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Things never work out the way we plan.

Things never work out the way we plan. For instance, when Sonny heard gunfire had erupted at Jason's penthouse and that his precious Emily had been near the window as the shots rang out, Sonny decided to go into the Escobar family mob meeting armed only with a bottle or Pinot Noir he grabbed off the counter. He apparently decided he could take on six armed men with a bottle of booze to the head. Slight miscalculation. Thankfully, Jason who always has perfect timing or some radar where Sonny is concerned showed up with his gun drawn at the precise moment Sonny needed him. Kind of like that hot blonde X-Men Angel dude whose wingspan swoops in just when you think the bad guys are going to win.

Sonny's lapse in judgment aside, the person who tragically miscalculated things was Jason. Jason was sure that Sonny would pick his business, money, and power over Emily. He believed if he took control of the business away from Sonny and used Emily as leverage to get it all back, that Sonny would drop Emily like Brad dumped Jen when Angelina's pouty lips happened by. This did not transpire and now Jason is stuck. He doesn't want to be the mob boss. He doesn't want to run the show. Nothing happened the way he scripted it in his head and he's left holding the reigns of a horse he doesn't want to ride. He told Sonny as much, and I think all 3 of our mobsters are ready to quit and become baristas or waiters at Kelly's - Sonny, Jason, and Lorenzo all clearly want out.

Sonny's bi-polar storyline is progressing nicely. He's not himself, and people notice, but can't quite pinpoint what's going on. He keeps surprising people by acting differently then they anticipate. When Mike showed up with a black eye from loan sharks pummeling him for loot - he expected a lecture from Sonny which he didn't get, only a blank check. When Emily was concerned that he was alone with the kids and expected to find mayhem, she instead found them happily playing games at the coffee table. How long with this up side last and how far down will his dark side go? Time will tell.

Jason broke things off with Sam for her own good as he realized he would be a hypocrite to stay with her- he wanted Sonny to break up with his sister for her safety and protection, and when Sam got shot because of him (Or maybe not, consider the fact that Manny went after Carly and she isn't even with Sonny anymore. Manny had photos of all the other babes he had dealings with - Skye, Alexis and Liz are also in danger methinks.) And Jason realized he was putting Sam in the same sort of danger he was trying to protect his sister from, and had to let her go for his own conscience.

Sam is unwilling to accept Jason's choice and has tried to enlist help from anyone who passes by her hospital room up to and including Carly, so you know how desperate she is for assistance. Poor Sam wasn't awake form her coma for 20 minutes before they had her screaming and bawling again. Kelly Monaco probably buys 10 cucumbers a week to put on her puffy eyes as she has to cry pretty much every day. On the up side, she now has 2 little sisters to cheer her up so perhaps she will get to smile more often. And as hard as I used to be on the old Kristina, I want to heap praise on the new Kristina. She is a fabulous and expressive little girl - her name is Kali Rodriguez and I am so thankful we have a girl who responds and smiles and who interacts with the people in her scene. She's precious.

Kristina's portrayer got me thinking about GH kids past…I have gotten attached to the kids on GH in the past. I admit I still resent Kirsten Storms a little simply because she isn't Robyn Richards. I probably always will. The reason Daytime viewers tune in and stay tuned in for 10, 20, 30 years, is because they "bond" with the characters and also to the actors. Certainly, sometimes an actor chooses to leave and the show has no choice but to recast or kill their character off, but sometimes TPTB do it for ill conceived reasons, like they wanted to make Maxie a sex bomb and didn't think Robyn Richards could pull it off. I'm not crazy about Maxie hitting on Lucky. Lucky's portrayer Greg Vaughn is 33 years old, just for the record. Maxie was born on the show in 1990, which would make her 16, although she did graduate last year, so there must be some accelerated program for Police Chief's Kids? Of course Georgie is even more exceptional as she was born in 1994 which would make her 12 and is already married and also about to graduate. Not to mention that Maxie is writing fake prescriptions for Lucky with her pink sparkle pen. I wonder if she dotted the 'I' in vicodin with a heart. Do doctors make a habit of leaving blank prescription pads lying around?

But I digress. The scenes with Robin and Robert are so delightful because the same two people are Robin and Robert. We remember their precious faces interacting over the years and when we see flashbacks we don't have to just get the back of their heads like the 2 months we watched Heather brush "Laura's" hair in the Q attic, but since it wasn't Genie Francis, it could have been Ned in a blonde wig for all we know.

We may not want to get too attached to Diego Alcazar as he appears determined to get himself killed by playing games with mobsters. He is offering himself to Escobar and then trying to trade the info he has to Jason for a job in his organization, which Jason isn't interested in at all. Lorenzo keeps trying to make Diego realize that these are dangerous people and that he could end up hurt, but he's young and cocky and stupid and ignores all sensible advice. I predict this will be a lesson he will have to learn the hard way. Hopefully he will keep a diary and write poems in it that will make his friends feel really guilty for misjudging him after he is gone like his cousin Sage did.

Diego is ignoring wise counsel, just as Georgie and Dillon rejected wise counsel when everyone told them they were too young to be married. Now, turns out they have independently concluded that they are, indeed, too young to be married. If you have a big marital spat about kissing another dude at your high school prom, that's a good indicator that you're too young to be married. Although Dillon swears he has no interest in Lulu, he certainly didn't slap her away when she kissed him in the jungle. Sure, it was a cover, but he didn't have to be THAT convincing. He's an adventure junkie and Lulu is a little more his cup of tea than Georgie the bookworm. As Georgie pointed out, they are certainly a case of Opposites Attracting. But how long does that last? As soon as the curiosity passes and all your questions are answered, won't you be longing for someone who is like you and who understands you and your motivations?

Carly and Jax understand one another's motivations, but Nikolas doesn't. When Jax invited him to baby John's christening, he wondered aloud what on earth Jax's motive would be for inviting him directly after telling him he shouldn't see the baby anymore. Jax tried to explain his fear of Helena, and Nikolas couldn't argue with him. When I say Helena's smirking face appear around the corner as she lurked on the docks, I got strangely happy. Good villains are so hard to come by and I just can't wait to see what wicked and dastardly plan she has up her sleeve. Helena was seemingly stalking the baby carriage, and as soon as John was unattended, she was cooing at him like a devoted Grandma. She must know the baby belongs to Nikolas, or she wouldn't have wasted a single second on him. But if she does know, the questions remains what will she do with that knowledge? And how will she react when she finds out Sam is the long lost daughter of Alexis? If D.A. Alexis ever tried to take down Jason, I bet Sam would be a willing partner for Helena. Unless Alexis really buys a house and moves Sam in with her - Sam is always really loyal to those who house and feed her so she doesn't have to get a job. I would be crazy loyal too, if anyone wants to support me. :

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Big Alice propose a 3 way with Mr. Luke and Mr. Robert? Will GH let Edward have some Lila flashbacks on their anniversary since we have the right Edward back and got cheated out of seeing him mourn at her memorial? Will Robert bust in on Robin every time she is on the verge of getting some from Dr. Dreamboat, or will they have to get a room at the Metro Court under an assumed name for privacy? Will Carly adopt poor lonely Rosie from the pound for Michael? Will someone tell me when Emily learned how to cook? Will Lucky pop another fistful of pills when he finds out Jason paid off his bills? Will Spanky Buns scratch out English's eyes in a cat fight over Luke?

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