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The bar has been raised. Now that Genie Francis is back in action, and we see the level of emotion and depth she wrings out of every scene, do you realize how little we have settled for without her?

The standard setter is back. The bar has been raised. Now that Genie Francis is back in action, and we see the level of emotion and depth she wrings out of every scene, do you realize how little we have settled for without her? The woman can act. She never stumbles through her scenes mindlessly, she is always fully present and engaged and that commitment is visible. Every time the scenes turn to Laura, I perk up a bit, "Okay, I better pay attention now, something Good is about to happen." Wow. Not only is she fabulous, but she makes everyone in the scenes with her rise to her level, meaning everyone is giving better performances in their scenes with her than they were when she was just a blond head rocking quietly in her chair at Shadybrook. Thanks Genie.

A delicious bit of trouble is brewing as Helena has discovered that Luke and Laura plan to be remarried, and that can't be good news, but it will make for some juicy viewing. The original Helena at the original wedding was played by none other than Liz Taylor, but Constance Towers owns Helena now, and I'm sure she will have her own evil curses to impart and havoc to wreak and all sorts of other Soapy Stuff. A fall wedding in Lila's rose garden with the whole town present and mysteries unfolding and glimpses of beloved vets, well the whole thought of it is making me downright giddy with anticipation. I swear, if I had any money, I would buy them a wedding gift.

I am a little concerned with the legality of the upcoming wedding…How about you? Although Luke has been telling people he and Tracy got a quickie divorce, I don't think they actually did. There was that odd scene between Luke and Tracy where they discuss how right they are for one another…EWWW, and what a fool he would be to divorce her for Laura - I couldn't quite tell where they left that… That conversation made me so angry, I wanted to hurl things at my TV screen - if Laura came back from a 4 year catatonic state and Luke chose Tracy over her, I would give up GH for good. So, if that happens and my columns disappear, you will know why. Are Luke and Tracy truly legally divorced? If not, will Helena find out about it and stop the wedding midstream?

Time will tell, I guess. Right now, Laura made Luke tell her the truth about her mental illness, (Did anyone else think about A Few Good Men? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!) and that she killed Rick Weber before her last mental meltdown. She seems to be taking it in stride, which is good news, as I would be doubly peeved if they brought her out of this just so we could watch her go mad again.

Last week I had an informal poll, asking my precious readers who they would cut to make enough money for Laura to stay. The list of expendable PC residents included Maxie, Sam, the Mayor, Skye, Lorenzo, Cruz, and Colleen - there were many suggestions as to who we could do without, but I only got 1 letter that said they didn't want Laura to stay along with some stats saying younger viewers want to see younger actors. But, my personal opinion is that people young and old just want to see GOOD actors. So, in Tamiluland, 99% of you want Genie Francis to stay and feel she's a valuable addition to the current Port Charles landscape. And 1% of you are wrong. You know who you are!

Besides the upcoming nuptials, we had other romantic moments this week when Dr. Dreamboat confessed his love to Robin. She didn't respond terribly well, it freaked her out and she sprinted off like a scared bunny to her apartment and girlfriends to mull it over with a pint of Ben and Jerry's. Eventually, she realized she loved him too and was just running scared and the two boneheads finally admitted they were in love with one another. Now, we're just waiting for Patrick's next HIV test to come back clean…

Speaking of boneheads…Sam, a wanted fugitive, decided to go take a little stroll to the cemetery to visit her baby's grave and of course, got arrested and shot. The writers keep making her more stupid by the day. When she came onto the GH canvas, Sam was a con artist - cunning and clever and would never make such a knucklehead move - but they keep dumbing her down to the point that I can't imagine what Jason sees in her anymore. (Other than the ample bosoms.)

No offense to Kelly Monaco - she's doing the best she can with what the writers give her, I just wish the writers would give her back some of the moxie she had at the start of her GH journey. And I mean absolutely no disrespect to grieving mothers who have lost children. I have lost many people in my own family this year, but the reality is I don't live near their graves, so I cherish them and honor them in my heart and mind, and by the way I live my life -but don't get to show up and bring flowers to the. And I certainly wouldn't try if a corrupt D.A. was out to frame me and imprison me. It was totally illogical for Sam to go there - how many times have we heard her caution Jason "No! Don't go out there! You'll get shot!" but she didn't take her sound advice in her own precarious situation? C'mon writers, give the girl something to work with.

Carly got a primo scene this week as she staged a meltdown with a gun in the hospital to cause a diversion for Jason so he could get to Sam in GH. Ric of course, had a decoy in the room armed and ready to take Jason down, while Sam was in another room, barely grazed by the bullet. Jax was savvy enough to play along, and it appears that he will indeed be able to handle the complicated woman that is Carly. But will they really let Jax and Carly wed on the same day as Luke and Laura? I think not, that wedding will probably be pushed back a bit. Comedic moment of the week; Epiphany pretending to be Jason's hostage and telling him "ease up on that gun, or I'll turn around and slap you in the head."

Readers, I have had a terribly busy week and am already one day late writing this, and am cutting it short today. Please forgive me, but this is a volunteer gig and my real living that pays my rent awaits… I will do better next week. I know I missed a lot of little intricacies, but my time is chock full and as the saying goes, I am Over Committed and Under Satisfied this week…On another note - thanks for sending me all those love letters. There is no other way to say it - you all write such sweet and warm things to me, it melts my heart every week. I love you guys, too.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Maxie wear a skanky red maternity teddy to the wedding? Will Lulu bring Pete as her date and make Dillon even more jealous? Will Lucky get a rehab day pass to be his Dad's best man? Will Robert and Anna drop into the rose garden via helicopter? Will Ric's black eye ever go away? Will Helena show up at the wedding with Stefan and Stavros in tow? Will the Q's order their Thanksgiving Pizza early to avoid the last minute rush?

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