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Worthy of a happy ending is the delicious Lorenzo Alcazar - I love the spark between he and Skye and I really hope those fans get flamed.

When I was a little girl, my parents taught me all the basic stuff; wash your hands, brush your teeth, don't share your Hershey bar with the dog, say your prayers before you go to sleep, and the ever popular "Look both ways before crossing the street." So are we expected to believe that Carly, who is sane enough to plan an entire wedding, buy a gown and flowers and hire a minister, is so totally whacked that she has forgotten the basic things like 'Look both ways before running into the street like a wild banshee'? Apparently so. Carly went hurtling out into the road and Jax and Liz had to crash into a tree to keep from running Carly over. If Jax had realized it was Carly, he probably would have just hit her.

This silly turn of events is merely a tool to pave the way for (spoiler alert) Liz to have a miscarriage. Jax and Liz will be grieving together over the loss of their baby, while Lucky will most likely be silently celebrating that he doesn't have to deal with Jax popping by to feel Elizabeth's belly anymore. And while we are talking about Lucky, a few side comments... if I were Lucky A) I would have had my cell phone turned OFF in the middle of my WEDDING, and B) If I *had* to keep it on, and the person calling was Maxie, a high strung squirrelly teenager, and not say Mac, my boss, I would have said, "I'll check it out just as soon as I get married, kid." and kept going with the wedding. I can't believe he split before he said "I do" and I can't believe he wasn't extremely p.o.'ed when he got there only to find Dillon had clunked Jesse on the head and everything was fine...

Now, to add more fuel to the fire (Spoiler alert 2) Courtney is pregnant. But is Jax or Nikolas the father? I sure hope its Jax. This poor guy has been in the situation more than once, and it's about time he gets to have the magic sperm, don't you think? Besides, right now I think Nik is a schmuck. While his wife is still dealing with the aftermath of a rape, he is off frolicking with Courtney in the Love Shack happy as a clam. Sure, Emily pushed him away, but the fact is if you love someone, you know the difference between "I don't love you get away from me" and "I am lost and don't know how to fix this please help me" He wanted Courtney and used Emily's bad reaction to being raped to give himself the excuse to act on his desires. While Jax has been a bit of a jerk lately, I still hope the baby is his as he lost in the Sonny/Sam/Jax baby triangle, so it's clearly his turn to win this one.

Even more worthy of a happy ending is the delicious Lorenzo Alcazar - I love the spark between he and Skye and I really hope those fans get flamed. Yes, I know Luke is on his way back to town, but give Luke to someone else and let Lorenzo have Skye. I can't even explain why I love him so much, he is in fact a criminal and a mobster and yet...there is a tenderness and a vulnerability and a sadness in his eyes and I just want him to be happy. It seems right now his days are filled with trying to keep Diego out of trouble and trying to keep the Ruiz clan from shooting up the whole town. One mystery I have yet to solve, why is Lorenzo trying to protect Jason? Is this A) an attempt to try to woo Carly back, or is it B) an attempt to infuriate Sonny by stealing his right hand man, or C) does he just have a soft spot for Jason? Um, no, of course not, so it has to be A or B.

In Jason's absence, Ric seems to think he can step in and help Sonny out. Ric pretending to be a hit man is very Lucy and Ethel of him. He may as well paste on a fake moustache and get some bongos and try to get a gig at Bobalouie's. No one is ever going to believe Ric is a tough guy.

It's easy to believe Reese is a Ho though, as her way of trying to help was to tie up John Durant and take incriminating bondage photos of him. Really, who would care? Just where is Alexis, anyway? Ric just got shot and Reese is hovering around his bedside 24/7 and Alexis is nowhere to be found. Maybe she is off taking Kristina to speech therapy.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Carly run out in front of the ice cream truck when she has a hankering for a sky blue Popsicle? Will Lucky plan another impromptu wedding in the park but ditch out when Brook Lynn calls his cell to say Dillon touched her Diet Pepsi? Will Michael start seeing his imaginary friend again and find she has an imaginary dog named Rosie? Will Sam go steal baby Hope and tell Jason she's their kid? Will anyone in the Q house ever notice that Ned and Tracy have been missing for 2 months?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

p.s. - Thank you to everyone who wrote my kind notes of condolences on losing my puppy dog Rex. I love you guys. Xo xo xo

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