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So, how about that murder trial? Lawyers and judges across the land must be cringing. We have everything but a kangaroo hopping around in that courtroom.

Hi everyone. Tamilu is off this week, so Iím filling in for her. Worry not; sheíll be back next week with another one of her wonderful columns.

So, how about that murder trial? Lawyers and judges across the land must be cringing. We have everything but a kangaroo hopping around in that courtroom. Between questionable jury members, Scotty falsifying evidence, and Nadineís odd, yet very entertaining, testimony, I just canít take this trial seriously.

In the September 1, 2008 soapcentral.com newsletter, Dan Kroll said, "Iíve always thought that it might be a good idea for each soap to have a longtime viewer on staff as a consultant. Letís face it; no one knows the shows better than the fans." And heís right!

A soap fan could have pointed out that Edwardís gun was stolen by Lulu who then hotfooted herself down to the police station, where she proceeded to spring Johnny from the clinker, and together they went on the lamb. Lulu could be called to testify, which means having her grandfather in the jury box is a HUGE conflict of interest!

Then there is Epiphany. Pipís only child, Stan, worked for the mob and was murdered in a mob hit. The case has never been solved but at the top of the list of suspects are the Zaccharas. Granted, we know Jerry Jax actually arranged the hit, but no one in Port Charles does.

Oh, and of course Scottyís son is the murder victim. Thatís actually been pointed out several times but each time the judge does NOTHING! Is anyone else getting the sense that either Scotty and the judge are sleeping together or Johnny ran over the judgeís cat?

Then again, we are supposed to believe that Jason wonít be with Elizabeth because of the danger of his violent lifestyle. Yet, apparently, itís hunky dory to have Spinelli living in the penthouse, along with whatever woman Spinelli fancies himself in love with. Why is that okay?

Donít get me wrong, I enjoy Spinelli, but Jason treats him more like his teenaged son, rather than his friend. Everyone in town knows that Spinelli is important to Jason and if Jason had a weakness, it would be Spinelli. Yet, is Spinelli sought out by Jasonís enemies? No. The only time Spinelli winds up in danger, is when he puts himself there.

Jasonís argument falls flat with me. Not just because of the people who live with him but because of the alarming ease and frequency with which people walk in and out of Jasonís home. That includes Jasonís enemies. Example: Sasha, the Slavic Stalker!

I canít remember the last time I saw a guard on Jasonís floor, much less one stationed outside of his door. Sonny, always had one, proving yet again that Sonny was the more effective mob boss.

I feel for Elizabeth; I saw her pain when Jason walked out of her studio. My heart bled for her but I was also frustrated on her behalf. Jason should be fighting to be with his family but heís not. Heís digging himself in deeper and still holding onto Elizabeth. She gave Jason the perfect opportunity to end it. Elizabeth told him that if he said that he didnít love her she would walk away and never look back. Instead of setting Elizabeth free, Jason told her that he couldnít lie and hurt her like that.

Doesnít Jason realize that by holding on to her, he is hurting Elizabeth so much more?

As long as thereís love, Elizabeth is going to fight for Jason. Thatís just the way that she is. Itís what guided her when Lucky returned from the dead, itís what allowed her to forgive Ric, and itís what drove her to marry Lucky for a second time. Elizabeth believes that as long as thereís love, thereís hope.

Hope, it seems, has run out for the Jacksí marriage and I for one couldnít be happier. Iím sorry, I know this pairing has fans and I respect that. Ingo and Laura are phenomenal actors who have oodles of chemistry but Carly and Jax are idiots. I just couldnít stand watching them. It was like nails on a chalkboard for me. They both treated each other horribly in the name of love. Jax was forever taking off to save Jerry, often choosing Jerry over his family, while Carly made everyone a priority but her husband and children. Actually not everyone...just Sonny and Jason.

She paid a heavy price for that but, sadly, Carly has learned little from that. She told Sonny that he couldnít be a part of Michael and Morganís lives as long as he was involved in mob business yet, apparently, the same didnít apply to her. She jumped right back into mob business the first opportunity that presented itself.

I was downright sad when we learned that Carly only visited Michael twice a week. Sad, because weíve seen what sheís been doing instead: traipsing after Karpov and trying to seduce her husband back. Heck, the other day, she opted to stay home and snuggle with Jax on the sofa instead of taking Morgan school shopping.

This is supposed to be a great mom? A woman who is within driving distance to her comatose son but only sees him twice a week? A woman who canít take her son, who recently lost his father and brother, school shopping but, instead, can hang out with her buddy putting away groceries?

Maybe with her marriage finally over, Carly can start to focus on her children more. Morgan needs his mother, more than Carly needs a man.

Before I sign off, I have to say how delighted I was with the wide variety of cast members this week. It was a wonderful mix of storylines and characters. It reminded me of just how much talent this show has. As a longtime viewer and fan, it warmed my heart to see Stuart Damon, Genie Francis, Lesley Charleson, Finola Hughes, Jane Elliot, and John York.

Liz Masters
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