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Every choice we make, small or large, eventually determines the outcome of our life.
Every choice we make, small or large, eventually determines the outcome of our life. We turn "a different corner" as George Michael sings - we meet, or don't meet someone - we always have options before us and the seemingly innocent decisions we make have an impact over our future which we can never envision. Sonny chose to get involved with Joe Scully as a young man to escape an abusive step-dad, and that single choice paved the way for a painful future that ended Friday with a bullet in Michael's head.

The people you daily choose to surround yourself with, the treasured friends you carelessly toss aside when they tell you truths you don't want to hear, the job that asks you to compromise your values and look the other way, the night you know you've had a few too many drinks but think you drive yourself home - all those little decisions we make can eternally alter our lives. Did Sonny's choices cost him his son?

It's possible. I have heard rumors it will, but I don't want to believe them. I would hate to lose Dylan Cash, he's a great little actor and I think he's a valuable member of that cast. There is another persistent rumor that Michael will slip into a coma and then they will S.O.R.A.S. him, which would totally piss me off. If he shows up next month and is suddenly Johnny's age, I will drive to L.A. and march around ABC with a protest sign. Not like they will care, but it will make me happy to revolt.

Carly is going to lose her mind. Not only did Jax leave town to take Kate's meeting - Kate and Sonny took her son out without asking her permission or knowledge and got him SHOT. There will be no easy forgiveness for Sonny this time, his dimples aren't going to erase this particular evening for Carly. Certainly, Sonny's impulses were good, he wanted to show his son his legitimate business. But the same Sonny who has spent years fighting with everyone he knows, (including Carly) to let him protect them with bodyguards gave his own bodyguards the night off. Bad call.

My husband Jeff (who SWEARS he doesn't like GH, and doesn't watch it) just told me he thinks Dr. Ian will be the one assigned to aid in Michael's recovery. If only Jason had known that you can be a surgeon by day and a hit man by night - it could have made all the difference in his relationship with Alan and Monica. You may recall that before Jason got his head wrapped around a tree, he was going to med school. Alan and Monica really wanted him to be a doctor. Some of that knowledge is still in there; remember that one day that post brain damaged Jason was able to give Nikolas a tracheotomy with a Bic pen? He didn't know why he knew how to do that. If Jason had only pursued that a bit, he could have been operating on people by day and hiding in coffee warehouses by night with an uzi. (FYI, I just had to Google how to spell uzi, as I didn't know. I am not fond of guns.)

It's ridiculous to think that Dr. Ian is practicing medicine by day and killing people as a hobby. Most medical professionals I know don't have hours of spare time to hunker down in bags of coffee waiting to blow someone away. Nor a desire to kill, since they are supposed to HEAL people. My only hope is that Epiphany finds out about his secret pastime and kicks his butt out of her hospital, and oh yes, you better believe, it IS her hospital.

Maxie and Lulu fighting over working for Kate, in her lame knockoff of the Devil Wears Prada mode is annoying. Do they really expect us to believe that the same Maxie who scammed her way through a fake pregnancy and helped Spinelli track down the Text Message Killer is too stupid to address a damned Fed-Ex box? Or that Kate would let Carly bully her into hiring Lulu? Or that Lulu would take a job she didn't want just to get under Maxie's skin? Okay, well that third one is true, as Lulu is a selfish little thing and would totally do something just to irk Maxie. Maxie is still growing on me; I like her a little more each day.

Sam was pretty amazing this week, too - giving an impassioned plea to the judge on behalf of Monica to keep her out of jail for the hit and run. Sam understands grief, and loss and bad choices, and I think she offered the sort of grace and forgiveness to Monica that she hopes people will offer to her for her own bad choices born of grief and loss. Before I experienced tragedy in my life, I wasn't terribly compassionate. But once I did - I suddenly understood every heartbroken and lost soul on Earth. Sam understood Monica's self destructive choices in response to grief as she made equally self destructive choices while handling her own losses. The judge heard all the people who spoke on Monica's behalf and gave her rehab and community service vs. jail. I think it would aid in her recovery to know that she had a grandson, too - but that little love affair may be on hold again, too.

Just as Jason and Liz were on the verge of saying "Let's be real family", Michael was shot in a violent accident. Will that put Liz and Jason's plans and dreams back into limbo? I suppose Liz will have to see some more kids wheeled into the ER who have been injured by cars before she will let Jason near her boys again.

Johnny bought into the Haunted Star with Luke, supposedly as a business investment, but in reality to stay near to Lulu - who also happens to be his alibi. Claudia's alibi was her big catfight at the Metro Court with Carly, and Jerry's alibi was apparently running his car off the road. But will Sonny and Jason see through the ruse and realize their truce is a big fat lie? Who's going to pay for Michael being shot? Maybe Trevor. But in my mind, Jax and Carly will make Sonny pay by keeping Morgan away from his father, and Alexis will make Sonny pay by refusing him visitation with Kristina.

Robin realized that being a single mother might be harder than she anticipated after she had to watch Jake and Cam for 14 seconds. I haven't seen Robin that wound up since Rory was lost in the Catacombs and she had to get the people in the Asian Quarter to help her find him.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Alice toss the medicine ball at Tracy when she gets sassy with Mr. Luke? Will Lulu pick more fights with Johnny since she apparently only gets turned on when she's furious? Will Morgan start moving his toys into Michael's room since he already knows where to hide a gun in there? Will the local sheriff make the whole town of Port Charles take a driver's safety course since no one in town can drive anyplace without ramming their cars into something? Will Maxie ever ace "Addressing Envelopes 101?"

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