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Attn all ladies: If a man who is supposedly in love with you flies to the other side of the world and then sits there waiting while your heart bleeds 'just to see if you'll come after him.', kick him to the curb.

Attn all ladies: If a man who is supposedly in love with you flies to the other side of the world and then sits there waiting while your heart bleeds "just to see if you'll come after him.", kick him to the curb. I'm so weary of games - aren't you? Good God, men, what has happened to your gender? Little girls grow up reading fairy tails about knights on white horses that swoop in and rescue damsels in distress. And trust me guys, I know a lot of women are not princesses. But some are. Some women are decent, faithful loving people, and far too often, they get stomped on. Women love the idea of being cherished and safe and valued - we love the daydream that a man would really ride in to rescue us - but it just never actually happens. Most men, like Jax, play head games and dig their heels in and test and torture us. Jax loves Carly, but won't say it to her face. And when she flew half way around the world to meet him, he had a female friend come to dinner with him for the express purpose of making her jealous. If you love someone, why mess with their head like that?

But, Jax is a handsome billionaire Soap Dude, so he instantly realized the error of his ways and flew home to try to make things right with Carly. Of course, he didn't realize it on his own; he needed a little prodding from his Mom. Will Carly forgive him for dumping her and sneaking out in the middle of the night and flying to Africa for 2 months? Of course she will. He's Jax.

Most people think Carly is selfish, and she certainly has that capacity, but when Lulu burst through the door to tell her Aunt she was pregnant, her differences with Jax were the furthest thing from her mind. I loved the Jerry McGuire-ish line "You had me at 'I'm pregnant'." Sweet. I appreciate the budding relationship here, especially since Luke and Carly have never really gotten along well, it will be nice if Lulu and Carly bonding brings Luke and Carly closer together.

That aside, I have to admit, this storyline is touching me more than I thought it would. I said a few weeks ago "I hope Lulu doesn't have an abortion." And I still hope they don't go that route, but the writers have done such an amazing job at writing the dialogue of her struggle and thought process that I understand more about what would lead someone to make that choice. She grew up herself as an unwanted child - dumped at her Grandma's house while her Dad toured the world and her Mom got her hair brushed at the mental hospital. And she knows she isn't ready to be a Mom and doesn't want her baby to feel as lost and empty as she feels. I don't agree with the "it's just a bunch of cells" statements, but I understand why her character may believe that - Lulu wasn't taken to Sunday School, she never had anyone to teach her about faith or God or the sanctity of life -so I can't expect her character to respond as if she should know better.

I can't say I agree with the theology here - First, off, I am siding with Dillon in the "My body!/My baby!" fight. I believe in the rights of fathers. Some of you have written to me and said "Of course you feel this way, you had a good Dad and a good Mom." Very true. I am blessed to have been raised by two people who loved me and also loved each other, and I know that isn't everyone's experience. But my upbringing aside, I value life just because I believe all life has value. Not as much as my husband, who is a vegetarian animal lover and wouldn't let me kill the spider that dropped down on my head while watching Jeopardy the other night, but on all issues concerning life and death, I will always cast my vote on the side of life. What the GH writers have done is made me more sympathetic to someone who might make a different choice. We all have a different set of experiences and things in our lives that color what we come to believe and shape our character. So, while I personally don't like abortion, I can look at the character of Lulu Spencer and understand what would drive her to think that was her only solution. I only hope Carly's speech about being thankful that Bobbie didn't abort her rings true to Lulu. I also loved the big reveal that Tracy had an abortion in her past - Jane Elliott is such a wonderful actress, I get downright giddy when they actually let her do something besides snipe at people. This was a tender moment and I appreciated her attempt even if Lulu didn't.

A brief list of things I thought were dumb this week;

1) Liz rifling Jason's apartment to find out which brand of condoms he used. If their friendship is so open and honest, why would she just ask him? "Hey Jason! Your family made a bad batch of condoms. Those aren't the ones we used, are they?"

2) Sonny's files being stolen from Lainey's office by Alexis. So, in the midst of finding out she had cancer and breaking the news to her friends and family, she stopped by the hospital in the middle of the night and broke and entered into: Lainey's office? Or worse, had a cop do it for her? Why didn't she just call Lucky and ask him to do it for a fistful or her pain meds? Not to mention how this will play - I have been to counseling and I had never been worried about my files getting stolen until NOW! : Of course, I don't really have any mob enemies, just some catty women who would be able to say "Aha! We knew she was neurotic!"

3) Where is Maxie getting all this money to buy pills for drug dealers? Her part time job at the hospital pays enough for this? And the cops never see her making drug deals with known drug dealers on the docks in broad daylight when she is the Police Commissioner's daughter? Lucky never pays her back or gives her any money for the drugs, so she is willing to risk jail just for a little sack action with Lucky? Man, he must be really good in bed. I wonder if she screams out "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!" Poor Jessie must have been so mediocre; she has completely stopped mentioning him or mourning for him at all. On the up side of this storyline, was Patrick's eye opening talk to Liz about the behaviors of addicts - educational and enlightening. It will help Liz and possibly some of the viewing public who are dealing with loved ones that have substance abuse issues.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Tracy track down Luke so the Q's will have someone else to blame for Lulu's pregnancy? Will Spencer start crying for his real Daddy and demanded to be called John? Will Felicia come home and convince Georgie to wash her hair even though she is depressed that her boyfriend got someone else pregnant? Will Patrick and Liz go to an Al-Anon meeting together and make Lucky even more crazed? Will Jason give Sam "I'm sorry your Mom has cancer" pity sex? Will Jax continue to get more gorgeous with every passing day?

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