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Hey Jax! Buy some shorts. Take your private jet over to Payless and buy some damned sneakers.

Hey Jax! Buy some shorts. Take your private jet over to Payless and buy some damned sneakers. What kind of person flies 2 kids to Disneyworld in a 3 piece suit? When they were back at Carly's Jax had on a Sorcerer's Apprentice hat but not even a wrinkle on the crisply ironed shirt. Of course, I think the only thing they did was go to the hat store - they flew all the way to Florida, bought a hat and were back in Port Charles NY before it was even dark. Seriously, how many rides could they have gotten on? I have a seasons pass to Disneyland and sometimes it takes an hour wait to get on one ride. Or if it's a new ride, sometimes you wait 2 hours to get board the new Monster's Inc ride because you hear it's really cool, and they sent you emails and letters telling you that you really MUST come and check it out, but once you get on it you discover that it's just a baby ride with cardboard cutouts of Boo and Sully and you feel so cheated of your two hours and wish you could get them back. Or so I've heard.

If you were a single Mom and your ex was a mobster who had freaks like Manny trying to kill him, would you send your two sons off on a jet out of state with a guy you had just recently started dating who happens to be an enemy of said ex husband? I don't think I would have, but then again I think God never let me have my own kids because I'd be so overprotective they'd need therapy for life so maybe I'm not the best judge. I can just tell you if Morgan and Michael were my two boys, they would not have flown off to Florida with Jax to buy hats at Disneyworld.

Robin should have flown to Disneyworld, too, because her barking orders in surgery reminded me of a kid with a plastic doctor kit lunch box stuffed with candy pills. If I went to the hospital and Robin walked in to examine me, I would seriously ask for ID. "Hey little girl, is your Mommy here? I didn't know it was "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." I am just having a hard time buying her as a doctor. On the other hand, I am smitten with the sassy new nurse who yells out things like "Why the hell are you two standing around! We have a liver to move!" Priceless.

On one more hospital related note, why is it that Manny's community service is contained to him mopping the SAME EXACT PIECE of hallway every single hour of every single day? He's never on another floor, he's never mopping up somebody's spilled bedpan in an actual room, he's never mopping up vomit in the bathrooms, he's always just mopping up the same piece of seemingly already clean tile in the same hallway. Don't people on community service have people who oversee what they do? Shouldn't his parole officer be calling him in saying, "You know Manny, you really should empty that water and put in new Spic n Span occasionally."

Silliness aside, there were some powerful scenes on GH this week and some brutal confrontations. Betrayal, hypocrisy, gunfire, vendettas, all the stuff that makes a soap a soap. The best of these in my opinion was the Jason and Emily showdown at the police department. I found myself jotting down lines I wanted to remember, but the one that really hit home to me was this - "Once you become the woman who can be with Sonny and survive; you won't be the woman he wants anymore." And isn't that just the absolute truth? Sonny has Emily on a pedestal. He's a mobster and she's an angel. Innocent, pure, decent, kind - all the things his world is not. And once she toughens herself up to live in his world and to make all the changes needed to make to jump from her world into his, she'll be human and flawed and he won't want her anymore. Emily is insisting on staying with Sonny even after she got shot at and even though every person she loves has warned her about the danger. Perhaps that's part of the thrill for her - perhaps it's partly rebellion, maybe she's just tired of being perfect and following all the rules. It becomes quite a weight to try to be angelic all the time when you're only flesh and blood. Jason has made his position clear - when Emily accuses him of not loving her anymore, Jason responds, "It's because I do love you that I can't watch what is going to happen, and - I won't." He knows it's going to fall apart. He knows she is going to end up hurt and he just doesn't want to witness it. He implores Emily to "Remember all of it." And not forget the lesson the incident taught her, to let her know that this is what he life will become, a series of incidents like this, but she can't hear him.

I have never been a fan of the Sonny/Emily pairing, but I am a fan of the thought behind it. Sometimes two people who shouldn't be together fall in love anyway. No one else sees the attraction, no one else understands what they have together, and everyone they know tells them it's a bad idea. Every person they have ever met in their lives seems to have an opinion and can't wait to talk to you about it, or talk about you to someone else. Everyone knows what is best for you and lists all the reasons it can't work. But there is a deeper truth in the heart of the people in love. Those two people know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do belong together and can't live without one another and life only has joy when they are in one another's' presence. So, the choice becomes simple - am I living my life for everyone else, or for myself? The answer to that question determines the path your life will take and whether or not you find happiness. Too often we let the voices out there in the universe dictate our future instead of listening to our own voice. And, we wake up to find we are in the middle of a life that isn't the life we yearn for at all. So in that aspect, I am proud of Emily and Sonny for saying "We love each other and we are going to be together no matter what anyone says." That having been said, I still hate them together and we have the whole ZZZZZZZZ factor and of course, Emily is going to get hurt because everyone who says they shouldn't be together are probably right because, after all, Sonny is a Manic Depressive Mob Boss.

Speaking of things people tell you but you don't believe - Mac and Elizabeth and a host of others keep telling Lucky he isn't responsible for Jesse's death, but Lucky can't believe it. This storyline is getting under my skin - if you've ever been in a place where someone died and you felt something you could have not or not done could have changed the outcome, you're going to feel guilt and it's going to take you to dark, dark places. Lucky is on his way to the pits of despair, I know that road, I've walked on it and I see the beginning of a storyline where someone is inwardly tortured and haunted by a choice they made that had a fatal consequence. Did Lucky pull the trigger? No. Is it Lucky's fault Jesse is dead? No. Does Lucky believe with every fiber of his being that it IS his fault? Yes. And how do you live with that? Well, I see shadows of Luke coming out in Lucky - we have the whole Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker Vibe going on right now. Lucky's been hitting the bottle, he's quit the police force and is taking the law into his own hands, and is pushing whack job Manny into a corner and we know THAT can't be good.

I am starting to see puzzle pieces coming together - Jason's mad at Sam for keeping him in jail overnight, Liz is going to Jason for help and Lucky's going off the deep end - is this a prelude to a Jason/Liz rematch? I dunno, but it's starting to look that way to me.

Not to mention that when Alexis finds out Sam is her daughter and she already thinks Jason is abusive to her, she'll be in there trying to split them up. Question… When Sam went to visit her daughter's grave, the headstone read "Baby Girl McCall" - Umm…Didn't they name the baby Lila after Jason's Grandma, or was I hallucinating?

I must have also been hallucinating when Maxie became Jesse's next of kin. Since when does your 19 year old girlfriend get to sign hospital forms for surgery and make your funeral arrangements? Jesse has NO family? Not even a 3rd cousin? Maxie, whom he has been dating for a few months, is the closest person to him in the whole world?

My favorite line of the week came from Alice - when the Q's were about to get wind of Emily's scandal, Alice says to Emily "I even threw Dillon and Lulu into the mix to fuel the dysfunction!" as she was trying to create a diversion so Emily could sneak in unscathed. No such luck.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Skye have to keep Luke from killing Lorenzo again after Lulu leaves and Luke polishes off the rest of the bottle? Will Carly help Jason 'Count to Ten'? Will anyone say to Jason "Hey you didn't stop seeing Courtney when the situations are reversed, so aren't you being a big fat hypocrite now?" Will anyone say to Sonny "Pot. Kettle. Black," the next time he says Jason should be nicer to his sister? Will Bobbie keep pretending to be Noah's dead wife so she can get him to make out with her?

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