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I looked at my TV screen this week and said out loud, 'Isn't that Benny, and didn't Benny DIE?'

I looked at my TV screen this week and said out loud, "Isn't that Benny, and didn't Benny DIE?" But lo and behold, we just change a letter or two and Benny is now Bernie, who looks and sounds EXACTLY like Benny, and also, just happens to be a mob accountant. What are the odds?

Bernie came bursting in and took over all Sonny's books on Jason's orders, and now Jason is the big mob boss because he took some files out of Sonny's safe… I don't get it. The whole inner workings of the mob make no sense to me. I work at a church, so if some other Pastor came in and stole my Pastor's files, would that make him the new Pastor of the church? Umm… - No, but apparently in the Mob, if you have the file folders, you da man.

Jason is trying to force Sonny's hand, and thinks he can get Sonny to give up banging his sister to regain control of his territory. But Sonny seems quite smitten with the angelic Emily and he may not actually bite at Jason's bait.

"I can see we're like 2 petals from the same flower, baby We're like 2 branches from the same tree Whenever I look in your eyes, I can see a paradise U're my saviour, U're all I ever need…"

(That's from the Prince CD "Emancipation" and if you don't own it, you really, really should. Even for a music freak like me who owns hundreds and hundreds of CD's - I can tell you if I had to narrow my collection down to 10, Emancipation would be on it.)

We're all looking for salvation in a million ways and in everyone we meet. Carly is trying to save Jason. He is her best friend and she sees him going down a road that will only bring heartache. She understands him, she knows the way his mind works, and she is desperately trying to pull him back from the edge. She tried to make him gain perspective by ambushing him for a picnic with her kids, letting him know he wasn't just losing Sonny, but his whole family. But he has his mind made up and no amount of genuine love can reach his heart because he's already hardened it. Her love is falling on stone, and even though she realizes it, she keeps trying, because love doesn't just turn itself off. Carly remembers their history full well - her line was brilliant - "You have cleaned up every mess I've ever made, and I'll help you clean up this one." And she knows it's going to be a mess. Sometimes we see our friends heading into a collision, and we are powerless to stop them, all we can do is offer to be there to help them clean up the crash.

Sonny thinks Emily can save him, but she's only flesh and blood and can't save anyone, not even herself. When Emily realizes the havoc their love has created, she tries to end it, but Sonny says to her "We fought our feelings from the beginning, and then we fought everyone else, now that we are together - I just can't give that up. We're not done, we can't be." But Emily's line was more realistic, "We don't live in a vacuum, we both have people in our lives that are affected by what we are doing." I would venture a guess that most of us would make different decisions if our choices only affected us and no one else, but the interconnectedness of life makes that impossible. Every choice we make has a ripple affect on everyone around us and only the truly selfish make decisions without contemplating how those choices will play out into the rest of the world.

Best line of the week - "When did we all sign up to have Jason run our lives?" That's a good question. Sometimes people decide they know what is best for you and manipulate and push and give you ultimatums to try to force your hand and make you behave the way they think you should. As if you have no say in your own life! One of my friends confided in me this week that another friend told him they'd disown him if he moved in and became roommates with someone Friend 1 didn't like. Even though moving out would help him, even though he'd be in a happier and healthier environment - the move didn't fit into Friend 1's agenda, so they made it clear they would stop being his friend if he moved. Pathetic isn't it? What sort of love is that? No love at all. Jason has become a bully. He is determined to control Sonny and can't accept him as a friend until Sonny falls into line. While Jason's motives may be pure, he has a genuine desire to save his sister, his means of force, threats, manipulation and control are abhorrent.

On the other hand, Jason did one very good deed this week; he saved Lucky from being killed by Manny. Of course, since they didn't find a body, there is no reason to assume that Manny is dead. He could show up again at any time, as we all know. I would like to give praise to the actor who plays Manny, Robert Lasardo, as he is so convincing as Manny, that if I saw him out in public, I would be afraid, even though I know he's just an actor in a role. He plays the role so convincingly, that it would be hard to separate him from the role. As to Lucky, we really need to change his name. Has this dude ever had any luck?

In what I would call the week's most dramatic moment, Luke wheeled Lucky into Jesse's funeral in a wheelchair and in full uniform with a quivering lip and steely eyed determination to make it through the service and pay his respects to Jesse. When Mac handed him the gun and badge, I got all choked up.

I was just about to get choked up about Robin's medical suspension, but since it only lasted about 14 seconds, I didn't have time to get carried away. Robin actually got in a great line this week directed at Noah "That could turn me into a bitter angry drunk and we all know how ugly that can be." Robin is getting paid to be in the middle of the Dreamy Duo of Dr.'s Noah and Patrick Drake and I think to myself, "Where does one apply for such a job?" I ask myself that same question every night when I watch Wheel of Fortune. If I had known there was a position open for a blond chick to wear evening gowns and flip letters over, I would totally have applied for it.

I am taking a bold stand and telling you right out- I love Carly and Jax together. Every day I thank the powers that be for hiring Laura Wright as Carly, she's just the right mix of soft and sassy and I am mesmerized anytime she's on screen. Jax left the paperwork behind his Deep Dark Secret laying on his coffee table, and Carly got her fingers on it, so she now knows Jax is lying about baby John's paternity. How will that affect their blossoming romance? Carly knows full well what it means to lie about a child's paternity, so she can't judge Jax, or, can she?

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Wilma Flintstone call and ask Bobbie for her necklace back? Will Epiphany finally whip the hospital staff into shape? Will Tracy be nicer to Luke now that she's realized she actually has feelings for him? Will a plate of spaghetti with Michael and Morgan help Jason and Sonny mend their differences? Will Carly keep John's paternity a secret, or pull a Robin and blab it to Nikolas? Will Liz realize you can add your spouse to your insurance policy so she and Lucky can quit hitting Nikolas up to pay their constantly growing hospital bills? Will Mac arrest Maxie for drinking underage? Will Felicia ever show up and parent her children again?

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