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I am celebrating another great meeting of the minds: Sam and Liz. Our dueling heroines were nice to each other this week.

This week two incredible people worked toward putting their contentious relationship behind them in order to unite people around them together for the greater good. You guys think I'm getting political on you and am turning 2 Scoops into a discussion of Obama and Clinton, right?

Nope, not at all. I am celebrating another great meeting of the minds: Sam and Liz. Our dueling heroines were nice to each other this week. Can you believe it? They spoke to one another without rolling their eyes or making catty remarks! Can you believe they sat down together where their knees may have touched? They were actually within clawing distance of each other and yet no Lee Press on Nails were drawn. It was a glorious day.

I seriously doubt we will see them at Wyndham's shopping for shoes together anytime soon, but it was nice to see them smile at one another and realize they could peacefully co-exist. Other than Diane and Alexis, the genuine female friendships on GH are few and far between. Most of the women at GH are at one another's throats, so to have them move from 'Despise Each Other' to 'Can Tolerate One Another' is a big moment for me.

Astute reader Meg asked me an excellent question this week - Shouldn't Jason find a new office space? She's absolutely on target. If Sonny is running a "legit" coffee business, why is Jason still holed up in Sonnybucks running the Mob? Sonny should be at the coffee office, and Jason should run the mob out of his penthouse like Sonny used to when he lived across the hall in the opposing penthouse. In fact, I bet since no one lives over there, all of Sonny's old Mob running stuff and bulletproof windows are still available.

But let's face it; Sonny isn't doing very well being a normal business guy. You can't really bully and intimidate people into doing things if you sell coffee for a living. No one is afraid of a barista. (I personally adore baristas… so trust me, I mean no disrespect.) Kate's business partner won't give her a good deal, so Sonny throws muscle around to scare the dude into submission, but in reality, the only muscle he really has is to refuse the guy a latte. Sonny's Dad Mike gets roughed up for failing to pay his gambling debts AGAIN, and Sonny wants Jason to put the kibosh on the bookie. Jason wisely refuses.

A couple of thoughts here…First off, where is Mike gambling? Luke's Casino is closed so unless Mike had a bad hand of poker with the boys at the bar, how much trouble could he have gotten into? Secondly, shouldn't someone tell Mike about Gambler's Anonymous? This guy has been an addict since Sonny was a boy and it ruined his marriage and his family but he's never tried to quit?

But Mike isn't the issue - Sonny is. Sonny wanted to give up power supposedly to save Morgan. But apparently he doesn't want it enough to start acting like a grown up and facing the ugly fact that you don't always get your way. Sonny is a guy that no one ever says no to (I hate guys like that, btw) and suddenly people are telling him no and he's losing his mind. Let's take bets, how long will it be until he makes Jason sign papers to reverse the first papers?

My greatest fear right now, and yours too, (I know because you have written to tell me) is that we are probably about to have another stupid round of "Who's the Daddy." After all, Sonny and his magic sperm did Carly in the limo on the way back from dropping Michael off at the long term care facility. Now Jax is lamenting about how he wants to try for another baby, and went to Dr. Lee to confirm she's still fertile. Of course, the answer was a resounding yes… So, when Carly ends up pregnant, will it be Sonny's or Jax's baby? Hopefully Jax's - he's only wanted his own child for about the last decade now. Besides, if it turns out to be Sonny's we have to get new legal papers to make him give up rights to yet another child. I honestly can't believe Kate hasn't gotten knocked up yet.

But wait! Kate and Sonny had sex on her desk last week, and I doubt Sonny stopped in the middle of their passionate embrace to slip on an Enduro. Maybe Carly and Kate will both wind up pregnant. They can go to Lamaze together and share baby tips.

Being totally undeterred by the fact there might be remnants of nasty bodily fluids on Kate's desk; Spinelli threw Maxie down on the same desk in an attempt at passion. Sadly, Maxie mistook it for a cover move to save her from Kate's wrath having snuck a peak at some top secret designs. Poor Spinelli can't catch a break. He thought he was making headway with a girl at Jake's bar this week, only to discover he really wasn't her type when she started making out with…her girlfriend. Coleman and Patrick didn't seem to mind the view and happily settled their side bet.

I'd like to make a wager myself right now - Claudia Zacharra is going to make Lulu very sorry she shot her "big fat mouth" off, and I for one, am happy about that. When Lulu first went from 10 to 17 overnight, I was peeved, but Julie Marie Berman is a great young actress, and she had such depth I couldn't help but love her. Lulu was a young woman with issues stemming from being abandoned by her Dad, and lost to another due to Laura's mental breakdown. I felt for her.

But now? She's been turned into nothing but a loud shrieking harpy. Lulu called both Claudia and Maxie a skank this week… Let's examine… Lulu lied to Dillon about Georgie to get him into bed. That's pretty skanky. Then she was dating Spinelli, Dillon, and Milo all at once trying to pick which one she wanted. Then, she dumped all 3 of them for Logan, and slept with him, but when she found out about his bet with Maxie, she dumped him. Then she reconciled with Logan and told him she wanted to start over again, but kept slipping off to meet Johnny on the sly. Um, is it just me, or does she seem a little skanky herself?

Rumor has it that Claudia is going to enlist Maxie's help by paying Maxie to help her break up Johnny and Lulu. I might pitch in some money, too. I want the writers to have Lulu deal with no men interested in her for about 3 months so she realizes the world doesn't revolve around her. Then maybe her character will be someone we can stand again.

As to Claudia, I can't help it; I still like her with Nikolas. Of course, everyone is trying to break them up and they aren't even together yet, which will make it all the more appealing to them to be together. Let's face it, most of us have had that experience - knowing that everyone disapproves of a relationship makes you all the more determined to prove them wrong and make it work.

I have to give Lulu credit for one thing this week; because of her we finally got a scene with the Quartermaines. Tracy, Edward, Ghost Alan and Alice were all out in force to tell Johnny to stay away from Lulu. We even got to see Rehab Monica when Jason stopped by to let Mom know the good news that he'd been promoted to head Mobster. It was very touching when Nikolas went to Emily's grave this week to see the names of all of our long lost Q's - Justus Ward, AJ, Emily, Alan, Lila, etc. Seeing the names all lined up that way made me sad even though my head knows they are fictional characters.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Robin blog about how boring she's become? Will Patrick blog about how much he enjoyed watching the lesbians kiss? Will Sonny start a support blog for dethroned mob bosses? Will Diane blog about her shoe collection or her fishing rendezvous with Max? Will Sam blog about her latest Everyday Hero accomplishment, convincing her arch enemy to smile at her? Will Maxie post a "Have You Seen Me" blog to find out whatever happened to her dog?

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