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The tender scenes between Robin and Patrick on Friday really gripped my heart. Patrick has been proposing to Robin for months.

The tender scenes between Robin and Patrick on Friday really gripped my heart. Patrick has been proposing to Robin for months. She rejected him time after time because of her myriad of fears based on a lifetime of heartache, abandonment and loss. Robin said no for all the wrong reasons. You say no to a proposal because you don't love the guy. But when you adore the guy, when your world revolves around the guy, you're supposed to say yes and leap at the chance to wake up every morning next to the man you love. But Robin let her fears get the best of her and said no until Patrick gave up and quit asking.

But this week, Robin was confronted with the ugly truth of mortality both via Robert and Kate - and she "was brought to her senses" to quote Sting. She realized what a fool she had been. She acted immediately and mustered up the nerve to propose to Patrick. She laid her heart on the line and they had such an honest exchange I feel compelled to share a short excerpt just in case you missed it:

"Patrick: I know it must have been painful for you to wait outside with Sonny, to watch him deal with the prospect of losing Kate. That's a painful situation, but it doesn't mean you have to go and pull a 180.

Robin: That's not what I'm doing. That's not what I'm doing. I've been thinking about this for a while. Watching my Dad deal with his colon cancer and have to face his own mortality, and having him tell me that the only thing he regrets in his life is not spending more time with the people that he loved. That put everything in perspective for me. Life is short. And love is rare. And it takes an idiot to waste either one or both, which makes me a double idiot, I guess.

Patrick: You are the bravest, most independent woman that I know.

Robin: No, I'm a control freak that was afraid to just be happy in case I might be devastated. But now I can finally admit how ridiculous I've been."

First, allow me to say that if there is a Double Idiot Club, I could easily be appointed its President. But back to GH… Robin and Patrick danced around this issue for a good long time, and just when it appeared certain we were going to get the happy ending we had been rooting for, do you know what Patrick did? He said no. Because now *he* is the one who is afraid. He thinks Robin is asking him to marry her just because she had a rough night. Poor Robin, she finally saw the light, and does not want to wait another minute to marry Patrick, but he can't trust her. Worst of all she can't even blame him. She knows she was an idiot. She got it wrong so many times, why would he trust her with his heart again? Later, when Robin talked to Anna about it, she said

"Robin: Because look at all the time that I've wasted, being stubborn about the wrong things. And if anyone should know how short life is, it should be me, right? And I should be trying to live every second instead of trying to protect myself and trying to push away the one person that I should be holding onto. And I just realized, you know -- yeah, that the world, it's a very scary place. But that just means that I should hold on to him even more so, right?.... The only thing standing in our way was me. Until today, and now it's Patrick. Although I can't say I blame him…. I mean, how did I create a situation where the man that I'm in love with and who is in love with me won't marry me to save me from myself?"

Those lines were from several scenes and I can't put the entire script in my column, but their relationship just mirrors the complexities of love. It's like a chess game- you make a move which seems wise at the time, but you later realize you should have moved the other direction. You long to make it right, and can't think about anything else but how that one bad move changed everything. However so many moves have been made since the one where you went wrong, you don't know how to undo it without tipping over the whole board. Hopefully, you get a rematch.

Here's hoping that our 2 favorite Scrubs will get themselves in sync and finally say YES at the same time and seal the lifetime deal we know they both want to make.

Yeah, I know, I should have opened with the bombshell that my prediction last week was right; Olivia was victim of Sonny's magic sperm in high school. Sonny apparently has a grown son back in Bensonhurst. I sure hope the kid has dimples or I will never believe he's Sonny's kid. I know some of you have predicted the long lost son will be Spinelli, but I have heard ABC was casting for a new character which is rumored to be Sonny Jr. I think Spinelli could end up being Kate and Trevor's son, but that's nothing but a wild guess.

I wonder how many other children Sonny has but doesn't know about? Although Sonny is being very kind to Olivia right now, my guess is that when he finds out she has been hiding a son from him for 20 years, he won't be very happy about it. I predict a broken mirror, or maybe a drinking binge.

But for now, everyone is focused on Kate and getting her well. Olivia bulldozed her way in and insisted that she be named the responsible party who would make medical decisions for "Connie" in spite of the fact "Connie" hadn't seen her for 20 years and became Kate to distance herself from her family. Side note: Here's a P.S.A. - If you have a friend who is contemplating a name change, support them. I tried to talk a dear friend out of changing their name and they have not spoken to me since. I hate it when people ask for your opinion and then get pissed when you give it. But I digress. Olivia took Kate's life into her hands and opted to let Patrick do surgery on her. Kate lived through the surgery, but is still weak, and we still don't know what amount of permanent damage she has suffered. She mumbled about needing to tell Sonny something and I thought Olivia was going to smother her with a pillow to keep her from telling it.

Lulu certainly suffered more mental damage; witnessing a shooting was the last thing her fragile mind needed. Was there really a menacing note on her tray, or was it a figment of her imagination? Hard to say. I fell for the imaginary doctor, so I don't want to fall for the hallway lurker only to find out he's pretend too. Tracy was waiting when Johnny dropped Lulu off, and made sure to introduce Jonnie to Laura. This is otherwise known as the "Here's what you are getting yourself into, son." tour.

Johnny immediately left Shadybrook, drank half a bottle of Jack Daniels, and took his boat out for a drunken spin. Scott got him into the interrogation room and Johnny confessed to a murder he didn't commit and goaded Scott into punching him with witnesses present. Perhaps Johnny believes that will keep Scott of off Lulu's trail, but the truth always had a way of coming out.

Sam and Lucky took Liz's boys and went off for a happy family weekend together. Across town Liz sat at the airport waiting for Jason until their plane left for Italy without them. Lucky did his best to talk Liz out of getting involved with Jason again, but she couldn't receive his sage advice. Sam took Elizabeth's side and reminded Lucky that Liz was a grown woman who was capable of assessing the risks and making her own choices. Liz chose to go to Italy with Jason, but sadly fate took that choice away from her. As usual when Jason and Liz are on the verge of happiness, tragedy struck. Jason was at the church looking for a gunman, and then at GH listening to Sonny making threats rather than jetting off across the globe with Elizabeth.

When I say tragedy struck, I guess I should say Anthony struck. The shooting was all Anthony's doing, and when Ric walked in on him walking around, Anthony glibly said "Looks like you caught me!" and seemed downright giddy about having someone with whom to share his secret. Bruce Weitz should get an Emmy, period. Every now and then a villain comes along which you love in spite of yourself. Weitz's Anthony Zacharra is such a villain. He's a bad guy, we know he's a bad guy, and yet I still find myself accidentally smiling when he's on screen. A powerhouse performer.

At the wedding when bullets started flying, Jax dove for Carly and kept her safe. After it was over, he gathered up Carly and Morgan and took them to the Metro Court for safety reasons but made sure to spell it out for Carly - he still didn't want to reconcile with her. Enter Nikolas wants suddenly desires to buy the Metro Court because he can see it from his house. Um, I can see the CVS Pharmacy from my house, but I don't want to buy it. Both Jax and Carly turned down Nikolas' offer, but later Carly suggested to Jax that he sell Nik his half of the hotel. Why? I think it's a game of chicken, and she's trying to see if he still loves her. Will he hold on to his half of the hotel for an excuse to keep working for her? I dunno, but if I owned a hotel, I would absolutely live in it and order room service and never clean again.

Nikolas and Nadine finally did the deed, and as soon as dawn broke Nadine began acting like a total ninny again and flipped out because Alfred busted in with some breakfast. She jumped out of bed and ran off to work, which hurt Nikolas. To him, a butler coming in with breakfast was a totally normal occurrence but Nadine figured it was the routine the two of them had to get rid of Nik's one night stands. When Nikolas went to talk to Carly about selling the hotel, Nadine misinterpreted something that she witnessed- Carly innocently fixing Nik's collar. Nadine assumed the two of them were lovers. She was crawling around in the floor of the hotel hiding behind furniture spying on them like a crazed stalker. I just don't know about this… Sometimes I think Nadine is cute and quirky, and other times I just want to slap her.

The week ended the way we all knew it would, Sonny wants Jason to step down so he can take over his territory again. And he was so stinking smarmy about it. Sonny said:

"Okay, here's what's going to happen. This is what I should've done months ago. I'm going to tell you what I want you to do. You're going to do it. 'Cause I'm taking over."

I hope Jason beats the crap out of Sonny and tells him to go back to the hospital to visit his fiancée.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Anthony join the seniors for their weekly Mall Walk? Will Claudia stop teasing Ric and finally give it up? Will Mac ever solve a single crime? Will Lucky and Sam get married and sue Liz for custody of Jake and Cam? Will Laura hallucinate that she talked to Lulu? Will Robin's tiny baby belly produce a baby that is bigger than a schnauzer puppy when it's born? Will Olivia ever change out of her bridesmaid dress?

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