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For the Week of April 3, 2006
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Suds in a bucket along with Manny's creepy tattooed head in the middle of a hospital corridor and no one happened to notice but Skye.

Suds in a bucket along with Manny's creepy tattooed head in the middle of a hospital corridor and no one happened to notice but Skye. The hallway obviously got a lot of foot traffic as they sent Manny there to mop it up, but during the 10 minutes that Lorenzo repeatedly slammed Manny's head into a bucket, not a soul was in sight. You'd think Manny's eyes would have been burning had there been any actual cleaning solution in the water.

Although Sonny and Lorenzo keep saying "No Mob Wars" it seems very much like there is going to be a mob war, and the soggy headed Manny is behind the first shots. The hired shooter missed Diego and hit Jesse, but Mac jumped to the conclusion it was a battle between the Alcazar and Corinthos factions.

Jason isn't buying the idea of peace either. I wish I had Jason's superpower for just one day - the unfailing ability to know when people were lying to me. Wouldn't that be marvelous? But no, I'm just a gullible sap who believes people when they lie to me and then find out later in some moment of shock and horror that people just made crap up and I believed it. Not Jason. Last week Emily made up some stupid story about playing Sleeping Beauty with Morgan and Jason knew in an instant it was a lie. Sonny made up a lie about Puerto Rico, and again Jason sniffed out the truth. He saw Em leave the Haunted Star and knew she was going to follow Sonny, and when he tracked them down there, he ended up saving their lives as another gunman was already in the hallway about to make his move. Who was he? No idea. I rewound and slow-motioned my Tivo about 11 times and still couldn't make out a face.

The other angle of the Jason/Sonny/Emily storyline boils down to one of my favorite all time mysteries. Why are people so worried about who other people are having sex with? Really - why does anyone care? Jason's whole "Emily is in danger and I don't want her to see Sonny's dark side." Line would be believable if he had mentioned that before they became romantically involved. Emily was in danger before she started a fling with Sonny, just because she is Jason's sister. What he is really peeved about is Sonny having sex with his sister, just as Sonny was peeved when Jason was having sex with his sister, Courtney.

And Sonny will be peeved when he finds out that Carly is having sex with Jax even though he is having sex with someone else just because he's controlling and wants all the women in the universe to orbit around him. He makes each one feel special when they are with him, but in truth, they are just one of the herd. A guy told me he wanted to marry me once and I took him seriously. I really loved him with all of my heart and considered uprooting my whole life to be with him, but when it came right down to it, he told me about all the other babes he was considering marrying and that he couldn't decide which one of us he actually wanted and how he was using some "point scoring system" to choose and then seemed shocked when I took myself out of the running. The male ego is a thing of amazement.

The male ego also plays quite prominently in the Noah/Patrick/Jesse debacle this week. Jesse was shot in the head and needed surgery. Patrick decided that he was the best and only candidate who could successfully perform the surgery. Busybody Robin realized it would be a conflict of interest and offered to find another surgeon and came up with a list of suitable replacement surgeons. The rub? Patrick's Dad Noah is on the organ donor list, Patrick kept saying he'd do ANYTHING to save his Dad's life, Jesse was a match for Noah, and - Jesse died, leaving his organs free to Noah. Coincidence? That's the topic of discussion in the corridors of GH. Up until Jesse, Patrick had never lost a patient. Next question, will Noah even consent to accept Jesse's organs?

Carly tried to befriend Sam this week. Imagine that! Carly discovered they had something in common, both of them had been given up for adoption as baby's and tried to give Sam the benefit of her bad experience when she came to town gunning for Bobbie and trying to make her pay. I actually feel for Sam. I can't even imagine being in her shoes.

My mother is easily the best person I know. Even if she weren't my mother, she'd be the person on Earth I most wanted to emulate, the person I have the most respect for -she sees the best in everyone, she is humble, forgiving, and loving. She is a woman of great courage and strength and faith. And while I may be biased, anyone who knows her would tell you the same things about her. I suppose that's why I got so caught up in Sam's dilemma; she just found out she has a mother whom she doesn't like or respect - that's just so heartbreaking to me. I can't imagine who I would be without my Mom's light in my life, and it makes me sad to hear about anyone who has gone along life's road without a True North, like I had. I pity poor sad and confused Sam. Although everyone keeps saying "We're not going to tell Alexis." We all KNOW Alexis is going to find out and that the P.C. universe if going to shift when she does.

Our two young lovers have been sparring this week over Georgie's friendship with Diego. This is only worth mentioning because Scott Clifton is blossoming right before our eyes into a real leading man instead of simply cute comic relief. His scenes have been riveting and powerful, and I hope the Powers That Be have taken notice of this transformation and give the kid a real storyline that matches his abilities.

Nik snuck in to see baby John, which since he doesn't know he's actually John's father doesn't seem believable to me. I mean Nikolas and Courtney were a couple for about 3 seconds, so is it possible that he would be so desperate to stay connected to her he'd break a court order to spend 5 minutes with her premature baby? This scenario doesn't ring true to me unless his real motivation is just to annoy Jax. Jax is a little too busy with his new affair with Carly to notice, however, so Nik can probably sneak in a few more times before they send baby John home with Jax. I keep wondering what medical complication they are going to come up with for that kid that will require Jax to confess he needs Nik's blood or something. Nikolas is used to that, though, as he had to save Lulu when he first hit town.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Sonny tire of Emily and start checking out Lulu? Will Jason keep dreaming about blowing away his best friend, or will he dream the time he gave someone a tracheotomy with a Bic pen? Will Sam keep stalking Alexis even though 5 people have told her to back off? Will Manny's tattoos fade off after being dunked in the bleach bucket? Will Michael and Morgan fly their airplane into Max's head and take his eye out? Will Leticia ever adequately watch the children she's been hired to care for, or will they call in The Super Nanny?

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