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Lorenzo isn't tame, but he is good, too. He turned Diego in to the cops when he discovered he had been the stalker, but he showed up in court and stood up for him in spite of his crimes and sins.

First, sorry this is late. Don't write mean letters to the wonderful editor of soapcentral.com, it's not his fault. My column is late because I sang in 5 concerts, had a Christmas party for friends, drove to LA to see my best pal sing like an angel in another concert, and various other holiday related time spenders and just didn't get this written in a timely manner. Again, sorry.

Secondly, many of you like to try to figure out the code of my titles, so please, have at it. And those of you who were with me when I heard it don't get to play. The line came to mind as I thought about many of our GH characters this week- Jason isn't tame, but he is good. I can't tell you how much it has delighted me to have scenes with Jason and Alan and Monica, and that he and Alan are finally brokering a bit of a truce is an early Christmas gift. Alan hasn't gotten a fair shake lately, they have made him surly and hateful, but I remember the Alan who used to pretend to be a bear and talk in a funny for Emily when she came to them as a little girl after her Mom died of breast cancer. He was a good Daddy and a loving Daddy and not surly as a rule. So to see a bit of the characters kindness come back to him is an evolution I can support wholeheartedly. When Jason finally shook his hand, even with that slight hesitation, it melted my heart.

Lorenzo isn't tame, but he is good, too. He turned Diego in to the cops when he discovered he had been the stalker, but he showed up in court and stood up for him in spite of his crimes and sins. He wanted to make sure he took responsibility for his actions, but without leaving him alone to flap in the breeze. In one of the finest scenes of the week, Georgie also defends her choice to support Diego by reminding all of her friends of their own bad choices, stupid decisions, sins and daring "he who is without sin to cast the first stone" without quite coming out and saying those words. So often Lindze Letherman gets fluff scenes to play, but when they give her something powerful to play, she has the chops to pull it off. Carly used Diego's trial as a cheap excuse to bust out of Rose Lawn and pretend to support Lorenzo and instead sneak out to visit Jason and then bust in on Sonny with her theories about Emily falling for Sonny. She's right of course, but I always get angry with her when she hurts Lorenzo because he's the one that actually cares for her and she stomps on him quite frequently. Do you have someone in your life that takes good care of you? Hold on with both hands if you do.

This was Teen Girl week for me, as one of my other favorite scenes of the week was Lulu in the police station with the Erasable Markers doing a football play board of her messed up family situation and explaining to the cops why they were all really at the police station. I don't know where they found Julie Marie Berman, but she's brilliant. Thankfully the powers that be have put her on contract so we can expect to see her for awhile and that is good news.

On the other hand, as much as I have enjoyed Alicia Leigh Willis over the years, I am not sad she is leaving simply because they have wrecked Courtney's character for me right now with the whole Nikolas relationship. Still loathe it, haven't warmed up to it. Nikolas used to be one of my favorite characters, both because Tyler Christopher's acting is always top notch, and because his character was faithful and honorable and decent. He came from a family of murderous freaks but had overcome their influence to be a genuinely good AND tame person. But these days, he's acted selfishly instead of selflessly and that's a change for him and an unwelcome one. I mean even when Mary had him hidden in the woods and brainwashed him into thinking he was her dead husband- when he finally snapped out of it, he was decent to her even when the situation warranted that cruelty would have been justified. He always took the high road. But in this plot, his wife gets raped and pushes him away and won't let him touch her and he jaunts off with another woman without a glance back? That's so unlike the Prince we have come to know.

Speaking of princes, Noah Drake is still a prince in my mind, even though he has the shakes from 3 days of sobriety - I want them to dig down deep into this plot because boy oh boy do I know it well. We have gotten hints that he started drinking because he made an error that caused someone to die on surgery and couldn't forgive himself for their death and has spent years self medicating himself with booze to ease the pain of that. Are you ready for a story that dark and with that much depth? ME TOO. Bring it on! I want them to stick with it and follow it along and I hope they don't back away from it. Where Patrick comes in and what his problem is with his father is a curiosity to me, too- this much anger must have come from years of pain between the two of them, I want them to dissect every vein and watch the blood run - see that inner surgery until they are both healed and whole. And please, give Bobbie some air time- she and Noah have history, let us see a little of that, please?

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Alan actually get to see his grandson Michael at the Hospital Christmas party? Will Jax learn to stop leaving his DNA all over stuff so Nik and Courtney can take multiple paternity tests? Will Manny ask Santa for some new tattoos for Christmas? Will someone strap antlers on Rosie to play Santa's reindeer at the big Christmas bash? Will Noah leave cookies and milk for Santa, or beer and pretzels?

Only tomorrow knows dear readers and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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