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The whole town has been brought to its' knees by the virus, and Lucas Lorenzo Spencer's blood is the only hope for their survival.

The whole town has been brought to its' knees by the virus, and Lucas Lorenzo Spencer's blood is the only hope for their survival. I bet he gets so weary of having to save that darned town every decade or so. This time he was the disease before he was the cure, so I suppose he kind of owes them. Luke's blood is a valuable commodity.

Lorenzo wants some for Skye, and Emily wants some for Sonny and Nikolas, who of course ended up in the same hospital room together. Everyone wants the magic serum, but there aren't enough doses to go around, and Robin nominated Patrick to make the call as to who gets to live and die, as he doesn't have any ties in Port Charles and wouldn't be prone to give it to his loved ones like the rest of the impartial people on the panel. Robin assumes he has no heart and therefore won't use his heart to decide.

What sort of security do they have to maintain the quarantine lockdown if both 10 year old Michael Corinthos and Sam's mentally challenged brother Danny can sneak out so easily? And how committed is the hospital staff to keep this virus from spreading? Not committed enough to wear masks. I mean, c'mon, a mask would smear Robin's lip gloss and we couldn't see her snarl at people who remind her she has HIV.

Manny is jaunting around the place, also without a mask and not a sign of sickness - Luke said it was the booze that helped his body battle the fever, maybe Manny has a serum in the tattoo ink blood in his veins?

The whole town is wheeling and dealing and lying and sneaking trying to get a cure for the one they love most. The things we do for love? Well, Lorenzo sacrificed Lulu's life for Skye's and then had a crisis of conscience which actually had him talking to God and pleading for Lulu's life. You could see the memories of Sage in his eyes and the realization of what he had actually done. The thing is I don't see any bad guys here. If My One True Love was in the hospital with a deadly disease and there were only 5 doses of cure, you can bet I'd be doing anything necessary to make sure my beloved got one of those 5 doses, just as everyone in Port Charles is doing this week.

Dillon wanted a hospital bed wedding to Georgie, (which of course was thwarted by his busybody Mom, Tracy) Luke pulled a gun on the hospital board to try to secure a dose of serum for Lulu, Michael escaped a locked down area about 11 times to get to the bedside of his dying father Sonny, Robin and Emily gave impassioned speeches in defense of Sonny, too - proclaiming that his criminal lifestyle shouldn't be a certain death sentence and that he too, should be in the running for a dose of the magic potion, Liz sent Jesse to look for Lucky who was unreachable, and Jesse was left for dead in a burning cabin as Lucky was whisked away by a Mad Scientist to be a Guinea Pig in his La-BOR-aTory, Jason and Carly hit the friendly skies to try to track down Lucky and the Drug Company who created this deadly virus and presumably holds the cure.

The cure didn't come quickly enough for Tony Jones. I have to confess dear readers; it's been a very long times since a soap opera made me break down sobbing on my bed. The death scenes of Tony Jones left me crying like a baby. There is a Shakespeare quote from Hamlet which states "The play's the thing wherein we'll capture the conscience of the king." And the theory behind that quote is that drama moves us, compels us, and when we see our own lives playing out on stage, we react and respond. As I watched Tony Jones dying, saying his goodbyes, I cried for Tony, and Bobbie and Lucas and Luke, but I also cried for my own grief and losses over the past two years, My Grandpa, my Daddy, my Sister, an Aunt, an Uncle and a cousin - so I know what grief is and how it feels and it made me feel such compassion for Bobbie and Lucas and Luke as though they were real people and I felt their loss and felt I was losing an old friend, too.

The people around Tony kept thinking he would be able to make it until the next batch of Luke's magic blood potion was available, but Tony felt death approaching and wanted to express his heart to his family before he left. Bobbie was reassuring Lucas and telling him his Dad would be okay, but Tony's teary eyes and plea of "Let me say mine!" - I cried even at that line - he didn't want to miss a chance to tell them what was in his heart, no matter if he lived or died, it was a force that demanded to be let out, he had words of love and encouragement that had to be shared, and share them he did.

Soap actors fall in and out of favor, and it seems the older they are on GH, the less they are used, but in those powerful deathbed scenes this week, I was overwhelmed again by what a fine and layered actor Brad Maule really is. For years now he's been relegated to a token line now and then "We have to operate right now or he won't make it." Or some other 10 second pronouncement and then he disappears. But this man is the man who gave us what I consider the most heart wrenching moment on GH in my 30 years of viewing - the moment when his daughter BJ died and her heart was given to save Maxie's life, and he went into Maxie's room and laid his head on her chest to hear BJ's heart beating. I'm tearing up just typing this…

He said as much with his eyes on Friday as he did with his lips. And Jackie Zeman, as Bobbie, who gets more airtime than Dr. Tony Jones, still hasn't had a chance to strut her stuff lately, so it was a pleasure to see her pull out those deep emotions as well. And, in reality, I got the sense, especially when I saw Luke tear up, Tony Geary was probably crying and Jackie Zeman was probably crying as well as their altar egos Luke and Bobbie, because a friend they have worked with for years is leaving and never coming back. A beautifully written and acted bit of daytime drama, hats off to anyone who had anything to do with it. I did feel a little cheated that we didn't get any flashback scenes, but I am hoping Tony gets a funeral and we'll get to see some of that then.

Carly and Jason have gone off to find Lucky and the antidote, but what they found instead was trouble. Carly's big scheme to pretend to have the virus to get in and save Lucky worked, but only as far as getting in. When the Bad Dr. Dudes discovered she was faking, they injected her with the virus for real, just as Jason broke in and shot them all. Now Jason is alone with an unconscious Lucky and a newly infected Carly. Lucky was given a test dose of the antidote, but it wasn't looking as if it was working when last we saw Lucky. They have seriously got to change his name, has he ever had a bit of luck? His honeymoon turned into a train wreck and subsequent tunnel collapse, and his attempt at a romantic weekend getaway with his new wife ended him up strapped to a table in some lab inches from death. Unlucky Lucky just never catches a break.

Emily has caught man breaks this week, First off, even with her Close Talker Face a millimeter away from Sonny's infected germy mouth and Nikolas's exceedingly sweaty forehead, and she hasn't caught the virus yet. You know, I know people who have had cancer and chemo and radiation, and it does weaken your immune system and you aren't even supposed to go out in the sun, much less unmasked into a room full of lethal germs. Robin, the HIV positive Doctor, also unmasked, hasn't contracted the disease either. Maybe the disease doesn't like feisty brunettes and passes over them. Oh wait, that can't be true as Sam and Alexis have it, too.

So, every person in the hospital is walking around in a full biohazard suit from their shoes to their necks, but not one single Dr or Nurse or helper has a surgical mask on. Remember when SARS had an outbreak in China and the nightly News showed people on the streets all masked just in case some infected fool was out for a walk on a sunny day? They were much smarter than Port Charles medical staff.

Lulu Spencer made it by the skin of her teeth, no doubt a combination of Alcazar's prayer and Luke's pistol, but she is back and sassy and we have at least 2 Spencer's who will survive this fever. Skye is among the lucky recipients of a dose of serum too, thanks to Lorenzo fiddling with the medical charts which apparently don't have names on them like they do in every other hospital on the face of the Earth.

Alexis has lost her mind and is time traveling and Sam's slow brother Danny has a better grip on reality right now than she does. Even little Kristina, the one who can actually talk (!) called 911 to get help for her Mommy and I was so happy to see Upgraded Kristina in action.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Diego get released to run Kelly's until Mike recovers as there isn't another place to get coffee or chili in all Port Charles? Will Tracy be Georgie's Matron of Honor at the deathbed wedding for Dillon? Will Luke run out of blood before the rest of the town is cured? Will brain-damaged Jason be able to fix the serum with some recovered memory from medical school like he did when Nikolas needed a tracheotomy? Will Courtney's baby be born with the fever? Will Robert apologize for punching Mac, or will Robert punch him so hard his long lost Australian accent comes back? Will Luke and Carly finally bond if she manages to save Lucky? Will Luke cough up more blood to save Nikolas Cassadine? Can a Cassadine live with Spencer blood in them?

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