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Before this week, had you ever seen anyone in Port Charles take the train anywhere? Me neither.

Before this week, had you ever seen anyone in Port Charles take the train anywhere? Me neither. Did you know that if you were rich and the train was sold out, you could just buy your own train car and hook it on to the train? Me neither. Did you know a throttle on a train was so stiff that 2 tiny brunettes together can barely move it? Me neither. Did you know if your friend... (okay friend is stretching it)... acquaintance, Carly is on the same train with you, but facing the other direction she becomes invisible even when you have to step over her 4 or 5 times? Wouldn't you glance down to see whom you were stepping over? Me, too. Did you know that if you are a highly tattooed wanted felon, but shave off your moustache no one will recognize you? I call this the "Racer X" phenomenon. But these and other little known facts aside, it was a fabulous week for drama on GH.

The whole town, more or less, is on one of the two wrecked trains. We have the train heading out of town, which is carrying Ric, Reese, Alexis, Lucky, Liz, Emily, Nikolas, Courtney, Jax and Sonny. I still haven't figured out why Sonny boarded the train, as he has a private plane and a limo with a driver. He and Carly didn't take the train to Rose Lawn the first time, but now, suddenly, he feels compelled to travel by train with no security guards. He's probably not thinking clear with Jason being MORE brain damaged, and Max off watching over Sam.

Jax has alternate means of transportation, too - but he's there to spy on Courtney and make sure she's staying off her feet, taking her vitamins and not screwing Nik while pregnant with Jax's child. Nikolas and Emily are on board as their best friends just got married, and hey, doesn't everyone go on the honeymoon with their best friends? Courtney is along because Nik is an oaf and didn't think about it hurting Emily if he brought his booty call along on the trip. Both Liz and Lucky tried to convince Nik and Em to give their relationship another shot, but Nik is still enthralled with Courtney for reasons I can't fathom. Last week when I did my informal poll as to whether the rest of you were wowed by the coupling of Nikolas and Courtney, and I only got 2 "Yes we love them!" votes, and about 100 "No, they bore us" votes, so good to know I am among the majority.

So, Emily, whom Nik has known since she was 12, now means nothing to him, and he is in LOVE with Courtney whom he met about 2 months ago... He went through cancer with Emily. Emily stayed by him when he lost his memory and thought he was Connor and was out in the woods whittling ducks with Mary Bishop. He stood up for Emily against his insane Grandma who tried to murder Emily. Emily stood by him while he was in prison and her rape was a direct result of trying to prove his innocence and get him out of jail. Then Emily is a little frigid after being raped, and suddenly Nik has one roll in the sack with Courtney, and all these years of devotion to Emily just evaporate? Every time Nik and Emily interact and Courtney is off to the side pouting and looking jealous, I am yelling at my TV "Take the hint and leave Courtney!" This, of course will be happening soon as Alicia Leigh Willis is leaving GH at the end of the year. The role is supposed to be recast, so we will have a NuCourtney come 2006.

If I yearned for true devotion and real love, all I had to do is watch Liz and Lucky. They've had a "good run of bad luck" as the song says. They finally get married and get onto the wonderful antique train for the start of their honeymoon, and the train crashes? What in the world did Lucky get thrown into on that train that would have left that big gash in his gut?

I am very upset that Lucky is hurt. I am seriously rooting for this couple. That having been said, my biggest laugh of the week was Liz yelling for help after Lucky got hurt. HEY LIZ! You are a NURSE! Last week Manny Ruiz kidnapped her and made her fix his bullet wound, and she seems to have learned enough in nurses school to fix a gun shot wound, so why was she just laying there watching Lucky bleed to death and yelling for Nikolas to break through the rubble to help? Ummm Nikolas is a PRINCE. He doesn't really have any medical training. Emily of course, is going to school to be a doctor, but since we never see her attending classes but always see her at Sonny's Criminal Compound tending to Michael and Morgan, I doubt that she has learned much in Medical School. So, maybe Nikolas would have more medical experience.

Alexis was fleeing to New York to have her baby in peace after finding out Ric had a O.N.S. with Reese, but Ric and Reese boarded the same train - Ric off to stalk Alexis and see his baby be born, and Reese deciding to leave Port Charles and head to Manhattan to start a new life. Good thing for Alexis they did, as the train crash seemed to trigger her water breaking and how she is having her baby in a tunnel surrounded by pieces of train. This just proves running away never solves anything. Had she stayed in Port Charles and worked on her marriage instead of running away, she'd be in a nice hospital bed having her baby with nice doctors and nurses to give her drugs.

The other train is carrying Robin and Sam who have become fast friends in their quest to heal Jason, Max the bodyguard, sent to keep Sam safe, the clean shaven psychopath Manny Ruiz who caused the train crash, and Carly, newly escaped from Rose Lawn. An interesting phenomenon - on the train OUT of Port Charles, everyone saw each other and were making faces as people boarded that they didn't want to see. On the train INTO Port Charles, Sam, Robin, and Max didn't see Carly, even though she was two rows away from them but facing the other direction. And Manny is skulking about, so no one has seen him yet, but since he has that handy "No moustache" disguise, will they even know it's him?

Against doctors orders, Jason jumped the table pre-brain surgery and rushed off to look for Sam and Emily in the rubble, even though he's been told by Tony, Alan, and Monica that "his next seizure will be his last." Just as he was about to jump down a hole into some ventilation tunnel, Luke showed up, fresh from a fight with Lulu and offered to hold the rope. Jason began climbing down, and suddenly Luke had an empty rope and no Jason. Did the tunnel collapse claim Jason, or did he have another seizure while climbing? We won't know until next week, but let's pray it's just the tunnel collapse because someone needs to rescue these poor people.

Robin is trapped under some rubble, and Sam can't free her. Robin had to tell Sam that she was HIV positive, but as of now, she's not bleeding. Who knows what her legs look like under that rubble though? I predict she will be bleeding and that no one will be able to touch her for fear of contracting AIDS.

Some random conversations I enjoyed this week - Lulu telling Luke off for only loving one of his children and being a bad Dad, Tracy telling Skye she should go for Lorenzo as Luke would never be capable of giving her what she wanted, and Lorenzo admitting to Diego that he really isn't over Carly yet. (I so hope Lo and NuCarly have chemistry, as I loved Tamara's Carly and Lorenzo together.) Ric asking Sonny why he suddenly wanted to be his brother again, and Sonny saying "Because now is when it matters" (or something like that)

There is so much going on this week, I hardly touched my fast forward button. Its sweeps week and it's obvious as the quality of the storyline just bounced by about 80% - things are actually happening, there is drama, intrigue, romance, all the stuff we like about soaps. I actually care about what will happen next this week, I am, in fact, actually excited about Monday coming so I can see how this all plays out. Good job- writers, you did a phenomenal job this week!

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Alexis go hippie on us and name her baby Peace Train? Will Jax and Sam run into one another while crawling about in the tunnels looking for help? Will Alan fire Monica for letting Jason leave the hospital? Will Monica kick Alan out of the house for firing her? Will we find out who Courtney left to pet-sit Rosie while she jaunted off on the train? Will Lulu hug her Daddy if he can bring both Lucky and Nikolas out alive? Will Robin bleed on Manny and give him AIDS? Will Sonny get all crazy being holed up with his claustrophobia and start shooting people in the train tunnel?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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