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The voices swirling around in Lulu's head are maddening and she has lost the ability to hear her own voice or feel her own heart beating in her chest and the one person she needed finally waltzed back into town - her Daddy.

The voices swirling around in Lulu's head are maddening and she has lost the ability to hear her own voice or feel her own heart beating in her chest and the one person she needed finally waltzed back into town - her Daddy. Luke hasn't been the world's best father, but he's the only one she has and he loves her fiercely and is on her side and sometimes all we need in this world is to know we aren't alone - that someone loves us unconditionally and won't disown us even when we make unpopular choices. Luke gave Lulu that gift, and told her if she chose to keep the baby, he's try to be a better grandparent than he was a parent, and told her if she aborted the baby, he would help her in any way he could. And that's what she needed; someone to give her permission to follow her heart with the promise of love no matter what choice she made.

Next Monday, it will be 2 years since my Dad passed away, and I admit I cried a lot watching these scenes, as I still miss him so desperately, and my Dad isn't just a plane ride away to rescue me when I'm in trouble. But, even so, I still know that unconditional love he had for me is still alive even if I won't be able to tangibly taste it again this side of heaven. But Luke is still alive and kicking and Lulu has her Daddy here in the flesh to help her through this difficult choice, and that support will make all the difference in the world to her emotional and mental health, I'm certain. But what will she choose? Dillon is very invested in this baby already and is begging and pleading with Lulu to keep it - I wonder if she will take his wishes into account. Before she lied to him, they were best friends and confidants and had a great trust between them. I hope that bond is still alive and if she chooses to keep this baby, the relationship with them will be further explored. I love Dillon with Georgie, but if Lulu keeps the baby, it will change the nature and dynamics of their relationship. Quite frankly, I'd really enjoy watching Scott Clifton tackle a storyline of such depth and emotion.

Emotions are flying around at Liz's place too, as she got official confirmation that she is also pregnant from the defective batch of Q condoms…But who's the Daddy? Liz is unsure, but I'm putting my money on Jason. But, Lucky won't be able to blame his pill popping on Liz's pregnancy, as he is already popping pills again and his only reason is that he is too stubborn to go into rehab. This whole storyline is irking me. I loathe Maxie and keep hoping that Manny Ruiz isn't really dead and comes to town to get revenge and starts by knocking off the Police Commissioner's kid and I don't mean Georgie.

Like Mac, Ric has two daughters, but has clearly picked a favorite - Molly, his biological daughter. He is bound and determined not to let Molly live in Kristina's shadow, and I have to admit, Alexis DOES talk a lot more about Kristina than Molly, but in her defense, Molly is an infant and can't really have conversations about her Mommy's cancer, so I realize Alexis is trying to help the child that actually knows something is wrong. But Ric has gone into self-defense mode for his daughter and is going to make sure Molly never feels second best. Sam is being an idiot about Ric, IMHO - they had formed a friendship, and he truly didn't sleep with her to get back at Jason, but because…he wanted to sleep with her. After all, she paraded around in the moonlight in her see through jammies, and he is after all a dude, so why is she acting like the injured party now?

My dear readers, I attended a conference last weekend and thought I would get caught up on things more quickly than I actually did and this column is now 3 days late and I am still not done and there is much more to say, but it would be next week if I keep trying to write one or two sentences a day in between my nine other responsibilities, so I am ending this here and promise I will write a real and thorough column next week. Please forgive me, life just got away from me the past week.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Skye and Lo's baby be a year old before Lorenzo tracks her down? Will Maxie continue to buy all her clothes from Frederick's of Hollywood so cleavage is ever present? Will the drug dealer ever find out they make Ziploc bags so Lucky can stop folding and unfolding his flip top baggie to release his drugs? Will Liz get morning sickness at the Nurses' Station and puke on Epiphany's feet? Will Epiphany ever notice her son has gone Missing In Action and ask Jason what happened to him? Will Carly stop playing hard to get and just make out with Jax so I can watch?

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