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Some of you have asked if I think Liz is as bad as Maxie for cheating on Lucky. No, I absolutely don't.

If you have never heard Etta James sing those two words, your life is not complete. Stop reading immediately and go to a music site and download it. But come back - we have a lot to discuss! For starters, a sigh of relief was heard throughout the soap universe as Jason and Liz fans finally got the payoff they have been anticipating for years. Jason and Liz made love and it was a beautiful sight to behold. This starry eyed pair have been in limbo for years and but the planets finally aligned for this much anticipated union. But don't get too excited, this may be their only shining moment…

There are realities to consider. Liz is still married to the drug addicted Lucky, and Jason still loves Sam, who has discovered her mother Alexis has lung cancer, and we all know Jason won't let her deal with that alone. Liz and Jason needed one another, but that one shining night may be all they get. They talked about the "what if's and what might have been's" and how they made all the wrong choices and had horrible timing, but - for one night, they were together and it was as wonderful as they (and we) had imagined. Liz had a great line that resonated in my heart and lingered around me all week - "The lesson I keep learning over and over again -- and one day it might actually stick -- you can't let fear dictate choice. And that's what I've been guilty of…" Wow. I should get that tattooed on my forehead.

Some of you have asked if I think Liz is as bad as Maxie for cheating on Lucky. No, I absolutely don't. Liz's husband cheated on her, HE broke their vows. She reacted and responded to his betrayal. She would not have gone and slept with Jason were her vows still intact. Her word matters to her; she is a person of deep moral character. But once Lucky broke their wedding vows; she was devastated and looked for comfort in an old friend. Not the same thing at all, as Maxie intentionally drugging up and seducing someone else's husband… And now, we see, that even Lucky lied about taking pills and cheated on her repeatedly with Maxie, Liz went home and found Lucky had gone to a 12-step group for narcotics addicts, and is willing to give him another chance. Heart of gold, that one - she doesn't have any reason to trust him, and yet she is willing to try. She's still an angel, even though her halo is slightly tarnished.

Okay dear readers, I'm a bit confused here. Can anyone help this make sense for me? It appears that GH is sending some mixed messages about condoms. Let me get this straight; Condoms are foolproof enough to allow Robin and Patrick and their possibly conflicting strains of HIV issues to have safe sex. Right? That's what they told us. BUT - Lulu and Dillon used a condom which broke and left Lulu pregnant. So…you CAN count on condoms, or you CANNOT count on condoms. Which is it?

Another confusing aspect of the Dillon/Lulu/Georgie situation is Georgie's sweet, sympathetic reaction to Lulu. Some Skanky Ho tricked your boyfriend into sleeping with her and ended up pregnant with his baby? And your initial reaction is to… help her out? Um…NO. Ladies, I have experienced this one first hand, and confess, that was NOT my reaction. I was engaged to a cute but dumb football player in college. He got hammered one night and slept with some Skanky Ho in a bar and got her pregnant. When he told me about this, I did NOT take his one-night stand to the doctor and hold her hand while she awaited official confirmation that my fiancée had indeed knocked her up. Instead, I threw his diamond ring at him and dumped him, even though he sent dozens of roses and begged for forgiveness. Now, he calls me about once a month drunk out of his mind and slurs that losing me was the biggest mistake he ever made. Hey, that's what happens when guys hook up with Skanky Ho's - they lose what matters to them. Georgie is a kind hearted person, a genuinely tender soul, but even kind hearted people can only take so much pain. It's hard to imagine someone being so decent to a girl who worked so hard to break up her relationship and steal her boyfriend.

On the other hand, Julia Marie Berman's Lulu is so incredibly likable; I can almost understand anyone being unable to forgive her. Isn't she amazing? Any actress stepping into Soap's Royal Family has their work cut out for them. If you are cast as Luke Spencer's daughter, it means you have to be able to keep up with the likes of Tony Geary - and Ms. Berman has shown she can keep up with anyone in Port Charles. She can do anything - from comedy to tragedy, she is solid in every scene. Lulu's life has been one of abandonment and rejection, so it's easy to understand why she is so insecure and feels the need to connive and scheme to get the love she needs. It's never come to her any other way. Unlike Maxie, she's not a villain; she's simply lost and is playing that confusion and angst with incredible warmth and brilliance. We have an amazing Teen Scene right now - all of our young actors are magnificent. (Except for Skanky Ho Maxie. I just hate her.) I can't neglect to mention Dillon's "Divorce Cake" and the little party he threw for he and Georgie as they signed their divorce papers but reaffirmed their love for one another. A very sweet scene.

Best line of the week "Are you familiar with the term "connected?" said Sonny to the ultra annoying Ms. Sneed. And with that line, Ms. Sneed the by the book hospital administrator apologized to AIDS patient April and went slinking out of the room, transfer papers left unsigned. Sonny is like the Bill Gates of Port Charles. Sure, he earned his money through criminal activity, but he uses it to pay the medical bills of poor uninsured AIDS patients, so really, can we be mad at him for being in the Mob? God, I love a gangster with a social conscience. I enjoyed seeing Sonny and Robin interact, bringing the past into the present, and this also opened the door for Dr. Dreamboat, the charming Jason Thompson to interact with Sonny, which was unexpected and delightful. When Sonny told April she was receiving a gift from a friend she'd never met, my eyes got a little moist. Those flashbacks of Stone and Robin are so vivid and powerful. When that storyline first aired, it changed everything I thought I new about AIDS - it was not only tremendously heart wrenching, it was educational for me, and I hope the current storyline opens more minds and more hearts to this disease and its victims.

Speaking of victims - Sam thinks she is a victim, but she's not - just a guilty chick with a lot of regrets. She accused Ric of sleeping with her only to get even with Jason, even though she has been parading around Ric's house in next to nothing trying to seduce him. Go figure, huh? Then after she sleeps with him, she accuses him of using her. Talk about revisionist history. Ric had some fabulous lines on Monday's show; if you missed it, check out the transcripts at TV Mega Site. When Sam accused Ric of sleeping with her only because she was Jason's girlfriend, Ric reminded her that she really WASN'T Jason's girlfriend anymore. Good one, Ric. Sam threatened to get Ric killed by going to tell Jason (whom of course, already knew) but when she got to the penthouse, Jason and Liz were going at it on his sofa. Sam never mustered the courage to knock on the door which deeply disappointed me. I was secretly hoping Sam would walk in on Liz and Jason, because she has been so smarmy lately, I just wanted her to get a much needed reality check. Hey Sam, Jason knows, and he isn't going to kill Ric.

The best part of this story arc is the reconnection of Sonny and Alexis. They are actually building a friendship again, which is wonderful. Back in the day, they had a wonderful camaraderie together. I like them better as friends than as enemies. Our lovely little Kristina is quite precious, and knows Mommy is sick, and actually conveys worry in her little brown eyes. They picked a winner with her, didn't they? Alexis has cancer and suddenly doesn't want to fight with Ric and Sam about their fling, instead she has to get serious and make sure her babies Molly and Kristina have a solid family should her cancer treatments not go well. That's her first priority, and she discovered she can be at peace about Kristina's future, as she got to see Sonny in action as a Daddy, and she liked what she saw.

Funny, Sonny has a few therapy sessions and a few days of pills, and suddenly he is Dr. Phil and everyone in town is coming to him with their problems - Lulu, and Sam, and Alexis, and totally against his will Max whom Sonny teases mercilessly about his big crush on Carly.

Emily can't go to Sonny with her problems anymore, so she's talking to the Handsome Prince again, which delights me. Of course, we have Nanny McFreak as our spoiler, who was out greasing up the stairs to the boat launch with Coppertone, hoping to have Emily slide into the water - but she only succeeded in bringing the star crossed former spouses closer together.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Lorenzo ever get a storyline again, or is he relegated to playing Veronica Mars sleuthing around to find Skye? Will Skye come home and give Lulu all her designer maternity clothes? Will Sam end up pregnant by the potent sperm of Sonny's brother Ric? Will Helena mistake Maxie for Colleen and push her off the docks in front of a barge? Please? Will Carly come home from Africa with Jax, or Angelina Jolie? Will Lucky ever change his name to something more suitable? Will Liz and Cameron move into Jason's penthouse and make Brenda's bedroom into a nursery?

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