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Who knew? Apparently there is now a Concorde Supersonic Jet shuttle from Maui to Port Charles, New York.

Who knew? Apparently there is now a Concorde Supersonic Jet shuttle from Maui to Port Charles, New York. Gunfire erupted in the hotel, and about that time, Jason, who was in Hawaii, got a strange inkling that he should go home. He packed up his bags, took a cab to the airport, went through security (I guess he packed his guns in his luggage?) sat in the airport for the typical hour to 90 minutes, flew on a Warp Speed, Mach 5 jet of some sort, stood at the baggage carousel in New York for only about 6 seconds to grab that luggage with said guns, hopped in a cab, and drove right to the hotel where Sonny was holed up, apparently encountering little or no airport traffic. It seems that memory loss is compensated by psychic powers, as that's the only explanation of how Jason knew to go to that hotel instead of Sonny's house. Also inexplicable is how an army of Ruiz's men, rapid firing, and guns blazing were unable to penetrate the bulletproof fabric of the hotel sofa.

Before Jason arrived to save the day, Reese got hit, and Sonny dragged her to the stairwell. We all know stairwells in buildings are a bad place to be. But I suppose you can't really drag your bloody girlfriend on to the elevator and go down to the hotel lobby dripping blood on their carpets unnoticed. As Javier has Sonny pinned on the stairs and tells him to start praying - and Sonny gets that cat who ate the canary grin and starts singing "You're the one who should be praying" we know, that beyond all reason (like a 12 hour flight that only took 30 minutes) Jason has magically appeared behind him.

I'm glad to be rid of Javier, but even more, I want to be rid of Manny. He's downright creepy. I'm sure we all know he's going to be around to terrorize us a bit more. I have to tell you, I have noting against tattoos, my Dad had a ton of them. When he went to ministers meetings in more conservative atmospheres he had to ear long sleeves. My daughter has tattoos. I would have tattoos if I could get over the OUCH factor. But when I look at Manny, and see his entire body is tattooed, I can't even imagine how a person would endure that, or why. OUCH. He has tattoos on his nipples. EWWW! OWWW! That had to hurt! That being said, when Sam was in the shower and he was outside the door leering at her nude in all his tattooed glory, it gave me the heebie jeebies. He didn't hurt her, he just wanted her to know he *could* hurt her if he decided to. Expect more sick mind games, he isn't done yet.

Of course, since John Durant is in cahoots with the Ruiz clan, they'll have easier access. I don't really understand the chain of command here. Since Durant is the D.A., can he really tie Mac's hands as the Police Commissioner, and Mac can't respond to a gunfire shoot out in a public hotel unless Durant Okays it? Sorry, not buying it.

Okay, I want to take a poll...Does anyone understand what Nik and Courtney see in each other? This union just doesn't "wow" me at all. They're both attractive people, they're both relatively decent people, but I just don't enjoy them as a couple. Jax and Courtney had more chemistry and sparkle, and Nikolas and Emily had more passion and true devotion. Nik and Courtney together just don't shine. They don't touch me, they don't move me, I'm not rooting for them to succeed, and I just don't see anything interesting in their union. Are the rest of you really into them and I'm the odd one, or do you agree with me that they just don't have the "it" factor together? I'm curious. I just don't find them very watchable; I find my finger on my TIVO fast forward button a lot when they are doing love scenes together. It's a yawn.

I love Liz and Lucky together though, and am looking forward to their wedding. Question - since when does Luke hate Elizabeth? He has always liked Liz, and always known that Liz loved Lucky. So suddenly he thinks Liz isn't good enough for Lucky because she has a child that isn't his? Ummm, dude - remember Laura's son Nikolas? I loved the scene where Luke is ranting about women and when Laura's name is mentioned he gets that beatific smile on his face and says "Angels are different" but the fact is, Laura isn't an angel, she's a woman, flesh and blood like the rest of us and made her own share of mistakes. It bugged me that Luke was being such a jerk about their wedding. Luke used to be surly to everyone else, but not to his family. I hope the writers will write Luke's butt into a seat at the wedding, if he's not here, it will be a shame.

So, Diego admits he is the stalker, and Brook Lynn can't remember. Doesn't it just figure? Now that means this stupid stalker storyline has to keep dragging on. The other dumb teen storyline is Dillon telling Georgie not to miss out on the fun of her senior year. Why? Because all of a sudden, Georgie has friends, friends we have never seen before. Friends who apparently didn't talk to her Freshmen Sophomore, or Junior year, but have now, at last, decided they liked her and want her to go do fun Senior Year things with them. Throughout her entire high school years, we have only seen her with that little clump of friends, in fact, when they needed another girl for the Girl Band, they had to dress Dillon in drag because they DIDN'T KNOW ANY OTHER GIRLS. Nice to see she finally made some friends.

On the up side, I am really enjoying Robin's re-introduction to the canvas. I like that as a doctor she chose to specialize in studying brain injuries, what a wonderful plot twist. We understand her motivation, we understand why she would have done it, we see how that works with her H.I.V. status, and it's a logical path they have followed. This gives us a real reason for Robin to be there, Tony Jones told Sam that "ironically, one of Jason's old friends..." and we see how Robin can fit into the storyline and be more than just a spoiler for the Sam and Jason pairing. So far, so good. Way to go writers. An actual medical storyline on a show called General Hospital! WooHoo! And with Dr. Noah Drake coming back on December 2nd, we can expect to see even more hospital scenes!

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Carly find a flight of stairs to fall down at Rose Lawn? Will Emily and Nik call Elton the Wedding Planner to assist in the dream wedding preparations for Liz and Lucky? Will Alan find a way to blackmail Emily's teachers into giving her F's if she doesn't eat her spinach? Will Sonny find Reese repulsive now that her perfect body is mauled by bullet wounds? Will Ric stop playing mobsters and try some actual cases since his law partner is in the hospital and no one is tending to their clients? Will Lucas dress like Cher for Halloween? Will Dr. Meadows ever take a vacation?

Only tomorrow knows dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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