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Spinelli had a brief window of bliss on his date with Leyla, but eventually ended up getting arrested.

Spinelli had a brief window of bliss on his date with Leyla, but eventually ended up getting arrested. Poor Damian just can't catch a break. But that is the way of it, is it not? The nice guys of the world get bullied, trampled and passed over while the bullies and jerks get ahead. But if I ruled the world, this would not be so.

Spinelli is bending over backwards trying to magically transform himself into someone else so he can be loved. I want to shout "STOP!! You're doing it all wrong!" Because dear readers, you should never try to turn yourself into someone else in order to be loved and accepted. That whole Grease scenario where Sandy had to dress in leather, tease her hair and start smoking to win Danny Zuco is crap.

There is One True Love out there someplace in the universe that will accept you just as you are, no adjustments necessary. You must search the world to find that Someone; the one who "gets" you, who sees the world through the same lens as you do. And when you finally find them, you must fight for them; really fight for them until your lives are one. But poor Spinelli making himself over into a designer suit wearing Australian playboy when he is really a sweet, literate computer nerd from New York broke my heart. Don't do it! If someone doesn't love you for yourself, they aren't worth it.

Spinelli may be offbeat and quirky, but he's a fine human being, and a hero to boot. This week when he took Leyla to the wedding, and someone uttered racial slurs in Leyla's direction, Spinelli decked him, felled the bigot with a single punch. The Jackal reigns supreme.

Sonny reigns supreme to Morgan, who made him an adorable handprint gift for Father's Day. Carly looked into his sweet little face and said "Great gift dear, but Daddy's never going to see you again. He really loves you though!" Um yeah, right. Would any kid buy that? No. A kid sees things in black and white. Either Daddy loves me and I know because he came over and hugged me and gave me a gift, or Daddy doesn't love me and I know because he vanished from my life. Sonny knows that himself - Mike left Sonny as a child and he's never gotten over it and truly forgiven Mike. I have mixed feelings about this.

I understand Carly's desire to protect her kids, but since Sonny's enemies already know Morgan is his kid, a paper saying otherwise doesn't really protect him. Besides, Carly is out picking fights with Claudia Zacharra, and visiting Jason, who are both as dangerous as Sonny. Not to mention "Uncle Jerry" whom everyone seems to have forgotten is a twisted hostage taking maniac. Bottom line? Carly, let Morgan give Sonny the damn handprint!

One lady I felt empathy for this week is Diane. In another Father's Day scene, Diane confessed to Jason that she misses her Dad on Father's Day and breaks down. Tough has nails Diane, it turns out, is soft and sentimental at the core, and I for one feel her pain. I miss my Daddy, too, in case anyone's keeping score.

In an act of shameless cross promotion, if any of you have recently lost someone you love, check out my article on grief, here: http://www.ehow.com/how_2322667_live-after-someone-love-has.html

Back on track, does anyone at all care about Kate's magazine rivalry with Giselle? I only have one word for it, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. If they have run out of things for Kate to do and have to come up with lame side stories for her, let Crimson fail and send her back to NY to be Giselle's errand girl. Carly is trying to push Kate in that direction, too - she more or less bragged to Kate that if she ever wanted Sonny back, she could have him. And let's face it, that's true, considering the evidence from last week's Limo Sex Incident.

So let me get this straight. Prince Nikolas is going to open a clinic in some dilapidated old storefront, and his sole advisor is Nadine, the student nurse? Why not invite Robin, whom he's known for years who is a doctor, or Patrick an esteemed brain surgeon who just saved his life, or maybe Monica, albeit in rehab, a doctor with 30+ years of experience, and Emily's Mom, to boot. But hey, if Nurse Nadine is who he wants - who am I to judge? Maybe she can decorate the lobby with puppets and trolls.

Claudia has judged Lulu and deemed her unfit to be Johnny's woman, so she has paid Maxie to seduce Johnny away from Lulu. Now that Maxie knows Johnny and Claudia's new penthouse apartment (Jax's old one) looks down on the Crimson offices, I see a striptease in the works. In the past, I would have rooted against Claudia and Maxie, but Lulu is so annoying to me now, I'm actually rooting for the bad girls. I never do that.

Maybe I'm embracing my dark side more these days… I am rooting for Sam, too, in the bar brawl with the chick who keeps calling her Cindy. Sure, Sam stole her man and all of his money, too - but I get the feeling she had it coming. I have a very low tolerance for fools these days - chalk it up to hormones or heartache, but at any rate, I'm on Sam's side. I also love that Lucky knows all the bad things about Sam and loves her anyway - that's so rare. People often say they love you no matter what, but they rarely follow through with any tangible or concrete evidence of said love. Lucky, on the other hand, risked his own safety by punching a cop to make sure he got arrested with Sam. Not that I am advocating violence - a night in Mexican jail and an arrest record isn't a bouquet of flowers, but hey, at least you can see it. :

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Jerry stab Claudia again just to appease his bloodlust? Will Spinelli's newfound friendship with Leyla make Maxie jealous? Will Anthony ever yell out "HEEEEERE'S JOHNNY!" when Logan rolls him into the new penthouse apartment? Will wonderful young actor Josh Duhon get tired of being relegated to playing Anthony's flunky with no lines and quit? Will Lulu raid Maxie's closet since everyone keeps telling her that Maxie dressed better than she does? Will Patrick go back and finish that pizza Robin made him buy before she collapsed and didn't get any? Will anyone but me think Robin's baby looked like a schnauzer puppy on the ultrasound?

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