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Lulu was teetering on the edge of sanity and desperately needed her Mama.

Lulu was teetering on the edge of sanity and desperately needed her Mama. After years of catatonia, even mental illness couldn't keep Laura from breaking through to comfort her baby girl in her time of need. Laura emerged from her fog and gently laid her hand on Lulu's head when Lulu needed that comfort most. Laura's back, albeit a little groggy. We have her for awhile, but she will probably have a relapse next time the writers run out of ideas, or Genie Francis needs time off to tape The Note part 2.

These have been powerful scenes, Genie Francis and Julie Marie Berman not only look alike, they emote alike and have a real mother/daughter chemistry that propels us along with them wherever they go.

Lulu has it easier though, when I first started watching GH back when Laura was in love with Scott she cried a lot, but they hadn't invented waterproof mascara yet. Thus in many scenes Laura had giant black sudges under her eyes and big black mascara streaks down her face. Lulu can cry and still look Cover Girl perfect.

Luke isn't in town yet, and that blows, because having Laura without Luke is like grabbing a chocolate chip cookie and realizing you are out of milk, or having margarita mix in your cupboard but no tequila, or hearing a Bee Gees song but not having a disco ball, or…well, you get it.

I was happy Lulu was able to clear up her Mom's false belief that she killed her step-dad Rick Weber. But I want much more. I want to see Laura confront Scott, I want to see Scott squirm. I want Luke to find out Scott was involved, I want to see those two old dudes in a fistfight. Mind you, I'm not much younger than them so I use the word old lightly. It wasn't Laura's fault that Rick died, and thus she went crazy and lost years with her family for nothing.

Laura also got to return the favor and tell Lulu it was not her fault that Logan died either. In truth, it was the writer's fault that Logan died leaving so much story untold, his past in Iraq, his budding relationship with Scotty, and even as a ghost they don't let him speak. But Lulu is doing her best to explain the Logan/Johnny triangle to Laura. She could do it more easily by saying "Okay. I am you, Logan is Scotty Baldwin, and Johnny is Dad." Us old timers have seen this story a time or two before.

Several of you have asked me if she is really back, or if this is all in Lulu's head. Although no one else has seen Laura, I think she is actually awake because Genie Francis signed a contract, so that leads me to hope she might actually get to interact with people other than Lulu.

On the topic of personal interaction this week, my second favorite exchange this week seeing Jax finally calling Kate out on her big fat lie about Carly. Seeing someone take Kate down a peg made me strangely happy. I remember how clever Kate and Clarice thought they were when they came up with their manipulative little scheme and seeing Kate have the Smug smacked out of her delighted me. We don't have many couples to root for these days. So much of our beloved show has gone the way of crime and violence vs. the old "love in the afternoon" theme of the past. I am rooting for Jax and Carly, I want them to make it.

Another couple that seems to have a lot of people on the fence is Nikolas and Nadine. This week when he taught her to waltz, a few of you wrote to say that you felt they were trying to steal some of the Nik/Emily magic. A few of you wrote that you enjoyed it and thought it was sweet. Nadine daydreaming grand Cinderella ballroom fantasies in her head while she stumbled and stepped on his toes in real life was sweet, but I am still not entirely certain about them as a long term couple. I like the chemistry between Nikolas and Claudia, but he's always been a noble character. I can't see him getting involved with the mob unless he steps in to rescue Claudia from her maniac father Anthony. Informal poll: what do you think? Who would you rather see Nikolas with, Nadine, Claudia, or someone entirely different?

And for the many readers who made sure I missed the line about Molly being on vacation with Ric a couple of weeks ago, I would like to restate my opinion that Molly is the forgotten child. Why? Although Molly is supposedly on vacation with Ric, when Claudia broke into Alexis' office and got the address of the hotel where they were staying, she walked in on Ric having afternoon delight with some bimbo lawyer. Molly was nowhere to be seen. Did Daddy have her locked in the bathroom taking a bubble bath while he humped opposing counsel? Was she out for a walk with the Nanny? Did he send her down to the hotel lobby alone to buy him a Starbucks? Where exactly WAS Molly?

We know where Robin was, she hopped on the hospital P.A. system to say some really beautiful things about her love for Patrick, and just as our hopes were building that she was going to finally cave in and accept his marriage proposal, she turned him down again. May I just say that if I knew Robin in real life we would never, ever be friends? I really don't like her at all. Maybe that was her revenge for Patrick putting her on the spot by proposing over the P.A. system, or maybe she's just a bonehead, but that was actually quite cruel. If she wasn't pregnant with his kid, I hope Patrick would have the good sense to dump her whiny butt. (I only used butt as this is a family friendly column but the word in my head is rated R.)

When I talked about couples I was rooting for, you will note that Kate and Sonny was not on my list. Sonny is having doubts about being able to stay away from Carly, and if the rumors are true about Vanessa Marcil coming back to Port Charles, I am certain Sonny would be unable to stay away from Brenda too. Kate got a spot of blood on her dress, and panicked, but if she knew the truly dangerous nature of Karpov and saw the blood that was bound to be part of her future, she would be even more afraid. Then of course, the final blow- Sonny took her to the Island and we all know any woman that goes there is doomed. I hope they have that bed sterilized between guests, I can only imagine what sort of diseases one could catch on those sheets. Kate doesn't look like the sort of girl who would take kindly to an STD.

Crimson is the funniest business. A magazine launch that only has two full time employees, Kate and Clarice, and 2 part time employess, Maxie who shows up occasionally between playing Veronica Mars girl detective with Spinelli and Lulu who is locked up in a mental hospital. I am sure there might be people working at some other location in New York, but other than "Federico" we haven't heard much about them. She should call Jack and Sharon over at Restless Style in Genoa City and get some tips. They launched their magazine much faster and are already on their third issue.

Spinelli was the latest victim in the counterfeit drug scam if we can believe Dr. Matt Hunter, and apparently the bad drugs make you have film noir fantasies about Slavic Sedictresses. Spinelli had quite a lovely little dream about Sasha and Leyla kung fu fighting over him. Maxie pinned down Diane and Bernie to track down Jason, and Jason arrived at the hospital in a suit (Which can only mean they caught him in some meeting of the "What's left of the 5 families) looking very spiffy and worried about his grasshopper.

Jax who received several warnings from Jerry about Karpov's dangerous nature pulled some strings and got his visa revoked, so maybe the slavic Seductress will accompany Karpov back to the motherland. I doubt they will be gone long though- we all know old gangsters never leave on GH until they are dead. I would list them all for you starting with guys like Mr. Big and Frank Smith and ending with the criminal stylings of Faith Roscoe and Lorenzo Alcazar, except I still can't get on-line and I can't remember every dead gangster from the past 30 years, so just trust me, there's a bunch of them.

When Spinelli called The Maternal One to tell her Jason was in danger, Liz made a beeline to her studio which I haven't seen for what… a decade? Where did they dig up that set? I think the last time she was there was 3 Lucky's ago during the Jonathan Jackson Reign. At any rate, she made it clear she wants to be with Jason, danger or no and when she gave him the chance to walk away, he kissed her instead. So, looks like some hot paint sex scenes are coming while Jason and Liz do it on the cement floor on a drop cloth or maybe on the same nasty 10 year old germy sofa where she did Zander to get pregnant with Cameron.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Luke come home and have to tell Laura they aren't really married, or will Tracy beat him to it? Will Spinelli wake up from his dreams and decide to go shopping for the nice clothes he wears when he fantasizes? Will Nadine go home and tell her purse full of stuffed animals that Nikolas danced with her? Will we ever see Spencer or Molly again? Will Dead Bloody Logan run into Alan Quartermaine in the Netherworld? Will the fact that Sam and Lucky can't stay away from each other for 8 minutes give away their big secret that they are only "pretend broken up."

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