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For the Week of July 10, 2006
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Sam did everything in her power to love Jason well. She gave her soul to him without reservation, but in the end, all of her love and devotion, her adoration, her loyalty, the dreams, and passion - they just weren't enough.

Any country music fans out there? If so, help me hum that killer Rascal Flatts number. You know the one that is guaranteed to make you pull your car over to the side of the road and weep uncontrollably if you're holding any ounce of regret in your heart. (Or so I've heard…)

"What hurts the most
Is being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was trying to do"

That's what's hurting Sam - she did everything in her power to love Jason well. She gave her soul to him without reservation, but in the end, all of her love and devotion, her adoration, her loyalty, the dreams, and passion - they just weren't enough. Not every woman would be able appreciate the heart of gold when it beats inside a mob hit man, but Samantha McCall appreciates Jason fully. She adores him, the good and bad, she wants all of him, complications and all. In Sam's eyes Jason is flawless. It doesn't matter how much she loves him however, as Jason decided that their situation is impossible and unfixable, and he's closed the door on a future for them. He pointed out that his life was too dangerous and reminded her that she had been shot 2 months ago (My husband was very impressed that they actually remembered and talked about something that happened in the past - he made me pause the Tivo and hail the writers for continuity.) He said he still loved her but couldn't be with her "for her own good." What's a girl in love supposed to do with that? She only had one dream and that dream was to share her life with Jason. Without that dream to drive her, she can't even imagine what meaning her life could hold aside from that penetrating and all encompassing fire that burned for him in her heart. Now, she is filled with rage and looking to take this out on her mother, Alexis, whom she believes sabotaged her relationship with Jason.

I'm guessing the easiest option for revenge Sam has is from her ever gawking step-daddy Ric. Another night of her wandering around the house in the ultra-sheer see-through negligee should do it. I think I saw actual drool coming out of his mouth last time she woe it. It works to Sam's advantage that the stress level between Ric and Alexis is compounding daily. Ric tries to maneuver things to get Jason out of his way, so he can step in and be Sonny's right hand, while Alexis tries to maneuver things to bring her closer to Sam, and sadly, those two maneuvers conflict. Sam's desire to hurt Alexis, coupled with Ric's twisted mind could bring the sort of gut wrenching revenge Sam wants. She could kill two birds with one stone, too - piss off Alexis and make Jason jealous by sleeping with his arch enemy Ric.

Sam is out for revenge, as is some anonymous tattooed stranger who is vowing to get revenge on whoever killed Manny. Does Manny have an identical twin that is covered in tattoos too? Although that would be highly unlikely, it remains a possibility.

It's also a possibility that Lulu will let her conscience get the best of her and confess to Dillon that she DID lie about Diego and Georgie having sex, but -not anytime soon. She's enjoying her new status as a Non-Virgin, and ready for round two. The best part about the summer teen drama (solely intended to lure in new generations of high school girls who are off for summer vacation) Is that this summer's crop of teens can act. Remember last summers horrible teen plot involving a Ouija Board? Surely the boathouse sex is better than that.

Speaking of things that are better, man, Lucky's back feels so much better every time he pops a fistful of hydrocodone. Too bad he doesn't have my old HMO. My friends and I used to joke about it, as every time you went to the doctor, for just about any reason, you came out with a prescription for Vicodin. We concluded it was their cost saving measure - 'give 'em pain pills and send them away. Who cares what's actually wrong with them, just knock them out so they forget they're in pain.' Now, we've I switched HMO's and have a real doctor who actually does tests and examines us when we are sick. The bad news is the Vicodin Gravy Train has ended. If only Lucky knew the name of my former HMO, he wouldn't have to slip Maxie the tongue to get stolen drugs from the hospital.

I think Maxie is going to start keeping the pills she steals for Lucky, she popped one this week after Lucky thanked Liz for all her help in his TV Press Conference. Maxie seems to have completely forgotten about her deep love and mourning for Jessie, she barely mentions him anymore. (Just as Sonny and crew have conveniently forgotten Reese.) Maxie is now obsessed with the married Lucky and mopes every time he is with Liz, or mentions Liz. Maxie also happens to be peering in windows every time Lucky is kissing Elizabeth; she's becoming quite the little stalker. And poor loyal Elizabeth, she is vehemently defending Lucky to Patrick, she is so sure he's not taking the pills anymore, but of course, he is. Rebecca Herbst deserves more attention than she gets - her scenes with just about everyone she interacts with are always superb. The funniest thing is that they have put Alan in charge of finding out who is stealing the drugs - first, he was addicted to them himself, so do we really want him confiscating them from the thief - he might be tempted to pop a couple himself. Second, he's the Chief of Staff at the hospital; don't they have some flunkies to go around and check to see who was working on any given day? But in all honesty, I can't complain, as it gives Alan something to do and some actual lines and screen time, so I should just shut up and be thankful for some time with Prince Charming.

Sonny isn't very charming these days - he is in fact, a mess. In his latest round of inane babbling, he stumbled onto Max's crush on Carly, and actually got Max to admit Carly was a "looker". But all Sonny really wants to do right now is die. He continues to put himself in dangerous situations where someone is going to have to shoot him, or where he's purposely hurting himself on shards of broken glass. Lainey told Carly that she may have to have Sonny committed to make him get help if he is a danger to himself. I think Carly might actually do it, even though Sonny may never forgive her for it. GH and Maurice Benard have done a stellar job portraying the reality of bi-polar disorder, and I hope they do as equally thorough job in telling about the treatment and showing that there is hope for people who suffer with this illness. I want to see Sonny get treatment and I want the change in him to be visible.

May I just say how much I enjoyed this week without Emily's whining and shrieking all over the place? I hope her vacation lasts for at least another 2 weeks. The pairing of Emily and Sonny has just never clicked for me. I don't like them together, I don't think they have anything in common, I don't think they have any chemistry - they just bore me to tears and their love scenes together nauseate me. On the other hand, I love Emily with Nikolas, and I'd much rather see her helping Nikolas battle Helena for baby John. Sonny can fall for Lainey during his therapy, and Carly can go back to Jax, and Emily can have Nikolas. Anyone with me?

I adore Tristan Rogers. There. I said it. I dig that guy. I am so happy he's back. His is one of the finest smiles on daytime television, and in spite of the fact that the dude is 60 years old, he's still HOT. He's downright fabulous. While I am thoroughly enjoying Robert sparring with the lovely Anna Devane, I confess I am also intrigued by her chemistry with Lorenzo. He's already on to her spy games, so it will be fun to watch this little mystery unfold. Will the Scorpios reunite, or will Anne succumb to Lorenzo's charms while Skye is out of the picture and off having their baby?

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Manny's entire pack of tattooed cousins invade Port Charles? Will someone dye Laura's hair blonde again before she comes home to her family? Will Diego, who has no morals about anything else, give in and sleep with Georgie even though she will be using him as her rebound guy? Will Sam make a trip to Victoria's secret on her way home from the Police Station? Will Carly buy Sonny some plastic tumblers so he will stop breaking all the crystal? Will Luke be as fond of "Young Spielberg" when he finds he has deflowered his daughter?

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