not only is Sonny going to jump back into the mob with both feet, but when he learns the truth about Dante he’s going to wash his hands of Kate. He has to because when he discovered that Carly knew the truth about Kristina, he dumped her. Sonny is nothing if not a creature of habit. Just look at how many of his children are a result of unplanned pregnancies: Dante, his son with Lily, his first child with Carly, his daughter with Sam and of course Kristina. Five out of six kids and we haven’t met any of the legions of women he bedded between Lily and Karen. There could be a dozen more little Sonnys running around.

Speaking of Karen, I hope she comes back and haunts her father. I cannot believe that Scott had the nerve to bargain Lulu’s freedom in exchange for Laura’s agreement to runaway with him. Well I can, but I just hate it.

I was absolutely floored when Laura jumped up and practically clawed Scott’s eyes out while she snarled "Not my daughter, you son of a bitch!" That scene is EXACTLY why I love soaps. I was riveted to my TV anyway because Kin and Julie were knocking it out of the ballpark with their performances. Scott’s fury and Lulu’s terror were palpable but then suddenly, with absolutely no warning, up pops Laura. The expressions of stunned disbelief on the faces of Scott and Lulu mirrored my own. The timing was sheer perfection. I did not expect that at all!

I did notice a few things though which make me suspect that Laura might not have been a part of Lulu’s imagination. Laura knew Scott had murdered Rick Webber, the way that Scott had treated Lulu during the trial and what had really happened between Lulu and Logan the night that Logan died. The last time that Laura awoke from her catatonic state, she had no memory of the time passing. She thought it was still the eve of her wedding to Luke. So, what gives? Did Laura fake her catatonia and if so why? And what happened to the doctor and all the records? I hope these things will be addressed.

I can’t really go by spoilers. Word is, General Hospital wants us to be surprised for sweeps so they are deliberately leaking false spoilers and shooting several versions of various scenes to make sure that we will be. How true that is, I don’t know but I am finding recent spoilers to be very unreliable. What I can say for sure is that Robin will have complications during the delivery of her baby girl and then lapse into a coma. Whether or not Patrick and Robin are married is unclear. Supposedly, Robin’s water will break during the wedding ceremony. I believe that this storyline will usher us into sweeps. From what I understand, General Hospital will fast-forward a significant period of time and show us that someone has died. They will then take us back in time to fill in all the ‘what the heck’s we will be asking. It sounds very exciting and I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Before I sign off, I want to take a moment to thank all of the wonderful readers who emailed me last week. Your kind words of encouragement and praise meant the world to me. I feel honored that you not only took the time to read my humble opinion but emailed me to share your own thoughts. Again, thank you.

Liz Masters
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